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    FAQ/Walkthrough by princesszelda99

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 03/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ........B  B..II..LLLLLLL..YY.............................
       ............~*~ AND THE GIANT EGG ~*~........
    Author: Nicole Ballister
    Version: 0.4 (23/56 episodes complete)
    Last updated: 3/21/04
    Copyright 2004 Nicole Ballister
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Forest Village
        1.Save Chicken Elder Oma-Oma!
        2.Defeat Era Gecko!
        3.Secret Little Forest Hut
        4.Traveling Mini Game Salesman
        5.Secret Inside the Waterfall
        6.Secret of the Windmill!
        7.Save the 8 Chickens!
    III. Pirates Island
        1.Save Chicken Elder Uri-Uri!
        2.Hurry to the Pirate Ship!
        3.Race Against King Clippen!!
        4.Save Rolly!
        5.Treasure in the Captain's Room
        6.Defeat 100 Crows!
        7.Chick and the Game Salesman
    IV. Dino Mountain
        1.Save Chicken Elder Ura-Ura!
        2.Defeat the 3 Bone Dinosaurs!
        3.Defeat 100 Crows!
        4.Chick Has Been Kidnapped!
        5.Save the 8 Chickens!
        6.The Traveling Game Salesman
        7.Battle Race! Champion Runny!
    V.  Blizzard Castle
        1.Save Chicken Elder Ponee!
        2.Secret of Ice Castle!
    VI. Circus Park
        1.Save Chicken Elder Allani!
    VII.Sand Ruin
        1.Save Chicken Elder Meri-Meri!
    VIII.Giant Palace
    IX.Table of Enemies
    X.Table of Animals
    XI.Version History
    XII. Copyright Info.
    You can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+f to find key words in a document. Use
    this to find a certain episode or roman numeral in the walkthrough. All
    episodes in the walkthrough are titled exactly as they appear in the table of
       This walkthrough is not yet complete, obviously. I hope to be making
    frequent updates. Until then, I hope you benefit from what I do have. If there
    are any errors, problems, or comments, please email me at
    lilblupenguin99@aol.com or IM me (AIM) at lilblupenguin99. I love receiving
    feedback based on my work, so feel free to contact me! However, I will not
    tolerate or respond to inappropriate or offensive emails or IMs, but as long
    as you have a legitimate question/comment/constructive criticism I will
    appreciate what you have to say. Thank you! ;)
    Morning Land is a peaceful realm inhabited by chickens.  One day, a terrible
    fate befell the land.  Black Crows empowered by a mysterious magic appeared as
    ferocious monsters bent on keeping the world in eternal night.  The Chicken
    Elders whose voices bring dawn each day were captured and sealed within golden
    eggs.  Without their morning cries, the world will remain engulfed in darkness
    and human hearts will be consumed by evil.  Now, only young Billy Hatcher and
    his friends from the human world can defeat the crows, release the elders and
    return morning to the world.
    Billy Hatcher: Billy is an inquisitive boy from the human world.  With the
    courage bestowed upon him by the chicken Lords, he dons the legendary rooster
    suit and embarks on a grand adventure to save Morning Land from eternal night.
    Rolly Roll: Rolly is a lighthearted and carefree girl.  She always tries to
    help others when in trouble, but can be a little scatterbrained.
    Chick Poacher: Chick may look small but his spirit is strong, giving him a
    misplaced air of superiority.  He has a tendency to act before thinking, which
    always makes his friends a little nervous.
    Bantam Scrambled (yes, it's Bantam. The instruction guide by Nintendo said
    "Bamtam"; this was a typo.): Bantam is a gentle giant and only uses his
    strength to look after his friends.  Despite his rough outward appearance, he
    adores cuteness but hates injustice.
    Chicken Elders: Each of the regions of Morning Land is ruled by an elder, who
    brings morning to the world each day with a hearty "cock-a-doodle-do."  The
    Crows however have captured the elders and sealed them within golden eggs.
    Baby Chicks: Residents of Morning Land.  Approach the baby chicks for
    assistance and advice as you progress through the game.
    Crows: Through some strange power, the crows have taken the form of ferocious
    monsters and plan to engulf the world in eternal night.
    (During the Game)
    START/PAUSE: Pause the game (Pause Menu)
    Control Stick: Move character (duh)
    (A) Button: Jump/Egg Driver/Bounce Jump
    <x> Button: Command Egg Animal
    <Y> Button: Use Item
    [L] Button: Center Camera/Lock-on
    [R] Button: Rooster Call/Dash/Roll (while jumping)
    (C) Stick: Rotate Camera
    Rolling Eggs: Approach an egg using the control stick and push towards it to
    take control.  You can now run with the egg in any direction.
    Jumping with an Egg: Press the (A) button while rolling an egg.
    Egg Shoot: Press the (B) button while controlling an egg.
    Egg Dunk: Press the (B) button while jumping with an egg.
    Dash: Press the [R] button while rolling an egg.
    Long Jump: Press the (A) button during a Dash.
    1. FIRST, find an egg.  There are many different kinds of eggs containing
    items and Egg Animals.  The content of the egg is determined by the design.
    2. FEED the egg by rolling it over fruit and watch it grow.  When fully grown,
    it will start glowing.  Now is the time to hatch the egg.
    3. STAND facing the egg and press the [R] Button to use the Rooster Call.
    This will cause the egg to hatch releasing an Egg Animal or item.
    Billy begins his adventure in this small forest village.  Centered
    around a giant waterfall and a river leading to a lake, windmills can also be
    seen dotted around the place.
