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Storyline Guide by AHerrera

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/22/02

STORYLINE SUMMARY/FAQ version 1.5 (first created July 2, 2002; first updated 
July 19,2002; last updated July 22, 2002)
Unpublished Work Copyright 2002 Albert M. Herrera

This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be 
reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form 
(written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any 
sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a 
gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including 
webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express written 
permission.  This FAQ was created and is owned by Albert M. Herrera.  It can 
be found exclusively at (www.GameFAQs.com).  All copyrights and trademarks 
are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

The Eternal Darkness story and its characters are copyrighted by Silicon 
Knights under the Nintendo franchise.

This Summary/FAQ is meant to be read after completion of the game in order to 
fully understand the entire storyline. Warning! SPOILERS LIE HEREIN! The Uber 
Ending/Epilogue is at the very end. BE WARNED! 

NOTE: This Summary/FAQ is also meant to promote individual thought. This is a 
guide in order for the reader to create their own theories and come to their 
own conclusions about the Eternal Darkness Storyline. If you have problems 
with my guide and find it biased please feel free to e-mail me. Or if you 
would like to discuss the story, again, feel free to e-mail me. I will credit 
you in a future update if you provide intellectual criticism or supplemental 


I.	Introduction to the Eternal Darkness 
II.	Pious Augustus
III.	Ellia
IV.	Anthony
V.	Karim
VI.	Maximillian Rovias
VII.	Edwin Lindsey
VIII.	Paul Luther
IX.	Roberto Bianchi
X.	Peter Jacob
XI.	Edward Rovias
XII.	Michael Edwards
XIII.	Edward Rovias Epilogue/Alexandra Rovias
XIV.	Epilogue/Uber ending
XV.	FAQ of minor characters and other "hidden" stuff
XVI.	Credit and acknowledgements

I. Introduction to the Eternal Darkness 

I'm not even going to begin to attempt to explain whom the Ancients are and 
where they came from. One may say that they are the angels that fell with 
Lucifer when Michael expelled them from heaven. One may say that they are 
distant space travelers whose essence confuses and transcends us. One may say 
that they are the common networks of the human psyche all rolled into one. 
One may say that they are the gods of old personified. Your interpretation of 
the Ancients lies on your background. Whatever they are they aren't good.  
The Chatturgha's realm lies in the world of blood and flesh. This means this 
Ancient loves death, destruction, and blood sacrifice more than all. The 
Ulyaoth's realm lies in the world of magic. This means this Ancient loves 
ritual sacrifice and otherworldly means and spells. Xelotath's realm lies in 
the psychotic world. This means this Ancient loves to drive people mad and 
lives in an insane realm and wants to spread its insanity to all. The Purple 
Ancient's realm is chaos. The Hindi god, Kali, personifies Mantorok. Kali 
represents chaos.  
The circle of powers lies on this. The flesh can be overcome by 
supernatural/magickal powers. Magick cannot be accessed by one prone to 
psychotic episodes. Magick requires a peace of mind to access and control. 
Psychosis cannot exist outside of the flesh. Psychosis outside of the 
containment of flesh is oblivion. This explains the circle of power. Mantorok 
does not lie within the circle since he is pure chaos. Mantorok lies outside 
of this circle. Meaning he can keep the powers of the circle from escaping 
their spheres of influence. Ironic that chaos binds the powers in order to 
keep an order of things, no? 
Now here's where "our" storyline starts. The Ancients were bound by 
Mantorok's power, for Mantorok found if they ever should join or if ever one 
prevailed the universe would be put in order by one specific power. Meaning 
chaos would never exist again. Mantorok's power could not be bound because 
chaos cannot be put in order... I know this is all contradictory but most 
things supernatural are. So in theory Mantorok is more powerful when the 
Ancients are not in unity or one is not dominant.  
Mantorok was using all of his life energy to bind the Ancients. While the 
Ancients were bound humans rose up and took control of the world. The 
Ancients despised and hated humans but could do nothing about it. And 
Mantorok could not assert control until the Ancients were all dead. All of 
his power was used to merely bind. If Mantorok killed one, then the balance 
of power would tilt to one specific Ancient. It was a pure stalemate.  
The Ancients were toiling away for centuries to find a way to escape. They 
knew Mantorok's power was failing but they wanted to speed the process. Now 
the story diverges from here... when I say THE Ancient I mean to focus on one 
but not name names... so here goes the game story... 

