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FAQ/Walkthrough by Muchitsujo

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/20/06


Written by: Muchitsujo, v 1.00


: #  | CONTENTS                              | UPDATED   :
: 00 | TABLE OF CONTENTS / LEGAL SPEAK       | 09/19/06  :
: 01 | VERSION INFO                          | 09/20/06  :
: 02 | INTRODUCTION                          | 09/07/06  :
: 03 | TACTICS                               | 09/06/06  :
: 04 | SPELLS                                | 09/20/06  :
: 05 | ENEMIES                               | 09/06/06  :
: 06 | WEAPONS                               | 09/06/06  :
: 07 | WALKTHROUGH                           | 09/07/06  :
: 08 | REWARDS                               | 09/20/06  :
: 09 | FILE TRANSCRIPTS                      | 09/06/06  :
: 10 | BOSS STRATEGIES                       | 09/07/06  :
: 11 | ITEM LIST                             | 09/19/06  :
: 13 | FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS            | 09/20/06  :
: 14 | FUTURE UPDATES                        | 09/20/06  :
: 15 | CONTACT INFO                          | 09/07/06  :
: 16 | FINAL NOTES                           | 09/07/06  :

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: At this point in time, gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com,
and faqs.ign.com are permitted to host this FAQ.  All others must first seek, 
then be granted, permission to use this FAQ in any way, be it hosting or 
merely taking out excerpts.  Any other usage is oh so illegal and proper 
steps will be taken.  All direct references and characters in the game are 
property of Capcom, but this FAQ and the effort put into either writing or 
transcribing is mine and mine alone.  (In other words, copyright, by me, 
Muchitsujo).  Pop culture references are the property of whomever, and while
the references may be original, the object in question is not.

or, as GameFaqs puts it...

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm just going to go at this one right now.  I personally had the
whole of the plot of RE4 ruined for me while watching what I thought was a
fairly innocent preview/review, but ended up unwilling subject to ten kinds of
spoilers flashing across the screen unexpectedly.  So I'll make it clear right

EFFICIENCY.  The methods in this guide have gotten me the highest rankings
regardless of how much junk I pick up along the way, and I've probably tested
them a few times now.  By my own admission, I try to write my Walkthroughs in a
no BS format.  This means that I'm not going to take time leading you in the
wrong direction or repeat myself just to lengthen the guide.  If it's not part
of the game, it's not in here either.

=  01: VERSION INFO  =

v 1.00

First public release.  All elements in place as foundation, with spells guide
thrown in for kicks at the last moment.  233kb.


"Flesh.  Bone.  Bound together with the oddest magickal incantation, this 
wretched book is where it all began so long ago, before time, before

"I am Doctor Edward Roivas.  I am a clinical psychologist.  I am also dead.
This is not my story, nor even the story of the Roivas family.  It is  the
story of humanity."

"Like it or not, believe it or not as you will.  Your perceptions will not
change reality, but simply color it."

"Humanity has been on the edge of extinction for two millenia.  Ignorant of
so much, and dependant on so few."

"The guardians grow restless."

"Their time once again near."

"Whether by fate or misfortune, my family has crossed their path, and they
didn't take kindly to it."

Back in 1998, Resident Evil was starting to take off for the Playstation and it
appeared that "survival horror" might be the next big gaming revolution,
something to get inside the player's head and affect them beyond the usual
scope that games took.  In response to this new genre, various game developers
took on the task of creating their own titles to compete with Capcom, with Sony
developing Parasite Eve and Nintendo beginning work on Eternal Darkness for
their Nintendo 64.  Unfortunately, various setbacks ended up lengthening ED's
development by four years, eventually pushing it to their Gamecube system,
which had already seen the release of REmake with Resident Evil 0 on the
horizon.  Though Capcom's presence had been established firmly and decisively,
Nintendo went through with the release, which went underappreciated in its
time.  But the game itself brought with it a depth of plot that was rare for
a single release, and instituted a clever set of checks and balances, and a
rather unique means of getting into the gamer's head... making it a valuable
addition to the genre which remains, to date, one of a kind.

"Their attention turns to my granddaughter, for she is the last of my line, and
the last hope for humanity..."

=  03: TACTICS  =


As a default, the controls in Eternal Darkness are:

CONTROL STICK: Character movement, aim (when weapon is readied)

A: Attack, confirm choices

B: Perform action (examine, take, reload, etc)

X: Sneak

Y: Quick spell #1 (assign spells in spellbook)

Z: Reload (hold to reload all rounds)

D-PAD: Quick Spells #2-5

Start: Access/Return from Tome (Options/Inventory/Map/Spells/Cinema screen)

L: Run (hold down, running will eventually tire your character)

R: Target enemy (release and hold to select next enemy)


Fairly soon into your journey, you'll come across the Tome of Eternal Darkness,
which is, for all intents and purposes, the spellbook of the game (and cheap
ripoff of the Necronomicon, I might add).

Once you get it, in any given chapter, you are all but immortal.

This is how it should work, but in practice, you'll do a lot of stupid things
that will make that statement untrue.  That's how it goes.

Yes, magic is all but infinite, and can be recharged simply be walking [around
in circles], and you can use it to recharge any meter you like, summon things,
disperse fields, enchant items, and create shields, but it does come with one
major drawback: if you're attacked or move while casting a spell, the circle
breaks and the spell is canceled.  This is what will keep you from surviving
for the whole game, in a lot of cases.

But still, intelligent usage of the Tome will make you close to invincible,
and close is good enough for this game.


The aiming system in this game can be as much of a nightmare as the content.

While a number of the survival horror games feature some kind of auto-aim or
a switch to first person plus some kind of targeting reticle, Eternal Darkness
has none of that.  Instead, when you're facing the general area of an enemy and
have a weapon ready to go, a piece of that monster will start flashing,
indicating where the attack will hit.

In theory.

In practice, if you're on the other side of the room aiming up at generic baddy
off in the distance, the shot will go way over their head.  For this reason,
guns are considerably less accurate in this game than melee weapons are, but
at close range it doesn't really matter all that much anyway.  Just know that
you pretty much have to press the gun into something's face if you're intent
on blowing it away.

Aiming for certain body parts over others is still a valuable practice, and if
you can get used to the system, you can use it to your advantage at least most
of the time.


Being a game that spans many centuries and various locations, Eternal Darkness
features a selected character for each "chapter" of the journey.  No two
characters are identical in terms of their items or the length of their three
meters or their running stamina.  You can generally tell who will be proficient
at what, given their character profile, but you'll still have to face some
fairly unique challenges tailored to each.  Paul and Edward, for example, have
negligible health, whereas Roberto has little magic meter to speak of and
Peter's at his wit's end.  Just build your knowledge of how to deal with each
circumstance that comes up, don't be stupid (pretty crucial), and you'll find a
way to make it through.


There's a decent enough range of enemies in the game, but for the most part,
they come in three primary flavors: cinnamon (Chattur'gha), berry (Ulyaoth),
and minty fresh (Xel'lotath).  The creatures you encounter generally involve
some properties thereof.  Whichever essence you pick up as Pious will be the
dominant force controlling the game, and most of the enemies you'll
have to fight will have these properties and be weak against another.  Think
of it as fire being put out by water, water being drained as plants grow, and
plants being destroyed by fire.  

As far as raw difficulty, Chattur'gha is widely considered to be the big daddy
of the game, as he controls the most important meter in the game, health.  For
him, this is both good and bad, as his minions' attacks do the greatest amount
of damage to the health meter, but they aren't capable of attacking two meters
at once as the others are.  They make up for this in their difficulty, as they
can regenerate limbs at will, which makes it rather hard to disable them for
any length of time.  But certain early-game activities are made easier because
of how the balance of power is structured, so you should be able to get through
the fifth chapter rather easily.  The difficulty of acquiring the right spell
components to survive is moderate, as you'll get Xel'lotath, Chattur'gha, and
Ulyaoth in that order.

From there, the consensus falls apart, but I think that Xel'lotath is the
second in line.  As she affects sanity, you can expect to have a lot of odd
effects as your meter goes down.  I won't ruin those surprises for you, but
keep in mind that they can't actually hurt you.  What CAN hurt you, is losing
sanity when you're already at zero, which will drain your health instead and
can be quite bad, as most of the time, your finishing moves will only bring
your sanity back to where it was before the enemy saw you.  Combat against her
zombies is probably the easiest, as you can kill them with one hit using the
torch, which is great when it comes to conserving more valuable attacks, but
unfortunately, this is countered by most of her tougher minions lacking heads,
and thus, weak points.  Bonethieves are unusually painful in this way.  Her
order of runes is also terrible, gaining Ulyaoth first, then Xel'lotath, then
Chattur'gha, which means you won't be able to heal your life bar using spells
until pretty late in the game.

Ulyaoth, to me, is the weakest because the attacks of his minions focus on
magic, which can be regenerated simply by moving around, unlike the other
meters that require spells to do that.  His minions aren't too difficult on
average; his zombies have an attack where they'll "sing" and trigger each other
to explode, causing massive damage to you, but you can stop this quickly by
decapitating them or just by running out of their range or into another room.
Ulyaoth also has one of the better rune orders, gaining Chattur'gha the
the earliest of any of them, which means you don't have to worry about health
as much.  It can be a minor nuiscance to regain your magic, but it's not nearly
the impediment that other meters cause.  The only real issue is when you fight
the Black Guardian and run out of magic quicker.

In this guide, I'll commonly refer to the ancient that Pious is aligned with as
your "nemesis", and the ancient that's weak against the nemesis is 
"irrelevant", while the one that's strong against it is called the "adversary".
It isn't a perfect system, but it does work.

In terms of the enemies themselves, each one has a unique weakness which, if 
attacked properly, will render their attacks a lot less effective or kill them
outright.  Usually this weak point is the head, or somewhere thereabouts, and
destroying it on one enemy after another is a solid method of crowd controll.
For example, instead of standing around and focusing on one zombie out of a
group of six attacking you and killing it, you can cut off its head, which will
usually make it unable to effectively attack, and run on doing the same to the
others until you get the breathing room to tear them all apart. 


The Trapper Dimension is a wholly wacky place that you trigger when you do
something to make the Trappers antsy (like running or stepping on them).

In a nutshell, it's a series of floating platforms which you navigate via
teleportation discs of varying colors.  Depending on which one you pick,
you'll be directed to either the Chattur'gha (Red) platform, the Ulyaoth (Blue)
platform, the Xel'lotath (Green) platform, or the Mantorak (Purple) platform.
At the first three you can heal health, or magic, or sanity, respectively,
by standing on the discs with the corresponding sigils.  The last one leads you
to the exit without incident.  You can only pick one per visit, but keep in
mind that all paths will eventually lead to the exit.

This might sound like a fantastic place to go, and it may provide quite an
incentive to go stomping on trappers all willy-nilly, but there's a price.
Frequently, in the trapper dimension, there will be some baddies running
around.  They may be as harmless as a few zombies, but other times they can be
the bigger, more dangerous creatures that you don't really want to screw around
with in the limited confines.  Fortunately, tele-fragging does work here, and
quite well, but otherwise you'll generally want to stay away from those things,
and the trapper dimension entirely if you're not interested in the risk.

=  04: SPELLS  =

Magick is the currency of the realm of Eternal Darkness.  While certain
characters only have rudimentary casting abilities or none at all, it's fully
impossible to get through the game without casting spells at some point in the

What follows is a basic list of spells and their properties.  Note that to
make stronger spells, one only needs to add the Pargon Rune upon receiving
that and the proper circles.


Requirements: Antorbok (project), Magormor (item)
Discovered by: Anthony

Probably one of the most frequently used spells in the game, Enchant Item is
necessary when it comes to reassembling broken items, but it has its combat
purposes as well.  Enchanting a weapon with an aligment opposed to the enemies
you're facing will make combat about two-thirds of what it usually is.  While
the most basic enchantment is enough to repair most items, the stronger ones
should be reserved for weapons, as the strength and duration will both improve.


Requirements: Narokath (absorb), Santak (self)
Discovered by: Karim

This is the other spell you'll use most often, though more bread than butter.
Casting it will allow you to recover whichever meter you align it with, though
using Ulyaoth with it serves no function whatsoever.  Mantorok, on the other
hand, will recover both health and sanity at a steeper magickal price.


Requirements: Narokath (absorb), Redgormor (area)
Discovered by: Maximillian

Throughout the game, you'll see various glowing geometric symbols with an
ancients sigil inscribed.  Casting a Reveal Invisible to counter these will
reveal the hidden pathway, as well as the rare secret item or enemies that may
be lurking around, that is, until the hue fades.  Longer casts means longer
lasting flavor.  While casting in the three primary alignments serves a very
specific purpose, casting it with Mantorok will do something else entirely:
render you invisible to the creatures you walk amongst.  A fun little trick
worth trying sometime.


Requirements: Bankorok (protect), Redgormor (area)
Discovered by: Maximillian

This is one of the favorite spells of certain enemies.  In short, it creates a
barrier that cannot be entered by enemies and takes the form of whichever cirle
you cast it as.  It's nice, but not something that's usually that functional,
unless you want to cordon off a group of enemies in a small room so you can
take some time to recuperate.  Purple means added poison effect, if you want
to use it as such.


Requirements: Nethelek (dispell), Redgormor (area)
Discovered by: Lindsey

Another frequently used spell, this basically is used to counter the Damage
Field that other creatures or items may put up.  Just make sure you focus on
that instead of the actual force fields that are also present in the game.


Requirements: Tier (summon), Aretak (creature)
Discovered by: Lindsey

Useful for unlocking items or tripping triggers far away, trappers are
basically as they are in the rest of the game: small enough to sneak a little,
but weak and suicidal in their attacks.  Sometimes, they're necessary to allow
a character to move on into a certain area, but otherwise its uses are somewhat
limited, unless you come up with some creative ideas and times to use it.
Mantorok can't summon these, as a bound ancient.


Requirements: Bankorok (protect), Santak (self)
Discovered by: Paul

This is the one spell that will save you in at least three chapters.  Shields
generate a series of floating balls that surround the character and absorb
the attacks directed against them, with more hits coming from the greater
strength of the spell.  This is invaluable when it comes to crossing large-
scale damage floors, but it can be good for enemies as well, provided you have
the proper alignment on it.  Purple shields bite back.


Requirements: Tier (summon), Aretak (creature), Pargon (power) x 2
Discovered by: Roberto

Bringing these critters into the world can be somewhat entertaining, but almost
utterly useless on the whole.  They can trigger things and open doors, and
that's the extent of their positives.  In combat, they're slow and not really
strong enough to defend themselves unless you want to cast and release a pack
of them in a nearby room to see what happens.  The sanity drain you suffer
while controlling the zombie is probably not worth it by comparison.  Though
Mantorok zombies exist in the game, they can't be summoned on their own.  What


Requirements: Antorbok (project), Redgormor (area)
Discovered by: Peter

After you've seen Horrrors a few times, you've probably caught on to their
long-distance zorch that can attack you from afar.  This is a beefed up version
of the same spell, and is right up there with the one that Guardians are
capable of using.  A stronger spell means more enemies or targets to hit, at
the cost of more time and power.  Another spell you'll use a lot after you get
it, as it's really the only way to defeat one of the game's bosses.


Requirements: Tier (summon), Aretak (creature), Pargon (power) x 4
Discovered by: Edward

If you don't care to fight battles directly, this is a fun little trick to use
against some of the bigger packs of enemies.  It has the same characteristics
as the real thing, but the standard caveats apply: sanity drain and no Mantorok
incarnation.  I'm more the type to charge into battle, personally, but be
warned that, like with the other two, if you choose to release your summoned
creature, it will fight you, and that's probably not worth it.


Requirements: Tier (summon), Redgormor (area)
Discovered by: Edward

From what I gather, this one will draw energies into your character, more along
the lines of a regen spell than a recover one.  You can probably recover magick
by wandering around with this one, and the same Mantorok rules apply, but I've
never had to use it.


Requirements: Bankorok (protect), Aretak (creature)
Discovered by: Michael

Why buy when you can rent, or might it be the other way around?  Instead of
summoning, very late in the game, you can cast this to actually take AI control
of a creature and force it to fight others.  Can be used to get behind certain
forcefields to disable them, but just make sure that when you're casting it,
you need to do it with the right alignment, as with everything else.  Purple
bindees get shields though, which is pretty neat.

=  05: ENEMIES  =


It's just not a survival horror game without a number of these guys shuffling
around, drooling, and craving brains... well, not so much the last one.  These
guys carry the color of their master around like any other monster, but it's
only in them that these traits are made particularly distinct.  Chattur'gha
zombies look like they've been skinned alive, Ulyaoth zombies look like drowned
corpses, and Xel'lotath zombies are not unlike Egyptian mummies.  There are
also Mantorak zombies, in abundance, but they're mostly generic and spindly,
containing no unique properties of their own and very little in the way of a
threat.  They can also be done in by a simple whack with the torch, as can the
Xel'lotath breed, so they're pretty easy to dispatch.  If you're facing another
kind or simply don't have the torch, use a melee weapon (or light firearm) to
knock their heads off, then proceed to hack and slash as necessary.  The same
basic tactics apply to the larger groups as well, these guys don't have much
they can do aside from claw (flail) at you and grab onto you and gnaw until
pushed off.  Sometimes Zombies will carry runes inside them, so don't be
surprised if some of them look a bit odd.


Big nasty beasts that look like they took a wrong turn heading for a Half-Life
game.  Basically, large lumbering creatures that shoot lightning out of their
body, which will almost certainly drain one of your life bars unless you're a
sizable distance away.  That's just their ranged attack, too, at a close
distance they can swing their paws at you like anything else in the game.
Your best bet is usually to run around them to throw off their aim, and then
hack (or shoot) their three eyes off before going for the torso.  But any way
you go at these things, it'll be pretty hard to avoid damage.


As enemies, trappers are mostly harmless.  Tiny scopion-like creatures, you
wouldn't expect much of threate from them, and true, they can be dispatched
quite quickly if you have a ranged weapon... but these little critters do
possess an interesting little power.  If you get too close to them or, worse
yet, try to step on one, it will send out a ring of teleportation waves which
will send you to the Trapper Dimension (see: Tactics).  This isn't always a bad
thing, but it's frequenltly a nuiscance.  Avoid this by sneaking by them
whenever they're nearby.  If they start chirping more loudly, you'll know that
they're rather unhappy.


In the somewhat rare instance that a seemingly ordinary human starts running in
and beating on you, you can probably chalk it up to one of these nasties, which
you'll be introduced to in the third chapter and fighting from four on.  Cut
off the head of the poor possessed soul and you'll release a little thing
looking like a cross between an Alien and a mantis.  This is perhaps the
most annoying thing about them, because it knocks off a substantial chunk of
sanity which is often rather hard to recover.  It attacks mostly by slashing,
sometimes jumping around or trying to climb inside you (shake it), and its size
does make it a bit of a nuiscance, but just because you know they're hanging
around doesn't mean you should start slashing up humans at random, 'cause
that'll mess up your sanity level.  Killing ancient evils is among the sanest
thing a man can do, but killing humans is just plain crazy.  Stick to melee
weapons on these guys, if at all possible, but if you have to use ranged ones,
only shoot at the body.


Guardians are the most diverse and peculiar breed of ancients.  Their
Chattur'gha incarnation is like a giant scorpion with extra appendages, the
Xel'lotath equivalent is the nightmare version of a dog with three tails and no
head, and the Ulyaoth one looks like a prawn sent from hell.  For all their
peculiar appearances, their methods of attack are mostly the same.  They'll
blast you with various rays and summon zombies to do their bidding, but aren't
that impressive physically, aside from their obvious lack of weakpoint.  You
can shoot them from a distance, provided you can make it through their
defensive field and they're preoccupied with spell casting, or you can just run
up and slash wildly, which isn't as recommended.  On occasion, they'll turn
into a ball of angry light and move to some other location, but the whole thing
is really just for show.  Killing them isn't that hard, they're just a
nuiscance when you have other things to be dealing with.


I hate these things.  Think of Mothmen, or what you know of them, and make them
invincible except when they're attacking.  How about for kicks, you give them
some nasty spells to cast on you too?  How about you let them summon zombies
as well?  That's the Reaper in a nutshell.  Basically, there is no great
strategy to defend against them, because they can freeze you if you look at
them while they're casting, which leaves you open to attack by their minions.
They're the ultimate support troops, so my advice is to focus on attacking them
when its wings are up (which is the only time you CAN attack them), and leave
its minions for when the guardian is wandering around with its wings down and
shield up.  Their only weak point is the body, so don't try to shoot anything


Pfft.  These only appear in the Middle Eastern temple and a good smack upside
the head sends them down.  They'll drain your sanity a bit, but it's nothing
to worry about if you get rid of them right away.


