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    Chick Coin FAQ by JulioJulioJulio / Kirby101

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/08/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Prepared by JulioJulioJulio (aka PystGohan)
    Data by JulioJulioJulio and Kirby101
    *It is strongly recommended that you read the preface before using this FAQ.*
    Current Version: 1.0 (100% complete)
    i -- Table of Contents:
    i   -- Table of Contents
    ii  -- Preface
    iii -- Revision History
    iv  -- Contact Information
    v   -- Controls
    Coin Locations for:
    VIII-- Closing Notes, Copyright Info, Etc.
    ii -- Preface:
      This FAQ is intended for people who are familiar with the game.  There are
    spoilers in this FAQ.  Don't blame us if you accidentally read something you
    wish you hadn't, and it ruins the fun for you.
      As just mentioned, this FAQ is intended for people familiar with the game.
    I'll still go into some basic controls (because there ARE certain functions
    that are especially helpful to getting coins).  This FAQ is set up so you
    can search for a particular level easily.  Click search, and type in the
    name of the world (using the exact spelling the game uses, though not
    necessarily the capitolization) and the number of the level.
      Eg.  Search for "Forest Village 1" and it'll take you to the coin
    locations on the first level.  You can also search for "Rescue Chicken Elder
    Oma-Oma!" and you'll get dragged to the exact same place.
      Easy, yes?
      So, here's one of those spoilers I was talking about.  There are 56 levels,
    total, in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, with 5 coins per level.  That's
    280 gold coins.  I'm sure you can agree that that's a LOT.  And they took a
    long time to find.
      That's where we come in.  Say you're stuck looking for the 5th coin on
    Level XX, and you're at your wits end?  Look no further, my friend, because
      And we will tell you right where to find it, provided you have at least
    some understanding of the level.  If you don't know the level, and you don't
    understand our description of that coin's location, then you haven't looked
    hard enough, and you don't deserve our help.  So PBBBBBLT!  =P
    iii -- Revision History:
    October 06, 2003 (midnight on the DOT): Ver 1.00
       Done.  With everything.  I can't believe it.  O_O;;;;;
       I've just FAQed out the coin locations for all 56 levels in 4 days.  If it
     weren't for all the typing and everything, I probably would have had it done
     in two.  =P
       Not to say this was easy by any means.  I already beat the game once, and
     made sure to find every coin the first time, so this was more of a refresher
       I really hope this helps people, and I hope they at least sort of
     appreciate all the work it took.  ^_^;
    October 05, 2003 (about as late as Oct 02 in the AM): Ver 0.80
       *yawns* I did another eight levels today, through the fifth Sand Ruin
     mission.  This version will never see the internet, since I don't have
     access tonight.  I'll probably finish tomorrow, and post the final version
     on the 06th when I get my laptop connection back.
    October 04, 2003 (later still in the AM): Ver 0.66 --
       Every level is now FAQed out through the fifth Circus Park mission.  This
     includes every Rolly, Chick, and Bantam level in the first four worlds.  I'd
     do more, but I'm so tired.
       Needless to say, the FAQ still hasn't been reviewed.  By the time it is,
     it'll more than likely be complete, making all my previous submissions a
     waste of time, but, oh well.  ^_^;
       The whole FAQ should be done by the 06th, easily.  Fewer than 20 levels to
     go, people!  Not to mention the fact that I'm getting into levels that I
     remember doing the first time, making coins easier to find... =P
    October 03, 2003 (slightly later AM): Ver 0.38 --
       Okay, so the FAQ still isn't up.  But, now I'm done with all of Billy,
     Rolly, and Chick's levels through Dino Mountain.  Didn't get a lot of time
     to play today, so I couldn't get into Blizzard Castle, and I have to work
     in the morning (usually I work the evening shift).  Sorry for the minor
    October 02, 2003 (early AM): Ver 0.2 --
       This is likely to be the first version anybody sees, seeing as how ver0.1
     was submitted only a couple hours ago.  What can I say, I needed SOMETHING
     to do while my roommate played Star Wars: KotOR.
       The FAQ now covers all of Billy's levels through the second Dino Mountain
     stage, plus Rolly's first two levels.  Kirby and I'll probably get through
     most (if not all) of Blizzard Castle by this evening, including Chick and
     Bantam's earlier levels.
    October 01, 2003: Ver 0.1 --
       Our first file.  The first 5 levels from Forest Village are done, as well
     as the first level on Dino Mountain.  That and the layout are pretty much
     it.  Boring, huh?
    iv -- Contact Information:
    You can reach JulioJulioJulio (head author and Chick Coin guru) at:
    Be sure to use an appropriate subject line, lest I think your mail to be
    Here's an example of an email I'd like to see:
    "Dear JulioJulioJulio,
    I searched (World Name) level (number), and I found that there was a coin
    in this location: (list location).  However, there was not an coin here:
    (list this FAQs location).  Hope this helps.
    Your name here.
    I do NOT want to see this email:
    "OMFG, U R So Lame B/C I Can't Fnid UR Coin."
    Translated, that means, "Hi, I'm a moron, and I can't find the coin without
    you coming over to my house, smacking me silly, and then getting the coin
    for me."
    Nor do I want emails saying that this FAQ "sucks".  I don't even want mail
    telling me how good it is.
    I just want mail correcting any mistakes I made, and that sounds fair to me.
    If you can't correct my error, then don't tell me there is one.  Chances
    are it's just a misunderstanding, and you're looking for a coin in the
    wrong place.
    v -- Controls:
    Analog stick:  You're joking, right?
                   PLEASE tell me you know how to use this.
    "A" Button:  Jump.  Tap in air (with egg) for a bounce.  Hold in air (with
                 egg) for an egg slam.  Tap in air (with wings, without egg) for
                 a double-jump.