II. Pious Augustus (26 B.C. Persia)

The Ancient was waiting for a loyal servant, strong of mind, body, and sanity 
yet easily broken and tamed. The Ancient was waiting for Pious Augustus to 
come. A loyal Roman centurion full of ambition yet still unsure of what life 
had ahead of him. Any sense of adventure would give Pious a new reason to 
live. The Ancient used his last ounce of power to bring Pious to him. Yet the 
keeper of the Ancients called Mantorok wanted to ensure his hold over the 
bound Ancients and sent his zombies to stop Pious. Pious overcame all of 
Mantorok's agents and puzzles and took the essence of the Ancient and became 
the Ancient's herald. 
Mantorok was himself imprisoned and bound in his own temple in Cambodia at 
the hands of Pious. But death would not come soon but slowly as Mantorok was 
crushed and bound by the temple pillars. As long as his heart was safe from 
Pious, Mantorok would die slowly, stalling the Ancient's plan of domination.

III. Ellia (1150 A.D. Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia)

Over 1000 years later, a young servant dancer girl was unlike any other girl 
at the time in Cambodia. This girl was Ellia. Ellia was born into the 
servitude and raised as a dancer in the court of Suryavarman II, the king who 
reunited the Khmer empire after years of unrest. Ellia had a passion for life 
and felt there was more to her being than being a servant/dancer. Ellia loved 
to escape her world by reading. Ellia had to find out her part in life and 
decided to search the temple of Kali.  
Ellia soon becomes lost in the temple of maze and traps. Ellia encounters 
many enemies but overcomes them with her fighting skill. Ellia comes upon the 
fallen Ancient, Mantorok, while searching the temple. The dancer girl 
received the essence of Mantorok to keep from Pious from an unknown servant 
of Mantorok. She was told that if the essence were found by anyone it would 
spell grave danger on the world. The servant of Mantorok magickally put the 
essence into Ellia's body.
At the time, Pious was searching for the essence of Mantorok. Pious stumbled 
upon the dancer girl and assumed she must know where the essence was. Pious 
struck down the child slave after her reluctance to help Pious find the 
essence. The essence was not on her person. Little did Pious know was that 
the essence was IN the girl. As Pious left the dancer girl to rot, she was 
not dead. Nor was she living. She was the herald of Mantorok. 

IV. Anthony (814 A.D. Amiens, France)

A few hundred years earlier in France, Charlemagne was the Holy Roman Empire. 
The Holy Roman Empire was scouring the world of "pagan religions" and uniting 
many nations under one flag. If the Ancients could not hold on to at least 
one cult, they would fade off into non-existence. The Ancient believed that 
if it could corrupt the Church and Roman Empire to its own will, then it 
could hold on and reinforce its own religions with the Holy Roman Empire as a 
smokescreen. The Ancient dispatched its cults to kill Charlemagne so that the 
Empire wouldn't be led by such a noble man and would soon fall upon itself. 
Anthony, a loyal paige of Charlemagne, came upon the method of demise. A 
cursed scroll that would slowly rot away at Charlemagne's existence. Anthony 
accidentally took the curse instead. Anthony hurried to warn Charlemagne of 
the attack on his life. Anthony found that the bishop, Charlemagne was 
visiting, was in fact a member of the Ancient's cult. Anthony defeated the 
bishop and finally found Charlemagne in the cathedral of mazes and unholy 
beasts. Anthony found Charlemagne dead. Anthony cursed the cult of the 
Ancient and was left a shell of the man he once was, forever rotting and 
becoming less human, thanks to the cursed scroll. 

