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FAQ/Walkthrough by HyperShadow647

Updated: 01/20/04

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King


This is my first walkthrough, so if there is anything hard to follow, I
Updates: Aragorn's upgrades and skills list added, more to come.

Soon to come: More upgrade lists, and enemy guide
The word Hint will give you hints throughout the game.


I.  Controls

II.  Walkthrough:

IIA. Path of the King

A1.  Paths of the Dead
A2.  King of the Dead
A3.  The Southern Gate
A4.  Palenor Fields
A5.  The Black Gate
IIB. Path of the Wizard

B1.  Helm's Deep
B2.  Road to Isengard
B3.  Minis Tirith: Top of the Wall
B4.  Minis Tirith: Courtyard

IIC. Path of the Hobbit

C1.  Escape from Osgiliath
C2.  Sheolb's Lair
C3.  Cirith Ungol
C4.  Crack of Doom

IID. Bonus Levels

D1.  Palentir of Sauruman
D2.  Palentir of Sauron

III.  Codes

IV.  Upgrades and Skills

IVA.  Aragorn, Farimir
IVB.  Legolas
IVC.  Gimli
IVD.  Gandalf
IVE.  Sam, Frodo, Merry, Pippin

V.  Legal Stuff

I.  Controls

A = Speed Attack:  A quick attack used for unshielded enemies.

Y = Fierce Attack: A slower attack than speed attack, but it can break
shields, and kill enemies faster.

X = Physical Attack: A push or kick used to stun enemies, or knock down

B = Parry: Used to block sword attacks and arrows. (Hint: if you parry
attacks for a while, you will eventually get into perfect mode).

R = Killing Move:  Used to instantly kill an enemy that's on the

Z = Action Button: If there is a purple circle near an object, stand
inside the circle and press Z to use the object.

L+R = Special Ability:  Use a characters special ability until the
meter over their face is filled up.  When the meter is filled, you have
to wait until it fully goes down to use the ability again.  Also used
in entering codes.

L = Ranged Attack:  Used to damage or kill enemies from a distance.
The white number by your character's face tells you how many more
missiles you have.  Get a silver quiver to get 20 missiles.  They are
either lying around, or dropped by enemies.  The max. amount of
missiles you can carry is 30.

D Pad: Used in entering codes.

C Stick = Versatile Speed Attack: Use a speed attack in any direction.

Start/Pause: Pause the game and view the in-game menu.

Control Stick: Move around.

II.  Walkthrough

1.  Path of the King

(1).  Paths of the Dead

	At the start, walk the only path until you come to some thick blue
mist.  When you enter this mist, you can only walk, not run.  Keep
going, as there are no enemies yet.  After the mist, keep walking,
until a cutscene shows a few specters going into a pile of bones.  The
enemies that come out are the easiest kind in the entire game.  Just
use speed attack, and your killing move to get rid of them all.  Get
the red potion when the bones are gone if you need it.
	Keep going, until you get o a short tunnel.  Go through it.  But
wait!  A large stone blocks your path, and specters enter it.  Don't
use the pikes.  It takes too long to throw them.  Now would be a good
time to test your ranged attack.
	After the rock shatters, go until you reach more mist.  Near the
end of the mist some specters plunge into the ground, and grave stones
appear.  You can still attack as usual, so go about your business.
When both of the stones are shattered, keep going out of the mist.  Two
archers appear on the bridge above you.  Don't take them out!  Instead,
go right.  Kill the four enemies that block you, and keep going.  You
are now on top of the bridge with the archers.  Take them out, and keep
going, then bear left at the fork.  At the next fork, go right into the
peninsula.  Get the shining stone, and kill all the enemies.  Go back,
and turn right.
	When 4 other enemies appear below you, stand next to the rock
with the purple circle under it, and press Z.  It kills the 4 enemies.
When 2 more appear, don't waste arrows on them.  It's hard to aim just
right down there.  Backtrack to the first fork, and continue on the
path you haven't gone on.  2 shielded enemies appear.  Use fierce
attack to break their shields, and then use it again to knock them
down.  Then use a killing move.  Continue to the 2 enemies that were
left over from pushing the rock over the ledge.  Use the same strategy,
and continue through the tunnel.  When you come to a large room, 3
enemies appear, 1 of them being shielded.  After taking them out,
continue through the room, and then through the tunnel.
	When you reach the drawbridge, go to the silver quiver by the
drawbridge weather you need it or not.  When you get there, 3 archers
appear on the above ledge.  Stand back, and take them out with

