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FAQ/Walkthrough by Walker Boh Ohmsford

Updated: 05/07/04

     Walker Boh's Guide to:
     Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on Game Cube


1. Legal Notice
2. 2. Intro: About the Game, About the FAQ
3. 3. Controls
4. 4. The Magick System
5. 5. Alignments
6. 6. Fighting and General Tips
7. 7. Enemies
8. 8. Insanity
9.      Weapons
10. 10. Walkthrough
Prologue: A Death in the Family
Chapter 1: The Chosen One
Chapter 2: The Binding of the Corpse God
Chapter 3: Suspicions of Conspiracy
Chapter 4: The Gift of Forever
Chapter 5: The Lurking Horror
Chapter 6: A Journey into Darkness
Chapter 7: Heresy
Chapter 8: The Forbidden City
Chapter 9: A War to End All Wars
Chapter 10: A Legacy of Darkness
Chapter 11: Ashes to Ashes
Epilogue: Gateway to Destiny

1. 1. Voice Actors
2. 2. E-Mail Disclaimer
4.      Preliminaries

     Legal Notice
This document is copyright April 2003 by Walker Boh. It may be used for
nonprofit purposes such as posting on web sites as long as it remains unedited
except by me. You have permission to post it on your site, just don't change
anything. Also, please refrain from E-mailing me and asking for the latest
version of any FAQ of mine.


     About the Game
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a Survival-Horror game for the Nintendo
Game Cube. Actually, it's more along the lines of a Psychological Thriller.
That's the term Silicon Knights uses to describe it and frankly I agree with
that assessment. The object of a true Survival-Horror game is to survive. In
Eternal Darkness however, all but a very few of the characters will perish upon
completion of their quests, sometimes in very nasty ways. The storyline is one
of the most compelling I've encountered in a video game, particularly in recent
years. Like nearly all games in its genre, Eternal Darkness carries a rating of
M for Mature due to its violent content. There is much blood, so this is
probably not a game for young ones. Setting that aside, it's quite creepy. If
asked to say which game I like better between Eternal Darkness and Resident
Evil, chances are I'll side with Eternal Darkness. The two games are scary, but
in different ways. Eternal Darkness leans more toward subtlety than other
horror games. The thing that sells the game, or at least one of the major
things, is the innovative Sanity System, which is part of what makes this game
so creepy. Each time you're spotted by an enemy, you'll lose some of your
sanity. Each monster saps varying amounts of sanity. This results in all manner
of hallucinatory effects, ranging from mysterious voices and footsteps, to
bleeding walls, to sudden inexplicable decapitation. You may also experience
technical effects. You might receive Disk Read Error messages or messages that
your controller port is empty when it clearly isn't.

Another selling point for ED is the game's compelling story. It starts off
like your average murder mystery, where a young woman wants answers regarding
the brutal death of her grandfather, but it soon becomes much bigger. Planetary
alignment turns out to be an important part of the story. Interestingly enough,
the planets did actually align on June 24, 2002, the day this game came out.
This fact has not gone unnoticed by the game's many fans. They picked a perfect
day to bring it to us, especially since planetary alignment is part of the
The game features twelve controllable characters, each with his or her own
chapter. It's best not to become too attached to any particular character
(although fans are gonna have their favs), since they usually die at the end of
their chapter, in very nasty ways for the most part. I should note that there
is a thirteenth character, though he's not actually in the game. This character
is you, the player. The game will draw you in very quickly and keep you in,
even more so if this is the kind of game you like.
One thing that's become more and more common in video games is voice acting.
Sometimes it's superbly done I.E. the Lunar games on PSX, and other times it's
almost painful to the ears I.E. Ocarina of Time (although those are just little
snippets). I must say that the voice work done for Eternal Darkness is quite
impressive. They hired some very talented and well-known people here. Notable
names include David Hayter (roman soldiers), Jennifer Hale (Alex Roivas and
Zel'lotath Voice), Neil Ross (Edwin Lindsey, also FLUFFI in The Bionic Six),
Kim Mai Guest (Ellia and Zel'lotath Voice) and of course, Bill Hootkins
(Maximillian Roivas). We all know him from the first Star Wars movie, where he
played Porkins.

     About the FAQ
This is just another in a lot of FAQs for Eternal Darkness. I'll try to be as
specific as I can. Much of the work on this guide is being done after
completing the game, and I must say I'm rather bad at remembering directions,
so I went to Nintendo's web site and used their Walkthrough to sort of refresh
my memory as to where stuff is. No, I didn't plagiarize. Also, be warned that
like most of my other FAQs, this one is very likely to contain spoilers, so be


The controls are very simple for the most part. It's just the targeting
system that might confuse some of you. Oh well, that's what this section's for.
A Button: Attack/Confirm. Use as Yes option when prompted to take an item.
B Button: Examine objects, cancel commands. Use as No option when prompted to
take an item (you shouldn't do this, ever).
X Button: Hold to sneak. Is useful when avoiding enemies such as Trappers.
Y Button: Quick Spell 1. Used as hotkey for one of five Quick Spells.
Left Analog Stick: D-Stick. Moves character or cursor.
D-Pad: Used as hotkeys for Quick Spells 2-5.
Right Analog Stick: C-Stick. Adjusts camera angle.
L Button: Switch between menus in subscreen. On playing screen, hold L to run.
Continuous running will tire you out, so be careful.
R Button: Switch between menus in subscreen. On the playing screen, R activates
the targeting system. When holding R, use Up, Left or Right directions on
D-Stick to target Head, Left Arm and Right Arm when fighting an enemy. Simply
hold R without pressing a direction to target the torso. You don't necessarily
need to do this, but it works more efficiently than just swinging randomly.
Z Button: Press to reload projectile weapons, such as guns or crossbows.
Start: Press to access subscreen.

     The Magick System
Eternal Darkness' Magick system is actually quite simple once you get down to
it. Oh, and it's spelled that way in the game. Magick is the Old English
spelling for Magic.
Spells in this game are made, not learned or even purchased. To create a
spell you need the following: a Circle of Power, which determines the strength
of the spell, an Alignment Rune, which determines the Alignment (more on that
later). You also need a Target Rune, which determines who or what will be
affected by the spell, an Effect Rune, which determines what your spell will
do, and a certain number of Pargon Runes. Pargon Runes are Power Runes.
Depending on the Circle of Power you use, you will need between zero and four
Pargon Runes. there's just one Pargon rune in the game, but you can use it as
many times as you need in order to fill in any empty spaces on the Power Circle.
The Alignment of each spell is very important. There are a total of four
Alignment runes, each connected with one of the four Ancients. The first three
are required to complete the game, but the fourth is optional. Each of the
three main ones will negate one of the others, but not the third. The fourth
Alignment will negate any of the other three. It's important to remember what
Alignment beats what. See the Alignments section below for more info.
Two  useful but unnecessary components for spell creation are the Spell
Scrolls and Rune Codices. Rune Codices will identify individual runes. Without
these, you'd have to learn what each rune does solely by its appearance. Spell
Scrolls will list the required Runes for a spell as well as a brief description
of what it does. Though you can create spells and use them without either the
Spell Scrolls or Rune Codices, neither the runes nor the spells will have any
labels, so the only way you'll know what they do is by their pictures or in the
case of spells, by casting them. Spells will be numbered, but that's all.
Interesting Note: You'll have all the Target and Effect Runes before you even
reach Chapter 7 (you get the last ones in Chapter 6), so you could actually
create all the spells in the game before you clear the halfway point. You just
won't know most of the names until you find the relevant scrolls. You also
won't be able to increase their power level, as you'll lack the stronger Power
Circle as well as the Pargon Runes.
Here's a very important thing to keep in mind when using Magick; do not move
until the spell is complete! Wait until the Ancient stops speaking the names of
the runes, or you'll disrupt the spell and waste valuable Magick. This includes
getting hit. If you're in a boss fight (or any battle for that matter), get as
far away from the monster as you can before attempting to cast spells,
particularly when casting the more powerful 5 and 7-point spells, which take
longer to work. This decreases the chance of being hit before the spell is


     Alignment Runes
Chattur'gah: Ancient of Body, red Alignment. Beats Zel'lotath..
Ulya'oth: Ancient of Spirit, blue Alignment. Beats Chattur'gah.
Zel'lotath: Ancient of Mind, green Alignment. Beats Ulya'oth.
Mantorok: Ancient of Chaos, purple Alignment. Beats all three of the above.

     Target Runes
Magormor: Item
Aretak: Creature
Redgormor: Area
Santak: Self

     Effect Runes
Antorbok: Project
Bankorok: Protect
Narokath: Absorb
Tier: Summon
Nethlek: Dispel

Note: In listing the runes needed for each spell, I'll use the description of
each rune rather than its name I.E. Absorb+Area. I'll also provide the game's
description of each spell, plus my own.
Spell Name: Enchant Item
Runes: Project+Item
Game Description: That which is broken, shall be fixed. That which is dull,
will become sharp.
Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item Magick.
This spell's purpose is twofold.  It can be used to repair a broken object,
in which case neither the Alignment nor the power level is very important. It
can also be used to enchant weapons so that they cause more damage. In this
case, make sure the Alignment you choose is stronger than the Alignment of your
enemy. If your enemy has a blue Alignment, use this spell with the green
Alignment for maximum damage. The power level doesn't actually increase the
strength of the weapon, but it does increase the length of time for which the
weapon remains enchanted.
Spell Name: Recover
Runes: Absorb+Self
Description: This spell enables the transfer of magickal power from the
environment to the self. Restoration of the body, spirit and mind is this
spell's purpose.
This spell recovers any stat, life, magic or sanity. Which attribute you
regain is determined by the Alignment you choose for the spell. It's a bit
pointless to use this spell to recover magickal energy (that's the blue
Alignment), since you recover exactly the same amount of Magick as it took to
cast the spell. It's basically as if you never cast anything. The red and green
Alignments will recover life and sanity respectively, and if you have the
purple Alignment rune, Mantorok, you'll recover all three attributes. So
basically one use of a purple recover spell is cheaper than using one red and
one green.
Name: Reveal Invisible
Runes: Absorb+Area
Description: With this enchantment the invisible is rendered visible. Use it
wisely, for some things are invisible for a reason, and mortalkind is not meant
to see them.
This spell reveals objects which have been concealed by Magick, such as
doors. Alignment is important here, since concealment spells can have any of
the three Alignments. The same is true of the power level. Your spell has to
match or exceed the strength of the concealment spell. This always lasts about
five minutes, no matter the power level. Needless to say, this should be more
than enough time to do your business. If you use the purple Alignment, you
yourself will be made invisible, rather than invisible objects being revealed.
In this case the power level determines how long you are invisible. Enemies
can't see you, but the player can see the character as a shadow type person.
Name: Damage Field
Runes: Protect+Area
Description: This incantation exerts a force of mystical power within the
confines of its runes. Nothing may enter till it is dispelled.
This spell encases you in a shield of mystical energy that damages anything
that touches it save the one who cast the spell. However, it will not move with
the character, so you can venture out of its protective ambiance. The Alignment
is important when using this spell. Enemies of blue Alignment who touch a green
field take that much more damage. All fields last for two minutes unless they
are either dispelled or damaged enough. Each time an enemy touches the field,
the field will sustain some damage.
The power level of your spell will determine the strength of your field.
Five-point fields can take more hits than three-point ones.
Purple fields can take and cause more damage than any of the other Alignments,
with the added effect that they continue to drain health for a second or two
even after the victim is no longer touching the field. Think of it as a poison
Name: Dispel Magick
Runes: Dispel+Area
Description: For every Magick, there is a counter. That which is protected is
protected no more. That which is bound is unbound. Be warned that a more
powerful Magick than this will  endure its ravages.
This spell will neutralize any other Magick as long as the Alignment of your
spell is stronger than that of the opposing Magick. This goes for Damage
Fields, Shield Spells or Bind Creature spells. When you use this to dispel
Damage Fields (or any spell for that matter), make sure that the power level at
least equals that of the opposing spell and that the Alignment is stronger.
Name: Summon Creature
Runes: Summon Creature
Description: This spell summons a creature from the Plains of Eternal Darkness.
The Circle of Power you use determines what creature you get. Below are the
descriptions of each summon spell.
Summon Trapper: Evoking this Magick brings into existence a creature known as
the 'Trapper'. Trappers possess the unique ability to transcend space and time,
and to relocate objects and creatures to their own plain.
Summon Zombie: This conjuration summons a shambling corpse from the Plains of
Eternal Darkness, where the dead, and all manner of fell things dwell. This
Magick should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche of
mortalkind is not pleasant. To see with the eyes of the dead is to become them.
Summon Horror: The bestial fury of the 'Horror is unleashed by this magic. The
horror's abilities are yours - enemies may be crushed and rent apart, wracked
by Magick. This spell should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the
psyche of mortalkind is high.
Note that you can't use the Mantorok rune when summoning. Apparently Mantorok
is too weak to fuel a spell of such magnitude, so you're stuck with the other
three Ancients. Also note: Despite the fact that there are separate scrolls in
the game for summoning Trappers, Zombies or Horrors, I felt it unnecessary to
make separate sections. This is because the runes required for all three spells
are exactly the same. The only difference between these three spells is the
power level needed to cast them and therefore the number of Pargon runes.
Name: Shield
Runes: Protect+Self
Description: From all manner of Magick will you be protected when encased in
this geas. The alignments can help but never hinder, for within well-conjured
Magick comes greater protection.
This spell temporarily makes you pretty much invulnerable to physical or
magickal attacks. It creates a number of sparks (the number determined by the
power level I.E. 3, 5 or 7). These sparks fly around you and take damage for
you. After a spark takes enough damage it will fail. A carefully conjured
shield can make you almost invincible. If your spell's Alignment is stronger
than that of the enemy, it will be able to protect you more. It works the same
as all other spells. The Purple Shield spell actually acts somewhat like the
Damage Field spell, in that enemies who attack you will take some damage.
Name: Magickal Attack
Runes: Project+Area
Description: This incantation saturates an area with aligned magickal energy,
inflicting massive damage to all enemies within its influence. This Magick will
affect both large and small, for even the greatest of enemies is made of many
small parts.
This is the same as or at least very similar to the attack Horrors like to
use on you. After an impressive but pointless shockwave, this spell shoots out
bolts of lightning, which can strike multiple enemies. This spell is useful for
attacking from a distance. The Shield spell helps when confronting an enemy who
uses this spell, but remember that a shield can take only so many hits before
it fails, and Magickal Attack is probably the most powerful spell in the game.
Name: Magick Pool
Runes: Summon+Area
Description: This Magick transfers the innate magickal energy of the
environment to the self. The limitless power of the Ancients will be at your
disposal for the duration of the Magick. Once the Magick has waned, you will be
bereft of spiritual power until it naturally seeps back into your being.
This spell can be used to slowly recover any of the three attributes, Life,
Sanity or Magick. You should already know what color restores what. A Purple
aligned spell will recover life, Magick and sanity and cost less in the long
run than one red , one blue and one green spell. The rate of Magick recovery
from this spell is lower than what you can recover just by running around, but
it's possible to get around this. If you cast the spell and then run around in
its radius, you can recover Magick at almost twice the normal rate!
Name: Bind
Runes: Protect+Creature
Description: This Magick enables the caster to bind a creature with Magick
forcing it to ally with them.
This spell acts like the Summon spell, except that it doesn't summon a
creature. This spell simply forces a creature to fight with you temporarily. As
with the Summon spell, the creature you bind depends on the power level, though
they didn't make separate scrolls for this one. You need a three-point spell
for Trappers, a five-point one for Zombies and a seven-point spell for Horrors.
Unlike the Summon spell, you can use the Mantorok Rune. Interestingly enough,
if there are any surviving enemies in the room when your Bind spell wears off,
those enemies will still be angry at your creature and attack it.

