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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zubins

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/02/02

Eternal Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough
By: Zubins
Email: Taroba@mpinet.net
Version 1.0

++  __TABLE OF CONTENTS__   ++
     A. First and Foremost
          1. Legal Stuff
          2. Email Policy
          3. Introduction
          4. Version History
          5. Black List!
     B. Walkthrough
          Searching through the Dark 1
          Chapter One: The Chosen One
          Cool Blue:
              Searching Through The Dark 2
              Chapter Two: The Binding of the Corpse God
              Searching Through The Dark 3
              Chapter Three: Suspicions of Conspiracy
              Searching Through The Dark 4
              Chapter Four: The Gift of Forever
              Searching Through the Dark 5
              Chapter Five: The Lurking Horror
              Searching Through the Dark 6
              Chapter Six: A Journey Into Darkness
              Searching Through The Dark 7
              Chapter Seven: Heresy!
              Searching Through The Dark 8
              Chapter Eight: The Forbidden City
              Searching Through The Dark 9
              Chapter Nine: The War to End All Wars
              Searching Through The Dark 10
              Chapter Ten: A Legacy of Darkness
              Searching Through The Dark 11
              Chapter Eleven: Ashes to Ashes
              Searching Through The Dark: Final
              The Final Chapter
     C. Credits and Acknowledgments 
Section A: First and Foremost
This entire work is copyright 2002 Robert White. You may copy it for 
your own personal use helping you with the game. You may not sell it to 
anybody or give it to anybody for money. To make it short just don't 
make money off my work. 

You may email me about this game or this guide. The subject must 
include: "Eternal Darkness" somewhere in it (even if its not game 
related). Make sure you read the FAQ entirely before asking a question. 
Remember if you email me and I put you in my guide, I will give you 
proper credit by posting your name and email in the guide. If you don't 
want me to disclose your email just tell me so. Note: For those emails 
concerning Black listing, make sure they are violating that person's 
FAQ's copyright, or it won't make it to the blacklist. Oh yes, and do 
be specific and detailed in what they did.

I DO NOT want to receive the following:
-Hate mail
-Junk mail
-Any special offers
-Mail with lots of bad grammar (a little is fine)

I LOVE to receive the following:
-Mistakes in guide (be it grammar or content)
-Questions NOT covered in the guide

Hi everyone! This is my first FAQ (like you don't hear that enough). I 
decided to write this FAQ because I've been a Gamefaqs for a long time 
and felt like I should contribute something. This is my third game for 
the Gamecube and one of the best games out for the 'cube so far. 

     4. Version History
~V. 1.0 -July 2, 2002- I got the entire blue path complete. I skipped 
all the extra crap to get the complete guide up first.

~Next time: I will have the complete red guide, how to get the Mantorok 
rune, and maybe put in some of the extra crap. Expect this in within a 
week or two.

     5. BLACK LIST!!
I got this idea from Aya Brea <I_love_aya@hotmail.com>. The people and 
organizations on this list are evil and have stolen someone's FAQ to 
make money. These people/sites/ organizations/magazines should be 
avoided if you are in any way a decent person. If you know someone that 
I should add to this list, email me (read email policy above)
     These first two come from Aya: 

- The Gamesman (Wellington central, New Zealand)
These guys have actually printed out Cephiroth's FFVIII walkthrough
and put them on the counter for sale! To all people who are reading
this and lives in Wellington, AVOID THAT SHOP!!! (There are plenty
game stores in that area.) 

- Game Informer Magazine
What did they do? They stole Happy Matt's Legend of Dragoon
guide including all of the item names that he translated for the
later part of the game without giving anything that barely resembles
Section B: Walkthrough 
The Darkness Comes...
Watch the opening sequence and wait until you can control Alex. When 
you finally can control her there will be a lot of skeletons walking 
around, just shoot them (R to aim and A to shoot) or whatever and wait 
until the game takes over. (It's ok to run out of ammo or even get hit; 
it's set up that way.) You'll then wake up to a phone call and figure 
out it was a dream. Inspector Legrasse tells Alex that there was an 
accident with her grandfather and she needs to go to his mansion in 
Rhode Island. There he shows her Edward Roivas (her grandfather) 
murdered in his library. He asks her to identify the body because there 
is no head and she is the only living relative. Two weeks later she 
begins to search the mansion for clues to her grandfather's murder.

Searching Through The Dark 1 
       When you get control of Alex look at the small clock straight in 
front of you. You'll find a key behind it and notice its not part of 
the clock at all; it's a dresser key! Pick it up and save it for later.
Notice the time on the clock is set to 3:33, remember that time.

       If you go to the right you will enter the library. Go to the very 
back of the library and look at the grandfather clock. You can change 
the time set on the clock. Change it to the same time on the small 
clock in the rotunda. If you have trouble setting it exactly to 3:33, 
use the D-pad to move the hands. What da ya know! A secret passage 
opens up! Follow it to a hidden room. After the cinema you'll see a few 
of the items in the room sort of glow. Glowing items are items you can 
pick up. The main thing you need to get right now is the eerie looking 
book. When you read the book flashes of scenes from the past (this 
happens every time someone new picks up the book) and Edward starts 
talking about stuff. Then chapter one begins...

Chapter One: The Chosen One
       The chapter starts with Pious Augustus giving orders to his men 
and then being called by some ghostly voice He follows it to these five 
pillars and gets transported into some temple. There's nothing to do in 
the first room so go down the ladder.
	As you enter the room a little bit a skeleton will stand up at 
the end of the hallway next to a box with a red symbol on it. Venture a 
little bit further into the room, but not too far yet. Because he's 
alone this will be easy. Remember that R aims and A attacks. You can 
also target specific body parts by moving the control stick while 
aiming: Up to attack the head, Right and left to attack either arm, and 
down to attack the lower torso or chest (it's automatically aimed their 

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__(Mantorok) Skeleton__
Your classic, weak, animated bones. The best way to down them (except 
in certain cases) is to cut of the head first and while its stunned 
from that, cut off both arms. This strategy is very useful later as you 
can down these weaklings in 2 seconds or less, and when there are lots 
of them, time really counts. 

