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FAQ/Walkthrough by me frog

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/30/03

 _____                _         _   _
/  ___|              (_)       | | | |
\ `--.   ___   _ __   _   ___  | |_| |  ___  _ __   ___    ___  ___
 `--. \ / _ \ | '_ \ | | / __| |  _  | / _ \| '__| / _ \  / _ \/ __|
/\__/ /| (_) || | | || || (__  | | | ||  __/| |   | (_) ||  __/\__ \
\____/  \___/ |_| |_||_| \___| \_| |_/ \___||_|    \___/  \___||___/

------------------------------DEMO FAQ------------------------------

By me frog
Demo FAQ
Version 1.5
Created on 11/27/03
Last updated on 11/30/03
Rated E (Everyone)

Version History
11/30/02- 1.5 Added the song lyrics, one more thing to level one, and some more
FAQ questions.

11/27/03- 1.0 Well, I got the two levels available in the demo, in addition to
all other information in the FAQ

Legal Information
|MAJOR NOTE: This FAQ will be hosted by ONLY GAMEFAQS.COM, IGN.COM,          |
|matter how many times I say don't, WAY too many people take my FAQs without |
|my permission. I have grown to trust only these four sites, who haven't     |
|actually stolen any type of work from people. Even if you want my FAQ, sorry|
|but thanks to some certain sites, only these four are allowed to host it.   |

Note that if you DO steal my FAQs, you will regret it. Seriously regret it.
Stealing someone's work without asking is something that FAQ writers get really
pissed off at. Stealing someone's work and crediting someone else for it is
PLAGERISM! That is a SERIOUS violation and I assure you, you'll pay dearly if
you plagiarize any of my work.

|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
|                     |%%%%%   Table of Contents   %%%%%|                     |
|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |

(01) Introduction
(02) Controls
(03) Walkthrough
-level one
-level eight
(04) FAQ
(05) Credits/Contact

|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
|                     |%%%%%     Introduction     %%%%%|                     |
|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
What goes up, must come down.
Yet my feet don't touch the ground.
Seeing the world spinnin' upside down.
A mighty crash without a sound!

I can feel your every rage.
Step aside, I'll turn the page.
Breakin' through your crazy maze.
Like a laser beam, my eye's on you!

Watch me throw the night away
Watch me save the day
Feels like the storm is getting rough,
Heading your way!

Sonic Heroes! Sonic Heroes!
Find you! Can't find you! Now stay in your place!
Sonic Heroes! Sonic Heroes!
Setting the stage for a Hero's parade.

Sonic Heroes! Heroes! Heroes!
Give us a reason and we're on our way.

Hey, me frog here. This is my first Sonic FAQ, and also my first Demo FAQ. Due
the fact that this is simply a guide for a demo, I will not be going as in-depth
as I do with most FAQs. It will be simply the controls, the guide, and then
recognition. Don't expect to see any new chapters added, and don't expect to see
any major updates after this. I'm going to go as in-depth into the levels as
possible, so there won't be any real need to update them once more. I'd say that
there will be only one or two more updates after the first, and then this FAQ
will be marked as "Final".

|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
|                     |%%%%%       Controls       %%%%%|                     |
|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |

Control Stick- move character

A button- Jump attack/Fly

B button- Special attack

X button- Change formation

Y button- Change formation

Z button- Team Blast (when power meter is full)

L button- Rotate camera left

R button- Rotate camera right

C stick- Look around

Control Pad- Not used

Start/Pause- pause

|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
|                     |%%%%%     Walkthrough      %%%%%|                     |
|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |

|                           Stage one: Seaside Hill                          |
                           (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)
                           "Head for the whale island!"

You'll start out on the stage running on a straightaway. You'll hit some speed
boosts and shortly after, collect four rings. The level will start to go
a little and you'll hit another speed boost. Once you pass the "Fly" sign you'll
automatically switch to Tails. Use him to fly through the hoops and up onto the
elevated area. Once on the ground again switch back to Sonic. The question mark
sphere will tell you that if you hit all of the springs in front of you, you'll
get bonus rings. So drop down the ledge, collecting the ten-ring capsule. Hit
three springs to get some bonus rings and then go up to the ledge. Once you pass
the "power" sign you'll switch to Knuckles. Stay spread out and you'll collect
all of the rings on the ledge.

Hit the dash panel and you'll fly across the water. Once you're on the other
hit the checkpoint to level up. Stay spread out to collect all of the rings and
hit the dash pad. Go through the loops and you'll collect some ring capsules.
Once you're done with the loops, go up the hill and collect the rings as you
the turn. On the other side of the turn you'll see three of Eggman's robots.
Destroy them and then you can either use Knuckles to destroy the block,
a spring, or you can just use Tails to fly up to the ledge. Once you're on the
top of the ledge, destroy the two blocks and hit all three springs to get the
five-ring bonus. Get to the top of the ledge, and switch to Tails. Flu up onto
the ledge to your left.