For those that didn't get it right away, I've taken the liberty of writing up
this Fighting section to talk a little bit about the battle system. I recently
visited the Gamefaqs message board for Eternal Darkness where someone still
hadn't gotten the hang of it by chapter 3. Obviously you press A to use your
weapon, but there's a little more to it. If you want to dispatch an enemy more
efficiently rather than just swing or shoot at them randomly, you have to
target specific parts of their bodies. To do this, simply hold R all the way
in. This will lock onto the nearest enemy. You can then use the left analogue
stick to target. Press Up for the head, Left for the left arm, Right for the
right arm and don't press anything for the torso. To target another enemy,
simply release R slightly and then press it in all the way again. When the
enemy falls, press B over them to perform a Finishing Move.
In a room with multiple enemies, it's a good idea to get them all down before
finishing individual ones off. This will prevent you from being attacked while
you're finishing.

     Finishing Move

When an enemy is knocked down for the final time, you should get a B button
prompt. Pressing B over a fallen enemy results in a Finishing Move. While this
is not necessary to defeat most enemies, it will recover a small portion of
your sanity. In fact, this will be the only way you can recover Sanity until
you have the proper Alignment Rune and the Recover Spell.
When dealing with enemies who have projectile attacks I.E. Horrors or
Guardians, it's best to keep your distance. If you have a gun, enchant it with
the Alignment dominant to that of the foe and fire on them from a distance.
Most of the time this should work well, particularly if you're not comfortable
getting close to the monster.
If you have to use Magick during a fight, it's a very good idea to assign a
commonly used spell to one of your five available Quick Spell buttons. This
eliminates the need to enter the menu and cast the spell manually. One note is
that when casting a Quick Spell, you can't switch Alignments or adjust power
levels. The spell will always be in whatever Alignment and power level you
originally assigned it. If you assign a 3-point red Magickal Attack to a Quick
Spell button, the only way to change it is to reassign it with a different
Alignment and power level. Also, remember to keep your distance when trying to
cast spells. Even a minor hit will disrupt the casting process, wasting
valuable energy.
Eternal Darkness is one of those games that allow you to save pretty much
anywhere you want. My recommendation is to take full advantage of this. Save
wherever you can as often as you can. You may also want to have several
different save files, so if you screw up on one file you have another to fall
back on. If you attempt to save in a room with enemies or near a trap, the game
will warn you that it isn't safe to save here, and you obviously won't be
allowed to save until the danger is eliminated. Like I said though, save as
often as possible. Don't try to complete a chapter without saving at least
once. If you die (and you're bound to sooner or later), you'll lose all your
hard-earned stuff.

There really aren't many enemies in this game, but they're there for the
listing. Note that monsters of differing Alignments usually behave differently
from each other.
Bonethieff: A skeletal beast with razor-sharp forearms. They are often found
inside the bodies of humans and even Zombies. Usually, though not always,
possessed people will try to attack you. There's one very important thing to
keep in mind when fighting a Bonethieff. Do not, I repeat, do not let them grab
you! They can kill you very quickly if they get hold of you. While avoiding
them is often easier said than done, it is possible. They give a shrill scream
when damaged or when they attack. If you have a projectile weapon I.E. a gun,
the best thing to do is enchant it with the dominant Alignment and fire at them
from a safe distance. Only when they are all down should you venture into the
room with them. Then you can finish them off with whatever weapon you want.
Otherwise one or more of them might gang up on you and that could be quite
nasty. They can be a pain to kill sometimes due to their speed.
Gatekeeper: I'm not entirely certain about this, but I think the Gatekeeper
enemy is very similar to the Lesser Guardian. They vary in appearance from
Alignment to Alignment, but they all have large batlike wings and pointed tails
that curve up over their heads. They usually attack in one of two ways that I
have noticed. They can either summon Zombies or try to hit you with their
tails. They can only be harmed when they open their wings. It's a good idea to
shoot at them from a distance.
Greater Guardian: Also known as the Black Guardian, the Greater Guardian is one
of only a few real bosses in Eternal Darkness. Its voice and physical
appearance both vary from Alignment to Alignment. The Red Guardian is a giant,
crab-like beast with sharp pincers and a three-sided mouth. The Blue Guardian
has three large feet and a small spherical body surrounded by tentacles. He
also has what is in my opinion the coolest voice in the game aside from
Ulya'oth. The Green Guardian has a skinny humanoid body with four arms and no
head. She sounds a lot like Zel'lotath. See the Boss Battle section for details
on how to defeat each of the Guardian's incarnations.
Horror: These are huge beasts with humanoid bodies and three heads set into
their shoulders and very long arms with sharp claws. They're very strong. They
can take a lot of hits and deal a lot of damage. They give a very loud roar
when you approach and also when they are mortally wounded. They tend to shoot
energy blasts at you for the most part (rather like Magickal Attack). Blue ones
have no eyes but can detect other creatures via their electrical discharge. The
best way to defeat a Horror, unless of course you happen to have a gun, is to
enchant a sword, then run around behind the Horror and hit him. Just don't try
to hit it more than once or it'll clobber you. If you find yourself in a room
with more than one Horror, the safest strategy is to focus on one Horror until
it's dead. If you try to run around and wear them all down at once, you're
almost guaranteed to get yourself killed. If you have a gun and ammunition to
spare, enchant it with the dominant Alignment. Guns are the best way to deal
with Horrors, particularly if you don't feel comfortable about getting close to
them. As long as you have a gun at your disposal, feel free to take advantage
of it. If not, just do what I said earlier and attack from behind with an
enchanted sword.
Lesser Guardian: These are the first Boss creatures you encounter, although
Miniboss would be a more accurate term for them. Their physical appearance
varies from Alignment to Alignment. Red ones resemble a cross between a spider
and a crab. Blue ones resemble large, floating shrimps. Green ones resemble two
headless Zombies joined together in a spiderlike formation. Lesser Guardians
have the irritating habit of forming Damage Fields around themselves, so you'll
have to do a lot of Dispelling. While they are powering up for an attack, you
can fire on them with an enchanted gun. Each successful hit will force the
monster to fly to another part of the room, giving you time to reload and, in
the case of the Elephant Gun, to get up off your ass as well.
Trapper: Resembling a cross between a dog and a scorpion, these little beasties
have no eyes. They make up for this by being very sensitive to vibrations, so
the best way to avoid them is to sneak. For though they can't actually harm
you, the moment they hear you they will explode, sending you to the Trapper
Dimension. You can recover life, Magick or sanity here, so sometimes a Trapper
can come in handy, but most times it's a nuisance, so be careful. Trappers can
be taken out with a single shot from any gun, but it's too risky when there are
many of them, as is frequently the case. You're better off avoiding them unless
it's absolutely necessary to shoot one I.E. it's in your way.
Vampire: The Vampire is a humanoid beastie with long teeth and legs that bend
the wrong way. He makes a really weird noise when he takes damage. He is pretty
much the boss of Chapter 10, though you don't fight him right at the end. He
appears suddenly in the Roivas Mansion and starts attacking servants. Affected
people turn into Zombies and will try to kill you. The first few times you
encounter him you won't be able to kill him. After enough hits he will run off
down to the basement and refill his energy. He cannot be killed until the
source of his power is destroyed.
Zombie: These are simply walking corpses. Purple or Mantorok Zombies are easily
taken care of simply by chopping off their heads, arms and torsos. The same
holds true for Chattur'gah and Zel'lotath Zombies, commonly referred to as red
and green ones (respectively). There are certain things to keep in mind though.
Red Zombies have the ability to regrow heads and arms, Chattur'gah being the
Ancient of Body. Zel'lotath Zombies will produce phantoms of themselves when
their limbs or heads are removed. Unlike other enemies, you must finish green
Zombies off or they will keep coming back to life. The Ulya'oth or blue zombies
are the most dangerous or, as far as I'm concerned, the most annoying. When
hit, they will freeze and then explode. When their chests glow, cut off their
heads to stop the explosion. If more than one explodes at the same time, it can
kill you instantly. Just remember to chop off their heads, which will prevent
the explosion. Then they can be finished off like any other enemy.
Here's a list of the Sanity Effects, or rather those I've picked up so far.
Feel free to contribute ones you've encountered if they're not listed here.
Some are audio, some are visual and some are technical and may make you think
your equipment isn't working properly. Most likely it's all part of the game.
One interesting thing is that the normal dungeon theme doesn't always play
during sanity effects. A lot of them feature strange musical accompaniment,
though not all of them do. Well, here are all the ones I've gathered so far.
You'll hear voices that sound like they're saying,
"yuppyyuppyyuppy--uhh--uhh--uhh," or something. This one has only happened to
me in Mantorok's Tomb.
You'll hear sounds of people weeping.
You'll hear sounds of someone being tortured in another room.
You'll hear random incantations in Latin.
Your TV will suddenly switch to Video Mode.
You'll finish a chapter and hear frantic pounding on a door somewhere in the
You'll sometimes finish Chapter 4 and get a message reading, "To be continued:
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Redemption."
Your TV will suddenly mute itself.
You'll receive a warning that an error occurred while reading the disk
(sometimes this does actually happen, but usually it's just a sanity effect).
You'll attempt to save and get a message that you have just successfully
deleted your saved data (don't worry, it isn't real)..or at least not unless
you're using a crappy 3rd party memory card.
You'll get a warning that there's no controller in Port 1 and be unable to move.
The game will appear to restart.
The floor will be covered with gun ammo.
Blood will drip from the walls and ceiling.
Bugs will crawl across the walls and ceiling.
You'll enter a room and be attacked by swarms of monsters. This one might be
harder to tell whether or not it's real. If the screen doesn't flash after a
few seconds, it's not a hallucination.
You'll enter a room and your head will fall off, followed by your arms, legs
and then the rest of you.
You'll enter a room and your head will fall off. You'll have the option to pick
it up and replace it. If you do, it will recite a famous passage from
Shakespeare's Hamlet in a deep, echoing voice.
You'll get Microsoft's infamous Blue Screen of Death.
Alex will get a phone call from her dead grandfather Edward.
The game will switch to a brief scene involving Alex and Edward. There are four
of these in all. Sometimes he's the loving fellow he probably was in life, and
other times he's more sinister...
You'll sometimes attempt to cast a healing spell and then suddenly explode,
complete with death fanfare.
Note: If you have anymore that I haven't covered, send 'em on over and I'll
add 'em to the list.


Eternal Darkness features a wide variety of weaponry. Each time period
features different weaponry, and it's all accurate. Here, I'll list the weapons
you find throughout your adventure.
Name: Gladius
Description: Roman soldiers in the Imperial army commonly used this sword. It's
an all around decent weapon, with decent damage and decent range.
Name: Short Sword
Description: This is a short sword with a wooden grip. It's length is probably
somewhere between the Gladius and the Scramasax. An Ok weapon, but it breaks
Name: Scramasax
Description: The Scramasax sword is like the Gladius, only its blade is longer
and heavier. A decent weapon, but you won't have it for too long before you
have a chance to get a better weapon.
Name: Two-edged Sword
Description: This is a heavy single-handed sword with two cutting edges. It's
commonly known as a Bastard Sword or Hand and a Half Sword  by the length of
the hilt, which can fit in one hand with the other providing support.
Name: Tulwar
Description: The Tulwar sword is recognizable by its curved blade and circular
hilt and pommel. It's a weapon designed for chopping. It's a decent weapon.
Although you can fight with two of them at once, it's not much different.
Name: Ram Dao
Description: The Ram Dao broadsword is widely regarded as the best weapon in
the game, and for good reason. Its long broad blade and heavy cutting edge
makes it ideal for facing multiple enemies. It can hit more than one, and its
length allows you to still keep your distance.
Name: Saber
Description: This is a cavalry saber. In its day it was more of a ceremonial
weapon for officers in both the French and English armies during the
Revolutionary War. It deals decent damage and has a long enough blade so you
don't have to get too close to the enemy.
Name: Kukri
Description: This is a good weapon for close fighting. It's pretty heavy, so it
deals decent damage.
Name: Mace
Description: This is basically a flail. It allows you to keep your distance
when fighting, but if you get the Two-edged Sword, you may as well use that
instead, as it's got a longer reach. The mace, I notice, can be a bit slow.
Name: Saif
Description: This is an Arabic sword with a distinctive pommel. It's commonly
used by most Middle Eastern armies. It's like the saber except it's better in
almost every way. It's longer and deals more damage.
Name: Fire Ax
Description: This is one of the weapons Michael Edwards starts off with. As
long as you don't use it for targeted attacks, it has decent speed, but
generally it's on the slow side, and it's kinda useless when there's an assault
rifle a few steps away from where you start.
Name: Enchanted Gladius
Description: This version of the Gladius carries a permanent enchantment of the
Alignment dominant to your own. It's not required for completing the game, but
it will help in the final battle. It also has the advantage of being able to
hit an enemy from a distance. If you target an enemy that's out of range of
your normal attack, Alexandra will throw the Gladius at the enemy, and it will
return to her after it hits its target. You have to collect all three Effigies
to get it.
Name: Blowgun
Description: This is a terrible weapon. It fires off a poison dart that deals
damage to an enemy every few seconds, but it's very slow. Fortunately, you
shouldn't have to put up with it for long if you save the guard...
Name: Chakram
Description: Chakrams are a form of throwing weapon. They're basically little
metal rings. They're not very powerful, and you only have nineteen of them, so
use them sparingly.
Name: Flintlock Pistol
Description: The French Flintlock Pistol was in use from the 1680's. It's a
muzzle-loaded weapon, so it's rather slow, but it packs a powerful punch. The
Duel Flintlock Pistol is the same except that you get an extra shot before you
have to reload...and you take twice as long to reload. Avoid using these
weapons unless you really have to. Its damage is slightly outweighed by its
Name: Automatic Pistol
Description: This is one of the weapons Edwin Lindsey starts with in his
chapter. It's a Colt M1911 Automatic Pistol. Through two world wars it has
proven itself to be a reliable firearm with good stopping power. It can also
hold eight shots, so you don't need to reload so quickly. It's also fairly
quick to reload due to the fact that its ammo is clip based, and you start off
with a decent amount of ammo.
Name: Shotgun
Description: This is a Remington M-870 shotgun, slightly modified with an
extended tube magazine, choke barrel, rifle sites and bayonet lug. It's the
same shotgun which has been used by the US Marine Corps since 1970. This is the
other gun Dr. Lindsey starts with. Although it does more damage than his
pistol, it holds fewer shots (7 as opposed to 8), and he has a much more
limited supply of Shotgun rounds, 37 as opposed to the pistol's 56. It's also a
bit slower both to fire and to reload. Save it for the tougher enemies.
Name: Crossbow
Description: This weapon is even worse than Ellia's blowgun. It only holds one
shot like the Flintlock Pistol, but it doesn't do much damage and is probably
the slowest to reload. Avoid using this as much as possible.
Name: Flash Pan
Description: This is a photographer's Flash Pan. It's designed to hold
combustible powders, which create a large white flash when ignited. It can only
stun enemies, but it'll give you a little time to run away. It has an extremely
limited number of ammo, so avoid using it unless you really have to.
Name: Revolver
Description: This is a Lebel Modele 1892 Revolver. It would be a decent weapon
but for the fact that you fight a lot of Bonethieves in the chapter where this
weapon is found, and they can dodge bullets. It's also slow to reload, since
you have to reload each bullet manually.
Name: Rifle
Description: A Lee-Enfield MK III Bolt-action rifle. This is an all around
decent weapon. Nice damage, nice ammo capacity and quick to reload.
Name: MK1 Star Revolver
Description: An Enfield MK1 Star Revolver. Best save this one for when it's
absolutely necessary, since though it holds more ammo than either of Edward's
other weapons, it has a long reload time.
Name: Elephant Gun
Description: Aside from Karim's Ram Dao sword, the Elephant Gun is regarded as
one of the best weapons in the game. It only holds two shots at once, but it's
extremely powerful. Its recoil is so powerful that it can knock Edward on his
ass when he fires it. Though you can set it to fire both barrels
simultaneously, it's best not to do that very often, so as to save ammo.
Name: Double Shotgun
Description: The Ithaca Model A shotgun, AKA the Auto or Home Burglar Gun. It
can only hold two shots at a time, but its reload is fairly quick. You also can
find a huge supply of these bullets lying around in the mansion, so you can use
it without worrying too much. Like the Elephant Gun, this weapon can be set to
fire each barrel individually or both simultaneously.
Name: Glock 17 Semi-Automatic Pistol
Description: It's got the highest ammo capacity so far (seventeen shots), but
you only get thirty-four or so bullets, so it's best to save this for finishing
off enemies or shooting Trappers.
Name: Assault Rifle
Description: A Heckler & Koch G-36 rifle mounted under a 20MM grenade cannon.
This weapon serves as a normal gun and doubles as a grenade launcher. You get
510 rounds of ammo, so feel free to let loose on any monsters you meet. You
only get 10 grenades, but even if you don't conserve them you have more than
enough regular ammo to do some serious damage.
Name: Smith & Wesson Model 37 Revolver
Description: This is pretty useless since it only holds five rounds. It's best
not to use this weapon unless you really have to.
Name: Winchester Model 1300 Defender Revolver
Description: Unlike the Smith & Wesson Alex finds in the dresser with Chapter
5's page, this weapon actually comes in useful. It holds seven shots and
there's a decent supply of ammo lying around. The only down side is that if you
get the Enchanted Gladius as Michael, you probably won't need to use this,
since it comes in most useful during the last battle.


