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A stunning adventure with an incredibly deep story. 07/24/02 Admodieus
Darn, I can't think of a good Poe line to quote 03/06/03 Aganar
A Fun Game Marred By Some Major Flaws 10/22/13 Allidoisreview
I keep hearing it in my head... "pargon, pargon, pargon..." 08/16/13 Archmonk Iga
Not as good as I had hoped 07/24/04 beastiecube
You too will come to know fear, just as I have. 12/30/03 Block that Kick
One of the GameCube's killer apps turned out to be the Gone With The Wind of survival horror. 01/14/10 Bloomer
I can’t see why people loves this game so much, it’s just a strange and messy Alone in The Dark rip off, nothing fancy. 04/29/04 Braben
Gamecube's best horror game, bar none 01/06/12 Darke_Xaver
A brilliantly crafted storyline and clever gameplay 03/28/04 Dave00
The walls are bleeding, I should get that looked at… 02/26/03 Ersatz
Deserves an eternal spot next to your Gamecube. 12/13/02 eternal idiot
A lovingly crafted game of gothic horror 02/21/04 falsehead
Great concept, poorly presented 04/29/04 foxhunt123456789
This Gem Makes The GameCube Worth Owning 04/13/04 GodDogs
Is it real or in you head? 07/05/02 Guy Xeno
A Must Have For Any Gamecube Owner! 08/30/04 JoeCoolc3 III
Finally, a Survival Horror Game that Plays Well. 07/06/02 MalachiX
Resident Evil should be worried 02/12/09 Osafune2
A beacon of light in the ever darkening world of games. 02/22/04 pokylightstar
Eternal Darkness: The best game out, but not the best game ever. 08/04/02 rgw
Reality? Not in Eternal Darkness! 10/09/07 ShadowGuardian9
"This is just like that other game!" 08/22/02 Tanto
The Insanity Begins Here... 12/23/03 TheDeadHeart
The best Gamecube game out there; period. 01/22/04 velmarg

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Terrific game marred by a few shortfalls. 07/03/02 a s cook
The best gamecube game out there: No, best game out there, period! 06/28/02 cocorubs
This game is bad-ass! if you can handle one'll never look at a cult the same way again... 02/02/03 ColdDrone
Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering... fearing... doubting.. 10/26/02 DOA
Almost perfect, not quite, but closer than anyone else has come. 06/28/02 DragonShadow
An Incredibly Immersive Experience 06/26/02 Falion
Not really "scary" more "weird" than anything else 07/19/02 Fidika
It's always darkest just before dawn... 02/06/03 Gammaknight
Possible Game of the Year! 09/13/02 HHHTheGame4evr
Nintendo goes spooky! 07/30/14 HighEntomologist
Flawed but good nonetheless 07/05/02 Jacen Solo
The Death of Sanity 06/30/02 JillValentineAdvance
A very different game that ranks up there with RE and Silent Hill.... 08/04/02 KLGChaos
Finally, a good video gaming experience. 07/15/02 KungPaoChicken
Deep into that darkness peering... 07/15/02 miffo
You would be insane not to buy this. 04/14/08 Rain_of_Swords
This game is insane...literally! 06/26/02 Reloaded
Enter the insane world of Eternal Darkness. 04/27/03 Robbobloke
This can't really be happening..... can it? 06/29/02 ShyningFade
HYPE is a four-letter word.........Eternal Darkness shows its got the tools but does not have enough pockets to hold them in... 07/06/02 slikquid
Are you prepared to be scared? 10/07/03 thepeoplesgamer
Do you want to experience the Darkness? 06/27/02 tirrandir
Must have psychological horror 09/07/03 turkthered
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Is Simply Incredible! 06/28/02 Zelda642
Can you hold your sanity? 10/27/03 ZeonAce0079

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