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FAQ/Walkthrough by miffo

Version: Final | Updated: 08/27/02

                 _______                  :#8#      :###:
                (##@@###;[@@@]\@OO@\:#@O0@.#:#. :@# @###@:##)
                 #  _  @\  O   @ _   0    ;# :#  #  @: :@ #
                 #@@#;     0   O@@   0O@.@ O  #: # :@===@:8    _
                 #  ¯   @; O   @ ¯   0  @: #  .#.# @.   .@#    #)
       (@@@###O (##@@@##/ :@*  @OO0@*@   0@#   @##:@)   (0####@)
        @####@#8.¯¯¯@¯¯#@@@@#).### .###   :#    *       0@0@0
        @#    :#@  # #  #:  @# @#  :@#. @;  :# #&&@@)(#@@@00):#@#@##0)
        @#     @# .@ @. #:  #, #@ .##@  0.$  @ @ _   @#      #@]
        @#     #@ :#=#: #:@#@  0#*#8:   @ @: 0 O@@   (#@#@#  @#@#@#
        @#     @#:#   #:@: :#  #0@:#@   0 .# @ @ ¯    0@#@#@)  :@#0@;
        @#    :#@[#] [#]@: .@# @#  .#@ .@  :@0 O          0@#;    :#@)
        @####@#8' ¯   ¯       :##)  (##]0  .#@ ##@@@] @#@#@#, :#@#@#;
       (@@@###O,   S  A  N  I  T  Y ' S    R  E  Q  U ¯I  E  M ¯

---Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem------------------------------------------

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

FAQ/Walkthrough Final version
by miffo (Michael Paul)
Last Updated: July 15, 2002

Revision History:
Final (8/27/02) - I didn't really add any new content. I changed the format of
                  my email address to avoid getting more copies of Klez and
                  fixed a typo. There probably won't be anymore updates.

1.2 (7/15/02) - Added info about the Mantorok rune, other miscellaneous
                updates and corrections.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

                    i. Legal Info

                    1. About Eternal Darkness
                    2. Playing
                      - Controls
                      - Combat/Enemies
                      - Sanity
                      - Magick
                      - Other Tips
                       --How to Get the Mantorok Rune
                    3. Walkthrough


i. Legal Info *****************************************************************

* The latest version of this FAQ/Walkthrough can always be found at:

This guide is Copyright 2002 Michael "miffo" Paul. This is for personal use
only; you may not sell it or claim it as yours. You can use it on your web site 
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- You must give me full credit for it. You did not write any of this; I did.
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- There is NO advertising on the page, or in another frame on the same page.
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- I don't care if you take out the (poorly drawn) ASCII logo at the top, but
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- If you put this on your site, I'd appreciate it if you would e-mail me so
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- If I ask you to take it down for any reason, you must take it down.

Other than publishing it on a web site or printing this out for personal
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Contact Information:   E-mail: mpaul39 < AT > hotmail < DOT > com
                       Website: http://www.mediahq.net
                       AIM: I don't have it. Don't ask.

IMPORTANT: Yes, I realize that it is much easier to find my e-mail address than
it is to find the specific information you are looking for, but please read
through this carefully before determining that I don't have what you are
looking for. I'll answer every e-mail that I know the answer to AND didn't
include in here. Hint: Press Ctrl+F to search this for something.

1. About Eternal Darkness *****************************************************

General Game Info
Developer:     Silicon Knights
Publisher:     Nintendo
Release Date:  June 24, 2002 (US)
ESRB Rating:   Mature
Genre:         Horror Adventure
Memory Card:   15 blocks

Eternal Darkness is an adverture game with 12 different characters and time
periods spanning 2000 years. It starts one night when Alex Roivas discovers
her grandfather's grousome murder. Determined to find out what happened, she
investigates on her own and gets locked into a path of forces unknown to most
human beings.

You'll play as several different characters and work your way through different
chapters of a cursed book. This isn't much of a survival horror game as you
might think - no, this is NOT like Resident Evil. Rather than trying to evade
enemies like RE, you need to fight and kill as many as possible. Everytime you
enter a room with monsters, your sanity drops, causing strange hallucinations.
You can regain your sanity by finishing off enemies and using magick spells.
As you fight through the game, you'll have to decide what is real and what is
your insanity overtaking your mind.

2. Playing ********************************************************************

Read the instruction manual that comes with the game for another explanation of
the controls and how to play.

Start: Game - Pause menu

D-pad: Menu - Move
       Game - Quick spells

Control Stick: Menu - Move
               Game - Move, change direction while aiming

C-Stick: Game - Rotate objects when viewing, zoom in/out on map

A: Menu - Select, go forward
   Game - Attack

B: Menu - Cancel, go back
   Game - Action, press when icon appears on screen

Y: Game - Quick spell, next highest floor in map

X: Game - Sneak, next lowest floor in map

L: Game - Hold to run, switch screens in Pause menu

R: Game - Hold to aim, switch screens in Pause menu

To fight an enemy, aim at it with R. The part of the body you're currently
focused on will be flashing. Press up on the control stick to aim for the head,
left for the left arm, right for the right arm, and down for the torso. To
change targets, let go of R and immediately hold it again, and it will switch
to the next enemy. Press A to attack the enemy in the spot where you're aiming.
Once the enemy is dead you can perform a finishing move. Press B when the
"Finish Him" icon appears to do so. Doing a finishing move will cause your
character to regain a little bit of sanity.

- Most enemies aren't fast, and they don't swing fast either. While one is
  swinging at you, run around behind it and attack it. Repeat this process if
  you're using a weak weapon and don't want to get hurt.
- Torches can be used as weapons. They're mainly effective on zombies and are
  really weak against everything else, but if you don't have another weapon,
  this is better than using your hands.
- Don't do finishing moves if there are other enemies up because they can still
  attack you while you're doing it.

There are different types of enemies which all have different strengths and
weaknesses. With all enemies, you can blind them by destroying their heads.
Most enemies can still attack (some die when you take their head), but they
won't be able to see you. If you take off both of an enemie's arms, it won't be
able to attack you. Here are the main enemies:

MANTOROK ZOMBIE - These are the main enemies, and the first enemies you
encounter. They have frail, thin, brown bodies. The fastest way to kill them is
to take off their head and body, or to take off both of their arms. When you do
either of those two things, they will die immediately. If you hit one with a
torch it will go up in flames and die.

ZOMBIE - These zombies are slightly bigger and glow red, green, and
blue. There isn't a very definite way of killing them, but attack all parts and
they will eventually die. If they grab your head you'll lose health very 
quickly so push them off by wiggling the control stick (without hitting other

There are three colors: RED - No specific weakness; they regrow limbs.
                        BLUE - Arms seem to be a weakness, but it's not very
                               definite. They sometimes explode when they die,
                               killing nearby enemies and harming you if you're
                               close to it.
                        GREEN - If you hit them in their head, they'll fall
                                down and you can perform a finishing move. They
                                die when you do the finishing move, but if you
                                don't do it they'll come back up after a while
                                and you'll have to kill them completely. Some
                                of their body parts become transparent and are
                                still usable after you break them off.

BONETHIEF - These are the smaller enemies with huge blade-claws
that occasionally appear alone but sometimes come out of enemies. They can
force themselves into the bodies of others and take control, which is why you
often find them after killing another enemy. If one gets inside you, you will
die so push it off with the control stick if one ever gets on you. You can kill
it immediately by slicing the neck.

