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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kodos86

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/23/02

Eternal Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough
by Kodos86, copyright 2002. All rights reserved.
Version 2.0 (9/23/02)
Platform: Gamecube


                 0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


0. Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Walkthrough
3. Enemies
4. Weapons
5. Items
6. Spells
7. Insanity Effects
8. Autopsies
9. FAQ
10. Story (spoilers)
11. Credits
12. Legal Info
13. Contact Info


                    1. V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y


Version 2.0 (9/23/02): Added the traps to the enemies section, and put in
                       some more insanity effects.

Version 1.0 (9/11/02): Initial Update


                    2. W A L K T H R O U G H

NOTE: Throughout the guide I have avoided storyline spoilers as much as
possible, though some things (though not the final ending) have been given away
near the very end of the guide.

After the first cinema finishes, you'll start out as Alex Roivas being attacked
by a bunch of Zombies. Keep blowing them away with your pump Shotgun until
another cinema kicks in, and Alex wakes up from her dream to find out that
Edward Roivas has been brutally murdered in the family mansion.

After the next cinema you end up in the Roivas mansion. Go through the door on
the right, and down the hall to the grandfather clock. Set the clock to 3:33
and secret passage will open. Head through the passage, which leads to Edward's
secret study.

Inside the study are a bunch of weird paintings and artifacts as well as
occultic writings. If you're fealing particularly defensive you can grab the
Gladius on the wall. Grab the large book sitting on the center table (it's the
Tome of Eternal Darkness) and you'll go through a cinema.


         Pius Augustus - Ancient Persia, 26 BC - The Chosen One


Cutscene: Pius, after talking with a bunch of Roman soldiers, hears someone
calling his voice. Following the voice, Pius finds several obelisks, which
transport him to the Forbidden City.

Go down the ladder ahead of you, and then hed down the hall (which is strewn
with skeletons). As you proceed, one of the less dead ones will get up, along
with two others that you can't see from here. You can actually run away from
all the Zombies in this stage, seeing as you have no sanity meter yet, and the
Zombies here are very slow and weak. Forwards, grab the Granite Block and go
through the next door. More Zombies! Grab another Granite Block and go through
the next door, where you'll find some more Zombies (this really isn't Pious's
day, is it?). Take yet another Granite Block and go down the ladder.

Go down the hall and through the door on the right (theres a Zombie on the
left). In the next room, ignoring the three Zombies, grab the Granite Block,
and go over to the four colored symbols on the wall, which each have small
holes below them. Place each Granite Block in the corresponding colored hole,
which opens a door in the previous hall. Go through the newly opened door,
where you'll find some more Zombies. Activate the circular button in the
corner, which causes three obelisks to raise out of the ground. Walk into the
circle in the center and you'll be transported to another room.

Walk down this room to where three artifacts are. Which ever artifact you
choose will determine the difficulty of the game, the order you get the
alignment runes, and the occurence of enemies. Whichever color artifact becomes
the ruling color and decides the doomed and opposing colors (just remember,
blue defeats red, red defeats green, and green defeats blue). See the enemies
section for more details on the differences between different colored enemies.
Regardless of which you choose, Pious will react rather painfully to the
artifact, ending the stage.

Back in the Roivas Mansion, grab the page on the wall behind you (the Tome now
lets you read it) and use it to start the next chapter.


       Ellia - Cambodia, 1150 AD - The Binding of the Corpse God


NOTE: From now on, the following terms are used to describe the kinds of
zombies. Ruling zombies are of the color artifact you chose. Opposing zombies
are of the color that defeats the ruling color. Doomed zombies are of the color
that is defeated by the ruling color. Regular (Mantorok) Zombies are simply
referred to as Zombies.

Ellia has a low health meter, but it's not that big a deal, as this is an easy
chapter, and you can recover your health.

Grab the Necklace from the statue (the Necklace can be used 10 times to perform
a 3 point Recover spell). Go through the doorway on the left, and continue
forwards, where you'll walk into the first Trap hall. Throughout the hallways
in this stage are colored squares that stand out from the rest of the hallway.
Pressing them can cause various different traps to be released (see the enemies
section for more information).

Go through the hall and kill the Doomed Zombie in the next room. Check the
candles, which you must light and extinguish to match the above picture; set
them so that only the middle candle is lit. Grab the Bronzle Necklace and go
back to the room you started in (there will be more Zombies on the previous
paths now). Place the Bronze Necklace on the statue and go through the door on
the right.

From there, head through another trap hall to the next room. Kill the Opposing
Zombie and extinguish all of the candles in this room. Go forwards through
another trap hall, and you should eventually a Blowgun on the left side of the
hall. Grab the Blowgun, which opens a trap door beneath you, causing you to
fall through and break your sword when you land.

Kill the Ruling Zombies attacking the Temple Guard. If you save him he will fix
your Sword (which is a good thing, as the Blowgun sucks). Go down the trap hall
into another room, where you'll find two Zombies. Go through the next door and
down another hall to a room with some ruling Zombies and an Opposing Zombie.
Kill them (if you want to) and go through the next door and down the hall to
the Mantorok room. Grab the Metal Staff from the statue and go back through the
previous two rooms and halls. Place the Metal Staff in the statue in the center
of the room (theres a hole in the statue that it goes into). Go back to the
Mantorok room, and through the newly opened door at the far end of the room. Go
up to the statue to meet your destiny.

Back as Alex Roivas, three candles in the room will suddenky light. Extinguish
the right and middle candles to reveal a Message Scroll which contains the next
Chapter Page.


      Anthony - Amiens, France, 814 AD - Suspicions of Conspiracy


Cutscene: A monk gives Anthony a scroll to give to Emperor Charlemagne. Anthony
opens the scroll and is hit with some kind of curse (the curse will also make
you invincible throughout this chapter.

Go forwards towards the altar, where there is the coffin of a monk who
supposedly died after falling from the tower. Check the coffin and pry off the
lid. Somehow I don't think this guy died from a fall (unless he somehow landed
on a bunch of knives), as his chest is ripped open. One of the monks will give
you a Scramasax and tell you to inform the Bishop.

Go back to where you started, and go up the stairs, where you'll enter a room
with statues of Pious and Ellia. You can also hear screaming which is coming
from heads popping out of the ground. Walk over to the hand and grab the Tome
of Eternal Darkness. Walk back up the stairs, and you'll find yourself in a
more normal room. Grab the Power Circle on the desk, as well as the Blue Urn on
a shelf. Try to use it and Anthony will drop and shatter it (dumb klutz),
revealing the Doomed alignment rune. Check the middle bookshelf behind the
desks and push the book to reveal a secret ladder; climb down it.

Go through the passage, and you'll find a Ruling Zombie with the Magormor rune
(you must kill enemies like this to get the runes they have) and two other
Ruling Zombies. Go through the next door, and you'll find a Monk battling
zombies with a torch. He kills one but then drops the torch and doesn't bother
to pick it up - idiot. Grab the torch and kill the Zombies. The monk will tell
you about seeing a demonic bishop and then give you the Two Edged Sword the
bishop was carrying. Equip the Torch and check the shelves to the right of the
door to find three pieces of a broken urn; mix them together on the start
screen. Go through the next door.

Go down the stairs, grab the Magormor codex, and kill the Zombie to get the
Antorbok rune. Through the next door, kill the Ruling Zombies and regular
Zombies, and grab the Doomed Rune codex. Grab the Red Urn next to the fountain
and burn the curtain to reveal another door; go through it, down the hall past
another Zombie and through another door. Grab the Enchant Item Scroll and the
Antorbok codex. Use Enchant Item to fix the Broken Urns. Go back the fountain,
fill them up, and then go back to this room. Place all three urns on the tile
in front of the desk to open the door ahead of you. Go down through the hall,
and through another door to the Bishop.

The Bishop already seems to be decaying, and is little more then a strong
Zombie. Kill him (as well as the two Ruling Zombies in here) and grab the
Bishop's key. Make your way back towards the room with the Power Circle. The
rooms to there now have Zombies in them. Additionally, the fountain room and
the hall before it now have trappers which must sneak past. If you don't the
Trappers will send you to the Trapper Zone. To exit the Trapper Zone, just make
use of the colored teleporters to get to the end (the purple portal takes you
to the exit immediately).

In the Power Circle room, an energy field will appear over the stairs and a
Ruling Horror will come in. You have nothing to loose (you already seem to be
decaying from the spell) and you're invincible anyways. Run up to it and slash
at it's three eyes/heads/mouths (depending on which alignment the Horror is)
until its dead. Go down the stairs, past some Zombies. Use the Bishop's Key to
go through the door on the left to end the stage.

In the Mansion as Alex, exit the room you are in and head to the Foyer. Go up
the stairs and use the Second Floor on the door. Alex manages to break it in
the door. Fix the key with the Enchant Item spell, and this time you'll be able
to open the door. Go towards the left hall, where you will see the ghost of
Maximillian Roivas walk through the wall. Go through the first door on the
left, and check the painting in there for another Chapter Page.


        Karim - Ancient Persia, 565 AD - The Gift of Forever


After the cutscene you'll be teleported to the same Forbidden City that Pious
came to over 500 years ago. Karim has pretty good meters and is also well
equipped. Go down the ladder across from where you started, and you teleported
to the room with the Tome, complete with a new Anthony statue. Grab the Tome,
and the Zombies in the starting room will come back to life. Kill them and
climb back down the ladder. Continue forwards, past two Ruling Zombies. Grab
the Statuette on the ground and you'll reach another two Ruling Zombies (one of
them has the Narokath Rune). Go up the ladder. Go through the energy field
ahead of you (these things will give way as long as you have the required Rune)
and down the ladder. Grab the Torch on the wall and head forwards. Kill the
Ruling Zombies, and grab the Statuette along with the Xel'otath Codex. Head
back up the ladder.

Place each Statuette on one of the circular platforms in the room, and then
stand on the remaining one. The statue in the middle will raise up and release
some Trappers. Either sneak past them or kill them with your Chakrams and
activate the statue; it works almost like an elevator and takes you to a lower

Head down this hall past the dead bodies on the ground. Grab the Tulwar out of
the last one and you'll get double Tulwars. As you walk by, it turns out that
the guy isn't all that dead yet. He moves kind of fast, so don't bother aiming
and just keep stabbing him. Eventually he'll die and a Red Bonethief will burst
out of his body (the same thing that killed the monk in last chapter). Hit the
Bonethief in the head a bunch of times to kill him before it can attack you. Go
through the door ahead of you. In there, kill some Ruling Zombies (one of them
has a Bonethief) and grab the Recover Spell scroll. Go through the next door,
where you'll find three more Ruling Zombies. Enchant your Tulwars with the
Ruling alignment, and go through the door on the right, where you find a Doomed
Horror. Kill him to get the Santak Rune (also grab the Santak Codex in here).
Exit this room, go through the Energy field (there is now a Trapper in this
room), and go down the ladder.

