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FAQ/Walkthrough by Perfect Light

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 02/07/05

    ____  ____  _  ____   ____  ____        _________  ______  _____
   /  __|| __ \| ||  _ \ |  __|| __ \  __  |  _   _  \|  __  ||  _  \
   \__  \|  __/| || |_| ||  __||    / |__| | | | | | ||  __  || | | |
   |____/|_|   |_||____/ |____||_|\_\      |_| |_| |_||_|  |_||_| |_|
                               |____  |
                               |  ____|

                          Full FAQ/Walkthrough

Copyright (c) 2004, Perfect Light
All rights reserved
E-Mail: Jetstorm777@sbcglobal.net
Today's Topic: Spider-Man 2 The Game
For the PlayStation 2 Game Console

                      Version 0.4 - Final Version


   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

1)  Introduction
2)  Daily Bugle
3)  Controls
4)  Do Whatever A Spider Can
       4.1) Basic
       4.2) Advanced
5)  Basic Info
       5.1) Hero Points
       5.2) Tokens
             5.2.1) Secret
             5.2.2) Hideout
             5.2.3) Skyscraper
             5.2.4) Buoy
       5.3) Icons
6) Voluntary Missions
       6.1) Citizens in Distress
       6.2) Random Crimes
       6.3) Pizza Deliveries
       6.4) Bugle Missions
       6.5) Mary Jane Missions
7)  Walkthrough
       7.1)  Chapter 1: What Might Have Been
       7.2)  Chapter 2: A Day in the Life
       7.3)  Chapter 3: Punctuality is the Thief of Time
       7.4)  Chapter 4: All in a Day's Work
       7.5)  Chapter 5: Meeting of the Minds
       7.6)  Chapter 6: Cat and Mouse
       7.7)  Chapter 7: Pride and Prejudice
       7.8)  Chapter 8: Sugar and Spice
       7.9)  Chapter 9: When Aliens Attack
       7.10) Chapter 10: When Good Men Go Bad
       7.11) Chapter 11: The Underworld of Crime
       7.12) Chapter 12: Shocking Developments
       7.13) Chapter 13: Cleaning the Slate
       7.14) Chapter 14: Burning Bridges
       7.15) Chapter 15: To Save the City
       7.16) Chapter 16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
       7.17) Chapter 17: The Second Day of the Rest of Your Life
8)  Upgrades
       8.1) Locomotion
       8.2) Air Tricks
       8.3) Combat
9)  Awards
10) Secrets
11) Acknowledgments
12) Disclaimer
13) A Fond Farewell!

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  1) I N T R O D U C T I O N
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

I can't describe in words what I felt when I realized that this game is 
like Grand Theft Auto's freedom and Spider-Man's powers put together. 
This game has got to be the greatest Spider-Man game EVER created. You 
can roam in a Manhattan half the size of the real thing, and go anywhere 
you want. Plus, the revamped web-swinging techniques make it seem like 
you really ARE Spider-Man. Also, you are now able to land on the ground 
and interact with civilians. If you played the last movie game, you 
won't believe your eyes on this one. I sold my copy of the first game to 
get money for this one, and I'm glad I did. The first can't hold at all 
to this game. It's like comparing Godzilla (Spider-Man 2) and a 
chameleon (Spider-Man the Movie). No contest! Enjoy the guide, everyone, 
and may the webs be with you!


   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  2) D A I L Y  B U G L E
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

Final Version - Version 0.4
* Completed on: 1/21/05
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I lost my zeal to play this game for 
a while there. Anyway, I'm back in the updating process and I have 
finished the Walkthrough. Added Chapters 15, 16, and 17.

By the way, unless anything extraordinary comes up, this will be the 
last update made to the guide. Thanks, guys, it's been great!

Version 0.3
* Completed on: 10/18/04
Added Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14

Version 0.2
* Completed on: 7/5/04
Happy fourth of July, even if I am a bit late. Well, I stuck in quite a 
bit, if you haven't noticed. I added Chapters 8 and 9 to the guide, put 
in all the To-Do Lists for the chapters already up, put how to get to 
Liberty and Ellis Islands, also completed the Combos chapter. Not too 
shabby for one update, huh? Oh, I added the "Awards" section, too.

First Version - Version 0.1
* Started: 6/29/04
* Completed: 6/30/04
This version is very early in the game. I only have through Chapter 7, 
and I am also thinking about adding the locations of all the secret 
tokens. As you may have noticed, the combos are not yet listed, but I'm 
going on vacation soon, and am going to add those upon my return. Just 
hang in there, and I'll finish this really soon.

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  3) C O N T R O L S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

    ________          |          ________
  ;/   _     ;     S O N Y     ;    /\   \;
  /  _| |_     ;  _       _  ;            \
 /  |_> <_|     ;|_|     |_>;   []      O  \
 ;    |_|       ;     _     ;              ;
 ;             ;     |_|     ;      X      ;
|\            ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;            /|
| `.;;----;    ;;;;      ;;;;    ;----;;.' |
|          ;  ___  \    /  ___  ;          |
|          / /   \  \  /  /   \ \          |
|        ; \ \___/  /__\  \___/ / ;        |
|        |  \______/    \______/  |        |
|        |                        |        |
 \       |                        |       /
  \_____/                          \_____/

Left Analog Stick: Move
Right Analog Stick: Camera
X Button: Jump (hold to charge)
/\ Button: Webbing
[] Button: Attack
O Button: Dodge/Stick to Wall
R1: Center cam behind Spidey
R2: Shoot web line (used to web-swing)
L1: Spider Sense
L2: Sprint/Web Zip
L2+/\: Impact Webbing
Start: Pause Menu
Select: City Map

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  4) D O  W H A T E V E R  A  S P I D E R  C A N
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

The Spider-Monitor (like that word? made it up myself)
Use this to track your health, Spider Sense, and jump strength. Appears 
in the upper-left-hand corner. (But if you couldn't find it, I'm not 
doing too great with the ASCII thing, am I?)
                   _ / __    \
                  / / /  \    \ <-----health (top half)
jump charge----->| |_|    |____|
  (outer half)    \_\ \__/    / <-----Spider Sense (lower half)

Health is a red bar, Spider Sense is blue, and jump is yellow.

4.1) Basic
Running: Running is very simple. All you have to do is hold L2 while 
you're walking on the ground or rooftoop and Spider-Man will break into 
a run. Slow way to get around, but whatever. You may need it sometime to 
catch thugs without overshooting them.

Jumping: Ahhh, this is where the game shines. Remember the old games 
when Spider-Man could barely jump? Not any more, happy little gamer! 
Hold down X, charge the jump, and release it at the desired strength. 
Spidey can leap small buildings in a single bound now. Move over 
Superman, Spidey is on the case! By the way, to know how charged the 
jump is, look at the yellow meter to the left of the health.

Wall Crawling: Somewhat different from the past games. Now, to stick to 
walls, you must be near it and hit O. Spidey will latch onto the wall 
and you can climb on it in any direction or around corners, if you so 
desire. Hold L2 to crawl faster. Press and hold X to power up a jump. 
Hold forward on the left analog stick and release X, and Spidey will 
vault on the current building to greater heights. Simply jump w/o 
holding anything, and he'll leap backwards off the wall. Great for 
leaping to a new building.

Snaring: Hold down /\ while aimed at an enemy to web them up. While this 
won't hold them for long once you stop shooting, and some people dodge 
it, it does keep people with guns from shooting at you. Besides, this 
time around, you have unlimited webbing, so why not exploit it?

4.2) Advanced
Okay, maybe it's not THAT advanced, but this stuff is a bit harder to 
become skilled at.