You only have to fight one of these in the entire game, but one is enough.
This critter has the ability to suck the life force out of living beings,
turning them into a sort of ghoul that will fight you much like a bonethief
possessed human, except they're weaker and don't seem to suffer much from your
attacks.  To make things worse, it has the ability to suck your life too, fades
in and out of the material plane (making it difficult to attack), is fought by
one of the weakest characters in the game, and has to be "killed" several times
before it truly dies.  Be grateful there's only one of 'em.

=  06: WEAPONS  =


The first weapon you have access to, the Gladius is among the weakest things
you'll have to fight with, but having it allows you to practice some sword
fighting techniques and its quantity and quality never decrease, so on the
whole, it's all right.  Limited range and strength, but the speed makes up for
it.  Think of it as your Kendo training sword, and you'll be all right, just
trade it in for a better model when you get a chance.  Unless, of course, you
get access to the upgraded model, in which case...


Unlike the Gladius, which can be fairly good at stabbing, the short sword is
more of a slashing and hacking type weapon.  It's also slightly weaker than the
gladius, but it does possess some additional speed and technique.  For the
parts of the game you need to use it, it's decent and has the same benefits as
the other melee weapons, but its time in the game is blissfully short.


The first [ranged] weapon with expendable ammo, the blowgun is actually fairly
decent.  It allows you to keep some distance between you and the baddies, and
it is fairly strong for the type of weapon it is, possessing the added ability
to poison whatever baddies it hits.  Otherwise, not ideal for finishing
anything off, and the poison ability is slightly exaggerated (it takes longer
to kill them than is convenitent).  Plentiful ammo though, enough to get you
by, and a solid opening attack on any enemy, if you don't mind switching
between weapons.


Not a bad weapon, a bit stronger than the short sword, but still a slasher as
it was.  Its uses are limited as better weapons are almost certainly available
in a short amount of time, but it's pretty nice while it lasts.


Highly entertaining when used on Mantorok or Xel'lotath zombies, but don't use
it under any other circumstances unless you're trying to light your way,
because it absolutely sucks against everything else.


The first big sword in the game, it actually swings at a good speed despite
being wielded by characters who don't appear to be physically able.  Its
effects are quite similar to the other slashing swords, but the two-edge is
especially neat for its ability to cut weaker enemies in half.  Don't worry
about getting overwhelmed with this baby, just slice away.


The description in the inventory would lead you to believe that these could be
a pretty nasty weapon, and considering their limited quantity, instrumental to
the completion of your quest.  Not so.  While it's an entertaining concept to
be chucking death frisbees at your enemies, that's all it is, and in practice,
they might as well be made of plastic at that.  Their only value lies in their
range, but melee weapons are generally superior anyway.  You can avoid using
them entirely and come out no worse, but they are a useful trapper killing


It's as much the sword as how you use it, and in the greater scheme of things,
I'd say that the owner is fairly adept, just consider yourself fortunate if
he doesn't do tricks.  The Tulwar is a fairly strong weapon and can smack most
enemies up a bit, but the real fun comes when you gain access to a second
Tulwar and get to do all kinds of fun, double sword moves.


Second big badass sword.  The Ram Dao doesn't have quite the cutting power that
the two-edge did, but its slash attack can knock down multiple enemies at once,
and rather easily, with the overhead strike being just as strong as ever, if
not stronger.  It's a pretty sweet weapon, and there's no real reason to use
the Tulwars after you get it because the speed loss isn't that bad.


You'd think that as technology upgrades and you move on to the pistols, things
would start to get easier, but no, not really.  If you have any familiarity
with firearms, you'll recognize these as the early front-loading pistols that
packed a punch but took forever to reload.  The same principles apply to this
weapon.  Use them if you're a good distance away, but as soon as they get close
to you, you'll probably want to switch it up to...


Oh sure, it's said to be mostly ceremonial, but this baby is your only defense
against close, resilient enemies and performs admirably.  Not only can you
home in on certain points more easily than you might with the pistol, but it
also swings hard and fast and is an ideal weapon against the wide variety of
bonethieves you're sure to face in the same chapter.


If you're playing this game, you've probably had at least one encounter with
the survival horror genre and may be thinking that once you get this, you'll
be able to pop heads with the greatest of ease.  No.  And trying it on even
some of the weaker enemies you'll find will result in trouble more often than
not.  I like it for the purposes of getting the distant shot off and quickly
popping any trappers that might be lurking around, but it's not something you
want or need to take out on a regular basis.


A survival horror standard.  Particularly at close range, the shotgun is
everything you'd expect or hope it to be.  It can take a head off any old
zombie, and a few well-placed shots can fell even a Reaper, but that's part
of the problem.  The game's aiming system is not a friend of accuracy and
the shotgun is awful without it.  Depending on how you handle things, you may
take down that big baddy with some ease, or you may end up spending several
more shots than necessary, and don't doubt that it takes a while to reload.


Another slashing type melee weapon.  It's faster than the average one and has
quite a bit of cutting power, but its user also has a bunch of firearms and a
torch that get the job done pretty well.  It's one of the best fallback plans
in the game, and probably better than the pistol the same character has, but
you won't need it too much.


Eugh.  The crossbow is probably the worst weapon in the game, not for its lack
of power, as it has an okay ammount, but because it only holds one bolt at a
time and it takes forever to reload.  For this reason, it's almost a necessity
to enchant it to ensure that you don't have to fire as often, whereas with
other weapons, enchantment is merely a bonus.  As a ranged weapon, if you have
that luxury, it's okay, but otherwise I advocate switching to a melee weapon
immediately.  It's only real advantage is that it's ranged and its primary
wielder is the weakest character in the game.  Oh, and it's fun to pick off
Trappers with.


The character that gets this one has a choice between it and a two-handed sword
for a primary melee weapon, and that's not an easy decision.  The mace swings
quickly and cleanly, without the worry of hitting walls that the sword does,
but it doesn't quite have the power, doesn't swing well as an overhead attack,
and isn't appropriate for all battles.  My advice is to keep the mace for when
you're attacking packs of enemies in close quarters and use the sword when you
have fewer, but stronger enemies and a bigger space to work with.


It's between this and the Crossbow for one of the characters, and I think I
know which one you'll pick.  A solid Middle Eastern sword with a quick swing
and enough power to tear through some of the bigger enemies, particularly when
properly augmented with an enchantment.  Very useful.


Less effective than the torch, not that it's supposed to be doing damage
anyway.  Use it and everything around you gets stunned something fierce.  I've
never really needed to use it, but who knows when it might come in handy.


You get this weapon and the rifle roughly at the same time.  It's decent if
you're okay with precision over power, like picking off stray trappers or
attacking bonethief possessed human, but it's ill-suited to fighting the actual
bonethieves and there's better stuff for the bigger enemies.


If you want to keep your distance from the one horror in the chapter you get
this, or even the zombies, this in'st a bad weapon.  It packs a punch and
there's enough ammo for it to allow you to use it as your go-to weapon up
until you get a melee weapon to fall back on.  It can even be somewhat useful
against bonethieves.


Between it's noticable power and its quick firing speed, it makes for a solid
weapon against just about anything, even the vampire and guardians that Edward
has to stand up to.


On the other hand, you get so much ammo for this baby that it's hard to resist
using it as a primary weapon.  Like the Elephant Gun that precedes it, it has
two modes but doesn't suffer from the horrible recoil.  It doesn't have quite
as much power, but properly enchanted, it can drop a horror with one double
shot, and that makes running through the city a lot easier.


The elephant gun is the first gun with multiple "modes", enabling you to either
single shot or double shot with each fire.  Considering this is probably going
to be reserved for the bigger enemies, double shot works just fine, but it's
not recommended that you use it against packs of enemies, as Edward is such a
flimsy character that he's blown back with a single usage of it.


As the last regular melee weapon you get, you'd expect it to be pretty strong,
and sure enough it is.  There's a bit of a delay in the strike, taking the
size into account, and that can be damaging if you're overwhelmed by enemies,
but it usually only takes one or two strikes to get a zombie to where it's


I've never used this much.  It's not a bad weapon, it can hurt some zombies if
you aren't interested in getting too close, but it doesn't have a whole lot of
ammo and there's a bigger gun that does.


Best gun in the game, and it's hard to dispute.  It's not enough that it has
three firing modes, single, burst, and clip, to go with an ammount of ammo
that's nigh impossible to exhaust, but it's fourth firing mode allows you to
launch grenades at enemies.  The bad news?  If you mess aroung with the grenade
launcher in close range combat, you'll probably be brought to within an inch of
your life, and that's if you were at full health to begin with.  Still, it's
probably worth the risk, just barely.


It's hard not to like a .38 special, under most circumstances, but what is
supposedly the most powerful handgun in the game is given little ammo and fewer
opportunities to shine.  It's decent for the same purposes you use the other
small guns for, but otherwise...


As ever, the shotgun proves a reliable weapon if you either don't get the
next weapon or are too spooked by its lack of range.  It has stopping power
close up or far away, but the truth is, it's wasted on Alex as she only really
has to fight one Horror and little else if you do things right.  A sad end for
one of the better weapons in the game.


I'll fully admit to being a sucker for melee weapons in this game, but there's
not much that I can say would easily top a gladius with a seven-point perma-
enchant that is aligned against most of your enemies.  With this baby, the last
boss has nothing on you.


Note: I've considered breaking things into a room by room format as in my other
survival horror guides, but I just can't pull it off in this one because there
are too many rooms and most of them overlap.  Instead, the paragraphs will
generally indicate major room breaks, and the larger sections will be separated
by cut scene markers.  I've also made every attempt to not reveal major plot
points, so while the walkthrough isn't entirely spoiler-free, you have to
really be trying to ruin it for yourself. 

Prelude: A Death in the Family - Alexandra Roivas

The game will open up with Alex fighting off baddies in a small room.  Get used
to the controls and attack what you will here, it doesn't matter.  The game
will switch to a series of cut scenes in short order.

After all that, you'll be in the Roivas mansion, one of the central locations
of the game.  If you open up your inventory, you'll find a SECOND FLOOR KEY,
but if you try to use it now, it'll break.  Head forward to the clock on the
table instead and examine it (stuck on 3:33, the same time Alex woke up), and
you'll acquire the DRESSER KEY.

Head through the door on the right side of the room and enter the library.
There are a couple of paths to take here, but only one of them is right and
that involves you turning left and heading down the path until you get to a
small area with a fireplace and a grandfather clock.  This isn't really a
puzzle, just make this clock look like every other one in the game thus far
(3:33) and a passage will open up behind you (you'll know when you've done it

You'll now be in Edward's study.  There are a few things to do in here, but
the game is making a big deal out of the book sitting there on the desk, so you
might as well give that a look-see.  Oh, snap!  Historical flashback!  It'll
all make sense later.

Chapter One: Pious Augustus

|ACT 1: The Chosen One|

After a series of scenes, you'll be in a temple controlling Pious Augustus.
Head down the ladder in front of you.

In the hallway, there's a corpse in front of a cube near the end.  As you walk
towards it, it will stand up.  This is one of the Mantorok ZOMBIES, and there
are two more stumbling around nearby.  Kill them all, but don't worry about
finishing them off because for Pious, it doesn't matter.  Pick up the GRANITE
BLOCK at the end, and head through the door.

In the next room, there are more ZOMBIES wandering around, two of them.  Slay
'em and pick up the second GRANITE BLOCK from the circle and move out the
second door.

The next room has four ZOMBIES in close proximity and a fifth on the other end
of the hall.  This is your first instance of close combat, so I'd recommend
slashing some heads off and running around so as to avoid any mishaps with the
clawing and whatnot.  After you've finished the first four off, head down to
the end and take on the last one, grabbing the next GRANITE BLOCK when you're
done.  Head down the ladder you passed.

This is a short little t-shaped hallway, with only one ZOMBIE to kill.  You
can't go to the left just yet because it's blocked, so head right through the

This is the block room, where all these granite bits you've been lugging around
start to make sense.  First, there are four ZOMBIES to kill in the lower area.
Pick up the fourth GRANITE BLOCK, then start plugging them into their
respective holes near the wall sigils.  Do it right or you'll have to fight
more ZOMBIES, which is just pointless.

When you're done, head out and through the t-shaped hall to a new statue room.
This is one of those "learn how to play the game" rooms, but it's not too
painful.  Just slash off the various parts of the statue, leaving the torso for
last, and you'll be allowed to continue on (read the blurb if you don't know

In the next room, there are three more ZOMBIES, but you should be fairly adept
by now at dealing with them.  Press the button on the glowing disc that was
highlighted when you entered the room, and you'll get a teleporter to lead
you on.

There's no exit from this room, but you won't really need one.  This is the big
decision.  From here, you'll have to decide which artifact to take.  This'll
determine the course of the game from here on out, and what meter will rule
your game.  Green (sanity) is the easiest, blue (magic) is a little more
difficult, and red (health) is the hardest.  Pick one and you'll be on your
way, spiraling downwards into the inevitable madness.

|ACT 2: The Eternal Darkness|

Well, here we are again in the current era as Alex.  Now we know what we're
up against.  Turn around and grab the page behind you on the wall, and use it
to start up the next chapter.

Chapter Two: Ellia

|ACT 1: The Binding of the Corpse God|

There are a few scenes before you can get going with this, so just sit back and
enjoy.  When you regain control, you'll be inside the Cambodian temple, facing
a statue.  The statue has a necklace, but I don't recommend taking it just yet
as it'll cut off your access to certain areas.  Instead, go into the room on
the left.

Here you'll see a number of zombie types on the floor, but they aren't planning
on getting up just yet, so you're in the clear.  Examine the mantle with all
the candles on it and take note of their arrangement with regard to the carving
behind them.  Once you've checked them out, head to the right out into another

There will be a short scene which will indicate to you what you're up against
here.  The floors throughout this temple are going to be trapped, and the only
way to come through it all safely is to avoid the light colored tiles.  There
will be times when you have to step on some to get through, though, so just be
sure you time it right and you'll make it through okay.

On the other end of the hall is a chamber not unlike the one you were just in
save for the fact that there's a ZOMBIE on the floor, aligned with one of the
ancients Pious didn't choose.  You'll get a brief explanation on sanity and
finishing moves, which are now relevant, then you'll be set against this thing.
Hack its head off then tear the rest of it to pieces.  When you're done, check
the mantle and adjust the candles to reflect the carving.  Pick up the BRONZE
NECKLACE nearby, then make your way back through the trap hallway.

The three ZOMBIES previously unconscious on the floor are fully awakened now,
so chop them up and make your way out of here.  In the main room with the
statue, you can now remove the STRANGE NECKLACE and replace it with the bronze.
This item will cast a healing spell when you use it, just make sure you're
standing still on solid ground while it does it.  When you're done, head to
the right.

The candle in the first chamber is good to go, so don't worry about it, just
know the the adjoining hallway is just as trapped as the last one.  At the end,
there's another candle chamber with another ZOMBIE aligned with the remaining
ancient.  Beat it down, then adjust the candle to reflect the carving and a
hallway will open up.  This one has as many traps as any of them, but you only
need to get halfway into it before you can grab the BLOWGUN.  Unfortunately,
this will drop you into the lower part of the temple with no clear escape
routes.  Also, your sword will break.

Now you have a couple of ZOMBIES aligned with your villain who are intent on
messing with a poor guard.  Use the new weapon to take 'em out, and avoid the
guard, because it's nice to do so (no impact on the game, actually).  Once
those guys are gone, pick up the BROKEN SHORT SWORD and talk to the guard.
He'll repair it with a spell.  That in your inventory, head out through another
trapped hallway.

This is the first in a short series of rooms with reliefs in them.  There are
a couple of lower level ZOMBIES in here, but nothing to be too concerned about.
Whup 'em, take a look at the pretty pictures, then continue on through the
next trapped hallway.  This one will open up into another relief room, with
four ZOMBIES.  They'll be of varying alignments and fighting each other for no
clear reason, as of yet.  Check out their alignments...  Let it go, then take
on the survivors.  Check the relief, if you're so inclined, then head through a
small  passage on the other side and you'll get a couple of scenes.

|ACT 2: Chaos Entombed|

Pick up the METAL STAFF from the statue.  You'll be needing it not long from
now.  You can wander around this room, finding a statue and a blocked door, but
there's little you can do here, so you might as well head back and see if
there's anything new you can do.

In the relief room immediately preceeding the large chamber, there will be
three ZOMBIES aligned with Pious.  There's nothing to distract them this time,
so you might as well run around taking your headshots, then finish the job.
The next trap hallway will also have three or so weak ZOMBIES, but the good
(fun) news is that they can be caught in traps rather easily, which means you
only have to do the move to regain some sanity on the cheap.  The other relief
room will feature four dominant ZOMBIES, which could spell trouble as they're
all hanging around your entrance.  Just be sure none of them get behind you,
and you should be all right.  About halfway between the two doors, there will
be a slot in the central sculpture which you should use the METAL STAFF on.

Heading back to the central chamber, there won't be any baddies to worry about,
just the same old traps.  Head to the far end of the chamber and you'll get a
couple of scenes which will signify the end for Ellia's involvement in the

|ACT 3: Death of a Dancing Girl|

Back with Alex.  The room will pan over to a newly highlighted candle puzzle.
Before you solve that, though, I think now is as good a time as any to point
you in the direction of the GLADIUS by the fireplace, which you might as well
take.  Solve the puzzle and you'll get a MESSAGE TUBE.  Use the CHAPTER PAGE
to start the next section.

|ACT 4: The Absent Horror|

A short FMV dialogue scene between Pious and his chosen ancient.  Just sit
back and enjoy it.

Chapter Three: Anthony

|ACT 1: Suspicions of Conspiracy|

After the first few intro scenes, Anthony will be standing at the entrance of
a church.  Anthony's out to do some serious meddling for the light, but there
are just too many witnesses wandering around and the door on the left side,
which you'll need to enter eventually, is locked.  Talk to a few of the monks
and you'll start to get an idea of what exactly is going on.  To get the monks
moving you'll have to do something most uncouth: examine and open the casket at
the head of the room.  You'll have a short dialogue with one of the monks, who
recommends you find the bishop and hands you a SCRAMASAX, which is to be your
weapon for much of the chapter.

Since you can't get through the downstairs door just yet, try heading upstairs.
Along the way, you'll get a weird warp effect and you'll be in the Hallway of
Eternal Darkness.  Get used to this place, you'll be seeing it a lot, but each
time, all you have to do is grab the TOME from the center and you'll be warped
back to where you were.  That in tow, continue upstairs.

(Don't worry about Anthony, this will be happening a lot).  Now that you've
cleared those meddling monks out of the area, there's no one up here to keep
you from picking up items as you will.  On the right side there will be a shelf
with a BLUE URN on it.  Pick it up, then use it and it will break, giving you
the BROKEN BLUE URN and your first rune, which is dependant on what Pious
picked.  Chattur'gha will lead you to pick up a Xel'lotath rune, Ulyaoth yields
Chatturgha, and Xel'lotath yields Ulyaoth.  In short, whichever Ancient is
least important to your cause. You'll also want to pick up that nifty
THREE-POINT CIRCLE OF POWER on the podium too.  With the area clear, you will
also notice an odd, out of place book on the central shelf by the podium.  I'm
sure you've seen enough movies or read enough books to know what this means...
so move it.

Down in the lower area, head through the obscured doorway and you'll meet up
with a rune ZOMBIE, thusly named for the prize it yields, which is an ANTORBOK
rune.  It's a little more difficult than the av-er-age zombie, but just keep
swinging and you'll get it before the second ZOMBIE comes stumbling too close.
Kill that one too, and the third ZOMBIE by the end of the hall.

In the next room, you'll see a monk fending off some low level ZOMBIES with a
TORCH.  He drops it, but you can run in and pick it up, using it to one-hit
kill the remaining two.  When you're done, talk to the nice monk and get a
TWO-EDGED SWORD.  It's the first badass melee weapon available, but you'll
want to keep the torch active for now, so that you can use it to pick up a
piece of the BROKEN GREEN URN off the floor ahead by the door, and another two
pieces by the bookshelf.  Once you have and have mixed all three pieces
together, go through the door.  Leave the torch equipped for now, as you'll be
fighting mostly weak enemies for a while.

