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FAQ/Walkthrough by phalanx6243

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/24/05

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King-------------------GUIDE FOR PLAYSTATION 2
EA Games
New Line Cinema Productions

-Version Update-
0.05 2/19/05- Started initial draft for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
0.40 2/20/05- Finished I., II., III., and started the Path of the King.
0.80 2/21/05- Finished Path of the King
0.81 2/22/05- Started the Path of the Hobbits
1.00 2/23/05- Completed Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Guide and
finished fine tuning
-Table of Contents-
I.   Introduction
II.  Helms' Deep
III. Path of the Wizard
      a) Road to Isengard
      b) Minas Tirith: Top of the Wall
      c) Minas Tirith: Courtyard
IV.  Path of the King
      a) Paths of the Dead
      b) King of the Dead
      c) The Southern Gate
      d) Pelennor Fields
      e) The Black Gate
V.   Path of the Hobbits
      a) Escape from Osgiliath
      b) Shelob's Lair
      c) Cirith Ungol
      d) The Crack of Doom

This guide was thought up and written originally, by myself. GameFAQ has my
permission to post this guide on their website. If you wish to use any
information from this guide and post it ANYWHERE, it must be credited in this
Information used from LOTRROTK Guide
By: Nick Hoffman
Email: Phanlanx6243@aol.com

-I. Introduction-



Gandalf knows that desperate plans are required as the specter of darkness
grows over Middle-Earth and Sauron's armies issue from Mordor to destroy the
world of Men. The White Wizard liberates Rohan and the war is turned to Minas
Tirith, the last great stronghold of free people, where he intends to distract
Sauron's gaze with a final, bold defense.
As an advisor of Men, Gandalf musters the defenses of Gondor to stand firm in
the face of darkness. As a warrior on the battlefeild, Gandalf conjures
shockwaves with his staff to knock enemies aside and then with his sword, he
slays them with ease. But victory cannot be won by force of arms alone, and
Gandalf's plans are meant to buy time, knowing all hope rests in the success of
Frodo's quest.

Gandalf is a good character for those who are just beginning the game. He is
well balanced with ranged and melee attacks. He is skilled with a staff and a
sword. Most of his upgrades are good to have in different areas of the game.


As the last descendant of the Kings of Men, Aragorn is fated to claim the
long-empty throne of Gondor, should he provide worthy of this task. But to
fulfill his destiny, Aragorn must first pass through the Paths of the Dead and
attempt to command horrible foes who once betrayed Gondor. Then he must return
to Minas Tirith and fight Sauron's hoard in defense of this besieged city.
And, should he survive this path, Aragorn must face The Dark Lord's servants
before the very gates of Mordor.
As a Ranger and Elf friend, Aragorn's ability with the bow allows him to defeat
opponents at long range. His true powers, however, lie in close combat.
Weilding a reforged Narsil, the Legendary sword that defeated Sauron, Aragorn
is a deadly combatant on the battlefeild, easily defeating multiple foes.

Aragorn is another great begginer character. He is balnced well with ranged
and melee attacks. His sword upgrades are phenomenal.


Although the Fellowship that set forth from Rivendell has been divided, still
the friendship that binds these comrades together holds true. In support of
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli fight beside each other through hardship and peril,
despite their differences. Yet their greatest chalenges are yet to come, as
they enter this war alone and vastly outnumbered.
As a fighter, Legolas's skill with matched blades has won him the respect of
his friends. But it is the bow of Legolas that will tunr the tide of battle,
his deadly accuracy stopping foes in their tracks. Legolas risks his
immortality in the cause of all free Men, and he will not permit Aragordn or
Gimli to go on without him; to whatever end.

Legolas is a character to work on. Legolas has great attacks with his blades,
yet most of them are hard to aquire. His final move to purchase is in level
10. He can shoot two arrows at once. This can really help you in a tight spot.