	When they are gone, use the gate winch to lower the drawbridge.  This
takes about three turns of the winch.  When the gate is down, go across
quickly.  Don't worry about your companions.  They automatically get


	As you progress through the mist, some enemies appear.  After they are
all disposed of, go straight through the tunnel.  After all the pillars
fall, get rid of all the enemies as you go, and continue through the
mist.  In the next room, get rid of the 2 enemies by the ladder, and
climb.  After you are on the ledge, another rock appears.  After all
the regular enemies are gone, a single enemy with a bar over his head
appears.  We call these enemies champions.  The bar is his health.
Bosses sometimes have these bars.  He should be no problem for you.
Just keep using speed attack.  Champions never fall down.
	After progressing through the winding path, you come to a very
large statue, along with 4 enemies.  2 are shielded, 2 are archers.
After that, push the statue with Z.  Go across the custom bridge, and
go right.  There is a hidden path.  On the other side, 2 champions of
the same type you fought before come out.  When they are gone, use the
gate winch to open the gate.  Don't worry about time.  This one stays
open for as long as you want it to.  As you go back across the path, a
harmless bunch of enemies attacks you.  Fight your way out, and go
through the gate.
	Go through another twisting tunnel to see quite a sight for sore
eyes.  Woah..  Stop staring, and progress to cross it.  In the middle,
2 stones appear, trapping you.  You have to kill 35 enemies to
progress.  When you are done your little fun fest, the stone blocking
you path shatters, and the end of the bridge is in sight.  At the end
is the end of the level.

(2).  King of the Dead

Boss:  King of the Dead

Hint:  There is a silver quiver behind a rock on the south-west side
of the arena, but don't get it unless you need it.

	After the cutscene, the King sinks into the ground, and comes up right
in front of you.  He attacks with 3 hits when he's green, 4 when
yellow, and 5 when red.  Parry his attacks, and hit with as many fierce
attacks as possible.  If he sinks into the ground, a killing move while
he's doing this gets some damage in, but not much.
	After the first series of your attacks, he sinks into the ground,
and summons 4 unshielded enemies.  Defeat them with fully charged
ranged attacks if you can.  (Hint: If you are far enough away from him
when he summons enemies, they will not come at you, giving you a
perfect chance to hit them with missiles.)   You cannot damage him when
there are other enemies on the field.  Keep hitting him and defeating
his enemies until he gets into the yellow range.
	When you get him into the yellow range, it will show a cutscene
with the King having a specter come out of him.  After that, don't
touch the control stick.  When a really weird sounding noise comes up,
and a circular cloud comes out at you, stay where you are.  This is
called "The Wind of the Mountain".  And, (duh), it will damage you if
you get hit.
	When one piece of the rock gets blown off, come away from your
shelter, and hit him with as many fully charged missiles as possible.
If he calls up the wind again, get behind the rock and wait until
another chunk gets blown off.  Then, use range attacks again.  If he
sinks into the ground, (his meter is probably red), use a killing move
on him, and proceed as before.  When the meter goes out, a cutscene
shows, and everything starts to come down.


Hint:  This walkthrough will now stop specifying how many enemies are
where, unless they are champions, or it is absolutely crucial.


