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Red Fairy List by Cleveland

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/03/03

Lost Kingoms II Red Fairy List
Written by Cleveland
Copyright 2003 Michael Cleveland
thunder1magi AT hotmail.com(replace AT with @)

This list should only be found on www.gamefaqs.com
Please do not copy or use it for things other than private reasons without my written
Basically don't use my work to make yourself money.

Version 1.0
August 3, 2003

Fairies found 100/100

Table of Contents

1. Update History
2. What are Red Fairies?
3. Fairies by Area
4. Detailed Fairy Locations
5. Red Fairy Prizes
6. Thanks

WARNING:  Possible story spoilers ahead.  You have been warned

1.  Update History

June 1, 2003
Version .90 
First copy
Converted my handwritten notes to a text file.
96/100 red fairies found.

June 12, 2003
Version .97
Located a new red fairy thanks to an e-mail and the others with help from the Gamefaqs boards.
100/100 red fairies found
I have marked the new fairies with NEW and inserted them as 97-100 in the list.  This is for
people who may be using this as a numerical checklist.  I will be properly reordering 
everything in the next update though.

June 23, 2003
Version .99
Added some information to the Red Fairy Prize List
Reordered the fairies so they are now in numerical order

August 3, 2003
Version 1.0
Added the final data to the Red Fairy Prize List

2.  What are Red Fairies?

Red fairies are little things you find as you travel.  You can trade them to Jarvi (after you 
rescue him for cards.  Some of the fairies are hidden in rubble and wells and other things 
while some are plainly visible.

3.  Fairies by Area

This is a list of how many fairies can be found in each area.  This is for people who want to
know if they have missed any fairies but don't want to be given the actual location.  Please 
note that I have not found all the fairies yet so this list isn't complete.  Also note that 
you may not be able to find all the fairies the first time you visit an area.  If you can find
all the fairies the first time, try coming back later when you have new transformations.

Nobleman's Mansion: 3 fairies
Kadishu: 5 fairies
Gromtull Desert: 5 fairies
Bhanshea Highroad: 3 fairies
Kendarie Fortress: 4 fairies
Bhanshea Castle: 5 fairies
Isamat Urbur: 4 fairies
Upper Chamber of Runestone Cavern: 5 fairies
Lower Chamber of Runestone Cavern: 4 fairies
Ruldo Forest: 5 fairies
Fossil Boneyard: 3 fairies
Sacred Battle Arena 1: 3 fairies
Sacred Battle Arena 2: 3 fairies
Saravan Bridge: 3 fairies
Holzogh Town: 4 fairies
Plains of Rowhal: 4 fairies
Alanjeh Castle: 3 fairies
Lower Tower: 6 fairies
Middle Tower: 4 fairies
Upper Tower: 4 fairies
Obenoix Gorge: 5 fairies
Krasheen Mountain: 4 fairies
Cathedral: 5 fairies
Sharica Temple: 6 fairies
Proving Grounds: None 

4. Detailed Fairy Locations

This is a detailed description of how to find each fairy (that I've found so far)
Before we begin I should define some terms I will use:

Rubble:  Broken up piles of rock on the ground.  Rubble is a favorite hiding spot of red 
         fairies.  To check rubble (or other objects) for red fairies, just stand near the 
         rubble (or object).
         If an exclamation mark (!) appears over your head, hit the A button, it's 
         probably a fairy.

Left/Right:  When I talk about left or right it means to the left or right of your character on
             the screen.

North/South/East/West:  These are directions given in relation to things on the map screen.
                        (Press start to see the map).  North is up on the map, east is right,
                        south is down, and west is left.  If I tell you to go to the south-west
                        corner of the map, you go to the bottom left hand corner of the map.

Remember that red fairies fly around a little bit so the fairy should be near where I say it 
is, but it may not be exact.

This guide assumes that you are somewhat familiar with the maps and are able to find some
of the major landmarks within each one.

Nobleman's Mansion:

1)  Just inside the middle door just inside the entrance.  You will need the key to get inside.
The key can be found by talking to Gurd in the Sacred Battle Arena after beating the Ismat 
follower that resides in the arena.