Kill the Ruling Zombies in here, grab the Narokath Codex, and go through the
door on the right. Grab the Ram Dao in the center of the room, and the door
will shut. Now you will have to fight several waves of enemies. First there are
two waves of Zombies. Then come Three Ruling Zombies. After that are three more
Ruling Zombies; two of them have Bonethieves and the other has the Ruling Rune.
After they are all dead, the door will reopen. Go back through the door, up the
ladder, and through the door at the bottom of this room. Enchant your Ram Dao
with the Ruling alignment, and use it on the sword symbol. Go through the door
that this unlocks.

Kill the three Doomed Zombies, continue down the path and go up the ladder. Use
your Chakrams on the Trappers in here and grab the Ruby Effigy (this comes into
play at the very end of the game). Go back down the ladder, continue down the
path and climb over the debris ahead. Either kill or run past the Doomed Horror
here and go down the ladder. In this room is a bizarre sculpture, made out of a
human hand and with an umbrella of human skin. Use the Tome on it to open the

Head through the portcullis and down the path. Now a Ruling Energy field will
appear, followed by waves of enemies. You first fight a bunch of Zombies. These
are followed by Ruling Zombies (one with a Bonethief) and eventually a Ruling
Horror. Once they are all dead the Doomed Ancients Artifact will appear on one
of the pedestals. Grab it to end the stage; Karim reacts a bit better then
Pious did.

In the Mansion, go down to the Kitchen (on the left side of the Foyer) and over
to the Pantry. Enchant your Gladius with the Ruling Alignment and use it on the
sword symbol. Go into the pantry and grab the Spice Jar. Check it to find a
chapter page.


Dr. Maximillian Roivas - Roivas Mansion, Rhode Island - 1760 AD - The Lurking


Maximillian has OK meters, though he is one of the slowest characters in the
game, because he is so fat. You start out with a Flintlock pistol, and theres
ammunition for it spread throughout the house, so you might want to go through
all the rooms to get the ammo. Also, grab the Redgermor codex in the bedroom
(first room on the right on the second floor). Then go down to the Kitchen, go
into the pantry and grab the pump handle. You can also find the Codex for the
Opposing Rune in the kitchen. Exit the kitchen, and go through the other door
close to there (the piano room) and check the fireplace. Move the bird statue
in front of the Opposing alignments color and a secret passage will open up
(choosing the wrong color makes the fire flare up). Go through the secret
passage, and you'll end up in the study where Alex finds the Tome. Grab the
Reveal Invisible Scroll, amother Flintlock Pistol, a Sabre, and the Tome.

Now monsters will start to appear. Go back throgh the secret passage. It seems
the servant here isn't exactly content with his pay, as he will start attacking
you. Stab him to death and a Bonethief will pop out. Kill the Bonethief and you
can do an autopsy of him before finishing him off (in case you're wondering,
you can autopsy a Ruling Zombie, Ruling Bonethief, Ruling Horror, Zombie,
Trapper, and Ruling Guardian in here. To get autopsies for the other alignments
you have to play through the game again). Enchant your room Pistols and go to
the Foyer, where you'll find a Horror with a Redgermor Rune and a Possessed
Servant. Kill them and go to the second floor. Head to the left over to the
stained glass window, and check the table to the left for a small envelope.
After grabbing it a Bonethief crashes through the window. Kill him and then
check the envelope to get the Basement Key.

Go downstairs and everything will turn black and white, and you'll find another
Horror (he has an Opposing Rune) in here. This is actually an insanity effect,
so it doesn't matter if you get killed here. Kill the Horror and you'll
reappear at the doorway (though you still have the rune). Go dowm the stairs
and over to the right side, where you should see a symbol on the wall. Use the
opposing Reveal Invisible spell and the basement door will appear there. Unlock
the door and go through.

Inside the basement you'll find two Ruling Zombies (one of which has a
Bonethief). Kill them and then grab the Bankorok codex and the Damage Field
Scroll. Go over to the spigot by the well and use the pump handle to drain the
well, allowing to climb down the well to the ancient city of En'gha.

Kill the Zombie to get the Bankorok rune, and enchant your Pistols with the
opposing alignment. Go down the stairs, past the energy field to the gates of
En'gha, where you must fight a Guardian. Immediately race up to the higher part
of this area, and shoot the Guardian with both pistols before he gets a damage
field up. If you hit twice before he gets the damage field up, he'll teleport
to another spot. Shoot him twice again, and he teleports to another spot. It
takes about five hits to kill him. If you didn't get him before the field goes
up, put up your own Damage Field to protect yourself from his Magickal Attacks.
The Guardian will usually become vulnerable while he is summoning a Zombie.
Once the Guardian is dead the stage will end.

Back as Alex, go to the Foyer and check the Clock there to find a Dresser Key.
Go upstairs to the Bedroom and use the Opposing Reveal Invisible spell to
reveal the keyhole. Open the dresser and grab the Revolver and a Chapter Page.


   Dr. Edwin Lyndsey - Cambodia - 1985 AD - A Journey Into the Darkness


After the cinema, Pious will summon a Gatekeeper to kill you. Equip your
Shotgun. When the Gatekeeper spreads his wings, shoot him in the head. While it
has it's wings closed you can hurt it by shooting it's back. The Gatekeeper is
strong and eats up sanity like candy, but it isn't that dangerous of an enemy.

With the Gatekeeper dead, use the Archaeologist's Brush on the center of the
room to uncover a Bronze Bracelet; place it on the goddess statue and go
through the left passage that was now opened, and you'll appear in the room
with the Tome. Grab it and then walk back through the passage. Theres a Zombie
and a Ruling Zombie in here. Go through the next door, into one of those Trap
halls (theres also a Trapper in here). After the Trapper, grab the Metal
Bracelet to the right and continue down the hall. Use the brush on the spider
web at the end of the hall to reveal the Tier Codex.

In the next room is a Ruling Horror, though he's behind a Damage Field and
won't hurt you. Grab the Bronze Necklace. Go back to the starting room and put
the Necklace on the Goddess statue to open another door. Go through the now
opened passage to the right.

Grab the Silver Bracelet from the pedestal, and both doors will slam shut. If
you try to go to one of them, the Naga Statue will get pissed and start
shooting poison darts at you. Put the Metal Bracelet on the pedestal, which
will fool the Naga statue and reopen the doors. Go through the next door.

Go through the trap hall. At the end of the hall, brush away the spider web to
reveal the Nethlek Codex. In tge following room, kill the Ruling Zombies (one
has a Rune), and go through the next door and down another trap hall. This hall
has less blatantly obvious trap squares, as they are now the same color as the
floor, but it's still not too hard to avoid them. Brush away the web at the end
of the hall to get the Dispel Magick Scroll, and go into the next room. Use
Dispel Magick on the Horror to get rid of his Damage Field (you may want to
have your own Damage Field up). Kill the Horror and grab the Silver Necklace.
Go back to the previous hall and place the Silver Necklace and Bracelet on the
statue, which will open another passage.

Through the passage, kill the Ruling Zombie. Start down the stairs, kill
another Ruling Zombie (this one has the Aretek Rune). About now you'll come
upon a Gatekeeper. I recommend that you just run past him, as fighting him will
drain a lot of sanity and you'll never have to come back here. Go through the
energy field at the bottom.

Go to the right, past a Zombie and some more traps. Go into the next room,
where there is a Goddess statue with a Bracelet and a Guard Statue. Stand on
the circle in the middle to make the Statue lift it's hand. Run over to the
statue and grab the Gold Bracelet before the statue's hand closes. (NOTE: In
each of the rooms in this section are panels you can push in. I have no clue as
to wheter pushing them in has any effect whatsoever).

Through the next door, down another damned trap hall and into the next room.
There is a fountain in this room that dispenses acid; you'll use it later. Use
Dispel Magic against the Field in this room, which removes one of the runes
protecting one of the walls here. Through the next door, another trap hall
(while going past this hall, put the Gold Bracelet on the statue in here), and
into the next room.

Kill the Opposing Zombie in here and use Dispel Magic on the Field in here,
which removes another rune from the wall. Go through the next door and down
another trap hall to the next room. Kill the Doomed Horror and use Dispel Magic
on the Damage Field to remove the last Rune on the wall (which is in the Trap
Hall after this, and contains the Mantorok rune, though the only entrance is
only small enough for a dog). Brush away the web in here to find a Necklace. Go
back to the room with the fountain, put the Necklace in the fountain, and press
the button on it to release the acid. The acid burns away the dirt, revealing
that it is a Gold Necklace. Go to the Goddess statue and put the Gold Necklace
on the statue, which opens another passage.

Into the next passage, head down the stairs, killing the Opposing Horror and
two Opposing Zombies. Go through the next door, and down another trap hall to
the next room. Kill the Zombies and go through the next door (you may want to
check the map to be sure you go through the correct door). Down another trap
hall, and into a room with Opposing Zombies. Go through the next door, down the
trap hall, and into the next room which has Ruling Zombies (one of them has the
Tier Rune). Go through the next door, down the trap hall, and into the next
room. Kill the Doomed Zombies and get the Summon Trapper scroll.

At this point you can get the Mantorok Rune (if you want to). It's not
neccesary, but it makes the game much easier. If you don't want to get the
Mantorok Rune, skip this paragraph. Go back through the previous rooms, and
upstairs. Go through the halls to one with the wall that had been protected by
the three Runes. Summon a Trapper, and send it through the hole in the wall.
There are two Opposing Horrors in here, but they won't kill the Trapper. Walk
your Trapper across the bridge and have it step on the circle to open a door
behind Lyndsey. Kill the Trapper by pressing A (releasing it would turn it
against you), and walk into the opened door to get the Mantorok Rune. At this
point, the two Horrors smash through the wall. One of them usually activates a
trap and gets himself in half. As for the other one, you could stand your
ground and fight him, or you could take my preferred aproach and run like hell.
Make your way back to the room where you got the Trapper Spell Scroll, which is
where the next paragraph picks up.

