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Boss/Enemy Guide by wildcat1ky1

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/24/05

             The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
                           Boss/Enemy FAQ
                         - by Wildcat1ky1 -


6/24/05: Version 1.0 --- Finished entire guide. I personally thought I died.

10/21/04: Version 0.96 --- Finished everything lone the Undead.

3/21/04: Version 0.86 --- Finished Misc. Enemies now.

1/21/04: Version 0.67 --- Finished Orc Enemies now. Working on Uruk-hai.

1/15/04: version 0.60 --- Finished first two Orc Enemies, and filled the list
in, so you can view all the varieties of enemies, in case you're curious.

12/28/2003: Version 0.50 --- Finished twelve boss battles in all, so all are 
done now. I'm about ready to start the Enemy List. Changed a few things, the 
ways they were done, I mean.

12/27/2003: Version 0.28 --- Finished two more boss battles, and corrected a
few spelling and grammar errors.

12/26/2003: Version 0.22 --- I've just started, so not much. Every day I'll
work to update. I've finished on the first night Sections I-VI, and IX-X. I
can easily add to section IX and X though. Done with first four Boss Fights
in Section VII, haven't yet started Section VIII.

FAQ Table of Contents:

I.What is this FAQ about?

II.Legal Stuff and Contact Info

III.Controls (PS2)


V.Codes and Secrets

VI.Interactive (R1 button) Guide

VII.Boss Guide

VIII.Enemy Guide

IX.Frequently Asked Questions


I.What is this FAQ about?

This guide is about how to beat bosses mainly, but I find it fun to tell you 
all what kinds of enemies there are, and what they look like, and how to beat
them in case they're giving you any trouble. This is strictly a Bosses/Enemy
Guide, so no Walkthrough.....yet.;)

II.Legal Stuff and Contact Info

My E-mail is not to be given out, so only AIM me if you need help: 
AIM = wildcat1ky1

I will answer questions, unlike many other FAQ makers, that are in the FAQ, 
in case you don't feel like looking them up. But if you AIM me, ask for 
"Blake", because my family also uses this computer, so they may think you're
a stranger....which I guess you are, but hey, I'm nice to everyone.:)

Also, I know a lot about the ROTK game, so feel free to ask me anything about
anything about the game.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders. This may be not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of
any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2003 Blake Thorn

My FAQ is only on gamefaqs.com, so I should never see it anywhere else,
unless someone has asked permission, which I shall probably consent to.

III.Controls (PS2):

Speed Attack = (X) buttton-basic swift attack, used for unshielded foes, to 
quickly dispatch them. You start off with an X,X,X swift attack combo.

Parry = Square (S) button-blocks attacks from most enemies, excluding Trolls'
attacks. Arrows can be parried using this, as well as normal attacks. This 
also is the key in doing Banes, so learn it well. Don't hold the Square (S) 
button, because it won't stay like it did in the Two Towers game. You have 
to tap the button right before an arrow is about to strike you, or a sword 
or pike, etc. You can also tap it repeatedly for good results.

Fierce Attack = Triangle (T) button-These are slower attacks, with force, 
power, and strength behind them, the main purpose to break armor and shields.

Knock Down = Circle (O) button-Used to push enemies back to give you a 
little needed fighting space, or to knock ladders down.

Ranged Attack = (L1 + X) buttons-Hold down L1 to draw your bow, dagger, ax, 
or ready your staff, then press X to fire a single shot. You can also charge
your attack, to get extra damage, but it takes precious seconds, though it 
saves missiles.

Killing Move = (R2) button-When you knock down an enemy, press this back 
button to kill them instantly. Also key for performing Bane moves. Don't try
it in large groups of enemies, because it's so slow, unless you're a Hobbit,
because their Killing Move is faster and easier to perform without getting 
injured or interrupted.

Interactive Button = (R1) button-Used to throw pikes, toss torches, hit 
switches, etc. Use it whenever you see a light blue circle around an object 
or place.

Jump Back = (L2) button-Used to take a long hop backwards, if you're in need 
of moving away from something swiftly. Dodge attacks, or get through the fog 
in Paths of the Dead and King of the Dead levels quicker.

Special Ability = (L1+L2+R1+R2) buttons-Used for specials, to aid the 
player during battle. Gandalf has a magic shield he puts up, Hobbits use 
their Elven Cloaks to go invisible and sneak up on enemies, and Aragorn, 
Legolas, Gimli, and Faramir give more damage and get perfect mode quicker 
and easier.


Gandalf - He is a Wizard, once Gandalf the Grey, now Gandalf the White. In 
the game, he is a wonderful ranged attacker, and decent up close. He uses 
his staff for ranged and physical attacks, and a sword for fighting.

Aragorn - He is a Ranger from the North, and destined to be the King of 
Gondor. In the game, he is a all-around well character, being fast, but not
the fastest, and also possessing great strength, though not being the very 
strongest. He is armed with a long sword and a bow n' arrows.

Legolas - An Elf from Mirkwood Forest, he is a great archer, and wields two 
long daggers. In the game, he is a swift moving character, the fastest of 
them all, armed with two long daggers and a bow n' arrows.

Gimli - He is a Dwarf from the mountains, son of Gloin, and a very strong 
axe-wielder. In the game, he is a strong little battle tank, slow, but shows 
great strength. He wields an axe and thrwowing axes.

Sam - He is a Hobbit from the Shire, accompanying Frodo on his quest to 
destroy the One Ring of Power. In the game, he is a strong Hobbit with 
stealth powers, armed with Sting, or a short sword, and daggers.

Frodo - He is a Hobbit from the Shire, and the Ring-bearer of the One Ring 
of Power. In the game, he is a quick little Hobbit that has the power of 
stealth with him, as do all the Hobbits, armed with Sting, or a short sword,
and daggers.

Merry - He is a Hobbit from the Shire, and a dear friend to Pippin, Sam, and
Frodo. In the game, he is a short warrior of Rohan, though not as strong as 
Pippin, armed with a short sword and daggers.

Pippin - He is a Hobbit from the Shire, and a dear friend to Merry, Sam, and 
Frodo. In the game, he is a short warrior of Gondor, fiercer than the other 
three Hobbits in strength, armed with a short sword and daggers.

Faramir - He is the son of Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, and brother to 
the late Boromir. In the game, Faramir is a hybrid mix, as some say, of 
Aragorn and Legolas, meaning simply that he has great strength like Aragorn,
and great speed and archery skills like Legolas. Armed with a sword and a 
bow n' arrows.

