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Magick FAQ by Agamemnon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/14/02

                   Eternal Darkness Magick Guide - Version 1.0

                           ________                        __
                          / ____/ /____  _________  ____ _/ /
                         / __/ / __/ _ \/ ___/ __ \/ __ `/ / 
                        / /___/ /_/  __/ /  / / / / /_/ / /
                       /_____/\__/\___/_/  /_/ /_/\__,_/_/

                     ____             __                       
                    / __ \____ ______/ /______  ___  __________
                   / / / / __ `/ ___/ //_/ __ \/ _ \/ ___/ ___/
                  / /_/ / /_/ / /  / ,< / / / /  __(__  |__  ) 
                 /_____/\__,_/_/  /_/|_/_/ /_/\___/____/____/  

            __  ___            _      __      ______      _     __   
           /  |/  /___ _____ _(_)____/ /__   / ____/_  __(_)___/ /__ 
          / /|_/ / __ `/ __ `/ / ___/ //_/  / / __/ / / / / __  / _ \          
         / /  / / /_/ / /_/ / / /__/ ,<    / /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ /  __/
        /_/  /_/\__,_/\__, /_/\___/_/|_|   \____/\__,_/_/\__,_/\___/ 

               Created by Jonathan Johnson (Agamemnon) 12/14/2002

 This is intended to be a complete guide to the magick system in Eternal
 Darkness. Everything in this guide is believed to be accurate, but there are
 bound to be mistakes and things left out, so if you find any please drop me a
 line. Only email me with questions/comments/suggestions about this guide - not
 the game itself. 

 This text is my copyrighted intellectual property. All rights are reserved.
 Please do not alter or edit this guide without my permission. Feel free to
 distribute this text unaltered and in its entirety. This text is not to be
 sold for profit without my permission. GameFaqs.com is the intended home for
 this guide, so check there for the latest version.

 I can be reached at agamemnon_atheos at yahoo dot com.


How do I get the Mantorok (Purple Alignment) rune?

 It's a secret! You will probably miss it your first time through the game
 unless you use a walkthrough, and you will probably find it your second time
 through the game even if you don't use a walkthrough. If you want to be told
 exactly where it is and how to get it, then you're looking in the wrong guide.
 Instead, I suggest you read bananagirl's Secrets FAQ which can also be found
 at GameFaqs.com.


What does the Mantorok (Purple Alignment) rune do for me?

 The purple alignment will beat any of the other three alignments, but that's
 not the only thing special about it. For many spells, the purple alignment
 will do something extra, or even something completely different from what the
 regular alignments do. It's definitely worth looking for.


How can I remember what alignment beats what?

 I remember by thinking of red as fire, blue as water, and green as plants.
 Then all I have to remember is this: water puts out fire, fire burns plants,
 and plants soak up water. Maybe that will work for you, maybe not.


Why does the game spell "magic" with a "k" at the end?

 In older English, that's how the word magic was spelled. The game's plot spans
 a period of over 2000 years, so it's probably more appropriate. There are
 several other examples in the game of old word usages. Besides, it's the
 trendy thing to do nowadays. =]


 To jump to a section, do a case insensitive search for the name of the section
 along with its number or letter. For example, to jump to the section about the
 Recover spell, search for "b. Recover".

I. Magickal Runes and Collectables
   a. Circles of Power
   b. Runes
   c. Codices
   d. Spell Scrolls
   e. Magickal Items
II. The Magick Menus
   a. Spell List
   b. New Spell Menu
   c. Runes List
   d. Quick Spell Display
III. Spell Mechanics
   a. Spell Creation
   b. Alignment
   c. Effects and Targets
   d. The Magick Meter
   e. Spell Casting
IV. Magick Spells
   a. Enchant Item
   b. Recover
   c. Reveal Invisible
   d. Damage Field
   e. Dispel Magick
   f. Summon Trapper
   g. Shield
   h. Summon Zombie
   i. Magickal Attack
   j. Summon Horror 
   k. Magick Pool
   l. Bind


 There are four basic types of magickal collectables in the game. They are:
 circles of power, runes, codices, and spell scrolls. To casts spells, all you
 actually need are circles of power and runes. Codices and spell scrolls only
 give you information that will help you discover new spells. It is possible to
 beat the game without collecting any codices or spell scrolls, but I wouldn't
 recommend it... Without them, your runes and spells won't have labels, and 
 you'll be forced to memorize what each rune is from its shape, and what each
 spell does by its number.