You'll immediately see another rune ZOMBIE preview, so keep that torch handy.
On your way down, pick up the MAGORMOR CODEX, then bust up the ZOMBIE for the
actual MAGORMOR RUNE.  First complete set.  Head through the door at the

After the scene, you'll have two Mantorok ZOMBIE fighting your nemesis'
ZOMBIE, so wait this one out until you can pick off a survivor.  There's
another CODEX in here, this one for whichever run you got from the urn.  Pick
up the RED URN by the fountain.  You'll have to fill all your urns at some
point, but they've already taken care of this one for you.  To continue on in
this place, you'll have to swing the torch at the wall tapestry and reveal
another hidden door.  This short hallway doesn't really deserve a separate
paragraph, but there is a highly-flamable ZOMBIE in here before you can reach
the next door.

There will be a quick scene in the next room that will point you to where
you'll need to be going.  Notice the circle pattern on the floor, though you
won't be able to do anything with it just yet.  Pick the "ENCHANT ITEM" SPELL
SCROLL from the table and you'll get the old spell tutorial.  When you get the
ANTORBOK CODEX from the side, it'll be that plus a quick spell tutorial.  Use
the spell to fix the urns and head back out to the fountain room.

Here, you'll want to fill up the fixed urns at the fountain.  Now head back
to the room you picked up the spell scroll in and use all three urns on the
floor pattern.  Follow the path that opens to a door at the end.

In here, you'll meet with the limping MONK.  Unfortunately, he's not in the
best of health, sanity or otherwise, so switch to the Two-edged sword and
start hacking at his head.  The two nemesis ZOMBIES will get up and join the
fun, so dispatch them similarly.  The monk will drop the BISHOP'S KEY when he
goes down.  There's nothing else to do here, so you might as well start heading
for the chapel.  Ugh.

In the first hallway, there will be two weak ZOMBIES, so have that torch handy.
Anthony ain't doin' so well now, but the good news is that his health has a few
odd perks to it.  The library area has two more weak ZOMBIES.  In the hallway
beyond, you'll meet your first TRAPPER.  Hold X to sneak by it, it's completely
blind but still dangerous (see trapper info in previous sections), to a certain
extent.  Aw hell, just step on it and get the trial over with.  Remember what
I've told you about these places and you'll do fine, just take the opportunity
to recharge one of your meters while you're there.

The fountain room does have a TRAPPER in it, so sneak by and you'll make it to
the stairwell, where a trio of weak ZOMBIES await.  Torch and stab 'em, then
continue on.  There's nothing in the next two rooms, but up the ladder...

You'll have to fight your first HORROR, who has sealed the entrance to the
staircase.  Horrors are a severe pain, and you can't do anything about them
save for running around with the big sword and hacking at the three eyes.
Avoid the lightning and try not to get too hurt, as this first battle will
generally take its toll all around (particularly health and sanity), if you
try to get too cute with it.  Just run in and slash the bloody thing until it's

On the staircase, you have three weak ZOMBIES to play with before you can make
it to the door.  Side note, but this is a really entertaining time to have a
weird sanity effect.  Anyway, once you've cut them out of the picture, use the
key on the door.

|ACT 2: A Conspiracy Revealed|

Another set of scenes that will close the chapter.  I suppose they weren't
supposed to be all that funny, but I find all the drama to a be a bit comical.

Back as Alex, you're now able to use a spell to fix the SECOND FLOOR KEY after
you use it, so head out of the study for now and start exploring the upper
level of the mansion in some detail.  Head to the right in the hallway and into
the master bedroom.  On the table with the lamp you can pick up some .38
REVOLVER AMMO.  Head into the bathroom and you can pick up the JOURNAL OF M.
ROIVAS, P1 for some backstory.  There's also something in the tub, but it's not
for the faint of heart...

Well, let's head back out into the hallway.  Run down to the end and take that
door on the right.  More .38 REVOLVER AMMO on the right desk here, but check
the painting on the left desk to pick up the next CHAPTER PAGE.  You know the

Chapter Four: Karim

|ACT 1: The Gift of Forever|

After a series of introduction scenes, which don't explain quite enough, you'll
be in a rather familiar place once visited by Pious.  Head forward to the
ladder and you'll be transported to the Hallway of Eternal Darkness.  Grab
the Tome and you'll be back at the entrance, with five Mantorok ZOMBIES of
varying sizes coming after you.  The biggest thing here is to keep yourself
from getting cornered and decap them when the opportunity presents.  That way,
you can avoid too much damage.

Down the ladder, head forward until you encounter two of your nemesis' ZOMBIES.
Fight 'em off and pick up the STATUETTE on the pedestal.  To the left will be
two more ZOMBIES of the same type, one of which carries a SANTAK RUNE.  Climb
up the ladder to get out of the tunnel.

You'll notice three circles on the floor in this room, and each of them will
make a noise once you stand on them.  Use your STATUETTE on one of them, then
move to the other side of your room, where your new rune will dissipate a
force field and allow you to use the next ladder.

Pick the TORCH up off the wall near the bottom of the ladder before continuing
on.  Once this tunnel opens up, you'll see three more nemesis ZOMBIES, another
STATUETTE, and the CODEX for your nemesis' rune.  Take those ZOMBIES out before
turning your attentions to the haul.  There's no other way out of here, so go
back to the previous room, place the other STATUETTE on a different circle,
then stand on the third on yourself.  This will raise the central platform, but
also release four TRAPPERS in the process.  Sneak by 'em and head down, using
the platform as an elevator.

Follow the hallway to the end, where you'll find a soldier with a second TULWAR
imbedded in his back.  This will give you access to the dual sword techniques,
which are kind of fun, but as you head to the door, the soldier will stand up
and begin attacking you.  Slash at his head repeatedly to reveal the BONETHIEF,
your first one of these in the game.  Repeat the process on this critter and
then you can leave the room.

This room should be pretty familiar as well, and has a couple of nemesis
ZOMBIES wandering around.  One of them has a nemesis BONETHIEF inside it, which
makes things all the worse, but it shouldn't be too hard to bust 'em up.  When
you finish, pick up the "RECOVER" SPELL SCROLL from the soldier corpse.  You
can't go in the door with the symbol just yet, for lack of a rune and a weapon,
but you can go in the left door.

In the next room, three more nemesis ZOMBIES will attack you upon entering.
You can't go down the ladder because of the field, so head through the door at
the end to continue on.  If you don't have a lot of life right now, be sure to
heal before you do.

In this room, you'll find a HORROR aligned with the irrelevant ancient, but it
has a rune imbedded in it, and so you must slay it to continue on.  Same
methods apply as before, the heads (or eyes) are the weakness and destroying
them will bring it down quickly.  Killing it will yield the NAROKATH RUNE, the
same rune generating the field, and the SANTAK CODEX will be waiting behind it.
You'll probably want to heal before leaving this place.  In the previous room,
the field will now dissipate, but a TRAPPER of the irrelevant ancient will be
left behind, so avoid that, if possible, as this dimension can be a painful
one.  Also, you may get another scene before climbing down the ladder.

Kill the nemesis ZOMBIE in this hallway, then pick up the NAROKATH CODEX ahead
to complete the Recover components.  Maybe you want to Quick Spell that one.
Since the other side is blocked, your only alternative is to head to the right.

The block room hasn't changed much over the centuries, save for a shiny new
RAM DAO planted onthe central pedestal.  Before you grab that, recover your
life if you can. Six Mantorak ZOMBIES will be summoned as soon as you pull it
out.  Dual swords are cool and all, but seriously, try the Ram Dao out and
you'll know why it'll be your main weapon from here on out.  Six more Mantorok
ZOMBIES will spawn soon after that, followed by a normal set of three nemesis
ZOMBIES and another three nemesis ZOMBIES after that, two of which have
BONETHIEVES.  The third carries the RUNE of your nemesis.  Once you've made
your way through that ordeal, run on out of here and back through the t-shaped
hall, up the ladder, and continue on to the room with the sigil on the door.
Charge your Ram Dao using Enchant Item under the alignment of the rune you just
got, and use it on the door to enter.

Conveniently enough, there are three ZOMBIES on the other side who are aligned
with the ancient that's weak against this kind of thing, so have fun swinging
that against them.  A few moments later, you'll come across a ladder heading
up.  Take it and you'll be in a small room filled with three TRAPPERS.  Sneak
around to pick up the RUBY EFFIGY, which may be important to you later in the
game.  Once you have that in hand, descend the ladder again and go to the
blocked path and try to climb over.

This next area has another HORROR to deal with, but again, it's aligned with
the weak ancient, so if your Ram Dao has any enchantment left, it should only
take one hit to kill the bloody thing.  Climb down the ladder it was blocking.

In here, you'll find a pedestal not unlike the one in the Hallway of Eternal
Darkness, so use the TOME on it to open up the passage.  Pick it up again and
continue on.  The next part of the hallway will have you face off against about
ten Mantorok ZOMBIES followed by ten nemesis ZOMBIES (one of which has a
BONETHIEF) and a HORROR of the same alignment.  The Ram Dao makes the whole
thing relatively easy, so keep at it and don't worry too much.  When you're
done, the artifact for the irrelevant ancient will appear in the other room,
so go pick that up.

|ACT 2: The Shadow of Corruption|

More scenes denoting the end of this role.  Back in the modern era, Alex is on
another wacky run through the mansion.  Grab the GLADIUS across the room, if 
you haven't already, as it's necessary to this next part.  Make your way out
of the library and into the main call, where you'll receive a phone call.
After that, you can head on into the dining room nearby.

In here, you'll recognize a small door with the sigil of your nemesis and a
picture of a sword.  You've just done this puzzle, really, so charge your
weapon with that color and use it to unlock the pantry.  Open it up and pick up
the SPICE JAR, which will trigger a scene if you use it.

|ACT 3: The Preparations Begin|

This is Pious and your nemesis scheming.  These are their scheming faces,
though the ancient is oddly silent.  Oh, look, CHAPTER PAGE....

Chapter Five: Maximillian Roivas

|ACT 1: The Lurking Horror|

Well, here we are in a relatively familiar location again.  Pick up the
FLINTLOCK PISTOL AMMO in front of you and exit the room.  In the hallway, head
through the door right next to you and pick up some more FLINTLOCK PISTOL AMMO.
Examine the opposite wall for a charming little statement, but there's nothing
else to do here and the servant is irrelevant.

Exit this room and run to the opposite end of the hallway.  Along the way,
you can pick up some more FLINTLOCK PISTOL AMMO on a table along the right
side.  In the master bedroom, you can pick up a REDGORMOR CODEX off the top of
the fireplace and the first LETTER on the desk.  Backstory!  Head on over to
the bathroom, which is less creepy in this era, and you can pick up some

This concludes the first bit of our upper level tour, so head back to the
central doors and make your way downstairs.  On the table in the middle where
the clock will be in the future, you can pick up the second LETTER.  If you
head over to the right side now, you'll get a hint in the form of a symbol and
a couple of paintings as to something that might be amiss.  More on that later,
first grab even more FLINTLOCK PISTOL AMMO to the left, then make your way to
the left end of the house and into the dining room.

Here, you'll find the CODEX for your ancient's adversary, so if you picked
Chattur'gha, it will be Ulyaoth, if Ulyaoth, then Xel'lotath, if Xel'lotath,
then Chattur'gha.  Wouldn't you know it, there's also some FLINTLOCK PISTOL
AMMO to the right up by the other end of the table, but before you leave this
place, you'll really want to pick up the PUMP HANDLE in the pantry.

Back in the hallway, head to your left and through the double doors into a
a sort of tea room.  There's not much to examine here, but if you check the
fireplace, you'll find a small pseudo puzzle, asking about the enemy of a
certain rune.  Usually, it's the same as the codex you just picked up, but
if you mess this up, the fire will bite you.  Success at puzzling will yield a
secret passage.

This is Aaron's secret study.  In the upper right corner, you can find a
"REVEAL INVISIBLE" SPELL SCROLL, which should be important to you, as should
be the SABRE on the wall.  On the opposite side of the room, you can pick up
the second FLINTLOCK PISTOL, but I'd equip the sabre instead in the short-term.
On the desk, you should find everyone's favorite TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS.
If you hadn't already gathered as much from the horror dropping into the main
hall, it's all downhill from here.  Pick up the letter inside the tome, then
make your way out of here...

A BONETHIEF will take over a nearby servant, so use that SABRE to your full
advantage with a series of quick strikes.  Go for the head, both before and
after the bonetheif reveals itself.  When you're finished, you can examine
the corpse and record an autopsy prior to finishing it off.  It's not
really necessary, but it's evidence enough of Maximillian's deteriorating
mental state.

Equip your Flintlocks before heading out into the main hall.  You'll meet up
with the transparent HORROR here, so shoot out its eyes and switch to the sabre
if you can't finish it off quickly enough with the guns.  Pick up the REDGORMOR
RUNE it drops to complete the spell, then perform the autopsy as usual before
finishing it off.  A servant will probably be possessed by a BONETHIEF before
you make it up the stairs, so finish that task before continuing to the upper
level for the second time.

Continue through the double doors and move to the left.  The last letter
suggested that you check the stained glass window, which is often central
to mansion areas, so do so and you should find a SEALED ENVELOPE behind the
left table.  Grab it, and another BONETHIEF will appear.  I suppose you know
what to do by now.  Open the envelope when you've finished to get the fourth
LETTER and a BASEMENT KEY.  Guess you know where we're headed now...

Down in the main hall, there's another transparent HORROR, aligned with
whichever ancient codex you just picked up, on one side of the hall that's
doing a number on your sanity.  Use the same methods as before, shooting when
you have enough room to do so and closing in for the kill with the sabre when
you don't have time to reload.  Felling the beast will bring you back to the
upper level, with the RUNE of the adversary in hand.

You can head into the dining room at this point and you'll find a TRAPPER
there.  This is the only opportunity you'll have to get its autopsy, so get as
close as you can to it without it firing and then plug it with the pistol,
inspecting it before it burns away.  Just watch out because there's a
BONETHEIF maid in there too.

Head down the stairs for real this time and use the rune you just acquired to
cast a Reveal Invisible spell.  Use the key once that's finished and head on
in.  There will be a couple of ZOMBIES sent by your nemesis down here, and one
of them holds a BONETHIEF, so stay on guard.  Recover as you need to when
you've dispatched them, then examine the right side of the room, where you can
find FLINTLOCK PISTOL AMMO on a table, a BANKOROK CODEX on the wall, and a new
"DAMAGE FIELD" SPELL SCROLL by the well that you can't use just yet.  Use the
pump handle instead to drain the water out and continue your descent.

Well, that was interesting, wasn't it?  Kill the transparent Mantorok ZOMBIE on
entering to pick up a BANKOROK RUNE.  This area is the balcony overlooking
Ehn'gha, the ancient city underneath the mansion.  Your new rune will dispell
the field beyond the landing, so follow the stairs down to the entrance.

Here, you'll meet up with your first GUARDIAN, aligned with your nemesis, of
course, and it blocks off your exit with a spell too.  How convenient.
Guardians are a pain to deal with, but you'll do so infrequently, so don't
worry.  All they can really do is shoot bolts of energy at you, which are
easily avoided, and summon some ZOMBIE hordes to attack.  If it teleports away,
that means you did a sizeable amount of damage to it and should give chase so
as to nail it again.

|ACT 2: Insanity Prevails|

And now we have some of the blanks filled as to what happened to Maximillian.
Not all of them, mind you, but quite a number of them.

Leave the library again and make your way upstairs and into the master bedroom
on the right side.  Remember the dresser with the wacky symbol on it?  Well,
now you know how to get rid of that with a Reveal Invisible spell.  Use the
Dresser Key and grab the items signifying the beginning of a new chapter.

Chapter Six: Edwin Lindsey

|ACT 1: Corrosion of the Dead God|

More scheming on the part of Pious and your nemesis.  You'd think that with all
their powers... well, nevermind, you now have a REVOLVER and the latest CHAPTER
PAGE, so go right ahead and use the latter.

|ACT 2: A Journey into Darkness|

Where have we heard those initials before... oh my, trap!  Luckily, Lindsey is
more than equipped to deal with this wackiness.  Equip one of your guns and
attack the big moth looking thing, which is the first REAPER you have to face.
Just know that you can only really attack it when its wings are spread, all
other shots are blocked.  The reaper will summon all kinds of ZOMBIES, just
like the guardian did, but he also has the ability to freeze you momentarily.
Keep at it and don't worry about the ammo too much, seeing as how this is the
most difficult battle for Lindsey and you have a melee weapon anyway.

After that mess, use your brush to clear away the dust from the floor panel in
the center.  Underneath all that, you'll find a BRONZE BRACELET.  Now check the
Kali statue from before, which is missing a bracelet itself.  Use it and you'll
open up a new doorway.  Try to walk through and it'll be Tome Time.  Quite nice
considering your sanity and health meters should be in sad shape right about

The next room will hold a Mantorok ZOMBIE fighting with a ZOMBIE aligned with
your nemesis.  Take the winner on, if you feel like it, or just kill them both
right away.

Continue down the hall, but know that the traps are still active after all this
time and the lighting and plantlife make it difficult to spot them.  The same
applies to the TRAPPER wandering around here, which is target practice for your
pistol if you can't lead it into a trap.  At the halfway point, check the right
side for a METAL BRACELET.  Follow the path down again, and before entering the
door, use the brush on the cobwebs to pick up a TIER CODEX.

This last room will have a HORROR in it, but you can't do anything to him, and
vice versa.  Just grab the BRONZE NECKLACE placed nearby and make your way out
of there, back to the statue in the main hall.  Put the necklace on it, then
head through the newly opened passage.

In this room, you'll want to pick up the SILVER BRACELET in front of the naga
statue, then replace it with the metal one.  You may be tempted to place that
bracelet on the statue in the main hall, but it isn't even the right one, so
you're better off continuing down the second trapped hallway.  The lighting is
better here, but a Mantorok ZOMBIE will rise after you enter, so whack it with
the torch and continue on.  Repeat the process with the second ZOMBIE, then
dust off the nearby cobwebs to pick up a NETHELEK CODEX.

The next room is filled with a pack of four ZOMBIES aligned with your nemesis.
Bust out that shotgun and pop all their heads before doing anything else.  One
of them holds a NETHELEK RUNE inside that you'll win once the battle is over.

There's one more trapped hallway to go through on this level, and that's on the
other side of the room.  There's a ZOMBIE midway, but more likely than not, it
will be cut to ribbons by the traps before it can consider touching you.
Finish the job, but stop in the middle to observe the statue and the cobwebs
facing it, which hide a "DISPEL MAGICK" SPELL SCROLL.  Keep going down the hall
and you'll be back in the HORROR room.  Cast the dispel magick spell in the
opposing rune, then bust out some shotgun on his more-easily-targeted ass.
Pick up the SILVER NECKLACE, then return to the hall and place both pieces on
the statue.  This opens up the next big, important passage behind you.

This next section will be quite dark, and the torch will come in handy.  To
your right as you enter, you'll find a nemesis ZOMBIE waiting to tear you a new
hole.  Further down the stairs, there's another one, except this one holds an
ARETAK RUNE, which will come in handy later.  Make sure your shotgun is fully
loaded, because the next landing has a REAPER, which are particularly hard to
fight in close quarters.  After you finish it off, continue on and the field
will be dispelled by the new rune.

A Mantorok ZOMBIE will be on your right as you enter.  Deal with him in the
appropriate manner.  Continue going right and you'll be in a trapped area with
another Mantorok ZOMBIE.  Kill it and make your way up the short staircase,
though you might want to charge a weapon with nemesis first...

Because in here, you'll find an irrelevant HORROR waiting to zap you a few
times.  After defeating it, heal up, and cast a Dispell Magick in Ulyaoth to
remove the Chattur'gha seal.  Pick up the NECKLACE hiding in the cobwebs in the
corner, then follow the path onward.

Another trapped hallway, and this one has poison, so watch your step.  There's
a nemesis ZOMBIE wandering around here, and it will trip most of the traps
along the way, so watch out for that.

At the end of this hall, you'll find another room with a seal, this time
Xel'loatath, accompanied by two of the adversary ZOMBIEs.  Cast a Chattur'gha
Dispell Magick to remove the seal, then keep going.  There's nothing special
in this room.

This hallway is also very much poisoned, and has the added difficulty of wall
press traps and three Mantorok ZOMBIES.  I'd ignore the ZOMBIES and just focus
on getting through as quickly as possible.