	So kill the skeleton and when it goes down the B icon will appear 
in the corner with the words Finish Him! (Like Mortal Kombat :) Press B 
to execute your finishing blow and kill the monster for good. Start 
walking towards the block and two more skeletons will come out at you 
kill them like you did above. Go look at the block and pick it up, then 
continue to the next room. There will be a couple more skeletons and 
another granite block. Kill everything, take the block, and move on.
	In the next room there will be a few more skeletons. If you use 
the strategy I told you, you should be fine, but if somehow you do get 
surrounded by all four of them, I'll teach you an evasion tactic that 
is useful for all enemies and could help you.

This is sort of like a hit and run tactic. If its one enemy, wait for 
it to start its attack, then run away and behind it before it finishes 
its attack and stab it one or two times. If there's a lot surrounding 
you, first try to get out of their circle by slashing without aiming at 
some of them then running out. Then you can deal with them one on one 
as they walk towards you. If you time it right, they might even kill 
some of themselves when you run out of the way and they attack! Try and 
remember this tactic, as it will be useful throughout the whole game.

	There's another block lying on the floor so pick it up and 
continue on. Down here there are two doors but one of them is bolted so 
you have to take the other one. In this room there are four symbols on 
the walls and each corresponds with a colored granite block in this 
level. Kill all the enemies in here and take the purple block in the 
center. Place each block underneath its color on the wall. When you 
place the last block the bars on the door in the previous passageway 
will drop. Enter that room and you will see a statue of Pious in the 
middle of the room. You are supposed to destroy it by chopping it up, 
piece by piece. After that's done the door will open. In here there is 
a big button on the wall, so press it. A teleportation pad will light 
up ready to take Pious to the next area.
	Here there are three artifacts. The one you take determines the 
rest of the game. As this is my first time through the game, I chose 
blue and the rest of this guide will be on the blue path. I will add 
red and green later (in that order, too) but for now I suggest you take 
blue. When you take the artifact a cinema will start and Pious' chapter 
will end.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 2
	Alex will now take the book into her possession and you can now 
cast magic (although you don't have any yet). Behind the desk on the 
wall is a glowing piece of paper, another chapter page! Pick it up and 
read it to start the next chapter. I like to save before each new 
chapter, though so it's a good time to save now if you haven't done so 

(Cool Blue) Chapter Two: The Binding of the Corpse God
	The chapter starts with Ellia reading out of the Tome about Pious 
sealing Mantorok into the temple. Getting bored with the book quickly, 
and the door to the temple closing on her, she starts to explore the 
temple for another way out.
	Look at the statue in toe front of the room. Don't take the 
necklace yet, although you can if you want. If you don't take the 
necklace go to the right passageway and travel down to the last room. 
In the first room you'll see three candles in front of a picture. 
Notice the candles depict the position of the sun in the picture. As 
you enter the next corridor, Ellia will step on a trapped floor and 
trigger a trap. Just exit and reenter the corridor and avoid the trap. 
There are traps all around the corridors in this temple so watch out. 
Continue to the next room. There's a new enemy here and you'll be 
introduced to sanity and your sanity meter.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__Xel'lotath Zombie__
This Zombie is the weakest of the three aligned zombies. When it hits 
you there is a chance it will drain your sanity. Cut off any 
limb(especially the head) and it falls down.

	Look at the candles on the wall. You're supposed to depict the 
time of day on the candles matching the picture. There is no sun on the 
picture so extinguish all three candles to open the door slightly. With 
that done its time to explore the left side of the temple. As you go 
back through the main room again, you can pick up the necklace now. It 
can heal you a little bit and can be used ten times. Remember you have 
to stay still until the spell is cast. In the last room there is 
another zombie and another candle puzzle.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__Chattur'gha Zombie__
This is the strongest of the three zombies. The best thing I can tell 
you to do is to cut off all the limbs and head so it just stands there, 
and then hack away at its chest.

	The candle puzzle this time must depict high noon. I think you 
know what to do now. When you finish that puzzle you can move on, as 
the door is now completely open. 

<<Check!>>There is a bronze necklace on the right side of the room. You 
can pick it up now, but you don't need it any more. (Its for if you 
took the necklace before exploring the right corridors you can place it 
on the statue to open the passageway again.)

	Move on to the next corridor and in the middle you will see a 
blowgun on the right side. You might want to save before picking it up. 
When you do a trap opens up and Ellia falls through the hole. Her sword 
breaks so use the blowgun to kill the zombies. The blowgun is poisonous 
and cam slowly kill enemies(not the fastest way though, better shoot 
them a couple of times anyway) Make sure the guard in the corner 
doesn't die. Shoot the zombie to get his attention away from the guard 
and on you.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__Ulyaoth Zombie__
This zombie isn't that strong, but it has a special attack. It 
sometimes drains your magik when it hits you. Its special attack is 
when it sings and glows blue. After some time it will explode. If there 
are a lot nearby, one can start all of them singing. To stop them from 
singing, cut off their head. Also, when they explode you can't perform 
a finishing blow to them so you can't regain lost sanity. Cutting off 
their head and either arm will cause them to fall down.

After both are dead, bring your broken sword to the guard and he will 
fix it for you out of gratitude. Continue on to the next room and 
notice on the central pillar-like thing there is a hole that some kind 
of lever fits in. The murals are of no importance right now so ignore 
them. Continue on until you reach Mantorok's chamber. After the cinema 
go up to the center statue (the one that shocked Ellia) and take the 
metal staff. If you check it in the inventory you will see it is a 
lever of some kind. Go back and put it in the whole in the first room. 
This will open up the door behind Mantorok. Go through that door to end 
the chapter.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 3
	When the chapter ends, the candles on the right wall light up. Do 
the same as you did in Ellia's chapter. Get the message tube hidden 
there and open it to reveal another chapter page. Save and then read 
the chapter.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Three: Suspicions of Conspiracy
	The chapter starts out with a monk giving Anthony a scroll that 
is to be delivered to Charlemagne. He sneaks a peak at it and gets 
bewitched by a spell intended for Charlemagne. He now must warn 
Charlemagne of the danger he is in.
	Go up to the front of the altar and look at and open the coffin. 
The monk next to the coffin gives Anthony a sword for protection and 
tells him to find the Bishop. Go up the stairs and before you do you 
will be transported to a hall with statues of the previous characters 
and the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Pick up the Tome and continue up the 
stairs. Anthony will slowly transform into a zombie at certain points 
and this is the first one. Just ignore it and you'll be alright. Pick 
up the blue urn on the shelf and the circle of power on the desk. A 
circle of power is the first thing you need to be able to use magic. 
Look at the middle shelf and you'll notice a book is out of place. Move 
the book to open a secret passageway. Here there will be a zombie with 
a rune inside of him. Kill him to acquire the rune. Continue on to the 
next room and kill the skeletons to save the monk. Talk to him to get 
the two-edged sword. Equip the torch and look around the floor for 
three pieces of the green urn and mix them together.

