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FAQ/Walkthrough by Admodieus

Version: Final | Updated: 06/04/03

             ____  ____  ____  ____  _  _    __    __   
            ( ___)(_  _)( ___)(  _ \( \( )  /__\  (  )  
             )__)   )(   )__)  )   / )  (  /(__)\  )(__ 
            (____) (__) (____)(_)\_)(_)\_)(__)(__)(____)
             ____     __    ____  _  _  _  _  ____  ___  ___   
            (  _ \   /__\  (  _ \( )/ )( \( )( ___)/ __)/ __)()
             )(_) ) /(__)\  )   / )  (  )  (  )__) \__ \\__ \  
            (____/ (__)(__)(_)\_)(_)\_)(_)\_)(____)(___/(___/()
              ___    __    _  _  ____  ____  _  _ / ___ 
             / __)  /__\  ( \( )(_  _)(_  _)( \/ ) / __)
             \__ \ /(__)\  )  (  _)(_   )(   \  /  \__ \
             (___/(__)(__)(_)\_)(____) (__)  (__)  (___/
             ____  ____  _____  __  __  ____  ____  __  __ 
            (  _ \( ___)(  _  )(  )(  )(_  _)( ___)(  \/  )
             )   / )__)  )(_)(  )(__)(  _)(_  )__)  )    ( 


                  Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

                            Final Version

                            By: Admodieus


Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) Story
4) Controls
5) Characters
6) Game Overview
7) Walkthrough
8) Magick
9) Enemy Encyclopedia
10) Secret/Codes
11) Copyright/Contact Information

1) Introduction

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem may have been the most waited for game
since Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In development for 4 years and spanning
that many Electronic Entertainment Expos, Eternal Darkness had to be a
stellar game, or else Silicon Knights would be highly criticized.

Originally an Nintendo 64 title, Eternal Darkness was planned as a
GameCube launch title but followed a cornucopia of delays placing it on
June 24th. It was that fateful that Eternal Darkness launched;
coincidentally, the planets also aligned that day, which turns out to be
a key part of the storyline.

Eternal Darkness spans two millineums, letting you control a Roman
Centurion to a World War I reporter to Alex Roivas herself, the main
character of the game. It doesn't make sense at the beginning, but
starting at Chapters 8 and 9 the plot starts to come together and you
start to realize how things will turn out.

In the end, Eternal Darkness is an incredibly puzzling game and by reading
 his guide you'll be practically ruining your gameplay experience. I ask
you to think it over before scrolling down to find the help you need.


2) Version History

Version 1.0

The complete version. EVERYTHING is done. For you fans of my Resident Evil
guide, you'll just love this one.


3) Story

Long before humanity graced the Universe with its puerile ideas, the Earth
belonged to another species. An ancient species bound by neither physics
nor nature; purpose nor ethic.  Through the passage of time, the
relentless advance of ice and continental plate and other less fathomable
reasons, these "Ancients" were driven into the recesses of our world.
There they lie imprisoned until such time as the conditions are right for
their return.

"Oh oblivious, naïve Humanity... How ignorant we really are - safe only in
our blind "superior" view of the world. We are merely caretakers, for
when the Ancients return we shall be swept aside like driftwood on the
tide of destruction..."

Hungry for dominance, radical organizations seek to restore the Ancients
to their former station.  For eons they have schemed and plotted in the
darkness, attempting to bring these unholy entities into our world
through arcane magicks - blood rituals, worship and sacrifice.

Of these sects, little is known; those who learn their secrets tend to
perish swiftly at their hands.  Their scheming works to bring the return
of the Ancients, and the extinction of humanity, ever closer.

Yet not all hope is lost.  The fate of Humanity depends upon the actions
of a chosen few. They are average people, unprepared for heroic deeds,
but the responsibility is theirs, nevertheless. Even as their lives are
torn apart by unseen evils, they must show courage not only in the face
of the enemy, but also their own fears. These poor souls will teeter on
the brink of insanity, tortured by the horrors of the Ancients.

A secret war is being waged on the periphery of Humanity's perceptions - a
war wreathed in shadows and deception.  Now, the centuries-long game of
the Ancients is reaching its final stages.

The Darkness comes...


4) Controls

Control Stick

-Moves character around
-Selects options, items, and spells on menu screen
-Targets different parts of enemy

A Button

-Uses weapon
-Confirms selections on menus
-Used as the "yes" option for picking up items

B Button

-Reloads weapon (if needed)
-"Examines" and "details" items
-Used as the "no" option for picking up items

X Button

-Creep along at a very slow pace

Y Button

-Hotkey for Spell 1

Digital (D) Pad

-Hotkeys for Spells 2-5

R Button

-Targets enemies

L Button

-Makes currently controlled character run

Z Button

-Reloads guns manually

Start Button

-Brings up menu screen


5) Characters

During the course of Eternal Darkness, you'll control 12 different
characters in the 12 chapters of the game. Each character is unique to
their time period.

Pious Augustus---26 B.C.

Pious is a Roman Centurion who has stayed with the Roman army even after
all his friends quit to seek better lives. Pious is a well respected
soldier and has excellent combat tactics. He believes there is something
out there, something that is waiting for him...something more than

Ellia the Dancer---1150 A.D.

Ellia is a dancing girl who has recently found a interesting book and has
become intrigued by the news and talks of Ancients. She enters a
mysterious temple in a search for these rumored ancients but finds more
than she ever bargained for.

Anthony---814 A.D.

Anthony is the messenger for the Emperor Charlemagne, and as you will see
in his chapter, must deliver a message to the Emperor. However, Anthony
always is in other people's buisness, and that, my friend, is costly.....

Karim---565 A.D.

Karim, a young Persian boy, seeks the heart of a mysterious girl named
Chandra. In return for her hand in marriage, Karim must find an artifact
that her heart desires. Karim is an excellent swordsman, and hopes that
Chandra remains faithful to him. However, all is fair in love and war...

Dr. Maximillian Roivas---1760 A.D.

Max Roivas is an old, husky man living by himself in the legendary Roivas
mansion. His servants, children, and friends all believe he is becoming
insane, and worry for his health. Max is the only one, being a doctor,
that can see his fellow servants who are possessed by their slightest
faulty movement. However, not everyone believes him....

Edwin Lindsey---1983 A.D.

Edwin Lindsey is an archaelogist who has used radar satellite imagetry to
find a hidden temple in Cambodia. Betrayed by the person he thought
financed his project, Lindsey finds a way to the core of the temple before
his rival does. Lindsey is then burdened with the responsibility of keeping 
the essence of Mantorok safe from the darkness.

Paul Luther---1485 A.D.

Paul is a Franciscan monk during the period known as the Spanish Inquisition. 
Paul is drawn to the very same cathedral as Anthony was, but for a different 
purpose: to see the famous Hand of Jude. In the cathedral, he finds Brother 
Andrew has been killed, and is immediately accused. As Paul works to clear his 
name, another plot unfolds...

Roberto Bianchi---1460 A.D.

Roberto is a slave who also happens to be an architect. Thrown into the 
foundation of a tower, Roberto is forced to survey the sites then report back 
to his master when finished. However, Roberto finds a familar face deep in the 
ruins, and ends up being a middleman in the transportation of an essence...

Peter Jacobs---1916 A.D.

Peter Jacobs is a reporter during World War I. Peter is currently stationed at 
a familar cathedral in Amiens, France which is now being used as an hospital. 
Jacobs sets out to investigate the place on reports from injured soldiers that 
other faatally wounded soldiers are disappearing in the night...what Peter 
finds is more than a bit of disease, though...

Edward Roivas---1952 A.D.

The grandfather of Alexndra Roivas, Edward has inherited the Roivas mansion, 
and currently occupies it with his servants. Run-ins with his ancestor, 
Maximillian lead him to an underground city of the Ancients. Edward is 
determined to destroy the city and all its inhabitants, but is that truely all 
there is?
Michael Edwards---1991 A.D.

Michael Edwards is a Canadian firefighter during the Gulf War. Currently 
positioned overseas, Edwards is involved in a crazy, haphazard mishap that 
puts him in the ruins of a familar temple in Persia. Edwards runs into another 
chosen one from a few chapters back, and picks up some heavy duty equipment to 
fight his way through.

Alexendra Roivas---2000 A.D.

Alex is the last of the current Roivas line. Arriving at her grandfather's 
mansion from a call from police, she finds her grandfather dead, without a 
head, and no clues. Alex vows not to leave until she uncovers what happened to 
her grandpa...


6) Game Overview


Starting at Chapter 3, all characters have the three meters: Red, representing 
health, blue, representing magick, and lastly green, representing sanity. The 
meters vary from character to character - for example, a battle-hardened 
firefighter might have more health than a prettyboy psychologist who reads 
books all day. However, keeping your meters full is most important, as you'll 
find the game much more difficult if you don't.

Tactical Combat

When you find an enemy, holding R will allow you to target different parts of 
that enemy's body. It starts at the chest, allowing you to move the target to 
the head or either arm. After enogu hhits have been inflicted on the enemy, 
you can perform a finishing move to make them disappear.

Finishing Blows

Once an enemy has fallen for good, you can perform a finishing move on them. 
Simply press B when the appropriate text is displayed in the upper right 
section of the screen, and your character will do an automatic finishing move. 
Moves vary from character to character and even weapon to weapon.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons, such as the crossbow or shotgun for example, are excellent for 
taking out trappers, horrors, and gatekeepers. You can also use them to 
killing zombies, but most of them are so slow that I suggest you pick a melee 
weapon instead. Always use melee weapons to perform finishing moves in order 
to conserve ammo for the bad boys.


In Chapter 3, you'll be introduced to the spell portion of the game. It may 
seem overwhelming at first, but in time you'll be putting together, assigning, 
and using spells on the fly, like it's second nature. Each spell consists of 
an Alignment Rune (Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath or Mantorok) two specific 
runes, and if necessary, Pargon runes to fill in the remaining spaces. 