V.Codes and Secrets

Before you beat the game, the only code available is the 1,000 EXP Code:

Hold all four shoulder buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) at pause screen.

Aragorn - Up, Square, Triangle, X

Legolas - X, Triangle, Up, X

Gimli - Circle, Circle, Triangle, X

Gandalf - Circle, Triangle, Up, Down

Faramir - Square, Triangle, Up, Square

Frodo - Down, Triangle, Up, Down

Sam - Triangle, X, Down, X

Merry - Down, Down, Square, X

Pippin - Triangle, X, Square, X


After you've beat the game, the following codes are available:

Hold all four shoulder buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) at pause screen.

Square, Circle, Square, Up - Invincibility

Square, Square, Down Circle - Infinite Missiles

Square, Square, Circle, Circle - Full Health

Circle, Down, Triangle, X - Perfect Mode

Up, Down, Triangle, Square - All Upgrades

Triangle, Up, Triangle, Down - Always Devasting

Down, Circle, Up, Square - Target Indicator

VI.Interactive (R1) Guide

War Pikes-Long spear-like weapons that are either sitting by themselves, or
in a hot basket heating up, so they can catch things on fire. You can throw 
them at enemies for a quick instant death.

Boiling Oil-Not seen very often, but they are cauldrons of hot lava-like 
oil, to pour upon your foes, usually from above.

Brazier-These are large steel baskets that contain hot fiery coals, so you 
may knock them over into groups of enemies, to catch them on fire and burn 
them to death.

Catapult-A large wooden mechanism, used to fire boulders or flaming rocks at 
your enemies or to destroy certain mission objectives.

Ballista-These are large crossbows that fire flaming explosive arrow-like 
projectiles at enemies or to destroy certain mission objectives.

Torches-Only found in Shelob's Lair. You can pick up torches from walls and 
throw them at enemies or flammable objects, such as webs, to create a new 

There are other things to do also, like knock over rock piles, roll objects
to flatten and smash enemies, cut ropes, push over explosive barrels, lower 
drawbridges, and open doors, and there are still yet more.

VII.Boss Guide

I have listed these Bosses in order I fought them. Some you may not 
recognize as direct bosses, like the first one I listed, but I've seen 
people ask about them, and have trouble with them, so it can't hurt to 
go ahead and include them.:)


Boss List:

#1.Orc Champion - Escape from Osgiliath

#2.Undead Champions - Paths of the Dead

#3.Dam - Road to Isengard

#4.Shelob - Shelob's Lair

#5.King of the Dead - King of the Dead

#6.Seige Towers-Minas Tirith: Top of the Wall

#7.2 Trolls and a Mumak - South Gate

#8.Witch King and Mumakil - Pelennor Fields

#9.Shagrat - Cirith Ungol

#10.Multiple Trolls and Uruk-hai Champions - Minas Tirith: Courtyard

#11.Mouth of Sauron, six Champions, three Nazgul - Black Gate

#12.Gollum - Crack of Doom


Boss Fight #1: Orc Champion

Level Location: Escape from Osgiliath

Character: Sam

At the end of the level, in the sewers.

A large Orc, tall, fat, and probably smelly from the looks of it. He is 
wearing body armor over his fat body, and has an ugly, disfigured head.

A large mace/hammer.

Swings his hammer around at you. Occasionally, he'll do an overhead smash.
All of his attacks are Knock Down Attacks, unless you parry. His attacks are
VERY damaging.


#1: The old fashioned strategy, just take him down. Approach him and kill
the four Orcs around him, not getting close enough for him to charge though,
using your ranged attack. Then rush up to him and tap parry until he swings,
and you block the swing of his hammer. Then do a complete Fierce attack, 
parrying immediately afterwards, then fierce attack him again, hopefully this
time breaking his armor. Then parry again for the last time hopefully, and
follow up with continuing speed attacks, never slowing, unless he starts to
swing, which then of course requires a parry. This way, he can't hurt you,
and he'll soon go down to join the dead.

#2: Kill off the four Orcs surrounding him as suggested above, with ranged
attacks. Then slowly approach him, and when he starts to rush you, press all
four shoulder buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) to activate your Special Ability, which
makes you go invisible using your Elven Cloak. The Orc Champion will stop
rushing after you go invisible, so sneak slowly(since slow is the only way 
to go)up behind the fat ol' Orc Champion, then when you're right behind the
Orc's back, hit the (R2) button, which is your Killing Move attack, and this
Boss will die in one hit, no blood shed on your part.


Boss Fight #2: Undead Champions

Level Location: Paths of the Dead

Character: Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli

Everywhere in the level, you must fight at least 5 to 10 in all.

They just look like larger versions of the normal dual sword-wielding undead 
warriors. They glow a pale green color, of course, and they look like dead 
people, what else can I say? Oh, they might confuse you since they look like 
the normal ones, so look for the Life Bar over theis heads.

Two dual swords that glow an eerie green, surrounded by a yellow aura. 

Just swings it's swords around, which will either damage you, or knock you 


#1: When you meet one of these big buggers in the Paths or King of the Dead
levels, you'll love them, because they yield tons of Exp for being Champions,
and they're really easy to cut up. When you see one, stand your stand, for
they WILL charge you, unlike the Orc Champions. When they do, parry, then
use swift attacks to smash them to bits of dust, never relenting in your
flurry of swifts.

#2: They have no armor that I remember, so that means arrows/axes work well
on these undead minions. So stand back, fire a charged arrow at one before
he charges, and he'll stumble after getting hit. This gives you time to
charge up another arrow, and repeat the process, until he's dead....for good.


Boss Fight #3: The Dam of Isengard

Level Location: The Road to Isengard

Character: Gandalf

At the end of the level, near the Ent breaking the support beams.

A dam. Well, ya' got your stones, your wooden support beams that you're 
trying to let the Ent destroy, and water on the other side.

It's a dam.

.....It's a dam.....


#1: To win this boss fight, all you need to do is use your ranged attack
(magic), to kill the Orc Archers on the high cliffs on the other side. Also,
kill any Orcs and Uruk-hai that get too close to you using Swift attacks. I
don't really think firing AT the dam's support beams will help either. Use 
Fierce attacks on Orcs and Uruks with shields to smash them. Or shoot them
up with magic before they reach you. If the Archers on the other side hit
the Ent with their arrows, he'll catch fire and start flailing around, not
breaking the dam like he's supposed to do. Destroy the dam by buying him 
time keeping the Archers at bay....and dead. Then you'll win the level after
the health bar of the dam goes past 0%.