	When everything is coming down, run like heck across the bridge.  If
the rocks catch you, you die.  When you get through the tunnel, and
come to the statue bridge, go across, but an enemy stone blocks your
path.  Nothing will collapse until you have defeated all enemies.
After everyone is gone, get through that tunnel, and up the hill.
This climbing up the hill part might take a couple of tries, because
the path is somewhat hidden by smoke.
	Here is a somewhat helpful guide of the path:  First, come
straight in towards yourself, and the make a right.  Keep on going, up
a small hill, and you should then be able to make another right.  B-
Hint:  This last right always seems farther up the hill than you would
think, so if you die while trying, experiment, and you'll eventually
get it.  Another stone now appears, with some enemies, and 2 champions.
After that is cleared, keep going, until you come to some mist.
	This is very important:  While walking through the mist, stay on
the right (from your perspective), and no rocks will come down on you.
After the mist, you see your two buddies again, and a tunnel.  Walk
through the tunnel, and a huge rock come up.  Then, a large group of
enemies comes out, with a couple champions.  Hint: Ranged attacks
help with this part.  After they are gone, 3 more champions come.
After all these are disposed of, the stone shatters, and it's the end
of the level.

(3).  The Southern Gate

Hint:  Unless you are an extreme expert, don't attempt to take all of
the enemies out.

	If you like lots of enemies, this level is for you.  To activate the
enemies, walk straight towards the gate.  Oh boy. A cave troll leaps
down from the gate wall, and roars.  Immediately go back, then left to
a pike.  Throw it at him.  This gets him in one shot.  After that,
well, fight the heck out of there!  There are 2 catapults to your left,
and 1 to your right.  Go to the 2 on the left, and fire them in any
	When a bridge appears, go to it.  The 3rd catapult hits the other
cave troll, but it only does a sliver of damage.  Don't bother.  After
you go across the rubble bridge and up the ladder, defeat the enemies,
and use your fully charged range attack to take out the troll.  Stand
back from the wall in front of you, as the troll can't come around, but
he can hit you with that club if your too close to the wall.
	After he's dead, go around the wall, and kill any enemies until a
cutscene shows with an elephant looking thing (I don't know what you
call 'em), and it pulls up right in front of you.  You automatically
get swarmed with enemies, so shake some of them off.  To defeat the
elephant, destroy it's 3 shields, and one more arrow will blow it up.
Stop staring at the fireworks, and kill all the enemies.  There will
still be some coming through a window to your right, so get all them
before you use the winch.
	After the gate is fully opened, (a cutscene will show)  some
enemies come through.  Now, you should use the Z button to tip the
cauldrons of fire onto the enemies that just came through the gate.
These can be used infinite times, so don't worry about over doing it.
When they are either all gone, or just a few left, backtrack down the
ladder over the bridge, and through the gate.  This marks the end of
the level.

(4).  Palenor Fields

Hint:  Ranged attacks are your friend.

	The first section of this level is all about killing 60 enemies.
As Bob pointed out, use ranged attacks fully charged up.  Use sword
attacks only when you run out of missiles, or when an enemy gets too


	In the cutscene before the checkpoint, you saw yourself running
up a hill.  At the top of the hill, go right until you see the elephant
firing arrows at you.  Go forward, (away from the screen), as much as
you can, and fire arrows, parrying when necessary.  From this position
right in front of the elephant, you might be able to explode him
without destroying all 3 shields.
	After he is dead, another cutscene will show another elephant on
the opposite side of the field.  Go back down the hill you came, and
across the field, then right along the cliff wall until you come to
another hill.  Go up it, and run right until you see the elephant.  B-
Hint: There are some enemies on this cliff, unlike the other one
earlier, so be on your guard!  Kill this big brute, and then
immediately start running left.
	Do this until a cutscene shows where a Nazgul (ringwraith) is
tormenting Merry and Eyowin.  Let go of all buttons during this
cutscene, because if you don't, the controls will be messed up for a
couple of seconds after.  After the cutscene, don't do anything.  A
half a second later, a 2 second cutscene shows the Nazgul right above
the two soldiers.  After this, keep running left until you can fully
see the ringwraith.
	Use ranged attacks to bring it down.  It's health meter is in the
upper-right hand corner of the screen.  If you don't kill him the first
time follow the following directions.  If you do kill him the first
time, you have beaten the level.
	Other Directions:  Another elephant comes in if you don't kill
the ringwraith the first time.  It can either be on your side or on the
other side of the field.  After he is dead, the Nazgul appears again.
Get to him (you can damage him from both sides), and shoot at him until
he crashes.  You have beaten the level.