Web Swinging: The moment you've all been waiting for. How does the web-
swinging engine work? (drumroll, please!) Okay, unlike past games, where 
webs can attach to nothing and you can still go strong, you must stick 
the web to something in this game. Don't worry, it's not like you have 
to aim or anything--the game engine will send a web line to the closest 
point automatically. If none is in reach, you can't swing. Easy as pie. 
Also, it's not like the first game, where you can swing straight. You 
must now attach a line, swing on it, release, and attach other line. 
Since you're grabbing buildings, you'll have to zig-zag somewhat to 
where you want to go. No more of this easy swinging stuff, web-swinging 
will take some practice to get used to, but once you have it down, it'll 
become a past-time.

Wall Sliding: New to the Spidey series is the ability to slide down a 
wall to the ground. When falling, line yourself up beside a building's 
wall and press into it. Spider-Man will press his boots against it, 
thereby slowing his descent. You can charge a jump and vault from the 
wall to maintain momentum.

Wall Running: Like in Enter the Matrix, only a bit different (and 
better). To wall run, approach a wall from any angle, hold L2 as you 
approach, and just before you hit, press O. Spidey should start running 
along the wall. Although it may sound hard, it's pretty easy to get used 
to. Can use it to launch off buildings in your way and still keep all 
your momentum. Also, unlike EtM, you can run up the wall, down the wall, 
across the wall, anyway you direct the analog stick. However, Spidey 
eventually gets tired and you'll have to dismount, but you can upgrade 
how long he can remain on the wall via the Spidey Stores.

Poleswinging: Also new to this game is the ability swing around and 
around on poles. When you're near the horizontal part of a pole (that's 
the part the light is hanging from, for all you people who can't program 
VCRs without Asprin), press and hold O to swing on it. When you're at 
the desired angle, release O to fly off of it. Keep holding O till 
Spidey slows, and then he'll perch on top of the lamppost, which is 
pretty cool. It's his classic crouched position.

Spider Sense: Press L1 to activate this. Sort of like Bullet Time, since 
you can see bullets moving, but since you're Spider-Man, you can dodge 
bullets normally. Everything moves slower while you speed up. Your 
abilities are stengthened and you become much faster. Don't let the blue 
meter drain or you'll revert back to normal time. Web-swing and do fancy 
stuff to replenish that meter.

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  5) B A S I C  I N F O
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

5.1) Hero Points
Every time you complete a mission--Voluntary or storyline--you'll 
receive points. You can also get this for the random crimes (grey on 
map). Hero Points are Spider-Man 2's currency, used to purchase 
locomotion upgrades and combat upgrades (combos). I suggest doing random 
crimes for some time before completing the storyline. Make sure you've 
got lots of Hero Points, since you need them to complete certain 

5.2) Tokens
    5.2.1) Secret Tokens: There are 75 of these spread throughout
                          Manhattan. Each one gives some Hero Points,
                          so they're worth collecting. Hidden places
                          are where you'll find these babies.
    5.2.2) Hideout: Designated as little red squares on the map, each
                    of the 37 criminal hideouts contains one of these.
    5.2.3) Skyscraper: There are 150 of these, all of them on rooftops
                       all over Manhattan.
    5.2.4) Buoy: Look in the ocean for the 130 tokens hovering over
                 various buoys out in the water.

5.3) Icons
Health Icon (Red with cross): Fully replenish Spidey's health.
Change Icon (Yellow with 2 arrows): Change Spidey into Peter, and vice
Hint Markers (Green with question mark): 213 Markers that give hints to
                                         better understand and play
                                         this game. Listed in the Game

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  6) V O L U N T A R Y  M I S S I O N S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

These are missions that show up as green, grey, or yellow. Remember, you 
can accept these and get Hero Points for doing it without moving the 
plot along, but if you fail, you lose 100 HP (Hero Points).

6.1) Citizens in Distress
Ambush: Sometimes, a gang will force peds to call you and wait in 
ambush. This shouldn't make you nervous, unless some of them have guns. 
Keep you finger by O and dish out some pain. Use combos, webbing, 
whatever you want to destroy the baddies.

Armored Battle Suits: When armored suits attack, pummel them with 
airborne attacks to subdue them.

Armored Car Hold-Up: I usually come in from behind, kill the lone 
robber, free the cops, and then handle the rest of the robbers. This 
way, the cops can help me fight.

Car-Jacking: When a car gets stolen, get airborne and follow it via the 
map. Land on the car, and use [] to damage it. If Spidey's head flashes, 
press O to dodge the bullet fired at you. Once the car is damaged 
enough, the guys flee and you are free to beat them up.

Dangling Worker: Sometimes you'll run across construction workers 
dangling from a building ledge. How they got there? Who knows? Anyway, 
just climb the side of the building, web snare to catch them, and then 
place them safely on the ground, or take them swinging. You can't stick 
to walls while carrying someone, by the way.

Injured Ped: If you come across someone injured, pick them up via your 
webbing and then swing as fast as you can to the hospital and drop them 
off in the care of a nurse.

Shoot-out: Cops get into sticky cituations with gangsters, so it's 
usually Spidey that has to help out. Use your webbing to separate the 
guys and then pummel them one at a time.

Sinking Ship: This is probably the hardest one, although it's only 
distance that's hard. Sprint to the water's edge with a full jump, 
release it to launch toward the boat and then double jump if you need 
to. Grab a person, get back to land via the same method (sprint, full 
length jump, double jump), put the person down, and then return for the 
second person before the boat sinks. By the way, you won't make the jump 
if you don't do it like this: charge jump, sprint toward the boat, 
release X when you get near but KEEP HOLDING L2, and then double jump if 
necessary to the boat.

6.2) Random Crimes
Break-In: When gangsters rob a store, get in there and whoop the tar out 
of them. Pretty simple if you ask me.

Gang Wars: Occasionally, you'll run into two gang fighting each other. 
Break the whole thing up with webbing (they all have guns).

Lost Balloon: Sometimes, a child will lose his/her balloon. Use the map 
to locate it, jump into the thing, and then return it to the child. 
Don't try to web it, because the thing will just pop and you'll make the 
kid cry worse.

Mugger: When thugs gang up on an old man, use webbing to separate them 
and then pummel them into submission. Give the guy his wallet back, too.

Purse-Snatcher: Female version, if thugs take a woman's purse. Always 
only one guy, so web him up before the woman loses her purse, beat him 
up, and then return the purse to its rightful owner.

Road Rage: If you find someone driving erratically and yelling at 
people, land on the car and beat it till the driver stops. They won't be 
happy you damaged their car, but at least no one was hurt.

6.3) Pizza Deliveries
Mr. Aziz runs a pizza place, and he will gladly give Spider-Man the 
pizzas to deliver. All he has to do is take them to the marked places 
and make it back to the restaurant before the time expires to pass the 
mission. Complete them all for the "Employee of the Month" award.

6.4) Bugle Missions
Robbie Robertson often has photo ops for Peter. Peter always goes as 
Spider-Man, and each time you come back, you'll be gives more pics to 
take with an increasing amount of time for each one (generally). 
Complete them to receive Hero Points and the "Shutterbug" award.

6.5) Mary Jane Missions
After rushing to meet MJ at the theater, Spidey can drop by her 
apartment any time to find out where she is and meet up with her. Race 
to the destination (swing upgrades help a lot on these, as five and six 
are difficult without them) before time runs out. Do this, and you 
complete the challenge. Each one is harder than the last. Complete them 
all for the "Lover not a Fighter" award.

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  7) W A L K T H R O U G H
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

Realize that this guide only goes through the main objectives. 
Everything on the To-Do List is easily figured out and accomplished, so 
you won't even need direction on those things. Just get 'em done.


7.1) CHAPTER 1: What Might Have Been
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Learn the Basics

This chapter is a basic tutorial thing, wherein you learn how to wall-
crawl and jump. The tutorial is guided by none other than Bruce 
Campbell, the man who did it in the first game. Ya gotta love that guy! 
He also teaches you about the map, so finish this chapter by climbing 
the building and touching the Destination Marker.


