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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/22/02

           |  ____ | ______   _____  _______     __        __        
           | |    \|/__  __\ | ___ || __ \  \   |  |  /\  |  |        
           | |_||  //  ||  \\||_  \|||__||||\\   ||  //\\  ||          
           |  _ |      ||    | _|   | _ _/|| \\  || / ¯  \ ||          
           | | ||      ||    ||___/||| \\ ||  \\ ||//¯¯¯¯\\||__/|     
 _______   | |____/|   ||    |_____|||  \\||   \\||    ____|____|     
|       \  |_______|__/__\ ________      |__|   \ |   /  ____ \  _____ 
|  ____  \     /\   | __ \|   _|   |__   |  | ___\|_ /  /    \| / ___ \
 | |   \  \   //\\  ||__|| | | / /|_  \   || |  ___ |\  \____  | |__ \|
 | |    \  | //__\\ | _ _/ | |/ /   ||\\  || | |_  \| \_____ \  \___ \ 
 | |     | |/ ____ \|| \\  |    \   || \\ || |  _|          \ \     \ \
 | |     | |||    ||||  \\ |  /\ \  ||  \\|| | |___/||\_____/ /|\___/ /
 | |    /  |        ||   \\| |  \ \|__|  \ | |______|\_______/ \_____/ 
 | |___/  /               |___| |__|      \|                          
|        /                                                            
|_______/            S A N I T Y ' S   R E Q U I E M               
An FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.3
E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   A. Controls
   B. Displays/Menus
   C. Using Magick
4. Walkthrough
   A. Prelude
   B. Chapter 1 - The Chosen One
   C. Chapter 2 - The Binding of the Corpse God
   D. Chapter 3 - Suspicions of Conspiracy
   E. Chapter 4 - The Gift of Forever
   F. Chapter 5 - The Lurking Horror
   G. Chapter 6 - A Journey Into Darkness
   H. Chapter 7 - Heresy!
   I. Chapter 8 - The Forbidden City
   J. Chapter 9 - A War to End All Wars
   K. Chapter 10 - A Legacy of Darkness
   L. Chapter 11 - Ashes to Ashes
   M. Finale - Gateway to Destiny
5. Autopsy of the Game
   A. Weapons
   B. Magickal Ingredients and Spells
   C. Other Items
   D. Enemies
   E. Insanity
   F. The Whole Story (contains info on the final ending)
   G. Extra Stuff
6. Standard Guide Stuff
   A. Legal
   B. E-mail Guidelines
   C. Credits
   D. Version Updates
   E. The Final Word


1. Introduction


I hope you readers enjoy the things I go through for y'all... :-P

This game has to be one of the freakiest I've ever played, (having not 
played Silent Hill, or others of their ilk) so you'll have to bear with
me, cause I scare easy (heck, it took me days just to get through 
Resident Evil).

Anyway, this is still an excellent game, and you've now been snared by 
my trap to flay your mind with my writings of this game.  For you see, 
even reading about the game will chip away at your sanity.  Proceed at 
your own risk.


2. FAQ

Q: What is Eternal Darkness?

A: Eternal Darkness is the new action/adventure game published by 
Nintendo for the Nintendo GameCube, and developed by Silicon Knights.

Q: Why is this game rated M?

A: Eternal Darkness has been rated M by the ESRB for Violence and Gore.  
There is some mild language, and there's also some really freaky crap 
going on.  Unless you're over 17 or a real horror buff, I really suggest 
against this.

Q: How many blocks on the Memory Card does the game take?

A: Fifteen.  These fifteen blocks will give you six saves for the game.

Q: Is this game like Resident Evil?

A: Not really.  The game's not a survival horror at all.  There's 
never really a feeling of desparation at, say, being low on ammo.  
Although it IS a horror game, and there are a couple of "jump" moments, 
but most of the horror is simply designed to freak you out and make you 
question your own sanity.

Q: Speaking of sanity, what's the deal?

A: I'll say this again later on.  Sanity is one of your attributes, 
along with health and magickal energy.  Just about any time you 
encounter an enemy, you'll take a hit to your sanity.  To recover the 
lost sanity, you need to perform a Finishing Move on a fallen enemy.  
If your sanity gets too low, you'll start hallucinating.  I'll get a 
bit more in-depth on this later.

Q: In Chapter 1, does it matter which color I pick?

A: Yes.  I don't want to spoil it too much, but it's definitely worth 
mentioning that which color you pick will affect the enemies later, as 
well as the order you can find certain Runes.

Q: How do I upgrade my spells to 5 or 7 Point?

A: It's pretty simple.  Just select an Alignment, then the two Effect 
Runes that make up the normal spell, then toss in the Pargon rune in 
the remaining spots.


3. Basics

This section describes basic stuff in the game, such as the controls 
and displays in the game.


A. Controls

Following are the in-game controls:

Control Stick: Moves your character around.  Down will move your 
character towards the screen, and up will move him/her away from it.

A Button: This is the attack button.  Pressing this will allow you to 
attack with your fists or whatever weapon you have at hand.  This is 
also used to confirm choices on menus.  Pressing A repeatedly at an 
enemy will attempt to execute a combo attack.

B Button: The standard action button.  This button does nothing unless 
you see a B button appear in the upper-right corner of the screen.  
Under it will be a description of what it will do in that situation.  
Common things that will appear are "Examine", "Return", "Pick Up", 
"Open Door", and "Finish Him!"  Generally, nothing bad can come of 
pushing B, so don't worry too much about it.  The B Button is also used 
to exit menus.

X Button: If you hold this button down, you can sneak around while 
moving the Control Stick.  This can also be accomplished by moving the 
Control Stick slightly, but it's much easier to use the X Button.

R Button: Holding the R Button will focus on the nearest enemy you're 
facing.  While holding R, you cannot walk or turn.  The Control Stick 
can be used to focus on different parts of the enemy's body.  Generally,
this means left/right for arms, up for head, and neutral for torso.  
Quickly releasing and holding the R button again will focus on a 
different enemy.

L Button: This button is the run modifier.  While holding it down (any 
pressure) you can run with the Control Stick.  Don't run too much, 
because your character will get tired and have to slow down to catch 
his/her breath after a while.

Z Button: If using a weapon that has ammunition, hold Z to reload it if 
ammunition is available.

START Button: Opens/Closes the Menu Screen.

Y Button and Control Pad: These are used for Quick Spells.  Further 
discussed in the Menus, you can assign spells to the Y Button, or 
individual directions on the Control Pad.

C Stick: Not used for in-game play.  The C Stick is used in the menus.


B. Displays/Menus


Main Menu

Choose Start Game to begin a new game.

Choose Load Game to load a previously saved game.

Choose Options to access the Options Menu.


Options Menu  (Bet you wanted to know what was in that head of hers)

Save Settings: Choose this to save your choices to the Memory Card, in 
case more than one person plays, and each like their own settings.

Subtitles: Turn on to see subtitles in cutscenes.  Useful in case you 
miss what someone's saying.

Widescreen: If your TV is widescreen capable, you can change this from
Standard to 16:9 to get the full theatrical feel.

Rumble Feature: You can set it to Off if you feel your hands shaking 
will be enough without the controller adding its own.

Volume Adjustment: You can change the generic volume in the game.  You 
can't change specific aspects such as Effects, Music, etc.

Brightness Adjustment: Like it says, you should fiddle with your TV 
before fiddling with this.  If you wanna, though, you can change 
brightness from here.

Audio Mode: Stereo, Mono, or Stereo Surround.  Should be pretty self-


In-Game Displays and Menus

There isn't much to see for displays while playing the game.  Watch the 
upper right corner for the appearance of a B Button sensitive area.  
If at any time, your health, magick, or sanity meters change, you'll 
see the meter pop up as it changes, then quickly go away.

All the menus are contained on the Tome of Eternal Darkness (neat, 
eh?), but you can view them at any time, even if you don't currently 
have the Tome in your possession.  Use the L and R buttons to go to the 
other Menus.


Inventory: This screen has your three meters, and displays all your 

Red Meter: This is your Health.  It decreases when you are harmed.  
Replenishing it isn't easy early on, and magick is generally required 
to do so.  If you lose all your health, you will die and the game will 
end.  This meter appears for viewing the first time you get hurt.

Blue Meter: This is your Magickal power.  It decreases when you cast a 
spell, and will steadily increase as you walk around.  This meter first 
appears for viewing when you learn your first spell.

Green Meter: This is your Sanity.  It first appears for viewing in the 
second chapter, when you encounter your first enemy.  Sanity is 
decreased whenever you encounter an enemy (the enemy's eyes will glow 
green, and green electricity will scatter on you).  How much sanity is 
taken away depends on the enemy.  Some enemies can drain sanity more 
than once, or at will as an attack.  If your sanity gets low (around 
1/3), you'll start hallucinating.  You'll know your going insane when 
you start hearing sounds and voices you shouldn't be hearing.  If your 
sanity gets really low, some VERY strange things may happen 
spontaneously, or when you enter another room.  How strange?  Well, 
let's just say they don't all involve your character.  To regain lost 
sanity, you'll need to perform Finishing Blows on your fallen enemies.  
If you can finish an enemy, you'll see the B prompt for it on the 
screen.  Hit B, and you'll use your weapon to kill the enemy proper.  
This is not the only way to kill them, mind you.  Sometimes, after 
falling, the enemy will disappear on its own and you'll be stuck with 
the lost Sanity.  Luckily, you discover the means of recovering 
Sanity through magick not too far into the game.

Items: You have no restriction on items you can carry (take THAT, 
Resident Evil!).  If you get more than can fit on the screen, you can 
scroll down to them using the Control Stick.  Above the Item List is 
your currently equipped weapon.  Select an item in your list and the 
things you can do with it will be highlighted in the small list to the 
left.  If Use is highlighted, you can put the item to use somewhere.  
If Equip is highlighted, the item is a weapon and you can put it in 
your hand to be used later.  If Check is highlighted (and it always is) 
you can further examine it and get a description.  Use the Control 
Pad to enlarge or shrink the view, and the C Stick to rotate the view.
If Mix is highlighted, then it's possible to combine the item with 
another (for example, ammunition to a gun).  Mode only appears late in 
the game, and is used when a weapon has more than one fire option.



The map shows you an outline of the floor you're currently on in 
whatever building you're in.  Yellow flashing brackets surround the 
room you're currently in.

Map Controls:
Control Stick: Move the view of the map around quickly.
Control Pad: Move the view of the map around slowly.
C Stick: Zoom in and out on the map.
A Button: Center the map view on the predetermined "center".
Z Button: Center the map view on your current location.
Y Button: Go up one floor view.
X Button: Go down one floor view.



This menu gives you access to all your magickal ability.  This menu 
won't appear until you find your first piece of magick.

Spell List: This displays the scrolls you've found in your adventure.  
If a spell is complete, you can select it and Cast it, or Assign it to 
a quick spell button.  Even if the spell isn't complete, you can Check 
the scroll to see what you need and the spell's effects.

New Spell: This will allow you to create a spell for later use.  I'll 
explain this in depth in a bit.

Runes: This is a listing of all the magickal objects you have.  The 
top row is for your Circles of Power.  The next row is for your 
alignment runes, which are colored to represent the entity they refer 
to.  The last two rows are your effect runes, which are used in 
conjunction to make spells.  If you only have a rune, but not the 
corresponding codex, the rune will be dark.  If you have only the 
codex, you'll see just the stone codex listed.  If you have both, the 
rune will flash, and you'll see the description.

Quick Spell: This will let you view your setups for Quick Spells.  Mind 
you that you can't change them from here.  You'll have to do that in 
the Spell List.



This area is for info, mostly...

Cinemas: Select this to choose from any of the major cutscenes you've 
seen already.  Review them if ever you want to recall why the heck 
you're doing all this.

Autopsy: Once you use a character who's a doctor, you can perform 
autopsies on fallen enemies to get info on them.  If an autopsy is 
successful, it'll be cataloged here for review.



This is a quick access to basically the same Options Menu off the 
Main Menu.

Controller: This is a quick reference of the controls, and also lets 
you toggle the Rumble.

Audio: This allows you to change Volume and Sound Mode.

Display: This allows you to change Brightness, Subtitles, and 

Load/Save: This allows you to save your current adventure to the 
Memory Card, or Load another adventure.

NOTE ON SAVING: You can save at any point when you're not being 
attacked by enemies.  Oddly enough, people tend to forget more about 
saving when they can do it whenever they want, so I'm reminding you to 
SAVE OFTEN.  Of course, of note, is to BE CAREFUL when you save.  If 
you save, for example, when your health is really low, you may be 
"stuck" and not be able to finish due to dying in combat every time.  
For this reason, you should take advantage of the six save files.


C. Using Magick

This is an essential part of the game so it has its own subsection.  
The building block for magick is a Circle of Power, which has a certain 
number of points (ie. three).  One puts Runes in these points to make a 

Once you have a Circle, finding Runes to use is the next step, and this 
is twofold.  It's absolutely necessary to find the Rune to use for 
magick, but it's also in your best interest to find the matching 
Codex for the Rune, which explains what the Rune represents.

Having the preceding is all well and good, and you can even make spells 
just from these, but you won't know at all what the spells do until 
you find a Scroll which dictates a spell and what it consists of.

When creating a new spell, you start by picking a Circle of Power.  
Next, you'll fit Runes into the Circle.  All spells require one colored 
(not yellow) rune to determine alignment as the first step of creation, 
after which, you fill in the rest of the points on the Circle with 
effect runes.  If the spell works, you'll hear the chant and it'll be 
castable.  All spells can be created with respect to any of the three 
basic alignment runes, so if one spell works with red, for example, 
it'll work for green, too, as well as others.  Keep experimenting, for 
there is no punishment for a failed magickal creation.

For half of the game, you'll be limited to using the 3 Point Circle of 
Power, which is used to create your first seven spells, since only an 
Alignment and the two required Effect Runes are needed.  Later on, 
you'll get the 5 Point and 7 Point Circles, and using them you can 
upgrade your spells.  To do so, simply recreate the spell as normal, 
with an Alignment, and the two standard Effect Runes, then fill the 
other points with the Pargon Rune to beef them up.  There are also 
a couple of particular spells that require higher point Circles.

As far as choosing an Alignment when using spells, it is generally 
very important to know what's stronger than what.  The thing is, the 
Ancients may all have a common goal of domination, but they don't like 
each other at all (this will become evident as monsters of different 
alignments attack each other).  Chattur'gha's power can overcome even 
the wiles of Xel'lotath.  Xel'lotath's mind flaying can conquer over 
Ulyaoth's logic.  Ulyaoth's intelligence is more than a match for the 
brutal Chattur'gha.  In other words.  Red beats green.  Green beats 
blue.  Blue beats red.  So, when using a magick against something, 
always use the stronger Alignment.  Enchant a weapon red to use 
against green enemies.  Dispel a blue magick with a green spell, and 
so on.


4. Walkthrough

You know, I could give you a big lowdown on the plot, the background, 
the characters, and whatnot, right up here at the top of the guide, but 
what fun would that be?  Half the enjoyment of this game is figuring 
out what's going on for yourself.  Now, I will say what's happening as 
we go through it, to maintain continuity, so from here on in, you'll be 
getting SPOILERS.  Fair warning.


A. Prelude

Cutscene: Enter Alexandra Roivas.  A student from Washington, she's 
earning her graduate degree in abstract mathematics and number theory.  
We hear Edward Roivas talk about her and the destiny of the Roivas 

Suddenly, you're in control of her, in a black-and-white setting, 
holding a shotgun.  Several zombies advance on you.  Do what you can to 
fend them off.  It's pointless really.  The game's tryin' to get an 
early spook in.

Cutscene: Alex will rush to the door and pound on it, hearing maddening 
words being yelled from the other side.  Suddenly, an apparition of 
her grandfather forms, and a buzzing is heard.  It turns out that the 
buzzing is her phone.  She wakes up and answers the phone (note the 
time on the clock).  The man on the other end is a police inspector 
from Rhode Island, informing her of her grandfather's murder.  The next 
scene has her with the inspector, discussing the murder, and seeing the 
grisly results.  Alex identifies her grandfather by the family ring 
he's wearing.  There seem to be plenty of questions.  No sign of 
intrusion, but plenty of force exerted on the body.  No evidence 
besides the body.  Alex is determined to stay in Rhode Island until she 
finds out what's behind the murder.  Two weeks later, at sunset, she 
enters the empty mansion with a need for answers.

You're now in control of Alex.  In your possession is nothing but a 
Second Floor Key.  Explore the mansion at this point, and be sure to 
examine everything you can.  Note the desk clock in the center of the 
room.  Note the time it seems to be stuck at.  You can take the 
Dresser Key out of the back of the clock if you wish, but you won't use 
it for some time.  To the northwest is a dining room, with a grand 
piano in it.  To the west of the main hall is the kitchen.  Of note is 
a door with a strange sigil on it, but you can't do anything with it.  
The northeast door on this floor is locked.  If you go up the stairs 
and try to use the Second Floor Key, you'll find it will break.  
Way to go...

Your only recourse is to head to the library to the east.  There's a 
door on the south wall which leads to some kind of strange observatory, 
but you can't do anything with it at the moment.  Your only other 
option is to head north further into the library.  You'll be transferred 
into a study-like room.  Of particular note is the grandfather clock 
ticking away.  You can move the hands.  If you've been paying attention 
to the times so far, you'd know to set the clock at 3:33.

Huzzah!  The old clock/bookcase/secret passage trick.  Head into the 
passage and continue to the next room.  This is your grandfather's 
secret study.  Take a minute to look around the room.  You can even 
grab the Gladius off the wall if you're feeling a bit vulnerable.  Once 
you're done, turn your attention to that odd-looking book on the table.  
Ah, go for it.  I'm sure it's a perfectly normal book made out of human 
skin and bone.

Cutscene: Alex sits down and pores over the book.  She's suddenly 
struck by strange visions, a weird multi-eyed being, a giant cathedral 
hall, an odd pillar, and a kooky tentacle.  Shaking the visions, she 
reads further...


B. Chapter 1 - The Chosen One

Cutscene: Enter Pious Augustus in the year 26 BC.  He is a centurion in 
the Roman Army, and a gifted tactician.  We join him in Persia 
discussing his orders from the emperor with his subordinates (in Latin, 
no less), to find ancient artifacts in the area.  After his soldiers 
leave to rest, Pious hears a beckoning voice.  That voice is joined by 
another, and Pious cannot resist the call.  He travels the desert and 
eventually comes upon a strange site, consisting of a circle of five 
stone pillars, one with strange runes on it.  He enters the circle and 
is consumed by magickal energy.  He is teleported into a strange 

Well, you can't leave, so you might as well do what you came for and 
find some artifacts.  Note that you're already armed with your Gladius.  
This is all you have at this point.

Start by climbing down the ladder into the next chamber.  Don't worry 
about the corpses lying around here.  Just walk further down the 
passage.  Pious will spot a curious block on the floor ahead, then a 
Zombie will stand up on the far end.  This is the only one that's 
animate at the moment, so advance slowly, let him come to you, and 
have fun with your first combat.  Once it falls, finish him if you 
wish.  It's not necessary to do so, as Pious doesn't have a Sanity 
Meter at this point.

Continue on down the passage, but be careful getting close to the 
block, because two more Zombies will pop out of hiding behind the 
wall.  Deal with them, and take the Red Granite Block.  Pass through 
the door into the next chamber.  Kill the two Zombies, then take the 
Green Granite Block.  Enter the next room.  There are five Zombies 
here.  Kill them all and take the Blue Granite Block.  Oh, don't 
worry about that sound that sounds like your name being called.  I'm 
sure it's just the wind... :-P

Now, head for the ladder.  In the next passage, there's only one 
Zombie.  The path to your left (north) is blocked, so take the path 
to your right (south).  You'll be in a large chamber, and you'll notice 
symbols on the wall that suspiciously look like your blocks.  Kill the 
four Zombies in this room, then grab the final Purple Granite Block on 
the pedestal.  Now, I know this may be difficult, but you'll have to 
insert the blocks below the symbol of the same color on the walls.