Now that all the preliminary stuff is taken care of, the moment you've all
been waiting for has come, the Walkthrough! Like I said above, I went to
nintendo.com to refresh my memory as to the layout and Walkthrough of each
area, though you really don't need one for the first part of the game I.E., the
Prologue and Chapter 1. Note: For the prechapter voiceovers and some of the
cooler cutscenes, I'll list the dialogue. In short, spoilers are possible, even
likely. However, I'll try to warn you right beforehand.
     Prologue: A Death in the Family
Time Period: 2000 AD, Rhode Island
Character: Alexandra Roivas
Alex Roivas is a young woman attending college in Seattle, Washington. At the
time of this game she is just completing her degree in Abstract Mathematics and
Number Theory (sounds way too complicated for simple folks like myself).
Anyway, she is very strong willed, and this obstinate attitude gets her into
trouble sometimes.
Upon selecting New Game, you'll be treated to several scenes. The first is a
voiceover by Dr. Edward Roivas.
Edward (voiceover): Flesh...bone...bound together with the oddest magickal
incantation. This wretched book is where it all began so long ago... Before
time... Before humanity. I am Doctor Edward Roivas. I am a clinical
psychologist. I am also dead... This is not my story, nor even the story of the
Roivas family. It is the story of humanity. Like it or not, believe it or not
as you will. Your perceptions will not change reality, but simply color it.
Humanity has been on the edge of extinction for two millennia. Ignorant of so
much, and dependent on so few. The Guardians grow restless. Their time, once
again, near. Whether by fate or misfortune, my family has crossed their path,
and they didn't take kindly to it. Their attention turns to my granddaughter,
for she is the last of my line...and the last hope for humanity...
After the cutscene, you'll take control of Alexandra Roivas, who seems to be
in a bit of trouble. The music's cool, too. Defeat the Zombies if you wish
(keep in mind your ammo is limited). After a time, a second...or perhaps third
cutscene plays. Alex runs up to a door and begins pounding feverishly on it,
attempting to open it. She then hears a hysterical voice raving behind the
door. It is the voice of Dr. Maximillian Roivas. Then a really creepy looking
Edward Roivas appears and says, "Remember me, Alex." All this time we hear the
ringing of a telephone. After a time, Alex jerks awake. Groggily she answers
the phone. It's the Rhode Island Police, and the news isn't good. There's been
an accident with her grandfather. She'll be on the next flight out. Note: Make
a note of the time on Alex's alarm clock.
Arriving in Rhode Island, Alex is greeted by Inspector LeGrasse, who tries to
get the meeting underway with a little small talk. Alex isn't in the mood
though, so the inspector leads her into the next room as he remarks dryly, "I'm
afraid there's---not much to see."
This is one of those scenes that may creep you out. We are given a view of
the headless corpse and a close-up of the Roivas family ring. There's also
rather a lot of blood everywhere. Upon seeing this, Alex begins to cry
hysterically. LeGrasse uncomfortably asks her if this is her grandfather. Alex
replies that yes, it is. She recognized the Roivas family ring. She then
demands to know why she's being shown this. Couldn't they check dental records
or something? Well, there's just one small problem. Seeing as how Eddie seems
to have misplaced his head, they couldn't check his dental records. Due to the
fact that there's no sign of intrusion, the police are, to put it simply,
The scene switches to two weeks later. We are given a brief synopsis of how
events stand at the start of the game. Shocked by her grandpa's mysterious and
gruesome death and frustrated by the lack of hard evidence and the seeming
incompetence of the Rhode Island police, Alex has vowed not to leave until she
has her answers. Tired of the lack of progress in the police investigation,
Alex decides to take matters into her own hands, believing that the mansion may
hold the answers she wants. This is how matters stand when you, the player,
enter the story.
After all is said and done, you'll take control of Alexandra Roivas in the
old Roivas family manor. The music is cool, too. If you search the little
carriage clock on the table by where you start, you'll find a dresser key.
You'll need it later. The second floor door is locked, but Alex has a key. Use
this and---awwww crap! The key broke! Don't worry though, in a few chapters
you'll be able to fix it. Anyway, you don't need to be up there yet.
As you explore the mansion (don't worry, there are no enemies), examine every
object you can. Objects that can be examined will display a B button icon.
Anyway, you'll get some background info on the Roivas family and manor. Seems
that Alex's grandpa wasn't much of a musician, so that grand piano isn't much
more than a dust collector. Oh well, maybe someone with the talent will come
along later.
In the library there's a big grandfather clock. Here's where you want to
remember the time on Alex's clock from earlier. Set the hands on the
grandfather clock to 3:33 to open a passage. Note: Sometimes at this point you
might hear a whispery voice. Pay attention. If you didn't observe the time on
Alex's alarm clock, that voice might just solve your problem.
Once the time is set to 3:33, a secret passage will open. Hmmm, I never knew
this was here. It would appear to be Edward Roivas' private study. Right away
you'll get the first hint that something weird's been going on. Alex will
experience a strange vision. On the desk, you'll notice a strange book, so
examine it. It is the Tome of Eternal Darkness. When you examine the book,
you'll see a cutscene that marks the end of the Prologue and the beginning of
Chapter 1.

     Chapter 1: The Chosen One
Time Period: 26 BC, Persia
Character: Pious Augustus
Pious is a Roman Centurion who fights for the Imperial Army of Rome. Drawn by
mysterious voices, he enters a mysterious temple, only to uncover an artifact
that forever alters his life.
Before the chapter starts, it's a voiceover by Pious Augustus (or should I
say a second one?)
Pious (voiceover): To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of our
reality---to see those who dwell behind. My life now has purpose. For I have
learned the frailty of flesh and bone. I was once a fool.
As the chapter opens, Pious confers with his officers (note the excellent
Latin voicework), telling them to rest the men and make sure they take enough
water and food. You can guess that, whatever his faults might have been, Pious
cared about the morale and health of those who fought alongside him. After all
the cutscenes are finished, you gain control of Pious in the mysterious temple,
which I will call the Temple of Eternal Darkness.
     Temple of Eternal Darkness
Enemies: Zombie, Statue
Items: Green Granite Bloc, Red Granite Block, Purple Granite Block, Blue
Granite Block
This area is fairly easy. In fact you really don't need a Walkthrough for it,
at least on this particular journey. Just make sure Pious doesn't lose too much
health, because he can't heal. When you knock an enemy down, you'll get a B
button prompt. Pressing the B button at this time will perform a finishing
move. Performing this move isn't necessary to kill an enemy, but it will
recover lost sanity. Pious doesn't have a Sanity meter though, so don't worry
about that part just yet. Anyway, collect all four Granite Blocks. You'll need
them soon. Actually, the fourth one is in the same area as the place where the
blocks are needed. Each one is colored to represent one of the four Ancients,
Mantorok (purple), Zel'lotath (green), Ulya'oth (blue) and Chattur'gah (red).
When you come to the four differently colored holes, put each block in the hole
that matches its color. This will open a door. Enter it. If you make a mistake
and try to put a block in a different spot, the zombie in this room will be
Hopefully your health is good enough so that Pious can still run if he has to,
because there are no healing items in this chapter.
When you get to the stone statue, you'll get your official test of the
Targeting system. If you hold R, it will target a specific enemy. Use Up, Left
and Right on the stick to select body parts. If you release the R button
slightly, then press it down again, you'll switch to a different enemy. This is
useful when beheading multiple enemies. Anyway, you have to chop off the left
arm, right arm, head and torso (I'm not sure if the order matters). Press the
button in the corner of the next room.
Pushing the switch activates a teleporter. Enter to be taken to three
pedestals, on each of which you will see an artifact, one red, one green and
one blue. This is what I like to call the Room of Choice. Your choice will
affect future characters, so choose wisely or you might have a great deal of
trouble progressing, particularly if you're just starting out with Eternal
Darkness. If you choose the red one, the majority of the enemies you face will
be red. They'll be stronger physically and harder to kill, and yes, you will
take more damage from them. If you choose the blue one, most of your enemies
will be blue and you'll use more Magickal Energy. If you choose the green
artifact, you'll face mostly green enemies and lose more sanity when spotted.
Interestingly enough, the green path seems to reveal more of the story than
either of the others. Just examine the artifact and choose Yes to claim it.

SPOILER WARNING: As Pious stretches out his hand to the artifact of choice,
lightning erupts from it, striking him in the eyes and killing him...or maybe
not. He is transformed into a skeletal being, a Lich if I remember right. After
the transformation, Pious talks about his enlightenment at the hands of the
Ancient and his life of service, which has spanned several thousand years.
Seems he's become the enemy here. (END SPOILER).

After the cutscene, you've finished Chapter 1. Congrats! Hanging in the
wooden frame behind you (you're in control of Alex again), is the second
Chapter page, but directly opposite that is an old Gladius sword that might
once have belonged to Pious Augustus. You don't need it yet, but grab it now so
you have it when you do need it. Then grab and read the second chapter page.
Note: I really like the whispery sound that occurs on the item screen when you
have a Chapter Page in your possession.

     Chapter 2: The Binding of the Corpse God
Time Period: 1150 AD, Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
Character: Ellia
Ellia is a young Southeast Asian girl with shoulder length black hair. She
wears a skimpy red outfit and a large necklace. She also has a very sexy voice.
She was raised as a dancer, but her fascination with ancient fables and tales
of the Ancients is likely to be her undoing. When one day she wishes that an
adventure like one of these fables might come to her, she is unfortunate enough
to get her wish.
Before the chapter actually begins, we get another voiceover by Dr. Edward
Edward (voiceover): I cannot say what was the true beginning, nor am I sure of
its end. So perhaps here is the best place to start. I am reminded of ideas I
first encountered in Sir James George Frasier's book, The Golden Bough: a Study
in Magick and Religion. We are overwhelmed by a very human need to weave a web
of meaning where there may be none. Since time immemorial, ancient peoples have
dressed up their lack of knowledge as gods and demons. I have discovered that
sometimes, the fates of gods and mortals intertwine, and legends are born.
As the chapter actually opens, Ellia is reading the tale of Pious and
Mantorok. After Ellia reads a few lines, the scene actually switches to Pious,
who commends, "You have a great monument here, Mantorok. It is a pity that no
one will ever recognize it as yours." He then binds Mantorok with a powerful
spell (using a bit of Mantorok's own Magick to do it), then zaps him. After
that, it switches back to Ellia, who idly wishes that something like that could
happen to her.
 Mantorok's Tomb
Items: Strange Necklace, Bronze Necklace, Blowgun, Metal Staff, Heart of
Enemies: Zombie
Traps: Blade Traps, Arrow Traps, Smashers
This area is rather tough. It is here that you encounter your first traps.
When you start, take the Strange Necklace off the Goddess Statue. One of the
doors will close. Don't worry though. You'll be able to get it open soon
enough. Note: This necklace has the power to heal. Use it wisely though, it's
only got ten uses. Just don't move until the Ancient stops speaking, otherwise
you'll disrupt the spell. Funny note: The Health aspect of the Recover spell is
Narokath Santak Chattur'gah, but for the longest time I thought it was saying
something like, "You cause santention durgle." Others have interpreted it as
"Never cough at Santa or the turtle" or "You cause santention to doodle."
After taking the necklace, go through the one remaining open door and follow
the corridor. Be careful of the lighter colored stones. These are the triggers
for the traps in this area. Ellia will automatically trigger one the first time.
Enter the next room. Crap, the door closed! Kill the Zombie and examine the
candles. Use X to extinguish the right candle, leaving just the center one lit.
Then grab the bronze necklace and return to the first room. Put the necklace on
the statue to open the other door.
Here, your goal is very similar to that of the prior room. This time
extinguish all the candles in this room.
Enter the newly opened door and follow the hall to a wide area. Turn and face
the pedestal to collect the Blowgun, whereupon Ellia will fall through a secret
trap door. Note: The Blowgun is quite a horrible weapon, but you're stuck with
it for now, since Ellia's sword broke when she fell through the trap.
Grab the broken pieces of your sword, then rush to the aid of the guard being
attacked by Zombies. If he is killed, you will have to continue the chapter
with the Blowgun. I know from personal experience that that's asking for a lot
of trouble. If, on the other hand, you manage to save him, he'll fix your sword
for you.
After saving the guard or not, follow the corridors and two rooms to find
Mantorok, the Ancient of Chaos.

SPOILER WARNING: As you enter Mantorok's room, one of the guards will warn
you away. But tentacles will fly out of Mantorok's core and grab him and his
partner, pulling them to their deaths and eliciting a gasp of horror from
Ellia. Pious shows up, taunts Mantorok briefly and yells at you to get out or
you'll wind up as Mantorok's next morsel. Then he leaves and bolts of energy
erupt from a statue, striking Ellia down and seemingly killing her.
Then a zombie man with a strange, echoing voice speaks to Ellia, telling her
that it is now her destiny to guard the Heart of Mantorok. The heart enters
Ellia's body (sounds like it musta hurt), and the scene is over. (END SPOILER).
After that scene, you'll find that your life, Magick and sanity have been
restored (not that you've used any Magick yet). Grab the Metal Staff from the
statue and trek back two rooms and place the Metal Staff in the slot. This was,
for me, the hardest part of the chapter, which is fitting since it is the final
stretch. Upon leaving Mantorok's room you'll be confronted by several Zombies.
If you're unfortunate enough to meet blue ones, you can either try to defeat
them all without causing any explosions (though sometimes you can make one
explode and destroy the others without taking damage yourself if you're
careful), or do what I did and run like hell. You then have to avoid the traps
and Zombies (the blades might work to your advantage in the Zombie killing
department), then kill off more Zombies in the room with the column (easier
said than done). Use your healing necklace if you have to. You won't need it
soon. Place the staff in the column and a door will open behind Mantorok. Go
back and enter the new door.

SPOILER WARNING: Pious shows up and tells Ellia that since she didn't leave
like he said, she must die. But first there's a little question that needs
answering: where's Mantorok's essence. Ellia, too terrified to speak, simply
stands there. Pious gets angry and gives her one more warning. When she still
refuses to budge, Pious gets pissed and zaps her with lightning from his staff,
dropping her to the ground. (END SPOILER). Congrats! Chapter 2 is now
officially over!