As sturdy in spirit as he is in stature, Gimli the Dwarf is a formidable
warrior. His skill with his weapons and his unflappable spirit earn for him a
strong and unlikely bond with Aragorn and Legolas. Despite the distrust
between Elf and Dwarf, all three of these warriors share a deep admiration for
each other, forged in the fires of combat.
Armed with axes and sheer force of his will, Gimli can quickley defeat enemies
nearly twice his size. His ferocity in combat is a perfect compliment to the
swordplay of Aragorn and the bow skill of Legolas. Together these companions
intend to become an unstoppable force, helping Gandalf turn the tide in their
war against Sauron.

Gimli has got to be the slowest character of them all. But, just because he is
the slowest doesen't mean he is the worst. What Gimli lacks in speed, he makes
up for in strength. His axes cause great damage to foes. He will run into
combat with Aragorn, while Legolas stays behind a little and fires arrows.


In the final days of the War of the Ring, the fate of all Middle-Earth rests
in the hands of Frodo Baggins. Now upon the most difficult part of his long
journey, Frodo and his trusted companion Sam at last approach the devastated
land of Mordor, home of the Dark Lord Sauron. With every step taken toward
that fell place, the burden of Frodo grows heavier.
Relentless pursued by the Ringwaiths mounted upon huge flying beasts, Frodo
and Sam must trust Gollum, if they hope to find safe passage through the
encircling Orc forces. While huge armies rage around them, these two small
hobbits must never falter, for failure will bring about the ruin of the world.

Frodo is not the greatest character. That comes into play when he has to fight
Gollum. Frodo needs all the power he can get to defeat Gollum, so upgrading
all characters at the end of each level is a good idea.


Often the unlikely may become the great heroes, and Sam Gamgee is destined to
become the greatest hero of all. Every step taken by a weary and worn Frodo
brings these two hobbits closer to Mount Doom and the fullfilment of their
quest. Sam is always at Frodo's side, his unserving loyalty and conviction of
heart giving them hope, despite the seeming impossibility of their task and
the odds against their success
Sam is a necessity, dermined, ferocious and deadly despite his small size. His
quick thinking and ability to use stealth to his advantage must get him, and
Frodo, out of some very tight spots. Yet Sam's greatest strength is his love
for his friend and his commitment to see things through.

Sam is probably the fastest character in the game. This can get him into or
out of battle quickly. The hobbits are the weakest characters, though. If you
are looking for a well balanced character, cross of the hobbits.


Move            | D-pad or Left Analog Stick
Speed Attack    | X Button or Right Analog Stick
Fierce Attack   | Triangle-Button
Physical Attack | Circle-Button
Parry           | Square-Button
Action Button   | R1 Button
Killing Move    | R2 Button
Ranged Attack   | Hold the L1 Button to activate, then press the X Button
                  to fire
Jump Back       | L2 Button
Special Ability | Hold all together the L1, L2, R1, and R2 Buttons

-Set Up-
 _ _
|   |
| A |
|_ _|_ _ _ _ _ _C_ _ _ _ _  _ _
    |   |                  |   |
    | B |                  | E |
    |_ _|_ _ _ _D_ _ _ _ _ |_ _|

A- This is your Ranged Weapon counter. You only get a limited number of ranged
shots. When the number appears at 0, that means you have no Ranged Shots left.
You can replenish the number of Ranged Shots you have by picking up stocks of
them left by defeated enemies.
B- This shows the character you are using and your Special Meter. By holding
L1, L2, R1, and R2 together you can activate your characters Special Ability.
When your characters Special Ability is active, their face circle will turn
white. As the white on your Special Meter goes down, that means your active
Special Ability is running out of time. You can repeat this when the meter is
not white at all.
C- This is your Experience Meter. As you kill enemies, and use some cheats,
your Experience Meter will go up. Once you hit a certain number of
Experience Points, your character will gain 1 level and the meter will be
set back to zero.
D- This is your Health Meter. Your Health Meter will start of at green. When
enemies, or some other things, attack and hit you, this meter goes down.
When the meter is in the "Red Zone" you are close to dying. To replenish your
health meter, pick up Health Items. Your Health will immidiately increase when
you pick up a health item.
E- This is your Skill Meter. By making successful hits, your Skill Meter will
increase and when it hits max, you will go into Perfect Mode. While in Perfect
Mode all of your attacks increas in damage and the Experience Points received
are doubled.

