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FAQ/Walkthrough by NekoFever

Version: 0.37 | Updated: 07/30/02

              ##########                       ####       8##                  
               8##8   #############@@@@@@@@@@@@ ####%###% ###%  8##8           
               8##O #8 %# @#  # #@ %@ @%@@   @@8@@@@8%@  #####   ##            
               8#####8    @#"   @@@@@   @@@@@@  @@ @@%@ "##%##8  ##            
  @@@@@@@88    8##O #8 @@ @@"   @@   %@%88 O8@% @@ O@@@ @@  %@@  ##  ##        
  ###########8 @##@88#@@8 @@   @@@@@8@@8888  888@@  o@@@@@@O@@@@@@@@@@         
   @##@   ############@@ %@@@o@@@@@@ o888888   8888  @@   %@@@O @@@@8 %####%#  
   @##@    #### %## o#@@@@@@@@%@@@%  "888%8888 888%   @O  ###@    #@@@@@ %#### 
   @##@    o###@####  @@@   @@@@@@%%888"   8888 8%88@8@###%####@##  %###"   ## 
   @##@    o##### ##% @@@#@@%  @@@@@@@@@   88O888% @@OO# 8@ 8###@@@@@@@#@@@#@  
   @##@    @######### ###  @@@%@@@@  o@@@% @@ o@@% @@%8#  ##    O#@@@% "######O
   @###   %#####   ###%%%8  o%%@@@8    @@@@%%% o@8 ##  O%####%    #####    O###
  O####@######888 88888      o@##@## o##@@@@O   o8%%%%8888o#########"####%%### 
  ########@@                                     %         8  %@#@   ##O####@  

                S  A  N  I  T  Y  '  S     R  E  Q  U  I  E  M
                                                          FAQ/Walkthrough v0.37


ETERNAL DARKNESS: Sanity's Requiem (GameCube)

By Olly Dean, nekofever@hotmail.com
Last Updated: 7/23/02
This Document © 2002 Olly Dean



  c. STORY
  d. FAQ
       (a) Alexandria Roivas - I - "A Death in the Family"
      Chapter 1:
       (b) Pious Augustus - "The Chosen One"
       (c) Alexandria Roivas - II - "The Eternal Darkness"
      Chapter 2:
       (d) Ellia - "The Binding of the Corpse God"
       (e) Alexandria Roivas - III - "The Absent Horror"
      Chapter 3:
       (f) Anthony - "Suspicions of Conspiracy"
       (g) Alexandria Roivas - IV - "Conspiracy Revealed"
      Chapter 4:
       (h) Karim - "The Gift of Forever"
       (i) Alexandria Roivas - V - "The Shadow of Corruption"
      Chapter 5:
       (j) Maximillian Roivas - "Lurking Horror"
       (k) Alexandria Roivas - VI - "Humanity Prevails"
      Chapter 6:
       (l) Edwin Lindsey - "Journey Into Darkness"


Eternal Darkness started life a long time ago as a Nintendo 64 project by a 
near-unknown developer known as Silicon Knights. All was progressing well 
until they were snapped up and became a second-party developer for Nintendo. 
The Big N needed some "M" rated games for the Cube to try and get rid of their 
reputation as a company that only made kids games, and so they shifted 
development from the ailing N64 onto their new console.

Since then the press has been teased with new shots and movies every so often, 
and the occasional beta version has been played, but both Nintendo and Silicon 
Knights have remained tight-lipped about details. Buzzwords like "psychological 
thriller" and "insanity" trickled out, and by the time the game was ready for 
release, the hype surrounding this new game was reaching fever pitch. And 
that's where we are now....

1.c. STORY

** This is a spoiler-free version of the story, it will simply give you a small 
insight into the storyline without spoiling it for those who haven't played the 
game yet **

Long before mankind there was a species that lived on the earth known only as 
The Ancients. They were not bound by the rules of physics or nature, but for 
unknown reasons were driven into the recesses of the earth. Knowing that when 
they return humanity wouldn't have a chance, some people have been trying to 
win their favour by bringing them back using many forms of black magic and 
evil rituals.

The only people who can stop this are a chosen few who upon coming into 
contact with the Tome Of Eternal Darkness must show courage to overcome the 
evil which is coming....

1.d. FAQ

Q.  What is a "Requiem"?
A.  According to dictionary.com:

      1. a. A mass for a deceased person.
         b. A musical composition for such a mass.
      2. A hymn, composition, or service for the dead.

    So basically the subtitle "Sanity's Requiem" is referring to the death of 
    sanity, as in your sanity meter in the game.

Q. When was this game released?
A. June 24th 2002 in the US, and it doesn't have a set date yet in Japan or 

Q. How many playable characters are in the game?
A. Twelve, all in different time periods.

Q. Does it matter which artifact I pick as Pious?
A. Yes, it will affect the game as you play. If you want to know what each 
   one does, read the following:

      Green - Pious aligns himself with Xel'lathoth and gains the 
              power to make people insane. Throughout the game your 
              sanity will drain much faster than the other routes. 
              To compensate for this enemies are easier to kill.
      Blue  - Pious aligns himself with Ulyaoth. Enemies do more 
              magick damage and will explode. This may sound easier 
              but they also do damage to your life and sanity so 
              this route is recommended for your second or third 
              time through.
      Red   - Pious aligns himself with Chutter'gha. Pick this if 
              you're an intermediate player. Enemies do more damage 
              to your health but your sanity will not be drained as 
              much. Enemies also regenerate body parts if you don't 
              finish them off.