7.2) CHAPTER 2: A Day in the Life
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Fight Crime
            Buy Swing Speed Upgrade from Store

Finally, you're allowed to web-swing. Jump off the roof when you're 
instructed to, and start swinging! Practice all kinds of things, like 
breaking your line with X, running along the walls, wall sliding, things 
like that. Eventually, you'll be alerted to a bank robbery in progress. 
Obviously, you'll have to go and stop it. Swing on over, and land on the 
car as they flee the scene. Bash it up with [] to make them stop. Once 
the four guys jump out, start wailing on them until you beat three. The 
one that gets away needs special treatment. Sprint after him (L2) and 
then punch him on the run by hitting [] while running once you get near 
him. Return the money to the arcade owner, and now you're free to swing 

FREE TIME: What you need to do to progress to the next chapter is 
purchase the Swing Speed Level 1. Head over to the dollar symbol (via 
the City Map) and buy it. If you don't want to move on, just swing 
around for a bit. Once you buy it, the next chapter starts up.


7.3) CHAPTER 3: Punctuality is the Thief of Time
__________________________________/                                   /
T-Do List: Go to Pizza Parlor
           Earn 2000 More Hero Points

Spidey remembers not long into this chapter that he is late for a class 
with Dr. Connors. Web-swing there as fast as you can, but on the way, 
you get re-directed to a lady being robbed of her briefcase. So, change 
your destination and head there. When you arrive, land and beat the snot 
out of the thugs. Return the briefcase to the lady, and then go back to 
the original marker and change your clothes. Dr. Connors isn't happy 
with you for missing class again. Poor Peter.

This one is very simple. All you must do is meet with MJ and Harry to 
celebrate Peter's birthday. Once the three people go inside, some time 
passes and then Spidey changes back into his costume to swing around 
some more.

Peter will remember he needs to meet with MJ again, so swing on over and 
change your clothes at the icon. While he is talking with Mary Jane, 
Peter notices some thugs going into a building. Reluctantly, he waves 
good-bye to MJ and hurries after them. When you go inside, stick to the 
thugs on the lower floor, and use webbing and any gained combos to take 
them out. The thugs on the second floor have guns, so you may want to 
use Spider Sense to take them down easier. I find webbing them up and 
then using triple-punch combos work best. After beating up those goons, 
you'll meet up with the sulty Black Cat, and ultimately be led to the 
second half of this mission.

Black Cat wants to see if you can keep up with her, and so you must 
follow her around the city as she jumps insanely far and tries to get 
away from you. Watch the bar at the top to know how close you are. If 
you remain behind for too long, you'll fail. Fortunately, Cat leaves a 
white trail in her wake, which means she isn't too hard to tail. To make 
sure you stay on her tail, fully charge every time you jump and launch 
as far as you can.


7.4) CHAPTER 4: All in a Day's Work
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Talk to Jameson at the Daily Bugle
            Buy Level 2 Swing Speed Upgrade from Store
            Earn 3000 More Hero Points

This is a pretty easy mission if you ask me. Spidey realizes he hasn't 
been to the Bugle in some time to see JJ, so swing on over and enter the 
middle vent on the roof. Spider-Man will end up in the bathroom as Peter 
Parker, so head out into the hallway and go left into the newsroom. Talk 
to Betty Brant and then go inside JJ's office. As per usual, JJ isn't in 
a good mood, and he fires Peter (yet again). Fortunately, Robbie 
Robertson, the editor of the Bugle, offers Peter some photo ops of the 

Exit the newsroom and go back into the restroom, where you can change 
back to Spider-Man. Swing off in the direction of the five clumped photo 
places. Climb to the various areas, press [] to take a pic, and then go 
back to the Bugle with the shots.

When you return, talk to Robbie about the shots and he'll give his 
approval. Go in to see JJ, and he'll finally accept them as well. Go 
back to the bathroom and change back to Spider-Man to finish the job.

As soon as you exit the Bugle, there'll be an explosion, and Spidey will 
go to investigate. You'll run into Rhino on the street.

BOSS: Rhino
ATTACKS: Swing Metal Column
         Throw Spidey
STRATEGY: Rhino is somewhat of a push-over for his size. Seeing as he's 
not the smartest of super-villains, I doubt you'll have problems taking 
him down. But anyway, try to get near him, and he'll swing the column 
he's holding. When your head lights up, hit O to dodge the attack. Dodge 
three times, and he'll make himself dizzy. If you're having trouble 
dodging, try using Spider Sense (which makes it ten times easier). While 
he's dizzy, punch him with two triple-combos. If you want to hurt him 
again, stay close to make him twirl again, or stand back and let him 
charge. If he charges, hit O when your head lights up to dodge. Whack 
him when he stumbles to eat into his damage. Also, don't try to web him 
up, because he'll grab the webbing and throw you. When his damage meter 
depletes, Spidey hangs him out to dry!


7.5) CHAPTER 5: A Meeting of the Minds
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Go to Doctor Octavius's Apartment
            Buy Grapple Attack Upgrade from Store
            Earn 2000 More Hero Points

The only thing you must do mission-wise in this chapter is to go with 
Harry to meet Mr. Octavius. Just when the Peter and Otto hit it off, 
Harry wants to leave, and so Peter accepts Rosie Octavius' invitation to 
come at a later time.

FREE TIME: In this time, you're gonna want to get the Web Zip ability, 
as well as some combo upgrades. Actually, you should have gotten them 
along the way, but it's okay if you didn't. Get tons of Hero Points by 
doing Voluntary Missions over and over, and then buy every icon being 
sold. You'll be ready to go by then, with tons of combos and some extra 
Points, hopefully.


7.6) CHAPTER 6: Cat and Mouse
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Find the 5 Photo Op Tokens
            Go to Mary Jane's Apartment
            Buy Level 3 Swing Speed Upgrade from Store
            Earn 2000 More Hero Points

There are five photo op places set in a specific area of town. Swing on 
over and run around grabbing all of them. This isn't very hard, so I'll 
just let you get on with it. I'm gonna get a sandwhich until you're 

Oh, you're done. Well, as you can see, Black Cat is escaping from the 
scene. This chase is easier than the first, IMO. The layout of her route 
isn't as complicated as it was the first time, and if you had trouble 
before, never fear, because Black Cat is easier to catch.

Peter is late for a date with Mary Jane, so hurry on over to her 
apartment. When you arrive, you find out that she's not there, and that 
she's over waiting for you at the movies--which start in forty seconds! 
Get moving, web-head, if you wanna make it in time. Change into your 
Parker clothes behind the stadium, and you'll complete the level and 
this chapter.


7.7) CHAPTER 7: Pride and Prejudice
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Talk to Jameson at the Daily Bugle
            Earn 3000 More Hero Points


Mr. Jameson wants to see you immediately, so head to the Daily Bugle to 
see what he wants. Go through the vent hatch to change, and then you'll 
walk into the newsroom automatically.Betty Brant directs him inside. 
Once in there, JJ break the news that a stuntman and illusionist named 
Quentin Beck has challenged Spidey to a contest in the stadium. So, go 
back to the bathroom, swap clothes, and swing for the stadium.

The first thing Beck wants you to do is so easy I could cry. There are 
three pits in the arena, and you have to drop convicts into the green 
one, whereas the others glow red. When the convicts come out, use /\+O 
to snare them and bring them to you. Use O to drop them into the pit. 
Beck is so slow here, that you shouldn't have any trouble staying way 
ahead of him. My final tally? Spider-Man: 25, Quentin Beck: 10.