-Action Items-

Throughout the game there are many useful objects you can pick up off of the
ground, shoot, or push using the Action Button (R1). I have them listed them
here for you:

Spears            | Used to throw at enemies; usually one hit K.O.'s
Torches           | Used to scatter spiders, kill enemies and burn webs
Pots of Hot Coal  | Used to pour on enemies and kill them
Levers            | Used to open drawbridges, gates, etc.
Burnig Fire Pits  | Used to push over and burn a string of enemies
Explosive Carts   | Used to explode enemies;do THIS by using your Ranged Attack
Bells             | Used to squish enemies and break open new pathways

-II. Helm's Deep-

Character(s) Availible: Gandalf
Difficulty: Easy

Before you atually get to start the game, a storyline is given to you. After,
you become Gandalf, the White Wizard. He and his Army of Rohan soldiers rush
into battle to save Helm's Deep. You begin your fighting on the feilds. Try
out some of your attacks while hear. After a while you will be called to go
up to the top of the wall. Fight your way through some Uruk-Hai over to the
wall and find a ladder. Climb up the ladder to get to the top of the wall.
When on the wall need to fight some Uruk-Hai soldiers. After you defeat them,
you need to head back down the ladder to the catapults to stop the Uruk-Hai
from braking through the Main Gate. Fire each catapult using the Action
Button. Once all of the catapults are fired, the Helm's Deep mission is
fully complete.
You will receive ratings at the end of each mission and your Experience Points
will be added up. You will porbably gain a level, or even more, each time you
finish a level. After this is done, you can purchase new abilities from the
levels you are at or have passed. The last level to purchase abilities is 10.

-III. Path of the Wizard-

a) Road to Isengard
Character(s) Availible: Gandalf
Difficulty: Normal/Difficult

The Uruk-Hai have realized they lost the battle at Helm's Deep. In fear they
flee through the forests twords Isengard. You must follow the Uruk-Hai through
the forests back ti Isengard. In the beginning you will fight a few Uruk-Hai
soldiers. Then you will view a scene where an Ent comes through smashing a few
Uruk-Hai. After that you come up to some more Uruk-Hai. Kill the Archer that
is standing on top of the fallen tree and then the soldier. Using your Ranged
Attack, fire at the cart and it will explode killing a few Uruk-Hai. But, more
come. Try to finish off the soldiers quickly using your Fierce Attacks. Then,
kill the archers on the bridge. You will come to a U-turn and get attacked by
more Uruk-Hai. Be careful at this part because they can easily surround you
and corner you, which will lead to your death. So, try to move around a lot
during this part. After this, you will come to a large circle area where Ents
are going around stomping on Uruk-Hai. You need to help them kill 75 Uruk-Hai.
Watch out because the Ents won't know you from an Uruk-Hai and they will stomp
on you. For an easy way out, you could let the Ents kill all 75 Uruk-Hai; but
that's no fun. When this part is over, a gate will smash open and you must go
to that area to progress on. Take this path while killing some Uruk-Hai on
your way. You will come to an area with huge towers and Archers are on them
firing away at you. Use your Ranged Attack to hit the carts to make them
explode and take down the towers. Hit all carts to take down all of the
towers. Cross the bridge and fight two Uruk-Hai. These two are kind of
difficult since their heavy shields block your attacks. Continue down the
path provided while killing some Uruk-Hai. Try to get as much Health as you
can becasue you will about to enter the final fight.