    1. Save Chicken Elder Oma-Oma!
         To start, hop off the stump where you begin and go forward.  Menie-Funie,
    the god of the chickens, will address you and explain why you're in Morning
    Land, realm of the chickens.  He says that you must first find the Legendary
    Chicken Suit.  To do this, follow the path and take the first right you come
    to.  Jump up the cliff.  You will see another stump with a glittering egg on
    top of it.  Hop up and get the egg.  Inside is...the Legendary Chicken Suit!
    Billy may have mixed emotions about it, but this is the most important item
    in the game.  It allows you to roll and hatch eggs.  After acquiring the
    chicken suit, go back to where you started.  Behind the stump is an egg.  This
    time, when you try to move it, it rolls! Roll the egg over the fruit.
    it will be ready to hatch.  You can hatch it for a one-up (press [R]), or
    continue.  The closer to hatching an egg is, the more powerful its attacks
    are.  Walk forward along the path (again) but this time don't turn.  You will
    run into you first and the most basic enemies.  Crows in the form of small
    cat-like animals. Run them over with the egg (hehe!) to defeat them.  Continue
    forward till you come to and orange ring.  You can jump into this ring to go
    higher. Except that...the gate's closed.  To open it, turn left and follow the
    fence to another orange ring.  Use it to get up the cliff.  You will see a
    blue glowing switch.  Roll your egg over it to open the gate.  Go back to the
    other orange ring and jump up.  Destroy the crows and continue forward along
    the path, following the arrows.  Kill the crows as you go, or just avoid them.
    You will eventually come to a fence.  Follow the instructions to perform a
    Bounce Jump into the green ring.  Go up to see another switch.  However, this
    one's not so easy.  Do another bounce jump on top of the switch to open
    another gate.  Jump down and go forward a little, then turn right to reach the
    new area.  Jump into yet another green ring.  This one will launch you into a
    series of blue rings.  You will land on a slope and begin to roll.  When you
    reach the bottom; follow the path until you reach a golden egg.  To unlock the
    Cage; kill the fat cat by attacking in between his ground pounds.  Once this
    is done, all you have to do is hatch the elder! Don't break it! Roll the egg
    over the magically re-appearing food until it reaches maximum size. Then, let
    out a cock-a-doodle-do! With [R] and greet Chicken Elder Oma-Oma. Listen to
    what he has to say, and then follow the path back up the hill to receive a token
    of his gratitude, your first emblem of courage. Hooray!
    2. Defeat Era Gecko!
         Start by grabbing an egg.  Jump to land on the rail, and roll into the
    blue rings.  When you land, kill all the crows to open the gate.  Go through
    and roll down the slope.  Jump when you need to.  When you reach the bottom,
    kill the fat cat and continue forward.  Destroy all the crows to open a cage
    containing a green ring, which will deposit you into a series of blue rings.
    After landing, walk into the next series of blue rings, and aim the gold one
    so you land on the cliff.  Go around the giant tree and find a blue striped
    egg.  Hatch it, then use the resulting animal (a Clippen) to extinguish the
    flames containing the switch. Then use a Bounce Jump to hit the switch.  This
    unlocks another green ring.  Jump into it.  Push (A) to go through the blue
    ring.  Then jump into the next green ring with a bounce jump.  Go through the
    blue rings, land on the cliff, and jump into the last two green rings.  On top
    of the last cliff, you will find the Dark Gate to your first boss: Era Gecko.
         To defeat Era Gecko, you have to hit him while he is in his smallest
    form.  He will shrink and hide in the grass.  This is when you must find him
    and run him over.  He will grow to regular size and you can run the egg into
    him repeatedly until he gets up.  He will reciprocate with a series of
    attacks, run around the perimeter to avoid them.  Repeat this method until all
    his stamina is depleted (about 4-5 times, depending on how many hits you get
    in each time) and collect the emblem.  You will then be transported back to
    Forest Village, where the Elder will thank you and tell you about the five
    remaining Elders to be freed.
    3. Secret Little Forest Hut
         Grab the Clippen egg and roll it over the bridge.  Find a pile of
    boxes that has two steel ones on the bottom and two wooden on top.  Use a
    bounce jump to destroy the wooden ones and land on top of the steel ones.
    Jump into the green ring and up the cliff. Watch out for the crows in the form
    of bees, wait for them to sting you and run.  When they are stuck in the
    ground, attack.  Find another pile of steel boxes and bounce jump on top of
    them.  Then jump into the series of blue rings.  You will land in a green one,
    which will land you on top of a surprisingly flat tree.  Bounce jump into the
    next green ring and into the blue one.  When you land, go down the hill and
    hatch your egg.  Then use your animal to destroy the dilapidated wall blocking
    your way.  Go forward and through the blue rings.  Kill the fat cat, and go
    through the blue rings again.  Kill the small crow-cats to open the gate in
    front of you when you land. Go through and get the Clippen egg to your right.
    Continue and kill the fat cats you run into, then hatch your egg.  Use its
    powers to extinguish the flames surrounding another switch and hit it with a
    bounce jump.  Follow the path through the gate you have opened.  Continue and
    go up the hill, be careful not to fall because you will roll all the way down
     (how fun!).  Now you will be on top of the windmill.  Bounce jump the switch
    to your right to open the gate and get the emblem.