HORROR - These are the huge, three-headed monsters. They aren't as
hard to kill as they look, but be careful of their magick skills that they can
use to shock you. They die once you destroy all three heads.

GUARDIAN - These are the scorpion/spider things that you first meet
with Maximillian. They'll cast a Damage Field around them - the trick is to 
attack them while they're putting up the Damage Field so that they can't do it.
Attack them again and they'll turn into the light and land somewhere else.
Repeat until dead. If they get the Damage Field up before you can stop it, you
can use the Dispel Magick spell to destroy it. You don't have the Dispel Magick
spell with Max, so you'll need to just wait until it leaves and tries to cast
it again.

SORCEROR - These are the hawk-like creatures that you first meet with Dr.
Lindsey. They are very good with magick and summon creatures, put up blocks,
and cast other spells. Avoid them when you can. To kill one, wait until it's
wings are open and attack it then.

TRAPPER - These aren't really enemies as they don't hurt you, but if they hear
you they'll send out a blast which takes you to the Trapper Dimension. To avoid
trappers, sneak around them with X. They're blind so they only know you're
there if they can here you.

With all enemies, you can kill them more easily if your weapon is enchanted.
When you play as Dr. Maximillian Roivas you can take autopsy notes after
killing them, which you can view later in the cinematic section of the start

(Thanks to kamisama@bestweb.net for correcting some mistakes.)

As you probably know, when your sanity meter drops some strange things will
start to happen. If you're sanity runs out completely, you'll start to lose
health as well. Once you're able to use the Recovery spell for sanity, it's
definitely a good thing to make a shortcut spell. As much fun as it may be to
have the insanity effects, they'll take away health and possibly make the game
harder for you to play. Common insanity effects:

- Distored camera angles. This is one of the first things that happens if your
  sanity goes down even a little. The cameras are tilted and tilt further as
  your sanity drops even more. It's harder to control when it's like this.
- Disturbing sounds. You'll hear strange noises in the background that don't
  affect you at all. As you get really insane, you'll hear screaming, crying,
  clanking, etc. In the mansion you'll often hear footsteps and banging sounds.
- Blood. Sometimes blood will drip from the ceiling (and will take health if it
  hits you!) or ooze from paintings on the wall.
- Fake enemies. Enemies will appear that wouldn't normally be there. But yes,
  you still have to fight them and they do affect your health.
- You might suddenly die or kill yourself. A common thing with people who chose
  blue is that your body falls appart while trying to perform spells.
- Blocked passageways and distorted routes. Sometimes objects will appear and
  maybe even block your way. Things are out of place, doors appear where there
  really isn't a door, etc. and can mess with you as you try to get through the
- Some things will make you think something is wrong with your TV or GameCube.
  Fake error messages, volume changes, etc. If your sanity is out for a while
  your GameCube may even reset and you'll lose all unsaved data.

You can tell when you've had a major insanity effect because the screen will
flash and your character will realize that it wasn't real. For instance, if
you're trying to go somewhere and there's a wall there (but there isn't
supposed to be a wall) the flash will occur and then you can continue normally.
Your character may often say "This can't be happening!"

---Using Spells:
Go to the Magick screen in the Pause menu to start out.

To use a spell, click on Spell List and select the spell you want to cast, then
choose "Cast" at the bottom. Select which level of power you want to use (3, 5,
or 7), then choose which color alignment you want to use. If you do not have
enough magick at the moment you'll get an error message and have to try later.
After casting the spell, your magick meter will go down depending on how much
magick the spell takes (higher power spells take away more magick). Your magick
meter regenerates when you walk around.

You cannot use magick until you've gotten the Tome Of Eternal Darkness with
that character.

Choose "Align" after selecting a spell to set it to one of the quick spell
buttons. You can set a spell to any of the four D-pad directions or the Y
button and at any time during the game you can press the respective button and
cast that spell.

To create a spell, go to New Spell. Select the level of power and the color to
start with, then choose the runes. You can scroll through the list of runes by
pressing left and right on the control stick - the name of the rune and its
English meaning will appear on the bottom of the screen. (To see all the runes
you have, click Runes in the magick screen.) If the combination you make is
indeed a spell you'll be able to use it; if not, then nothing will happen. You
can find Spell Scrolls throughout the game - if you get a spell scroll, that
spell will automatically be created for you once you have all the necessary
runes. See the spell list below for a list of the spells and how to make them.

---Spell List
Here's a list of the spells you can find and create. Some spells you can make
before you find the scroll.

Note: After you get the 5- or 7-point Circles of Power and the Pargon rune, you 
can simply add Pargon (Power) to any existing spells to make them more
powerful. For example, Narokoth and Santok will create the Recovery spell. If
you do Narokoth, Santok, Pargon, and Pargon you'll get the Recovery spell only
it will heal you even more than the first one would.

  Spell Name  |     Runes Needed     |               Description
Enchant Item, | Antorbok, Magormor   | Apply it to a weapon to make it more
Spell 1       |                      | powerful. Use it on broken objects to
              |                      | fix them.
Recovery,     | Narokoth, Santok     | Heals you. Align with red for health,
Spell 2       |                      | green for sanity, blue for magick.
Reveal        | Narokoth, Redgormor  | Makes objects visible that cannot
Invisible,    |                      | normally be seen.
Spell 3       |                      |
Damage Field, | Bankorok, Redgormor  | Creates a protective field around the
Spell 4       |                      | character. You cannot be hurt while
              |                      | standing in it.
Dispel Magick,| Nethlek, Redgormor   | Destroys magic fields of the opposite
Spell 5       |                      | color as long as it is of a greater or
              |                      | equal power.
Summon        | Tier, Aretak         | Makes a trapper appear in the room. You
Trapper,      |                      | can control the trapper and trap
Spell 6       |                      | enemies.
Shield,       | Bankorok, Santok     | Creates a protective shield around the
Spell 7       |                      | character, which lasts until the
              |                      | character has been hit three times.
Summon Zombie,| Tier, Aretak,        | Makes a zombie appear in the room. You
Spell 8       | Pargon x2            | can control the zombie and attack other
              | (requires 5-point    | enemies.
              |  Circle of Power)    |
Magickal      | Antorbok, Redgormor  | Creates a blast that hurts all nearby
Attack,       |                      | enemies.
Spell 9       |                      |
Summon Horror,| Tier, Aretak,        | Makes a horror appear in the room. You
Spell 10      | Pargon x4            | can control the horror and attack other
              | (requires 7-point    | enemies.
              |  Circle of Power)    |
Magick Pool,  | Tier, Redgormor      | It slowly refills your character's stats
Spell 11      |                      | while it's active. Align with red for
              |                      | health, blue for magick, green for
              |                      | sanity.
Bind,         | Bankorok, Aretak     | Forces an enemy to ally with you. In
Spell 12      |                      | some instances it will fight another
              |                      | enemy, or at least refrain from
              |                      | attacking you.

A note about Summon spells: When summoning the creature, a damage field is put
around you so that you won't get hurt and then you take control of the
creature. Move with the joystick, attack with A, and move faster with L.
Specific instructions for each creature will be shown on the screen the first
time you summon it. Press Start at any time to finish and resume control of
Alex. Be careful though, because the enemy will still be there (unless it was
killed) and may attack you. Also note that your sanity level drops steadily
while you're controlling the creature.

- Save in multiple slots. Sometimes you might make a mistake and saved and need
  to go back to an earlier save.

