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Guide and Walkthrough by Salasar_2

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 09/25/2005

"Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde" for Nintendo Gamecube
Mission-by-Mission Walkthrough (Version 0.95)
By: Salasar_2
E-mail: bigguyrj22@hotmail.com

Content:                                 Search keys: (press ctrl+f)
Introduction to guide ....................... Intro
The game .................................... Game
Walkthroughs ................................. WT
	Act 1, mission 1:...................... A1M1
	Act 1, mission 2:...................... A1M2
	Act 2, mission 1:...................... A2M1
	Act 2, mission 2:...................... A2M2
	Act 2, mission 3:...................... A2M3
	Act 2, mission 4:...................... A2M4
	Act 3, mission 1:...................... A3M1
	Act 3, mission 2:...................... A3M2
	Act 3, mission 3:...................... A3M3
	Act 3, mission 4:...................... A3M4
	Act 4, mission 1:...................... A4M1
	Act 4, mission 2:...................... A4M2
	Act 4, mission 3:...................... A4M3
	Act 4, mission 4:...................... A4M4
	Act 5, mission 1:...................... A5M1
	Act 5, mission 2:...................... A5M2
	Act 5, mission 3:...................... A5M3
My comments and general tips ................ Comm
E-mailing Policy ............................ Mail
Privacy Policy ............................... PP
Credits and Thanks ........................... CaT

Introduction  [Intro]
The purpose of this is to guide you through every single-player mission. My
guide is very simple and I'm sure you'll understand it. My inspiration to
making this guide was the fact that noone had written a guide for this game.
So, here it is now. Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helps you.

The game [Game]
Refer to the game booklet to answer any of your questions related to game
controls, storyline, goblin kinds, weaknesses, clan names, buildings and

Walkthroughs [WT]
Lets begin with the walkthroughs for each level.
Some instructions before reading on:
Upgrades are referred to as follows:
- for the Stonecrusher weapons = weapons
- for the Stonecrusher armor = armor
- for the Hellfire weapons = damage
- for the Hellfire range = range
- for the Stormbringer weapons = magic
- for the Stormbringer health = health
- for the Plaguespitter weapons = acid
- for the Plaguespitter speed = speed
- for the Nighthorde weapons = swords
- for the Nighthorde shields = shields
- for every support unit = I write: Upgrade your (name of unit).

[A1M1] - "The Machine"
This mission is pretty much straight-forward. In this mission, you have to
reach your Clanshrine.

Basic guide:
Just follow the commander's orders.

Small tips:
* Don't bother getting gold out of the mines, you don't need it.
* Look at the "mission objectives" constantly. They change every time you enter
a room.
* When you meet all the Rock Critters, don't panic, they'll die fast and you
won't lose any goblins and if you do, only one.
* When you get to control the Stone Ogre, do not kill the Rock Critters near
him! Instead, eat them so he gets healed.
* When you meet the big tentacle and the Rock Critters, just smash them.

[A1M2] - "Rumble-Squish"
This mission is also pretty straight-forward, only that now you have to create
goblins and gather gold and souls. In this mission, you have to get out of the

Basic guide:
Once again, follow the commander's orders.

Small tips:
* Destroy all debris you find. You'll have to upgrade, unlock the Rock Throwers
and build 3 turrets eventually. You'll need 180 gold for the whole level: 20
for the weapons, 30 for the armor, 10 for unlocking the Rock Throwers and 120
for the 3 turrets.
* Always try to have 5 Miners and 5 Rock Throwers. If you lose one, replace it
with the same goblin type.
* Again, don't panic when you see the tentacles. They're weak.

[A2M1] - "Woodland Workzone"
Now we begin the real strategic element of the game. In this mission, you have
to begin dealing with the Hellfire clan, which is the best when it comes to
Ranged combat, and Grax. They can be a pain and can kill your units easily if
you don't manage your troops well.