Difficulty: Normal/ Difficult

The Ent needs to brake the dam to release the river, and you must help keep the
Uruk-Hai from stopping him. The first thing always to kill needs to be the
Archers because they are the ones that stop the Ent. Note that there are
Archers on the other side of the dam and more come after some are killed.
After the Archers are gone, concentrate on saving yourself from the Uruk-Hai
Soldiers and Warriors. Once the Ent has enough time, he will release the river.
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE*********************************

b) Minas Tirth: Top of the Wall
Character(s) Availible: Gandalf
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard

This section took me so long to complete. There is so much going on at once
that you need to get a rythm set. The first part consists of running back and
forth keeping the ladders down. This part isn't too difficult. You can also
use the grappling hooks to go down and kick off ladders without fighting Orcs.
After doing this for a time, you get a scene where Trolls are pushing ladders
towards the city. You must head up to the catapult near the left side of the
wall. When you get there, fire the catapult twice using the Action Button to
knock down the tower. You then need to head to the left side of the wall to
stop the second tower. At this part you need to use your Ranged attack to hit
the tower and knock it over. If you think it's over, guess again. Another one
pops up on the left side and you must use the catapult. When the Nazgul
appears shoot it to bring it down. Follow the path and a tower crashes into the
city. Your Overrun Meter will hugely increase and you must use the grappling
hooks to get to another one and climb up it. Go towords the tower and shoot it
to bring it down. Go to the top of the tower to pick up Experience Points and
go down stairs while following the soldiers. You will view a scene.
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

c) Minas Tirith: Courtyard
Character(s) Availible: Gandalf
Difficulty: Hard

The Orcs have invaded the city and are killing everyone in their path, man and
women. You are Gandalf and you need to save as many citizens as possible. As
you get farther into this level, it gets harder. The harder the enemy, the
more there are citizens. The citizens come out from each side of the courtyard
and they need to get to the escape point. This part can get difficult and
frustrating, so just relax. Be sure to use the spears for quick killing. Make
sure to use the spears on the Trolls. Don't let yourself get cournered by
the Orcs or you will have a difficult time getting out. Keep this pattern
going and soon you will be victorious. (200 citizens)
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

-IV. Path of the King-

a) Paths of the Dead
Character(s) Availible: Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli
Difficulty: Normal

Aragorn must summon an army greater than any other. This task leads him to the
Paths of the Dead. In the beginning, you enter into a dark place. Travel
forward and you will encounter some Dead Soldiers. These soldiers have
betrayed Gondor and a curse was put on them. They can easily be killed with a
few blows. Then you will see some Dead Archers on top of a bridge. Kill them
using your Ranged Attack. Hopefully you are using Legolas or Aragorn because
Gimli is useless during this part, considering his fattness. You will come to
places where there are two or more different ways to go. It doesn't matter
which way you choose because you'll end up at the same place. Soon you will
come to a place that sort of looks like the Grand Canyon. Keep following the
path you are on. At some spots, the path is blocked off by Dead Spirits. You
must defeat all of the spirits that come out before you can pass. Sometimes
there are other weapons lying around, like spears, that you can pick up, using
the Action Button, and throw at an enemy. The spears will instantly kill an
enemy. Watch out for Hero Soldiers; the ones that have their life gauge shown.
Eventually you will come to a part where Dead Archers are shooting at you.
You need to use the lever to let down the bridge to get across. Use your Ranged
Attack to kill the Archers an then use the lever, by pressing the Action
Button, to let the bridge down and cross. In the blue bog, Dead Soldiers will
come oout an attack you from tomb like objects. Kill all of them before you
pass into the next room. Soon enough you will come to a gate which needs to be
opened to pass through it. Cross the bridge to get to the gate. There is
another little hill you can go down to reach the opposite side of the gate.
When you get there you will be attacked by two Hero Soldiers. Kill them first
and then use the lever to open the gate. Hurry through the gate to the next
room. The last part is crossing the bridge to get to the King of the Dead. You
will be blocked in by two Spirit Blocks. You need to kill 35 Dead soldiers to
be able to pass. When you are finished, hurry to the other side of the bridge.
*******************************LEVEL COMPLETE*********************************

b) King of the Dead
Character(s) Availible: Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard

You now must fight the King of the Dead to prove yourself worthy to him. The
first part of the battle consists of blocking and attacking. He will strike you
three times and after the third, go in for an attack. Or, after the third parry
you can use a combo, ? then R2, if you have it. The King of the Dead will
disappear into the ground and come out at the other end. He will summon forth
4 Dead Soldiers to attack you. You must kill these soldiers before you can
start attacking the King of the Dead again. He will disappear into the ground
again and come up near you. Use the block 3 times and strike technique. Then,
a spirit will leave him allowing you to be able to shoot him with your Ranged
Attack. But first, you will be behind a rock and he will blast a wind at you.
After the wind has gone come out and shoot a few Ranged Attacks at him. Repeat
until he disappears into the ground again. He will come out on the other side
again and this time summon forht Dead Archers. Kill the Archers and the King
will come up near you again. This time he will strike at you 5 times. So,
each hit and then strike him. He will keep repeating this until you destroy
When he realizes he has lost, he starts to destroy the whole place. You
must run backwards out of hear. Watch out for falling rocks because they will
immediately kill you. Try staying to one side. After running backwards for
a little while the shaking will stop, but not for long. You need to quickly
kill all of the Dead Soldiers before you can pass through. If you don't kill
them quick enough, the place will start to fall apart and you will die. Try to
stay back and just fire your Ranged Attack at will. When the path is cleared,
start running again and you will come to another spot where you must kill
all of the Dead Soldiers quickly before you can pass. Watch out for the Hero
Soldiers. After, keep on running while avoiding falling rocks. Your final
fight will be with your companions. You need to kill all of the Dead Soldiers
before you can get out of the place. Watch out for the Hero Soldiers. If you
are Legolas, try to stay back and use your Ranged attack. If you are Aragorn,
you can either go in at use melee attacks or use Ranged Attacks. If you are
Gimli, go in and fight like crazy. Soon you will view a cutscene with the
companions going out.
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

c) The Southern Gate
Character(s) Availible: Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli
Difficulty: Normal/Hard

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli find themselves at the Southern Gate of Gondor.
They need to pass through to help save the city of Minas Tirith. In the
beginning you will go up to the gate to walk through. Easy, you think? Well
as soon as you go to enter through the gate, a massive Troll closes the gate
and comes down to attack you. Through a spear at him for an easy kill. Then,
go to each of the catapults and fire them. Two will hit the tower and one will
hit a Troll. Do not even bother trying to kill all of the Orcs becasue they
just keep coming. When the tower is down, go to it and climb up a ladder to get
to the top of the gate. Quickly fefeat the Troll and kncok down the ladder
where Orcs are coming up. When you get a chance after fighting some Orcs, use
the lever to open up the gate as fast as you can. Knock over the hot coal onto
some Orcs for easy kills. Go back down the way you came and enter through the
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

d) Pelennor Feilds
Character(s) Availible: Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard

After passing through the Southern Gate, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli end up on
the Pelennor Feilds. The first part consists of killing 60 Easterlings and
Orcs. This part is pretty easy because you could just stand at the corner and
fire your Ranged Shots while everyone else is fighting. But if you do have a
hunger for Experience Points, just make sure you don't jump into the battle
too quickly or you will be overwhelmed by enemies. After you defeat 60
enemies, you need to save Merry and Eowyn from the Mumakil. Do this by going
to the top of the hill and fire your Ranged Shots at the cart on the Mumakil,
or use the catapults. Either way works. Then, jsut when you think it's over,
another Mumakil appears on the other side. Rush over to the other hill and do
the same thing as before. Finally, the last thing you have to do is ward off
the Witch King of Angmar. Fire your Ranged Shots at the Witch King of Angmar
and he will go down quickly. Then he comes back, but with much less Health.
Kill him quickly. If you don't kill him quick enough, another Mumakil will
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

