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FAQ/Walkthrough by GCNszmm

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/18/03

When all in Argwyll is lost,
There is one...

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                     / \
               _____/   \_____
              /               \
             /  _____________  \
            /  /             \  \
           /  / Lost Kingdoms \  \
          |  /       II    -----------------\
 -----------------\        \   | |           \
  \       | |      \        \  | |            \
   \       \ \      \        ------------------
    -----------------         / /
             \ \_____________/ /
              \_____     _____/
                    \   /
                     \ /
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The Guide
Version 1.0

Copy write Tyler Dinucci 2003
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

<>//Table of Contents\\<>
i. Before you start
 1. Version History
 2. My Prologue
 3. Lost Kingdoms History
 4. Story
 5. Characters
 6. How to play
ii. Walkthrough
 1. Bhashea
 2. Kendaria
 3. Alanjeh
 4. Whyt
iii. Side Quests
 1. Isamat Urbur
 2. Sacred Battle Arena
 3. Bhashea Castle
 4. Obenoix Gorge
 5. Temple of Sharacia
 6. Proving Grounds
iv. Extras
 1. Card Lists and Tips
 2. Combos
 3. Credit

Before you start///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

<>//Version History\\<>

Version 1.1: I fixed the formating, since I had no idea what the FAQ was going
to look like on GameFAQs. I added Kendaria, and almost finished the combo list.
Version 1.0: Added Prolouge, Lost Kingdoms History, Story, Characters, How to
Play, part of Bhashea, part of Combos, and Credit.

<>//My Prologue\\<>

Just to let every one know this is my first FAQ. IÕm still experimenting with
everything. If this FAQ proves to be a positive experience, then IÕll probably
make more. This guide contains A LOT of spoilers, not that the story is that
surprising. Ok, so thereÕs your warning.


<>//Lost Kingdoms History\\<>

Lost Kingdoms was released on May 1st, 2002, for the Nintendo Gamecube. Lost
Kingdoms was a short rpg, one with an amazing real-time battle system. The
story is one of the Princess of the Alanjeh, Princess Katia. In the continent
of Argwyll, a mysterious Black Fog has engulfed the land of Bhashea and is now
making its way to Alanjeh. Princess Katia must trek though the five Kingdoms of
Argwyll (Alanjeh, Grayle, Bhashea, Kendaria, and Whyt) to find her father, King
Feobene. After seeing her father struck down by the evil creature, Beelzebub,
Katia searches for the remaining Runestones, only to meet Helena, a mysterious
person in possession of the Runestone from Bhashea. After defeating Helena in
WhytÕs Colosseum, you learn she is a princess from the other continent. Her
land was attacked by Thalnos, the Enchanter, and was taking over. He sent her
to find the Runestones from Argwyll. She planned on using the Argwyllian
Runestones to defeat Thalnos. After she dies, Katia gains all of the Runestones
and must take on Thalnos. Katia enters the GodÕs temple, only to find that it
is guarded by the Black Dragon. After killing the beast, Katia is faced with
the God of Creation. She tells her to defeat her brother, the God of
Destruction, in the other land, across the rift. The other land is a complete
derelict, and Thalnos has been waiting for Katia. After killing him, his power
is diminished, and the God of Destruction rises from his body. Katia learns
that the God was using Thalnos to take over his sisterÕs continent. The God
transports Katia to his battlefield, hoping to take her soul and her
Runestones. Katia seals the magic of the God, and unites the five Kingdoms of
Argwyll, becoming the first Queen of Argwyll. Lost Kingdoms features some
memorable characters, such as Katia, and Gurd, a mysterious old lady who guides
Katia through using her Runestone. She also runs an apothecary of cards for



This game takes place 200 years after Lost Kingdoms. Katia is a hero, and every
town has at least one statue of her. Ever since her reign, every Queen will
take possession of the Runestone to stop any trouble. Since then, there has
been only slight trouble. All of the is about to change. The Kendarians have
learned to make their own Runestones. None of these Runestones are as powerful
as the QueenÕs, but they still can control mech monsters. The Queen has told
them that if they invade, she will be forced to use her Runestone. ItÕs too bad
she doesnÕt have the Runestone. What does this have to do with Tara Grimface,
the main character? Everything.



Tara Grimface: Tara is the wonderful blonde hero in Lost Kingdoms II. Tara is
an orphan, adopted by Victor. (Oh cÕmon, you donÕt expect me to say her entire
past in her profile!) Tara was dropped in the streets of Kadishu as a child.
When Victor took her under his wing, he soon realized that she had something
that would help him out greatly. This was the Runestone. Tara was given the
Runestone by her mother at a young age. This is the only memory she has. Tara
doesnÕt believe in thievery, but, she feels guilty about Victor saving her life
that she stays in the Band of the Scorpion.