Basic guide:
You start with a Rock Thrower and a Lugger. Create 2 more Rock Throwers and 6
Miners. Upgrade the weapons too. You should be left with 23 souls and 5 gold.
Go east. You'll meet one Archer guarding a Soul Fountain. Just kill him and
kill the Archers that will close in. Kill the debris near you. You should have
around 40 gold. Upgrade you armor now. Now, head east. You'll meet 2 enemies
and one that's closing in. Kill them and clear the debris. Get the runestone,
but don't use it yet. Clear some debris and you'll have around 100. Upgrade
your weapons. You should also have around 225 souls. Buy a Stone Ogre. Now,
keep heading north and through the forest. You'll eventually reach the middle
of the map and you'll have to kill around 10 goblins. Don't panic, you're well
upgraded. Clear the debris and head north. Grab the runestone and go west. Just
keep clearing the debris. Don't go east yet. You should have around 160 gold.
Upgrade your armor. Now, go to the Hellfire fortress. Go straight to the
Clanshrine and destroy it. Now, just destroy the whole base and while you
destroy it, keep upgrading to destroy it faster. You won!

Small tips:
* Upgrade armor or weapons in any order you like, but I recommend upgrading in
this order:
* If you lose any goblins, replace them with the same type of goblin. Except
for the Lugger, you can replace any.
* I didn't use the runestones but, you can use the "Firestorm" runestone to
destroy the Clanshrine faster and if you feel the need to heal your units, use
the "Heal" runestone as well.
* Don't panic over the large group of enemy goblins at the center. They're
separated and you're upgraded. They'll die fast.
* Eat as many enemies as possible. It's faster to eat them, due to the fact
there aren't many enemies.

[A2M2] - "Oink, Oink, Boom!"
This mission is a little bit harder than the one before. In this mission, you
have to kill a Warpigpult and destroy the enemy's forges.

Basic guide:
You start with 3 Miners and a Lugger. To begin your crusade, buy 3 Rock
Throwers and 3 Miners, upgrade weapons and armor once, and save some money.
Luggers are useless for now. Notice your starting goblins have yellow life, so
you might want to be careful with them. You want to save souls for a Stone
Ogre. Now, head east. Clearing debris along the way, you'll encounter 3
Archers. Kill them and keep clearing debris. Before entering the small
fortress, you should have around 85 gold. So go and upgrade those weapons. Be
careful with the barrels. Explode them with you Rock Throwers for they can
weaken your melee units. Blast those trees and grab the chest and runestone you
find inside the small tree area. You should have around 70 gold so, upgrade
your armor. You may also have something around 150 souls so, buy a Stone Ogre.
Go a little bit east and you'll find a small fortress. You can: a) go destroy
it or b) go north and capture the soul fountain. Lets go capture the fountain
to gain more souls. Remember, if you lose a goblin, just replace it. Kill the 4
goblins guarding the fountain. You should have something around 200 gold.
Unlock the Luggers and upgrade your weapons. Try to maintain an army of: 3 Rock
Throwers, and a combination of Luggers and Miners. If your Ogre is weakened,
eat some sheep. Destroy nearby debris as well. Now, go back to the fortress.
Kill the goblins and destroy their fortress. You should have something around
230 gold once you grab the chest inside the small tree area. Don't forget the
runestone. Upgrade your armor too. You're maxed now. Don't forget to capture
their other fountain. Time to head to their main fortress. Go north. You'll
find a back way to the fortress. Go through. You'll find a runestone but you
should've saved the other two. You'll use them now. Prepare to fight a
Warpigpult. When you see their Clanshrine, kill it fast. Eventually you'll face
the Warpigpult. Unleash "Slow" when the goblins come to his aid. Your Ogre may
die and if he does, let all your goblins die. Make another army, like this: 3
Rock Throwers, 3 Miners and 4 Luggers. Buy another Ogre too. This time, go get
the "Heal" runestone and return to the fountain in the middle. Now, instead of
getting your Ogre in first, let your goblins start the battle, then bring the
Ogre. This way, he'll take minimal damage. Kill the goblins, destroy the cannon
they guard, replace lost goblins, continue your attack. Go to the north-east
and destroy some debris. You should see another "Heal" runestone. Your goblins
should be a little bit damaged so, just use the "Heal" runestone you have and
get the new one. Now, head west. You'll see the forge I told you earlier and
you'll face around 15 goblins. Your Ogre may die but, if you make a good
combination of swinging and eating, he'll live. Just kill the the goblins
first, destroy their Clanshrine on top of the mountain and destroy their forge.
You won!