(5).  The Black Gate

Boss:  Sauron's Lieutenant

Hint: Combo attacks are also your friend.

	After all the experience you have had, this one should be no
problem for you.  As Bob has just said, combos are very effective
against this guy.  Note: Ranged attacks do absolutely zilch with this
guy.  This is about it for this boss.  Speed attacks do a decent amount
if you string them together a lot.


Hint: Don't get intimidated by this cutscene.

	As Bob has pointed out, this cutscene is very un-nerving.  Don't
worry.  They only come up the hill a few at a time.
	The object of this level is to kill 6 champions.  There are 2
types presented here, both of them are a different kind than you've
faced already if you haven't played any of the other paths yet.
	After a while, 3 health meters appear at the top of the screen
indicating the health of your counterparts.  If one of them dies, the
level restarts from the checkpoint.  To recover their health, stand by
them.  A purple aurora will appear.  Wait until they are green, then
get back to fighting.
	Basically, a good way to hold everybody off is to force them into
a bottleneck.  This means getting rid of everybody already inside the
circle, then using missiles to hold them off at the entrance.  You can
usually get arrows by taking out archers.
	After 3 champions are gone, a cutscene shows masses of the army
grouping to your right and left.  Don't worry about the left, as almost
none come in through there.  With the right, though, a fat champion
comes through a little after the cutscene, and a mediocre amount come
through after that throughout the entire level until the next
	When 6 champions are finished, get ready for the final boss in
the path of the king.


Boss:  3 Ringwraiths

	This fight is almost impossible to win without your missiles,
because you still have to protect your friends.  Hint: If you are out
of missiles, let the Nazguls kill you, and you will appear at the
beginning of the wraith fight with 30 missiles.

	Use fully charged missiles.  The wraiths are very slow.  The first one
you shoot it with doesn't do much, but the second missile does a lot
more, probably getting it into the red.  It takes 1 or 2 more to beat
one.  Do this for the other 2, and you have beaten the level.

2. Path of the Wizard

(1).  Helm's Deep

Hint: It is almost impossible to die in this level, because it is an
instruction level, so don't worry about your health meter too much.

	After the intro cutscene, they throw you right into battle.  To
advance through the first section, you must kill 15 enemies (even
though there is no meter).  After this is accomplished, you see Gimli
climbing a ladder.  Go to this ladder and climb.  At the top, wait for
2 seconds until an explosion kills a lot of enemies right in front of
you, and use your ranged attack to take out the archers a little ways
	When they are all gone, a cutscene shows a large grappling hook
attaching to the wall.  Legolas jumps down it, and you have to follow
suit.  At the grappling hook, press Z to slide down.  Go to the right,
and fire all 3 large crossbows with Z.  After the fireworks, you have
beaten the level.

(2).  Road to Isengard

	Walk the path, killing enemies as you go.  When you have walked a
little bit, a cutscene shows an Ent beating up some enemies.  After
that, kill the archer up in the log, and the others that come.  Then,
shoot the cart with a missile.  This kills some enemies.

Hint: If you don't want to face as many enemies, go under the bridge,
and you'll only face 3 enemies

	Both paths take you to a left bend in the road.  Go around, and
kill the archers, and any other enemies that oppose you.  When you come
to a seemingly dead end with some flaming piles of branches, 4 enemies
come out.  Kill them, and then go to the right to find a path.