V. Karim (565 A.D. Persia)

Almost 300 years before, a young Persian bachelor was trying to woo the hand 
of a beautiful woman of prestige. The young Karim was madly in love with the 
beautiful Chandra. The young Karim was also a swordsman and adventurer of 
reputable stories. Yet the young maiden Chandra only loved wealth and power. 
Chandra felt that she could control the young adventurer by using his 
emotions against him. Chandra manipulated Karim to find this lost relic. 
Chandra said that she had seen a relic in her dreams that would grant its 
keeper unimaginable power. Chandra told Karim that once he found the object 
of her desire she would be his. Karim immediately set out to find the relic 
for his love. Karim was lost in the desert for almost a year. Karim found a 
temple where many dangers awaited him. Karim finally found the treasure after 
a maze of puzzles and demons of the desert. Yet the ghost of Chandra forbade 
him to take the relic. Chandra had obtained cosmic awareness in death. 
Chandra reveals that she had been having an affair while Karim was away. Her 
body was mutilated and she left to die by her lover's mistress. Karim was 
hurt that his one true love had manipulated him. Chandra reveals that the 
artifact is in fact the essence of an Ancient bent on engulfing the world in 
Eternal Darkness. Somehow the words of Chandra did ring true and feel right. 
Karim promised Chandra that he would protect the relic, lest Eternal Darkness 
engulf the earth. The reason why Karim was put in protection of the essence 
was so that only the Chosen Ones, destined to destroy all the Ancients, would 
come about its power and not some evil power bent on summoning the Ancient to 
use for his own will.

VI. Maximillian Rovias (1760 A.D. American colonies Rhode Island)

Before the rise of mankind, there were similar creatures on earth that built 
monuments of wonder and science. For some reason the Ancients sent their 
guardians to destroy the race of creatures before man and bury their wonders 
under a pile of ash so that no creatures would speak of them again. All that 
is remembered of the ancient civilization is its name... Enggha. Upon this ash 
hundreds of thousands of years later rests America. Ironically the leading 
country of technology and wonder. The cults of the Ancient came into this new 
country. Within the city was left the remaining members of the Ancient's 
original army. The cults of the Ancient found that if they could find the 
city, the armies would rise again and take control of the world. The Roivas 
family found out the secret and became the protectors. Their home was in fact 
the only way to enter the lost city of ruin. The Rovias family are a group of 
individuals sealed with the gift (or curse) of guarding the only means of 
resurrecting the Ancient's armies. While their stories are numerous and many 
are unknown and the origin of the Roivas line is still unknown. Some stories 
do stand out. One member of the Roivas family found out of the ancient city 
and his duty and was driven mad and hanged himself. Another Roivas found the 
Tome, which records all of mankind's struggles against the Ancients. This 
Roivas delved into the magickal arts. Only to be accused of witchcraft by one 
of her servants and burnt at the stake. Yet the most famous or should I say 
infamous of the Roivas line was the good doctor Maximillian.  
Max came upon his house like many of his ancestors. A mysterious death in the 
family enthralled Max unto this horror. Max felt a beckoning to find the 
mystery of the house and why so many of his family had died mysterious deaths 
there. One day an assassination attempt was made on his life from his own 
servants. Max killed the servant only to find a demon escape from her body. 
Max felt compelled to find out the horrors of his mansion. While searching, 
Max comes across the Tome of Eternal Darkness, which records mankind's 
struggles against the Ancients. Max continues searching the entire house 
while facing the unspeakable horrors and monsters that wish to kill him and 
he accidentally comes upon a passage to the lost city of Enggha. Max learned 
of its secrets. Max learns that his father knew about Enggha and hoped to 
ensure its safety from the Ancient. 
Max also learns that most of the servants in the Roivas household were 
actually spies of the Ancient sent to find the secret city. Max, learning 
this, killed his entire servant staff. Max did not fear if the servants were 
innocent or not. Casualties of war were a must if the secret city must be 
safe. But Max knew that he must destroy the armies of the ancient city. Max 
tried to seek assistance from friends and colleagues. Max gathered a group of 
men. Max's friends and colleagues thought his ravings mad and they soon found 
all of the servants dead and torn apart as if inspected and given quick 
autopsies. They quickly passed notion that Max was mad with his raving about 
other worldly creatures and that it was his duty to kill those servants. Max 
was locked up in an insane asylum for the end of his days.