- Take advantage of trappers (the spider-scorpion things). You can pass them by
  sneaking with X, but if you're low on health, sanity, or magick run around
  them and they'll warp you to a place where you can refill on all of that.

- Your magick regenerates as you walk around. So if you're low on magick and
  think you might need it for the next room, just run around in circles for a
  few minutes and it will probably be filled all the way. If you're also low on
  health or sanity, you can use the Recovery spell to fill them up, then run
  around some more so that all three of your things are full. If your character
  is out of breath from , stand still while he/she gets it back.

- Save often. If you die, you'll have to start at your last save and if you
  last saved an hour ago, that means you'll have to spend another hour getting
  back to where you were.

- Killing people that aren't enemies takes away half of your sanity.

- In the level that has traps (with Ellia and Lindsey) you can avoid activating
  them by not stepping on the light-colored floor blocks. Whenever you step on
  a block, the traps are activated, so try not to step on them. Some are
  impossible to avoid, however.

  Thanks to everyone who told me how to do this, especially RED 5.

  You can get the Mantorok rune (It's purple, and beats any color regardless of
  which color you chose) in Chapter 6 with Dr. Lindsey. When you're on the
  lower floor where you place the Gold Necklace/Bracelet on the statue, there
  will be a spot on one of the walls that has a purple barrier in front of it.
  In three of the rooms, there's a rune inside a barrier--when you use Dispel
  Magick on it, the barrier goes away and you see a cutscene of the purple
  barrier against that one wall. We'll call that The Wall. Now, once you do
  that to all three barriers with the runes, the purple barrier covering The
  Wall will disappear. Just make a note of where that is.

  Now continue and put the Gold Necklace and Bracelet on the statue, and go
  down the stairs. Keep going until you have the Summon Trapper scroll, and all
  the runes required for it. Once you do, go back upstairs to where the gold
  statue is. While facing it, turn left and go into the next room. Hit the
  switch to keep the traps from working, and go to the center where The Wall
  is. Summon a trapper and, as the trapper, walk through the whole in the wall.
  Two Horrors are in here, but do not trap them! Go to the back and step on
  the purple switch. A door will open up behind Lindsey. Then press A so that 
  your trapper dies and you'll return to being human. Get the rune from inside
  the door that just opened. Now a Horror will bust through the wall--kill it, 
  then go into the room. Kill the second Horror, then go to the back and get
  the Codex from under the cob webs.

  You can now use the Mantorok Rune (purple) to align spells. It is stronger
  than all colors, and can have different effects with some spells. If you use
  Reveal Invisible and align it with purple, your own character will become
  invisible for a while, so enemies can't see you.

3. Walkthrough ****************************************************************

This walkthrough is about a straight-forward as possible. I'll tell you what to
do and where to go, but for the most part I'm not going to say WHAT happens 
when you do that, because you can see for yourself when you do it. So this
walkthrough is about as spoiler-free as possible while still being somewhat

- Whenever I say "north, south", etc. I'm refering to how it will look on
the map, where the top of the map is north. So if I say "Go through the east
door" I mean "Go through the door that's on the right side of the map in your
current room." If I say "to the camera's left" that means that it's on the
left side of the screen, regardless of where the character is facing. If I say
"to the character's left" that means to the left of where the character is
facing (when you first enter a room, before moving).

- Item names will be in all caps.

You'll start off in the mansion foyer. Go forward and examine the clock, then
take the DRESSER ROOM KEY. Go east and head through the first door you come
across (the other one will be locked anyway). Turn left from your character's
initial perspective and continue down the hallway until you are in the room
with the grandfather clock. Set the clock hands so that it reads 3:33. Go
through the door that is now open and when you get to the room, read the book
on the table.

Go down the ladder in the center of the room. Kill the enemies at the end of
the hallway and pick up the GRANITE BLOCK on the floor. The next two rooms
are all in order, so I shouldn't have to explain how to get to them. In each
room, kill the enemies and pick up the block - you should get three blocks
total. In the second room, take the ladder which is to the right of the door.
 When you get to a 'T' in the hallway, kill the one enemy and turn right.
Then you'll get to a big room with more enemies. Kill them and pick up
the GRANITE BLOCK in the center of the room. Now go put the blocks in the four
holes lined along the wall, matching the color of the block to the color of
the symbol above each hole. Go back through the door you came in from (you'll
be in that 'T' place again) and go forward through the door that is now
unlocked. Kill the statue ofyourself by breaking off the head, left arm, right
arm, and body (in that order). Kill all enemies in the next room, then push the
button in the corner to the right of the door you came in from. Stop on the
dais and you'll be transported to another room. Go forward and take one of the
artifacts. There are three different ones, this is what they do:

       +----------------------CHOSE YOUR COLOR-----------------------+
       |  GREEN: Your sanity meter drops much quicker, which can be   |
       |         a disadvantage because your health drops if your     |
       |         sanity runs out. Easiest path, in my opinion.        |
       |                                                              |
       |  BLUE: Your magic regenerates or slowly and there are more   |
       |        magic-draining enemies.                               |
       |                                                              |
       |  RED: You lose health more easily and enemies have more      |
       |       health. Hardest path, in my opinion.                   |
       |                                                              |
       |   It's up to you, but remember that this will affect the     |
       |   rest of your game.                                         |
       |                                                              |
       |                       -OPPOSITE COLORS-                      |
       |  Depending on which color you choose, you will have a        |
       |  color opposite of yours that you will need to use for       |
       |  certain spells. They are listed below:                      |
       |                                                              |
       |  If you have red, your opposite color is BLUE.               |
       |  If you have blue, your opposite color is GREEN.             |
       |  If you have green, your opposite color is RED.              |
       |                                                              |
       |  Remember that, and whenever I say "use your opposite        |
       |  "color" know what I'm talking about. This info can also     |
       |  be found in paintings in the mansion.                       |

You now have the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS. Go across the room and take the
GLADIUS which lies above the fireplace. Go back to the door and there is a
CHAPTER PAGE (The Binding Corpse of God) on the wall. Take it and check it in
your inventory. When asked if you should read it now, hit Yes.

On the west side of the room there's a statue. Take the STRANGE NECKLESS from
it and you can use this to heal yourself whenever necessary. Go south and
continue through the passageway (the enemies on the ground don't get up, don't
worry) and avoid the swinging blades that fall. In the room you'll eventually
get to, kill the green enemy. Take the BRONZE NECKLESS from the wall, then go
up to the candles. Extinguish all but the middle one. Go back to the main room
where you started (avoiding the traps again) and this time go north. The hall-
way will look similar, only now it's on the opposite side. Poison darts will
shoot from the wall at you, so avoid them. Kill the blue enemy in the end room
and extinguish all of the candles. Go through the new door and avoid the traps
in there (may be blades or darts, or a combination of the two) until you get to
the center where there's a little opening. Turn left and take the blowgun.

Kill the enemies. If you save the man being attacked he'll fix your sword for
you; if not you'll need to use the blowgun for the rest of the level. Anyway,
go left down the hallway, avoiding the many traps (blades, darts, slamming
walls). You'll come across a fairly large room; kill the enemies in here and go
to the center. If you examine the boulder in the center you'll see that there's
a slot to place something in. Make a note of this room because you'll be coming
back here. Now go through the door that you didn't come from, avoid all traps
again, and then you'll get to another large room like the one you were just in.
Kill the enemies and proceed through the door you haven't gone through yet.

After the cutscene, take the METAL STAFF from the statue and go back two rooms
to the one with the slot. Stick the staff in the slot. Now go back to the room
where you get the staff and go through the door that's now open.