Once all that's done, the door to the north will open.  Head up a room 
and through that door.  In this room, you'll face off against a statue 
of yourself.  They must've known you were coming.  What you have to do 
is use the directional attacks to chop off the statues arms and head 
before finishing off the body.  Do that, and the door behind it will 

In this next room, there are three Zombies.  Once they're dead, hit 
that big tempting button in the corner to activate a teleporter.  
Stand in the center to be teleported to a room with a shrine and 
three strange artifacts.

Now, much depends on which artifact you take.  For one thing, it 
changes the enemies.  From now on, whenever I say "Ruling Zombies", 
that means you'll face zombies the color of the artifact you chose.  
Refer to the Enemies section for more info.  Also, this will 
determine the order in which you get Alignment Runes, and will change 
the story to revolve around the Ancient trapped in that artifact.  
Although I haven't completely confirmed this, the color will also 
determine which attribute you'll have the hardest time keeping up with.

Cutscene: Pious steps towards the artifact he chose, and reaches out a 
hand towards it tentatively.  Strange electricity shoots from the 
artifact and engulfs Pious with its power.  He collapses to the ground.  
Some time later, Pious staggers to his feet.  He'll have much less 
facial hair than before.  He's now filled with the power of the 
Ancient whose artifact you chose.


We know return to Alex, and you now have the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  
Now, look behind you and you'll see a piece of paper on the wall.  
Take it, and you'll be able to decipher it with the Tome.  Use the 
Chapter Page.


C. Chapter 2 - The Binding of the Corpse God

Cutscene: We hear Alex's grandfather speak of religion at the opening 
of this chapter.  Enter Ellia, a dancer in the court of Suryavarman II, 
in the year 1150 AD, in what is now Cambodia.  We find her sitting in a 
temple poring over a book.  A very familiar book.  She reads and we 
learn of what Pious (or what he's become) has been doing since his 
incident.  We see him in front of a very strange and gigantic beast, 
consisting of many eyes and central maw.  Pious denounces the beast for 
imprisoning his master, and drops several large pillars into its 
mass of flesh, apparently severely hurting it.  Ellia stops reading, 
wishing something grand and intriguing, like these fables, could happen 
to her.  As we all know, one must be careful for what one wishes for...

As Ellia finishes speaking, the door of the temple closes, sealing her 
in.  (D'oh)  You have the Tome in your possession, as well as a Short 
Sword.  Her Health is quite a bit less than what Pious had, and you'll 
soon see her Sanity isn't all that great compared to other characters.

Now, you can cross the room over to the statue.  You are not required 
to take the Strange Necklace from the statue, but there's no real 
penalty for doing so.  This necklace can heal you.  Just be sure you're 
standing still while using it.  It has ten charges.

Taking the necklace causes the door to the north to close.  Well, it 
doesn't matter.  The door to the south is still open, so go that way 
anyway, even if you didn't take the necklace.  You'll enter a room and 
Ellia will notice several fallen Zombies on the floor.  Don't worry.  
None will attack.  Take note of the design and candles nearby.  Head 
west into the passage.

Ellia will automatically step on a pressure plate on entering.  Hey, 
what ancient temple would it be without traps, eh?  Carefully time your
running between the blades, and look for other pressure plates and 
don't step on them.  Cross to the other end of the passage.  Don't 
worry.  The Zombies won't attack here either.

In the next room, however, you'll meet your first Doomed Zombie (note: 
Doomed means that it is the color that can be defeated by the color 
Pious selected), and you'll take your very first hit to your Sanity.  
Don't worry, Finishing will be more than enough to replenish it.  Take 
out the bad guy and take a look at the candles.  Note the design of a 
bright sun on the floor, and on the wall you'll see a sun high in the 
sky.  Set the candles so that only the middle one is burning.  The door 
to the north (and another door) will open part way.  Also, take the 
Bronze Necklace on the urn nearby.  Now, head back to the main room.  
Careful of the blade traps on your way.  When you enter the room with 
the Zombies on the ground, three of them will stand up and attack, so 
be careful.

In the Main Hall, put the Bronze Necklace on the statue, if you've 
taken the Strange Necklace, you'll reopen the way north.  Head to 
the next room.  Again, note the candles and the position of the sun.  
Head west to another trapped corridor.  This one has dart traps along 
the walls.  Just avoid the pressure plates and you should be fine.

In the next room, you'll see an Opposing Zombie (the color that can 
defeat the color Pious chose).  Take him out quickly.  Now, turn your 
attention to the candles.  No sun on the wall engraving.  That means 
you should extinguish the lit candles.  Once that's done, the doors 
leading to the west corridor will open.  Watch the traps in the 
corridor.  In a side alcove, you'll see a Blowgun.  Seems kinda 
conspicious just sitting there, but take it anyway.  Whoops!  WHEEE!

Ellia will slide down a secret chute, and drop her sword, breaking it.  
Way to go.  You'll see two Ruling Zombies here (the color Pious chose), 
advancing towards what appears to be a human guard.  Use your Blowgun 
on them while trying to avoid their swinging.  Once they're dead, go 
back to where you fell and pick up your broken sword.  If the guard's 
still alive, he'll offer to repair the sword.  Go for it.  Now, proceed 
down the trapped corridor.  There's one pressure plate you can't miss 
(Ellia never heard of this strange concept of "jumping") and it 
activates a crusher thingy.  Time your run past it.

In the next room, there are two Zombies.  Take them out however you 
wish.  Note both the mural on the wall, and a strange slot in the 
middle of the room.  Leave by the eastern exit.  In this next trapped 
corridor, there are more pressure plates you can't avoid.  Time your 
way past the traps and into the next room.  In there, you'll find an 
Opposing Zombie and three Ruling Zombies.  Apparently, they don't like 
each other.  Let these guys work out their aggression, then finish 
what's left.  Look at the mural in this room, as well.  Leave by the 
north exit.

Follow the passage and you'll see an interesting sight.  Apparently, 
this is the temple where Mantorok resides, who Pious challenged in the 
"fable" that Ellia was reading.  Sure.  Walk right up to him...

Cutscene: Ellia edges closer.  Two guards appear from behind her, 
telling her not to go further.  Tentacles whip out from the mass that 
is Mantorok and drag the guards to their deaths.  Pious himself enters, 
carrying a bone staff and wearing a fetching skirt, but still clothed 
in his armor.  He mocks Mantorok for feeding on humans, and tells Ellia 
to leave.  After Pious wanders off, a purple energy comes from the 
statue in front of Mantorok and zaps Ellia.  She collapses to the 
ground.  As she stirs to consciousness, a strange man speaks to her, 
telling her she's a chosen one.  He gives her her life in exchange for 
carrying one of Mantorok's hearts within her, Mantorok's essence.  The 
heart is absorbed into her, and the man leaves.

Now, go up to the statue in front of Mantorok and take the Metal Staff 
in its hands.  Retrace your steps to the room before.  In that room, 
you'll face off against three Ruling Zombies.  Take them out.  Proceed 
back along the trapped corridor.  There will be Zombies here (I think 
three), so finish them as they get cut apart by traps.  Return to the 
room with the slot and you'll fight four Ruling Zombies.  Once they're 
all dead, stick the Metal Staff into the slot in the center of the 
room.  This opens up a door behind Mantorok.  Go aaaaalll the way back 
to Mantorok's room, and enter the door in the back.  Walk up to the 

Cutscene: Pious shows up behind Ellia, telling her she should have run.  
He demands to know the location of the Mantorok's essence.  When she 
refuses to tell, he fills her with lightning, killing her.


Resuming now, as Alex.  Note your Sanity's not completely full.  Unlike 
other characters, who only hallucinate if their Sanity's real low, 
Alex can see minor things even with a little Sanity lost.  Don't worry 
about that now, though, since you won't be going far.  

Note that the candles have now lit.  The etching on the back wall 
depicts a sunrise.  Set the candles so that only the left one is lit.  
You'll find a Message Tube inside.  Open it, and you'll find the page 
for the next chapter.  But first...

Cutscene: Pious stands before his master, one of the Ancients (which 
one depends on which artifact you chose).  They discuss the Ancient's 
coming to the world.  They speak of Mantorok, and how he is powerless 
now, and also of Charlemagne the Frank (yes, THAT Charlemagne), and 
how he is more of an issue at this point.

Now, read the page you just found to start Chapter 3.


D. Chapter 3 - Suspicions of Conspiracy

Cutscene: Edward speaks some more, speaking of how the Ancients stifle 
the efforts of humanity.  Now, enter Anthony, a page to the court of 
Charlemagne, in Ancient France, the year 814 AD.  He is given a 
message for the Emperor Charlemagne, and told that the words there are 
only for him.  Anthony's curiosity gets the better of him, and he 
peeks at the scroll, where magicks placed there react and zap him.  
It's not apparent what happened, but he must tell the Emperor about 
it, since the spell was intended for him...

You start with Anthony in the monastery where Charlemagne currently is.  
You have only the foul Message Scroll in your possession.  Anthony's 
three meters are all pretty large, but he has more Sanity than anything 

NOTE: It's worth it to note that the spell Anthony is enchanted with 
makes him invulnerable, among other things.  If you die, you'll get 
right back up...

Talk to the monks to learn that the Emperor is in the visiting chamber 
with the Bishop.  That's the door on the north wall.  Wouldn't ya know.  

Talk to the rest of the monks to learn about a recent death of one of 
them.  Fell from a high tower, eh?  Check the casket.  Unless he fell 
on a raging hell-beast when he landed, I don't think that's a falling 
death.  A nearby monk will tell you that the Bishop needs to be 
informed of what's going on.  He'll give you a Scramasax for your 
protection.  All the monks will depart, leaving you with the dead body.
Hey, thanks guys!

Anyway, the only course now is up the stairs.  Head up and....whooooa!
Take a look at the statues flanking the walkway.  See anyone you know?  
And why is Pious' smashed, hmm?  More questions than answers.  Proceed 
along the path and, uh... well, try to ignore the screaming faces on 
the floor...  Take the Tome of Eternal Darkness from the skeletal 
hand and take your place among the chosen ones.  Oh, and you'll get 
some flashbacks to review for the test later...

Whee!  Back we go!  Head up the stairs.  In the upper room, Anthony 
will experience some of the debilitating effects of the spell he got 
zapped with.  Poor guy.  Look at the shelf against the far wall.  Take 
the Blue Urn there.  Use it.  Whoops.  Butterfingers.  You'll pick up 
the broken pieces AND the Magickal Rune that was inside!  This is your 
first Alignment Rune.  This rune is different depending on the artifact 
Pious chose.  If Pious chose Red, you get a Green Rune.  If Pious chose 
Green, you get a Blue Rune.  If Pious chose Blue, you get a Red Rune.

Anyway, there's another cool thing in this room.  Take the 3 Point 
Circle of Power on the desk.  Magick's cool.  Now, head to the 
bookcases in the back of the room and check the middle case.  Ah, 
Routine #4, the old book moving the shelf trick.  Prepare your sword 
and head down the ladder.

One of those three Green Zombies has a rune in its tummy.  Quickly kill 
it, and claim the Rune.  Kill the other two Greens and move on.

Hey, a monk being attacked.  Run to his aid by killing the two Zombies.  
Grab the Torch the monk dropped and use it if you wish.  If you save 
the monk, he'll tell you the Bishop ran through here, looking all evil, 
and causing the monk to drop an urn he was carrying.  The monk will 
give you a Two-Edged Sword for helping him.

Now, Equip the Torch and use it to light the room so you can pick up 
the pieces of the Green Urn lying around.  Use the Mix command in the 
Inventory to put them in one item spot.  That'll have to do for now.  
Head to the next room (which was behind a curtain that a flaming 
Zombie ran into, mind you).

You'll see (with the remote camera, apparently), a Zombie below you 
down the stairs with a Rune.  Walk down the stairs and pick up the 
Codex, then take out the Zombie.  Once its dead, you'll get the Rune, 
which was the very one for the Codex you just picked up: Magormor, or 
Item.  Exit by the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Uh oh.  More decomposition for Anthony.  In this next room, you'll see 
two Zombies and a Ruling Zombie.  Finish them all.  On the stone in the 
middle of the room is the Codex for the Alignment Rune you picked up 
earlier.  Also on the far end of the room is a Red Urn filled with foul 
water from the fountain nearby.  Grab it.  Now equip the Torch and burn 
the tapestry on the far wall.  Go through the door behind.

There is but one Zombie in this corridor.  Kill it and move on.  In the
next room, you'll see the Bishop move through the door on the far wall, 
then it'll close behind him.  You'll need to weigh down the switch in 
front of you to continue.  This is where your Urns come in.  Fill them 
with water from the fountain two rooms back and place all three on the 
switch.  What?  Your urns are broken?  Well, let's pick up that Codex 
nearby (Antorbok, aka Project), and that spell scroll on the table, 
which is the Enchant Item Spell.  Wouldn't ya know it, you have all 
the components necessary to make the spell.  Follow the instructions 
the game gives you to assemble the spell.  Now, cast it on the Green 
Urn and the Blue Urn to repair them.  Now, fill them and set them all 
on the switch.  Head on through the secret door.  Continue through 
the corridor to the next door.

You'll find the Bishop in this room.  He'll thank you for returning 
the Tome and attack.  Kill him and the two Ruling Zombies in this room.  
He'll drop the Bishop's Key, and now you can head aaallll the way back 
to use it.  There are plenty of enemies on the way, though.  Two 
Zombies in the next corridor, two Zombies in the Bishop's secret study, 
a Trapper (new enemy) in the next corridor, a Trapper in the fountain 
room, three Zombies in the stairwell, and nothing until you climb up 
the ladder to the second floor of the Monastery.  There, you'll meet a 
Horror (another new enemy).  Finish him and move on.  Finally, you'll 
find three Zombies in the main hall of the monastery.  Open the door to 
the audience room using the Bishop's Key.

Cutscene: Anthony stumbles in, almost completely gone, only to find 
Charlemagne is already dead.  He feels the last of the power of the 
spell and keels over next to his lord.  The monk in charge insults 
Anthony's faith and his efforts, saying that all will feel the power of 
the Ancient.  Then, a spindly clawed creature bursts from his chest.


Hey, guess what.  Now that Anthony knows the Enchant Item Spell, so too 
does Alex (and all others who possess the Tome).  Use the spell to 
repair your broken Second Floor Key.  Now, you can go to the second 
floor.  You're a bit insane at this point, so don't be surprised if you 
hear knocking, or see blood seeping from the wall.  Just roll with it.  
In the second floor hallway, you'll see a bust following your moves.  
If you go to the east part, you'll find a bedroom.  Scattered around 
the second floor are bullets for a .36 Revolver.  If only you had one.  
Dang.  Anyway, you can go into the bathroom, too, from here.  There's 
a page of the journal of your ancestor, Maximillian.  Check out the 
bathtub, too...


Heh heh...  Anyway, head back to the hall, as there's nothing to do 
here now.  Go back to the west wing, and you'll see an apparition of 
your forefather, Maximillian Roivas, head into a wall.  It's a secret 
door, duh, but you don't know how to open it.  At the far end of the 
hallway is a strange barrier in front of a stained glass window.  Can't 
do anything with it yet, so check the other doors.  One room is too 
dark to see in (and you'll be damned if you go stumbling around a dark 
room in this place).  The other is another bedroom.  Behind one of the 
paintings on the wall, you'll find the page of the fourth chapter.  Go 
ahead and use it.


E. Chapter 4 - The Gift of Forever

Cutscene: Edward speaks again, about dreams and nightmares.  Enter 
Karim, a Persian from the year 565 AD.  He trudges wearily through 
the desert.  As he looks to the sun, he recalls of what brought him 
there.  He recalls his fawning over an exotic lady, Chandra.  He wants 
her love (or something to that effect), and she wants an ancient 
artifact.  We get back to him in the desert, being called by a voice.  
He comes to a familiar-looking circle of stone pillars, and is 
teleported to a temple.

Now, Karim is a bit more decked out than some of these previous folks.  
He's armed with a Tulwar (a Persian sword), 19 Chakrams (sharp metal 
rings), and a Talisman that can heal him five times.  His Health is 
very high, and his Magick and Sanity are only slightly less than 

He starts in a temple.  Fallen Zombies litter the ground.  There's a 
more solid corpse nearby that you can examine.  Head for the nearby 
ladder going down.

Wheeeee!  You're in a familiar place now.  There's a new statue here.  
As before, walk to the end and grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness from 
the skeletal hand.

And we're back.  Now, the five Zombies in the area are awake and 
hungry.  Give them a Tulwar sandwich.  Head down the ladder.

Down in this tunnel, you'll find several monsters lying around.  Once 
you close in, two Ruling Zombies will stand up and attack.  Kill them 
and take the Statuette on the pedestal.  Proceed along the tunnel and 
another two Ruling Zombies will stand up.  The furthest one has a Rune.  
Once you kill both and have the Rune, head up the ladder.

There are no enemies in this room.  You'll see a shrine in the middle 
with braziers on it.  There are three circular pressure plates.  
Standing on one will light a couple of braziers.  You need to weigh 
down all three switches.  Use your Statuette on one.  Now, head towards 
that Rune Barrier at the other end of the room.  The way these work is 
that the Barrier will dissipate if you have the proper Rune in your 
possession.  Yes, you do, so walk right up to it and head down the 

Down here, you'll hear a voice calling you, and once you reach the 
end of the little passage, you'll see a room with three Ruling Zombies, 
another Statuette on a pedestal, and a Codex against the wall.  This 
Codex is for your second Alignment Rune, and the one you get is the 
same as the color of the artifact you selected way back when.  Once 
you've taken and killed all there is, head back.

Place your second Statuette on one of the two remaining plates, and 
stand on the third.  This will raise the shrine, like an elevator.  
Unfortunately, there are four Trappers on it.  Sneak past them and 
activate the elevator to take you down.

In this next passage, you'll see three dead bodies.  The one furthest 
along the passage has a Tulwar sticking out of it.  Take it, and now 
you can use both at once.  Head for the door.  Uh oh.  Apparently, the 
dead soldier liked the Tulwar where it was...  The soldier moves 
decently fast for an undead, but only punches.  Once you cut him up 
enough, a shrieking Red Bonethief bursts from the body and attacks.  
Destroy it, and enter the next room.

In this room, are two Ruling Zombies, and a Bonethief's inside one of 
them.  Dispose of them, and take the scroll from the nearby the dead 
man.  This is the Recovery Spell, just what you needed... ^_^  Of 
course, you're still short a Rune.  Note the door with the lock on it.  
It needs a big blade, and there's an inscription on the lock, which is 
the same color as the Ancient released.  You don't have that Alignment 
Rune yet, though.  Head through the other door.

This room has three Ruling Zombies in it.  There's also a Rune Barrier, 
that you won't be able to pass now.  Exit by the other door.  You'll 
face a Doomed Horror in this next room.  Enchant your weapon if you 
feel necessary, and attack.  You'll receive a Rune upon defeating it, 
and there's a Codex behind it, which tells you about the Rune you got 
some time back: Santak (Self).  You can now complete the Recovery Spell 
(even though you don't have the Codex of the Rune you just got).

Anyway, go back into the preceding room.  There's a Trapper here.  Take 
advantage of it if you're short one of your meters.  With the new Rune 
in your possession, the Rune Barrier will dissipate.  Head down the 

NOTE: At this point, your Sanity may be tanking.  Don't be alarmed if 
you get a cutscene with Edward Roivas' spirit consoling Alex, telling 
her he'll bail her out if her mind starts to give out.

In this room, you'll see a Codex.  This is the Codex for the Rune you 
have, Narokath (Absorb).  This officially completes your Recovery 
spell.  Head out the door not blocked by rubble.