 There are three circles of power in the game: the 3 point circle, the 5 point
 circle, and the 7 point circle. When you cast a spell, you must choose which
 circle of power you want to use. Your choice will determine how many runes
 will be used in the spell. Spells that use more runes are more powerful.


 There are four different types of runes: alignment runes, effect runes, target
 runes, and power runes. Alignment runes control the alignment of a spell.
 Alignment will be discussed in more detail later on. Effect runes determine
 what sort of effect the spell will have. These runes are represented by verbs
 like "protect" or "absorb." Target runes determine the target of the spell. 
 These runes are represented by nouns such as "self" or "creature". There is
 only one power rune, but it can be used multiple times in the same spell. The
 power rune will intensify the strength of the spell. The following is a list
 of every rune in the game:

 Alignment Runes:

     Chattur'gha    (Red Alignment)
     Ulyaoth        (Blue Alignment)
     Xel'lotath     (Green Alignment)
     Mantorok       (Purple Alignment)

 Effect Runes:

     Bankorok       (Protect)
     Tier           (Summon)
     Narokath       (Absorb)
     Nethlek        (Dispel)
     Antorbok       (Project)

 Target Runes:

     Magormor       (Item)
     Redgormor      (Area)
     Aretak         (Creature)
     Santak         (Self)

 Power Runes:

     Pargon         (Power)

 From now on I will refer to runes by their description. After all, who the
 hell wants to memorize these funky names?


 There is one codex for each rune in the game.  A codex will tell you the name
 of its rune, and the effect or target it has. It will also show you a picture
 of the rune. If you find a rune before you find its codex, the rune will not
 be labeled in your magick menus. Without codices, you would be forced to
 memorize what each rune does based purely on what it looks like! If, on the
 other hand, you find a codex before you find its corresponding rune, the codex
 will appear in your rune menu where the rune should be, acting as a place
 holder. If you have a rune and its corresponding codex at the same time, then
 the rune will be glowing in the menus and will be conveniently labeled.


 Spell scrolls will tell you how to make different spells and will also give
 descriptions of them. It is possible to create spells before finding their
 scroll as long as you have all the necessary runes and circles, but the spell
 will not be labeled in your magick menus until you find the scroll. Instead,
 it will simply be called "Spell 1" or "Spell 2", etc. If you find all the
 runes and circles needed for a certain spell, and you find all the codices for
 those runes, and you find the scroll for that spell, then you will
 automatically get the spell. However, you will not automatically get the
 higher power levels for those spells; you have to create those yourself.


 In addition to the regular magickal collectables listed above, there are also
 a couple of items in the game that will cast a Recovery spell when used. These
 items can only be used a few times. Although there are several items 
 throughout the game that will recover health, sanity, or magick, only two of
 those items do so by actually casting a spell.

 II. The Magick Menus

 To get to the magick menu, press start and then use L or R to flip through the
 various menus until you reach the magick menu. You cannot get to the magick
 menu until you acquire the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

 From the main magick menu you can get to four sub menus. From top to bottom, 
 they are "Spell List", "New Spell", "Runes", and "Quick Spell".