7) Walkthrough

Prologue: A Death in the Family
Rhode Island, USA
2000 A.D.
Alex Roivas

The game starts off in a weird dream. You'll take control of Alex. I would
recommend taking this moment to get used to the targeting system; hold
R then move the control stick to target the different parts of the enemy's
body. Blow a couple heads off the Mantorok zombies, and just wait for Alex
to try and escape, only to hear the cries of her earlier ancestor, Max
Roivas. Soon enough, she'll wake up. Take notice what time is on her 
clock. When you get to the mansion, watch the cutscene closely and gawk at
the voice acting and facial expressions. Anyway, when you take control of
Alex again, read the text on the screen then press B to continue.

Start off by walking up to the clock in front of you and examining it. Is
that the same time on that clock as it was on the alarm clock at Alex's
house? Anyway, examine it closer and take the dresser key from the back. 
Now, go to the right part of the mansion and open the first door you see, 
which is the only door on the right side that is unlocked. You'll enter
the library. Instead of going into the door on Alex's right, continue to
her left and onto another screen. Here, walk up to the grandfather and set
the clock hands to 3:33. A bookcase (which looks too flat to be a bookcase, in 
my opinion) will slide out of the way. Take Alex down that hallway and into 
the room.

Here, go to the desk and take the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Watch the cut-
scene and then prepare to enter the first chapter of Eternal Darkness..

Chapter One: The Chosen One
26 B.C.
Pious Augustus

As soon as the chapter starts, make Pious walk forward toward the ladder
and climb down. Here, Pious will spot a small granite block by some bogeys
and give the absolute WORST facial expressions in the game. I mean, is he
constipated or what? Pious will then flick his sword up and down and the
Mantorok zombie will rise to attack him. Now, don't send Pious running to
tackle the zombie - there's two more on the sides of the walls, and since
the game doesn't exactly train you in combat, you'll want to slowly walk
up to them, lure one to you, then cut off the head using the targeting
system. Then, it'll stand still and flail around, leaving you to cut off
the ehads of the other Mantorok zombies. Once all heads are gone, cut off
the arms then finish them while they're on the ground. Pick up the
Chattur'gha granite block then procede through the door ahead.

In this room, you'll spot another granite block in the middle; however,
you're surrounded by enemies. It's your call. You could stick around and
fight them, for experience, or you could just pick up the Xel'lotath
granite block and run. Either way, get the granite block and head through
the door to the right of the one you came in from.

Another room, another granite block. This time the Ulyaoth block. In this
room I recommend you fight the zombies, because if you run to the other
side, grab the block, and attempt to go down the ladder, they'll most
likely clutter around it and block your escape route. Again, heads, arms, 
finisher. After you're done mincing those undead, pick up the block and go
down the ladder.

Now you're stuck in a narrow hallway. One thing you should now about this
game: if you attempt to use a sword or melee weapon in a small hallway, it
will most likely bang against the wall and not harm your foe. So, move
toward the more open section, then take this zombie down. You'll then
notice a door blocked by bars and another door open for use, so go into
the one that's open.

Here, head into the big round portion of the room, then start cutting up
those zombies. Once the room is clear, take the Mantorok granite block 
from the center pedestal and then place all the blocks in the right
holders. From left to right, it should be:

Ulyaoth     Chattur'gha    |Door Corridor|    Xel'lotath     Mantorok

After all the blocks are in the right places, the bars over that other
door in the previous hallway should be removed. Go back into the hallway
and enter that door. Here, the game, will give you a very brief tutorial
on the targeting system. Now, why didn't this happen at the start of the
level? Silicon Knights has some weird thoughts about order O_o. Anyway,
you're supposed to chop off the head first, then either arm, then the
other arm, and finally hit the torso. The door behind the statue should

SPOILERS(Scroll down if you do not wish to read)

Many believe that this statue that Pious meets along the way in Chapter 1
represents the one in the hallway where the characters in Chapters 3-11
grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness. If you 'examine' Pious' statue in that
hallway, you'll notice all the the parts that Pious hit (head, arms, body)
are all missing, and only the legs remain. Coincidence?

Upon entering this next room, the game will strongly hint at that large
button in the corner. Gee, I wonder what we have to do? Anyway, get out
of that cramped hallway and into the big room, and then chop, dice, and
mince those zombies so they disappear. When all those enemies are gone,
walk over to the button and examine it, then choose yes. Pious should
press it raising pillars up and creating a warp. Walk into the warp to go
to the fina lroom of the chapter.

This is the Room of Fates, where you will choose your path for the rest of
the game. If you pick the Red Artifact, the majority of the enemies during
the game will be Red and will take more health from you than normal. If
you choose the Green Artifact, it will be the same as red, but you'll lose
more sanity instead of health. And lastly, if you pick the Blue Artifact,
you'll give up more magick than the other two. Choose wisely, grasshopper.

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

When you reclaim controlf of Alex, turn around and grab the Chapter Page from 
behind you. Next, go to the other side of the room and take the Gladius from 
its holder in the wall. After that, go to your inventory and use the next 
chapter page to start....

Chapter Two: The Binding of the Corpse God
Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
1150 A.D.

After the two-part cutscene, walk forward as Ellia and take the Strange 
Necklace from the statue.. This will restore a small part of your health up to 
10 times. Doing so will close the door to your right. So, as a result, head 
through the door to the left. In the next room, there is nothing to do for 
now, so head through the doorway you didn't enter through. As you enter the 
third room of this temple, you'll see Ellia tred on a different colored panel 
in the floor, activating a swinging blade trap. Remember this, and dodge the 
two swinging blades, careful not to step on any more colored panels. Anyhow, 
make it the other side of the hallway and go into the next room. Take out the 
zombie here, then go over to the candles and make them match the sun. To 
clarify this, if the sun is on the left, extinguish the middle and right 
candles, and light the left one. Once you correctly match the candles to the 
carving, the doorway will open about halfway. Grab the Bronze Necklace from 
the small pedestal. Now exit this room through the door that you entered, back 
through the hallway of traps, and into the next room. Here, three Mantorok 
zombies will rise up. Dispose of them, then go back into the main room and 
place the Bronze Necklace on the statue, thus opening the right doorway once 

In this room, quickly head into the opposite doorway then run through the 
traps, entering yet another room. Here, eliminate a second zombie, then match 
the candles to the carving yet again. Once you're all done, the door will 
finally open totally, allowing you access. Head through the now cleared path, 
and head halfway through the trap-ridden hallway before turning left. Examine 
and pick up the Blowgun, and watch the ensuing cutscene. Quickly aim for the 
heads of the zombies with the Blowgun, and then the rest of the body. Once 
they're down, finish them. Quickly pick up your broken sword, then head over 
to the guard. Have him repair it, then immediately re-equip it. The Blowgun is 
a terrible weapon, and the sword will be a much greater asset to you 
throughout the rest of the chapter. After that, head through the traps at the 
other part of the hallway, then go into the next room.

Remember that slot in the central column. You'll need it soon. Dispose of the 
zombies, then continue thriugh the exit. Once again here, run through the 
traps, then dispatch of more zombies in the next room. After that area, you'll 
finally enter a hallway that is a bit more...interesting.

After you head down this hallway and view the cutscene, turn around and grab 
the Metal Staff. Now, backtrack to that room with the hole in the centerpiece 
(I told you to remember it) and insert the staff there. You'll notice a door 
opened on the other side of the Mantorok room, so quickly hurry there and go 
through it. Proceed into the room until another cutscene takes control and 
another character bites the dust...or does she...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

Yes, the same reused scene of Alex raising her head from the Tome in 
amazement. If you notice, candles have been light along the right wall of the 
study. Gee, wonder what we do with them? Extinguish the middle and right 
candles to match them to the sun carving, then grab the message tube from 
below. Check it when it's in your inventory, and open it. How does a chapter 
page stay straight and flat when inside that tiny little tube? Ah well, maybe 
you're just going insane. By the way, if you check your sanity, you'll notice 
it's not remotely near full. Hmmmm...ignore it for now, and use the third 
chapter page...

Chapter Three: Suspicions of Conspiracy
Amiens, France
814 A.D.

Watch the brief cutscene. Curiosity killed the cat...Your basic job is to get 
to Charlemagne and warn him of the plot to kill him. Talk to some monks, 
revealing the door on the left wall leads to the room where Charlemagne is. 
Try to open it, and realize it's lock. Of course, Silicon Knights wouldn't 
make it this easy, would they?

Go forward to the altar, and talk with the monk by the casket. It appears this 
man has died from falling from the tower. Open the casket. Er, what tower did 
he fall from to have these marks? Anyway, equip the Scramasax the monk gives 
you, then head up the stairs near the side of the monastery that you entered.

Hmmm, what's this? You'll be puzzled the first time you enter this hallway. 
Basically, it allows your current character to grab the Tome of Eternal 
Darkness, therefore acknowledging the events of all past characters as well as 
having their spells and the ability to use magick. Anyway, grab the Tome, then 
head back down the stairs, back into the church. Now, head up the stairs to be 
placed in the REAL room.

Walk over to the medallion with the three points on it and examine. You'll 
then get the Three-Point Power Circle, used for creating Level 1 spells. After 
you read the brief magick tutorial, go to the middle bookcase ahead and 
examine it. The old loose-book-opens-secret-pathway trick, eh? Don't leave the 
room yet. Head to the other side and pick up the Blue Urn. Sounds like 
something's inside of it..."Use" it and Anthony will be careless, breaking it. 
Take the broken blue urn and the Magickal Rune inside, then head down the now 
revealed ladder.

In this room, you'll find three zombies, one with a Rune in it's stomach. 
Slice and dice the one with the Rune, then perform a finishing move on it to 
claim the Rune for yourself. Now, dispatch of the other two, then head through 
the door.