Boss Fight #4: Shelob
Level Location: Shelob's Lair

Character: Sam

At the end of the level, in a large rock arena.

She's a large, and I mean LARGE arachnid, a.k.a. Spider. She's also very 
hungry....for Hobbits! She looks like a black spider, with eight legs, eight 
eyes, fangs, a large abdomen complete with stinger, etc.

Fangs, legs, stinger.

She never uses Stinger, I don't think, but I know her normal attacks. She'll
knock you around with her front legs/fangs, which you can parry. Then in
Part II, she'll send smaller spiders after you, about five to ten. She'll
then jump down on top of you if you don't move quickly. In Part III she'll
run around crazily, knocking you down in un-blockable attacks.


#1: Part I: When you start, approach her back abdomen, then do Orc Hewer to 
her fat abdomen, where her stinger is. She'll slump to the ground, so you 
might try to get a few more swift attacks in, but then prepare to parry, 
unless you do enough damage to move onto Part II. But I doubt it highly, so 
the next thing to do after parrying her two leg swings is do three swift
attacks VERY QUICKLY right after her last leg attack you parried, or she'll
back up and you won't touch her even. If she backs up TOO far and you can't
hit her, use a dagger or two, uncharged. After you damage her enough using
this tactic, then it'll go to a cutscene of Sam stabbing her in the eye.

Part II: She'll either start fighting you again as before, with two swings
of her front legs, or she'll scurry quickly away to the nearest wall, and
jump up and stick to the wall, peering down at you. Stay at the other end of
the arena, so she can't jump down on you, and couldn't reach you anyways.
She'll summon about 5 to 10 smaller spiders like those you fought it this
level, so just use a single swift or fierce attack to upturn a single spider
at a time, then R2 it to instantly kill it. After they're all dead, slowly
approach the wall Shelob's on, and run like heck either left or right, 
because this evil creature'll jump down where you are! Try your best to
evade her effort to squash you, and if you succeed, then do Orc Hewer to her
abdomen again until she gets up. Repeat this process until she goes into the
next Part, Part III. After enough damage is sustained to her, a cutscene will
show Sam cut off her left front leg if I do so remember correctly.

Part III: Immediately, she'll act crazy and run around in a horizontal, or
diagonal pattern, knocking anything that gets in her way down, no way at all
to parry, so you'd best get to the outter edges of the wall, so she can't
touch you. After she calms down, she'll either attack you as normal(so you
know what to do), or jump on a wall again(once again, you know the procedure
very well), and if she does jump on a wall, she'll summon instead of the 
normal 5, 10 spiders to aid her. Kill them all, then repeat by making her
jump down and miss you, and you Orc Hewer her to death. If this doesn't kill
her yet, keep on at it, because these are all her attacks, so now you have
all the knowledge needed to best her.


Boss Fight #5: The King of the Dead

Level Location: The King of the Dead

Character: Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli

At the start of this level, you're immediately engaged in this fight.

Is another undead enemy, though a boss now. Has a reddish type of glowing 
cloak on, with black around certain parts. He looks like the same guy from 
the movies, with the crown and beard, and skeletal face.

A very LARGE glowing sword, unlike all the other swords you've seen the dead 
foot soldiers carry.

Starts out with a basic 3-sword-slash combo, then later upgrades to a five-
sword-slash combo, pausing after the fourth slash, finishing with the fifth
powerful slash. He'll also summon various undead to defend him. Has a strong
wind attack, so hide behind the big rock farthest back, where the extra
arrow quiver usually respawns, to avoid damage from the wind attack.


#1: Part I: He'll start out facing you, so prepare to parry his first three 
swings, and then follow up with three swift attacks, or an Orc Hewer if you 
have it, of your own. After this, he'll do the same three hit combo again, 
so do the same, three swift attacks at him. After the second round of damage
on him, he'll usually sink into the ground, so hit R2(Killing Move)for extra
damage on him.
Part II: He'll reappear at the far end of the great chamber, but don't 
give any chase, don't attack him. Instead, wait for him to summon his four 
undead warriors. When he does summon them, fire a single arrow at one undead 
warrior and wait until he reaches you, and then quickly dispatch him with 
many speed attacks. Repeat this for all four undead warriors. Then he'll 
sink into the ground again and reappear about five feet from where he was 
previously. Now for extra damage, fire four to five uncharged arrows before 
he reaches you. Now repeat the above process two more times, you know, 
parrying his three attacks, then dishing out three of you own. When he sinks
again, R2 for the second time in the battle on his retreating head. 

Part III: He'll reappear again at the far side once more, summoning two 
Archers and two undead warriors. Repeat the process for taking out the two 
undead, except this time, use arrows to kill the Archers. Use fierce attacks
if anyone has a shield. Then he'll sink again, and reappear again. Fire four
to five arrows at him once again, then battle as usual, but when he is 
defeated this round, instead of sinking, he appears in front of the statue 
thing on the right side. 

Part IV: He'll summon the power of wind to aid him, and he'll blow wind at 
you, so hide behind the first rock. After the first wind attacks, hop out 
and fire a single charged arrow, then move behind the larger rock in the 
back, where the quiver of arrows usually lies. After the next wind attack,
fire a charged arrow again, and keep doing this strategy until the wind
attacks cease. He'll then attack as normal, except this time, he'll do a new
thing,  five-hit combo instead of a three-hit combo. After the fourth hit
of this new combo, he pauses to fool you, then doees a powerful fifth swing,
so keep parrying until he does all five swings, then do three swift attacks
as usual, or Orc Hewer, which works well. He'll sink again after the normal
two onslaughts of hits are exhanged. Don't forget to R2 him.

Part V: He'll reappear either at the other side of the chamber, and summon
four Archers, or start doing wind attacks now. If he summons four Archers,
parry arrows and dodge until you can fire two arrows apiece at each Archer,
and they'll fall. Then repeat the steps by firing arrows until he reaches
you, and fight his five-hit combos as usual. If he starts doing more wind
attacks, then just hide behind the large rock as usual, and fire a single
charged arrow after every onslaught. These are all his attacks, so if he's
not dead yet, and you haven't won the battle yet, keep it up. Also, on a
minor note, the enemies he summons get tougher, like for instance he'll start
to summon Champions to fight you, but just use the Undead Champion Strategy
I listed on Boss Fight #2 to beat them quickly. But he should die if you've
been doing what I told you correctly, so good luck.


Boss Fight #6: Siege Towers

Level Location: Minas Tirith: Top of the Wall

Character: Gandalf

All throughout the level, you should take out at least four of these.