L TRIGGER     - Run
R TRIGGER     - Lock onto enemy/cycle through enemies
Z BUTTON      - Reload weapon (where applicable)
A BUTTON      - Attack/select
B BUTTON      - Context sensitive (action will appear on-screen)
C STICK       - Rotate item while checking
X BUTTON      - Sneak
Y BUTTON      - Quick spell
D-PAD         - Quick spells/Zoom item
CONTROL STICK - Move character/change attack direction
START/PAUSE   - Open/close menu


** Coming when the walkthrough is finished **



There are more characters than this in the game, but these are the profiles from 
the manual.

- AD 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
- Alexandra, a student at a Washington university, is a headstrong and independant 
  woman. Imaginative and quite intelligent, Alexandra is completing her graduate 
  degree in abstract mathematics and number theory. She is stubborn, and her 
  obstinate attitude often gets her into trouble. She has returned to Rhode Island 
  to tend to her deceased grandfather's estate and to find some answers about 
  his gruesome death.

- 26 BC - Persia
- Born into a family of wealthy patricians, Pious Augustus joined the army of the
  Roman Empire at an early age. Pious was a centurion and commander during the
  empire's campaigns in Persia. He is now in his late twenties - many of his
  peers have retired to lives in Roman politics, but he remains a loyal soldier
  of the empire. Although Pious has grown weary of constant fighting, he
  continues, driven by the belief that life has a greater purpose in store for

- AD 1150 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
- Ellia was born into servitude and raised as a dancer in the court of
  Suryavarman II, the king who reunited the Khmer empire after years of unrest.
  After finding and reading a strange book, she yearns for adventure. Her
  curiosity leads her into a temple, where she uncovers secrets she was never
  meant to find.

- AD 814 - Amiens, France
- Description coming soon...

- AD 565 - Persia
- Karim is a brash young man of noble heritage trtained in the arts of the sword.
  He spends his time seeking adventure and the hand of many a lady. His heart
  has been won by a mysterious woman named Chandra, and his life is thrust into
  a new perspective. He wishes to marry her, but Chandra has other ideas. She
  wants to make use of Karim's skill at swordcraft and adventure, and in return
  for her love, she asks him to locate a lost relic.

- AD 1760 - Rhode Island, USA
- Maximillian, a learned medical doctor, lectures at many universities within
  the United States. Although not a famous scholar, he is certainly respected
  by both his students and peers. Maximillian is a somewhat portly man in his
  mid-fifties. His wife passed on years ago, after fighting consumption for many
  years. His three children, themselves now adults, visit him from time to time.
  More often than not, though, he remains alone in the family estate, left to
  his own devices. His children fear for his sanity - they believe it is
  unhealthy for an old man to be left alone in such a large house. They may be

- AD 1952 - Rhode Island, USA
- Edward is in his early thirties, and he has always prided himself on his
  rational attitude. Continuing a long family tradition of scholarly pursuits.
  Edward Roivas is a practicing psychiatrist living in his family's ancestral
  home in Rhode Island. He has spent much time studying the works of Freud and
  Jung. Now, confronted by an irrational world, he finds himself privy to dark
  secrets his reasoning can barely comprehend.


NOTE: I will leave all spoilers out of this walkthrough, however if they are 
      an essential clue to the storyline I will point it out.

(a) Alexandria Roivas - I - "A Death in the Family"

Watch the introduction, making note of the time on the alarm clock when it 
wakes Alexandria - 3:33.

When you gain control of Alexandria, go to the ticking clock between the 
staircases. Remove the key from it and take it. Upon examining it Alexandria 
realises that this is a DRESSER KEY. Go to the door nearest the camera on the 
right-hand wall. In this library-like room, carry on walking through until 
you come to the end. Go to the Grandfather clock and set the time to 3:33.

A secret passageway will open up to you. Enter it to find the hidden study. 
Go to the far wall and take the GLADIUS from the wall. Now go to the desk and 
read the book on it. Watch the cut-scene.

(b) Pious Augustus - "The Chosen One"

You will now be with Pious and some of his soldiers outside a temple in 
Persia. After the cut-scene (they're speaking Latin before you ask) you will 
be inside the temple.

Go down the ladder in the centre of the room and you will be in a corridor 
with 'dead' zombies littering the floor. Walk forward and one of the zombies 
will come to life. Hold the R trigger to target it and press up to target 
it's head. Press A to cut off the head and it will be unable to see you. 
Hack at it's body until it falls to the floor, then press B to finish it. 
Kill the other two in the same way and take the GRANITE BLOCK on the floor.

Go through the door and kill the two zombies. Take the second GRANITE BLOCK 
and go through the door. In this room there are more zombies than before, but 
to get past them run around and decapitate them one at a time. When they're 
beheaded you can easily kill them off. Take the third GRANITE BLOCK and head 
through the door into the next room. Kill the zombies in the corridor and 
the following room using the same tactics as the last group. When they're 
defeated take the fourth GRANITE BLOCK, and put it and the other three in 
their corresponding coloured slots in the wall. This will open a previously-
locked door in the corridor.

Go back to the corridor and through the locked door. There will be a statue 
in the middle of the room, to pass it cut off the head first, then each arm, 
and finally slash the torso. The door ahead will open. Through the door kill 
the zombies and press the button on the glowing symbol. Walk into the light 
that it activates.

In this room there will be three pedestals, each with their own colour and 
symbol. Whichever one you pick will determine your path through the game:

Red - The enemies will be tougher, and they will also have the ability to 
regenerate body parts.