VII. Edwin Lindsey (1983 A.D. Cambodia)

1983, a famous archaeologist is given a mission from a Paul Augustine who 
appears to be an eccentric collector or ancient artifacts. Edwin Lindsey, 
world famous archaeologist, makes use of modern technology using one of the 
first satellite imaging systems ever. Lindsey's task is to find the Lost 
Temple of Kali in Cambodia. Lindsey eventually finds the temple and is 
betrayed by Augustine. Augustine reveals himself to be Pious Augustus. 
Mantorok evidently shifted reality and manipulated space and magick to make 
the temple hidden from magick and hidden in forests and dangers. Augustus 
must have finally realized that the only place the essence of Mantorok must 
be in is in the girl he killed so long ago.  
Augustus leaves Lindsey to die in the temple. Lindsey continues his way into 
the temple to find its secrets. Lindsey overcomes all obstacles and traps and 
the agents of the Ancient. Lindsey and Augustus find the body of Mantorok at 
the same time. Augustus deems that Lindsey knows too much and goes to kill 
him. Mantorok uses the remaining essence of his powers to protect Lindsey and 
give Augustus a thrashing that he deserves. Augustus teleports away licking 
his wounds. Lindsey finds the millennia old herald of Mantorok. She reveals 
to him that he must take the essence of Mantorok to the Keepers of the 
Gathering of Light (the Roivas family). Lindsey realizes what is at stake and 
realizes this is not his fight. Lindsey returns to the United States and 
gives the essence to the Protector of the Light, Edward Roivas.

VIII. Paul Luther (1485 A.D. Amiens, France)

During the Inquisition in France, a traveling Franciscan wanted to seek 
refuge in the Cathedral that claimed to hold the hand of St. Jude. The leader 
of the local order of brothers bids him welcome. But all isn't what it 
appears to be in the Cathedral. The bright and bold Franciscan, Paul Luther, 
finds that there was been a murder. Yet the monsignor of the order accuses 
Luther. Luther escapes thanks to a fellow monk that has been hiding from the 
horrors of the cathedral. The monk and Luther find that the hand of St. Jude 
is in fact the essence of a long captive Ancient (apparently Pious put this 
essence under great protection because it was the mortal and far superior 
enemy of his Ancient and if that Ancient was liberated, then Pious' Ancient 
would surely fall). The "Hand of St. Jude" has been merely a guise to lure in 
pilgrims to feed to the protector of the essence of the Ancient. Luther 
decides to warn the Inquisition of this sick and sacrilegious act of demonic 
ways. Yet Luther believes that the cult disguised as an order of Catholic 
brothers would surely hunt him down before Luther could come close to the 
leaders of the Inquisition. Luther decides to stop this demon cult on his 
During Luther's mission, he finds the decayed body of Anthony. Anthony is the 
guardian of the key to the underground lair of the beast. Anthony is still 
raving of his failure to protect Charlemagne. Luther is forced to battle with 
Anthony, who he defeats. Luther also finds his fellow brother, the custodian 
of the chapel, has been sacrificed to the guardian of the essence. Luther 
finally finds his way beneath the chapel of the cathedral to find the hidden 
chapel of the beast. Luther is surprised at the size of the beast. The 
monsignor reveals himself as Pious Augustus. Pious tells the beast that 
Luther is his responsibility. The beast merely destroys Luther in the blink 
of an eye to assert his role as protector of the essence.

