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FAQ/Walkthrough by bananagirl

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 08/23/02

          __________                          ____           / \
         |_    ___  |_______ _______  ______ |_   \   ___   /   \     ___
           |  |   \_| _   _ |   __  ||   __ \  |   \ |   | /  _  \   |   |
           |  |_.-. |/ | | \|| |_ \_| | |__) ) | |\ \ | | /  /_\  \   | |
           |   _  |    | |   |  _| _  |  _  /  | | \ \| |/   ___   \  | |  _
 _________ |  | '-'_   | |   | |__/ | | | \ \_ | |  \   |   / __\_ _\_| |_/ |
|_    __  \|  |___/ |  | |  |_______||___| |__|| |_  \  |__|/   _ ' ||______|
  |  |  \  \________|_|___| |_   _| |_   _|_ |_____|  \ |  /   / \__|  ____ _
  |  |   \  \   .   |   __ \  |  |  ,' ,'   \ |   |____\|_|   |       /  _ ' |
  |  |    |  | / \   | |__) ) |  |,' ,' | |\ \ | ||   __' |\   \___  /  / \__|
  |  |    |  |/ A \  |  _  /  |      \  | | \ \| | | |_ \_| \___   \ \  \___
  |  |    |  | ___ \_| | \ \_ |  ,'\  \_| |  \   | |  _| _      \   \ \___  \
  |  |   /  / /   \ \___| |__||  |_ \  \_ _|  \  | | |__/ | __   |   |__  \  \
 _|  |__/  /__|  |___|      |______||____|     \ ||_______||  \_/   /|  \_/  /
|_________/                                     \|         |_._____/ |_.____/
         S   A   N   I   T   Y   '   S       R   E   Q   U   I   E   M

                    ~ Eternal Darkness:  Sanity's Requiem ~
                           for the Nintendo GameCube
                         FAQ/Walkthrough by Bananagirl
                                v2.6 - 08/23/02

This document is copyright ©2002 Bananagirl. It is not to be republished in any 
  form. It can be printed out for personal use but is not to sold or altered
                      without permission from the author.

                    .:*~*:.  < Table of Contents >  .:*~*:.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminary FAQ
  3. Game Information
       o Story
       o Characters
           > Alexandra Roivas
           > Pious Augustus
           > Ellia
           > Anthony
           > Karim
           > Dr. Maximillian Roivas
           > Edwin Lindsey
           > Paul Luther
           > Roberto Bianchi
           > Peter Jacobs
           > Dr. Edward M. Roivas
           > Michael Edwards
  4. Game Basics
       o Controls
       o Saving/Loading
       o Health/Magick/Sanity Meters
       o Combat
       o Magick
       o Inventory
       o Journal
       o Trapper Dimension
  5. Walkthrough
       o The Precession of Flesh and Bone & Introduction
       o Prelude: A Death in the Family - Alexandra Roivas
       o Chapter 1: The Chosen One - Pious Augustus
       o Chapter 2: The Binding of the Corpse God - Ellia
       o Chapter 3: Suspicions of Conspiracy - Anthony
       o Chapter 4: The Gift of Forever - Karim
       o Chapter 5: The Lurking Horror - Dr. Maximillian Roivas
       o Chapter 6: A Journey into Darkness - Edwin Lindsey
       o Chapter 7: Heresy! - Paul Luther
       o Chapter 8: The Forbidden City - Roberto Bianchi
       o Chapter 9: A War to End All Wars - Peter Jacob
       o Chapter 10: A Legacy of Darkness - Dr. Edward M. Roivas
       o Chapter 11: Ashes to Ashes - Michael Edwards
       o Finale: Gateway to Destiny - Alexandra Roivas
  6. FAQ
       o General
       o Prelude
       o Chapter 1
       o Chapter 2
       o Chapter 3
       o Chapter 4
       o Chapter 5
       o Chapter 6
       o Chapter 7
       o Chapter 8
       o Chapter 9
       o Chapter 10
       o Chapter 11
       o Finale
  7. Weapons
  8. Items
       o Alexandra Roivas
       o Pious Augustus
       o Ellia
       o Anthony
       o Karim
       o Dr. Maximillian Roivas
       o Edwin Lindsey
       o Paul Luther
       o Roberto Bianchi
       o Peter Jacob
       o Dr. Edward M. Roivas
       o Michael Edwards
  9. Enemies
 10. Spells
 11. Sanity Effects
       o Sounds
       o Sights
       o Technical
       o Other
 12. Secrets
 13. Revision History
 14. Copyright & Contact Information
 15. Credits/Thanks

                     .:*~*:.  < 1. Introduction >  .:*~*:.

Hello, and welcome to my Eternal Darkness walkthrough. Although the game is 
fairly straightforward, it is often hard to know how to trigger an event or 
where to go next. This guide should help with that, at least to some extent.

I'm not entirely sure about the names of some of the monsters, namely the 
Gatekeepers. If you know anything about this, tell me. I've heard of both 
Gatekeepers and Guardians, and I don't know which is right (if either).

I knew nothing about this game until the day I bought it. A few people had 
mentioned it, but it never caught my attention until I read the outstanding
reviews it had received. When I had done so, I immediately made a phone call,
and within an hour, the game was within my grubby little mitts. And now, here I 
am. Writing a walkthrough for it. Enjoy...

  - Bananagirl

                   .:*~*:.  < 2.  Preliminary FAQ >  .:*~*:.

Q. Why did this game receive an M rating?
   Pretty much the same reasons most horror movies receive an R rating. It's 
   violent, bloody, scary, and most kids have probably seen worse on TV.

Q. Buy or Rent?
   It's a relatively short game (it only took me 18 hours or so to finish it my
   first time through, and I was writing while doing so), so if you feel like
   renting is the way to go, you could do that. You might not be able to finish
   all three paths in that time, though. The game is definitely worth buying if
   you're a fan of the genre. And even if you aren't. 

Q. Where can I buy this game?
   Probably anywhere that sells GameCube games will have this. It's hardly a
   rare or outdated game. Go check Wal*Mart or something. Mine came from EB.

Q. Is this game worth playing?
   Yep. It's a great game, assuming you aren't easily frightened. I don't 
   really feel like reviewing it, though. If you still aren't sure, go read
   someone else's opinions.

Q. Where can I find _____?
   Use the find function on your browser or word processor. It's a good tool.
   Learn it. Live by it. Use it when you need something.

Q. How do I do _____?
   Same answer as the last question.

Q. If I read this, will it ruin the game for me?
   Maybe. I try to leave out all the good surprises, but I do summarize some
   of the cutscenes. Not very well, though. Even so, if you don't want the game
   spoiled, try checking DGow's FAQ. He gives subtle hints instead of just 
   telling you the answer to the puzzles. 

Q. Will this game scare the bejeezus out of me?
   Depends. I wasn't really that scared, but others are. Most of it isn't even
   frightening so much as creepy. The sort of stuff that puts you on edge and 
   makes you jump. There are a few surprises that will get you based entirely 
   on the shock factor and a few unnerving background noises like pounding that
   will make you not want to enter the next room. You might be tempted to 
   answer the door with a baseball bat in your hand. Rest assured that the UPS 
   man won't want to stick around if you do that.

Q. Are there any naked people?
   Nope. Just one instance of a bit of revealing clothing in Karim's chapter. 
   If you really want to see some naked chicks, play Bubble Bath Babes. It's an
   old NES game that's sort of like Snood. There's a pixilated naked girl at
   the bottom of the screen.

Q. I heard the game could break my GameCube. Is this true?
   Well, a lot of people have problems that come after playing this game. It
   could be a coincidence, but it could be some sort of weird technical error.
   I'm not really sure how a disc could break a system, but I'm not really big
   on understanding the workings of GameCubes, so I dunno. If you do have 
   problems, it's highly unlikely at this point that your warranty has expired.
   Just find the nearest repair place at Nintendo's website and ship it off to

Q. What's up with my game skipping during the cutscenes?
   I dunno. Try cleaning your disc or something. If that doesn't work, it's 
   probably some weird hardware bug that I've heard of but know nothing about.
   It's nothing dangerous, just a bit annoying. Turn on the subtitles so you
   know what the characters are saying. 

Q. How many spaces will this take up on my memory card?
   It takes 15 blocks of memory. You get six saved game slots for this. It's 15
   blocks whether you use them all or not, so don't worry about filling them 
   up. It won't make any difference.

Q. How long will it take me to finish the game?
   Writing and playing, I finished in just over 18 hours. Just playing, your
   first time through the game would probably be somewhere between 15 and 20,
   depending on your speed. Reading the guide, you can probably finish in 10.
   After playing through once or twice, it's possible to finish the entire game
   in under 5 hours, if you rush.

Q. Did dinosaurs eat my sweatpants?
   Yes, but if you travel back in time using this portable outhouse, you can 
   crawl inside the dinosaur and get them back. Finding yourself an outlet to
   return to the future is your own problem. 

                   .:*~*:.  < 3. Game Information >  .:*~*:.

Long ago, before the time of humanity, a species known as Ancients inhabited
the earth. Through natural causes, they were driven into the deepest recesses
of the planet until they could return to their full strength. 

Hoping to win the favor of the Ancients, secret cults used magick to try to 
bring about their return, thereby eliminating humanity. Those who cross their
paths are quickly eliminated. Only a chosen few can stop them. These ordinary
people must harness the powers of the Tome of Eternal Darkness and overcome
their greatest fears to put a stop to the coming of the Ancients.


                Alexandra Roivas (2000 A.D. - Rhode Island, USA)
Alexandra is the last surviving relative of Dr. Edward Roivas, so when he is
murdered, the police call her to identify the body and attend to his estate.
When she arrives, she refuses to leave the mansion until she has solved the
mystery behind her grandfather's murder.

                       Pious Augustus (26 B.C. - Persia)
Pious joined the Roman army at a young age, and as an experienced leader, he is
sent by the emperor to retrieve an artifact. When he reaches the relative area,
he begins to hear voices calling him across the desert. He follows, only to be
swept into a mysterious labyrinth.

               Ellia (1150 A.D. - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia)
Ellia discovered the Tome of Eternal Darkness and read it. The forbidden book
gave her a thirst for adventure that led her into a temple. Within, she 
witnesses things that no person should ever have seen.

                      Anthony (814 A.D. - Amiens, France)
Anthony is given a message to deliver to Emperor Charlemagne, but he disobeys
orders and looks at it. The scroll curses him, and Anthony vows to warn
Charlemagne of the treachery. Nosy bastard. That'll learn 'im!

                           Karim (565 A.D. - Persia)
Karim sets out to recover an artifact at the request of the woman he loves. His
search leads him to a labyrinth, which he must traverse in order to find what
he seeks. At the end, he is given a much greater task.

             Dr. Maximillian Roivas (1760 A.D. - Rhode Island, USA)
After the death of his father, Maximillian moved into the family mansion. He
lives alone, as his wife is dead and his children are grown. He begins to 
explore the mansion, determined to make it his own as it was his ancestors'.
Unfortunately, his children think that the mansion is affecting his sanity.

            Edwin Lindsey (1983 A.D. - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia)
Lindsey discovered Ellia's temple using a satellite. Unfortunately, the 
Cambodian government didn't want him in the country, so he had to get in 
through some not entirely legal means. Once there, his guide decides to take
care of him, and he whips out some mad Indiana Jones skillz...

                    Paul Luther (1485 A.D. - Amiens, France)
Paul arrives at the monastery expecting a warm welcome from his fellow monks,
but instead is accused of murder. With the help of a custodian, he manages to
escape. He must uncover the mystery of the strange activities of the monks.

                 Roberto Bianchi (1460 A.D. - The Middle East)
Roberto is a famous architect, so when he is captured while traveling, he is
ordered to survey the area that the warlord is going to build his monument on.
The soldiers tell him that if he does it, he *might* make it out of there 
alive. It's worth a shot, right?

                   Peter Jacob  (1916 A.D. - Amiens, France)
During World War I, a journalist named Peter who is researching his next story
on the war front finds himself in Amiens, which is serving as a field hospital 
to meet the needs of the many wounded and dying soldiers. His explorations 
uncover many things about the Ancients' involvement with the war. 

              Dr. Edward M. Roivas (1952 A.D. - Rhode Island, USA)
Edward's interest in his family draws him into this whole mess when he stumbles 
upon the ghost of Maximillian, who asks that Edward carry out the task that 
landed Max in the asylum. Guess what Edward gets to do!

                 Michael Edwards (1991 A.D. - The Middle East)
Michael is a Canadian firefighter. He and his team place some dynamite, but it
detonates itself due to some weird electrical thing before they can get out of
the way. Michael finds himself in some underground labyrinth, right in front of
the Corpse Pillar. Dang. I hate it when that happens.

                   .:*~*:.  < 3. Game Information >  .:*~*:.

Controls are taken mostly from the instruction manual. A few changes have been
made with the wording. 

Control Stick:
  - Move character
  - Select target when locked onto an enemy

  - Quick Spells #2-#5
  - Zoom in on an item while using Check in the Inventory Screen

  - Open/Close the menu screens

L Button:
  - Run

R Button:
  - Hold to lock onto an enemy
  - Release slightly and click the button again to lock onto the next closest 

X Button:
  - Sneak

Y Button:
  - Quick Spell #1

A Button:
  - Attack/Select

B Button: 
  - Context sensitive: A B Button icon will appear on-screen whenever you can
    perform an action with the B button

C Stick:
  - Rotate item while using Check in the Inventory Screen 


While in the menu, access the Options subscreen and choose Load/Save. From 
there, choose whether you would like to save or load and select the memory card
with your data. From there, choose a slot. If you try to load a game in the
middle of a current game, you will receive a warning that states that all 
current data will be lost. A similar warning will ensue if you attempt to 
replace a saved game, except relating to the data saved in the file as opposed
to the progress of the current game. At some points, the game will not allow 
you to save, saying it is dangerous to do so.

As any experienced gamer should know, saving is something that should be done
as frequently as possible. While not saving adds challenge, it also adds 
frustration when a bonethief sneaks up on you and burrows in before you can
shake it off. Save often in Eternal Darkness. Every 10 to 15 minutes or so is 
probably good. 

Another important thing to remember is that you will often miss something the
first time you play through a chapter. It's probably not a bad idea to keep a
saved game at the beginning of at least the last two or three chapters you've
played in case you forgot something in one of them. As a general rule, always
keep at LEAST two saved games. If you screw up and you've been using one save
the entire way through, you've gone and ruined your game. I can say from
personal experience that ruining your game because of one stupid thing is 
incredibly frustrating. I mean, how was I to know that I needed to give Dave
the key to the car before he was locked into the room with the purple 

                          Health/Magick/Sanity Meters

Health is a representation of your energy. It is depleted when you are 
physically harmed. It is restored through the use of a spell. Some items carry
a spell to restore health. However, use of such things is limited, so don't 
overdo it. 

Magick is used when a spell is cast. It is restored as you move about. Spells
that are cast using items do not affect one's magick meter. Later in the game,
your magick will become increasingly important as the spells require more 
magickal energy to cast. You can skirt around this by the following cheap 
method: In a room already cleared of enemies, hold down the L button and have
your character run around in a tight circle. The movement will restore your
magic meter, but the size of the circle should prevent any objects from 
interfering with your path. Also, since this only requires your left hand, it
leaves your right one free to do other things. Like typing. Or eating. Or tying
your shoes. 

Sanity is depleted when a character is shocked by an enemy. When the sanity 
meter gets too low, the character begins to hallucinate. Sanity can be restored
by finishing enemies once they have been defeated. Some items also have the 
ability to restore sanity. If your sanity gets too low, you will experience
sanity effects. These range from seeing blood dripping from the ceiling to 
having your head cut off and handed to you. They do no actual physical harm,
but it can be a bit frustrating if you do not realize what is going on at 


During gameplay, you will often encounter an enemy of some sort or another. To
dispose of them, you must destroy them. This can be done in one of two ways.

The first method is to use the A button to swing or shoot your weapon. This 
hits any enemy in the path of the attack, and often knocks them down. It is
relatively weak, however.

The second method is to use the R button to lock onto a specific body part of
an enemy, usually the head. The control stick can be used to select varying
parts. Hold the R button and the control stick in place and press the A button
to attack. This focused attack is slightly stronger than the first method.

When using a projectile weapon, press Z at any time to reload. If you run out
of ammo, a B button icon will appear, but this often happens at inopportune 
times. In the inventory, one can use the Mix command to combine ammunition and
a weapon to reload.

It is best to avoid being surrounded during battle. If you are attacked by too
many enemies at once, you will constantly be mauled and as such will never have 
a chance to take action. Do not rush into a room, instead, edge your way in 
slowly. With luck, only the creatures closest to the door will spot you, and 
you can tackle them one at a time.

Some spells, such as Enchant Item and Shield, should be kept on at all times.
They will give you the upper hand in many fights that you would otherwise lose.
Also, all projectile weapons should be kept fully loaded when not in combat 
should the need to use one arise without warning. Weapons that take a long time
to load or hold very little ammo will especially need this, as stumbling into
a room with an empty Crossbow does not make for an easy fight.

One of the most important strategies you should master here is guerilla 
fighting. This tactic is mostly used with small rebel factions. It involves
striking quickly then running away before the enemy can retaliate. This should
be put to use quite frequently during the game, especially with projectile
weapons. The enemies in Eternal Darkness do not regenerate when you leave the
room, so it is best to fire your weapon or strike until your Shield wears off,
then retreat to an empty room to reload and recast your spells. While you are 
as strong as ever, the enemy has been considerably weakened by your previous 

Most projectile weapons are fairly useless in the general scheme of things. 
The only use for almost all of them is shooting Trappers from afar, but I 
didn't notice this until pretty close to the end of the walkthrough, and I'm 
too lazy to fix it in ever chapter up until that point. You read it here. 
That's good enough.


Throughout the game, you will use magickal spells to solve puzzles and enhance
your character and their weaponry. Before magick can be used, however, a 
character must first find the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Once they have that in 
their position, a spell can be formed by finding its four basic components:

 - A Circle of Power is the basis of a spell. The strength of the spell is 
   dependent on the number of points the symbol on the Circle of Power has. The
   more points there are, the stronger the spell formed is.

 - Runes are used to form the spells. They determine the actual effect of the
   spell, and what the target is.

 - Codices are used to decipher the Runes you find. When you discover one, the 
   name and meaning of a Rune is automatically added to the Runes menu. 

 - Spell Scrolls are the instructions for making a spell. They contain 
   information concerning the effect and purpose of the spell, as well as which 
   Runes are required to make it. 

Once you have a spell to cast, you can select it from the Spell List in the 
Magick subscreen of your menu. The spells you cast most frequently can be 
assigned to the five quick spell buttons on your controller, which are the 
D-Pad and the Y button. By pushing these buttons at any time, you can cast a
spell without having to access the Magick menu. 

A spell's effects are heavily based on the alignment of the spell. Once you
create a spell, you can choose which alignment to use under the Magick menu
subscreen. The four alignments are matched with their colors. Each magick 
alignment has a counter-alignment. If you know one, it's easy to figure out 
all of them, 'cause they make a circle.

 - Chattur'gha is Red and cancels out Xel'lotath
 - Xel'lotath is Green and cancels out Ulyaoth
 - Ulyaoth is Blue and cancels out Chattur'gha
 - Mantorok is Purple and works well against everything

The power of a spell is dependent on the number of points of the symbol on the
Circle of Power being used. The most basic one has a triangle, and therefore
3 points. Once you find the pentagonal circle, your spells can be enhanced by
the addition of the Rune of Power, Pargon. Two of these can be used with 
whatever combination of runes you had from the triangular circle to upgrade
your spell. An upgraded spell is more effective, but it also requires more
Magick power to cast. Summon spells cannot be upgraded, but by adding more
Power runes, you will uncover a different spell. The Mantorok rune does not
work with summoned creatures. 

There are a total of 14 runes in the game. Aside from the Alignment Runes, 
there are also 5 Action Runes and 4 Target Runes, plus one Power Rune.