The third seal room is Ulyaoth, of course, but it's only guarded by a Mantorok
ZOMBIE.  Cast the Xel'lotath Dispell Magick.  This will remove the final seal
on the relief you've been seeing over and over.  More on that soon, first, heal
up, and go to the weird sculpture in the upper part of the room and use the
NECKLACE on it.  Examine the sculpture and activate it to get the GOLD

You'll pass the relief in the next trapped hallway, but there isn't much you
can do with it just yet.  Fortunately, the poison part of the trap doesn't
come until just before the stairs...

In this room, you'll find a statue of a guard staring at a goddess statue.
This prevents you from reaching the GOLD BRACELET, so to deactivate it, stand
on the circle to distract the guard.  As you move off, the guard will turn
again, so be sure to run off and grab it while you have the chance.  Continuing
on will just send you back to the beginning, so make an about-face and head
back through the hall.  There's still nothing you can do with the relief, or
anything in the corner room, but in the second hallway, you'll find a statue
to use the bracelet and the necklace on.  This will open up a path nearby, and
trigger a short scene when you try to enter.

You'll be in another dark stairway area, so equip your torch.  Along the
stairs, you'll find two ZOMBIES aligned with the adversary and one HORROR
further down, so be prepared to deal with all of the above.

The bottom of the stairwell will open up to an area that should look a bit
familiar to you, though like all locations, it's changed a bit over the
centuries.  Follow the hallway through to a big room with four Mantorok ZOMBIES
to kill.  Clear off the cobwebs near the stone head to get an ARETAK CODEX.
Nothing you can do with that either, quite yet at least, so keep going.

Equip the torch in this hall and you'll be able to avoid most of the floor
traps ahead of time.  Near the end, you'll find an irrelevant ZOMBIE to
dispatch.  Re-equip the torch and continue onward.  Four more Chattur'gha
ZOMBIES are in the next room, so deal with them accordingly.

The next hallway is much the same as the previous two.  No enemies in here, but
you can use the torch to navigate the floor panels rather easily.

The third relief room features three adversary ZOMBIES, one of which holds a
TIER RUNE.  The force field to the other side will respond to the rune and
allow you to pass.

This next room is not quite as easy to make it through, as there are some
panels that span the width of the hallway, but there aren't any poison traps
that use those, so just play it smart and you'll make it through.

The fourth mural room holds six ZOMBIES aligned with Ulyaoth, so quickly
enchant a weapon and go around busting heads.  On the corner of the central
sculpture, you can find a "SUMMON TRAPPER" SPELL SCROLL, which is the missing
piece you need to access that relief from much earlier.


So this rune isn't really a secret, there's a space open for it in your
standard rune catalogue, but it is quite useful and fun to get.

First you'll want to equip your torch and use it to navigate your way back to
the stairwell and up it.  I won't go over the ins and outs of this because you
should be fairly familiar with the terrain.

When you make it out, you'll be facing the Kali statue again.  Take a left,
continue around the corner room, then stop midway through the next hallway in
front fo the relief.

Now use your new spell to summon a Trapper of any type.  It doesn't really
matter.  Control it and send it through the hole, walking it over the bridge
and placing it on the Mantorok symbol.  Now release control, enchant a weapon
with the rune of the adversary, and turn around as Lindsey to grab the MANTOROK
RUNE.  This will release one of the two nemesis HORRORs, so turn around and
attack it.  Follow the blown out path in and put your sights on the second
HORROR, and the TRAPPER you released with one of your fire arms.  Cross the
bridge and clear the cobwebs to grab the MANTOROK CODEX and you'll be good to

The Mantorok Rune combines all the best elements of the other three flavors,
so if you have multiple meters you're trying to fix up, using a Mantorok-based
recover spell is the way to go.

Make your way back to where you were prior to the whole sidetrip.


Back in the third room on the lower floor, head through the door you haven't
been in yet.  This hallway will lead you to the big man... itself.  You'll get
a scene and an encounter.

|ACT 3: In the Hands of Kali|

All there is to do at this point is run around back behind to where Ellia ended
her journey.  You'll get another scene there.  Lindsey's a wee bit smarter in
his dealings with the artifacts.

|ACT 4: Daughter of Light|

Back in the modern era again with Alex taking point.  Taking a page from the
end of last chapter, head into the main part of the library and turn into the
alcove on the right before the door to the main hall.  Examine the shelve and
you'll be prompted to move a book.  Behind there, you'll find the ESSENCE OF

Get out of here and head up the top floor.  It's time to explore the west side
up here, and as you do so, you'll see something foreshadowing to a task later.
If you approach the stained glass window at the end, you'll be shocked back,
so cast a DISPEL MAGICK of the opposing type and it will disappear.  A CHAPTER
PAGE awaits you.

Chapter Seven: Paul Luther

|ACT 1: The Black Guardian|

Pious has circles with more power than you can dream of.  After using a lot
of it, he'll summon a sizable beast that loosely resembles the ancient (and
perhaps more closely resembles the artifact), which you'll have to fight one of
these chapters.  We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, for now, do your
thing with the page.

|ACT 2: Heresy!|

Seems appropriate that the Ancients would use their connections in Amiens to
take full advantage of the mandess the Spanish Inquisition brought on.  After
a bit of ambiguous dialogue, you'll be controlling Paul.  Open the double doors
to the main part of the cathedral and run down the path to repeat some of the
events of Anthony's time here.

|ACT 3: A Murder|

So much for sanctuary, it looks like we're stuck here indefinitely.  To the
right, there's a painting with an EMERALD in it.  Take that and you'll trigger
yet another scene.

|ACT 4: Light Within the Darkness|

As you try to leave the room, you'll be transported to Tomeland.  Note that
there's no Lindsey statue here.  Grab it and you'll be free to continue your
quest.  It might not seem like the brightest idea, but head back into the
chapel area where you were before.

Run to the podium up front and hang a left when you get there.  Down the hall,
you'll find a TORCH on the left side, which you should equip right away.
Continue on through the door.

In this small room, you can open the chest to pick up a CROSSBOW.  Examine the
rack of cloaks to the right and you'll get a PODIUM KEY.  Everything you need
here is in hand, so head out and go up to the podium, to the right of the
barren altar.  Use the key and you'll get a DIARY PAGE.  As long as you're up
here, head around to the right side of the podium and grab some CROSSBOW BOLTS
(5) off the pew up there.  For now, head back out of the cathedral the same
way you came in.

Out in the hallway, go up through the doorway across from where you were being
held.  Make your way up the stairs, around, and out the door.  On the upper
level of the cathedral here, you'll encounter and Mantorok ZOMBIE as you try
to cross.  Smack it up with the torch, but you might not want to finish it off
with the crossbow due to the limited ammo.  Beyond the zombie is the door
to the belltower.  Go up to the top and ring the bell to bring the custodian
in.  Talk to him and you'll trigger the next scene.

|ACT 5: Conversation in the Bell Tower|

After the conversation, you'll have the OLD TOWER KEY in hand.  Head back
down to the cathedral with your crossbow equipped and use the key on the right
side to open up the path to the chapel Anthony knew.  There's a BONETHIEF in
here trying to acquire a servant, so take it out, using an enchanted crossbow
if you have to (torch = ineffective).  Again, due to the lack of ammo, you
can't really finish it off, so leave it and regain your sanity using a spell.
Keep your eye on the health meter too, as Paul is weak.  On the altar in here,
you can pick up a "SHIELD" SPELL SCROLL, which will come in handy.  Cast it and
you'll get three free hits.

For now, ignore the Bishop's room as it's a bit much to deal with at the
moment.  Make your way up the stairs and you'll be in a small library, with
a BONETHIEF lurking around and little you can do to him.  Pick up a SHEET OF
MUSIC by the shelf nearby and a DIARY PAGE off the podium, then exit to the

Head up to the organ and examine it to play the sheet music.  This is just
button-matching, no real puzzle to deal with.  Playing the music will open
the tabernacle on the opposite side, which yields a FIVE-POINT CIRCLE OF POWER.
Cha-ching!  Strange that all the circles so far are found here.  There's
nothing you can do with it just yet, so head down the stairs behind the altar.

Downstairs, take the first left and enter the door at the end.  This is
Brother Andrew's room.  You'll find more CROSSBOW BOLTS (5) on a shelf here.
There's also a BOOK OF RELIQUARIES on the desk, which helps to explain exactly
what is going on here.

Leave the room and make your way deeper into the basement.  On the right side,
you can pick up a MACE.  Equip it and get out of here, heading back to the old
tower.  Head over to the Bishop's room and you'll here some familiar whining.
Make sure you walk up some magic if your meter isn't full and enchant your
mace, because inside is a zombified ANTHONY, muttering his catch phrase.  As
ever, he swings a mean sword and has an absurd amount of health.  The best way
with him is to approach him to fake him out into swinging, run away to dodge,
then come back and swing at him while he recovers.  It's a slow process, but
you can retreat and give it another go if you need to, as he retains damage.
When you finally knock him down, you'll get a RUBY and a TWO-HANDED SWORD.
Head back to the basement, going to the area where you picked up the mace.

While the new sword is definitely preferable to the current weapons, you don't
want to equip it just yet.  Instead, switch to the crossbow, renew the
enchantment with a rune aligned with your nemesis, pick up some more CROSSBOW
BOLTS (5) on the boxes, and head through the door.

There are TRAPPERS in the wine cellar here, so you'll have to keep it calm
here.  Examine all the barrels until you find a hollow one, then turn the
spigot to open up a path.  In here will be a HORROR aligned with the irrelevant
ancient, so use the range advantage to take it out.  It will drop a SAPPHIRE
when it goes down.  Feel free to use the mace now to take out your anger in
having to use such an awful weapon, then make sure to heal up.  Use the stones
you've been picking up on the circle of power beyond the crypt and it will
open up, revealing a hidden passage.

Down these stairs, more Mantorok ZOMBIES means more torch action, so take all
three out and destroy them as a you deem fit.  Before entering the next room,
enchant the melee weapon of choice with the adversary element, because there
are three nemesis ZOMBIES in the next room, one of which carries a PARGON
RUNE (for use with your new circle).

The room beyond holds a staircase and near-useless Mantorok ZOMBIE.  Kill it
and move on.  In the next room will be a nemesis and an adversary HORROR duking
it out, so charge your weapon with the irrelevant and take out the adversary
when the dust clears.  Pick up the CROSSBOW BOLTS (5) if you really want them.
Examine the effigy for some foreshadowing, then go through the far door.  The
one by the entrance won't open just yet.

Equip the torch again and ignite the two Mantorok ZOMBIES in this hallway.
In the next room, there are two adversary ZOMBIES waiting, so switch if you
need to.  If you want the CROSSBOW BOLTS (5), get them, then push the central
shelf to reveal another passage.  Two nemesis ZOMBIES will be found in here,
and another in the familiar room beyond.  Grab the PARGON CODEX in here,
charging your spells (basically, do the New Spell thing and add Pargons to the
spells you already know), then take the DIARY PAGE from the shrine for the
culminating "Oh snap!" moment.

Hurry on out and make your way back to the bell tower to talk to the custodian

|ACT 6: Suspicions Confirmed|

I suppose that's the end of that.  The custodian disappears and hands you a
SACRIFICAL KNIFE before he leaves.   As is commonly the case once the
conspiracy has been revealed, the cathedral is now swarming with enemies and
you need to go all the way back to the effigy.  You'll encounter one Mantorok
ZOMBIE by the stairs, a BONETHIEF in the main hall, two Mantorok ZOMBIES in
the wine cellar, a couple of TRAPPERs in the crypt, another pair of Mantorok
ZOMBIES in the room where the rune was, and a BONETHIEF in the effigy room.
Use the sacrificial knife on the effigy and you'll open a hidden passage.

A damage field blocks your path, so cast a five-point dispell magick that's
opposed to it and you can continue on.  Examine the altar at the end for

|ACT 7: Heresy Revealed|

Two BONETHIEVES will join the party, but they're not as difficult as one 
might think, as you have a maneuvering advantage.  Make your way out of here
and you'll see the bishop escape through the locked door.  Continue through the
rooms, as there aren't any enemies in this area, and you'll trigger a chapter-
ending movie sequence.

|ACT 8: The Black Guardian's Lair|

That's kind of a downer, although it's fun to see the clear tension between
Pious and the Guardian.  You'll get a NOTE FROM EDWARD as Alex comes to,
which references looking for "88 keys".  Music people will get this one right
away, but the rest of you can stop freaking out because it's only a piano.

Exit the library and head to the west wing of the house, going through the
door you haven't entered in the modern era.  Inside this room, you'll find a
piano that needs playing, so go through the same process as Paul did (don't
worry, sheet music is provided) and you'll get a CHAPTER PAGE.

Chapter Eight: Roberto Bianchi

|ACT 1: Flesh for the Pillar|

Of all the chapters in ED, this might be the most bizarre and seemingly without
point.  Use the page to unleash it on your psyche and the rest of the world.

|ACT 2: The Forbidden City|

The goal for Bianchi here, instead of any obvious evil to overcome (that'll
come later) is to survey each room as it appears marked with an X on the map.
Equip your TORCH so you'll have something to use when the inevitable happens,
then continue on down to the to ladder going up.

The next room has a worker, but little else, so continue on down the next
ladder.  Heading up this path, you'll run into a ZOMBIE aligned with your
nemesis, but unless your nemesis is Xel'lotath, there's no way to kill it,
so make your way to the next ladder leading out of there.

This is the first of the rooms you have to survey, so walk to the center and
examine when prompted.  On the opposite side, near the ladder, you can pick up
a SAIF.  Near the first ladder are some CROSSBOW BOLTS (5) too, and you can
guess what that means.  Head down the ladder by where the SAIF was.

After walking for a bit, you'll reach a strange cage like structure with a
lever inside.  The purpose of this is beyond me, but play around with the lever
and you'll release an irrelevant ZOMBIE.  Kill it, and pull the lever in its
cage.  Two more adversary ZOMBIES!  Flip the switch in their cage and the path
will finally open, just in time to release three Mantorok ZOMBIES, naturally.
Torch 'em, finish 'em, and use the ladder ahead.

In this next room, you'll be able to pick up some more CROSSBOW BOLTS (5) right
behind you and the CROSSBOW they go with lying near the center of the room.
This is another survey room, so check the torch opposite where the crossbow was
and you can survey the area.  Another ladder, another place to go, but before
that, one would think it's about time to pick up that Tome, yes?
Unfortunately, this kind of thing triggers more craziness...

Down in the hole, a worker will be cowering nearby.  A trio of TRAPPERS are up
ahead, so you can pick them off with the bow if you like, but conserving the
ammo might be a better idea.  charge your saif here with the rune of the
irrelevant ancient.  Another ladder awaits you at the end, but this
one leads to a bad place.  There's a nemesis ZOMBIE and REAPER in here, and a
"SUMMON ZOMBIE" SPELL SCROLL in the center of the room.  Grab that and run
through, as REAPERS aren't worth the time.

Beneath that room, two HORRORs are battling just as they did in Paul's chapter,
so use your saif to take out the winner.  The corpses strewn about should
indicate that we're getting deeper into the pit here.  The next room will treat
you to an interesting automatic zombie kill, but there's little else here, so
Ulyaoth ZOMBIES await, so hack your way through and pick up the CROSSBOW BOLTS
(5).  Now, head down the ladder.

Hey, I know this place...  There are two TRAPPERs in here, and you can do with
them what you will.  Charge the saif again with the irrelevant element and
enter the next room.  Here, you'll find a fight between two ZOMBIES and a
HORROR of the adversary type fighting a ZOMBIE of the irrelevant type.  Take
out the winners (adversary, as they outnumber them).  It seems like there's
nothing to do here, but cast a five-point REVEAL INVISIBLE with the adversary
and you'll reveal a path, allowing you to take the "FORGOTTEN CORRIDOR" KEY.
That's all for this area, so head back for the door and you'll get a weird
scene.  Head through and you'll notice that your spell bomb made a SAPPHIRE
EFFIGY appear, and you'll definitely want to take that with you.  Use the
ladder again...

Before you head through the single door on the right, charge your saif yet
again with the adversary type, as we're going to have to smash up some baddies
pretty soon.  Head through the door and at the end of the path, you'll be able
to survey the room.  Do so, and the three workers will attack you, under the
influence of BONETHIEVES.  You don't have to kill them, but you can if you
want and it may be the only way you can get out.

Back in the hallway, the double doors are locked, but you have just the key
for that.  In this rather large room, there's a damage floor up ahead, so cast
a five-point SHIELD and run across.  You'll make it, but the shield will be
expended in the process.

In the next room, a gate will lower behind you just as you enter.  This is
the big room you have to worry about, and the worker surviving here will
confirm this by babbling about worms eating people.  Slash the rope overhead
and head across.  Slash the worms that appear, and then use the lever on the
other side.  This opens up the gate again.  Heading back, you can survey the
room halfway through, so do that.  Put up your SHIELD again and head back for
the room with the zombie trap.

You know how every time you get a new spell scroll, the chapter makes you use
it at least once?  You know how there was a SUMMON ZOMBIE scroll?  Remember the
zombie trap?  Well, combine all those elements and you'll open up the gate
again.  Climb down, but be wary that there's a Mantorok ZOMBIE, a REAPER, and
a TRAPPER down here, both aligned with the irrelevant, so be ready for that
incessant sanity drain.  Run across to get what you need from here.

|ACT 3: Guardian of the Temple|

After the scene, you'll get the RUBY EFFIGY back (if you took it) along with
the artifact of the irrelevant ancient.  Survey the room (last one!) and you
can head back to the surface.

Getting back actually isn't all that hard this time.  After the ladder, you
through the right door again, down the hall to the ladder going up, across to
one going down, across the hall to the scared worker and the ladder up, through
the room to the down ladder, past all the weird cages to the next ladder,
through the first survey room to the next ladder, and across to the final
ladder to get the last scene of the chapter.

|ACT 4: A Monument for All Time|

Well, we knew this wasn't going to end well anyway.  Back in the modern era,
you'll hear a familiar rattling, so head over to the corpse pillar drawing
and "survey" the area with Alex to get the CHAPTER PAGE.  More fun with Pious
and the Guardian!

Chapter Nine: Peter Jacob

|ACT 1: Binding the Black Guardian|

That the ancients can only seem to control their human minions is bizarre to
me.  Use the page for more fun in Amiens history, our final trip there.

|ACT 2: A War to End All Wars|

As Peter, you'll see a soldier being dragged away from the hospital.  Nothing
to do, really.  Pick up SOLDIER'S LETTER #1 nearby.  Up at the podium from
Paul's time, there's a SEALED ENVELOPE.  Nothing to keep a little journalistic
curiousity at bay, so crack it open and you'll get the SOLDIER'S ORDERS.

Head out of the cathedral and into the hallway.  Take the stairs on the right
side and around through the door on the upper level.  Cross the area here to
get to the bell tower of Paul's era.  There's a SOLDIER'S LETTER #2 here.
This is the only reason you'll have to explore the tower, so head back down
to the hallway and pass off the SOLDIER'S ORDERS to the guard standing across
the hall.  Inside the room behind him, you can pick up a REVOLVER, but the
cathedral will be hit by a shell and have its power knocked out moments later.
Try to head out and it'll be time to pick up the Tome again, and we all know
what that means.

Outside in the hallway, a BONETHIEF will be waiting, but shooting weapons are
terrible against these things, so escape to the cathedral.  In there, more
mayhem as three BONETHIEVES are lurking about, one of which possesses a nurse.
The guard in front of the stairs by the altar is dead now, so make your way
down.  In Brother Andrew's old room, you'll find some .303 RIFLE AMMO (5).
Cross the hall to a new room where you can pick up 8MM REVOLVER AMMO (12).  In
the room with the pipe organ machinery, you can find more .303 RIFLE AMMO (5)
on the boxes to the right and the boxes near the door.

Behind that door, three TRAPPERS, but take a quick right (Peter's right) and
you'll be in the boiler room.  Exit and go across to fuse room.  Go around the
generator, picking up even more .303 RIFLE AMMO, and on the far side of the
room, you'll find a fuse box.  Use the LUCKY PENNY on it, then go around and
pull the lever on the generator.  Our work isn't quite done in the boiler room,
however, so head in there and cast SUMMON TRAPPER.  There's a hole on the left
side of the boiler for the trapper to crawl through.  On the other side, you'll
find a corpse propped up against the door, so send him to the other dimension.
As Peter, you can now enter and pick up a SEVEN-POINT CIRCLE OF POWER.  Only
in churches...  Charge those spells up in the meantime.