As seen in the movie, and the cutscenes int the game, they are all just large 
wooden towers filled with Orcs and Uruk-hai.

Filled with deadly Orcs and Uruk-hai.

If it docks, then it'll unleash tons of enemies for you to fight, that could
easily overrun the wall.


#1: For two of the four siege towers, you must go to the middle section of
the wall, then look left and down, to see stairs. Go up them and get beside
the men, and order them to fire the catapult, which shall hit and take out
half of a siege tower's health bar. So wait til it reloads, then fire for
the second time, destroying a siege tower. These appear as the first siege
tower, and the third siege tower. At the third siege tower, after you blow
it up, a Nazgul's Fell Beast drops down for a peek, so fire at it with your
magic ranged attacks.

#2: For two of the four siege towers, the second, and the final fourth tower,
you must go to very far right wall section, and then fire your magic ranged 
attack at them repeatedly, and they'll soon blow up and crumble. For the
last tower, which docks with the wall, you need to stay a fair distance away
from it, so the Orcs and Uruk-hai don't charge at you. When you're at a far
off distance, preferably under and in between those arches on the right wall,
close to the screen, fire repeatedly to destroy the tower, and you've beaten
all the towers, so now just head back to where the rubble pile is, and there
should be a doorway somewhere around the rubble pile's screen, so enter it,
and follow the men to beat the level.


Boss Fight #7: 2 Trolls and a Mumak

Level Location: South Gate

Character: Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli

Troll at beginning of level, troll at mid-way point in level, and one mumak 
after second troll is dead.

Trolls look like large creatures with armor and a club. Mumak are very large 
elephant-like beasts with armor and archers riding on them.

Trolls have a large war club hammer. Mumakil have Easterling Archers on them, 
about ten in all.

Trolls have a basic vertical and horizontal swing. They also have smashes to
knock you down, and all attacks are unblockable ones. Mumakil only have their
Archers fire flaming arrows.


#1: For the first Troll after you get near the gate, run backwards quickly
to the war pike to your left, then press R1 near it to lift it, then turn to
the troll quickly, and your character will automatically throw the pike,
instantly killing the first Troll.

After you fire all three catapults, climb the wall, and you'll face another
Troll. To kill it, fire arrows at it non-stop, charging each one. Or another
strategy is to rush it, press fierce attack button once, then keep repeating
this, only tapping Triangle (T) button once at a time to the Troll, so it
won't have time to swing it's weapon.

When the Mumak shows up, just fire many arrows at it's sections, parrying to
block arrows that are fired at you, or dodging the arrows.


Boss Fight #8: Witch King and Mumakil

Level Location: Pelennor Fields

Character: Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli

The Witch King and the Mumakil are throughout the level, showing up every 
once in a while.

The Witch king looks like Sauron did at the beginning of the first LOTR 
movie, the Fellowship of the Ring. He has the normal Nazgul cloak on, and 
rides the Fell Beast in the game. He wears that cool mask/helmet thing that 
looks exactly like Sauron's did.

The normal Nazgul sword that they use, but in the game, he never gets off of 
the Fell Beast he's riding, until you beat him. He wields that large spiked 
mace in the cutscene, just like in the movie.

All he does in the game is swoop down using the Fell Beast, and knock his 
target around, but he hurts Eowyn and Merry instead of you. Not that that's 
a good thing after all.


#1: For the Mumakil, when they appear, just fire arrows, parrying to block
the Archers' arrows they send hurtling torward you. Or use the catapults to
shoot them, but it doesn't do any extraordinary damage. After you kill each
single Mumak, rush down to the cliff's edge, where the path is, so you're
ready in case you need to run to the other cliffs. If a Mumak DOES start on
the other cliff, run to where the path is(near the flag from the first cliff
you start at, and the second is easy enough to see), then rush non-stop from
one cliff to the other, ignoring the bad guys, even if they attack you. When
you get to the cliff, do the same procedure as before, and repeat as many
times as neccesary.

After you kill two Mumakil, the Witch King will pop up and terrorize Merry
and Eowyn, knocking them flat on their backs. He'll then stay in the air,
hovering above them on his Fell Beast, so when he does this, fire as many
arrows as possible, non-charged. Also, if enemies get in the way, ignore 
them, and move to the side and let your partners handle them, or at least
postpone them while you shoot at the Witch King. When he starts, he'll be on
the VERY edge of the cliff. From the cliff you start at, he appears on the
right side, and on the other cliff, he appears on the left side. Watch out
for the occasional Mumak though, they'll still come even when you're trying
to take out the Witch King.


Boss Fight #9: Shagrat

Level Location: Cirith Ungol

Character: Sam

End of the level, after you kill the Champion and run across the stone bridge 
into the tower.

He's an evil Orc, with a skinny pale face, and a long curved sword, with a 
wooden shield. He has normal Orc garb on, and is a really hyper Orc, in my 
own opinion. He is one of the main leaders of the tower of Cirith Ungol, 
along with the Uruk-hai he was fighting with that grabs Frodo's shiny mithril
vest after you beat him.

He has a wooden shield to block all your attacks, and a long curved sword to 
"poke" you with.

He has normal sword slashes, and will knock you down occasionally, if you're
caught unawares.


#1: As soon as the battle starts, immediately stand on the right side where
the war pikes are. He'll run awkwardly over to you, so as he approaches, run
around him, but keep your distance, or he'll nick you. As you run around him,
go to the war pikes located on the opposite side of the room. Press R1 to get
a pike, then turn quickly to Shagrat and you'll automatically release it, and
his shield will break. Quickly turn around and grab another, and throw it at
him again, and he'll drop his sword and kind of wobble around dizzily. Now
rush up to him and do an Orc Hewer, and he'll fall clumsily to the ground.
This is the only time you can hurt him, mind you, when he's dizzy. Also, if
you want to be brave, do your R2(Killing Move) attack while he's trying to
get to his feet after you knock him down, for a little extra damage, but then
swiftly go back to the exact same war pikes, and wait for him a second, but 
not too long. After a second, chuck another pike, because the sneaky little
Orc has gotten another sword and shield. You'll break the new shield, so grab
another pike and toss it also at him, making him drop his new sword and go
dizzy again. So now's your chance to Orc Hewer, then R2 for extra damage, on
him. You should repeat this process until he's dead. If he ever gets a hit in
on you, just try your best to run past him to the other pikes, then start
back up from there. He'll go down after about seven dizzy attacks, but it
solely depends upon how you upgraded your Sam. Mine was about average. Also,
note that missiles and normal attacks don't do squat while he has his shield
and sword, or even just his sword.