Victor: Victor runs the ÒBand of the ScorpionÓ a no-good thieving group whoÕll
steal from just about every one. He must have a soft-spot, because he took Tara
under his wing when he saw her starving in Kadishu. He know uses TaraÕs power
for his own good.

Sol: Sol is an amazing swordsman with one hell of a sword. Ever since he joined
the Band of the Scorpion, he seems to be staying close to Tara, trying to keep
her safe. Sol seems to have some relation to Baron Dalk-Nok.

The Queen, Rashiannu: Rashiannu is a bit of a brat, one who really doesnÕt like
to think of others at first. ItÕs not that Rashiannu doesnÕt mean well, she
just has grown in fear of some one attacking and she not having her Runestone.
When it comes to the Runestone, her reactions seem quick and not though

Leod VII: Remember the King of Kendaria from Lost Kingdoms? Leod VII is his
descendent. Leod dreams of one day ruling of the Argwyll and taking the throne
from the Alanjehians. Leod is extremely intelligent, capable of creating
artificial Runestones. Being emotionally immature, he will let his anger get
the best of him.

Gurd: Gurd is a jovial old lady who lives in the Sacred Battle Arena. Gurd once
helped Katia on her travels, and she has some advice for Tara, also. Gurd seems
to have something to do with the Gods, but it is not known what. (Thanks to
IcecreamAssassim for informing me on this little conversation)


<>//How to play\\<>

Lost Kingdoms II might be a little tough to play at first since thereÕs no
tutorial, but you should be able to get it after a bit of trial and error.
YouÕre HP is displayed in the light blue bar across the top of the screen. If
you run out of HP, you abort the mission automatically.
YouÕre MP is displayed as a purple bar under the HP meter. You need MP to use
cards. If you run out of MP, you will loose HP every time you loose a card. To
get more MP, you need to collect the magic stones that drop off enemies when
theyÕre hit.
The cards in your ÒhandÓ are displayed in the bottom right of the screen. There
are four cards in a hand. By pressing on of the four buttons, you can use the
card. You next four cards are displayed in the bottom left
You can discard a card by pressing R plus what ever button the card is assigned
to. The card goes to the bottom of your deck.You can lock on to monsters by
pressing Up C

There are six attributes of cards. The attributes are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood,
Neutral, and Mech. Fire cards are displayed with an orange flame. Water cards
are displayed with a blue drop of water. Earth cards are displayed with a brown
rock. Wood cards are displayed with a green leaf. Neutral cards are displayed
with a purple eye. Mech cards are displayed with a silver gear. Here is the
chart for weaknesses and strengths:

Fire -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> Wood
^                                                     |
|                                                     V
^                    Neutral                          |
|                                                     V
^                                                     |
|                                                     V
^                    Mech                             |
|                                                     V
^                                                     |
|                                                     V
^                                                     |
|                                                     V
Water <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- Earth

Neutral creatures have strong attack, Mech creatures have strong defense. Both
of these types arenÕt week against anything. (NOTE: Any creature that can do a
lightning type of attack will work well on a Mech type creature)

Although there are six attributes for the cards, there are also five types of

Weapon Cards: The creature will appear around Tara, attack, then disappear. May
only be used a limited amount of times.
Independent Cards: The creature will come out of its card and attack along side
Helper Cards: Helpers come out of their card, but they do things like act as
decoys, raise attack and defense, ect.
Summons Cards: Tara turns into the creature and releases one powerful attack.
Transform Cards: Tara turns into these cards. She can walk around and attack as
these cards. Some of them can jump, and some can fly. Transforming cards are
new to Lost Kingdoms II.



NoblemanÕs Residence
Enemy Affinities: Fire: 38%, Water: 20%, Neutral: 40%
Chest Cards:
053. Dark Raven
078. Scythe Beast
# of Red Fairies: 3

Welcome to your first level of Lost Kingdoms II! In this level, you should
start to get used to the camera modes. Once you start the level, turn around
and enter the door. If you look behind the bookshelf, youÕll see two chests. A
nice weapon card such as a Lizardman will take care of those crates nicely.
YouÕll get the Dark Raven and Scythe Beast cards. You canÕt put these cards in
your deck until after you beat the first level.