e) The Black Gate
Character(s) Availible: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf
Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, and the soldiers of Rohan and Gondor make
one last attempt to distract Sauron's gaze so that Frodo and Sam can complete
their quest. But, they aren't quite sure if he is still alive or not. The Mouth
of Sauron says that Frodo was kill, but hope still lies in everyone's hearts.
So, moving on now. The First part of the battle consists of you fighting the
Mouth of Sauron. He is pretty easy. Just go about with an all-out Feirce
Attack/ Balrogs Gambit strategy. His Health is pretty low. The next part of the
Black Gate level is to kill 6 Hero Soldiers. Easy enough, you think? Well you
have to do this while protecting the rest of your Fellowship members. If their
Health starts to get dangerously low, go over and help them. If you satnd next
to them, their Health will start to gradually increase. Keep repeating this
-Boss Fight-

When the 6 Hero Soldiers are killed, you will view a cutscene with 3 Nazgul and
Fell Beasts flying out. You must kill the three Nazgul (they are off of their
Fell Beasts now) while protecting your Fellowship members. To kill them easily,
use the spears that are provided at the corners of the arena. Take them out one
by one because you will never keep up with every single one of them. Fight
these things like you never have before!
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

-Path of the Hobbits-                                             NAZGUL METER:
*********************                                                 _ _ _
                                                                     / _ _ \
a) Escape from Osgiliath                                            | /NZL\ |
Character(s) Availible: Sam                                         | \_M_/ |
Difficulty: Very Easy                                                \_ _ _/

You are Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins's best friend. You need to follow Smeagol
to get you and Frodo out of Osgiliath. At first you will view a scene and then
a cutscene with Sam and Frodo dodging a Nazgul. Let Smeagol show you where to
go, and then follow him. At the end of the cutscene go to the outside. You will
fight an Orc. You will then get to a ramp and an Orc Archer is standing
shooting you. Use your Ranged Attck to kill him or dodge his arrows and use
your sword. When you get to the top, help the Ranger kill the Orcs. Then you
will notice the wall blow up and it will give you a path to follow. Kill some
Orcs and go up the ramp. You will notice that you have a new meter. This is
your Nazgul Meter. If it fills up, the Nazgul will fly down and take you away,
leading to the end of the game. So, if your meter gets a little risky, hide in
a shaded spot for a little while until the meter goes down. Climb up some
stairs and you will find yourself in an area with bombs flying everywhere. Try
to get across as fast as you can. Go down the ladder provided. You will fight
some Orcs. Climb up the stairs. When you get to the top, there is a large bell
and some Health. Push the bell down the stairs, using the Action Button, and it
will kill some Orcs and open up a new pathway. When you go through, you will
have to climb up some stairs and go outside to a little ledge. Climb up the
ladder on the right side. At the top will be a crazy area. Run over to a shaded
little hut while killing some Orcs. Grab the Health underneath the hut. When
your Nazgul meter gets to nothing, run up the ramp in the middle next to the
hut. Don't bother killing all of the Orcs, just run across to the other side to
a little dome, killing only what is needed to be. Wait under the dome until
your Nazgul Meter gets to nothing. Then, run to the second little dome and go
down the ladder. At the end of the ladder, kill the orcs and go down the final
ladder. You will arrive in the sewers. Kill the orcs that think you are a spy.