Heeeey...  Check out that sweet piece of metal in that block.  That's a 
Ram Dao broadsword.  Make it yours, and enjoy the opportunity the game 
gives you to try it out.  Seven Zombies will attack.  This is followed 
by four Zombies, then three Ruling Zombies, then another three Ruling 
Zombies.  One will be big, stronger, and have an Alignment Rune in its 
chest (this is the same Rune for the Codex you've had for a while, and 
the same as the Ancient you've released).  The other two have 
Bonethieves in them.  You're free to leave once all are dead.  Oh, and 
note the markings on the walls.  This place look familiar yet?  Turn 
around and head back out.  Retrace your steps all the way to the door 
with the strange lock on it.  Make an Enchant Item spell with your new 
Alignment Rune, and enchant your Ram Dao with that spell.  Now, use the 
Ram Dao on it and you'll open the lock.

In the next room, you'll face off against three Doomed Zombies.  These 
guys are weak to the power of your enchanted weapon, so have fun dicing 
them up.  Go up the ladder you'll soon encounter.  In the next room are 
three Trappers.  There's also a Ruby Effigy in the middle of the room.  
Take it.  Head back down the ladder and over to the rubble.  Yes, climb 
over it.

In this next room, you'll face off against a Doomed Horror.  Charge up 
your Enchant Item spell if it wore off and smack him around.  Climb 
down the ladder.  In this room, just drop the Tome on the skeletal hand 
to open the gate.  Grab it, and head through.

You're now in the same room Pious was ages ago.  As you advance, a 
barrier will close off the way behind you, and you'll be set upon by a 
horde of bad guys.  Seven Zombies, eight Ruling Zombies (one with a 
Bonethief inside) and a Horror (of the same color).  Fight your best and 
retreat to heal if necessary.  Once all are gone, an artifact will 
appear on one of the pedestals (the only one left, apparently).  Try 
to take it.

Cutscene: Karim reaches out to touch the artifact, but is distracted 
by Chandra's dead spirit.  She tells how she bedded with a nobleman, 
but he had a jealous mistress, who ravaged Chandra with knives (and we 
get a visual aid).  She says that she needs a sacrifice of Karim 
before they can be together, that he must guard the artifact against 
dark things that will come to claim it.  He feels betrayed, but 
agrees to her terms.


Back to Alex.  Head over to the kitchen (west off the main hall).  The 
door is locked with another one of them enchanted locks.  Enchant your 
Gladius with Enchant Spell that matches the color on the lock, and use 
the Gladius on it.  Open the door.  Mind the rat.  Examine the shelves, 
and you'll find a Spice Jar.  Check it and take the chapter inside.  

Cutscene: Pious prepares the final rituals that will bring his master 
into this world.

Use the chapter page.


F. Chapter 5 - The Lurking Horror

Cutscene: Edward speaks again, talking of his own ancestor.  Enter Dr. 
Maximillian Roivas, in this very mansion in Rhode Island, in the year 
1760 AD.  He writes in his journal that the mansion is now his, 
following the death of his father, and its secrets are now his.

Max is a little portly, so he can't run as much as the more athletic 
folks of the other eras.  He has good amounts of all three meters, and 
only slightly lacking in Magick.  He starts with his Medical Journal, 
and a Flintlock Pistol (with one stinkin' shot).  

Hey, just search your desk and you'll get five more shots.  Head out 
into the second floor hallway.  Enter the door to screen left and 
you'll find a servant working away.  Grab the ammo here, too.  You 
won't be able to enter the servant's quarters, nearby, though (The 
placement of that door does seem familiar, though).  There's some more 
ammo in the hallway near the east side.  Enter the east bedroom and 
take the Letter on the nightstand, as well as the Codex for translation 
later.  Enter the bathroom and take some more ammo.  Now, head 
downstairs (you can talk to servants if you want, too).

There's ammo in the hallway, as well as a Letter on the center 
table, and an engraving of the Ancient that was released, and some other 
neat pictures.  Note the lack of a library.  Head into the kitchen.  
There's another Codex here, as well as some ammo, and in the pantry is 
a Pump Handle.

Now, head into the Dining Room.  Note the stuff above the fireplace.  
Your task is to move the raven statue in front of the "Master's" 
greatest enemy.  By that, you need to move it in front of the emblem 
that points to the Master's emblem on the painting.  If the Master is 
Red, for example, move it to the Blue Emblem.  Ta dah!  Secret passage.  
Notice that the servant doesn't seem to care about all this.

Somehow squeeze your massive frame through the passage.  There are 
several things to take here.  Take the Sabre off the wall.  Take the 
Spell from the chair nearby.  Take the other Flintlock Pistol off the 
opposite wall, and, of course, take the Tome of Eternal Darkness from 
the desk.  You'll find a Letter in the Tome.

Hey, looks like we got company.  Once you head back to the Dining Room, 
one of your servants will attack you.  There's a Bonethief in him.  
Chop him up quickly, and don't forget to autopsy it before you kill it.  
Keep an eye on all your servants, because they may start to come after 
you at any time, with the Bonethieves taking them over.

Now, it's worth noting what you can autopsy before you finish this 
chapter.  You can autopsy the Zombie, Horror, and Bonethief of the 
Ruling Alignment, as well as a normal Zombie later on.  Also, you can 
get a Trapper, but it's not easy.  Load your pistols, and head to the 
kitchen.  As soon as you get there, shoot the Trapper, then immediately 
run up and autopsy it.  Done.

Deal with the Ruling Horror in the main hall.  Once it's dead, you'll 
get the Redgormor Rune, and automatically make the Reveal Invisible 
Spell with the current Ancient's alignment.  You can go stalking 
through the house, killing possessed servants if you wish, but it's not 
necessary.  There's a Trapper in the Kitchen if you want to take a trip 
to the Trapper Dimension for some reason.

Anyway, if you read the third Letter, you'll know about help in 
"the light".  Go upstairs and check out the stained glass window.  
There's a letter behind an endtable.  Take it.  CRASH!  Deal with the 
Bonethief that just popped up.  Now, read the Letter.  You'll get the 
Basement Key.  Head back to the main hall.

Eh?  Weird situation...  Head down the stairs and attack the Opposing 
Horror with the Rune.  You can't tell the color, but it's the color 
that's the last Alignment Rune you need.  Kill the Horror and take the 
third Alignment Rune.

Seems like it was an Insanity Effect, but you have the Rune 
nonetheless.  Use that Rune with Redgormor and Nathorak.  Now, go to 
the corner with the strange symbol on the wall.  You need to use the 
Reveal Invisible Spell you just made (the one of the Master's enemy).  
Unlock the newly discovered door with the Basement Key, and head down.  

Two Ruling Zombies down here.  One has a Bonethief inside.  Take the 
ammo down here, as well as the Codex for Bankorok (Protect), and the 
spell of Damage Field.  Use your Pump Handle to lower the water level.  
Climb down the ladder.  Down here, kill the Zombie and take the Rune 
it has.  That's the Bantorok Rune and now you can cast Damage Field.

Head further down into the depths.  Once you reach the bottom, you'll 
face off against a very nasty thing.  This is a Guardian, and you must 
kill it (Check the Enemies section).  Once you do, this chapter will 

Cutscene: Max realizes he has little chance of destroying these 
creatures on his own.  He goes to get help.  Soon, we see him in an 
insane asylum, ranting and raving to his own devices.  Yes, we all 
know you're right, Max...  The Darkness is coming...


Note that Alex has the Guardian in Autopsy, even though Max didn't 
officially document it.  Oh, and you can also listen to Max's ravings 
as you view the Autopsies.

If didn't get the Dresser Key, you'll get a Note from the Tome telling 
you how to.

Now, head upstairs and to the master bedroom (y'know, the one on the 
east side).  Oh, and be sure you've collected all the ammo there is to 
collect around here.  There are two boxes.  Use the stronger Reveal 
Invisible Spell (the one with the Alignment greater than "the Master") 
to see the lock in the dresser.  Unlock it with the Dresser Key.  
Inside, you'll find a Revolver, and the next Chapter Page.

Cutscene: We see Pious again speaking to his Master.  He tells about 
the Guardians having found the ancient city and are proceeding to 
eliminate its inhabitants.  The Master tells Pious to find Mantorok's 

Use the Chapter Page.


G. Chapter 6 - A Journey Into Darkness

Cutscene: Edward speaks of the Ancients' influence on the world.  Then, 
of the finding of a very familiar temple in the Angkor Thom region of 
Cambodia.  Enter Dr. Edwin Lindsey, an archaeologist, in the year 1983 
AD.  When the government refuses to finance his expedition, he receives 
the necessary funds from a collector, Paul Augustine (uh oh).  As the 
two find the temple, Paul pulls a gun on Lindsey, who uses his natural 
archaeologist agility to swiftly dodge behind a pillar.  The two 
exchange shots, then Paul turns into (who knew) Pious.  He declares 
that this place will be Lindsey's tombs, and summons a monster to deal 
with Lindsey.

NOTE: Since this temple is long and linear, I've divided it into 
floors, since no backtracking is required (but some is encouraged).


First Floor

Now, here's someone prepared.  Lindsey has an Archaeologist's Brush, 
a Torch, an Automatic Pistol with 56 total bullets, a Shotgun with 37 
total shells, and a Kukiri knife.  He has meters comparable to Max: 
decent Health and Sanity, and only slightly lacking in Magick.

Of course, you're starting out in danger.  This Reaper is bearing down 
on you something fierce.  Once you take it out, use your Brush on the 
dust on the center of the floor.  You'll uncover a Bronze Bracelet and 
a familiar engraving.  Use the Bracelet on the statue, and leave by the 
south door that just opened.

Whee!  Bet you're used to this by now.  Faces.  Hand.  Tome.  Take it.

In this next room, you'll find a Zombie and a Ruling Zombie.  Kill 
them and move to the famous trapped corridor.  The pressure plates are 
a little tougher to see now, but try to proceed, and watch the Trapper 
get killed if you set off the blades.  It's fun.  Halfway through, 
turn right and take the Metal Bracelet off the pedestal.  Near the end 
of the corridor, use your Brush on the cobweb to find the Tier (Summon) 
Codex.  Head to the next room.

Hmm...  A Ruling Horror...  And what's that it's standing in?  Looks 
like a Damage Field.  You can't disrupt it now, so just take the Bronze 
Necklace and leave the way you came in.  Make your way back to the 
main room and put the Necklace on the statue to open the north door, 
and the other door near where the Horror is standing.

Once through the north door, take the Silver Bracelet out from under 
Naga, then pull an Indiana Jones and put the Metal Bracelet in its 
place.  Fortunately, you have better luck than Dr. Jones.  Take the 
west exit.  Proceed through the trapped corridor, and take out the 
Zombie.  Dust off the cobweb in the corner and take the Nethlek 
(Dispel) Codex.

In the next room, kill all four Ruling Zombies, and collect the Nethlek 
Rune that was in one of their stomachs.  Head south.  Mind the traps, 
but kill the Ruling Zombie.  Use your Brush on the cobweb across from 
the statue to get the scroll for Dispel Magick.

Now, continue south so that you're back to the room where the Horror 
was.  Create Dispel Magick based on the stronger alignment, and use it 
near the Damage Field.  Now, kill the Horror.  I suggest shots instead 
of your knife.  Behind the Horror, grab the Silver Necklace.  Now, 
head north to see the statue.  Put the Silver Bracelet and Necklace 
on it to open a door behind you.

Take out the Ruling Zombie.  Proceed down the steps and kill the next 
one, which has a new Rune in it.  Next, you'll find a Reaper.  Destroy 
it and move on down the stairs.


First Basement

This area has the fourth Alignment Rune: Mantorok's.  You don't have 
to get it, and it involves some backtracking, so if you don't want to 
you'll not need to dispel any magicks.

NOTE: In each of the four corner rooms, there is a panel you can press.  
Once you do this, you'll hear the moving machinery stop.  These panels 
will deactivate the traps in the corridors for ten seconds.  It's not 
necessary to press them, and I didn't even know about them until being 
told by several people...

Also of note: The trapped corridors in this area have some new 
surprises.  One is a larger blade, and the other is a poison gas that 
slowly drains your health.  Tread carefully and watch for the telltale 
pressure plates.

You'll start in the western corridor.  There are three Zombies in here 
to activate traps for you.  Head south.  In the southwest chamber, 
you'll see two statues, one in the middle of the room, and one on the 
wall.  Step on the nearby button, and the guard statue will rotate, 
lifting the hand on the other statue.  Quickly run over and snag the 
Gold Bracelet.  Retrace your steps north all the way to the next 

There's a Doomed Horror here.  Kill it, and use the Blue Dispel Mgick 
on the red barrier here.  Dust off the web, and take the Necklace 
there.  Not very pretty, is it...?  Head east through the corridor, and 
watch out for the Ruling Zombie there.

In the northeast chamber, you'll find two Opposing Zombies.  Activate 
Red Dispel Magick to get rid of the green barrier.  Head south along 
the corridor.  In this corridor, there are another three Zombies.

In the southeast chamber, you'll find but one lonely Zombie.  Use the 
Green Dispel Magick to get rid of the blue barrier.  Now, the energy 
field in front of the wall in the south corridor will be gone.  Sadly, 
you can't fit through the opening under it...

Also in the southeast chamber is a bowl.  Pressing the button will fill 
the bowl with acid.  Put the Necklace in the bowl and press the button.  
Man, they could make a fortune with this stuff...  You'll take the 
Gold Necklace.  Go back to the east corridor and put the Gold items on 
the Statue and you'll open up the way to the second basement.

Cutscene: We see a vision of Alex and her grandfather tells her how 
much she means to him and she tells him the same.

In this stairwell, you'll find two Opposing Zombies, and an Opposing 
Horror.  Take them out, and you'll enter the second basement.


Second Basement

This is the place that'll look familiar.  Ellia took the fast way here.

Proceed north through the trapped corridor.  In this area there are 
four Zombies.  Take them out, then dust off the web to find the Aretak 
Codex.  You can also look at the mural (the untold chapter of Mantorok, 
I suppose).

Head west along the corridor.  There's a Doomed Zombie here to make 
life difficult.  In the next room, you'll find four Red Zombies, and 
a mural.  Head south and you'll reach a room with three Green Zombies, 
one with the Tier Rune.  Walk up to the Rune Barrier to remove it.

Continue through the next corridor east and you'll find six Blue 
Zombies and the Summon Trapper Scroll.  Now, you have an option.  You 
can go all the way back to the first basement to get Mantorok's Rune, 
or you can continue on.  If you decide not to go back, skip the next 

Run your little tush aaaallll the way back to the first basement, to 
the south corridor.  That wall was the one you removed the barrier from 
by Dispelling Magick in the three corners.  Summon a Trapper with your 
spell and send him underneath the wall.  In this room, don't worry 
about the Ruling Horrors, just step on the button across the bridge.  
The wall behind Lindsey will open and you can grab the Rune.  
Unfortunately, one of the Horrors won't be too happy about it and bust 
through the wall.  Teach him a new definition of pain and suffering and 
go through the now-open wall.  Cross the bridge, dust off the web, and 
take the Mantorok Codex.  Now, head aaaallll the way back downstairs.

Head east to Mantorok's famous tomb.

Cutscene: Lindsey approaches the Corpse God, Mantorok, still dying 
after all these ages.  Pious interrupts him, and commands two Reapers 
to attack.  The statue in front of Mantorok shimmers, and purple light 
engulfs the Reapers, and knocks Pious back.  He remains defiant, but 
teleports his boney butt out of there.  Light continues to flow from 
the statue, and opens the door in the back.

All you have to do now is make your way to the back room...

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!  There's a glitch in this game that they forgot to 
take care of at this point.  If, after the door opens, you do anything 
to leave the room (walk out of the room through the first door, or save 
and quit the game here), you'll return to the room and the door will 
be closed, and you won't be able to continue.  As soon as the door 
opens, immediately go to the back room.

Cutscene: Lindsey enters and finds what's left of our friend, Ellia.  
To his utter horror, the dried corpse speaks to him, telling him that 
she kept Mantorok's heart hidden from them, and that she now has to 
entrust it to him, lest Darkness triumphs.  Next, we see the heart in 
a glass case, as Lindsey hands it off, to a Dr. Edward Roivas.  Edward 
puts the heart in a bookcase, and closes the secret compartment behind 
a book labeled "The Demon of the Khmer".  Lindsey has now earned the 
dubious honor of being the first to "survive" an encounter with the 
bad guys.


Now that Alex has the Dispel Magick spell, she can go upstairs and to 
the stained glass window with the magickal barrier.  Cast the opposing 
Dispel Magick to remove it, and take the chapter page.

Cutscene: In a large cathedral, Pious summons a huge monster.  Pious 
commands it to guard the last remaining artifact (the one that wasn't 
left for Karim).

Use the Chapter Page...


H. Chapter 7 - Heresy!

Cutscene: Edward speaks this time about the time of the Inquisition, 
and it was at that point in history that the corruption of the Ancients 
knew no bounds.  Enter Paul Luther, a Franciscan monk in France, the 
year 1485 AD.  He seeks lodging in a cathedral in the village of 
Amiens.  The keeper of Oublie Cathedral (Philippe Augustine) welcomes 
him.  Paul says he just wants lodging and a viewing of the Hand of 
Jude.  He and the keeper speak of the Inquisition, and the keeper 

All Paul has at this point is a Meditation Rod, which can be used to 
restore Sanity three times.  He has much Magickal power, and his Sanity 
is decent, but his Health is quite low, so be careful.

If you wish, you can go up the western stairs and explore the balcony 
and the bell tower, but it's not necessary.  Note that the eastern door 
in the foyer is locked.

Head north to the main church hall, then up the short flight of stairs 
to the altar.  Heading east from the altar will find you some Crossbow 
Bolts, and heading west will find the organ.  Head down the stairs 
behind the altar.  Down here, enter the nearby door to find the guest 
quarters.  Take the Bolts and the Book of Requilaries.  Go back out 
and around the corner to the bellows for the organ.  Take the Mace on 
the wall and the Bolts nearby.  Talk to the monk if you want to be 
refused access to the door beyond...

Going back upstairs, you'll notice that the far east door (to the Old 
Tower) is locked.  Going to the far west door will find the vestry.  
Open the chest and take the Crossbow inside (well-armed cathedral, 
anyway).  Also, rummage through the vestments on the coat rack and 
you'll find the Podium Key.  Go to the podium and open the drawer to 
find the Diary Page 1.  Now, head back to the foyer.

Cutscene: On the way, Paul chances a look into the pews and notices a 
dead body, a monk ripped apart.  Aghast, he calls for guards.  
Augustine and two monks arrive, and are suspicious that Paul did it 
himself.  Paul denies involvement, but the holy men aren't all that 

NOTE: You can discover the body at any point in this first part of the 
chapter.  Above is what you can do prior to that.

Paul is now locked in the east room off the foyer that was previously 
locked.  Take a look around, and take the Emerald out of the picture 
on the wall.

Cutscene: An old man enters and says he's here to free Paul.  He says 
that the man found, Brother Andrew, was killed to protect a secret, 
and that he should leave.  Paul refuses to leave until he can clear 
his name.  The old man tells him to find him in the bell tower for 
help later.

Now, as you try to leave this room, you'll get that funny feeling 
again.  Note that this time, you don't see Lindsey's statue.  Is it 
because he didn't become a victim like the rest?  Anyway, take the 

Head up the western stairs to the bell tower.  On the way, you'll face 
a Zombie.  Oh no.  Anything but that.  Anyway, kill it and get up to 
the tower.  Ring the bell.

Cutscene: The old man will tell Paul about the Darkness that inhabits 
this place, and will give him the Old Tower Key.