Boss Fight #10: Multiple Trolls and Uruk-hai Champions

Level Location: Minas Tirith: Courtyard

Character: Gandalf

At various points in the level, mostly near the end and middle, after about 
100 to 150 villagers are saved.

Trolls are as stated in Boss Fight #7, and Uruk-hai Champions are just dark
looking Uruk-hai with black armor all over their entire bodies. They look
like large gladiators, with two black spiked clubs as weapons.

Two large black clubs, with spikes and bumps all over, from which they will
proceed to smash your brains in with.

The Trolls' Attacks are stated in the Boss Fight #7 information up above.
Uruk-hai Champions swing their clubs around at you, left then right, right 
then left. That's all they do, knocking you down if you're caught with your
back turned to them.


#1: For the Trolls, when they appear after like 150 villagers saved, just
use the war pikes on them, near the large fountain structure in the middle
of the screen, where the guard is stationed. Magic works well also, but
missiles are sometimes difficult to come by in this level. I don't really
recommend hand-to-hand combat, but hey, it's your choice. I'll just say
wait until they turn their backs to you, then dish it out.

When the evil, dark, looming Uruk-hai Champions come out, all Gladiator-
like, don't pee your pants, just fire charged missiles at them, and I mean
FULLY charged missiles, not partially charged ones, because that don't do
crap for you, except waste missiles. After you break his armor with charged
magic, you can proceed to pelt him with normal, uncharged arrows until he's
deader than a doornail.

#2: You can also kill Uruk-hai Champions by force. Just wait til one gets 
close to you, then fierce attack his armor til it shatters, and hand him a
little speed attack action afterwards, parrying occasionally, when the need


Boss Fight #11: Mouth of Sauron, Six Champions, and Three Nazgul

Level Location: Black Gate

Character: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, or Gandalf

Mouth of Sauron battle happens as level begins, and Champions come in when 
they want to. The end of the battle is when you fight the three Wraiths.

I don't know why, but Sauron's appearance in the FOTR movie seems to be
VERY appealing, as the Witch King and Mouth of Sauron look exactly like him.
He has a black cloak, with a black sash, a Sauron wanna-be helmet, and a
LONG wicked looking sword. Champions are already covered, and you know what
the Ring Wraiths, a.k.a. Nazgul look like, with black cloaks and hoods on.

Mouth of Sauron has a LONG sword, which WILL trip you up if you're not very 
careful. Champion are once again covered. Wraiths have long rapier-like
blades that HURT.

Mouth of Sauron has a unique attack where he hunches down, then springs very
quickly forward at you, always knocking you down, which is called the evil
unblockable attack. He also has basic sword melee combat swings, which are 
as basic as everyone else's sword combat swings. These are blockable. Ahem.
Champions are once again covered. Wraiths have the most basic swings EVER.

Strategy: Mouth of Sauron

#1: I died the first time I fought him, so follow these rules that I used,
because I was so PO'ed at him. Rule #1: As soon as the battle starts, speed
attacks him like CRAZY, never relenting! Parry when you see him raise his
blade, but other than that, swift attack him to death! It'll be the easiest
boss battle you ever fought.

Strategy: Six Champions

#1: Here's how they enter: The first'll enter after a short while right
after you kill the Mouth of Sauron. He'll be the only champion, being
either an Orc or Uruk-hai Champion, which you know how to beat both by
now. After he's long gone, another will enter, and when he's dead, the
third will enter. After the third's dead, a cutscene will show the Mordor
forces trying to surround the hill you're on. After the cutscene ends,
enemies appear as usual, and after a while, THREE count 'em, THREE
Champions enter at once, heading to one of your companions each. Use
pikes, arrows, or my favorite, sword combat, to take each out as QUICKLY
as you find possible. Then a cutscene show three  Ring Wraiths come and
land their Fell Beasts and approach you.

Strategy: Three Ring Wraiths

#1: To kill them, sword combat is no option, since you will hardly even
think about tickling them with that idea. Pikes are not even the way to
go, though they are a great Plan B. Plan A is your basic missile. They
do GREAT damage to the Wraiths, and five to ten arrows will take one
Wraith out. They are the quickest way to defeat them, without you even
considering getting hurt, and your companions still in the green health.
Plan B(the war pikes) only come in play if arrows run out, and they
regenerate, so no need to worry.

WEAPONX15X Adds: "If you throw a war pike at a wraith, it will hurt it
		   a little, but then run up to it while pike is still in
		   there, then attack the creature for a quick kill,
		   only a few hits to slay the beast. Not foolproof,
		   works sometimes."


Boss Fight #12: Gollum

Level Location: Cracks of Doom

Character: Frodo

Starts at the beginning of the level, and is the whole level, in fact.

He's the evil, greedy, Ring-junkey we all know and hate. He's obsessed with
the One Ring of Power, and wants it back, so he gets it. He's one of the
River Folk, Smeagol, now called Gollum, from the sound he makes in his throat
when he coughs. He is skinny, with his ribs and spinal cord showing horridly,
and bare wisps of white hair straggling on his head. He's a pale pasty green
color, and looks like a skeleton almost, though don't let his weak looks fool
you, he's a fighter at heart.

Only his teeth and his own body, flailing limbs included.

He'll do a kick where he hops onto his hands and spring-kicks you if you get
too close to him. He can punch and kick normally also, which can be parried.


#1: Part I: When the battle starts, stray close to the edge of the cliff, 
since you can't fall off, until Gollum rushes over to you, or Sam prods him 
to the cliffs edge. When he's close, run around to behind him, then just attack
him, putting him between you and the cliff edge so he backs up when attacked.
It may take a while, but he'll soon be right on the cliff's edge, so hack away
or kick at him until he flails his hands into the air crazily and loses his
balance. Then proceed to kick him continuously until he tumbles over the edge
and grabs onto the edge, hanging on. When he does this, press R2 over him to
knock him off. You'll see a cutscene where he grabs the lower cliff ledges and
climbs back up. You need to do this six times to beat him. Repeat this once
more, and a cutscene will show lava start to fall on the rocks. But stay near
the edges and you'll never get hit.

Part II: You'll have to avoid the lava that pours now, but I never went into
the center to take a shower in it, so I think you'll also be okay. Repeat the
previous steps, though now you have less room to maneuver in. After you do
this twice, you'll see another cutscene where rocks also start to fall.

Part III: Just stay near the edges again, and you'll be okay. Do the old
routine twice again, and he'll die, showing a cutscene where he falls for the
last time, this time not grabbing onto the rocky ledges.