There is only one more contest to go, and it's all about timing. You 
have to move from switch to switch, and not expose yourself to Beck, who 
is waiting in a non-lethal cannon on the other side of the arena. 
Platforms shift and alter, and you have to stay on the rear side, 
otherwise Beck will shoot you. If he hits you three times, you have to 
start over (there is one checkpoint in the middle).

Challenge 1: This could hardly be called a challenge. All you have to do 
is time your sprint so that you run while all the platforms in the line 
are up. Make it to the other side before the platforms drop (they fall 
one at a time) and press [] when you reach the glowing green platform to 
move on to the next challenge.

Challenge 2: This really isn't much harder either. Anyway, climb up the 
wall, go left, wait on the moving platforms, and you'll make it to the 
switch. Hit it to move on.

Challenge 3: In this challenge, every panel leading to the other switch 
is L-shaped. Also, every several seconds, two of the floor panels 
rotate. So, all you must do is crawl along the wall to the other switch, 
thus avoiding the flipping floors.

Challenge 4: In this one, it's all about timing. Every second or so, 
every other panel in the vertical row flips, so you must time your 
movements so that you move from panel to panel in-between flips.

Challenge 5: The row of panels bobs up and down, so time your crawling 
to move only when the panels are lined up. They don't move too quickly, 
so it shouldn't be very hard at all.

Challenge 6: This is the only one that might give you trouble. The L-
shaped platforms are moving in a circle when you look at them, going 
away from you toward the right (counter-clockwise). When they go to the 
right side, the open part is facing toward Beck, so you can't go over 
there or he'll shoot you. What you have to do is time short but somewhat 
charged jumps from platform to platform as they come at you. The switch 
is directly ahead, so do small hops from platform to platform (if you go 
too high, Beck will shoot you) and hit the switch to end the test. The 
only thing that is hard is making sure you don't jump too high. Just 
barely fill the jump bar and it'll do the trick.


7.8) CHAPTER 8: Sugar and Spice
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Go to Doctor Octavius's Apartment
            Buy Level 4 Swing Speed Upgrade from Store
            Earn 3000 More Hero Points

Again, this is another easy Octavius mission. Simply go to his Apartment 
and Peter will talk to him over dinner.

As he's leaving the apartment, Spidey remember he was supposed to meet 
MJ and see her play. You have 3:20 to get there, but as you get close, 
Spidey notices a break-in elsewhere. Thieves have broken into a diamond 
store not far away and are taking the gems. As if you had a choice, you 
have to stop the crooks before going to Mary Jane's play.

Swing on over, and kill the sniper you saw in the cutscene on the roof. 
Then, move onto his cronies on the streets below. Use combos to bring 
them down, and keep your finger near the O button, since every thug has 
a gun. Eventually, three guys will get away in a truck, with a sniper 
perched in the bed of the vehicle. Swing after them, beat the sniper off 
the truck and finish them. Then, go after the truck. Make sure to dodge 
any bullets fired at you while you pound away on the truck.

After all the guys are finished, reutrn to the original destination 
marker to see a cutscene. Mary Jane comes out of the movie and meets up 
with John Jameson. Just when Spidey loses hope, Black Cat comes and 
directs him to another location.

This is another romp through the city with Black Cat. Like before, I 
think this one is the easiest of the three, because instead of leaping 
around and over buildings, she clings to the side and then launches 
herself off in another direction. I found it pretty easy to keep up with 
her. When she stops, don't let her flirting make you think it's over. 
She stops two or three times before you finally reach the end.

Some thugs are down in the alley below, so jump down and beat 'em up. In 
this chapter, you can buy the Interceptor Kick upgrade, and if you have, 
it's great for this level. Tie up the baddies, and then use this move on 
them. They just become bowling pins you have to hit. ;)

At the end of the fight, that statue thing is gone, and Black Cat is 
nowhere to be found! Tricked again!


7.9) CHAPTER 9: When Aliens Attack
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Complete the Daily Bugle Assignment

Since Peter hasn't been to the Bugle in some time, Peter figures he 
should head on over there. Swing as fast as you can, enter, and talk to 
JJ. Turns out, he was hoping you'd show up, since Quentin Beck has 
called for a press conference. JJ wants you to go and take pics of the 

As Peter and JJ were planning, Mysterio reveals himself to the crowd. 
They begin to scoff at him, but once his robots fire lasers into the 
crowd, no one is laughing. Two reporters are in immediate danger, and 
four more need to escape. Spidey has 1:30 to get there before time's up 
and the reporters die.

Swing as fast as you can, use the Web Zip, and walk into the theater. 
Ignore the flying robots, and concentrate on the two dangling reporters. 
The floor is on fire, so you can't land on it. You've only got 1:00 to 
save both reporters. Swing over to one balcony, save the man in the same 
fashion as you do for Citizens in Distress, and bring him over to the 
entrance. Do likewise with the second hanging guy, and bring him back. 
The timer will stop once both people aren't dangling any longer. There 
are four more people that need to be saved, one on the right balcony and 
three on the stage. Sprint-jump to the balcony, grab the guy and take 
him back. Then, vault and swing for the stage, don't worry about the 
Mysterio hologram, and save the other three men.

For the last task, you must destroy the remaining flying robots. A quick 
three-hit combo will finish them off, so take them out and the level 
will end.

Mysterio has sent his robots to the Statue of Liberty, where they have 
changed it to fit his likeness. Get there as fast as you can, and you'll 
see flying robots leading out to the island. Swing from one to the next, 
but don't try to skip more than two, or you'll miss and fall into the 
water. If that happens before you reach Liberty Island, you'll have to 
start over.

Once you reach the island, you'll notice the spinning thingy near Lady 
Liberty's head. There are eight orbs hanging on the outside that you 
must destroy (one hit) and down the protective shield. If you fall too 
far from the spinning thing, use the orbs hanging down low. Latch onto 
one with a web and it will zip you to the top. Lock-on to the orbs, and 
Spidey will kind of float to them if you are over them and attacking 
with [].

When all eight orbs are broken, the shield drops and you can attack the 
brain thingy. Use the Sprint button to boost your swing and land on top. 
Attack the brain until it dies and you'll rescue the Statue from its 
terrible fate. When you're done, Spidey hitches a ride on a boat and 
heads back to shore.

Mysterio has revealed to Spidey where his hideout is located. Swing over 
to the apartment and climb in the open window. Spider-Man makes several 
sarcastic comments, but go over to the bookshelf and activate it to 
raise the elevator. Ride it down to get closer to Mysterio.

Here, Mysterio will babble for a bit, and then release a new enemy, 
called a Hop-n-Hack. It looks harmless, but when you hit it, the toy 
will bounce back and strike you. What you have to do is deliver a two-
hit combo, and then hit O to dodge the in-coming attack before it even 
happens. Continue to attack it in this method, or, if you can get it 
into the air with your webbing, attack it like that so it can't bob back 
and strike you. When it's dead, head through the mouth and into the 

You'll end up in an upside-down room with thee Hop-n-Hacks. Attack each 
one while it is in the air so it can't strike you to kill it. When 
you've taken out all three, you can exit on the far side of the room, 
which will flip itself back over again. NOTE: You'll get some health 
before you leave this area. You'll need it.

The next room is a hall of mirrors, with weird Spider-Men coming out of 
the mirrors to attack you. They don't have every attack you do, but they 
can use webbing against you, so beware. The concept for this room it 
very simple. Each third mirror has a light behind it that you must 
activate. So, break a mirror until you get a light shining out, then run 
around the room, only clearing Spider-Men when you have to, and break 
every third mirror. When they're all lit, the door will open and you can 
proceed to the final room of the funhouse.

If you think it's finally time to face Mysterio, you're wrong. You end 
up in the control room with a hologram Mysterio. Alas, you cannot defeat 
him today, so head through the door, into the apartment, and back 
outside to finish the mission.


