Additional ArtChris DeSimone
Additional ArtDavid Haber
Additional ArtMario Merino
Additional ArtNathan Reinhardt
Additional ArtTerry Simmons
ArtAndrew Billups
ArtChuck Carson
ArtGrant Gosler
ArtGreg Saxon
ArtJason Sussman
Director of Business OperationsBrett Evan Russell
Intro MoviePeter Besson
Lead ArtistBrian Stevens
Lead ProgrammerAllen Bogue
Level DesignDavid Glasscock
Level DesignAlly Kates
Level DesignRic Keen
Music & Sound EffectsKyle Richards
ProducerBrendan Goss
ProducerJohn O'Keefe
ProgrammingChris Bream
ProgrammingJennifer Goss
ProgrammingJohn Marzulli
ProgrammingRobert Minnis
ProgrammingKiu Pau
ProgrammingMark Randel
ProgrammingNathan Rausch
ProgrammingCraig Reichard
ProgrammingPaul Russell
ProgrammingJeffrey Wilkinson
ProgrammingDaniel Young
Quality Assurance ManagerPaul Eckstein
Voice ActingDameon Clarke


Data and credits for this game contributed by FrozenFlame44, Blueberry Buttface, and Guard Master.

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