Hint: Be careful!  The ents can hurt you!

	At the checkpoint, you see a cutscene with an Ent clashing heads.
After that, go down the hill, to find 4 enemies come at you.  After
they are gone, a meter appears, indicating you have to kill 75 enemies.
Hint: The ents kill enemies on their own, and it counts towards your
cause, but it takes a while.
	When  75 are disposed of, a cutscene shows an ent knocking a pile
of boulders out of the way.  You should then appear somewhat near the
newly-made path.  Go through.
	After going through the path a little bit, you see a flaming
barrier with archers.  After killing the archers, some more archers
appear.  Keep killing them until no more come.  Keep walking, and
killing enemies until you come to a checkpoint right after seeing
Isengard and the short dramatic music.


	Keep walking, and shoot the cart with a ranged attack.  Keep
going, and shoot the far away carts to destroy the towers.  When all of
them are gone, go across the bridge and take out the 2 enemies, and
after crossing it, head left.  Take out the enemies, and get the
shining stone.  Go right, and take out all the enemies.  Go down the
hill, and take out the off-screen archers.  Then, go all the way down
the hill until there is a cutscene with an ent pulling on the supports.
	Kill all the enemies, including the champion, and take out the
archers on the ledge above the ent.  Hint: Your mission is to protect
the ent, so don't waste your range attacks shooting the dam, as they
wont do anything.  Take out any archers and enemies that threaten the
ent or you, and eventually the supports will give, triggering a scene
from the movie.  This is the end of the level.

(3).  Minis Tirith: Top of the Wall

Hint: Don't worry about enemies too much.

	The object of the first part of this level is to knock down all
the ladders, and therefor not filling up the meter in the corner.  This
meter indicates how close the wall is to being overrun.  Another
important part is the diagram of the wall in the top-center.  This
indicates the location of ladders on the wall, represented by red dots.
If you read Bob's helpful advice, you will see that you don't have to
worry about enemies too much.  Only kill them if there are no ladders
present on the wall.
	After a while, you will see a cutscene with some cave trolls
pushing siege towers towards the wall.  To get rid of these, get to the
place you started the level from, (about the center of the level), and
head directly left, until you come to a staircase.  On your way, only
knock down ladders on your path.
	Don't go out of your way to knock more down.  Go up the
staircase, and there is a catapult.  Use Z in the circle on the side of
the catapult, and fire.  It takes 2 hits to destroy the tower.  After
this is accomplished, another siege tower will appear on the far right
side of the level.  Go there, but again, don't go out of your way to
knock down ladders.  When you can see the next tower, use your ranged
attack until it crumbles.  Another appears in the same place as the
first, so hustle.
	When you fire the catapult at the 3rd tower for the first time, a
ringwraith comes up.  Don't kill it, because it will only give you a
longer trip to the next tower.  When it takes away a soldier, don't
worry.  It doesn't hurt you in any way.  When it is gone, shoot at the
3rd tower for the second time to destroy it.
	After that, a cut scene shows a tower docking at the wall.  Don't
worry, as this is supposed to happed.  Go to the same place as the 2nd
tower was, and destroy the tower.  If you did kill the Nazgul, you can
use the grappling hooks to go around the rubble.  After the 4th tower
is gone, go to where the 3 soldiers were previously blocking the
staircase down, and go through.  Follow the flow of soldiers to end the

(4).  Minis Tirith: Courtyard

Hint: Enemies are everything.

	As Bob has pointed out, your only mission is to protect the
people from all the enemies.  Your objective is to get 200 people into
the tunnel.  No real help I can give you except to take out any archers
that are near the gate, stay by the tunnel, and potion locations.
	There is a green potion in the barrel to the left of the tunnel
along the wall.  There is a red one by the right-hand entrance that all
the people come through, and one in a barrel on the left side of the
entrance gate.  One more thing: stay on your guard until the cutscene.
	After 150 people are safe, a cutscene shows some cave trolls
entering.  These can be killed in one hit with pikes.  There is a pike
holder by the statue, and one to the right a little ways of the tunnel.
After this, wait until 200 are safe, and you have beaten the path of
the wizard.