7.10) CHAPTER 10: When Good Men Go Bad
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Buy Level 5 Swing Speed Upgrade from Store
            Earn 3000 More Hero Points

Not long after the chapter starts, Peter will remember that tonight, 
Otto Octavius is giving his presentation on fusion reactions. He thinks 
he has a way to give the world an endless supply of energy. Anyway, head 
over to the Upper West Side and land on top of the apartment. You'll see 
a change icon, so hit it to start the level.

Even though the presentatuion starts out okay, eventually the fusion 
reaction gorws too large for Otto to control. Even though he claims 
otherwise, Peter knows what is going to happen coming crashing through 
the window as Spider-Man, just after Rosie is struck dead and Otto hits 
the floor, unconscious.

To destroy this thing, there are four pour consoles you must hit. 
Unfortunately, they become engulfed in the pulsing energy sphere every 
several seconds. Time your attack (one hit blows the console) so that 
when the energy ball contracts, you go and destroy it.

NOTE!: Spider Senses work wonders in this level, because they slow the 
sphere down and speed you up. Once you work out a pattern, making it to 
the next console with Spider Sense becomes much easier. It's possible to 
make it without, but I don't recommend it.

WARNING!: Every ten seconds or so, there is a bolt of electricity that 
comes at you. Dodge it with O when you see Spidey's head flash yellow.

By the time there's only one panel left, the sphere is very erratic. It 
may take two full expansions before it contracts and lets you pass. 
Activate Spider Senses, watch for electric bolts, run and hit the last 
panel to end the level.

When the blue destination marker comes up, it's Spidey realizing he has 
to go and see Dr. Connors. Swing there as fast as you can go, but on the 
way, you get intercepted by five or six of Mysterio's flying robots. Use 
the same tactics used when fighting them before, and when they're all 
finished, a small cutscene occurs.

Doc Ock, an old friend of Connors, come to see him with his new 
tentacles. In the end, Ock decides he will rebuild his fusion machine 
through criminal activity. After tossing Connors roughly to the ground, 
Doctor Octopus leaves the building.

Swing down to the change icon and Peter will go inside to find Connors 
hurt and on the ground. Once he deposites him off at the hospital, the 
level will end.

There is no challenge whatsoever in this mission, but just so I could 
have everything, I stuck it in. Spidey goes to the Bugle, changes back 
into Peter, and talks with JJ and Robbie.


7.11) CHAPTER 11: The Underworld of Crime
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Meet Aunt May at the Bank
            Earn 4000 More Hero Points

Change back to Peter via the change icon on the roof, and you'll meet up 
with Aunt May outside the bank. In the middle of the guy refusing May's 
request for a loan, Doc Ock raids the bank and plans to steal the money. 
Peter races off and becomes Spider-Man.

BOSS: Doctor Octopus
ATTACKS: Tentacle Attack
         Tentacle Throw
         Tentacle Slam
STRATEGY: Now, Ock has three guards with him, and each is armed with an 
explosive weapon. They shoot out little grenades that explode after 
several seconds. Also, each thug is pretty well armored, and with Ock 
storming after you, this mission is much more difficult. To start with, 
ignore the thugs and wait for your head to flash white. Hit O to avoid 
Ock's tentacle attack, and immediately press /\ to counter his attack by 
webbing the tentacle he struck with to the ground. His tentacle won't 
remain that way for long, so take this time to Impact Web one thug and 
start beating up on the other two. Watch for Ock to free himself, and 
then repeat this process until all three thugs are dead. When it's only 
Doc Ock himself you're up against, the odds are much better. Wait for 
one tentacle to glow yellow, and then you'll know he is going to strike. 
Dodge the attack, web the tentacle to the ground (simply tap /\), and 
then activate Spider Senses. Rush forward, jump at him, and beat him 
sensless. Once he loses about a fifth of his health, he grabs Aunt May 
and leaves the bank. Spidey is left to deal with three more of his 

NOTE!: Sometimes, when the thugs shoot their explosives, other thugs run 
into them. Remember, this is not a bad thing! ;)

For the three thugs, let them shoot their explosives and then toss them 
into one another. When they are all dead, Spidey rushed outside and has 
only :30 to reach the top of the building. Wall sprint up the side, 
charge a jump, leap as high as you can, and continue wall sprinting to 
the top. Don't worry, the bank isn't too tall.

Ock escapes with May in a helicopter. You must jump off the rooftop and 
follow it so they don't get away. Simply latch onto the helicopter when 
you're close to it, or swing just behind it. Make sure you don't let it 
get more than half a block away, or you might lose it.

Eventually, Ock will deposit May on a train track, and it's up to you to 
save her. Sprint and charge a jump while moving, leap as far as you can 
off the building and web swing out over the track. Web Zip is so useful 
in this it isn't even funny. Get to Aunt May before the fast-moving 
train does to finally finish the level.


7.12) CHAPTER 12: Shocking Developments
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Go to Your Apartment
            Earn 4000 More Hero Points

When Peter gets back inside his apartment, he listens to a message from 
JJ down at the Daily Bugle. Seems like Jonah wants to see you. So, leap 
from the balcony and get going if you don't want to be fired a second 
time. Make it to the skylight and Spidey peers inside. Peter finds out 
that MJ has agreed to marry John Jameson, JJ's son. Black Cat will come 
up behind him and the two of them will engage in a lengthy conversation 
about being more into superhuman women (she wants him) and Shocker, who 
escaped from prison during the Beck event.

So, Spidey must once again follow Black Cat to her destination. I found 
leaping from building to building while hardly using webbing was much 
easier than trying to web-swing and keep an eye on her, unless you're 
good at that kind of thing. She'll take you to the waterfront in Lower 
East Side.

BOSS: Shocker
ATTACKS: Homing Blast
STRATEGY: Shocker isn't a particularily hard boss if you know what to 
do. Don't be fooled by his small size, because he is one powerhouse. 
Shock will take a tough beating before he goes down, so pay attention. 
There are fans placed around to room to launch Spidey into the air, 
since Shocker likes to jump around with his shockwaves. He will stop to 
fire homing blasts at you, and if those don't work (meaning you catch up 
and beat him up) he'll fire off his shockwave. The lights will dim, so 
get as far away from Shocker as possible before he can hit you with 
this. You can only survive around two shockwaves, because the third will 
kill you. Black Cat will handle the thugs, so keep your sights on 
Shocker. Avoid his Homing Blasts, pummel him, get away before the 
shockwave, and repeat.

Shocker blasts Black Cat into the ceiling, knocking her down. Of course, 
Spider-Man checks on her and Shocker manages to escape. Maybe next time, 


7.13) CHAPTER 13: Cleaning The Slate
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Meet Jameson at the Daily Bugle
            Earn 4000 More Hero Points

Once again, Peter needs to pay JJ a little visit down at the Daily 
Bugle. Swing over to the newspaper company and head in through the 
secret vent opening. Walk in and Betty will admit you into JJ's office. 
Luckily, JJ has something for Peter to do. Some VIP is rumored to be 
arriving at this very moment down at the docks, and JJ Wants Peter to 
get some pics of the event. Head out of the Daily Bugle after changing, 
and swing on over to the docks. Follow the blue Destination Marker if 
you get lost.

When you get nearby, a man runs from a Speedy Mart crying about aliens. 
Peter laughs and decides to check it out. Inside, Mysterio is holding up 
the place, wanting the man inside to hand over money. Spidey shows up, 
some taunting is done, and the fight begins.

BOSS: Mysterio
ATTACKS: Taunting ;)
STRATEGY: Mysterio's power bar fills up three times, creating a facade 
of being challenging. However, just run forward and land a Sprint 
Uppercut to finish the fight. Quentin falls back, his helmet pops off, 
and Spidey has eliminated one super-villain.

