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Autopsy Collection by funkytoad

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/08/02

Eternal Darkness
Autopsy Collection
By Erik McLennan-Funkytoad
Version 1.1

AIM -xXFunkytoadXx

Table of Contents
2-Autopsy Collection

Hello, and welcome to my Autopsy Collection for the game Eternal 
Darkness, for Gamecube. This will list you all of the autopsy notes, and 
reports done by Maximillian Roivas in Chapter 5. These are quite fun to 
read ^_^ Enjoy!

2-Autopsy Collection
Here is a collection of every autopsy that you can take with 
Maximillian Roivas, in each fork of the game.

Mantorok Zombie
Notes - A living human corpse, it has no special attributes 
        or weaknesses
      - It it very weak - composed of dried sinus and skin.

Maximillian's Report:

"Corpses! Lumbering, rotting cadavers! What contrivance 
could have wrought this...this...this abomination?!?! 
Diseased science...?? Blasphemous occult rituals? How can 
something so...so dead, yet be so alive?!?! And hungry..! 
They lust for flesh...Human flesh...and feast upon all the 
sweetbreads a man has to offer!!"

Chattur'gha Zombie
Notes - Firm musculatures means a resilient organism. These 
        things can take more damage than others.
      - Limbs regrow unless the creature itself is 

Maximillian's Report:

"These wretched creatures, these flayed corpses! Wandering, 
decrepit soulless vessels, content only to gnaw on human 
meat, to spill human blood...Even...even headless, their 
hate for the living grew in propensity...flailing maniacally 
in their blood lust...killing anything close!"

Xel'lotath Zombie
Notes - Limbs regrow as "phantom entities" when severed, 
        causing deep rooted insanity in the observers.
      - The wrappings of the mummy are highly combustible, 
        catch fire easily.

Maximillian's Report:

"Neither the embalming salve of their wrappings, nor the 
numbness of death, could override the dominating madness 
that is Xel'lotath. Controlled...prodded into an existance 
by an incessant cacophony of voices, penetrating every level 
of their psyches, these corpses are coerced into 

Ulyaoth Zombie
Notes - Severing the head will prevent it from singing.
      - Accumulation of gas in the abdomen resulting from 
        decomposition is a serious threat. Watch out for 

Maximillian's Report:

"Rotted from within. Worried apart by the ravening fish and 
parasitic foetor of their sunken graves...these drowned 
zombies emerged, spilling their festing entrails and 
slopping fluids with each pain ridden step...Each step 
hoping to bring an end to their pain by spreading it to 

Notes - Cyst-like structures on the tail channel energy.

Maximillian's Report:

"There are worlds beyond this one, worlds as we've never seen...nor can 
we...Our eyes do not open far enough...Try it...try holding your eyes 
open...you can try holding them open as much as you want, but you'll 
never see...never ever see...The world beyond the veil...the Veil of 
Reality...It's there to protect us, from them:the Ancients...the 
Darkness...that...which...we...CANNOT... understand.Nor should 
we...Welcome the oblivion of ignorance!!For to have knowledge...is to be 

Chattur'gha Bonethief
Notes - Severing the neck kills the creature instantly.
      - The creature wears the skins of people to protect 

Maximillian's Report:

"They ARE amongst us! I knew they would come after me...knew 
their devices...Their depraved methods! Creatures wearing 
human skins as we wear clothers - to cover their hideousness 
from our eyes! So they might consort insidiously with our 
species, infiltrating, manipulating, playing us against each 
knew...Oh yes...I knew! I knew they were there - plotting 
behind that door! One has to be careful...one must separate 
their heads from their bodies. And yes! Fire is the key...to 
purge their souls from this earth...sending them whimpering 
to their masters in the Beyond!"

Xel'lotath Bonethief
Notes - The creature wears the skins of people to protect 

Maximillian's Report:

"The devils inside the servant's skulls were trying to kill 
me! They plotted behind doors locked and barred and planned 
the downfall of the human race! I took care of the ones 
around me...Stopped their plans. Their are others, I'm 
sure...Out there...Manipulating us...Secreting madness 
inside our very heads, while our souls are pushed into the 
corner's of our skulls...watching as our hands do tasks that 
we have no control over! Oh 
horrible...horrible...things...WE MUST PURGE THEM FROM OUR 
MIDST!! Kill them all!! CUT THEM, BURN THEM!!! It's the only 
way...I know...I've done it...It...works..."