Small tips:
* Build Turrets if necessary. However, I recommend building them after you get
all your upgrades. You can also build them in their base, which is a good idea
to keep them from making many goblins.
* Try to protect your Ogre as much as possible. It hurts wasting 140 souls
again and again.
* Use runestones if necessary. Remember, I may not tell you to use them but, if
you find the situation a little bit harsh, who's stoping you from doing so?
* Kill goblins and destroy their Clanshrines. Always like that, remember.

[A2M3] - "City in Ruins"
This one is a little bit hard. They outnumber you once you get to the base. In
this mission, you have to save your fellow Stonecrushers and destroy the
Hellfire's two Clanshrines.

Basic guide:
You start with a Stone Ogre and 3 Rock Throwers. Destroy the nearest debris
found at the starting area. Capture that "Alchemist Shop" but don't buy
anything. You'll need it later. Now, head north. Grab the runetone and destroy
debris on the way. You'll eventually find fellow goblins, aid them and make
them your own. Go west and help the small base. Make it yours and return to the
ruins. Don't get close to the Hellfire fortress. You'll still weak. Oh, upgrade
your stuff. You should have around 400 gold. Unlock the Drummer, max his
healing ability, buy as many miners as possible and upgrade weapons and armor
as much as you can. Go south now and destroy debris along the way. You'll find
some goblins and other fellow Stonecrushers. Help them, kill the enemies and
capture the fountain they're near to. Clear the whole area of the ruins and
head back to your small base. Your Ogre shouldn't be dead. If he's weakened,
eat some sheep. Now, head north of your small base. Kill the goblins and
capture the fountain. Clear all the debris outside that fortress and max your
upgrades. That done, you can do two things: a) enter their base through north
or b) enter their base through south. Your choice. Either way, they'll kill
your army. When they do, I hope you have at least 40 gold to unlock those
Pitlords. Buy 9 Pitlords and 1 Drummer. Buy another Ogre too. Back to their
base. Destroy their Turrets as soon as possible and kill their Warpigbult too.
During that war, and if you have enough gold, start building Turrets in their
base so it's easier. Just keep killing the incoming goblins and eventually
destroy their Clanshrines. You won!

Small tips:
* Eat sheep if necessary. Try to keep your first Ogre alive.
* Destroy all the debris outside their fortress. You need to max your upgrades.
* Get Pitlords as soon as possible. Of course, get them after you get all your
* Make Turrets in their base, not outside.
* Use the "Firestorm" runestones on their Turrets and use the "Heal" runestones
on your "Pitlords+Drummer" army.

[A2M4] - "Grax's Plaything"
I would say this mission is easier than the last one. In this mission, you have
to destroy Grax's stronghold.

Basic guide:
You start with no goblins, no gold and little souls. As soon as you start,
quickly buy 3 Rock Throwers and 7 Miners. Proceed to your main entrance. Kill
the Scout goblin fast. Continue north and kill the surrounding enemy goblins,
around 8 to be exact. Destroy all the nearby debris but, don't go to much to
the east or too much to the west. When you destroy the nearest debris, you
should have something around 80 gold so go and upgrade your weapons and armor.
Now, go to the east to minimize the attacks on your base. Proceed with caution.
Many enemies await. As you enter their little base, destroy debris and kill
their goblins. Keep upgrading as soon as you have enough to gold to upgrade
anything. You will have to keep sending goblins. Just remember to stay with: 3
Rock Throwers and 7 Miners, always. As soon as you can get a Stone Ogre, get
it. Now, keep destroying their base. Once it's all cleared, capture their Soul
Fountain. Now, head a little bit to the west through their base. If you go
north through a passage you'll see, Grax will pull out a Catapult and start
blasting you. Don't go near him, pull back. It's time to look for the alternate
path Grommel told you about. Keep heading west. You'll come up with some
goblins and their clanshrine. Kill them, destroy the Clanshrine, capture their
fountain and capture the Alchemist Shop. You should be maxed by now. Unlock the
Drummer, get one if you can, upgrade him. Keep going west until you meet
another group of goblins and another Clanshrine. Kill them, destroy the
Clanshrine, capture their fountain and destroy the forge. The way opens to the
catapult. If you're not fast enough, the enemy will just retake their
fountains. When you reach their base, go straight to the catapult and capture
it. Do not control yet and keep destroying everything. Once everything is
cleared, upgrade anything left, and replace goblins if necessary. Unlock the
Pitlords too. You'll need them next area. You should have something around 250
gold and more than 1000 souls. Now, control the Catapult and destroy the gate.
Once the Catapult finishes moving, go back to your base immediately and build 3
Turrets right next to the Catapult as soon as possible. You'll be attacked by
over 25 goblins. If you did what I told you, have some Pitlords and are maxed,
you'll kick their butts. Once your Turrets are in place and the enemy
approaches, unleash your horde upon them and take control of the Catapult,
which will do most of the killing. Blast them all away and done. You won!