Here you'll see a monk defend himself from one zombie by lighting it on fire 
with a torch. Of course, the stupid monk drops the torch and doesn't pick it 
up. Pathetic idiot. Defend him and kill the remaining two zombies, pick up the 
torch, and talk to the monk. He rewards you for saving his life by giving you 
the Two Edged Sword, the best sword in the game. Sure, you can argue Karim's 
Ram Dao Blade is better, but you get to use this baby in three different 
chapters, and it can seperate the upper and lower parts of a zombie's body in 
one hit. Sweeeeeeet. Equip the torch for now and pick up the three parts of 
the broken green urn on the floor. Mix them together to get the Broken Green 
Urn. Geez, these urns sure are fragile, how? Why doesn't this place invest in 
plastic? Well, I know it hasn't been discovered yet, but still...head through 
the door on the right side of the room.

Here, the camera will pan below you a bit so you can see a zombie with a rune 
in it's stomach. Equip your two edged sword and start heading down the steps. 
Pick up the Codex here, then engage the zombie. Aim for the head. The least 
you will do is cut the head off; the most you will do is cut it's entire upper 
body off. Obviously, the latter is cooler looking. Anyway, dispose of the 
zombie and grab the Rune. The Codex you just grabbed shows it is Magomor, 
the 'Item' rune. Exit through the door at the bottom.

Dispatch the three zombies here, then grabbed the FILLED Red Urn off the side 
near the Baptismal fountain. It's filled, eh? Pick up the Codex on the small 
pillar of wood in this room, then burn the fabric blocking the exit door with 
a torch. Exit the room.

In this 'L' shaped hallway, you'll encounter one zombie. I suggest using the 
Scramasax since the hallway is too confined for the Two Edged Sword. Once the 
zombie is down, progress to the next room.

Here, you'll see the Bishop limp out of his study, almost like Anthony is. 
Hmmmm...Place the Filled Red Urn down on the panel in front of you, then grab 
the Codex on the side of the room. Finally, take the "Enchant Item" scroll 
from the table, revealing a way to fix items. Use your newly found spell to 
fix the Broken Green Urn and Broken Blue Urn. Backtrack to the Baptismal 
fountain. Fill your Green and Blue Urns, then place them on the panel, opening 
the ahead door. Go through the corridor, then the next door.

You'll finally confront the bishop, who doesn't look quite healthy, so to say. 
He'll attack you. Pull out the Two Edged Sword and attack, aiming for the 
head. Once the Bishop's head is off, he'll fall and two more zombies will 
attack you. It is imperative you perform a finishing move on the bishop; you 
need to recover your lost sanity. After you dispose of the two zombies, pick 
up the Bishop's key from the floor and head back through the door. 

You now need to backtrack ALL the way to the beginning of the level. Fun, eh? 
To start out, this corridor houses a group of zombies, as does the study room. 
You'll then be caught by a trapper, have to sneak by another trapper, then 
confronted by a total of five more zombies. Once you get past ALLLLLL of 
those, you'll make it back to the bookcase room, where you found the Blue Urn 
and the Three Point Power Circle. A new enemy ambushes you. Enchant your Two 
Edged sword and charge the Horror, aiming for its three heads.

Note: Anthony is invincible in this chapter, if you haven't found out already. 
This is due to the magick placed inside him when he read the spell scroll. Go 
all out on the Horror - you have nothing, and I mean nothing, to lose.

Once the Horror is dead, go down the steps then to the room where Charlemagne 
is. Use the key, then open the door. Anthony will rush in, noticing 
Charlemagne is dead, just before the last of the magick kills him. The evil-
looking monk blasts Anthony with criticism, then lets a Bonethief rip out of 
his body. So that's how that guy in the casket died...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

When you regain control of Alex, exit the room she's currently in. Head out of 
the library so that you arrive at the lobby. Here, head up the steps and use 
the Second Floor Key on the double doors. Ack! It broke! Remember what spell 
we used in last chapter to repair broken items? Enchant your key and use it, 
then enter the door.

Here, take a right, notice the statue's head following you, and go in the door 
to the master bedroom. Pick up the Revolver Ammo, then head in the other door 
to the bathroom. Pick up a Journal Page in here, then go over to the bathtub 
and examine it.

Once you're done and your heart has calmed down, exit the bathroom and bedroom 
altogether. Head to the opposite side of this hallway and enter the door on 
the right. Pick up more Revolver ammo and then examine the portrait of a 
colonial man. Take the Chapter Page that is jutting out from the bottom, then 
use it to enter...

Chapter Four: The Gift of Forever
565 A.D.

As the chapter starts, walk to the other side of the room and climb down the 
ladder. Run forward, grab the Tome, then you'll be back in the previous room. 
All these Mantorok zombies come to life. You can run, but all of them will 
have seen you by now, draining your sanity meter. I'd say stay and take them 
out, to recover some of your lost sanity. After they're all downed, go down 
the ladder. 

Walk forward and claim the Statuette. Kill the two zombies that arise to guard 
it, then take a left to continue down the hall. Take out the one normal zombie 
then focus on the one with the Rune inside it - once it's down, finish it, 
grab the Rune, and head up the ladder.

Place the white statuette on one of the pressure plate circles, then go to the 
Rune barricade. It will be deactivated since you have the required Rune, so 
continue down the ladder that was behind it. After you descend, grab the torch 
off the wall and equip it. If you didn't know by now, the torch downs zombies 
in one hit, so continue down the corridor, grab the black statuette and rune 
codex, then test out your new torch. When you're all down, backtrack to the 
ladder and go up.

Place the Black Statuette on another pressure plate circle, then stand on the 
last one. The small shrine should rise up, revealing 4 trappers. Equip your 
Chakrams and throw them to take out the trappers. When they're gone, use the 
shrine as an elevator to descend. At the bottom, take the Tulwar from the dead 
guy to have double tulwars. When he arises, quickly go through the door to 
conserve sanity. 

In this room, grab the 'Recover' spell scroll from the floor, then dispose of 
the zombies. Head through the only available door, and dispose of the three 
zombies there. Ignore the rune barricade for now and go through the door at 
the other end of the room.

Remember this guy? He's a Horror, probably the strongest common enemy in the 
game. Anyway, aim for his three eyes at the top of the head, then finish him 
to claim another Rune. Grab the codex off the back ledge, then exit through 
the door you entered from.

Equip your Chakrams and kill the lone trapper. Walk up to the barricade to 
deactivate it, then go down the ladder. Dispose of the two zombies here, then 
pick up the Codex to complete the Recover spell.

Note: Aligning the Recover Spell with different ancients provides different 
results. Using the Recover spell with the Chattur'gha rune allows you to 
recover health. With Xel'lotath, sanity. And lastly, with Ulyaoth, magick. But 
it takes the same amount of magic to cast it as you recover from the spell, so 
it's practically a waste of time.

Now, head through the door on your right. Pull out the Ram Dao Sword, probably 
the second best weapon in the game, due to its somewhat slow speed. Now, the 
first wave of enemies pops up. Down this one, then the four other waves. The 
last bunch of enemies contains a zombie with a Rune in it's stomach; its 
alignment is the one you picked as Pious, so if you picked Blue, you'll get 
the Ulyaoth rune from this zombie.

After all these enemies are down for, head out of this room and back up the 
ladder, then through the door. Enchant your Ram Dao Blade with the alignment 
shown on the door, then "Use" it to make it open the magical lock. Enter the 

Take out the three zombies heading towards you, then continue down the broad 
corridor. Head up the ladder, fend off the trappers with Chakrams, and grab 
the Ruby Effigy. It will be needed much later in the game. Descend down the 
lone ladder, then walk up to the pile of rubble. Choose to climb over it. Run 
around the corner of the hallway, and use test our your Ram Dao Blade on a 
Horror. If you aimed for the central eye, it probably fell in one hit. Now, go 
past it (make sure to finish it off to regain sanity) and down the ladder. 
Place the Tome of Eternal Darkness in the bone sculpture hand to open the 
gate, then pick it up and walk towards where the gate used to be.

Run into the hallway and start down it. A barrier will rise up, blocking off 
the entrance you just used. More waves of enemies. Zombies are easy; use the 
torch to knock them down as they come. Sooner or later, you'll get zombies 
with bonethieves in them, and lastly, a Horror. Use the Ram Dao for the 
bonethieves and the horror, then the game will reveal the location of the 
artifact Karim's crush seeks. Walk up to it, choose to claim it, and watch the 
ensuing cutscene.

Not an Aladdin type ending, eh?

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

If you do not have the Xel'lotath alignment rune (you've chosen the blue path) 
you'll probably experience some insanity effects while you find the next 
chapter page. For starters, you probably already saw the "To be Continued" 
screen pop up, and you might even recognize books flying in the library, 
phantom telephone calls, and knocking on the door. If you DO have the 
Xel'lotath alignment rune (Red or Green paths) you can use the Recover spell 
and align it with the green (Xel'lotath) rune to recover some sanity and not 
get spooked. But what's the fun in that...

Either way, head out of the study, out of the library, and finally to the 
lobby. Go to the left side of the lobby and enter the kitchen. Notice another 
magickal sword seal. Enchant your Gladius with the color shown, then 'Use' it. 
The pantry door will open. Take the Spice Jar from the shelve, then check it 
to find a chapter Page inside. Use the chapter page and give a warm welcome 

Chapter Five: The Lurking Horror
Rhode Island, USA
1770 A.D.
Dr. Maxmillian Roivas

Max is...well, obese, so he doesn't run as fast as the previous characters. He 
starts out with an autopsy book and a flintlock pistol. The pistol only has 
one shot before being needed to be reloaded, so take care.

As the level starts, grab the Flintlock pistol ammo off the desk in front of 
you. Exit the room, then go into the door closest to Max. Pick up some more 
ammo here, then leave and head down the other side of the hall and into the 
master bedroom. Pick up the codex from the mantlepiece, then go into the 
bathroom. Pick up the letter from the sink and the flintlock pistol ammo near 
the bathtub, then leave the bathroom and bedroom altogether.