Go back downstairs, head to the main church hall, and east to the Old 
Tower.  Upon entering the chapel here, you'll find a Bonethief 
introducing itself to a monk.  Kill the monk and the Bonethief.  Walk 
up to the altar in this area.  Hey, a coffin by the altar.  Where have 
we seen that before?  This place looking familiar?  Take the scroll on 
the altar and you'll have the Shield Spell (you already have the proper 
Runes, and could have made it long before now).

You'll hear moaning coming from the door on the north wall.  
Investigate, won't you?  Hey!  Remember him?  He's obviously not dead, 
then...  Well...  He doesn't look to be alive...  Attack this wretched 
creature.  It'll fall and then get back up.  Fight some more and the 
poor page boy will finally be put to rest.  Paul will perform Last 
Rites on the body, and receive visions of Anthony's past.  He'll also 
find a Ruby on the body, and he'll take Anthony's Two-Edged Sword.

Head upstairs and kill the Bonethief up here.  Take the Diary Page from 
the table and the Music Sheet from the nearby bookshelf.  That's all 
you can do here.  Head back downstairs and to the main church hall.

Go over to the organ to the left side of the altar.  Opt to play the 
organ and copy the music as written on the sheet you found.  When 
played correctly, the tabernacle will open, and you can take the 5 
Point Circle of Power.

Now, head back downstairs, and you'll find the monk isn't guarding the 
door anymore.  Open it, and you'll find two Trappers behind.  Crossbow 
them, and examine the casks in this wine cellar.  You'll find the 
classic secret passage opening one.  I suggest either Shielding 
yourself, or enchanting your weapon, or both, as you'll face a Doomed  
Horror in the next room.  Inside the Horror is a Sapphire.  Now, 
insert all three gems into the triangle relief and you'll open the 

In the next tunnel, you'll face off against three Zombies.  In the 
room after, you'll find four Ruling Zombies, and one has your final 
Rune.  Oh, and don't mind that bust.  He's just watching you...

If you haven't noticed, you're now in that underground area that had 
the nasty stuff in it back when you were Anthony.  Head through the 
door opposite, and you'll find a single Zombie on the stairwell.  
Proceed to the next room, and you'll find two Horrors killing each 
other (one Ruling, one Opposing).  Wait until one dies, enchant your 
weapon properly, and kill the other.  Note the effigy in the corner.  
That's the Custodian on the relief.  Kinda freaky.  There's a locked 
door here.  Don't worry about it for now, just head to the other door.

Head into the next passage and take out two more Zombies, then to the 
Bishop's old study and kill two Opposing Zombies (grab the Bolts), then 
to the next passage to kill two Ruling Zombies.  Finally, at the altar, 
you'll find one Ruling Zombie, and the Codex for your last Rune, 
identifying it as Pargon (Power).  You'll also find the third page of 
Brother Andrew's diary.

Now would be a good time to "upgrade" all your spells.  To do this, 
basically recreate the spells, but use the five point Circle.  Put in 
any alignment you want, the two Effect Runes for the spell, and toss in 
two Pargons.  This will make all your spells stronger.  The only one 
it doesn't quite work that way on is Summon Trapper.  Instead, it 
creates the eighth spell.  What to do with that?  Well, you can try it 
out if you're curious, but I won't tell yet.

Retrace your steps all the way up to the Bell Tower to speak with 
the custodian again.

Cutscene: Paul tells the custodian that Augustine is the heretic, and 
that the entire cathedral is a place of evil.  The custodian gives him 
a Sacrificial Knife that was placed on his pillow, and fears his days 
are numbered.  As Paul leaves, a light forms behind the custodian...

Now, you need to make your way back down the passages to the room that 
had the effigy of the custodian.  As you progress back along the 
stairways, you'll find a Zombie, then a Bonethief in the lobby, then 
you'll find two Zombies in the wine cellar, then two Trappers in the 
crypt, then two more Zombies in the room with the bust, then a 
Bonethief in the room with the effigy.  

Note that slit in the effigy.  Use that Sacrificial Knife, baby.  
Don't mind the scream.  It was probably just the metal grating.  Hey, 
the door's open.  Go through and you'll find a new room.  There's a 
Damage Field here, and it's stronger than a 3 Point Dispel Magick, so 
you'll have to create a 5 Point Dispel Magick and use it there.  Head 
around to the sacrificial table.  Oh darn.  Looks like your buddy's 
chest was torn open by a sacrificial knife...  Huh...

Cutscene: Augustine shows up behind Paul, and Paul wonders at the irony 
as posing as an Inquisitor, but in truth being totally evil.  
Augustine promises him a painful death, and sends two Bonethieves after 

Kill the two Bonethieves, and tail Augustine.  As you leave the 
sacrificial room, you'll see him enter another door, one that was 
locked previously.  Follow him, through several passages (no enemies), 
and reach the final door.

Cutscene: Paul enters the grand hall that we saw before the beginning 
of this chapter.  As he walks up to the front, he hears a rumbling, 
and a gigantic creature bursts through the floor.  Pious comes out, 
resumes his normal form, and tells the creature that Paul is far too 
afraid to fight him, and that Pious will take care of him.  The 
creature holds for a moment, then SPLAT! kills Paul with one blow.  
The creature says that it will choose how it guards the artifact.


Immediately, Alex will find a Note from Edward.  Read this note.  You 
need to find 88 keys to move on in the quest.  If you know anything 
about your instruments, you know that a piano has 88 keys.  Go to the 
Dining Room and play the piano in the same manner as Paul did the 
organ.  The cover will lift and you can get the Chapter Page underneath.

Cutscene: We see a dying medieval soldier confronting a masked one.  He 
can see that the masked soldier is really Pious.  Pious says that he 
will be used for the foundation of "the pillar"...

Use the Chapter Page.


I. Chapter 8 - The Forbidden City

Cutscene: Edward speaks of an architect who was captured by a warlord 
and brought to the Middle East to survey the site of a monument.  
Enter Roberto Bianchi, architect in the Renaissance, in the year 1460 
AD.  He is currently down in a hole and being bullied by soliders to 
survey the site.

Bianchi starts with naught but a Torch.  He has good Health, and decent 
Sanity, but a relatively small amount of Magick.  Your task is to enter 
the rooms on the map and make sure construction can continue.  You'll 
be able to guess pretty quickly that this place is the same temple that 
Pious and Karim previously explored.  Your map is fully explored 
already, and there are X marks where you need to do your survey work.

Run over and head up the ladder.  Talk to the worker if you wish, but 
it's not necessary.  Climb down the next ladder.  You'll find a Ruling 
Zombie here.  Avoid and run past him, as you have no weapons against 
him.  Climb up the next ladder.

This is one of the survey rooms.  Examine the blocks in the middle of 
the room to survey them.  Now, head over to the far end, and take the 
Saif (it's a sword) on the stone.  There are also some Crossbow Bolts 
near the entry ladder.  You can go back to the other Ruling Zombie if 
you want to reclaim some Sanity.

Anyway, head down the other ladder and you'll find a weird gate setup.  
Pull the lever and one gate will open, behind which is a Doomed Zombie.  
Kill it, then pull the new lever.  The next gate will open and you're 
up against two Opposing Zombies.  Pull the last lever, and you'll open 
all the gates, and find three Zombies on the other side.  Climb the 

This is your second survey room, and you need to be in a specific spot 
to do it, which is by the wall on the right as you come in.  While 
you're here, take the Crossbow and Bolts.  Head for the ladder.  Yes, 
again.  Note the statue of Paul.  Take the Tome.  Now, head down the 
ladder, fully juiced with magick.

Down here are three Trappers.  Sneak past them or shoot them, then go 
up the next ladder.  Up here, you'll find a Ruling Zombie and a Reaper.  
Enchant and Shield if you wish.  When finished with them, take the 
Summon Zombie scroll.  This is the eighth spell, which you can put 
together back in Paul's chapter.  Head down the other ladder.

Down in this tunnel, you'll see rats scurrying around, and there will 
also be two Horrors duking it out (one Opposing, one Ruling).  Kill the 
survivor, and take the Bolts back by the entrance ladder.  Head through 
the door.  In this room, you'll see a "stupid Zombie trick".  Splat.  
That drops the portcullis nearby.  Guess what you have to do to raise 
it again.  Invoke your Summon Zombie spell and march it over to the 
squisher.  Head down the now unblocked ladder.

Down here, you'll find a Zombie and a Doomed Reaper.  Deal with them, 
and head to the next room.  This will look very familiar.

Cutscene: Roberto approaches the shrine.  Before he can get close, a 
ghostly warrior stops him, saying that he guards this shrine.  A 
ghostly woman appears behind him, blocking his escape.  The warrior 
runs Roberto through, but to no effect.  Karim accepts Roberto as one 
of the Chosen, and allows him access, finally able to rest.

You have no choice but to take the Essence that has not been claimed 
yet (the Master's being in Pious' possession, and the Master's enemy 
being sealed in Oublie Cathedral).  Also, if Karim grabbed the Ruby 
Effigy back in his chapter, you'll get it here.  Survey this room 
while you're here.  You can head to the room next door, but it's just 
the one Karim used the Tome on to get to the essences.  Nothing to do 
there now.

Go back to the room with the Zombie squisher and take the other door 
out.  This next room has four Blue Zombies to kill, and some Bolts.  
Now, go through the nearby door, the one that isn't unlocked.  This is 
another survey room.  Once you survey it, your workers won't be too 
pleased, revealing themselves as being possessed by Bonethieves.  
You're in close confines, and the possessed are fast, so unless you can 
get up a quick Damage Field, you may just want to run for it, since you 
don't lose Sanity from possessed people.

Now, head down the nearby ladder.  Down here are two Trappers.  
Continue to the next room.  In the Granite Block room, you'll see two 
Ruling Zombies, a Green Zombie, and an Opposing Horror.  Kill the 
Horror first, as it's the most dangerous.

Okay, now you've got a key sitting across a moat of lava.  What do 
you do?  I'll tell you what you do.  You make a 5 Point Reveal 
Invisible spell from the opposing Alignment.  Once you cast it, a 
bridge will appear.  Take the "Forgotten Corridor" Key.

Cutscene: Alex is once again visited by her grandfather.  This time, 
he appears to be a little more mean than before, and he sounds a little 
less like Edward and a little more like someone else.

Now, head back to the next room.  Hey, there's an Effigy here that you 
can see with your Reveal Invisible spell still active.  Take the 
Sapphire Effigy and go back up the ladder.  Unlock the locked door, 
and head into a weird corridor.  There's magical energy all along this 
corridor that zaps people when they come near it.  What you need to do 
is invoke a 5 Point Shield spell (any Alignment) and just run through 
it.  You'll come out fine.

Once you reach the next room, a gate will slam shut behind you.  This 
is your last Survey room, and you need to get in the middle of it to do 
so, so cut the rope that holds the bridge suspended.  Cross the 
bridge.  Eek!  Those don't look friendly.  Smack them with your sword 
and they'll retreat.  Now, make your survey.  Once done, go over to 
the lever on the far side and flip it to open the gate.  Now, make 
your way aaaaaalllll the way back to the entrance of site, where you 
first were.  No new enemies will show up, but any you left behind will 
still be there.

Cutscene: The masked warrior asks for news.  Roberto tells of demons.  
The warrior says that the construction will proceed, and that Roberto 
will be part of the sacrifice.  Soon, the tower is complete, and the 
warrior is throwing in living humans, including Roberto.  We see the 
completed monument, a stone pillar, with the insides made up of dead 
human bodies; the sacrifice to the Master.


Now that you're back in control of Alex, you'll notice that the study 
seems to be crumbling, just like the rooms Roberto had to survey.  You 
know about the pillar now, so go and look at the picture and "survey" 
it.  Alex will take the next chapter page.

Cutscene: Pious stands over a sacrifice, carving it up.  A monk tells 
him that the Black Guardian grows restless, and will need more flesh 
and bone.

Use the Chapter Page.


J. Chapter 9 - A War to End All Wars

Cutscene: Edward speaks of the eponymous war, now known as World War I, 
and the role the Ancients played in that war.  Enter Peter Jacob, an 
English journalist, in 1916 AD, in the very same Oublie Cathedral, 
which is now a field hospital.  He writes of the horror that is war, 
not knowing the horror he himself will soon see.

Peter has some great Magickal power, and decent Health but he's a 
little short in the Sanity department.  Who wouldn't, during all this 

Peter doesn't start with much.  He has a Lucky Penny, a loaded Flash 
Pan, and five charges of Flash Powder.  Explore the area for a bit.  
Note that many of the areas are off-limits to you.  A shame, that.  
There's a Soldier's Letter on table in the main hall, a second 
Letter on an ammo box up near the Bell Tower, and a Sealed Envelope on 
the podium.  Inside the Envelope are a Soldier's Orders.  The soldier 
these orders are for is standing in front of the east door in the 
foyer.  Give them to him and he'll take off.

Welcome to body bag central, I guess.  All you can take in here is the 
Revolver on the bench.  Suddenly, BOOM!  The building must have got hit 
by some kind of shell, and people are screaming.  Head for the door, 
and you'll be taken to your favorite place, now with new Roberto 
statue.  Take the Tome.  Now, leave the room.

Hey, a Bonethief.  Even enchanted, the Revolver doesn't pack much 
punch, and I think they can dodge bullets, so I suggest moving back to 
the main hall.  There, you'll find two loose Bonethieves, and two 
people possessed by them.  This is even less of a good situation for 
the Revolver, so run as fast as your little legs can carry you to the 
Old Tower.  In here there's one more Bonethief, and a nurse being 
possessed by one (who you can help if you wish).  Rush up the stairs.  
In the upstairs chambers, you'll find Revolver Ammo and (thankfully), a 
Two-Edged Sword.  The one and the same.  That thing does get around, 
and it still looks great.

Now, you can go back and hack your way through the bad guys.  I suggest 
putting up either a Shield or a Damage Field before tackling the 
problems in the main hall.  First, though, head to the visiting 
chamber below the staircase in the Old Tower.  In addition to a Zombie 
and three Ruling Zombies, it also has three boxes of Rifle Ammo, and a 

When returning to the Main Hall, be sure to take the Rifle off the 
altar.  Head down the back stairs to the basement.  Ransack the room, 
and the two guest rooms nearby for ammo, then head to the wine cellar.  
Shoot the three Trappers with your Revolver.  Now, head to the west 
side door.  Note that small hole in the floor?  Summon a Trapper and 
send him through.  On the other side, have the Trapper target the dead 
body with R, and then press A to trap it, then open the door with Peter 
and grab the 7 Point Circle of Power, your final Circle.  All that's 
left is to get the rest of the spells.  Take this time to upgrade all 
your spells, and get a new (unknown) summoning spell.

When you go back to the boiler room, turn it on to get steam running 
to the generator room.

Now, head east to the generator room.  The fuse is missing!  What to 
do?  Jam your Lucky Penny in the fuse box.  Now, flip the handle, and 
we're back in business.  Head upstairs and BOOM!  The stained glass 
window gets taken out.  It was so pretty, too.  Take out the three 
Bonethieves in the area, then play the piano.  Come on, now.  You 
remember the tune, right?  Play it and the tabernacle will open once 
again, this time revealing a Door Handle.  Snag it.  Now, head over to 
the far west area, where you KNOW there's a door.  Use a 7 Point 
opposing Reveal Invisible spell and stick the Handle on it.  In the 
next room, take all the ammo, and head down the ladder.

Proceed through this passage.  In the next room, which should be 
familiar, you'll fight four Ruling Zombies, two of which have 
Bonethieves.  Next, you'll fine a room with two Ruling Zombies and one 
Ruling Horror.  Again, the black door is locked, and now you need the 
key.  First, head to the sacrificial room (the door to the right of the 
black door).  Take care of the three Trappers there, and head toward 
the sacrifical altar, where you'll find a Magickal Elixir.  This Elixir 
has enough juice for five full restorations of your magick.  Someone 
must be awful sure of themselves if they want to give you that much 

Head back out and the in the direction of the evil study (the only 
wooden door left).  Push through a passage with two Trappers, the study 
with one Bonethief (push on the wall to open the passage), another 
passage with a Trapper, and the evil pulpit with a Ruling Zombie and a 
Trapper.  In this room, on the pulpit, is the key to the Binding Hall.  
Head back out and unlock the black door.  In the next passage, you'll 
face three Ruling Zombies, then you'll enter the stairs where you'll get 
some more ammo, and hey hey the Magickal Attack spell!  Keep going 
through the passages and into the Binding Hall itself.

Cutscene: Like Paul Luther before him, Peter walks through the Binding 
Hall, surveying all the grim architecture.  He sees the essence of the 
opposing Ancient behind the stained glass window.  As he draws near, 
the Black Guardian crawls out of its hole, blocks off the exit, and 

I'll describe each individual Black Guardian in the Enemies section.  
Suffice to say that for all of them, bullets are useless.  You'll have 
to wait while the thing attacks you for a while (you can, however, 
shoot out projectiles), and wait until it starts recharging its energy 
(it glows).  When that happens, whip out a 3 Point Magickal Attack of 
the opposing Alignment to fry it.  Once you wear it down, the fighting 
area will shrink.  In this next part, the Black Guardian will start 
summoning Ruling Zombies.  After more attacks, the Guardian will shrink 
the arena even more, then just use close up attacks.  Drink your Elixir 
if you feel you're getting low, and heal as necessary.

Once you cause the Black Guardian to slink back into its hole, go up to 
the back altar and claim the essence of the opposing Ancient.

Cutscene: 69 years later, a feeble Peter Jacob discusses the event with 
Edward Roivas, and gives the essence artifact to him.


When you return to Alex's control, you'll find you have a Lucky Penny!  
Whee!  Head outside.  In the Library, you'll run into a... uh... 
maid...  Have a chat with her.  Umm...  Eek...  Anyway, you got the 
Basement Key out of the deal, so head to the basement door (to the 
right of the stairs in the main hall).  Head down, grab that Shotgun 
off the wall, as well as the shells and bullets down here.  Open the 
fuse box.  Put the Lucky Penny in there.  Now, trip the breaker, and 
the other bathroom should be all set.  Head up there, and grab the 
page of Max's journal off the chest, then open the medicine cabinet 
and take the chapter page.

Cutscene: Pious commands a Guardian to seek out the master of the 
house and destroy him.  He then chats with his Master, who noticed 
that another Roivas has crossed their paths.  Pious promises his death, 
and that all that is necessary to bring his Master into the world is 
the planetary alignment.

Use the Chapter Page.


K. Chapter 10 - A Legacy of Darkness

Cutscene: Finally, enter Dr. Edward Roivas, in the year 1952 AD, in 
the Roivas family estate in Rhode Island.  He tells how modern 
science would have changed had people known about the Ancients.  
Edward wanted to know more about his family's tragic past, so he 
begins to search the mansion.

Edward starts with but one thing, a flask full of "Liquid Courage"!  
Seven draughts of Sanity restoration...  Hiccup...

One thing to note about him is that his Health is lower than some of 
the buff warriors we've come to know.  His Magick and Sanity are 
unsurpassed, though...

Go right ahead and grab the Historical Journal off the mantlepiece.  
Check it to get the Minute Hand.  Head deeper into the library.

Cutscene: Edward is confronted by the ghost of his forebearer, Dr. 
Maximillian Roivas.  He tells him of his past, and that the Darkness 
is coming.  He tells him to set the clock to 3:33...

Of course, there are no hands on the clock.  Well, put the Minute Hand 
there for the moment.  We'll come back later.  Oh, but first, get the 
scroll for Magickal Pool that's on the chair.

Head out into the mansion and have a look around.  You'll find a Sabre 
in the Dining Room, and some ammo in the Kitchen.  Head upstairs and 
you'll find more stuff in the bedrooms and bathroom.  In the study on 
the west side, you'll find a Historical Journal with the Hour Hand 
inside.  Don't worry about the guns for the moment.  We'll get to 
them soon.  If you wanna hear interesting sounds, walk over to the 
stained glass window.  Hmm...  Anyway, head back to the Library, put 
the hands on the clock, and set it to 3:33.