************                                 		      Health Meter:
-Boss Fight-                                                   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
************                                 	              |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|

Character(s) Availible: Sam
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

I don't know whether I should really call this a boss fight or a final fight.
But whatever it is, it's a fight and it is at the end of the level. The Orc you
must fight is a Hero Orc. There is a meter above his head. That is his Health
Meter. This Orc's armor is very hard. So, you will need to use your Fierce
Attack on him. His one weapon, the one on the chain, can knock you over with
one hit, and if you are lying on the ground heplessly he will attack and kill
you. So, you need to make sure you block his attacks and then go in with your
Fierce Attack. He isn't too hard if you get the rythm down.
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

b) Shelob's Lair
Character(s) Availible: Sam
Difficulty: Hard

It is very, very easy to get lost inside Shelob's Lair. The first part of
Shelob's Lair is finding the way to the next part. To get to the next part, you
need to find the exit. When you get to a place where there are torches, little
spiders, and a large web blocking your way, you are at the exit. First, use one
of the torches to scatter the spiders, and then use the second torch to burn
through the web. When you walk through, you'll end up at an Orc camp. You can
sneak around; the smart idea, or you can fight them; the not so smart idea.
Whatever you choose, just get yourself to the tunnel. Fight a fes Orcs and
spiders. Throw a torch and burn up a few Orcs and spiders. Keep going until you
get to an overpass. You will view a cutscene and a giant spider, Shelob, will
crawl under the overpass. Keep pushing foward. Along the way there will be a
lot of spiders and Orcs. Try to kill them using as little of your Health as
possible. You need to save all of the Health you can for Shelob. When you get
to the last exit, head out to Shelob to view a cutscene.

-Boss Fight-

Character(s) Availible: Sam
Difficulty: Very Hard

This fight against Shelob can get on even the most calm person's nerves. Shelob
can move around very fast. You need to let her come to you. At the first part
of the fight she doesn't notice you. Go up to her and use your strongest Combo
Attack. Shelob will start to circle you for a little while. Don't even bother
trying to catch up her; she is too fast. Let her come and attack you. When she
does, block her legs. When you get a free chance, go in and give her an all out
attack. After a while, she will run away up onto the wall. While up there she
calls out a ton of little spiders. Finish them quickly. When Shelob jumps down,
watch out. If she hits you, you'll get knocked over and you'll be toast. Keep
repeating this pattern. You have to keep chopping off her legs until she
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

c) Cirith Ungol
Character(s) Availible: Sam
Difficulty: Hard

After you fight Shelob, the Orcs come down and take Frodo away. You must go to
the top of the tower and save Frodo. For this level you must be very sneaky.
For the first part, walk into the room and kill all of the Orcs by dumping over
a hot coal bucket. Then, use the lever to open the drawbridge. When you get to
the next room, you need to defeat 80 Orcs. This isn't as hard as it seems. The
Orcs are fighting each other so you can sneak around a stab them. They come
back eventually. In the room that looks like an arena, you can go up the stairs
and use the Action Button to knock down the chandelier to kill all of the Orcs.
When you kill all 80, use the Action Button to let down yet another drawbridge.
Follow the path and soon you will end up at a place with a ton of Orcs. Go up
and they will run to a bridge. You will fight some orcs and then come to a hero
Orc. This is the same type of hero Orc you fought at Osgiliath. Defeat him the
same way you did before. Then, fire the catapult straight at the bridge where
all of the Orcs are standing. They all will die. Quickly, run across the bridge
before it collapses to go save Frodo. You will then view a cutscene.

-Boss Fight-

Character(s) Availible: Sam
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

You need to kill this Orc to be able to save Frodo. This is more of a strategy
fight. You need to figure out the Orc's pattern to be able to win. The spears
that are layimg around need to be used. When the Orc goes and gets a shield,
you need to throw two spears at him to break it. Then, go in with your
strongest Combo Attacks. Helm's Hammer and Swift Justice work really good on
the Orc. Keep repeating this patter. Don't forget to duck!!
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

d) The Crack of Doom
Character(s) Availible: Frodo
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard

You probably are hoping for a total spoiler hear, right? Well I'm sorry but I
am not going to tell you the ending. I taught you enough about the game so far;
use what I taught you! And remember to always do your best!
********************************LEVEL COMPLETE********************************

Copyright(c) Nick Hoffman (2005)

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