Peter has had enough. He's sick and tired of JJ ruining his reputation 
in the city. Head back to the Bugle to give him a piece of your mind. 
Just as Spidey nears the grating, Black Cat shows up to cool him off. 
She informs him that she found Shocker's hideout, and that they need to 
get to it right now.

Follow Black Cat through the air, remembering to mostly leap after her, 
not swing. You'll eventually end up in a fight with some of Shocker's 
boys. They have a nasty Homing Blast like Shocker does, so impact web 
each of them and throw them off the roof. That's what I did. After 
following Cat some more, fighting one more group, and more following, 
you'll end up under the Queensboro Bridge. Cat'll lead you over to 
Roosevelt island, and to the south, where Shocker is holing up (if you 
didn't notice, he's at the Oscorp factory, which is now abandoned).

BOSS: Shocker (again)
ATTACKS: Homing Blast
         Energy Levitator
STRATEGY: This fight is very similar, only there's one slight change. 
Shocker has invented a force field around himself, so the only way to 
attack him is for Spider-Man to distract him while Cat brings down the 
shield. Swing around the room while locked-on to Shocker and avoid the 
blasts he sends. He won't ever fire the shockwave with his shield on, no 
matter what you do. When Cat calls for your help, activate the switch 
directly across the room from her, and Shocker's shield will fail. Swing 
down at pummel him, but watch out for shockwaves. When Shocker brings 
his shield back on-line, swing around to avoid it, and wait for Cat's 
signal to hit the button again. When she orders you, press the button 
across from her and the shield will fail again. This second time, the 
shield won't come back on, because Cat will break it. Avoid shockwaves, 
and use the Sprint Uppercut to toss Shocker into the air and beat him 
up. By the way, the beams of blue light is his energy levitator. It will 
throw Spidey into the air and damage him a bit.


7.14) CHAPTER 14: Burning Bridges
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Earn 3000 More Hero Points

Spidey will suddenly remember that Mary Jane's play is showing again 
tonight, and he has five minutes to get there and make it to the show. 
From where ever you are, high-tail it over to the theater and a cutscene 
will come up. Three thugs try to mug MJ as she leaves the theater, 
meaning we must intervene. Knock them around with punches and kicks, 
throw out some web attacks and combos, and you'll have the three goons 
cleaned up.

After the fight, Spidey has a brief talk with MJ in which she tells him 
she is going to get married soon. He swings off wondering how things 
might have turned out had he been around more often.

Spider-Man needs to talk with Black Cat, so he goes in search of her. 
Follow the blue marker and you'll eventually find her. After a long 
talk, she challenges you to a race to a warehouse in the Garment 
District. She will leap from the building and head northwest. Follow 
her, vault from the building and plunge headfirst into the line of 
buildings to the northwest. Once you're under the building line, shoot 
your first web line and race after her along this building canyon. It 
will lead right to the destination marker.

The two of you end up atop a warehouse, watching a meeting of some kind. 
Three armored suits are being unveiled for the criminal types in NYC, 
and they can't be for good. Black Cat eventually feels a need to get 
involved and dives into a fight. Don't worry about her, she can't be 
killed. Let her take care of the goons out front while you handle more 
important things. Drop off the building to the right and you'll spot a 
sniper and some more thugs off to the right and forward. Go into Spider-
Sense mode and dodge bullets if you must. Work your way across the field 
to the sniper and take him out. Duck behind the crates as more thugs 
come running to aid their friend.

Shortly after more gunmen come, an Armored Battle Suit will follow. 
Concentrate your efforts on the gunmen first. What I like to do is think 
like Spider-Man, and use the battle suit's weakness to my own advantage. 
It will shoot out rocket launcher blasts, which you can see are coming 
via your spider sense. When your head flashes, jump out of the way. I 
use this to my advantage by running around gunmen, waiting for my head 
to flash, and jumping away just before the rocket hits. You can greatly 
damage if not kill many gunmen in this fashion. Once all gunmen are 
down, take on the armored suit. Stay behind it and constantly leap into 
the air and pummel it with your fists. It can't be affected by webbing, 
so don't even bother.

When everyone here is dead or disabled (in the case of the battle suit), 
leap back over the warehouse and see how Black Cat is fareing. Chances 
are most enemies will be dead, but there will probably still be several 
armored battle suits and many gunmen. Use Web Yanks to pull the gunen up 
to you and then wail on them. Once all gunmen are down, attack the 
armored suits from their blindspots and you'll eventually disable them.

Go to meet Black Cat again as Spider-Man feels he must. She eventually 
convinces him he must tell Mary Jane exactly how he feels. Swing over to 
her apartment in Soho, and Peter will quickly get to the point. Alas, 
this changes nothing, and MJ is still going to marry John Jameson. Tough 
luck, Peter.


7.15) CHAPTER 15: To Save the City
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Go to your apartment


Spider-Man needs to go back to his apartment and check his answering 
machine. Follow the grey dot on the map to Peter's apartment and climb 
inside to start the beginning of the end. MJ left a message saying to 
meet her at the diner they used to go to, so high-tail it, mister! 
Follow the icon on the map, and remember you only have 1:50 to get 

Leap from your apartment and swing for the diner. When you get there, 
hit the change icon on the roof and Peter will go inside. As the two of 
you are talking, a car comes flying through the window and Doc Ock 
appeared in the threshold. He takes Mary Jane and threatens Peter to 
find Spider-Man and meet him later on. So, Peter changes back into 

You only have 1:50 to get to the tower in El Barrio. It's near the 
traintrack, and you know what that means. As soon as you arrive, Ock 
shows up, the two exchange some witty banter, and he leaps onto the 
train. When you regain control, jump down after the train and hop onto 
it. Approach Ock and prepare to fight!

BOSS: Doctor Octopus (again)
ATTACKS: Tentacle Attack
         Tentacle Throw
         Tentacle Slam
STRATEGY: Okay, this battle is no different from the last one, except 
for the fact that you can be thrown from the train. Also, it would 
behoove the player not to get hit by the train itself, and this will 
almost guarantee failure. Anyhoo, get up close to Ock, don't worry, and 
wait. When your head flashes white, hit O and then /\ immediately 
afterward. This will pin his tentacle to the train, like the last 
battle. Repeat this process a second time, and then rush in to attack. 
When he recoveres, jump away and repeat this entire process. When his 
health bar drains, you'll win. Remember, you only need to pin two 
tentacles, as he uses the other two to stay rooted to the train.

So, Spider-Man stops the train, but then gets captured by Doc Ock. Ock 
brings him to Harry Osborn, who unmasks our hero before killing him. The 
shock his Spidey's identity makes him stagger, giving Spider-Man enough 
time to get up and find out where MJ is. Harry tells him where Ock is 
holed up and Spider-Man leaves to pursue the madman.

You have :55 to get to the warehouse, meaning you have almost no time to 
dawdle. Get moving and swing to the warehouse. Keep moving towards the 
pier at all times and you will make it no problem. Go to the skylight 
and slip inside.

Spider-Man slips down as Ock prepares his machine and frees Mary Jane. 
Alas, Doctor Octopus stops him and slams him against the wall. In the 
process, his mask falls off and reveals to MJ who he really is. The 
machine is out of control by this point, and so Spider-Man must stop it 
from destroying the city!

There are nine terminals you must deactive to stop the machine. One is 
right behind you. Hit it with [] and then make circles around the 
perimeter of the room to find three more. Watch for the reactor to glow 
red, because it will expand soon afterwards. As the match goes on, that 
orb will expand more quickly. You must ignore Ock for now and focus on 
the terminals, as Ock is invincible.

After you have taken out the four perimeter terminals, there are three 
terminals in side rooms. Follow the glowing cords to find them on the 
lower levels off to the sides. Once all those are deactivated, follow 
the glowing cord up the wall and you'll find another terminal up there. 
The final once it below the pier, near the water.