    4. Traveling Mini Game Salesman
         Yay! Episodes like this provide more variety to the game, and are just
    plain fun! Talk to the mini game salesman to start.  He will explain the game
    to you.  The goal is to collect at least 30 blue coins that are scattered
    throughout Forest Village within 2 minutes.  This is easier than it sounds,
    since you get a time bonus each time you collect another coin immediately
    after the first.  Begin by going down the hill and rolling your egg into the
    coins.  Coins can only be collected with an egg; Billy alone won't work. You
    can also pretty much ignore the crows in this episode, seeing as how they have
    nothing to do with the goal.  Anyway, follow the path around collecting coins
    as you go.  Collect them quickly for time bonuses!  Eventually you will come
    to a switch; hit it and go through the gate that opens.  Get all the coins
    around the switch, then hit it with a bounce jump. Go through the newly opened
    door and then the blue rings.  Hit the giant red coin ten times to receive
    five blue coins, and jump off the cliff.  Try to get the blue coins as you
    jump. When you land, bounce jump the switch to you right or left, depending on
    your preference. It doesn't make much difference, because both eventually lead
    back to the mini game salesman. I prefer to go left because there seems to be
    more coins (but it also takes longer to get there).  Your choice.  After
    retrieving thirty coins, you can wait for time to run out. You will then be
    transported to the mini game salesman, who will give you your prize (if you
    won): another emblem of courage.
    5. Secret Inside the Waterfall
         Okay, this episode is much like the Secret Little Forest Hut, but more of
    a puzzle. The Elder tells you there's an important item inside the room behind
    the waterfall...I wonder what that could be? So, to start, get the egg and go
    around the house. Kill the crows you see, then hop down the cliff. If you talk
    to the baby chick, she will tell you that you need an item called the Circus
    Hat to be able to ride your egg down the river. To find the Circus Hat, follow
    the path in the middle of the meadow until you come to the locked gate. Look
    to your left to see a splotchy purple egg.  This is the Circus Hat. After you
    find it, begin to hatch it by destroying the giant bees in the meadow, but
    careful not to pop it! After the egg hatches, you will find a goofy-looking
    hat that does nothing for your goofy-looking outfit.  Anyway, once you have
    the circus hat, you only have to push (A) to jump onto an egg and walk around
    on it. It can be difficult to land on the egg, but once you have, hop into the
    water. Roll on down the river. It’s pretty easy to steer, but whatever you do:
    don't jump! You will come off the egg and drown (why can't Billy swim?). After
    you reach an island, do a fancy triple back flip off your egg.  Then grab it
    and hop into the green ring to be transported across the river. Once there, we
    need to find an egg animal do freeze that waterfall. To find it, follow the
    path to the right and go behind the house. Get the purple striped egg and
    hatch it to find a Richie. Then get another egg and go back to where you
    landed first. Jump into the green ring to go back to the island. Hop out to
    the last platform, and press <x> to use Richie and freeze the waterfall. It
    will...disappear? Hop into the room and go through the blue rings. Kill all
    the crows and then go through the gate to grab the emblem of courage.
    6. Secret of the Windmill!
         Hooray! This is the first episode you can play as Rolly, the first new
    character. Start by grabbing the egg and destroying all the crows that will
    appear to open the gate. Run out and roll down the slope (hop over the gap!).
    Turn right when you reach the bottom. Look out for the bees and break the
    fence to roll again. Destroy all the crows when you reach the bottom and go
    through the gate. Destroy all the crows yet again and then turn left. Bounce
    jump onto the rail, and go right when you land until you see a bridge. Jump
    from this onto the ground, and hit the switch you will see. Then turn left
    and hop down the cliff. Follow the path until it turns left. Hop up the cliff
    and into the green ring above the stump. From the green ring you land in, hop
    onto the platform by the windmill. Do a bounce jump to make the windmill spin,
    and jump to the ground. The gate will open and you can go inside the windmill
    to retrieve the emblem of courage.
    7. Save the 8 Chickens!
         Start by grabbing the egg on your right and hitting the switch on your
    left. This opens the gate. Go through, and hop up the ledge on your left.
    Bounce jump the switch. This frees the first chicken. Return to the path and
    destroy all the crows you see in the area. Then go through the gate you open.
    Follow the path to the right. Jump into the green ring and get the purple egg.
    Then hatch the Richie inside it. Get another egg, then jump off the ledge and
    into the blue rings you see. Jump out to the furthest platform, then use your
    Richie to freeze the waterfall (just like Episode 5!). Jump across the gap
    using the green rings, and destroy all the crows. Chicken 2 is free! Now, jump
    back to the island and into the blue rings to where you started from. Go left.
    Hop up the ledge, then bounce jump over the fence. Bounce jump on top of the
    metal boxes, then into the blue rings. Jump out of the green ring onto the
    windmill, and bounce jump to make it turn. Then go inside it. Roll over the
    switch to open the chicken's cage. Five more to go! Leave the windmill and go
    forward. Jump up the ledge again. This time, go left and jump into the green
    ring. Aim at the switch on the wall to open the gate. Go through and then
    left. Jump into the green ring on the right and onto the platform above you.
    Go left and bounce jump the switch for another chicken. Bounce jump over the
    flames to rescue it. Now return to the platform and turn left. Use a long jump
    to get into the green ring. Roll down the slope, then bounce jump on the steel
    containers to hit the switch and free chicken number 4. Afterwards, continue
    forward up the hill. Jump into the green ring at the top, and free the
    chicken you find. Jump back down and head towards the other end of the area.