Grab the ten ring capsule, and then hop down the ledge. Destroy the robot and
then grab the rings. Inside one of the wooden containers is a ten ring capsule,
so grab it. Switch back to Tails and fly through the hoop. Hit the springs and
get the bonus, and then grab all of the rings on the next ledge. Fly to the
balloon and pop it to get a one-up. Fall down onto the ledge and get the rings.
You'll automatically switch to Knuckles when you go under the "power" sign.
the box and hit the springs to go up to the ledge. Go through the hoop and then
destroy the four robots. Break the four boxes that are in your way and then hit
the dash pads.

As you go down the hill you'll instantly switch back to Sonic again. Grab the
rings, and take the turn when you get to the bottom of the hill. Make sure you
through the checkpoint and then go through one of the three different loops
all lead back to the same place). At the end, you'll instantly be shot to an
island across the water. Now where you get shot to when in the cannon depends on
your formation. When Tails is the leader, you'll get shot up to some high ledges
that you need to maneuver through. As Sonic, you'll go straight to the next
island. On the island, grab the ten ring balloon and destroy the enemy (it takes
two hits). Go to the end of the island and the ruins will instantly start to

Jump across them and take out the hovering enemy. Switch to Tails and fly up.
Switch back to Sonic when you're at the top. Hit the dash pads and you'll go
through a checkpoint and into a little vehicle. You'll automatically move
in this vehicle; you just move left or right. There are rings everywhere here,
move left or right to grab them. When you reach the end, a message should pop up
saying "Passed!" Go through the ruins and grab the five ring capsule. Hit the
dash pad and on the other side of the water, run up to the box. Destroy it and
hit the spring it reveals. Destroy the box on the next ledge and there will be a
twenty ring capsule and a spring. Hit the spring to be sent up and back onto the
main path.

Take out the two robots and then switch to Tails. Fly up and hit the springs.
You'll be sent through two hoops and onto the next ledge. Use the light dash to
get the rings on the right side, and then use Tail's thunder attack (press B) to
take out the hovering enemies. Jump up the ruins and then fly through the hoops.
Grab the ten ring capsule and then hit the dash pad on the left side. Instantly
switch to Tails and then jump through the hoop. Switch back to Sonic and then
forward and destroy the two robots. Switch to Knuckles and destroy the boxes,
then switch back to Sonic. Destroy the robot on the other side and go across the
little ledge. Hit the dash pad at the end and you'll go through some hoops and
hit a ten ring balloon.

When you land, grab all the rings and then hit the dash pad. Go down the
straightaway as Sonic and hit the dash pads at the end. Make sure to go through
the rainbow rings to gain 2600 bonus points. Destroy the flying enemies and then
use Tails to fly up the ledge. Destroy the five flying enemies and then hit the
springs. Destroy the three flying enemies that you see and then take the only
path available, collecting all of the rings. Continue until you hit some boxes.
Use Knux to destroy them and then continue. Destroy the two robots in the long
hallway and then destroy the boxes at the end. Go down the hill and then destroy
the three enemies in the huge room. Jump into the cannon located in the center
Sonic and you'll be shot into some springs.

You'll go up a bunch of springs, through some hoops, and then through a
checkpoint. You'll then jump into a vehicle like the one you jumped into
It's the same as before, just a lot longer. Remember to collect as many rings as
you can. At the end, rush forward and grab the rings and then take one of the
three loops. Continue down the one path as Sonic, going as fast as you can. When
you see a bunch of enemies, use your team blast to destroy them all. Continue
down and then hit the dash pads. You'll go through a HUGE loop and then when you
end up on the other side you'll be going at a breakneck speed. Take the path and
then go down the hallway. Destroy the enemies and proceed. Hit the dash pads at
the end.

You'll fly up to an island where you'll be told to use your team blast. Use it
destroy all the enemies, then run past the crater (drop in if you want some
rings), and hit the goal ring.

After the first kart ride, backtrack to the sandy area. Switch to Tails and fly
to the island on the right. Use Knuckles to destroy the box to find some ring
capsules and a Team Blast capsule.

===============END OF LEVEL===============

|                         Stage eight: Bullet Station                        |
                           (Shadow, Rouge, and Omega)
                           "Annihilate Eggman's base!"