Green - Your sanity meter will play a major role, and your character will 
lose their sanity faster.

Blue - You will focus more on your magick skills.

If you want a more detailed explanation read the following:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! BEGIN SPOILER !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Green - Pious aligns himself with Xel'lathoth and gains the 
        power to make people insane. Throughout the game your 
        sanity will drain much faster than the other routes. 
        To compensate for this enemies are easier to kill.
Blue  - Pious aligns himself with Ulyaoth. Enemies do more 
        magick damage and will explode. This may sound easier 
        but they also do damage to your life and sanity so 
        this route is recommended for your second or third 
        time through.
Red   - Pious aligns himself with Chutter'gha. Pick this if 
        you're an intermediate player. Enemies do more damage 
        to your health but your sanity will not be drained as 
        much. Enemies also regenerate body parts if you don't 
        finish them off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! END SPOILER !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- End of Chapter -

(c) Alexandria Roivas - II - "The Eternal Darkness"

When you return to Alexandria, you will have the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS 
in your possession. From this point on the book will simply be know as the 
TOME. Take the page of the TOME from the glass cabinet behind you. Use it 
in the inventory to move on to the next chapter.

(d) Ellia - "The Binding of the Corpse God"

After the introductory cut-scene, go up to the statue at the far end of the 
room. Take the STRANGE NECKLACE. Don't be afraid to use this if you're injured 
to the point of limping. The door to the right will slam shut, so enter the 
opposite one. Walk past the zombies, and where possible avoid walking on the 
lighter tiles in the floor as they are traps and will activate one of several 
traps; falling blades (when there is a gap dash through), poison darts (simply 
run through and they probably won't hit you), or crushing doors (run through 
as they are opening).

In this next room you will be introduced to your sanity meter thanks to a 
mummy. If it manages to grab you waggle the control stick until it releases 
you. Decapitate it and knock it to the floor. Finishing it with B will return 
the sanity that you lost. When it is dead go up to the candles on the altar. 
Press X to extinguish the one on the right and the door will partially open. 
Take the BRONZE NECKLACE and return to the first room. Place the BRONZE 
NECKLACE on the statue and the other door will open. Go through it.

Avoid the traps and enter the next room where you will face off against a red 
zombie. Follow the usual sequence - decapitate, attack, finish. Go to the 
candles and extinguish all but the middle one. Go through the new door and 
avoid the traps. When you reach the halfway point you will find a blowgun on 
an altar. Pick it up and watch what happens.

Around the corner to the right there is a guard being attacked by a zombie. 
Kill the zombie with your blowgun but do not kill the guard. Go back to where 
you fell and pick up the broken pieces of your short sword. Take it to the 
guard you saved and he will repair it for you. Go through another hallway of 
traps. Kill the zombies in the next room and move on to the next hallway. 
When you make it through to the next room there will be a mixed group of 
zombies. If they hit each other they will begin to fight so use that to your 
advantage and let them attack each other, then mop up afterwards. Remember 
to finish them all off.

Continue on until you reach the room containing the Mantorok. Watch the cut-
scene. After the cut-scene go to the statue in front of the Mantorok and take 
the METAL STAFF. Go back to the round room without the fire in the middle and 
use the METAL STAFF on the slot in the central part. It was shown when you 
first entered the room. This will open up a door behind the Mantorok. Go back 
to the Mantorok room and walk around to the door. Enter and watch the cut-

- End of Chapter -

(e) Alexandria Roivas - III - "The Absent Horror"

When you regain control of Alex, go to the candles which lit in the cut-scene. 
Arrange them so that only the one on the left is alight and a secret compartment 
will open. Inside there is a MESSAGE TUBE. Open it to find the next CHAPTER 
PAGE. First though, a cut-scene will start showing Pious and his master 
talking about Charlemagne the Frank.

When the cut-scene is over, go into your inventory and use the CHAPTER PAGE to 
start the next chapter.

(f) Anthony - "Suspicions of Conspiracy"

After the introductory cut-scene, go up the stairs at the top of the screen. 
You will be transported to a walkway with a hand at the end holding the TOME. 
Go and pick up the TOME and you will be transported back to the stairs. Go 
down into the main room. Along the same wall as the stairs there is a door 
to Charlemagne's chambers. Try and open it, but you'll need the BISHOP'S KEY. 
Now go to the casket by the altar and open it. After the cut-scene one of the 
monks will give you a SCRAMASAX, a sword. Equip it.

Go back to the stairs and climb to the top. On the second floor Anthony will 
begin to transform thanks to the spell he was bewitched with. Grab the BLUE 
URN from the back shelf and pick up the CIRCLE OF POWER from the desk. This 
will be explained to you as the first step of casting spells. Go to the 
bookcases and look at the middle shelf. Pull the out-of-place book and go 
down the ladder it reveals.

In this passage there are three zombies, one of which contains a RUNE. Kill 
them all and get the RUNE, another step in the process of making magick. In 
the next room make note of what happens with the torch. Save the monk and 
talk to him. He will tell you that the Bishop went crazy, causing him to 
drop his GREEN URN. He'll then give you a TWO-EDGED SWORD. Pick up and equip 
the TORCH and walk near the burned tapestry. Pick up the three broken pieces 
of the GREEN URN. Go into your inventory and mix them all together so that 
you have the BROKEN GREEN URN. Go through the door that was hidden by the 

There is another zombie containing a RUNE at the bottom of the stairs. Kill 
it to get the RUNE, and pick up the MAGICKAL CODEX on the floor. This is 
used to decipher runes so that you can make spells. When you walk through 
the door the spell will again harm Anthony. Kill the zombies and pick up 
the CODEX in the middle. Go to the fountain and pick up the FILLED RED URN. 
Try to use the BLUE URN on the fountain but you will drop it and find a 
RUNE inside. You can now combine your RUNES on the CIRCLE OF POWER to 
create a spell that can repair items. Use it on the two broken urns, then 
use the urns on the fountain to fill them. Equip the TORCH and burn away 
the tapestry by attacking it. Go through the door it reveals.