Small tips:
* Clear as much debris as possible and fast too. You need defense, as much as
you can get in the shortest amount of time possible.
* Don't get close to the catapult through the south. It will kill you.
* Try not to let your Ogre die before the last battle.
* Build Turrets right besides the Catapult, not far from it.
* Upgrade more defense than weapons. You'll need it more.
* Apply the combination of "Swing-Eat" to maintain your Ogre alive while giving
time for your goblins to kill easily.

[A3M1] - "The Ritual"
Now you have to deal with the Stormbringers and Faine. They're good in magic
and very tricky, but this mission is easy. In this mission, you have to
activate the portals and destroy the enemies Clanshrines.

Basic guide:
You start with 2 Lumberjacks, 1 Archer, 2 Miners and 1 Pitlord. You also have
50 gold to use and 45 souls. Don't buy any goblins for now. Upgrade range
(Hellfire) and weapons (Stonecrushers). Now, just destroy all the nearby debris
but do not go past the two big pillars. When you're done destroying the debris,
you should have something around 220 gold. Upgrade: armor and damage once. You
should still have plenty of gold. Now, upgrade the range and armor once again.
You should be left with around 45 gold. With such a small amount of souls, you
must buy good units. Buy: 3 Archers, 1 Miner and 2 Rock Throwers. Now, head to
the east, past the two big pillars I told you about earlier. You'll meet about
5 goblins protecting the Master Moongate. Kill them and destroy the nearby
debris. Go to the north and you'll see a gate you can't pass. Go back. Head
west and keep destroying debris. When you see the Observatory, take your
Stonecrusher clan and protect the Master Moongate. Leave your Hellfire clan
protecting the Observatory. Capture the Soul Fountain too. With them, destroy
the debris to the north. That done, upgrade some more: weapons, damage, range
and armor. That done, unlock the Drummer, upgrade him once and buy as many
Archers as possible and as many Miners as possible. Take them to their
respectively defending sites. Defend the two structures for 5 minutes. While
you do that, replace fallen units. When the 5 minutes are over, take control of
both the Observatory and the Moongate. Teleport all your units to the Slave
Moongate to the north. Start destroying the debris and any incoming enemies. Go
to the south and destroy the gate generator fast so you can replace fallen
units faster. Now, go to the east. You'll face goblins and an enemy Turret.
Once you reach their Clanshrine, destroy it and destroy any debris nearby. Keep
upgrading and get an Ogre when you can. Head to the west, then north and
finally east again. Just keep killing the enemy and destroying their
Clanshrines. Once the 3 Clanshrines are destroyed, they'll lose. You won!

Small tips:
* Try and get Pitlords when you start destroying the Clanshrines. They'll make
your life much easier.
* Upgrade as fast as you get the gold.
* Don't make Lumberjacks. Make Archers instead.
* Don't make many Rock Throwers. Just make 3 and if they die, keep making
Miners or Pitlords.
* Get a Drummer when you can too. Upgrade it as much as possible.
* Once again, use the runestones as needed.
* Don't eat enemy goblins. They come in groups of 6-7 and it hurts more eating
them than just smashing them.