Congrats! You just beat the game now! Unless you cheated, then you just plain
ruined the whole experience, so shame on you! But if not, yay for you!

VIII.Enemy Guide

Table of Contents:

a)Normal Orcs
b)Orc Archers
c)Shielded Orcs
d)Pike Orcs
e)Orc Champions

a)Normal Uruk-hai
b)Uruk-hai Archers
c)Shielded Uruk-hai
d)Sword-wielding Uruk-hai Champions
e)Uruk-hai Champions

a)Easterling Archers
b)Dual Pike-wielding Easterlings
c)Pike Easterlings
d)Sword Easterlings
e)Easterling Champions

a)Normal Undead
b)Undead Archers
c)Shielded Undead
d)Dual Sword-wielding Undead
e)Undead Champions

c)Baby Spiders
d)Large Spiders



A.Normal Orcs

As are all Orcs, this type is smaller than an Uruk-hai, but much bigger than
Goblins. They always stoop, so they appear smaller than they are. They have
bloodthirsty, pale black faces, and despise direct sunlight. This is why they
are seen in the battle of Helm's Deep, because it is very dark, being night
and all. This is why they are NOT seen in the battle of Minas Tirith very
much, because it is light outside. They wear basic battle armor and helmets.

They have short swords, but not as short as they themselves.

To kill them just use swift attacks, as they have no armor. Orc Hewer's a
good crowd clearer if you get surrounded by these buggers. I love Sam, the
Hobbit character you get to play as, because he kicks butt! To kick major
butt with Sam in levels like Escape from Osgiliath, Shelob's Lair, and 
Cirith Ungol versus these little blighters, just approach one quickly, so he
can't attack you first, then swift attack him two to three times to make him
fall down, then hit R2, your instant kill attack when over or near him to
kill him for good! The reason this works exceptionally well is because the
Hobbits are shorter and have faster R2 attacks, unlike slower people like
Aragorn and Gandalf.

B.Orc Archers

These appear just as Normal Orcs, though they are exceptionally excellent 
*coughcough Yeah Right coughcough* Archers. They have a little less slouch
in their step, and have different shaped armor perhaps....

Bow and arrows, mainly flaming ones, so you can see them coming.

Well, block arrows using parry by tapping it right when arrows are about to
hit you to block them. Then slowly work your way toward them, and rush them
when you get REALLY close, and swift them to death. Or you can go with the
more popular thing to do and beat the living crap outta them with your long
range missiles also.

C.Shielded Orcs

Look just like all over Orcs, with dark body armor covering entire body, and
a large shield to ward off attacks. They are usually armed with small swords,
or whatnot.

Short sword, and a large heavy shield.

When approached, rush them, or await them, and as they near, hit Triangle to
do a single fierce attack, which should shatter the shield, allowing the
second fierce attack to render them dead or smoten on the ground awaiting a
quick R2 hit. You may also notice they mostly stand and await you, unless
provoked, so you could also charge fully, a single missile, and then let it
fly, breaking them shield, then kick some arse, or fire a few uncharged
missiles, as they take a while to charge, and these buggers move quite fast
when no shield is dragging them behind, so watch out for them while firing
your missiles.

D.Pike Orcs

Like other Orcs, except it has a long pole with a blade at its end. Why hello,
Mr. War Pike! Victim, meet Mr. War Pike. Mr. War Pike, meet Victim.
Sometimes, these guys carry shields, and sometimes they don't, but creating
fifty categories would be pointless....


For these blighters, just approach them, then when they attack, use Orc Bane,
by blocking with Parry(square button)their attack, then hitting R2. Or just
block, then attack with swift attacks(X button). Missiles are a nice, wussy
way to go also!

E.Orc Champions

Ew...big...fat...ugly...needs to meet a friend called Slim Fast...That means 
only one thing...Orc Champion....These guys are covered with armor, which
you'll have to crack open with fierce attacks, and a large hammer/mace thing,
from which they crush you with, since these guys seem to be faster than
Superman. They have mutated, bald heads, no helmets up there...or brains,
it would seem.

Large metallic armor and a large war club/mace/hammer thingy. You'll know
what I'm talking about when you play Escape from Osgiliath at the end, and
you meet his little friend, the Hammer. I would include Bad Breath, but if Sam
can brave it from two feet away, then so can we from a safe distance.

As with all Champions concerning Hobbits, the easy way to go is invisible by
hitting all four shoulder buttons, then creeping up behind him, and BAM! Hit
R2 to insta-kill the little, er, big Orc. Another way is charge up missiles
and break the armor, then pound him with little uncharged ones, which slow
him down a bit. Or hand-to-hand is also good, just parry his first blow, then
fierce attack his shield a whole cycle, then parry, until armor breaks. Then
continue with Speed Attacks! Wammo, guess who's dead? Yep, him, and not you.



A.Normal Uruk-hai

Wield swords into battle, do not sport armor at all, just wear dark clothing
and perhaps a leather jerkin? Simple is their motto, they rush right at ya'
like a dog would to greet you...so greet him back, introduce him to your
sword tip.

Sword, kinda awkward looking, like a rectangle, and very heavy, it appears.

If you don't have the instant kill ability yet, just let them come to you,
then parry their first overhead strike(I dunno, maybe they think they are
overpowered monsters that are too fast for you that can break your sword
magically...let them continue to dream on), then simply slash them in any
way, shape, and fashion your heart desires. They have no armor once again,
so this is why 'tis so fun.

B.Uruk-hai Archers

They appear even shaggier with armor than normal Uruk-hai do, maybe
tattered and beaten clothing, ripped and torn. Their helmets are kind of
funny looking, just to laugh at something during the middle of a bloody
battle...why not this?

The bow, and the quiver filled to the brim with black orc arrows, maybe
flaming, depends on how they want you to deflect them.

Best thing to do, and more often than not the ONLY thing to do, is to parry
their arrows, then fire your own missiles to slay them. If you WANT TO, and
they are ON ground in striking range, make it a slaughterhouse, these
maggots are not close range fighers, they fall to a level one SAM for good-
ness sakes in like a trio of Swift Attacks.

C.Shielded Uruk-hai

Same as Uruk-hai, normal ones, cept with more armor like the Two Tower
ones made by Saruman. They bear a shield, and also they use swords to
attempt to hack to limb from bloody limb.

What is the point in this category, I always seem to tell you the answer in
the Description anyhow...but swords, if you must know.

Rush them, or wait, your choice. Either way, when they are near you, parry
at least once to clear their defenses, then fierce attack furiously until
their little additions we like to call shields shatter. You can continue to
do this, or Quick Attack to slice THEM limb from bloody limb(not literally,
but still would be awesome to behead some Uruks.... :-( ....)