After the chapter ends, it's back to Alex Roivas, and her sanity has probably
taken a pounding. You'll now notice a set of candles like the ones in Chapter
2. They were not lit if you examined them before starting the chapter, but they
are now. Extinguish all but the left one to open a secret compartment in which
you find a message tube. Inside is the third chapter page (wonder how it
managed to stay nice and smooth inside that small tube).
(SPOILER WARNING): Upon taking the next chapter page, you'll see a cutscene.
Pious casts a Magick Pool spell, which allows him to confer with his master.
Take a moment to marvel at the cool voices. Chattur'gah has a loud, guttural
voice that's very hard to understand at times. Ulya'oth speaks with a smooth,
haughty sort of voice. Zel'lotath has a sort of double voice. One voice is calm
and straightforward, but the other is a whispering, edgy sort of voice. The
conversation varies from Ancient to Ancient, but the gist is the same. Mantorok
isn't a concern at the moment, and in any case, once he's bound he won't be
able to cause any trouble. A more immediate concern is Emperor Charlemagne the
Frank. His continued existence is far more serious to the plan than Mantorok at
the moment. Also, as I said above, if you happen to be playing the green path,
the story will reveal more of itself than it would with the other two. For
instance, the green path is the only one that hints that Pious might have
ulterior motives for helping his Ancient return to Earth. (END SPOILER).
After the scene, read the chapter page to start the next chapter. Note: On my
first time through the game I thought Alex threw away the Chapter Page after
she heard the conversation between Pious and the Ancient, but she was simply
disposing of the Message Tube.

     Chapter 3: Suspicions of Conspiracy
Time Period: 814 AD, Amiens, France
Character: Anthony
Anthony is basically Emperor Charlemagne's personal errand boy. One day he is
asked to take a mysterious scroll to his Emperor. Overcome with curiosity,
Anthony opens the scroll, only to be cursed by it. Realizing what this scroll
was intended for, Anthony vows to warn his Emperor of the plot against his life.
  The chapter opens with the trademark Edward voiceover.
Edward (voiceover): From my research, it is apparent that the endeavors of
mankind are mere puppetry at the hands of the Ancients. Whenever a king vows
reform, the Ancients move quickly to stifle it. Under the auspices of Emperor
Charlemagne the Frank, the new Holy Roman Empire was at the height of its power.
The next scene opens on Anthony receiving a mysterious letter for Charlemagne
and being ordered (in Latin) to deliver it to him. When the Monk leaves,
Anthony looks around carefully to check that he isn't being watched, then opens
the scroll, only to be cursed. He realizes that this strange missive was meant
for Charlemagne and vows to try to save him. You take control of Anthony in
Oublie Cathedral in 814 AD
     Oublie Cathedral
Items: 3-point Power Circle, Blue Urn, Filled Red Urn, Broken Green Urn,
Bishop's Key, Two-edged Sword, Torch (Note: List will be updated if necessary).
Runes: one Alignment (weaker than your own), Antorbok, Magormor
Codices: Alignment, Antorbok, Magormor
Spell Scroll: Enchant Item
This area is not very challenging for the most part and is made even less so
by the fact that, due no doubt to the curse on him, Anthony cannot actually
die. Your life meter can be depleted, but you will be revived with full health.
You'll notice at various points that Anthony's body will start to Zombify and
decay. That's the curse.
Your goal is to find your way into the Bishop's room, but obviously they
wouldn't make it so easy as to just walk in there and save the day. You need a
key. Oh yeah, and I really like how they put in the sound of muffled
conversation if you approach the Bishop's room.
When you examine the coffin in the chapel where you start, a dead body will
fall out. The monks will be horrified. One will give you a Scramasax Sword for
your protection.
Go up the stairs after getting the Scramasax to be teleported automatically
to a long hallway. Go forward and examine the hand to collect the Tome of
Eternal Darkness. Each of the later characters must do this in order to learn
the spells learned by the prior character.
With the Tome in your possession, continue up the stairs to a room full of
writing desks. Examine the far right one to collect the 3-point Power Circle.
Examine the bookshelf to get the Blue Urn, then find the three bookcases on the
opposite end of this room. The center one hides the secret passage, so take it.
In here, go down the ladder and continue to some Zombies. Slay them to
collect a Magickal Rune. This is the Antorbok Rune, but as you have not yet
collected the appropriate Codex, Anthony does not know this yet.
Enter the door at the far end of the hall and  talk to the Monk (if he
survived the Zombie attack). If he did, you'll get the Two-edged Sword, more
commonly known as a bastard sword. If the monk is killed (or if you
inadvertently attack him yourself), you obviously cannot get this weapon. Grab
the torch that the Monk dropped. Examine the lower part of this room to collect
the broken Green Urn. Note: You must collect each piece individually.
After collecting the broken Urn, mix the pieces together to reassemble them.
Exit through the door on the right and follow the steps down to a landing.
Here, you'll get a Codex, but it's the Magormor Rune Codex. As you don't have
that Rune yet, the Codex will serve as a kind of placeholder. After grabbing
the Codex, continue down and defeat the Zombie to grab the Magormor Rune. Then
continue to the fountain in the corner of the next room. If you examine it,
you'll learn that it's filled not with water, but with some foul liquid. Here,
you'll get the Filled Red Urn. Use the Blue Urn you found earlier and Anthony
will break it. Actually, you could have done this immediately upon finding it.
Anyway, a Rune will fall out. This is the first of the Alignment Runes. The one
you get depends on the artifact you chose at the end of Chapter 1, but it is
always the one weaker than your Alignment. If you chose Blue, you'll get the
Red Alignment Rune, Chattur'gah. If you chose Green, you'll get the Blue
Alignment Rune, Ulya'oth. If you chose Red, you'll get Zel'lotath, the Green
Alignment Rune.
After collecting the Alignment Rune and Codex in this room, equip your torch
and burn away the tapestry between the two lamps, revealing a door. Enter. When
the Monk goes through the secret passage, go forward to the table to collect
the Enchant Item Spell Scroll. Search the left wall for the Antorbok Codex. Now
that you have all the required components, the game will automatically create
the Enchant Item Spell for you, assuming you did not already attempt to do so
on your own. Simply enter the menu (now would be a good time to save anyway),
and the game will do the work for you.
After learning Enchant Item, cast it on the two broken Urns to repair them.
Head back to the fountain and use the urns to fill them (remember that the red
one is already full). Return to the room where you got the Enchant Item scroll
and stand on the tile with the three circles. Put an urn on each circle to
depress the tile and open the door, then enter.
Follow the hallway through another door. Here, you'll meet the Bishop. Beat
him to get the Bishop's Key.
After killing the Bishop and stealing his key, retrace your steps back to the
upper room where you found the Blue Urn (sneak past the Trappers by holding X).
Defeat the Horror to gain access to the stairs. Go down to the Chapel and use
the key on the door to enter the Bishop's Chambers.
SPOILER WARNING: Upon entering the Bishop's Chambers, Anthony discovers to
his horror that Charlemagne is already dead. In agony now, he is confronted by
a gravelly voiced Monk who calls him a fool for attempting to save Charlemagne.
Then a Bonethieff rips free of the Monk's chest. Thus ends Anthony's chapter,
and his life as well.. (END SPOILER).

Chapter complete! Now you'll be in the Roivas Mansion again. Head to the
locked Second Floor door and use the key. If you didn't do so before, the key
will break. Awww crap! Don't worry. Simply mix the pieces and cast an Enchant
Item spell to repair the key. Voila! Use your newly fixed key to enter the new
hall and take the first door on the right where the corridor turns. Examine the
portrait in here to collect the next chapter page. Use it to begin Chapter 4.
Oh, and your sanity will probably be just about gone. If you stop by the
bathroom on the second floor, you'll find a diary page from the journal of
Maximillian Roivas. If you examine the bathtub, you'll get a nasty surprise.
It's the infamous bathtub scene! People have commented many times about this
scene on the Game FAQs Message Boards. For those of you that are lazy, this
scene features Alex looking at a woman (probably her), lying naked in a tub of
blood, presumably her own. You then hear her scream. Incidentally, my
girlfriend recently bought herself a copy of Eternal Darkness, and the bathtub
scene was the only scene that even came close to giving her the creeps. Just
goes to show the kind of girl I'm dating. Anyway, on with the guide.

     Chapter 4: The Gift of Forever
Character: Karim
Time Period: 565 AD, Persia
Karim is a young Arabian man of noble lineage. He is skilled in the use of a
sword and a great adventurer. His heart has been won by a mysterious woman
named Chandra, but she shows little to no interest in him. One day however, she
asks him to find a strange artifact for her, in return for which she will give
him her hand in marriage. Karim agrees.
Edward (voiceover): Dreams..Modern psychology offers only unproven theories.
Some see them as the meaningless tossing and turning of a brain settling into a
restful sleep. Others see them as laden with symbols of our unconscious
desires. To still others, dreams represent the upwelling of the archetypes
normally hidden deep within the recesses of the human Collective unconscious.
Of one thing I am certain. After a brush with the Ancients, our dreams
metamorphosize into nightmares.
As the chapter opens, Karim is walking through the desert and the scene
flashes back to a time, probably several weeks prior to this, when he last
spoke to Chandra, the woman who has won his heart. He has implored her for
years, yet she ignores all his advances. She dominates his dreams, and yet she
seems not to notice him. Chandra says that she has dreamed often of a strange
artifact, an object so precious that it changes everything around it. She asks
Karim to find it for her. Then she will be his. Karim reluctantly agrees.
     Temple of Eternal Darkness
Items: Black Statue, White Statue, Ram Dao Blade, Alignment Artifact
Runes: Alignment Rune (same as your Alignment), Narokath, Santak
Codices: Alignment (same as your own, Narokath, Santak
Spell Scrolls: Recover
This place should be familiar, though the music is different. It is, in my
opinion, a much cooler tune than the one that played on Pious' journey through
this place. Don't get me wrong, that's a cool tune as well. Anyway, from the
start, walk forward to the hole and press B to climb down. You'll be teleported
to the long hallway, so go forward and grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Now
Karim will learn the Enchant Item spell.
Continue down into a tunnel and get the White Statue. Continue down the
tunnel and defeat the Zombies to get the Santak Rune. Take the ladder on the
right to a room with a pedestal in the center. Go up to the yellow forcefield.
Since you have the Santak Rune, this shield will drop. Continue to an open area
and grab the Black Statue, Alignment Codex and a Torch. Return to the upper
Here, place the statues on two of the circles in the floor and stand in the
third yourself. This will raise the pedestal. Step on the platform beneath it
and press B to descend to the lower floor. Examine the dead soldier to get the
Recover Spell Scroll. There's another dead soldier here. Examine his body if
you want another Tulwar Blade. Then exit the room with the Recover Scroll
through the left door and pass by the yellow forcefield. Enter the next door to
face a Horror. If you have the dominant Alignment to that of the Horror,
enchant your weapon with it for an easier victory. Run around behind the Horror
and hit it whenever possible. Finish it off and grab the Narokath Rune.  You
should also find the Santak Codex here.
Return to that last forcefield you passed. Now that you have the Narokath
Rune, the field should clear. Continue down the opening in the floor that was
blocked by the forcefield. Go forward to collect the Narokath Codex. The
Recover Spell will be created for you. Turn right and go through the door to be
in a large room. Examine the pedestal here to collect the Ram Dao sword, widely
regarded as the best weapon in the game. Immediately, the already groovy music
will change to something even groovier and you will be attacked by waves of
Zombies. Fight them off (use Karim's Talisman and the Recover Spell if
necessary). You will receive the second Alignment Rune, which will be the same
as your own Alignment. The door will also open.
Enter the door and return to the prior level. When you come to the door with
the Alignment Rune on it, enchant your Ram Dao with the same Alignment and use
it to unlock the door (don't worry, by now you should have the required Rune.
Enter the door and you'll be in a wide curved hall. Follow the right wall and
climb up the ladder if you want the Ruby Effigy. Note: There are three Effigies
in all. Though it isn't required that you collect these, if you manage to
collect them all (I have not yet done so), you will get a special weapon, the
Enchanted Gladius. That won't be till much later though.
After collecting the Effigy or not, continue down the curved hall and climb
over the rubble. Kill the Horror and climb down the hole.
In this room, place the Tome of Eternal Darkness on the skeleton hand to open
the gate, then retrieve the Tome. Go through the gate and follow the corridor.
Waves of Zombies and a Horror will appear, so defeat them to clear the
forcefield. An artifact will also appear on one of the pedestals. It is an
Alignment artifact, the one that is weaker than your own. If you're blue,
you'll get Chattur'gah and so on.

SPOILER WARNING: Chandra's ghost appears to Karim and confesses that she gave
herself to a nobleman with a jealous mistress who had her killed. This jealous
mistress also cursed that Chandra would only be with another man in death.
Karim doesn't take kindly to this news, but Chandra persists. She tells Karim
that she's seen the error of her ways and that she now knows the true nature of
the artifact she coveted. She tells Karim that the artifact is not for mortals
to possess, and that in order to be with her again, he must make a sacrifice.
They must remain here and guard the artifact against the dark creatures that
will come to claim it, or the world will fall into darkness. Karim reluctantly
agrees to make said sacrifice (Ah, the things we do for love). Then Chandra's
ghost kisses Karim, who dies. Not exactly your garden variety fairytale happy
ending, eh? (END SPOILER).

Chapter Complete! You'll be in the manor again. Miss Roivas' sanity is
probably about gone by now. If you have the Zel'lotath Alignment Rune, cast a
green Recover spell to recover some sanity.
To find the next chapter page, go into the kitchen, where there will be a
door that looks as if its lock could fit a narrow blade. You should have one of
those. If not, grab the Gladius from the secret study and then come back here.
Enchant it with the same Alignment as that shown on the door, then insert the
Gladius into the lock. Enter the newly opened pantry and collect the Spice Jar.
Examine it to get a chapter page. There will also be a scene with Pious and his
ancient, but it is the same scene regardless of the Alignment, as the Ancient
does not speak. Pious tells his master that all is in readiness. He mentions
several events of which we have not yet been told. He will begin the final
spell within days. The Ancient's freedom is at hand. Then use the Chapter page
to begin Chapter 5.