[A3M2] - "The Coming Storm"
This mission is just annoying. In this mission, you have to capture the 4 Soul
Fountains the Stormbringers control.

Basic guide:
You start with 2 Hunter and 1 Scout. Head up the mountain. Just a warning: do
not go through the lower passage. Kill the 2 goblins from atop the mountain.
Destroy all the debris you find and head north. When you find the 2 destroyed
Clanshrines, rebuild them and keep destroying debris. You should end up with
around 40 gold. Take control of the white Moongate. Now, upgrade you range. Get
8 Archers and 9 Miners. Head to the western moongate. Start destroying all the
debris you find and kill any goblins you encounter. Keep upgrading as you like,
armor and range being your priorities. Keep going north and kill every single
enemy you find. Don't unlock goblins yet. You'll do fine with Archers and
Miners. When you go near the Red moongate, you may want to get Hunters. You
should have some runes, "Lightning" been one. Keep killing goblins and when you
find the enemy Turret, unleash "Lightning" on it. Keep going north and destroy
the Clanshrine. That'll slow them down a bit. Now, find a second "Lightning"
runestone nearby. Remember to capture both of the Soul Fountains on that side.
When you conquer the whole left side, teleport to the south-eastern red
moongate. Clear the area of debris and capture the fountain near there. The
enemy will replace units every few seconds so, you'll be fighting a lot. Try to
keep them from recapturing their fountains. That'll deplete their soul bank.
You should unlock the Drummer and the Pitlord. Upgrade your Drummer and keep
upgrading the others. Destroy all the debris you find on the center. Go
north-west and you'll find 3 enemy Turrets. Unleash "Lightning" on one and
destroy the other 2 normally. Replace fallen units and start going up the
slope. Head east and when you reach the Soul Fountain, you should've all four.
If not, recapture any lost fountains. You won!

Small tips:
* Do not go through the right side at the beginning. That'll make the mission
harder because they'll start attacking the base few moments after you build it.
* If the enemy attacks your base, send all your units to protect the base. You
don't want to lose too much gold repairing.
* Unlock the Drummer and Pitlords after you conquer the left side.
* Use the Moongates to your advantage. It's quicker traveling through them than
from side to side.
* If you start getting outnumbered, retreat to any Moongate, replace fallen
units and continue the attack.
* Keep an eye on your Base. They attack constantly once you enter the right

[A3M3] - "Death from Above"
This mission is pretty simple. In this mission, you have to get to the main
gate to the far north and destroy the 3 Clanshrines guarding it.

Basic guide:
You start with a Rock Thrower, a Pitlord, 2 Miners and 3 Luggers. Rebuild the
Hellfire clanshrine, create 1 Rock Thrower, 1 Miner and 10 Archers. That done,
put your Stonecrusher clan on top of the white Moongate and take your Hellfire
clan on a gold-hunting mission. You'll need to upgrade as soon as possible.
Don't go near the north-eastern Stormbringer gate. A Lightning Elemental awaits
you there and you'll need plenty of upgrades to take care of it. Go any way you
like and get gold. As soon as the enemy attacks your base, keep an eye on your
defending units. Replace any lost goblins with Miners. Once the enemy dies,
proceed with your gold hunting. Upgrade your Stonecrushers every time you can.
Once you clear all the debris outside those gates, go the north-eastern side.
Kill the Lightning Elemental and the goblins helping him. Use the "Freeze"
runestone you should have found earlier to freeze the goblins and concentrate
on the titan. You'll need Hunters now. Unlock the Hunters and you may want to
unlock the Drummer too. Leave your Stonecrushers defending the moongate. Now,
head west. You'll come up with another Clanshrine and a Warpigpult that's
frozen. Do not free him yet. Get a Stone Ogre and then free him. This way,
you'll have 2 titans. Cool! Just keep going west and destroying any debris,
Clanshrines and enemy goblins you find. Go up the long thin passages you find
and on the left one, you'll find the Master Moongate. Capture it and start
destroying the enemy from afar with you Warpigpult. Destroy everything
possible. Get a Scout with full upgrades to get a longer view. Once you destroy
everything you can from atop the mountains, teleport to the western moongate
and destroy any remaining debris. When you clear the whole area, head north to
their fortress and kill all their forces. Use all your offensive runestones on
the Lightning Elemental they have and if you have a "Shield" runestone, use it
immediately. If you lose your goblins, buy Pitlords, a Drummer and Hunters.
After some bloodshed, they'll fall. You won!