    Follow the arrows into a cave-like place. Destroy all the crows, the jump onto
    the metal boxes into a green ring. On your left is Chicken Number 7! Bounce
    jump the switch to set him free. Just one left! Jump off the platform and go
    forward. There's the last chicken! But where's the switch? In the box to your
    left. Go through the blue rings to return to the area before this one, then
    go forward until you reach the windmill. The Emblem of Courage should be on
    your left. Yay!
         A small island inhabited by a clan of pirate chickens.  A pirate ship
    with the Crow Boss onboard passes nearby, and there's also talk of buried
    1. Save Chicken Elder Uri-Uri!
         Whoa...deja vu!  Anyway, to save another Elder, start by grabbing the egg
    and rolling down the slope.  You will eventually go through a blue ring that
    will launch you towards a beach.  Once you've landed, simply kill all the
    crows to open the cage containing the Elder.  But be careful: there's a new
    enemy here, a frog that uses its long tongue to fry your eggs.  Attack it from
    behind, or wait until it stops trying to lick you maniacally.  Anyway, once
    that’s done, ditch the Clippen and start hatching the elder.  When you grab the
    Elder's egg, a gate will open.  Continue through it and kill the crows to get
    fruit for the egg.  Keep going forward, then through a blue ring.  Go straight
    and jump over the gap. Keep doing this until you reach a platform divided in
    half by flames.  Wait for the flames to withdraw and run over them, then hop
    onto the last platform and roll onto the beach.  Destroy more crows here, but
    be careful not to break the Elder's egg! There should be enough fruit here to
    finish hatching the Elder.  Cock-a-doodle-do and...this place looks so much
    less menacing in the daytime.  Speak to Elder Uri-Uri.  He will give you...
    what else? an emblem of courage.  However, getting it's another matter. Walk
    onto the wooden platform to the left of the beach and jump into the green ring
    on the end. This green ring will launch you into some blue ones, which put you
    right under the emblem of courage.  Alright! Mission cleared.  But what rank
    you received is up to you.
    2. Hurry to the Pirate Ship!
         Oh great, another Dark Gate.  Don't worry though, this boss is one of the
    most fun.  Walk forward and get the egg, then roll down the slope (avoiding
    the holes, of course). Kill the crows at the bottom, then hop into the green
    ring you see and bounce jump the switch at the top.  Go forward and hop into
    the cannon. The goal now is to hit the flag, but remember: aim above the flag,
    and trust gravity to almost kill you.  After that harrowing experience, turn
    left and roll down, avoiding the holes again.  At the bottom, kill the
    terrifying penguins (I never thought I'd type those words) by avoiding them as
    they try to hit you with a tornado, then attacking when they get dizzy.
    After, break the fence and jump into the green ring.  The blue ring above it
    will take you to a gold ring that spins.  Be nice to yourself and land on the
    wooden circle.  Then go forward and get in (oh, no) another cannon, where you
    will enjoy the pleasure of launching yourself towards a cave shaped like a
    skull.  Remember to aim just above the eye.  Inside, pass the snake by
    hatching the red and black egg next to the baby chick.  You can feed the bomb
    to the snake to destroy it, or do what I do and bounce jump over the gap to
    avoid it. Now, go forward till you find a switch.  Bounce jump it and go
    through the blue rings and into a gold one (again!?).  Aim at the wooden
    structure.  When you land, go left and up the cliff. Go forward across the
    bridge (beware of the bombs) and hit the switch. Then go through the gate and
    jump onto the rail. Roll downward and enter the dark gate.
    *Captain Glur*
         Begin by avoiding the blasts of water Captain Glur shoots at you from his
    gun. Then, when he solidifies, attack him quickly with the Egg Shoot. He will
    then dive in and out of the puddles he's made. Attack him when he comes out;
    you can see where he will land by his shadow.  Continue hitting him in between
    attacks until he has no more stamina, and collect the emblem of courage that
    comes from his dead body. Heh! You then are brought back to Pirates Island,
    where the Elder thanks you.
    3. Race Against King Clippen!!
        There are a number of races in this game, and they're all a lot of fun.
    King Clippen is easily beaten if you know when to take shortcuts. Start the
    race by speaking to the enormous Clippen you will see. He will challenge you
    to a race and begin to run. To start, do not follow him around the pillar,
    but go straight to the side and use a bounce jump to get over the fence. Go
    through the blue ring, land, and go through the next blue ring. Now go forward
    and jump over the gaps in the platforms. Watch out for the swinging anchors!
    When you reach the beach, go right onto the wooden platform. Go forward, jump
    over the gap, and into the green ring. Jump into the next two green rings (get
    the coin) and land. Turn right and go across the bridge, then roll down the
    slope and avoid the holes. Run to the green ring to your left and jump up.
    The flag pole is the goal (Billy Hatcher starring as: Mario!). If you reach it
    before King Clippen, he will arrive and give you an emblem of courage. If not,
    he will tell you to be more courageous!
    4. Save Rolly!
         Finally, a new character! Your friend Rolly Roll has been captured by the
    crows, and will be destroyed by a bomb in only five minutes! Start by jumping
    across to the other platform. Grab the egg and go left, the jump from the end
    of the platform into the green ring. Land, and then go through the blue rings
    to those annoying platforms. Jump across and dodge the anchors until you reach
    a platform with some crows and a blue ring. Don't waste time on the crows;
    ignore them and go through the ring. Bounce jump the switch here and go
    through another ring to the beach. Go straight from here until you reach a
    green ring, then quickly destroy the crows you see and all the frogs and
    penguins on the beach. The gate will then open and you can go through using
    the green ring. When you reach the top, go left. You will see a slope filled
    with holes. In each hole is an orange ring. Use these rings to bounce upward
    to the top of the slope. Once you reach the top, jump into the green ring and
    then the blue ones. When you land, turn right and repeat bouncing up the
    slope. Once you reach the top, go left over the bridge to find Rolly. Use (B)
    to pick up the bomb and throw it. It will explode, and Rolly will be freed.