<<Check!>> Notice how fire burned down that tapestry revealing the 
door? You'll need to do that later.

	Carry on to the next room where there is another Rune-Zombie. 
Kill it for its rune. There is also a codex on the stairs. In the next 
room there is another codex and a filled red urn. Maybe you should try 
to fill the other urns. When you try to fill the blue urn it breaks and 
a red rune comes out of it. You can now create a spell! Go to new spell 
and select the red alignment and your two other runes. This creates 
spell one which is the Enchant Item spell.

<<Magik Check!>>
__Enchant Item__
Enchant Item can fix any broken item you have. It can also enchant 
weapons to make them stronger. It also makes them a certain color 
depending on the alignment you use. More on that later.

	Fix both your urns and fill them with water. Now you can move on 
by using your torch to burn the tapestry. In the next room the Bishop 
will go into a secret passageway. Pick up the scroll and codex here. 
You have already made the spell so this will just tell you what it 
does. Put the three filled urns on the pressure plate to open the 
secret passage. You might want to save now, and if you're not that good 
at combat enchant your big sword. Now move on until you see the Bishop. 
You have to fight him and all I can tell you is to hack away at him. 
When the Ulyoath Zombies stand up, just hack their chests a bit until 
they start singing. Then let their blast hit the bishop (be careful not 
to get hit yourself) This should be an easy fight and pick up the 
Bishop's key after you kill him. Work your way back and sometime along 
the way you will encounter a trapper.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__(Any color) Trapper__
Trappers send you to the Trapper Dimension. You can try to sneak by 
them with the X button. Sometimes, trappers are good as in the trapper 
dimension you can recover your stats by going to the corresponding pad 
in the dimension. To leave, just go to the purple exit.

	Keep going, but before you go up the ladder you might want to 
save your game and enchant your item again. Go up and you will 
encounter your first Horror.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__Ulyaoth Horror__
Horrors are the strongest normal enemy in the game. Each one saps a 
stat when it hits you (blue-magik, red-health, and green-sanity) and 
each has a magikal attack. You can cut their arms off, but its of no 
use so don't try. To kill them, try cutting off their three heads. 
That's the best way but you are going to loose some health. You could 
also try to stab them in the back, but that takes longer.

	After that, just go to the door behind the stairs and use the 
Bishop's key to open it. Entering ends the chapter.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 4
	Back as Alex, you can now try and go upstairs. When you use the 
key though, it breaks. Enchant it to repair it and open the door. This 
time lets go right to the chapter page first. Take a left and enter the 
first door you see on the right. Look at the picture above the desk and 
find the chapter page. There's some ammo on the dresser so take that. 
Then you are ready to start the next chapter.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Four: The Gift of Forever
	The chapter begins with Chandra telling Karim to find an artifact 
for her and then she will be his. Karim, deeply in love with her can't 
refuse and goes to search for it. Soon, the same thing that transported 
Pious to the temple also sends Karim there also.
	Try to go down the stairs and you're teleported to the screaming 
hall. Now Anthony's statue has been added. This will happen almost 
every chapter and is just to get you the Tome. When you are sent back, 
the skeletons that littered the floor now arise. Kill them and continue 
on. Get the white statuette at the corner. There is also a Rune-Zombie 
before you go up the ladder so make sure you kill that. Up the ladder, 
go to the barrier with the picture of a rune on it. That means you must 
have that rune in your possession to proceed. Since you just got it, 
walk up to the barrier and it will disperse. Go down the new ladder. 
Down here make sure to get the torch, black statuette and codex. After 
you have all that, go back to the previous room. Place a statuette an 
each of those circular pads and stand on the last one. An elevator-like 
thing comes up depositing trappers in the room. Sneak to the elevator 
and take it down. The last man will have another sword in him; take it. 
When you try to leave that man stand up and starts attacking you! Kill 
him and a bonethief pops out.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__Chattur'gha Bonethief__
I don't know what the differences between the different bonethieves 
are, but I suspect they are the same except the attributes they drain. 
Slice their head off for an easy kill. Also, bonethieves take a crap-
load of your sanity so be careful.

	In the next room there are two more zombies. (Bonethief in one of 
them) Pick up the scroll by the dead guy and you might as well save now 
also. Go in the next room and kill everything in it. Now make sure 
you're health is high and maybe save. DON'T enchant you're weapon and 
if it already is, wait for it to wear off. Now enter the room in the 
corner and fight the horror to get its rune. I think you can make the 
recover spell now, so make a new spell with the two new runes you got 
this chapter and an alignment rune.

<<Magik Check!>>
Recover restores attributes depending on what alignment rune you use. 
Red restores health and is the only one you can use right now. Blue is 
magik and green is sanity.

	Go down the ladder that was blocked and get the codex, then enter 
the room on the right. Go to the middle and you see a sword in the 
stone :) Save and make sure you are at FULL health(or close to it) now 
pick up the sword and immediately equip it. The door locks and a load 
of skeletons pop out. Because there are so many its best to get them 
all together and then knock them all down at once(don't aim). Wait for 
them to get back up and then do it again, finally you can perform the 
finishing blow to them. Then even more skeletons show up, do the same 
thing as before. Now after that Ulyaoth Zombies come! For them you can 
go after their heads and then deal with them, or just get one singing 
and then run out of their range(not good for your sanity, though) After 
them comes three more, but one is a Rune-Zombie. One slice to the head 
will down him. The other two have bonethieves inside. After that its 
finally over and the door opens. Your sanity is probably history after 
that so be careful until you get it back up. Go back to the room with 
the picture of the sword and a blue rune. What do you think that means? 
You're right if you said enchant your sword blue and use it. This 
reveals a hidden door. There are some red zombies in the next hallway, 
but with your big sword they are easy. Two shots to the head(second 
time aim there even though there is no head) and it cuts it totally in 
half. Go up the ladder when you see it and get the red statue(I missed 
this the first time around because I thought it was unimportant). Then 
continue down the hallway, there is a horror here, but it is amazingly 
easy if your weapon is still enchanted blue. Before you continue I 
think now is a good time to explain the different colors and 