IX. Roberto Bianchi (1460 A.D. Persia)

1460. At the time a warlord was beginning his campaign of horror in Persia. A 
captive Venetian architect known as Roberto Bianchi is granted his life as 
long as he builds a temple and watchtower for him. The warlord in fact is 
Pious Augustus magickally disguised. The watchtower is to show that the time 
of the Ancients will be coming again and to strike fear in all their enemies, 
it is also a sacrifice of souls and flesh Pious has made to his Ancient. 
Bianchi one day is told to make sure that the temple is structurally sound. 
Bianchi enters and stumbles upon monsters and creatures protecting the 
Ancients' Temple. Bianchi faces Karim and Karim strikes Bianchi. Both are in 
disbelief as to why Bianchi is unaffected by Karim. Bianchi realizes he is 
the Chosen one destined to take the essence to the Protector of Light. 
Bianchi exits and tells the warlord of the terrors of the temple. The warlord 
thanks the architect and makes him a part of the watchtower that is made of 
flesh and bone. Pious would never have believed a fat spoiled aristocrat was 
worthy of the essence and therefore did not think anything of it.

X. Peter Jacob. (1916 A.D. Amiens, France)

World War I. 1916. An old cathedral in France was given the status of being a 
hospice for the Allies. A young reporter by the name of Peter Jacob has been 
assigned to the region to report on the war effort. Peter finds that not many 
soldiers have survived from the hospice. Peter finds notes of soldiers 
ranting and raving of being sacrificed to an unspeakable horror. Peter 
believes it is all just shell shock. But for some reason Peter is compelled 
to find answers for himself. Peter spies at night and finds nurses dragging 
away healthy recuperated young man screaming at night. Peter investigates the 
entire cathedral and finds a cult at work. Peter works his way to the 
basement of the cathedral after brushes with many evil creatures to find a 
giant temple used for unholy worship. Peter encounters a giant beast. Peter 
uses the magick he has learned from the Tome of Eternal Darkness he has found 
in his journey in the temple to destroy the beast. 
Peter recovers the essence. Peter hears word of a collector of artifacts in 
Rhode Island almost 60 years later. A psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Edward 
Rovias. Peter visits Rovias. Rovias knows of the artifact and Peter gladly 
bestows it to him. Peter more troubled by the artifact than his troubles of 
war, finally finds rest in his sleep at night with the artifact in good 

XI. Edward Rovias (1952 A.D. Rhode Island, USA)

1952. Psychiatrist, Dr. Edward Rovias comes into possession of his family 
manor in Rhode Island. Knowing of his family's history, Edward decides to 
find what went wrong. Edward knows that there is a history of dementia in his 
family from suicides, to committed to asylums, to being found accused of 
witchcraft. Edward quickly becomes enthralled with the history of the 
mansion. Edward has vision of Maximillian Rovias who was committed almost two 
hundred years ago. Maximillian tells Edward of the Forbidden City and the 
Ancients. Max shows Edward the Tome of Eternal Darkness and tells him to use 
it to destroy Enggha. 
One night Edward finds his servants being attacked by some unknown beast. 
Equipped with his revolver and a flask full of whiskey, Edward runs to his 
servant's aid. Edward finds a demon attacking the servant. Edward fends it 
off and chases it to the basement. Edward discovers the passageway of the 
forbidden city. Edward uses the magick given to him by Maximillian and the 
Tome to destroy the city's source of power and all the creatures within it. 
Edward goes home and lives his life believing he stalled the Ancient's plans 
for another day.