Ulyaoth Bonethief
Notes - The creature wears the skins of people to protect 
      - Severing its neck kills the creature instantly.

Maximillian's Report:

"They are so close their stench fills the air! You can smell 
them, I tell you!! Somewhere between the spice of vanilla 
and the bitter sweetness of pustulent rot! Those creatures 
inhabit the bodies of men and women...exorcising the human 
soul and replacing it with their own putrid spirits. But 
they couldn't fool me...no...not at all...I could smell 
them, you see...They were all around me...Dear god! All 
around! I knew what I had to do...they had to go...By blade 
and bullet I had to get rid of them! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!! 
Dear god, I had to do it...had to...You believe me, dont 
you? Don't you?"

Chattur'gha Horror
Notes - The necks of the Horror are its weakest point.
      - Thick chitinous curvious plates & sturdy muscles
        protect this creature.

Maximillian's Report:

"Oh, the Horror! The HORROR!! A behemoth of hatred 
incarnate! What manner of creature is that? A ton of flesh 
and sinew wielding muscles thick as ropes strung onto claws 
that could crush stone and sever metal as though it were 
threshed wheat. Crushing, cutting..The walls shook with each 
step it took! Oh, the HORROR!! An abomination...Its 
physiology remarkable abstract...no real organs or 
anything...It shouldn't work, but it did!! And the 
mouths...those gnashing scythes of teeth - I tell you, it 
existed ONLY to EAT!! To consume! To gnaw! To bite! To 

Xel'lotath Horror
Notes - Its eyes are its weakness.
      - The creature is highly dependant on sight, rather 

Maximillian't Report:

"Eyes! Rot their eyes...! Their staring sees through your 
soul like looking through a window...And the 
lids...festooned with tiny, hook-like teeth...that gape and 
gnash...It doesn't make sense...no anatomy would form like 
that...but it has!! Was it natural? How could it be? Oh 
unholy beast, thou must be killed, lest you corrput my 
world!! Have at thee!! HAVE AT THEE..."

Ulyaoth Horror
Notes - Although the creature has no eyes, it is far from 
      - The Horror's latent energy causes an electrical 
        discharge if it comes close.

Maximillian's Report:

"They have no eyes...! But they CAN see, I tell you!! No 
eyes...no! No eyes at all...but you can feel it LOOKING at 
you!! It stares through you...like looking through empty 
air, and you can feel it...raking through your innards with 
their "touch"...! The shiver of their senses combing your 
bowels through empty space...! Oh horribleness!"

Chattur'gha Guardian
Notes - Massive jaws on underside of body.
      - Armored shell prevents physical damage.
      - No obvious vulnerability.

Maximillian's Report:

"They came from the darkness...Chittering spider-like 
parasites! Infesting the city EHN'GHA!! EHN'GHA!!! They 
killed the city's inhabitants, using them for food, for 
slaves, for play...In the city's last, dark, doomed days 
blood filled the waterways, drained upon the streets...a 
proud, mighty race, now nothing but bloody gobbets of meat 
in the gutters...so it has been for eons. The Guardians - 
those eternal parasites still swarm in that necropolis, 
feeding on those...Those that live in ignorance many miles 
above...US!! Damn you listen to me!! They feed on US!! The 
Darkness...The Darkness comes!! It WILL consume us all!! 
We...must...fight them!! Or all is lost."

Xel'lotath Guardian
Notes - A curious lack of internal organs means no way of 
        inflicting critical damage.
      - No obvious vulnerability.

Maximillian's Report:

"Oh...oh gibbering insanity wrought in flesh as though an 
artist had sculpted it! Created from nothing by their 
mistress Xel'lotath, a canvas as grotesque as any!! Their 
bodies made no sense - no heads, no organs - an empty husk 
devoid of the trappings of nature,,,But it walked...it 
sang...it shrieked!!! A mockery of reason, both natural and 
mental!! A blasphemy from beyond the Veil!! The veil has 
opened!! And we should not see beyond!! We...we weren't 
meant to...never...ever...meant to!! Oh, give us the 
blessing of ignorance, the happiness of oblivion...Innocence 
can only be tainted, never returned!"