    Speak to her to receive an emblem of courage. The number of episodes has now
    increased, and you can play as Rolly!
    5. Treasure in the Captain's Room
         Start by grabbing the egg on your right, then hop into the green ring on
    the beach. Jump to the next ring and then the gold one. Aim at the glowing
    switch to open the gate. When you land, go left and follow the path. Go
    through the blue ring, land, and go through another blue ring. You will land
    on a platform divided by fire. Bounce jump over the fire, and skip over the
    gaps between the platforms while avoiding the swinging anchors. When you
    reach the beach, run to the platform and go left. Bounce jump off the end into
    the yellow ring, and land on the wooden platform. Hop into the green ring, and
    then to the next one. When you land, kill all the crows to open the gate. Go
    forward and look to your right to find a green ring. Jump into it to go
    through the gate and into the cannon. The goal is to launch yourself into the
    blue rings (remember to aim above them!). If you made it, you will land on the
    beach. If you didn't you died. :( From the beach, grab the Clippen egg on your
    right and hatch it. Once you've done this, go back to where you landed and
    onto the platform to your right. Stand behind the blue ring and then use your
    Clippen to extinguish the fires on the platform across from you. Then go
    through the blue ring, turn right, and do it again. Do this one last time and
    bounce jump the switch on the last platform to open the door into the
    Captain's Room. This room is loaded, but does Billy care? Go for the emblem
    in the center.
    6. Defeat 100 Crows!
         You can save yourself a lot of time in these episodes by destroying every
    crow possible before moving forward in the course. There are over 100 crows to
    be destroyed, so how soon you finish depends on how thoroughly you cleanse
    each area of enemies. Start by destroying the crows that will appear in front
    of you. After these are gone, more will appear. Once you are sure that the
    area is completely devoid of crows, turn left and hop up the platform. Jump
    through the blue ring at the end of the pier, then through the next one when
    you land. The next platform has more crows; destroy them all but be careful.
    They have a tendency to hop towards the edge, causing Rolly to fall. Once you
    finish, hop across the gap to the next platform and destroy more crows.
    Beware of the anchors until you make it to the beach. Once there, you are
    confronted with more penguins. Let them spin, then attack when they get dizzy.
    Once you've destroyed all these, you should have about 58 more crows to
    destroy. Go up the platform and turn left to bounce jump the switch,
    then go through the gate. Jump over the gap and into the green ring, then
    into the cannon. Remember to aim above the flag! Once you land, turn right
    and go over the bridge. Kill all the crows (you should be at about 50 left)
    and roll down the slope. There's plenty of crows down here, including those
    annoying tongue-toads. Once they're all dead, there should only be 32 left,
    and you can go through the gate. Jump into the green ring and then into
    another cannon. Aim at the flag on your left. Destroy all the crows when you
    land (20 left!) and roll down the slope. There are more penguins at the bottom.
    Destroy them all to open the gate. Hop down the cliff. Here you should find
    enough crows (14) to complete your mission. After destroying the ones in front
    of you, then on the beach, you can collect the emblem of courage. If you need
    more crows (you should have listened to what I said!), simply continue around
    the course.
    7. Chick and the Game Salesman
         Start by talking to a familiar guy--the mini-game salesman. This time, you
    must collect 40 coins in only 2 minutes! Grab the egg and roll down the slope.
    Collect the coins on the way down, but don't fall off! When you reach the
    bottom, make sure you take the blue ring on the left--you'll get a ton of
    coins! On the beach, collect all the coins you see and go fast for time bonuses.
    Then, go left and hit the switch to open a gate. Go through the blue rings, and
    jump across the platforms, avoiding anchors. Collect coins as you go. Get all
    the coins on the beach; you should have at least 30 by now. Afterward, bounce
    jump the switch on the left to open the gate and go through.  Jump into the
    green ring, then into the next ones. When you land, go forward across the
    bridge and hit the red coin  10 times to receive 5 coins. If you're not yet
    finished, roll down the slope (watch out for the holes!) to get more coins.
    Once you have 40, you can either wait for time to run out or continue
    collecting coins. Once time runs out, you will be transported back to the mini-
    game salesman to collect your prize. It's...what else? An Emblem of Courage.
    IV. Dino Mountain
         A mountain once occupied by dinosaurs. Corrupted by the crows, fossilized
    dinosaur remains form 3 dangerous cliffs cascading red hot magma and balls of
    molten lava.
    1. Save Chicken Elder Ura-Ura!
         Don't worry, this is the last elder with a stupid name. To save him, grab
    the egg in front of you and go across the bridge. Break the fence and roll
    down the slope, then through the blue ring. Afterwards, go forward and kill
    all the crows that appear to unlock the cage containing Elder Ura-Ura. There is
    a new type of enemy here, dinosaurs with large teeth. They will rush at you
    and pop your egg, so simply attack them from behind. After all the crows are
    destroyed, grab the elder and go towards the green ring that will be unlocked,
    collecting fruit all the way. There should be almost enough fruit in this area
    to hatch the elder completely, but not before you use the green ring. When you
    land, bounce jump into the next green ring and into the blue rings. Go forward
    after landing to find the rest of the crows you need to hatch the Elder's egg.