Continue down the hallway. You should see a Beaker and a Dark Raven. This will
be your first fight, obviously. Throw out a Man Trap, and use Lizardman for the
Dark Raven. After you kill the Dark Raven, help your Man Trap out with the
Beaker. Recall your Man Trap by pressing R plus whatever button you have your
Man Trap assigned to. YouÕll fight some Hobgoblins, more Dark Ravens, and a
Beaker. DonÕt use your Dragon Knight, save that for the boss fight.

After two rooms, you should come to the only open door. That will lead to a
boss fight against a Hell Hound. You have to make sure to stay as far away from
the Hell Hound as possible, for itÕs quick. Send out some independent cards.
Once itÕs distracted, use your Dragon Knight and your Lizardman. At the end of
the level, you can get a Fairy, Dark Raven, or a Beaker.
Bhashea High Road
Enemy Affinities: Earth: 24%, Wood: 55%, Neutral: 12%, Mech 9%
Chest Cards:
123. Porcupig
012. Man Trap
007. Red Lizard
124. Golden Porcupig
219. Water Moray
# of Red Fairies: 3

This is the first real level of Lost Kingdoms II. Bhashea should be a time
where you get to learn about different kinds of cards, strengths and
weaknesses, and where you get your first somewhat hard fight. Behind the
horses, there should be a chest with a Porcupig in it. If you go right, you
should see a man who will challenge you to throw a card to the other side. Get
an Man Trap card ready, and get to the farthest edge of the land. Hold the card
down and guide the card with your analog stick. If you can make it over, the
bandit will reward you with an Elephant card.

Once you reach the bridge, take a right. You should eventually come to a chest
with a Man Trap. Keep going until you find Sol. Take the Red Lizard card from
the chest. Before you continue, find the Deck Point. Add your new cards to your
deck, and continue on to the boss fight.

This oneÕs a little harder than the Hell Hound. Maker sure that you have at
least two Hobgoblins. Once you send out the Hobgoblins (Two will work), you
have to move quickly. Use Dark Ravens and your Dragon Knight. Make sure that
you know where both are, because one of them tends to sneak up behind you. Keep
going and then focus your efforts on the second one. You should be able to beat
them, in time. The available cards to win are a Man Trap, Porcupig, and Storm
Coming Back to Bhashea High Road:
After coming from Kadishu and Gromtull Desert, youÕre back here again. YouÕll
see Sol, who says that the Kendarie Army is planning on getting rid of all
thieves, like the Band of the Scorpion. Sol will help you fight, but heÕs more
of a burden then a help. As you continue, you should see a Kendarie Soldier
near the bridge! He will throw out Mech Cards. Ghouls, Porcupigs, and
Dragoniods works very well. Once youÕve cleared all of the three Kendarie
Soldiers, Victor wants revenge.
NOTE: After completing this mission, you may now use ÒKendarie SoldierÓ in Two
Player Mode.
Enemy Affinities: None
Chest Cards:
172. Rock Hagan
037. Demon Hound
055. Dragonoid
027. Flayer Spawn
# of Red Fairies: 5

YouÕll be coming back to Kadishu a lot. Remember that. Once the level starts,
go directly to your right. At the end of this pathway, you should see a chest.
Get the Rock Hagan. Go back through the entrance to the town, and talk to some
of the people. One of them will mention the Fairy Man who is in the desert.
More on that later. Go through the town, looting chests and getting fairies.
Remember to check the wells and piles of bags. Once you go under the bridge,
youÕll see a cutsence where you see a young girl who looks like Tara with a
Runestone that looks exactly like TaraÕs. Seems like a flashback. After the
cutsence is over, enter the shop. Buy, Sell, and Upgrade what ever cards you
want, then continue up the stairs. You should see a statue of Katia, a red
fairy, and a chest. Go to the pathway to the overworld near the statue and talk
to the girl near the pathway. She should say something about the Kendarie Army
hunting bandits. This could be trouble.  Time to go back to Bhashea High Road
if you choose not to take on Gromtull Desert at this time.
Gromtull Desert
Enemy Affinities: Earth: 97%, Neutral: 3%
Chest Cards:
084. Venus Spider
173. Bum Hagan
068. Evil Eye
014. Mummy (x2)
193. Pixie
043. Sand Beetle
031. Running Bird
# of Red Fairies: 5

This could be considered a side quest, but, out of all of the side quests,
Gromtull Desert is the most important, especially when starting the game. If
you ever played the Lost Kingdoms, this level should sound familiar. They
updated the Gromtull Desert theme from the last game. As you all can see,
Gromtull Desert looks more realistic then it did 200 years ago.