Cutscene: Max's ghost will lead Edward into the famous secret study, 
imploring him to avenge his death by destroying the Guardians.

Take all the stuff (Revolver, ammo), and of course, the Tome.

Upon exiting the secret passage, you'll find one of your maid's having 
a bit of a disagreement with a new enemy, a Vampire.  It'll suck her 
dry and take off, knocking over a vase in the process (and knocking 
something loose).  You have more pressing problems, as the maid has 
just regained her feet, and is after you.  Fortunately, this Possessed 
just dies, and doesn't have any nasty surprises.  Run over to the 
cracked vase and grab the part of the Basement Key there.  

Now, leave the Library.  If you're sharp, you can see your adversary 
running upstairs.  Follow him.  Soon, you'll hear screams coming from 
the master bedroom.  Go there and start dealing some death to the 
Vampire (Enchanting or Shielding if you wish).  Once it's harmed 
enough, it'll turn tail.  Soon, we'll see it sucking stuff from an 
obelisk in the basement, recharging.  Little jerk...

Talk to the servant, and he'll give you the Gun Cabinet Key in 
gratitude.  Yeah, baby.  Head over to the study and grab the Elephant 
Gun.  Set it on Double Fire.  Now, soon, your friend will show up here 
and go after the servant, so shoot him or slash him if you want.  Once 
you chase him away again, you'll get some Elephant Gun Ammo.  Now, 
head to the main hall and wait for him to show.  This time when you 
chase him off, he'll drop the other half of the Basement Key.  Take 
it, mix it with the first half, and Enchant it to make it whole.  Use 
it on the basement door (to the right of the stairs) and head down to 
the brawl.

There's a ton of stuff down here.  Right now, you should focus your 
attention on the Vampire, or rather, the obelisk he's sucking juice 
from.  Instead of attack him, try to avoid his attacks and just hack 
or shoot the Obelisk.  Eventually, it'll be destroyed and you can 
wear down the Vampire to the point of finishing him off.  Very 

Now, raid the basement, taking all the ammo, the Double Shotgun on the 
wall, and the Summon Horror scroll near the well.  Head down to the 
ancient city of Ehn'Gha.

Once you reach the gates, you'll find two Ruling Horrors waiting for 
you.  Kill them, then proceed down the gate.  Down here, you'll find a 
Ruling Horror and a Guardian.  Proceed to the next chamber.

Wow!  A giant Circle of Power!  Now, you'll need to activate a HUGE 
Dispel Magick spell, using nine points.

The way this works is that you hit one of the arrays in the room.  This 
activates a teleporter in the middle, which will take you to one of the 
nine spires in the city.  Once there, you'll go to the point and 
inscribe a Rune on it.  After that, you'll teleport to a different 
room, full of enemies, of course.  You'll fight your way to a lever, 
which will lower an energy field, and then you'll go back out to the 
main hall, then into the spell room, to select another array.

NOTE: When fighting, it's wise to always have a 7 Point Shield 
prepared beforehand, and Enchant your weapon.

Here's how the arrays break down:

1st from left: This spire is one of the six Pargons, and you can't 
 select anything besides it.  In the next room, you'll find a Doomed 
 Horror and a Ruling Horror.
2nd from left: This spire contains one of the Effect Runes.  Choose 
 Redgormor.  In the next room, you'll face a Horror and three Trappers.  
 When going back, you'll pass through the "1st from left" room, and 
 will have to kill what's there if you hadn't done it already.
3rd from left: Another Pargon.  In the next room, you'll some kind of 
 freak museum.  Nothing will happen until the lever is pulled.  Then, 
 a Green Horror, a Red Zombie, and a Blue Trapper will bust out of 
 their cases and attack.
4th from left: Another Pargon.  In this room, there is nothing until 
 you pull the lever, then a Tentacle shoots out of the hole in the 
 ground, and you'll go under a black-and-white sanity effect.  Edward 
 will immediately take a nip from his flask, and boom, we're back to 
Middle: Watch out for the Trapper on the spire.  The Rune here is the 
 Alignment Rune.  Use the opposing one, of course.  If you don't know 
 what that is by now, you need serious help.  In the next room, you'll 
 tango with a Guardian.
4th from right: Another Pargon.  This room has three Trappers.  When 
 leaving you'll pass through the "Middle" room, where you'll face the 
 Guardian there if you didn't already.
3rd from right: Another Pargon.  The next room has a Guardian and a 
 Zombie.  You'll pass through the "Middle" room when leaving, where 
 you'll face the Guardian there if you didn't already.
2nd from right: This is the other Effect Rune.  Choose Nethlek.  In the 
 next room, you'll face three Trappers and a Guardian.
1st from right: Another Pargon.  In the next room, you'll face a 
 Ruling Horror, a Trapper, and a Guardian.  When leaving, you'll pass 
 through the "2nd from right" room.

The very moment you scribe the last Rune, you'll start the spell in 
motion.  The shaking that's coming from the place tells you its time 
to blow this taco stand.  Ignore the enemies in the next room, and just 
flip the levers to get out.  When you reach the main hall, four 
Guardians will be on your tail.  Ignore them and just keep going 
(stopping to catch your breath, of course).  Run all the way up to the 

Cutscene: Edward looks out the overlook at the gigantic spell he 
created.  It sweeps through the entire city of Ehn'Gha, decimating all 
evil that dwells there.  48 years later, we see old Edward sitting 
down in his chair, preparing to read.  A ball of light appears behind 
him, and a Guardian gets his final revenge...


We return to Alex, and she now has a Note from Edward, mentioning the 
booze in the basement.

Cutscene: Pious tells his master the bad news, that the city has been 
wiped clean of their servants.  The Master doesn't care, as it has seen 
a vision of destroying the Ancient it was destined to destroy.

Okay, head to the basement and check behind the barrels to find the 
Pickax.  Now, we can see what's in that boarded up room ('cause we're 
sure we're gonna like it).  Knock the wall down and as you enter, Alex 
will get a vision.

Cutscene: Max walks into his servants' quarters with both guns loaded.  
He takes aim and shoots two, then runs the other two through with his 
Sabre, then he surveys the carnage.

Good ol' trusting Max.  Dispel the Damage Field here and take the 
Stethoscope and the third page of Max's Journal.  Leave the room.

All right!  Finally some action for Alex!  Two Bonethieves and a 
Trapper are in this corridor.  Head down to the main hall and you'll 
find five Zombies.  (Y'know, there are probably more bad guys in the 
mansion, but why fight them when you don't have to)

Head down to the basement.  Use the Stethoscope to demonstrate your 
safecracking abilities.  Right 59.  Left 81.  Right 47.  When you open 
the safe, collect all the items there: The Essence of the Ancient 
destined to destroy the one coming, the Crankshaft, the Letter from 
Edward, and the chapter page.

Cutscene: One of Pious' associates tells him of a storm coming, that 
will rain fire and death.  Pious approves.

You can read the letter if you wish, but it's not necessary.  All you 
need to do right now is read the Chapter Page.


L. Chapter 11 - Ashes to Ashes

Cutscene: Edward talks about Operation Desert Storm, and the insane 
oil fires that arose from it.  Enter Michael Edwards, a Canadian 
firefighter in the Middle East, the year 1991 AD.  He's part of a 
special firefighting team, and his team is preparing explosives to 
create eat up the oxygen in the area to settle the fire.  Suddenly, 
some weird electricity leaps from the charges set, and they explode 
prematurely.  Michael later wakes up in a cave, and finds himself at 
the foot of the Pillar of Flesh.  He finds the dead bodies of his team 
around the pillar.  As he examines it, the spirit of Roberto Bianchi 
appears and gives to him the Essence he found centuries ago, and died 
with.  He tells Mike to take it to the Gathering of Light.

You immediately get the Essence, as well as the Ruby and Sapphire 
Effigies (if Roberto had them).  You also start with a Flashlight, and 
a Fire Ax.  You have great Health, but your Sanity and Magick leave a 
bit to be desired.  Let's kill some Zombies...

There are five Ruling Zombies in the room you start in.  Either kill 
them, or head for the corpse by the door: a fallen soldier with a 
Pistol (total 51 shots), and an Assault Rife (total 510 shots and 10 
grenades).  Lock and load, baby.

Head into the next room.  Take out the Zombie and the Reaper here.  
Climb down the ladder.  Kill the three Ruling Zombies and two Trappers.  
Now, you have a choice of ladders to take out of this long corridor.  

The closest ladder to the entrance ladder takes you to a room with 
two (count 'em) Reapers.  Take them out with your Rifle and take the 
Gold Amulet (don't worry about the other exit for now).  Go back and 
take the next ladder.  Kill four Zombies and take the Staff.  Combine 
the two.  Now, head to the last ladder in the corridor.  This leads to 
a cool representation of a city.  Put the staff in the hole in the 
sunlight.  Now, direct the staff over one of the domes and wait until 
it burns through.  This will open a mirror.  Do the same for the other 
dome.  Now, focus on the central spire, which will reflect light and 
open a passage near you.  Head for the ladder.  Yay!  I'll bet your 
glad to see this place for once (after fighting all these nasty bad 
guys).  Go and claim your Tome.

Now, it all gets really tough to describe, because all these seven 
rooms (including the first one) connect to each other by four corridors 
in the lower level.  I'll try to use compass points to tell you where 
you are.  Go down the ladder again in this room.

West Corridor: There are four Trappers here.  Climb up the far ladder.

Northwest Room: Two Ruling Horrors here.  Go down the far ladder.

Northern Corridor:  This corridor has three Tentacles and an Emerald 
Effigy for you to take.  There are two other ladders out of here.  
Taking the far one will get you to...

Northeast Room: There is a Reaper and a Zombie here.  Take the far 
ladder to the...

Eastern Corridor: This room has five Zombies in it.  Take the far 
ladder back to the Southeast Room, which had the two Reapers in it, and 
the Golden Amulet.  This leads you around in the circle.  Now, go back 
to the Northern corridor, and take the other ladder (the northenmost 
one), to reach...

North Room: This room has a Horror, a Ruling Zombie, and an Opposing 
Zombie.  You can now take the other ladder to continue further into the 

In this new corridor, you'll find a Ruling Zombie, a Zombie, and a 
Reaper.  Next room, there'll be four Trappers.  Go through the other 
door, and you'll find a room with five Ruling Zombies.  Head now 
through the only other visible door.  

NOTE: If you don't have all three Effigies, you can't do the next 
paragraph.  Don't worry.  It's not necessary to beat the game.  If you 
missed one of the three Effigies, look in the Item List to find out 
where they were.

In here are three Ruling Zombies, and a relief of a Warrior on the 
wall.  Note that it raises its sword in triumph.  What that means is 
that its conquering what is placed in front of it.  Red conquers green, 
so put the Emerald Effigy there.  Now, turn around, and you'll see the 
other two reliefs.  Put the Ruby Effigy in front of the blue Sorcerer 
relief, and the Sapphire Effigy in front of the green Scholar relief.  
You'll see a passage open some ways back.  Head back a couple of 
rooms.  Go down the staircase, and you'll see an Enchanted Gladius 
resting on a plinth.  Take it.  You won't be able to use it, but 
someone will soon.

Now, head out the door.  Take a look at the obelisk standing there.  
There doesn't appear to be any way to damage it.  If you look closely, 
you'll see the Tier and Aretak Runes, as well as a 3 Point Circle of 
Power.  What you have to do is Summon a Trapper, press R to target the 
obelisk, and trap it.  Now, go down the ladder.  Down in this room, 
you'll find two Trappers.  Continue ahead and climb down the next 
ladder.  This is the room with the Tome pedestal.  Take the Bind spell 
scroll that's on it.  Leave the room by running towards the screen.

In the next room, you'll see two Ruling Horrors on the other side of a 
magickal barrier.  Dispel won't work, so cast Bind and you'll have one 
attack the other.  When one is dead, the barrier will go down, and you 
can attack the other.  Finish both, and take the Plastic Explosives 
lying nearby the ruined shrine.  You'll receive a call to destroy a 
bridge, the one that was in front of some Tentacles (remember that?)  
Now, head back to the room.  Note that there's no longer a door to the 
Forgotten Corridor.  Or is there?  Cast Reveal Invisible and bingo.  
Head through the door.  Take the Detonator Caps on the floor.  Now, 
invoke Shield and cross the zappy floor.

In the next room, head to the bridge, and you'll be attacked by three 
Tentacles.  Hit them back, and Mix your Detonator Caps and Plastic 
Explosives to make your bomb.  You could use them, but there's not 
enough to destroy the place.  Enchant your bomb with opposing magicks, 
and then use it.

Now, it's time to leave.  This is the classic countdown to getting 
outta here.  Retreat back the way you came.  Here's how they attempt 
to thwart your escape:

Zappy Floor: Horror
Next Room: Three Doomed Zombies
Next Room: Five Ruling Zombies (the former door is blocked off), take 
the one on the other side of the room)
Next Corridor: Six Zombies
Next Room: Nothing
Next Corridor: Two Ruling Horrors
Next Room: Nothing
Next Room: Nothing but daylight

Now, if you just keep running, your Sanity will drop like a rock, 
but if you fight, you may run out of time.  Try to maintain a balance, 
and try to restore your Sanity when you get a breather.  Make it to 
the last ladder and you'll end the chapter.

Cutscene: A bright light shoots up amidst the burning oil fields as the 
temple is consumed.  A few years later, we see Mike meet Edward with a 
package.  He says he doesn't have much longer to live, and he entrusts 
the package to Edward, before departing.


Now, leave the study.  If you haven't cleaned out the Library 
previously, you'll have two Zombies waiting in the secret passage for 
you, and two Ruling Zombies in the main library area.  Take Mantorok's 
Essence out of the bookcase if you haven't already done so.  Now, 
head to the telescope area, which is the south door in the library.  

There's now a light shining through.  Adjust the mirror using the 
cranks on the main focuser so that it points to the nearby mirror.  
Then do the same for the other two mirrors until you're pointing to the 
globe on the floor.  This will open a hatchway down to God knows 

Now, leave the library.  Don't freak when the doorbell rings.  Looks 
like it was Fed Ex, 'cause someone left a parcel.  Take it and Check it 
to open it and get the last Essence you need, along with the Enchanted 
Gladius if you got it in the last chapter.  Time to teach those punks 
not to mess with us humans.  Thus begins Alex's own chapter in this 
grand saga...

NOTE: This doesn't actually start a new chapter, but I had to separate 
the parts somehow...


M. Finale - Gateway to Destiny

Head down to the basement, through the door, and down the ladder shaft 
to get yourself to the Ehn'Gha overlook.  Head down the long stairs, 
and then through the entryway.  Next area has a big zappy floor, and 
although you can't see it, there's a 7 Point Damage Field blocking 
the door (of the color of the Master).  Use the opposing Dispel 
Magick, then invoke a Shield to protect you from the floor.  Head to 
the big door.

Hey, remember this place?  It's kinda powered down, now.   Hmm...  One 
of the pedestals is missing.  Look around the room, and you'll find 
the two pieces of the pedestal.  Mix them and Enchant them, the place 
them on the base.  Now, place the three Essences you have on the three 
pedestals, and the big thing will power up once again.

Well, now it's time to create one big-old summoning spell, since 
Edward says all that can beat the Ancient is a stronger Ancient, and 
you'll have to do largely the same things that Edward did.  The only 
difference is that this run has far less to do with monsters, and more 
to do with puzzle solving.

1st from left: Pargon.  Watch out for the two Trappers here.  When 
 reaching the next room, cast a 7 Point Reveal Invisible spell to find 
 the invisible floor.
2nd from left: This time, select Aretak.  In the next room, there are 
 five Trappers, but escape is pretty easy.
3rd from left: Pargon.  In the next room, you'll see three spots with 
 pictures in front of them. Summon a Green Horror, a Red Zombie, and a 
 Blue Trapper, and move them onto their respective spots to seal them 
 back in the "museum".
4th from left: Pargon, with a Trapper in the spire.  In the next room,
 sneak across the purple floor, so you don't disturb the giant Tentacle 
 thing that sucks Sanity out of you.
Middle: Alignment.  As you may expect, pick the opposing one.  In the 
 next room, are just four Trappers.
4th from right: Pargon.  In this room, there are eight Trappers, and 
 they're invisible, so Reveal them, and shoot or sneak.
3rd from right: Pargon.  In the next room, there are three obelisks, 
 like the one Edward destroyed to kill the Vampire.  If you attack one, 
 the other two will recharge it, and it will release a Horror.  
 Instead, use a 7 Point Magickal Attack, and you'll be able to leave.
2nd from right: This time, select Tier.  There's one Trapper somewhere 
 in this room, and a zappy floor, with a 7 Point Damage Field that you 
 need to dispel.
1st from right: Pargon.  In the next room, there are three Horrors 
 here, much like in the last Chapter.  Bind one, then another once the 
 first one dies, then kill the last one to make your escape.

Once all the runes are taken care of, head back to the room, and into 
the teleporter.

Cutscene: Alex reaches the summoning chamber, and faces down Pious.  
Pious laughs at her efforts, and tells her that she would be the first 
morsel for his Master.  She remains defiant, telling him that many 
people brought her to this point, and that she now has the power of the 
Essences.  As she speaks, both Pious' Ancient, and the Ancient Alex 
summoned to oppose it appear... somewheres...

It's now time to teach Pious a lesson about humanity's power.  
Unfortunately, Pious is a jerk...  His staff is Enchanted (which 
he'll whack you with), he's surrounded by a Shield which is being 
supplied by his Master's Essence, he knows Magickal Attack, a 7 Point 
Purple Dispel Magick (which will take out pretty much any magick you 
have in effect), Damage Field, and he can suck out Sanity whenever he 
wants to.  Oh, he can also teleport around if harmed.  

Enchant your weapon in the opposing Alignment (generally, he won't use 
Dispel if that's all that's active).  Use 3 Point magick because it's 
quicker.  Now hit him.  When he gets hit, he'll draw more energy from 
his Master's essence, which will make it visible.  

Now, hit the Essence.  Whoa!  What was that?  Did you recognize that 
place?  No?  Well, let's try it again.  Whatever it was, it stole some 
Sanity, so restore it if you get a chance.  Anyway, hit him, and then 
the Essence again.  Ack!  Still don't recognize it?  Try one more 

Ahhh...  Ellia's spirit steps out of her statue in the Shrine of 
Eternal Darkness.  Head to the hand and take the ghostly book to 
enter combat.

It's important to note that when you're not quite "feeling yourself", 
you need to just hit the Essence without being hit back, or you'll go 
back to normal.  So, find the Essence (it moved) and hit it to get back 
to Alex.  Do it again and this time you'll fight as Anthony with his 
Scramasax.  Next, it'll be Kiram with his Ram Dao, which is kinda tough 
since his swing is slow.

Cutscene: The clash begins, and your Ancient gets the upper hand early.

Next, you'll go as Max (with Sabre), then Paul (with Mace), then 
Roberto (with Saif).  None of these guys are as fast as the others, 
unfortunately, so you may have trouble.  Just make sure you avoid Pious 
as much as possible and anticipate his Magickal Attacks so you can get 
to the Essence.  You can't take damage while in ghost form, so you've 
at least got that going for you.  Once you hit the Essence as Roberto, 
it will shatter...

Cutscene: Your Ancient continues to smash the other.

Once the Essence shatters, it's just you and Pious.  Keep hitting or 
shooting (making sure your weapon's Enchanted) and Pious will 
eventually fall to your hand.

Cutscene: Your Ancient ends up destroying the other.  Alex stands over 
Pious with his staff in hand.  He says she'll never stop the Eternal 
Darkness.  She responds by stabbing him in the chest, then feeling 
remorse at the fact that she released an Ancient just as bad as the 

Edward appears and says that you now have to Bind the Ancient.  All you 
have to do now is switch the Rune that Edward touches so that it 
changes to Bankorok (Protect).  Your Ancient will be contained, and 
humanity will be saved.