 The Spell List shows a list of all your spells on a 3x4 grid. Initially, each
 space on the grid is blank. As you collect Spell Scrolls, they will fill the
 grid. Putting the cursor over a scroll will show the name of the spell. If you
 discover a spell before you find its scroll, a black scroll will appear in the
 menu with a question mark written on it, and the spell will only be given a
 number instead of a name (e.g. "Spell 9"). If you select a spell and then hit
 A, the cursor will move to a menu at the bottom of the screen. The menu
 choices are "Cast", "Assign", and "Check".

 The Check button will show you what the scroll says about the spell and will
 tell you what Effect Rune and Target Rune is needed to cast it. If you did not
 find the scroll for a spell you have, you will not get a description of the
 spell nor will you be told what runes are needed to cast it, but you can see
 a picture of those runes.

 The Assign button will allow you to assign a spell to a controller button.
 After pressing A, you are shown a picture of GameCube controller buttons and
 are asked to choose what button you want to assign the spell to. You are only
 able to assign spells to the Y button, and to each of the 4 directions on the
 + control pad. Once you assign a spell to a button, you can cast that spell
 simply by pressing that button instead of having to pause the game and choose
 the spell from a menu.

 The Cast button will cast the spell. You must choose a power level and
 alignment, then you will be taken back to the game and the spell will be cast.
 For the Enchant Item spell, you will also be asked what item you want to


 From the New Spell menu you can try to discover new spells by combining runes.
 When you press A on the New Spell button, you are first given a choice of what
 Circle of Power you want to use. Then you must choose an Alignment Rune. Then
 you are allowed to fill the remaining slots with any combination of Effect,
 Target, or Power Runes.

 Not all combinations make sense, but experimentation is risk-free and
 encouraged. If you find a combination that makes sense, it will inform you of
 your discovery. The newly discovered spell will appear in the spell list from
 then on. It is possible to discover new spells long before you find their
 scrolls, so experimentation can be very rewarding and helpful.

 If you find all the runes and circles needed for a certain spell, and all the
 codices for those runes and the scroll for that spell, then you will
 automatically be taken to the New Spell Menu and the spell will automatically
 be discovered. This will only happen for the first power level of the spell.
 For higher power levels, you must put all the runes together yourself to
 discover the spell.


 Pressing A on the Runes button will display a list of all your runes. You
 can't do anything from this list. It is just to show you what runes you have.
 The runes are displayed in four rows. The top row, which has three spaces,
 will show you your Circles of Power. The second row, which has four spaces,
 will show you all of your Alignment Runes. The third row, which has five
 spaces, will show you all of your Effect Runes. The last row, which also has
 five spaces, will show you your Target and Power Runes.

 If you have a rune and its codex, the rune will glow. Putting the cursor over
 a glowing rune will make it display its name above the rune and a description
 below. If you have a rune but do not have its codex, the rune will not glow
 and only question marks will be displayed when you put the cursor over it. If
 you have a codex but not its rune, the codex will be displayed in place of the
 rune, and the name and description will be given if the cursor is placed over
 the codex.


 Pressing the Quick Spell button will take you to the Quick Spell display.
 Here, you are shown a picture of GameCube controller buttons. Each button is
 labeled with the spell that has been assigned to the button, if any.  You
 can't do anything from this display. It is just to show you which spell is
 currently assigned to each button. Assignments are made from the Spell List.

 III. Spell Mechanics


 The recipe for creating magical spells is given bellow. Every spell in the
 game follows this pattern:

     1 Circle of Power
     1 Alignment Rune
     1 Effect Rune
     1 Target Rune
     As many Power Runes as are needed to fill the remaining spaces.