Drop through the hole by the reactor, preferrably when it is not 
expanding, and you'll be safe from the reactor and Ock. The terminal is 
off to the right, so get onto the wall and crawl to it. Be careful not 
to touch the water, as it will fail the mission. Hit the final terminal 
to complete this phase.

BOSS: Doctor Octopus (third time)
ATTACKS: Tentacle Attack
         Tentacle Throw
         Tentacle Slam
STRATEGY: For some reason, you don't have to worry about the nuclear 
device any more. Even though it's supposed to still be functional. In 
any event, this is the final phase of your ultimate fight. You must 
fight Ock one last time. I recommend taking the battle into a sideroom 
to avoid falling in the water. Stand several paces in front of Ock and 
wait for him to attack. This time, dodge and pin ALL FOUR tentacles 
before you rush in to attack. You don't need Spider Reflexes if you just 
stand still. Don't worry, he'll only attack one tentacle at a time and 
with nothing else. When all four tentacles are down, run forward and use 
a Sprint Punch to unload on him. Do as much damage as you can before he 
pulls his tentacles loose. Repeat this process until Doctor Octopus 

Congrats, people. You've finished Spider-Man 2's story mode. Enjoy the 
ending and get ready for a new chapter. Doctor Octopus may be dead, but 
the game ain't over yet!


7.16) CHAPTER 16: The First Day of The Rest of Your Life
__________________________________/                                   /
To-Do List: Earn 50000 more Hero Points

And that's all you gotta do, boys and girls. No matter what the HP total 
you have now is, you must earn 50,000 (that's five oh oh oh oh) MORE 
Hero Points to pass onto the final chapter. However, while this seems 
like a lot, there's so many things you can do to earn Hero Points.

My preferred method is fighting crime, but you could deliver pizzas, do 
Photo Ops, meet Mary Jane, find Tokens, do Checkpoint Races, and other 

Remember, when fighting crime, freeing tied cops nets you some points. 
Oh, you can also purchase the Fight Arena and the Movie Player from the 
Spidey Stores around town. Be sure to check those out.


7.17) CHAPTER 17: The Second Day of The Rest of Your Life
__________________________________/                                   /
Once you reach chapter 17, you're done, my friend. There's nothing left 
to do but fight crime, and get some extra missions done. Maybe find the 
rest of those tokens. Whatever you choose, you have the whole of 
Manhattan in which to do it.

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  8) U P G R A D E S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

8.1) Locomotion

Name: Swing Speed Upgrade
Level      Cost      Available
1          50        Chapter 2
2          1,000     Chapter 3
3          1,250     Chapter 6
4          1,500     Chapter 7
5          2,000     Chapter 9
6          5,000     Chapter 13
7          20,000    Chapter 16
8          50,000    Chapter 17

Name: Wallsprint Duration Upgrade
Level      Cost      Available
1          1,000     Chapter 7
2          15,000    Collect All Secret Tokens

Name: Web Zip
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 3
Description: Hold down L2 and hit R2 to have Spidey shoot a web-line and 
jerk himself along. Useful in swinging through parks and for moving with 
more maneuverability.

Name: Slingshot Jump
Cost: 600
Available: Chapter 3
Description: Press R2 twice to shoot out to webs, pull back, charge your 
jump, and release to go flying forward.

8.2) Air Tricks

Name: Inverted Widow
Cost: 250
Available: Chapter 4
Description: Press X while Double Jumping.

Name: Super Fly Spider Guy
Cost: 250
Available: Chapter 4
Description: Press X while falling.

Name: Web Freak Tango
Cost: 250
Available: Chapter 8
Description: Press X twice while falling. (must have Super Fly Spider 

Name: Daddy Long Legs
Cost: 250
Available: Chapter 8
Description: Press X twice while Double Jumping. (must have Inverted 

Name: Manhattan Web Roll
Cost: 500
Available: Chapter 10
Description: Press X three times while falling. (must have Web Freak 

Name: The Spinnaret
Cost: 500
Available: Chapter 10
Description: Press X three times while Double Jumping. (must have Daddy 
Long Legs)

Name: The Rolling Reporter
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 12
Description: Press X four times while Double Jumping. (must have The 

Name: Webtastic 360
Cost: 1,500
Available: Chapter 14
Description: Press X five times while Double Jumping. (must have The 
Rolling Reporter)

Name: The Poison Pike
Cost: 2,000
Available: Chapter 15
Description: Press X six times while Double Jumping. (must have 
Webtastic 360)

8.3) Combat

Name: Grapple
Cost: 750
Available: Chapter 3
To Execute: /\+O
Description: Pulls enemies into your waiting hands. Press [] to beat 
them senseless or hit O to chuck 'em away.

Name: Air Jump-Off Kick
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 4
To Execute: X while in the air
Description: Press X while fighting in the air to launch higher up.

Name: Cannonball Kick
Cost: 500
Available: Chapter 4
To Execute: [] while web-swinging
Description: While web-swinging, hit [] to make Spidey kick with his 
legs. Great for knocking down multiple targets.

Name: Multi-Web Tie Upgrades
Level      Cost      Available      Effect
1          1,500     Chapter 4      Web-Tie 2 enemies at once
2          2,000     Chapter 7      Web-Tie 3 enemies at once
3          2,000     Chapter 9      Web-Tie 4 enemies at once

Name: Air Combo Upgrades
Level      Cost      Available      Effect
3          1,000     Chapter 5      Punch 3 times in air
4          2,000     Chapter 8      Punch 4 times in air

Name: Rising Knee Kick
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 5
To Execute: [], /\, X
Description: Launches enemy into air via your knee. Jump up and continue 
attacking them, if you please.

Name: Yank Behind
Cost: 500
Available: Chapter 5
To Execute: [], /\, O
Description: Throws target behind you with web line.

Name: Earth Breaker Punch
Cost: 1,250
Available: Chapter 5
To Execute: /\, [], X
Description: Hit ground and scatter enemies.

Name: Launch Kick
Cost: 750
Available: Chapter 5
To Execute: [], X (right after dodging)
Description: Kick target into the air.

Name: Dizzy Strike
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 6
To Execute: [], [], O
Description: Hits target...hard.

Name: The Hero Punch
Cost: 1,250
Available: Chapter 7
To Execute: [] (with fully charged Jump)
Description: Knocks targets away, gives room to move.

Name: Interceptor Kick
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 8
To Execute: /\, [], /\, []
Description: Very good move. Shoots web line, reels in, kicks target 
away, hits with web line again, leaps forward and delivers a powerful 
kick. Can hit multiple targets in your way.

Name: Multi-Web Hammer
Cost: 1,500
Available: Chapter 9
To Execute: [], [], /\.../\ (up to 6x)
Description: Spidey punches twice, and then uses webbing to slam enemy 
into the ground. You can do it up to six times by hitting [] over and 
over again.

Name: Jaw Launcher
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 9
To Execute: [], [], X (only during Spider Sense)
Description: Launches enemy into the air.

Name: Air Pile Driver
Cost: 1,250
Available: Chapter 9
To Execute: O (while Grappling in the air) (must have Grapple)
Description: When you have grappled an enemy, jump into the air and hold 
O to pile drive them into the ground. Very useful on petty thugs.

Name: Double Heel Kick
Cost: 1,000
Available: Chapter 10
To Execute: [], [], O, [] (must have Dizzy Strike)
Description: Spidey attacks with a downward heel kick. Very strong.

Name: Stair Step Kicks Combo
Cost: 1,250
Available: Chapter 10
To Execute: [], [], X...[] (only during Spider Sense)
Description: Right after the combo is started, you can turn off Spider 
Sense to save the juice. Enemy launches into the air, and you can hit [] 
over and over again to kick the enemy repeatedly while in the air. Very 
useful against smaller crooks without guns.