Back on the upper level, the path is now clear enough for you to take the
RIFLE off the altar.  Could probably use a melee weapon too, though, so head
to where the old tower is.  There are two BONETHIEVES in here, and while hard
to hit, with a little effort you can actually save the nurse from being
possessed, not that it will do you a bit of good aside from the warm and fuzzy
feeling.  Head upstairs and pick up the TWO-EDGED SWORD (score!) and the 8MM
REVOLVER AMMO (12) by the bookshelves, then head down to the Bishop's room,
where you'll fight three nemesis ZOMBIES and one Mantorok ZOMBIE in exchange
for .303 RIFLE AMMO (10) and a TORCH.

With the sword in hand, fighting the BONETHEIVES in the cathedral just got a
lot easier.  You should be able to take out three of them before reaching the
organ.  Pick up the SHEET OF MUSIC and play A, B, Y, X, B, Y, A.  This time,
the tabernacle has a DOOR HANDLE.  Head over to by where the cloak room used
to be and you'll find a symbol which you'll have to counter with a seven-point
REVEAL INVISIBLE.  A door will be revealed, which you can use the handle on.

In the old cloak room, you can find more .303 RIFLE AMMO (5) and more 8MM
REVOLVER AMMO (24).  How it all got in here, I don't know.  Take the ladder
down and you'll be in the church's catacombs again.  Charge your weapon with
the adversary type, then head through the door at the end, where you'll fight
four nemesis ZOMBIES, two of which have BONETHIEVES inside.  There's only one
door here, so keep going, down the staircase.  Keep that weapon up, because in
the next room you'll find two ZOMBIES and a HORROR.

Going through the opposite door, you'll be back to where the custodian was
sacrificed, with three TRAPPERS also in the room.  Do what you will with them,
but I highly recommend the MAGICKAL ELIXIR (5) on the altar, as it will come
in handy soon.  We don't want to deal with the big guy quite yet, so head
across to the other door.  Two more TRAPPERS are waiting for you in this small
hallway.  In the next room, smack up the BONETHIEF and grab the SOLDIER'S
LETTER #3.  Pushing the shelf this time will lead you to a TRAPPER hallway,
and beyond it, in the evil altar room, a ZOMBIE and another TRAPPER aligned
with your enemy.  Take them out and pick up the BINDING HALL KEY.

You can now access the remaining door in the main room, the one with the
peculiar symbol on it.  Use the key one it and fend off the three nemesis
ZOMBIES in the hallway.  Head down the stairwell after that and you'll see
a "MAGICKAL ATTACK" SPELL SCROLL.  Why, indeed.  This is imperative to your
quest.  The next hallway, of course, leads to a place Paul would've been
familiar with in his last moments...

|ACT 3: Food for the Beast|

Well, hot damn, BOSS FIGHT!

|+[BOSS FIGHT #1: BLACK GUARDIAN]+                                            |
|+[DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM]+                                                       |
|More than anything else, the Guardian is about timing.  The Guardian will go |
|through three phases of attack and each one of them will only yield a small  |
|window of time in which to hurt it.  As implied by your discovery of the     |
|spell scroll, the only way you can really hurt it is with the Magickal       |
|Attack spell.  Here, it's a personal preference as to whether you want to    |
|set it to stun (3) or kill (7), but preferring haste and dealing with other  |
|distractions, I recommend a seven-point cast.                                |
|In its first phase of attack, the Guardian will sent a few bolts of energy   |
|at you, which will drain both health and whatever element it's associated    |
|with (rather nasty if Ulyaoth).  If you're playing against Chattur'gha, it   |
|will also try to lance you with its tongue, which you'll need to avoid.      |
|Following this, it will flash colors for a bit, which means it's time to     |
|immediately bust out the spell and blast it.                                 |
|The second phase moves up the  force field behind you several feet, giving   |
|you less maneuvering range.  This time, instead of orbs, the Guardian will   |
|summon three ZOMBIES associated with it.  This is a pain as the zombies have |
|a tendency to drain more of your [negiligible] sanity than you can easily    |
|get back by killing them.  To make matters worse, it seems like the Guardian |
|won't open itself to attack unless you have all zombies present and on       |
|screen, and that makes timing the spell a bit difficult because you only     |
|have so much time before they reach you.  The solution is this: hang out on  |
|the far right side of the room, and as the third zombie (summoned from left  |
|to right) starts to fully form, start the seven-point spell.  With any luck, |
|it will activate right as the Guardian drops its guard and take out all the  |
|zombies in the process.  Alternatively, if you feel like being unbelievably  |
|cheap, you can start the spell as soon as the second phase intro animation   |
|ends and get the same basic effect.                                          |
|The third phase involves the force field encircling both you and the         |
|Guardian.  The Guardian will now take to trying to smash you physically, so  |
|basically you have to run around avoiding the attacks (hopefully you still   |
|have enough health TO run) and wait until it stops for a few moments.  It's  |
|Basically, don't start running until you see which leg it's going to use and |
|it will make it a lot easier.  It's a little harder to pick up when it's     |
|just pausing as opposed to when it's actually resting, but it will make      |
|some different noises and moves slighlty differently when the shield is      |
|about to go down, and that's your cue to strike fast and hard.  Cast another |
|seven-point Magickal Attack and this time it will go down for good.          |

That accomplished, you can make your way over to the altar and grab whichever
artifact you find.

|ACT 4: Memories That Haunt|

Well, now you know where to go when you have an object of unspeakable unholy
power in your possession, although you might not want to wait the better part
of a century before doing so.  Alex will find A LUCKY PENNY taped to the back
of the chapter page.

Head out into the main part of the library and you'll have a strange encounter
with a maid.  Talk to her and you'll get a BASEMENT KEY.  Leave the library
entirely and you can now take a right down into the basement.  Pull the
SHOTGUN off the wall down here (horror standard), some SHOTGUN SHELLS (12) by
the well, more SHOTGUN SHELLS (12) on the shelf, and more .38 REVOLVER AMMO
(10) by the safe.  There's a fuse box over by the shelf, so continuing the
trend of repeating actions from the previous chapter, crack it open and stick
the penny in and trip the breaker.  This will light up one of the rooms you
haven't entered yet.

Make your way upstairs and head left, going through the door at the end of the
hallway.  You can pick up the JOURNAL OF M. ROIVAS, P2 on the chest here.
Check the medicine cabinet and you'll find a CHAPTER PAGE instead of the
standard old man fare.  Cut-scene!

Chapter Ten: Dr. Edward M. Roivas

|ACT 1: Dark Servants|

More foreshadowing, more guardians to fight later, more Pious and Ancient.
When all that is through, use the page to get things going.

|ACT 2: A Legacy of Darkness|

As Edward, head forward and pick up the HISTORICAL JOURNAL on the mantle.
Examine it and you'll notice something is inside, which will allow you to pick
up the minute hand.  Head over in the direction of the secret study in the
modern era and you'll get a scene with everyone's favorite Roivas ancestor.

|ACT 3: Echo of the Past|

There's a "MAGICK POOL" SPELL SCROLL just chillin' nearby, so pick it up.  You
can go put the minute hand on the clock if you like, but we still need the
other one.

There's not much else to do just yet, but you're free to explore the mansion
and pick up various items before things start to get dicey.  In the kitchen,
you can find some .38 REVOLVER AMMO (12) on a shelf.  In the piano room nearby,
there's a SABRE that will provide a decent go-to weapon later on.

Upstairs, the master bedroom holds more .38 REVOLVER AMMO (12) and some SHOTGUN
SHELLS (12) on the various shelves and mantles.  The guest bedroom will hold
JOURNAL.  The elephant gun itself is locked up in the cabinet.  With the other
hand for the clock, you can now return to the library and set it to 3:33, as
per Max's instructions.  It'll go to the scene automatically once you do it

|ACT 4: The Legacy Unveiled|

More SHOTGUN SHELLS (12) on the desk, along with the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS.
No hallway this time.  Turn around and grab the REVOLVER off the plaque, then
explore the room a little for some more .38 REVOLVER AMMO (12) by the corpse
pillar poster, more SHOTGUN SHELLS (12) by the  painting of the city nearby,
and more ELEPHANT GUN AMMO (12) on the bookshelf as you complete the circle to
the desk again.

Heading out to the library, you'll find out exactly what was up with the maid
in Alex's time, so be prepared to deal with that.  You'll have to get used to
it if you screw up too much here, but basically, that's the VAMPIRE running
around.  From the broken vase, you'll be able to pick up the BOTTOM HALF OF

Head out into the main hall and as you wander around (may take a while) you'll
get a short scene of the VAMPIRE attacking a servant in the master bedroom.
The best way to fight it is to pull out the revolver, wait for it to manifest,
dodge its attack, then turn around and blast it.  when you run out of ammo,
you won't have enough time to reload, so bust out the sabre.  If you save the
servant and don't hit him, the servant will give you a GUN CABINET KEY.  The
vampire, on the other hand, will draw energy from a strange stone in the
basement, which you'll have to destroy soon.

Make your way to the guest bedroom to unlock the cabinet to get the ELEPHANT
GUN.  Wait around in here for a while and the VAMPIRE will come again.  Don't
worry, just wait and walk around until you recover the magic meter (seeing as
how you probably needed a spell to heal up).  Once it shows, take it out
(preferably without the new gun).  The servant will hand you some mighty
ELEPHANT GUN AMMO (12) if you save him.  Now head downstairs.

This time, it will attack the servants in the main hall.  Take it out and it
will drop the TOP HALF OF BASEMENT KEY.  Mix both halves, then enchant it to
get the BASEMENT KEY.  The male servant will give you more SHOTGUN SHELLS (12)
if you save him.

It's time to go VAMPIRE hunting in the basement.  One of the first things
you'll want to do when you're down there is to attack the stone until it breaks
and leaves the vampire without a way to regenerate.  After you've finished
doing that, you can take out the vampire itself using the usual methods.  It'll
put up a decent fight before it goes down, requiring all your ammo plus a few
sabre strikes, but it's down for the count this time and the music goes back to
normal too.  By the stairs here, you'll find more SHOTGUN SHELLS (36), .38
REVOLVER AMMO (12), and ELEPHANT GUN AMMO (12).  The other side of the room
by the well will yield a "SUMMON HORROR" SPELL SCROLL, ELEPHANT GUN AMMO (12),

Now, climb into that well and head into the city.  Before you reach the bottom
of the stairs, you might want to charge up your weapon of choice with the
adversary element.  There are two nemesis HORRORS at the gates, and with a
little help, you can take them out without being hit.

In the city proper, there's a HORROR and a GUARDIAN to deal with.  Take out
the HORROR first, then make your way to the guardian, which should have a
five-point damage field up.  Wait for it to fire off a spell at you (summon
zombie, magickal attack, shield, and damage field are available), then dispell
the field and fire at it while it's preoccupied.  It'll turn into the screaming
ball and make a break for somewhere else in the room.  After killing it for
good, recharge all your meters and go through the only door that isn't blocked
by a field, dead ahead at the end.

This is the array room, where all the city's energy can be focused into a sort
of massive spell.  Edward has the idea to "remove" the magick, which translates
to "dispell", so head over to the first pillar on the right and touch it to
activate the teleporter.  Head on through.

This first tower will give you one choice, and that's Pargon.  Sounds easy
enough, right?  Scribe it and head back to the teleporter.  Now you'll be in a
small room with a couple of HORRORS, one irrelevant and one nemesis.  Kill 'em
if you like, it can make things a little easier, but mostly you'll want to go
up and down the stairs ahead and flip the switch to open up the way to the
main hall, where you can get back to the array.

Keep going from left to right on the pillars.  This next array should be easy,
as since it's a dispell magick, we're looking for Area or Redgormor.  This
time, the lever is straight ahead again, but you'll have another HORROR and
three TRAPPERs to deal with.  Head to the right (right as seen while facing the
lever) and you'll make your way out into the first tower's room, where you can
make it to the array rather easily.

The third tower only has one option as well, so scribe it up and make your way
back.  This room has it's lever to the right, and flipping it will release a
HORROR, a ZOMBIE, and a TRAPPER.  Just run from all of them set up the next

Another tower, another Pargon.  Scribe it up and get out of there.  This one
has a switch next to the central purple pool, so flip it and take the exit
behind you.  Nothing to worry about, no items or meters damaged.

Being a central and important looking pillar, this one will have a TRAPPER atop
its tower, and the choice of ancient alignments for the scribing.  Choose the
adversarial one (the trapper should have been aligned with it) and exit.  This
room has a GUARDIAN in it, but unlike the last time, you don't have to kill it
to get by, just merely find away around and behind it to the lever and then
out the opposite way.

Keep the process going.  There's no enemies up here this time, and another
Pargon-only tower, so the concern again is the room.  The lever lies straight
ahead from the drop point, but the room only has a trio of TRAPPERS around to
make things interesting.  Pick 'em off, flip the lever, and exit back into
the Guardian's room.

Only three more to go, so let's cut it down to two.  It's another Pargon tower,
so scribe and run.  This is a new GUARDIAN room, with a few Mantorok ZOMBIES
wandering around, but just run counter-clockwise until you see the lever.
After flipping it, follow the path around to the guardian and run past it and
through the other rooms so you can get back to the array.

As always, rest up a little if you need it and get the next pillar going.
There's another trapper up here, and sure enough, this one is important.  We're
going for the dispell here, so it might be in our best interests to get a
dispell or Nethelek rune going.  The next room is inhabited by TRAPPERs and a
GUARDIAN.   Make your way down the stairs to the guardian, then dispell its
field, if it has one so you can get behind it to where the lever is (shoot it
if it blocks the path).  Run out and to the right, past the guardian again to
get back to the main hall.

The last tower has the last Pargon, sure enough, and activating it will set
the array into motion.  The only issue is, the whole city is starting to shake.
Run for the portal and you'll be in a new room with a HORROR, GUARDIAN, TRAPPER
combo.  Whatever weapons you have to use, use 'em now.  The lever is again on
the far side of the room, all the way around by the guardian and past both
the others.  Flip it and leave the big guy to rot, heading through the previous
room.  Some screaming balls will give chase as you leave the city, but there's
no reason to stop until the cut scene and the blast wave end the chapter.

|ACT 5: Death Comes to Us All|

Figures.  Another scene will follow.  Where the Ancient is getting its hubris

|ACT 6: A Vision of Victory|

Another NOTE FROM EDWARD will be in your hand when you go back to controlling
Alex.  Make your way to the basement and check the barrels by the stairs,
per Edward's note, to get the PICKAX.

Now head up to the second floor.  Remember seeing Max walk through the wall
when you grabbed the page from the window?  The wall's a little discolored
there, so smack it up with the ax and you'll get a disturbing little scene.

|ACT 7: Maximillian's Dark Duty|

Can you imagine any other guy doing his voice?  Seriously.  Well, you'll be
staring down an adversary damage field, for which there's really only one
solution.  Use the irrelevant ancient's element to knock it down, then pick up
the STETHOSCOPE and the last JOURNAL OF M. ROIVAS.  Guess the one he was aiming
for, he couldn't find.  Hey, isn't this the same room from the Prelude?

The stethoscope would come in handy for that big old safe in the basement.
The only issue is that the house is no longer uninhabited, and there's two
BONETHIEVES and a TRAPPER in the hallway now.  Nothing the gladius can't
handle.  The main hallway has five Mantorok ZOMBIES wandering around too,
but the basement is free.  Examine the safe and try to open it.  The
combination is right 59, left all the way around once then 81, and right 47.
You'll get the essence Peter picked up, a CRANKSHAFT, another LETTER FROM
EDWARD, and a CHAPTER PAGE!  Time for another scene.

Chapter Eleven: Michael Edwards

|ACT 1: A Storm Rises|

More plotting as Pious tries to come up with a way to fill the lack of energy
left by the destruction of the city.  Use the Chapter Page when you're ready.

|ACT 2: Ashes to AShes|

Michael will have a short conversation with the Corpse Pillar and pick up
the two EFFIGIES and the ESSENCE stored here, provided you collected them
earlier.  Equip the FIRE AX and FLASHLIGHT and get moving.  Five ZOMBIES sent
by your nemesis are also in the room.  Near the door that leads out of here,
you'll find a military corpse with some weapons, so go ahead and pick up the
GRENADES (5). Head into the next room.

Here, you'll find an Mantorok ZOMBIE and a REAPER.  Kill the zombie right away,
then equip the assault rifle, switch its mode to GRENADES, and fire at the
guardian.  Two grenades at a safe distance, then switch to the clip.  Until you
get the tome, there's little time to mess around with enemies.

Head down the ladder and you'll be met by a ZOMBIE and a TRAPPER.  If you ran
low on health, then it might not be a bad idea to get sucked into the dimension
to heal up.  Climb up the first ladder on the left.  In this room, you should
only stay long enough to grab the GOLD AMULET before you go back down again.
Continuing down the hallway, you'll run into two more ZOMBIES and another
TRAPPER.  Head up the next ladder.

There are four Mantorok ZOMBIES in this room, so get the ax and out and get
your killing fix in.  On the central platform, there's a STAFF, for you to mix
with the amulet.  Head down the ladder again and run to the end where you'll
reach the third ladder.

If you've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, you probably know what's going on here,
but for the three or four of you that haven't, go up to the sunlight panel and
jam the staff in there.  You can move the staff left, right, up, and down, so
aim it at one of the domes until it burns through revealing a mirror.  Do the
same wit the second dome, then aim at the central pillar, which will open a
panel behind you, leading to Tomeland.

That should help for a while.  Go down into the hole for real and you'll meet
up with four TRAPPERS.  Before heading up the ladder, enchant that rifle with
the adversary, because there are two HORRORS in the armory above.  Kill them,
and cross the room to the ladder.  In the caves again, you'll find a pit with a
three WORMS in it to mess with your sanity.  Kill 'em, then cast the five-point
adversary dispell so you can pick up the EMERALD EFFIGY, the last in the
series.  Head back to just before the pit and you'll find a ladder to scale.

In here, you'll find a HORROR and a ZOMBIE, you know the type, plus an
adversary ZOMBIE.  Kill 'em all and let the ancients sort it out, then climb
down the central ladder, renewing the enchantment if you have to.  Kill the
two ZOMBIES, one nemesis one Mantorok, then blast a grenade at the GUARDIAN
when it opens up.  Head through the door at the end and whip the pistol out
at the four TRAPPERS.  All the doors here are blocked save for one, so you
know what to do.

Five ZOMBIES are waiting in this room, so clear 'em all out.  Head through the
door in the upper left corner and you'll have three more ZOMBIES to kill.  This
room had three reliefs, each of a trait associated with an ancient.  You may
think it clever to match up the effigies, but this is the wrong idea.  Instead,
since the effigies are all in subservient poses and the reliefs are dominant,
match them with the element that opposes, so emerald for the warrior, ruby for
the sorceror, and sapphire for the scholar.  This will unlock a staircase two
rooms back.  Retreat there for a moment to pick up the ENCHANTED GLADIUS, which
Michael cannot equip, sadly.

Head back in the hallway with the obelisk.  If you examine it closely, you'll
notice that it has a three-point circle, a tier, and an aretak rune.  I guess
that means it's time to summon a trapper to send it to another dimension.
Climb down the newly revealed ladder.  As always, this hallway has a couple of
TRAPPERS, but both normal doors are blocked this time, so it's straight ahead
to a new ladder now.  In the bone cradle the once held the tome, there is now
a "BIND" SPELL SCROLL, which you'll be using shortly, unlike the last chapter.
Head down into the next area and you'll see two HORRORS behind a shield.  Cast
a seven-point bind that opposed them and they'll duke it out like giant mutant
rock 'em sock 'em robots until one of them goes down, at which point the shield
will too and you can kill the other.  Pick up the PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES when
you're done and make your way back to the hallway where the obelisk was.

The discolored panel is just as important as ever, so cast a seven-point
reveal invisible and make your way through.  Inside, you'll find the DETONATOR
CAPS, but don't mix 'em up just yet.  Instead, recharge your magic and set up
a seven-point shield so you can head across the damage floor.  The next room
needs to be de-WORMed, so set that rifle to clip and head across the bridge
prepared.  Combine the two parts to make a C4 BOMB, but the game won't let you
use it until you charge it with a seven-point enchant first.  Do your weapon
before that, then go ahead and get ready to bring the house down.