 The effect and target runes determine which spell is being created. Some
 combinations make sense, some don't. Circles of power, along with power runes,
 will determine the power level of the spell. The alignment rune determines the
 alignment of the spell. The exact effects of power level and alignment are 


 Spells and enemies can have what is called an alignment. There are three basic
 alignments in the game, plus a secret forth alignment. These alignments are
 Chattur'gha (red), Ulyaoth (blue), Xel'lotath (green), and Mantorok (purple).
 From now on I will simply refer to these alignments by their color. The game
 also consistently uses the color yellow to represent things of neutral

 The three main alignments are basically equal in the sense that there is no
 strongest or weakest alignment. However, each alignment is stronger than one
 of the other two, and weaker than the third. It's the same idea behind the 
 classic Rock Paper Scissors game. Blue beats Red, Red beats Green, and Green
 beats Blue. If you have trouble remembering this, here's an analogy I use:
 Water puts out Fire, Fire burns Plants, Plants soak up Water. This is just an
 analogy though! The forth alignment, Purple, is stronger than each of the
 other three.

 In order to use spell alignments effectively, you need to remember what is
 stronger than what. For example, if you are fighting a monster with a Blue
 alignment, then you know that Green spells will work better against it than
 Blue or Red spells will. Likewise, if you are trying to undo the effects of
 someone else's magick spell, you will need to use whatever alignment is


 Effect and target Runes combine to make different spells. Each effect or
 target has its own meaning, but these meanings are vague. For example, if you
 combine the Absorb effect with the Area target, you get a spell that reveals
 invisible objects. Is that what you would've guessed would happen? I sure
 didn't. But some combinations are easy to guess the outcome of, like combining
 Summon with Creature...

 Since the runes only have specific meanings when combined into spells, I will
 not discuss each rune in detail. Instead, I will list out what the possible
 combinations there are, and what spells those combinations create. For details
 about the spells, see section IV.

 Valid Effect/Target Combinations:

     Project + Item = Enchant Item
      Absorb + Self = Recover
      Absorb + Area = Reveal Invisible
     Protect + Area = Damage Field
      Dispel + Area = Dispel Magick
  Summon + Creature = Summon Creature *
     Protect + Self = Shield
     Project + Area = Magickal Attack
      Summon + Area = Magick Pool

 * There are three different summon spells. They all use the same effect/target
   combination, but they use different power levels.


 You can't cast magick spells for nothing. Every time you cast a spell it will
 drain magick from your magick meter. Your magick meter is blue to
 differentiate it from your health meter (red) and your sanity meter (green).
 By the way, it's no coincidence that these colors are also the colors of the
 three main alignments (see the Recovery spell, for example).

 How much magick a spell requires depends on what spell it is, its power level,
 and its alignment. If you don't have enough magick to cast a spell then it
 obviously won't work, but there’s no way to confirm that you have enough
 magick before attempting a spell. If you attempt to cast a spell but don't
 have enough magick, the only penalty is that you waste a little time.

 There are various ways of replenishing your magick meter. The main way is to
 simply walk around. As long as you are walking, your magick meter will slowly
 refill. Walking and running work equally well (I checked). You can also use
 the Magick Pool spell to slowly replenish your magick. Better still, you can
 cast Magick Pool AND walk around to make the meter fill relatively quickly.
 There are also items in the game that will refill your magick meter completely
 when used, but those are rare.


 There are two ways to cast a spell. One way is to cast the spell from your
 magick menu and the other way is to hit a quick spell button that you
 previously assigned a spell to from the magick menu. The quick spell method
 is convenient for spells like Recover that you will use frequently.

 When you cast a spell, the rune symbols that make up the spell will appear on
 the floor in a circle around your character. The name of each rune will be
 called off one at a time, and each rune will glow as it is called. It is
 important that you do not move during this time! If you move, the spell will
 be cancelled, and you will waste your magick! You also cannot attack or be
 attacked during this time, lest the spell be canceled. However, once the name
 of the last rune has been called off, it is safe to move even if the spell
 does not look like it is done. This is important to know when you are trying
 to judge whether or not you have enough time to cast a spell before, say, a
 Zombie gnaws your head off.