Go through the door and down the hall to the Mantorok room, will Mantorok is
still slowly dying after over 800 years. Then Pious appears and summons two
Gatekeepers to kill you. However, magick shoots from the statue, kills the two
Guardians, and wounds Pious, causing him to run away. Go through the door in
the back of this room, where you find Ellia's corpse and the Heart of Mantorok,
which ends the stage.

Go into the library and check the second bookshelf on the right, where you'll
see a book written Dr. Lyndsey, titled "The Demon of the Khmer". Push it away
and you'll find the Heart of Mantorok. Now go upstairs and use Opposing Dispel
Magic on the stained glass window. The window will dissapear leaving the
Chapter Page floating in the air for you to grab.


         Paul Luther - Amiens, France - 1485 AD - Heresey!


You're back in the same cathedral as Anthony, though its been greatly expanded
by now. Probably the first thing you'll notice about Paul is that he has really
low health, though his other meters are fine. He also starts out with a
Meditation Rod, which can be used to restore sanity.

Go through the door ahead and into the main room. Go down the left, and after
getting the rows of benches, grab the Torch and go down the stairs behind the
altar. In the room on the left you can get some Crossbow bolts. Go straight and
grab the Mace on the right as well as some more bolts. Go back upstairs and
down the center of the main room. You'll find a dead body and Brother Augustine
locks you in a room where Paul can be questioned later.

Check the painting on the wall and pull the Emerald off it, after which the
Caretaker comes in and unlocks the door. Open the door and you'll appear in the
room with the Tome. Grab it and go back through the door. Go across and up the
stairs (you'll find a Zombie on the way up) to the belltower. Ring the bell and
the Caretaker will come up and give you the key to the Old Tower. Exit the
belltower area and go into the main room, and go through the door at the upper
right to the Old Tower, which is where you were in Anthony's stage. As you go
in, you'll see a Bonethief take control of a monk. Kill the monk and then the
Bonethief inside of him. Go over to the altar and grab the Shield spell scroll.
Put up a Shield, enchant your Mace, and go through the door on the left wall
(when looking at the room after going through the entrance).

Inside the room is Anthony's zombie, who still seems rather pissed about what
happened 600 years ago. If you got the Two Edged Sword in Anthony's chapter,
Anthony will still have it (if you didn't he'll just try to punch you). Anthony
really is little more then a strong Zombie with a sword. Just keep hitting him
with the Mace, and leave the room and heal yourself if you need too. After
killing Anthony, Paul will give him the last rites (or something like that) and
get the Two Edged Sword and a Ruby. Exit the room, and go up the stairs to
another room, where you'll find a Bonethief. After killing it, grab the Sheet
Music from the shelf and the Diary Page #2 from the desk. Go back down stairs
and exit the Old Tower to the main room.

Go over to the Organ, which you can now play with the sheet music. Playing it
unlocks the tabernacle, which contains the five point power circle. Go through
the door on the left. Open the chest to get the Crosbow (which isn't good for
much other then killing Trappers) and check the closet for the Podium key. Go
back to the main hall and open the Podium (to the right of the altar) to get
the Diary Page #1. Go back down the stairs behind the altar. Go straight, and
through the door to the left of where you got the Mace.

Kill the Trappers and check the second wine cask, which is empty. Turn the
spout to open the secret passage. Go through and kill the Doomed Horror to get
a SApphire. Place all three of the gems on the table in the back, which opens a
set of secret stairs. Go down them and through the door. Kill the Zombies and
go through the next door. In here, kill the Ruling Zombies (one of which has
the Pargon Rune). Now would be a good time to make five point versions of all
of your spells by adding two Pargon runes to each of them. (NOTE: By now you
have all the Runes and could create all but one of the spells now, though
you'll have to check the Spells section for the combinations)

Through the next door, go downstairs past another Zombie and through another
Zombie. This room has an Opposing Horror fighting a Ruling Horror. Put up
either a Shield or a Damage Field. Let the Horrors duke it out and then kill
the victor. Go through the next door (the only in here thats unlocked). Kill
the Zombies here and go down the hall to another room.  Kill the Ruling Zombies
and grab some more bolts. Check the shelf ahead of you, and you'll be able to
push it in (why the hell didn't Anthony think of that?); head through it and
through another door. Kill the Ruling Zombie in here, grab Diary Page #3 and
the Pargon Codex, and head back to the Belltower.

Talk to the Caretaker and he'll give you a Sacrifical Knife he found on his
bed. As Paul leaves, the light of a teleporting Guardian starts to appear
behind the Caretaker. Head past a Zombie and a Bonethief, and down the stairs
behind the altar. Make your way back to the room that had the dueling Horrors
(theres a Bonethief there now), and go over to the metal statue lying on the
ground, which looks like the Caretaker. Use the Sacrificial Knife on the statue
(hey, that wasn't a scream, was it?), causing a door to open; go through it.

Use a five point opposing Dispel Magick to get rid of the Damage Field, and go
around the room to the sacrificial altar. Put up a shield, and check the dead
body on the altar, after which, Paul Augustine comes over and sics two
Bonethiefs on you. Use your Mace, as it's kind of cramped for the Two Edged
Sword, and kill the Bonethieves. Exit this room, and go through the door with a
black symbol on it. Theres no more enemies, just follow the path, eventually
you'll reach a decorated door. Go through it to meat Pious and the Greater
Guardian; let's just say things don't turn out to good for Paul.

Now you get a letter from Edward, telling you to find 88 keys. Go to the piano
room (piano's have 88 keys) and play the piano to reveal another Chapter Page.


     Roberto Bianchi - Middle East - 1460 AD - The Forbidden City


Cutscene: Roberto, a Renaissance architecht has been captured by a Warlord, and
is now being used to build a large pillar which just happens to be located
directly over the Forbidden City.

Roberto has OK meters, except for his Magick, which is rather low. More
annoyingly, Roberto is the slowest character in the game (I guess he should've
laid off on the pasta).

Head along the path, up the ladder, across this room, and down another ladder.
Theres a Ruling Zombie here, but you don't have anything to fight him with, so
just run past him and go up the ladder. This is the first of the rooms you have
to survey; to do so, check the scafolding, which is how you survey almost all
of the rooms. Grab the Saif on the table and go down the next ladder.

Go forwards, through the open gate and push the lever, which closes the
previous gate and opens another one, releasing a Doomed Zombie. Kill him and
push the next lever, which releases two Opposing Zombies. Kill them and press
the final lever, which opens all the gates. Continue forwards past three
Zombies and go up the next ladder.

Survey this room and grab the Crossbow from the table. Go down the next ladder
and you'll be teleported to the room with the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Grab
the Tome and go back down the ladder. Continue on the path past three Trappers
and go up the ladder.

Grab the Summon Zombie Scroll in the middle of here and run past the Gatekeeper
to another ladder. In the next room, a Ruling Zombie is fighting an Opposing
Zombie. Kill or run past the victor, and go to the next room. As you enter this
room you'll see a Red Zombie stupidly walk onto a pressure sensitive part of
the room, which causes something to drop down and crush him. Summon up a
Zombie, and walk him onto the same part of floor, causing the thing to crash
down (and stay down), opening a gate. Go down the ladder that was just

Run down the hall past the Gatekeeper (if you wait too long he may summon a
Horror) and down the path to another room. In the cutscene, a ghostly warrior
will appear, discover you are the Chosen One, and depart. Grab the Doomed
Artifact from the pedestal and survey this room. Exit, run back past the
Gatekeeper and go up the ladder. Take the door to the left of the thing that
smashed the zombies.

Kill the Doomed Zombies in here and go through the ladder on the right. Kill
the trappes in here and take the door on the right. In this room an Opposing
Horror is fighting several Ruling Zombies. While they're duking it out, cast a
five point Reveal Invisible Spell, run across the platform you revealed and
grab the key. Exit this room, grab the Sapphire Effigy in the previous hall and
go back up the ladder. Take the door on the right and survey this room. After
you survey it, the three people in it will become possessed and come after you.
You're best off running away, as they are rather fast and the fact that you
have three of them at once (plus the Bonethieves inside them) is a bad

In the previous room, use the key on the big doors, which leads to the
Forgotten Corridor. Put up a five point Shield, and race across the floor,
which is bathed in electricity. Go through the door at the end. Slash the rope
holding up the bridge, causing it to drop down. Head across the bridge, and two
worms will pop up. They eat up insanity like candy and may look mean, but they
each die from one hit. Survey the area from the bridge, walk across and pull
the lever to open the gate that slammed shut as you came in here. Now that
you've surveyed all the neccesary sites, all you have to do is go back to the
beginning of the stage and tell the guards the bad news that their building
site is infested with demons and zombies. The only enemies on the way back are
whichever ones you didn't kill.

Back as Alex Roivas, check the picture of a human pillar in the study, and
you'll get the option to survey the site. Do so and you'll find a Chapter Page.


     Peter Jacobs - Amiens, France - 1916 AD - A War to End All Wars


Once again you're in the Cathedral, though it has now been converted into a
hospital during World War I. Peter has good health and magick, though he has a
low sanity meter (not suprising considering all the shit happening at that
point in history).

Walk over to the altar section in the main hall. Pretty much all of the rooms
are guarded by soldiers who won't let you in, so there isn't much you can do at
this point. Grab the envelope on the podium and open it from the start screen
to get the Soldiers Orders. Exit this room and give it to the soldier there and
he'll head off to the front. Enter the room, which is filled with bodybags.
Grab the Revolver on the table, and an artillery shot will go off as the lights
go out. Try to exit the room and you'll appear in the room with the Tome; grab
it. I recommend using a five point Reveal Invisible spell here so you can see a
bit better. Exit this room, and you'll find a Bonethief in this room. Your
Revolver isn't that good against Bonethieves so just run away to the main room.
In here are some more Bonethieves and a Possesed guy. Run away from them as
fast as you can and go through the door on the right to the Old Tower (the
soldiers are all dead, so theres noone to stop your entry. In here a Bonethief
is attacking a nurse; you can save her by punching the Bonethief, but you don't
need to. Run through the door on the right.

Run past the Ruling Zombies here and grab the Torch. If you're playing with
Xel'otath as the ruling alignment, kill them with the Torch, otherwise just run
away. Run upstairs and you'll find the Two Edged Sword on a shelf (still good
after over 1000 years). Go back downstairs and kill the Bonethief (which will
have taken over the nurse's body if you didn't save her). Go back to the main
room and kill the bonethieves and Possesed guy. Grab the Rifle which is now
laying on the altar. Go down the stairs behind the altar.