The End.  Now go beat it two more times with the other alignments!


5. Autopsy of the Game

This section is where I'll catalog all the stuff you can find and 
encounter in the game, in case you're curious...


A. Weapons

There has to be something to help you hold off the nasties in this 
game.  Using your Fists is not recommended.  Each melee weapon has, in 
addition to basic info that all weapons have, a description of the 
combo and finishing move.

NOTE: Projectile weapons can be used to finish enemies, but they're 
not nearly as fun to describe, so I didn't put them down.


Gladius: This is a standard issue for the Roman Centurion on the go.  
It's a short, double-bladed used mostly for hacking.  This is Pious' 
only weapon, and Alex can find it in her grandfather's secret study in 
a case on the wall.
Finishing Move: Pious crouches down and stabs the enemy in what's left 
of the torso.  He twitches the blade in there a bit, then yanks it 
back out.
Combo: Front slash, back slash, impale, and kick off.
Finishing Move: Alex flips the blade in her hand, inverting it, kneels 
down, and stabs straight down into the corpse twice.
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and shove off.

Short Sword: Oh, for shame.  They didn't do their homework on this 
weapon to find out its original name.  This is Ellia's main weapon.  
It's not much different from a Gladius.  Maybe she uses it in her 
dancing routine, which he how she knows how to swing it...
Finishing Move: Ellia spins her sword, pulls back and slams her blade 
across the spine of the enemy.
Combo: Front slash, back slash, impale, and push away.

Blowgun: This indigenous weapon is found by Ellia during her 
explorations in the temple.  It's a decent distance weapon and starts 
with 99 shots.  When it hits an enemy, it will slowly be poisoned 
before keeling over.

Scramasax: This sword is actually similar to the Gladius.  It's short 
and it doesn't have a guard.  Anthony gets this sword from a monk after 
taking a peek at what's left of a dead one.
Finishing Move: Anthony drop-flings the sword into the torso of the 
enemy, stoops down, and yanks it back out.
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and kick off.

Torch: Not really a weapon, but you can equip and use it against 
enemies.  You can't target with it, though (even though body parts 
light up).  You find the Torch as Anthony after finding a monk being 
attacked in the basement, and you start with it as Lindsey and Roberto.  
You'll find it in the Old Tower as Peter.  It has no combo or finishing 
move.  If you use it on Zombies or Green Zombies, you'll burn and kill 
them instantly.

Two-Edged Sword: This is a bastard sword.  Anthony gets this weapon 
the same time he gets the Torch if the monk is alive after being 
attacked in the basement.  It has very good reach, but it's slower than 
the Scramasax.  Paul finds it on the very person who wielded it way 
back when, if Anthony found it.  Peter finds it upstairs in the Old 
Tower.  They both wield it differently from Anthony, only using one 
Finishing Move: Anthony stoops down and drives the blade down into the 
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and shove.
Finishing Move: A triple strike to the body, bisecting it (if its a 
Zombie or Bonethief).
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and kick off.

Tulwar: This heavy Persian sword is very useful for chopping.  Karim 
starts with this weapon in hand, and he's quite skilled with it.
Finishing Move: Karim rears back and slams the sword into the enemy's 
back once, twice, three times...
Combo: Slash, slash, spin, impale, and kick off.

Double Tulwar: Karim finds a second Tulwar in the back of a fallen 
soldier.  Two Tulwars at once is a very effective way to fight.
Finishing Move: Karim flips the swords in his hands in a flamboyant 
manner, and plunges both blades into the fallen enemy, tip first.
Combo: Double slash, left slash, right slash, and a double overhead 

Chakram: Karim starts with 19 of these sharp metal rings.  I haven't 
found a huge amount of use for them.  I suggest saving them for Horrors 
that are far off, or for annoying Trappers.

Ram Dao: Karim finds this massive broadsword in a block of stone.  The 
room is once he's past the two Rune Barriers in the area.  It's very 
powerful.  Swinging it normally will knock multiple enemies down.  
Going for limbs will usually result in some nasty damage.  Although 
slow, it's probably one of the best melee weapons.
Finishing Move: Karim stoops, inverts the blade, and jams the tip into 
the enemy's back.
Combo: It's so slow that there is no combo...

Dual Flintlock Pistol: Your first gun.  Max's sidearm is a classically 
unreliable colonial piece.  It holds one shot at a time.  Thankfully, 
before you even run into any trouble, you can find a second one in 
Aaron Roivas' secret study (behind the fireplace in the Dining Room).

Sabre: This is both Max's and Edward's melee weapon.  Max finds it in 
Aaron's secret study behind the fireplace, and Edward finds it in the 
Dining Room on the wall.  It works much like any other sword.
Finishing Move: Max slams the Sabre onto the enemy and kicks it for 
good measure.
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and shove off.
Finishing Move: Triple slam, bisecting the body.
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and kick off.

Kukiri: This is an indigineous knife, and Lindsey's melee weapon.  The 
thing that separates this from other melee weapons is that it's got a 
shorter reach.  Use it for Zombies of any variety.
Finishing Move: Similar to Anthony's, this one's a drop-fling.
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, kick off.

Automatic Pistol: This is a Colt M1911, and Lindsey starts with it.  
It's a decent gun, and good to use if you don't want to use up your 
shotgun shells to quickly.  It holds eight bullets in a clip.

Shotgun: This is a Remington M-870, modified.  It has better stopping 
power than Lindsey's pistol, so use it on tough enemies.  It holds 
seven shells in its magazine.

Mace: Paul can find this weapon in the first basement hallway of the 
cathedral, on a rack on the wall.  This is his melee weapon, and works 
like most any other.
Finishing Move: A triple strike to the body, much like Karim and the 
Combo: A forward, back, and overhead strike.

Crossbow: Paul's projectile weapon is found in the vestry of the 
cathedral (northwest corner of the first floor) in an old chest.  It 
holds only one bolt at a time.  This is also Roberto's projectile 
weapon, and he finds it in the second survey room.

Saif: This Middle Eastern sword is a standard for the military.  
Roberto can find this in the room after the first Zombie.
Finishing Move: Roberto flays the enemy's back, then thrusts the 
sword into its back.
Combo: Slash, slash, impale, and shove.

Revolver: This is a Lebel Modele 1892 Revolver, which Peter can find 
in the body bag room.  It holds six 8mm bullets at a time.  Sadly, 
it's not much use.  Even enchanted, it pales to the Rifle.  I suggest 
holding onto it for use against Trappers.

Rifle: This is a Lee-Enfield Mk III bolt-action rifle.  Peter finds 
it on the altar in the main hall of the Church.  It holds 10 rifle 
bullets at a time.  This has good stopping power, and can take out 
Bonethieves rather quickly, especially when enchanted.  Use it to take 
down more powerful enemies.

Revolver: Edward's Revolver is an Enfield Mk1 Star Revolver.  It's 
still a six-shooter, like all the others, and it uses .380 revolver 
ammunition.  Save it for Trappers.  Edward can find it in the old 
secret study.

Double Shotgun: This is a bad boy.  The Ithaca Model 'A' Shotgun is a 
fine piece of weaponry, and something you should grow fond of in 
your travels as Edward.  You can fire it singly or doubly.  Edward 
finds it in the basement of the mansion.

Elephant Gun: This is the imposing Holland and Holland Double Rifle.  
It fires .50 X 3" nitro slug.  It's good for hunting any kind of big 
game: elephants, rhinos, Horrors.  It can fire singly or doubly.  The 
only drawback to this gun is that it wrote the book on recoil.  
Shooting it will drop you on your back flat.  Edward finds this in his 
gun cabinet, after getting the key from the servant in the bedroom that 
he saves.

Fire Ax: Michael starts with this piece of metal.  It's a bit slower 
than a lot of other melee weapons, so take care when facing multiple 
Finishing Move: Mike rears back and plants the ax right in the enemy's 
Combo: Chop, chop, impale, and push off.

Pistol: Mike picks up this Glock 17 on a fallen soldier in the first 
room.  It holds 17 9mm bullets at a time.  Use it like other pistols.

Assault Rifle: The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is a 
Heckler & Koch G-36 rifle mounted under a 20mm grenade cannon.  The 
rifle itself contains 30 rounds of 5.56 rifle ammo.  The grenade 
launcher holds five grenades at a time.  In a word, this gun is just 
plain beautiful.  Its fire modes can be switched from single fire, to 
three-round burst, to fully automatic, to grenade launcher.  It also 
gives you plenty of ammo to play with.

Revolver: Alex's Revolver is a Smith & Wesson Model 37.  It's small, 
and it carries 5 .38 rounds in the chamber at a time.  Use it for 
Trappers, like all other pistols.

Shotgun: Alex's Shotgun is a Winchester Model 1300 Defender, and packs 
a very decent punch.  Its chamber carries 7 12-gauge shells at a time.  
This is her power weapon.  Use it against any enemies that taunt you 
(which narrows the list down to one).

Enchanted Gladius: Michael picks this up in his chapter after placing 
the Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire Effigies.  It is later sent to Alex.  
It is permanently enchanted with the opposing alignment.  Alex wields 
it the same as the other Gladius.  It's not necessary to find it, but 
it does make the final battle much easier.  When you target an enemy 
from a distance, Alex will throw the Gladius, and it will magically 
reappear in her hand upon striking.


B. Magickal Ingredients and Spells

For info on how to use this stuff, check the Basics section.


Circles of Power:

3 Point Circle of Power: The first Circle is found in the upstairs 
chamber in the Monastery as Anthony in Chapter 3.  It's in plain sight.

5 Point Circle of Power: The second Circle is also found in Amiens, but 
in Chapter 7, as Paul Luther.  Find the Music Sheet and play the organ 
as written and you'll open the tabernacle to claim the Circle.

7 Point Circle of Power: The final Circle is also in Amiens, in 
Chapter 10, as Peter Jacob.  Go to the boiler room in the basement and 
summon a Trapper to send under the hole.  Teleport the dead body 
there into the Trapper Dimension.  Now, enter the room and grab the 


Alignment Runes and Codices:

Finding these Runes is a bit different.  The locations are always the 
same, but the order you find the Runes changes depending on which 
artifact Pious took.  If Pious took the Red Artifact, you'll find the 
runes in the order Green, Red, Blue.  If Pious took the Green Artifact, 
you'll find them in the order Blue, Green, Red.  If Pious took the 
Blue Artifact, you'll find them in the order Red, Blue, Green.

Red = Chattur'gha, Ancient of Body
Green = Xel'lotath, Ancient of Mind
Blue = Ulyaoth, Ancient of Spirit

First Rune: You'll find your first rune in a Blue Urn in the monastery 
in Chapter 3.  Use it and you'll break it open to find the Rune.  The 
Codex is in a later room with a pool nearby.

Second Rune: The second Alignment Rune is in Chapter 4, in the room 
with the Ram Dao broadsword, in the stomach of a big Ruling Zombie.  The 
Codex is earlier, in the room with the second Statuette.

Third Rune: The third Alignment Rune is in Chapter 5.  After you find 
the Basement Key in the Sealed Envelope, you'll be sent to a weird 
alternate main hall, with a Horror.  The Rune's inside it.  The Codex 
is in the Kitchen of the Roivas Estate.

Mantorok: The fourth Alignment Rune isn't required to finish the game, 
but it does give an advantage, since it contains power over all three 
other Ancients.  It's hidden in Chapter 6.  To get it, you'll first 
need to dispel the magical barrier on the first basement that's 
blocking it, which you do by dispelling the three magicks in the 
chambers of the first basement.  Once you do that, find all the Runes 
of the Summon Trapper spell, then backtrack all the way to the south 
corridor of the first basement, and send a Trapper underneath.  Have 
it press the button in the next room, which opens the door to the 
Rune.  The Codex is found in the same room, which you can access once 
the Horror knocks down the wall.  Brush the web in the next room for 
the Codex.  Using the Mantorok Rune on Recovery or Magickal Pool will 
only recover Health and Sanity.  Using Reveal Invisible will actually 
make your character invisible.  Using Enchant Item, Damage Field, or 
Magickal Attack will cause the damage to poison the enemy as well.  
Using Shield, Dispel Magick, or Bind will make the spell work against 
any alignment.  The only spells you cannot use Mantorok for are 
Summoning spells...


Effect Runes and Codices:

Antorbok (Project): You'll find this Rune in Chapter 3, in a Green 
Zombie in the first corridor of the basement.  You'll find its codex in 
the Bishop's secret study.  This Rune governs the direct use of an 
Ancient's energy.

Magormor (Item): You'll find this Rune in Chapter 3, in a Zombie at 
the bottom of a stairwell after an area where you saved a monk from 
Zombies.  You'll find the Codex in the same room up the stairs a bit.  
This Rune will be used to affect items in your possession.

Santak (Self): This Rune is found in Chapter 4, in the second room (a 
tunnel), inside the belly of a Ruling Zombie.  The Codex is found in 
the room with a Horror.  This Rune allows magick to be directed to 
one's self.

Narokath (Absorb): This Rune is found in Chapter 4, in the stomach of 
the first Horror you meet as Karim.  The Codex is found in the room 
past the Rune Barrier bearing the same symbol.  This Rune allows the 
flow of magick from one state to another.

Redgormor (Area): This Rune is found in Chapter 5.  It's in the belly 
of the Horror that teleports in once Max finds the Tome.  The Codex is 
upstairs in the master bedroom.  This is a directional Rune, focusing 
on the immediate area.

Bankorok (Protect): This Rune is found in Chapter 5.  Once you're down 
in the basement, you'll find this in the belly of a Zombie.  The Codex 
is in the basement area prior to this.  This Rune uses energy as a 
barrier of some sort.

Nethlek (Dispel): This Rune is found in Chapter 6.  In the northwest 
chamber on the first floor, kill the Ruling Zombie who has it.  The 
Codex is in the corridor just to the east of the Rune, under a cobweb.  
This Rune allows the cancelling of opposing magicks.

Aretak (Creature): The Rune is found in Chapter 6, in the stairs 
section connecting the first floor and first basement, in a Ruling 
Zombie.  The Codex is in northeast chamber of the second basement, 
under a web. This Rune allows communication with the foul creatures of 
the Eternal Darkness.

Tier (Summon): This Rune is found in Chapter 6.  It's in the second 
basement of the temple, in the southwest chamber, in a Blue Zombie.  
The Codex is in the southern trapped corridor on the first floor of the 
temple.  This Rune rends the gateway between the human world, and that 
of the Eternal Darkness.

Pargon (Power): The Rune is found in Chaper 7, in the basement 
passage of the Cathedral in a Ruling Zombie.  The Codex is found in the 
room with the evil pulpit below the Cathedral.  This Rune enhances the 
power of others.  When creating a 5 or 7 Point spell, use the three 
normal Runes, then add this one in the rest of the spaces.


Spells (Scrolls and Effects):

Enchant Item: You'll find this scroll in Chapter 3, in the Bishop's 
secret study.  You'll need the 3 Point Circle of Power, an Alignment 
Rune, Antorbok (Project), and Magormor (Item).  Casting Enchant Item 
on broken items will repair them, and casting on a weapon will empower 
it with the essence of the Alignment.  Empowering a weapon makes it 
cause more damage, particularly to enemies of a weaker color.  Using a 
higher point Circle increases the duration of the enchantment.

Recovery: This scroll is in Chapter 4, near a dead man's corpse, in the 
room after you fight your first Bonethief.  You'll need the 3 Point 
Circle of Power, an Alignment Rune, Santak (Self), and Narokath 
(Absorb).  The effect of spell depends on which Alignment Rune you use.  
If you use the Red Rune, you'll restore Health.  If you use the Green 
Rune, you'll restore Sanity, and the Blue Rune will restore Magick.  
Using a higher point Circle increases the recovery.

Reveal Invisible: The scroll is in Chapter 5, in Aaron Roivas' secret 
study.  You'll need the 3 Point Circle of Power, an Alignment Rune, 
Narokath (Absorb), and Redgormor (Area).  To properly use this spell to 
dispel any enchantments and make things visible, you have to know the 
Alignment of the hiding spell, and then use the Alignment that defeats 
the spell.  For instance, if the thing you're trying to see is protected 
by Green, use Red for the RI spell.  Some invisibility enchantments 
require a higher point Circle to break.

Damage Field: This scroll is in Chapter 5, in the basement of the 
Roivas Estate.  You'll need the 3 Point Circle of Power, an Alignment 
Rune, Redgormor (Area), and Bankorok (Protect).  Once you create the 
field, anything evil that walks into it will be harmed, particularly 
those creatures of the weaker Alignment.  Using a higher point Circle 
will make the field last longer, but also give it a slightly larger 
surface area (since it's made from the Runes themselves).

Dispel Magick: This scroll is in Chapter 6, in the western trapped 
corridor on the first floor, underneath a cobweb.  You'll need the 3 
Point Circle of Power, an Alignment Rune, Redgormor (Area), and 
Nethlek (Dispel).  Use this spell to remove the enchantments caused by 
the weaker Alignment.  Make sure you oppose the Alignments properly, 
or it could get nasty.  Some enchantments require a higher point 
Circle to dispel.

Summon Trapper: This scroll is in Chapter 6, in the southeast chamber 
of the second basement in the temple.  In addition to the usual, 
you'll also need Tier (Summon), and Aretak (Creature).  The Alignment 
used will create a Trapper of that color.  The Trapper can focus on 
enemies with R and send it to the Trapper Dimension with A.  Use L to 
skitter around a little faster.  It can also fit into tight places.  
Press START to return control to the person, but watch out, because the 
Trapper will now be live.  The Trapper can't open doors or pick up 

Shield: You'll find this scroll in Chapter 7, in the Old Tower's 
chapel.  It needs the Bankorok (Protect), and Santak (Self) Runes.  
You can actually make this right after you get Bankorok, if you wish, 
but you won't technically know what it does.  What it does is create a 
bunch of sparks circling around you, and damage will be ignored.  The 
sparks dissipate as they take hits.  The higher the Circle, the more 
sparks will be created.

Summon Zombie: This scroll is in Chapter 8, in a ground floor area 
with a Zombie and a Reaper.  For this spell, you'll need the 5 Point
Circle of Power, Tier (Summon), Aretak (Creature), and Pargon (Power), 
which you'll use twice in the creation.  This will create a Zombie 
of the Alignment specified which you can control.  Use L to run (or 
rather, stumble around faster), A to attack, R to target, and START to 
return to the caster.  If you target the head of an enemy, you can 
gnaw on it.  Like the Trapper, the Zombie will be live (so to speak) 
after released.  The Zombie can open doors, but not pick up items.

Magickal Attack: All right!  Finally a chance to take the fight to the 
bad guys!  You'll find this scroll in Chapter 9, in the stairs right 
before fighting the boss of this area.  You already have the necessary 
Runes for this: Redgormor (Area), and Antorbok (Project).  This 
attack will focus bolts of magickal lightning on the enemy, damaging 
it.  A higher Circle will cause more damage.  (Yes, if you wish, you 
may put this spell together the very moment you get Redgormor)

Summon Horror: We're in the big leagues now, folks.  This scroll is 
found in Chapter 10 in the basement, but you can put it together as 
soon as you get the 7 Point Circle of Power.  It uses the same Runes 
(Tier (Summon) and Aterak (Creature)) that are used for the other 
summons, it just fits on a 7 Point.  The Horror plods around 
relatively slowly.  He can kinda pick up the pace with L.  He can 
strike with A, target with R, and if you target the head and attack, 
you'll unleash your lightning.  Press START to release it, and as 
always, be careful releasing it.  It can go through doors, but it 
can't pick up items.

Magickal Pool: Ah...  We're drinking straight from the tap.  The scroll 
for this spell is found in the Library in Chapter 10, right on a chair.
It requires Tier (Summon), and Redgormor (Area).  This is your 
regeneration spell.  When you activate it, it'll slowly recover 
whatever meter which is the same color as the Alignment you chose.