Action Runes:                  Target Runes:               Power Rune:
 - Bankorok (Protect)           - Magormor (Item)           - Pargon (Power)
 - Tier (Summon)                - Redgormor (Area)
 - Narokath (Absorb)            - Aretak (Creature)
 - Nethlek (Dispel)             - Santak (Self)
 - Antorbok (Project

In order to create most spells, you must combine an Alignment Rune with one
each of the Action and Target Runes. This is done automatically for you when 
you receive a Spell Scroll if you have all the Runes, but you will often have
the means to make a spell before you find its scroll. This can be used to your
advantage, if you know what the spells to be made are.

 Spell #1 - Enchant Item (Antorbok + Magormor)
 Spell #2 - Recover (Narokath + Santak)
 Spell #3 - Reveal Invisible (Narokath + Redgormor)
 Spell #4 - Damage Field (Bankorok + Redgormor)
 Spell #5 - Dispel Magic (Nethlek + Redgormor)
 Spell #6 - Summon Trapper (Tier + Aretak)
 Spell #7 - Shield (Bankorok + Santak)
 Spell #8 - Summon Zombie (Tier + Aretak)
 Spell #9 - Magickal Attack (Antorbok + Redgormor)
 Spell #10 - Summon Horror (Tier + Aretak)
 Spell #11 - Magick Pool (Tier + Redgormor)
 Spell #12 - Bind Creature (Bankorok + Aretak)

If you do make a spell before you have the scroll, the game will not tell you
the effects of it. You will still be able to cast the spell, but whatever it
does will be unknown. You'll either have to figure it out, look it up, or wait
to find the Scroll. 

In many cases, you will find a Rune before you find its respective Codex. The
Rune can still be used, but its effect will be unknown until it is identified.
This works much the same as building a spell before the Scroll is found.

In the menu, you are given the chance to set Quick Spells to be used with the
D-Pad and Y button. Take advantage of this. It is generally a good idea to
keep Enchant Item, Recover, and Shield on your Quick Spells at all times, as
these three should be the ones used most frequently. The other two slots are
fairly open, but Magickal Attack and Magick Pool will probably be used a lot,
so those are probably useful, too.

The alignment of a spell can greatly affect the way it works. The three main
runes counter each other in most cases (a Xel'lotath Reveal Invisible spell 
will show anything hidden with Ulyaoth, a Chattur'gha Dispel will take down a
Xel'lotath Damage Field, and so on). When Mantorok comes into play, the effects
vary. A Mantorok-aligned Shield will cause poison-like damage to all enemies in 
the same room as you, and casting Reveal Invisible with it will make *you* 
invisible. This means enemies will not attack and you will not lose sanity from
an encounter. Reapers will still follow you, but they do not attack or spread 
their wings. 

The strength of a spell, as determined by the number of points on the Circle of
Power used to construct it, is also very important. A 3 point Dispel won't work
on a 5 point Damage Field, and a 5 point Reveal Invisible won't work on 
something hidden behind a 7 point symbol. Keep this in mind and don't waste 
your magick.

In addition to the strength, the Circle of Power also affects the casting time.
The more runes you've got in a spell, the longer it takes to say them all. When
you've got a slim margin of time, it's sometimes better to use a weakened 
version of a spell instead of trying to beef it up and missing your chance. 


By opening the Menu and selecting the Inventory subscreen, your character gains
access to their weapons and items. Here, you can change and examine equipment,
use specific items, combine items, select which item to use a spell on.

- Use allows a character to cast a spell if it is instilled in an item, or, if
  selected in the proper location, put an item to use, such as unlocking a door
  with a key.

- Equip can be used with certain items to select them as your weapon. When an
  unarmed person acquires a weapon, it is automatically equipped. If you wish
  to chain weapons, however, this is where it is done.

- Check provides a description of the item in question. When this is selected,
  the item can be examined. The D-Pad zooms in or out on the item, while the
  C Stick rotates it.

- Mix is used to combine items in one's inventory. First select one of the
  components, then the mix command, then the second component.

- Mode switches between single and double shot capabilities on guns with two
  barrels. A double shot deals more damage, but the single shot will let you
  fire two weaker shots before reloading.

When you begin a chapter, it is usually a good idea to check your inventory to
see what items your character starts with. Often, they'll have something that
you must use to solve a puzzle later in the chapter. 


Under the Journal subscreen, you can review various cinematics from earlier in 
the game. Each act's corresponding journal entry is added upon successful 
completion of said act and can be viewed at any time.

More importantly, the journal can be used with Maximillian in Chapter 5 to 
record the data from the autopsies he performs. Autopsies will give you the
actual name of the creature you fought, as well as whatever weaknesses and 
interesting characteristics it might have. It is unfortunate that this only 
works in one chapter... 

                               Trapper Dimension

Occasionally, you will run into little creatures that look like scorpions. 
These are called Trappers. They are blind, so if you sneak past them, they 
won't notice. However, if you run or step on them, they'll shoot out waves of
energy. If you get hit by these, you'll be sucked into the Trapper Dimension.
The trapper dimension is inhabited by all sorts of nasty undead creatures, and
you can't use magick within its confines. 

The dimension has 5 platforms. The first one is the beginning platform. It has
one shifting light circle and nothing else. There is a platform that refills
each of your meters as well. They each have two steady light circles. The final 
platform is the exit platform. It has only one steady circle.

To move around in the dimension, you must step on the light circles. Whatever
color is displayed as you step on the circle determines the platform to which
you are transported. The Red circle takes you to the Health platform, Blue to
Magic, Green to Sanity, and Purple to the Exit. 

On each of the three meter platforms, there is a circle that shows rising
particles of the color of the meter that it corresponds to. Stand in this 
circle, and your meter will be refilled. It is because of this that the Trapper
Dimension is sometimes beneficial. Even so, most of the time it's just a pain
in the butt. You'll probably be sneaking past or shooting most Trappers you 

                     .:*~*:.  < 5.  Walkthrough >  .:*~*:.
                The Precession of Flesh and Bone & Introduction

The very first scenario in the game displays a few shots from various time 
periods and other fun things like that. You should probably watch it. The
graphics are pretty, and you can pick up a general idea of the game's theme 
from it.

When that's over, the introduction plays. It's really just a bunch of close-ups 
of the Tome of Eternal Darkness with a voice-over by Dr. Edward Roivas. Listen 
to it if you want; otherwise, ignore it and just wait for it to be over. After
that, the game actually begins.

               Prelude: A Death in the Family - Alexandra Roivas

You find yourself in a room full of zombies. You are armed with a shotgun, so
use that to blow as many heads off as you can before you run out of ammo. Then
you're screwed.

Or not. It was only a dream, and Alexandra will wake up to a ringing phone. On
the other end is the Rhode Island police telling her that her grandfather is 
dead, so Alex will fly out to identify the body. Note her clock, which says 
3:33. Let's step out and look at this logically for a second... It's 3am in 
Seattle, so it's 6 in Rhode Island. She gets on the next flight out, so she'd 
probably get there about mid-day. WHY IS IT DARK OUTSIDE? Anyway, your 
grandfather is dead. His head's gone. There isn't any evidence, so the police 
can't do anything. It's up to you to solve the mystery. 

When you regain control of Alex, examine the clock directly behind her. Have
her look at the key, and you'll receive the Dresser Key. Note that the clock is
frozen at 3:33. When Alex was woken up by the telephone call, it was also 3:33.
I see a pattern. 

Go to the right side of the room and go through the first door. Walk all the
way to the back of the library and you should come across a small study of 
sorts. There's a clock here, but this one doesn't say 3:33. We'll have to fix
that. Oh, and assuming that clock is right... why is there still daylight at
midnight? Anyway, turn the hands to the time is 3:33 and a passage will spring
open behind you. Go down the hallway and into the *real* study, and read the 
book on the desk. 

                  Chapter 1:  The Chosen One - Pious Augustus

                             Act 1: The Chosen One
The chapter opens on three Roman soldiers, talking about a battle and an 
artifact the emperor wants. Two of the soldiers walk away, and Pious begins to 
hear voices, which he follows across the desert. There's a short scene 
involving sand and 3000 volts or so of electricity through the chest with no 
long-term ill effects, and then you'll find yourself in a labyrinth sort of 
thing. Step off the dais and examine the ladder to go down.

At the bottom, examine the corpse and walk forward. You'll see the first of 
many zombies that you will encounter in this game stand up, so go knock his 
head off. If you get hit, the game will stop to tell you about life energy. Pay
attention, f00. When that zombie is disposed of, move forward again, and you'll
run into two more. They'll attack from either side, so jump out of the way 
before you get sandwiched and lob off their heads. When all zombies have been 
eliminated, move forward one more time and pick up the granite block lying on 
the floor, then open the door and go in. 

This room has two more zombies to deal with, but again with the decapitation 
trick. It works wonders on these guys. When you've finished them both, take
the granite block on the pedestal and go out through the door in the corner. 

Five more zombies waiting in here... As soon as you walk in, three of them will
try to corner you, so it's a test of speed to see if you can get off at least
2 heads before you're surrounded. Otherwise, you'll be hit on more than one 
side, and that just isn't my idea of fun.  Grab a third granite block from the
floor before you go down the ladder. 

There's a zombie lurking just around the corner, so be ready when he lunges for
your brain. The door to the left is blocked. You'll have to go right when 
you've finished him. 

Upon entering the room, you'll be treated to a nice quick look at all the wall
panels, and then you'll be mobbed by your new fan club, which consists of four
zombies with apparently no morals. Take the last cube from the dais. It's
impressive how this guy, who has no pockets, can carry four blocks of granite
without showing any visible signs of strain, even when he runs. Anyway, go 
around the room and plug your granite blocks into their respectively colored
holes with the Use command in your inventory. Make sure you match them 
correctly. If you make a mistake, you'll have to fight another zombie. 

                          Act 2: The Eternal Darkness
When all four blocks are in place, you'll see the grating that was previously 
blocking the other door in the last hallway disappear, so go that way. The 
next room has a statue of a centurion that you must destroy in order to 
continue. Take out his arms and head first, then the torso to gain passage to 
the next room. Slaughter the welcoming committee of three zombies, then examine 
the glowing thing in the corner. Have Pious push the button and step into the
center of the room. 

You'll be transported to a hallway with three artifacts. Pick one. The game 
will be altered by your choice. With red, the enemies will be harder, and 
they'll be able to regenerate lost parts. Blue is magick, and the enemies 
will explode with a big blue bang. Green is sanity, and your character will 
lose it faster. When you've made your choice, Pious will take another bolt of 
energy, but he won't deal with this one quite as well as the last one.

When you regain control of Alex, turn around and pick up the page in the frame
behind you, then use it to begin Chapter 2. 

               Chapter 2:  The Binding of the Corpse God - Ellia

                     Act 1:  The Binding of the Corpse God
The reading girl you see here is quickly replaced by Pious, and when that 
little scene is over, Ellia will pine for adventure. Immediately, the door is
sealed, and she's shut into some temple labyrinth thing. Lucky her.

Go across the room and examine the statue on the wall. It's wearing a necklace,
which you should take. Doing so will seal another door, but it's not the one 
you need to go through, so it's all good. There is a door to the left of the 
statue, across from the one that just closed. Go through that one and you will 
find yourself in a room with a diagram of sunset on the floor and three candles
representing that time of day in front of a design on the wall depicting the 
same thing. 

Go through the doorway you see here, and you'll find yourself in a hallway full
of traps. Stepping on the lighter spots on the floor trigger these, and Ellia
will automatically step on one when she enters. To avoid the falling blades, 
wait for one to pass then run across while the other one is dropping. The next
section's trap trigger can be avoided, so do so and go through the doorway at 
the end of the hallway. The door will spring shut behind you, and the game will
tell you a little bit about Sanity as it shows you a zombie thing. As with 
everything else you've killed so far, his head is his weak point, so chop it 

With him out of the way, you are free to look around. The floor and wall 
diagram seem to represent mid-day, but the candles don't. Pick up the bronze
necklace, then examine the candles and snuff out the one on the right with your
X button. A door will open slightly, but not enough for you to go through. Go
back through the trapped hallway.

In the sunset room, you will be attacked by three more zombies, which shouldn't
be a huge problem for you. Just remember to finish them all off to keep your
sanity intact. When you're done, go to the room with the statue. Remember, 
taking the necklace closed the door. So maybe if you give it one... Use the 
Bronze Necklace on the statue to open the door, then go through. 

This room features sunrise, but all is well on the candle front, so continue on 
into the next room. This hallway is also full of traps, so avoid the lighter 
spots on the floor. If you do hit them, run. These traps shoot spikes out of 
the wall, and those can be painful. When you reach the end of the hallway, go
through the doorway (again, the door will close behind you) and you'll be 
attacked by a mummy. You can probably guess what to do here. Off with his head!

The room you are currently standing in has a night theme, so the candles should
all be extinguished. The one in the middle already is, so blow out the others.
The half-opened door will come fully open, giving you access to yet another 
rigged hallway. The other end of the hallway leads to the mid-day room, but 
there's nothing else to do there. Halfway along the hallway is an alcove, 
though. Peek in, and you should see a Blowgun. Pick it up. 

                             Act 2: Chaos Entombed
I wouldn't want to be falling with a sword right above me, but all is well 
until you hit the ground and your weapon breaks. Fortunately, you've now got a
Blowgun, so go after the zombies that are cornering the guard. Make sure you 
don't hit the guard! When the immediate threat is gone, pick up the Broken 
Short Sword, then talk to the guard, who will repair your Short Sword for you.

Since your Blowgun ammo is limited, you may want to switch back to your sword,
but whether you do or not is your choice. When you've gotten it repaired, turn
around. More traps here, and this time the falling blades are big enough to do
some serious damage. Again, avoid the trap triggers on the floor. Halfway down
the hallway is one that spans the whole way across, and you won't be able to 
avoid it. Right in front of you, two huge blocks will slam together, which can
be pretty painful if you're between them. Wait for them to go, then run through
as they're opening. 

At the end of the hallway, you'll find yourself in a room with a column in the
middle. There is a slot at the base of the column, but you have nothing to go 
in there just yet, so just kill the two zombies and finish them off, then go 
out through the side door. Yet ANOTHER trap-filled hallway. There's another
unavoidable light spot, here, too. It sets off spikes that shoot out of the 
walls. And once you get past that, there's a doorway with one in the middle 
that will start falling blades and pounding stones. Not cool. Just avoid them 
when you can. Remember that you have a magic healing necklace when Ellia starts

The next room has a fire in the center as well as a mummy and 3 zombies. 
They'll fight each other if their paths cross, so you might as well let them do
the hard part. Make sure you finish them off for the sanity factor, though. 
There's a mural here, but it doesn't really teach you anything, so just leave 
through the doorway to the right. 

                        Act 3:  Death of a Dancing Girl
Follow the twisted hallway, and you'll end up meeting Pious and Mantorok. Some 
guy will show up and hand you a glowing heart, which looks a bit painful going 
in. When that's all over, run up to the statue in front of the beast and 
examine it to get a metal staff. With that in hand, head back to the first 
large room on this floor. The one that you got to after helping the guard. The
traps are still in place, and all the enemies are back, so be careful. If 
you're lucky, the zombies in the trap hallway will wander between the pounding

When you get back to the room with the slot, insert your metal staff to open a
door behind Mantorok, then go back there again. Run around behind it and go 
through the doorway to trigger a nice event with Pious. 

                           Act 4:  The Absent Horror
As Alex, you'll get a quick shot of the candles, then you're in control. Go 
examine the candles. The wall seems to show sunrise, so extinguish the center
and right candles to open a hidden panel and take the Message Tube within. 
Open it to find another Chapter page, and you will see another cutscene with
Augustus. Looks like they're gonna kill Charlemagne...

Back in the present time, Alex will discard the Message Tube. Use the page to 
begin the next chapter. 

                 Chapter 3: Suspicions of Conspiracy - Anthony

                        Act 1: Suspicions of Conspiracy
You will be given a scroll to deliver to Emperor Charlemagne, but instead of 
delivering it, your naughty little character will read it. Since something bad
happened to him, he has now vowed to warn Charlemagne of the treachery. 

When you have control of your character, talk to the monks. One will tell you
that they are mourning the death of another monk, but never believe anything
you're told about cause of death. There's probably something about this that 
isn't an accident. Open the coffin. The monks will hightail it out of there at, 
this point, but one will give you a Scaramasax before he goes, which you should 
equip. The monk will tell you to find the bishop. 

Go upstairs after you've talked to the monks. At the top, there are two 
statues, one of which says Pious Augustus, the other Ellia. Walk to the end of 
the little catwalk thing and you'll end up standing on a carpet of screaming 
faces. Take the Tome of Eternal Darkness from the hand.

Go upstairs again. This time, you'll enter a relatively normal looking room.
Anthony's looking far from relatively normal at this point. Oh well. Go over to 
the shelf beside the staircase to pick up a blue urn. Use it, and Anthony will 
break it. Smooth. Now you've got a broken blue urn and your first Rune, which 
is dependent on the artifact Pious chose. The red artifact nets you Xel'lotath,
the green artifact Ulyaoth, and the blue artifact Chattur'gha. You'll get a 
little explanation from the game about spells. 

After that, examine the center desk to get a Circle of Power. More game 
explanations, then back to controlling Anthony. Examine the bookshelf directly
behind the desk and move the odd looking book. With the shelf out of the way,
climb down the ladder. 

Go around the corner, and you'll encounter a transparent zombie. Chop off his 
head, beat him down, and all that other fun stuff. You'll get your second 
Magickal Rune, Antborok. There are two more zombies lurking in this hallway as 
well, but they should be no problem. 

Open the door at the end of the hallway, and you'll see a monk fighting a 
zombie. Two more are approaching as you enter the room. Kill them both, but be 
careful not to hit the monk. When you're done, talk to him, and he'll tell you 
what happened. He'll also give you the Bishop's sword. Pick up the torch that 
the monk dropped, then check the corner near the door to find three pieces of 
the green urn. When you've collected all of them, use the Mix function to 
combine them, then go into the next room. 

Walk down the stairs, and you'll be able to pick up a Magick Codex for 
Magormor. More game explanations. Run down the stairs and you'll find a 
transparent zombie, complete with the Magormor Rune. Take care of him, then 
open the door at the end of the hallway.

Anthony's definitely starting to look like a clothed zombie. When you walk in, 
fight the zombies, then pick up the Codex beside the stairs. This is the codex 
of the Rune you got from the Blue Urn earlier. Examine the fountain and grab 
the red urn beside it. Go examine the tapestry on the right side of the room 
and attack with your torch to set fire to it, revealing a door. Go in. 

Run down the hallway, killing (and finishing) the zombie on your way, and go 
through the door at the other end. You can see a limping figure go through a
secret passage. This is the bishop the monk spoke of earlier. Pick up the 
Antborok Codex leaning against the bookshelf, then examine the desk to find the 
"Enchant Item" Spell Scroll. It will combine with your Runes and Circle of 
Power to form the Enchant Item Spell. Use this on your broken urns to repair 
them, then run back to the room with the grotesque fountain and fill the Blue 
and Green Urns.

Return to the room where you saw the bishop. There is a rectangle on the floor
in front of the desk. If you stand on it, the secret door opens up. The weight
of the three filled urns combined should open it, so put them down on the 
pressure plates and go through the passage. Go to the end of the hall. Before 
you open the door, enchant your sword and make sure it's equipped. When you're
ready, open the door. You will be forced to fight the bishop. Sometimes when
Anthony fights, his health is really low and he falls. But just when he should 
be dead, his meter will refill completely and he'll stand up again. What's up
with that? I dunno. This might happen elsewhere in the chapter, too. I'll have 
to look into it. Just hack at the Bishop's torso to take care of him, and when 
it's all over, you'll get the Bishop's Key. Go back to the church. 

                             Act 2: Chaos Entombed
Your health will probably be fairly low at this point, so be careful. In the
hallway, two zombies are waiting to maul you. There's another pair in the
next room, and a Trapper lurks in the hallway beyond. If it hits you, you'll
be transported to the Trapper Dimension. If your health is low, this might be
a good thing. Otherwise, sneak past it. There's another one in the next room,
and three zombies in the room after that. In the next room, Anthony is starting 
to look like the bishop. Climb up the ladder, and you will encounter a Horror. 