In this corridor there is a single zombie, but in this limited space it's 
best to use the SCRAMASAX to defeat it. Continue on into the next room to 
see the Bishop disappearing into a secret passage which closes behind him. 
On the floor in front of you is a pressure pad (stand on it to see what 
happens). Use all three FILLED URNS on it, pick up the SPELL SCROLL and 
CODEX and go through the secret passage. This corridor is empty so just run 
through it to the door. Watch the cut-scene.

Now you have to fight the Bishop and two zombies. Run around and avoid 
their attacks. When you can, slash at their heads. When the Bishop dies 
he will drop the BISHOP'S KEY. Finish them all off to regain some of your 
sanity. Head back the way you came. In the previously-empty corridor 
Anthony will be hurt even more by the spell, and you will have to kill two 
zombies. There are more zombies in the next room, and in the next corridor 
you will meet a new enemy, the Trapper. Hold X to sneak past it, otherwise 
it will send you to the Trapper's Dimension. If you end up there just run 
through the coloured portals until you reach the exit. There is another 
Trapper in the next room.

There are three zombies in the room with the staircase you came down 
before, and after you kill them you can continue to the ladder. By now 
Anthony will be injured to the point of limping everywhere by the spell. 
When you reach the second floor again, a giant monster will appear. This 
is a Horror. It will block off the staircase so you'll have no choice 
but to fight it. Attack it's heads and arms until it goes down. Depending 
on what path you chose as Pious it's attacks will affect you in different 
ways - green will deplete your sanity, red will deplete your health, and 
blue will go for your magick. When it goes down remember to finish it off.

Go down the stairs and kill the three zombies here, then go to the locked 
door and use the BISHOP'S KEY on it. Watch the cut-scene.

- End of Chapter -

(g) Alexandria Roivas - IV - "Conspiracy Revealed"

Now for some fun in the mansion, as Alex has become slightly insane. Leave 
the study and go to the main hall (who's that knocking at the doors?). Go up 
to the second floor and use the SECOND FLOOR KEY on the double doors if you 
haven't already. It will break, but luckily Alex can now use the Enchant 
spell to repair it. Now open the door.

In this corridor turn right first (watch the bust as you walk past) and 
enter the bedroom. You can find .38 REVOLVER AMMO in here. Before you leave, 
enter the other door (not the one you entered through) to find the bathroom. 
Pick up the PAGE OF THE JOURNAL OF MAXIMILLIAN ROIVAS. Read it, but before 
you leave check the bath for a surprise. Now leave the bathroom and leave 
the bedroom. Walk to the far end of the corridor to see something spooky, 
then enter the door nearest the fork (you can't enter the room at the end 
and the middle room is too dark to see anything).

In here pick up the .36 REVOLVER AMMO and look at the painting above the 
desk. There is a chapter page hidden behind it, so take it and read it.

(h) KARIM - "The Gift of Forever"

After the beginning cut-scene you will be in a room familiar to anyone who 
played as Pious only this time dead men and zombies litter the floor. Like 
before, go down the ladder. This time it will transport you to the corridor 
where you can get the TOME. When you return to the first room the zombies 
will come to life, but they shouldn't pose a problem for you. Kill them all 
and finish them off. Go down the ladder when you're ready to go on.

In this underground tunnel you'll find three zombies coming at you. Kill 
them and take the WHITE STATUETTE from the pedestal. As you round the corner 
a zombie with a RUNE inside will attack you. Kill it to get the SANTAK RUNE. 
When both items are in your possession head up the ladder (NOT the one you 
came down).

In this room there is a pillar with candles around it in the middle. The 
three pressure pads (the dark circles on the ground) each activate some of 
the candles. Stand on one of them and use the WHITE STATUETTE to hold it 
down. Go to the yellow forcefield at the far end of the room, and the RUNE 
you picked up should lower it. Go down the ladder into another similar 
underground tunnel and take the torch off the wall. Kill the zombies, then 
pick up the BLACK STATUETTE and the CODEX. Go back to the room with the 
pressure pads and use the BLACK STATUETTE on another one of the pads. Go to 
the third one and stand on it yourself. This will raise a platform with four 
Trappers on it. If you need health, magick, or sanity get yourself caught by 
them and go through the corresponding portal in the Trapper Dimension.

When you're ready to go on, sneak past them and stand on the platform. Face 
the middle and activate it to go down. It's probably best to save here, then 
walk forward. The third body in this corridor will have a TULWAR sticking in 
it. Pick it up for some double-bladed action but when it comes to life just 
run away - killing it will make a Bone Theif jump out which is very hard to 
kill and will probably drain almost all of you sanity. Run through the door 
before it gets to you.

In this room there is the RECOVERY SPELL SCROLL and two zombies. Grab the item 
and don't kill the zombie nearest to the the camera when you enter as it 
contains a Bone Thief. You can kill the other one if you want to, then escape 
through the door on the left at the top of the screen. Kill all the zombies in 
this room and use your SCARAB (healing item) if your health is low because you 
have a big battle coming up. Go into the top door where you will have to fight 
a Horror. Your double-blades will make it easier, but you still have to cut off 
the heads to finish it quickly. Vanquishing it will give you the NAROKATH RUNE 
and you can pick up the SANTAK CODEX from the altar.