    Speak to Ura-Ura after he is hatched so he can bring morning back to Dino
    Mountain. Then, kill the rest of the crows to open the gate. Go through,
    hopping on the stone platforms. When you reach the other side, follow the
    arrows left to a green ring. Hop in the ring to reach the Emblem of Courage!
    2. Defeat the 3 Bone Dragons!
         Start by grabbing the egg and going left. Kill the crows, and walk
    through the trees to find an egg. This is a Richie, and its the ice egg animal
    you need! Get the Richie and go forward, hatch it, then turn and go up the
    slope. Get another egg and jump into the green ring. Now, use your Richie to
    destroy the huge steel egg blocking your way. A track will be revealed. The
    next part of this level is a little difficult to do: you have to place your
    egg on the track (it will start to roll), then climb the yellow handles up the
    cliff and jump down to grab the egg before it rolls off the cliff.  If you are
    not able to grab your egg, you will have to jump off the cliff and try again.
    The best way to do this is by easing your egg up the center of the track and
    giving it a gentle nudge. Then, tap and hold (A) quickly to make it up the
    handles. Once you reclaim your egg, avoid the fire and hit the switch to open
    the gate. Go through, and jump into the green ring then into the blue. When you
    land, jump into the green ring. After, go right and jump up the yellow handles
    again. You will be at the first Bone Dinosaur. To destroy it, push <x> to freeze
    it with your Richie. Once this has been done, the magma below will harden into
    rock and you can hit the switch. To do this, jump onto the platforms over the
    lava (now rock). Then jump down and forward to find another Richie egg. Use it
    to hit the switch. Also, you can get it ready to hatch by using the fruit next
    to the switch. However, don't hatch the egg until you need another Richie. After
    hitting the switch, go through the blue rings the gate reveals. Go left and roll
    down the slope. At the bottom, there are some armadillo crows. Wait until they
    stop trying to run you over, then attack them. Once all the crows have been
    destroyed, go forward and hit the switch by the gate. Jump down the cliff and
    turn right, going up the hill. Use a bounce jump to land on top of the steel
    containers, then jump into the blue rings. Go forward, kill the crows, then go
    right and jump up the gray cliff. Get the Clippen egg on your left (if you need
    it).Hatch the egg. Once you have a Clippen, climb back up this cliff and jump up
    the platforms on the right side of it. Here is the second Bone Dinosaur. Use
    your animal to destroy it, then hop back down to the ground and grab another
    egg. Bounce jump the switch you can now reach. Then, go left and jump into the
    green ring. You will find another Richie egg. Yay? Get it (just in case!) and
    all the fruit around its nest. Then go left. Follow the path while staying on
    the far side of the magma to avoid popping your egg. At the end, destroy the
    dinosaur-like crow to open the gate. Go through the gate and hatch your egg if
    you need to. When you're ready, climb up the yellow handles and jump left onto
    the ledge, then onto the moving platform to reach the final Bone Dinosaur. Move
    away from the fence and destroy it with Richie. That wasn't so hard, right?
    Its not over yet! After the Bone Dinosaur ceases to belch forth fire and magma,
    jump down directly below it to access the chamber containing the Dark Gate.
    Walk into it...here we go...
         Don't worry, like most Billy Hatcher bosses, this one's not too difficult.
    Topo, a small troll-like creature, will jump into a huge dinosaur skeleton. Grab
    the egg and run around the perimeter while it launches balls of lava towards
    you. The hardest part about this boss is avoiding these. Inside the magma, after
    it hardens, is fruit. After a while, Topo will try to flatten you with the
    dinosaur and he will come flying out. This is the time to attack. He retaliates
    by spinning and scratching, but is pretty weak. Attack until he returns to the
    dinosaur, which will begin to hit you with lava again. The dinosaur also does a
    type of laser attack, but its all at one time, and is easy to avoid. Keep
    attacking the green creature until Topo is defeated.
    3. Defeat 100 Crows!
         Another one of these. Remember, the best way to beat this type of episode
     is by destroying every crow you can find before moving on. Start by grabbing
    the egg and going across the bridge. Then, roll down the slope and into the
    blue rings. When you land, go straight. Kill all the crows to your right. More
    will appear. Once you're finished with these, the countdown in the bottom left
    corner should be at 82. Next, go left through the gate. More crows will appear,
    3 dinosaurs. After destroying them, go forward and into the green ring on your
    left. When you land, kill all the bat crows. The countdown should have 73 left.
    Jump into the green ring. Then go forward and destroy even more crows, still
    mostly dinosaurs and bats. More will appear. After all these are killed,
    armadillos will appear. Wait until they finish trying to run you over and
    attack before they do it again. You should only have 42 left after this area is
    empty of crows. Go to the left and bounce jump on the stone platforms to the
    other side. There are more dinosaurs on this side. Destroy them all and go up
    the ramp where you will find more crows. Kill them and jump into the green
    ring. Now there should be enough to finish! ;) Now, to get the emblem, put your
    egg on the rail. Go catch it, and bounce jump over the flames and into the green
    ring. Aim the gold ring at the land and go right. Hop up the cliff and bounce
    jump into the green ring then into the gold one. Aim at the land, and you will
    land right by the emblem of courage.