The counter will be on screen at all times, but you don't have as far to go
as one would think, it's just the enemies that'll get you.  There's an 
irrelevant HORROR in the damage field hall to start, three of the same kind of
ZOMBIES in the hall with the obelisk, and six or so nemesis ZOMBIES in the
central room beyond.  The old door is blocked, so take the new one to the
immediate left.  Keep running past the six Mantorok ZOMBIES and climb the
ladder on the right side, all familiar rooms.  Cross the small room and after
a short scene, you can go down the ladder.  Run past the two HORRORS and up the
ladder.  Your sanity should be shot, but Michael has health to burn.  Go
through the double doors and up the ladder to get the closing scenes of the

|ACT 3: Back to Civilization|

Once again, Alex's sanity is shot, so repair that before you do anything.
There are two Mantorok ZOMBIES in the hallway, and two nemesis ZOMBIES in the
main part of the library.  Head across into the observatory.  In here, you'll
want to adjust the lights again, so adjust the mirror on the pillar so that it
hits the one by the door, the door one so that it hits the one in the opposite
corner, and the one in the corner so that it hits the shiny part of the globe.
This will unlock a new passage to the city.

Final Chapter: Alexandra Roivas

As you exit the library, the doorbell rings and at the entrance will be a
BROWN PAPER PARCEL.  Crack it open and you'll get Michael's essence and the
ENCHANTED GLADIUS, if you picked it up.  Wonder who dropped it off...

Head down into the basment, through the door by the stairs, and down into
Ehn'gha.  To keep any meddling Roivases (Roivai?) from screwing around down
here, they've installed a damage field in the main corridor.  I don't say this
often, but now is a stupendous time to save.  The first thing you'll want to
do here is to cast a seven-point dispell magick to take care of the field by
the door.  Next, cast a seven-point shield so that you can survive the damage
floor until you get there.

In the array room, place two of the essences on the pedestals, then on either
side of the array, you'll find a couple of PEDESTAL FRAGMENTS.  Combine them,
then enchant it and you'll get a complete PEDESTAL FRAGMENT.  Use it, then the
essence, on the wrecked pillar.  This will wake the array up.

Head left to right, same method as Edward used.  The first tower has three
TRAPPERS to sneak past before you get to scribe the Pargon.  In the room, it
will appear as if you can't get by due to a lava pit, but cast a big ol' 
reveal invisible and everything will be just peachy.  Renew the shield and
head back for the array.

Next up, we have a tower with a few choices.  Since we're planning on summoning
another ancient to do battle with Pious', pick Aretak, the creature.  The room
will have TRAPPERS all over the place, but it's no big deal, so head out to
the right, over the bridge, and out to the array again.

This time, it's another Pargon tower.  This room will have a bit of a puzzle
in it.  To unlock the gate, you'll have to summon a bunch of creatures.  Watch
the scene to determine which color is which for the TRAPPER, the ZOMBIE, and
the HORROR.  This whole thing mirrors what Edward saw when he flipped the
switch in the same room, only in reverse.  Renew the shield when you're done,
and head to the array.

The only difference between this tower and the last is the TRAPPER, so watch
for it.  The room will screw up Alex's sanity much like it did to Edward, but
if you sneak the whole way to the door, you won't have to deal with that or
the shield.  It's a pain to deal with, but once you're outside the purple
flooring, you can break for it.

The central pillar of the array is the ancient one, so naturally, you'll want
to pick the adversary.  The room is another one with TRAPPERS and little else,
so it's an easy path back to the array, provided you have the shield on.

Another TRAPPER awaits you on this Pargon tower.  That's easy enough, but the
next room, filled with invisible TRAPPERS, is not.  Casting reveal invisible
aligned with the adversary will solve that problem sure enough, leaving you to
sneak out or do as you wish.  Put another shield up and go for the array.

Just another Pargon tower without enemies.  The room, however, has three
pillars like the one the vampire fed off of, and if you attack them directly,
it will call out the HORRORs.  Use a magickal attack spell, seven-point, and
it will destroy all of them.  One last trip through the trapper room, one more
shield, and one more long run to the array.

The second to last tower has a choice again, but since we're summoning, it's
an obvious one, just pick Tier.  The room doesn't have anything of the
Guardian sort, but you will have to cast a seven-point dispell magick to get
the field off the exit, along with another shield so you can actually walk on
the damage floors.  You may need to recharge it to get to the array, depending
on which route you take.

The last tower is Pargon again, except instead of activating any horrible
earth shattering catastrophe, it opens up a new portal in the array.  With
three HORRORs in the room putting up a shield to the best of their abilities,
it's time for yet another bind spell, or two, I should say.  Kill the survivor,
renew the shield (perhaps twice as well), and head back to the array.

Before you go portal jumping, heal up and save, because this is going to be
the last thing you do in the game.

|ACT 1: Gateway to Destiny|

Speeches, speeches.  BOSSFIGHT!

|+[BOSS FIGHT #2: PIOUS AUGUSTUS]+                                            |
|+[DIFFICULTY: EASY]+                                                         |
|The big lich finally shows his ugly mug.  This isn't a particularly hard     |
|battle, but it is long, and a bit tedious.  Pious can cast just about any    |
|spell he likes, but mostly sticks to following you around with the Magickal  |
|Attack.  If you stab him, the essence will appear for you to attack as well, |
|so take the opportunity.  Three combos like this and you'll control Ellia in |
|the hallway.  Pick up the book and you'll control her.  You'll have to use   |
|all the previous spirits like this, but they're weak and disperse in one hit |
|from Pious, so dodge until you have a clear shot at the essence  or you'll   |
|have to restart the process with the same character.  Keep in mind that only |
|Alex has to hit Pious and you'll do okay.  After Karim attacks, another      |
|scene will trigger.  After Roberto, the essence fragments and you have to    |
|fight the lich for real.  He's a bit of a pushover, having few new tricks up |
|his sleeve, but he can start up the shield again which drags the whole       |
|process out so be ready to tackle him wherever he teleports.  About twenty   |
|hits later, he finally drops, leaving you with one crazy ancient to handle.  |

Last trip to the rune tower, switch to Bankorok to bind it.

|ACT 2: The Darkness Comes|

Ending times!  Enjoy, because I don't know that there's going to be a sequel.

=  08: REWARDS  =


Beat the game once and you'll be able to view the credits at any time.  That's
pretty nifty, right?  I guess?...


Beating it with a second ancient will unlock the "Jump to Game" mode, which
basically allows you to revisit any chapter and ancient combination you've
already completed.  Kind of fun, if you're intent on playing one or two
scenarios, but don't want to go through the whole game again.


Beating a third ancient will allow you to see the "true ending" before the
credits roll a final time.  I won't reveal the details here, but it's fairly
satisfying and has enough of a loose end to make one wonder.


Another nifty feature unlocked by the third go at it is the "Eternal Mode",
which allows you to play any game in the Jump To mode without losing
ammunition or having any of the three bars take damage.  It would've been neat
to play around with badass spells in the older levels too, but I'll take what
I can get.


All files were transcribed by me.  Spelling and grammatical errors in this are
most likely direct transcriptions from the game, i.e. any variance on quotation
mark usage.

FILE #1: JOURNAL of M. ROIVAS P1                         /
FOUND IN: Alex, Master bathroom                          \
This is a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal.  It     \
reads:                                                   /
      "Everything that brightened my life now            /
engulfed me in darkness.  I fed on the light of truth    \
yet starved on the shadows of lies.  I have learned      /
through my lifetime but know less than a newborn         \
baby."                                                   /

FILE #2: LETTER #1                                       /
FOUND IN: Maximillian, Master bathroom                   \
A letter, written with some precision, in longhand:      \
"Dear Friend,                                            \
      "The antiquity of which you ask is indeed the      /
Tome of Eternal Darkness, or a copy of it, at            \
least.  Its secrets are still hidden from me, for I      /
have been unable to read it, as have most scholars       \
who have tried.                                          /
      "It will remain within the sanctity of the         \
mansion, for in the wrong hands it would be a            /
powerful weapon.                                         \
      "Peruse it if you will, but beware its magick...   /
It is a harsh mistress.                                  \
      Aaron Roivas."                                     \

FILE #3: LETTER #2                                       /
FOUND IN: Maximillian, Main Hall                         \
A letter, scrawled by a panicked hand, with              \
clotted ink:                                             /
"Dear Friend,                                            /
      "The House has been forsaken by the Ancients       \
 - I dare not enter it for fear of my mortal soul.  I    /
would suggest that you leave also.  Bring the book.      \
It is a far more potent tool than you have learned,      /
and may well swing the balance in our favor.             \
      A. Roivas."                                        \

FILE #4: LETTER #3                                       /
FOUND IN: Maximillian, Tome of Eternal Darkness          \
A letter, scrawled almost indecipherably by a            \
wavering hand:                                           /
"Dear Friend,                                            /
      "As I suspected, the Ruins of Ehn'gha - that       \
blasted necropolis - lie deep under the site of the      /
mansion!  The accursed servants of (nemesis) are so      \
close I can almost hear their chittering!!               /
      "There is a secret opening in the basement,        \
and from there we can gain access... I urge you to       /
gather some men and seal it, or better still             \
destroy that damned place!!  I have stowed               /
something that you will find useful on the upper         \
level.  Look to the light, and you will find it.  I      /
wish that I could be at your side, but my ailment        \
worsens daily and I know that my time is short...        /
      A. R."                                             /

FILE #5: LETTER #4                                       /
FOUND IN: Maximillian, inside Sealed Envelope            \
A letter, written in a scrawling hand, reads:            \
"Dear Friend,                                            \
      "As I expected, the beast are drawing closer       /
to our discovery.  They want the book for                \
themselves, it seems, and do not want us to have         /
it in our possession.  I have taken steps to ensure      \
that their ilk will not touch the key in this            /
envelope, should you fall prey to their claws.           \
      "The envelope containing the basement key          /
has been sealed with a corrosive magick - if one         \
not aligned to us tries to handle it, it will be         /
released inflicting pain, sufferin and a grievous        \
blow to their sanity, should they have any left!         /
      "Be swift with your task!                          /
      A. R."                                             /

FILE #6: DIARY PAGE 1                                    /
FOUND IN: Paul, inside the podium in the cathedral       \
The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 1.                     \
      "I have finally arrived at Amiens, and my          \
pilgrimage to see the Hand of Jude draws to a            /
close.                                                   \
      "I cannot wait to lay eyes upon the sacred         /
relic.  My journey here has been arduous and it          \
shall be good to relax for a while in this peaceful      /
village.                                                 \
      "Amiens is full of good people, strong in their    /
faith and their role in our world.  If the blight of     \
witchcraft is present in this world, then I doubt it     /
is in Amiens."                                           \

FILE #7: DIARY PAGE 2                                    /
FOUND IN: Paul, inside the podium in the cathedral       \
The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 2.                     \
      "... I suppose it is understandable that they      \
will not show me the Hand of Jude on such little         /
notice, but I must confess that the preparations         \
they make are most unusual.                              /
      "No acts of consecration, no daily prayer or       \
worship are demonstrated by this strange order.          /
One wonders if they are holy at all, let alone being     \
under the auspices of the Grand Inquisition.             /
      "Perhaps it is my naivete of our faith.  There     \
are many practices associated with it, and they          /
differ greatly from region to region.  Perhaps           \
Amiens is merely more eccentric than others.             /

FILE #8: BOOK OF RELIQUARIES                             /
FOUND IN: Paul, Brother Andrew's desk                    \
This is the "Forgeries of the Reliquaries", dating       \
back to the late thirteenth century, exquisitely         /
illuminated and bound with hard leather.  It reads:      \
      "Doubtless, many obscure orders requiring          \
more income than can be garnered from the tithe,         /
resorted to forging ancient relics to bring people       \
from outside their region to their diocese, and thus     /
become more lucrative.                                   \
      "While it could be said that a false hope is       /
stil;l hope, relics such as Cuthbert'S Jawbone, the      \
Hand of Jude, and the infamous Thighbone Flute of        /
Connaught, while being forgeries, deceive the            \
righteous unjustly.  Their existence as "true" relics    /
is the utmost heresy."                                   \

FILE #9: DIARY PAGE 3                                    /
FOUND IN: Paul, inside the podium in the cathedral       \
The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 2.                     \
      "... with a shudder my heart turned to ice.  I     \
came to the brutal realization that the entire order     /
were heretics and that I was in incredible jeopardy!     \
      "Who knows how long they had kept their dark       /
secret - masquerading as custodians of the Hand of       \
Jude, when in fact, they guarded a damnable relic -      /
the Essence of the unholy (adversary)?                   \
      "And used IT to lure potential victims to their    /
hideous sacrifice!  I felt sick, and despite my faith, I \
felt intense fear and hopelessness.  I know that I       /
must escape this place before they suspect my            \
knowledge.                                               /
      "I must warn the world and notify the real         \
Inquisition of their presence.  Knowing death is just    /
around the corner and fearing every moment, I            \
commit these words to paper.  Augustine will find this   /
book.                                                    \
      "I will remove certain pages and hide them, so     /
that all who may follow might discover the truth         \
before it is too late."                                  /

FILE #10: NOTE FROM EDWARD                               /
FOUND IN: Alex, after Paul's chapter                     \
The note reads:                                          \
"My Dearest Alex,                                        \
      "I am glad that you have followed my paper         /
trail thus far.  I knew I could depend on you.           \
      "This will be the hardest part of your journey.    /
Look for the 88 keys to continue your journey into       \
the past.                                                /
Your loving Grandfather,                                 /
      Edward."                                           \

FILE #11: SOLDIER'S LETTER #1                            /
FOUND IN: Peter, at beginning                            \
First Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love      \
Margaret:                                                /
      "I was admitted to this hospital on Tuesday.       /
The damage caused to my legs was slight, but             \
there is no way that I could ever walk normally          /
again.  I hate this place - every day I am reminded      \
that I will never be able to do the things I love.       /
      "The hospital is a very strange place.             \
Converted from an old cathedral, there is an odd         /
atmosphere around it.  Silent but for the words of       \
the wounded, calling out in the night.  There is no      /
doubt it is haunted...                                   \
      "What I find most odd in this place is that you    /
never see anyone leave during the day.  It's not         \
right - no good-byes or farewells.  Just an empty        /
bed when you wake."                                      \

FILE #12: SOLDIER'S ORDERS                               /
FOUND IN: Peter, inside Sealed Envelope                  \
An official note, on Army regulation stationery          \
The note reads:                                          /
"Pvt. Thompson,                                          /
      By order of Lt. Hargraves, on behalf of H.R.H.     /
George V, you are to leave your post of duty, and        \
rally in the street outside Oublie Cathedral.            /
      Further orders will be presented at the rallying   \
point.                                                   /
      God save the King!"                                /

FILE #13: SOLDIER'S LETTER #2                            /
FOUND IN: Peter, in bell tower                           \
Second Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his          \
love Margaret:                                           /
      "I've been here for over a week now, and           /
there is no word when I will be allowed to leave.        \
      "Strange things have happened.  At night the       /
sounds of the hospital change - echoes of voices         \
that don't belong to anyone haunt the walls and          /
corridors.                                               \
      "The restless ghosts perhaps, or sounds of         /
movement, or whispers.  I have seen war firsthand        \
and the sounds at night in this hospital scare me        /
more than I ever thought possible.  What is going        \
on here at night?  Why do I feel so threatened?          /
      "My fears are worsened by the talk of the          \
other young soldiers...  One said he had heard cries     /
for help in the middle of the night - cries that         \
were only answered by snarls of rage, and not            /
compassion.  Another said Lance Corporal Haskill         \
had not been discharged, but had gone missing.           /
      "I stare at his empty bed, with a sense of         \
unholy dread, gnawing at my heart."                      /

FILE #14: SOLDIER'S LETTER #3                            /
FOUND IN: Peter, underground library                     \
Third Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love      \
Margaret:                                                /
      "It's been two weeks since Haskill went            /
missing, and I'm afraid to go to sleep.                  \
      "More than once I saw shadows of people            /
moving past my bed, peeking through the blinds to        \
see a wounded soldier being taken from his bed,          /
drugged and delirious in the dead of the night,          \
never to be seen again...  As Haskill was, perhaps       /
as I will be...                                          \
      "What happened to them, I don't know... I am       /
afraid to ask what happened, for I know that I           \
would surely be the next one to be taken into the        /
darkness."                                               \

FILE #15: JOURNAL of M. ROIVAS P2                        /
FOUND IN: Alex, guest bathroom                           \
This is a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal.  It     \
reads:                                                   /
      "I sought to love all yet now love causes me       /
pain and suffering.  I have learned to fear nothing      \
although it is nothing that I most fear.  All that       /
were loyal to me now number among my worst               \
enemies."                                                /

FILE #16: HIDDEN NOTE FROM EDWARD                        /
FOUND IN: Alex, after Edward's chapter                   \
A small note, written on a page from the Tome of         \
Eternal Darkness.                                        /
"Dear Alex,                                              /
      I have left you a small surprise to keep you       \
going when everything seems to go awry.  It was          /
my favorite tipple, and there are several barrels        \
of it in the basement.                                   /
      Please help yourself to what you can find.  My     \
guess is that I won't be needing it.                     /
      Your loving Grandfather,                           /
            Edward."                                     \

FOUND IN: Alex, Guest Bathroom                           \
This is a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal.  It     \
reads:                                                   /
      "As I contemplated these ideas, my suspicions      /
of my servants grew and I became increasingly            \
fearful of them.  I began to watch them carefully...     /
      "Days ago I watched one of them stretch his        \
neck.  I could have sworn I saw it twist in a most       /
peculiar direction, and a bulge of muscle tissue         \
collect and grow in the most incorrect of manners,       /
as if a bone was being displaced from its proper         \
location and something else moving in its place.  I      /
stumbled away knowing that I was surrounded by           \
unholy creatures that wore the skins of mortal           /
men and women!                                           \
      "I had to take action!  Dear God, let my hand      /
be swift and merciful, lest the world see more of        \
these diabolical creatures!"                             /

FILE #18: LETTER FROM EDWARD                             /
FOUND IN: Alex, basement safe                            \
Dear Alexandra,                                          \
      If you are reading this Alex, then I am surely     \
dead.  Knowing that the police will contact my only      /
living relative, I made sure to leave this message       \
for you.                                                 /
      As I write this letter, Pious Augustus is waiting  \
for his chance to strike me down for what I have         /
done to the Guardian City.  I Believe I have slowed      \
Augustus' plans, but not stopped the completely.         /
He will still try to bring his Ancient into this world.  \
      You must continue what our ancestor Max has        /
started.  You must gather the Artifacts and call         \
forth an Ancient to combat what Augustus brings          /
into this world.                                         \
      Of the artifacts there are four, but one of        \
these is in the clutches of Pious himself.  They are:    /
      The Black Heart of Mantorok (symbol)               /
      The Claw of Chattur'gha (symbol)                   \
      The Sigil of Xel'lotath (symbol)                   /
      The Veil of Ulyoath (symbol)                       \
      Your skill in the arcane science will not be as    \
strong as Pious', who has had two millenia to            /
prepare his gate.  You will need all the remaining       \
artifacts to match his power.                            /
      It all rests with you my dear.  I wish you well in /
this desperate act.  I wish I had more guidance for      \
you but I am at my wit's end and feel I am running       /
out of time.                                             \
      Your Loving Grandfather,                           \
            Edward."                                     /


|+[BOSS FIGHT #1: BLACK GUARDIAN]+                                            |
|+[DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM]+                                                       |
|More than anything else, the Guardian is about timing.  The Guardian will go |
|through three phases of attack and each one of them will only yield a small  |
|window of time in which to hurt it.  As implied by your discovery of the     |
|spell scroll, the only way you can really hurt it is with the Magickal       |
|Attack spell.  Here, it's a personal preference as to whether you want to    |
|set it to stun (3) or kill (7), but preferring haste and dealing with other  |
|distractions, I recommend a seven-point cast.                                |
|In its first phase of attack, the Guardian will sent a few bolts of energy   |
|at you, which will drain both health and whatever element it's associated    |
|with (rather nasty if Ulyaoth).  If you're playing against Chattur'gha, it   |
|will also try to lance you with its tongue, which you'll need to avoid.      |
|Following this, it will flash colors for a bit, which means it's time to     |
|immediately bust out the spell and blast it.                                 |
|The second phase moves up the  force field behind you several feet, giving   |
|you less maneuvering range.  This time, instead of orbs, the Guardian will   |
|summon three ZOMBIES associated with it.  This is a pain as the zombies have |
|a tendency to drain more of your [negiligible] sanity than you can easily    |
|get back by killing them.  To make matters worse, it seems like the Guardian |
|won't open itself to attack unless you have all zombies present and on       |
|screen, and that makes timing the spell a bit difficult because you only     |
|have so much time before they reach you.  The solution is this: hang out on  |
|the far right side of the room, and as the third zombie (summoned from left  |
|to right) starts to fully form, start the seven-point spell.  With any luck, |
|it will activate right as the Guardian drops its guard and take out all the  |
|zombies in the process.  Alternatively, if you feel like being unbelievably  |
|cheap, you can start the spell as soon as the second phase intro animation   |
|ends and get the same basic effect.                                          |
|The third phase involves the force field encircling both you and the         |
|Guardian.  The Guardian will now take to trying to smash you physically, so  |
|basically you have to run around avoiding the attacks (hopefully you still   |
|have enough health TO run) and wait until it stops for a few moments.  It's  |
|Basically, don't start running until you see which leg it's going to use and |
|it will make it a lot easier.  It's a little harder to pick up when it's     |
|just pausing as opposed to when it's actually resting, but it will make      |
|some different noises and moves slighlty differently when the shield is      |
|about to go down, and that's your cue to strike fast and hard.  Cast another |
|seven-point Magickal Attack and this time it will go down for good.          |

|+[BOSS FIGHT #2: PIOUS AUGUSTUS]+                                            |
|+[DIFFICULTY: EASY]+                                                         |
|The big lich finally shows his ugly mug.  This isn't a particularly hard     |
|battle, but it is long, and a bit tedious.  Pious can cast just about any    |
|spell he likes, but mostly sticks to following you around with the Magickal  |
|Attack.  If you stab him, the essence will appear for you to attack as well, |
|so take the opportunity.  Three combos like this and you'll control Ellia in |
|the hallway.  Pick up the book and you'll control her.  You'll have to use   |
|all the previous spirits like this, but they're weak and disperse in one hit |
|from Pious, so dodge until you have a clear shot at the essence  or you'll   |
|have to restart the process with the same character.  Keep in mind that only |
|Alex has to hit Pious and you'll do okay.  After Karim attacks, another      |
|scene will trigger.  After Roberto, the essence fragments and you have to    |
|fight the lich for real.  He's a bit of a pushover, having few new tricks up |
|his sleeve, but he can start up the shield again which drags the whole       |
|process out so be ready to tackle him wherever he teleports.  About twenty   |
|hits later, he finally drops, leaving you with one crazy ancient to handle.  |

=  11: ITEM LIST  =

The items listed below are found in this format...