Leave the room and watch out for the Trappers. Let them get you if you need to 
top up your health/magick/sanity. Walk up to the forcefield and go down the 
ladder. Walk ahead and you can pick up the NAROKATH CODEX. If you don't have it 
yet this should automatically give you the Recovery spell which you can use to 
replenish magick. This will also allow you to replenish sanity when you find 
the green alignment rune and health when you find the red. Get prepared for a 
big battle and enter the open door.

Ahead of you is the RAM DAO, the most badass sword ever. Although it swings 
quite slowly, you can easily take off multiple heads and torsos with a single 
swing. Equip it and kill all the enemies as they appear, and eventually you'll 
reach the last wave of enemies. One of the zombies contains the ALIGNMENT RUNE 
of whichever colour you selected as Pious (green in my case), and the other 
two contain Bone Theives. Kill them all and the door will reopen.

Return to the room where there is a zombie you didn't kill containing a Bone 
Theif. Enchant the RAM DAO with whichever alignment you received just now and 
use it on the sealed door. Open it and in the next corridor climb the ladder 
and get the RUBY EFFIGY guarded by Trappers. When you've got it, climb back 
into the corridor and climb over the rubble at the end. In the corridor you 
emerge in a Horror will be waiting around the corner. Dodge it (it's not worth 
fighting) and climb down the ladder behind it.

In this room heal up, set your spells to keys on the controller, and place the 
TOME on the hand. This will open the gate, and you can then reclaim the TOME 
and walk through. Here a forcefield will block the corridor (avoid it as it 
will knock you back and take health) and kill the waves of enemies that come 
through. It's a good idea to leave headless zombies as sometimes the new 
zombies will attack them on the way to get you. When all the progressively-
tougher zombies are killed a Horror will arrive. Run into the round open area 
at the bottom of the screen (where Pious chose his alignment) and when the 
Horror arrives chop at it's heads with the RAM DAO. The barrier will vanish 
and you can claim the artifact that appears. Watch the cut-scene.

- End of Chapter -

(i) Alexandria Roivas - V - "The Shadow of Corruption"

When you are back as Alex, go out of the secret room, and out of the Library 
into the Main Hall. If you hear a phone ringing and want to answer it, it's 
on the cabinet on the opposite side of the Hall. Enter the door next to the 
phone to end up in the Dining Room.

In here you should find a door that's been magically sealed like the one in 
Karim's chapter. Enchant Alex's GLADIUS with the alignment colour you found 
in the last chapter and use it on the door to open up the Pantry. In there 
you should find a JAR. Check the jar to find the next chapter page inside 

(j) Maximillian Roivas - "Lurking Horror"

After the cut-scene, you will begin playing as Max in his study. In this 
room you will find a pouch of FLINTLOCK AMMO. Leave the room and explore the 
second floor (there are no enemies), picking up FLINTLOCK AMMO as you find it. 
In the Master Bedroom you will find LETTER #1 (which you should read) and the 
REDGORMOR CODEX. When you've got all the booty head downstairs. Don't worry 
about the servants walking around for the time being, and go to the table 
between the stairs to pick up LETTER #2 (which you should also read).

Go into the Dining Room and pick up the PUMP HANDLE from the pantry. Take 
the ALIGNMENT CODEX from the mantlepiece and pick up any FLINTLOCK AMMO. Now 
head to the Drawing Room. In here check for any FLINTLOCK AMMO then look at 
the mantlepiece. Move the raven statue to whatever colour opposes the colour 
chosen by Pious (red if he chose green, green if he chose blue, blue if he 
chose red). Press A to open the secret passage, and go through.

You will emerge in the secret study. Take the SECOND FLINTLOCK from the wall, 
the REVEAL INVISIBLE SCROLL from the chair, and the TOME from the desk. You 
will see a Horror drop into the Main Hall. LETTER #3 will drop out of the TOME, 
so read it. When you're ready to leave the study be careful as the servant in 
the Drawing Room has a Bone Thief inside. Just run away from it and enter the 
Main Hall. Avoid the possessed servant and aim your flintlocks at the head of 
the Horror. Step back into the Dining Room (where there is a Trapper which you 
can kill with your flintlocks) to reload, then go back out and shoot the 
Horror in the head again. Repeat until it dies and you get the REDGORMOR RUNE. 
When you kill it you will notice that Max can perform an autopsy of it before 
finishing it, after which you can finish it. You can view autopsies in the 
cinema menu.

Go up to the second floor and around to the left towards the stained-glass 
window. Behind the cabinet on the left you will find LETTER #4 and the 
BASEMENT KEY. As you get it a Bone Theif will jump through the window, but 
due to Max's high sanity they're not nearly as tough as they were to other 
people. A couple of slashes with a saber will take it down so you can perform 
an autopsy.

Now head back downstairs, but as you go through the door a "dream" fight with 
a Horror will begin. Kill it by shooting it in the head a couple of times and 
finishing it with your saber and you will get the ALIGNMENT RUNE of whatever 
your opposing colour is. This will allow you to use Recover to regain health, 
which is very useful. Re-enter the Main Hall and go to the symbol on the wall 
to the right of the stairs. Use the REVEAL INVISIBLE spell with the alignment 
opposing the symbol to reveal the basement door. Use the BASEMENT KEY on it 
and enter.