If you go to the rooms on the left you can get some ammo. Otherwise, go
straight, grab the ammo by the boiler and go through the door on the left. Kill
the Trappers in here and take the door on the left. Activate the machinery in
there to give power to the generator. Now, summon a Trapper, and send him
through the opening in the wall. Use the Trapper to send the corpse in here to
the Trapper zone. Enter through the door and grab the eight point Power Circle.
Exit this room, and the next, and go through the other door.

Grab the ammo and go over to the fuse box, which is missing a fuse; jam the
lucky Penny in to replace the fuse and then reactivate the generator. Go back
upstairs, and another artillery shot will take out the stained glass windows.
Kill the three Bonethieves lurking in here and head over to the organ. Grab the
Sheet Music (which is now tattered and blood stained) from it and play the
organ to unlock the Tabernacle. Grab the Door Handle from the Tabernacle and go
towards where the door on the left should be. Use an Opposing eight point
Reveal Invisible spell to reveal the door. Place the Door Handle on it to open
the door.

Grab the ammo in here and go down the ladder and through the next door. There
are four Ruling Zombies (two of which have Bonethieves) and go through the next
door. Go down the stairs and through the next door, where you find a Horror and
two Ruling Zombies. Kill them and go through directly ahead of where you
entered this room. This room is full of Trappers, but you can't get them all at
once. Slowly walk around the room to the altar and keep checking with your
Revolver if theres are Trappers you can hit. Grab the Magick Potion from the
Sacrificial Altar and exit this room. Go through the only other unlocked door
(that you haven't been through yet). Kill the two Trappers there and go through
the next door. Kill the Bonethief, and go over to the shelf across from you.
Push it in and go down the path past a Trapper and through another door. Kill
the Ruling Zombie and Trapper in here and grab the Binding Hall key from the
altar. Go back through the door, through the secret passage and another door,
and unlock the door with the black circle on it. Kill the three Ruling Zombies
and go through the next door. Go down the stairs, grab the Magickal Attack and
through the next door. Go through this hall and through the ornamental door to
your fight with the Greater Guardian.

I'll go into more detail about fighting the Greater Guardian in the enemies
section (it's slightly different for each alignment), but I'll give a basic
strategy for it here. First off all, your bullets won't do anything against it,
and it's not even possible to get close enough to try using your Sword. During
the first phase, dodge the Guardian's attacks and then use a three Magickal
Attack when it starts flashing. In the next stage the Guardian summons Ruling
Zombies; you have to use five or seven point attacks (depending on the
alignment your playing in) to get past the Zombies. In the final phase, the
Guardian will try to smash you. Keep dodging the attacks and hit with Magickal
Attacks when it starts glowing. Remember to use your Magickal Elixer when your
Magick meter runs out. Once the Greater Guardian is dead grab the Opposing
Ancient's artifact to end the stage.

Exit the room and head towards the library, where you see the ghost of a Maid
washing the floor. Talk to her and she'll say "I Can't get the blood out",
dissappear, and leave you the basement key. Go down to the basement and grab
the Shotgun and ammo, and then open the fuse box. Jam in the Lucky Penny which
you now have and trip the breaker. Go to the second floor and enter the second
room on the left. Open the cabinet, and you'll get a Chapter Page.


  Dr. Edward Roivas - Roivas Family Estate, RI - 1952 - A Legacy of Darkness


Edward has good sanity and magick meters, though his health is lacking. He also
comes with a flask of LIquid Courage (liquor, if you didn't already relise
that), which restores sanity.

Grab the Historical Journal from above the fireplace. Grab the Sabre from the
piano room and go to the second floor and into the first door on the left and
the Historical Journal in this room (as well as some ammo). Check both of them
on the pause screen to get the Hour and Minute Hands of the grandfather clock.
Go back downstairs and over to the Grandfather clock, and the ghost of
Maximilian Roivas will appear and tell you set the clock to 3:33. Place the
Minute and Hour Hands on the clock and do so. Go through the secret passage in
the study. Grab the Revolver (useless except for Trappers) as well as the ammo.
Then grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness and go back to the Library.

As you enter, a Vampire will come into the room, drain the Maid of her blood,
run away and knock over a vase in the process. Then the now Vampiric maid will
get up and come after you; kill her (she's the same as a possesed guy, except
no Bonethief). Grab the half of the Basement key from the shattered pot,
enchant your Sabre, and use an Opposing Reveal Invisible so you an see the
Vampire all the time. The Vampire will then go to the bedroom to attack the
servant. Attack the Vampire and eventually it will run away. The servant
(provided the Vampire didn't kill him) will give you the key to the Guncase. Go
into the first room on the left and unlock the case and grab the Elephantt Gun.
Set it to double barrel, enchant it, and wait for the Vampire to show up in
here. Shoot the Vampire in the head, and it'll run away. The next place the
Vampire appears is the Foyer. Shoot him again in the head; the Vampire will
drop the half of the key and run to the basement. Mix and enchant the key

If you need to, put up another Reveal Invisible, and go into the basement. I
would suggest grabbing the Shotgun from the wall now. Before killing the
Vampire, you must first destroy the pillar on the well. Make sure both of your
weapons are enchanted and set to double barrel, and shoot at the pillar until
it breaks apart. The reloading takes some time, so I recommend retreating to
the upstairs to reload, as well as if you need to cast any spells. After the
pillar is destroyed, start attacking the Vampire (be sure to hit the dead), and
eventually he'll die. Be sure to the grab the ammo and Summon Horror scroll,
and then climb down the well.

Head down the stairs to the city of En'gha. Kill the two Ruling Horrors at the
gate, and go through. You may want to use a Shield or Damage Field here, as you
must go against a Ruling Horror and a Guardian. Go through the big door at the
end, and you'll come into a room with three pillars like the ones Pious found.
At the end of this room is a giant nine point power circle. How this works is
that you activate one of the nine energy fields and step on the circle, which
teleports you to one of then nine towers in here. There you must scribe a rune
on a mechanisim at the end of the tower, and step on the circle there, which
teleports you to another room. The rooms contain different monsters, as well as
a lever you must pull to exit the room, after which you return to the nine
point circle and choose another energy field. The following numbers for the
energy fields count from left to right.

1. Pargon. The next room contains a Ruling Horror and a Doomed Horror. Put up a
Damage Field, as instead of fighting each other they opt to gang up on you.
After killing them, pull the lever across from you and go through the left

2. Redgermor. The next room has a Ruling Horror and two Trappers. After killing
them, pull the lever, go through the passage right of the lever. In the next
room, go through the passage across from you.

3. Pargon. Pulling the lever in here breaks some kind of glass and releases a
Green Horror, a Red Zombie, and a Blue Trapper. Kill them and go through the

4. Pargon. Pull the lever (located by the purple hole), and a large worm will
pop out and put you in one of those black and white insanity effects. Still in
a cutscene, Edward takes a shot of Liquid Courage and the insanity effect
dissapears. Go through the passage.

5. Opposing alignment (there are trappers on this tower). This room has a
Guardian in it. After its dead, go up the stairs to the lever, and then through
the other stairs to the passage.

6. Pargon. The only things in this room are some Trappers. Kill them, pull the
lever, and go through the passage by the center stairs, and then through the
next passage.

7. Pargon. This room has a Guardian and two Zombies (one of which the Guardian
usually kills). Kill the Guardian, pull the lever, and go through thr passage
(behind where the Guardian was). Go through another passage in the next room.

8. Nethlek (this tower has some Trappers). In this room I recomend using a
Magick Attack (make sure its only three point) to kill the Trapper and
Guardian, as the layout of the room would otherwise allow the Guardian to keep
Summoning Zombies and putting up more shields. Pull the lever and go through
the passage.

9. Pargon. The next room has a Ruling Horror and a Guardian. The lever is near
where the Guardian was at the beginning. Go through the passage (below a big
spider statue), and through the passage in the next room.

After scribing the last Rune, the Power Circle will start to prepare Magick of
immense proportions, so its time to get out of the city. Ignore the monsters in
whatever room you teleport to (the only exception is for Trappers). In the big
main room (the one with the big door that led to the big power circle) three
Guardians will start to appear. Ignore them and go baqck through the gate. Make
your way back up the stairs and out of the city. Once you get far enough the
stage will end.

Cutscene: A immense Magickal Attack rips through the city like a gigantic
nuclear blast (except no buildings are damaged), killing off of last ****ing
Guardian, Horror, and Zombie in the city. Fourty eight years later, a Guardian
gets its revenge on Edward.

Go down to the basement and check the winebarrels, where you should find a
Pickaxe. Go upstairs to the second floor, and to the spot on the left where the
servant's quarters were (also the place you saw Max's ghost walk through). Use
the pickaxe at that part of wall. Alex then smashes through the wall, and finds
the remains of four servants (killed by Max) in the center of the floor. Use
Dispel Magick and then check the pile of bones on the floor to get the
Stethoscope. Recover your sanity and exit the room.

Kill the two Bonethieves in the hall, as well as the Trapper and head to the
Basement (theres other Zombies on the way, but you can just ignore them). Check
the safe, and you can now use the Stethoscope to hear the tumblers movinf and
crack the safe (the combination is 59, 81, 50). Inside the safe is a
Crankshaft, the Opposing Ancient's essence, and a Chapter Page.


         Mike Edwards - Middle East - 1991 AD - Ashes to Ashes


Hey, your back in the Forbiddden City. Mike has great health, but his sanity is
lacking, and his magick meter just plain sucks.

After the cinema, you'll automatically get the Doomed Ancients Essence and
(provided you got them in the previous stages) the Ruby and Sapphire Effigies.
Hack up the Ruling Zombies in here with your Fire axe, and head towards the
door. Check the corpse there are you'll get a Pistol and 34 rounds, and an
Assault Rifle with 480 rounds and 10 grenade rounds. I prefer to keep the
Assault Rifle on the three round burst function, though theres more then enough
ammo to use full auto. Enter the door, ignore the Gatekeeper in here, and go
down the ladder.

Go forwards down the path, killing a Ruling Zombie and a Trapper, and go up the
ladder on the left. Ignoring the two Gatekeepers, grab the Gold Amulet and go
back down the ladder. Continuing on the path, past another Ruling Zombie and
Trapper, go up the ladder on the right. Kill the Zombies, grab the Staff, and
go back down the ladder. Continue on the path and go up the last ladder in this

Head over to the spot with light shining on it, mix the Gold Amulet and staff,
and put the new item on the spot. Now, turn the Staff so that light reflects
off it and burn both of the two circles. Then shine it through the yellow thing
on the middle tower, causing a new ladder to appear; go down it.

