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Magick FAQ by funkytoad

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/02

Eternal Darkness
Magick FAQ
By Erik McLennan-Funkytoad
Version 1.0

AIM -xXFunkytoadXx

Table of Contents
2-Spell Mechanics

Hello, and welcome to my Magick FAQ for the game Eternal Darkness, for 
Gamecube. This FAQ will explain to you the magick system in ED, and list 
all of the spells, in detail. Enjoy!

2-Spell Mechanics
This game has a unique and intriguing spell system, that is 
quite innovative. In order to create a spell, you need a 
Circle of Power, an alignment rune, and enough other runes 
to fill the rest of the circle. There are three Circles of 
Power in the game, 3 point, 5 point, and 7 point. Obviously 
the spells get more powerful as the level of the circle 
increases. There are four alignment runes, Chattur'gha(red), 
Ulyaoth(blue), Xel'lotath(green), and Mantorok(purple). 
These will determine which element the spell is aligned 
with. The rest of the runes represent words. There are ten 
of them. They are:

Antorbok  - Project
Aretak    - Creature
Bankorok  - Protect
Magormor  - Item
Narokath  - Absorb
Nethlek   - Dispel
Pargon    - Power
Redgormor - Area
Santak    - Self
Tier      - Summon

Also, you can get Magical Codices, which identify the runes 
(initially you can't see their name, or what they do). 
However, a Magical Codex is not required to use a rune in a 

This is also the case for Spell Scrolls. A Spell Scroll will 
tell you which runes to use to make a spell, and it will 
tell you what it does, but it is not necessary to have it, 
in order to use the spell.

When casting a spell, the voice of the God that represents the alignment 
rune that you are using will call out the names of the runes, and the 
runes will form a pattern around your character. During this time, you 
cannot move at all, or else the spell will be cancelled.

There are 12 spells in the game. Each spell, save for the 3 
summon spells can be used on either a 3 point, 5 point, or 7 
point Circle of Power. For the level 5 and 7 spells, you 
simply need to create the spell as you would for a 3 point 
circle, but fill in all of the empty spaces with the Pargon 
rune. Also, every spell can be aligned with Chattur'gha, 
Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath, or Mantorok, save for the summon 
spells, which can't be aligned with Mantorok. Here is a list 
of the spells.

**NOTE** The order of weaknesses is like Rock Paper 
Red is strong vs Green.
Blue is strong vs Red.
Green is strong vs Blue.
Purple is like using a gun in Rock Paper Scissors:it works 
well against everything =D

1-Enchant Item

In Game Description
--A torn scroll, illustrated with a geometric symbol is 
accompanied by a small note. The note reads: "That which is 
broken, shall be fixed. That which is dull, will be sharp. 
Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item magick."

This spell requires the Antorbok and Magormor runes.--

This spell will repair any broken item, regardless of what 
alignment or power it is. Also, it will power up any weapon. 
The higher level the enchantment, the longer it will last. 
An enchanted weapon is ALWAYS better than a regular weapon, 
regardless of the alignment of the enchantment, but if you 
attack an enemy that is weak against the alignment, it will 
do even more damage.


In Game Description
--A tattered scroll from an ancient text. It reads: "This 
spell enables the transfer of magickal power from the 
environment to the self. Restoration of the body, spirit and 
mind is this spell's purpose."

This spell requires the Narokath and Santek runes.--

This spell regenerates either Health, Sanity, or Magick, 
depending on the alignment. Red restores health, blue 
restores magick, green restores sanity, and purple restores 
health and sanity. The higher level the Recover spell is, 
the more you will get back.

3-Reveal Invisible

In Game Description
--A torn scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it. 
It reads: "With this enchantment the invisible is rendered 
visible. "Use it wisely, for some things are invisible for a 
reason, and mortalkind not meant to see them."

This spell requires the Narokath and Redgormor runes.--

This spell will make anything that is invisible, visible. 
Anything that is invisible in the game will have a marker. 
For example, if there was a red marker with 5 points, you 
would have to use a BLUE 5 point Reveal Invisible spell to 
reveal whatever is invisible. The purple alignment is very 
different though, in that it makes YOU invisible to the 
enemies, a very useful spell indeed.

4-Damage Field

In Game Description
--A tattered scroll, lined with curious writing and 
diagrams. It reads: "The incantation exerts a force of 
mystical power within the confines of its runes. Nothing may 
enter till it is dispelled."

This spell requires the Bankorok and Redgormor runes.--

This spell creates a field of energy, that no enemy can 
pass. When they touch it, they will take damage. The 
alignment of the field doesn't make a difference, except 
that for example, a blue field would do more damage to a red 
monster than a red or green field would, as logic dictates. 
Depending on the level of the spell, it will make a triangle 
field, a pentagon field, or a heptagon field.

5-Dispel Magick

In Game Description
--A torn scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it. 
It reads: "For every magick there is a counter. That which 
is protected, is protected no more. That which is bound, is 
unbound. Be warned that a more powerful magick than this 
will endure its ravages."