Avoid his bolts by running behind him and attack him as he charges. Four or 
five hits should knock him down, so finish him off, go downstairs, and take 
care of the two zombies there. When that's done, go open the door behind the 
staircase using the Bishop's Key. Unfortunately, you're a little bit late... 

As Alex, leave the library. Go upstairs and try to open the door there with 
the second floor key. It will break. Fortunately, you have a spell for this, so 
use Enchant Item on the key to repair it, then unlock the door and go in. 

Turn right and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Inside, examine
the night table for some .38 Revolver Ammo, then go through the door beside
the fireplace. There is a piece of paper on the toilet. Pick it up and read it.
Then examine the bathtub... Have you seen Thirteen Ghosts or What Lies Beneath?
They have bathtubs, too. 

Leave the bathroom and master bedroom and run down the hallway. Open the first
door on the right and you'll end up in another bedroom. There is another box of
ammo on the dresser. Examine the painting above the desk, and you'll find the
Chapter page entitled "The Gift of Forever". 

                    Chapter 4:  The Gift of Forever - Karim

                          Act 1:  The Gift of Forever
As the chapter opens, you'll see Karim crossing the desert, then a flashback to
a conversation with the girl he's been lusting after. Then back to the desert.
Eventually, you'll find yourself in a temple of sorts. Seem familiar?

Check out the dead guy on the floor if you want to, then go down the ladder. 
You'll find yourself in the same hallway Anthony ended up in the first time he
tried to go upstairs. Note that his statue has now been added to the 
collection. Grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness, and you'll end up back in the
first room. Kill the zombies, then climb down the ladder again. 

Run to the end of the hallway and kill the zombies. There is a statuette in the 
middle of the room. Examine it, then pick it up. Go down the hallway to the 
left and kill the transparent zombie to get a rune, then kill his minion and 
climb the ladder. 

Cross the room and step up to the yellow shield. Because you have the rune from
the zombie, it will disintegrate, and you can pass through. Climb down the 
ladder and pick up the torch on the wall. Go down the twisted passageway and 
kill the zombies in the next room. Pick up the Codex (Red path, Chattur'gha;
Green path, Ulyaoth; Blue path, Xel'lotath) and the Statuette.

Go back down the hallway and climb back up the ladder. When you get to the top,
try standing on one of the circular rugs on the floor. It will make a grinding
noise. Put one statuette on each rug and stand on the final one. The altar will
rise, releasing four red trappers. Sneak past them and walk over to the altar.
Examine it and ride down. 

The next hallway has three bodies in it. The last one has a Tulwar in its back,
which you can take. Karim can now wield two Tulwars simultaneously. The man you
pulled it from will stand up. Act quickly to defeat him, and a bonethief will
leap out. Kill this as well, then move on to the next room. 

Kill the two zombies and the bonethief that leaps out of one of them, then 
examine the dead man to gain the "Recover" scroll. Leave through the door in 
the corner. In the next room, you will be attacked by three blue zombies, so 
cut off their heads and finish them to regain some sanity. At the end of the
hallway is another door. Go through it, and you will encounter a transparent 
horror. Run behind it and hack away, and you'll get a ruin. Pick up the codex
where the beast was standing and go back up the ladder. 

There is a Trapper lurking here, so sneak past and go to the shield at the
other end of the room. The rune from the horror will allow you to pass through. 
You can go down the ladder. There is a niche in the wall with a codex. You 
should now have all of the components of the Recover spell. 

There is no way to reach the door on the left, so go right instead. Remember
this room from when you were controlling Pious? Pull the Ram Dao out of the
stone, and you will be surrounded by zombies. Equip the Ram Dao and enchant it,
and they should go down with only a few hits. After you defeat all of the 
zombies, there will be another onslaught. Repeat the process until a 
transparent zombie appears. Once you've defeated him and received the rune, 
the door will spring open. 

Go back through the door and up the ladder. Return to the room in which you 
found the Recover Spell Scroll. Using the Rune that matches the color of the 
rune on the door for alignment, cast the Enchant Item spell on your Ram Dao. 
Stand in front of the door with the strange insignia and use your enchanted 
broadsword to open it.

There are three more zombies in the next room. Once they are gone, move down 
the hallway and climb the ladder. There are trappers crawling around here, so 
move slowly into the center of the room and pick up the Ruby Effigy. Once you 
have it, return to the ladder and climb down.

Further down the same passageway is a pile of rubble. Examine it to climb over, 
but you will be in pitch darkness. You should hear a monster further down the 
hallway, and sure enough, there's a horror just ahead. Aim for his heads, and
he'll fall. Finish him off, then climb down the ladder. 

                        Act 2: The Shadow of Corruption
Examine the hand-like structure in the center, then use the Tome of Eternal 
Darkness on it to open the grating. Pick up the Tome, then walk out of the 
room and into a hallway. As you try to walk down, a barrier will spring up and
you'll be assaulted by a few waves of zombies. Destroy them all, and you'll be 
attacked by a horror. Hit him in the heads a few times, and he's history. 

At the end of the hallway is a circular room. Upon the death of the beast, an
artifact will appear. If Pious took the blue one, this one is red. If Pious
took red, it's green. If green, it's blue. Take the artifact, and you'll get a
nice cutscene...

Welcome back to the Roivas mansion. Pick up the Gladius from its frame above
the fireplace and leave the library. Go through the door beside the table with 
the telephone. Inside, there is a door with a wooden plaque. Enchant your 
Gladius with the spell of the corresponding rune and open the door. Inside, 
pick up the spice jar and open it to find the Chapter page entitled "The 
Lurking Horror".

                         Act 3: The Preparations Begin
After you open the jar, there will be another cutscene featuring our favorite
former Roman soldier. As it stands, the planets will soon be aligned and Pious
is about to say the final incantations. You'll have to hurry if you want to 
finish the game before he does. As such, use the Chapter page you just picked

            Chapter 5:  The Lurking Horror - Dr. Maximillian Roivas

                           Act 1: The Lurking Horror
As the chapter opens, there is a voice-over of Maximillian as he writes. When
he finishes speaking, he stands up. On the desk is some Flintlock Pistol
Ammunition, which you should pick up. That in hand, open the door and step out
into the hallway. Go through the door beside the room you just came out of, and 
you'll find yourself in a bathroom. There is a bag of ammo here, but aside from 
that, only the servant. Leave the room.

Run down towards the master bedroom. There is another bag of pistol ammo on the 
table that holds the creepy bust that follows you around in Alex's time. Go 
into the bedroom and examine the bedside table to get a letter, then read it in 
your inventory. There is a codex on the mantelpiece to take, and a servant 
scrubbing the floor. The servant won't talk, so just ignore him for now and 
open the bathroom door. There is more ammo beside the bathtub, so pick that up,
then return to the hallway. 

Open the second floor door and go downstairs. On the table that the carriage
clock will sit on 140 years later, pick up letter #2. Read it, then go to the
right side of the staircase. That symbol on the wall is a bit suspect... As is
the painting beside it of the foyer, since it shows a door there. Pick up the 
ammo that lurks by the wall, then go into the dining room. Inside, pick up the 
codex and go into the pantry, where you can will find a pump handle. Take it 
and leave the room. 

Go to the end of the hallway and through the double doors. Over the fireplace,
examine the picture that has four colored circles. An inscription beneath will
ask for the greatest enemy of a certain rune. Looking at the color of the rune 
in question, you will see an arrow pointing in a clockwise direction. Move the
statue to the color that falls right before the one it asks about to open a 
secret passage. Go in. 

To the right of the fireplace is the "Reveal Invisible" Spell scroll, but you
don't have the Tome of Eternal Darkness just yet. Beside the scroll is a weapon
stand with a Sabre. Take and equip it. On the other side of the room, a pistol
is hanging on the wall. Pick it up. Finally, turn to the desk, and you will
find the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Take it. A transparent horror will appear in
the foyer, and a letter will slip out from between the pages of the book. 

Go back downstairs via the secret passage, and you will be attacked by a 
servant. Decapitate him and a bonethief will spring out. Defeat that and perform 
an autopsy using B. You will then get a tutorial on such things from the game. 
After you finish off the bonethief, step out of the room to begin the battle 
with the transparent horror. As ever, attack the heads. You will get the final 
rune of the Reveal Invisible Spell. 

Go upstairs again and walk towards the stained glass window. Behind the podium
to the left, you should see something white. Search and you will find a sealed
envelope. As soon as you take it, kill the bonethief, then examine the 
envelope. Open it to get letter #4 and the basement key. Read the letter, then 
go downstairs. The game will focus on a transparent horror on the right side of 
the foyer. Cross over to him and chop off his heads to receive another rune. 

                           Act 2:  Insanity Prevails
Back on the right side of the entrance hall, use your new rune as a Reveal
Invisible alignment to reveal a hidden door where the mysterious rune thing on
the wall was before. Use your basement key to unlock the door and go in. At
the bottom, defeat the two zombies and autopsy one of them, then pick up the 
spell scroll at the edge of the fountain and the nearby codex. There is some 
ammo in the corner beside the stairs. When you have picked everything up, use 
your pump handle on the pump beside the well to empty it and go down the 

The first time you go down you will get a nice sanity effect, so try again, 
and you will encounter a transparent zombie carrying a rune. You should now 
be able to construct the Damage Field spell. Go down the stairs. If you look 
over the edge of the balcony, you can see the city the third letter spoke of. 
Continue down the stairs once the shield has been dispelled by the rune you 
just picked up. 

At the bottom, a guardian will appear. Follow and kill it. If you enchant your
dual flintlocks with the rune of his weakness, it will go faster. Try to avoid
the zombies he summons by running around them, and put some distance between 
yourself and the minions after the boss fires off an attack. This will give you 
time to reload, as you won't be getting pummeled on all sides. After that, you 
see Max's fate... 

As Alex, leave the library and go upstairs. Enter the master bedroom and walk

over to the dresser. There is no keyhole, but there is a triangle flanked by
rune symbols. Cast the Reveal Invisible spell with the counter-alignment of
the rune displayed (it's the same one you used to open the basement) and use 
your dresser key in the keyhole that's revealed. Open the drawer to find a
Revolver and a new Chapter page, "A Journey into Darkness". 

              Chapter 6:  A Journey into Darkness - Edwin Lindsey

                        Act 1: Corrosion of the Dead God
You will see a short cutscene in which Pious and his god discuss the Mantorok,
that creepy red thing with lots of eyes from Chapter 2. When it's all over, use
the Chapter page to trigger the next act. 

                        Act 2:  A Journey into Darkness
At the beginning, you will see Lindsey and another man stepping into the temple 
from Chapter 2. Enjoy the ensuing gunfight. I am *definitely* catching strong
Roger Rabbit vibes from Augustine. Anyway, shoot the big evil-looking guardian.
Occasionally, a zombie will pop up. Just blow its head off. The shotgun is good 
for this, being the traditional zombie-hunting weapon. Remember to finish them 

With all the enemies out of the way, examine the floor in the center. It's 
coated with dust, so use your brush to clear that out of the way. Pick up the 
bracelet that was lying beneath the layer of dust. 

Go up to the statue that Ellia took the necklace from 833 years ago. It is
missing its bracelet. You just happen to have one of those, so use it to open
a door. You will end up in the room with the giant hand, so take the Tome of 
Eternal Darkness. Once you've picked it up, try again to go into the door and
you will be in the sunset room. Kill the two zombies within, then go on to the
trapped hallway. 

The traps are still active, but the lighting makes it a bit hard to see the 
panels that trigger them. Not only that, there's a trapper in here. You have to 
sneak around, avoiding the panels. If you trigger a trap, you can't run. Life
is tough like that. Halfway along the hallway, a pedestal holds a Metal 
Bracelet. Pick it up. 

Near the end of the hallway you'll find a corner shrouded with cobwebs. Use 
your brush to clear them away and you will find a codex. 

Go through the doorway to encounter a horror. He is surrounded by a damage 
field, so you won't be able to hit him. Instead, pick up the Bronze Necklace 
from the stand. In addition to blocking access to the beast, the field is also 
preventing you from reaching the other necklace. Turn around and go back to the
room with the statue. Give her the necklace to open two more doors, then go 
through the new door in the statue room to reach the sunrise room. Inside, a
silver bracelet sits on a pedestal, but you must provide an offering, or the
doors close. Take the Silver Bracelet and replace it with the metal one you 
picked up earlier. 

Go through the door to the left of the statue and avoid the trap panels. At the
end of the hallway, another cobweb conceals another codex, so brush it away and
go through the doorway to encounter some colored zombies and a transparent one. 
Kill them off to get a new rune, then go through the doorway. 

Avoid the traps, kill the zombie, and step into the alcove to find a cobweb 
which hides the Dispel Magick Spell Scroll. Continue down the hallway until you 
reach the room with the horror trapped within the damage field. Dispel the 
field with the rune's counter-color and shoot the beast in the head a few times 
with your shotgun. When he falls, you're free to take the Silver Necklace 
behind him. 

                          Act 3: In the Hands of Kali
Turn around and go back through the hallway you came from. Halfway along, a
statue appears to be missing some silver jewelry. Give it the necklace and
bracelet, and a passageway will open up across from it. Go through. 

Kill the zombie directly inside the door and go down the stairs. On the 
landing, a transparent zombie has a rune for you to steal, so beat him down 
and take it. A guardian is waiting further down the stairs, so be careful. 
Wait for him to spread his wings, then aim for the head. With him out of the 
way, keep going down. At the bottom, a shield blocks further passage, but you 
have the rune, so it's no real problem. 

Go through the door. Take the passage to the left of the entrance and you will 
encounter a statue of a guardian and a statue. In the corner of the room, 
stand on the circular panel to cause the guardian to turn around. The statue
will lift its arm. Run forward and grab the bracelet before the guardian can
turn around again. When you're done, go through the door behind the guardian.

This hallway is full of poison traps. Run through as quickly as possible to
avoid losing too much health. At the other end, a zombie awaits you, so pick
him off, then dispel the danger field with its counter-rune. Go through the
doorway that you did not come in through and run along the hallway. Avoid the 
crushing block traps. Halfway along, you will encounter a statue, but you do 
not have a necklace yet, so ignore it for now. 

In the next room, kill the mummies and cast a red dispel. Cross the hallway,
reload your shotgun, and go in. A Horror awaits you. Fill it with lead and cast 
a blue dispel. In the corner, a cobweb hides a necklace. Take it and leave 
through the other door and run to the end of the hallway. You should now be in 
the guardian room. Take the next door to the poison trap hallway and cross 
that. In the next room, there is a statue with a small basin beneath it. Use
your necklace in it and press the button. The acid will clean off the necklace.
Take the door to the right. 

                           Act 4:  Daughter of Light
At the midpoint of the hallway, the statue is awaiting her jewelry. Adorn the
statue with your finds to open a passageway across from her. Go through, run
down the stairs and kill the mummies and the beast, then continue on your way.
Go through the door at the bottom and turn right. Go through the door at the
end of the tunnel and you'll find a burning face. Kill off the zombies and 
clean away the cobwebs to get another codex. Go through the door to the right. 

Traps galore and a red zombie at the end. Then a whole roomful of red zombies
through the doorway. Knock off their heads and let them fight each other. When
they're gone, take the right doorway and go to the end of the hall. There are
three mummies for you in the next room, and one of them is transparent. Get his
rune and go through the shielded door. Take out the zombies and pick up the 
"Summon Trapper" Spell Scroll from its perch on the edge of the fire thing in 
the center of the room. 

Head back through the door that you came in and go through the hallway to the 
room at the other end. Keep backtracking. Eventually, you will reach the stairs
that took you down here. Go up them. At the top, head south then west. You 
should be in the hallway that had the purple shield until you destroyed the
three damage fields. Avoid the traps and make your way to the center of the 
corridor. Use the Summon Trapper spell. 

Take your trapper in through the hole in the and have it cross the bridge. Step
onto the panel to open a doorway, then press start to return to controlling
Lindsey. Pick up the rune and defeat the Horror that bursts out of the wall, 
then go into the room it came from to find the Mantorok Codex. Return to the 
room in which the Summon Trapper Spell Scroll was found. 

Go through the door to the right to find yourself in Mantorok's room. Pious 
will stop to talk to you, but the statue in front of Mantorok will protect you.
Run behind the li'l bugger and into the room to find Ellia. Lindsey will take
the heart to Edward Roivas. 

The game will cut to Alex back in the study. Go out into the library and look 
for the book behind which the heart was hidden. It's on the second shelf from 
the door to the hall. Examine it and look behind it to discover the Heart of 

Leave the library and go upstairs. Turn left at the end of the hallway, and you
will see the ghost of Maximillian go through the wall. Go up to the stained 
glass window and dispel the damage field. Go through and pick up the Chapter

                       Chapter 7:  Heresy! - Paul Luther

                           Act 1: The Black Guardian
Pious will be seen summoning a large creature to guard the artifact room. When
he's gone and done that, the game returns to Alex. Use the Chapter page. 

                                Act 2:  Heresy!
When the game begins, Paul will be speaking to a creepy looking monk. This is
actually the bishop. He'll tell you a little bit about the inquisition, then
you're on your own.

                                Act 3: A murder
After the bishop finishes talking to you, go straight and open the double 
doors. Run down the aisle and you will discover a dead monk. Looks like you're 
stuck here, at least for the time being. 

                       Act 4:  Light within the Darkness
In the room, examine the painting and take the emerald. Watch the scene, then
leave through room through the door. Into the room of the funky hand with you.
Grab the Tome and leave. Go through the double doors into the chapel and run to
the front. There are some crossbow bolts sitting to the right of the altar, so
pick those up, then go through the door on the side of the piano. On your way,
pick up the torch in front of the window. 

In this next room, open the chest to get a Crossbow. Examine the robes hanging
in the alcove to find the Podium key, then return to the previous room. Go up
to the podium and use your key to open the drawer and find a diary page. Read
it, then leave the chapel and go upstairs via the doorway across from the room
in which you were locked earlier. Go through the door and you will encounter 
your first zombie. Kill him and cross the room to the next door. Climb up the 
stairs and ring the bell to bring about the coming of the custodian.

                     Act 5: Conversation in the Bell Tower
He will tell you a bit about what's going on, and hand you the Old Tower Key. 
Go back downstairs and into the chapel. Turn right at the altar to get to the
door to the Old Tower and use your key to unlock it. Go in, and you will see
a bonethief in the process of acquiring its host. Shoot it and run out of the
room to reload. 

Back as Paul, kill off the bonethief and run forward. Pick up the "Shield" Spell
Scroll on the altar. Anthony is running around in the Bishop's reception room,
but he's a bit hard to deal with at the moment, so cast shield and go upstairs 
instead. The little evil guy will be deflected by your shield, leaving you free
to grab the sheet music from the bookshelf and the second diary page from the

Go back to the chapel and play the organ. Press the buttons from the sheet
music, and the tabernacle will open. Go over to it and take the Circle of Power
from within, then go down the stairs behind the altar. Take the first left and
go into the room, then examine the desk to get the Book of Reliquaries. There
are some crossbow bolts on the shelf. Once you have those, leave the room. 
Continue down the hallway and pick up the mace beside the organ's mechanism.

The mace is faster than the crossbow, but don't equip it just yet. Grab the 
bolts at the other end of the room and go into the door beside them. There is
a Trapper here, so be sure to sneak to avoid a trip to its dimension. Tap on
each of the barrels until you find the empty one, then turn its spigot to 
reveal a secret passageway. Inside, you will find a transparent horror. Shoot
it, run out, reload, run back in. When he falls, you'll get a Sapphire.

Now that you have the mace, you should be able to deal with Anthony. Go to
the Bishop's room in the old tower and cast shield. Equip your mace and go in.
When he falls, you get the Ruby and the Two-Edged Sword. You should now have
all of the gemstones, so go downstairs and into the basement (the stairs are
behind the altar) and return to the secret room beyond the wine cellar. 

At the end of the room, there is a podium. The horror was standing in front of
it when you walked in. Use your gemstones on it. Holy secret passageways, 
Batman! Go down the stairs and kill the zombies, then open the door at the end 
of the hall. When you've defeated the transparent zombie within, you can get a 
rune. Go through the door in the northern section of the room, then head down 
the stairs. 