Kill the Trappers and go up the next ladder. There are two Ruling Horrors in
here, which you can either kill or run away from. Either way, go down the next
ladder. Head down this hall and kill the three Worms that pop out of the hole
in the ground. Use a five point Dispel Magick, grab the Emerald Effigy, and go
back down to the ladder just before the worms; climb up it.

In here you find a Ruling Horror fighting an Opposing Horror. Let them duke it
out and kill the victor. Use the next ladder and run past the Gatekeeper and
through another door. Kill the Trappers in this room, go through the door and
kill the Ruling Zombies in that room.

(Skip this paragraph if you do not have all three effigys). Go into the door on
the right and kill the Ruling Zombies. There are three pictures on the walls of
a red warrior, a green scholar, and a blue warrior. The three are all in
triumph, and are representative of that color's ancient. Each effigy is also
representative of an Ancient. Place each effigy with it's Opposing ancient's
wall picture (placing an effigy in the wrong place summons a Horror), and a set
of stairs will appear. Exit this room and the next, and go down the new set of
stairs. In the next room is the Enchanted Gladius. You can't use it, but grab
it, as Alex can use it in the next chapter. Go back up the stairs and through
the door.

There is a large obelisk in front of the right ladder in here. Summon up an
Opposing Trapper and it use it to teleport the obelisk away. Climb down the
ladder, past some Trappers, down another ladder and grab the Bind Spell Scroll
from the bone sculpture and go down the passage. There are two Ruling Horrors
behind an energy field. Use a seven point Opposing Bind; the two Horrors will
start fighting. Once one dies, the energy field will disapear. Blow away the
other one, grab the Plastic Explosives, go back down the passage and up the two

Use a seven point Opposing Reveal Invisible spell to reveal the doors to the
Forgotten Coridor. Head through them and put up a five point shield. Grab the
Detonator Caps from the dead body, and run across the electric floor. Go
through the door.

Head over to the bridge and kill the worms that pop out. At this point I would
suggest putting up another five point shield and refilling your health and
sanity. Mix the Detonater Caps and Plastic Explosives to make a C4 Bomb.
However, the C4 Bomb isn't strong enough, so enchant with a seven point
Opposing spell. Place it in the middle of the bridge and run like hell as the
you have three minutes before the Forbidden City is blown to hell.

There are some more monsters now, but you don't have time to fight with them.
Your sanity will drop like a rock, but you should be fine. Exit the bridge room
and run across the electric floor. Ignore the Horror at the end and go through
the door. Run past some Ruling Zombies and take the door ahead. Go through the
right door, ignoring the Zombies. Run past some more Zombies and climb up the
ladder at the end of this room. Go down the next ladder and run down the hall
past two Horrors. Climb up the first ladder, go through the door, and climb up
the ladder to escape from the city.


      Alex Roivas - 2000 AD - Roivas Family Estate, RI - Finale


Recover your sanity meter again, exit the study and go through the door in the
library to the observatory. Adjust the first two mirrors so the light bounces
onto the next one one, and the adjust the third one so the light burns the
yellow circle on the globe and opens a passage to En'gha. Go to the Foyer and
grab the package by the door. Check it on the pause screen to get the Enchanted
Gladius (which can be thrown when aimed at enemies) and the Doomed Ancient's
essence. Head to the Basement, through the door in there, and down the ladder.

Go down the stairs and through the gate to En'gha. First, use a seven point
Opposing Dispel Magick to get rid of the Damage Field. The floor of this room
is bathed in electricity, so put up a seven point shield and run across the
floor and through the big door. Your back at the Power Circle room. Grab the
two Pedestal Fragments from the floor. Mix and enchant them, and place it on
the podium. Put the three Essences on the Pedestals, which powers up the giant
Power Circle. The next part works just as in Edward's chapter (except theres
almost no monsters). Activate an energy field, step on the circle, scribe a
rune in the tower, step another circle, exit the room you are teleported to,
and return to the giant power circle room and select another energy field.

(the numbers count from left to right)
1. Pargon (there are Trappers in this tower). The part of floor you need to go
across to exit the next room is gone. Use a sevent point Opposing Reveal
Invisible to make the floor reappear. Go through the left passage.

2. Aretek. Kill the Trappers in the next room, go across the bridge and take
the passage on the right to another room. Take the left passage in here.

3. Pargon. This room is the room where Edward inadvertnly broke out three
creatures. Summon up a Blue Trapper, a Red Zombie, and a Green Horror. Move
each one onto it's respective platform to reopen the passage.

4. Pargon (theres a Trapper on the tower). Sneak across the purple section of
floor and go through the passage. Moving too fast along the floor will wake up
a worm which kills your sanity. If this happens, refill your sanity and try

5. Opposing alignment. Kill the Trappers in the next room and go up the back
stairs and through the passage.

6. Pargon (theres a Trapper on the tower). The Trappers in this room are
invisible. Use an Opposing Reveal Invisible, and then kill them all with a
Magick Attack. EXit through the passage behind you.

7. Pargon (theres a Trapper on the Tower). In the next room, there are three
obelisks you must hit. However, if you hit one, the other two will summon a
Horror; use a seven point Magick Attack to hit all three at once. Go through
the passage.

8. Tier. Use a seven point Opposing Dispel Magick, put up a three point shield,
and run across the electric floor to another passage.

9. Pargon. In the next room are three Horrors behind an energy field. Use a
seven point opposing Bind; the Bound Horror will be killed by the other two.
Use Bind again, and the two will fight. Once one of them is dead, the energy
field will dissapear, allowing you to kill the last Horror. In the following
room, use a seven point shield and run across the electric floor to the

After scribing all the Runes, return to the Power Circle, which teleports you
to another section.

Cutscene: Pious and Alex both summon their ancients. WARNING: THIS PART OF THE

Pious may look mean, but he isn't that hard. Use the Enchanted Gladius (if you
don't have it, enchant the regular Gladius and use that). Pious uses an
enchanted staff, which he will hit you with if you get too close. He also uses
a Magick Attack, can drain sanity at any point, and can disable any Magick you
are using (though he won't use that if all you're using is Enchant item). Pious
uses seven point spells, giving plenty of time to heal yourself. He also moves
very slow.

Hit Pious with Gladius (bullets do nothing at this point) and his artifact will
appear. Stab it, and you'll catch a glimpse of the room with the Tome. Repeat
this twice, and you'll appear as Ellia's ghost with the Shortsword. Grab the
ghostly Tome, and you'll reappear in the battle area. Note that while as a
ghost, you cannot he harmed, though being hit makes you revert to Alex. Run
over and hit the Artifact, causing you to return to Alex.

Your sanity is gone from stabbing the artifact, so recover it when you get the
chance. You must repeat the pattern of stabbing Pious, stabbing the artfiact,
and stabbinbg the artifact as a ghost. Next you'll appear as Anthony with a
Scarmasaxm, Karim with the Ram Dao, Max with the Sabre (God, he's slow), Paul
with the Mace, and finally, Roberto with the Saif. After stabbing the arifact
with Roberto, the artifact is destroyed. In a cutscene, you see your ancient
start to kick Piou's Ancient's ass.

Enchant your Shotgun, and keep shooting Pious in the head. After enough hits,
Pious will eventually start limping, and then fall down, nearly dead.

Cutscene: Your Ancient kills the other ancient. Meanwhile Alex finishes off
Pious Augustus. Alex then realises that she has just doomed a world just as bad
as if Pious's Ancient had stayed released. Edward's ghost comes over and tells
you to Bind the Ancient.

Select the Bankorok Rune, causing the Ancient to bound, thus saving humanity
(for the time being). <END SPOILERS>

Now beat the game again with the other alignments. Beating it once gives you
the Credits. Beating the game twice gives you Jump to Game Mode. Beat it three
times to get the full ending and Eternal Mode.


                        3. E N E M I E S


Note: In this section, instead of using the real names for the alignments
(Chatturgha, Xel'otath, and Ulyaoth) I've used their respective colors (red,
green, and blue).

Zombies: Skeletons with no special abilities. These can easily be defeated by 
chopping off their heads and stabbing them in the chest a few times. As with
all Zombies they move slowly.

Green Zombies: The weakest Zombies, they are wrapped in rags and almost look
like Egyptian mummies. Chopping off their heads andd then finishing them off is
usually enough to kill them. Green Zombies regrow phantom parts of severed body
parts. They also suck up more sanity.

Blue Zombies: These Zombies died from drowning and have gases building up in
their bodies. If they get theb chance, they will go into a chain reaction and
explode. To stop this, simply cut off their heads.

Red Zombies: The strongest of Zombies, they still have muscle on their bones.
Red Zombies can take a lot of punishment before dying. Additionally, they will
regrow lost body parts until they are finally killed.

Trappers: These look like little scorpions and make a distinctive sound. If you
run by them or step on them, they will send you to the Trapper Zone (which also
kills the Trapper). Either sneak by them or shoot them. The only thing that a
Trapper's color effects is what kind of Zombies will be in the Trapper Zone.

Possessed Humans: People whose bodies have been taken over by Bonethieves (or
in the case of Edward's chapter, had their blood drained by the Vampire). They
are relatively weak, though they move fast and will punch you repeatedly.
Killing them releases the Bonethief inside.

Bonethieves: These look like thin, emaciated corpses of some kind of demon.
Sometimes they appear by themselves, though they usually pop out of Possesed
Humans or some Zombies. Trappers only require about two to three hits to the
head to kill (though bullets don't seem to do much to them). However, if you
give them the chance they can do a lot of damage with their claws. All
Bonethieves (except the first one, which is always red) are of the Ruling

Horrors: These huge, hulking monsters look dangerous, but they're no where near
as bad as they look. Horrors will try to swipe at you with their claws (which
you could chop off, but it's uneccesary) and shoot beams at you (the beams will
take away health and whatever meter corresponds with the horror's color). To
kill them, just chop off the three eyes/mouths/heads on them (the weak spot
looks different, but is in the same place depending on the Horror's alignment).

Gatekeepers: Gatekeepers have large bat wings which they use to protect their
skeletal bodies. If you get too close, they will try to hit you with their
wings. Additionally, the suck up sanity like candy and can Summon Trappers,
Zombies, and Horrors. To damage them, either hit them in the back while it's
wings are folded, or in the head when it's wings are unfolded. Because
Gatekeepers take a while to kill and you'll loose a lot of sanity from fighting
them, I recommend just running away from them. Killing a Gatekeeper also kills
anything it had summoned.