     Chapter 5: The Lurking Horror
Character: Dr. Maximillian Roivas
Time Period: 1760 AD, Rhode Island
Unlike his descendant Edward, Max Roivas is a medical doctor rather than a
psychologist. He is a respected man when it comes to his profession, but there
are those who worry about his sanity, what with him living in that big mansion.
Alone since the death of his wife and father, his children having their own
adult lives, Max decides to explore the manor and make it his own. His unique
ability is to perform autopsies. Each time he slays a new enemy, he will
automatically autopsy it. You can view his findings in the Journal section of
the menu, even after completing his chapter. Interesting note: Maximillian
Roivas and the fighter pilot Porkins from Star Wars share the same actor, Bill
Hootkins. Here though, it's just voice work, but I thought it was pretty
interesting once I finally made the connection. I must admit that it took me
quite a while, since in the Star Wars credits he was listed as William
Hootkins, and there are a lot of people named Hootkins, and I'm sure quite a
few of them are named Bill.
  The chapter opens with Edward's usual voiceover.
Edward (voiceover): I will not argue that I was shocked by the sudden mention
of one of my ancestors, the distinguished Dr. Maximillian Roivas. It chilled me
to my bones. Where had this ancient book come from? How had my ancestor
stumbled upon it? I feverishly began to read more, eager to learn his story. It
seems that Maximillian had inherited his father's mansion, just as I had. Alone
since the death of his wife, and since his children had their own adult lives,
he explored the house to discover his family roots.
  The scene then switches to Max Roivas himself.
Maximillian (voiceover): It has been two weeks since the death of my father,
and it has finally come to me to look over the mansion. Now I am truly alone,
and forced to start a new life here in Rhode Island. I intend to make the
mansion mine, and live in it as my forefathers have, to continue the family
tradition. The mansion has its secrets, I'm sure, and in my time here, I have
to make them mine.
     Roivas Mansion
Items: Pump Handle, Flintlock Pistol/Ammo, Saber, Sealed Envelope, Basement Key
Runes: Redgormor, Bankorok, Dominant Alignment
Codices: See above Runes
Spell Scrolls: Reveal Invisible, Damage Field
When you have control (notice the cool music?), leave the room you're in and
go to the kitchen. On the side table, you'll find the final Alignment Codex. If
you're blue, you'll find Zel'lotath and so on. Enter the pantry where Alexandra
picked up this chapter page and grab the pump handle (why the hell would there
be a pump handle in the pantry?). Then head for the dining room. Examine the
fireplace and then use the control stick to move the statue in front of the
correct picture. The picture you want depends on your Alignment. It will always
be the Alignment that is dominant to your own. If you're blue, move the statue
in front of the green picture. If you're red, move it in front of the blue
picture. If you're green, move the statue in front of the red picture. There'll
be a similar puzzle involving certain items later in the game... Anyway, This
will open a secret passage. Enter it and follow it to a secret room. Go to the
desk and collect the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Note: As you explore this house,
you'll find several letters which seem to be left by Aaron Roivas, one of the
ancestors of Maximillian. They warn you basically not to touch the Tome or if
you do to be extremely careful. By these letters, you can tell that ol'
Maximillian wasn't the first member of the family to be aware of the dark
secret behind so much of humanity's history.
After getting the Tome, grab the Flintlock Pistol and Saber from the wall,
then grab the Reveal Invisible Spell Scroll from the box by the fireplace.
Note: If you're like me, you'll use the saber more often than the Flintlock
Pistols. If you want my honest opinion, I hate using those pistols unless
absolutely necessary. They're very slow and their ammo capacity is extremely
limited (see the Weapons section above). Anyway, enchant your weapons.
Back in the dining room, one of your servants will try to kill you. It's a
Bonethieff! Remember that these little bastards are incredibly fast! After
killing it, go back to the main foyer.
Defeat the Horror in the foyer to collect the Redgormor rune, then go upstairs
to the second floor.
I should take a moment to remark that the music in this chapter, though a bit
strange for the 1700's, is really quite groovy. Indeed, it's widely regarded as
one of the best tunes in the game, and for good reason. Anyway, on the second
floor, go to the master bedroom (you remember where it is, right?) and collect
the Redgormor Codex. Guess what? You now have all the components for the Reveal
Invisible spell! You already had the Narokath Rune and Codex, so you merely had
to pick up the Redgormor Rune and Codex to complete the spell. Anyway, leave
the bedroom and head down the hall to the stained glass window. Examine the
cabinet next to it to get a sealed envelope. Check it to collect the basement
key and a letter warning you that the key is enchanted to crush out the sanity
of anyone who attempts to use it other than the ones intended for it..
With the basement key firmly in your grubby little hands, head downstairs to
the Foyer again. I'd sure like to find out who keeps leaving Horrors in my
house and kick his sorry ass. Kill this latest intruder to get the final
Alignment Rune. Note: This scene will be hallucinated in black and white. So
when it says you found a Magickal Rune, you really did, even if it was in the
middle of a Sanity Effect. My dad was confused about that at first. Go to the
right of the stairs and stand in front of the Alignment Rune inside the
triangle thingy. Cast a dominant Reveal Invisible and you'll reveal a door. Use
the Basement Key and enter the basement.
Here, defeat the Zombies, then grab the Bankorok Codex on the back wall.
Collect the Damage Field scroll on the edge of the well (I wonder why it didn't
fall in), then use the pump handle on the pump to lower the water. Climb down
the well and defeat the Zombie at the top of the stairs to get the Bankorok
Rune, completing the Damage Field spell.
After getting the Bankorok Rune, climb down the stairs to find the ruined
city of Ehn'Gah. You'll encounter your first real boss (or perhaps Miniboss),

     Miniboss: Lesser Guardian
This guy can be a little tricky. Like his more powerful counterpart the
Greater Guardian, this one's appearance varies from Alignment to Alignment.
Anyway, I've never had him do more than summon Zombies, but even that can be
dangerous if you let it get ahead of you. He can also sap your Sanity like
nobody's business. I believe the blue ones can also sap magickal energy.
Enchant your Flintlock Pistols (it's best to keep your distance here), and fire
at the Guardian at every opportunity. Usually when he's hit successfully he'll
teleport to another location. Eventually, he will fall.

SPOILER WARNING: After the battle, watch the cutscene. Remember that
nightmare Alex had just before she got the phone call at the beginning of the
game? This was part of it. After attempting to warn the rest of the world about
the peril that was facing it, Maximillian was thrown into an insane asylum,
where he eventually died. His monologue is probably the best in the game
though. For your viewing pleasure, here it is.
Maximillian (voiceover): The accursed beast was dead, but not without its toll
on me. That was but one, and there was an entire city of them. I could not hope
to fight them all alone. I knew I had to get help. (switches to a view of Max
reading the Tome) I knew there was a way. I just had to find it.
The next scene, the cooler one in my opinion, is Maximillian in his cell in
the asylum. This is probably one of the coolest scenes in the game.
Maximillian: I tried. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't listen to me.
Damn them! Damn their eyes! They didn't believe me! Strange creatures, the
world in peril from unseen foes! The death! The darkness! Instead they jeered
and threw me into this forsaken place, a place of empty souls and fevered
thoughts, reeking of foeter and decay! Thinking me mad with delirium, the fools
cast away their hopes of salvation by locking me in this damned asylum! (runs
up and hammers at his cell door) May the rats eat your eyes! I am now lost to
your cause! The darkness comes! It will damn us all! Note: The music in this
scene is probably some of the best in the game, particularly at the end. (END

Chapter complete! Alex by now is probably quite whacky. Recover some of her
sanity if you want, then it's time to seek out the next chapter page.
If you didn't do so before, go to the clock on the little table between the
two staircases. Examine it and take the Dresser Key. Now go back to the master
bedroom and stand in front of the chest of drawers with the Alignment symbol on
it. Cast a dominant Reveal Invisible spell to reveal the keyhole. Use your key
and open the top drawer of the dresser. You'll find the chapter page and a
Smith and Wesson .38 handgun.
Immediately upon collecting the chapter page, you'll witness another cutscene
where Pious tells his Ancient that the Heart of Mantorok is within their grasp.
For centuries they have been searching for something that was right there all
the time. The Ancient warns Pious not to underestimate the power of Mantorok.
Even dead, its presence corrodes all around it. Pious isn't worried and tells
his master not to worry either. Nobody will live in the vicinity. Mantorok's
presence causes fear in any who approach. With the heart safely in hand, they
are one step closer to their goal. The ancient basically says to hurry up.
After the scene, use the chapter page to start Chapter 6.

     Chapter 6: A Journey into Darkness
Character: Dr. Edwin Lindsey
Time Period: 1983 AD, Angkor Thom, Cambodia
Edwin Lindsey is an archaeologist of some renown. When a new breakthrough in
satellite radar revealed a previously unknown temple ruin in the Angkor Thom
region of Cambodia, Lindsey was eager to investigate. But the Cambodian
government was not interested in financing the expedition, forcing Dr. Lindsey
to find other means of getting into the country. He found both the means and
the financing in one Paul Augustine, a collector of rare artifacts, who had
long been seeking this very temple. He joins Dr. Lindsey and, after a two-week
voyage, they arrived.
Edward (voiceover): The Ancients' influence was incredible. From all walks of
life to all parts of the world, their tendrils crept and wrought their
insidious damage. Their prisons decayed constantly as their guardians' work
continued. I discovered mention of a breakthrough in satellite radar imaging
that revealed the presence of a hitherto unknown temple mound in the Angkor
Thom region of Cambodia. An archaeologist of some repute, Dr. Edwin Lindsey,
took it upon himself to investigate the area, to reveal the secrets of history.
Unfortunately, the local government at the time thought differently, requiring
that Lindsey find other means into the country and to finance the expedition.
He found these in Paul Augustine, a collector of rare items, who professed an
interest in the discovery and agreed to help. After a dysentery riddled
two-week venture, Lindsey and Augustine located the ruins of an ancient city
temple dating back to the twelfth century.

     Angkor Thom Temple
Items: Bronze Bracelet, Metal Bracelet, Bronze Necklace, Silver Necklace,
Silver Bracelet, Gold Necklace, Gold Bracelet.
Runes: Aretak, Tier, Nethlek, Mantorok
Codices: See Runes
Scrolls: Dispel Magick, Summon Trapper
Guess ol' Ed Lindsey shoulda been more careful who he picked for his
expedition. You probably know just by his name who Augustine really is. Anyway,
kill the Gatekeeper in whatever way works best for you (the dominant Alignment
always helps and remember they're only vulnerable when they open their wings),
then stand on the dusty square in the floor. Use Dr. Lindsey's Archaeologist's
Brush to clear away the dust and get the Bronze Bracelet. Put it on the goddess
statue. Then enter the door.
Once again you're transported to the Hall of Eternal Darkness. Go forward to
the withered hand and collect the Tome. Then leave.
After getting the Tome,   follow the path past the blade traps (aren'tcha
glad to be back here?) and turn right into the little alcove, where you'll find
the Metal Bracelet. Continue forward to some cobwebs and use your brush to
clear them away. Grab the Tier Codex. Then continue forward to a room with a
Horror, but don't confront him. Instead, turn left to get the Bronze Necklace.
Take it back to the first room and put it on the statue.
When that's done, enter the newly opened door. Enter the first room. Examine
the Hydra statue to get the Silver Bracelet. This is where the metal one comes
in. If you don't come prepared with a replacement bracelet, the exit door will
close and the Hydra will begin to shoot arrows at you while ordering, "Give it
back," in a whispery voice. Anyway, immediately upon stealing the Silver
Bracelet, replace it with the Metal Bracelet so the statue won't attack you.
Then leave.
After collecting the Silver Bracelet, take the left door. Clear away the
cobwebs to get the Nethlek Codex, then enter the next room and defeat the
Zombies. The Nethlek Rune is now yours.
After getting the Nethlek Rune, continue down the path while avoiding the
blades, and you'll come to another goddess statue. Use the Brush to clear the
cobwebs on the nearby wall to collect the Dispel Magick scroll. The spell will
then be created for you.
Remember the room where you got the Bronze Necklace? That was where I told
you not to try to battle that Horror. The reason is that there's a Damage Field
protecting it. You can tell a Damage Field because it makes a soft humming
sound...and of course it'll hurt you if you touch it. Anyway, go back to that
room now and dispel the Damage Field. Kill off the Horror, then collect the
Silver Necklace from the candles.
With the Silver Necklace safely in hand, you now have all the Silver pieces.
GO back to the statue right by where you got the Dispel Magick Scroll. Place
the silver jewelry on it now to open the next door.
In the new room, descend the stairs and defeat the Zombie to get the Aretak
Rune. Then kill the Gatekeeper and approach the forcefield. If you did like I
said and collected the Aretak Rune, you will be allowed to proceed. Follow the
path until it forks. Take the right fork and enter the first room. Kill the
Horror and cast a Blue Dispel Magick Spell. Then press the stone on the wall.
Some of the traps will be temporarily disabled. Use the Brush in here to
collect a Dirty Necklace (Hmmm, must be important).
Exit and follow the corridor to the next room. Kill the Zombies and use a red
Dispel Magick. Press the stone on the wall. Exit and make your way to the third
In here, kill the Zombie, use a green Dispel Magick, then press the stone
panel. Finally, place the dirty necklace into the bowl on the other wall. Press
B to examine the bowl and then clean the necklace when prompted, then take it.
It's the Gold Necklace! Exit and go to the next room.
Here, stand on the circular stone. This will rotate the goddess statue toward
you and open its hands. Before the statue can close its hands, run up and grab
the Gold Bracelet.
With the gold jewelry safely in hand, return through the room where you
cleaned the gold necklace, then follow the corridor to yet another goddess
statue. Place the gold jewelry on it and a door will open.
Enter the new door and go downstairs. Follow the path to another door and
enter. Use the Brush in here to collect the Aretak Codex, then continue through
two more rooms to a room with some Zombies. Kill them all to get the Tier Rune,
then enter the next room and collect the Summon Trapper spell.
Time for a side quest. After collecting the Summon Trapper spell, head back
to the statue where you placed the gold jewelry. Turn right so Dr. Lindsey's
back is to the camera, then follow the path through one room. Follow the
corridor on the right until you reach a sunburst pattern on the wall. If you
examined the hole beneath it before this point, it would say that it was just
large enough that a small dog might go through. Cast a Summon Trapper spell of
any Alignment and send it through the hole. Direct it onto the Mantorok Symbol
to open a door behind Lindsey. Release the Trapper (press start), and enter the
new room. Collect the Mantorok Rune! Then the sunburst wall will explode. Kill
the two Horrors and enter the room where you sent your Trapper. Cross the
bridge just like the Trapper did and clear away the cobwebs to collect the
Mantorok Codex. Now you have all four Alignment Runes! Note: I didn't actually
collect it on my first time through, but the Mantorok Alignment will add new
depth to the spells you cast. Also note: For some reason you can't use the
Mantorok Alignment when summoning creatures. This is presumably because
Mantorok is too weak.
After collecting the Mantorok Rune or not, return to where you got the Summon
Trapper spell. Continue forward into Mantorok's room. You'll meet Pious here.
He'll send a few more Gatekeepers after you, but Mantorok's Guardian Statue
will kill them and zap Pious on the side.

SPOILER WARNING: After Pious leaves, enter the same room Ellia did and you'll
meet her...or what's left of her. She will give you the Heart of Mantorok and
tell you to take it to the Gathering of Light, or the world will fall into
darkness. Then we see Edward Roivas placing the heart in a bookshelf. (END

  Chapter 6 is complete!
Time to seek out the next chapter page. If you want though, go ahead and
search the bookshelves and grab the Heart of Mantorok. Go up to the second
floor and go left down the corridor. Max Roivas' ghost will be there. Continue
to the stained glass window. Cast a dominant Dispel Magick spell to clear the
Damage Field. Go forward to collect a Chapter Page. Immediately you'll see a
scene of Pious casting a nine-point Summon Creature spell, summoning a monster
to guard a strange artifact. Then use the chapter page.

     Chapter 7: Heresy!
Time Period: 1485 AD, Amiens France
Character: Paul Luther
Paul Luther is a Franciscan Monk during the Spanish Inquisition. He is drawn
to Oublie Cathedral just as Anthony was, though for different reasons. He is
welcomed by the head priest, one Philippe Augustine, but when he discovers a
murdered monk, he is accused and thrown in jail. Freed by a mysterious old man,
he vows to seek out the truth of what's going on.
Edward (voiceover): In Europe, during the time of the Inquisition, paranoia and
corruption ran deep. With the fear of devilry running rampant, the Ancients'
corruption extended far beyond mortal knowledge, corrupting all that could be
corrupted. My researches uncovered an interesting incident. A Franciscan monk
named Paul Luther was traveling through the region of Amiens during the
witch-hunts of the inquisition, now under martial law. The Inquisition
prevented anyone from leaving the town and its nearby cathedral, for everyone
was suspect.