    4. Chick Has Been Kidnapped!
         You only have 5 minutes this stage, so hurry! Start again by crossing the
    bridge.  After taking the blue ring, go on to your left. You don't have to kill
    any crows yet. Go to the cage with the green ring in it. To the right there is
    a gold ring. When you bounce jump into it, try and hit the small target. This
    will open the cage. Afterwards, take the green ring to the small island. Bounce
    jump into the blue rings. When you arrive at the other side, do not kill crows
    until you have the Clippen egg. Hatch the Clippen to put out the fire around
    the switch to the left. Bounce jump on the switch and a gate will fall. Bounce
    jump through the gate on the islands until you get to the other side. Follow the
    path left and go up the ramp and jump into the green ring. Go through the blue
    rings, and the next green ring when you land. Cross the bridge and shoot the
    bomb over the side with (B). You saved Chick!
    5. Save the 8 Chickens!
         Cross the bridge and grab the egg. Hop down the cliff and destroy all the
    crows to open the gate, then hop across to the other side. Go left and jump
    onto the metal containers to get up the small cliff, and roll an egg over the
    glowing switch to free your first chicken! Then, jump off the cliff and go
    left and up the slope in front of you, then up the cliff. Use a bounce jump to
    hop onto the
    rail when the fire stops. Once you land, go right and jump over the fire to hit
    the switch. Go through the gate and into the green ring. When you land you will
    see your first chicken. Roll your egg over the switch to free him. Then, hop
    into the green ring on your left. Go forward and into the blue ring. Here is
    the second chicken! Destroy the two armadillo crows in the area to free it. Now,
    go right and roll carefull down the slope. When you land, kill all the crows to
    open another chicken cage. Hop up the cliff on the left to find him. Jump down
    and hit the switch you see to get back where you started. Go forward up the
    gray, rocky hill and jump into the green ring. You will land in a gold ring. Aim
    at the island in the magma and go forward to find chicken number four. As
    beat all the crows in the area to open the cage. Now, go back out to the lava
    and into the green ring. Jump into the other area. Go to the right, and jump up
    on a ledge with fruit on it. Then, jump onto the small platforms to reach a
    bone dinosaur. Climb up to it to find another chicken. Walk over the switch to
    free it. Then, jump down and hit the switch to open the
    gate and go through it using the green ring. Go forward, avoiding the magma
    flares, until you reach a dead end. Kill the two armadillos to open the gate,
    but DON'T GO THROUGH. First hop up the green rings to find another chicken. Roll
    your egg over the switches to free it. Then, go up the green rings behind you.
    Destroy all the crows to get Chicken 6, then...jump down the gigantic hole in
    the middle. Look familiar? It should. Jump into the green ring yet again, and
    go right to find another green ring. Use it to get up the cliff. Jump in the
    last green ring to return to where you started. Go forward and down the hill to
    collect your Emblem of Courage.
    6. The Traveling Game Salesman
         OK! Forty coins in two minutes--easy, right? Actually, yes. After speaking
    to the mini-game guy, grab the egg and go forward. Get every Chicken Coin in
    sight, then bounce jump the switch and go through the gate. Hop from platform
    to platform. On the other side, get the coins you see, then head up the slope.
    Hit the red coin 10 times to gain five chicken coins. Then, hop up the ledge.
    As a shortcut, you can bounce jump onto the red rail to roll with your egg and
    collect two more coins, just make sure to push (A) to stop on the cliff. Avoid
    the fire, and bounce jump the switch. Hop into the green ring, then get the red
    coin in front of you when you land. You should now have about 32 coins. Then,
    go forward and into the blue ring. Collect the coins around you. Go left and
    roll down the slope. Hopefully you will now have enough coins, if not collect
    more quickly after you land. Once time runs out you will be back at the mini-
    game salesman to collect your prize, of which there is (supposedly) only one in
    the world. Hmmph!
    7. Battle Race! Champion Runny!
        Grab the egg, go forward, and then through the blue rings. When you land,
    you will see a hideous creature that appears to be half tortoise and half lion.
    Eeeew! Anyway, this is Champion Runny. He is the running champion. Once he
    challenges you to a race, go forward and hop into a green ring, then blue rings.
    When you land, hop into the next green ring. Run forward, and hop platform to
    platform to the other side. Go left and up the slope (watch out for the fire!),
    then jump into the green ring. Grab the flagpole to win!
    V. Blizzard Castle
         A mountain covered with ice and snow, the winter wonderland that was
    Blizzard Castle has been infested with crows and covered in eternal night and
    never-ending blizzards. It is thought that this has been done by cleverly
    placing snow machines throughout the castle...
    1. Save Chicken Elder Ponee!
         Finally, an Elder with a name that doesn't sound like a two-year old came
    up with it. Maybe a five-year old (just kidding!). Anyway, Elder Ponee is also
    the only female Elder! To save her, grab the egg on your left and go through
    the blue  ring. Go left and hop over the gap. Then, instead of through the
    door, break the ice crystals on your left and roll down the hill. Watch out for
    the penguin, then roll down another slope. When you land, go left and dash [R]
    to make it up the hill. Once there, go left and roll down another hill. On the
    right is a blue striped egg, hatch it to get a Clippen. Use its water powers to
    extinguish the fire beneath the green ring. Grab another egg and hop up onto
    the ledge, then into another green ring. You should land in one. Jump up into
    the blue rings, the aim the gold one at the platform. It's the elder! Yeah!
    Destroy all the crows that appear around the Elder to open the cage, then
    quickly get all that food with the elder. Next, roll down the dangerous slope.