Ulyaoth Guardian
Notes - This creature bears no relation to anything in my
      - No obvious vulnerability.

Maximillian's Report:

"Deep in those ancient caverns, a great city was lost...Long 
before we Humans...Long, long before...The proud city of 
Ehn'gha - decadent and trusting...and it was their 
downfall...When the Darkness came...and the Guardian's 
slaughtered them...Their existence was but a dying echo, 
shrieking from violated mouths...Resounding within their 
homes...Their tombs...If you stand alone, in one of those 
halls, quietly...ever so quietly...you can hear the cries of 
the people of Ehn'gha...rent apart by the unseen claws of 
the Guardians...Their echoes still linger...as do their 

This section is to showcase all the mail I've been getting about the 
Trapper...it just seems to be an easier way to accurately credit 
everyone that's tried to help, because I don't want anyone getting 

From:	"Brad Bolton" <bartman723@hotmail.com> 
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com
Subject:	eternal darkness autopsy FAQ	
Date:	Mon, 8 Jul 2002 00:02:55 -0500		
hey i just read your autopsy FAQ you left out the trapper it's only one 
entry (there's not xel'lotath, ulyaoth, etc.) the only way to get it is 
too shoot it with the gun and then do an autopsy 
basically it says 
"cyst-like structures on the tail channel energy" as the info no the 
if you want maximillian's rant, email me or try and shoot one 
your fellow captain in completeness, 

From:	PhoenixZerith@aol.com
Date:	Mon, 8 Jul 2002 00:15:17 EDT
Subject:	GameFAQ info	
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com		
Hello Funky Toad, you are really good with information, but you have 
overlooked one little factor in the Autopsy Section on Eternal Darkness: 
Sanity's Requiem. You have all but one and that's an autopsy on a 
Trapper. It is easy, just use your pistols and fire....one hit kills it 
and then run up to it and have an autopsy on it. 

From:	"Knives" <uhlrik@attbi.com>
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com
Subject:	autopsy collection
Date:	Sun, 7 Jul 2002 23:32:14 -0400		
I thought you might whant to know you can collect an autopsy of a 
On the 1st floor of the mansion in the dinning room there is a trapper, 
if you shoot it with the flintlock pistol you can run up and perform an 
autopsy on it before it fades. From the looks of it there is only one 
page for the trapper because it doen't tell which alignment the trapper 

From:	BIackDth@aol.com
Date:	Sat, 6 Jul 2002 17:11:24 EDT
Subject:	about the eternal darkness faq
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com		
You forgot the Trapper.... if you go into the kitchen after the first 
appears in the main hall, you can sneak close, shoot it, and quickly 
There's only 1 type of trapper you can autopsy, I guess its just an 
all-around "Trapper".

Here's what it says:

Trapper: "Cyst-like structures on the tail channel energy."

Max says:
"There are worlds beyond this one, | worlds as we've never seen... | 
nor can 
we... | Our eyes do not open far enough... | Try it... | try holding 
eyes open... | you can try holding them open as much as you want, | but 
you'll never see... | never ever see... | The world beyond the veil... 
| the 
Veil of Reality... | It's there to protect us, | from them: | the 
| the Darkness... | that...which...we... | CANNOT... understand. | Nor 
we... | Welcome the oblivion of ignorance!! | For to have knowledge... 
| is 
to be DAMNED!!"

I used |'s to seperate what parts are shown at the bottom of the 

Date:	Sat, 6 Jul 2002 13:38:52 -0700 (PDT)
From:	 "Shawn M" <maxx7791@yahoo.com>
Subject:	Eternal Darkness Autopsy FAQ - one thing missing
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com		
At least one thing is missing anyway. I missed it
myself until the second time playing through the game.
When you use Maximillion, go into the kitchen, the
room with two exits. There's a trapper in there. Shoot
it and then do an autopsy. Doesn't matter if it's
red/green/blue, you get the same autospy of it no
matter what. Thought you should know. Great FAQs, btw.


