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Character FAQ by funkytoad

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/02

Eternal Darkness
Characters FAQ
By Erik McLennan-Funkytoad
Version 1.0

AIM -xXFunkytoadXx

Table of Contents

Hello, and welcome to my Characters FAQ for the game Eternal Darkness, 
for Gamecube. This FAQ will tell you all about the playable characters 
in the game. Enjoy!

There are many a character in this game...12 to be precise 
^_^ They all have their own backgrounds and stories, and 
I'll outline them here. Some are from the manual, and some 
are just from what I've picked up from the game.

Alexandra Roivas
2000 Ano Domini
Rhode Island, USA

Alexandra, a student at a Wshington university, is a 
headstrong and independent woman. Imaginative and quite 
intelligent, Alexandra is completing her graduate degree in 
abstract mathematics and number theory. The is stubborn, and 
her obstinate attitude oftern gets her into trouble. She has 
returned to Rhode Island to tend to her deceased 
grandfather's estate and to find some answers about his 
gruesome death.

Pious Augustus
26 Before Christ

Born into a family of wealthy patricians, Pious Augustus 
joined the army of the Roman Empire at an early age. Pious 
was a centurion and commander during the empire's campaigns 
in Persia. He is now in his late twenties-many of his peers 
have retired to lives in Roman politics, but he remains a 
loyal soldier of the empire. Although Pious has grown weary 
of constant fighting, he continues, driven by the belief 
that life has a greater purpose in store for him.

1150 Ano Domini
Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia

Ellia was born into servitude and raised as a dancer in the 
court of Suryavarman II, the king who reunited the Khmer 
empire after years of unrest. After finding and reading a 
strange book, she yearns for adventure. Her curiousity leads 
her into a temple, where she uncovers secrets she was never 
meant to find.

814 Ano Domini
Amiens, France

Anthony is a very loyal french man, during the time of the 
Holy Roman Empire. An evilly enchanted scroll is sent to his 
king, through him, and he finds out that it was meant to 
harm him. Anthony sets off to warn the king...perhaps his 
ambition is too much? (Macbeth anyone?)

565 Ano Domini

Karim is a brash young man of noble heritage trained in the 
arts of the sword. He spends his time seeking adventure and 
the hand of many a lady. His heart has been won by a 
mysterious woman named Chandra, and his life is thrust into 
a new perspective. He wishes to marry her, but Chandra has 
other ideas. She wants to make use of Karim's skill at 
swordcraft and adventure, and in return for her love, she 
asks him to locate a lost relic.

Maximillian Roivas
1760 Ano Domini
Rhode Island, USA

Maximillian, a learned medical doctor, lectures at many 
universities within the United States. Although not a famous 
scholar, he is certainly respected by both his students and 
peers. Maximillian is a somewhat portly man in his mid-
fifties. His wife passed on years ago, after fighting 
consumption for many years. His three children, themselves 
now adults, visit him from time to time. More often than 
not, though, he remains alone in the family estate, left to 
his own devices. His children fear for his sanity-they 
believe is it unhealthy for an old man to be left along in 
such a large house. They may be right...

Edwin Lindsey
1983 Ano Domini
Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia

Lindsey is an explorer who uses a new form of satellite 
radar to find some ruins that contain an artifact. While he 
can't finance the expedition, and the government won't, a 
certain Paul Augustine will. Perhaps Lindsey's ambition is 
blinding him...is Paul Augustine what he seems?

Paul Luther
1485 Ano Domini
Amiens, France

Luther is a Franciscan Monk, during the time of the 
Inquisition. He has come to the Oublie Cathedral in Amiens 
France, to stay there, and see the sacred artifact, "The 
Hand Of Jude". He discovers a murder, and is immediately 
suspected...the other monks are acting quite 
strangely...what has Paul gotten himself into?

Roberto Bianchi
1460 Ano Domini
Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia

Roberto is a Venetian artist and architect, who was captured 
by a warlord. He now must design a monument for this 
warlord, but must first survey the building site before he 
does so. What he finds is there is not at all what he 
suspected...evidence of demonic and blasphemous things are 
inside the forbidden city...what could this mean?

Peter Jacob
1916 Ano Domini
Amiens, France

Peter is a journalist in the times of World War 1. He is 
staying at Oublie Cathedral, which has been turned into a 
war hospital. The death and decay that lurks around every 
corner makes him somewhat uncomfortable...but he finds 
things there that are far more disturbing, and horrific than 
any of the horrors of war.

Edward Roivas
1952 Ano Domini
Rhode Island, USA

Edward is in his early thirties, and he has always prided 
himself on his rational attitude. Continuing a long family 
tradition of scholarly pursuits, Edward Roivas is a 
practicing psychiatrist living in his family's ancestral 
home in Rhode Island. He has spent much time studying the 
works of Freud and Jung. Now, confronted by an irrational 
world, he finds himself privy to dark secrets his reasoning 
can barely comprehend.

Michael Edwards
1991 Ano Domini
The Middle East

Michael is a Canadian industrial firefighter, hired to clean 
up the after-effects of the war. He is caught in a freak 
accident explosion, and ends up in ruins below the 
ground...what he finds in there is something out of this 
world...will a Fireman's Ax and a Flashlight be enough to 
save him from these ungodly creatures?

Well, there you have it...I hope that this was of some use to you! Email 
me if you want to use it for your site, or have any questions!

CJayC-for running such an awesome website, and hosting my FAQs

Silicon Knights-for making this AWESOME game!

Nintendo-for making the AWESOME system to play this AWESOME game on! 

I own this guide, and it is protected by copyright...so don't 
plagiarize, got it? I'll sue yer ass faster than you can call for your 
mommy. The only thing I own is this guide. All characters, trademarks 
etc, are owned by Silicon Knights and nintendo.


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