For each magik spell you have, you can cast it under 4 different 
alignments. Red is always about health and when you use it against 
enemies, its strong verses green. Green gives sanity and beats blue. 
And Blue is all about magik and beats Red. So if you're going to face a 
blue boss, enchant you're item green. It won't harm you if you make it 
red, but if you use blue it will take a long time to kill it. Since 
this is the blue path most of your enemies will be blue. So think of 
green as your ally. There is also a fourth color, purple. This is the 
color of Mantorok and is the strongest color. This is a special rune 
and you don't need it to complete the game. I will tell you how to get 
it in a later version of this guide, but for now the guide will be 
written as if you didn't get it. (Cause I didn't this first time and 
have to go back and find it)

	Down the ladder is a bookstand. The only book you have is the 
Tome so use that and it opens the door. Pick it back up and continue 
down the hallway (better save). A force field comes up and waves of 
enemies start coming at you. Don't touch the field as it will shock 
you, also don't worry about your sanity and finishing blows that much 
as the chapter is almost over. Just keep chopping and use some of those 
chakrams if you have any left. When all that's done retrieve the red 
artifact to end this chapter.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 5
	Go back to the lobby. If the phone is ringing, well answer it, 
its not that bad. Now go into the kitchen, which is the door on the 
right. You will see a lock on the door similar to the one you saw with 
Karim(the next chapter page will always use something you found or 
spell you learned in the last chapter to find it.) So enchant your item 
blue and use it to open the pantry. There is a spice jar in the pantry 
with the next chapter page in it.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Five: The Lurking Horror
	This chapter is on Maximillian Roivas. He has inherited the 
mansion just like Edward and wants to discover its secrets and family 
history so he goes exploring in the house.
	First things first, equip your pistol and lets get all the ammo 
in the house first. The house is safe, for now.
-On the desk Maximillian was writing on
-Bathroom on the sink
-Table where the statue that followed you was
-Desk in the bathroom with "the tub"
-Corridor to the right of grand staircase.
-Shelf in kitchen
	That's all the ammo in the house you can get at this point. I 
don't think I have to tell you this, but don't attack the servants. 
Some will attack you and have bonethieves inside. Now go to the master 
bedroom and get the codex and letter there. In the main hallway there 
is also another letter where the small clock was. Then the Kitchen and 
get the codex and pump handle there. Finally now that you got 
everything, go to the dining room(above the kitchen where the grand 
piano was.) Over the fireplace is a puzzle saying to place the raven in 
front of Ulyaoth's greatest foe. You already know that blue is weak 
versus green so place the raven in front of the green symbol 
(Xel'lotath). This opens a secret passage. In here get the scroll, 
sabre, another pistol, and the Tome. When you pick up the Tome a Horror 
appears in the main lobby and a letter falls out of the Tome.(good time 
to save). Go back through the passage and guess what? Your servants 
start attacking you(bonethieves inside them)! Don't use the gun the 
whole time; it takes to long to load. The second you run out of ammo, 
switch to the sabre. Still, don't attack every servant you see. Some 
are still good so I usually wait until one tries to hit me before I 
attack him. Reload whenever there are no enemies nearby. Note that 
Maximillian performs an autopsy before the finishing blow on every new 
creature he encounters. Get the rune from the horror in the hallway and 
go upstairs to search for the item talked about in the last letter. It 
says look towards the light so try the stained-glass window. There is a 
sealed letter hidden behind the small desk there. As you get it a 
bonethief pops out of the window.(I hate those things) Read the letter 
in the envelope and get the basement key.(time to save again) When you 
try to go downstairs there is one of those sanity things where you have 
to kill another horror for the Xel'lotath rune. You now have all three 
alignment runes.

<<Magik Check!>>
__Spell 9(Magikal Attack)__
You can now make this spell by using any alignment and the (Area) and 
(Project) runes. This spell sends magical energy of the alignment you 
choose at all enemies. It's similar to the horror's magical attacks, 
but because its actually pretty weak, isn't really useful in situations 
other than those that magik is the only thing that works. (Which isn't 
needed for a long time). Right now you can use it to stun enemies 
before they get close enough for you to attack. 
__Reveal Invisible__ 
You should have already learned this. But if you haven't you can learn 
it by using the (Absorb) and (Area) runes. When using this spell you 
have to use the enemy color of the thing you want to reveal for it to 

	Downstairs and on the right side there is a blue symbol of a rune 
with a three-point Circle of Power around it. What could that mean? 
Look at the picture on the wall and it reveals there once was a door 
there. Use your new spell Reveal Invisible (green alignment because 
it's the enemy of blue) to reveal the basement door. I suggest 
enchanting your item green before going on. Then use the key and enter 
the basement. Get the ammo, scroll, and codex in here after killing 
everything. (Save) put the handle on the pump and drain the water from 
the well. Go down. Go down again, lol :) Get the rune from the Rune-
Zombie. Now you can create two new spells.

<<Magik Check!>>
__Damage Field__
This will be created for you. I never found this spell that useful, but 
maybe you have a use for it. It creates a magical barrier of the color 
of your choosing and nothing can enter that area but you.
__Spell 7(Shield)__
This spell creates a temporary shield of the color of your choice 
around you. This is one of the most useful spells in the game. Create 
it by using the (Self) and (Protect) runes. Whenever something aligned 
to the color you chose would deal damage to you, to deals it to the 
shield instead. When all the lights are gone so is your shield, and you 
need to cast this again.

	Give yourself a blue shield before moving on. Look out the 
balcony if you wish.(Save) Now you can move on. As you enter the next 
area a monster seals the exit and starts battle with you.