With the candles now lit, go over there and put all of them out but the left
one. Take the MESSAGE TUBE and examine it from your inventory to get the
CHAPTER PAGE (Suspicions of Conspiracy).

Go up the stairs to your immediate left and get the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS.
After the cutscene you'll be back on the stairs, go up them once more into the
room. There's a single bookcase against the wall that you can see; grab the
BLUE URN off of it and use it from your inventory. Take the BROKEN BLUE URN and
MAGICAL RUNE, then go back down the stairs. Go to the very end of the big room
where the coffins are and open the one on the left. You'll now have the
SCRAMASAX. Go back upstairs and the monks will be gone, so go up to the desk
with the gold medallion on it. Pick it up - it's a CIRCLE OF POWER (3 Points).
Go to the bookshelves in back and examine the one in the middle. There's a book
you can pull, so pull it. Go through the door and down the ladder.

Kill the enemy by attacking it's head and get the rune. There are two more
enemies that can be killed the same way. Go through the door; attack the
enemies and try to save the monk. If he doesn't die, talk to him and he will
give you a TWO-EDGED SWORD. Grab the torch off the floor, equip it, and go to
the corner and take two of the green urn pieces off the shelf. There's a third
urn piece on the floor. Combine them to get a BROKEN GREEN URN. You should now
have two; a green and blue one. Go through the door.

Start down the stairs and you'll see a stone on the floor. Pick it up and you
will get a CODEX, which is used to decifer spells. Continue down the stairs and
kill the enemy to get a rune. Go through the door. In the next room there's a
FILLED RED URN next to the liquid spout, and there's a CODEX in the center of
the room. Take both of them, then go to the northwest corner and you'll see a
tapestry on the west wall. Equip your torch, then hit the tapestry using A and
it will burn down. Go through the door. Go through the hall and the door, and
there's one enemy in the room. Kill it, and get the CODEX on the left. Then go
to the table (the side opposite of where you came in) and get the "Enchanted
Item" SPELL SCROLL. Use the spell on the two broken urns you have and now they
will no longer be broken. Go back to the previous room where the spout is and
use both of the urns on it to fill them up. Now that all three of your urns are
filled, go to the room again where you got the scroll and when you walk in
there is a stone plate on the floor with three circles. Place your filled urns
on it and the red door will open. Go through it.

Kill the Bishop by attacking it's arms and head, and kill the other two enemies
that will be in the room. You'll pick up the BISHOP'S KEY when he dies. Now go
all the way back to the ladder you came from, while avoiding the enemies on
your way back. There are many of the main enemies, but in one room you'll come
across a red-spider thing called a trapper. It may use a spell on you that
takes transports you to another realm.

To get out of the trapper portal: wait until the circle in front of you turns
purple, then take it to get to the exit.

In the next room there's another trapper, but it's really easy to avoid. Use X
to sneak and quickly but quietly make your way to the door. If you know he's
about to get you, THEN you should stop sneaking and just run. After you go
through the door, there are more enemies but that's the last trapper. Once you
reach the ladder, go up it. Kill the big enemy by cutting off its arm, then go
down the stairs. There are three more enemies in this main room - kill them,
and then you're done with enemies. Go to the door around the staircase and use
your BISHOP'S KEY to unlock it. Go through.

Go back to the foyer and head upstairs. Use the SECOND FLOOR KEY (you started
out with this) but it will break. Use the Item Enchantment spell on it to fix
it, then try again. It will be unlocked this time, so go through. Turn left at
the corner and go down the hallway - head through the northeast door. Grab the
.38 REVOLVER AMMO off the desk, the walk up to the painting on the wall on the
other side. Examine it and you'll find a CHAPTER PAGE (The Gift Of Forever)
behind it. Read it.

On the west side of the room there's a ladder - head down it and grab the TOME
OF ETERNAL DARKNESS. Kill all the enemies, then head back down the ladder. Walk
down the hallway and there will be four enemies. Kill them and take the rune
that you'll get from the last one. Go back near the front and pick up the
STATUETTE resting on the floor. Climb up the ladder that's in the middle of the

This next room will be refered to as the shrine room because of the big shrine
in the middle. Go to the opposite end and the yellow barrier will go away;
climb down the ladder. There are some enemies down here so kill them, then take
the other STATUETTE and the CODEX. Head up the ladder again to the shrine room.
There are three circles on the floor; place each statue on one and stand on the
third one yourself. Four trappers will appear; you can avoid them by sneaking
with X.

*Tip: If you're ever low on health, sanity, or magick you can get caught by the
trappers and refill in the room.

Go to the shrine and press B to go down. In this hallway, take the TULMAR from
the third dead guy to get a DUAl TULMAR. Kill him after that, then go through
the door. Defeat the enemies in this room and grab the scroll from the body on
the floor. You'll get the "Recovery" SPELL SCROLL. You'll need to come back to
here, so I'll call this the scroll room. Go through the other door in here.

There are some enemies in here, so kill them. There's a yellow barrier that you
can't go through, so go through the other door. A large enemy is in here and
he's hard to kill, but do your best to kill him as fast as possible. Once he's
dead, take the CODEX from the altar. Go back and you can now go through the
yellow barrier. Head down the ladder and once you're at the bottom take the
other CODEX from the wall. You should now be able to use the Recovery spell,
which raises your sanity. Continue on to the next room and remove the RAM DAO
from the stone. Enemies will appear so kill all of them. Four groups of them
appear so kill all of them. You'll get a rune from one of the last ones.

Back in the scroll room, there will be a locked door - it was red for me, but
it may be a different color for you. Enchant your RAM DAO with the same color
alignment that the door is, then use it while standing before the door. Go
through it and kill the enemies in the next room. Go up the ladder (avoid the
trappers) and get the EFFIGY and go back down. Continue going in the
direction you were headed before you went up the ladder and hop over the
rubble. Kill the big enemy (you can kill him in one hit by taking off his head
if your sword is enchanted) and continue on, then go down the ladder. Place
the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS on the skeletal hands and pick it up again.
Enchant your sword again for this next part. Go through door and kill all the
enemies as they appear - it's a good idea not to do your finishing move because
other enemies will probably hurt you while you're trying to do it. Once they
have all disappeared, go forward and take the artifact that's there.

Go through the northwest door in the foyer. Enchant your GLADIUS with the color
of the symbol on the wall and stick it through the hole to reveal the door. Go
in it and get the SPICE JAR. Check it to get a CHAPTER PAGE (A Lurking Horror).

Pickup the FLINTLOCK PISTOL AMMUNITION, then exit the room. Head west, picking
the ammo off the table along the way. Go through the door at the end of the
hallway and take the letter that's beside the bed. There's a CODEX above the
fireplace and more ammo in the bathroom. Leave again and now go back towards
the room you started in. Go into the door right next to the room you started in
and get the ammo in it. I never actually used my gun, but I guess it's still a
good idea to take the ammo in case you want it. Leave the room and run through
the hallway until you find the door leading to the foyer. The mansion is set up
almost in the same way as it is with Alex, so you should know your away around
fairly well.

Go down the stairs and take the letter off the table in the center of the room.
Go through the west door - there's a CODEX in the room and some ammo on the
other end. Get the PUMP HANDLE from the pantry, then walk over to the fire-
place. Move the crow so that it's in front of your opposite color (remember:
blue if you're red, green if you're blue, red if you're green) and hit A. You
will lose health if you do the wrong color. Go through the secret passage and
get all the stuff in this room. There's a "Reveal Invisible" SPELL SCROLL, a
Then examine the book, which is the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS.