Go into the next room and you will see two horrors fighting. One will kill the 
other, leaving you to deal with the victor. If you don't have shield cast 
already, run out of the room and do that. Load your crossbow while you're at 
it. It never hurts to start a fight with a projectile. Since it's easy, do the
run-out-reload-run-in-shoot thing. When the fight is over, grab the crossbow
bolts and examine that thing in the corner. Then open the door nearby and go 
in. At the end of the hallway, you should be in the bishop's study.

Kill off the mummies and take the crossbow bolts from the bookshelf, then 
examine the secret door behind the desk. Have Paul push it to open it. Kill off 
the zombies that lurk within and go to the secret room at the end of the 
hallway. Inside, there is a zombie and diary page #3. Read it, then check the
niche in the wall to find the codex. You can now power up your spells, which
you should do now.

                          Act 6: Suspicions Confirmed
Return to the bell tower. You now have sufficient evidence for the custodian. 
Talk to him, and he'll give you a sacrificial knife. Remember that thing in the 
basement that looked like the custodian? Go pay it a visit. At this point, 
monsters are everywhere and there are trappers in the secret room beyond the 
wine cellar, so tread carefully.

                            Act 7:  Heresy Revealed
Once you reach the custodian statue thing, use your sacrificial knife on it
to reveal a hidden door, then go in. Dispel the damage field using a 5 point
counter-rune spell. When you get to the end... 

                       Act 8:  The Black Guardian's Lair
Kill the bonethieves and leave the area. As you step out of the room, you will 
see the bishop going into the room that was previously locked. Follow him in. 
Go down all the stairs and hallways until you reach the final door. Remember 
that cutscene at the beginning of the chapter? This room looks kinda familiar, 
don't you think? As does the bishop, suddenly...  So ends the chapter. 

When you return to Alex, you will find a note from Edward. Read it. 88 keys, 
eh? What do we know that has 88 keys? Musicians? Why, a piano, of course! Go to
the double doors at the end of the left side of the hallway. There's a piano in
there, so go play it. You've still got Paul's sheet music, so use that. Doing
so will net you the Chapter page entitled "The Forbidden City". 

                Chapter 8: The Forbidden City - Roberto Bianchi

                          Act 1: Flesh for the Pillar
If you looked at all the paintings in the secret study as Alex, you would've
seen one that depicted a pillar of corpses. This cutscene seems to be talking
about the beginning of that particular picture's focus. When it's all over, 
have Alex use the Chapter Page. 

                           Act 2: The Forbidden City
As a surveyor, your job is to look into all the rooms that are marked on the 
map with an X. Which pretty much means you've gotta run around exploring the
place. From the first room, there is a tunnel leading out. Go through it and
climb up the ladder at the end. There's a worker running around up here, but
he has nothing interesting to say, so just climb down the ladder at the other

You only have a torch right now, so run around the zombie at the bottom and 
climb up the ladder at the end of the tunnel. Up there is your first surveyable
room, so have a look around. After you've assessed the structure, pick up the
Saif lying on a ledge and equip it. There are also some crossbow bolts lying
around the area.

You can climb back down and regain some sanity from the zombie, then go across 
the room to the ladder on the opposite end. In one of the corners of the cell, 
there is a lever that operates the gates. Pull it and defeat the red zombie 
that comes out, then pull the lever within his cell. This will release two 
mummies, which should be no problem for you. Their lever will open the other 
two gates, so go up the ladder to the south (check your map for directions) 
and pick up the crossbow bolts in front of you and the crossbow on the ledge 
halfway across the room, then survey the room.  

Go down the ladder beyond the crossbow to reach the chamber of the Tome of 
Eternal Darkness. Take it and go down the ladder again. At the bottom, a worker
cowers. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that he heard the screams of his fellow
workers from down the hall. Sounds like trouble. Walk down the hall, of course. 
Sneak, rather. There are trappers about. Climb up the ladder at the end and 
take the "Summon Zombie" Spell Scroll from the center of the room. Watch out
for the enemies creeping around. 

Cast a shield spell and climb down the ladder. You'll come face to face with a
beast. Kill him, then look around. There are a few dead workers lying on the
floor, and some bolts in front of the ladder. Walk in the direction of where 
the beast was and open the door. As you step into the room, you will see an 
interesting zombie death. Kill off the zombies, then go down the ladder. There 
are trappers here, so tiptoe. One direction is blocked, so the correct door to go
 through should be obvious. 

When you walk in, you'll see a key sitting on a podium on the other side of a
pit of lava. Since there's no obvious way around it, check out the color on the
podium and cast a 5 point Reveal Invisible spell of the opposite color. Makes
a nice bridge, eh? Stroll across and get your key, then leave the room. Walk
back to the ladder, but be sure to pick up the Sapphire Effigy from the niche
in the wall on your way past. 

There are some crossbow bolts sitting on a ledge, so pick them up and go into
the next room. Survey it, and the workers will mob you. Beat them down, but
beware of the bonethieves that will pop out. Just chop off everyone's head and 
you'll be fine. When you're done, leave the room and go through the double 
doors at the end of the hallway. You'll have to use your key to unlock them.

Go through and heal yourself, then run across the floor. It will shock you, but 
you should make it across before you die. Heal once more, then enter the room. 
Inside, a slave will tell you that worms ate his fellow workers. Go over to the
rope that is holding the bridge aloft and hit it with your sword to lower it, 
then cross. When the worms pop up, hit them to make them leave. Survey the room
and pull the lever on the other side of the room, then to back the way you came
until you reach the screen where the zombie was splattered in the trap. 

                         Act 3: Guardian of the Temple
Slamming the trap once closed the gate, so wouldn't doing it again open it? We
don't want Roberto so suffer the same fate as Paul, so someone else will have 
to trigger it. Now would be a good time to use your Summon Zombie spell, eh? 
Have your zombie step onto the trap, and Roberto is free to go down the ladder. 
Oh, and you might want to shield and heal before doing so. Run past the enemies 
here, as they're a bit too hard to fight to make it worth it. When you reach 
the end of the tunnel...

You'll end up with the Ruby Effigy and [Whatever Artifact Karim took in Chapter
4]. Survey the room, and you should get a message that says you have surveyed
all the rooms. If not, look at your map and go to whatever rooms still have an
X. Once you are done, head back to the room from the very beginning of the 
chapter. As always, watch out for trappers. 

                        Act 4:  A Monument for All Time
When you reach the room, you will see a short conversation with Roberto's 
captors in which he tries to warn them of the bonethieves beneath the city. Then 
you will see a line of the sort that is normally only present in Disney World, 
and right at the front of it is that guy from the beginning cinema. Roberto's 
task is complete.

Have Alex go survey the area in front of the painting of the Corpse Pillar to
find the next Chapter page, then use it to begin the next chapter. 

                Chapter 9: A War to End All Wars - Peter Jacobs

                       Act 1: Binding the Black Guardian
Before Alex uses the page, you'll get a nice cutscene in which one of the evil
monks from Amiens is telling Pious that the guardian wants flesh. I guess Paul
just wasn't good enough for him in his current state...

                         Act 2:  A War to End All Wars
As you gain control of Peter, you will see a brutally wounded man being dragged
in. Examine the table in front of you to get a soldier's letter and read it. 
Run up to the altar where you found the first page from Andrew's diary while
controlling Paul. You will find a sealed envelope there, so pick it up and open
it to receive some soldier's orders, which you can read. 

Leave the chapel and go to the main hallway. Turn right and go up the stairs 
there. Go through the door on beyond the stairs and the one at the other end
of the hall and examine the crate beside the door to find the second soldier's
letter. Read it.

Go back downstairs. Standing in front of the door to the room in which Paul was 
imprisoned is a very bored looking guard. Give him the orders, and he'll leave. 
Go into the room and take the revolver from the bench, and the building will 
take a hit, knocking out the power. Try to leave the room. You'll find yourself 
in the hall of the Tomb of Eternal Darkness. Roberto's statue has been added to 
the collection. Take the book, then leave the room.

There are bonethieves all over the place, but you have hardly any ammo, so try
to avoid them and run through the chapel. The guard in front of the basement
stairs behind the altar is dead, so go down and take a left. Go into the room 
on the right. There is some rifle ammo on the shelf, so take that, then cross 
the hallway to the other room. There is some Revolver ammunition on the desk
in here. Get that and leave. 

Further down the hallway, you'll find the room with the organ mechanism. There
is rifle ammo on two of the crates here, so take it and go into the wine 
cellar. There are two trappers in here, so walk quietly and go to the room to
the right of the entrance. There is a generator here, but turning it on does
nothing. Go look for the fuse box on the far wall.

There appears to be a missing fuse. You don't have a fuse. You just have a 
penny. What possible use is there for a penny in this game, anyway? You don't
buy anything. Use your penny as a replacement fuse, then flip the lever on the
generator. Ah, power. Such a sweet thing. Grab the rifle ammunition on the
crate and leave the room. Cross over into the boiler room through the door on
the opposite side of the wine cellar. Inside is a boiler (go figure) and a hole
that would admit something about the size of a small dog. Turn the wheel on the
boiler and Summon a Trapper. 

Take your Trapper through the hole in the wall and focus on the dead soldier 
leaning against the door. Send him to the Trapper Dimension using A, then 
return to Peter. Now that there's no dead guy blocking the door, you can open
it and go in to get a 7 Point Circle of Power. Take this opportunity to upgrade
all your spells using the Pargon Rune, then go back upstairs to the chapel. Go 
right through the door on the side of the tabernacle. In the bishop's room, you 
can pick up some ammunition and a torch. Go upstairs to find the Two-Edged
Sword, then return to the main chapel.

Check the altar for a rifle. We's agoin' bonethief huntin'. But first, go check 
out the organ for some sheet music. Play it while you're there. Hm... the 
music's a bit torn... It's missing a note. Never fear, for I remembered what it
was.  A, B, Y, X, B, Y, A. You can thank me later. Head over to the tabernacle 
and take the Door Handle within, then go back to the other side of the room and 
head for the wall that should have a door. The one on the side with the organ. 
Reveal the invisible with a 7 point spell of the opposite color of the wall's 
symbol and use the door handle on the door to go in. 

Take the ammunition from the various crates, then climb down the ladder. Before
you do so, explain this... The door is sealed with magick. Magick requires the
Tome of Eternal Darkness. The Tome of Eternal Darkness was in the hall, waiting
for you. How the heck did all those medical supplies get in there? I doubt the
person who put them there was in possession of the Tome.

Anyway, go down, go to the end of the hall, and open the door. Looks like it'll 
be a tough fight. Kill everything inside and go through the door on the 
opposite wall. Head downstairs and take the door at the bottom to find a horror
and some zombies, then go through the door to the sacrificial chamber. Avoid
the trappers that are creeping about and go to the table to get a Magickal 

Go back to the previous room and take the other door to go to the Bishop's
study. On the stool, there is a letter for you to take and read, 'cause you're
such a nosy guy. When you're done, examine the bookshelf behind the desk and 
push it out of the way to reveal a secret passage. Surprise, surprise. Go on in
and watch out for the trapper. At the end of the hallway is a door that leads
to the Binding Hall Key. Take it and go back to the hallway that once held the
coffin/statue thing of the custodian. 

Use your new key on the door with the funny symbol to unlock it and go in. Run
past the zombies to the end of the hallway and open the door. Down the stairs, 
you'll encounter a dead body. Some rifle ammo is stuffed in the niche beside
him. Grab that and keep going. The "Magickal Attack" Spell Scroll is framed at
the bottom of the stairs, so take that. Magickal Attack is VERY useful now, as
you're probably running fairly low on ammo. Go through the door and down the 
corridor, then open the funky looking door there. You'll find yourself in 
everyone's favorite room. 

                           Act 3: Food for the Beast
If you took the blue path, the guardian has this nasty habit of hitting you 
with balls that take away some of your magick energy in addition to your 
health, so put that elixir you got earlier to use. Use it well. Not too well, 
though. You'll need it to last you this entire fight. The red path will hit you 
with red bolts that take away health. The balls are fairly easy to avoid, so 
just run out of the way when they get fairly close to you. The green path has 
green lightning that drains your sanity. Move your control stick to get free 
from it. There are also green columns that drain your health and magick. Thanks
to psyguard for the information about the green path.

When the guardian is charging his little balls or lightning, run up close to 
him and hit him with a 3 Point opposite rune Magickal Attack. He'll take 
damage, but not too much. He'll keep hitting you, so go back and zap him again 
when you get the chance. Keep your health up at this point, 'cause you can't 
dodge the balls if you're dragging your feet. 

After you've done this a few times, he'll move up the line that's keeping you 
from escaping and start summoning zombies instead. This is a bit more difficult 
to deal with. Make a damage field as close as you dare to go to the guardian,
and as he summons the third zombie, run in there and start casting a 7 Point
magickal attack of the opposite color. If timed right, it should hit him while
he's flashing, taking you up to phase 3.

The line has moved right up to the edge now, so it's all about stomping. Just
run back and forth in front of the boss and wait for him to pause. As soon as
he does, whip out your 5 Point magickal attack on him. Do this twice and he's
toast. Anyone else think Paul had a better ending? 

                          Act 4:  Memories That Haunt
69 years later, we see Peter still alive. Like Lindsey, he managed to live 
through his ordeals. Unlike Lindsey, we don't get to see where his artifact
goes when it's out of his care. 

Take Alex out of the study and into the main part of the library. Talk to the
maid to receive the basement key, then go out into the hall and unlock the 
door. It's in the same place as it was in Chapter 5. Downstairs, there's a 
shotgun hanging from the wall and some shells for it on the edge of the well
and the nearby shelf. There's some revolver ammo on a crate by the stairs.

Examine the fuse box and use your lucky penny in it, then trip the breaker. 
You'll get a shot of the bathroom upstairs, so guess where we're going next?
This being the bathroom at the left end of the hall, as opposed to the one
connected to the master bedroom. Go in and check it out to find the second
page of Max's journal. 

Look at the medicine cabinet hanging on the wall above the sink and open it up 
to find your next Chapter page...

            Chapter 10: A Legacy of Darkness - Dr. Edward M. Roivas

                             Act 1:  Dark Servants
As ever, the first cinema in the chapter features Pious. He is speaking with a
guardian, ordering it to kill the Roivas. He then speaks with his Ancient. In
a few more years, the planets will be aligned properly, so you don't have much
time left.

                          Act 2: A Legacy of Darkness
Instead of the usual chapter page voiceover, the chapter starts with Edward 
talking about his family tree and its many interesting people, including a 
man who has been committed. That would be Maximillian, of course.

                            Act 3: Echo of the Past
Once you have control, examine the mantel and pick up the book. Check it in
the inventory to find the minute hand of a clock tucked between the pages. Go
to the back of the library to trigger an event with your favorite ancestor,
who will tell you to set the clock to 3:33. He will then disappear, leaving you
alone. Pick up the "Magick Pool" Spell Scroll from the chair, then have a look
at that there clock. 

The clock is missing its hands. You have one of them, but you're still missing
the hour hand. Leave the room and go into the kitchen to find some .38 Revolver
Ammo on a shelf near the pantry, then leave the room and go into the room with
the piano. There is a Sabre mounted on the wall, so take that. When you're done
here, go upstairs. In the master bedroom, you can pick up some .38 revolver 
ammo on the mantel and some shotgun shells on the dresser. Do so, then head 
into the bathroom. Examine the bathtub. 

Were you expecting something different? Leave the master bedroom and go down the 
hall to the smaller bedroom. There are some shotgun and elephant gun shells on 
the desk, and another family history journal to take lying nearby. Look between 
the pages again to find the Hour Hand. The gun cabinet is locked, and you have 
no key, so head back to the library for now. 

Use both of your clock hands on the grandfather clock, then adjust the time to
be 3:33. When you get into the room, pick up the Revolver from the frame by
the door and the various types of ammunition in the corners. When you've 
gathered it all, pick up the Tome of Eternal Darkness. 

                          Act 4:  The Legacy Unveiled
Step out of the room and prepare to do battle with the hired help. When you've
taken care of the maid, examine the broken vase to find the bottom half of the
basement key. As you step out into the hallway, you will see another servant
being assaulted somewhere in the house. If you don't, wander around until you

Run to the master bedroom and pound on the beast. Don't hit the servant! Well,
I guess it's hard to miss him. Just don't kill him. When it's all over, he's
the one who's giving you the key to the family gun cabinet. Hurry up and run
back to the smaller bedroom and get the elephant gun out of the cabinet, then
hang around in the general area until the monster shows up. Naturally, he'll
appear right in front of the cabinet. 

The rest of the servants don't give you anything especially exciting, so it's
OK if you kill them. If you decide to let them live, the second one will give
you some elephant gun ammo. The third time the monster shows up (in the 
foyer), the servant will give you some shotgun shells and the monster will drop
the top half of the basement key. Take it and mix it with the bottom half in 
your inventory, then enchant it to fix it. You can use your weakest enchant 
item for this. No need to waste any more magickal energy than you have to. 

When you've done this, unlock the basement door and go downstairs. You should
probably put up a shield first. Avoid the monster for now and go straight for
the thing on the well that's been recharging him each time he goes down. Attack
it until it breaks, then go after the monster. When he's done, pick up the ammo
lying all over the place and snag the double shotgun from its mounting place on
the wall. 

Climb down the ladder in the well and run down the stairs. At the bottom, two
Horrors are guarding a gate. They might be a little tough to handle alone, so 
you might want to use a spell to take care of them. When you're done here, 
summon a horror and send it through the gate. Have it fight the horror inside
so you don't have to. If you want, you can have it try to go after the 
guardian, but it will fall fairly quickly. Given that your summoned creatures

turn against you when you release them, this is actually a good thing. Go in
to face the Guardian.

Wait for him to fire off a blast, then get close enough to dispel his 5 point
damage shield with a 5 point dispel of the opposite color. Do it before he has
a chance to charge his next attack, then shoot him with your strongest gun in
double fire mode. Don't worry about the recoil on the elephant gun; you'll have
plenty of time to stand up and reload while he's floating around. Shoot him a
few more times and he'll fall, so finish him off and go into the room he was 

Inside, you will find three pedestals just like the ones that Pious found with
the artifacts. Walk past them and stand in the center of that ring-like 
structure. Examine it. Hm... Remove the magick? Sounds like Dispel to me. Step
out of this colossal Circle of Power and head to the first of the stones 
surrounding it. By first I mean the one directly to the left of the plinths. 
Touch the field and step into the teleportation ring things.

Step up to the spire ahead of you and inscribe the Pargon rune. Run back to the 
teleportation thing and you'll be greeted by two Horrors. If you're feeling 
beefy, you can kill them. If not, just run past them to the stairs beyond. 
Pull the lever on the other side and escape through the open doorway. 

Moving clockwise, touch the next stone. This time, inscribe Redgormor. Watch
out for the Horror and Trappers in the next room and make good your escape. The
lever is straight ahead. You'll have to pass through the room from the previous
stone, too. 

Keep touching stones. The next one is a Pargon. The monsters here don't appear
until you've flipped the lever, but they're there. Watch out. There's another
Pargon on the next one, and you get to choose the alignment after that. As with
all things, go with the one opposing Pious' choice. This one is guarded by a 
Trapper, and the lever room has a Guardian. Just a friendly warning. 

The next two runes are Pargons, then a Nethlek, then another Pargon. Inscribe 
them all, fight your way through to the levers and the exits. As you inscribe
the final rune...

                         Act 5:  Death Comes To Us All
OK, let's get out of here. Get the heck out of here and return to the staircase
that got you down to the city. Climb the stairs until you reach the balcony, 
then watch the cutscene. Ah, wonderful life. And we get to see how Edward died,
too. That's very reassuring.

                          Act 6:  A Vision of Victory
Pious and his chosen Ancient discuss the balance of power and other such things
dealing with the whole plot and stuff. This story and more at 11. As the scene
returns to Alex, you'll find a hidden note from Edward. Read it.

