Review by The Purple Pantywaist

Reviewed: 10/02/07

Watch a female person shake her secondary sexual characteristics

SRS is a racing game, a la Need for Speed. You pick a street racing car, win races, tune it, win more races, unlock more races to win and so on. Nothing too special about it, it feels generic and is probably not much better as the next competitor in that aspect. It takes place in some city, which again looks fine for the gamecube but is very generic again. There is not any noteworthy story, but due to reasons explained soon I never finished the game, so maybe there is a great plot twist somewhere .The music is mediocre, sound effect did not have a lasting effect on me in any way, positive or negative.

Differences to your standard issue street race/tuning game:
There are sanctioned races, that means, if you are bankrupt, you do those races, where there is nothing to loose, but something to win. You can only refill your nitro by doing stuff like drifts, jumps and combos thereof.

Now to the reason, why I choose this tagline: You can get girlfriends in this game. 18 of them. Parallel, they all do not mind. To "hook up with them" (whatever that exactly is supposed to mean, I am not a native English speaker, as you probably already noticed), you have to win some form of challenge, like chase them without causing an accident or earn points in a fixed amount of time. Your girlfriends patiently wait in the warehouse (!!!) for you, the (male?) hero to pick them up and take them for a ride. When you win an important race, they get excited or something and say to you... well, I leave it to one's imagination. Although the game leaves precisely nothing to imagination: In the warehouse, where you store your girlfriends (next to your cars, I suppose), you can watch "real person" videos of them. In this video those girls "dance". Which means, the wear tight outfits, music is playing and they move around without any relevance to the music, while a camera focuses on their secondary sexual characteristics.

Besides being sexist in a ridiculous, but un- funny way, the game is not much fun to play, just a generic street racer. Another major negative point is, while tuning etc your car, the game takes an eternity to load. To load the statistic of the part you want to look at. So, if you want to choose between two different parts, looking at each about 2 times alternating takes up to a few minutes.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Street Racing Syndicate (EU, 03/04/05)

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