Additional Art & AnimationArmando Afre
Additional Art & AnimationOle Goethe Roesstad
Additional Art & AnimationDavid Stripinis
Additional MusicJake Jacobson
Art & AnimationBastian Hoppe
Art & AnimationKursad Karatas
Art & AnimationArne Langenbach
Art & AnimationGaurav Mathur
Art & AnimationJim Morre
Art & AnimationMario Wagner
Art DirectionPaul Topolos
Assistant Voice EditorG.W. Childs
Assistant Voice EditorHarrison Deutsch
CutscenesTobias Richter
DirectorJulian Eggebrecht
I.S. DepartmentRene F. Henke
I.S. DepartmentBrian Miller
Mission Design DirectorChris Cates
Mission Design DirectorAlbert Chen
Mission Design DirectorChris Crawford
Mission Design DirectorChris Klie
Mission Design DirectorJamie Uhrmacher
Mission Design DirectorMatthias Worch
Music DirectorChris Huelsbeck
ProducerBrett Tosti
Production ManagerBrian D. Krueger
Senior Voice EditorCindy Wong
Software EngineerNicolas Fournel
Software EngineerDean Giberson
Software EngineerMike Keith
Software EngineerAchim Moller
Software EngineerJens Petersam
Software EngineerFlorian W. Sauer
Software EngineerStefan Schulze
Software EngineerSigmund Vik
Software EngineerTony Wong
Sound Design & Video ProductionRudolf Stember
Star Wars Content SupervisorJustin Lambros
Technical ArtistAlisha Piccirillo
Technical ArtistHans Winold
Technical Lead EngineerThomas Engel
Voice and International CoordinatorJennifer Sloan
Voice DirectorWill Beckman
Voice of Imperial Base CommanderBob Machray
Voice of Admiral Ackbar, Imperial Officer 2, Boba Fett, Wedge, Wingman 5Chris Cox
Voice of BiggsTom Kenny
Voice of C-3P0, Crix Madine, Imperial Pilot 2, Imperial Recruiter, YodaTom Kane
Voice of Commander 4, Emperor, Imperial Officer 1, Rebel Soldier 2, Scientist, Wingman 1Nick Jameson
Voice of Commander 5, Imperial Generic, Wingman 6Dave Walsh
Voice of Commander 7, Fixer, Obi-Wan, Simulator Voice, Stormtrooper 1, Tycho, Wingman 3Tim Omundson
Voice of Darth Vader and Transport Captain 2Scott Lawrance
Voice of Derlin, General Dodonna, Wingman 2Wayne Grace
Voice of Frigate CommanderLynne Maclean
Voice of General RieekanDan Barton
Voice of Han Solo, Stormtrooper 3, Transport Captain 1, Transport Captain 3Lex Lang
Voice of Hobbie, Commander 6, WindyAndrew Chaikin
Voice of Imperial Pilot 1Steve Ballantine
Voice of Jabba Guard, Officer 1, Owen, Rebel Trooper, Commando, Commander 1Pat Fraley
Voice of Lando CalrissianObba Babatunde
Voice of Leia OrganaJoyce Kurtz
Voice of Luke SkywalkerBob Bergen
Voice of Narrator, Commander 2, Wingman 7Denny Delk
Voice of Sarkli, Rebel Soldier 1, Stormtrooper 2, Commander 3, Wingman 4Robin Atkin Downes


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