2)  Follow the middle path from the entrance all the way to the end.  The fairy will be in the
final room of this path.

3)  Go in the right hand door near the entrance. This door is also locked (see note in #1)
In the second room (the long room) the will be a large "egg shape rock".  The fairy is hiding
in the rock.
Gives Brutal Nightmare combo.


4)  Go just through the gates, then turn right.  Follow the inside of the wall to the 
southeast corner of town.  The fairy should be floating near two men.

5)  Check a pile of sacks near the treasure chest that contains a Dragonoid card.  The sacks
are in the alleyways that you reach by running straight into town, turn right at the fork in 
the road, and check behind the houses on the left.
This fairy gives the Triple Hagan combo

6)  Check the well just before you go under the archway that leads to the card shop.  It is
near the boy who says he wants dinner.

7)  On top of the bridge near the card shop

8)  Near Katia's statue.  You should see it in the distance after you cross the bridge near 
the card shop.

Gromtull Desert:

9)  Head east from the entrance, it should be plainly visible in the middle of the desert

10)  Head east from the entrance until you reach the pool of black liquid.  The fairy should 
be floating nearby.

11 and 12)  After rescuing Jarvi go back into the cave where he was to find 2 fairies.

13)  North-east of the entrance you should find a narrow passageway.  Use a transform with
a jump ability to climb the platforms (normally guarded by a sand worm) to reach a new area.
There will be a red fairy floating on a platform in this area.
Gives Hearing Aid combo

Bhanshea Highroad:

14)  Get a transform that can fly or jump.  Find the broken bridge that leads to the castle.  
The fairy should be floating just past the gaps in the bridge.

15)  Continue towards the castle after #14 until get past the second gate.  Put stationary
monsters on the red pads to keep the gates open.  Just past the second gate you should see a
piece of broken pillar laying on your left.  Just behind the pillar, between the pillar and 
the wall there is some rubble.  Check the rubble for a fairy.

16)  After #14 after you open the first gate and go through it turn to the left.  There is
a pile of rubble there with a fairy in it.
Thanks to JGlass3 for finding this fairy for me.

Kendarie Fortress:

17)  Check the sacks near the entrance of the level for a fairy.

18)  Go through the first blue door you see after you obtain the blue key and are 

19)  Check the sacks on the small area by the water that you get to by turning left just 
before a green door.  This area contains a Mechapult.

20)  You need to fly across the water from where you found #19.  It should be plainly visible.
Gives Uber Vampire Root combo

Bhanshea Castle:

21)  Should be visible from entrance.

22)  Check the rubble just to the left of the entrance.

23)  Check the throne in the room at the opposite end of the map from where you start.  It is
the room across from the clock.

24)  Go into the large central chamber and take the stairs on the left.  The fairy should be
at the top.

25)  You should find a transformation power-up pad in the north west area of the map.  Use a
Stone Golem to smash your way to the end.  The fairy should be at the end of the passage.

Isamat Urbur:

26)  Just inside the entrance.

27)  Take the left passageway at the first intersection.

28)  Take the right passageway at the first intersection.  The fairy will be near the back.

29)  As you are following the path for #28 you will see a door to your right.  There is a 
fairy in that room.
Gives the Phantom Bulldozer combo

Upper Chamber of Runestone Cavern:

30)  Take the right path at the entrance (since the left path is the exit)  there should be a 
fairy floating at the next intersection.

31)  Take the left turn near #30 and go down by the water.  There should be a fairy floating 
near one of the water pools.  This is NOT the fairy that is on the same landmass as the dragon.

32 and 33)  Head up the ramp to where Sol is (or was if you have already done the level).  
There should be 2 fairies floating near Sol.

34)  Fly over the water near #31 to the island that has the dragon on it.  The fairy is 
floating around that island.
Gives Prayer of the Wise combo

Lower Chamber of Runestone Cavern:

35)  It should be plainly visible just after the first section of the tunnel.  It says "Don't 
let the balls of light get you."