Small tips:
* You may want to build turrets besides the moongate you have to defend at the
beginning. I don't recommend it but, you may do it.
* Upgrade your Stonecrusher clan as soon as possible. They'll do much of the
killing work. However, upgrade your Hellfire clan too. They'll help you a lot.
* Do not let your Warpigpult die! Use him to kill like 80% of the debris and
enemies on the valley.
* Destroy the Lightning Elementals before killing the goblins near them.
* Destroy all the debris you find. You need to upgrade a lot.

[A3M4] - "Thunderhead"
This is one of the hardest missions of the game. In this mission, you have to
destroy: the Rain tower, the Wind tower, the Lightning generator and the main

Basic guide:
You start with no goblins, 300 souls and 50 gold. Unlock the Hunters, buy 10,
capture the Soul Fountain, unlock the Pitlords and buy 10 as well. Go west and
start clearing debris. Focus on armor and damage. Do not go to the north. Just
keep going west, killing any enemy goblins and clearing all the debris you
find. As soon as you can, rebuild the Hall of Titans and create 2 more Turrets
near the fountain outside of your base. The enemy will come constantly. Kill
the Wind tower a little bit more to the west and you won't be frozen any more.
Now, keep clearing debris and heading north. Remember: armor and weapons are
your priority. When you reach the Rain tower, clear all the enemy Turrets as
soon as possible, kill all the goblins that engage you, keep replacing lost
units, and eventually destroy the Rain tower. The lightnings won't hit you
everywhere and Faine has to see you to hit you. Now, head east. Just keep
killing goblins and destroying debris. Consider his forces endless. Kill
everything you see. Don't let them outnumber you. When you find the Lightning
Generator, destroy the Turrets guarding it as soon as possible and destroy the
generator. Now, just clear the whole area or just go straight to the Lightning
tower and destroy all his buildings. When you destroy the 3 gate generators, an
army of more than 20 goblins will attack. Use the remaining Lightning you own
to kill as many as you can. Kill the rest with your horde. You won!

Small tips:
* Upgrade as soon as you get gold. Faine unleashes "Lightning" on you
constantly and you want to save souls.
* Buy a Stone Ogre for faster killing.
* Clear the whole area of the map, excluding the inside of Faine's base, to get
plenty of gold and souls. This should weaken him a bit.
* Constantly be on the alert for Lightning Elementals, because Faine creates
them constantly.
* Pitlords, Hunters and a Drummer are the best to use here.
* Keep moving at all times. You don't want to be hit by one of those lightnings
Faine throws at you.
* Max every armor/range/weapon/damage upgrade before battling with Faine's last

[A4M1] - "The Blight"
Now you have to deal with the Plaguespitter clan and Syst. This one is
annoying. In this mission, you have to kill a weird plant that's polluting the
Soul Fountains.

Basic guide:
You start with a Pitlord and a Conjurer. You also have 100 souls and 100 gold.
Buy 4 more Conjurers, 6 Miners and 5 Archers. Upgrade once all of the clan's
damaging upgrades. Now, go to the west and kill a group of around 12 goblins.
Now, take your Hellfire clan and leave at your base for defense. Take your
other 2 clans and keep going west. Kill all goblins you see, destroy all the
debris on the way and keep upgrading their weapons/damage/magic. Stay with the
cheap goblins: Miners, Archers and Conjurers. Get souls from the Soul Caches
you'll see and buy more of the goblins said earlier. Remember: leave the
Hellfire clan for defense. The Plaguespitters will attack your base constantly.
Replace fallen goblins when necessary. Just maintain a large, upgraded army.
Keep going west and you'll eventually come up with a small base. Destroy the
Turret first, kill the enemy goblins and destroy the Clanshrine. Destroy
remaining debris near there and head back to base. Close to your base, head a
little bit to the north-west and you'll see an Alchemist Shop. Capture it. Now,
to your base. Keep upgrading and go to the east and then north. Destroy
everything in sight and kill any goblins you see. Keep going north and you'll
see another small base. Kill all goblins and destroy the Clanshrine. The
attacks on your base should stop. Now, start going up and down through the map,
destroying debris, enemy Turrets, Clanshrines and killing goblins along the
way. Keep upgrading also. You'll eventually see a strange plant that moves.
First, kill every goblin near it, destroy all other enemy structure near it and
destroy the plant. You won!