XII. Michael Edwards (1991 A.D. Middle Eastern Persia)

1991. War in the Middle East has driven the world at the edge of their seats. 
The United Nations has sent in its armies to quell the fires that the Mid 
East leaders have started on American oil reserves. Michael Edwards, a 
Canadian firefighter has been sent in with others to stop the oil fires. On a 
mission Michael is caught in a disaster leaving all his men dead and him 
trapped in some underground temple. Michael is visited by the ghost of 
Roberto Bianchi, who gives him the essence of the Ancient in order to give to 
the Protector of Life. Edwards finds a way to blast his way out of the temple 
and destroy another guardian city (influenced by a strange whisper) and 
eventually gives Rovias the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Edwards held onto the 
other essence and enchanted gladius of Pious for safekeeping. 9 years later 
he returns the two to their rightful owner, the Keeper of Light. (This is the 
general belief of what happened and the easiest way to avoid huge plot 

XIII. Edward Rovias Epilogue/Alexandra Rovias (1999/2000 A.D. Rhode Island, 

1999/2000. Edward Rovias has felt the presence of the Ancient, building 
energy and waiting to be resurrected. Edward finds that the planetary 
alignment pushes magick ability to its fullest and that Pious has been 
waiting this entire time to use his power to resurrect the Ancient. Edward 
believes that Pious is planning on resurrecting the Ancient in the forbidden 
city of Enggha as well as his armies. Edwards creates a device to only allow 
the forbidden city doors to be opened at the turn of the millennia. As Edward 
prepares to go to war one last time, a guardian of the Ancient kills him off 
Alexandra, Edward's granddaughter is told of the horror of the mansion. 
Alexandra finds Edward's death too odd. Edward had no enemies in life. And 
the clues that the police picked up don't make sense. Alex decides to find 
out what could have possibly done this. Alex uncovers the Tome of Eternal 
Darkness, which has mysteriously and magickly recorded all of the Chosen's 
paths and destinies. Alex uses this to learn what she must, to stop the 
Ancient and Pious Augustus. With the essence of Mantorok, two Ancients, and 
Pious' original weapon in hand, Alex decides to stop the Eternal Darkness.
Alex given the gift of knowledge from all the Chosen goes to the forbidden 
city. Pious is resurrecting the Ancient. Alex appears to be too late. Alex 
finds that the only way to counter an Ancient is to resurrect the Ancient 
that overpowers the first. Alex does it before Pious' Ancient can make it 
into the world. The Ancients fight it out. Frustrated, Pious attacks Alex. 
Alex realizes that Pious still has an essence on him. Using the knowledge of 
the Chosen and being given their spirit force Alex and Pious fight to the 
death. While the epic battle between Alex and Pious rages on, the two 
Ancients fight to the death in space. Alex wins and the Ancient is defeated. 
Alex sees a vision where her Ancient will enslave and destroy mankind. In a 
last effort Dr. Edward Rovias's ghost creates a binding spell and binds 
Alex's Ancient. Pious' Ancient is defeated. Eternal Darkness is stalled for 
another day... As for Alex? Well that's another story... 


Mantorok is in his lair. Still bound. His plan to destroy the Ancients had 
succeeded. When Rovias bound the Ancient, Mantorok had reset history and 
beckoned Pious to take servitude of a different Ancient. The horror began 
again... and again. Mantorok allowed for time to continue at the exact same 
deathblow for all three Ancients. The foolish Rovias line thought they 
stopped the Eternal Darkness. They didn't know that Mantorok IS the Eternal 


Q. Is Detective Legrasse (the guy that tells Alex of her grandfather's death) 
A. I've thought of that too when I first played the game. He seems callous 
and so indifferent at Alex's loss. While that may show he is a jerk, it is 
far from years of evil sacrifice. I believe Pious would have just massacred 
her on the spot. 

Q. How can a dancer/slave girl in old Cambodia read and know how to fight?
A. Apparently Ellia is special and predestined to serve as Mantorok's herald. 
True, history records slaves as one of the last people to expect to be 
literate and true history records women as the absolute last to expect to be 
literate. Obviously Ellia is special and there were many exceptions in 
history. Perhaps Mantorok saw this and chose her to be his herald.