 IV. Magick Spells

 Here are the details about each spell. For each spell, I start out with the
 description given by the game on the spell scrolls. I then describe the spell
 in my own words in detail. For each spell, I include a description of what
 effect all the power levels and alignments have on the spell, including the
 secret purple alignment.

 a. ENCHANT ITEM     (Project + Item)

 "That which is broken, shall be fixed. That which is dull, will become sharp.
 Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item magick."

 This spell has two uses. The first use is to fix broken items. To fix an item,
 first you have to "mix" all of the pieces together so that they are all 
 grouped together as one item. Then, cast the Enchant Item spell on that item.
 All of the power levels and alignments have the same effect when fixing broken
 items, so always use the lowest power level to conserve magick.

 The second use of this spell is to increase the strength of a weapon. Here,
 alignment and power are important. The higher power level you use, the 
 stronger your weapon will be. If you use the appropriate alignment for the
 enemy you are fighting, the damage will be especially strong. Weapon 
 enchantments always last for 2 minutes, regardless of power level or

 b. RECOVER     (Absorb + Self)

 "This spell enables the transfer of magickal power from the environment to the
 self. Restoration of the body, spirit, and mind is this spell's purpose."

 This spell will replenish some of your health, sanity, or magick depending on
 which alignment you use (red, green, or blue respectively). Using this spell
 to try to recover your magick is just a waste of time because you always get
 back the same amount of magick that you spent on casting the spell. This
 spell is invaluable when recovering health or sanity, however.

 Increasing the power level of the spell will make it replenish more of your
 health or sanity. The highest power level (7 points) will replenish all of
 your health or sanity. It costs more magick to cast the spell at higher power
 levels, but it is still more efficient to do so. So, for example, if you are
 trying to refill all your health, it takes less magick to cast  one 7-point
 recover spell than it does to cast the equivalent number of 3-point recover

 The purple alignment will cause the spell to refill both your health and
 sanity. Casting a Purple Recover spell does the same thing as casting a Red
 and a Green Recover spell one after the other. The purple version costs more
 magick than the red or the green individually, but it costs less magick than
 the red and green spells combined.

 c. REVEAL INVISIBLE     (Absorb + Area)

 "With this enchantment the invisible is rendered visible. Use it wisely, for
 some things are invisible for a reason, and mortalkind not meant to see them."

 As its name implies, this spell will reveal invisible objects. Most invisible
 things in the game are labeled with a colored shape. The shape will either be
 a triangle, pentagon, or heptagon, telling you how powerful your Reveal 
 Invisible spell needs to be. The color of the shape tells you the alignment.
 You need to choose the alignment that is stronger than the alignment of the
 shape. Increasing the power level does not make the spell last longer.

 The Purple alignment has a very peculiar effect on this spell. Rather than
 allowing you to see invisible things, it makes you invisible! Enemies will not
 be able to see you, and thus will not attack you (Trappers can still hear
 you), but you will still show up on the screen as a partially transparent
 shadow-person. How long the invisibility lasts depends on the power level:

    3-points = 1 minute        These times are for the invisibility effect
    5-points = 2 minutes       (purple) only! The reveal invisible effect
    7-points = 3 minutes       (red, green, or blue) is always 1 minute!

 d. DAMAGE FIELD     (Protect + Area)

 "This incantation exerts a force of mystical power within the confines of its
 runes. Nothing may enter till it is dispelled."

 This spell is very useful when fighting. When you cast it, it will create
 a force field around you that protects you from most types of attack. It will
 not protect you from sanity loss. The force field will not follow you around.
 You can pass through your own field freely but enemies cannot. When an enemy
 touches the field, they are hurt by it. If an enemy touches a field of
 stronger alignment they will be hurt even more.

 If your field takes too much damage, is Dispelled, or if 2 minutes pass, then
 the field will vanish. Fields of higher power can take more damage than fields
 of lower power. Fields can take more damage from enemies of weaker alignment
 than enemies of stronger alignment.