Head back to the foyer and kill the enemy. I found it easiest to kill with the
SABRE. Go upstairs and through the 2nd floor door and turn left - keep going
until you reach the stained glass window. On the left there's an envelope that
you can examine and take. Once you have the SEALED ENVELOPE, kill the enemy and
check it to get another letter and a BASEMENT KEY. Go back to the foyer.

An enemy will be in the northeast corner. Kill it, then use your Reveal
Invisible spell (align it with your opposite color, you should have just now
picked up the rune for the color) and go through the door. You'll need to
unlock it with the BASEMENT KEY. There are two enemies in here to kill. There's
a CODEX on the west wall and a "Damage Field" SPELL SCROLL by the water. Use
your PUMP HANDLE by the water. Go down the ladder; kill the enemy and get the
rune. You should now be able to use the Damage Field spell. Keep going down the
stairs (the yellow barrier will disappear).

Once you get to the bottom, fight the enemy. Shoot it or slash at it before it
has a chance to cast a Damage Field, and repeat.

Go upstairs and turn right. Go down the hallway and enter the room at the end.
There's a dresser in here that contains the next chapter, but skip that for the
time being. Go through the other door into the bathroom and take the JOURNAL
SHEET from the toilet. And you can look in the bathtub if you want. Now go back
to the bedroom. You'll need to cast Reveal Invisible with your opposite color
and then examine the dresser. Use your DRESSER KEY and open the dresser. You'll
get a REVOLVER and a CHAPTER PAGE (A Journey Into Darkness).

Kill the enemies, then use your ARCHAEOLOGIST'S BRUSH in the center of the
room. Place the BRONZE BRACELET on the statue on the west side of the room. Go
through the room, take the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS, then go back through. Kill
the enemies and go through the door; run down the hallway avoiding the traps
and the trapper. In the middle of the hallway, take the METAL BRACELET. Go down
to the end and use your brush on the cobwebs in the corner to get a CODEX, then
proceed through the door. The enemy can't hurt you, so ignore it for now. Take
the BRONZE NECKLACE and return to the room you started in. Put the necklace on
the statue (the statue you put the bracelet on earlier) and go through the door
that just opened.

Take the SILVER BRACELET from the Naga statue and immediately replace it with
your METAL BRACELET before the statue attacks you. Go through the door and down
the trap-filled hallway and get the CODEX at the end by brushing away the webs.
In the next room kill the enemies; one of them has a rune. Continue through to
the next hallway and in the center is a "Dispel Magick" SPELL SCROLL. Opposite
the scroll is a statue - place the SILVER BRACELET on it. Now continue going in
the direction you were headed and you'll end up in the room with the enemy. Use
your Dispel Magick spell (use your opposite alignment) on the enemy and then
kill it. Take the SILVER NECKLACE and head back to the previous hallway with
the statue. Place the SILVER NECKLACE on it to match the bracelet. Go through
the door.

*Note: See the "Other Tips" section to see how to get the Mantorok Rune, which
       is in this chapter.

Avoid the enemies, but kill the one containing the rune and continue. There are
two enemies and huge swinging blades in this room. Kill the monster in the next
room and use the Dispel Magick spell with the opposite alignment. Take the
NECKLACE which is under the cobwebs, then press the panel on the wall. By
pressing the panel you'll temporarily stop all the traps in the hallway. Go
through the door and run down the hallway. In this next room, place the
NECKLACE in the basin and the press the button to get the GOLD NECKLACE. Hit
the panel and continue. Next room - step on the switch in the northeast corner
of the room and quickly run over and take the GOLD BRACELET from the statue.
Go through the hallway a couple more times until you're back in the west
hallway. There's a statue in the center - place your bracelet and necklace on
it and go through the new door.

Run past all the enemies and go down the stairs into the next room. Go through
the hallway and into the room, kill the enemies and get the CODEX from under-
neath the cobwebs. Continue on and kill the enemies in this next room, then
keep going. There's a "Summon Trapper" SPELL BOOK in this room, take it and go
on (you can just run past the enemies). After the cutscene, go through the door
on the other side.

You can go to the bookcase you saw in the cutscene and get the ESSENCE OF
MANTOROK. Go upstairs and down the hallway to the stained-glass window. Use
the Dispel Magick spell using your opposite alignment and get the CHAPTER PAGE

Go through the double doors and walk down until the cutscene starts. In the new
room, grab the EMERALD from the painting and go out the door. You'll get the
TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS as you go out. Leave again. Go up the staircase and
continue through to the next room. Run past the enemy, go through the door and
up the stairs. Ring the bell and talk to the custodian to get the OLD TOWER
KEY. Go all the way back and go once again through the double doors.

Walk all the way down and turn left. You can grab one of the torches from the
wall. Continue through the door. In here, open the chest to get a CROSSBOW.
Then from the closet take the PODIUM KEY. Go back and walk up to where the
altar is. In this area you'll find the podium. Use the key and look inside to
get the DIARY PAGE 1. Now walk down the staircase over here - you go down from
the left side. Once down the stairs, go into the first room on your left. Take
the BOOK OF RELIQUARIES and the CROSSBOW BOLTS and leave. Continue in the same
direction and take the MACE from the wall and more CROSSBOW BOLTS on the
crate. Go back upstairs.

Back in the main room, turn and go through the east door, using the OLD TOWER
KEY to unlock it. Fight the enemy, then walk down to the end to get the
"Shield" SPELL SCROLL. Return to the door, but go up the stairs rather than
back through it. Kill the enemy, then take the DIARY PAGE 2 from the table and
the SHEET OF MUSIC from the bookcase. Go back down the stairs. Go through the
small door behind the stairs against the west wall. Fight the enemy using your
MACE or CROSSBOW. Once it's dead you'll get a RUBY and the TWO-EDGED SWORD.
Return back to the main room.

Walk up to where the altar is, then turn left and approach the organ. Examine
it and place the music by following the prompt on the screen. Go to the
tabernacle and get the CIRCLE OF POWER. Head back down the stairs and go to
the room where you found the MACE - go through the door in here. Sneak to avoid
the trappers and examine the second barrel on the right. Turn the knob and go
through the door. Kill the enemy and get the SAPPHIRE. Now place all three gems
on the stone against the center, south wall and go down the staircase.

Walk down the hallway and kill the three enemies, then go through the door.
Kill the enemies and get the rune from one of them, then go into the next room.
Go down the stairs and kill the enemy, then go through the door. Let the two
enemies in here fight - while they're doing that, heal yourself or put up a
shield if you want. One of them will die, then you can kill the other. Go
through the wooden door that isn't locked. Kill the two enemies in the hallway
and go through the door. There are CROSSBOW BOLTS on the left wall, then go up
to the shelf in the back and push it in. Kill the enemies in this new hallway
and go through the door. Take the CODEX on the right and get the DIARY PAGE 3
from the center. Now go all the way back to the bell tower where the custodian

You should have all three diary pages - if not, go back and get them all. Talk
to the custodian and get the SACRIFICIAL KNIFE. You'll now need to head back to
where you were, but be aware of the fact that new enemies have appeared so
you'll have to kill them on your way. Go to the room with the coffin (it's the
third door after you head the the wine room staircase - after the staircase
that's after the statue head room). Place the SACRIFICIAL KNIFE in the coffin
and go through the new door. You need to make a 5-point Dispel Magick spell.
To do that, use Nethlek (Dispel), Redgormor (Area), Pargon (Power), and Pargon
once more. Cast it using the opposite color alignment when you get to the
barrier. Now go through and keep going until you get to the dead body. Examine
it. After the cutscene, kill the two enemies and go back to the previous room.
Follow the man through the door and keep going through the next few doors. When
you get the the final door, examine it and press A to go through.