Seems like we should be checking out the basement. Go on down and check the
stack to the left of the stairs to find a Pickax. Always useful. Especially 

since it knocks down walls. I can think of a good wall to knock down, too. Go
to the second floor of the mansion.

                        Act 7:  Maximillian's Dark Duty
Remember the little scene were Max walked through the wall? The wallpaper is a
bit marred there, so go to that point and use your Pickax to break your way 
through. As you can see, Max had some problems. Use a 7 point Dispel to get rid 
of the Damage Field and go in to find a Stethoscope and a journal entry. Return
to the basement. Oh, and for the record, the mansion has monsters now. 

Examine the safe. Now that you've got the stethoscope, you can use it to unlock
it. The combination is something like R59-L81-R47. Listen for the clicks and 
stop right away, then open up. If you overshoot a number, you'll have to start 
over. Employ your D-Pad for maximum precision. Take the items to add the 
Essence of [insert Ancient that counters the one Pious chose here], a 
Crankshaft, another letter, and the next Chapter page.

                 Chapter 11:  Ashes to Ashes - Michael Edwards

                             Act 1:  A Storm Rises
Requisite Pious/Guardian thing. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks. Oh,
alright. You can watch. But only for a minute. We've got a world to save, after

                             Act 2: Ashes to Ashes
Mike is introduced to us as he fights fires at the end of the Gulf War. After
the explosion, he finds himself in an underground maze. Right in front of him
is the Corpse Pillar. Doesn't he seem a little less than shocked to see Roberto
there? Hm... 

Anyway, you'll get whichever Essence Roberto took and any effigies you might
have gotten along the way, then you're free to go. Equip your Fire Ax and get
moving. There are a few zombies waiting at the bottom of the stairs behind you,
so kill them, then swing over to the right of the pillar and check out the dead
guy there to get an Assault Rifle, some 5.56 Rifle Ammunition, a Pistol, some
9mm Pistol Ammunition, and some Grenades. 

Open the door beyond the corpse to find yourself face-to-face with a Reaper. 
Lacking a Tome of Eternal Darkness, you might just want to run past and save 
your health. You can still kill it if you want to, though. Climb down the 
ladder at the end of the hallway. 

Watch out for the zombies and Trappers at the bottom and head for the first
ladder. At the top, two more Reapers lurk. Beyond the ladder is a plinth with a 
Gold Amulet on it. Take said Amulet and go back down the ladder you came from. 

Keep going along the hallway until you reach another ladder, then climb up and
kill the zombies at the top. There is a Staff sitting on a dais in the center
of the room, so add it to your growing collection of stuff, then mix it with 
the Gold Amulet in your inventory to form a Staff with Amulet. What a creative

Climb back down the ladder and keep going until you reach the end of the 
hallway. One more ladder awaits you here, so climb up. Nice clay model thing
going on there. Anyway, walk past to where the light is shining upon the dais
and jam that there Staff with Amulet into the hole. 

Aim the staff at the leftmost reflective building to open up a panel. Do the
same with the one on the right, then aim for the center to open up a panel in 
the floor. Try to climb down the ladder and you'll find yourself in the Hall of
Darkness. It's about time, eh? I could be Canadian, too!

Grab the Tome and you'll end up back in the room with the staff. Climb down the
ladder in front of you. Either sneak past or shoot the Trappers, then climb the
ladder at the other end of the room. This room holds two Horrors, but your 
Assault Rifle set to automatic mode will make quick work of them. Climb down 
the ladder at the other end of the room when you're done.

Go down the hall and turn left. At the end of this passage is a pit. Worms like
the ones Roberto had to deal with will spring out of the pit if you go near it.
It's all good, though. Everyone loves to kill things around here. With them out
of the way, cast a 5 point Dispel if you want the Green Effigy beside them. If
not, go up the ladder you passed going down the second part of the tunnel. 

A Horror and a Zombie guard this next room, but again, the Assault Rifle will
make short work of both of them. When you're done, go down the ladder in the
center of the room. More monsters await you here, but nothing you can't handle.
Go through the door at the end of the hallway, use your pistol to take care of 
the Trappers, and go through the door in the upper-left corner. 

My, what a lot of zombies! When they're gone, head for the door beyond that
funny looking obelisk. This is the part where those Effigies you may or may not 
have been collecting come into play. The obvious answer would be to do some 
color matching, right? WRONG! Put 'em in the wrong order, and you'll have to
deal with a Horror. Well, take a look at those Effigies. Emerald's being 
attacked. Sapphire's being driven mad. Ruby's just kneeling in respect. Put
Emerald in front of the Red Warrior, Sapphire in front of the Green Scholar, 
and Ruby in front of the Blue Sorcerer. 

Upon doing so, you'll see a sliding panel open to reveal a hidden staircase. Go
back a few rooms and take the stairs to find an Enchanted Gladius. Nice, eh?
Now, let's head back to that obelisk and look at it. There's a 3 point Circle
of Power, and above that, an Aretak rune. 3 points and creatures make for a 
Summon Trapper, so summon one and send that obelisk to the Trapper Dimension. 

With that out of the way, take Mike down the ladder and straight along the
hallway (watch out for the trappers), then go down the ladder. At the bottom, 
you'll find a shrine holding the "Bind" Spell Scroll. It's the last one. Don't
you feel are warm and fuzzy and complete now? Turn around and walk past the

As you leave the room, you'll see two Horrors and a shield appear. The Horrors
are making the shield, so you'll have to do something about them. 
Unfortunately, that barrier blocks Magickal attack, so we'll have to use other
methods. How 'bout trying out that new spell? A 7 point opposite alignment
oughta do it. The Horrors will fight. Once one is dead, and the shield will be
destroyed. As one Horror is still standing, be sure to kill it. When you're
done, grab the Plastic Explosives. That rooms look rather familiar...

Climb back up the ladder behind you. Now, if you remember correctly, there was

a large door at the end of this hallway when you played as Roberto. So where is
it now? Use a 7 Point Reveal Invisible of the opposing color to see it, then
go in. 

There's a dead body lying on the floor, and right beside him are some Detonator
Caps. Pick them up (more Worm room vibes), then cast Shield and tackle the 
yellow floor. You'll end up in the room with the worms, as expected. Now, run
onto the bridge (gun down the worms if they're bothering you). Mix your Plastic
Explosives with the Detonator Caps to form a C4 Bomb. 

A bomb in itself is relatively weak, so use a 7 point Enchant Item spell to 
beef it up. This would be a good time to save. When you're ready, place the 
bomb on the bridge and hightail it out of there. It's pretty dark now, and 
there are new enemies. However, with a 3 minute timer, there's really no time 
to fight. Put the Flashlight to good use. 

Run down the hall with the yellow floor and go through the large doors through
which you came. Head for the door at the other end of the hallway. The first
door you came through is now blocked by rubble, but a door in the upper right
corner is now clear, so run through. Run down the hallway until you reach a
ladder. Go down the ladder at the other end of this room, and you'll see a 
cutscene. Climb down. Run down this hallway and past the Horrors (or kill them
if you really want to) and go up the ladder at the end. Go through the double
doors at the end and climb up the ladder you'll find within to escape. 

                          Act 3: Back to Civilization
As you can see, Michael has survived so far. He'll shunt off the Essence to 
Edward, ending the chapter. You'll see a cutscene involving the planets, then 
it's back to Alex. 

                 Finale: Gateway to Destiny - Alexandra Roivas

                           Act 1: Gateway to Destiny
Let's go do something about that telescope. Go through the library and into the 
door near the fireplace. The telescope is now emitting a thin beam of light, 
just like Michael's staff puzzle. 

Adjust the first mirror so that the beam is focused on the one on the wall 
beside the door. From there, use that one to focus on the mirror on the wall in
front of you. This final one should be focused on the globe. Underneath, you
will see a cover slide away, revealing a hole in the ground. 

Leave the library. As you do so, the doorbell will ring. A package will be left 
on the ground in front of the front door. Go pick it up and open it to find the 
final Essence, and if you got it as Michael, the Enchanted Gladius. 

Head down to the basement and go through the door beside the well. Now that 
you've moved the lid, go down the ladder. Run down the stairs and go into 
En'gha. More of this yellow floor nonsense, and a Damage Field at the end of it
to cap it all off. Use a 7 point Dispel to get rid of it and go in. 

Two of the plinths are still intact, but the final one is broken. On either
side of the Circle of Power is a Pedestal Fragment, so pick them up, mix them
in your inventory, and Enchant them to fix the top. When that's done, put it 
onto the broken plinth to fix it.

Put all of your Essences onto the pedestals. When you do so, the giant Circle
of Power will light up like a Christmas tree. Now Alex gets to repeat Edward's
actions from all those years ago, except she's summoning Ancients. Yes, yes. I 
feel your pain. Watch out for Trappers.

The first rune is a Pargon, but in order to escape, you'll have to cross a pit
of lava. A Reveal Invisible will show a slab covering it, so you're good to go.
Since we're summoning, the second rune is Aretak. After this is a Pargon. The 
room following the Pargon holds another puzzle, this time involving beasties. 
You have to summon one of each creature in the color that matches the monolith 
depicting it and have it stand on the platform in front of the monolith. When 
all are in place, you can leave.

The next rune is also a Pargon, and the room following it is a bit tricky. If
you step onto the floor, a worm will pop up, scaring the bejeezus outta poor
Alex. You'll have to sneak to the exit (it's at the bottom of your screen) to 
maintain your sanity. 

Inscribe the alignment that counters the Ancient Pious chose as your next rune,
and watch out for the Trappers in the following room. After you inscribe 
another Pargon, you'll find yourself in a room full of invisible Trappers. 
Reveal them, then shoot them and make your escape. The next room is also a 

The room following this second Pargon holds three monoliths much like the one 
the Vampire drew its power from. This time, you'll need to use a Magickal 
Attack to destroy them. Attacking them directly will just cause a Horror to pop
out. Once they're gone, feel free to go. 

The next rune to inscribe is a Tier. The room following has a yellow floor, and
the exit is blocked by a damage field. Dispel this and leave. The final tower
holds a Pargon, and the room following it holds three Horrors with a shield. 
Just make like Mike did and Bind two of them. The exit is on the opposite end
of the room, but the path is broken, so you'll have to cross through the area
barricaded by their shield before you can go. Make your way back to the Circle
of Power and step towards the center.

Saving your game would be a good idea now, so do so when it asks if you want 
to. Step into the circle of light, and you'll find yourself face to face with
Pious... That's some pretty snazzy animation work there...

                           Act 2: The Darkness Comes
When Pious approaches you, hit him. The Ancient's essence will reappear, so 
target that now. Every time you hit it, it will disappear, and you'll be back
to fighting Pious. When it reappears, target the Ancient's essence again. Do
this three times, and you'll take control of Ellia.

Lead Ellia to the Tome of Eternal Darkness and take it. Hit the Ancient 3 times
as her, then Alex returns. Use Alex to hit both Pious and the Ancient one time,
and you will become Anthony. Repeat the steps to turn into Karim, then 
Maximillian. After Karim, one of Alex's Ancients will be shown. From there, we
see Paul, Roberto, and more Ancient battling. Incidentally, Alex can probably
fit in a 3 point Recover while Pious chants an attack. It won't do much, but it
does soften the blow a bit. 

After Roberto, the Essence will die. Use Alex to whale on Pious until he falls,
then watch his brutal demise. Unfortunately, one Ancient is as bad as any other 
to the fate of the world. You'll have to do something about the one you just
summoned. Edward to the rescue! Have Edward select Bankorok to change Summon to 
Bind. And so the game ends. Oh, and just because the guys on the ED message 
board wanted it... *sex0rz up Alex*

                         .:*~*:.  < 6.  FAQ >  .:*~*:.

Q. I missed something in a previous chapter. Can I go back and get it?
   Nope. Once you finish a chapter, you're done with it, at least when playing
   a regular game. When you unlock alternate modes by completing the game a few
   times, you'll be able to skip around to chapters as you like.

Q. What's with the Tome of Eternal Darkness? How do all these people get it?
   I dunno. It seems to be some sort of tool of the Ancients or something. It
   travels through time and space to reach people, even though it seems to stay
   in the same spot each time. Now, by some theories, there is more than one
   Tome, but I'm of the belief that there's just one that jumps around. Maybe
   it goes in chronological order; maybe it doesn't. For some, it is like 
   reading a story. For Alex, it's almost as if she's pulled into the story,
   experiencing everything along with the character of that time period. This
   is assumed because Alex loses sanity after each chapter, whereas Ellia, who
   had been reading the Tome before her own chapter started, did not seem at
   all shocked by the content. 

Q. So why are there so many H.P. Lovecraft references?
   It's the basis of a good story. Someone used the ideas of Lovecraft's work
   to make the story of Eternal Darkness, it seems. Lots of people say the Tome
   itself is a complete rip-off of the Necronomicon, but since that's a 
   fictional work Lovecraft wrote about, it's up in the air. I've never 
   actually read anything by Lovecraft; this is all stuff I've gathered from
   various discussions.


Q. I tried to go upstairs, but the key broke! How do I get through?
   You'll just have to go do something else for now. You can fix the key later.
   Maybe you should check out the library...

Q. What's with the telescope? How do I solve that puzzle?
   Patience, patience. All will be revealed in time. The telescope puzzle is 
   one of the last in the game. You'll know what to do with it when the time

Q. How do I start Chapter 1?
   Find the Tome of Eternal Darkness in the secret study. 

Q. Where's the secret study?
   It leads off the library. Now, what *always* opens secret passageways? Tick-
   tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...

                                   Chapter 1

Q. Does the artifact I choose here matter?
   Yea, just a bit... The entire game, from its difficulty to the enemies 
   you'll encounter, is based upon your choice here. Supposedly, Green is the
   easiest path and Red is the hardest. Blue is nice and average. 

Q. How do I start Chapter 2? 
   Pick up the Chapter page from the frame behind Alex in the study.

                                   Chapter 2

Q. How do I get through the door that only opens partway?
   Open it the rest of the way by solving a similar puzzle on the other side. 
   Use the necklace you picked up to replace the one you took from the statue
   to open another hallway. 

Q. How do I start Chapter 3?
   In the study, there is a candle puzzle much like the ones found in the 
   temple from Chapter 2. Solve it to find a message tube.

                                   Chapter 3

Q. How do I get the monks upstairs to go away?
   All the monks will leave if you give them good reason to. Prove to them that
   there's evil afoot by opening the coffin downstairs, and they'll hightail it
   outta there.

Q. Why won't that monk give me the Two-Edged Sword?
   Were you mean to him? People don't like to share if you hit them...

Q. How do I start Chapter 4?
   Go upstairs and into the small bedroom. Examine the picture above the desk
   to find a hastily concealed Chapter page.

                                   Chapter 4

Q. How do I open the door with the strange symbol on it?
   Once you have the Ram Dao, enchant it using the same color alignment as is
   shown on the door, then use it on the inventory screen. Karim will jam it
   into the slot.

Q. How do I start Chapter 5?
   Enchant your Gladius and use it to unlock the pantry door in the dining 
   room, just like Karim just did with his Ram Dao.

                                   Chapter 5

Q. How do I defeat that thing at the end of Chapter 5?
   Shoot it. Enchant your pistols first if you need to. You might want to put
   up a Damage Field just in case you're mobbed by the zombies or whatever.

Q. How do I start Chapter 6?
   Use the Reveal Invisible spell near the dresser to reveal the keyhole and 
   open it to find the Chapter page.

                                   Chapter 6

Q. What's with all these little panels that you can press? 
   These panels disable the traps in the nearest hallway for a bit. Always 
   useful if you're running sorta low on health. 

Q. Where can I find a small dog to go into that hole?
   You can't. You'll have to send something else in there that's about the 
   right size. Try summoning a Trapper...

Q. I missed the Mantorok Rune! Can I go back?
   Nope. Sorry. It's not really necessary to finish the game, so don't worry
   about it too much.

Q. Where's the Mantorok Codex?
   It's in the same room as the button that revealed the Mantorok room. You can
   go in after you finish off the Horror that burst out of the wall.

Q. How do I start Chapter 7?
   Dispel the damage field by the stained glass window to get through. 

                                   Chapter 7

Q. OK, I give up. Where's the podium?
   Right in front of you. No, really. It's in the front of the church, where 
   someone would stand if they were speaking to a congregation. Not in the 
   center, just a little bit off to the side. 

Q. Why didn't Anthony drop the Two-Edged Sword?
   If he doesn't have it, he can't drop it. If you didn't get it from the monk
   in Chapter 3, Paul won't be able to get it. If you strike or kill the monk,
   he won't give Anthony the sword. 

Q. How do I start Chapter 8?
   Try playing the piano... 

                                   Chapter 8

Q. I surveyed all the rooms, and the chapter still won't end! Now what?
   Are you SURE you surveyed everything and did all you were supposed to? You
   might've missed a room upstairs or something. Also, have you talked to Karim

Q. How do I start Chapter 9?
   Check out that painting of the Corpse Pillar.

                                   Chapter 9

Q. Where can I find a spare fuse?
   When in doubt, use everything you have until something works. In this case,
   Peter's Lucky Penny is the oddball item to put to use.

Q. How do I open the door in the boiler room?
   Summon a Trapper, send it in, and teleport the guy blocking the door to the
   Trapper Dimension.

Q. How do I start Chapter 10?
   Trip the breaker and look in the medicine cabinet upstairs. 

                                  Chapter  10

Q. What spell am I supposed to use with this giant Circle of Power?
   Well, we're trying to destroy the city... A Magickal Attack might work, but
   we're really looking for something that counters magic. Maybe a Dispel?

Q. How do I start Chapter 11?
   Use the Stethoscope to open the safe in the basement. The next page is

                                  Chapter  11

Q. How does blowing something up put out a fire?
   Explosives suck up the oxygen, which the fire needs to keep burning.

Q. How do I get rid of this obelisk blocking my path?
   Summon a Trapper and send it the way of the dead guy in the boiler room. 


Q. What do I do about this telescope?
   Same thing Michael did with his staff.

Q. Edward already cast Dispel... What am I supposed to do now?
   We're trying to call upon an ancient, right? Well, that's what summoning is
   for, and all our summons just use the same runes with more Pargons each 

                       .:*~*:.  < 7.  Weapons >  .:*~*:.

Assault Rifle (Michael)
  - The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is a Heckler & Koch G-36 
    rifle mounted under a 20mm grenade cannon. It is commonly assigned to 
    Special Forces units. The rifle uses a 30-round clip and is chambered for 
    5.56mm NATO ammunition. 
  - 5.56mm NATO ammunition: A magazine of NATO 5.56mm Ammunition
    OICW Grenades: These are 20mm air-fused Grenade Shells for use with the 
    OICW Rifle.
  - Mmmm... Many modes, many methods of zombie torture. You can fire a super-
    powerful grenade, a single bullet, three bullets, or use it like a machine
    gun. It's all a matter of personal preference, really. Just don't fire a
    grenade from point blank. That's suicide, yo. More Horrors fall fairly 
    quickly under machine mode, and there's definitely no shortage of ammo 

Automatic Pistol (Lindsey)
  - Since 1907 this weapon has been a trusted sidearm to U.S. armed forces. 
    Through two World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam, the Colt M1911 Automatic Pistol 
    has proven itself to be a reliable firearm with good stopping power.
  - .45 Pistol Ammo: A clip of .45 Pistol Ammunition.
  - As with all projectiles, always keep a full clip. This is a fairly weak 
    weapon, and has very little stopping power. Use it only as a last resort.
    Oh, it can be put to good use if you want to eliminate the threat of 
    Trappers from afar.

Blowgun (Ellia)
  - An ancient weapon, the Blowgun propels a poison dart at an enemy, causing 
    death within several seconds.
  - Somewhat useful, but it takes a bit to kill your enemies, so you'll 
    definitely want to be shooting from afar. 

Chakram (Karim)
  - The Chackram was a favored throwing weapon through Central Asia in medieval 
    times. A balanced ring of metal, sometimes beautifully decorated, it would 
    be hurled at an attacker. Heavy Chakrams could sever limbs or heads. 
    However, they were not designed to return to the thrower.
  - Huck them at your enemies to do some nasty damage.