36)  You should see it floating near the narrow flight of stair part way through the stage.

37)  You'll need to pay attention to your map for this one.  There are several "box shaped"
rooms.  You start in one of these rooms.  When you reach the next one (where a cut scene should
occur if this is your first time here) the tunnel turns to the north before heading east.  In
the northwest corner of the turn there is a large pillar surrounded by rubble.  Check the 
Gives the Crystal Rage combo
Thanks to MysticWeirdo for this one.

38) You may have to visit the Upper Chamber first.  You need to make sure the sluce gate
is DOWN.  The controls are in the area with the water pools.  You can see the sluce gate right
next to them to see if it's up or down.  Now go to the Lower Chambers.  Follow the path until
you reach an area with a set up steps that lead up to a chest.  (This is the area of the second
cut scene during the story)  Basically you will come to a point where you can turn left and
head up a narrow flight of stairs or turn right and go down stairs.  Turn right and go down.
At the bottom of these steps turn right and follow the path to a plainly visible fairy.
MysticWeirdo found this one for me too.

Ruldo Forest:

39)  Visible near the entrance.

40)  A little further past #41.  It should be plainly visible.

41)  Check the large tree trunk near the deck point.
Gives the Stone All Around combo

42)  Floating near the machine the turns on the transformation power-up pads.

43)  Check the large tree trunk near the stage exit near the 3 cockatrices.

Fossil Boneyard:

44)  Visible from the entrance.

45)  Use a jump transform on the  transformation power-up pad to the right of the entrance.
The fairy should be visible.

46)  From #45 continue along the path.  You with reach a power-up pad that will let you jump
into 2 different paths.  Pick the rightmost path.  Continue on and you will reach another pad.
Use a jumper on that one and head down the hill.  At the bottom you will see a step-like path
you can jump up.  At the top you should be able to reach a fairy.
Gives Stone Cold Sniper combo

Sacred Battle Arena 1:

47)  Visible at entrance.

48)  In the passageway directly behind Gurd.  Should be the one directly across from the 

49)  Defeat the enemy in the room past #48 and continue on.  The fairy should be in the 
next passageway.
Gives Tender Mercy combo.

Sacred Battle Arena 2:

50)  Follow the path straight from the entrance.  Plainly visible.

51)  After the first battle past the Mech door you should find a fairy in the passageway.
Gives One Way Ticket combo.

52)  Right before Katia's chamber.

Saravan Bridge: 

53)  Go to the right at the entrance.

54)  Take the first right after opening the first gate.  Follow the path around under the 
bridge.  The fairy is floating under the bridge.
Gives Lethal Orbit combo

55)  Floating near the yellow drawbridge pad.

Holzogh Town:

56)  Near the entrance (during the story mission, you start at the other side of town after 
you complete the map the first time)

57)  Floating near the stairs near the middle of town.

58)  From the bottom of the stairs head to the far east side of town.  Check the rubble along
the eastern wall of town.
Gives Elemental Victory combo

59)  Go up the stairs and turn right.  Run around the gate door and pull the switch.  Now head
to the east and check the rubble in the far southeast corner of the map.

Plains of Rowhal: 

60)  Visible near entrance.

61)  Check the half buried golem near the gate where you use the castle key.

62)  Floating just after the castle gate.

63) Check the first wrecked catapult you see for the fairy.
Gives Goblin Guts combo.
Thanks to MysticWeirdo for this fairy

Alanjeh Castle: 

64)  Near the entrance.

65)  Go straight from the first gate (where you find the note) until you reach a caged off 
area.  There is a fairy on the nearby ledge, use a jumping transform to reach it.
Gives Hawging the Action combo

66)  Right after the bridge near the castle doors.

Lower Tower: 

67)  The third room.  The one with the 2 chests.

68)  The first room after the first elevator. (During the storyline)

69)  Plainly visible after Sol chops the pillar in two.

70)  Check the fallen chandelier after opening the gate that requires you to place two orbs on

71)  Re-enter after beating the first time and check the rubble near the entrance.