As Max reeneters this corridor, immediately take more pistol ammo to Max's 
left (your right). Finally, enter the double doors and into the lobby. Stay up 
on the little balcony part, enchant your pistol, and aim for the girl 
servant's head. After firing enough at her, a bonethief will jump out. Down 
it, then let Max do an autopsy on it. This will stop her from attacking you 
when you come back here to fight the Horror.

Now, head down the stairs and into the kitchen. Grab the codex off the one 
shelf, then head into the pantry and take the pump handle. Exit the kitchen, 
then go into the other door along that hallway. This guy also has a bonethief 
inside him, but wait until a bit later and you can conserve pistol ammo. Head 
to the fireplace. Your objective is to push the stone bird in front of the 
ancient symbol that is strong against the ancient's name mentioned. So, here's 
a quick guide:

Chattur'gha (Red) beats Xel'lotath (Green)
Ulyaoth (Blue) beats Chattur'gha (Red)
Xel'lotath (Green) beats Ulyaoth (Blue)

Basically, rocks-papers-scissors. Now, once you push the bird in front of the 
right alignment, the backpart of the fireplace drops away. Enter the secret 
passage, then grab the Reveal Invisible Spell Scroll, a Sabre, another 
flintlock pistol (double!) then the Tome of Eternal Darkness. As you grab the 
Tome, you notice a Horror arrive in the lobby. As Max takes another letter, 
exit the secret room with the sabre equipped. The male servant will attack 
you; you can take him out if you wish. After him and the bonethief die, exit 
this room and take on the Horror. I suggest firing two flintlock pistol shots 
from a distance (one from each pistol) then switch to the Sabre to stop the 
reloading process, and do the rest of the damage with the Sabre. After he's 
dead, grab the Rune, the letter off the center table, then go back up to the 
2F corridor. 

Here, take a left then another left and head all the way down to near the 
stain-glass window. Take the Envelope stashed between the wall and the 
furniture (on the left) then use your Sabre to kill the Bonethief that jumps 
through the window. After this is down, return to the lobby.

Whoah...something's different...take your monochrome Max and head to where the 
game showed you where the Horror is. Kill him and claim the last alignment 
rune. Now, use the alignment rune you just received and do the Reveal 
Invisible spell. It should show the door to the basement. Open the envelope if 
you haven't already and use the basement key on the door, then enter.

Take out the two zombies here, then grab the Bankorok codex and Damage Field 
spell scroll. Use the pump handle to drain the well, then climb down. Stay 
where you are and down the Mantorok zombie, giving you the Bankorok rune. Head 
down the many steps and let the rune barrier become disabled. Reload and 
enchant your flintlock pistols with the ruling alignment rune, then head out 
the steps and watch the cutscene.

Don't bother turning back; there's a 7-point barrier there. Fire your 
enchanted flintlock pistols at the guardian. Make sure they hit. As he's 
teleporting, reload them. When he reappears, fire again while he's casting a 
spell. It'll interrupt the spell, making him move yet again. Repeat until he's 
dead, making sure you reload while he's teleporting. After he's down, you'll 
watch a cutscene showing Max trying to unravel the mystery of that...creature. 
Then Max is placed in an asylum....and by the looks of it, it's not too 

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

No matter what path you're on, you will have the Xel'lotath alignment rune by 
now, so recover your sanity if you like to stay in tip-top shape, like I do. 
If you haven't gotten the Dresser Key from behind the clock in the lobby, the 
Tome will give you a note telling you how to do so. Either way, head out into 
the lobby, upstairs, then into the master bedroom.

Go to the dresser and use Reveal Invisible along with the dominant alignment 
rune. It will reveal a small keyhole. Use your Dresser Key on it, then it will 
open up. Claim the items inside, which include a .38 Revolver and another 
Chapter Page. Of course, you know what to do with those pages by now, so use 
it and prepare for...

Chapter Six: A Journey Into Darkness
Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
1983 A.D.
Edwin Lindsey

The level starts out with you facing a gatekeeper one-on-one. Whip out the 
shotgun, then wait for it to open it's wings. Once the wings are unfolded, run 
around to the back of it and fire. 4-5 shots from behind should down it. After 
that, go to that small square of dust near the front of the room and use your 
brush to reveal a bronze bracelet. Take the bracelet then use it on the statue 
ahead, opening a path. Go through the doorway, claim the Tome, then go through 
the actual doorway to the next room. 

Kill the zombies littering this place, then enter the next hallway. Remember 
these fun thingys? Anyway, try to avoid the trap panels until you get halfway 
down the hallway. Pick up the metal bracelet on Lindsey's right, then continue 
down and take out the two zombies. Dust off the cobweb with your brush to pick 
up a codex, then enter the next room.

You'll see a horror surrounded by a damage field. You can't attack him now, so 
just grab the Bronze Necklace and backtrack to the lobby. Put the necklace on 
the statue, then enter the doorway that opens. Take the Silver Bracelet from 
the snake statue and quickly replace it with the Metal bracelet to deactivate 
the trap. Whew. Reminds me of too many Resident Evil puzzles. Enter the next 

Down here should be some more zombies along with another cobweb. Again, dust 
it off for a codex. Enter the ensuing room and take out the three regular 
zombies then the one with the Rune in its stomach. Make sure to finish them 
off to recover sanity, then make your way forward. 

When you get halfway through this trap-ridden corridor, you'll notice another 
big statue and a dead-end on the right. Dust off the cobweb for the Dispel 
Magick spell scroll. Now, continue down the corridor and you'll reach the 
horror room again. Use the dispel magick spell with the dominant alignment, 
then take out the horror when the field is down. Grab the Silver Necklace from 
behind where it used to stand, then exit through the door you entered from. 

Make your way to that statue, and place both the Silver Necklace and Silver 
Bracelet on, revealing a doorway behind you. Run inside and take down the 
zombie to Lindsey's left. Go down the first part of the steps then slice and 
dice the next zombie. Wheeeee, another rune. Get a feeling this is going to be 
a magick-heavy chapter? After that zombie kicks the bucket, continue down the 
steps until you reach a second gatekeeper. You know the drill - fire at it 
from behind. When it falls, make your way to the bottom floor and deactivate 
the rune barrier, allowing access to the next set of hallways.

Enter basement one. There's a zombie approaching you from the camera, so wait 
for it to come into view - if it makes it through the traps. Either way, make 
your way to Lindsey's right and another zombie - kill it than carefully tip-
toe through the swinging blades. In the next room, eliminate the horror, then 
dispel the barrier with its dominant alignment rune. Go over to the cobweb and 
dust it off to get the Metal Necklace. Head into the following hallway, then 
make your way through it into the next small room.

Eliminate the zombies, then dispel the magick field. There's nothing else to 
do here, so continue through another trapped-out hallway, taking notice of yet 
another statue here. When you reach the next room, dispel the last magick 
field along with dispatching the zombies. Walk over to the acid sink and put 
the metal necklace in it ('Use' option). Hit the button and let the acid wash 
away the metal, revealing a gold necklace. Continue through the fourth and 
final trap hallway, and you'll find a statue with a gold bracelet and a 
guardian statue. Step on the pressure plate to make the guardian statue look 
away, then quickly run and pick up the bracelet. Now, backtrack to that statue 
in the the hallway and place the Gold Necklace and Gold Bracelet on it. Good 
news for you - there is no Platinum Necklace or Platinum Bracelet, so that's 
the last Necklace - Bracelet puzzle for you. Head through the now opened 

Head down the steps, taking out the zombies as you go. A horror should be 
making its way up by now, so position yourself on higher ground and take it 
down with the shotgun/pistol. After it's been fried, continue down the rest of 
the stairs and out into another hallway. Congraluations, you reached basement 
two. Continue past the traps and into the next room.

Nothing here but a bucketfull of zombies and another cobweb. Kill and finish 
the zombies - you'll probably need the sanity, then dust off the cobweb to 
grab the Aretak codex. Continue through yet another trap hallway, but you'll 
notice on the left of this one a niche in the wall, with a small hole at the 
top of the niche. This is where Ellia fell through in Chapter 2. So...you must 
not be far from Mantorok, eh? Make your way through the rest of the hallway 
and into the next large room.

Kill all the zombies in here, including the one with the rune in it's stomach. 
This is the Tier rune, probably one of the most important in the game. 
Progress through the next hallway, avoiding MORE traps, and then into another 
big room.

Last group of zombies for the level (YAY!). Once they're downed, pick up the 
Summon Trapper Spell Scroll. Now, I highly recommend you BACKTRACK all the way 
to the fourth trap-ridden hallway of basement one to the place where there was 
a small hole in the wall that you dispelled all those barriers to gain access 
to. Once there, summon a trapper and send him in the hole. Make him stand on 
the Mantorok rune symbol circle, opening up a door in Lindsey's hallway with 
the Mantorok rune. Regain control of Lindsey and claim the Rune. Watch the 
horror break through the rubble to attack you. Dispose of him, then walk in 
and dust off the cobweb to grab the Mantorok rune codex. Congrats, you now 
have all the runes and codei except for one, which is in the next chapter. 
Dodge any bolts shot at you from the remaining horror, then make your way out 
and ALL the way back down to the room in basement two that you got the Trapper 
Spell Scroll in, then walk into the next hallway.

This is really the final corridor, as it leads to Mantorok. Approach him and 
that girl statue, then watch the cutscene. As Pious and those two gatekeepers 
learn, the power of Mantorok is still alive and being powered by the Essence 
of Mantorok: his heart. After the cutscene is done, run around to the back of 
the room and enter the door opened by that purple energy. Watch as Ellia uses 
her remaining power to pass on Mantorok's essence to Lindsey, who in turn 
gives it to Edward Roivas for safekeeping...but it's not so safe now that you 
know where it is.