Bind: This spell scroll is found in Chapter 11, on the pedestal where 
Karim placed the Tome many centuries ago.  It requires Bankorok 
(Protect), and Creature (Aretak).  Activating this spell will put an 
enemy on your side, and it will attack any monsters nearby.


C. Other Items

These items are puzzle items to be used in the game at some point.  
They're grouped in the place you find them.  All items that can be 
found in the mansion are first.  By the way, I'm not having a separate 
spot for EVERY single item (for instance, there's no separate entry for 
a Broken Second Floor Key).



Second Floor Key: Alex starts with this item.  It's very old and worn.  
Trying to use it will break it in the lock.  To repair it, you'll need 
to learn the Enchant Item spell, which you'll find in Chapter 3.  Once 
repaired, you're free to use it on the door on the second floor.

Dresser Key: You'll find this key in the clock in the center of the 
Main Hall.  You use it after Chapter 5, on the dresser in the east 
bedroom, which you must use Reveal Invisible to see the lock.

Tome of Eternal Darkness: This is the eponymous tome of the game.  
The words of several authors grace its pages of human skin.  This is 
where you keep all your magick and your menus.  It also shows up in all 
the other chapters, but getting it is a both a snap and required, so 
there's no need to cover it there.  Throughout the game, you'll also 
find pages of the Tome, which you can use immediately once you have 
the Tome to enter new chapters.  For the sake of space, I didn't bother 
including things that held chapter pages (Message Tube, Spice Jar)

Maxmillian's Journal:  There are three pages of this journal in the 
mansion.  The first is found on the second floor in the eastern 
bathroom.  The second is found in the western bathroom.  The third is 
found in the servants' quarters.

Note: If Alex didn't find the Dresser Key before, she gets a note from 
her grandfather telling her where to find it after finishing Max's 

Note from Edward: Alex finds this in the pages of the Tome after she 
finishes Paul Luther's chapter.  It tells her to find 88 keys.

Lucky Penny: Alex finds this in the pages of Tome after she finishes 
Peter Jacob's chapter.  She can use it in the basement to restore the 
circuit to the second bathroom.

Hidden Note from Edward: Alex finds this in the pages of the Tome after 
finishing her grandfather's chapter.  It tells her about the booze in 
the basement.

Pickax: Alex finds this in the basement behind the barrels.  She can 
use it on the walled up room.

Stethoscope: Alex finds this in the walled up room on the west side of 
the house.  She can use it to open the safe in the basement.

(Ancient's) Essence: This is the same Essence that Peter took back in 
Chapter 9.  It is found in the safe.  It's used to restore power to the 
Circle of Power in Ehn'Gha.

Crankshaft: This is found in the safe in the basement.  It's not 
directly used, but when Alex adjusts mirrors in the observatory, it'll 
be automatically placed so she can move it in more than one axis.

Letter from Edward: This letter, read aloud, details what Alex needs to 
do to stop the Ancient that Pious is summoning.  It's found in the safe 
in the basement.

Mantorok's Essence: This is the heart of the Corpse God, the Keeper of 
the Ancients.  It was received by Ellia, taken back by Dr. Lindsey, 
given to Edward, and now is in the keeping of Alex, once she takes it 
from the library, behind the book "The Demon of the Khmer".  It's used 
to restore power to the Circle of Power in Ehn'Gha.

(Ancient's) Essence: This is the Essence that Karim swore he would 
guard, that was entrusted to Roberto, before being given to Michael, 
and then to Edward.  After Mike's chapter, it's sent to the house by 
courier in a parcel.  It's used to restore power to the Circle of Power 
in Ehn'Gha.

Pedestal Fragment: This is a quick puzzle.  You'll find two fragments 
of a pedestal in the Circle of Power room in Ehn'Gha.  Enchant them 
and put them back on the shaft.


Chapter 1

Granite Block: You'll find four of these in Pious' chapter.  The red 
block is in the second chamber in plain sight.  The green block is in 
the third chamber in plain sight.  The blue block is in the fourth 
chamber in plain sight.  The purple block is in the sixty room in 
plain sight.  Insert them into the corresponding holes in the room you 
get the purple block.


Chapter 2

Strange Necklace: Found on the statue in the first room Ellia is in, 
taking this will close one of the doors leading from the room.  Ellia 
can use the necklace to heal herself if damaged.  She must be standing 
still and not being attacked for it to work properly.  There are ten 
charges in the necklace.

Bronze Necklace: Ellia finds this necklace in the southwestern room on 
the first floor of the temple.  This is to be placed on the statue in 
the main hall in exchange for the Strange Necklace, which will allow 
you to go to the north part of the temple.

Metal Staff: Ellia takes this from a statue, after encountering 
Mantorok.  She needs to retrace her steps to a room with a slot to 
insert the shaft into.


Chapter 3

Message Scroll: This scroll cannot be used.  It's there as evidence of 
treachery against Charlemagne.

Blue Urn: This urn is found upstairs in the monastery, and has a Rune 
inside.  Use it to get the Rune.  You'll break it in the process, 
however.  You'll need to repair it with the Enchant Item spell.  
Afterwards, you'll fill it with water and use it to weigh down a switch.

Green Urn: You'll find this urn in pieces on the floor where you found 
a monk being attacked.  You'll need to pick up all three pieces and 
Mix them to make the whole urn, and repair it with the Enchant Item 
spell.  Afterwards, you'll fill it with water and use it to weigh down 
a switch.

Red Urn: You'll find this urn filled with foul water near a fountain 
later on.  You'll use it to weigh down a switch.

Bishop's Key: With this taken from the body of the Bishop, you can 
open the door to the audience chamber in the Main Hall of the 
monastery and speak to Charlemagne.


Chapter 4

Talisman: Karim starts with this Talisman.  He can use it to heal 
himself five times.

Statuette: These vaguely man-shaped carvings are our next contestants 
in the Weighing Game.  You'll eventually find a room with a stand with 
braziers on it.  You'll need to use the two Statuettes you find to 
weigh down two of three circle plates in the area, and the third button 
you stand on yourself.  The first Statuette is in plain sight on the 
way there, the second is past it, and you'll need to pass a Rune 
Barrier to get to it.

Ruby Effigy: You'll find this statue up a ladder, after passing the 
two Rune Barriers.  It depicts a warrior admitting defeat in combat.  
It is not used in this chapter, though.  It will be used in Chapter 11.


Chapter 5

Medical Journal: Max Roivas uses this to catalog his pathological 
findings, and document the results of his autopsies.

Letters: There are four letters in the estate to read.  One is in the 
Master Bedroom, one is in the main hall, one is in the Tome of 
Eternal Darkness, and one is near the stained glass window, and only 
findable if you've taken the Tome.  They contain some interesting clues.

Pump Handle: You'll find this in the pantry in the Kitchen.  Use it in 
the basement to drain the water leading further under the mansion.

Basement Key: This key is in the Envelope you find near the stained 
glass window after taking the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  Use it on 
the basement door once you make it visible.


Chapter 6

Archaeologist's Brush: No explorer would be complete without one.  
Lindsey uses this in several places to brush away dust or cobwebs.  
You'll feel a rumble if you're near a place to use it.

Bronze Bracelet: Found in the center of the main room in the temple 
after brushing off the dust, use this on the statue to open the south 

Metal Bracelet: Found in the southern trapped corridor on the first 
floor.  This Bracelet is used to weigh down a platform that has a 
Silver Bracelet on it.  Once you take the silver, put this one down 
in its place.

Bronze Necklace: This is found in the southwestern chamber of the 
first floor of the temple (near that huge Horror).  Use it on the 
statue in the main room to open the north door.

Silver Bracelet: This is found in the northeastern chamber of the 
first floor of the temple.  You need to place a Metal Bracelet in 
its place after taking it.  Use this on a Statue in the western 
corridor, combined with......

Silver Necklace: This is found in the southwestern chamber of the 
first floor of the temple.  You need to dispel the magick surrounding 
the Horror, then kill it.  Take the Necklace to the statue mentioned 
above.  Both items open the door behind you.

Golden Necklace: When you first find this necklace behind a web in 
the northwestern chamber of the first basement, it's covered in gunk.  
Bring it to the southeastern chamber, drop it in the bowl, and hit 
the button to have the acid burn off the grime.  Then, you can place 
it on the statue in the eastern corridor, along with....

Golden Bracelet: In the southwest chamber of the first basement of the 
temple, you'll find a guard statue, and another on the wall and it's 
covering the Bracelet.  Basically, stand on the nearby button until the 
guard is facing you, then run over and snag the Bracelet off the 
Statue.  Use it on the statue in the east corridor to open the door 
behind you leading down to the second basement.


Chapter 7

Meditation Rod: Paul starts with this.  It can be used to restore 
Sanity three times through the power of prayer.

Book of Requilaries: Paul finds this book in the guest chambers of the 
cathedral (the first basement).  It says, among other things, that the 
Hand of Jude is a forgery.

Podium Key: You'll find this in the vestry on the west side of the 
first floor of the cathedral.  It opens the podium drawer in the 

Diary Pages: There are three of these, and they tell you what Brother 
Andrew found in his stay here.  The first is in the podium, which 
you'll need to unlock.  The second is in the Old Tower, up the stairs.  
The final is on the evil altar in the basement.

Emerald: This is found in the east room off the foyer.  See Sapphire 
for how it's used.

Old Tower Key: Given by the old man in the Bell Tower after you speak 
to him, this will unlock the door in the east side of the main church 

Music Sheet: This is found upstairs in the Old Tower.  Use it on the 
organ to open the tabernacle.

Ruby: This is found in the old church, on Anthony's body (once you 
kill him).  See Sapphire for how it's used.

Sapphire: This is found in the crypt in the basement, in a Horror.  
Once you have all three gems, insert them in the triangle in this room 
to open the crypt.

Sacrificial Knife: After finding all three Diary Pages, you can speak 
to the custodian in the Bell Tower, and he'll give this to you.  Use 
it in the Effigy in the basement room near the evil altar.


Chapter 8

(Ancient's) Essence: This Essence is found where it has lain for aeons, 
in the very same spot.  This is the only remaining one.  One Pious used 
to raise his Master, and the other he sealed away in the Cathedral.  
You will not use it here.

Ruby Effigy: After taking the Essence, you'll also take the Ruby Effigy 
Karim had back in Chapter 4, if he took it.

"Forgotten Corridor" Key: This is in the Granite Block room, and you'll 
need to activate a 5 Point Reveal Invisible spell to get to it.  Once 
you take it, use it on the locked door some ways back.

Sapphire Effigy: After taking the Key, you'll find this in an alcove 
in the next corridor, if your Reveal Invisible spell is still active.  
It depicts a sorcerer failing to understand something.  Guess what, 
Roberto won't use these effigies either.  They'll be handed off in 
Chapter 11.


Chapter 9

Lucky Penny: Peter starts with this.  It brings him luck (and it's 
doing a great job, might I add).  The use of this is to put into the 
fuse box in the basement, to power up the organ.

Flash Pan and Flash Powder: Normally used for photography, Peter starts 
with this and six charges of powder total.  Use the Flash Pan to 
stun enemies and give yourself a bit more of a chance to run.

Soldier's Letters: These tell the story of a soldier and how he was 
driven mad by what happened in the cathedral.  There is one on a table 
in the first room, and another on an ammo case halfway up to the Bell 
Tower, and a third in the secret study down in the second basement.

Soldier's Orders: These are found in a Sealed Envelope on the podium 
of the church main hall.  They are to be given to the soldier standing 
guard in the cathedral's foyer.

Music Sheet: This is the very same sheet that Paul Luther had two 
chapters ago, but it's 400 some odd years old now, so you'll have to 
remember the end for yourself.  (It's ABYXBYA in case you can't 

Door Handle: Odd thing to keep in a tabernacle, but there it is.  Play 
the organ and you can get the Handle.  Use it on the hidden door on the 
west side of the main hall (Reveal it first, though).

Magickal Elixir: This is found in the sacrifical room in the tunnels 
under the cathedral, on the altar.  To put it simply, it restores your 
magick power completely five times.  You'll need it...

Key to the Binding Hall: After having fought your way through the 
secret tunnels under the cathedral, you'll find this on the evil pulpit 
at the end.  Use it on the black door leading to the hall of the same 


Chapter 10

Liquid Courage: God bless the game for having a sense of humor.  This 
flask has seven draughts of sweeeeeet, sweet courage, aka Sanity.

Historical Journals: There is one in the library depicting the ancient 
history of the Roivas line, and another in the upstairs study depicting 
the "current" history of the Roivas line.  Both of these have clock 
hands in them.

Minute Hand, Hour Hand: One is found in each of the preceding mentioned 
Historical Journals.  Put them on the clock in the Library, and set the 
time to 3:33 to get your freak on.

Basement Key: After finding the Tome, you'll be attacked.  One part of 
this key is in the vase in the Library, which the attacker will knock 
over as it tries to escape.  The other part is with the attacker 
itself, and will only appear after you slapped him around three times.  
Mix them together and Enchant them to open the way to the basement.


Chapter 11

Flashlight: Although you can equip it like a weapon, this Flashlight 
doesn't interfere with your normal weapon, as you can't use it to 
attack.  All you use it is for lighting your way.

(Ancient's) Essence: This Essence is entrusted to Michael at the 
beginning of the chapter.  It's not used in this chapter.

Ruby Effigy, Sapphire Effigy, Emerald Effigy: The first two are given 
to Mike by Roberto's spirit if he had them at the end of his chapter.  
The third is in the temple, in the north corridor.  When placed in a 
room with three reliefs, a stairway will be opened to the Enchanted 

Staff: There are two parts to this, an Amulet and a Staff.  Both are 
found early on in the area, in rooms off a long corridor.  The Amulet 
is found in a room with two Reapers, and the Staff in a room with 
four Zombies.  They're put together, and used at the end of the 
corridor, where they can focus light.

Detonator Caps, Plastic Explosive: The Caps are found in the Forgotten 
Corridor (with the magickally protected floor) and the Explosive is 
found in the same room that the Essences were originally found.  When 
combined, they will be a powerful bomb.  Enchant it to power it up, 
then place it on the bridge to destroy the evil Forbidden City.


D. Enemies

NOTE: The "real" names of the monsters all have the name of their 
ruling Ancient.  For the sake of simplicity, I'll just call all of 
Chattur'gha's followers "Red", Xel'lotath's followers "Green", and 
Ulyaoth's followers "Blue"...

Now, the color of enemies change as you choose different paths in the 
game.  In the walkthrough, if I say something is "Ruling", that means 
it is the color of Pious' master.  If I say a monster is "Opposing", 
that means it is the color that can defeat the color of Pious' master.  
If I say a monster is "Doomed", then that means it is the color that 
can be defeated by the color of Pious' master.

As another general note, Green monsters can take Sanity in addition to 
health when an attack connects, and Blue monsters can take Magick as 
well.  Red monsters take more health than the other two.


Zombies in General: Zombies are walking corpses, as you may or may not 
already know, reanimated by magical means.  They shamble around at a 
rather slow pace, and swing their arms as their main attack.  Their 
secondary attack is when they get behind you and start to gnaw on your 
head.  You have to shake the Control Stick to get loose.  Zombies of 
different alignments possess very special traits (as opposed to other 
monsters), so I've covered each one separately.  Also, if you manage to 
behead a Zombie before it gets a chance to look at you, it won't drain 
any Sanity.

(Mantorok) Zombie: In the walkthrough, I refer to these guys simply 
as "Zombies".  A brown skeletal undead.  Zombies are easy fare.  To 
reduce the threat, aim for the head.  The Zombie won't be able to see 
you, and will just swing wildly.  Alternatively, you can cut off the 
arms so it can't swing, just follow you.  If you cut off all three 
appendages, it will fall to the ground, out of the action.  Also, you 
can continually swing until it falls.  It's also vulnerable to fire, 
so if you have a Torch you can drop it quickly.

Red Zombie: A zombie with plenty of flesh and muscle.  You can 
hack its limbs off, but they'll grow back after a certain period of 
time.  They're the toughest zombies you'll end up facing, and can take 
a lot of punishment before going down.

Green Zombie: These look like mummies, almost, with their wrappings.  
When they strike, they drain Sanity as well as health.  If you cut off 
one of their limbs, it will remain as a ghostly green limb, and can 
still function (this means beheaded Green Zombies can still drain 
Sanity).  When they fall, they tend to get back up after a period of 
time, so you have to finish them before they can get back up.  These 
guys are also vulnerable to fire, so if you have a Torch you can drop 
them quickly.

Blue Zombie: These zombies died from drowning, and their bodies are 
full of unstable fluids and gases.  When harmed, they'll writhe and 
glow (Max refers to this as "singing"), and eventually explode.  If 
there is more than one Blue Zombie in an area, they may go through a 
chain reaction, whereby all will explode.  To stop the "singing", knock 
their heads off.  They usually drop to the floor after a couple of 
limbs are knocked off, making them the weakest colored zombies.  If 
they hit you with their arms, they'll drain magick as well as health.


The Bishop: The Bishop constantly drains sanity from you, but you get a 
lot back so it's an even trade.  Although he looks like a decent 
decomposing human, he's basically just a Zombie that can take a lot of 
hits.  Just repeated hitting should be enough.

Trappers: These look like little scorpions.  They cannot see, so if you 
Sneak, you can get by them.  However, if you touch them, they'll send 
you to the Trapper Dimension.  In this dimension, you'll go through a 
colored portal to come out the portal of the same color.  Go through 
the first portal when it's purple to get to the exit and back to where 
you were.  There are good things about the Trapper Dimension, though.  
If you go through one of the other colors, you'll be in an area with a 
shrine that can restore that particular colored meter.  Just be wary of 
the enemies that can prowl here.  If you must kill Trappers, one 
projectile shot works just fine.  Color doesn't really matter when 
going against Trappers, so I didn't bother to document it.

Horror: These horrible creatures have three faces in their bodies, and 
sharp claws on their arms.  They are also colored representing one of 
the Ancients.  The Horror can swipe with its claws, or it can release 
lightning of its color that homes in on you.  When hit, you'll lose 
some of that colored meter (ie. a green Horror will drain Sanity with 
its lightning).  If I don't specify a color of the Horror in the 
walkthrough, assume it's the color of the Artifact picked.  Removing 
the arms will prevent it from swinging, but the best way to put it out 
for good is to knock off the three heads (or eyes, depending) that are 
on the top.  Best to do it with an enchanted weapon, and Shields don't 
hurt, either...

The Possessed: These are dead humans who have been inhabited by 
Bonethieves.  They're pretty fast walkers, but only attack with a 
simple punch.  They can easily gang up on you if there are a few, 
though.  Once killed, the Bonethief inside will spring forth and 
attack.  Whenever you kill one of these guys, or even a normal person 
who hasn't been infected, you'll suffer a severe blow to your Sanity.

Bonethief: These little guys inhabit the bodies of people (and even 
some enemies) and will burst out once the host is destroyed.  Hits to 
the neck should be sufficient to kill it, but be careful, because when 
it falls out of a host, it looks for another, and if it takes you, it's 
all over.  If a Bonethief jumps on you, waggle the Control Stick so it 
doesn't possess you (and subsequently kill you).  With the exception of 
the very first Bonethief, which is always red, all Bonethieves are 
Ruling color.  Although the Green Bonethief appears to have no head, it 
can still be harmed well enough by downstrokes.

Guardian: This inhuman being is not only strong and tough, but it 
knows magick as well.  It can cast Damage Field, Summon Zombie, 
Recovery, and Magickal Attack.  In addition, they can teleport around 
the area if damaged, turning into a ball of light.  Yes, they're 
nasty, but a smart fighter can kill them relatively easy.  Invoke the 
opposing Damage Field, and use the opposing Enchant Item on a 
projectile weapon.  Hide in the field and fire away.  Only four or five 
shots should be more than enough.  Alternatively, once you get Shield, 
you can use it to simply walk through a Guardian's attacks, and hit it 
with an Enchanted melee weapon.  All Guardians in the game are the 
Ruling color.  They have different appearances depending on the Ruling 
color.  Red Guardians are large and spider-like.  Green Guardians look 
like three human torsos fused at the abdomen, one with legs, and the 
other two with arms, but with no heads.  Blue Guardians look like 
floating squids.