 Purple fields can take a lot of damage from enemies or spells of any 
 alignment. The Purple field also has a poisoning effect. If an enemy touches a
 Purple field, they will glow purple for several seconds and continue to take
 damage during this time even if they are no longer near the field.

 e. DISPEL MAGICK     (Dispel + Area)

 "For every magick there is a counter. That which is protected, is protected no
 more. That which is bound is unbound. Be warned that a more powerful magick
 than this will endure its ravages."

 This spell will destroy a Damage Field. In order for the spell to work, you
 must use a stronger alignment than the field's alignment and use at least the
 same power level as the field. The Purple Dispel Magick spell can be used on
 fields of any alignment.

 This spell can dispel your own damage field. It will also dispel your shield
 and unbind any of your bound or summoned creatures. This will only happen if
 you use the alignment that is stronger than the alignment of the spell being
 dispelled and only if your spell has a high enough power level.

 f. SUMMON TRAPPER     (Summon + Creature + 3-Point Circle)

 "Evoking this magick brings into existence a creature known as the 'Trapper'.
 Trappers possess the unique ability to transcend space and time, and to
 relocate objects and creatures to their own plane." 

 This spell will call a Trapper into existence which you get to control. The
 Trapper will have whatever alignment you choose, though Trappers of differing
 alignments are pretty much the same. Once the Trapper arrives, the runes on
 the floor change to create a Damage Field around you. You are safe behind this
 field while you control your Trapper, and yes, your Trapper can go through the
 field. While you control the Trapper, your sanity will slowly decrease. If you
 run out of sanity then you will lose control of the Trapper.

 As a Trapper, you cannot pick up items or open doors, but you can examine
 things. You can go through unobstructed doorways or passages, including
 passages that are too small for humans to go through. You can lock onto
 enemies and certain objects and then hit the A button to send them to the
 Trapper Dimension. This causes your Trapper to die though. To release your
 Trapper, press the start button. Once released the Trapper will become your

 By summoning then releasing a Trapper, then allowing it to trap you, you can
 get yourself to the Trapper Dimension at just about any point in the game,
 including during those hallucinations that make everything brownish-gray and
 also during the final battle! Ha!

 g. SHIELD     (Protect + Self)

 "From all manner of magick will you be protected when encased in this geas.
 The alignments can help but never hinder, for within well-conjured magick
 comes greater protection."

 The shield spell will basically make you invulnerable to all magickal and 
 physical attacks, but will not protect you from sanity loss. Casting the spell
 will make several small sparks of light swirl around your character. These
 sparks will take damage for you. Once a spark takes too much damage (usually
 in one or two hits) it will fly away and disappear.

 The number of sparks you get is the same as the number of runes you use to 
 cast the spell - 3, 5, or 7. No matter how you align the spell, it will
 protect you, but the sparks can take more damage from enemies or spells of
 weaker alignment.

 The Purple Shield spell works the same way as the regular shields except that
 enemies will get hurt when they attack you. Very nice.

 h. SUMMON ZOMBIE     (Summon + Creature + 5-Point Circle)

 "This conjuration summons a shambling corpse from the Planes of Eternal
 Darkness, where the dead, and all manner of fell things, dwell. This magick
 should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche of mortalkind is
 not pleasant. To see with the eyes of the dead is to become them..."

 This spell is similar to the Summon Trapper spell, except it will summon a
 Zombie instead. In fact, the different summon spells are basically just the
 same spell at different power levels, although they each have their own spell
 scroll and their own place in the magick menus. 

 As a Zombie you can't pick up weapons but you can go through doors, examine
 things, and attack creatures. If you attack someone's head you will do the
 gnaw attack. If you use the gnaw attack, Zombies are pretty decent fighters
 but they are still annoyingly slow. I believe Zombies are best used as scouts.
 You can use a Zombie to see what's in the next room. If there are enemies 
 there, you can fight them with your Zombie until it dies, all at no risk to

 Trappers will ignore your Zombie. Other creatures that have the same alignment
 as your Zombie will not attack you unless you attack first. As with all summon
 spells, while you are controlling your creature you will slowly but
 continuously lose sanity. If you run out of sanity you will lose control of
 your Zombie. If your Zombie is released then it will become your enemy.

 i. MAGICKAL ATTACK     (Project + Area)

 "This incantation saturates an area with aligned magickal energy, inflicting
 massive damage to all enemies within its influence. This magick will affect
 both large and small - for even the greatest of enemies are made of many
 small parts."