    "B" Button:  Throws egg.  On ground, egg shoot.  In air, egg dunk.  Good for
    "X" Button:  Uses egg animal's special ability.  If you're on a riding
                 animal, dismounts.
    "Y" Button:  Uses special inventory item.
    "L" Button:  Centers the camera behind character, or centers it on a
                 specific enemy.
    "R" Button:  THIS is the button we want.  Without an egg, it's useless.
                 But with an egg...
                 R + direction ==> Run!  Wheeeeeee!
                 R + direction + A ==>  Long Jump.  VERY useful for egg hunting.
                 A + direction + R ==>  Roll in Air.  Good for moving from a
                                        green ring to a target. 
    Forest Village 1: Save Chicken Elder Oma-Oma!
    1) Next to a chick on top of the ledge after the first gate.
    2) Behind the archway (second gate), on the left side.  You need to egg
       bounce to get it.
    3) On the right side of the log half-pipe slide, near the bottom.  If you
       miss it, you can do a long jump (R+run, jump) to roll up and get it.
    4) At the bottom of the slide, go up the ledge (all the way) and face back
       towards the slide.  It's floating within jumping distance from the ledge.
    5) Hidden in the bushes behind the Golden Egg.
    Forest Village 2: Defeat Era Gecko!
    1) After the first rail slide, bounce AROUND the sealed gate to the right
       onto the bridge.  Bees, everywhere.  I hate bees.  There's a coin down at
       the bottom of the log slide, just sitting on the ground.
    2) (Back from the beginning again) Halfway down the main tree slide, there's
       a coin on the left side of the gap.
    3) When you get on top of the first tree (after the green ring and series of
       blue rings), there is a coin floating just off to your left side.  Jump
       back down to get it.
    4) In the last box behind the flame jets that surround the egg-stomp switch.
    5) Hiding in the bushes behind the Dark Gate.
    Forest Village 3: Secret Little Forest Hut
    1) From the top of the first tree the blue rings shoot you on to, jump off
       onto the barren tree (basically right in front of you).  The coin is on
       top of this tall stump.
    2) After going through the archway (the one filled with boulders), turn back
       around.  The coin is on the right side.
    3) On the right side of the tall hill, in the back corner (at the bottom).
       Don't jump off.  Water BAD.
    4) Hidden behind some boxes at the top of the hill.
    5) Once you reach the top of the hill, look back towards the entrance to
       this area.  The coin is floating off the side.  A nice long jump should
       take care of it.
    Forest Village 4: Traveling Mini Game Salesman
    1) Hiding in the bushes to the right of where you start.
    2) Hiding under a bale of hay at the bottom of the first ledge.
    3) After you go through the first hut, turn around.  The coin is hiding next
       to the exit door.
    4) After the series of blue rings, you reach a tall cliff looking down over
       the area surrounding the windmill.  Drop down from this cliff, and turn
       around.  The coin is at its base.
    5) On the platform where you begin Forest Village level 1.
    Forest Village 5: Inside the Secret Waterfall
    1) In the middle of the river (pretty hard to miss seeing, at least) when you
       first start down it.
    2) On the right side of the river, after a couple turns.
    3) Shortly after #2, on the right side of the river, chilling right by some
    4) In the back corner of the lake (on the water).
    5) Directly across the wall from #4, in the corner near the shore (also
       still in the water).
    Forest Village 6 (Rolly): Secret of the Windmill
    1) Right above where you start.  You need to hatch the Double Jump Wings out
       of the golden egg (right behind you).  Yes, the jump CAN be made.  Just
       practice your timing a little.  The coin is at the end of a series of
    2) In a crate, to the left of where you start.
    3) On the second roll down hill, there's a coin in the middle of a gap.
       Jump and win!  Fall, and... well, nothing, really, cuz you'll land in
       another area, even if it DOESN'T have any gold coins.  :/
    4) After exiting the room you enter after #3 (providing you DIDN'T fall),
       turn around before continuing on--there's a coin right by the door frame.
    5) Remember where you got the Rooster Suit in the first level?  There's a
       pillar right next to that stump, and the coin is behind that pillar.
    Forest Village 7 (Chick): Save the 8 Chickens!
       Note 1: I tend to say "first chicken" and "second chicken," etc., in the
               chicken-saving levels.  But, as you probably know, there's no set
               order you have to rescue them.  I'll try to be as descriptive as
               I can with the locations, so you'll know exactly WHICH chicken I
               am referring to.  Sorry for any confusion.
    1) Oh my god, IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!  Seriously, when you start the level,
       you can find it just back to your left.
    2) Next to the windmill blades, there's a green ring.  Next to the green
       ring, there's something gold, flat, and shiny.  What could it be?
    3) On the first tier up from the windmill area, go through the gate to the
       left (well, unlock it first, of course) and take the green ring up onto
       the ledge.  A coin is tucked next to the circular building and the gate
       up there.
    4) At the bottom of the log half pipe slide are a series of metal crates to
       bounce on.  Bounce off the highest set, where you'll snag the coin before
       belly flopping onto the captive chicken.
    5) Inside the waterfall, there's a weird blue egg.  Take it back to in front
       of the windmill and hatch it to get the shark, Kaboot.  Ride him UP THE
       RIVER, jumping over the thorn branches along your way.  Don't worry, he's
       invulnerable to them.  All the way at the top is the hill where the Emblem
       from level three was located, and, at the top of this hill now is coin #5.
       There's even another Kaboot egg, in case yours died when you got there.
       How lucky is that?
       (Finding the Chicken levels are great.  12 minute S-rank... mmmm...)
    Forest Village 8 (Bantam): Defeat 100 Crows!
    1) Inside a chunk of wood next to the windmill.
    2) Hiding behind the door frame after you go through the gate on the upper
       tier of the windmill area.