	This is a very simple boss. Your sabre should still be enchanted 
and your shield at full. The Guardian only does three things: a magical 
attack, shielding itself, and summoning trappers and zombies. Just hack 
at it, follow it (not to close though) and hack again. It should be 
dead very shortly. Killing it ends the chapter.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 6
	In the last chapter you got a spell that reveals the invisible. 
So where do you think we should use that? How about that dresser with 
no keyhole. Look at the dresser and it has the symbols of Ulyaoth and 
three-point Circle of Power. So use a green reveal invisible to reveal 
the keyhole and use your key to open it. Inside are a revolver and the 
next chapter page.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Six: A Journey Into Darkness
	The chapter starts with Dr. Edwin Lindsey and "Paul Augustine" 
finding the temple in Cambodia. Paul Augustine, who is really Pious, 
tries to kill Lindsey and sends a Winged Guardian to kill Lindsey.

<<Enemy Analysis>>
__Winged Guardian__
This guy's main attack it to try to stun you with its beak attack, and 
then summon a monster to kill you. Use the hit-and-run tactic you 
learned long ago. Their main weakness is their back and this tactic is 
the best way to go.

	In the middle of the room is a pile of dust. Use your brush to 
reveal a bronze bracelet. Put the bracelet on the statue to open one of 
the doors. You're teleported to the screaming hall before moving on. 
Get the Tome and move on. Remember the traps still litter the corridor; 
they're just harder to see. In the first corridor you will find a metal 
bracelet on the right side along the wall and a codex under a 
cobweb(use the brush) by the exit. Continue to the next room and notice 
the horror is protected by a barrier, so you can't attack it until you 
get rid of the barrier. There is the bronze necklace on the pedestal, 
the same place it was before, so get that.
	Go back to the main room and place the bronze necklace on the 
statue with the bracelet. This opens up the door to your right and the 
door in the room with the horror. Go to the right and pick up the 
silver bracelet. Then quickly put the metal bracelet in its place. In 
the next corridor there is another cobweb with a codex behind it 
towards the exit. In the next room there is a rune-zombie with a bunch 
of other zombies. When you get the rune you can now make another spell!

<<Magik Check!>>
__Dispel Magik__
This spell gets rid of all spell of the enemy color of the one you 
cast. Anything including damage fields, shields and enchanted items. To 
make it use the (Area) and (Dispel) runes.

	In the next corridor there is another cobweb with the scroll of 
the spell you just made under it. There is also another statue. Back it 
the room with the horror, you can now get rid of its barrier by casting 
a green dispel magik. Behind him is a silver necklace. Now go back to 
the statue and put the necklace and bracelet on it to open up a door.
	In the next area there is another rune-zombie. After killing it 
you can make another spell!

<<Magik Check!>>
__Bind(Spell 12)__
Bind lets you make creatures yours. They start attacking enemies for 
you until they die. You can't control them though. Make this spell by 
combining the (Protect) and (Creature) runes. The creature rune is the 
one you just found.

	After you kill everything in this room it is a good time to save 
your game. In the next corridor you can go either up or down. I 
personally chose up, but if you go the other way just read this section 
in reverse. In the first room, kill the horror then dispel the barrier. 
There's also a button to press on one of the walls, but I don't know 
what that's for. Also get the necklace from under the cobweb. In room 
number two kill everything, dispel barrier, and press button. Do the 
same in room three. Put your crusted necklace in the basin with acidic 
water and push the button. This reveals the necklace is gold. In room 
four, step on the pad and then run to the statue and receive the gold 
bracelet. Now go back to where the statue for gold was and place your 
bracelet and necklace on it. This opens up another passage. (I know 
Mantorok's rune has to be here somewhere, so if you want to look for it 
before continuing than that's ok.) When you're ready to move on go 
through the passage.
	Continue on until you get to one of those mural rooms you saw as 
Ellia. There is a codex here under a cobweb. Keep going until you reach 
the third room. In here there is another rune-zombie. Get its rune and 
you can now make more spells.

<<Magik Check!>>
__Summon Trapper(Spell 6)__
It does just as the name implies. It summons a trapper that you can 
control and send things to the trapper dimension. You have to aim at 
what you're sending with R and then trap it with A. Press start to 
release control over it(its now you're enemy). Trappers can't open 
doors or pick up items. Your sanity slowly decreases when you are 
controlling a creature. Create it with the (Summon) and (Creature) 
__Magik Pool(Spell 11)__
Created with the (Summon) and (Area) runes, this spell slowly 
regenerates a stat by drawing energy from the environment. This is 
helpful in long battles where you don't have time to use recover. The 
stat depends on what alignment you choose.

	In the next room there is the scroll for the summon trapper 
spell. Finally in Mantorok's chamber walk up to the central statue to 
trigger a cinema and them enter the door behind Mantorok to end the 

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 7
	The first thing you want to do is get the essence of Mantorok. 
You saw where Edward Roivas put it last chapter so go get it. Last 
chapter you got the dispel magik spell. Go upstairs to the stained-
glass window and dispel the barrier around it. Now retrieve the next 
chapter page.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Seven: Heresy!
	This chapter starts with Paul Luther arriving at the Cathedral 
and requesting lodging and a viewing of their hallowed relic, the hand 
of Jude.
	Enter the door right in front of you and walk to the front of the 
church. In one of the pews is a dead man. When you call for the guards 
they believe you killed him and lock you up. In your room get the 
emerald from the picture on the wall. When you do a monk comes to free 
you and tells you to find Brother Andrew's journals. He spent time in 
the Old Tower so that's where you should look or them. Before you leave 
you are sent to the screaming hall. Notice Lindsey's statue isn't 
there. Because Lindsey doesn't die, he doesn't get a statue.
	The first thing you probably want to do is meat the custodian in 
the bell tower. You will find enemies along the way. Just use a spell 
nine (magical attack) and continue on. Go up there(it's to the left of 
the main hall) and ring the bell to call him. He gives you the key to 
the Old Tower. Now go to the main part of the church and go to the 
left. Get the torch here and continue through the door in front of you. 
Get the crossbow in the chest and the Podium key by searching the 
robes. Go to the Podium in the other room to get diary page 
one.(there's also crossbow ammo in the chair next to the tabernacle.) 
Now down the stairs behind the altar go to the room on the left. Get 
the ammo and book from here. Further down get the ammo and mace. You 
don't need to go into the wine cellar yet so go back up and go to the 
Old Tower. Here get the shield spell scroll. Upstairs get the music and 
diary page two. Now go down and enter the old Bishop's room and you 
have to fight Anthony.