3. Path of the Hobbit

(1).  Escape from Osgiliath

	The object is to keep Frodo from falling into the hands of the
Nazgul.  Go to the left and through the gap.  Turn right and kill the
enemies you meet.  Go right again and up the stairs.  Don't kill
anybody except the archer, just walk forward.  After the explosion
occurs, go through the gap.  Go up the rubble, and a cutscene shows a
meter appearing in the corner.  If you let this fill up, you lose.  Go
across until you are under the wooden roof by the stairs.  Kill the 2
enemies, and wait for the meter to completely drain.
	Go up, and kill all enemies.  Go to the left, and down the
ladder, killing as you go.  Go down the next ladder right in front of
you, and through the gap.  Go to the right, and straight.  Go up the
stairs, after killing all the enemies tat rush at you.  The meter
doesn't appear here, so don't worry about time.  The meter doesn't
appear in this next section, either, so take your time to kill everyone
you see.  Go up the rubble to the left of this room, and, if you need
it, get the green potion that is in front and to the right a little of
you.  There is an archer guarding it, so be careful.  After that, go
through the gap.


	Go up the ladder, and the meter reappears.  Go straight, and up
the wooden bridge.  Kill the 3 archers that come, and keep going
straight.  If you need another green potion, there is one in the corner
to the south a little bit.  Go down the ladder into the pit.  At the
bottom, there is a long staircase.  Go up it, but be careful.  Enemies
ambush your while you are ascending.  At the top, use Z to push the
bell down the stairs.  (If you need a red potion, there is one to the
right of the bell).  This kills a few enemies, and opens a gap in the
wood.  Go through.
	Go up the stairs to your right.  Take your time destroying
enemies, because there is shelter a little farther on.  Turn left, and
go straight, to the wooden roof with a green potion under it.  Wait for
the meter to drain, then go out, and to the left is some rubble, which
you should climb.  Kill the enemies, and go straight until you're under
the stone roof.
	Let the meter drain, first of all.  Then, if you have missiles,
take out as many of the enemies in the area to your right as possible.
If not, run like heck across the area to the next stone roof.  Under
the next roof, take out the enemies if you want, and climb down the
ladder.  At the bottom, climb down the next ladder that is to your
	In the sewers, walk a ways, killing enemies as you go, until you
see a fat champion.  Take out all the archers with missiles.  A fully
charged ranged attack will take off the champion's armor, and some more
will finish him off.  Hint: If you want a different approach, use
your elven cloak (L+R) to become invisible, then sneak up behind the
champion.  Use R to stab him in the back, and this kills him with one
hit.  Kill the other enemies, then use the gate winch.  Go through the
tunnel, and you have beaten the level.

(2).  Shelob's Lair

Hint: To take out spiders, use a fierce attack, then a killing move.

	This level is a maze of corridors.  I will guide you through,
with 2 items to get along the way.   First off, go right at every chance
you get, until you come to a shining stone get it, and kill the 3
spiders that drop down.
	Go right every time again, and you come to a green potion.  Get
it, and go to your left, and at the fork, go left again.  You see the
exit to the maze marked by 2 torches.  Use one of them to get rid of
the spiders that block your path, and continue.
	Use the next available torch to take out one of the spiders that
ambush you, and then take out the other 2 with Bob's advice.  Wait for
the torch to regenerate, then use it to burn up the spider web.  Go
through, and you see a camp of enemies.  Use your elven cloak, and turn
right.  Use the torch to burn the corpse that overhangs the camp.  This
disposes some of them.  Be careful.  Some spiders come up behind you
when you grab the torch.  Take out the rest of the enemies.  Go through
the next passage.
	Use the torch to take out one of the 2 enemies that come at you,
and dispose of the other.  Keep going, and use the next torch to burn
the overhanging corpse onto the enemies, and take out any that remain.
	Keep going down the tunnel, until the camera angle changes.  Come
towards you.  Kill all enemies in your path, then go up the hill that
is to your right.  2 enemies ambush you, so get rid of 'em.  Keep
going, and push the boulders.  The game thinks the enemies you just
killed are still there, so double experience points for you.  Go back
down, and through the tunnel, disposing of the 3 spiders that come at