     Oublie Cathedral
Items: 5-point Power Circle, Diary PageX3, sheet music, Book of Relequaries,
Sacrificial Knife, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Podium Key, Tower Key, 5-point
Power Circle
Runes: Pargon
Codices: See above
Scrolls: Shield
Remember this place? Well, it'll be a bit different now, since you'll see
more of it. Anyway, from the start, walk down the center isle and find the dead
body. You will be thrown in jail. Examine the painting to get an emerald. Then
an old man will appear and free you, though not without giving you a warning
about the dangers in this place. After he leaves, exit through the door to be
taken to a familiar hallway. There's even a familiar looking hand with a
familiar book on it. Hmmm, it looks like our friend the Tome of Eternal
Darkness. Take it and leave.
After taking the Tome, cross to the stairs opposite the holding cell and go
up. Go through two more doors and up another staircase and you should be in the
Bell Tower. Examine and pull the rope here, which will summon your old pal the
Custodian. He'll give you the Old Tower Key, saying that Brother Andrew (he''
the dead guy in case you didn't catch that), spent a lot of his time there
before he died.
After the Custodian leaves, head back to the cathedral foyer and enter the
double doors. In here, follow the carpet until it forks. Turn left and enter
the door. Open the chest for a Crossbow (definitely not my weapon of choice).
You'll also want to examine the robes for the Podium Key. Now leave and go to
the far podium, to the right of the altar when you're facing the stained glass
window. Use your new key to unlock the podium drawer and find Diary Page 1.
Read it if you wish.
Anyway, after getting the first Diary Page, descend the stairs behind the
altar and go forward into a large room. Make a lefty and examine the wall for a
steel mace. Then go back upstairs to the chapel and go forward to the pews.
Facing these, turn left and go forward to a new door. Enter by using your Tower
Key and go forward to the altar. Here, grab the Shield Scroll. Now cast the
Shield spell and enter the left door to fight Anthony. He's basically a really
powerful Zombie. Beat him and, if Anthony collected it in his chapter, you'll
receive the Two-edged Sword. If not you'll just get the Ruby. Oddly enough,
even if you don't get the sword as either Anthony or Luther, Peter Jacob will
still be able to find it in Chapter 9.
After putting Anthony out of his misery and getting the Ruby, exit
Anthony's---uh---resting-place? And take the stairs upward to another room.
Here, examine the bookshelf for a sheet of music, then examine the desk in the
back for Diary Page 2. Now leave the Old Tower and approach the Organ to the
left of the Altar. Examine it and, when prompted, play the notes as shown on
the sheet of music. For those that are too lazy, the sequence is A, B, Y, X, B,
Y and A (interesting melody, no?) Cross to the newly opened cabinet and collect
the 5-point Circle of Power.
With the 5-point Power Circle in your hands, go back down the stairs behind
the altar and into the room with the organ bellows. Enter the left door. Check
the second wine cask on the right wall and you'll be prompted to turn the
spigot. Doing this opens the far wall. Enter the new area and kill the Horror
to collect the Sapphire. Hmmm, all three gems are now yours.
No need for backtracking here. In the same room where you got the sapphire,
you'll see an altar. Place the gems in the holes to open a staircase. Go down
it and through two rooms. Kill the Zombies to collect the last rune in the
game, the Pargon Rune!
After getting the Pargon Rune, go down more stairs and through another door.
You should see a couple Horrors fighting. Let one kill the other and then slay
the remaining one yourself. Take the next stairs up and enter the left door.
Then go around the small table and examine the bookshelf. Push it aside to
reveal a passage. Take it.
In here, take the door to enter a room full of candles. Collect the last Rune
Codex (Pargon), and Diary Page 3. Then return to the Bell Tower.
First though, stop by the study near the stairs leading from the basement and
grab the Book of Relequaries if you didn't already pick it up earlier. If
you're missing any of the Diary Pages or the book, the Custodian won't speak to
With the Book of Relequaries and three Diary Pages in hand, head back to the
Bell Tower and talk to the Custodian to get the Sacrificial Knife. Hmmm, that's
not a good sign.
We're on the home stretch now. Take the knife down to that room where the two
Horrors were fighting. One of them would've been protecting a coffin. Use your
knife on said coffin and enter the passage that opens. In here, you'll find
runes on the floor. Cast a 5-point Dispel Magick spell dominant to the runes on
the floor and the path will be cleared. Go forward to the altar.
SPOILER WARNING: Here, Paul Luther will find the dead Custodian. Looks like
he's all alone now, trapped in the midst of a sea of devilry. Philippe
Augustine AKA Pious Augustus appears, taunts you for a bit and sends two
Bonethieves after you. (END SPOILER).

Deal with the Bonethieves in whatever way works best for you (remember
they're really fast), then  follow the Bishop through the door. Go through two
more doors and you'll see the final scene..

SPOILER WARNING: As Paul walks through the Binding Hall and views all the
grim pictures on the walls, the Black Guardian makes his appearance by bursting
through the cathedral floor..
Guardian: This is the one that seeks to do combat... with me?
Pious appears and speaks.
Pious: Your task, my liege and Greater Guardian, is to guard this place. Do not
worry about this worm. His kind yelps in terror at the sight of Your
Mightiness. We will dispose of him ourselves.
Guardian considers, then strikes Brother Luther down with a single blow.
Guardian (stiffly): If I am to guard this place, then I will do it as I see
fit! Begone! Leave me, and I will guard the artifact as you have instructed!

Chapter complete! Chapter 8's page is very easy to find. Remember the grand
piano in the dining room? Well, you're the talent it's been waiting for. You
should have automatically received a letter from Grandpa Edward. It has the
same notes Brother Luther played in the prior chapter, so play them on the
piano (A, B, Y, X, B, Y and A). The piano lid will open, revealing the page for
Chapter 8! Upon getting it, Alex will see another cutscene. A masked warlord
has captured a soldier, who demands to know what manner of being his captor is.
The warlord (I'm sure you know who he is already), is surprised that the
soldier can see him in his true form. He orders his men to use this gifted
mortal as the foundation for the Pillar. Then use the Chapter page to start
Chapter 8

     Chapter 8: The Forbidden City
Character: Roberto Bianchi
Time Period: 1460 AD, Middle East
Roberto is a Venetian artist and architect who travels the land in search of
inspiration. Unfortunately, he was captured by a masked warlord who ordered him
to build a monument to his greatness. First though, Roberto must survey the
site, which happens to be the Temple of Eternal Darkness, whose proper name is
the Forbidden City.
Edward (voiceover): Much has been written about the exploits of conquerors. In
the context of history, one man's champion is another man's nemesis, hero or
murderer. Much has been written, but what has not is far more interesting. The
Tome of Eternal Darkness mentions a Venetian artist and architect of the
Renaissance named Roberto Bianchi. Roaming abroad to find inspiration, he was
captured by a warlord expanding his empire. He forced Roberto to use his
architectural and engineering skills to construct a monument to his greatness.
TO complete his task, he must survey the site.

     Forbidden City
Items: Ruby Effigy, Sapphire Effigy, Forgotten Corridor Key
Runes: None
Codices: None
Scrolls: Summon Zombie

This area has been explored completely. Survey the rooms marked with an X on
your map to complete your mission. To do this though, you need a certain
ancient book.
Before getting our trusty Tome of Eternal Darkness, there's a Survey Room
just ahead. Work your way from the beginning of the Temple to the second large
room. In about the middle, you should get a B button prompt, so press B to
survey the first of five rooms. Grab the Saif and continue to a hole and climb
down. When you get to the three gates, open the left one first, kill the
Zombie, then open the right gate and kill the Zombies. Pull the third lever to
open all gates, then slay the Zombies that appear. Go through the opening and
follow the path to a ladder. Climb up.
Here, collect the Crossbow, then stand in front of the wooden shelves on the
left side of this room. Press B and you'll survey the second room. Exit through
the hole on the far side of the room. Ah, the familiar long hallway with its
familiar withered hand. And guess what? It's our old friend, the Tome of
Eternal Darkness. Grab it and exit.
From here, you have several options, collect the artifact or survey the pit.
Let's get the Artifact first. After collecting the Tome, climb down the hole
and follow the corridor to another ladder. Climb it and you'll be in a room
with a pedestal. Examine it to get the Summon Zombie scroll. This spell should
automatically be created for you next time you enter the menu.
After getting your new spell, take the hole on the far side of the room.
Follow this new hall to a door. Enter. Watch the Zombie get smushed (musta
hurt). Summon your own Zombie and direct it where the other one went. The gate
will be open, so enter and climb down the ladder.
  Here, follow the corridor to see a scene.

SPOILER WARNING: Roberto meets the ghost of Karim from Chapter 4. He will
attempt to kill you but fail. You are the Chosen, so he gives you an Essence.
If your Alignment is blue, you'll receive the Claw of Chattur'gah. If your
Alignment is red, you'll receive the Sigel of Zel'lotath. If you are green,
you'll receive the Vale of Ulya'oth. Karim tells you that it is now your task
to guard the artifact and protect it from the Dark Ones. Also note: If Karim
collected it in his chapter, Roberto will also be able to collect the Ruby
Effigy. Unfortunately, the Ram Dao sword isn't part of this package. Looks like
we're gonna have to do this all manually. (END SPOILER).

We now have another two options, survey the pit or return to the entrance and
finish the Chapter. Let's go survey the pit.
From where you got the Alignment Artifact, take a little trip back to where
the Zombie got crushed.   Take the door to the left of the smasher, then climb
down the hole in the floor. Follow the corridor to a large room. Here, step to
the edge of the lava and cast a 5-point Reveal Invisible of the dominant
Alignment to the runes on the pedestal. This will create a path across the
Lava. Get the Forgotten Corridor Key, then return up the ladder. Note: If your
Reveal Invisible is still active, you should also be able to collect the
Sapphire Effigy, which is in an alcove to the left of the ladder before
ascending to the upper level again.
With the Forgotten Corridor Key in hand, Enter the single door next to the
double doors in the upper room. Examine the wooden shelves to survey the fourth
room. The workers will reveal themselves to be possessed by Bonethieves, and
they're not happy about the progress you're making.
After surveying the fourth room,   exit and use the Forgotten Corridor Key on
the double doors. Enter and cast a 5-point Shield to avoid the magickal energy.
Run down the long hallway and step to the edge of the pit. Cut the ropes with
your Saif and cross the lowered bridge. At about the middle, worms will appear.
Kill them and press B to survey the fifth and final room. If you've surveyed
all prior rooms up to this point, you should get a message telling you to
return to the entrance. Cross to the other end of the bridge and pull the
lever, then either collect the Essence (if you haven't already), or return to
the entrance.

SPOILER WARNING: Upon reaching the entrance, the Warlord will ask Roberto
what he discovered. Roberto warns him that the temple's foundations are
infested with monsters, and many lives will be lost if construction continues.
The Warlord, who is in fact Pious Augustus (if you didn't already know), is
pleased. Construction will continue as planned. When Roberto objects, Pious
tells him that what dwells beneath the Forbidden City is the very reason it was
constructed in the first place. To understand, he must see it first hand.
Roberto is then thrown with the others of the sacrifice. Pious taunts his
victims briefly, then we see the completed monument, a pillar whose insides are
composed of dead human bodies. (END SPOILER).

Chapter complete! When you regain control of Alexandra, you'll notice that
the secret room is beginning to crumble. Examine the painting of the tower on
the right side of the fireplace. Alex will survey the room, then collect the
chapter page.
Upon collecting the chapter page, we are treated to a cutscene, not with
Pious and his Ancient, but with Pious and an underling. As Pious stands carving
up a dead human (presumably to feed to the Black Guardian), a man comes in and
tells him that the Guardian is becoming restless. The binding continues to
weaken. The Guardian may not remain to guard the artifact much longer. Pious
snarls that there is no choice. The artifact must be protected until the time
of planetary Alignment, after which the Guardian may return to its lair. The
Monk says that more flesh must be found to sate the Guardian's hunger if it is
to remain loyal. Pious finishes his work on the dead body. Another morsel for
the Black Guardian. Now use the Chapter Page to begin Chapter 9!

     Chapter 9: A War to End All Wars
Time Period: 1916 AD, Oublie Cathedral, Amiens, France
Character: Peter Jacob
Peter Jacob is a young English journalist during World War I. He is stationed
in Oublie Cathedral, now transformed into a field hospital. He is disturbed by
the meaningless deaths around him, but even more so when people start
disappearing from the cathedral itself. He vows to find out what's going on and
to put a stop to it if possible.

Edward (voiceover): The "War to End All Wars" redefined how mankind looked at
war, and the value of human life. Over 19000 men lost their lives each day in
the trenches of the Somme. some say uselessly. Some invoke a higher cause. I
read accounts of the slaughter from many journalists who spent time in the
trenches, but I found the account of a certain Peter Jacob to be the most
horrible of all. His implication about the Ancients' involvement with the war
was hideous, and so obvious. With the horror of the Battle of the Somme scant
miles away, and the distant echoes of pounding artillery, a young journalist
named Peter Jacob researched his latest story from the front lines. His grim
task brought him to Oublie Cathedral, now transformed into a field hospital.
The scene switches to Peter Jacob seated at a table, writing. He finds no
solace in the purpose behind the violence that surrounds him. Young men are
dying at a rate unheard of in centuries of warfare and in ways too dreadful to
contemplate. The hospitals cannot cope with the constant streams of dead and
wounded. Even as Peter writes, a mortally wounded man is dragged off by a
soldier...to be the next morsel for the Black Guardian.

     Oublie Cathedral
Items: Lucky Penny, 7-point Power Circle, Door Handle, Diary PageX3, Sealed
Spells: Magickal Attack
From the start, go forward to the Chapel and examine the right podium for a
sealed envelope. Check it to get the Soldier's Orders, then exit the double
doors in back.
Here, you'll find an officer guarding a door. Give him the orders you found
and he'll leave. Enter and examine the bench to grab a Lebel Modele 1892
Revolver in hand, you'll experience a power loss. Exit the room and you'll
warp to a long hall. Examine our friend the withered hand to collect our friend
the Tome.
With Tome of Eternal Darkness safely in hand, exit the door and enter the
double doors to be back in the Chapel. Go down the stairs behind the altar and
follow the hall to a large room. Take the left door to be in the wine cellar,
then take the left door again. Stand in front of the Furnace Grate and press B
to reactivate the Boiler.
Leave this room and cross to the right door. Stand in front of the fusebox
and use Peter's Lucky Penny to replace the missing fuse. Stand in front of the
generator now and pull the lever, restoring power.
With power restored, return to the Boiler Room. Summon a Trapper and send it
through the hole in the wall. You might have noticed that there was a door
that, though unlocked, wouldn't open due to an obstruction on the other side.
The trapper should now be in the room beyond that blocked door. It turns out
that it's a dead body. Target it (R Button), and press A to send it to the
Trapper Dimension. This will cause the Trapper to die, putting you back in
control of Peter. Enter the door to collect the 7-point Power Circle.
From here, return to the Chapel and stand with your back to the stained glass
windows. GO left to the door and enter to be in the Old Tower. Go upstairs and
collect the Two-edged Sword. Funny that you can collect it here even if neither
Anthony nor Paul Luther collected it in their chapters. Oh well, I'm not
complaining. Oh yeah, and there's also a torch if you want it.
Now that you have your sword, head back to the Chapel. Examine the organ and,
when prompted, play the following notes: A, B, Y, X, B, Y, A. The Tabernacle
will open again, but this time, instead of a Power Circle or any sort of
religious artifacts, you get...a door handle? Huh? There's also a Lee-Enfield
Mk III Revolver on the altar.
Now continue forward to find a seven-point Alignment symbol on the wall. Face
it and cast a dominant Reveal Invisible to reveal a door. Enter (use the door
handle you found first). In here, follow the path through two doors, then down
some spiral staircase to appear in a room with four doors.
First, take the door on the far wall and examine the altar to get the
Magickal Elixir, which will recover magickal Energy. It's only got five uses
though, so use it wisely. Hmmm, must be important if it's in this specific
Then go through the door on the left wall to be in a room full of books.
Examine the center bookcase and open it when prompted. Enter the new door to
get the Binding Hall Key.
Now head back to the Four Door Room and unlock the door with the medallion on
it using your Binding Hall Key. Note that the Medallion changes appearance
slightly from Alignment to Alignment. Enter the Binding Hall and go through the
next door, then down the stairs to collect the Magickal Attack Spell Scroll.
Learn it now (assuming you didn't already), you'll need it.
When you're ready, go through the next two doors (you might want to save just
outside the second one), to face the first real boss of the game. Watch the
cutscene as the Greater Guardian from Chapter 7 makes his appearance by
bursting through the floor. Unfortunately apart from the Green path, Silicon
Knights didn't see fit to give the Greater Guardian any lines for this scene.
Too bad, since he has a very cool voice...or should it be voices? Anyway,
seeing the huuuuge creature before him, Peter pulls his gun and fires twice at
the Guardian, but it isn't effective. Then, prepare for battle.