You'll start out grinding on some rails. Use the control stick to balance while
grinding, and hold the B button to accelerate. Some fences will slow you down a
lot, but don't worry about them. Just continue grinding. At the end, you should
see two robots ahead of you. Rush forward and use Shadow's homing attack to
destroy them. Go onto the narrow ledge and use the light dash to get across
quickly. Omega will now tell you to use the pole to get up to the top of the
ledge. Use the Black Tornado to get up the pole and then you'll be shot to
another pole. Jump and then press A again to do a homing attack on the actual
pole. Press B to grind to the next ledge. You should see a robot up ahead.
Destroy it and proceed forward.

When you get near the fan, you'll need to switch to power formation. Use a
Triangle Dive to get to the top of the next ledge. Make sure you grab the
to level up Omega. You should see a strange robot ahead of you. It can capture
one of your characters, so destroy it as soon as possible. Use the right dash
to grind the right rail. Remember to hold B to accelerate. Why do you want to
grind the right rail? Well it just so happens that that's the only rail with
rings. When you get to the other side hit the checkpoint and then touch the
switch to open the doors. You should see a robot right in front of you, so
destroy it. Proceed down and then destroy the two robots with Omega. Then use
Omega to destroy the cage containing the sheild.

Jump into the giant cannon and then you should be shot out in the air. You can
still move left and right, to collect balloons containing some goods in them.
Some of the balloons contain items that'll level up your characters. Once you
done being airborne you'll end up on a rail. Hold B to go super fast here. At
end of the rail you should be sent to an area with two robots and the capturing
robot. Destroy them all then switch to Shadow. Rush down the hallway and stay in
the center. Hit the rail to be shot up. At the end, you'll be in an area with a
fence on the left side. Take the path and hit the checkpoint. Then, use a homing
attack on the rail. Grind to the opposite side and then jump off of the rail.

On the other side, make sure you grind the middle rail since the other two have
enemies grinding them. Once you get across, switch to Rouge. Fly up to the top
the little building and then switch to Omega. Jump and then hold B to destroy
grate. Drop down to enter the high-speed transport tunnel. All of the different
containers contain some items, so destroy them all. Make sure you destroy the
enemy with the shield using Omega. Then destroying the capturing enemy, and use
Omega to destroy the engine of the thing you're on. You should end up grinding
a rail, so hold down B to go really fast. At the end, you'll be shot to another
rail. That one goes down for quite a while. When you finally land, jump into the

Make sure you jump in as Shadow. Don't touch ANYTHING until you see a floating
platform with some rails. Then press the control stick forward. Jump to the next
platform, and grind that. You should end up on top of the big structure that
contained the cannon. Go around the big hole and switch to Omega. Destroy the
shield robots to lower the cage and reveal the coin thing. Touch it and it'll
turn red. Now go to the left side and you should see a little ledge sticking out
with some speed boosts. Hit the speed boost and you'll be shot onto a rail. Hold
the B button down and when it looks like you'll fall off the rail, some more
will appear. When you get to the top area, hit the checkpoint and jump past the

Make sure you don't let the weight fall on you or you'll lose rings. Now jump on
to one of the rails. They contain some enemies, but you'll just have to destroy
them and continue to grind. When you get to the next area, rush down and switch
to Omega. Use the Triangle Dive to go up. You'll spot a pole like the one near
the start of the level. Use the Black Tornado and you'll be sent up the pole.
You'll then be shot to another pole, and that pole will shoot you to some rails.
Try to land on the left or right one, since the middle one contains an enemy. At
the end, you'll see three switches. Shadow, Rouge, and Omega must each stand on
different switch. When you do that, you'll open the door. Here, you'll see a

Switch to Omega, and then press B when jumping to open the grate. Drop down and
destroy the capturing enemy. Then move up the stairs and destroy the two robots.
Touch the goal ring.

===============END OF LEVEL===============

|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
|                     |%%%%%          FAQ          %%%%%|                     |
|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
This answers some basic questions about the game. KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE ARE

Q: When will this game be released?
A: In North America, it'll be released on 01/06/04.
In Japan, it'll be released on 12/30/03
It'll be released in Europe in February of 2004.

Q: Will this game be multiplayer?
A: Yes, there will be multiplayer modes.

Q: How can I get this demo?
A: Either reserve Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (it's too late to do that now,
though) or buy it off e-bay or the black market or something.

Q: Is this an all new Sonic game?
A: Yes it will be totally new. Not a port this time.

Q: How many levels are available in the demo?
A: Two. Level one and level eight.