    3) Near the top of the big log slide, on the right side.
    4) At the bottom of the log slide, under a bale of hay.
    5) There's a coin floating just off of the platform where the Emblem appears.
    Pirates Island 1: Save Chicken Elder Uri-Uri!
    1) Going down the ramp from the beginning, it's to the right side of a jump.
    2) At the bottom of the ramp, after the rings, DO NOT DESTROY THE STONE
       PILLARS.  There is a coin atop one of them, and you can only reach it by
       jumping WITHOUT your egg.
    3) On the ledge across from the Golden Egg, there is a coin surrounded by
       several flame jets.
    4) After you pass the gate, it's behind one of the smoke stacks on the first
       mini island platform.
    5) The last one is tricky.  On the last island, go down to the shore and
       walk AROUND the fence.  It's best to leave your egg behind for this.  The
       egg is in the corner, almost in the water.
    Pirates Island 2: Hurry to the Pirate Ship!
    1)  At the bottom of the first slope, above some stone pillars.  This one you
        CAN get with an egg bounce.
    2)  After the first cannon, roll down the second slope.  Jump over the last
        gap to claim the coin.
    3)  Hidden in a crate, roughly in the same location the Golden Egg was stored
        in the first level.  
    4)  After the skull cave, go down to the beach.  There's a coin on top of a
        stone pillar on the high ground.
    5)  Above #4, there's a platform where TWO cannons fire at you.  The coin is
        hiding inside a crate.
    Pirates Island 3: Race Against King Clippen!!
    1) Go up the ramp and head left.  It's against the large white pillar (along
       the main path).  Hard to miss.
    2) There's a section where you need to bounce from one green ring to another.
       The coin is located at the peak of the jump, and is hard to miss.
    3) Right after #2, you must roll down a hill.  There's a gap about halfway
       down, towards the left.  The coin hovers over this gap.
    4) At the bottom of the ramp (#3), there's a green ring which propels you
       onto a platform.  Long jump off of this ledge, onto the cabana where you
       get the Emblem from the first stage.  Coin #4 is here, but you can't see
       it very well from the platform.
    5) From that same platform (gotta go aaaaall the way back there, yep), turn
       back to face left of the ramp (where #3 was).  The coin hovers there
       ominously.  Long jump over to put an end to its tyranny.
    Pirates Island 4: Save Rolly!
    1) Inside some boxes, on a ramp after the first jump.
    2) There are two ways to get this one.  I'll tell you the way I got it first.
       Kill all the enemies on the main beach (where you land in level 1 after
       rolling down the hill), until the gate opens up over the green ring.  In
       fact, you can SEE it when the gate opens.  Go up on top, and egg bounce
       ON THE EDGE of the platform.  Egg bounce up onto the ledge above, and then
       jump back down to claim the egg.
       --OR (the way you're SUPPOSED to get it)--
       Back on the main beach, there's a stack of unbreakable steel boxes.  Egg
       bounce off of these, into the green ring (which floats dangerously over
       the water).  This leads to a series of rings that allow you to jump down
       on the coin from above.
       My way is slightly less dangerous, but takes more time. :/
    3) In the first ramp you have to climb UP, there's a coin on the left side,
       just below the top ring.
    4) Break the boxes at the top of the ramp, next to the purple egg.
    5) On the second ramp you climb up, near the bottom in the middle.
    Pirates Island 5: Treasure in the Captain's Room
    1) Above the series of rings needed to open the first gate.
    2) On the swinging anchor bridge, just past the second anchor.
    3) Just after #2 is a beach with a purple Circus Hat egg.  A coin is in the
       water next to it.  You know what you have to do.
    4) There's a coin just past the far right platform on the treasure cave
       beach.  You'll need to jump off the platform to get it.
    5) Hiding amongst the piles of gold in the treasure cave.  Yarrrr, mateys.
    Pirates Island 6 (Rolly): Defeat 100 Crows!
    1) When coming out of the treasure cave, it's above the first platform to the
       left.  Basically the same place as #4 from the last level.  You can long
       jump to it from the far left platform.
    2) It's in front of the flag when you shoot yourself out of the first cannon.
    3) Just after #2, there's a downward ramp.  The coin is over the far right
       gap, near the bottom.
    4) There's another coin in front of the second flag.  Fly true, enchanted...
    5) In the left corner of the platform full of ninja penguins, after the
       second downward ramp.  Easy to miss because it's almost the same color as
       the background.
    Pirates Island 7 (Chick): Chick and the Game Salesman
    1) Not surprisingly, there's a coin on the giant slide, right after you start
       the level.
    2) When you land on the main beach, break the far right boulder, in the
       corner.  Chick coin mining is profitable work, apparently.
    3) On the left side of the first gap in the swinging anchor bridge.
    4) At the bottom of the first swiss cheese ramp, there's a coin over the
       center hole.
    5) After the first cannon ride, it'll be on the left side just before the
       second ramp.
    Pirates Island 8 (Bantam): Save the 8 Chickens!
    1) There's a coin on the far right platform of the treasure cave island.
    2) Just out in the water off the treasure cave island.  Circus hat, anyone?
    3) Long jump from the exit platform after the skull cave.  The coin is
       floating between that and the beach below.  Don't worry, you can make it--
       just R + run + jump.
    4) In the water, near the beach after #3, or where the cannons fired at you
       back in level two.
    5) There's a new island for this level, near the treasure cave island, that
       wasn't in any of the other Pirates Island missions.  You can get there
       by long jumping through a series of blue rings after firing yourself out
       of a cannon at a flag.  The last coin is here, out of reach above a
       lagoon.  You'll have to long jump down from the ramp above to get it.
    Dino Mountain 1: Save Chicken Elder Ura-Ura!
    1) Floating above the main lava pool, near the lava-fall.
    2) Inside the 5 crates behind the lava-fall.