Crossbow (Paul, Roberto)
  - The Crossbow is a powerful and accurate weapon that shoots a wooden bolt. 
  - Crossbow Bolts: A quiver of Crossbow Bolts
  - Fairly nice stopping power, but the Crossbow has one major drawback in that
    it can only hold one bolt. It also takes a long time to reload. Definitely
    not to be used as your main weapon if it can be avoided. It's good for an
    opening shot, though. 

Double Shotgun (Edward)
  - The Ithaca Model 'A' Shotgun was also known as the Auto or Home Burglar 
    Gun. A double-barreled, breech-loaded shotgun, it is capable of firing one 
    or both barrels simultaneously.
  - Shotgun Shells: A box of 12-guauge Shotgun Shells. These will fit any 
    cartridge-firing shotgun.
  - Very, very nice. When in double shot mode, this will stop pretty much 
    anything you meet with one shot. This gives you plenty of time to reload, 
    which is good, since it only holds two cartridges at any given time.

Dual Flintlocks (Maximillian)
  - Dual Flintlocks pistols for those who wish to fight "akimbo" style. The 
    French Flintlock Holster pistol was in use from the 1680s. As a muzzle-
    loaded pistol, its rate of fire is rather low, but it packs a powerful 
  - Flintlock Pistol Ammunition - A bag of Flintlock Pistol Balls.
  - Much better than a single Flintlock, due to the increased rate of fire that
    comes as a result of having two loaded weapons in your grubby little mitts.

Dual Tulwar (Karim)
  - The Tulwar is a curved blade with a heavy chopping edge. Most Tulwars had a 
    circular hilt and pommel, making them easy to recognize. Karim can now fight 
    "Florentine" with a Tulwar in each hand!
  - Double your pleasure, double your fun. Two Tulwars means faster, bloodier, 
    and easier fighting. You have to wonder how he does that without cutting 

Elephant Gun (Edward)
  - The Holland and Holland Double Rifle fires an enormous .50 x 3" nitro 
    slug, quite capable of stopping rhino or elephants dead in their tracks.
    Only a crazy man would feel comfortable facing a "Holland and Holland." 
  - Elephant Gun Shells: A box of .50 x 3" Nitro cartridges. These shells are 
    for the Elephant Gun.
  - The mother of all guns. The recoil is enough to knock the user flat on his 
    back, but it's forceful enough that anything it hits is down in one shot,
    so you have plenty of time to stand up and reload.

Enchanted Gladius (Alex)
  - This Gladius carries a powerful enchantment. This unique weapon can only 
    be wielded by its destined owner - the Guardian of Light. 
  - Nice, strong, and it launches projectiles when focused on an enemy. It can
    only be used by Alex, so I guess that makes her the Guardian of Light. Not
    too shabby. 

Fire Ax (Michael)
  - A multipurpose Fire Ax made from molybdenum alloy for extra strength and
    heat resistance. 
  - Swing it around. It's a little slower than the average sword, but it's an 
    ax, so it's pretty powerful. Even so, the Assault Rifle is a big step up
    from any Melee weapon. The ax is always useful for finishing, though. 

Flashlight (Michael)
  - A durable emergency flashlight equipped with a long-endurance battery.
  - Hey, we're out of the middle ages! Unfortunately, electricity means no
    fire, and no fire means no setting zombies on fire. Oh well. You can use 
    the flashlight and a gun at the same time, so that's always a bonus. 

Flash Pan (Peter)
  - This is a photographer's Flash Pan, used to hold combustible powders that 
    when ignited create a large white flash. This can be used to stun some 
  - Flash Powder: A pouch of Flash Powder for use with a photographic Flash 
  - Fairly useless as far as weapons go, but if you find yourself surrounded
    the Flash Pan can be used to bring all assailants to a grinding halt.

Flintlock Pistol (Maximillian)
  - The French Flintlock Holster Pistol was in use from the 1680s. As a 
    muzzle-loaded pistol, its rate of fire is rather low, but it packs a 
    powerful punch.
  - Flintlock Pistol Ammunition: A bag of Flintlock Pistol Balls.
  - Not the greatest of weapons alone, since it only holds one shot and takes
    a long time to reload. When you are forced to use it, do it from a distance
    so you have time to reload again before whatever you're shooting at gets
    close enough to hurt you.

Gladius (Pious, Alex)
  - This is a Gladius, the standard weapon of the Roman army. A short double-
    edged sword with a sharp, triangular point, the Gladius was designed 
    primarily for hacking and chopping at the enemy, but could be used to 
    pierce armor as well.
  - As far as swords go, this one is fairly average. Hack, slash, and all that
    other stuff. Not the most powerful sword in the game, but certainly better
    than bare fists.

Kukri (Lindsey)
  - The unusual 'L' shape of the Kukri gives the weapon a significant advantage 
    in close quarters. The combination of a cutting edge on the inside curve on 
    the blade and heavy weight of the blade tip give the Kukri immense chopping 
  - Lindsey suffers from no shortage of weaponry. The Kukri is quite useful, as
    its shape allows for some pretty nasty blows. When circumstances call for a
    close-range weapon, this is the one to be used.

Mace (Paul)
  - A weapon covered with spikes and flanges that focus force upon striking. 
    The mace was effective against an enemy wearing chain mail. Although 
    usually directed against the head, a Mace blow to a limb could break bones 
    even if the armor was not pierced.
  - As the description implies, it works great against people wearing armor. 
    A mace also works well against zombies and guys who've been dead for more
    than 650 years, and it's a lot faster than a crossbow.

Pistol (Michael)
  - The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol, renowned for its resilience under
    harsh firing conditions - the Glock can even fire underwater! The Glock 
    fires 9mm pistol ammunition.
  - 9mm Pistol Ammo: A magazine of 9mm Pistol Ammunition.
  - Smaller than an Assault Rifle, weaker than an Assault Rifle. Even so, it's
    better than nothing. Especially if you're surrounded by Trappers.

Ram Dao (Karim)
  - This is a Ram Dao broadsword, typified by its long, broad blade and heavy 
    cutting edge. A formidable weapon, it enables its user to strike at many
    enemies at once and still keep distance. With a sweep Karim can knock down
    enemies, and can cause extreme damage with an overhead attack.
  - It's big. It's heavy. It's sharp. In the hands of a skilled swordsman 
    (read: Karim), it's enough to take out anything you might stumble across in
    the labyrinth, and it also works great against people posing as Chosen Ones
    if put to that particular use.

Revolver (Alex)
  - This is a Smith & Wesson Model 37, one of the smaller revolvers in the 
    Smith & Wesson family. This double-action revolver is capable of firing .38
    Special ammunition, which allows for extra stopping power.
  - .38 Revolver Ammo: A box of .38 Caliber Revolver Ammunition
  - It's a revolver, so it isn't really much for stopping power. In fact, it's
    pretty much useless in the whole general scheme of things, but it can help
    you stay out of the Trapper Dimension.

Revolver (Peter)
  - This Lebel Model 1892 Revolver was introduced prior to World War One. A 
    double-action pistol with a six-shot swing-out cylinder chambered for 8mm 
    French Service ammunition.
  - 8mm Revolver Ammo: A box of 8mm Revolver Shells.
  - Your first weapon of the chapter, and using it is a complete and total 
    waste of time. No, really. The time spent firing would be much better spent
    running away. You can empty an entire clip into a bonethief and it won't 
    even notice. Trappers, on the other hand...

Revolver (Edward)
  - This is an Enfield Mk1 Star Revolver, introduced prior to World War I. It 
    is a double-action pistol with a six-shot top-break cylinder. The Enfield
    is chambered for .380 revolver ammunition.
  - .38 Revolver Ammo: A box of .38 Caliber Revolver Ammunition.
  - Same old drivel as any other handgun. Besides, why would you want to use a
    Revolver if you could be using an Elephant Gun or a Double Shotgun? OK, so
    I guess using an Elephant Gun on a Trapper would be just a bit too much 
    firepower for the task at hand...

Rifle (Peter)
  - The Lee-Enfield Mk III bolt-action rifles are legends in their own time. 
    Completely reliable even under adverse conditions over three million were
    produced in Britain, India and Australia.
  - .303 Rifle Ammo: A box of .303 Rifle Ammunition.
  - A step up from the revolver, but ammo is scarce. What you have is probably
    enough to kill the average zombie, but you might want to hold off on using
    it until the end of the chapter, when you might be hitting zombies from 
    inside a Damage Field. 

Sabre (Maximillian, Edward)
  - Cavalry swords, like this Sabre, were used chiefly as an item of ceremonial 
    dress for officers. The brass knuckle guard was a style popular with both 
    American and English cavalry officers in the second half of the Eighteenth
  - Sure, it looks pretty, but it's also a lot faster than a Flintlock Pistol.
    A Sabre takes off heads fairly well, which is a definite plus when dealing
    with bonethieves, but a Guardian would best be handled with a Flintlock in
    each hand. Also, be careful where you swing when there are servants around.
    They don't appreciate having their heads cut off as much as you might 

Saif (Roberto)
  - This is a Saif - a curved Arabic sword with a distinctive pommel. The 
    Saif is the standard weapon of most Middle Eastern armies.
  - No need for a Crossbow when you're carrying one of these. Even so, for those 
    hard-to-defeat enemies like Guardians, you probably won't want to be using
    this except as a finisher. I mean, you can only get so close to something
    before it starts to hurt, and if you're close enough to poke it in the eye,
    that's just too close.

Scaramasax (Anthony)
  - This Frank and Saxon weapon relies on a hefty blade to deliver deadly 
    cutting and slashing attacks. It does not have a hand guard, as it was 
    intended for offensive, rather than defensive, fighting.
  - Not bad at first, but there are better swords to be had. Still, it's good 
    to start with, given that it's your only option for a little bit...

Short Sword (Ellia)
  - A Short Sword with a wooden grip - light and durable. A small curve running 
    from the handle makes it better for hacking rather than stabbing.
  - Hack, stab, it's all the same. It's this or a Blowgun for most of the 
    chapter, and this is definitely the better of the two when it comes to melee

Shotgun (Lindsey)
  - A Remington M-870 Shotgun, slightly modified with an extended tube 
    magazine, choke barrel, rifle sights, and bayonet lug. This is the same 
    shotgun used by the U.S. Marine Corps since 1970.  
  - Shotgun Shells: A box of 12-gauge Shotgun Shells. These will fit any 
    cartridge-firing shotgun.
  - The classic zombie hunting tool. Still, only good for ranged attacks. 
    Unless your target is on the other side of the room, you'll want to stick 
    to something a little more practical, such as a Kukri.

Shotgun (Alex)
  - The Winchester Model 1300 Defender is quite possibly one of the finest 
    pump-action shotguns available. The unique slide action operates a rotating 
    bolt, and unlocking is recoil-assisted, making it very fast and smooth to 
  - Shotgun Shells: A box of 12-gauge Shotgun Shells. These will fit any 
    cartridge-firing shotgun.
  - Slightly more useful than a revolver, especially when it comes time to hit
    something. Handguns are only fun if you can take something out in two shots 
    or less. Shotguns are fun *all* the time. Or something.

Torch (Anthony, Karim, Lindsey, Paul, Roberto, Peter)
  - The Torch, or brand, is a common source of illumination from ancient times. 
    The Torch can be used to light Anthony/Karim/Lindsey/Paul/Roberto/Peter's 
    way or set fire to enemies. 
  - Xel'lotath and Mantorok zombies are especially susceptible to the flames, 
    but the Torch is best put to use as a beacon. Those dark corners aren't 
    nearly as scary when you've got fire in your hands. Also, wall hangings 
    sometimes block your progress, but burning them will reveal a door you 
    might not have noticed before. 

Tulwar (Karim)
  - The Tulwar is a curved blade with a heavy chopping edge. Most Tulwars had a 
    circular hilt and pommel, making them easy to recognize.
  - Fairly nice as far as starting weapons go, but there's always room for 
    improvement, and that comes in two forms for Karim. Until then, the Tulwar
    works well for the simple hack and slash thing that most people do when 
    crawling around in zombie-filled catacombs.

Two-Edged Sword (Anthony, Paul, Peter)
  - A heavy single-handed sword with two cutting edges, it is commonly known as 
    a Bastard Sword, or "Hand and a Half" sword for the length of its hilt, 
    which can fit in one hand, with the other for support. 
  - The best of the melee weapons found in Amiens. Even those with no training
    in the sword department can do a lot of damage with a Two-Edged Sword, so
    put it to good use. Aiming at the torso of zombies will cut them in half 
    for a one-hit kill.

                        .:*~*:.  < 8.  Items >  .:*~*:.

Tome of Eternal Darkness 
  - This is the Tome of Eternal Darkness, where experience, spells and 
    enchanted items can be stored for future use. It has been made from 
    fragments of human skin and bone, and endowed with magickal powers.
  - When this is in your character's possession, he or she can use magick. 
    Anybody holding it is also probably going to go insane and/or die, but it's 
    a small price to pay for the good of humanity, right? Don't answer that. 

                               Alexandra Roivas
Second Floor Key 
  - This is the key to the Second Floor of the Roivas mansion. It looks very 
    old and worn. 
  - Try to unlock the second floor of the Roivas mansion.

Dresser Key 
  - This appears to be the key to a chest of drawers or a Dresser.
  - Unlock the dresser in the master bedroom of the Roivas mansion.

Chapter Page "The Binding of the Corpse God" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is 
    entitled "The Binding of the Corpse God". USE this item to read the 
  - When read, triggers the second Chapter.

Message Tube 
  - An antique leather-bound message tube - the kind used to transport sealed 
    message scrolls. It appears to be unopened. There might be something 
  - Open the Message Tube to find the next Chapter page.

Chapter Page "Suspicions of Conspiracy" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "Suspicions of Conspiracy". USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the third Chapter.

Broken Second Floor Key 
  - This is the key to the Second Floor of the Roivas mansion. It appears to be 
  - Fix with the Enchant Item spell to obtain Second Floor Key.

Second Floor Key 
  - This is the key to the Second Floor of the Roivas mansion. 
  - Unlock the second floor of the Roivas mansion.

Journal of M. Roivas, p1 
  - This is a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal. It reads: "Everything that 
    brightened my life now engulfed me in darkness. I fed on the light of truth 
    yet starved on the shadows of lies. I have learned through my lifetime but 
    know less than a newborn baby."
  - N/A

Chapter Page "The Gift of Forever" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "The Gift of Forever". USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the fourth Chapter.

Spice Jar 
  - A firmly sealed glass spice jar. The faint aroma of Arabian spices is 
    tantalizingly emanating from it. There is a piece of paper inside it. 
  - Open to find the next Chapter page.

Chapter Page "The Lurking Horror" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "The Lurking Horror". USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the fifth Chapter.

Chapter Page "A Journey into Darkness" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "A Journey into Darkness". USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the sixth Chapter.

The Essence of Mantorok 
  - Mantorok's heart pulses with unholy life. Although the Corpse God itself 
    festers elsewhere, its power resides within this artifact. 
  - Use on plinth near giant Circle of Power.

Chapter Page "Heresy!" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "Heresy!" USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the seventh Chapter.

Note from Edward 
  - The note reads: "My Dearest Alex, I am glad that you have followed my paper 
    trail thus far. I knew I could depend on you. This will be the hardest part 
    of your journey. Look for the 88 keys to continue your journey into the 
    past. Your loving Grandfather, Edward."
  - Read for a hint as to the whereabouts of the next Chapter page.

Chapter Page "The Forbidden City" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "The Forbidden City". USE this item to read the Chapter.
  - When read, triggers the eighth Chapter.

Chapter Page "A War to End All Wars" 
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled 
    "A War to End All Wars". USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the ninth Chapter.

Lucky Penny 
  - An old coin, marked in a peculiar manner. It has held sentimental value for 
    someone. Whoever holds the penny will undoubtedly receive good fortune!
  - Use in the fuse box to find the next page in the journal of Max Roivas.

Journal of M. Roivas, p2 
  - This is a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal. It reads: "I sought to 
    love all yet now love causes me pain and suffering. I have learned to fear 
    nothing although it is nothing that I most fear. All that were loyal to me 
    now number among my worst enemies."
  - N/A

Chapter Page "A Legacy of Darkness"
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled
    "A Legacy of Darkness". USE this item to read the Chapter.
  - When read, triggers the tenth chapter.

Hidden Note from Edward
  - A small note, written on a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. "Dear
    Alex, I have left you a small surprise to keep you going when everything
    seems to go awry. It was my favorite tipple, and there are several barrels
    of it in the basement. Please help yourself to what you can find. My guess
    is that I won't be needing it. Your loving Grandfather, Edward."
  - N/A

  - A hefty Pickax, for demolishing walls. Too cumbersome to be used as a 
    weapon, it might come in handy somewhere else.
  - Knock down the hidden wall on the second floor.

  - An antique stethoscope made of brass. Used for amplifying the sound of a 
    beating heart. This one is probably two hundred years old.
  - Open the safe in the basement. 

Journal of M. Roivas, closing notes
  - This is a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal. It reads: "As I 
    contemplated these ideas, my suspicions of my servants grew and I became
    increasingly fearful of them. I began to watch them carefully... Days ago I
    watched one of them stretch his neck. I could have sworn I saw it twist in
    a most peculiar direction, and a bulge of muscle tissue collect and grow in
    the most incorrect of manners, as if a bone was being displaced from its 
    proper location and something else moving in its place. I stumbled away
    knowing that I was surrounded by unholy creatures that wore the skins of
    mortal men and women! I had to take action! Dear God, let my hand be swift
    and merciful, lest the world see more of these diabolic creatures!"
  - N/A

The Essence of Xel'lotath
  - The Sigil of Xel'lotath gives off an eerie green light, as if the air 
    around it is spun into madness itself. 
  - Use on plinth near giant Circle of Power.

The Essence of Chattur'gha
  - Chattur'gha's claw glows with an unnatural, blood red aura, seething with
    restrained violence. 
  - Use on plinth near giant Circle of Power.

  - A large brass crankshaft - seemingly part of an antique.
  - Use to adjust the telescope after Chapter 11. 

Letter from Edward
  - "Dear Alexandra, if you are reading this Alex, then I am surely dead. 
    Knowing that the police will contact my only living relative, I made sure
    to leave this message for you. As I write this letter, Pious Augustus is
    waiting for his chance to strike me down for what I have done to the 
    Guardian City. I believe I have slowed Augustus' plans, but not stopped 
    them completely. He will still try to bring his Ancient into this world. 
    You must continue what our ancestor Max has started. You must gather the
    Artifacts and call forth an Ancient to combat what Augustus brings into 
    this world. Of the artifacts, there are four, but one of these is in the
    clutches of Pious himself. They are: The Black Heart of Mantorok | The Claw
    of Chattur'gha | The Sigil of Xel'lotath | The Veil of Ulyaoth. Your skill
    in the arcane science will not be as strong as Pious', who has had two
    millennia to prepare his gate. You will need all of the remaining artifacts
    to match his power. It all rests with you my dear. I wish you well in this
    desperate act. I wish I had more guidance for you but I am at my wit's end
    and feel I am running out of time. Your Loving Grandfather, Edward."
  - N/A

Chapter Page "Ashes to Ashes"
  - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled
    "Ashes to Ashes". USE this item to read the Chapter. 
  - When read, triggers the eleventh chapter.

Brown Paper Parcel
  - A parcel, wrapped in plain brown paper. It is not addressed to anyone and
    appears to have been wrapped in a hurry. There might be something inside. 
  - Open it to find an Essence (and the Enchanted Gladius, if you found it).

Pedestal Fragment #1
  - A piece of broken masonry. It appears to be part of the top of a display
  - Mix with Pedestal Fragment #2 to create the Top of a Broken Pedestal. 

Pedestal Fragment #2
  - A piece of broken masonry. It appears to be part of the top of a display
  - Mix with Pedestal Fragment #1 to create the Top of a Broken Pedestal. 

Top of a Broken Pedestal
  - A loosely assembled top of a display pedestal. In its current state it will
    not stay together. 
  - Enchant to form the Pedestal Fragment. 