Name: Whirlwind Kick
Cost: 3,000
Available: Chapter 10
To Execute: [], [] (right after dodging)
Description: Spidey spins around, legs out, and clears a path to work 
in. Useful when you're crowded by baddies.

Name: Air Web Slam
Cost: 1,500
Available: Chapter 10
To Execute: /\ (while Grappling in the air)
Description: Spidey uses web line to spin the enemy in the ground.

Name: Web Hanger
Cost: 2,500
Available: Chapter 11
To Execute: [], [], /\, X
Description: More for fun than anything else, this move makes a punching 
bag out of Spidey's enemies. You can do it on unconscious guys to leave 
them for the cops, or still fighting guys to hit them while they can't 
move. Be warned, if they're still kicking when you hang them, they can 
break free.

Name: Super Web
Cost: 1,500
Available: Chapter 11
To Execute: /\, [], /\, /\
Description: Wraps enemy in a casing of webbing. Stronger than the 
Impact Webbing, if you were wondering.

Name: Rising Shoulder Charge
Cost: 2,500
Available: Chapter 13
To Execute: [] (with fully charged Jump) (while Sprinting)
Description: Knocks enemy away, and then lets you get into the air.

Name: Spider Missile
Cost: 1,500
Available: Chapter 13
To Execute: [] (while Wall Running or Wall Jumping)
Description: Spidey launches himself from the wall or air at a nearby 
enemy. In other words, he homes in on a bad guy and hits 'em full force.

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  9) A W A R D S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

There are a total of 40 awards in the game. Good luck.

|         Award         |           Requirement           | Reward |
| Employee of the Month | All Pizza Deliveries            | 250    |
| Shutterbug            | All Photo Missions              | 250    |
| Knowledge Seeker      | All Hint Markers                | 250    |
| Silver Medalist       | All Challenges Beaten           | 2000   |
| Gold Medalist         | All Challenge Mega Times Beaten | 5000   |
| Drenched Explorer     | All Buoy Tokens                 | 500    |
| Watchful Explorer     | All Secret Tokens               | 2000   |
| Towering Explorer     | All Skyscraper Tokens           | 500    |
| Vigilant Explorer     | All Hideout Tokens              | 1000   |
| Master Explorer       | All Exploration Tokens          | 2000   |
| Friend to Children    | 25 Balloons Returned            | 250    |
| Peace Maker           | 25 Gang Wars Prevented          | 250    |
| Bane of Petty Thieves | 25 Purse Snatchers Prevented    | 250    |
| Thug Mugger           | 25 Muggings Prevented           | 250    |
| Watch Dog             | 25 Break-Ins Foiled             | 250    |
| Anger Manager         | 25 Road Rages Stopped           | 250    |
| Stick Up Artist       | 25 Robberies Foiled             | 250    |
| Partycrasher          | 25 Battles Royal Stopped        | 250    |
| Lifter of Spirits     | 25 Hanging Citizens Rescued     | 250    |
| Sucker                | 25 Ambushes Foiled              | 250    |
| Automobile Avenger    | 25 Car Jackings Stopped         | 250    |
| Life Preserver        | 25 Sinking Boat Crises Resolved | 250    |
| Human Ambulance       | 25 Medical Emergencies Resolved | 250    |
| Honorary Deputy       | 25 Officer Assists Completed    | 250    |
| Crime Stopper         | 250 Petty Crimes Stopped        | 250    |
| Good Samaritan        | 250 Citizens in Distress Helped | 250    |
| Champ                 | 200 Enemies Defeated            | 250    |
| Mega Champ            | 500 Enemies Defeated            | 250    |
| Big Game Hunter       | Rhino Defeated                  | 250    |
| Alien Buster          | Mysterio Defeated               | 250    |
| Shock Absorber        | Shocker Defeated                | 250    |
| Tentacle Wrangler     | Doc Ock Defeated                | 250    |
| Speed Freak           | Max Swing Speed                 | 250    |
| Hardcore Gamer        | All Arcade Games                | 0      |
| Lover not a Fighter   | All MJ Missions Completed       | 250    |
| Hero in Training      | Accumulated 15,000 Hero Points  | 250    |
| Hero                  | Accumulated 45,000 Hero Points  | 250    |
| Super Hero            | Accumulated 100,000 Hero Points | 250    |
| Mega Hero             | Accumulated 200,000 Hero Points | 250    |
| Game Master           | Completed Everything in Game    | 250    |

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  10) S E C R E T S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

Some people can see Ellis Island and Liberty Island, but are unable to 
get there. After all, it says 'anywhere you can see, you can go,' right? 
Well, you are right, and I have figured out a way to get to those 
islands. Down by their location, you may notice a helicopter that flies 
over to southern Manhattan, and then out over the water, crosses with 
another heli, and then comes back. Attach a web line to this helicopter, 
and it'll carry you out over the water. When the second whirly crosses 
paths, leap from the one you're on, and attach to the other one. This 
second one will bring you to Ellis Island.

To get to Liberty Island and climb on the statue, find the third 
helicopter over in Liberty's direction (while you're on Ellis Island). 
Latch onto it, and it will carry you over to Liberty Island. Beware, if 
you drop from the heli too soon, you'll hit the ground pretty hard and 
lose some health.

The only cheat code I know of thus far is as follows:

When you have no existent save files, enter the name "HCRAYERT" (which 
is "Treyarch" backwards) and it'll be accepted but then vanish. Enter 
the name you wish to use, and when the game begins, you'll have 44% 
completed, 6/8 swinging speed, lots of Hero Points, and some other good 
stuff. Try it out, and you'll see.

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  11) A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

* Treyarch and Activision for making this great game!

* Six of my old GCN games, which I sold to get the money for this game.

* Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, for owning the best video game site ever!

* My Uncle Scott, who took me to EB Games when my car was broke down.

* My beautiful PS2...

* Me, for writing this thing!

* And, most importantly, all the fans of my work!

   ___  __  __ 2
==/ __||  \/  |========================================================
  \__ \| |\/| |  12) D I S C L A I M E R
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

Copyright (c) 2004 by Perfect Light
All rights reserved

The following sites have my personal permission to post this:


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you'll be in for serious trouble. I WILL catch you, you WILL be sorry, 
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whatever.com, I will write out a polite e-mail asking you to please 
remove it. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to take it to court 
and press charges. GameFAQs even states that suing a website for posting 
your FAQ without permission is easy, and the owner of the FAQ can easily 
win. Plagiarism is already bad, so don't add to the problem. Got it? 
You're smart, intelligent people, so just be smart.

Also, certain e-mails I won't accept. If you scream and shout at me, 
writing something like: You (insert explicitive here), you said you can 
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If I do give you permission to put this up on your site, don't abuse the 
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You may not sell this FAQ, or in any other way shape or form make money 
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Plagiarism is against the law. You know that. I know I repeat myself, 
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A RESPONSE FROM NOW ON! I'm sick of reading: "I need help but I'm not 
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GIBBERISH! Also, please put "Spider-Man 2 Guide" in the title to help 
me. I get too many guide questions from my other guides to try to 
organize what question is for what game.

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  \__ \| |\/| |  13) A  F O N D  F A R E W E L L !
==|___/|_|  |_|========================================================

Wow, my third Spider-Man guide. It felt like a home-coming for me. But 
sadly, it must end, as all good things do. I feel sad that it is over, 
but glad at the same time, secure in the knowledge that with the 
information contained in this guide, nothing in SM2 can stand in your 
way! Good luck!

I give you the Kirby salute: (>-.-)>

This is Perfect Light, signing off!

This document was written by and is a property of, Perfect Light ;)

Thanks for reading my Spider-Man 2 Guide, from:
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