	A cutscene shows Shelob walking under the bridge your on.  Don't
worry.  You'll get a swing at her later.  Take out all enemies, and
continue through.  Go until you see a wide strip of spiders.  Use both
torches to get rid of all of them, and go through again.  	Next,
you'll see a group of spiders and a web at the far end of the room.
Burn up the web, then walk around the far left of the room to get past
the spiders, and through the web.  Keep progressing, and kill 2 enemies
that ambush you.
	When you come to a hill, and 3 strips of spiders, go up the hill,
using the torch to get rid of the mass of spiders that blocks your way
up there.  Kill the 4 spiders that come down, and use the torch that is
a little farther up to burn the web.  Go back down using the bottom
torch to shoo the bunch of spiders that blocks your way.
	Then, use the first torch you used again to get rid of the first
strip out of 3 that blocks you.  Use your ranged attack rapidly to get
rid of the archers that pop out at the end.  Go through the 2nd and 3rd
strip of spiders, and go through the tunnel until you see a cutscene.


Boss: Shelob

	Probably the most annoying boss in the game, Shelob is a spider
(duh).  First, she doesn't notice you until you get to close, or
attack.  Might as well use that one fully charged ranged attack.
Basically, parry her 2 or 3 attacks, then use fierce attacks or combos
until you see yourself stabbing her in the head.  She then climbs up on
the wall.  (She should be yellow already).  Stand at the opposite end
of the arena from her, as she will jump on you if you get too close.
Kill all her little servants, and get outta her way!  Keep doing this
until you cut off her leg.
	When you cut it off, she goes nuts.  Stay away from her as much
as possible, as it does damage if you get run over.  After you evade
her for a little bit, it's the same as before.  Keep slashing until you
get her right in the stomach.  You have now beaten the level.

(3).  Cirith Ungol

B Hint: 80 enemies is your goal... stick to it!

	You start in a large room with 1 champion and some others.  Kill
'em all, and you are on your way to 80.  Activate the drawbridge with
the switch next to it, then go up.  Getting rid of all enemies along
the way, proceed along the path, and listen for someone to say
"intruder!".  A few more pop out of the tunnel, and when you enter the
tunnel, a champion is waiting.  The way is pretty self-explanitory from
here, so press on.

B Hint: There are a lot of shortcuts along the way that lead to rooms
full of enemies to aid you in filling up your meter.

	Go until you can see a drawbridge.  Go up it, and proceed until
you see a cutscene with everyone running away from you.
	Go up the wood bridge you appear on and defeat the champion.
Launch the large crossbow, and then proceed to cross the stone bridge.
Once you start to cross, the bridge starts to crumble, so run like heck
to the other side.


Boss:  Orc General

	This guy is fast, so be aware of his presence throughout the
fight.  To knock the sword and shield out of his hands, throw pikes at
him.  There are 2 sources of infinite pikes on the west and east sides
of the arena.
	When he is stunned, attack him as much as you can.  Do this until
you have defeated him.  You have beaten the level.