D.Sword-wielding Uruk-hai Champions

Okay, you know in the Two Towers movie, when at Helm's Deep the
ladders are flung up against the Deeping Wall? Well, the creatures with
the crazy masks hanging on for dear life at the end of the ladders are
these great big beasts with anger management problems. They have no hair,
have large chests supported by muscles to back them up, and NO ARMOR AT
ALL...not that they need it, mind you. Their extremely large swords are
annoying, since every time you do not parry fast enough, they knock you
down. Sometimes I swear I parry and they STILL knock me flat on my
back(not that it matters, I then merely hit X as I get up, knocking THEM
flat on their backs as I say "HAH, take THAT! And ONE of us does not
have an R2 instant-death attack!").

Did it again....but LARGE blades are what they prefer to swing around
at you, yeah, like they know what they are doing. In TTT movie, I swear
that first one you see in action did not MEAN to slay like five elves in
one wild swing, cuz this bugger had like NO grip at all, it looked like
the sword was about to fly from his hands every second!

Run. Fast. No? Then die. Fast......Okay, just kidding, these monkeys are
very easy to slay, just parry their attacks, which are fast and has a
slight pattern. Just parry long enough to catch the pattern, then get your
opening and swing fast....very fast. Keep swinging. Never stop.

E.Uruk-hai Champions

They are larger than the other Uruk-hai, not to mention the fact that they
sport two weapons that are very different, but let's for once save that for
the weapon section below. They have hard and spiked black armor all
over their body, and I am not kidding about HOW black it really is, pitch
black armor, ladies and gentlemen. They swirl around and try to knock
you around a bit as well.

Sport two clubs with spikes and lumps all over it, so they can smash your
head in twice in a row.

Just: A.) Use arrows with FULL power saved up to actually DAMAGE the
shield and armor to break it off. Fill him full of missiles then, though if
there are any spare war pikes around, two can kill him, one for armor, one
for HIM. B.) Parry his opening attack, then fierce attack his armor, and
follow by using any means neccesary to defeat this guy, Orc Hewer, you name



A.Dual Pike-wielding Easterlings

Appear as they did in the Two Towers movie, with the shining fancy looking
armor, unlike the other sloppy bad guys. These guys are Easterlings from the
East, from Rhun, NOT the Southern people, the Haradrim, from Haradwaith. They
DON'T have the Mumak, those are the Haradrim, mind you. So no Archers do these
guys have, also note.

They have two long skinny blades, like the Champions do, but are smaller in

Just block attacks, then swift them to death! Arrows work, since they have NO
shields....how can they? They already carry two blades, unless they have grown
extra limbs....

B.Pike Easterlings

Shielded Easterlings with their garbs of red and flashy armor, glinting very
brightly in the sun, pike tips flashing as well, as they march to battle! The
pike men are VERY long range for close combat, and better trained that Orcs
and Uruk-hai, since they ARE men, ya' know.

Long pikes! And shields as well! Oh no! Fear teh pikeses and shieldses!!!

Just block pikes from their long range, or fire charged arrows to destroy the
shields they usually carry with them. Also, always remember, the best attack
verse Uruk-hai, Orcs, and Easterlings are the Banes, if you know how to use
these instant-death attacks which grant you perfects, even if they ARE a
little TOO long IMO.... :) Break the shields also, using fierce attacks.

C.Sword Easterlings

Same as before, looks and all, just add a shield and a LONG sword, which is
their specialty...long range, I mean, at close quarters....

Shield and SWORD!!!! YAY! Finally a sword-wielder! :D

Beat 'em up as normal, by fully charging arrows....OR by fierce attacking
their shields and then swift them to death.

D.Easterling Champions

Are normal Easterlings, but BIGGER than normal, it seems. I wonder, oh I
wonder, who is taking steroids.... :)

Dual pike arms, shorter than normal pikes, like cut in half.

Just kick some arse! Use previous Easterling strategies! These guys are NO
different, just add a littl extra weight and a health bar AND BOOM!!! There
you go....Arrows are recommended as well. But, except for first part of the
Pelennor Field level, you should NOT see or fight these toughies, since all
they do in P.F. level in slow you down in the canyon so Merry and Eowyn get
squished and killed! Ignore them, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.


A.Normal Undead

These glowing bluish-green ghosts really should be invincible,
considering they are ghosts, and only Aragorn can hit them, but let's go
ahead and pretend the entire world can now hit them. Okay, so they wear a
lot of robes, they're not much for the fashion world. They are dead,
what else can I say?

They carry around the never-before-seen weapons of Middle-Earth, also known
as my sarcastic way of introducing the plain old crude "sword". Yes, they
do not get anymore exciting than that. I am sorry.

These guys cannot block, so just ignore hack attacks and use speed attacks,
(X) button, repeatedly. They should falter and stumble after speed attacks,
giving them no time to gather theirselves for an attack. But if they do,
laugh at them and parry their attack, then laugh again cuz they are too
dead to remember how to parry.

B.Undead Archers

Alright, wardrobe change at last!....or not. Fine, I lied. They look exactly
like the other numerous undead enemies in the game. So sue me for having a 
sick sense of humor. They do move slower and act a little more stupid though.
Does that help identify them? Or is it the fact they are the only undead with
a bow and arrows?

Bow and Arrows. For some reason they get spiffy little missiles seemingly made
of the plasma you see in "Ghost Busters". Nice, I want some of that action!

Deflect any incoming arrows, cuz they do not harmlessly splat against you like
the goo it appears. It's really a flaming ghost missile, woooooooo! Gotta get
me some of those. March up to them really nicely, maybe start a conversation
as you work your way toward them. Then kill them....er....again....cuz as you
know they have died once before....I presume. Either that or they're posers.

C.Shielded Undead

Alright, fashion statement once more! Same dull green-blue hue of ghost, same
flashy robes of ancient history, but with the added bonus of a large shield
to peeve you off! And I thought a wardrobe change would be nice, and here it
is trying to stop you from killing the ghost! Bad wardrobe, bad!

A crude sword as before, with a large shield to block your attacks. Doesn't
look very comfortable at all under all those robes.

Well, first thing's first. The shield has to go, it does nothing for your enemy,
except prolong the inevitable, which is his re-death (what I call when you kill
something a second time). Hack attack the shield a few times, and presto! He's
just a scared little child down inside, a Normal Undead. Have fun, kids. Don't
hold out on the violence, it's necessary in life.