In the basement you will find two zombies, one of which contains a Bone Thief. 
Kill them all, getting an autopsy of one of the zombies. Pick up all the items 
the well and go down the ladder. At the bottom there is one basic zombie which 
shouldn't cause you any grief containing the BANKOROK RUNE (this will complete 
the DAMAGE FIELD SPELL). When you've got that you can go into the magick menu, 
select 'New Spell', and combine the BANKOROK and REDGORMOR runes to create 
Spell 7 (SHIELD SPELL). Go down the steps and check out the view, then walk 
up to the forcefield. Make sure you're fully sane and healed up, then save. Go 
down the steps.

Here you will face a Guardian. It has numerous spells, so it can teleport 
itself from one end to the other, summon lesser enemies, and attack you with 
magick. It will put up a magickal barrier, so you must enchant your weapons 
(I only used the flintlocks) with the opposing colour. Equip your flintlocks 
and keep shooting it and avoiding it's attacks until it dies. Watch the cut-

- End of Chapter -

(k) Alexandria Roivas - VI - "Humanity Prevails"

As Alex leave the study and go to the Main Hall. Go to the second floor and 
turn right, and go into the bedroom. On the far side of the bed is a dresser 
with no keyhole, only a mysterious symbol. Cast reveal invisible of the 
opposing alignment and a keyhole will be revealed. Now use the DRESSER KEY 
that you picked up earlier (if you don't have it it's in the clock between 
the stairs in the Main Hall) on the keyhole, and in the drawer you will find 
a chapter page and a .37 REVOLVER. You'll get a cut-scene showing Pious' 
latest exploits, then you can read the page to start the next chapter.

(l) Edwin Lindsey - "Journey Into Darkness"

This chapter takes place in a familiar temple, albeit several hundred years 
and a lot of wear-and-tear later. Lindsey arrives with his sponsor for his 
quest, Paul Augustine (hmm...), who attacks Lindsey, reveals his true form 
(didn't see that one coming :D), and leaves him to fight a new enemy - the 
Dark Guardian.

This guy is pretty tough but won't pose a huge problem if you equip your 
SHOTGUN and use that. It's immune to damage when his wings are open so stand 
in front of it and shoot it in the head when it opens the wings. If it freezes 
you wiggle the control stick to break free and try and shoot it in the back 
while it's summoning a creature. It should be dead by the time you've unloaded 
your gun into it's head. Finish it and use the KUKRI (sword) or TORCH on any 
zombies that it summoned during the battle.

When everything is dead go to the middle of the room where the floor is dusty 
and use the ARCHAEOLOGIST'S BRUSH on it to uncover the BRONZE BRACELET. Use it 
on the statue at the head of the room to open one of the doors. When you walk 
through the open door you will be on the familiar pathway to pick up the TOME. 
When you get it you'll be back in the hub room. Go through the open door 

There are a couple of zombies in this room. Use either the KUKRI or the PISTOL 
on them. When you get to the familiar trap corridor (now sans ceiling, making 
the trap pressure pads harder to see) take out the Trapper at the halfway point 
with your PISTOL and pick up the METAL BRACELET on the alcove to the right. At 
the end of the corridor your controller will vibrate if you have a wired one, 
but if you're using a WaveBird you'll have to look for the cobwebs. Use your 
BRUSH on the cobwebs to uncover the TIER CODEX. Go into the next room where you 
will find a Horror who has been magickly sealed in, meaning he can't attack you 
and you can't attack him. Take the BRONZE NECKLACE near him and head back to 
the main room.

In here use the BRONZE NECKLACE on the statue to open up the other door. The 
"candle room" here has a SILVER BRACELET, but when you pick it up you will be 
sealed in and shot at (complete with ghostly voice). Put the METAL BRACELET in 
it's place and it won't know the difference. In the next trap corridor you will 
find the NETHLEK CODEX in some cobwebs. In the next candle room you will have 
to fight a group of zombies, one of which contains the NETHLEK RUNE. Kill them 
all by using the SHOTGUN to knock them down, but finish them with the KUKRI to 
save some ammo.

The next corridor contains another statue, and opposite it is some cobwebs with 
the DISPEL MAGICK SCROLL, giving you the abilty to bring down the barrier 
around the Horror. Before you go in there, you only actually need the NECKLACE 
behind it, so you can just dispel the barrier, grab it, and leave if you want 
to. If you want to kill the Horror, enchant your shotgun with the dominant 
alignment before you go in and shoot it in the head(s). Finish it with the 
KUKRI. Now you should have the SILVER NECKLACE. Go to the statue in the 
previous corridor and use the SILVER NECKLACE and SILVER BRACELET on it to open 
a door opposite.

To be continued....


One of the most talked-about features in ED:SR is the Sanity Meter. Throughout 
the game your characters are going to see some crazy shiz, and unlike other 
games where the characters aren't particularily phased by the giant beast from 
Hell that is chasing them into another dimension, they can only take so much 
of it until they begin to go insane.

When your character begins to lose it, you'll see simple things like blood 
running down the walls. This should serve as a warning to get your sanity back 
unless you want to see the cool things the developers came up with. To regain 
your sanity you must finish off enemies using your finishing move. To do this 
when you have knocked the enemy to the floor stand next to their body and press 

If you have anything to add to the below list please email me with a description 
at nekofever@hotmail.com.

List Of Sanity Effects:

* BLOOD ON WALLS - You can see blood running down the walls. This is typically 
  an early sign that you are going insane.

* DEAFNESS - All sound in the game is cut off. You will hear no speech, music, 
  or sound effects. Sometimes 'MUTE' will appear on the screen in green text.