Any mistakes, i.e. "geas" in the Shield scroll, are probably transcribed as

This section covers anything used to kill or that can be combined with another
item to kill.

FOUND IN: Edward's study, (DEFAULT);
This is a Gladius, the standard weapon of the Roman army.  A short double-edged
sword with a sharp, triangular point, the Gladius was designed primarily for
hacking and chopping at the enemy, but could be used to pierce armor as well.
FOUND IN: (DEFAULT), save the guard
A Short Sword with a wooden grip - light and durable.  A small curve running
from the handle makes it better for hacking rather than stabbing.
FOUND IN: Take the blowgun
A Short Sword with its blade shattered into many pieces.  It is completely
FOUND IN: Complete the candle puzzle to open the hallway
An ancient weapon, the Blowgun propels a poison dart at an enemy, causing death
within several seconds.
FOUND IN: Open the casket in the chapel, a monk will give it to you
This Frank and Saxon weapon relies on a heft blade to deliver deadly cutting
and slashing attacks.  It does not have a hand guard, as it was designed for
offensive, rather than defensive fighting.
FOUND IN: The monk fighting zombies drops this; Second tunnel; (DEFAULT);
west side of cathdral; (DEFAULT); Bishop's room
The Torch, or brand, is a common source of illumination from ancient times.
The Torch can be used to light [Character]'s way or set fire to enemies.
FOUND IN: Save the monk without hitting him; Kill the Anthony zombie; ruined
library in old tower
A heavy single-handed sword with two cutting edges, it is commonly known as a
Bastard Sword or "Hand and a Half" sword for the length of the hilt which
can fit in one hand with the other for support.
FOUND IN: (DEFAULT), First hallway (under the statue room)
The Tulwar is a curved blade with a heavy chopping edge.  Most Tulwars had a
circular hilt and pommel, making them easy to recognize.
(Dual) Karim can now fight "Florentine" with a Tulwar in each hand!
The Chakram was a favored throwing weapon through Central Asia in medieval
times.  A balanced ring of metal, sometimes beautifully decorated, it
would be hurled at an attacker.  Heavy Chakrams could sever limbs or heads.
However, they were not designed to return to the thrower.
FOUND IN: Block room
This is a Ram Dao broadsword, typified by its long, broad blade and heavy
cutting edge.  A formidable weapon, it enables the user to strike at many
enemies at once and still keep distance.  With a sweep Karim can knock down
enemies, and can cause extreme damage with an overhead attack.
FOUND IN: (DEFAULT); Aaron's Secret Study
The French Flintlock Holster pistol was in use from the 1680s.  As a muzzle-
loaded pistol, its rate of fire is rather low, but it packs a powerful punch.
(w/dual) Dual Flintlocks pistols for those who wish to fight "akimbo" style.
FOUND IN: Maximillian's Study (5), Western Bathroom (5), Upper Hallway (5),
Master Bathroom (5), Main Hall (5), Dining Room (5), Basement (5)
A bag of Flintlock Pistol Balls.
FOUND IN: Aaron's study; Piano room
Cavalry swords, like this Sabre, were used chiefly as an item of ceremonial
dress for officers.  The brass knuckle guard was a style popular with both
American and English cavalry officers in the second half of the Eighteenth
FOUND IN: Master bedroom
This is a Smith & Wesson Model 37, one of the smaller revolvers in the Smith &
Wesson family.  This double-action revolver is capable of firing .38
Special ammunition, which allows for extra stopping power.
FOUND IN: Master bedroom (10), guest bedroom (10), basement (10)
A box of .38 Caliber Revolver Ammunition
Since 1907 this weapon has ben a trusted sidearm to U.S. armed forces.  Through
two World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam, the Colt M1911 Automatic Pistol has proven
itself to be a reliable firearm with good stopping power.
A clip of .45 Pistol Ammunition.
A Remington M-870 Shotgun, slightly modified with an extended tube magazine,
choke barrel, rifle sights, and bayonet lug.  This is the same shotgun used by
the U.S. Mariner Corps since 1970.
A box of 12-gauge Shotgun Shells.  These will fit any cartridge-firing shotgun.
The unusual "L" shape of the Kukri gives the weapon a significant advantage in
close quarters.  The combination of a cutting edge on the inside curve of the
blade and heavy weight of the blade tip gives the Kukri immense chopping power.
FOUND IN: Western room off cathedral, second survey room
The Crossbow is a powerful and accurate weapon that shoots a wooden bolt.
FOUND IN: Pew to the right of podium in cathedral (5), Brother Andrew's room
(5), organ machine room (5), horror room in passage (5), secret passage
library (5); first survey room (5), second survey room (5), room after zombie
trap (5),
A quiver of Crossbow Bolts.
FOUND IN: By organ machinery in basement
A weapon covered with spikes and flanges that focus force upon striking.  The
Mace was effective against an enemy wearing chain mail.  Although usually
directed against the head, a Mace blow to a limb could break bones even if the
armor was not pierced.
FOUND IN: First survey room
This is a Saif - a curved Arabic sword with a distinctive pommel.  The Saif is
a standard weapon of most Middle Eastern armies.
This is a photographer's Flash Pan, used to hold combustible powders that when
ignited create a large white flash.  This can be used to stun some enemies.
A pouch of Flash Powder for use with a photographic Flash Pan.
FOUND IN: Morgue room
This Lebel Modele 1892 Revolver was introduced prior to World War One.  A
double-action pistol with a six-shot swing-out cylander chambered for 8mm
French Service ammunition
FOUND IN: Across from Brother Andrew's room (12), ruined library in old tower
(12), old cloak room (24)
A box of 8mm Revolver Shells.
FOUND IN: Altar in cathedral
The Lee-Enfield Mk III bolt-action reifles are legends in their own time.
Completely reliable even under adverse conditions over three million were
produced in Britain, India and Australia.
FOUND IN: Brother Andrew's room (5), organ mechanism room (5), Bishop's room
(10), old cloak room (5)
A box of .303 Rifle Ammunition.
FOUND IN: Basement (as Alex)
The Winchester Model 1300 Defender is quite possibly one of the finest
pump-action shotguns available.  The unique slide action operates a rotating
bolt, and unlocking is recoil-assisted, making it very fast and smooth to
FOUND IN: Basement (24)
A box of 12-gauge Shotgun Shells.  These will fit any cartridge-firing shotgun.
FOUND IN: Secret study
This is an Enfield Mk1 Star Revolver, introduced prior to World War I.  It is a 
double-action pistol with a six-shot top-break cylinder.  The Enfield is
chambered for .380 revolver ammunition.
FOUND IN: Kitchen (12), master bedroom (12), secret study (12), basement (24)
FOUND IN: Basement
The Ithaca Model 'A' Shotgun was also known as the Auto or Home Burglar Gun.  A
double-barreled, breech-loaded shotgun, it is capable of firing one or both
barrels simultaneously.
FOUND IN: Master bedroom (12), guest bedroom (12), secret study (24), main hall
(12) (if servant is saved), basement (48)
FOUND IN: Guest bedroom gun cabinet (if/when you get the key)
The Holland and Holland Double Rifle fires an enormous .50 x 3" nitro slug,
quite capable of stopping a rhino or elephants dead in their tracks.  Only a
crazy man would feel comfortable facing a "Holland and Holland".
FOUND IN: Guest bedroom (12), guest bedroom (12) (if servant is saved),
basement (24) 
A box of .50 x 3" Nitro Cartridges.  These shells are for the Elephant Gun.
A multipurpose Fire Ax made from molybdenum allow for extra strength and heat
FOUND IN: By door out of first room, on corpse
The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is as Heckler & Koch G-36 rifle
mounted under a 20mm grenade cannon.  It is commonly assigned to Special Forces
units.  The rifle uses a 30-round clip and is chambered for 5.56mm NATO
FOUND IN: By door out of first room, on corpse
A magazine of NATO 5.56mm Ammunition
FOUND IN: By door out of first room, on corpse
These are 20mm air-fused Grenade Shells for use with the OICW Rifle.
FOUND IN: By door out of first room, on corpse
The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol, renowned for its resilience under
harsh firing conditions - the Glock can even fire underwater!  The Glock fires
9mm pistol ammunition. 
FOUND IN: By door out of first room, on corpse
A magazine of 9mm Pistol Ammunition.

These items are ones you should seek out if your condition changes.

FOUND IN: Statue in main room
A Strange Necklace, fashioned from a dark ancient stone and engraved with
weird designs.  It can be used to cast a Healing spell when Ellia is standing
An ancient Talisman that has been in Karim's family for many generations.  It
is said to bestow long life on those that have kept it.  This item can be used
to restore health.
The priest's Meditation Rod is a small staff used as a focus for meditative
prayer.  Using it will allow Paul to meditate and regain some lost sanity.
FOUND IN: Sacrificial room
A small milky blue bottle, stoppered with a chipped cork.  This Magickal Elixir
will restore all of Peter's magickal energy.
A small flask of the old sauce, Liquid Courage!  A magickal elixir to power
one's spirit in the face of adversity.

"Bottoms up!"

Using this will regain Sanity.


These items revolve around the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  Usually, their usage
relates directly to the unlocking of a new chapter.

FOUND IN: Edward's study;
This is the Tome of Eternal Darkness, where experience, spells and enchanted
items can be stored for future use.  It has been made from fragments of human
skin and bone, and endowed with magickal powers.
FOUND IN: Edward's study
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"The Binding of the Corpse God".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Edward's study (after candle puzzle)
An antique leather-bound message tube - the kind used to transport sealed
message scrolls.  It appears to be unopened.  There might be something inside.
FOUND IN: Edward's study
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"Suspicions of Conspiracy".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Guest bedroom
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"The Gift of Forever".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Dining Room Pantry (after the sword trick)
A firmly sealed glass spice jar.  The faint aroma of Arabian spices is
tantalizingly emanating from it.  There is a piece of paper inside it.
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"The Lurking Horror".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Dresser in master bedroom
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"A Journey into Darkness".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Top floor, after removing the damage field on the west window
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"Heresy!".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Piano room, after playing it
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"The Forbidden City".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Edward's study, after "surveying" the pillar drawing
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"A War to End All Wars".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Medicine cabinet in guest bathroom
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"A Legacy of Darkness".  USE this item to read the Chapter.
FOUND IN: Medicine cabinet in guest bathroom
This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  It is entitled
"Ashes to Ashes".  USE this item to read the Chapter.


Not just Runes, but also indentifying Codexes and the Circles of Power you use
them in, these items are generally related to the mechanics involved in the
casting of spells.

FOUND IN: Upper study (after clearing the monks)
FOUND IN: Play the sheet music on the organ and the tabernacle will open
FOUND IN: Coal room (after transporting body from the boiler room)
KARIM, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); MAXIMILLIAN, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath), ANTHONY,
ACT 1 (if Ulyoath)
FOUND IN: Ram Dao room (kill zombie); Main Hall (after Envelope, kill the
Horror); Upper study (break urn)
KARIM, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); MAXIMILLIAN, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath), ANTHONY,
ACT 1 (if Ulyoath)
FOUND IN: Second Tunnel; Dining Room; Fountain room
MAXIMILLIAN, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); ANTHONY, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath); KARIM,
ACT 1 (if Ulyaoth)
FOUND IN: Main Hall (after Envelope, kill the Horror); Upper study (break urn);
Ram Dao room (kill zombie)
MAXIMILLIAN, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); ANTHONY, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath); KARIM,
ACT 1 (if Ulyaoth)
FOUND IN: Dining Room; Fountain room, Second Tunnel
ANTHONY, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); KARIM, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath); MAXIMILLIAN,
ACT 1 (if Ulyaoth)
FOUND IN: Upper study (break urn); Ram Dao room (kill zombie); Main Hall (after
Envelope, kill the Horror)
ANTHONY, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); KARIM, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath); MAXIMILLIAN,
ACT 1 (if Ulyaoth)
FOUND IN: Fountain room; Second Tunnel; Dining Room
FOUND IN: Use the trapper to hit the panel behind the relief
FOUND IN: Cross the bridge and dust the cobwebs after relief opens up
FOUND IN: Ehn'gha balcony (kill the Mantorok Zombie)
FOUND IN: Basement
FOUND IN: Third mural room (inside zombie)
FOUND IN: First trapped hallway (behind cobwebs)
FOUND IN: Kill the Rune Horror
FOUND IN: T-shaped hallway
FOUND IN: Final candle room
FOUND IN: Second trapped hallway
FOUND IN: Kill transparent zombie behind first secret entrance
FOUND IN: Underground library
FOUND IN: Kill the zombie after picking up the Magormor Codex
FOUND IN: On staircase after the Broken Green Urn
FOUND IN: Main Hall (after finding the Tome, kill the Horror)
FOUND IN: Master Bedroom
FOUND IN: Stairway revealed by silver Kali statue
FOUND IN: First mural room
FOUND IN: Kill transparent zombie in first tunnel
FOUND IN: In the room with the Rune Horror
FOUND IN: First secret passage room
FOUND IN: Evil underground shrine


The actual spells themselves.  Step right up, don't be shy, can't cast spells
without the proper rune orientation.

FOUND IN: Underground library
A torn scroll, illustrated with a geometric symbol, is accompanied by a small
note.  The note reads:
"Thast which is broken, shall be fixed.  That which is dull, will be sharp.
Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item magick.

This spell requires the Antorbok and Magormor runes.
FOUND IN: Circle room
A tattered scroll from an ancient text.  It reads:
"This spell enables the transfer of magickal power from the enviroment to the
self.  Restoration of the body, spirit, and mind is this spell's purpose.

This spell requires the Narokath and Santak runes.
FOUND IN: Room behind fireplace
A torn scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it.  It reads:
"With this enchantment the invisible is rendered visible.  "Use it wisely, for
some things are invisible for a reason, and mortalkind is not meant to see

This spell requires the Narokath and Redgormor runes.
FOUND IN: Basement
A tattered scroll, lined with curious writing and diagrams.  It reads:
"This incantation exerts a force of mystical power within the confines of its
runes.  Nothing may enter till it is dispelled."

This spell requires the Bankorok and Redgormor runes.
FOUND IN: Third trapped hallway
A torn scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it.  It reads:
"For every magick there is a counter.  That which is protected, is protected no
more.  That which is bound, is unbound.  Be warned that a more powerful magick
than this will endure its ravages.

This spell requires the Nethelek and Redgoromor runes.
FOUND IN: Fourth mural room
A magick, inscribed on parchment in a bloody pigment:
"Evoking this magick brings into existence a creature known as the 'Trapper'.
Trappers possess the unique ability to trancend space and time, and to relocate
objects and creatures to their own plane."

This spell requires the Tier and Aretak runes.
FOUND IN: Old tower chapel
A tattered scroll, lined with curious writing and diagrams.  It reads:
"From all manner of magick will you be protected when encased in this geas.
The alignments can help but never hinder, for within well-conjured magick
comes greater protection."

This spell requires the Bankorok and Santak runes.
FOUND IN: Reaper and Zombie room, two rooms beyond second survey
A spell, transcribed onto human skin, written with ink made from distilled fat:
"This conjuration summons a shambling corpse from the Planes of Eternal
Darkness, where the dead, and all manner of fell things, dwell.  This magick
should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche of mortalkind is
not pleasant.  To see with the eyes of the dead is to become them..."

This spell requires the Tier and Aretak runes.
FOUND IN: Stairwell before guardian
An aged scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it.  It reads:
"This incantation saturates an area with aligned magickal energy, inflicting
massive damage to all enemies within its influence.  This magick will affect
both large and small - for even the greatest of enemies are made of many small

This spell requires the Antorbok and Redgormor runes.
FOUND IN: Basement
The scroll is host to an incantation, written in a panicked scrawl of blood.
It reads:
"The bestial fury of the "Horror" is unleashed by this magick.  The Horror's
7abilities are yours - enemies may be crushed or rent apart, wracked by
magick.  This spell should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the
psyche of mortalkind is high."

This spell requires the Tier and Aretak runes.
FOUND IN: On chair after first Max scene
This dread scroll contains a secret of arcane magick.  It reads:
"This magick transfers the innate magickal energy of the environment to the
self.  The limitless power of the Ancients will be at your disposal for the
duration of the magick.  Once the magick has waned, you will be bereft of
spiritual power, until it naturally seeps back into your being.

This spell requires the Tier and Redgormor runes.
FOUND IN: Tome stand in the depths of the temple
A note is scribbled on this scroll.  It reads:
"This magick enables the caster to bind a creature with magick forcing it to
ally with them."

This spell requires the Bankorok and Aretak runes.


Most of these items are used to plug into various other things and solve the
game's assorted pseudo-puzzles.