Reaper: This being has leathery wings, a skull head, and a spiked tail.  
It shuffles around with its wings folded until you get close, where it 
rears back to stab you with its tail.  With the tail, it drains your 
energy, and uses it to summon a Zombie, Trapper, or even a Horror.  One 
time to strike is when it rears back.  Use whatever weapon works, and 
don't be afraid to enchant your weapon to give it more kick.  Another 
way to cause some decent damage is to strike the Reaper in the back.  
It's relatively undefended there.  Oh, and since this shows up after we 
play as Max, I don't have an autopsy, so I just made up the name.  
Almost all Reapers in the game are the Ruling color.  There's one in 
Roberto's chapter, and another in Michael's chapter that are a Doomed 

Dessicated Warrior: This warrior was once a page for Charlemagne.  Now, 
he's just a mindless walking corpse.  He has a long reach with his 
Two-Edged Sword, so be sure you hit him from behind.

Tentacles: It's not clear what these things are.  They just appear to 
be tentacles coming from the earth with intent to snag you.  One hit 
will make them flinch and back off, so they're not a huge threat.  All 
I can see that they do is continually suck Sanity out of you...

Chattur'gha's Black Guardian: This bad boy has a mouth or something 
in the middle, and two big lobster claws.  The claws can shoot 
fireballs at you (which can be shot down), or be used to slam you if 
you're too close.  If you're too far, it'll whip out its tongue and 
attempt to chow you down, if you don't wiggle free.  After damaging it 
with Magickal Attack while it recharges, it'll shrink the playing 
field and send out three Red Zombies at a time at you, recharging just 
after sending them out.  Zap him then, with a more powerful Magickal 
Attack so you can get past the Zombies.  In the final stage, it's just 
you and his slamming claws.

Xel'lotath's Black Guardian: Xel'lotath's little henchette looks much 
like a large, spindly, dessicated human, except that there's an extra 
pair of arms, and in place of a head, there's a floating Rune of 
Xel'lotath.  For the first part, there will be two attacks, a focused 
lightning attack, and a grappling lightning attack, which you must 
wiggle the Control Stick to get free from, before it drains too much 
Sanity.  When it starts glowing, use your 3 Point Magickal Attack to 
harm it.  In the second stage, it will summon three Green Zombies.  
Back off when the summoning starts.  Once all are summoned, use a 5 or 
7 Point Magickal Attack to hit it as it starts glowing.  In the final 
stage, you'll be very close to the Guardian, and it will use its close 
attack: three runes appear on the ground where you stand, and a green 
beam shoots up soon afterwards.  Keep watching the ground and as soon 
as the Runes appear, run out of their triangle.  Don't constantly run, 
though, as you'll tire out.  Just get far enough and stop.

Ulyaoth's Black Guardian: This guardian is a three-legged creature, 
with a tendril-like maw that points downward, which contains a blue 
sphere.  In the beginning, it will summon balls of electricity that 
track you if you don't shoot them down.  Fire up a 3 Point Magickal 
Attack once it starts recharging (glowing).  In the second stage, it 
will summon three Blue Zombies, and recharge just after summoning them 
(but not if you're too close).  Get far back and as the Zombies start 
to head towards you, invoke a 5 Point Magickal Attack (3 Point dies out 
too quickly).  In the final part, it's just you and his stomping feet.  
Careful you don't mistake a pause in the stomping for a recharge, 
because he likes to fake you out.

Vampire: The Vampire is nasty.  He doesn't look all that different from 
a normal bow-legged humanoid hellbeast, except for the wing-like 
material under his arms.  He has a cloaking ability, which you can 
counter with the opposing Reveal Invisible, and he moves pretty fast.  
He has two attacks: a claw slash, or a lifesuck, which you need to 
wiggle out of.  Bad thing about the Vampire is that he has an obelisk 
he can continually suck energy from if you wound him, so you need to 
get down to the basement of the mansion and take it out.

Pious the Liche: Pious is a jerk...  His staff is Enchanted (which 
he'll whack you with), he's surrounded by a Shield which is being 
supplied by his Master's Essence, he knows Magickal Attack, a 7 Point 
Purple Dispel Magick (which will take out pretty much any magick you 
have in effect), Damage Field, and he can suck out Sanity whenever he 
wants to.  Oh, he can also teleport around if harmed.  Here's how to 
take out Pious.  Enchant your weapon in the opposing Alignment 
(generally, he won't use Dispel if that's all that's active).  Use 3 
Point magick because it's quicker.  Now hit him.  When he gets hit, 
he'll draw more energy from his Master's essence, which will make it 
visible.  Now, hit the Essence.  Keep repeating, even through all the 
weird stuff that happens.  It's important to note that when you're not 
quite "feeling yourself", you need to just hit the artifact without 
being hit back, or you'll go back to normal.  Once the Essence 
shatters, it's just you and Pious.  Keep hitting or shooting (making 
sure your weapon's Enchanted) and Pious will eventually fall.


E. Insanity

What kind of guide would this be without listing the eponymous Sanity 
Effects?  There are different kinds of effects.  There are several 
that only occur in specific places, and will occur even if you've 
lost only a quarter or so of your Sanity.  Then, there are some effects 
that can occur to anyone, and will do so only when your Sanity gets 
pretty low (less than a third).

In general, being pretty insane is accompanied by voices and weird 
chanting, as well as your own character babbling.  That makes a good 
indication that you're going nuts.  Also, as you get more and more 
insane, the camera will tilt at an odd angle.

Note that just about all of the big effects are (relatively) harmless 
and will revert themselves shortly.


Scripted Effects (Are supposed to happen, regardless of how insane you 

The phone will ring.  If you pick it up, a ghostly voice will say 
 "Remember me, Alex?" and hang up.
There are four scenes where we cut back to Alex in the middle of a 
 chapter, and the ghost of Edward (or is it?) speaks to her.  This 
 can happen in Karim's, Lindsey's, Roberto's, Peter's, or Michael's 


Minor Effects (reduced but not seriously low Sanity)

Sounds of knocking on doors reverberate throughout the Mansion or 
 Oublie Cathedral.
Blood seeps from some of the walls. (Happens most everywhere else, too)
Blood drips in large drops from the ceiling.
You can Examine the bathtub in the bathroom on the second floor of the 
 Mansion for a freaky fright.
You can hear footsteps in the Mansion.
You can hear woman's screams, children crying, and the sounds of 
The bust on the second floor hallway will follow your movements.  
 (There is also a bust in Paul's chapter that will do this)
The painting in the hallway on the second floor of the Mansion will 
 change to a hellish scene.
In the Kitchen of the Mansion, you'll see an floating cane tending the 
In the Library of the Mansion, you'll see floating books.
You will enter the dining room and see a hanging corpse.  The corpse 
 will say "The Darkness is coming."


In Room Effects (can happen at any time in an area)

Casting a spell will make your upper torso explode.
Reloading Max's pistol will cause it to fire prematurely and blow his 
 face off.
The word "MUTE" will appear in the upper right corner of your screen, 
 and you won't hear any sound.
A volume meter will appear on the screen and will be screwed with.
The TV will "shut off" (you'll see the screen horizontally collapse 
 into a white line, and then shrink to a white dot).
The TV's video mode will change spontaneously, and you'll hear 
 yourself being beaten up.
The game will "restart".  You'll see the Poe quote at the opening.  
You'll receive a blue screen displaying a "fatal error" (the famous 
 Windows Blue Screen of Death).
Flies will crawl on the TV screen.
If you access your menus, your inventory may be gone.
If you try to save your game, you may end up deleting your files.


Entering Room Effects (happen as you enter a new room)

You'll enter a room full of ammunition.  You won't be able to keep it,
You'll begin to sink into the floor, as if it were quicksand.
You'll begin to shrink in size until you disappear.
You'll grow until you won't be able to fit in the room.
You'll enter a room that will be upside down, and you'll be walking on 
 the ceiling.
Pieces of you will start to fall off; your head, arms, and torso.
You'll find a room full of bad guys, and you'll receive a message 
 saying "Cannot find controller".
Your head will fall off.  You can pick it up as if it were an item.  
 You'll hear Shakespeare quoting Hamlet and you'll have the option of 
 putting your head back on.
A special one: Descending the ladder to Ehn'Gha as Max while insane 
 may put him in his future cell at the sanitarium.
Another special one: When entering the main church hall as Paul, you 
 may get a black and white glimpse of the cathedral over four hundred 
 years later, converted to a military hospital, complete with shells 
 exploding all around.
This one only occurs after completing chapters.  The screen will fade 
 to black, and you'll see a screen that says "The battle is completed, 
 but the war is far from over."  Then another that says "Coming soon, 
 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Redemption".


F. The Whole Story

It all started with a foolish Centurion...

Pious Augustus was sent to the Middle East to find priceless artifacts.  
What he didn't know was that the artifact he was claiming would end up 
changing him forever.  He entered the Forbidden City, and selected one 
of the artifacts.  As he reached out to touch it, it both killed him 
and restored him, turning him into a Liche, and binding him to his 
Master's commands.  He takes the Essence of his Master's greatest 
opposer with him when he leaves.

Pious immediately set about creating a way for his Master to enter this 
world and claim it as his own.  His influence ended up spreading deep 
into the corruption of the world.  Within decades he had many loyal 

Fast forward five hundred years.  A man named Karim seeks a special 
artifact to win the heart of the woman he desires.  He comes to the 
same Forbidden City that Pious came to.  In the end, he is forced to 
guard the remaining artifact forever in undeath.

At some point afterwards, Pious takes action against the greatest 
threat to his Master's cause, the Keeper of the Ancients, Mantorok.  
He casts huge pillars into the beast's flesh, mortally wounding it and 
forcing it to die over the course of millenia.

Eventually, the Master's influence spreads through Europe, and Pious 
creates a place of worship and sacrifice in Amiens, France.  He used 
this place to store the Essence of his Master's opposer, so that none 
would ever use its power, and he set the creature known as the Black 
Guardian to watch over it.  It is from this base that he strikes out at 
all who would propose to slow the progress of the Ancients, through 
direct opposition, or through simple reform.  He claimed many lives, 
including that of Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor, who was killed 
right in Amiens, despite the efforts of his page, Anthony.

Pious knew that even though Mantorok was no longer a threat, his 
Essence still had great power.  In the 1100s, he set out in an 
attempt to retrieve it, but could not find it amongst Mantorok's body.  
By chance, a dancer named Ellia discovered the temple that Mantorok 
was imprisoned in, and discovered the Corpse God.  Those who 
worshipped it entrusted her with Mantorok's Essence.  She couldn't 
protect it for long, though, at least alive, as Pious killed her, 
thinking she was nothing more than a nuisance.  Her body remained 
entombed with Mantorok.

One of the preparations necessary to bring the Master into the world 
was sacrifice.  People dying horrible deaths was good, but not enough.  
In the mid-1400s, Pious set out to create a monument for his Master.  
This monument would consist of a pillar of human bodies, cemented into 
place as they were buried alive.  An architect named Roberto Bianchi 
was tasked to survey the site, and it was his explorations that led 
him to the Essence that the Persian warrior Karim had stayed in spirit 
to protect.  After surviving the test, Roberto took the Essence into 
his keeping, but it was buried with him as he was made part of the 

The Ancients had their hands in many atrocities throughout history, 
including the Inquistion of the 1400s.  As time marched onward, the 
monastery that served as Pious' headquarters became Oublie Cathedral, 
and Pious posed as a holy man to hide his true intentions.  Even 
though his cover was sound, he was forced to destroy many that 
intruded, even in curiosity, including Brothers Andrew and Paul Luther 
of the Franciscan order, the latter of which was slain by the Black 
Guardian that guarded the Essence that Pious kept imprisoned.  
Eventually, Pious and his order left the cathedral, as humanity was 
doing just fine bringing about death and destruction, not needing his 
help.  The Essence remained there, and the Black Guardian maintained 
its vigil.

Through some cosmic design, or simple chance, one family was eventually 
thrust into the conflict against the Ancients full front.  In ancient 
times, a city existed beneath what is now Rhode Island.  This city, 
Ehn'Gha, housed a civilization with enough power that it could oppose 
the Ancients.  Pious responded to this threat by sending his Guardian 
beasts into the city, turning its rivers red with the blood of its 
inhabitants, and setting the creatures to guard the city, lest others 
use its power.  Eventually, the city was all but forgotten, and there 
seemed to be no problem when a family named Roivas settled in that area 
in colonial times, eventually erecting an estate.  It was Dr. 
Maximillian Roivas who first encountered the city in 1760.  He 
discovered it in the foundations of the very mansion he had recently 
inherited.  He attempted to gain help to free the city, but the very 
humanity he intended to save imprisoned him in an asylum, there to 
eke out his days.

Through war, deceit, and murder, Pious continued to disrupt the course 
of humanity.  In the early 1900s, Pious' Master was most pleased when 
the entire world erupted into war.  Pious himself was away from his 
headquarters in Oublie Cathedral.  Had he been there at the time, he 
might have prevented what followed.  A unsuspecting journalist named 
Peter Jacob was in the cathedral when it was being used as a field 
hospital.  Once the evil in the cathedral made its prescence known, 
he retreated to the tunnels beneath, found and slew the Black 
Guardian, and acquired the Essence trapped there.

The Roivas family was thrust into battle again in 1952, when the 
current owner of the mansion, Dr. Edward Roivas, was following in his 
forebearer's footsteps.  He too discovered the city of Ehn'Gha, just as 
Maximillian had.  Where his ancestor failed, he succeeded, and 
decimated the city's evil inhabitants.  Although a victory against the 
Master, it was not enough to save humanity.  He realized that he 
needed more power than was in the city to win.

The Essence of Mantorok, still unaccounted for, was a niggling pain in 
Pious.  In 1983, he disguised himself, and contracted the use of modern 
technology, and the explorer Dr. Edwin Lindsey.  The two found the 
temple that held Mantorok's corpse.  Now, Pious could feel the Essence, 
and attempted to kill Lindsey.  He escaped his death, however, and 
obtained Mantorok's heart before Pious could, when he took it from the 
corpse of the dancer girl Ellia, where it had remained for centuries.

During Operation Desert Storm, in 1991, firefighters were working to 
put out oil fires in Kuwait.  Due to pure luck, a firefighter named 
Michael Edwards was knocked into the Forbidden City during an 
explosion.  He received the last remaining Essence from Roberto's 
spirit, and proceeded to destroy the evil temple.

All three who had Essences, Peter Jacob, Edwin Lindsey, and Michael 
Edwards, eventually found their way to the Gathering of Light, which 
turned out to be an unsuspecting mansion in Rhode Island.  Edward 
Roivas took all three Essences into his possession over the years.  
One he hid in his bookcase, another he sealed in his safe, and the 
third, just to be safe, he sent blindly through the postal service, 
where it would end back up at his house in the year 2000 AD.  He knew 
this would be the correct year, as it was the time of the full 
planetary alignment, when Pious' Master would enter our world.

But, as a frail old man, Edward knew that it was not his destiny to 
face the Master.  He was little surprised when, at the time just before 
the planetary alignment, he was killed by one of Pious' creatures.  

He knew it was the task of his granddaughter, Alexandra Roivas, the 
last member of the line, to take up the burden and defeat the Ancients.  
He made sure that when she arrived, she'd learn the history of those 
who had come before her, so she'd be ready when facing the evil.

Just as Edward designed, she arrived soon after his murder, learned 
the history, collected the Essences that Edward had gathered, and used 
them to summon her own Ancient that ended up destroying the one Pious 
summoned.  She then destroyed Pious in mortal combat, ending the 
efforts of the Ancients for the time being.

It then dawned on Alex that her efforts here were not alone.  In 
different realities, different universes, others were fighting the 
same fight, and the realization came to her that all three Ancients 
were destroyed.  It was all thanks to Mantorok, who'd spent his many 
dying days taking revenge on the Ancients who defeated him, by 
manipulating and guiding those "Chosen Ones".  Through his connections 
to the realities, he was able to pit all three Ancients against each 
other, simultaneously, and destroy them all, leaving him alone in his 
waning days... plotting....

And the big question...  What is the Tome of Eternal Darkness?  I'll 
tell you one thing; it's not just a simple book.  My theory is that it 
may not actually exist as we know it.  It has been around before the 
time of humanity, and it seems to try to find those Chosen Ones.  If 
the Chosen are far away, the Tome will call to them, drawing them into 
the Temple of Eternal Darkness, where it waits for them to claim it 
of their own free will.  In that temple, the Chosen Ones will see 
those that had fallen before them in their fight against the Ancients.  
Given the revelations of the "final" ending, it is probably controlled 
by Mantorok himself, or at least guided.  The Mantorok Rune on the 
cover is enough evidence of that...


G. Extra Stuff

There's something good waiting for you at the end of the game.  When 
you beat the game once, you'll be given the opportunity to save your 
clear data.  Do so, and when you start a new game, you'll be given the 
option to start again, and choose a different Ancient to free.

After beating the game once, you'll have the option to view the 
Credits whenever you want.

After beating the game twice (with the second time using the 
continuing save file), you'll activate the Jump to Game option, where 
you can play any chapter you want, any alignment that you've already 

After beating the game three times (using the continuing save file), 
not only will you see the final ending, but you'll also activate the 
Eternal Mode, which you can use in Jump to Game mode.  In this mode, 
you're completely invincible.  None of you meters will decrease ever, 
and your projectile weapons will have unlimited ammo, so go nuts...


6. Standard Guide Stuff


A. Legal

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2001-2002 Scott 
"CyricZ" Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and 
claim it as your own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask 
me first, and that includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t 
post this on your site unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put 
a lot of time into this.  Give me some credit...

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this 
FAQ.  They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the ED guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed 
sites that I trust.


B. E-mail Guidelines

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the 
- Make sure it has something to do with Eternal Darkness for God's 
sake.  I don't want spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  
Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, though...
- Make sure you say Eternal Darkness at one point in your e-mail.  I 
have more than one FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I 
kill the last boss?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...

Oh, and there's no need to e-mail me about new stuff.  Well, except for 
Sanity Effects.  If you're going to e-mail me some Effects, make sure 
you describe them explicity (include who you were, as it may be 


C. Credits

CJayC and Al Amaloo for having this on their sites.


D. Version Updates

Version 0.4 - 06/29/02 - This is a visibility edition.  Got the first 
 six chapters up.

Version 1.0 - 07/01/02 - Okay.  I've been through the game once, so the 
whole game is up there.  I'll continue to update as I discover new 
things in the other paths, including what those darned Effigies are 
really for...

Version 1.1 - 07/05/02 - I've beaten Ulyaoth's game, and am now going 
for the last one.  Now, all the chapters are fixed.  All enemies are 
fixed and yes, I've figured out what the Effigies are for.  Stop 
e-mailing me about it.  Thank you.

Version 1.2 - 07/07/02 - Done and done.  Having beaten the game three 
times, this guide's pretty much a wrap, with the exception of a few 
loose Sanity Effects...

Version 1.3 - 07/21/02 - Hey, a purdy ASCII title for ya, and some more 
Sanity Effects.  Also, I've made several corrections.


E. The Final Word

Despite the scariness, this is a fun game, and I get the feeling this 
will shut up the "kiddy" fanatics who bash Nintendo.  Well, no, it 
probably won't shut 'em up completely, but I digress...

Since we're now finished, you may offer whatever you want.  Insights 
into the plot, better ways to take out enemies, what have you...

My dear reader.  I will always be at your side.  There are times when 
insanity takes hold, and nothing seems right.  During those times I 
will help you.  Fear not, for I will keep the darkness away...

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