    3) On the next island with the big dinosaur skull in the ground, bounce onto
       the ledge near the skull. There is a bridge leading to another small
       island--the coin is on this tiny island.
       A long jump from the platform you receive the Emblem on works, too.
    4) Hidden behind the ledge you bounce onto to get coin 3.
    5) Shortly after 4, you have to bounce on two platforms to get across a gap.
       The coin is floating over the second platform.
    Dino Mountain 2: Defeat the 3 Bone Dragons!
    1) Backtracking from the start (okay, so sue me, that doesn't make a lot of
       sense in most contexts), jump back over the two platforms in the lava.
       Basically, it's in the same place as coin number 5 in level 1.
    2) There's one on the long slide, after the ring match with the single
       dinosaur.  It's towards the bottom, on the left edge of the slide.
       (If for some reason you missed number 1, it's pretty obvious from the
       bottom of the slide.)
    3) Right beneath the second Bone Dragon.  It's easiest to get after you
       defeat him.  Or her.  Whatever gender Bone Dragons like to be referred to
    4) In the area (behind where you first get the Golden Egg in level 1) with
       four lava pits that jet flames, the coin floats inside the second flame
       jet you encounter, on the left side.
    5) You'll be able to see it when you encounter the third Bone Dragon.
       Getting it is a different story.  Don't miss the area below, or we'll
       all be having Kentucky Fried Billy for dinner.  (What, you didn't like
       that?  It's better than hard-boiled Billy, or scrambled Billy...)
    Dino Mountain 3: Defeat 100 Crows!
    1) Guess what?  There's another one floating over the main lava pool.
    2) Tucked in the corner of the wall (on the far side of the lava) and the
       fence that keeps you from falling off the level.
    3) Hiding underneath the first breakable dinosaur skull, after the series of
       blue rings.
    4) Climb up the handle bars, in the place where you have to let your egg roll
       on the red rail in level 1.  The coin is at the peak of this pillar.
    5) The last coin is over a yellow rotating ring, on the path back to the 
       Emblem.  Nearly impossible to miss (without dying, anyway).
    Dino Mountain 4: Chick Has Been Kidnapped!
    1) After crossing the first bridge, it's hovering over the first slope.  But
       look at the bright side--there isn't one floating over the lava this time!
    2) Buried in some crates, roughly where you get the Golden Egg in level 1.
    3) Floating just behind the caged green ring.  You can egg bounce off the
       cage to get it.  You can TRY to hit it by bouncing out of the green ring,
       but it's easiest to get before you unseal it.
    4) Hiding under the top crate, when you get to the stack of crates near the
       large dinosaur skull fossil in the ground.
    5) You know the egg-stomp switch with the flame jets around it?  You know
       how it's next to a fence?  If you go around to the other side of that
       fence (progress through the level as normal--you'll get there very soon),
       the coin is floating at egg bounce level in the corner between that fence
       and the rock wall.
    Dino Mountain 5: Save the 8 Chickens!
       Note 1: I tend to say "first chicken" and "second chicken," etc., in the
               chicken-saving levels.  But, as you probably know, there's no set
               order you have to rescue them.  I'll try to be as descriptive as
               I can with the locations, so you'll know exactly WHICH chicken I
               am referring to.  Sorry for any confusion.  Just so you know,
               when I play this level, I take the right branch first, come back
               and do the left branch.
    1) Half-hidden in the breakable skull by the first egg.
       Note 2: Those of you who are observant of coin shadows, you'll notice one
               on the ground right after the first drop.  You can't get it until
               later, so don't worry about it right now.  Same with the shadow
               where the first chicken is (inside the cave).
    2) Hatch the double jump wings, and follow the series of platforms by the
       Bone Dragon skull that the double jump wing egg lays beneath.  If you
       have some strange aversion to the wings, you can also long jump onto the
       platforms from the area where you'll find coin #3, and egg bounce from
       place to place.
    3) When you get to the area directly above the first chicken's cave (see, 
       told ya it was coming), there'll be a hole in the ground.  This hole,
       unsurprisingly, leads down to where you found the first chicken.  At the
       top of this hole, in the center, is a floating gold coin.  Yes, you do
       need to jump down, sorry.
    4) Heading back to the first area (where you started), this is probably near
       either your first chicken or fifth chicken, depending on which path you
       took and how thorough you were in saving them.  Regardless, there's a
       stack of two metal boxes with crates on top, and a green ring.  Heading
       up onto that platform, there's a chicken, and a series of platforms
       going up over near the start of the level.  Egg bounce up these to claim
       the coin.
    5) Yep.  There's another one on the long ramp, in pretty much the same place
       it was back on level two.
       Just so nobody emails me to complain, yes, I do realize that I'm doing the
       level "backwards," and that it's possible to beat it more quickly taking
       the left path and then the right path (since the end of the left path goes
       straight into the right).  But just so you know, while researching the
       locations for this FAQ, I got an S-rank doing it my way, and it took
    Dino Mountain 6 (Rolly): The Traveling Game Salesman
    1) Break the far right boulder on the first slope.  Apparently there was some
       gold ore in that rock.
    2) Floating just over the last gap when you separate from your egg for the
       red rail.
    3) Shortly after #2, you'll come to the platform right below where the first
       Bone Dragon was in level two.  Look to the right of the blue ring that
       will take you away from this platform.  There's another platform hovering
       dangerously out in the middle of space, and it's got a coin on it.  You
       can make it with a long jump!
    4) In the "arena" right before the long slide, there's a coin by one of the
       turnbuckles.  Give it the People's Elbow, because The Rock doesn't care
       what it thinks.
    5) In the corner at the bottom of the platform where you first get the Golden
       Egg in mission one.  (You probably won't make it this far when doing the
       2-minute blue coin minigame, and will need to either get it first, or come
       back for it afterwards.)