72)  Go through the door to the right of Katia's portrait (the first queen for those who 
don't know), then take the left most door in the next room.  Fly over the water in the next 
room to reach the fairy.  You may have to beat the level and re-enter to get this one, I'm not 
Gives Rotary Death combo

Middle Tower: 

73)  Make a left turn at the first intersection.

74)  Make a right turn at the first intersection.  Go through the door and you should find
a power-up pad.  Use a transformation that can smash through the cracked wall to get the
Gives Temper Tantrum combo.

75)  From the start, turn left, go all the way to the far door, past the room with the deck 
point and turn right.  The fairy should be visible in the hall.

76)  Go into the right hand room at the end of the hall where you found #75.  There should be
a power-up pad in that room.  Use a transformation that can smash through walls and then go
into the room that is almost directly across the hall from the pad room.  Smash the wall to
find the fairy.  I used Chariobot, I don't know if Stone Golem lasts long enough to reach the
cracked wall.

Upper Tower: 

77)  Near the starting point there is a chipped wall with some rubble.  Check the rubble.
Gives Skullapalooza combo

78)  Take the first left as you climb the tower.

79)  In the main stairway after you go through a detour because the stairs are broken.

80)  In the main stairway after you can take a second detour but don't have to.  Just keep 
going up the stairs.

Obenoix Gorge: 

81)  At the entrance.

82)  Check the first ice pillar after the first sasquatch battle.

83)  Floating in the flat area where you fight the two sasquatches

84)  Check the second ice pillar after you fight the two sasquatches.
Gives Tech Support combo

85)  The fairy is floating near the ship.

Krasheen Mountain: 

86)  Fly over the gap left of the entrance.  The fairy should be floating around there.

87)  Should be floating near/on the first bridge.

88)  Re-enter after beating the Black Dragon.  Go past where the dragon was and fly to the
nearest small island.  Check the broken bridge parts to find a fairy.
Gives Sir Spear-a-lot combo

89)  Fly to the island just south of where you found #88 and check the broken bridge.


90 and 91)  Check the 4 statues, check the wall area where they all point to find a secret 
room.  There are 2 fairies inside.  One gives Econo Magic combo.

92)  Near the chests by the organ on the back left side of the church.

93)  At the back of the church turn to the right, it should be visible.

94)  In the library.

Sharica Temple:

95 and 96)  Both should be visible from the entrance

97)  Climb the left set of stairs at the entrance.  The fairy should be visible.

98)  After climbing the first central set of stairs check the back right of the area.  (Don't
climb any more stairs, just check the area)

99)  After climbing the second central set of steps, check the rubble near the statue of 
Ashura to the right of the altar.

100)  After climbing the second central set of steps, go to the left and the fairy should be 
Gives Lizard War combo

5.  Red Fairy Prizes

Somebody wanted me to add a section detailing what cards you get for how many fairies.
It will be incomplete until I either go through the game again or some nice people fill in
the blanks for me.  *HINT HINT*
Update - Only one card to go.  If there are any errors in this list please let me know.

After rescuing Jarvi - Tumble Chick
10 fairies - Carbuncle
20 fairies - Berserker
30 fairies - Fire Moray
50 fairies - Psycho Dice
70 fairies - Whip Worm
80 fairies - Global Bust
90 fairies - Crystal Magic
100 fairies - CircaSaurus

See the thanks section for all the people who helped me with this list.

6. Thanks

This is where I thank people who have contributed to my work.  If you have found a fairy that
I haven't, this is where you'll be.  If anybody here wants to be credited under a different
name just let me know.

Thanks to JGlass3 for finding me a fairy on the Banshea Highroad.
Thanks to MysticWeirdo from the Gamefaqs boards for all the help.
Thanks to Jonathan Ieong for pointing out some spelling errors.

Thanks to Ganondwarf, Parker, AnimorfLes, Tiggster3, James Harrison, JJFUSION7, Tyler,
and Ayutashi for their help on the Prize List.

I'd also like to thanks From Software and Nintendo for bringing us the Lost Kingdom games.
Keep 'em coming.

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