When you start the level, follow the footprints in the sand. You can avoid the
monsters if you wish. You should see a chest, a lake, a bag, and a door. Walk
up to the bag and take the bottle, then loot the chest. Go back to where you
started and take a right instead of going straight. You should see some Red
Fairies and a chest. Near the chest there is an oil pool. Take some oil, then
run back to the door near the camel. If you wish, you may open the door near
the oil and take some chests in there. In the door near the camel, you meet
Jarvi, the fairy man. He is the ancestor of Alexander. If you go to his house
in Kadishu, he will exchange the Red Fairies you find for cards. You can get a
Sand Worm, a Mummy, or a Sand Beetle as an award at the end of this level.
Please go back to Bhashea High Road to continue the story.
Kendarie Fortress
Enemy Affinities: Wood: 15%, Neutral: 20%, Mech: 65%
Chest Cards:
005. Mandragora
110. Aggressor GL2
112. Death
178. MechaPult
071. Venom Lizard
191. UberBomberBot
# of Red Fairies: 4

Victor has decided to take of the Kendarian Runestones. Too bad that the
Runestone Caverns are in Kendaria. To get to Kendaria, you must pass through
the Kendarie Fortress. The only thing stopping the Band of the Scorpion is the
large door right in front of them. Victor sends Tara to find the switch. IÕd
love to see Victor to do this.

Go straight, and search the bags for a Red Fairy, go back to where you started.
Take a left and go up the stairs. Watch out for the searchlight. If you get
caught, the doors will close and you have to fight a mech monster. In the chest
thereÕs a Mandragora. Head up the stairs to find a Blue door open. Enter the
blue door and begins your first of three fights.

The Soldier only has a Dark Raven and an Aggressor GL2, but donÕt expect an
easy fight. Keep the boss busy with independents, then get out the summons like
the Hagans. Keep moving, because he likes to use the Dark Raven. Once heÕs
down, you get the Blue Key.

Go back downstairs and open the Blue Door. ThereÕs a Deck Point and a Red
Fairy. Heal at the Deck Point, and keep moving. Go back downstairs and find the
other door with the Blue Key symbol. Open it, and youÕll be in an area with two
searchlights. Get the chest with the Aggressor GL2. Find the open door with the
Red symbol, and fight another Kendarie Soldier. After beating him, you get the
Red Key.

Instead of taking the new set of stairs, go back to the door in the beginning
with the Red symbol. Go through the Green door and fight yet another Kendarie
soldier. After getting the Green Key, go back to the Deck Point. At the end of
the hallway, you should see a Green Door. Open it to get the Death card. If you
take the path down to the inlet in the lake like area, you find a Red Fairy in
a bag. Head back to where you got the Red Key.

You should now find yourself in an area with three searchlights. This also
means that there are two chests. One chest contains a Venom Lizard while the
other contains a MechaPult. If you continue, you should find yourself at the
boss fight.

The Soldier just has more cards then the soldiers. Use the same tactics, but be
more careful. Use Death, itÕll help. After the battle is over, you can pull the
switch. You can win a Mandragora, Aggressor GL2, or a MechaPult. You may now
continue to Kendaria.



Runestone Caverns (Upper)
Enemy Affinities: Water: 90%, Earth: 2%, Mech: 8%
Chest Cards:
053. Dark Raven
061. Blood Bush
090. Undine
034. Land Shark (x2)
192. Gorgon
194. Baba Yaga
162. Wichlette
# of Red Fairies: 5

Bring Earth cards! This level is basicly all Water cards, and Earth Cards work
the best. When you start out, Victor tells you that you need a key. There is no
key. When you start, go to the left and find the chest. Take the Dark Raven and
keep moving. Go to the right now. You should see a red Fairy. Take a left at
this intersection. Crystal Roses and Land Sharks will attack. Kill them and
continue. You shoulod see a chest off to the right. ItÕs a Blood Bush. Take it.
Cross the bridge, and take the Undine card from the chest. Grab the red fairy,
and then walk over to the Sluice Gate Switch. If the gate is down, you can get
a red fairy, a Maeltrom, and a Basilisk. If you have the gate up, you can only
get a Yowie. Return back to the start of the level, and instead of taking the
first left, keep going straight. You should see another long hallway to the
left with chest at the end. Open the chest of a Land Shark, and continue to go
left. YouÕll be in the upper most part of the chamber. Sol is residing near two
red fairies. Take the Stone Golem car from him, and take both red fairies. Run
back down to the start of the level and put the stone golem in your deck. Walk
up to the door and turn into the Stone Golem. You should be able to get a
Crystal Rose and a Stone Golem from the card draw. Does any one else think that
the Runestone Caverns are the Yyprek Mines? Anyways...
Runestone Caverns (Lower)
Enemy Affinities: Fire: 37%, Water: 61%, Neutral: 2%
Chest Cards:
027. Flayer Spawn (x3)
120. Yowie
039. Basilisk
041. Maelstrom (x2)
# of Red Fairies: 4