Go to the foyer and go through the northwest door (it's a double-door).
Examine the piana and play the music to get the CHAPTER PAGE (The Forbidden

Walk a little and go up the ladder when you get to it. Then go down the next
ladder. Run past the enemy and down the hallway, then go up the ladder. There
are CROSSBOW BOLTS near the ladder you walked up. Go towards the center and
examine the room, then survey it. Go to the east side of the room and take the
SAIF from the wall, then climb down the ladder. Pull the lever, fight the
enemy, then go through the new gate and pull the lever. Kill the two new
enemies and pull the lever in the new gate. After the gates are back open, go
through the south gate (the one you did not come from), kill the enemies, and
go up the ladder.

Survey this room, take the CROSSBOW from the west side, then walk to the other
side and head down the ladder. Take the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS and then go
continue down the ladder. Sneak down this hallway and avoid the trappers if you
need to, then climb up the ladder at the end. There are enemies in this room,
but you can just run by them. Get the "Summon Zombie" SPELL SCROLL from the
center of the room first. Then head down the ladder.

Grab the CROSSBOW BOLTS that are in front of the ladder, then go west and kill
the enemy. Continue running in the same direction and go through the door. In
here, use your Summon Zombie spell and make the zombie walk under the falling
brick. Climb down the new ladder. Run past the enemies and go through the door.
Take the artifact and get the ESSENCE OF __________ (depends on your color) and
the EFFIGY. Go back down the hallway and back up the ladder into the room
where you summoned the zombie. Go through the door to the left of the falling
stone. Take the CROSSBOW BOLTS from the wall and go through the second door on
the right. Survey the room and get out of there before you're attacked. 

Now go down the ladder in this room. Mind the trappers and go through the door
in here on the south side. Kill the enemies in this next room, then use a 5-
point Reveal Invisible spell with your opposite color to reveal a walkway to
the key. Take the FORGOTTEN CORRIDOR KEY and go to the previous room. If you
still have your Reveal Invisible spell on you'll see an EFFIGY by the ladder,
so take it. If not, cast it again and you should see it on the wall close to
the ladder. After you've gotten it, go back up.

Go through the big door on the east wall and use your FORGOTTEN CORRIDOR KEY to
unlock it. Cast a 5-point Shield spell and run through the yellow barrier, then
go through the door. Go up to the rope to the right of the gap and cut it with
your sword. Kill the enemy (it's much easier than it looks) and walk down to
the end and pull the lever. Survey this room by standing on the center of the
bridge. You should have all of the rooms surveyed at this point - if not, look
at your map and go back to any rooms that need to be surveyed (marked with a
black X). Once all the rooms are surveyed, run back to the beginning of the

Go to the painting that's to the right of the fireplace (in the secret room
that you should start out in after the chapter). Examine it and survey the
room. Take the chapter page (A War to End All Wars).

Take the SOLDIER'S LETTER #1 from the table. Go up to the front of the room and
get the SEALED ENVELOPE from the podium. Check it and get the SOLDIER'S ORDERS.
Now go back and go through the double doors towards the entrance. Turn right
and go up the stairs. Go through the door, then the next door, and you'll see
the SOLDIER'S LETTER #2. Now go back downstairs. Opposite the staircase you'll
see a guard in front of the door. Give him the SOLDIER'S ORDERS and go through
the door. Take the REVOLVER from the bench and exit (You'll get the TOME OF
ETERNAL DARKNESS when you try to leave). There's an enemy in here, but run past
him because you don't have a lot of ammo. Go through the double doors into the
main room and there are several enemies in here. You can run past them, but
you may want to cast a Damage Field. Stay inside and it most of the enemies
will just run into it and die. You can do a finishing move on the dead enemies 
to regain your sanity (thanks to RED 5 for that strategy). Go towards the
front and turn right (east) and go through that door.

Cast a Damage Field to kill the enemies if you want to, otherwise just get them
when you return from upstairs. Run up the stairs to your immediate left. 
There's a TWO-EDGED SWORD against the wall (it may not be there if you didn't 
get it as Anthony) and some ammo on the bookcase. Go back downstairs and go 
into the small room where you fought Anthony when you were Paul (kill the enemy 
if you want). There are three boxes of .303 RIFLE AMMUNITION and a torch 
against the back wall. Leave and go back to the main room. Kill all of the 
enemies that you skipped before and go up to the altar and get the RIFLE. Go 
over to the organ and take the SHEET OF MUSIC. Now head down the stairs in this

Turn to your left and go through the two doors - there's Revolver ammo through
the left door and Rifle ammo in the room on the right. After that, continue
down the hall and take the 2 boxes of ammo in this room, then go through the
door. Go through the west door (on the left, to Peter's right) and turn the
wheel. While you're in here, use the Summon Trapper spell - when you take
control of the trapper, walk through the hole in the wall and you'll see a body
in this room. Send him to the Trapper Dimension (lock on to him with R and then
press A). You'll resume control of Peter at this point. Go through the other
door in this room and take the CIRCLE OF POWER. Leave this room and go into
the door directly across from it. Walk up to the wall where the circuit breaker
is and use your LUCKY PENNY. Once you've done that and repaired the circuit
breaker, examine it to fix the circuit. Go up to the generator and pull the
lever. Go back upstairs.

In the main room, go up to the organ and play it. The note you can't read is Y.
Go to the tabernacle after opening it and get the DOOR HANDLE. Now go against 
the west wall where you see the rune against the wall. Cast a 7-point Reveal 
Invisible spell with your opposite color, then go up to the door and use the
DOOR HANDLE. Walk through it. There's 1 box of Rifle ammo and 2 boxes of
Revolver ammo in this room. Take them and climb down the ladder.

Go through the door at the end of the hallway, fight the enemies, and continue
to the next room. Kill the enemies in here and go through the west door. There
are trappers in the hallway. Go through the door and kill the enemy, then take
the SOLDIER'S LETTER #3 from the table. Go to the back and push in the shelf.
Get the BINDING HALL KEY and return to the room with the three doors. This time
go through the south door. There are three trappers in this long passageway,
you can sneak by them but it may be faster just to run and go to the dimension
because it's such a long walk. At the end, get the MAGICKAL ELIXIR - don't use
this yet; you'll need it later. Go back to the room with the three doors and go
through the door on this east (unlock it with the BINDING HALL KEY). Kill the
enemies and go through the door. Get the ammo in this room and then take the 
"Magickal Attack" Spell Scroll from the wall. Go through the door - you'll
probably want to save right now. Then go through the final door.

*BOSS STRATEGY: Get as far from him as possible (up to the barrier). Dodge
anything he launches at you. He'll stop for a moment and start flashing. Use
the 3-point Magickal Attack spell aligned with your opposite color. This should
damage him. Now start dodging stuff again and repeat this process because you
need to hit him three times to move to the next phase.

Note: If you run out of magick, use your MAGICKAL ELIXIR.