Pedestal Fragment
  - The top of a display pedestal. Other than it not being attached to the rest
    of the pedestal, it is in excellent condition. 
  - Use with broken pedestal to repair it.  

                                Pious Augustus
Granite Block
  - This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious 
    lined design, colored blood red.
  - Put into corresponding hole to access second part of Chapter.

Granite Block
  - This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious 
    lined design, colored an insipid green.
  - Put into corresponding hole to access second part of Chapter.

Granite Block
  - This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious 
    lined design, colored a ghostly blue.
  - Put into corresponding hole to access second part of Chapter.

Granite Block
  - This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious 
    lined design, filled with purple and tainted by black shadow.
  - Put into corresponding hole to access second part of Chapter.

Strange Necklace 
  - A Strange Necklace, fashioned from a dark ancient stone and engraved with 
    weird designs. It can be used to cast a Healing spell when Ellia is 
    standing still. 
  - Heal Ellia.

Bronze Necklace 
  - A well-crafted Bronze Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems.
  - Place on statue to access second part of Chapter.

Broken Short Sword 
  - A Short Sword with its blade shattered into many pieces. It is completely 
  - Have guard repair it to regain use of the weapon.

Metal Staff 
  - This large piece of metal looks to be a lever of some kind. 
  - Use in slot to access room beyond Mantorok.

Message Scroll 
  - Message Scrolls like this were often used to transfer messages securely. 
    This one has a strange diagram on it consisting of a pentagonal shape with 
    strange letters at each corner. When Anthony had opened the scroll, 
    something strange happened. That "something" had been intended for the 
    Emperor Charlemagne. Suspecting a plot against the Emperor, Anthony pledged 
    that he would warn Charlemagne at all costs!
  - N/A

Blue Urn 
  - This Urn has been glazed with a rich cobalt blue shellac, instilling it 
    with an otherworldly spectral character. It has a strange sigil on its 
  - Fill with vile liquid from basement well.

Broken Blue Urn 
  - This Urn has been broken into many fragments. Perhaps it can be repaired?
  - Fix with Enchant Item spell.

Piece of Green Urn 
  - This appears to be One-Third of a Broken Urn
  - Mix with other two Pieces of Green Urn.

Two-Thirds of a Broken Green Urn 
  - This looks like Two-Thirds of a Broken Green Urn put together. 
  - Mix with final Piece of Green Urn.

Broken Green Urn 
  - Fragments of a broken Urn pieced together to form a crude whole. Deep 
    cracks mar its structure and, while it is almost complete, it is far from 
    watertight. Perhaps it can be repaired somehow. 
  - Fix with Enchant Item spell.

Filled Red Urn 
  - This Urn has been glazed with a deep red shellac, giving it the sheen of a 
    bloody heart recently torn from its host body. It has a strange sigil on 
    its side. It is filled with a foul-smelling fluid. 
  - Use with other filled urns to depress plate.

Green Urn 
  - This Urn has been glazed with an iridescent green shellac, making it shine 
    with a disturbingly alien light. It has a strange sigil on its side. 
  - Fill with vile liquid from basement well.

Filled Blue Urn 
  - This Urn has been glazed with a rich cobalt blue shellac, instilling it 
    with an otherworldly spectral character. It has a strange sigil on its 
    side. It is filled with a foul-smelling fluid. 
  - Use with other filled urns to depress plate.

Filled Green Urn 
  - This Urn has been glazed with an iridescent green shellac, making it shine 
    with a disturbingly alien light. It has a strange sigil on its side. It is 
    filled with a foul-smelling fluid. 
  - Use with other filled urns to depress plate.

Bishop's Key 
  - This is a gold, gem-encrusted Bishop's Key. Its form echoes the likeness of 
    a bishop's sceptre. This is the key to the Bishop's Room. 
  - Use to unlock Bishop's Room.

  - An ancient Talisman that has been in Karim's family for many generations. 
    It is said to bestow long life on those that have kept it. This item can be 
    used to restore health. 
  - Use to heal Karim.

Statuette (White) 
  - A crudely sculpted statuette of a man. It seems particularly heavy for its 
  - Put on one of the rugs to raise elevator.

Statuette (Black) 
  - A crudely sculpted statuette of a man. It seems particularly heavy for its 
  - Put on one of the rugs to raise elevator.

Ruby Effigy 
  - A small statuette of a defeated Warrior, kneeling in respect to an unseen 
    victor. It is made from a deep red Ruby. 
  - N/A

                            Dr. Maximillian Roivas
Medical Journal 
  - Maximillian's medical journal. Used to take notes on medical and 
    pathological analyses. 
  - Holds a record of any autopsies performed.

Letter #1 
  - A letter, written with some precision, in longhand: "Dear Friend, the 
    antiquity of which you ask is indeed the Tome of Eternal Darkness, or a 
    copy of it, at least. Its secrets are still hidden from me, for I have been 
    unable to read it, as have most scholars who have tried. It will remain 
    within the sanctity of the mansion, for in the wrong hands it would be a 
    powerful weapon. Peruse it if you will, but beware its magick... It is a 
    harsh mistress. Aaron Roivas."
  - N/A

Letter #2 
  - A letter, scrawled by a panicked hand, with clotted ink: "Dear Friend, The 
    House has been forsaken by the Ancients - I dare not enter it for fear of 
    my mortal soul. I would suggest that you leave also. Bring the book. It is 
    a far more potent tool than you have learned, and may well swing the 
    balance in our favor. A. Roivas."
  - N/A

Pump Handle 
  - This appears to be the handle of a manually driven pump. 
  - Attach to pump to drain basement well.

Letter #3 
  - A letter, scrawled almost indecipherably by a wavering hand: "Dear Friend, 
    as I suspected, the ruins of Ehn'gha - that blasted necropolis - lie deep 
    under the site of the mansion! The accursed servants of Ulyaoth are so 
    close I can almost hear their chittering!! There is a secret opening in the
    basement, and from there we can gain access... I urge you to gather some 
    men and seal it, or better still destroy that damned place!! I have stowed 
    something that you will find useful on the upper level. Look to the light, 
    and you will find it. I wish that I could be at your side, but my ailment 
    worsens daily and I know that my time is short... A.R."
  - N/A

Sealed Envelope 
  - A paper envelope, sealed with a glob of melted wax. An odd Rune is pressed 
    into the wax. There appears to be something heavy inside. 
  - Open to find Letter #4 and the Basement Key.

Letter #4 
  - The letter, written in a scrawling hand, reads: Dear Friend, As I expected, 
    the beasts are drawing closer to our discovery. They want the book for 
    themselves it seems, and do not want us to have it in our possession. I 
    have taken steps to ensure that their ilk will not touch the key in this 
    envelope, should you fall prey to their claws. The envelope containing the 
    basement key has been sealed with a corrosive magick - if one not aligned 
    to us tries to handle it, it will be released inflicting pain, suffering 
    and a grievous blow to their sanity, should they have any left! Be swift 
    with your task! A.R."
  - N/A

Basement Key 
  - A small, antiquated key, somewhat rusted by the ravages of time. This is 
    the key to the basement of the Roivas mansion. 
  - Use to unlock basement door.

                                 Edwin Lindsey
Archaeologist's Brush 
  - A large, soft-bristled brush designed for clearing dirt and dust from 
    surfaces without damaging them. 
  - Use to sweep away cobwebs and dust.

Bronze Bracelet 
  - An exquisite bronze bracelet, designed to be worn around the wrist or 
    ankle. It is embellished with inset gems and engravings. 
  - Use with first statue to open a door.

Bronze Necklace 
  - A well-crafted Bronze Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems. 
  - Use with first statue to open a door.

Metal Bracelet 
  - A seemingly worthless bracelet, made from cheap, flawed metal. The 
    workmanship is rather crude. It is probably junk.
  - Replace Silver Bracelet.

Silver Bracelet 
  - An exquisite bracelet made from silver, designed to be worn around the 
    wrist or ankle. It is embellished with inset gems and engravings.
  - Use with second statue along with Silver Necklace to open a hidden door.

Silver Necklace 
  - A well-crafted Silver Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems.
  - Use with second statue along with Silver Bracelet to open a hidden door.

Gold Bracelet 
  - An exquisite bracelet made of gold, designed to be worn around the wrist 
    or ankle. It is embellished with inset gems and engravings. 
  - Use with third statue along with Gold Necklace to open a hidden passageway.

  - This necklace is encrusted with cysts of corroded metal upon its surface. 
    It's difficult to tell what it looks like. Perhaps it can be cleaned 
  - Clean in acid basin to reveal the Gold Necklace.

Gold Necklace 
  - A well-crafted Gold Necklace, resplendent with glowing gems. 
  - Use with third statue along with Gold Bracelet to open a hidden passageway.

                                  Paul Luther
Meditation Rod 
  - The priest's Meditation Rod is a small staff used as a focus for meditative 
    prayer. Using it will allow Paul to meditate and regain some lost sanity. 
  - Use to regain some sanity.

  - The Emerald's deep green surface reflects the light inside it perfectly. 
    Its cut is the work of a master craftsman. 
  - Use on podium with Sapphire and Ruby to reveal a hidden staircase.

Podium Key 
  - A tiny brass key, for the podium in the Cathedral Apse.
  - Use to unlock the drawer of the podium to find Diary Page 1.

Diary Page 1 
  - The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 1. "I have finally arrived at Amiens, and 
    my pilgrimage to see the Hand of Jude draws to a close. I cannot wait to 
    lay eyes upon the sacred relic. My journey here has been arduous and it 
    shall be good to relax for a while in this peaceful village. Amiens is full 
    of good people, strong in their faith and their role in our world. If the 
    blight of witchcraft is present in the world, then I doubt it is in 
  - Use as evidence for the custodian.

Old Tower Key 
  - A large, rusted iron key. Used for access to the Old Tower. 
  - Use to unlock the door to the Old Tower.

Sheet of Music 
  - A piece of parchment with some musical notations written on it. It is 
    somewhat tattered, probably through years of use. 
  - Use the organ to play what is written to open the tabernacle.

Diary Page 2 
  - The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 2. "... I suppose it is understandable 
    that they will not show me the Hand of Jude on such little notice, but I 
    must confess that the preparations they make are most unusual. No acts of 
    consecration, no daily prayer or worship are demonstrated by this strange 
    order. One wonders if they are holy at all, let alone being under the 
    auspices of the Grand Inquisition. Perhaps it is my naivete of our faith. 
    There are many practices associated with it, and they differ greatly from 
    region to region. Perhaps Amiens is merely more eccentric than others."
  - Use as evidence for the custodian.

Book of Reliquaries 
  - This is the "Forgeries of the Reliquaries", dating back to the late 
    thirteenth century, exquisitely illuminated and bound with hard leather. 
    It reads: "Doubtless, many obscure orders requiring more income than can be 
    garnered from the tithe, resorted to forging ancient relics to bring people 
    from outside their region to their diocese, and thus become more lucrative. 
    While it could be said that a false hope is still hope, relics such as 
    Cuthbert's Jawbone, the Hand of Jude, and the infamous Thighbone Flute of 
    Connaught, while being forgeries, deceive the righteous unjustly. Their 
    existence as "true" relics is the utmost heresy."
  - Use as evidence for the custodian.

  - The Sapphire glows with a bright luminance resulting from its stunning cut. 
    Light is kept within its surfaces giving it an almost ethereal hue. 
  - Use on podium with Emerald and Ruby to reveal a hidden staircase.

  - A deep crimson Ruby cut with intimate care and workmanship. Light is trapped 
    within its recursive facets, making it appear to glow from within. 
  - Use on podium with Sapphire and Emerald to reveal a hidden staircase.

Diary Page 3 
  - The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 3. "... with a shudder my heart turned to 
    ice. I came to the brutal realization that the entire order were heretics 
    and I was in incredible jeopardy! Who knows how long they had kept their 
    dark secret - masquerading as custodians of the Hand of Jude, when, in fact, 
    they guarded a damnable relic - the Essence of the unholy Xel'lotath? And 
    used IT to lure potential victims to their hideous sacrifice! I felt sick, 
    and despite my faith, I felt intense fear and hopelessness. I know that I 
    must escape this place before they suspect my knowledge. I must warn the 
    world and notify the real Inquisition of their presence. Knowing death is 
    just around the corner and fearing every moment, I commit these words to 
    paper. Augustine will find this book. I will remove certain pages and hide 
    them, so that all who may follow might discover the truth before it is too 
  - Use as evidence for the custodian.

Sacrificial Knife 
  - An ornate, long-bladed knife, used to sacrifice humans. For Paul to even 
    pick it up is repulsive, for the sense of evil it emits is intense and 
    unnerving. The souls this blade has taken live on within its metal.
  - Use in slot in custodian's statue to reveal a hidden door.

                                Roberto Bianchi
Forgotten Corridor Key 
  - The key to the "Forgotten Corridor". 
  - Use to unlock the door to the Forgotten Corridor.

Sapphire Effigy 
  - A small statuette of a Sorcerer, driven mad by an unseen force. It is made 
    from a lustrous Sapphire. 
  - N/A

Essence of Chattur'gha 
  - Chattur'gha's claw glows with an unnatural, blood red aura, seething with 
    restrained violence. [Note: You will only get this if Pious took the blue 
  - N/A

Ruby Effigy 
  - A small statuette of a defeated Warrior, kneeling in respect to an unseen 
    victor. It is made from a deep red Ruby. 
  - N/A

                                 Peter Jacobs

A Lucky Penny 
  - An old coin, marked in a peculiar manner. It has held sentimental value for 
    someone. Whoever holds the penny will undoubtedly receive good fortune!
  - Use in place of missing fuse.

Soldier's Letter #1 
  - First Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love Margaret: "I was 
    admitted to this hospital on Tuesday. The damage caused to my legs was 
    slight, but there is no way that I could ever walk normally again. I hate 
    this place - every day I am reminded that I will never be able to do the
    things I love. The hospital is a very strange place. Converted from an old 
    cathedral, there is an odd atmosphere around it. Silent but for the words 
    of the wounded, calling out in the night. There is no doubt it is 
    haunted... What I find most odd in this place is that you never see anyone 
    leave during the day. It's not right - no good-byes or farewells. Just an 
    empty bed when you wake."
  - N/A

Sealed Envelope 
  - A Sealed Envelope. It looks rather official. 
  - Open to find the Soldier's Orders.

Soldier's Orders 
  - An official note, on Army regulation stationery. The note reads: "Pvt. 
    Thompson, By order of Lt. Hargraves, on behalf of H.R.H. George V, you are 
    to leave your post of duty, and rally in the street outside Oublie 
    Cathedral. Further orders will be presented at the rallying point. God save 
    the King!"
  - Give to soldier guarding body room to cause him to leave his post.

Soldier's Letter #2 
  - Second Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love Margaret: "I've been 
    here for over a week now, and there is no word when I will be allowed to 
    leave. Strange things have happened. At night the sounds of the hospital 
    change - echoes of voice that don't belong to anyone haunt the walls and 
    corridors. The restless ghosts perhaps, or sounds of movement, or whispers.
    I have seen war firsthand and the sounds at night in this hospital scare me 
    more than I ever thought possible. What is going on here at night? Why do I 
    feel so threatened? My fears are worsened by the talk of the other young 
    soldiers... One said he had heard cries for help in the middle of the night 
    - cries that were only answered by snarls of rage, and not compassion. 
    Another said Lance Corporal Haskill had not been discharged, but had gone 
    missing. I stare at his empty bed, with a sense of unholy dread, gnawing at 
    my heart."
  - N/A

Sheet Music 
  - A piece of parchment with some musical notations written on it. It is 
    somewhat tattered, probably through years of use. 
  - Use the organ to play what is written to open the tabernacle.

Door Handle 
  - A door handle for an obscure door. It doesn't appear to belong to any 
    particular door in sight. 
  - Place on invisible door.

Magickal Elixir 
  - A small milky blue bottle, stoppered with a chipped cork. This Magickal 
    Elixir will restore all of Peter's magickal energy. 
  - Use to restore Peter's magickal energy.

Soldier's Letter #3 
  - Third Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love Margaret: "It's been 
    two weeks since Haskill went missing, and I'm afraid to go to sleep. More 
    than once I saw shadows of people moving past my bed, peeking through the 
    blinds to see a wounded soldier being taken from his bed, drugged and 
    delirious in the dead of the night, never to be seen again... As Haskill 
    was, perhaps as I will be... What happened to them, I don't know... I am 
    afraid to ask what happened, for I know that I would surely be the next one 
    to be taken into the darkness."
  - N/A

Binding Hall Key 
  - An oddly shaped key, carved from what appears to be a large bone. Smaller 
    bones and fragments of other organic matter form the teeth and handle of 
    the key.
  - Use to open the door to the Binding Hall.

                               Dr. Edward Roivas

Liquid Courage 
  - A small flask of the old sauce, Liquid Courage! A magickal elixir to power 
    one's spirit in the face of adversity! "Bottoms up!" Using this will regain 
  - When in the face of danger, get drunk. Use to regain some of Edward's 

Historical Journal 
  - An old musty book, bound in dry dusty leather. This book covers the early 
    history of the Roivas family, dating back before the settlers in this land. 
    There appears to be something pressed between the pages!
  - Examine to find the Minute Hand.

Minute Hand 
  - This appears to be the minute hand of a large clock, made from stamped 
  - Use with Hour Hand to set the grandfather clock to 3:33.

Historical Journal 
  - An old musty book, bound in dry dusty leather. This book covers the 
    "recent" history of the Roivas family, going back perhaps a hundred and 
    fifty years. There appears to be something pressed between the pages!
  - Examine to find the Hour Hand.

Hour Hand 
  - This appears to be the hour hand of a large clock, made from stamped brass.
  - Use with Minute Hand to set the grandfather clock to 3:33.

Bottom Half of Basement Key 
  - This is the Bottom Half of the key to the mansion's basement. The top bit 
    is apparently missing. 
  - Mix with Top Half of Basement Key to create Broken Basement Key.

Gun Cabinet Key 
  - A small key to unlock the bindings on the gun cabinet. 
  - Use with Gun Cabinet to open it, granting you access to the Elephant Gun.

Top Half of Basement Key 
  - This is the Top Half of the key to the mansion's basement. The bottom bit 
    is apparently missing. 
  - Mix with Bottom Half of Basement Key to create Broken Basement Key.

Broken Basement Key 
  - This is the key to the basement of the Roivas mansion. It appears to be 
  - Repair with Enchant Item spell.

Basement Key 
  -  A small, antiquated key, somewhat rusted by the ravages of time. This is 
     the key to the basement of the Roivas mansion. 
  - Use to unlock the door to the basement.


Essence of Chattur'gha 
  - Chattur'gha's claw glows with an unnatural, blood red aura, seething with 
    restrained violence. [Note: You will only get this if Pious took the blue 
  - N/A

Ruby Effigy 
  - A small statuette of a defeated Warrior, kneeling in respect to an unseen 
    victor. It is made from a deep red Ruby. 
  - Use with Blue Sorcerer shrine as part of Enchanted Gladius puzzle.

Sapphire Effigy 
  - A small statuette of a Sorcerer, driven mad by an unseen force. It is made 
    from a lustrous Sapphire. 
  - Use with Green Scholar shrine as part of Enchanted Gladius puzzle.

Gold Amulet
  - Circular in shape, with a series of jewels clustered around what appears to
    be a glass lens. It has a fitting on one side, as though it was once 
    attached to something. 
  - Mix with Staff to form Staff with Amulet.

  - A long staff made from hardwood. Its finish, once clean and resplendent, is
    now dented and cracked. One end of the staff is merely bare wood, 
    indicating that something was once attached to the end. 
  - Mix with Gold Amulet to form Staff with Amulet. 

Staff with Amulet
  - A long staff made from hardwood. Its finish, once clean and resplendent, is
    now dented and cracked. It is topped with a gold amulet, inset with a lens.
  - Use in slot near light to focus light onto glazed panels. 

Emerald Effigy
  - A small statue of a Scholar ravaged by an unseen foe. It is made from a 
    clear Emerald.
  - Use with Red Warrior shrine as part of Enchanted Gladius puzzle.