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

You'll REALLY want to recover your sanity now. Either way, head into the 
library and search for that book written by Lindsey that your grandfather hid 
the essence behind. Once there, examine it and take the essence. Now, head 
into the lobby and then go to the 2F corridor.

Go around to Alex's left then to the stained glass window. Use the Dispel 
Magick spell with the dominant alignment rune to break the magickal barrier 
and make the stained glass window disappear. What's left is a chapter page 
floating in mid-air and a balcony. Claim the chapter page, and prepare to 
return to France...

Chapter Seven: Heresy!
Amiens, France
1485 A.D.
Paul Luther

Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition. The game will really start to ramp up in 
difficulty beginning in this chapter. You'll start unarmed, with now weapons 
whatsoever, no clue what to do, and with very little health and stamina. 
Whopee. Let's try to get ourselves armed and dangerous...

Leave the lobby by following the red carpet forward and going through the 
door. Run forward past the pews until a cutscene takes place, where Paul is 
accused of heresy. He gets locked in a room until further notice (sounds like 
a little kid, not a Franciscan monk). Now, go over to the right wall and take 
the green jewel. The custodian will appear, unlocking the door for you. Listen 
to what he has to say, then exit this room and you're back in the lobby.

Go back into the main church, then start running forward. When you get to the 
front, past all the pews, take a left and grab the torch off the wall. Now 
continue down and go in the door. Once inside this room, open the chest for 
the crossbow, then examine the clothing rack for the Podium Key. Now, return 
to the main church, go to the right side but stay on the altar, and use the 
podium key on the podium. Take the Diary Page then go door the stairs behind 
the altar.

When you reach this section of the basement, take a left and enter the only 
door there. Take the book from the desk along with the Crossbow bolts. Exit 
this room and take the only other path you haven't in this basement. When the 
room opens up, take more bolts from the left crates and then go to the right 
wall and take the Mace. Equip it and head ALL the way back to the lobby for 

Head up the stairs on the left into the next section, then go through the 
door. Here, proceed through the choir balcony of the church until you 
encounter a zombie. Test your new mace and take this guy out. Continue through 
the door, then up the stairs to Paul's left. Ring the bell to summon the 
Custodian. Once he gives you the Old Tower key, go back to the altar of the 
main church, then go to the right side and use it on the door. Enter.

You'll notice another monk being taken over by a bonethief. Take that little 
bugger out, then walk forward to the small altar and take the Shield spell. 
Immediately cast it with the Mantorok rune, then head to the left side of the 
Old Tower and walk to the door. Doesn't that sound familar? But it can't 
be....rush through the door and discover a 700 year old corpse of Anthony. 
Look at how disfigured he's become! Now, allow him to hit you - you have the 
shield spell - while setting up a Mantorok damage field in the center of the 
room. Now, every time he approaches you to attack, he'll get hit by it, 
allowing you to swing away with the mace while he's stunned. He'll fall once, 
then become resurrected due to the spell. Let him die again, then Paul will 
see what exactly happened to him. He'll pray for his soul, then gain the Red 
Jewel and the Two-Edged Sword. WHEEEEEEEE! The Two-Edged Sword makes a return! 
Immediately equip it, then exit this room and go up the stairwell to the left 
of the door. Test out the sword on the bonethief here - feels good to rip him 
in two, doesn't it? Once he's dead, pick up the diary page ahead and the music 
sheet on the bookcase on the left side of the room, then head back to the main 
church and down the steps to the basement.

Continue to where you got the mace, but this time, go forward. Kill the 
trappers with the crossbow, then examine the second wine barrel on the right. 
Turn the handle, revealing the door. Continue through, then kill the horror 
that holds the final gem. Once he's dead and you have claimed all three gems, 
place them in the triangle holder here. The sacrophagus should move, allowing 
you access to a door. Open it, then kill the evil beings in here before 
proceeding. In the next room, you'll find several zombies, one with the last 
rune in its torso. Kill them all, then claim the Pargon rune. Continue forward 
and you'll finally come to a large room with two horrors. Let one kill the 
other, then clean up. After all the mess is cleaned up, enter the only other 
door open, then go through more hallways til you reach the old Bishop's study. 
Grab some more crossbow bolts, then walk to the movable structure and choose 
to push it back. Continue through the ANOTHER hallway until you reach the end 
room. Kill whatever moves, then take the Pargon codex from the right side and 
the last diary page. Congraluations, you now have all runes and codei in the 
game. Head back to the main church part with the large altar.

Go over to the organ and choose to play the piano, which should be this music: 
A B Y X B Y A. It will open the tabernacle on the other side, revealing a five-
point power circle. Grab it, then power up all your old spells using 
the 'Pargon' rune to fill in the empty two spaces. Instead of summoning a 
trapper, you can now summon a zombie. Whopee. Anyway, go back to where you met 
the custodian (in the bell tower) and talk to him. Paul will prove there's 
heresy going on in this cathedral. The custodian will give him the sacrifical 
dagger and Paul will leave before a creature teleports in. If you go back once 
you regain control, you'll notice nothing there. Odd...

Return to the room where the two horrors fought. Use the sacrifical dagger on 
the custodian look-a-like tomb, and it'll reveal a door. Go through it. Dispel 
the damage field with a five-point dispel magick field spell that uses the 
dominant alignment rune. Continue through until you reach a mini-altar, with 
the custodian laying dead. It seems that tomb you toyed with back there was 
like a voodoo doll. Anyway, that corrupt monk should appear, then leave you to 
deal with two bonethiefs. Bonethiefs? Piece of cake! Give them a good taste of 
your two-edged sword, then go back to that large room with the custodian tomb.

You'll notice that same monk unlocking the door to the Binding Hall. Follow 
him! You'll go through several hallways, all pretty much empty. Eventually, 
you'll reach a large door that, before you enter, gives you a message. When it 
prompts you to open it or not, choose yes. Put an end to the heresy! But, as 
you'll see then, something puts an end to Paul...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

Upon return in the mansion, you'll get a note from Edward. It seems you have 
to find 88 keys to continue. No, this isn't going to be a Zelda-like dungeon 
trek - return to the main lobby, then go on the left side and follow the hall 
to the end, which should be a door. Go through and examine the piano, then 
play the same song: A B Y X B Y A. The piano should reveal another chapter 
page. Guess what you do with it...

Chapter Eight: The Forbidden City
The Middle East
1460 A.D.
Roberto Bianchi

The game continues up in difficulty: this chapter you're given a torch, a 
slight advantage over the previous one. You'll have an incredibly small amount 
of magick and about average sanity and health. Roberto's stamina is horrid, so 
plan to walk more than run. This chapter also offers a touch of 
innovativeness: you must survey specific rooms in order for construction on 
the tower continue.

As the chapter starts, equip the torch and run up the ladder. Nothing to do 
here but to go down the ladder opposite of the one you came up. Now, as you're 
heading down this cramped underground corridor you'll encounter a zombie - 
swing your torch at him and watch he fall to the ground, burning. If he 
doesn't fall, run past him and up the ladder. Grab the crossbow bolts to 
Roberto's left, then use your map and lead Roberto to where the 'X' is and 
allow him to survey the site. Grab the Saif from the left side on the exit 
ladder, then continue down.

This will be kinda confusing for me to type. Run forward and hit the lever. It 
should open the left gate. Dispose of the zombie, then pull the lever on the 
left side to open the right gate. Kill the two zombies here (gotta love that 
finishing move) and pull the lever to open the south gate and the north gate. 
Head north and kill all three Mantorok zombies here, then go up the ladder. 
Survery this room, also, then pick up the crossbow from the left jutting wall 
and go down another ladder (ack). Equip the crossbow and eliminate all three 
trappers, then make your way to the end of the hallway and go up the ladder. 
Starting to see a pattern here?

Fortuanely for you, this is where the level picks up. Kill the gatekeeper 
(remember him from Chapter 6, Lindsey?) and the zombie, then grab the Summon 
Zombie spell scroll from the middle. You'll need it soon. Head down another 
ladder, and prepare for two Horrors. Let them fight each other, then clean up. 
Head to the end of this hallway and enter the door. You'll see a zombie 
stuipdly walk under a...well, you see what I mean. Remember that summon zombie 
spell scroll? Summon one, and direct the zombie to under that weight. It'll 
open the gating blocking the ladder on the right side of the room. Go down the 
ladder and prepare for a fight. Another gatekeeper and a zombie. The 
gatekeeper will summon more, which can be a trapper, zombie, or horror. Take 
the gatekeeper out first from behind (a shield spell is good) then the zombie. 
Afterwards, continue down the rest of the hallway and meet a familar face. 
Karim! And that...girl...anyway, listen to what he has to say then take the 
Essence and the Ruby Effigy. Head back through this hallway and up the ladder 
to the circle room. Go in the other door to the left of the weight thing, and 
dispatch of the zombies. Go down the ladder on the right side of this room.

Kill the trappers with the crossbow, then use a five point reveal invisible 
spell with the dominant alignment. You'll notice a Sapphire Effigy on 
Roberto's right, your left. Pick it up, then continue through into the next 
room. Since your reveal invisible still works, you can clearly see the pathway 
across the lava. Run across it, grab the "Forgotton Corridor" key, then dash 
back across and out the room - or so you think. It's another one of those 
Alex/Edward (or not) cutscenes. You'll reappear in front of that door, so 
quickly open it again, while listening to Roberto's funny voice. Go back up 
the ladder and into the door on the right side of the room, north of the 

Run to the end of the room and survey the site. Once you're done, the 
bonethieves will take control of the slaves and attempt to attack you. Move 
Roberto's slow hide out of the room and then to the double doors. Use the 
Forgotten Corridor key, and enter. Cast a five point Mantorok shield spell on 
you, then run across the yellow damage floor. In the next room, bars will 
block your large exit way, but don't worry - you'll get out. Go to where the 
rope is tied down, target it, then slash. The bridge will come down. Attempt 
to go across, then watch as Roberto is ambushed by two giant...worms? One hit 
will take both out, so continue forward and hit the lever to lift the bars. Go 
halfway back across the bridge and survey the final site. Once it's done, 
backtrack to the beginning of the level until Pious and his guards seize you. 
Then watch as Roberto is thrown into the foundation of the tower of flesh...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

Well, we're back with Alex after an incredibly boring and short chapter. Go to 
the northeast corner of the room (the side with the desk is south) and choose 
to survey the area. Alex will notice a chapter page, so take it. Whee, that 
was incredibly easy - just like the last chapter. Use the chapter page, and 
brace yourself for war...