     Boss: Greater Guardian AKA: Black Guardian
I love the music in this battle! Anyway, this can be a tricky fight if you
don't know what you're doing. Swords and bullets are useless. Even if they
weren't, a sword would require you to get in close to the Guardian, which would
be a bad idea. This means that you're left with only the Magickal Attack spell
as a means of attacking this beast. If you want a semi-easy victory (or at
least a semi-quick one), assign a 3-point and a 5-point Magickal Attack
(remember to use a dominant Alignment), to some of your Quick Spell buttons
before entering the Guardian's room. Like the final attack, the Guardian's
first form of attack varies between Alignments. Below are the strategies for
each form.
The Red Guardian will shoot fireballs and occasionally his tongue at you.
Don't get too close to him or he'll use his claws instead of his tongue. Wait
for the Guardian to stick out his tongue and move left or right to avoid it. If
you cast a three-point Magickal Attack just as the Guardian lashes at you with
his tongue, you should be able to hit him when he starts to glow red. Don't
wait for him to turn red before casting your spell. If you do, you won't get
enough time to complete the spell before the Guardian's next attack. Repeat
this process a few more times and you'll move on to the next phase of the
The Green Guardian will start off the battle by shooting lightning, which is
very tough to avoid. It helps if you move left or right before she actually
launches her attack. Then, as she glows green, hit her with a three-point
Magickal Attack. Repeat a few more times to move on to phase two.
The Blue Guardian will shoot energy balls similar to the Green Guardians,
except they're a bit easier to avoid. After a few shots, the Guardian will have
to recharge. When he glows blue, hit him with a 3-point Magickal Attack.
Remember to do this the moment he starts to glow. This insures that you will
have time to complete the spell. Hit him about three times to move on to the
next phase of the battle.
The second phase of the battle is the same no matter which Alignment you're
using. The Guardian will summon a group of three Zombies. As soon as the last
one appears on screen, strike back using a 5-point Magickal Attack. This should
take out the Zombies and also hit the Guardian. Do this about three times to
move on to the third and final phase of the battle.
The Guardian's final attack varies from Alignment to Alignment just like the
first one. The Red  Guardian will try to crush you with his claws. Just wait
for him to tire, then hit him with a three-point Magickal Attack. Do this three
times to win.
The Green Guardian will shoot firebolts beneath you. Wait for her to tire,
then hit her with a Magickal Attack. Repeat a few more times to win.
The Blue Guardian will attempt to stomp you with his feet. Don't try to hit
him just yet, simply avoid his attacks. He will tire after a while, so use that
moment to cast a three-point Magickal Attack. Do this a few times and the
battle is yours. I've heard some people say that if you use a seven-point
Magickal Attack in the last phase, you can kill the Guardian with one hit, but
your timing would have to be exactly perfect. Seven-point spells take too long
to work in this situation. Oh, and I shouldn't have to say this, but don't
forget about the Magickal Elixir. They probably put it there just for this
After enough hits, the Greater Guardian will return to its hiding place,
leaving the artifact unguarded. Hmmm, guess it'll be in for some eternal
torment when the master gets word of this. Take the artifact, noting that it's
the one dominant to Pious' (guess he didn't want that just lying around), and
the chapter will end with one final cutscene.

SPOILER WARNING: Sixty-nine years later, about two years after Edwin
Lindsey's visit to the Roivas Manor, an elderly Peter Jacob talks to Edward
Roivas about the statue he found.
Peter: And that was how I came by it. I know it sounds crazy, but there you
have it. The only proof I have is that statue.
Edward: Hmmm, it's a strange one. I've seen one like it before.
Peter: You have?
Edward: Yes, very rare though, very obscure.
Peter: I've had experts take a look at it, and none of them know what it is,
and you do?
Edward: I'm somewhat of an expert on these things myself, an interest I
developed a long time ago while I was a young man.
Peter: Then you should keep it. Lord knows I have no interest in it. I am sure
it's the cause of my sleeplessness. I keep thinking about it, as if
it's--calling out to me.
Edward: Then a drink, perhaps. For the gift. For an unusual Objet Dart. (END

Chapter complete! Alexandra will be in the secret study again. She will
automatically acquire a Lucky Penny. Leave the library and talk to the ghost
you see. You'll get the Basement Key. Head down to the basement and open the
Fusebox. Use the Lucky Penny to replace the missing fuse. Then press B again
and trip the breaker, restoring power. Head back up to the bathroom on the
second floor where you saw the bathtub scene earlier and examine the medicine
cabinet to collect the page for Chapter 10.
Watch the cutscene. Pious has summoned a monster and orders it to hunt and
kill the master of the Roivas estate. Looks like we're finally gonna learn how
and why Edward died. Then the scene switches to Pious in the Portal Chamber
again. We skip the Magick Pool spell since Pious has already invoked it. Pious
simply tells his master that everything stands in readiness for the final
spell. He also adds that another Roivas has crossed their path and that this
time they will show no mercy. The ancient remarks that mercy has no place in
the world. Pious proclaims that this latest enemy will meet such a terrible end
that his descendants will never set foot in the manor again. The ancient
remarks dangerously, "Pray to me that they don't."

     Chapter 10: A Legacy of Darkness
Character: Dr. Edward Roivas
Time Period: 1952 AD, Rhode Island
We finally get to find out what Edward's part was in all this. At this
particular time he is in his early to mid thirties, which would put him at 80
or so when he died. Interesting note: If Edward's part of the quest was in
1952, why the hell did Pious wait forty-eight years to do anything about it?
Anyway, rather than a prechapter voiceover, we go right into his chapter as he
takes down various books in the library.
Edward: My education in psychiatry did not prepare me. I would love to see how
Freud's view of his mother would change with the knowledge of Chattur'gah...how
Skinner would incorporate Zel'lotath into his behaviorist theories...how Jung
would accommodate Ulya'oth into his theory of the Collective Unconscious. Like
my ancestor Maximillian, I too had an interest in my family tree. As a
psychiatrist, I believed that science could provide answers into my family's
sordid, bizarre past. It was with great excitement that I began my search. The
mansion was filled with my colorful predecessors, everything from convicted and
hung witches to committed madmen, each laying their own peculiar mark on its
character. I intended to find their secrets...

     Roivas Manor
Items: Roivas Family History BookX2, Hour Hand, Minute Hand, Elephant Gun/Ammo
(optional), Basement Key HalfX2, Gun Cabinet Key
Scrolls: Magick Pool, Summon Horror
Unfortunately, Edward Roivas isn't in the best physical condition, young as
he is at this particular time. He's probably not much older than thirty or so,
which would put him at about eighty or so at the time of his death. Well, since
he spends much if not all his time reading books, you can forgive him his lack
of conditioning. Anyway, let's get on with the chapter.
First, we need to get the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Edward will be in the
library when you take control of him. Examine the mantel above the fireplace to
get a Roivas Family History Book. Go to the item screen and Check it to collect
the Minute Hand. Now head upstairs and search the bedrooms to find another book
(make sure you collected some weapons, you'll need 'em soon). Check the new
book to collect the Hour Hand. Head back down to the library and make your way
toward the secret room. You'll have a visit from your old buddy Max Roivas, and
no, it's not a social call. He will direct you to the Grandfather Clock.
Replace the two hands you found on the clock, then set the time to 3:33, just
as Alexandra did in the Prologue. Enter the newly opened secret room to get
another visit from Max Roivas and also to collect your good friend the Tome of
Eternal Darkness. Upon acquiring it an learning all its secrets, exit the
secret room and grab the Magick Pool spell scroll from the desk. Exit and
you'll see a Vampire kill one of your maids in the foyer. There's no way to
save this particular maid (I tried on several occasions), so kill her Zombie
form and then examine the vase the Vampire toppled. You'll find half a Basement
Key. Now cast dominant Shield, Reveal Invisible and Enchant Item spells (you
don't have to but it makes life a hell of a lot easier), and run off the
Vampire with your Saber, which you should have found in the dining room.
Vampie will show up in the master bedroom and attack the servant working
there. If you manage to save this particular servant, he'll give you the Gun
Cabinet Key. This is not a requirement to complete the chapter, but if you want
a really kick-ass weapon, you'd do well to get this key.
Vampie shows up in  the other bedroom on the second floor (I believe it's the
one where you found the second History Book), so run him off. It's not
necessary to save this servant, but try to anyway, Every bit of ammo helps. Use
the Gun Cabinet Key you got from the servant in the master bedroom on the gun
cabinet and you'll get the Elephant Gun, widely regarded as one of the best
weapons in the game. Note: This particular gun can be set to fire single or
double shots. Also note that its recoil is so powerful that it'll knock Edward
on his ass every time he fires it. Keep that in mind when you use it.
Anyway, enchant your new weapon (set it to fire double shots if you want),
and head down to the foyer. Vampie again. Run him off to collect the second
Basement Key Half. Mix the two halves in the item screen, then enchant them to
repair the key. Head down to the basement. Note that it's a good idea to revive
any protective spells you might have enabled prior to this point. Definitely
reenchant your weapon (use the Saber if you want to conserve gun ammo).
In the basement, you'll have your final showdown with the Vampire. Before you
actually enter the basement though, make sure you're fully healed or as close
as you can get. Then descend to the basement and prepare for battle.

     Boss: Vampire
When you ran him off before, you always saw a cutscene of the Vampire running
down to the basement and sucking energy from some power source he had hidden
down here. This power source is the headstone in the well, and it must be
destroyed if the Vampire is to be defeated for good. Strategy is simple, but
it's not exactly a walk in the park. Hit the Headstone as often as you can and
hit the Vampire whenever he comes close. Only when the Headstone is destroyed
can you finish off the Vampire.
After destroying the Vampire, search around for items (the Summon Horror
spell is in this chapter somewhere), then climb down the well.
This is a long and difficult area, so it's advisable to save often. You'll be
in the ruin of Ehn'Gah, where Max faced his first Lesser Guardian. Your goal
here is to destroy this place, and here's how. When you examine the towers,
you'll realize that the area itself is one big Circle of Power. First though,
you've got a Horror and some Lesser Guardians to deal with. Once they're out of
the way, continue along the path to enter the Array. This is where that huge
Power Circle comes in. There are nine towers, so we're making a nine-point
Dispel Magick spell (Hmmm, wonder how a Dispel Magick's supposed to destroy
this city). Step into the rings and touch any of the consoles to activate it,
then enter the activated teleporter. You'll appear on one of the towers. Walk
forward and press B, to be given the option of scribing a rune. Three towers
will only allow you to scribe Target, Effect and Alignment Runes. Select
Nethlek, Redgormor and the Alignment dominant to your own. The other six towers
will only allow you to scribe Pargon Runes, so do so. Each time you scribe a
rune, return to the teleporter that brought you here to be teleported to a
different room. Repeat the process of touching a console and entering the new
teleporter. Scribe all nine runes and you'll get a message that Edward needs to
escape the city. Do so and the chapter will end. Note: Sorry for making it
sound easier than it is. Just remember to save as often as you can and be
careful of any beasties you encounter. There are a lot of Lesser Guardians in
this area and some are a pain to kill.

SPOILER WARNING: As Edward exits the city and returns to the basement of the
Roivas Manor, the ruin explodes, killing everything in it. We switch to
forty-eight years later. Edward is now an old man. He sits reading a book, then
a ball of light coalesces into the guardian Pious summoned before the chapter
started. Edward is not unaware of the creature's presence, but makes no
resistance as the creature sinks its claws into his body. (END SPOILER). Thus
ends Chapter 10.

Chapter complete! We get a cutscene where Pious gives his master the bad news
about the guardians in the ruin of Ehn'Gah. But the Ancient is  unconcerned.
The plan is still proceeding as predicted. Note that this is the first and only
time Ulya'oth calls Pious by name. The Ancient will confront its opposite and
be victorious. As the Ancient speaks we catch glimpses of it rising.

Now it's time to get Chapter 11's page. Alexandra will automatically receive
a note from Edward, which directs her to the basement. When you leave the
library, you'll see a ghost. Talk to it to receive the Basement Key. Head down
there (notice that there are enemies here now), and search the barrels to find
a pickax. Take this to the second floor and locate the section of wall that
appears different from the rest. It's in between the bathroom and that stained
glass window where the Damage Field was earlier. Use the ax to see a cutscene.

SPOILER WARNING: Alex will break away the wall with her ax, revealing the
entrance to the servants' quarters, whereupon she has a vision of Maximillian
murdering several of his servants. (END SPOILER). Enter the newly opened room
and cast a dominant three-point Dispel Magick spell. Examine the ashes to get a
stethoscope. Take this to the basement and examine the safe on the wall. You'll
use the stethoscope to turn the dial. Turn it to the right until you hear a
tumbler fall into place. Then turn it left until you hear another tumbler fall
into place. Turn the dial one last time until you hear the third and final
tumbler fall into place. Press A to open the Safe. The combo is 59, 81, 46. The
safe contains an Alignment artifact (the one dominant to your own), a
crankshaft and the final Chapter Page. I also found a letter from Edward in
there, which basically explains Alex's mission, to collect the three remaining
Essences and stop Pious. Upon collecting the Chapter Page, you'll witness a
cutscene in which one of Pious' underlings tells him that a storm of metal and
fire is approaching. Many lives will be senselessly lost. It would make the
perfect sacrifice to the guardian. Pious agrees and proclaims the coming storm
his offering to his master. Then use the Chapter Page to start the final

     Chapter 11: Ashes to Ashes
Character: Michael Edwards
Time Period: 1991 AD, Middle East
Michael Edwards is a Canadian firefighter during the Gulf War. He was sent to
put out oil fires in the Middle East, but when a freak explosion leaves all his
teammates dead, the insanity begins as he finds himself in a familiar temple.
Edward (voiceover): Wherever disaster and death lurk, there is likely to be an
Ancient just beyond our senses, waiting. They prey on our misfortune and
exploit it toward their own twisted ends. When hundreds of oil fields are set
ablaze on the heels of war, the Ancients' grip tightens, knowing that lives
will be forfeit and resources squandered. But a few people make a difference,
people like Michael Edwards, a Canadian Industrial firefighter hired to put an
end to the insanity after the war. Ironically for him, the insanity was just