       I consider Anthony a boss even though he is very weak. Turning 
into a zombie has made Anthony very weak and slow. Even with his 
massive two-edged sword, he does almost no damage to you. Just hack 
away at him until he dies for good. Beating him gets you his sword and 
a red ruby.

	Go back to the main room and play the organ. This opens up the 
tabernacle so you can get the Five-point Circle of Power.

<<Check!>> Remember the second to last note. You have to play this 
later, but that note will be missing.

	Now go down to the wine cellar and check all the barrels for the 
one that is hollow. That one you can turn to open a secret passage.
	My memory is a little vague here so I can't be real specific. 
Somewhere you find the last gem and use the three to open the passage 
down to the lower level of the church. You also find the power rune 

<<Magik Check!>>
Power runes: Add power runes to any spell to make it stronger. Simple 
as that. So if you want to make your shield spell stronger use a five-
point circle of power, the runes required for the spell and add (Power) 
runes. Adding these to the summon trapper spell creates the summon 
zombie spell.
	When you reach the place where Anthony killed the Bishop, you 
find the last piece of Brother Andrew's diary and now you can go back 
to report to the custodian. He gives you a sacrificial knife. Now go 
back to the lower level of the church and use the knife in the stone 
altar with the slit in to. This opens the door. A level-two barrier 
blocks your path so use a level-two dispel magik to continue on. Look 
at the custodian's body. After that go back and you see the heretic 
monk unlock the last door. Follow him until the ornamented door. Enter 
it to end the chapter.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 8
	As you return to Alex, you find a note from Edward. He says to 
find the 88 keys. Those not musically inclined won't know he's talking 
about the piano, but that is indeed what he is talking about. Go to the 
piano and play the song you learned in Luther's chapter. This reveals 
the next chapter page.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Eight: The Forbidden City
	The chapter starts with Roberto Bianchi being forced to survey 
the site where the Pillar of Flesh is being built. The places he must 
survey are marked with an X on his map. Note that this is the same 
temple that Pious and Karim were in.
	Continue on until you get to the first survey site. You will 
encounter a zombie along the way, but just run past it, as you don't 
have a weapon yet. After you survey the first site, pick up the sword 
on the wall and now you can go back to kill that zombie. There are also 
some crossbow bolts along a wall in here also, I think so anyway.
	In the next room there are four barricades. Each time you push a 
lever in one of the barricades another opens. Open all the barricades 
and kill all the monsters inside. In the next room, survey the far wall 
and get the crossbow and ammo here. Now finally you get the Tome when 
you try to go down the next ladder. Past this trapper filled hallway is 
a winged guardian and the scroll of summon zombie.
	In the next room you see a zombie walk up and trigger a trap 
squishing itself and locking one of the exits. First go to the other 
room and kill all the zombies in here and then save and prepare for a 
fight. Go to the smaller door on the right wall and survey that area. 
When you do the three workers there start attacking you. They all have 
bonethieves inside and this isn't an easy fight. After that's done go 
down the stairs in the previous room. Go to the area where you solved 
the block puzzle with Pious and kill all the monsters there. Take care 
of the horror first, and then the rest is easy. Look at the key on the 
pedestal. It has Ulyaoth's symbol surrounded by a five-point circle of 
power. So what you do is to use a green level-two reveal invisible to 
reveal a way to get to the key. Pick it up and continue on. Back in the 
previous corridor, don't forget to get the blue statue on the left-hand 
	Use the key to open the double door in the previous room. Don't 
go on the yellow covered surface or it will shock you. I don't know if 
there is a way to get rid of it, so use a shield for safety instead. 
For the alignment choose green, I don't know if it matters though. In 
the next room, cut the rope with your sword to drop the bridge. This 
takes some aiming, but you'll get it. As you try to cross the bridge 
two worms pop out at you. They are amazingly easy though and don't even 
attack you. Survey the area and pull the lever across the bridge.
	Finally go back to the room where the zombie was squished and 
summon your own zombie for squishing. Walk him right into the trap and 
the gate opens. Go down the ladder and make your way to the room where 
Pious chose his artifact. Retrieve the essence of Chattur'gha, survey 
the room, and make your way back through the temple and end the 

(Cool Blue) Searching Through the Dark 9
	Let's see, what did we learn last chapter? We learned to survey. 
So go to the painting of the pillar of flesh where the wall is now 
crumbling and survey the area. You will find the next chapter page.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Nine: The War to End All Wars
	The chapter starts with Peter Jacob writing in his Journal. He 
sees one of the patients being taken away. He goes to investigate.
	Pick up the letter on the desk Peter was writing on. Get the 
sealed envelope on the Podium and another letter on the way to the bell 
tower. Then give the orders inside the envelope to the guard in front 
of Luther's old chamber. He leaves his post to join the soldiers on the 
front line. Inside the room, pick up the gun.(It's a good time to save 
now) As you do, a mortar blows out the power to the Cathedral. Before 
you leave you are sent to the screaming hall and get the Tome.
	There is a bonethief outside, kill it but it will use almost all 
your ammo. Back in the main part of the church, there are a lot of 
bonetheives and bonethief-infested people around. Flash them (you know 
what I mean) and run to the stairs behind the altar (get the rifle on 
the altar first). Go to the two rooms on the left and get the ammo in 
here. Go to the Old Tower and upstairs get the big sword and more ammo. 
Now go down stairs and start killing stuff. In the Bishop's room there 
is a torch so you can see and a couple more boxes of ammo.
	Go back to the basement and go to the old wine cellar. To the 
left is a door to a boiler. Turn the wheel to get steam running to the 
generator again. With the torch you can see a door in the room, but its 
blocked. There is a small hole so if you summon a trapper you can get 
rid of whatever is blocking the door. Aim at the dead soldier and send 
him to the trapper dimension. Now you can get the seven-point Circle of 
Power. Power up all your spells before continuing. Go to the right door 
and put the lucky penny in place of the broken fuse in the fuse box. 
Then switch the generator on to restore power. Make your way back to 
the organ, and when you get up the stairs the window gets blown out. 
Get the music and play it on the organ to open the Tabernacle and get 
the door handle.
       Look at the far left wall of the church. Use a green level-three 
reveal invisible to reveal the door. Then use the door handle to open 
it. Continue through the halls to the place Anthony killed the Bishop. 
There get the letter and the key. Then go the other way to get the blue 
magikal elixirs. Finally use the key to open the door to the last 
hallway. Get the scroll of magical attack as you go through the 
hallway. Now save before you enter the ornamented door. Make sure all 
stats are 100% and all weapons are fully loaded. You might also want to 
cast a level-three blue shield also. Preset a red recover, green 
recover, blue shield, and a green magical attack to your quickspells. 
They should all be level-one. When you are ready enter the door.