Small tips:
* Stay with the cheap units: Miners, Archers and Conjurers.
* You can get Hunters and a Drummer if desired.
* Use runestones to your liking.
* Your priorities are the western-most base and the northern-most base.
* Try to maintain your 2 Turrets standing.

[A4M2] - "Harvest"
This mission is a very hard one if you don't play fast, due to the fact that
you're going to face a lot of Bile Spitters and suffer a lot of attacks to your
base. In this mission, you have to destroy the Plaguespitter herb farm and
their refinery.

Basic guide:
You start with a Pitlord, 4 Acolytes and a Lightning Elemental. You also have
80 souls and 35 gold. Create 9 Miners and as many Archers as you can. Upgrade
range right away too. Wait some time so you can get more goblins and then start
to destroy the small base to the east. Remember to take your Lightning
Elemental because he'll make the job much easier, but maintain him alive at all
cost. Replace lost units and keep sending them over. You'll have to destroy 3
Turrets, a Clanshrine and a lot of goblins. When you attack this base, you'll
be attacked by the western base like almost instantly. Ignore that. Focus on
the eastern one. Capture their Soul Fountain, capture the Observatory and take
that "Firestorm" runestone. When you're done with the eastern base, go and kill
the goblins attacking your base. Now, head west and again your base will be
attacked. Forget your base for now and keep smashing that base. After both
bases are down, go and kill the goblins in your base, repair, rebuild and
replace lost goblins. I don't recommend rebuilding the Hall of Titans because
your Titan should still be alive if you played well. Remember to always keep
him behind your horde and he'll receive nearly any damage at all. Upgrade your
Stonecrusher and Hellfire clan. When you're done with the two annoying bases,
take your Stormbringer clan and search for gold and take your other two clans
to defend your base. You'll be attacked constantly by the northern base now,
and I mean constantly. Don't get too close to the entrance on the west side. 5
goblins wait with a Turret. Don't attract them yet. Keep searching for gold in
the cleared area and the "safe" area. After you're done searching the safe area
for gold, you should have: no upgrades on Stormbringers and 2 of each upgrade
for the other two clans. Rebuild anything lost buildings and buy a Stone Ogre.
Now, start going berserk  and go anywhere to want, preferably north. Just kill,
kill, kill anything you see. Your objective is to destroy their farm and
refinery but, they send so many goblins that you have to go berserk. After
you're like at your 2 upgrade for everything, including Stormbringers, buy the
Luggers, Hunters and Pyro Mages. This should make things easier now. Find
runestones, unleash them on Turrets you'll encounter in the northern base, kill
like 100 of goblins and destroy all the Clanshrines, 5 to exact. You won!

Small tips:
* This mission is very annoying because the attacks on your base just don't
stop. They'll keep buying goblins, Croppers, and send them to you.
* They'll defend their farm with everything they got so, be prepared for an
annoying, long battle at that site.
* Stay with Archers, Miners and Conjurers until you have to go to the northern
bases. Then buy unlock and buy Luggers, Hunters and Conjurers.
* Turrets aren't good. They destroy them too fast.
* Try to keep the first Lightning Element alive for as long as possible.
* The Stone Ogre you buy later will die many times. Replace him as much as
needed because you'll have plenty of souls.
* There are 8 Clanshrines in total so, they'll replace units like every second.
* Focus on Stonecrusher and Hellfire upgrade until you have 2 of each. Then
upgrade the Stormbringers.