Guardians: Green Guardians look like two headless bodies joined together. Blue
Guardians look like some kind of blue squid-like thing. Red Guardians look like
giant spiders. Guardians use a Magick Attack, and can summon up Ruling Zombie,
as well as use five point shields. Additionally, they will teleport to a new
location after being hit. Use the strongest gun you have, and make sure it's
enchanted. You should try to hit it before it finishes it's Damage Field. If it
gets a Damage Field up, try to hit it when it's using spells, as they are
usually vunerable at that point. It takes about four to five enchanted shots to
kill a Guardian. All Guardians are of the Ruling variety.

Demonic Bishop: He is really just a Zombie with extra health. All he can do to
you is drain sanity or punch you. Keep stabbing him until he dies.

Traps: Found in the Camodian temple, these are activated when you step on tiles
in the halls (which are blatantly obvious). The traps consist of blades,
crushing things, darts, and poison gas. THe blades are easy to run past if you
just stand by where the blade comes down and run past the spot after it comes
down. For darts, just try to run past them; hopefully you won't get hit. The
crushing things move kind of slow, and you can easily run past them. For poison
gas, just run like hell to the closest exit, as when you reenter, the gas
should be gone. Zombies can activate and be killed by traps.

Anthony: 600 years later, Anthony still seems pissed about how things turned
out for him. Anthony is little more then a strong zombie with a Two Edged
Sword. Hit with the Mace (preferably enchanted) in between his swings.

Vampire: The Vampire looks like a big, hulking corpse of some demonic creature.
The Vampire will try to slash at you or drain your blood; it can also turn the
servants into Possesed humans. The Vampire can turn invisible, so put up an
Opposing Reveal Invisible spell. Additionally, the Vampire will heal itself
from the Obelisk in the basement until you destroy the obelisk. After
destroying the obelisks, use double barreled shots from either the Elephant Gun
or Shotgun (preferably enchanted).

Green Greater Guardian: This looks like a Gigantic, headless corpse with four
arms. At the beginning of the battle, the Guardian puts up an energy field by
the door, which makes you move closer to the Guardian in the later phases. If
you try to get too close, it will try to hit you with Magickal Attacks. First,
dodge it's Magick Attacks, and hit it with Magickal Attack when the Guardian
starts flashing (bullets are useless against the Greater Guardian). In the
second phase it Summons Zombies; you need a five or seven point Magickal Attack
to get past the Zombies. In the third phase the Greater Guardian will try to
hit you with Magickal Attacks. It is ridiculously easy to dodge them, as you
will see three Runes on the floor where the attack will hit. Use a three point
Magickal attack when the Greater Guardian starts flashing.

Blue Greater Guardian: Ulyoath's Greater Guardian looks like a weird blue thing
with spider legs. At the beginning of the battle, the Guardian puts up an
energy field by the door, which makes you move closer to the Guardian in the
later phases. Don't get any closer then you have to; the Guardian tries to
smash you if you get too close. In the first phase, dodge or shoot the energy
balls it sends after you, and hit it with an Opposing Magickal Attack when it
starts flashing. The Guardian summons Blue Zombies in the second phase; use a
five or seven point attack to get past them. During the final phase, the
Guardian will try to step on you. Keep running to avoid it's legs and hit it
with a Magickal Attack when it starts flashing.

Red Greater Guardian: At the beginning of the battle, the Guardian puts up an
energy field by the door, which makes you move closer to the Guardian in the
later phases. Don't get any closer then you have to; the Guardian tries to
smash or grab you if you get too close. For the first phase, shoot or dodge the
energy balls it shoots at you. When the Greater Guardian starts flashing, hit
it with an Opposing Magickal Attack (conventional weaponry is useless against
it). The Greater Guardian summons red Zombies in the second phase; you need to
use a seven point Magick Attack when he starts flashing. In the third phase the
Greater Guardian will try to hit you with it's claws. Run around to dodge them
and use Magick Attack when he starts flashing.

Pious Augustus: Pious has an Enchanted Staff that he will hit you with if you
get too close, as well a Magick Attack. He can also eliminate any magick you
are using (though he won't use that if the only magick you're using is an
Enchanted item). Hit Pious with the Gladius (preferably enchanted) to make his
artifact appear. Stab the artifact, and repeat the process of stabbing him and
the artifact twice more (this kills your sanity, so recover it when you get a
chance). You will then appear as a ghost; stab the artifact as a ghost and
you'll reappear as a Alex. Repeat the process of stabbing Pious, stabbing the
artifact, and stabbing the artifact as a ghost until the Artifact is destroyed.
Then just enchant your Shotgun and keep shooting Pious in the face until he


                         4. W E A P O N S


A Roman Army sword, this was designed for hacking at limbs, and does a good
amount of damage.
Used by: Pious Augustus, Alex Roivas
Finishing Moves: Pious slams the sword into the enemy and pulls it back out.
Alex spins it around, kneels down, and slams it into the enemy twice.

Short Sword
Similar to the Gladius, this seems a bit weaker then the Gladius, but it is far
better then Ellia's other weapon.
Used by: Ellia
Finishing Move: Ellia spins the sword around, pulls it back over her shoulder,
and slams it into the enemy.

Incredibly weak, this can be used to poison an enemy and slowly kill him.
However, it is horrible if you use it as your main weapon.
Used by: Ellia
Finishing Move: Ellia aims and shoots the enemy.

A Saxon weapon, this is a lot like the Gladius, though it seems weaker.
Used by: Anthony
Finishing Move: Anthony throws the sword into the enemy and pulls it out.

Two-Edged Sword
Also known as the Bastard Sword, this is probably one of the strongest swords
in the game, this does a lot of damage to enemies. The only disadvantage is
that it's size makes it frustrating to use in cramped corners.
Used by: Anthony, Paul Luther, Peter Jacobs
Finishing Moves: Anthony raises the sword and slams it into the enemy. Paul and
Peter both slash the enemy three times.

In addition to lighting up dark corridors, this can be used to hit enemies. It
will also set Mantorok and Green Zombies on fire, allowing you to finish them
off at your leisure. The Torch has no finishing move.
Used by: Anthony, Karim, Lyndsey, Paul Luther, Roberto, Peter Jacobs

This seems somewhat stronger then the Gladius. You can also get Double Tulwars
if you pull another one out of a dead body.
Used by: Karim
Finishing Moves: Karim slashes the enemy three times. If you have Double
Tulwars, Karim spins it around and slams it into the enemy.

Ram Dao
This sword is probably about as strong as the Two Edged Sword. The main
disadvantage of the Ram Dao is that its somewhat slower then most of the
Used by: Karim
Finishing Move: Karim raises the sword and slams it into the enemy.

These are thrown at enemies, but are far weaker then the Tulwar or Ram Dao.
Used by: Karim
Finishing Move: Karim hurls one into the enemy.

An offiecer's cavalry sabre, this has good stopping power and can be used fast.
Used by: Maximillian Roivas, Edward Roivas
Finishing Moves: Max stabs and then kicks the enemy. Edward slashes the enemy
three times.

Flintlock Pistol
The Flintlock Pistol has good stopping, but it reloads slowly (though I think a
real one would reload slower then in the game). You can get a second pistol in
the study.
Used by: Maximillian Roivas
Finishing Move: Max aims and shoots the enemy.

A knife with a serated edge. This has good stopping power.
Used by: Dr. Lyndsey
Finishing Move: Lyndsey throws the Kokiri into the enemy and pulls it out.

Automatic Pistol
A Colt M1911, this has an 8 round clip and does a good amount of damage.
Used by: Dr. Lyndsey
Finishing Move: Lyndsey aims and shoots the enemy.

The Remington M-870, the Shotgun has great stopping power. It holds seven
shots, and each shot must loaded manually.
Used by: Dr. Lyndsey
Finishing Move: Lyndsey aims and shoots the enemy.

The Mace was designed to break bones even when the victim was protected by
armor. Consequently, this does a good amount of damage.
Used by: Paul Luther
Finishing Move: Paul hits the enemy three times.

I find the Crossbow to be useless except for killing Trappers. The CRossbow is
far weaker then Paul and Roberto's other weapons, and it takes far too long to
Used by: Paul Luther, Roberto
Finishing Move: Paul or Roberto aims and shoots the enemy.

The Saif is similar to the Sabre. It has good stobbing power and can be used
Used by: Roberto
Finishing Move: Roberto slashes and then stabs the enemy.

Peter uses a Lebele Model 1892; Edward uses an Enfield MK1 Star Revolver; Alex
uses a Smith & Wesson Model 37. Peter and Edward's Revolvers are weak and only
good for killing Trappers. Alex's is chambered with stronger ammunition and
does more damage. For all of the Revolvers, the each round must be loaded in
the gun manually.
Used by: Peter Jacobs, Edward Roivas, Alex Roivas

The Lee Enfield MK III Battalion, this does great damage. It's rate of fire is
slightly slowed by the bolt action.
Used by: Peter Jacobs
Finishing Move: Peter aims and shoots the enemy.

Elephant Gun
The Holland & Holland  Double Rifle, this can use single or double barreled
shots. The gun is meant for killing elephants, and will also work wonders on
the enemies in this stage. It's kickback knocks Edward over.
Used by: Edward Roivas
Finishing Move: Ed aims and shoots the enemy.

Double Shotgun
An Ithaca Model 'A' Shotgun, this also does lots of damage and fires single oir
double barrel.
Used by: Edward Roivas
Finishing Move: Ed aims and shoots the enemy.

The Fireaxe works well against the enemies in Mike's chapter, but you get the
Assault Rifle soon enough that you don't really need the Fireaxe.
Used by: Mike Edwards
Finishing MOve: Mike slams the axe into the enemy.

A Glock 17, this does good damage, but you have 400 rounds for the Assault
Rifle, so whats the point?
Used by: Mike Edwards
Finishing Move: Mike aims and shoots the enemy.

Assault Rifle
The Heckler and Koch G-36, the Assault Rifle has great stopping power, and is
capable of firing single shot, three round burst, full auto, or grenade shells.
Note that using Grenade shells to close to the enemy will hurt you severely.
Used by: Mike Edwards
Finishing Move: Mike aims and shoots the enemy.

The Smith & Wesson Model 37, this has great stopping power and can hold eight
Used by: Alex Roivas
Finishing Move: Alex aims and shoots the enemy.

Enchanted Gladius
Probably the best weapon in the game, this is permanently enchanted with the
Opposing alignment. The Enchanted Gladius can be thrown at enemies when aimed.
Used by: Alex Roivas (found by Mike)
Finishing Move: Alex spins it around and stabs the enemy twice.