 This spell is the same spell that Horrors use on you. After making an
 impressive (but non-functional) shockwave it will shoot out bolts of lightning
 across the floor to your enemies. Casting the spell at higher power levels
 will make it able to shoot out bolts to more enemies at the same time. As
 usual, it does more damage to use a stronger alignment than the enemy you are
 fighting. The Purple Magickal Attack works well on enemies of any alignment.

 j. SUMMON HORROR     (Summon + Creature + 7-Point Circle)

 "The bestial fury of the 'Horror' is unleashed by this magick. The Horror's
 abilities are yours - enemies my be crushed or rent apart, wracked by magick.
 This spell should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche of
 mortalkind is high."

 This spell allows you to summon a Horror. As a Horror, you cannot pick up
 items but you can go through doors, examine things, and attack enemies. 
 Horrors are best used as warriors to do your dirty work for you. If you attack
 the head of an enemy from a distance as a Horror, it will cause you to do your
 powerful Magickal Attack.

 Trappers will ignore your Horror. Other creatures that have the same alignment
 as your Horror will not attack you unless you attack first. As with all summon
 spells, while you are controlling your creature you will slowly but
 continuously lose sanity. If you run out of sanity you will lose control of
 your Horror. If your Horror is released then it will become your enemy.
 k. MAGICK POOL     (Summon + Area)

 "This magick transfers the innate magickal energy of the environment to the
 self. The limitless power of the Ancients will be at your disposal for the
 duration of the magick. Once the magick has waned, you will be bereft of 
 spiritual power, until it naturally seeps back into your being."

 This is a very neat spell. When you cast it, it will make one of the alignment
 runes appear above your head and follow you around for a while. Which rune
 appears depends on what alignment you choose when casting the spell. For as
 long as the spell lasts, you will recover health, sanity, or magick depending
 on which alignment you chose.

 The rate at which you recover magick from a Blue Magick Pool spell is lower
 than the normal rate of magick recovery due to walking. However, the magick
 you recover from Magick Pool is independent of the magick you recover from
 walking. Thus, you can combine the two to recover your magick at almost twice
 the normal rate!

 A Purple Magick Pool spell is equivalent to the other three combined! It costs
 more magick to cast than any of the other three individually, but it costs
 less magick than the other three combined. Plus, since the Purple Magick Pool
 spell will also recover magick, it basically pays for itself! Of course, you
 have to wait for those "payments" and time might not be something you can
 afford to spend.

 Casting the Magick Pool spell at different power levels makes it last for 
 different amounts of time:

    3-points = 1 minute
    5-points = 2 minutes
    7-points = 3 minutes

 l. BIND     (Protect + Creature)

 "This magick enables the caster to bind a creature with magick forcing it to
 ally with them."

 The Bind spell will temporarily force an enemy to team up with you. You do not
 get to control the bound creature - it fights for itself. In order for the
 spell to work, you must use an alignment that is stronger than the creature's
 alignment, and the power level must be high enough for the particular creature
 you are trying to Bind:

    3-points can bind a Trapper
    5-points can bind a Zombie
    7-points can bind a Horror

 You can Bind creatures through enemy Damage Fields. The Purple alignment works
 on creatures of any alignment, and also gives the bound creature a purple
 Shield! The strength of the shield depends on the power level you use. Once
 the Bind spell wears off, the creature will become your enemy again. Other
 creatures that your creature attacked will still be angry with it after the
 spell wears off.

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