From:	"George Argiropoulos" <titleingfool@hotmail.com>
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com
Subject:	Autopsy FAQ
Date:	Sat, 06 Jul 2002 09:41:54 -0500		
Hey, I just finished readin your FAQ, and I noticed that you didnt 
include any of the Trappers. They can be examined you just have to run 
over to them before they evaporate. I believe that you can find them in 
the dinning room. Sorry in advance if you are already aware of this.

From:	"Cyrus_Ðrogen" <dominatorvus@hotmail.com>
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com
Subject:	autopsy ED
Date:	Sat, 6 Jul 2002 04:59:22 -0600		
Hey there, 
I was reading your autopsy page for eternal darkness, and I noticed that 
you missed one. The Trapper. If you don't know how to get it, you go 
into the kitchen, and after you shoot it, go close before it 
dissappears, and you can attempt autopsy. Good luck. Neurodaemon

From:	SwansofNever@aol.com
Date:	Sat, 6 Jul 2002 00:24:11 EDT
Subject:	autopsy faq
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com		

you probably have heard this 100 times by now, but you missed the 
trapper autopsy. you can get it by going into the kitchen, shooting the 
trapper with the pistols, and then quickly running up to it and pushing 
B. there are no divisions of trapper types, just one "trapper" autopsy 
for all three. 

From:	Earthq3846@aol.com
Date:	Thu, 4 Jul 2002 02:09:06 EDT
Subject:	Autopsy FAQ (Eternal Darkness)
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com		
It is possible to obtain an autopsy of a Trapper (that's right, JUST a 
trapper.  No Xel'lotath, Chattur'gha, or Ulyaoth before it.)  In Max's 
chapter, head into the dining room after you obtain the tome (left of 
main hall.)


Sneak around until you spot the Trapper, inch close to it (stop if it 
chittering madly.)  When you are very close (DON'T TOUCH IT!) aim at it 
"R" and shoot it.  Quickly run to its corpse, and the "Perform Autopsy" 
command should appear.

You now have an autopsy of a Trapper.  If you'd like me to send 
descriptions... I'll do it tomorrow.

Date:	Wed, 03 Jul 2002 09:16:41 -0400
From:	dunne@findlay.edu
Subject:	Eternal Darkness Autopsy FAQ!
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com		
Just so you can add it in, the Trapper in the kitchen will give an 
autopsy.  Shoot it with the gun and then 
go over to it before it dissappears.  My gameFAQs screen name is Eds 
Xwing, just in case you wanted to 
give me credit for that one.  Later.


From:	"Addison Fricker" <addison_f@hotmail.com>
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com
Subject:	autopsy faq
Date:	Tue, 2 Jul 2002 22:23:07 -0700		
dude, where's the trapper autopsy? that's the best one!

Date:	Tue, 02 Jul 2002 12:36:39 -0700
To:	xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com
From:	"David Graham" <kErosion@west.net>
Subject:	Autopsy FAQ - Missed One
In the Chattur'gha path for sure, I haven't double checked on the other 
paths yet, there's a Trapper in the kitchen of Maximillions chapter 
you can perform an autopsy on as well if you shoot it.  I missed it on 
first time through Maximillions chapter, and my brother missed it on 
two runs through the game, I'm not sure if we were just blind or if the 
Trapper didn't actually appear in the kitchen on other colored paths.


Well, there you have it...I hope that this was of some use to you! Email 
me if you want to use it for your site, or have any questions!

CJayC-for running such an awesome website, and hosting my FAQs

Silicon Knights-for making this AWESOME game!

Nintendo-for making the AWESOME system to play this AWESOME game on! 

Everyone featured in the Mail section, for letting me know about the 
Trapper (about a million people, lol!)

I own this guide, and it is protected by copyright...so don't 
plagiarize, got it? I'll sue yer ass faster than you can call for your 
mommy. The only thing I own is this guide. All characters, trademarks 
etc, are owned by Silicon Knights and nintendo.


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