                        5. I T E M S


(this section does not include codexes, scrolls, Power Circles, or the Tome of
Eternal Darkness)

Mansion Items (in between chapters)
Second Floor Key: Use to open the upstairs. It will break the first time you
try to use it.

Dresser Key: Used to get a chapter pages.

Chapter Pages: Scattered throughout the Mansion, these are used to continue to
another stage.

Heart of Mantorok: Found in the library; comes into play later.

Lucky Penny: Used to replace missing fuse in basement.

Pickaxe: Use to break through wall to servants courters.

Stethoscope: Used to crack basement safe.

Opposing & Doomed Ancients Artfifacts: Come into play later.

Crankshaft: No known use.

Package: Contains Enchanted Gladius and Doomed Ancients artifact.

Chapter One
Granite Blocks: There are four of these blocks in the stage, which are used to
open one of the doors.

Ancient's Artifacts: Pick one to end the stage.

Chapter Two
Strange Necklace: Found on the first godess Statue, this performs a three point
Chattur'gha Recover spell up to ten times.

Bronze Necklace: Used to replace the Strange Necklace and reopen one of the

Metal Staff: Used to open door in Mantorok room.

Chapter Three
Blue Urn: Contains the Doomed Ancient's Rune. Also used to open secret door.

Red and Green Urns: Used to open secret door.

Bishop's Key: Gotten after killing Bishop. Used to open door to Charlemagne.

Chapter Four
Statuettes: These are used to reveal one of the passages.

Ruby Effigy: Found in one of the side rooms, this comes into play much later.

Amulet: Performs a three point Chatturg'ha Recover spell.

Chapter Five
Sealed Envelope: Check from the pause screen to get the basement key.

Basement Key: Unlocks (what else?) basement.

Pump Handle: Used to drain well so you can enter En'gha.

Letters: Scattered throughout the mansion, these contain information on what
happened to Max's father in the mansion.

Chapter Six
Archaeologist's Brush: Used to sweep away dirt and spiderwebs to uncover hidden

Various Silver and Gold Bracelets and Necklaces: Placed on Godess Statues to
open passages.

Metal Bracelet: Used to replace on of the Silver Bracelets.

Chapter Seven
Meditation Rod: This performs a three point Recover Sanity spell up to three

Sheet Music: Allows you to play organ and get Power Circle.

Diary Pages 1-3: Used to prove the evil lurking in the cathedral.

Podium Key: Unlocks the podium to get a Diary Page.

Sacrificial Knife: A knife for human sacrifice. Used on the statue of the
Caretaker to open a secret door.

Reliquaries Book: No real use. It mentions the Hand of JUde as being a fake.

Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire: Used to open a secret passage.

Chapter Eight
Ruby Effigy: Gotten from ghost if Karim got it in the previous chapter. Comes
into play later.

Sapphire Effigy: Found in a side room. Comes into play later.

Chapter Nine
Sealed Envelope: Contains Soldier's Orders.

Soldier's Orders: Used to make one of the soldiers leave.

Lucky Penny: Jam into fuse box to fix generator.

Sheet Music: Now blood stained and tattered, it is used to play the organ and
open the tabernacle.

Door Handle: Used to open hidden door.

Magickal Elixer: Used to completely refill Magick meter.

Opposing Artifact: Comes into play later.

Chapter Ten
Historical Journals: Contain the hour and minute hands for the grandfather

Hour & Minute Hands: Used to set clock to 3:33.

Top and bottom half of key: Use to make Basement key and unlock Basement.

Chapter Eleven
Doomed Ancient's Artifact: Comes into play later.\

Ruby and Sapphire Effigies: Gotten at beginning if Roberto got them. Used to
get Enchanted Gladius.

Gold Amulet & Staff: Mix and use to open a ladder by bouncing light off the
amulet and burning some globes.

Plastic Explosives & Detonater Caps: Mix to make a C4 Bomb and blow up
Forbidden City.

Pedestal Fragments: Mix, enchant, and put back on podium.

Heart of Mantorok and Ancient's Essences: Used to power up teleporter.


                        6. S P E L L S


NOTE: Any alignment can be used to create a spell, except that the Mantorok
Rune does not work with Summon spells.

Enchant (Antorbok & Magormor): Enchant has two uses. First off all, it can be
used to fix a broken item. Secondly, it can be used to make a weapon stronger.
An Enchanted weapon will be stronger regardless of the alignment, though a
Ruling Alignment against a Doomed Alignment does the most damage, followed by
the Mantorok rune.

Recover (Narokath & Santak): Using this with the red alignment recovers health.
Using this with the green alignment recovers sanity. Using it with the Mantorok
rune recovers health and sanity.

Reveal Invisible (Narokath & Redgermor): When used against the correct
alignment, this will make invisible items, paths, doors, enemies, etc visible.
Using this with the Mantorok rune makes you invisible to the enemies.

Damage Field (Bankorok & Redgermor): While standing inside a Damage Field, you
will be protected from any kind of attack, though enough attacks will destroy
the field. Additionally, and enemy that hits the field will be damaged.

Dispel Magick (Nethlek & Redgermor): Using an Opposing Dispel Magick against
that alignment's Doomed alignment will destroy a Damage Field. Keep in mind
that the number of Pargons in your spell must be equal or more then the Pargons
in the Damage Field you want to destroy. The Mantorok aligned Dispel Magick
works against any alignment.

Summon Trapper (Tier & Aretek): This lets you control a Trapper. Use the
control pad to move around, R to target enemies, and A to send them to the
Trapper Zone (and kill the Trapper). As a Trapper you cannot grab items or open

Shield (Bankorok & Santak): Using this gives you (depending on the strength of
the shield) three, five, or seven hits before you take damage. Mantorok shields
seem weaker then other shields.

Summon Zombie (Tier, Aretek, & 3 Pargons): Lets you control a Zombie. The
controls are the same as a human, except that you can't grab items. Pressing
Start releases the Zombie (and turns it against you).

Magickal Attack (Antorbok & Redgermor): This lets out a large shockwave that
will hit any creature in the vicinity.

Summon Horror (Tier, Aretek, and 5 Pargons): Lets you control a Horror. Move
with the control stick, attack with A, and target with R. Targeting the head
lets you fire a energy blast. Horrors can open doors but cannot pick up items.
Pressing Start releases the Horror (and turns it against you).

Magick Pool (Tier & Redgermor): While this is effective, you cannot use any of
the respective alignment's meter (green protects sanity, red protects health,
mantorok protects both).

Bind (Bankorok & Aretek): This changes an enemie's alignment and makes him
fight against other enemies. A three point Bind affects Trappers, five point
affects Zombies, and seven point affects Horrors.


               7. I N S A N I T Y  E F F E C T S


This section details the various hallucinations that will occur when your
character has low sanity. Note that some of them are rather rare (theres a few
that have only happened once after I played the game four times).

These can happen at any time:

- The dreaded Microsoft "blue screen of death" pops up.

- While casting a spell, your upper body explodes.

- Suddenly the Mute appears to be turned on.

- The TV seems to turn off and you hear yourself being attacked by monsters.

- Little bugs start crawling over the screen.

- While saving, it asks you if you want to delete all your files. Even if you
choose no, it looks like the game has deleted them.

- You hear strangle screams, chanting, wailing, and evil laughter.

- Your character will start mumbling to himself.

- (as Max) While reloading the pistol, it misfires and blows off your head.

- The game goes back to the Edgar Allan Poe quote at the beginning.

- See blood dripping from the ceiling.

- the TV switches to VCR mode.

- Pause and seem to have an empty inventory.

- The Volume gets turned down really low.

- Hear what sounds like a Horror nearby.

- Your character shoots at the screen.

These happen when entering a room:

- You find the room filled with Zombies and you die.

- Find yourself walking around on the ceiling of the room.

- (as Max) Find yourself locked inside an asylum.

- You sink through the floor as if it was quicksand.

- Your head falls off, followed by your arms and upper body. If you try to
equip something, you get a message that it is somewhat hard to equip something
when you have no arms.

- Your head falls off, and you can pick it up like an item. If you do, you hear
the quote from Hamlet, "To be or not to be, that is the question".

- You find the room filled with ammo (you can't keep it though).

- You get smaller and smaller until you dissappear.

- (as Paul) Find that the church has been transformed to a field hospital.

- Come into a room with small enemies.

Area Specific Effects

- (as Peter) One of the war room posters changes to a picture of a skeleton
with "YOUR FATE" written on it.

- (as Edward) the servants start telling you weird things about serving the
Ancients or appear to have horrible wounds.

- (as Max) One of the servants begins cooking human entrails.

Scripted Effects:

- As you enter a room, it cuts to Alex talking to Edward (and in one case, it's
Pious acting slightly pedophilic).

- After completing a chapter, it cuts to a preview for Eternal Darkness.

- The screen switches to black and white.

Mansion Effects: (occur as Alex in the mansion, in specific rooms)

- The head of the statue (in the second floor hall) starts moving.

- See books flying in the library.

- In the piano room, you see a corpse hanging from a noose. If you check it, it
turns to you, says 'The Darkness is coming, Alex', and dissappears.

- Hear knockings at the door as well as footsteps.

- Check the bathtub, and you see Alex lying dead in it.

- The painting in the second floor hall changes to a picture  of a hellish
landscape (also works in Edward's chapter).

- The phone in the Foyer starts ringing. When you pick it up you hear Edward
say, 'Remember me, Alex'.


                      8. A U T O P S I E S


This section contains the lines from the Autopsies that Max can collect.
Autopsy text is the copyright of Nintendo, 2002.

Mantorok Zombie
- A living corpse, it has no special attributes or weakness.
- It is very weak - composed of dried sinews and skin.

"Corpses, lumbering rotting cadavers. What contrivance could have wrought this,
this abomination - disease, science, blasphemous occult rituals? How can
something so, so dead yet be so alive? And hungry! They lust for flesh - human
flesh and feast upon all the sweat breads man has to offer".

Chattur'gha Zombie
- Firm musculature means a resiliant organism. These things can take more
damage then others.
- Limbs regrow unless the creature itself is destroyed.

"These wretched creatures, these flayed corpses, wandering decrepit soulless
vessels, content only to spill human blood. Even - even headless their hate for
the living grew in propensity, flailing maniacly in heir blood lust, killing
anything close.

Xel'lotath Zombie
- Limbs regrow as "phantom entities" when severed, causing deep rooted insanity
in observer.
- Wrappings of the mummy are highly combustible and catch fire easily.