     Forbidden City
Items: Emerald Effigy (Optional), Pendant, Staff, C4 Bomb, Detonator Caps
Scrolls: Bind
Michael Edwards is, as has been mentioned, the only survivor of the explosion
we saw in the beginning scene. He finds himself surrounded by his dead
teammates and standing at the foot of the Pillar of Flesh. He is besought by
the ghost of Roberto Bianchi to take a mysterious artifact to Rhode Island.
You'll receive the final Alignment Artifact and, if Roberto collected them in
his chapter, the Ruby and Sapphire Effigies. Now it's time to get rolling!
First, we need to collect the Tome of Eternal Darkness. To do this, first
search the dead soldiers to find some weaponry (you start out with a fire ax
and a flashlight), and you'll receive a Special forces Rifle, a Glock 17 Pistol
and some grenades. Exit the double doors and go down the ladder in the new
room. You'll be in a long, curved corridor. You'll see three ladders here. Take
the first of these up, then go left to collect a pendant. Go back down the same
ladder you came up and ascend the second ladder to collect the staff. Now go
back down and take the third and final ladder. Mix the Staff and Amulet to
create...oh wow, a Staff and Amulet! Stand in the gold circle and use the
staff. Use the Control Stick to direct the light beam onto the gold city model.
Direct it onto the two gold domes, then the central pointed tower. This will
create a teleporter. Enter to be taken to the hall where the Tome of Eternal
Darkness is. Walk forward and grab it.
After getting the Tome, continue down into a hall of pillars. GO forward and
up the next ladder to a room with spears in it. Cross the room and go down the
ladder. Follow the path and defeat the three worms. Cast a five-point dominant
Dispel Magick to get the Green Effigy. If you've collected the other two, you
can collect a special weapon. Backtrack to a ladder on the left. Cross the room
and go down the ladder, then follow the path through a door. Go through another
door and summon a Trapper. Direct it to the large black obelisk in the alcove.
Lock on to the Obelisk (R button), and press A to remove it. GO down the ladder
that was revealed. Go down a second ladder and examine the Pedestal to collect
the Bind scroll. When you get to the Horrors fighting behind the forcefield,
cast a seven-point Bind spell (remember that only seven-point spells will work
on Horrors), to make one Horror kill the other. When one of them is killed, the
forcefield will be removed. Kill the other Horror to get the C4 Plastic
Now for a side quest. After getting the C4 Explosives, you can get an
Enchanted Gladius, but only if you have collected all three of the Effigies. Go
back up the two ladders to return to the room where you summoned your Trapper.
Enter the door to the left of the ladder you originally came in on. Here,
you'll see three sculptures. Remember, this room is only important if you have
all three Effigies. Place the Blue Effigy in front of the green sculpture, the
green one in front of the red sculpture and the red one in front of the blue
sculpture. In short, place each Effigy in front of the sculpture whose color is
dominant to its own. If you make a mistake, a Horror will drop from the ceiling
to fight you. After the Effigies are in place, return to the prior room and
take the new set of stairs. Collect the Enchanted Gladius. Michael himself
cannot use it, but you'll be able to soon.
After you get the C4 Bomb, it's time to blow this place to hell. Return to
the room where you removed the obelisk. Cast a seven-point Reveal Invisible to
reveal some double doors. Get the Detonator Caps from the dead soldier. Then
cast a seven-point shield to protect you from the electrical charges. When you
get to the bridge, defeat the worms that appear, then mix the C4 Explosives
with the Detonator Caps. Cast a seven-point Enchant Item spell on the newly
made bomb and place it in the center of the bridge. This will initiate a
three-minute countdown. Cool music, huh? Anyway, there are still enemies here,
but you really don't have time to fight them all. Just run as much as possible,
avoiding as many enemies as you can. There's really only one way to go here.
Reach the exit before the timer ends to complete the chapter. Fail to do so
and...well, you know what happens.

SPOILER WARNING: After destroying the forbidden city, we see a cutscene.
Michael meets with Edward Roivas, who doesn't seem happy about being out here.
But Michael has important business here. He presents Edward with a mysterious
package, warning him not to open it until he's safely inside his house. The
Guardians can sense it if it isn't shrouded. Edward guesses correctly that it's
one of the artifacts. Michael wishes him luck, then departs. He still has
business to attend to before the Guardians get to him, as he is quite sure they
will. (END SPOILER). Thus, Chapter 11 is finally complete!

     Epilogue: Gateway to Destiny
Character: Alexandra Roivas
Time Period: 2000 AD, Rhode Island
No more Chapter Pages! It's right straight to the final battle...almost. This
last part of the game takes place in the Roivas Manor and the Ruin of Ehn'Gah.

     Roivas Manor
Items: Enchanted Gladius (optional), Heart of Mantorok, Final Alignment Essence
Alex is once again in the secret room. If you didn't already do so earlier,
exit the secret room and go as if you were going to leave the library. Instead
of exiting, search the last alcove on the right to find the book in which
Edward placed the Heart of Mantorok at the end of Chapter 6. Grab the heart,
then enter the door to the left of the exit door. This leads to the
Observatory. Stand in front of the telescope and use the Crankshaft. Press B
and you'll have the option to adjust the mirrors. Use the control stick and
direct the first mirror so that the light beam rests on the second mirror. Set
the second mirror so that the beam rests on the third mirror. Adjust the third
mirror so that the light beam rests on the mirror in the globe on the floor.
This will open the way to the Secret City, which Edward destroyed in Chapter 10.
After opening the Secret City, head down towards the basement. On the way
though, the doorbell will ring. Answer it. A Fed Ex package! Seems Alex has
been ordering DVD's and video games again. Just kidding. The package contains
the final Alignment Artifact (the one Michael gave to Edward) and, if Michael
collected it in the prior chapter, the Enchanted Gladius. Some people have
asked why the third Essence wasn't in the manor if Edward got it from Michael
at the end of Chapter 11. My guess is that he didn't want all three Essences in
the manor at one time as a precaution in case the Guardians got their before
Alex did. So he arranged for the package to be stored somewhere, then delivered
back to the mansion a few weeks after his death. This way Alex would be more
likely to be there to find it, and it would prevent the Guardians from
acquiring all three essences. Another common question is why the postman just
ran away after delivering the package. My guess is either that he'd had a
run-in with one of the Guardians or he just didn't want to stick around the
proverbial haunted mansion.
As for the Enchanted Gladius, it carries a permanent Enchant Item spell of
the Alignment dominant to your own. What's more, if you target an enemy from a
distance, this weapon can be thrown like a projectile.
With the final artifact in hand, head down to the basement and take the door
next to the well. Note: Before going any farther, it's a good idea to A. save
and B. check the house for any leftover ammo. Then go down the ladder. Descend
the spiral staircase and follow the path through a gate. Here, there's an
electrified floor. Nintendo says you should make your way across this room by
casting a shield spell, then cast a Dispel Magick spell from a safe spot, but I
found it easier to cast the Dispel Magick spell first, then cross the room. I
never could find a safe spot from which to attempt casting the spell, except of
course the entrance to this room. Yes, it works. The block at the main door
will still be removed.
We're gonna create another spell, but first we have to power up the Array.
Walk around it to find two pedestal fragments. Mix and enchant them, then place
the repaired pedestal top on the broken half. Place the three Essences you've
collected on the repaired pedestal to power up the Array.
From here it's just the creation of the final spell, a nine-point Summon
Creature spell. It's not all smooth sailin' though. Each time you exit the
teleporter after scribing a Rune, you'll be taken to a different room where
you'll have to overcome a different obstacle in order to make your way back to
the teleporters. First, the runes: Tier, Aretak, dominant Alignment and six
Pargon Runes. Oh, and by dominant I mean dominant to your own (duh). If you're
blue, scribe Zel'lotath. If you're red, scribe Ulya'oth. If you're green,
scribe Chattur'gah. Now, let's look at the obstacles.
In the room with three horrors in a forcefield, cast a seven-point Bind
spell. This should eliminate two Horrors. Kill the third one yourself.
In the room with invisible trappers (you can hear 'em), cast a seven-point
dominant Reveal Invisible, then shoot or avoid the Trappers.
In the room with the three headstones with the runes on them, cast a
seven-point Magickal Attack of any Alignment. This will destroy the stones.
In the room with the giant worm, there's only one thing you can do. Hold X
and sneak across the floor to avoid being spotted by the worm. If he does see
you, recover your sanity and try again.
In the room with the lava pit, cast a seven-point Reveal Invisible to reveal
a path across.
The final obstacle is a series of three pillars, each with a differently
colored creature pictured on it. If you see a picture of a green Trapper,
summon a green Trapper and direct it into the circle in front of its pillar. If
done correctly (meaning you summoned a creature of the same color and kind as
was pictured on the pillar), that creature will be encased in glass. When all
three creatures are safely behind glass, the exit will open.
Once you've scribed all the runes and overcome all obstacles, the final
teleporter will be activated. Before going any further, take time to insure
that your Life, Magick and Sanity are full. If you want to be like me, heal
completely, walk around until your Magick is full, then save right before
entering the teleporter. If you have the Enchanted Gladius, you will not have
to worry about casting Enchant Item. If you didn't get the Enchanted Gladius,
simply enchant the one you have. When you're ready, enter the teleporter.

SPOILER WARNING: As Alex appears in Pious' realm, he approaches and greets her
(rather politely I thought), informing her that she will be the first morsel
for the Ancient, an appetizer for the banquet the human race shall provide.
Alex isn't about to go quietly though, and neither will the rest of the human
race. Thanks to their efforts, Alex has managed to gather the other three
essences. Now she stands before Pious and proclaims proudly, "This is the end!"
Watch the cutscenes as first Pious' and then your Ancients are summoned.
Then, it's time to fight your final battle! (END SPOILER).

     Final Boss: Pious Augustus
I love the music in this battle so much that I went and downloaded a MIDI of
it off the Internet. Anyway, Pious can be a bit---well, I don't wanna say
tough, since that's not exactly right. Let's just say he can be a bit tricky if
you're not careful. He starts off by casting a five-point Shield. Avoid his
attacks and, when an opportunity presents itself, strike him. Each time he is
hit, Pious will draw power from his Ancient's Essence. This causes a bolt of
lightning to shoot out to where the Essence is, rendering it temporarily
visible. Quickly run to it (just try not to get tired), and hit it. Do this
twice more and Ellia will appear in the long hall. Go forward to the withered
hand and Tome and press B to bring Ellia into the battle. Ellia will now have a
chance to hit the Essence herself. Do so and you'll turn back into Alex, who
will have to hit Pious to make the Essence reappear, then hit the Essence
again. This will bring Anthony into the fight. Hit the Essence with Anthony and
you'll turn into Alex again. You'll do this with all of Pious' prior victims.
Each must hit the Essence in order to destroy it. Note that if a character
arrives late, the Essence will vanish, requiring Alex to hit Pious again to
make it reappear, then hit it again to bring the ghost character back. Note
also that if one of the ghosts is hit during their turn, Alex will not be
harmed. Apart from his physical attacks, Pious uses Damage Field and Magickal
Attack. He will also cast shield on himself occasionally. He will also
sometimes cast Dispel Magick if you happen to be using a Shield or Damage Field
of your own, and he will also either slay or bind any summoned creature you
bring into the battle, so don't bother with Summon Creature. Besides, they're
not that effective. Anyway, Pious also has the annoying ability to disable the
Enchant Item spell, so you will probably need to reenchant your weapons a time
or two. You can tell when he does this because he'll laugh. As far as I know,
this ability does not affect the Enchanted Gladius. Note that This battle will
be divided into sections. Cutscenes depicting the battling ancients will occur
at various points, usually after a certain number of characters have hit the
Essence. During the first phase of the battle, Pious will generally use
three-point spells, with the exception being his shield spell at the beginning
of the battle. Other than that he sticks to three-point spells. After the first
cutscene though, he'll switch to five-point spells. The strategy is the same
though, just avoid him and hit him whenever you can.
After all the characters have hit the Essence, it will shatter, and we get a
second Ancient Battle scene. Hmmm, looks like your Ancient's coming out on top.
That won't matter if you lose the battle though. Note that if Pious defeats
you, you get to witness a cutscene wherein he stands over Alex's dead body,
spits on her, taunts her and then fries her with magickal energy.
After the Essence is destroyed, you only have to hit Pious a few more times.
Be warned that he starts using seven-point spells at this point. Enchant your
Shotgun and fire on Pious from a distance, or throw your Enchanted Gladius and
hit him that way. About three or four hits should finish Pious off. You'll know
you've got him because he will cry out in agony at the final blow and then
collapse to the ground. You will then get to see your Ancient finish off
Pious'. Note: The following info will likely spoil the ending, so don't read
unless you can handle spoilers.
After Pious is defeated, he will make one last defiant comment, then Alex
strikes him down with his own staff, eliciting a further cry of agony from him.
Then Alex looks up at the Ancient she summoned. She is then treated to visions
of her Ancient laying waste to the planet. In horror she wonders what she's
done. Then Edward appears on one of the towers and tells Alex that the Ancient
must not be allowed to remain in this world. This is the last time you take
control of Alex, so change the Tier rune to the Bankorok Rune, changing the
Summon Creature spell to a Bind spell. This has the desired effect of returning
the Ancient to its prison and ending its threat to the world...for now. Edward
commends you with a simple, "That's the ticket!"
After the Ancient is banished, Edward talks to Alex briefly (note the sad
music), remarking that this wasn't exactly the inheritance he had in mind for
her, but there was so much to do and little time in which to do it. He then
tells Alex that her parents would be proud of what a strong and courageous
young woman she's become, adding that he himself couldn't be happier. He then
leaves and Alex is left gazing sadly at the Tome of Eternal Darkness, which
lies closed at her feet. Then we get a voiceover by Alex, who remarks that the
Ancient she summoned could have destroyed the world just as easily as Pious'
would have. Then she reiterates what Pious said at the beginning of his
chapter, "To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of reality--to see
those who dwell behind. I was once a fool." Then we see the credits. If you
choose to save your game at this point, you can view the credits at any time by
selecting that option on the main menu.
Note: Actually, there are a total of three endings. The one above is just the
first one. I ain't gonna spoil the other two for you. TO view them, complete
the game twice more on the same save file as your first adventure, but choose a
different Alignment each time. You'll get another bonus as well. After the
Credits option, you'll unlock the Jump to Game Option (basically Stage Select),
and finally Eternal Mode, which is basically permanent invincibility.


     Voice Actors
Eternal Darkness features some extremely talented folks doing the character
voices. Below I'll list them (or at least all the ones I can remember), for
those that are curious.
Character: Alexandra Roivas
Voice Actor: Jennifer Hale
Character: Pious Augustus
Actor: Richard Doyal
Character: Ellia
Actor: Kim Mai Guest
Character: Anthony
Actor: Cam Clark
Character: Bishop
Actor: Philip Proctor
Character: Karim
Actor: Rino Romano
Character: Chandra
Actor: Paula Tiso
Character: Dr. Maximillian Roivas
Actor: Bill Hootkins
Character: Dr. Edwin Lindsey
Actor: Neil Ross
Character: Brother Paul Luther
Actor: Paul Eiding
Character: Dr. Edward Roivas
Actor: Neil Dickson
Character: Supervisor
Actor: Paul Eiding
Character: Peter Jacob
Actor: Michael Bell
Character: Michael Edwards
Actor: Gregg Eagles
Character: Inspector  LeGrasse
Actor: Earl Boen
Character: Chattur'gah
Actor: Gregg Eagles
Character: Ulya'oth
Actor: Richard Doyal
Character: Zel'lotath
Actors: Jennifer Hale and Kim Mai Guest
Note: Some, quite possibly all of the actors do more than one role. For
instance, Cam Clark also does the voice of the old custodian in Chapter seven.
If I missed any, feel free to send 'em. I'd like to know who does the voice of
Roberto Bianchi. Oh, and I forgot David Hayter, which is practically a sin, as
he's one of the best-known voice actors out there. He does the voices of the
two Roman soldiers who fought alongside Pious Augustus before he turned into
Pious the Lich, and also the voice of the guard in Mantorok's Tomb, who tried
to keep Ellia away from Mantorok.

     E-Mail Disclaimer
I don't mind questions and suggestions. In fact I welcome them. However,
there are a few important rules which, if ignored, will most likely result in
my ignoring your message. First, be as specific as you can when asking for help
or anything. It helps if you put Eternal Darkness or whatever game you're
playing in the subject line, that way I know it's not just junk mail. Second,
get to the point! I really hate long E-mails where people ramble on and on
about stuff. Yeah, be as specific as possible, but also try to keep your
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Third, stay on topic. Don't start talking about something else in the middle
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Last but not least, be polite. I've gotten some very nasty E-mails during my
time as a Gamefaqs Contributor, and I'm not afraid to block offending
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