He'll move the barrier closer and summon zombies. Immediately after the
cutscene, cast a 7-point Magickal Attack - if you were able to hit him you'll
move on to the last phase. If you missed, don't worry: just kill all the
zombies, with Magickal Attack or with weapons, and he'll summon more. (Don't
get close to him and he won't attack you.) When he summons more, do the 7-point
Magickal Attack again and hopefully you'll hit him when he's flashing. If not,
just do it again and you'll hit him once you get the timing right.

He'll move the barrier up again. Run around in this circle and dodge his
attacks. Eventually he'll stop for a few seconds. (Note: Whenever he hits you
he stops for a few seconds also, but don't confuse that with this.) Cast a
5-point Magickal Attack and you'll hit him when he starts flashing. Do this
one more time and he's dead. You could also try doing a 7-point attack to kill
him faster, but it might be hard because it takes longer to cast.

Leave the room and talk to the nurse you'll see after walking to the next room.
Get the BASEMENT KEY. Go to the basement (northeast door in the foyer). There's
Against the south wall is a circuit breaker - use your LUCKY PENNY on it and
turn the power back on. Go upstairs and go through the west door. You can get
Darkness) in the medicine cabinet.

Take the HISTORICAL JOURNEL from above the fireplace. Check it to get the
MINUTE HAND. Go to the foyer and go through the west door and get the Revolver
ammo, then go through the northwest door and get the SABRE from the wall. Now
head upstairs and go through the door on the east end of the hallway. There's
Revolver and Shotgun ammo in here. Now go back to the hallway and go through
the northwest door. There's Shotgun and Elephant Gun ammo in here, and another
HISTORICAL JOURNEL. Check it to get the HOUR HAND. Now go back to the library
room you started in.

Go to the north end of this room and go into the room that has the grandfather
clock. There's a "Magick Pool" SPELL SCROLL on the chair. Go up to the clock
and put your HOUR HAND and MINUTE HAND on it. Now examine the clock and set the
time to 3:33. In the secret room, get the REVOLVER from the wall be the door
and the four boxes of ammo. Take the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS from the desk.
Leave this room and fight the enemy in the library. Get the BOTTOM HALF OF
BASEMENT KEY from the fallen pot.

*Note about this enemy: You'll notice that it appears to be flashing and you
can only see it sometimes. If you use the Reveal Invisible spell with your
opposite color you can see it normally. That isn't necessary, but it helps to
fight it.

Go upstairs and go through the east door. Kill the enemy and save the man to
get the GUN CABINET KEY. Go to the northwest room and get the ELEPHANT GUN
from the gun cabinet (use your key). Now start to head towards the stained
glass window and a cutscene should start. Go back to the foyer and kill the
enemy - you should get the TOP HALF OF BASEMENT KEY after defeating him. Mix
the two halves of the keys and you'll have the BROKEN BASEMENT KEY. Use your
Item Enchantment spell to get the BASEMENT KEY. Now go through the northeast
door in the foyer to the basement, using your key to unlock it. Avoid the enemy
and shoot the statue with any gun. Once the statue falls down, kill the enemy
and he'll no longer reappear. Take the 6 boxes of ammo, the DOUBLE SHOTGUN from
the wall, and the "Summon Horror" SPELL SCROLL, then climb down the ladder
where the statue was.

Run down the stairs and past the two enemies unless you want to kill them. Go
through the gate and there will be a guardian in this room.

*Note about the Guardians: You can kill them if you want, but you don't need
to as they're not a big threat. It's pretty easy to avoid the bolt of magick
they occasionally shoot at you. But if you want to kill them, look in the
enemies section of this guide to see how to do so. If one is blocking your way,
simply attack it once to make it move and then you can carry out your business.

Go through the door at the end. There will be 9 panels on the wall. With each
of them, you'll need to engage them by pressing B, then step on the beam in
the center. You'll be taken to a tower (there may be a trapper in here so watch
out, but usually it's empty) - go up to the top and hit the switch. Select the
rune to use and press A. Most of the towers, the only rune you can do is
Pargon. For the center panel you need to select the rune that's your opposite
color (it should be the same color as the city). For the two where you can
select the runes, choose Nethlek for one and Redgormor for the other. In each
tower a portal will appear after setting the rune. Go through it - there may
be enemies in the new room. You'll need to find a lever and pull it (this opens
a door) and then go through the new door to get back. Repeat this process until
all 9 towers have been set. What you're doing is creating a Dispel Magick spell
across the entire city. Once that's done (you'll see a cutscene so you'll know
you did it right) go back, past the enemies and up the stairs.

Go to the basement and you'll find a PICKAX by examining the barrels against
the wall to the camera's left. Now go upstairs and head towards the stained
glass window. You'll notice a section of wall on the right that looks slightly
different from the rest. Use your PICKAX on it and go through. Cast a Dispel
Magick spell using the color opposite the color of the shield. Get the JOURNAL
OF MAXIMILLIAN ROIVAS and STETHESCOPE. Now go back to the basement and kill the 
enemies that have appeared. Go to the locker and examine it. Use the following
combination to get in: 59-81-46. Move right with the control stick for the
first number, then left, then right again. You should hear a click when you hit
the number. Press A to open it once you've done that. You'll get the ESSENCE OF
__________ (depends on your color), the CRANKSHAFT, a LETTER FROM EDWARD, and a
CHAPTER PAGE (Ashes to Ashes).

You'll start out with the ESSENCE OF _______ (color-dependant),  and two 
EFFIGIES if you got them with previous characters. Kill the enemies in this
room if they attack you, then go through the door in the south part. Examine
the body and get the ASSAULT RIFLE, PISTOL, ammo for both of those, and OICW
GRENADES. Now go through the door. Avoid the enemies and go down the ladder;
kill the enemies and go up the first ladder you come across. Take the GOLD
AMULET from the wall and quickly go back down from where you came from. Now go
up the second ladder. Kill the enemies and get the STAFF and go back down. Then
continue on and go up the third ladder. Head towards the back of the room and
mix the GOLD AMULET with the STAFF to get the STAFF WITH AMULET. Use it on the
hole in the back and then move it to reflect light. Move down a little and to
the right until you hit the globe on the right. Let it smoke for a few seconds
and something will happen. Do the same thing with the globe on the left. Now
hit the tower in the center and the light should reflect around the entire
model. If you did it correctly, a ladder will now be available - go down it,
get the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS, then go down it again.

Sneak past the trappers and go up the ladder at the end. Go past the enemies
and down the next ladder. Keep running down the hallway until you get to the
hole in the floor. Kill the enemy that comes up and then continue a little
further until you see the shield. Use a 5-point Dispel Magick spell with your
opposite color and get the EFFIGY. Now go back a little and go up the ladder
in this hallway that you haven't been up yet (it will be on the camera's left).

Go down the ladder in the center of this room. In this next room, avoid the
trappers and go through the northeast door that's on the left (the only door
that's not locked). This room will be refered to as the Obelisk Room because
of the black obelisk in it. In this room, kill the enemies and go through the
other door. If you don't have all three EFFIGIES you can skip this part and go
to the next paragraph because you can't do it - don't worry, it's not required,
but it does help a lot later on. Anyway, place the EMERALD EFFIGY on the red
painting; the RUBY EFFIGY on the blue painting; the SAPPHIRE EFFIGY on the
green painting. (It's the reverse of the opposite colors). A staircase will
appear in the previous room with the trappers, so go back and go down the
staircase. Take the ENCHANTED GLADIUS and now return to the Obelisk Room.