	Man, this guy is hard. There are really three parts to this 
battle and lets take it step by step.

Part One: During this part he will summon three balls of energy that 
sap your magic and health when they hit you. Never get to close to the 
Guardian or he will try and step on you. For this part equip your gun 
and shoot the balls as they appear. Then when they are gone, he will 
start to draw energy to himself. Now is when you attack. Regular 
attacks don't work and you have to use magical attacks to beat him. The 
second you see him start to drain energy hit your attack preset to 
shock him only use level-one because the others take to long. Three 
hits of green and he goes down.

Round Two: This round he makes the arena smaller and this time he 
summons zombies. Try to stay as far back as possible. When the third 
zombie appears wait two-three seconds then hit your magical attack. You 
have to be time it right to be able to hit him. This will also start 
the zombies singing. Just let them and restore your sanity when you 
have a chance. Make sure you are in very good health before applying 
the third shock and starting round 3.

Final Round: This round you are right at his feat as he tries to stomp 
you. Stay in front of him and wait for him to lift his foot, then run 
away. NEVER stop during this. When he stops, hit your attack and shock 
him. Three more greens and he's gone.

Retrieve the artifact to end the chapter.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 10
	As the chapter ends Alex finds Peter's lucky penny taped to the 
chapter page. So we are supposed to use it to find the next chapter. In 
the library there is a ghost of a nurse cleaning the floor. Talk to it 
to get the basement key. (This is one of the freakiest parts of the 
whole game, rivals even the bathroom scene.) Anyway, go to the basement 
and get the shotgun and ammo here. Look at the fuse box. A fuse is 
missing, so use the lucky penny in its place. Flip it on and then go up 
to the now lit bathroom. Get the letter and then look in the medicine 
cabinet for the next chapter page.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Ten: A Legacy of Darkness
	Edward's chapter. That means we are close to the end. He has an 
interest in his family history like Maximillian before him.
	Go around the house getting the ammo in the house first. There is 
a book right in front of Edward on the fireplace and one in the second 
bedroom upstairs. In the dining room (piano room) there is a sabre. Now 
go to the second part of the library to see Maximillian guide Edward to 
the secret passage. Get the magik pool scroll and look at the clock. It 
is missing its hands. If you look in the books you got you will find 
the missing hands. Then set the clock like you did with Alex. Follow 
Maximillian down the secret passage. Get all the ammo here and the 
revolver and Tome.(Save!) When you reenter the main part of the 
library, you see a vampiric beast attack and kill a servant. Kill the 
servant, as it will attack you. Get the bottom half of the basement key 
and go upstairs.


	I consider this guy a boss. He will run around attacking 
servants. Fortunately he attacks the same ones in the same order every 
time. The next one he will attack will be the one in the master 
bedroom. Cast a magik pool red, as it will help you. Just linger around 
upstairs and find a door to go in and out of until you see it attack 
the servant. You could try and cut him off, but as he's invisible this 
is very hard and it's better for you to wait for him to attack the 
servant. When he attacks, immediately go to the room and take a slice 
at his head. To avoid his attacks, run around in circles like you 
might've done for the Greater Black Guardian. Slice at him until he 
leaves. The grateful servant gives you the key to the gun cabinet. Go 
there and get the elephant gun. Find somewhere close by to wait again 
as he will strike the servant in that room next. Make him run away 
again and get some ammo from the servant. Now go to the main room and 
see him come out of the basement. He will attack one of the servants 
here. After you make him run again he will drop the other half of the 
key. Mix them together and fix it. No prepare for the final battle with 
	After you're preparations are complete, go to the basement and 
fight him. Equip your elephant gun and try to blast that obelisk when 
he's away from you. Also quickly pick up the ammo and double shotgun 
here and use that also. After his obelisk is gone, he can't regenerate 
anymore and kill him one last time for good.

	After all that save (don't want to do that again, do you?), 
reload your guns(the double shotgun is my favorite gun in the game, and 
the only one worth using pretty often) and go down the ladder. Follow 
the path down to where Maximillian left off. There are two horrors 
here. I went back and summoned a horror of my own to deal with them, 
but a better way to deal with them is to bind(level-three) one of them 
to attack the other. In the next room, there is a horror and a 
guardian. Deal with the horror first, then kill the guardian the same 
way you did with Maximillian. The next room contains a big circle of 
power. Its nine points and you need to travel to each of them and 
inscribe a rune on them. The spell I picked was a green dispel magik 
(because you want to get rid of all the blue magic around), but I don't 
know if it matters. Coming back, you have to fight a lot of monsters 
and pull a lever to have the barrier disappear to move on. This is 
pretty strait forward, just takes a long time. Note that in the 
furthest right rune it is better to run past them instead of fighting 
them. When you finally cast the spell, you have to escape the city as 
its gonna blow. Get as far as the balcony, and the chapter ends.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark 11
	As the chapter ends, Alex finds a note from Edward behind the 
chapter page. It says to look in the barrels in the basement. Look 
there to find a pickaxe. Use it on the wall that covers the door to the 
old servant's chamber(you saw it as Maximillian). You get a flashback 
showing you what a nut Maximillian was. He murdered all his servants. 
Well, I guess I would've done the same if I figured out bonethieves 
were in some of them. They would all have to go. Dispel the barrier 
around the center and retrieve the stethoscope and paper. Go back down 
to the basement. The house is now unsafe and has enemies in it, so be 
careful. And don't waste your ammo, just use the sword.
	Now go to the safe and try and open it. The game gives you the 
directions and its not that hard. The combination in my game was about 
60,81, and 46. I don't know if it's different in every game, though. 
Open it and receive the essence of Xel'lotath, a crankshaft, a note 
from Edward and the next chapter page.