    Dino Mountain 7 (Chick): Battle Race! Champion Runny!
    1) Continuing past the platform where you get the Golden Egg in level one,
       go past the flame jet right by the lava-fall.  Turn around--the coin is
       hiding in a crevasse in the wall.
    2) After the series of blue rings, there's a set of four flame jets.  The
       coin hovers over the second jet from the left.
    3) At the bottom of the hill from #2, there are a couple boulders next to a
       stone cliff face on the left.  Mine them for gold, sonny!
    4) After the bouncing across the chasm on the two big ledges, if you follow
       the right wall, you'll come to two breakable spears guarding a little
       alcove.  You see it, right?
    5) Off to the side of the incline, there's a series of boxes with no key,
       latch, or lid, but inside a golden treasure is hid...den.  Yeah.
    Dino Mountain 8 (Bantam): To the Mountaintop!
    1) At the bottom of the big slide, be sure you break all the crates.
    2) Bounce onto the ledges near #1.  You'll see a coin floating over the next
       area, that you can reach with a simple jump.
    3) Upon heading over to the main lava flow (where you start in level one),
       you'll bounce through three green rings.  After the third, high above the
       land, is what you seek.
    4) On your way up to the top, while going up the series of green rings,
       there's a small window ledge with a coin on it.
    5) You'll have to jump down from the Emblem platform to get this one.  It's
       one of the most difficult coins to spot in the game for most people.  The
       ledge it's on has two palm trees, and it's above a Bone Dragon skull.
    Blizzard Castle 1: Save Chicken Elder Ponee!
    1) After the first blue ring, there's a sign pointing left.  So what do we
       do?  We go RIGHT.  There's a coin hovering over the thin, level ledge on
       that slope.  (It's basically right above the area where you get the
       Emblem on this level.)
    2) Down the first bramble-covered slope on the main path.  Just follow the
       arrows--it's hard to miss.
    3) It's floating by the big pine tree, shortly after #2, near the green ring
       over the flame jet.
    4) Go up the green ring mentioned in #3, two ledges up.  There's a series of
       jumps (which are fairly difficult, and riddled with brambles) that will
       lead you to the coin.  Just drop down onto the ledge after you navigate
       this path.
    5) The slope after you get the golden egg branches after the second jump.
       Take the left path covered in bricks, and the coin is in the middle of a
    Blizzard Castle 2: Secret of Ice Castle!
    1) Once you enter the second room of the level, turn right.  There's a ledge
       you can egg bounce onto, and another ledge you can egg bounce onto from
       that.  Now you just have to figure out what's fenced in by all those
       icicles up there.
    2) When you're going down the long snow slide, there's a part where you jump
       from a wide ledge to a thin ledge.  The coin hovers to the left side of
       this jump.
    3) Go down the corridor after the slide, turn left, and egg bounce over the
       ice jet in the wall.  It's so close you can practically see it on the next
       platform.  Oh wait, you can.
    4) You should be able to see it against the wall after you hit the switch
       that opens up the snow windmill.
    5) Up on the high platform in the middle of the snow windmill.
    Blizzard Castle 3: After the Blizzard...
    1) Just to the right of where you begin, there's a coin floating between over
       the void between two sections of the bridge.  Get an egg and bounce for
    2) To the left of the start, practically right over the giant snowball.  Of
       course, you'll need an egg to bounce that high, since you can't with the
    3) If you cross the gap next to the snowball (with the snowball is easiest),
       there'll be an egg and a green ring, and a shadow of something round next
       to said ring.  Gee, what could it be?
    4) Up the green ring, keep going to the next platform.  Egg bounce on those
       metal crates and destroy the wooden boxes to win a prize!  Speaking of
       prizes... while you're up there... *hint hint, nudge*
    5) Right below the snowman's body, inside, well, another snowman.
    Blizzard Castle 4: Save Bantam!
    1) When you get to the top of the hill using the rings, roll back down.  The
       coin is wedged in a group of three brambles on the right hand side.  Fun.
    2) If you time it right, you can ride the red rail down to the coin.  You can
       also push the egg down, and run down yourself along the ice platforms. The
       coin is floating over the ice platforms, and requires an egg bounce to 
    3) In the center of the big ring island, after #2.
    4) There's a coin after the FIRST layer of breakable ice on your way down to
    5) After you rescue Bantam, break through the ice wall and explore a little
       down there.  Across the way is a big pine tree.  Near that tree are snow-
       men.  And we all know what little boys do when they see a snowman they
       didn't make...
    Blizzard Castle 5: Save the 8 Chickens!
    1) In the doorway of the red egg rail platform.
    2) Above #1, under the right-most crate.
    3) Remember the snow slide that ends with you crashing through several sheets
       of ice?  On top of that cave, there is a long narrow ledge.  At the
       beginning of this ledge (where it meets the wall), there is a precariously
       placed coin hanging over limbo.  It's hard to get without dying, but you
       should be able to make it back to land with a long jump.
    4) Go to the area where you built the snowman in level three.  Climb the two
       platforms to where the chicken is held captive.  BEFORE you free her, egg
       bounce off the top of her cage to snag a high-in-the-sky gold coin.
    5) Destroy the statue on the left side of the door where the Emblem appears.
    Blizzard Castle 6 (Rolly): Race Against Queen Rabbish!
    1) Taking an egg with you, JUMP onto the red rail on the start platform.  If
       you walk onto it, the egg will go without you, and you'll fall.  The coin
       is on the return trip, taking the blue rail.
    2) Take the right fork when taking the ice slide this time.  The coin is
       pretty obvious.
    3) From the bottom of the slide, super jump to the platform that will be on
       your left (beside the bramble-covered slope).  The coin is obvious here,
    4) Sitting in the middle of the field, outside the cave where you rescue
       Bantam in level 4.