(4).  Crack of Doom

	The object is to knock Golem off the cliff.  He is fast, and
attacks don't harm him.  The only way to beat him is to knock him off.
My only suggestion is to get near the edge, then get out of the way
when he comes at you.  When he is at the edge, physical attack him a
lot until it appears he is losing his balance.  Use a physical attack,
and when he is hanging on with his hands, use a killing move.  This
deals some damage.
	Do this about 5 times to beat him.  Each time you knock him off,
some rocks and/or lava pours down on the arena.  Stay to the edge to
avoid it.  Also, as you get him weaker, a part of the peninsula will
fall off each time.  This shouldn't make it more difficult for you,

4.  Bonus Levels

(1).  Palantir of Saruman

	You must defeat 20 waves of Saruman's army.

	Tips:  You now have access to codes.  Use them for this level!

(2).  Palantir of Sauron

	The same as before, except harder.  To unlock this, you must get
Sam, Gandalf, and anyone from Path of the King to level 10.

	Tips:  Use codes!

III.  Codes

Restore Health:  B B X X

Perfect Mode:  X ? Y A

Always Devastating:  Y ^ Y ?

All Upgrades:  ^ ? Y B

Infinite Missiles:  B B ? X

Invincible:  B X B ^

IV.  Upgrades and Skills

IVA.  Aragorn

Level 2 Upgrades

Orc Bane: LINKED MOVE: A very useful move, which most of the time, will get you
into perfect mode.

Ranger Fury: A charged attack, which is capable of knocking down multiple
enemies at once.

Orc Hewer: This combo very effectively and quickly takes out unshielded enemies,
and has very little recovery time, so you can resume fighting very quickly.

Final Judgment: A basic combo for taking out unshielded enemies.  Not a must-

Level 3 Upgrades

Dunedain Arrows: An upgrade to your basic arrows.

Gondorian Sword Master: A special ability for increasing damage, and getting to
perfect mode faster.

Strength of Stone: Increases your health permanently.

Rising Revenge: A must-have skill that allows you to attack while getting up
from a fall.

Level 4 Upgrades

Wilderness Rage: An upgrade to Ranger Fury that sets enemies on fire as well.

Balrog's Gambit:  Your basic combo for use against unshielded enemies, but not a

Level 5 Upgrades

Warrior Bane:  A good combo for taking out larger enemies like Uru-Kai.

Strength of Iron: An upgrade to Strength of Stone, which permanently increases
your health even more.  A must-buy.

Dark Deliverance: Used with shielded enemies.  Looks kinda cool, but not

Level 6 Upgrades

Wrath of Numenor:  An upgrade to Wildness Rage, that emits a ring of fireballs,
which catch enemies on fire themselves.

Rivendell Arrows: An upgrade to Dunedain Arrows, that emits an arc of light on
impact, damaging other enemies in the area.

Strength of the Fellowship: An upgrade to Strength of Iron, which knocks your
health up yet another notch.  A very good buy.

Shield Clever: A very good combo if your that gun-ho, kill every one of `em
kind of guy (like me).

Level 7 Upgrades

Bane of Sauron:  Yet another bane, that will also almost always get you into
perfect mode, but you can take down Easterlings (red-clothed enemies), and
shielded Uru-Kai (these are tougher than normal), with ease.

Kingmaker: A special ability upgrade to Gondorian Sword Master, which increases
damage even more, and allows you to reach perfect mode even faster.

Level 8 Skills

Mithril Arrows: An upgrade to Rivendell Arrows, which set enemies on fire.

Lightning Strike: Basically and Upgrade to Balrog's Gambit, enabling you to take
out more than a single unshielded enemy.  Not a must-have.

Killing Zone: A permanent upgrade that increases the time you stay in perfect
mode.  Another must-buy for you gun-ho people.

Level 9 Skills

Helm's Hammer: A must-buy.  This is used for taking out one shielded enemy, or
several unshielded ones.

Level 10 Skills

Swift Justice: Another must-have, used for one or many unshielded enemies, and
boy does it work!

Strength of the Evenstar: Another upgrade for your health.  Another must-have.

Sword Mastery of Kings: A permanent upgrade that increases the damage of your
speed attack.  MUST-HAVE!

V.  Legal Stuff

Copyright 2003 Jon Cohen

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