D.Dual Sword-wielding Undead

Whoa, need I explain? No, I won't, for my sake more than yours. My time is
money. Oh wait, no it's not. Very well, I shall explain. They look the same.
Hey now, don't look so shocked! It's very disappointing, but what can I say?
They're like rednecks in the sense they all must be related to one another,
and look alike.

Two swords?!?! Two, you say?!?! Very well.

Use a combination of hack and speed attacks to finish off these little buggers.
What more can I say than to watch out for their swift slashes with their dual
blades? Just be careful, parry should be "pre-fingered" beforehand.

E.Undead Champions

BIG. BAD. BIG AND BAD. Use any combination of the two words you want. Also you
can hear normal undead soldiers shout "SUPERSIZE ME!" and transform to these
monsters. Hah! Gotcha. Just kidding. But that would still be cool, eh? Oh, they
still look the same.

Dual swords, just a bigger version of the previous enemy that looks like this,
with a large health bar this time to accomodate his larger ego.

"Size matters not." - Yoda

Take it to heart in this game, there are some big baddies out there. Well, just
about everyone but like 10 people are usually bigger than you throughout the
entire game, but still. Just speed attack the entire way through, you cannot
die that way since you force him to stumble after each attack, just like the
Mouth of Sauron boss.



Large fearsome guys, first seen in Minas Tirith: Courtyard or Southern Gate
levels. Trust me, no description is really needed....you CAN'T miss 'em. But,
they are grey or tan in color, have big clubs/hammers, and wear weird little
helmets...as of why? I have no earthly idea.

Big war club with the large stick of wood, and the big hammer part and all.

Mainly, fire missiles at them, nonstop. Try to let them get hung up with any
friends you have, or any enemies, for that matter, cuz THEY'll be sent flying
with a single smack of his club, and NOT you. I don't really recommend battle
with swords, cuz you WILL get smacked, and you WILL get your butt whooped.


Large grey elephant-like beasts, though the size of a house or larger, carrying
large towers upon their backs. They have large snake-like trunks, and also
have many tusks, razor-sharp with little added weaponry to their tusks, like
maybe thorns or such, or spears strung to them.

I doubt you really wanna get close, but its feet WILL squish you dead, or you
would get hit by tusks. I don't know, never tried it...maybe I'll add that to
my "to-do" list... 1.)Get squished by Mumak..... 2.)Do dishes....
Anyways, these are NOT the Easterlings, that's why they're here, not THERE.
They are the Haradrim, or Harad, from Haradwaith, down in the Southern regions
and NOT from the East like the Easterlings from Rhun. Archers mounted on these
great steeds fire 10 or so arrows constantly at you.

Deflect main onslaught of arrows, or do the best thing, and right when arrows
are launched at you, simply have your character RUN by moving the analog stick
one way or the other, where you MISS AND DODGE the arrows. THEN proceed to pelt
him with your own arrows, firing about 3 to 4, before running again from more
arrows. Rinse and repeat until Mumakil are dead.

C.Baby Spiders

Just appear to be piles of coal that move. Look like dung piles, actually, IMHO.

None, just don't touch the piles of them, or they'll...er...bite you? Irritate
your foot?

Nothing, can't kill them. Occasionally though, pick up a torch using R1 and
then chuck it into a pile of them to move them and form a path.

D.Large Spiders

Large spiders, not as big as Shelob, maybe as big as a Hobbit, hehehe....
Well, lemme see here, descriptions....descriptions....descriptions....oh yeah!
They look like large spiders, there we go! :-)

Do a "2-legged" punch at you from their low positions on the ground, knocking
you down if it connects, but is blockable.

Sometimes there will be torches nearby them, so for instant kills, hurl a
torch at one. For harder times, hit a SINGLE fierce (T button), to flip one
on its back, then proceed to quickly R2 instant kill it while its on its back
and down for the count. Also, its best to wait until others are NOT about to
attack before you do this to every spider....Missiles, mainly daggers, are too
slow and crappy, so meh...don't use them, unless you have infinite cheat, from
which I'd still say don't use them.

IX: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the game?

A: Longer than The Two Towers, so I'd say about 10+ hours to beat the actual
game, but there's co-op, getting everyone to level 20, beating every level 
as everyone, and even more things to do afterwards. So about 30+ after all 
that; it really all comes down to the players themselves.


Q: How do I play co-op/Online?

A: On the menu, it lists the appropriate actions like those.


Q: Who are the secret characters?

A: Faramir, Merry, and Pippin.


Q: What are the secret levels and how do I unlock them?

A: After beating Crack of Doom, you unlock the first of two secret levels, 
called the Palantir of Saruman. After you get everyone to level 10, you 
unlock Palantir of Sauron.


Q: How many levels are there?

A: 13, plus the two secret levels, so really there are 15.


Q: Why don't the codes work!?!?!?

A: You must beat the Crack of Doom(a.k.a. The Game Itself), to unlock the 
first secret level and the codes. On PS2 version, the codes with directional
buttons won't work properly, so you must reverse the directional buttons, 
for instance, if a code was Square, Up, Down, Triangle, then you would put 
Square, Down, Up, Triangle instead. Just put the opposite of the directional 
buttons only, not the four others.


Q: How do I beat (insert Boss or Enemy name here)?

A: Look in my FAQ, it tells all. Or AIM me sometime at Wildcat1ky1. If you
still cannot beat them with my guide and personal assistance, you simply
were not meant to be a gamer. If I can create an entire HELP guide, I am
sure the least you people can do is use it to BEAT the bad guys, come on


Q: How do I beat (insert level name here)?

A: The heck should I know? :P ....Look in lotrwarrior's FAQ, I did not write
a Walkthrough....


Q: How do I beat (insert game other than LOTR: ROTK here)?

A: Die. Right now...sever your head with your game disk, for you do not
need your head, it HAS NO BRAIN IN IT. Do I have a FAQ for that
game? Check. I DON'T, and I know since this is my first and only FAQ
ever done at GameFAQS.com or ANYWHERE for that matter. SO HAH!


Thanks goes out to Prima's Official Strategy Guide, because I took a peek in 
one of 'em at Wal-mart, to get enemies' names.

Thanks to Peter Jackson, for making the films.

Thanks to the late J.R.R. Tolkien, for writing these masterpieces.

Thank you to all who read and appreciate this guide, designed  to help you
with the ROTK game.

Thanks go to WEAPONX15X for comments.

Thanks to everyone else, because I'm sure they did something meaningful in life.

Thanks to everyone that reads the 'thanks section'.

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