This spell requires the Nethlek and Redgormor runes.--

This spell will get rid of any "Damage Field", including 
enemy created ones. This works the same as "Reveal 
Invisible", in that you need to use the alignment that the 
field is weak against, and that you need to use the same 
amount of points (3,5,7). On a side-note, a purple dispel 
can get rid of any colour.

6-Summon Trapper

In Game Description
--A magick, inscribed on parchment in a bloody pigment: 
"Evoking this magick brings into existence a creature known 
as the 'Trapper'. Trappers possess the unique ability to 
transcend space and time, and to relocate objects and 
creatures to their own plane."

This spell requires the Tier and Aretak runes.--

This spell will summon up a Trapper for you to control. The 
alignment makes no difference, other than the colour of the 
trapper, which doesn't affect them at all. The trapper 
cannot open doors or pick up items. It can "trap" enemies, 
and some objects, sending them into another dimension.


In Game Description
--A tattered scroll, lined with curious writings and 
diagrams. It reads: "From all manner of magick you will be 
protected when encased in this geas. The alignments can help 
but never hinder, for within well-conjured magick comes 
greater protection."

This spell requires the Bankorok and Santak runes.--

This spell makes little circles of energy rotate around you. 
Each circle will absorb the damage of one hit. As far as I 
can tell, the alignment ofthe spell doesn't make any 
difference whatsoever. The higher level the spell, the more 
circles you get.

8-Summon Zombie

In Game Description
--A spell, transcribed onto human skin, written with ink 
made from distilled fat: "This conjuration summons a 
shambling corpse from the Planes of Eternal Darkness, where 
the dead, and all manner of fell things, dwell. This magick 
should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche 
of mortalkind is not pleasant. To see with the eyes of the 
dead is to become them..."

This spell requires the Tier and Aretak runes.--

This spell will summon a zombie, for your use. You can only 
summon zombies with Chattur'gha, Xel'lotath, and Ulyaoth, 
not Mantorok. The zombie can attack, and move (slowly), and 
open doors, but cannot pick up items. When you press start 
to forfeit control of the zombie, it becomes an enemy, so 

9-Magickal Attack

In Game Description
--An aged scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it. 
It reads: "This incantation saturates an area with aligned 
magickal energy, infliction massive damage to all enemies 
within its influence. This magick will affect both large and 
small - for even the greatest of enemies are made of many 
small parts."

This spell requires the Antorbok and Redgormor runes.--

This spell will attack all enemies that are close to you, 
with magickal power. The spell will obviously do more damage 
at a higher level. Also, the same alignment rules apply to 
this, as do with enchanted weapons - 
blue>red>green>blue>red>green etc...and as always, purple is 
good for all situations ^_^

10-Summon Horror

In Game Description
--The scroll is host to an incantation, written in a 
panicked scrawl of blood. It reads: "The bestial fury of the 
'Horror' is unleashed by this magick. The Horror's abilites 
are yours - enemies my be crushed or rent apart, wracked by 
magick. This spell should not be undertaken lightly, for its 
toll on the psyche of mortalkind is high."

This spell requires the Tier and Aretak runes.--

This spell will summon a horror, for your use. You can only 
summon horrors with Chattur'gha, Xel'lotath, and Ulyaoth, 
not Manrotok. The horror can attack, shock the enemy from 
afar, and move, and open doors, however it cannot pick up 
items, or traverse stairs, from what I can tell. Be 
extremely wary of where you let one of these monsters go, 
because they'll still be there when you travel there as your 

11-Magick Pool

In Game Description
--This dread scroll contains a secret of arcane magick. It 
reads: "This magick transfers the innat magickal energy of 
the environment to the self. The limitless power of the 
Ancients will be at your disposal for the duration of the 
magick. Once the magick has waned, you will be berefit of 
spiritual power, until it naturally seeps back into your 

This spell requires the Tier and Redgormor runes.--

This is essentially a regen spell. When cast, you'll gain 
back Health (Chattur'gha), Sanity (Xel'lotath), Magick 
(Ulyaoth), or all three (Mantorok). The higher level the 
spell, the longer it will last. On a sidenote, a level 7 
purple Magick Pool is undoubtedly the most useful spell in 
the entire game.


In Game Description
--A note is scribbled on thhis scroll. It reads: "This 
magick enabled the caster to bind a creature with magick 
forcing it to ally with them."

This spell requires the Bankorok and Aretak runes.--

This spell will let you take an enemy under your 
control...well, you don't control them, but they ally with 
you, and go take out other monsters. I don't know how useful 
it is, I only ever used it where you needed to. I'm not sure 
what difference different alignments, or levels would make, 
if any at all.

And there you have it, all of the spells in the game. Enjoy!

Well, there you have it...I hope that this was of some use to you! Email 
me if you want to use it for your site, or have any questions!

CJayC-for running such an awesome website, and hosting my FAQs

Silicon Knights-for making this AWESOME game!

Nintendo-for making the AWESOME system to play this AWESOME game on! 

I own this guide, and it is protected by copyright...so don't 
plagiarize, got it? I'll sue yer ass faster than you can call for your 
mommy. The only thing I own is this guide. All characters, trademarks 
etc, are owned by Silicon Knights and nintendo.


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