Enchanted Gladius
  - This Gladius carries a powerful enchantment. This unique weapon can only 
    be wielded by its destined owner - the Guardian of Light. 
  - N/A

Plastic Explosives
  - A formed lump of C4 Plastic Explosives. The detonator simply needs to be
    added and the charge will explode at a preset time of 3 minutes.
  - Combine with Detonator Caps to form a C4 Bomb.

Detonator Caps
  - These electric detonator caps will transform a package of otherwise safe
    C4 plastic explosive into a primed bomb. They have a built-in timer, set 
    for a maximum time of 3 minutes. 

  - Combine with Plastic Explosives to form a C4 Bomb.

C4 Bomb
  - The C4 Satchel and the Detonator Caps have been combined into a single 
    unit - it is now a primed bomb. When the bomb is used Mike will have 3
    minutes to get to safety. 
  - Place this on the bridge in the Worm room, then run until your muscles burn 
    and your veins pump battery acid. And then run some more.

                       .:*~*:.  < 9.  Enemies >  .:*~*:.

Black Guardian - This guy is a terrible, terrible thing. Just cast your counter
rune on him when he flashes. For a more in-depth strategy, check the guide near
the end of Chapter 9. 

Bonethief - Evil little demon things that hide in the flesh of humans. If 
someone attacks you, it's probably because they're possessed. Just hit them in
the head a few times and they'll fall. Sometimes servants move towards you as
they go about their duties. Make sure they're actually a threat before you hit
them! Attacking a servant that isn't possessed will result in sanity loss.

Chattur'gha Zombie - Big and red. They look pretty much like a skinned human.
Appetizing thought, eh? Chattur'gha's followers are especially aggressive, 
and will wave their arms frantically if you chop off their heads. Be quick 
about killing them so they go down before their missing body parts regenerate.

Guardian - Strange winged beasts. When they're moving, their wings act as a 
shield that you won't be able to hit through. Wait for them to stop and spread
their wings, then go for the head. Some guardians don't have wings, but they're
a lot tougher. You'll be packing some pretty big guns when you meet them, so 
it's probably not a huge deal. 

Horror - Big and tough, and sporting three heads. They'll shoot bolts of energy
at you. With some of them, you can run behind their backs to avoid the bolts,
but later in the game they'll zap you from behind, too. Aim for the heads to
make them drop.

Human - Most of them don't fight, so if you're really mean, you can run around
and chop up all the servants. A few are possessed by Bonethieves, so they'll go

after you ruthlessly. Once you chop off the head of a possessed human, they'll
fall and a Bonethief will spring out. Sometimes when a servant or worker goes
about his or her daily duties it seems like they're lunging for you, but that's
not always the case. Killing an innocent person lowers your sanity, so make 
sure you're actually being attacked before you retaliate! Unless you get off on
that sort of thing, of course.

Mantorok Zombie - Your basic brown zombie. Relatively weak, and when you chop
off their heads, they just kinda stand there until you finish the job. For the
record, they burn extremely well. 

Pious Augustus - Final boss. See the walkthrough for details on beating him. 

Reaper - These are basically guardians with wings. They float around with these
wings clasped around them like a shield. If you run around them, you can strike
their backs then back off before they can strike back. Also, when they get 
close enough to you, they'll spread their wings. At this point, you can attack
them. Thanks to Se7en for the backstabbing strategy. 

Transparent Horror - Just like the regular Horror, only it carries a Rune or 
gem or other fun prize.

Transparent Zombie - A colored zombie with a transparent torso. Same old 
methods of killing, and you're rewarded with a Rune.

Trapper - A little scorpion thing that transports you to its dimension with a
wave of energy. You can use projectiles to peg the little buggers, or you could
just sneak past like all normal people. Unless, of course, you want to go to 
the Trapper Dimension. Then walk normally to attract their attention.

Ulyaoth Zombie - Chunky and blue. If they start singing, chop off the head
before it can do any harm. They're also known to explode in a burst of painful
blue light because of their gas in their stomachs that is somehow related to
the decomposition process.

Vampire - A nasty creature that attacks the servants in Maximillian's Chapter.
It draws its power from a monolith in the basement. Destroy this, and the 
Vampire is a piece of cake. 

Worm - It's big and it has teeth. I can't remember where I've seen something
similar before; maybe it was the Sandworm from Beetlejuice or something. 
Anyway, these guys pop out of holes in the floor and scare the piss outta 
whichever character happens to be standing there. They go away if you hit them
with something, so they're not a big problem aside from the major sanity loss.

Xel'lotath Zombie - At first glance, you'd think it was a mummy. If you lock
eyes with them, your sanity drops like a rock. Fortunately, they do the same
once you separate their heads from the rest of them. Also if you set fire to
them. Always fun!

                       .:*~*:.  < 10.  Spells >  .:*~*:.

Enchant Item (Antorbok + Magormor)
  - "That which is broken, shall be fixed. That which is dull, will be sharp. 
    Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item magick." 
  - As the description implies, it fixes broken stuff and sharpens dull stuff.
    If you encounter anything broken, this is the spell that will fix it. Also,
    if cast on your weapon, it's powered up a bit. As such, it's probably one
    of those "keep on at all times" spells.

Recover (Narokath + Santak)
  - "This spell enables the transfer of magickal power from the environment to 
    the self. Restoration of the body, spirit and mind is this spell's 
  - Once you have this spell, sanity and health should be no longer a problem 
    for you. Health is restored when used with the Chattur'gha rune and sanity
    with the Xel'lotath alignment. If you got the Mantorok rune, you can 
    restore both. I think you can guess which alignment I think is best.

Reveal Invisible (Narokath + Redgormor)
  - "With this enchantment the invisible is rendered visible. Use it wisely, 
    for some things are invisible for a reason, and mortalkind not meant to see
  - Mostly used for hidden doors and such. When you see a strange symbol on the
    wall or dais, it's usually a good idea to use the reveal spell with a 
    counter alignment to make it show up. The Mantorok rune will make your 
    character invisible, which means you won't lose sanity when you run into a
    monster. They also don't attack. Reapers will still follow you around.

Damage Field (Bankorok + Redgormor)
  - "This incantation exerts a force of mystical power within the confines of 
    the runes. Nothing may enter till it is dispelled." 
  - If you put one of these up, monsters won't be able to pass through. If 
    someone else did, *you* won't be able to pass through. Touching one will do
    damage to whoever's doing the touching, and you can still cast magic and 
    fire weapons while in the confines of a Damage Field, so it's a pretty 
    useful spell when you're dealing with any sort of boss and its minions.

Dispel Magick (Nethlek + Redgormor)
  - "For every magick there is a counter. That which is protected, is protected 
    no more. That which is bound, is unbound. Be warned that a more powerful 
    magick that this will endure its ravages." 
  - You'll probably be using this against Damage Fields most of the time. As 
    with most things, use the opposing alignment. Remember, stronger spells 
    require stronger counterspells, so count the points on a Damage Field and 
    use the proper Circle of Power when you Dispel it.

Summon Trapper (Tier + Aretak)
  - "Evoking this magick brings into existence a creature known as the 
    'Trapper'. Trappers possess the unique ability to transcend space and time,
    and to relocate objects and creatures to their own plane."
  - As with all summon spells, you'll control the Trapper. And just to keep you
    safe from all the bad things, you'll get a free Damage Field, too. A 
    Trapper is a fairly small creature, so it fits easily into all those holes
    that are about the right size for a small dog. It can also send things to 
    its dimension, so if there's a dead guy blocking a door, just whip out a 
    Trapper and have it get rid of him. Always do SOMETHING with your Trapper
    so it dies while under your control; otherwise, you'll have to deal with it
    when it isn't.

Shield (Bankorok + Santak)
  - "From all manner of magick you will be protected when encased in this geas. 
    The alignments can help but never hinder, for within well-conjured magick
    comes greater protection." 
  - Another one of those "keep on at all times" deals. Shield acts as the name
    implies, giving you an extra layer of protection. Mantorok damages enemies 
    in the same room as you, as well as protecting you from all damage to any 
    meter, so it's always good to have. The three main alignments will shield
    you from any damage to their respective meters.

Summon Zombie (Tier + Aretak)
  - "This conjuration summons a shambling corpse from the Planes of Eternal 
    Darkness, where the dead, and all manner of fell things, dwell. This magick 
    should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche on the 
    mortalkind is not pleasant. To see with the eyes of the dead is to become 
  - Mostly useless, but at some point you'll have to make a sacrifice, and a
    Zombie is just the right size... No matter what, make sure your zombie dies
    before you return to your character, or it will turn on you. 

Magickal Attack (Antorbok + Redgormor)
  - "This incantation saturates an area with aligned magickal energy, 
    inflicting massive damage to all enemies within the influence. This magick 
    will affect both large and small - for even the greatest of enemies are
    made of many small parts." 
  - Possibly some of the most useful magick in the game. Keep it on your quick
    spells. This will send out a wave of powerful energy that does lots of 
    damage to your enemies. It will become your best friend by the end of 
    Chapter 9. You can also use it to clear out a room fairly quickly. It's 
    most effective when cast as a counter-alignment, so always do that.

Summon Horror (Tier + Aretak)
  - "The bestial fury of the 'Horror' is unleashed by this magick. The Horror's 
    abilities are yours - enemies may be crushed or rent apart, wracked by 
    magick. This spell should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the 
    psyche of mortalkind is high." 
  - I like to use Horrors to do the dirty work when it comes to eliminating big
    monsters. While you sit nice and content in a Damage Field, the Horror can
    use its brute strength to eliminate any obvious physical threats. As 
    always, kill off the Horror so you don't have to deal with it when you're 
    done controlling it. 

Magick Pool (Tier + Redgormor)
  - "This magick transfers the innate magickal energy of the environment to 
    the self. The limitless power of the Ancients will be at your disposal for 
    the duration of the magick. Once the magick has waned, you will be bereft 
    of the spiritual power, until it naturally seeps back into your being."
  - Even better than Recover! With this on, your meters regenerate. For best
    results, use it with a Mantorok alignment. Assuming you have it. 

Bind Creature (Bankorok + Aretak)
  - "This magick enables the caster to bind a creature with magick forcing it
    to ally with them."
  - This spell can be used to make minions out pretty much everything. Also, it
    becomes extremely important at the end of the game. Not telling anything 
    else, though.

                   .:*~*:.  < 11.  Sanity Effects >  .:*~*:.

Some sanity effects almost always happen; others are completely random. Some 
only happen with certain characters. I'm not really sure about these, as I 
didn't find most of them myself. Big giant gargantuan thanks to the people on 
the ED board for allowing me to use them! A full list of the people who 
contributed to this section can be found in the credits.

 1. Knocking on doors
 2. Footsteps
 3. Women crying
 4. Babies crying
 5. Telephone ringing
 6. Sounds of someone being tortured in another room
 7. Someone Laughing
 8. Moaning from outside a window
 9. Rumbling footsteps grow closer and closer, followed by a loud growl
10. Random incantations in Latin

 1. Flying books, either in circular paths or a straight line
 2. Bust follows your movements
 3. Stick poking at the fire
 4. Pictures change
 5. Blood dripping from walls/ceiling (happens more frequently if you hit them
    with a sword)
 6. Flies crawl cross screen
 7. Your character is sucked into the floor (Quicksand)
 8. Current room is upside-down.
 9. Your head pops off and recites Shakespeare
10. You're Huge
11. You're Tiny
12. Pistols are hovering down the hallway, possibly being held by Maximillian
13. Every ladder has only its top half
14. Something invisible is following you
15. Your character turns partially invisible
16. Parts of your body are sliced off
17. The infamous bathtub scene
18. Edward sees a Worm pop out of the abyss
19. While in the kitchen, various utensils float around the table

 1. TV becomes muted
 2. TV turns to video mode
 3. TV volume decreases
 4. Microsoft's 'Blue Screen Of Death'
 5. Save files disappear
 6. Disk error
 7. Insert controller warning

 8. Screen slants
 9. 'GameCube overheating' warning
10. Your A button does not function

 1. Servants say different things
 2. Many monsters in one room
 3. Magick spells decapitate you
 4. You accidentally shoot yourself in the face when reloading your gun
 5. Doors don't open right away
 6. An advertisement for Eternal Darkness 2 appears
 7. Game appears to restart
 8. Climb down a ladder and you are in a prison cell
 9. A dead body hanging on a noose from the ceiling says, "The darkness is 
10. You turn into a zombie and self-destruct.
11. Ammunition is found all over the ground
12. Your inventory appears to be empty
13. Monsters come through the floor
14. Your character attacks very slowly
15. Monsters shrink and begin attacking you
16. Your character randomly swings/fires their weapon
17. A screen thanking you for playing the ED demo appears
18. Your character walks through stairs
19. Your character fires at the screen, leaving a bullet hole
20. Paul sees objects from Peter's era in a sepia tone (sheets, medical boxes,
21. Maximillian descends into the well and finds himself in an asylum

                       .:*~*:.  < 12. Secrets >  .:*~*:.

Mantorok Rune - To find a fourth alignment rune (Mantorok), find the hole big
enough for a small dog in Chapter 6 (Edwin Lindsey) and summon a Trapper. Send 
the Trapper in through the hole and have it cross the bridge to hit a button.
The rune will appear outside, near Lindsey. To get the Codex, go into the room
with the button after a Horror bursts out of the wall.

Enchanted Gladius - Collect the Ruby Effigy as Karim, the Sapphire Effigy as
Roberto, and the Emerald Effigy as Michael. Place them on the statues in the
correct order (Ruby to sorcerer, Sapphire to scholar, Emerald to warrior) to
open up a secret staircase. Go down to find an Enchanted Gladius, which can
only be used by the Guardian of Light, Alex.

Roivas = Savior - This isn't really a secret, but it's still kind of nifty. 
Roivas is Savior spelled backwards, and Alex is the Guardian of Light. It's
up to her to save human kind. Sounds pretty savior-ish to me.

Secret Ending - Beat the game with all three alignments to see an alternate 

Jump-To Mode - Beat the game twice to unlock Jump-To Mode. This allows you to
play any chapter.

Eternal Mode - Beat the game three times to unlock Eternal Mode. This makes 
your character invincible while in Jump-To Mode.

                  .:*~*:.  < 13.  Revision History >  .:*~*:.

v1.0 (06/29/02)
 The walkthrough is finished up to Chapter 6, and most of the preliminary 
 garble is complete. More characters should be added as they are encountered in
 the game. Same goes for spells, items, et cetera. The next update should be
 more of the walkthrough and maybe some enemies.

v1.1 (06/30/02)
 Walkthrough up to Chapter 9. Also, stuff has been added to the preliminary
 sections, and the enemies are in. I'm thinking about putting in a list of 
 Sanity Effects. Send me an email if you have any. You'll get credit.

v1.2 (07/01/02)
 Walkthrough up to the middle or so of Chapter 10. Now a Sanity Effects 
 section, thanks to the people on the GameFAQs Eternal Darkness board.

v1.3 (07/10/02)
 Lots and lots and lots of improvement on the item and weapon sections. More
 can be done, but at least it's more than just a description now. Be happy and
 proud of me and stuff. My GameCube is all boxed up and ready to be sent to the
 Nintendo repair place in New York. When it comes back, I'll finish the 

v1.4 (07/13/02)
 The spell section is slightly better now, and a lot of minor changes to most
 of the preliminary sections have been made. If you can think of anything that
 could be useful that I haven't included, feel free to email me and say, "Hay
 d00d, j00 forgotz 2 tel abuot teh [insert whatever I forgot to say here]!11!

v2.0 (08/04/02)
 My GameCube's back! "It's been gone for such a long time... Now it's back, and 
 things'll be fine." Or something. So, enough cheesy music. Michael's chapter 
 is complete. The final chapter finale thing is complete. I'm done. I'll check
 for inconsistencies with the other paths at some point in the future, but I
 think it's good. Huzzah.

v2.1 (08/08/02)
 Some stuff here and there... The occasional correction... A few reader tips.
 Also a Secrets section has been added. Nothing else too major, I think. I feel 
 like this guide needs something else. If you can think of anything useful, do 

v2.5 (08/14/02)
 Lots of new questions asked, as well as some sort of organization system sort
 of thing for the FAQ section so people looking for a puzzle solution from 
 Chapter 2 won't accidentally read how to find the page for Chapter 7. Also a
 few elaborations on the Sanity Effects. If anybody wants to send me some
 autopsies from Max's journal, that would be great, too. For some reason, I 
 didn't get around to filling the whole thing, and I'm too lazy to go back and
 play the game again just to do one chapter over again. 

v2.6 (08/23/02)
 Lots of spelling corrections, and I know what the panels do. Stop telling me.

              .:*~*:.  < 14.  Copyright & Contact Info >  .:*~*:.

This document is copyright ©2002 Bananagirl (bananasquid@msn.com).

This document was written exclusively for use on the internet. It is not
intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone, including the
author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written permission
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The information found within this document is, to the best of the abilities and
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otherwise) should be reported to the author as soon as possible.

Eternal Darkness and all characters, locations, etc., are trademarks of
Silicon Knights and/or Nintendo. The author makes no claim to the creation of 
these. This document can only legally be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.

If you choose to contact me, contact ONLY me. I don't reply to emails sent to 
everyone with a guide. It's just not cool. Also, don't send stupid questions,
questions that have been answered in the guide, or mean things. It's not nice.

                   .:*~*:.  < 15.  Credits/Thanks >  .:*~*:.

Bananagirl (bananasquid@msn.com)

Thanks to
- Silicon Knights and Nintendo for a wonderful game.

- Me for making supersexy uber1337 ASCII art.

- AdrenalineSL for sending ASCII art vibes to me while I slept and for noticing
  that the Anthony Life thing happens throughout the chapter. Unconfirmed as of
  yet, though.

- CyricZ for some advice on the Chapter 9 boss and telling me the location of
  the Mantorok codex.

- Gerudo Warrior for pointing out the Anthony Life thing.

- Psyguard for information on the green path's Black Guardian. Sorry to anyone
  else who's emailed me about it; Psyguard got it in first. 

- Se7en for an alternate Reaper (?) fighting strategy.

- one_inch for pointing out that I didn't cover the Trapper shooting thing for
  most of the walkthrough, and also for bringing those mysterious panels from
  Chapter 6 to my attention.

- Makura, SNACKER, and Charles Steelman for explaining the purpose of those 
  mysterious panels in Lindsey's chapter.

- Makura (again) for the specifics of each Shield alignment. 

- Cuber, JokaTheJesta, BassPunk510, pmbucci, Sykotik1, Rendar 5, LordOxidium,
  BalSac Jaws of Death, KONGOL, hogster, John032586, cicada17, Lordaeron, 
  Kerek, Mr DNA, M1A1, Silent Gamer, Peachtwist, dices, dawz09, Rabs, mcghee, 
  Lord Aragorn, eccoraven, jlo2you, Zero Sondow, Crouchingtigerin, Couch
  Chimpanzee, RE Albert Wesker, CMSILEO IS BACK, gnomes, MrBNtrl, ekjl, Bucket
  Mouse, ShinAkumax, Demon3 16, The 3rd Oracle, Bigwizz54, hardheart, DMC 
  Dante, dracool, dank187, Billyboy, playboydojo, VillageIdiot, pi314159, 
  Hylian Knight, VySE THE DAsHful, krojo43, Diseased Hick, i8beef, 
  GJSJF1@aol.com, Earthshaker, soslo

  BIG thanks to all of you for discovering the sanity effects!

- Various sources for the Secrets section, including the GameFAQs message board
  and codes section.

- All the people who motivated me to look into the game and read a review for 

- Whoever else thinks they deserve my thanks, for whatever reason. Nothing 
  dirty, though.


                                        K   jf
                                  ;LLfjjW    LLGLLf:
                                 GDi;;;t#     W;;;;E;
                                .ELLLL;tK     KLDfjLt
                                     tGEi    f#t
                                     D#f     E,
                                    jWK  jLfLEf;
                             .fEt,,,,tDL,fG. .W;;Ki
                          :tGGi,,,;LDf,iEt    K;tK
                        tDLi,,;tLDGi,;DL.     jLE:

                                                     Copyright ©2002 Bananagirl

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