Ok, for this level, bring your Crystal Roses, Sythe Beasts, Archer Trees,
MechaPults, and Dark Ravens. The whole point of this level is to defeat the
boss at the end. You start the level by running. Just run. After finding some
Red Fairies, you should see some purple orbs. Avoid these like the plague.
Seriously, theyÕre really annoying. This level is very straightforward, so itÕs
almost impossible to get lost. After you go running for awhile, you should come
into a room where there are stairs. If you raised the gate, go to your right
and get a Yowie card. If its down, you can get a Maelstrom and a fairy. Go up
the stairs to get a Basilisk, then go up the stairs with the Yowie to find the
Kendarian Runestone collection. One of the bandits dies, and you must keep
moving. Open the chests, and then go through the door. You should find yourself
in an area that is very narrow. YouÕll meet Leod VII, Lord of Kendaria. After
this speech, get your long ranged cards ready. Keep going, and then Victor will
die. Boo hoo. In the next room, you should see the boss.

Yes, Body of the God. This fight can be a pain if you donÕt have the right
cards. When he launches those annoying purple beams, one group will go to the
left, and another goes to the right. Stay in the middle and you should be ok.
Get out your MechaPult, and get those Crystal Roses ready. When get goes to
swing for you, just stay out of the way. After defeating him, you see Sol, who
comes to the rescue. After this, you wonÕt see Sol for a while, but you now
need to get out of Kendaria.
Side Quests////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



<>//Card List\\<>




To activate combos, you have to talk to the man in Kadishu who talk about Z
powering. To complete a combo, you must have the right cards in your hand.
Then, you have to Z power each card in the combo. When all the cards needed are
Z powered, a red boarder should appear around all of the cards. Here is the
full list of combos and what they do: (more coming soon!)

They will follow this format:

Triple Hagan
Storm Hagan, Rock Hagan, Bum Hagan
Ultimate Pasta
Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Brine Dragon, Amber Dragon
Rotary Death
Decoy Pillar, Carbuncle
Lizard War
Lizardman, Red Lizard, Basilisk, Venom Lizard
Rocky Forecast
Stone Head, Stone Head, Stone Head
Sir Spear-A-lot
Ghost Armor, Chaos Knight
Temper Tantrum
Fire Golem, Ice Golem
Goblin Guts
Hobgoblin, Goblin Lord
Lethal Orbit
Carbuncle, Juggernaut, Whip Worm
Crystal Rage
Dragon Knight, Dragon Knight, Crystal Rose
Mandragora Mixer
Mandragora, King Mandragora, Mandra Dancer
Rust and Roll!
Acid Dragon, Pixie
Tiger Mage, Panther Mage
Just Visiting
Doppleganger, Doppleganger
Djinn and Bear It
Efreet, Dao, Marid
Triple Kamikaze
Flying Ray, Dark Raven, Dark Raven
One Way Ticket
Valkyrie, Thantos
The Masters Four
Fenril, Behemoth, Demon Fox, Ice Golem
The Big Save
Great Turtle, Blue Dragon, Golden Phoenix, White Tiger
Brutal Nightmare
Succubus, Incubus
Phantom Bulldozer
Wraith, Lich, Sekmet
Living Large
Phoenix, Golden Phoenix
Elemental Victory
Dryad, Gnome, Undine, Salamander
Skeleton, Ice Skeleton, Demon Skeleton, Steel Skeleton
Stone Cold Sniper
Stone Golem, Archer Tree, Archer Tree
Mega Tremor
Elephant King, Elephant
Time Out!
Running Bird, Gold Butterfly
Hell Hole
Gravity Pillar, Doppleganger
Spiritual Force
Earth Elemental, Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Wood Elemental


IÕd like to thank Dan Birlew (President Evil) for writing the Lost Kingdoms II
guide. It helped me a lot with extra chests, and saved me with combos. Thank
you, Dan! I also need to thank Broodwars for general knowledge on the game and
to IcreamAssassin for helping me finish my card collection. Thank you!

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