Chapter Nine: The War to End All Wars
Amiens, France
1916 A.D.
Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs is a reporter over in France, reporting on World War I. He'll 
start with quite a few items - all of them mostly worthless. Equip the 
flashpan for now, and head up to the main altar. Go to the podium and take the 
envelope. Open it and get the Soldier's orders. Now start heading back to 
where you started. You can take the Soldier's letter if you want - these act 
like Anthony's diary pages, but tell you what's going on in this place. 
Basically, monsters serving the black guardian underneath the cathedral are 
killing wounded soldiers in the night to give the guardian flesh to eat. Head 
back through the double doors and enter the lobby.

Go into the small sideroom on the right where Paul was locked in, and grab the 
magnum. Right then, a bombshell should hit the cathedral, knocking out the 
electricity. Exit this room, then dodge the bonethief and go back into the 
main part of the church. You'll see bonethieves taking over. Dodge ALL of them 
for now - use the flashpan to blind them for a few seconds if you need to. 
Grab the rifle off the main altar, then go to the door on the right and enter. 
Immediately go up the steps - if you linger, you'll heal to deal with two 
bonethieves. Take the Two-Edged Sword from the wall and the ammo in this room. 
Equip the sword and get ready to open a can of whoop-ass on all those 
bonethieves we saw earlier. Go down the steps and take out the two thieves 
here, then go in the side room. There's a ton of ammo in here, but also a lot 
of zombies. Kill them all, take the ammo, and leave.

Go back to the main church and take out the now four bonethieves in here. Go 
down the steps behind the altar and enter the left room. Turn on the steam, 
then leave this room and go in the right room. Go over to the fusebox and 
insert the Lucky Penny (metal conducts electricity). Go to the generator and 
throw the lever. Once the electricity is back on, grab the ammo and go back to 
the left room. Summon a trapper and send him through the small hole. TARGET 
the dead guy and teleport him away. You MUST target him or else it won't work. 
Now, with the door unblocked, go through it and claim the seven point circle 
of power. Head back up the steps and watch as the beautiful stain glass window 
is heartlessly shattered by a bombshell. To add to the thrill of the moment, 
three bonethieves have also entered the room. Disect them with your sword, 
then go over to the piano. Grab the musical score, then play the piano. The 
score is torn, so if you can't remember how the song went, here it is: A B Y X 
B Y A. It should open the tabernacle. Go over and pick up the door handle. 
Now, go on the left side of this room and use Reveal Invisible (7-point, 
dominant alignment rune) and when the door is exposed, use the door handle. 

Grab whatever ammo is around here, then head down the ladder. Head through 
this small hallway, killing the enemies. You'll reach a decent-sized room with 
four zombies. Kill them, but beware of a bonethief or two. After they're gone 
and you've reclaimed some sanity, exit through another door, then go through 
another hallway until you reach a room with a Horror. Kill him, and you'll 
notice this is the room where the custodian's tomb was. Interesting....head 
through the unlocked door on the right side of the room and eliminate the two 
trappers. Go through here and you'll reach the old secret study. Kill the 
bonethief, then push the shelf back and continue. Kill more trappers and enter 
the next room. Take out another trapper and a zombie, then walk up and take 
the Binding Hall Key. Go back to the large room where the Horror used to be, 
and do not go in the locked door, but instead the last unlocked door. 

Kill the trappers here and go all the way around and grab the Elixir, which 
will fully restore your magick up to 5 times...nice. bactrack and unlock that 
door. Kill three last zombies, then enter the winding stairwell. At the bottom 
is the spell scroll for the Magick Attack Spell. Hotkey a seven point magick 
attack to  one button, then a three point to another. Go through this door, 
move through the cramped corridor, then enter the final door of the chapter to 
confront the boss.

You'll soon come face to face with a black guardian of the ancient that Pious 
serves. Ok, so did you die already and are currently looking for a way to beat 
him? Here it is:

Boss Battle: Black Guardian

You need to use Spell 9, Magical Attack. Wait til they start
sending their projectile attacks, then instantly start summoning a seven
point Magical Attack that uses the dominant element over the Guardian.
The Guardian should start flashing a its own alignment color, but since
you're already halfway through the summon, the attack will hit it. Next,
when he starts summoning zombies, as soon as the second one materializes
is your time to start using another seven point dominant magical attack. 
Now, when the beam closes in, you'll want to dodge their smashing attacks,
and wait for them to stop. Now, summon a THREE point magical attack,
since seven would take too long. After you hit them with that, two more
three point magical attacks and they're gone.

After he dies, the window will break. Walk up to where it used to be and claim 
the essence. Watch the cutscene as Peter gives it to an unlikely "expert" and 
tries to forget the whole ideal.

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

It's finally time to start opening up some more sections of the mansion. 
You'll also get a lucky penny from the Tome. Leave this room, recovering your 
sanity, and go to leave the library. You'll see a dying WWI nurse, and she'll 
give you the basement key. So, naturally, head to the basement and investigate.

Go to the fuse box, open it, and insert the lucky penny. The lights will go on 
in that dark room upstairs. Before leaving, grab the Shotgun and ammo then go 
upstairs to that room. It turns out to be ANOTHER bathroom. Check the medicine 
cabinent; sure enough, there's another chapter page. Use it to view your most 
recent relative...

Chapter Ten: A Legacy of Darkness
Rhode Island, USA
1952 A.D.
Edward Roivas

Edward's health is incredibly crappy, but his magick and sanity make up for 
that. Of course, the sanity thing kinda works in with his job as a 

As the level starts off, grab the Journal off the mantlepiece over the fire in 
the library. Now, head deeper into the library where the clock is. Max will 
show up and tell you to set the clock to 3:33. Upon further examination, you 
notice there are no hands on the clock. Examine your Journal for the minute 
hand, then grab the Magick Pool spell scroll off the chair and head into the 
mansion lobby. 

The basement door is once again locked, so head into the dining room on the 
left side and grab the sabre. Now go up to the second floor corridor and into 
the study. You'll find the second Journal inside. Examine it for the hour 
hand, then go back to the library and use them on the clock. Set the clock to 
3:33, then enter the secret study.

Inside, grab the Tome and the revolver along with some ammo littering the 
room. Head back into the library. You'll discover some vampire sucking one of 
your maids' blood, then running off. He knocks over a vase on the way out. 
First, take out the maid with your sabre. Go for the head, then just walk and 
pick up the Bottom Half of the basement key from the floor. Go into the lobby.

If you were fast enough, you'll hear the vampire going upstairs. Follow him, 
and soon enough there will be a cutscene, showing your servant in the master 
bedroom being attacked. Run in there, deal damage to the vampire and save the 
servant. You'll see the vampire then teleport to the basement, where it 
recharges itself. Talk to the servant for the gun cabinent key.

Head down the hall to the study and use the cabinent key to get the elephant 
gun. Make sure it's on double fire, then requip and enchant your sabre. Wait 
in this room for the vampire to arrive, then give it a second course of metal. 
Let it leave and recharge, then get elephant gun ammo from the servant. 
Immediately go to the lobby and wait the vampire to arrive here, also; take it 
out and watch as he drops the other part of the basement key. Take it, mix it 
together with the other part, then enchant it. Use it to open the basement 
door and go down there to eliminate this thing.

Lure the vampire away from the stone first, then slash away at it to eliminate 
this stone. It has no place to recharge now, so slash and hack away at it 
until it dies. Grab all the ammo around here, the Summon Horror spell and the 
shotgun, then head down the ladder. Go to the bottom of this familar path and 
cast a shield spell on yourself, then enchant the elephant gun and run forward.

Use your sabre to take these horrors out, then continue through the gates. NOW 
equip your elephant gun and elimiante the horror and guardian. Run forward and 
discover the only 9-point circle of power in the game. Now, we must activate 
it. When you teleport back into a room, you have to pull a lever in order to 
let you escape while taking down enemies. Here's the lowdown:

Leftmost Array: Pargon. When you teleport back in, eliminate both horrors and 
find your way back to the circle of power.

Second to Left Array: Redgormor. As you teleport back to the city, you'll be 
greeted by a horror and three trappers. Back to the circle.

Third to Left Array: Pargon. When in the next room, pull the lever to release 
a horror, zombie, and trapper. Quickly run out of the room.

Fourth to Left Array: Pargon. This room is quite weird, as once you pull the 
lever and try to leave, a worm comes out of the pit in a weird insanity effect 
before Edward drinks some liquid courage and goes back to normal. A sign of 
things to come. Leave the room.

Middle Array: The dominant alignment. There's a trapper here, so beware.
Make sure you eliminate the guardian in this room to make things easier.

4th to Right Array: Pargon. A couple of trappers to deal with here, then as 
you pass into the previous room, you'll have to deal with the guardian if you 
didn't kill him before (like I told you to). 

3rd to Right Array: Pargon. Nothing much to stop you from pulling the lever 
here except a zombie and a horror, but yet again, you'll run into the guardian 
again if you haven't killed it.

2nd to Right Array: Nethlek. In this room, you'll meet up with three trappers 
and a Guardian. Feel the difficulty ramping up? 