* HANGMAN - As Alex in the piano room you will see a hanged man. If you go and 
  investigate he will open his eyes and watch you, and talk to you.

* ZOMBIE ROOM - The room will be completely full of zombies which will 
  disappear as you touch them.

* EARTHQUAKE - The room will shake every few seconds while the camera is tilted. 
  The camera will remain tilted till you're sane again.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* CEILING WALK - Entering a new room with low sanity may cause the room to be 
  upside down.  Once you realize that you can't reach the door, you are 
  transported to the last room you are in.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* SEQUEL - If a chapter is completed with low sanity, you may get a "To Be 
  Continued, Eternal Darkness 2" Sign.  Just wait a few seconds and it will 
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* LOOSE CONTROLLER - When entering a room full of zombies, you may get a fake 
  "Your GameCube Controller has been Unplugged" message.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* KNOCK-KNOCK - There will be constant knocking on the doors to the room you 
  are in.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* BUST - The Bust on the second floor of the mansion will follow your movements 
  with it's head.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* QUICKSAND - You're character will gradually sink into the floor.  Once they are 
  fully underneath, they will be transported to the last room they were in.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* EXPLOSION - When performing the recover spell, your characters upper body will 
  burst to a million bloody pieces.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* FAKE REBOOT - The system will fake a reboot by playing the GameCube startup 
  sequence. If you have not saved for a while, this could make you very upset.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* BLOOD FROM THE CEILING - Blood will flow down from the ceiling onto your 
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* JAIL CELL - You will walk through a door and end up in a prison cell with no 
  way out. You must push B near the entrance, where your character will try to 
  open the locked door. You will then be transported back to the last room you 
  were in.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* PEOPLE'S REACTIONS CHANGE - With about half your sanity left people's reactions 
  to you will change, they will become paranoid and afraid of you (or so you 
  (credit Sentinel)

* TALK TO YOURSELF: After you've lost all your sanity you will murmur and talk to 
  yourself about how "This isn't really happening" and things like that.
  (credit Sentinel)

* BEETLES - You will see beetles crawling on the walls.
  (credit Rethgiferif)

* FALL APART - As you walk, you're characters head wil explode. Followed by his 
  arms and finally, his torso.  After that, you will be transported to your last 
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* FOOTSTEPS - You will hear footsteps.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* BOOKS - In the library as Alex, books will fly from shelf to shelf.
  (credit Elliott Kipper)

* SUICIDE - As Alex, when I had half sanity, I was investigating the bathroom when 
  I walked by the tub and had a vision of Alex dead in a bathtub full of blood.
  (credit Kale "Ender" Arndt)

* NO TORSO - Character's torso slides off and they mock-die.
  (credit Mercutio777)

* SCREAMING - You hear children screaming.
  (credit Mercutio777)

* FLIES ON SCREEN - Giant flies crawl across the screen.
  (credit Mercutio777)

* NO INVENTORY - When I paused the game once, it listed none of the items I had, 
  and after thrashing the controller for a few seconds, the items popped back up 
  where they should be.
  (credit Mercutio777)

* POWER CUT - My TV screen blanks out and fades to black, as if the power cord had 
  just been pulled from my TV.
  (credit Mercutio777)

* WEIRD GRAPHICS - The graphics turn into a monochrome yellowish color.
  (credit CloudStrife42)

* CRASH - The game blinks out and says it has crashed.
  (credit CloudStrife42)

* INSANE ASYLUM - Once, as Maximillian Roivas, I entered a door and wound up in 
  his future insane asylum cell.
  (credit CloudStrife42)

* PEOPLE IN ROOM - You hear loud banging on doors, then you hear them open and hollow 
  footsteps follow you around.
  (credit CloudStrife42)

* ZOMBIE PLAYER - You may enter a room and be transformed into a zombie.
  (credit CloudStrife42)

* PHONE CALL - Phone rings and Alex answers, a voice says "Do you remember me?"
  (credit almightymikebob)

* GUN SHOT - Accidentally shoot yourself when trying to reload.
  (credit almightymikebob)

* FALLING APART - Getting head and arms cut off by nothing.
  (credit almightymikebob)

* NO HEAD - Getting head cut off and getting the option to pick it up and put it back 
  (credit almightymikebob)

* AMMO DUMP - You will see ammunition littering the floor.
  (credit almightymikebob)

* BS BSOD - You get a Windows-style Blue Screen Of Death.
  (credit Johnson Lee)

* MINI ME - Your character will be very small.
  (credit KillerKarlis)

* VOLUME DOWN - You see a green volume bar going down as the sound reduces in volume.
  (credit Billy Bedford)

* DEAD IN THE BATHTUB - After Anthony's chapter go to the second-floor bathroom and 
  look in the tub. It will be full of blood with a screaming dead girl.
  (credit Dan)

* VCR CHANNEL - The screen went blank and at the top right side corner said "video" 
  like if I had switched to my VCR by accident.
  (credit Christian Tovar)

* SAVE THE ZOMBIES - Sometimes the people you need to rescue will appear to become 
  zombies and attack you.
  (credit Ben)

* ATTACK OF THE CLONES - Once as Maximillian Roivas I was walking around the stairs 
  and a door opened and another Maximillian Roivas walked out. When he walked by me 
  he said "What are you staring at?" and went into another room. I couldn't target 
  (credit Elmo Assassin)

* GHOST OF GRANDFATHER - At any point during a chapter, the game cuts out, and goes 
  back to Alex, reading the book. She then sees her grandfather, as a ghost, and he 
  tells her it will be alright.
  (credit Ben Galbraith)