    5) Up on the bramble fence ledges above the big pine tree.
    Blizzard Castle 7 (Chick): Makin' Money with Mini Games!
    1) Hey, that's not a carrot!  Check the snowman right next to where you
       begin the level.
    2) In the second area, when you dash up the small stone slope, you can turn
       and long jump back across the right side to grab a coin.
    3) When the snow slide forks, take the right fork.  It's right in your path.
    4) At the bottom of the slide, turn left and long jump across the gap.  The
       coin is tucked into the corner between the wall and the ledge.
    5) The last coin is floating above the area where you built the snowman in
       level three.  You'll have to jump out from a ledge to get it.
    Blizzard Castle 8 (Bantam): Defeat 100 Crows!
    1) Check in the first box right in front of your start position.
    2) The same place coin #4 was located in level 7.  It's located at egg bounce
       height RIGHT over the white egg with blue spots.  Pretty evil.
    3) Located above the brambles on the bramble-covered slope.  (Same as coin #1
       back on mission 4, only now you jump to collect it.)
    4) Destroy the crates on the landing by the pine tree atrium.
    5) Climb onto the first ledge above the pine tree.  Then drop down, wedging
       yourself in the corner.  The coin is easily visible from the tree itself.
    Circus Park 1: Save Chicken Elder Allani!
    1) Either get the double jump wings, or egg bounce onto the first platform 
       after you go down the start ramp.  Just jump off at the floating coin.
    2) In the next area, after the swinging and rotating ring jumps, there's a
       coin hiding behind some oil barrels by the caged green ring.
    3) After you ride the first red rail or pass through the tiny doorway, turn
       back to look at the doorway.  The coin is hiding just to the side of it.
    4) After going on the green rail, go around and go up the green rings.  You
       can see the coin from the tent awning.
    5) Just to the left of the card suit puzzle on the ground, there's a ramp.
       You'll have to long jump up part of it, while dodging the holes, to get
       the coin.  This can be pretty tricky if you don't have a lot of experience
       with the "R" button.
    Circus Park 2: Secret of the Fun House!
    1) Egg bounce behind the right pillar, just above the egg stomp switch.
    2) Instead of going through the door, face right and super jump down to the
       level far below the starting platform.  It's locked in a breakable cage.
       This area is a secret, so, SHHHHH!  Speaking of secrets...
    3) In the first real room of the Fun House, smash the stack of crates.
    4) Turn around after exiting the room with three mirrors.  You'll find your
       golden reward tucked behind the door frame.
    5) After exiting the fun house, dash and jump to climb up the ramps.  The
       coin is in the exact spot where you started level one.
    Circus Park 3: The Clock Stands Still...
    1) When you begin going down the slide, the first coin is behind a wall of
       flame jets.  You have to time your jump to land on the coin behind them.
    2) The second coin is RIGHT after #1, and you'll have to jump across a gap to
       snag it out of the air.
    3) There's a yellow animal (Recky) egg on the clock tower.  Near it is the
       coin.  It's hiding from you, the same way so many coins choose to, by
       cowering under a stack of boxes.
    4) Halfway down the escape ramp from the clock tower, there's a coin right in
       your path as you dodge the flame jets.
    5) Near the bottom the of clock tower escape ramp, right before the doors, is
       a coin you need to jump for, just to the left side.
    Circus Park 4: The Caged Crow and the Emblem!
    1) Right next to the first caged enemy.  You can't get it by just egg
       bouncing, but you CAN hatch out the high jump shoes.  You can also long
       jump on top of the cage from the ledge nearby.
    2) There's a coin on a short slope you roll down, a couple platforms after
       you leave the start area.
    3) On the blue rail, after the two red rails.  You need a small egg to get
       it, though.
    4) When climbing the slope with the series of green and blue rings, there's
       a coin in the center near the top of the ramp.
    5) Just after #4, there's a group of four green rings spread out in a diamond
       shape.  There's a coin high above the center of this group.
    Circus Park 5: Fireworks Party!
    1) Start the level, and roll down the slope--but fall through the gap.  This
       takes you to the area where the red rails are.  In the first narrow
       doorway sits a coin.
    2) In the doorway on the circular platform with the blue rail.
    3) Fall down when you go down the short slope in an area with many rotating
       yellow rings.  There is a coin hiding down here, disguised as an ordinary
       everyday crate.
    4) There is a gold coin locked in a breakable cage in the area with the
       firework cannon.
    5) Just below the firework cannon, under the archway, is a coin that someone
       carelessly dropped in a pot.
    Circus Park 6 (Rolly): Save the 8 Chickens!
    1) Locked in a breakable cage down below the first chicken.
    2) Climb onto the second chicken cage, then jump onto the three big cat
       cages.  There's a coin on the third cage.
    3) Resting on the curved slope, just past where the cannon was in level five.
    4) Hiding up inside the door frame, after the club suit puzzle.
    5) Follow the given path after #4.  At the bottom of the slope with all the
       flame jets, floating directly up above the rotating yellow ring.
    Circus Park 7 (Chick): Defeat 100 Crows!
    1) It's hiding in a box just to the right of where you come down on the first
    2) There are three in very close succession.  When you get onto the platform
       which holds the entrance to the Fun House in level 2, you can long jump
       BACK to the previous platform to pick up a coin.
    3) Next to the Fun House entrance, just behind the left pillar, is a coin
       just above egg bouncing height.  Luckily, there's a green ring nearby.
    4) From the platform above #3, jump back down.  There's a coin.  Again.  Wow!
    5) When taking the curved slope after #'s 3 and 4, there's a coin over a
       fairly tricky jump.  You can make it, go for it!
    Circus Park 8 (Bantam): Win a Prize from the Game Man!