In the Obelisk Room, cast the Summon Trapper spell - with the trapper, go up to
the obelisk and trap it so that it goes away. Resume to your character and
climb down the ladder. Avoid the trappers down here and go down the ladder.
Take the "Bind" SPELL SCROLL from the skeleton hand and go to the next room.
Cast a 7-point Bind spell with your opposite color. Kill the other enemy and
take the PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES from the floor. Return to the Obelisk Room.

Now cast a 7-point Reveal Invisible spell and a new door will be visible. Go
through it and take the DETONATOR CAPS from the floor. Cast a 7-point Shield
spell and run through the yellow barrier and into the next room. Walk out onto
the bridge and kill the enemy. Mix your PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES and DETONATOR CAPS
together for the C4 BOMB. Use a 7-point Enchant Item spell on the C4 BOMB -
once it's enchanted, use it on the bridge. You now have three minutes to get

Leave and go back through the yellow barrier (your shield should still have
enough power unless you got hit by the enemy on the bridge). Run past the
enemy and go through the door. Run past the enemies in here too and go through
the door. In this next room, go through the southeast door that's on the
camera's right. Now just continue down the hallway and go up the ladder at the
end. It's perfectly linear from here to the end, so just keep going through
doors and ladders while avoiding the enemies. Eventually you'll get to a room
and a cutscene will start. You shouldn't have a problem with the time if you
just skip the enemies and keep going (shoot any down that are in your way, but
don't take the time to kill them all).

Leave the room you're in and go to the library. Kill the enemies and go through
the door on the south wall of the library into the mirrors room. Go up to the
main mirror in the center and make it so that the light hits the globe on the
north wall. Now go to the mirror on the north wall and make it so that the
light hits the globe on the east wall. Now go to the mirror on the east wall
and make it so that it hits the globe on the floor. You have to hit a certain
stop on the globe so adjust it until you hit it. When you do it right, you
should see a scene of the machine below moving and revealing a ladder. Go into
the foyer and head towards the basement. You should hear the doorbell ring -
when it does, go to the front door and get the BROWN PAPER PARCEL. Check it and
you'll get the ESSENCE OF _______ (color-dependant). If you got the ENCHANTED
GLADIUS with Michael, that will also be in the parcel. Now go into the
basement, through the door and there and climb down the ladder.

Go down the stairs and through the gate. When you get to the room that has the
yellow barrier covering the field, cast an opposite color 7-point Dispel Magick 
spell because there's a force field at the end. Now cast a 7-point shield and
run through the yellow and through the door at the end. You may want to assign
the Shield spell to a button because you'll need it everytime you come back to
this room (which is often).

When you walk in, you'll see the three pedestals and notice that the third one
is missing the top. Get the two BROKEN PEDESTALS from the floor in this room.
Mix them together in your inventory to make the PEDESTAL FRAGMENT. Enchant it
to get the BROKEN PEDESTAL, then walk up to the pedestal that's broken and use
it. All three pedestals should be complete now, so place one of your artifact's
on each one. If you're missing an artifact, it's probably ESSENCE OF MANTOROK
which is found in the library. Once all three artifacts are in place, you'll
be doing a similar thing to what you did with Edward. You'll activate the nine
switches, step on the portal and set a rune to each tower. This time you'll be
making a Summon spell, so you'll use Tier and Aretak in addition to all of the
Pargons. For the center one, you still use the opposite color for the
alignment. Here are some tips for the different rooms:

- One room will have a purple design on the floor. If you run out on it, a big
worm will come down and eat you (it's actually a hallucination), and your
character's sanity will drop. The room will turn a faded brown color and you'll
need to revive your sanity with magick for the room to turn back to normal.
The same thing will happen again and again if you keep doing it. To avoid the
worm, you'll need to sneak with X while you're on the purple part. Once you're
off the purple you can walk normally and exit the room.

- One room will have three blocks that each have a picture of a rune on them.
All you have to do is cast a 7-point Magickal Attack spell (I assume you can
stand anywhere in the room when you do it) and then you can go through the

- One room will have three blocks with the different colors that have pictures
of enemies on them. Examine the blocks to see what enemy it is, then summon
that enemy with a Summon _____ spell and align it with the color of the block.
Make the enemy walk and stand in the circle in front of the corresponding
block. If you did it right, the enemy will go into the wall. If you did it
wrong, that means you either used the wrong color or the wrong enemy - in
either case, the enemy will not go into the wall and you'll have to fight it.
Once you've done that with all three enemies/blocks, you can go through the

- One room starts off with a cutscene showing trappers walking around. You'll
need to use a Reveal Invisible spell to see the trappers. Simply avoid them
and exit.

- One room has three horrors in the middle with a barrier around them - cast
a 7-point Bind spell twice to kill two of them and break the barrier. Kill the
third and continue.

- When you get to the room with the lava pit, use a 7-point Reveal Invisible
spell (opposite color) and you'll be able to see a floor covering it. You can
just walk across now.

- There is another room besides the main room that has a yellow barrier
covering the floor - it also has a force field at the end. Cast a 7-point
Dispel Magick (opposite color) spell to get rid of the field, then put up a
7-point shield and run through.

The other rooms are all pretty simple - you don't have a hit a switch or
anything; you just need to find a door and leave. Each time you'll come back
to the main room with the yellow barrier, so use a shield and run across.
Repeat the process until all 9 towers have been set. Once you've done all nine,
you'll see a cutscene. If you did it right, a portal will appear in the center
of the nine-switch room. Go through the portal (you should probably save when
it asks you to).

*BOSS STRATEGY: If you have the ENCHANTED GLADIUS use it here because it helps.
If not, you'll need to enchant the weapon you use with your opposite color.
You first need to destroy the artifact. Everytime you hit him, a bolt of magick 
will shoot out and the artifact will appear where the bolt hits. So hit him, 
then go and hit the artifact. It will disappear, so you need to hit him again -
now go and hit the artifact again. 

Do this three times and then you'll take control of Ellia's ghost inside the
room where you find the Tome. Run up and grab the book. In this next part,
you'll take control of the different characters' ghosts - with each character,
hit the artifact and you'll resume control of Alex. As Alex, attack the guy and
find the artifact, then hit it. When you hit it, you'll take control of the
ghost of the next character - hit the artifact, return to Alex, and repeat the

Each time you hit him there's a good chance that you'll lose health, but it's
easy to get it back. He often casts a 7-point Magickal Attack spell - whenever
you see him casting it, you should cast a 3-point Recovery spell for your
health. Because it's only 3-point and his is 7-point, you should have time to
heal yourself. Whenever he does the Magickal Attack, just run past the bolt and
you won't get hurt. It's not hard to avoid if you're far away when he casts it.

Anyway, after Roberto you just have to hit it one more time as Alex and it will
be destroyed. You can now defeat Pious. Hit him a few times and he'll usually
teleport to the back of the level, then slowly approach you. Hit him again and
repeat.. If he shoots a bolt at you, avoid it. Heal yourself whenever he's 
casting a spell - the trick is to use a lower power than him so you can do it 
before you get hit (he almost always uses 7-point spells, so use 3- and 5-point 
spells). If he stays in a Damage Field, you can cast Dispel Magick on it to get 
rid of it. He isn't as hard as you think as long as you're able to heal
yourself. Keep doing this and he'll eventually die.

When you need to set the rune, choose Bankorok.

Note: Beat the game with all three pathes (red, green, blue) and you get to see
a different ending.

End                                                        Copyright 2002 miffo

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