* LOSING CONTROL - When you're sanity is nonexistant, I think the character's 
  response time is sluggish to your controller commands, and also they start swinging/
  shooting at thin air.
  (credit XeroZohar)

* ERASING FILES - I saved, and it said that it had saved correctly (when it isn't 
  supposed to say anything). Then, it said, "Are you sure you want to delete the 
  memory card?" I said no, and it said, "Deleting files..." with a progress bar and
  everything! Then, it said "Complete", and the files were gone from the save screen 
  (it really did save before it went crazy. I tested it).
  (credit XeroZohar)

* CUTTER - Once while leaving my character be for a bit, he stared at his hand for a 
  bit and then stabbed it.
  (credit Chris Zinkula)

* WW2 DEAD - In the "Heresy" chapter, you may go into the main chapel room (the big 
  one with all the pews), the pews will be replaced by WW2 style hospital tents and 
  bodies under blankets.

* FLOATING FLINTLOCKS - As Alex, with about 25% sanity left, in the hallway with the 
  protruding wallpaper you see what looks like an invisible person carrying two
  flintlock pistols held in an upward position, he/she/it will walk down the hall, 
  then turn, and enter the wallpaper (where the door is) and disappear.
  (credit Kane)

* RED PAINT - The painting that is directly in front of Alex when she goes through 
  the 2nd floor door sometimes bleeds. This also happens with Maximilllian Roivas 
  with the painting in the master bedroom.
  (credit Peter Paik)

* DEAD BODY - With Maximillian Rovias on the floor of the Main Hall where the stairs 
  are there was a dead body (not a servant) laying on the ground which disappeared 
  after a while.
  (credit Peter Paik)

* LOCKED IN - After entering a room  the door jams and the character can not leave 
  the room. The door eventually opens after several attempts.
  (credit Peter Paik)

* EXTREME CLOSE-UP - I left the game idle for a while and when I came back a close 
  up picture of Pious was on the screen.
  (credit Peter Paik)

* DEFENCELESS - There is no response from the attack button and zombies start 
  attacking and your health starts diminishing but before it’s out the screen 
  flashes and you’re standing in front of the door outside the room and your health 
  and everything else is back to normal.
  (credit Peter Paik)

* FOGGY - With Maximillian in the Main Hall where the game turns black and dull 
  yellow and white and there's fog on the first floor of the mansion and had to fight 
  that thing with 3 eyes. It also happens to Alex as she goes opens the second floor 
  door but there are no monsters.
  (credit Peter Paik)

* BIZARRE MUSIC - Strange background music plays.
  (credit Buggyman)

* ALAS POOR YORICK - The character's head falls off and when you pick it up it starts 
  quoting Shakespeare.
  (credit Buggyman)

* TRANSFORMING ARTWORK - The paintings on the wall change to show scenes of hell and 
  (credit Buggyman)

* PRECOGNITION - You see scenes of Maximillian Roivas in an insane asylum (hint, 
  (credit Buggyman)

* FLYING ITEMS - Random items fly around the room.
  (credit Buggyman)

* I went into the library and there, floating in the air, was a fireplace poker poking 
  as if there were some ashes there, when there weren't any.
  (credit Dexter)

* I let my character stand in the main hall and all of a sudden it sounded like a 
  monster was coming. The screeen shook after every footstep, then there was a loud 
  roaring of the beast.
  (credit Dexter)

* When I was playing as Edward (Alex's grandfather) I was bored so I decided to start 
  shooting my servants. Of course, after 3 died I was insane, so I went out into the 
  Main Hall, then Edward stops, points the gun at the screen, then shoots and then a 
  bullet hole through glass image is left on the screeen, like he just shot something 
  through the TV. Then he started shooting nothingness.
  (credit Dexter)


DIFFERENT ENDINGS - By beating the game once you will see an ending. If you then 
play through the game a second time on the same save, this time choosing a 
different artifact you will see a different ending by completing it. Finally 
play through it again on the same save with the final artifact and you will see 
the final good ending.

CREDITS - Beat the game once to unlock the credits.

JUMP TO STAGE - Beat the game twice to unlock the option to jump to any chapter 
you want to play through.

ETERNAL MODE - Beat the game three times to unlock Eternal Mode, which is 
basically a God mode. You'll have infinite health and infinite ammo, meaning 
you can blow the hell out of anything.



You can contact me by email at nekofever@hotmail.com. Do not add me to your 
MSN Messenger Contact List as you will just be blocked, if you need to get in 
touch you can email me.

I can help you with anything in the FAQ and will try to help you with anything 
that I might have missed. If you have anything to add to the FAQ please feel 
free to email me, I'll put it in the next revision and credit you.


Thanks to Nintendo for publishing and Silicon Knights for developing this 
great game. Also thanks to Nintendo for making the GameCube, and kudos to 
Video Game Centre (http://www.videogamecentre.co.uk) for getting my import 
copy so quickly.


v0.35 - 7/3/02 - General update and added the ASCII logo at the top.

v0.3 - 7/2/02 - General update.

v0.23 - 6/30/02 - Continued the walkthrough and added a lot of insanity 
effects that people had submitted.

v0.21 - 6/29/02 - Continued the walkthrough and added a whole load of insanity 
effects that people had submitted.

v0.2 - 6/28/02 - Started the walkthrough itself and submitted it to GameFAQs!

v0.1 - 6/25/02 - A new FAQ is born! Starting putting together the basic stuff 
so that all that needs to be put in is the full walkthrough.

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