"Neither the embalming salve of their wrappings nor the numbness of death could
override the dominating madness that is Xel'lotath! Controlled, prodded into an
existence by an insephant cacophany of voices, penetrating every level of the
psyches. These corpses are prodded into life, ambling, moaning, SHREIKING!"

Ulyoath Zombie
- Severing the head will prevent it from singing.
- Accumulation of gas in the abdomen resulting from decomposition is a serious
threat. Watch out for explosions!

"Rotted from within, worried apart by the ravening fish and parasitic feter of
their sunken graves, these drowned zombies emeged, spilling their festering
entrails and slopping fluids with each pain ridden step, each step hoping to
bring an end to their pain by spreading it to others!"

- Cyst like structures on the tail channel energy.

"Hahaha! Haha! There are worlds beyond this one. Worlds as we've never seen,
nor can we. Our eyes don't open far enough. Haha! Try it! Try opening your
eyes, you can try holding them open as much as you want, but you'll never see
the world beyond the veil of reality, its there to protect us from them - the
Ancients. The darkness, that which we cannot understand. Nor should we! Welcome
the oblivion of ignorance, for to have knowledge is to be damned."

Chattur'gha Bonethief
- Severing its neck kills the creature instantly.
- The creature wears the skins of people to protect itself.

"They are amongst us. I knew they would come after me, knew their devices,
their depraved methods. Creatures wearing human skins as we wear clothes to
cover their hideousness from our eyes, so they might consort insidiously with
our species, infiltrating, manipulating, playing us against each other. Damn
our eyes! We are blind to them! But I knew, oh yes, I knew they were plotting
behind that door. One must sever the heads from their bodies. Fire, yes, fire
is the key to purge them and send them whimpering back to their masters."

Xel'lotath Bonethief
- The creature wears the skins of people to protect itself.

"The devils inside the servant's skulls tried to kill me. They plotted behind
doors locked and barred and planned the downfall of the human race. I took care
of the ones around me, stopped their plans. There are others, I'm sure, out
there, manipulating us, secreting madness inside our heads while our souls are
pushed into the corners of our skulls wathing as our hands do tasks we have no
control. Oh! Horrible! Horrible things. We must purge them from our midst, cut
them, burn them all. Its the only way? Why? I've done it. It works."

Ulyoath Bonethief
- The creature wears the skins of people to protect itself.
- Severing the neck kills the creature instantly.

"Their so close their stench fills the air. You can smell them I tell you,
somewhere between the spice of vanilla and the bitter sweetness of pustulent
rot. These creatures inhabit the bodies of men and women, exorcising the soul
and replacing it with their own putrid spirits. But they could'nt fool me! No!
Not at all! I could smell them, you see! They were all around me. Dear God, all
around. I knew what I had to do, they had to go, by blade and bullet I had to
get rid of them. D-don't you understand? Dear God, I had to do it, had to! You
believe me, don't you? Don't you?

Chattur'gha Horror
- The necks of the Horror are its weakest point.
- Thick chitinous armour plates and sturdy muscles protect this creature.

"Oh, the Horror, the Horror. The behemoth of hatred incarnate. What manner of
creature is that? A ton of flesh and sinew, wielding muscles thick as rope
strong onto claws that could crush stone and sever metal as if it were fresh
meat. Crushing, cutting. The walls shook with each step it took. An
abomination, its physiollagy abstract, no internal organs or anything! It
shouldn't work, but it did. And the mouths, those knashing saws of teeth. I
tell you, it only existed to consume, to eat, to bite, to knaw, to devour."

Xel'lotath Horror
- Its eyes are its weakness.
- The creature is highly dependent on sight rather then sound.

"Eyes! Rot their eyes, their staring sees through soul like looking through a
window. Eyelids festooned with tiny hook like teeth that gape and knash. It, it
doesn't make sense. No life would form like that. But it has, is it naturak?
How could it be? Unholy beast, thou must be killed unless you corrupt my world.
Have at thee, HAVE AT THEE! Muahahaha!"

Ulyoath Horror
- Although the creature has no eyes, it is far from blind.
- The Horror's latent energy causes an electrical discharge if it comes to

"They have no eyes, but they see, I tell you. No, no eyes at all. But you can
feel it looking at you. It stairs at you like looking through empty air.
Rotting your innards with your teeth. The shiver of their senses combing your
bowels like empty space. Oh horribnleness!"

Chattur'gha Guardian
- Massive jaws on underside of body.
- Armored shell prevents physical damage.
- No obvious vulnerability.

"They came from the darkness. Chittering spider like parasites, infesting the
city En'gha. En'gha! They killed the inhabitants, using them for food, for
slaves, for play. In the city's last dark, doomed days, blood filled the
waterways, drained upon the streets. A proud race, now nothing but bloody
goblets of meat in the gutters. So it has been for eons. The Guardians, those
eternal parasites still swarm, feeding on those - those that live in ignorance
many miles above. Us! Damn you, listen to me, they feed on us! The Darkness,
the Darkness comes. It will consume us all. We must fight them or all is lost."

Xel'lotath Guardian
- No obvious vulnerability.
- A curious lack of internal organs means no way of inflicting critical damage.

"Oh, oh gibbering insanity wrought in flesh as though an artist had sculpted
it. Created from nothing by their mistress Xel'lotath, a canvas as grotesque as
any. Their bodies made no sense, no heads, no internal organs. An empty husk,
devoid of the trappings of nature. It walked, it sang. It shrieked. A mockery
of reason, both nature and mental. A blasphemy from beyond the veil! The veil
has opened, and we should not see beyond. We weren't meant to. Never, ever
meant to. Oh give us the bliss of ignorance, the happiness of oblivion.
Innocence can only be tainted, never returned."

Ulyoath Guardian
- This creature bears no relation to anything in my experience.
- No obvious vulnerability.

"Deep in the ancient caverns, a great city was lost. Lone before we humans,
long, long before. The proud city of En'gha, decadent and trusting. And it was
their downfall. When the Darkness came and the Guardians slaughtered them,
their existence was but a dying echo. Shrieking from violated mouths within
their tombs. If you stand alone in one of these halls, ever so quietly, you can
hear the cries of the people of En'gha, wrent apart by the claws of the
Guardians, their echos still linger, as do their souls."


                            9. S T O R Y


This section contains the story to the game, and obviously, this section

Long before humans ever existed, there were the Ancients: Chattur'gha,
Xel'lotath, Ulyoath, and Mantorok. At some point, Mantorok realised that if the
Ancients ever joined forces, they would be unstoppable. So Mantorok used his
powers to trap them in another plane of existence.

In the year 26 BC, A roman Centurion, Pious Augustus, stumbled upon the
Forbidden City during a war campaign. Pious discovered the Essences of the
Ancients, and upon touching one, its acidic touch killed him. The Ancient's
power revived Pious's skeleton, giving him immense powers beyond human

In the year 565 AD, a young swordsman, Karim, came upon the Forbidden City,
sent their by his love, Chandra, to obtain a rare artifact. While in the City,
Chandra gave herself to another man, whose mistress had her murdered and then
cursed her. In death she realised the artifact was actually an Ancient's
essence. Chandra appeared to Karim as a ghost and the two remained there to
guard the Artifact.

In 814 AD, the Ancients planned to kill the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. It
was at sometime around this point that the Cathedral in Amiens began to be
corrupted by a cult to the Ancients. Anthony, a young page, discovered the plot
after opening a scroll containing a deadly spell meant for Charlemagne. Anthony
tried to warn Charlemagne, but discovered that Charlemagne was already dead,
shortly before Anthony succumbed to the spell.

Ellia, a young dancing girl in Cambodia, stumbled upon the Temple to Mantorok,
at the same time that Pious killed Mantorok in 1150 AD, causing him to slowly
die over a thousand years. Ellia recieved the Heart of Mantorok before being

In 1460 AD, Roberto Bianchi was taken prisoner by a warlord (Pious in disguise)
and forced to build a monument located over the Forbidden City. With the
completion, Roberto and the other workers were buried alive inside the monument
as a sacrifice to Pious's master.

Paul Luther, a Franciscan monk, came across the Cathedral in Amiens in 1485 AD,
by which point the Cathedral was completely corrupted and was under the rule of
Brother Augustine (Pious). Shortly before Paul arrived, another monk had been
killed there. Paul soon uncovered the heresy in the church, but was killed by
the Greater Guardian, and his only ally there was sacrificed to the Ancient.

In 1760, in Rhode Island, the father of Maximillian Roivas came across a copy
of the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Soon his house was overwhelmed by evil
creatures and he evidently succumbed to them. Maximilian, after inheriting the
house, discovered the ancient city of En'gha beneath his house; its inhabitants
had long since been slaughtered by the Guardians. Max went to get help, but no
one believed him and he was locked in an asylum for the rest of his life.

During World War I, the Cathedral in Amiens was used as a hospital for the
wounded. The cult was still active, and people continued to dissapear in it.
Peter Jacobs, a war photographer, destroyed the Greater Guardian and took one
of the Ancient's essences, which he gave to Edward Roivas in 1985.

Dr. Edward Roivas, after moving into the family mansion in 1952, discovered
both the Tome and the city of En'gha. Edward used the a giant power circle in
the city to kill off the evil creatures residing there.

With a breakthrough in satellite imagery, the Temple of Mantorok in Cambodia
was recovered. Aided by Paul Augustine (Pious) Dr. Edwin Lyndsey went on an
expedition to the temple. After Pious attempted to kill him, Lyndsey recovered
the Heart of Mantorok and gave it to Edward.

During the Gulf War in 1991 AD, Mike Edwards, a fire fighter, also came upon
the Forbidden City. Mike recovered an Ancient's essence and destroyed the City.
Mike gave the Essence to Edward a few months later, before he was (presumably)
killed by the Guardians.

In the year 2000 AD, Edward was killed by a Guardian. His grandfather, Alex
Roivas, uncovered the Tome and the entrance to the city of En'gha. Alex used
the Giant Power Circle to summon an Ancient to combat the one Pious was about

While Alex killed Pious Augustus, Chattur'gha, Xel'lotath, and Ulyoatg were all
killed across different realties. For Mantorok, too weak to summon his
Guardians, has used people such as the Roivas family as pawns against his
enemies. Now with the other Ancients destroyed, Mantorok remains, slowly dying
and plotting in his tomb...


                        10. C R E D I T S


Nintendo and Silicon Knights: They created the game and system this guide was

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CyricZ: I used his guide for help at a few points.

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