    1) Man, they're getting lazy with these.  There's a coin in the box right
       behind where you start, AGAIN.
    2) Down the ramp where there are usually flames, there's a coin in the middle
       of a track separation.
    3) At the bottom of the slope, in a box.  'Nuff said.
    4) On the clock tower, over the stack of boxes to the right of the exit ramp.
       Unfortunately, if you destroy the boxes, you'll have to come back to get
       it later, because you can't jump high enough on your own.
    5) Above one of the "batteries" you charged on level 3.
    Sand Ruin 1: The Secret of the Giant Egg!
    1) Inside a big urn right near the starting position.  It's sparkly!  =D
    2) Once you get onto the area around the base of the pyramid, turn around.
       There's a coin floating over the platform you just came up from.  Long
       jump time.
    3) Behind the pillar with the jet flames on two sides, at egg bounce height.
    4) Go all the way around the left side of the bottom layer of the pyramid,
       and drop down onto the platform below after the landing on the ramp to
       the second tier.  Continue moving around the pyramid's base, and it's
       right in your path by the blue rings.
    5) The landing I mentioned in #4?  You need to slide down from the top of the
       pyramid back down to it.  The coin is just out of egg bounce reach above
       it, on the rear face of the pyramid.
    Sand Ruin 2: Defeat Dark Corvo!
    1) On the second slope after you enter the underground tomb, on the right-
       most edge.
    2) In the room where you make the sand rise, you can see it on a platform
       to the right of where you first drop in from.  Unfortunately, you have
       to navigate several other platforms to make it there.  But once you
       raise the sand level, it's buried, so get the coin first.
    3) When you come back to the surface after the sand room, there is a coin
       in a stone block on the ledge above the exit.  You just need to hop a
       green ring up there real quick, and you're in business.
    4) When you go down into the tomb (second area), it's above the gap on the
       left side where you have to cross four pillars with egg jumps.  Get on the
       left pillar and then long jump back to the entrance platform.
    5) Right in front of the fog statue, on a very narrow ledge.
    Sand Ruin 3: Open the Rainbow Gate!
    1) It's on the lip of the first hole down into the catacombs.  DON'T open the
       door when you get to the switch.  There's a series of rings that'll lead
       you back to it.
    2) When you get back to the surface, look for a series of jars BEHIND one of
       the large corner columns.  The coin is behind all the jars.
    3) When you get to the second part of the big slide, it'll be just to the
       left of center and hight up in the air.  Get in the left green ring, face
       the coin, and hit "R" at the peak of your jump.  You'll spin in the air
       towards it, if you aimed correctly.
    4) At the end of the last section of the big slide, it's in the air above
       the gap.  You'll have to jump a little earlier than you normally would
       to get it, but not too late, or you'll miss clearing the gap.  Grrr.
    5) It's down in the corner where you started on level one, at the very bottom
       of the pyramid.
    Sand Ruin 4: Even More Mini Games!
    1) If you face down the front of the pyramid from the start, you'll see it
       floating a short jump away.
    2) Smash the jars at the pyramid's front door.
    3) Go down the steps from #2 and face left.  It's floating at long jump
       distance out from the ledge. 
    4) Take the green ring back up from #3, and go straight across, dropping down
       onto the platform where you started level one.  It's directly over the
       green ring that sends you to the next platform.
    5) On the path back up, when you get to the platform with the wooden crates,
       check just behind the pillar.
    Sand Ruin 5: Save the 8 Chickens!
       NOTE: The coins are ALL in the sand, and require the circus hat to find.
             You have no idea how annoying it is to describe their locations.
    1) The first one you'll see is by the fourth and fifth lower platforms on
       your way up to the base of the pyramid.
    2) There's one under the big slide from level three, by the big chicken
    3) Go just to the right of where the chicken statue from #2 is looking.  It's
       under a mushroom-like stone structure.
    4) Behind the structure to the right of the small building with the Sonic
       Team egg.
    5) By the bottom corner of the pyramid nearest the starting platform.
    Sand Ruin 6 (Rolly): Sand Ruins Under Attack!
    1) Hiding behind the second pillar on the second platform from the start.
    2) It's in the right corner of the last platform before you get up to the
       pyramid's base.  It's jar smashing time!
    3) Locked in a cage near the back right corner of the pyramid, at the very
    4) Near the green ring that leads to the second tier of the pyramid.
    5) Next to the highest green ring, at the top of the pyramid.
    Sand Ruin 7 (Chick): Emblem Atop the Pillar
    1) On the ledge behind the pillar where you find the blue animal egg.
    2) After the blue rings, go up the ramp covered with little cats.  Upon going
       down the second ramp, the coin is easily apparent on the right hand side.
    3) In the area after #2, there's a green ring sealed in a cage.  You'll have
       to jump off of the cage to get the coin nearby.
    4) Oh lord, how to describe this one...  A few platforms after #3, you'll
       find an area with a few dinosaurs, some hopping baddies, and some wooden
       crates.  Guess which of the three things I just mentioned hides the coin?
    5) Once you get to the platform where the Emblem rests, turn and jump back
       down to the area where you got coin #4.  Coin #5 is in the air on the way
    Sand Ruin 8 (Bantam): Race Against King Biboo!
    1) Hiding in a set of jars right behind the start position.
    2) Hovering high over the gap between the fourth and fifth platforms below
       the base of the pyramid.  You'll have to get to the base, and then jump
       back down to collect it.
    3) Behind the middle pillar, across from the pyramid's entrance, before
       climbing the stairs and behind the block with the flaming crow heads.
    4) Down by the back right corner of the pyramid, next to a green ring.  It's
       just hanging out on the ground, for once.
    5) Over the double crow head flame jets on the second tier of the pyramid,
       right above the entrance door.
    Giant Palace 1: Showdown with Dark Raven!