FOUND IN: First hallway;
This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious lined
design, colored blood red.
FOUND IN: Circle room;
This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious lined
design, colored an insipid green.
FOUND IN: Second hallway;
This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious lined
design, colored a ghostly blue.
FOUND IN: Block room;
This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious lined
design, filled with pruple and tainted by a black shadow.
FOUND IN: Second candle room; second candle room
A well-crafted Bronze Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems.
FOUND IN: Statue in Mantorak's chamber
This large piece of metal looks to be a lever of some kind.
FOUND IN: Upper study
(empty)  This Urn has been glazed with a rich cobalt blue shellac, instilling
it with an otherwordly spectral character.  It has a strange sigil on its side.
(filled, add) It is filled with a foul-smelling liquid.
FOUND IN: USE the blue urn
This Urn is broken into many fragments.  Perhaps it can be repaired?
(empty) This urn has been glazed with an iridescent green shellac, making it
shine with a disturbingly alien light.  It has a strange sigil on its side.
(filled, add) It is filled with a foul-smelling liquid.
FOUND IN: Room where you get the torch and two-edged sword, keep the torch
equipped to find two pieces of it
(w/ one) This appears to be One-Third of a Broken Urn. 
(w/ two, mixed) This looks like Two-Thirds of a Broken Green Urn put together.
(w/ three, mixed) Fragments of a broken Urn, pieced together to form a crude
whole.  Deep cracks mar its structure and, while it is almost complete, it is
far from watertight.  Perhaps it can be repaired somehow.
FOUND IN: Fountain room
This Urn has been glazed with a deep red shellac, giving it the sheen of a
bloody heart recently torn from its host body.  It has a strange sigil on its
side.  It is filled with a foul-smelling liquid.
FOUND IN: First tunnel (White), second tunnel (black)
A crudely sculpted statuette of a man.  It seems particularly heavy for its
FOUND IN: Dining Room (pantry)
This appears to be the handle of a manually driven pump.
FOUND IN: Behind Stained Glass Window (after killing first Horror)
A paper enveloped, sealed with a glob of melted wax.  An odd Rune is pressed
into the wax.  There appears to be something heavy inside.
A large, soft-bristled brush designed for clearing dirt and dust from surfaces
without damaging them.
FOUND IN: Clear the dust from floor panel in main room
An exquisite bronze bracelet, designed to be worn around the wrist or ankle.
It is embellished with inset gems and engravings.
FOUND IN: First trapped hallway
A seemingly worthless bracelet, made from cheap, flawed metal.  The workmanship
is rather crude.  It is probably junk.
FOUND IN: Naga room
An exquisite bracelet made from silver, designed to be worn around the wrist or
ankle.  It is embellished with inset gems and engravings.
FOUND IN: Second candle room (after getting Dispel Magick and killing horror)
A well-crafted Silver Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems.
FOUND IN: Northwest room in "square"
This necklace is uncrusted with cysts of corroded metal upon its surface.  It's
difficult to tell what it looks like.  Perhaps it can be cleaned somehow?
FOUND IN: Southeast room in "square" (use sculpture)
A well-crafted Gold Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems.
FOUND IN: Southwest room in "square"
An exquisite bracelet made of gold, designed to be worn around the wrist or
ankle.  It is embellished with inset gems and engravings.
FOUND IN: Holding room (examine painting)
The Emerald's deep green surface reflects the light inside it perfectly.  Its
cut is thw work of a master craftsman.
FOUND IN: Bishop's room (kill Anthony)
A deep crimson Ruby cut with intimate care and workmanship.  Light is trapped
within its recursive facets, making it appear to glow from within.
FOUND IN: Horror in wine cellar
The Sapphire glows with a bright luminance resulting from its stunning cut.
Light is kept within its surfaces giving it an almost ethereal hue.
FOUND IN: Old tower library; at the organ
A piece of parchment with some musical notations written on it.  It is somewhat
tattered, probably through years of use.
FOUND IN: Third custodian meetins
An ornate, long-bladed knife, used to sacrifice humans.  For Paul to even pick
it up is repulsive, for the sense of evil it emits is intense and unnerving.
The souls this blade has taken live on within its metal.
FOUND IN: (DEFAULT); after returning to Alex in the modern era
An old coin, marked in a peculiar manner.  It has held sentimental value for
someone.  Whoever holds the penny will undoubtedly receive good fortune.
FOUND IN: On fireplace mantle
An old musty book, bound in dry dusty leather.  This book covers the early
history of the Roivas family, dating back before the settlers in this land.
There appears to be something pressed between the pages!
FOUND IN: Inside historical journal (1)
This appears to be the minute hand of a large clock, made from stamped brass.
FOUND IN: On fireplace mantle
An old musty book, bound in dry dusty leather.  This book covers the "recent"
history of the Roivas family, going back perhaps a hundred and fifty years.
There appears to be something pressed between the pages!
FOUND IN: Inside historical journal (2)
This appears to be the hour hand of a large clock, made from stamped brass.
FOUND IN: Servant's quarters
An antique stethoscope made of brass.  Used for amplifying thwe sound of a
beating heart.  This one is probably two hundred years old.
FOUND IN: Big safe in basement
A large brass crankshaft - seemingly part of an antique.
FOUND IN: First ladder after going into pit
Circular in shape, with a series of jewels clustered around what appears to be
a glass lens.  It has a fitting on one side, as though it was once attached to
FOUND IN: Second ladder after going into pit
A long staff made from hardwood.  Its finish, once clean and resplendent, is
now dented and cracked.  
(w/out amulet)
One end of the staff is merely bare wood, indicating that something was once
attached to the end.
(w/ amulet)
Iti s topped with a gold amultet, inset with a lens.
FOUND IN: Horror shield room
A formed lump of C4 Plastic Explosives.  The detonator simply needs to be
added and the charge will explode a preset time of 3 minutes.
FOUND IN: Damage floor hallway
These electric detonator caps will transform a package of otherwise safe C4
plastic explosive into a primed bomb.  They have a built-in timer, set for a
maximum time of 3 minutes.
FOUND IN: Combine Plastic Explosive and Detonator Caps
The C4 Satchel and the Detonator Caps have been combined into a single unit -
it is now a primed bomb.  When the bomb is used Mike will have 3 minutes to get
to safety.
FOUND IN: Array room
A piece of broken masonry.  It appears to be part of the top of a display
(when complete)
The top of a display pedestal.  Other than it not being attached to the rest
of the pedestal, it is in excellent condition.
FOUND IN: Combine fragments
A loosely assembled top of a display pedestal.  In its current state it will
not stay together.


These items are the essences of the guardians, claimed at different times by
different people, and eventually collected for whatever purposes, usually

FOUND IN: Main library (search shelf near door after switching to Alex)
Mantorok's hear pulses with unholy life.  Although the Corpse God itself
festers elsewhere, its power resides within this artifact.
MICHAEL, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath)
FOUND IN: ; Karim's room, (DEFAULT), in Brown Paper Parcel (if Ulyaoth); Black
Guardian room, Big safe in basement (if Xel'lotath)
Chattur'gha's claw glows with an unnatural blood red aura, seething with
restrained violence.
PETER, ACT 3, MICHAEL, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); ROBERTO, ACT 3, MICHAEL, ACT 2,
ALEX, ACT 1 (if Xel'lotath)
FOUND IN: Black Guardian room, Big safe in basement (if Chattur'gha); Karim's
room, (DEFAULT), in Brown Paper Parcel (if Xel'lotath)
The Essence of Ulyaoth - its Veil - shifts from plane to plane, reality to
reality, never really existing but never really not.
ROBERTO, ACT 3, MICHAEL, ACT 2, ALEX, ACT 1 (if Chattur'gha); PETER, ACT 3,
MICHAEL, ACT 1 (if Ulyaoth)
FOUND IN: Karim's room; (DEFAULT), in Brown Paper Parcel (if Chattur'gha);
Black Guardian room, Big safe in basement (if Ulyaoth)
The Sigil of Xel'lotath gives off an eerie green light, as if the air around it
is spun into madness itself.


These don't generally serve any direct function, but hey, they're there, and
sometimes they advance the storyline.

Message Scrolls like this were often used to transfer messages securely.  This
one has a strange diagram on it consisting of a pentagonal shape with strange
letters at each corner.  When Anthony had opened the scroll, something strange
happened.  That "something" had been intended for the Emperor Charlemagne.
Suspecting a plot against the Emperor, Anthony pledged that he would warn
Charlemagne at all costs!
Maximillian's medical journal.  Used to take notes on medical and pathological
FOUND IN: Cathedral podium
A Sealed Envelope.  It looks rather official.
A durable emergency flashlight equipped with a long-endurance battery.
A parcel, wrapped in plain brown paper.  It is not addressed to anyone and
appears to have been wrapped in a hurry.  There might be something inside.


Used for the unlocking of various doors and whatnot.

FOUND IN: (DEFAULT) or when Enchanted
This is the key to the Second Floor of the Roivas Mansion.  It looks very old
and worn.
FOUND IN: Use Second Floor Key
This is the key to the Second Floor of the Roivas mansion.  It appears to be
FOUND IN: (examine clock in main hall)
This appears to be the key to a chest of drawers or a Dresser.
FOUND IN: Kill the possessed monk
This is a gold, gem-encrusted Bishop's Key.  Its form echoes the likeness of a
bishop's sceptre.  This is the key to the Bishop's Room.
FOUND IN: Open Sealed Envelope
A small, antiquated key, somewhat rusted by the ravages of time.  This is the
key to the basement of the Roivas mansion.
FOUND IN: Western room off the cathedral
A tiny brass key, for the podium in the Cathedral Apse.
FOUND IN: After talking to the custodian
A large, rusted iron key.  Used for access to the Old Tower.
FOUND IN: Former block room (depths of temple)
The key to the "Forgotten Corridor".
FOUND IN: Play music on tabernacle
A door handle for an obscure door.  It doesn't appear to belong to any
particular door in sight.
FOUND IN: Evil altar room
An oddly shaped key, carved from what appears to be a large bone.  Smaller
bones and fragments of other organic matter form the teeth and handle of the
FOUND IN: Talk to the maid in the library as Alex; enchant broken key
A small, antiquated key, somewhat rusted by the ravages of time.  This is the
key to the basement of the Roivas mansion.
FOUND IN: Broken vase after first meeting with vampire
This is the Bottom Half of the key to the mansion's basement.  The top bit is
apparently missing.
FOUND IN: Take out the vampire in the main hall
This is the Top Half of the key to the mansion's basement.  The bottom bit is
apparently missing.
FOUND IN: Mix top half and bottom half
This is the key to the basemend of the Roivas mansion.  It appears to be
FOUND IN: Servant gives you this in Master Bedroom if he survives the attack
A small key to unlock the bindings on the gun cabinet.
FOUND IN: Basement by the barrels
A hefty Pickax, for demolishing walls.  Too cumbersome to be used as a weapon,
it might come in handy somewhere else.


Nifty little treats you can use to get other, more interesting effects.

FOUND IN: Trapper room after the Ram Dao door; Karim's room; (DEFAULT)
A small statuette of a defeated Warrior, kneeling in respect to an unseen
victor.  It is made from a deep red Ruby.
FOUND IN: Hall to block room (after dropping the spell bomb); (DEFAULT)
A small statuette of a Sorcerer, driven mad by an unseen foce.  It is made
from a lustrous Sapphire.
FOUND IN: Cave with worms after the armory
A small statue of a Scholar ravaged by an unseen foe.  It is made from a clear
FOUND IN: Secret staircase in former zombie trap room; Collect all the effigies
and this will be at the door
This Gladius carries a powerful enchantment.  This unique weapon can only be
wielded by its destined owner - the Guardian of Light.



Play the game enough to familiarize yourself with the actual forms of the
ancients, then plug Final Fantasy VII into your Playstation and head down to
the Sunken Gelinka late in Disc II or III and start fighting some of the
Unknowns there.  Notice any similarities?


Mantorok and Birkin's final G-type in Resident Evil 2.  Make your own
inconceivable horror!  Just add a dark coloring and innumerable mouths and


There is no purpose in the bonethief explosion at the end of Chapter 3 other
than to invoke a "holy shit!" moment.  The Ancients have a stranglehold on the
Amiens cathedral, and their task was pretty much accomplished, but it probably
would have been in their interests to keep the head priest possessed as long
as they could.  What exactly the lifespan is for a human host, I don't know,
but they seem to have no problem possessing zombies anyway...


Does Karim's voice sound at all familiar to you?  It's the same actor who did
Luis Sera in Resident Evil 4, released years later.  Check out the full cast
list over at IMDB, there are a lot of interesting crossovers, including strong
ties to the Metal Gear series.


If the ancients are pretty darn powerful, and Pious spent a good chunk of time
in Cambodia during the Ellia part of the game, then what would the need be to
bring Lindsey in?  Did he really forget where the tomb was, or was he just
trying to use Lindsey to access some of the things in the temple (like Ellia)
that he couldn't on his own?  Either way, seems foolish.


When fighting the Black Guardian, sometimes, you can shoot down its bolts of
energy just like clay pigeons.  Makes me want to pull out my old copy of
Duck Hunt...


When Edward goes down the secret hallway to Maximillian's study, where the Tome
is kept, there are lightbulbs and other hints of modern electrical innovation.
Someone's been in there since Max got locked up...


Who exactly drops the final essence off at the Roivas Mansion?  You want to
think it's Michael, but then what purpose did Michael's meeting with Edward
at the end of his chapter hold?


There are both good things and bad things that Eternal Darkness does.  Even
moreso than many of its survival horror counterparts, the game itself is plot-
driven and in that regard, is composed fairly well, is engaging, and fairly
original at that.  It does what few games in recent memory have been capable
of doing: taking a single location, establishing it, and showing its evolution
in character over a stretch of time, rendering it new and yet familiar with
each subsequent visit.

The downside is that, for all its research and historical tie-ins, the gameplay
is occassionally weak.  Battle provides more nuiscance than challenge, for the
most part, and there was little to distinguish one weapon from the next in
terms of its uses from chapter to chapter.  The magick system, though it needed
to be constructed in a way that didn't allow for simple run and gun tactics,
could also prove to be a pain in the posterior.  The challenge wasn't in that
the game was particularly difficult so much as the gameplay itself was
frequently working against the player (and that goes for some of the sanity
effects as well).  Also, while it seems trite to deride a survival horror
game as being too linear, there really were few significant differences between
the anciencts and each new run through the game was a half-baked spin on the
same old thing.  It could've been planned out a little better to provide more
variety to the six+ hours each run took, but many games of the genre can also
be played in one's sleep, so to speak.

On the whole, it was an interesting concept that in some respects could be
considered revolutionary, but at the same time, I feel it's partially just
fodder for what could be a greater game sometime in the future.



Q: Muchitsujo?

A: ... It means chaos and disorder in Japanese.  I'm not Japanese myself,
but I can never think of screen names for anything.
Q: Why did you write this?

A: Because I love each and every one of you.  Nah, just kidding.
Q: I've heard this game will reduce my Gamecube to a smoldering husk.  Is that

A: Not entirely, though the Gamecube experiences more difficulties with this
game than any other, it seems.  A lot of the dialogue is heavy and runs from
the CD at optimal quality, which results in a lot of snapping and clicking
(and choppy lag) on the part of the Cube if you haven't taken good care of it.
You might want to clean yours out using canned air and/or a cotton swap lightly
dabbed in rubbing alcohol.  Just don't tip the canned air upside down, or else
it'll come out frosty, which could be a bad thing.  While writing this guide,
I had some issues with my Gamecube midway through, but after cleaning it out
using these methods, I never had another problem.
Q: Why does Alex always have some sanity loss when the story resumes on her

A: I don't know, ever wake up from a lucid dream and feel a little disoriented?
I'd suspect the woman sobbing sanity effect is her too.
Q: Why are Mantorok's guards helping out Pious at the end of Ellia's chapter?

A: If you listen carefully, it's pretty clear that they're making bonethief
Q: Is all of this based off of Lovecraftian mythos?

A: More or less.  Both involve unspeakable and incomprehensible horror
(supposedly), both have central locations in New England, both have a book
that's either the cause of or solution to it all, maybe both.  (also, check
the inspectors' names...)

From there, things diverge a bit.  Lovecraft seemed to be all about sanity, or
a glorious lack thereof, and ED decided to add the elements of health and
magick.  ED also decided to carry on the story to places beyond New England.
The serious stuff still goes down there, but the addition of Cambodia, France,
and the Middle East, though seemingly random, were interesting enoguh to keep
things going.  Running through the same location for the whole game would lose
flavor rather quickly.
Q: Why is this game so chronologically out of order?

A: I really don't know.  It starts out fine with Pious in 26 BC, but from there
it's 1160 AD, 814, 565, 1760, 1983, 1485, 1460, 1916, 1952, and 1991, and there
isn't really any nice explanation for it because the runes you pick up in 1983
are active for 1460 and people in the past know the fate of those to come, in
some instances.

One way of looking at it would be to say that the timeline is fluid and various
actions are dependant on one another, so everything is being actively
re-written.  Another would be to just chalk it up to ancient magick and the
like.  Hell, they can create geometry where parallel lines meet, I'm sure they
can manipulate space-time however they want too.
Q: Hey, some of the floorplans of these places seem out of whack from century
to century...

A: It's evil!  See my last answer!  Go away!
Q: What is Pious anyway, after he grabs the artifact?

A: He's basically a lich.  Liches are supposedly what happens when those with
(or in this case, who are given) spiritual power die and come back as undead.
Like Zombies, but drier, magical, and without the loss of intelligence.
Q: Can you really do that penny thing with a fuse box?

A: It's not recommended, as you're likely to short things out and make
everything worse if you do it wrong (electrical fire!), but it is possible.
Peter got by because it was a very lucky penny.
Q: What's beyond in the room with the two Guardians in Michael's chapter, or
the end of the tunnel with the effigy in it?

A: Those paths lead to each other, so there's really no point in going down
Q: Hay!  Ddid u noe tht "Roivas" spellld bakwords is "Savior?"

A: Stop.


Some things I may add/fix in the future are...

*Changes in location names based around the principle of eliminating confusion
and keeping up with what the game says it is
*Changes in the description of the types of enemies, if I come up with anything
better or more logical.
*More spell details.

=  15: CONTACT INFO  =

Logically, there are going to be a few guidelines for contacting me.

First and foremost, I can only hope you've done a search function on the FAQ or
read through the entire thing for the answer to your question BEFORE you decide
to e-mail.  I may just not answer the question and redirect you where to find
the answer otherwise.  If your question is good, it may make it in here.

Second of all, I prefer my e-mails in English.  I can understand a little bit
of Japanese, but I really prefer my mail in English.  Common speaking English,
no 1337, no ebonics, if I cannot understand you or am too frustrated with your
means of phrasing, I don't need to respond.  Simple as that.

Third, and I've just recently had to add this one, I am not going to respond to
cell phone text messages asking for my number or suggestions that I join some
internet-based community so you can ask me the question there.  Seriously, if
you're going to the trouble to read this thing until you get my e-mail, you
can probably type up a few sparse words to get your point across.

Fourth, I'm not interested in fan fiction.  Let's get that clear right now.
I have fun with this, I do NOT live vicariously through it.  No photos, no
"inside" information, no BS.  There is no guarentee (actually, theres closer
to a guarentee I won't) that I will take anything of that nature seriously.

Fifth, I'm sorry if I'm not hardcore enough for your gaming tastes.  I don't
play through these games with only the knife and I might do so only if I were
horribly bored.  I can't pull off some neverending combo in a fighting game
that would send you to your doom.  The most I've ever done is get a ninja
before the end of the first act of FF:Tactics.  That's good enough for me.

You don't like it, you write a better FAQ.  Same reason as the rest of us.

Sixth, and most importantly, by e-mailing me any sort of conspiracy theory
or otherwise wacked-out analysis of the events in the game, you're pretty much
giving me the right to make mention of it and possibly debase the idea in here
in whatever manner I deem to be appropriate at the time (anonymously, of
course.  Even if it is mostly a flame, it will not be referred to by name).
Legitimate questions will be answered, interesting theories will be added, but
everything else has a very slim chance to get in.  No guarentees, approval
always pending.

Don't harass me either.  Multiple e-mails won't get your mail read any faster,
but it may get you blocked.  Same theory applies to flaming.  Like all things
on the internet, maybe one of these days we'll connect, but you're running
on your time and I'm running on my time.  Just the way it is.

That said, my e-mail is fearfaq(at)hotmail.com (replace the at with an @, I do
this to mess with the spambots.  Try to be good and give me some idea of what
you're talking about in the e-mail title.

=  16: FINAL NOTES  =

As all good FAQ / Walkthroughs come to an end, so must come the shout outs.

Props to:

-- Silicon Knights and Nintendo, for deciding to do something a little 
   different with the survival horror genre and drawing on some of the 
   better modern literary horror in doing so.

-- Gamefaqs, for setting down the foundation for most modern internet FAQ
   writing and providing a forum for its continued evolution.

-- CJayC, for being an all around good chap and putting up the gamefaqs
   site you are likely using.  Along with the disclaimer in the beginning.
   Posting this as well, cheers.

-- Stephen Ng, and the people over at the FAQs section of IGN.  Like CJayC
   and the GameFAQs crew, they also work exceptionally hard to bring you
   the best.

-- Leo Chan, and all the others over at Neoseeker, for all the reasons
   given for the other FAQ sites and more.

-- People who write FAQs, thanks for keeping me from being the designated
   tech support for my friends.  And vice versa.

-- Tom Waits, he makes fine music.

No props to:

-- Those who would infringe on the copy rights.  I don't make money off
   of any of this, but seriously, that shit ain't cool yo, and it doens't
   take that much to get permission.

---- Copyright 2006 Muchitsujo

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