Q. Who was the guy that gave Ellia the essence of Mantorok?
A. Apparently SK played around with different characters to be able to play. 
For those of you that don't know this game was originally a Nintendo 64 game 
with at least two different characters. Apparently rumor and speculation have 
assumed that in the original storyline Mantorok had a herald and arch nemesis 
of Pious. This character was an exiled Egyptian guard/pharaoh that stumbled 
all the way to Cambodia because he felt a calling there. Apparently SK 
dropped this character model but kept him as a cameo in Ellia's chapter, a 
way of explaining who was in charge of protecting the world before the main 

Q. How did Charlemagne really die?
A. I'm not a history buff but I believe that he died of flu or cold or 
something that was a common killer back then. However, history does record 
major happenings of oddities happening around the time of his death. There 
were eclipses of the planets and comets marking the sky daily. If you do your 
own research you will find that Charlemagne knew he was going to die when 
these events were almost common and happening daily. It's quite freaky when 
you research it. 

Q. Why was Karim given the task of protecting the "weaker essence"?
A. If anyone messed around with any of the essences it would throw off the 
power in some odd direction and one Ancient would become powerful. While 
Karim was guarding the weaker essence of Pious' Ancient, it was the stronger 
essence of Pious' enemy Ancient. I know it's confusing but when you think 
about it, it all goes back to the circle of power explanation.

Q. What's the deal with Enggha?
A. Apparently Enggha was the civilization of the West before the rise of man. 
The Ancients probably lived in the East. These beings built cities that 
reached the skies and had technologies that rivaled our own. These people 
were proud of themselves and the Ancients sensed it and were jealous. They 
sent their agents to destroy the people of Enggha and leave nothing but the 
ruins of the city. (Insert Tower of Babel reference here) Apparently the city 
itself is a powerhouse of magick and from there it can rival the magick and 
power of the planetary alignments.

Q. Who's that first guy in Roberto's prologue, The one that Pious calls 
special and puts as the base of the pillar?
A. Another character that has a history with Eternal Darkness. Once again, 
this is a character that SK played around with. There's a lot of speculation 
and theory on him. This is Joseph DeMoley, a devout knights templar. This 
character's chapter supposedly had a run in with Pious (the warlord Pious) 
during the Crusades and was defeated by him. His chapter was supposed to end 
exactly when Roberto's starts. 

Q. What does Michael give Dr. Rovias at the end of his chapter?
A. There's too much theory on that. Decide for yourself. There is not one 
correct answer. The only answer that avoids plot holes (or at least most plot 
holes) is that Michael gives Dr. Rovias the Tome of Eternal Darkness back and 
keeps the essence and gladius safe until Alex learns of her true mission. 

Q. Why don't the bad guys just kill every member of the Rovias line?
A. It seems like it would be that easy no? Fanboy response would be, "Then we 
wouldn't have a video game". But I think that there's an answer behind that. 
Perhaps the Rovias line and the Tome are somehow protected from the Ancient 
above the Gathering of Light. Now you may ask how did a guardian kill Dr. 
Rovias and how does Pious' spirit enter the mansion? I don't know. Perhaps 
there's exceptions or magick that allows them to do some things but not just 
go out and kill everyone. Who knows? Mystery to me!

If you have any questions/comments feel free to e-mail me.

XVI. Credits and acknowledgments

I would like to thank and acknowledge all the people that have given me words 
of encouragement since this guide was first published. You guys rock!!!
I would even like to express my thanks to the fanboys and extremists of 
gamefaqs.com message boards so then I know when I thrive to be better, I know 
who I am spiting by rising above their flames and negative attitudes. 
I would especially like to thank xxfunkytoadxx for telling me the epilogue 
before I saw it and convinced me to beat the game two other times to see it 
I would also like to thank KingNothing for defending me on the message boards 
and enlightening me on the Hindi religion.


If anyone has any connections to a publishing company or Nintendo it would be 
much appreciated to set up anything. I love to write and I love this game. It 
would be a dream come true to write a book for this game's sage. Thank you. 

Albert M. Herrera

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