Q: So, who's in this game?
A: There are four teams, with three characters each. Team Sonic has Sonic,
and Knuckles. Team Dark has Shadow, Rouge, and Omega (a new dude). Team Rose has
Amy, Cream (HELL yeah!), and an old favorite, Big the Cat (don't worry, no
fishing this time.) Finally, Team Chaotix (remember, from Knuckles Chaotix on
Sega 32X?) contains Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocidile, and Charmy the

Q: Is this out only for Gamecube?
A: No. Sega's going to try to see what will happen if they release it on the PS2
and X-Box also.

Q: Shadow's alive? WTF?
A: Yes. Apparently, Eggman found Shadow and put him in a capsule. While Rouge is
going through Eggman's base, she found him there are rescued him.

Q: So, how many levels are there?
A: Fourteen:
Seaside Hill
Ocean Palace
Grand Metropolis
Power Plant
Casino Park
BINGO Highway
Rail Canyon
Bullet Station
Frog Forest
Lost Jungle
Hang Castle
Mystic Mansion
Egg Fleet
Final Fortress

Q: Only fourteen levels! How big are they?
A: VERY big. It takes about five to seven minutes to get through each level.

Q: Do all characters go through the levels the exact same way?
A: Nope! Each team will have different objectives, which means that each of
part of the level will probably be different. That makes the game have 56 levels
instead of fourteen.

Q: Are there anything like Knuckle's and Rouge's treasure hunts?
A: Well, Team Chaotix is going to do something similar. It isn't exactly going
be treasure hunting, but it'll require a bit of "exploration" Who knows, could

Q: What's the storyline to each team?
A letter from Eggman arrives at Sonic's house. The letter challenges Sonic to
stop Eggman from putting his newest plan into action, which will be launched in
72 hours.

Rouge notices Shadow in a capsule while going through Eggman's base. Shadow is
released, and then he fights a robot called Omega. Rouge stops the fight and
the three join to stop Eggman. Omega is mad at Eggman because he kept Omega
trapped in that room for a long time.

Amy notices a newspaper with Sonic in it. She wants to find him, but then Cream
ends up with the paper and notices her brother in it. Then they meet up with Big
(remember him? And you get to do more than fish this time!) and Big finds Froggy
in it. The three set off to find each of the people/animals they want.

Espio, Vector, and Charmy are detectives who haven't had a good case in a long
time. When they get offered a case by a mysterious person (who is this person
*smiles mysteriously*) they agree to take it due to the cash and since that's
been their only case for a long time.

Q: What about Super Sonic and Super Shadow!?
A: Once you beat all the storylines of each team, you get one last storyline
(like in the two adventure games). I'm guessing that's where you get to use
Sonic and Super Shadow.

Q: And the Chaos Emeralds?
A: Yes, there will be the seven Chaos Emeralds in this game.

Q: What about emblems?
A: There are emblems in this game.

Q: Anything to unlock?
A: The more emblems you get, the more multiplayer modes you can unlock.

|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
|                     |%%%%%    Credits/Contact    %%%%%|                     |
|                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |

CjayC, for posting this FAQ and for his excellent site.

Nintendo and Sega, for creating such a great game (well, at least the demo's

SuperHyperMetalSonic, because his good FAQ on the message boards answered some
questions that I had.

GoldDean and SuperHyperMetalSonic, because they both helped me figure out the
lyrics to the them song.

My e-mail address is cskull@frogdesign.com. There are a few things that
you can e-mail me about, and few things that you can't. First the
things that are okay.

Information on the game. No this does NOT mean full stage guides!
It means additional TIPS on beating a level or correcting information that I
messed up.

Suggestions for the FAQ. Something like, "Why don't you add such and
such in your FAQ. NOT "Why don't you totally re-do your FAQ because it
sucks!" That is just plain rude and annoying. If you don't like my
FAQ, tell me things to make it better!

The things that you CAN'T e-mail me about are...

Spam. This is the NUMBER 0NE thing that you must not send. I get at
least twenty spam e-mails a day and I don't need yours it doesn't
help. Please don't send any.

Asking permission to use this FAQ. No, you can't, so don't bother. Only four
sites, which I have listed at the top of the guide, can use this FAQ.

Praise/Hate mail. Yes I appreciate it if you praise my FAQ. No I don't
appreciate it if you send me an e-mail saying, "Your FAQ is the
biggest piece of **** ever created! It sucks!" Those two things just
fill up my inbox and it really annoys me.

Spelling/Grammar mistakes. I used to get about ten e-mails a day
saying, "You spelled these two words wrong." or something like, "You
used inappropriate grammar in this chapter." Please people! I can find
those on my own!

And that wraps up the contact. Once again my e-mail is:

--------------------------------END OF DOCUMENT-------------------------------

This FAQ is copyright 2003 me frog

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