    1) Hiding in one of the flower pots, right before you shine light on the door
    2) After the dark seal room, it'll be floating over the pit after a slide.
       Pretty hard to miss.
    3) As soon as you exit the room with crow ghost shadows, turn around.  Yet
       another hidden-by-the-door-frame coin.
    4) When going down the slide with the blue rail sections, it'll be floating
       over the middle of a gap.  Easy picking.
    5) When you get to the last platform on the series of green rings and
       pillars, you can see it floating out in front of you, high above the
       floor below.  Just hope you don't accidentally miss it on the way down.
       It's a pain in the butt to climb back up.  =P
    Giant Palace 2: Deep Inside the Temple...
    1) Just to the left of the first egg, in the window sill.
    2) As you exit the first hallway, drop down and head to the right.  Go down
       to the next platform, and there will be a coin in the doorway next to a
       common white egg.
    3) The easiest way to get this one is to cross the gap using the swinging
       ring, then backtrack along the path down to the left.  You can egg bounce
       from the top of the little hill by the flame jets and grab #3 easy.
    4) You should see it--and be able to easily grab it--as you long jump to the
       next area.
    5) Behind the door frame as you exit the crow ghost room.
    Giant Palace 3: Roll Down the Long Slope!
    1) Once you get on top of the level (on the green grassy area), just past
       the arrow pointing right is, on the left side, a coin.  You need to long
       jump on top of the column to get it.
    2) As you leave the second section of grassy area at the top of the level,
       there's a gap where you can find a coin hovering.  It's to the right of
       the center of the jump.
    3) Just after #2, you need to jump over to the area where you climb by
       bouncing on pillars.  On the way down is another coin.  You can see it
       from the top, so aim your jump well.
    4) When you start going down the long slope (finally), it's after the first
       flame jet, sitting on the slide.  Hard to miss.
    5) Near the end of the slide, the final coin is sitting on a wide, angled
       platform, on the left edge.
    Giant Palace 4: Death Match! Get the Crows!
    1) You can see it in the level intro, next to one of the columns by the first
    2) Inside a box in the room with the darkness seals on the floor.
    3) On the edge of the platform outside of the crow ghost room, at egg bounce
       height.  Be careful balancing on the ledge...
    4) On the slide after #3, sitting right in your path.
    5) On the green grassy area, high above the level.  Take the fork in the
       bouncy path up the pillars, and just follow it all the way to the end.
       The coin is just sitting behind some boulders.
    Giant Palace 5: Save the 8 Chickens!
    1) In one of the flower pots at the start of the level.  Right next to #3's
       shadow, actually.  =P
    2) Go up the path to the top of the center column.  Turn around, and long
       jump through the blue rings.  Do your business on that platform there,
       then turn around.  You may have seen it near the top of the column climb,
       but you can get it now--you have to long jump all the way back to the
       start platform.
    3) Look left when you get to the top of the center column.  There is the
       coin, floating half way between the column you're on and the next
       platform.  Hope you've been practicing your long jump.
    4) After #3, there's a sign pointing left.  We, of course, will go right.
       Hop from pillar top to pillar top, and go for the coin on the second
    5) As you exit the dark hallway with big windows (where you started in
       mission 2), it'll be floating far off to the left.  So far, in fact, that
       you'll have to make a long jump to get there. 
    Giant Palace 6 (Rolly): Climb Up the Hill!
    1) A couple platforms up from the start, on the angled platform, right smack
       dab in the center.
    2) Near the top of the slide, where you cross up using the three rings, on
       the slide next to the second ring.
    3) At the very top of the slide.  Please tell me you see it there?  =P
    4) Once you get onto the green grassy area up on top of the level, go left,
       and hop on top of the columns.  The second column has the coin, but it's
       quite a jump.
    5) Right before the Emblem, just to the right of the last jump.
    Giant Palace 7 (Chick): What's the Game Man Doing Here?
    1) Sitting on the edge of the second area.  Right before the doors that
       required light to open on level one.
    2) After the room with the darkness seals on the ground, you should see it
       floating over the gap.  It's towards the left side.
    3) Sitting on the edge, after you leave the room with water on the floor and
       go up to the next platform.
    4) Floating back against the wall on the higher platform, after you leave the
       crow ghost room.
    5) Down at the bottom of the slide, it's sitting on the edge of the platform
       next to the first column you're able to jump on, easily within egg bounce
    Giant Palace 8 (Bantam): Last Battle! Crow Army!
    1) Behind the flower pot in the middle of the second room.
    2) When you get to the first set of rings, and you're spinning in the yellow
       rotating ring, shoot yourself diagonally up and backwards, towards the
       platform you were just on.
    3) After you get #2 and continue on, look left from the first platform after
       the spinning yellow ring.  It's long jump time, mateys!  Yarrr!
    4) Continue down the path after #3.  It's over the jump down to the next
    5) At egg bounce height, on the ledge just outside of the crow ghost room.
    God this game was great.  Just annoying enough to keep me really driven to
    really complete it.
    No other guide was used to create this FAQ.  All information within was
    discovered by, and is in the words of, JulioJulioJulio and Kirby101.
    Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is copyright Sega and Sonic Team, 2003.
    Nintendo GameCube, Gameboy Advance, and the GC-GBA Link Cable are copyright
    by Nintendo, 2001-2003.
    This FAQ is copyright JulioJulioJulio and Kirby101, 2003.
    This FAQ is not meant for distribution.  It is not meant to be sold.  It can
    not be edited or used on a website other than GameFAQs.com and
    JulioJulioJulio's personal website (www.geocities.com/JulioJulioJulio)
    without the express permission of the authors (JulioJulioJulio and Kirby101).
    Figured I'd better add this line:
    "All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders."
    Basically, if you see this FAQ on a website other than GameFAQs, let me know
    so I can punch their lights out.

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