    At the bottom, avoid the penguins. One hit from them will break the Elder's egg
    and you'll have to start over! Hatch the egg as quickly as possible. Once day-
    light has returned to Blizzard Castle, talk to the Elder to receive your Emblem
    of Courage.
    2. Secret of Ice Castle!
         First (as always) grab an egg. There's one on your right. Then, destroy all
    the crows in the area to open the gate. Go left, and use [R] to dash up the
    slope. Use a bounce jump to break the ice above the green ring, and into the
    blue ring. Aim the gold ring at the platform and go right until you see an
    arrow. Roll down the slope, carefully avoiding the thorned fences and gaps.
    Once you land, go forward and then right. Bounce jump over the thorns and go
    forward, then left. You will see an orange striped egg surrounded by fruit.
    Hatch it. Inside is a Cipher! We can use its fire powers to destroy the snow
    machines! Now, go up the slope to your left. Hop up the ledge and into the
    green rings, then hit the switch. You can either go forward (it's a circle) or
    backward to return to where you started. Then go through the gate you opened.
    Go to the right of the room and climb up the yellow handles by pushing (A)
    quickly in succession. Then jump on the floating iceberg and onto the platform.
    Go right until you see a huge snowflake on the wall. Then, aim...and use <x> to
    FIRE! Continue around the circle and do this to the other snowflake. Then, hop
    down and climb up the platform on the left side of the room. This puts you at
    the correct height to hit the third and final snowflake, and open the Dark
    Gate...to Moles.
         Moles is a huge seal. He rolls towards you and tries to flatten you. He
    has two attacks: one where he slides towards you (pretty easy to avoid) and one
    where he becomes a huge ball of ice and rolls all over the stage (harder to
    avoid). After he slides toward you, if he misses, he will hit the wall of the
    stage and be momentarily unconscious. This is the time to attack. The best way
    to avoid him while he is in a block of ice is to run around the stage as fast
    as you can (use [R]) and to NEVER STOP MOVING! He will also create small balls
    of ice as he rolls around. Break these to find fruit. Near the end of the stage
    he will roll around very quickly, be careful while he does this. Continue
    attacking him after crashing until he is defeated. You will have to repeat the
    cycle at least 4-5 times.
    VI. Circus Park
    VII. Dark Palace
    VIII. Table of Enemies
         All enemies in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg are actually crows that
    band together to take the form of different animals. They come in a variety of
    shapes and have different attacks. Here is a table of what they look like and
    the best way to defeat them. NOTE: Bosses, such as the ones that appear in the
    second episode of each setting in the game, are not covered here. Look for the
    individual walkthrough for the specific episode containing the boss.
    small oval w/tail   walks into you         any
    small cats          bounce above           any, larger eggs work best
                        Billy's head
    very large,
    fat cats            uses hands to          Egg Shoot, Dash
                        ground pound
    large toad w/       uses tongue to pop     Dash, Egg Shoot; attack only from
    long tongue         eggs and harm Billy    behind or after tongue is
    large bat that      dives at Billy and     Egg Shoot or Dash when it has
    skims the ground    shoots laser at him    landed; Egg Dunk or Bounce Jump
                                               while flying
    gigantic bee w/     flies into Billy,      Dash after it attempts to stab
    huge stinger        attempts to stab w/    Billy and it becomes stuck in the
                        stinger                ground
    has cannon on its   fires small enemies    avoid small enemies, then hit its
    back                at Billy               cannon with a Dash
    snake w/small wings swipes at Billy, but   find a red and black egg w/ bird
                        doesn't move           footprints on it, hatch it to get a
                                               chick bomb. Throw the bomb at the
                                               snake causing it to swallow bomb.
                                               Attack while it has serious
    large purple        rolls quickly over     avoid until it stops rolling, then
    armadillo           Billy                  attack w/ Dash
    IX. Table of Animals
         There are 72 different eggs in the game, but only a few of them contain
    animals. These animals have a variety of different powers that Billy must use
    to overcome obstacles during his quest. Here is a table of the most common:
    Cipher          striped; pink/orange      body of a white rhino,  fire and
                                              red/orange horn, wings  passion
                                              and tail
    Clippen         striped; blue/cyan        horned blue penguin w/  water and
                                              red scarf and pink star life
                                              on belly
    Recky           striped; yellow/orange    yellow monkey w/ pink   lightning
                                              wings and horn on head
    Richie          striped; dark purple/     purple seal w/ spikes   ice and
                    light purple              on back and red scarf   illusions
    Runny           striped; orange           looks like a tortoise   steel and
                                              w/lion head             karate
    Peliwan        striped; green/dark green  cross between a puppy   Renowned
                                              and a pelican, green    scholar of
                                              and white               the wind
    Rabbish       striped; white/light green  looks like a rabbit   is lightning
                                              with wings            fast
    X. Version History
    2/16/04: submitted beginning of walkthrough to GameFAQs. Have finished Forest
    Village through Pirates Island, and the beginning of Dino Mountain.
    2/19/04: added Episode 2 of Dino Mountain and one entry to the Table of Animals
    3/21/04: updated FAQ. Now have about 40% complete, up to Episode 2 of
    Blizzard Castle.
    3/22/04: updated FAQ again to correct incomplete episode in Dino Mountain.
    Sorry about that!
    XI. Copyright Info.
    This document Copyright 2004 Nicole Ballister.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Story/Characters/Controls Copyright 2003 Nintendo.

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