Rightmost Array: Pargon. This is also the most difficult room perhaps in the 
game, due to Edward's low health. You'll need to dispel the barrier around the 
guardian to get to the lever, but you'll have zero time to do it unless you 
kill the horror first, which, in turn, givews the guardian time to summon 
stuff. Quite a headache.

As you return to the main area, the place will start shaking. Four guardians 
will start warping in, so ignore them and run out. Head through the gate, up 
the stairs, and about halfway up Edward will watch as the city is decimated, 
not a single creature surviving. Hey, all we wanted to do was escape. 

48 years later, Edward will settle down with a book as a guardian teleports 
in, looking for vengeance...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

Alex's parts will begin to get more difficult and compelx now, along with some 
enemies too. After reading Edward's note, head to the basement and check the 
wine barrels for a pickaxe. Go upstairs to the second floor corridor and go to 
the part of the wall that looks funny. Use the axe and when you arrive inside, 
you'll see Max shoot two servants dead then stab the other two. It looks 
exactly like when the Patriots wrecked the German sentry house in Trenton in 
the Revolutionary War (as seen in the movie, The Crossing). Now dispel the 
barrier around the fireplace and take the stethoscope. Head out of this room, 
ready for action. You'll find two bonethiefs and a trapper waiting for you. 
The camera angle makes it even more difficult. After these two are dead, head 
back to the lobby to find Mantorok zombies. Where are these things coming 
from? Make your way to the basement.

Go to the safe and choose to open it. the combination is 59-81-47, in a Right-
Left-Right fashion. The safe will open, giving you an Essence (from Peter's 
chapter), the next chapter page, a crankshaft(for the next puzzle) and a 
letter from Edward. Use the chapter page to experience the Gulf War...

Chapter Eleven: Ashes to Ashes
The Middle East
1991 A.D.
Michael Edwards

Before we get started, I would like to note this is the best chapter in the 
game along with my favorite. Michael Edwards has incredible stamina and 
health, plus he can equip a weapon plus a firefighter's flashlight at one 
time. Along with that, you get the five-function Assault Rifle that can shoot 
grenades. As I said, best chapter in the game.

The chapter will start out with Michael's team trying to blow an oil fire in 
the Middle East. However, something goes terribly wrong, and Michael finds 
himself at the bottom of the Pillar of Flesh. Roberto appears and gives 
Michael the last Essence and the Ruby and Sapphire Effigys. Now, equip the 
fire axe and take out all the zombies in this room. Go to the door and pick up 
the pistol, assault rifle, pistol ammo, rifle ammo, and grenades from the guy. 
Equip the rifle and open the door.

Kill the zombie and gatekeeper here, then go down the ladder. Kill the zombies 
and trappers in this corridor, and take the nearest ladder. Quickly grab the 
Gold Amulet and go back down the ladder in order to avoid  a rumble with two 
gatekeepers. Now, go up the next ladder to find a room full of Mantorok 
zombies. Dispose of them and take the staff laying in the middle. Mix it with 
the Gold Amulet, then go back down the ladder. 

Finally, take the last ladder of this corridor and go up it. Insert the staff 
in the hole at the front of the room and use it to reflect light on the two 
curved gold buildings, opening up two reflecting bowls. Now point the light at 
the large center tower, which will deflect it to one bowl that lets the light 
go to the other, will finally redirects it to a small tower, which opens up 
another ladder. Wheeee. Go down it, and you'll grab the Tome. Recover any 
sanity you lost from the gatekeepers, then actually go down the ladder.

Go north and to the square hole in the ground. Three tentacles will pop out. 
One hit will drive each back into the ground. Once they're gone, dispel the 
field around the last effigy and take it. Take the northenmost ladder out of 
here and you'll enter a room with with a horror and two different colored 
zombies. Take the other ladder down. 

Two more zombies and a gatekeeper. Probably best to dodge them, yet again. Now 
we are in the circular room again. Kill the trappers, then head in the only 
accessible door. Kill all five zombies, then go in the single door here.

Kill three more zombies here, then place the Emerald Effigy under the red 
warrior portrait, the Ruby effigy in front of the blue sorcerer portrait, and 
the Sapphire Effigy under the green Sage portrait. It'll open steps i nthe 
circular room. If you missed one effigy along the quest, you cannont complete 
this step. Don't worry, it's not mandatory, but it wields you a nice bonus for 
the final boss fight. Go down those stairs and grab the Enchanted Gladius. 
Note you cannot equip it. Go up the stairs then back in the door.

Now, summon a trapper and make sure you target the obelisk before teleporting 
it. It should be in the trapper dimension now, so go down the ladder. Two 
trappers here. Dispose of them then go down the ladder. You'll reach the room 
where Karim placed the Tome momentarily. Take the Bind spell then run towards 
the camera.

Cast Bind here and one of the horrors will turn against the other. Either way, 
one will die, releasing the barrier. Run forward and kill the weakened horror 
that survived then take the plastic explosives. Backtrack to the room where 
you teleported the obelisk away. 

Go to the wall at the end of this room and use reveal invisible on it with the 
dominant alignment. It will reveal a door. Go through it and grab the 
detonators off the floor near the dead guy. Mix them with the explosives to 
make the C4. Now, cast a seven point shield spell and run across the floor to 
the other side.

Remember this place, go to the bridge and kill the two worms that rise up. 
Enchant the C4 with a seven point spell (dominant alignment) and use it. Time 
to run! Go back to that rather large circular room with the steps leading down 
to where you got the Enchanted Gladius. You'll find several enemies on the way 
there and in that room, including horrors and zombies. The best way to beat 
this is to cast a Xel'lotath magick pool on yourself, maintaning your sanity 
as you run. Once you reach the circular room, you'll notice the rubble in 
front of another door has moved, allowing you access. Take this path and head 
out, dodging all the enemies. Once you reach the final ladder, a cutscene will 
take place.

Michael will give Edward a package that includes the Essence. After that, the 
chapter will end, leaving you to wonder where that Essence is...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

Exit the study and go back to the library. Several zombies on the way here, so 
clear your way and get to the lobby. As you start to head towards the 
basement, the doorbell will ring. It's not an insanity effect, just a package. 
Take it then examine it to get the Enchanted Gladius (if Michael got it in the 
last chapter) and the last essence. Now, do a brief check. Do you have all 
three essences? If you're missing Mantorok, it's behind a funny looking book 
in the library. Now, go back into the library and now go right into the mirror 
room. Use the crankshaft you got from the safe. Reflect the light to the final 
mirror on the ground, which will reflect it to the basement, revealing a 
ladder. Head down to that ladder and go down it.

The same old path. Run down these steps then through the large hallway in the 
next room, unopposed. Once you go through the gates, you'll enter Alex's own 
chapter. It won't be a chapter page so no cutscene since it's currently 
happening right now...

Chapter Twelve/Finale: Gateway to Destiny
Ehn'Gha/Rhode Island, USA
2000 A.D.
Alex Roivas

Does this place look familar? Cast a shield spell on yourself, then run 
forward. Stop at the last doorway and stand on the little part that's not 
zappy. Recast the shield spell (7-point) then go to the large door to find a 
magick field blocking the way. Dispel it then enter the door. 

Run around the circle to find two parts of the stand. Mix and enchant them, 
then place it on the base of the stand. Place an Essence on each of the stands 
to activate the circle of power due to the power of the Esences. You know what 
to do here; hit the first array on the left and enter the teleportation field. 
The goal this time is to summon a creature instead of cancelling a magick 

Leftmost Array: Pargon. When you come back in, you'll find a lava pit blocking 
your path - use a seven point reveal invisible with the dominant alignment and 
make your way back to the arrays.

2nd to Left Array: Aretak. You'll find three trappers that greet your return 
to the ancient city. On your way back, you'll cross over the lava pit that you 
had to use reveal invisible on. 

3rd to Left Array: Pargon. This next room is where Edward released the 
monsters, so you'll have to put them back. Summon a trapper, zombie, and 
horror that correspond with the colors displayed on the small stands to solve 
the puzzle.

4th to Left Array: Watch out for the trapper here and choose Pargon. As you 
return to this room, you'll notice a glowing purple floor. It's only harmful 
when you run. So hold X (default button) and creep across to the exit. 

Middle Array: Select the dominant alignment. In this next room, shoot the 
trappers to clear your exit, then run through the doorway.

4th to Right Array: Shoot the trapper at the top and use Pargon again. As you 
teleport in, all the trappers disappear. Use seven point reveal invisible 
(dominant alignment) and seven point magickal attack (dominant alignment) to 
deal with the little buggers. Leave the room. 

3rd to Right Array: Yet another Pargon. In the next room, you'll find three 
obelisks. Don't attack them reguarly - use a dominating seven point magickal 
attack spell to get rid of all three and open the exit way.

2nd to Right Array: Tier. Run around the large block to the right stairs and 
dispel the magick field from the stairs. Get a shield up and run out of the 

Rightmost Array: Pargon. Bind a horror in this room and watch it be killed by 
the other two. Now bind another and once a second horror dies, the barrier 
will come down. Kill the last horror and go through the exit door, which will 
lead you to the previous room. Get another shield up and run out.

Return to the circle of power and go to the teleporter. It'll ask you to save. 
Equip the Enchanted Gladius if you have it. If you don't enchant your regular 
one with a seven point dominant alignment spell. Save your game and enter the 

After a couple cutscenes, you'll be face to face with Pious as the ancients 
battle above.

Final Boss Battle: Pious Augustus

If you don't have the enchanted gladius, make sure to enchant your gladius
with a seven point dominant color before going into battle. If you have
the enchanted one, just target him with R and throw it with A. The
essence should show. Run up and strike it, then repeat. Once the characers
that died start coming, have them just run and hit the Essence. Once it
shatters, cast a quick three point enchant on your shotgun and start
firing away. With 4-5 shots, Pious should drop like a fly.