(Cool Blue) Chapter Eleven: Ashes to Ashes
	The chapter starts with Michael Edwards trying to put out a fire 
but something goes wrong and him and his team get blown to the temple 
	Equip your fire axe and kill the zombies in the room. The fire 
axe is a very bad melee weapon and is very slow. If they start singing 
get out of the way, as you won't have time to stop them. Get the 
weapons from the dead soldier on near the door. In the next room there 
is a winged guardian. I suggest getting it out in the open first and 
then fighting it.(time to save) Go down and go up the first ladder on 
your left. RUN past the first winged guardian and attack the second. 
This one summons horrors so deal with it first. DO NOT let it summon a 
horror and don't get hit by it. Dealing with two winged guardians with 
that piece of crap fire axe is bad enough, you don't need a horror to 
top it all off. After he's gone you can deal with the other one. This 
one summons trappers, which actually helps you. You can't heal until 
you get the Tome so let it get you and give you a trapper to restore 
your stats! After dealing with them get the gold amulet on the side 
wall. Then continue down the other ladder. Kill all the enemies up to 
the barrier blocking you.
	Go back to the first hallway(lets call this the main hallway) and 
go up the next ladder in line (on the right). Up here there is a staff. 
Mix that with the gold amulet. Go back to the main hallway and go to 
the last ladder. At the end of this room is a light and a place to put 
your staff. Place your staff here and first aim it at one of the small 
homes on the miniature. Not your aiming is 3D and you can aim in all 
directions. You know you got it when it starts burning. This opens up 
another mirror on the wall. Do the same with the other house and open 
up the other mirror. Then aim at the central tower to solve the puzzle 
and reveal the ladder behind you. You are sent to the screaming hall 
before going down. Get the Tome (finally!) and continue down.
	Go back to the place with the barrier around the statue and 
dispel it. Get the statue to complete your collection. Worms will pop 
out at you, but they're no problem. Continue down the hallway and go up 
the ladder in the middle. Then go down the ladder in the middle of that 
room. Keep going forward. Soon you will reach some rooms familiar to 
you. When you get to the room with the obelisk blocking your path down 
the ladder, summon a trapper to get rid of it. Continue down the 
ladders to a room with a spell scroll and two horrors creating a 
barrier. Bind them to get past. Get the explosives in the back. Go to 
the room where you got rid of the obelisk and go in the other door 
here. Here you can put your effigies under their weak color (blue 
picture gets red, green gets blue and red gets green). This is supposed 
to give you a special enchanted sword. As I mentioned before I missed 
the red one (sort of on purpose) and didn't get this item. You don't 
have to get it though. Now go back through the door. Wasn't there 
another door in this room? Yes sirree, by golly, gee wiz(haha), look at 
the top wall. The door has been hidden. Use a level-three reveal 
invisible to reveal the door. 
	In the next area is the yellow floor again. Get the detonator for 
your explosives from the dead guy. Combine them together. Get your 
shield up and run across the floor. When you get to the bridge, worms 
pop out at you. You know what to do.
	Try out the bomb on the bridge. It needs to be more powerful. Now 
save first and use enchant item level-three. Now place the bomb and get 
out of there. You have more than enough time to escape, but now loads 
of monsters infest every area. Ignore them and run. Look at your map 
for the fastest way out if you forgot. When you reach the starting 
point, the chapter ends.

(Cool Blue) Searching Through The Dark: Final
	As the chapter ends a light comes through the telescope. Go to 
the observatory and line up all the mirrors. This unlocks the entrance 
to the city of Ehn'gha. Before you get to the basement, the doorbell 
rings and a package is left for you. It contains the essence of 
Chattur'gha and I think also has the enchanted sword if you got it. Now 
go down the ladder and this is the start of the end.

(Cool Blue) The Final Chapter
	Make your way through the city until you reach the main hall. It 
now has the yellow magical floor like in the other temple. Before you 
go on the floor, cast a green level-three dispel magik. You can't see 
it now, but there is a barrier before the main door. Then cast your 
shield and run across.
	In the next room there is the circle of power thing you used as 
Edward. Find the two parts of the broken pedestal and enchant them 
together. Put it in its place and then place an essence on each of the 
	Now you have to travel around and create a spell again. This time 
I used a green summon creature spell.(because you are summoning an 
ancient.) Again, I'm not sure if this matters. I won't go into detail 
here, as I'm sure you know how to do it. But I will give you the 
answers to the puzzles:
-In the room with the lava blocking your path, cast a green, level-
three reveal invisible to reveal the floor.
-There is a room with pictures of certain monsters on it. Summon the 
monster of the same color and type and walk it into its pad.
-In the room with the purple floor, sneak across it towards the 
exit(bottom of screen). After you're off the purple you're safe.
-In the room with three horrors making a barrier, Bind two of them and 
kill the third.
-In the room with the yellow floor(besides the first) remember to cast 
a dispel magik before you go on the floor.
-In the room with the three obelisks, cast a green level-three magikal 
attack to lower the barrier.

	Now you will cast the spell and be ready for the final battle. Go 
to the pad when ready and be sure to save first.

	When the battle starts, Pious' artifact will protect him with 
magik. Enchant your weapon green and keep it enchanted the whole 
battle. Hit him with it to reveal the artifact. Now go take a hack at 
it. Pious will use a dispel magik to get rid of your enchantment. Just 
get to a safe distance and cast again. Keep repeating this, hacking 
Pious and then his artifact. Sooner or later you will control a ghost-
Ellia and get a ghost-Tome. Now the other characters will help you. 
When the artifact appears hack it with Ellia. If you gat hit by Pious, 
you turn back into Alex. Hit him or the artifact to go back to Ellia. 
Keep this process up with almost all the characters until the artifact 
is no more. Now you have to take on Pious direct. Do the same as you 
have been doing. Always keep your health above half and watch out when 
he starts to cast a spell. DO NOT get hit by his level-three magikal 
attack! It takes HALF your health! Sooner or later he will die and you 
will win

The game is just about over. Watch what is left. I hope you had fun 
playing this game as much as I have. Now try a different color until 
you have beaten all three!

Section C: Credits and Acknowledgments 
I'd like to thank the following people for contributions or whatever:

-CjayC for putting this on his site.
-My friends and family
The following are people who contributed to this FAQ:
No one has contributed anything, yet :(

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