You'll see Pious state that the darkness will never die, but Alex kills him 
anyway with his own staff. Realizing that her own ancient will destroy the 
world as Pious' would have, Edward's spirit goes to another tower. You'll gain 
control for a second, so choose Bankorok, the protect rune. It will bind the 
ancient, ending the threat. Alex will then talk in Edward's place as the last 
chapter in the Tome comes to a close...

                          CHAPTER COMPLETE

Congraluations, you have beaten the game! You have now unlocked the Credits 
option and the ability to skip cutscenes you have seen before. Start a new 
game and choose to carry over your data; you'll be forced to select a new 
essence as Pious, thus putting you on a different path. You can try to pick up 
some things you missed before as well as unlocking new secrets as you beat the 
game again. The darkness comes...no more....


9) Magick

Magick plays an imperative role in this game, as you'll need it to survive as 
well as progress in the numerous chapters. You'll find different runes and 
spells as you continue in the game, and they all stay with you as you transfer 
from character to character.

To cast a spell, first choose a circle of power that you want (Three, Five, 
and Seven are yours to keep once you find them) then pick an alignment rune. 
Next, you must pick two specific runes followed by the necessary amounts of 
Pargon runes to fill in the empty spaces (if casting a five point or seven 
point spell).

List of Runes

Chattur'gha - Red Alignment Rune
Ulyaoth - Blue Alignment Rune
Xel'lotath - Green Alignment Rune
Mantorok - Purple Alignment Rune

Antorbok - 'Project' Rune
Aretak   - 'Creature' Rune
Bankorok - 'Protect' Rune
Magormor - 'Item' Rune
Narokath - 'Absorb' Rune
Nethlek  - 'Dispel' Rune
Pargon   - 'Power' Rune
Redgormor- 'Area' Rune
Santak   - 'Self' Rune
Tier     - 'Summon' Rune

Spell List

Enchant Spell

-Requires Antorbok and Redgormor Runes
-Repairs broken items
-Makes a weapon stronger than it would be, regardless of the alignment

Recover Spell

-Requires Narokath and Santak Runes
-Red recovers health, blue recovers magick, green recovers sanity
-Purple recovers both health and sanity

Reveal Invisible Spell

-Requires Narokath and Redgormor
-Red/Blue/green reveals hidden object with weak alignment
-Purple makes character invisible

Damage Field Spell

-Requires Bankorok and Redgormor
-Surrounds you with field of energy but you can walk in/out of it
-Can trap enemy inside one

Dispel Magick Spell

-Requires Nethlek and Redgormor 
-Red/Blue/Green dispels opposing alignment damage field
-Purple dispels any alignment damage field

Summon Trapper

-Requires Tier and Aretak 
-Can summon Red/Blue/Green trappers
-Can NOT summon Purple trapper

Shield Spell

-Requires Bankorok and Santak
-The number of circle of magick used to cast the spell is how many circles you 
-Can be used with all four alignments

Summon Zombie Spell

-Requires Tier and Aretak
-Can NOT summon purple zombie
-Must have two pargon runes included (hence, a five point spell)

Magickal Attack Spell

-Requires Antorbok and Redgormor
-Red/Blue/Green beats opposing alignment
-Purple beats any alignment

Summon Horror Spell

-Requires Tier and Aretak 
-Can NOT summon Purple horror
-Requires four Pargon runes (hence, seven point circle of power)

Magick Pool Spell

-Requires Tier and Redgormor
-Red regenrates health, blue regenerates magick, green regenerates sanity
-Purple regenerates health, magick, and sanity

Bind Spell

-Requires Bankorok and Aretak
-All alignments 
-Turns enemy to your side, thus making it attack nearby enemies

10) Enemy Encylopedia

Throughout the many chapters of Eternal Darkness, you'll find the same
 enemies who will try to stop you in your quest. Though their alignments 
may change due to the artifact you pick, they are pretty much the same,
with perhaps one or two different attributes.


Distinguishing Features: Eye-less Sockets

Description: The zombie is very similar to the skeleton, except it has
flesh covering its bones. The zombie is also stronger and comes in four
 fruity flavors: Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath and Mantorok.

Strategy: Different strategies for different alignments. For the 
Chattur'gha (Red) zombies, take off their head, their arms, then repeatdly
hack at their torso to make them drop down. Ulyaoth (Blue) zombies require
you to take off their heads and one or both arms before they fall to the
ground. Xel'lotath zombies only require their head to be chopped off
before you can apply a finisher. Mantorok zombies are weak and easy to
kill off; heads, arms, finisher.


Distinguishing Features: Annoying Howling Sound

Description: The size of a "small dog", trappers can be incredibly
annoying. You'll need projectiles to take them out, since if you try to
get close for melee attacks, they'll send you to "trapper dimension".

Strategy: If you have projectiles, just use them. If you have the sound of
trappers but can't see them due to camera angles, use the targeting button
and send a projectile out. Four out of five times you'll get lucky and hit


Distinguishing Features: Praying Mantis Type Posture

Description: Bonethiefs can be some of the most annoying enemies in the
game. They'll take control of normal humans by digging into their neck and
nesting inside, and once that happens, the only way to get them out is to
cut off the head of the host. 

Strategy: The head is the weakpoint. If the the neck is severed, the enemy
becomes useless; so aim for the head. If you picked the Xel'lotath (Green)
artifact, they have no heads, so hack at their main torso.


Distinguishing Features: Three Faces

Description: The horror is the biggest common enemy in the game. With two
arms, two legs, and three whole faces, they're one bad boy. Horrors shoot
what looks like lightning (but is actually magic) at you, and have an
extremely long reach radius.

Strategy: If you take out all three heads, it's practically finished - the
same with the arms. I personally find the faces to be easier to kill off,
but you'll most likely have to use a sword to get to them. If you have a
gun or projectile (excluding the Crossbow) use them on the arms.


Distinguishing Features: Flesh Made "Wings"

Description: The small guardian will drain sanity from you the whole fight
and never stop, so be quick. It will summon trappers, zombies, and/or
Horrors, depending on the level of magic it uses. You can sit in front and
wait for it to spread it's wings, or run behind and start slashing from 
its backside.
Strategy: I would say run around back and start ripping away. This way
you won't lose as much sanity and you won't get hit as much. Do it this
way and these things won't be as much as a pain.

Lesser Guardians

Distinguishing Features: Depends on the path you chose

Description: There's three different models:

Chattur'gha - Looks like a giant spider. Likes to crawl around rapidly.

Ulyaoth - Looks EXACTLY like a hydralisk from Starcraft. Looks to put up
damage shields around itself.

Xel'lotath - Looks like four man's arms attached to a spider-like torso. 
Prefers walking.

Strategy: You'll want to dispel the damage field they put on at the start,
or else you're finished. After that, attack the guardian VERY quickly, as
he's most likely summoning something. It'll stop, and then teleport to
a different location, canceling the summon. After that, it's very easy
and straightforward, just watch for their attacks.

Black Guardians (Chapter 9 Boss)

Distinguishing Features: Varies Depending on the Type

Description: Again, three flavors:

Chattur'gha - A huge lobster! Watch our for his claws - they'll smash you
like Paul if you get too close.

Ulyaoth - A giant spider! He'll step on you if you're too close, so keep 
running if you hope to stay alive.

Xel'lotath - A demented version of the ancient, Xel'lotath. Has many arms
and likes to use a green magic attack to take off your head and decrease 

Strategy: You need to use Spell 9, Magical Attack. Wait til they start
sending their projectile attacks, then instantly start summoning a seven
point Magical Attack that uses the dominant element over the Guardian.
The Guardian should start flashing a its own alignment color, but since
you're already halfway through the summon, the attack will hit it. Next,
 when he starts summoning zombies, as soon as the second one materializes
is your time to start using another seven point dominant magical attack. 
Now, when the beam closes in, you'll want to dodge their smashing attacks,
and wait for them to stop. Now, summon a THREE point magical attack,
since seven would take too long. After you hit them with that, two more
three point magical attacks and they're gone.

Pious (Final Boss)

Distinguishing Features: Bone Staff, Centurion Helmet

Description: Your old friend, Pious, from Chapter 1, is ready to do combat
while the two ancients fight up above. He has a shield you must bring down
and that is recharged by the essence of the ancient whenever he is hurt.

Strategy: If you don't have the enchanted gladius, enchant your gladius
with a seven point dominant color before going into battle. If you have
the enchanted one, just target him with R and throw it with A. The
essence should show. Run up and strike it, then repeat. Once the characers
that died start coming, have them just run and hit the Essence. Once it
shatters, cast a quick three point enchant on your shotgun and start
firing away. With 4-5 shots, Pious should drop like a fly.


10) Secrets/Codes

Unlock Credits Option

To unlock the Credits option on the main screen, beat the game once on
any path. You will now also be able to skip cutscenes you saw before.

Unlock Jump to Game Mode

To get Jump to Game Mode(Chapter Select) beat the game twice on any two
paths. It will be under Options and above Credits on the main screen.

Unlock Eternal Mode

To unlock Eternal Mode(Invincibility and Infinite Ammo), beat the game
three times on one save file, which includes all three paths. Eternal Mode 
will then be used on Jump to Game Mode.

Enchanted Gladius

To get the Enchanted Gladius, you must collect the Effigys throughout the 
chapters that take place in the desert temple. Grab the Ruby Effigy as Karim, 
the Sapphire Effigy as Roberto, and the Emerald Effigy as Michael Edwards. 
Once you grab the gladius as Michael, it will be given later to Alex on her 
way to the basement along with the last Essence. The Enchanted Gladius helps 
quite a bit in the final boss battle.


11) Copyright Information

This document is copyright 2002 Admodieus. All rights reserved. You may not 
reproduce or use this guide without seeking my permission first. All 
characters and logos are trademarks of Silicon Knights and Nintendo. All 
rights reserved.

Please email me at admodieus@ign.com or contact me on AIM at
my screename 'Admodieus' if you have any questions.

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