[A4M3] - "Sacrifice"
This mission may be hard or it may be easy. It depends. In this mission, you
have to find the entrance to Syst's Hive.

Basic guide:
There is no guide to this one really. Just follow the orders you're given by
either your commander or some Plaguespitters.

Small tips:
* Capture the Alchemist Shop at the beginning of the map. You'll need it too
* Far west and mid-east are your priorities.
* Kill every goblin you see.
* Destroy all debris you find.
* Maintain your 3 support units alive at all cost.
* Wait some time after every battle so that your Drummer heals your units.
* Use of runestones is mandatory. Use "Firestorm" especially in any battle:
small or large.
* Get all the gold you find. Buy runestones as much as needed.
* When you encounter the Slimes, unleash "Firestorm" on them and they should
die fast enough.
* After they tell you to get 300 gold to the chief, try to maintain more than
300 gold while buying runestones.

[A4M4] - "Hive Mind"
This mission is hard because there isn't much nearby gold and to get a good
amount of it, you have to fight upgraded, enemy goblins. In this mission, you
have to destroy all the annoying Clanshrines outside Syst's Hive and then
destroy Syst's Hive.

Basic guide:
You start with 3 Miners, a Drummer, 2 Pitlords, a Lugger and 2 Rock Throwers on
the Stonecrusher side. You also have 2 Acolytes, 1 Conjurer and an Ice Mage on
the Stormbringer side. You start with no gold and with 160 souls. Create a
Miner, 2 more Acolytes and 4 Conjurers right away. Tell your Stonecrusher clan
to guard their Turret and take your Stormbringer clan to look for gold. Go
north and find all the gold you can get but don't go past the 2 entrances.
You'll be attacked constantly so, you'll have to replace lost goblins
constantly. Always keep 4 Acolytes to do the melee job. Now, after you clear
the northern safe area from gold, put the Stormbringers to guard their Turret
and take your Stonecrushers to look for gold and attack the eastern base. You
should have goten some gold from the north so upgrade everything once if you
can. Go to the north-east but don't enter the main base yet. Stay near the
trees to the north and eventually reach the Alchemist Shop. If you have enough
gold, unlock the Pitlords. Also, buy a "Shield" runestone and when you enter
the main base, use it to last longer. You'll have to destroy 3 Turrets and
plenty of enemy goblins. After everything is destroyed and dead, take all the
chests with gold at the back of the base, keep destroying debris and upgrade
everything again. You should have 2 of each upgrade, including the drummer.
After you're done with the eastern base and all the debris, you should have
enough gold to unlock the Wind Mage and upgrade him twice. Head north and start
destroying the northern base. Destroy the 3 Turrets as well and both
Clanshrines. Kill all the goblins and take all the gold. Don't upgrade anymore.
When the Hellfire clan shows up, upgrade them all you can and buy 2 more
Bombardiers and 6 more Hunters. That done, go right up north and destroy the
Clanshrine that's going to annoy you shortly. After that, go west and then
north, destroying any debris found, killing all enemy goblins and destroying
their Clanshrine. Take the gold chests too. Keep upgrading the Hellfire clan,
because it's the only one you can use now. Also, the Alchemist Shop you found
earlier, use it to your advantage. Buy "Shield" and "Freeze" runestones. Always
use the "Freeze" runestone to minimize the losses. Keep going north and then
west again. You'll find 2 more Clanshrines. Destroy them and kill all the
goblins. Keep going west and you'll find a Hall of Titans. Create either a
Warpigpult or a Stone Ogre. Any of them will do. Now, go a little bit to the
east and then south through the big slope. You'll see Syst in his Hive and 2
more Clanshrines. Destroy both Clanshrines fast and then focus on Syst. He'll
rebuild the Clanshrines but don't bother destroying them now. Just focus on him
and he'll eventually fall. You won!

Small tips:
* Be fast at the beginning. They attack constantly.
* After you get 1 upgrade of each at the beginning, try to get Pitlords and a
* When you get the Hellfire clan, keep moving because they'll keep coming to
attack you.
* Don't bother destroying the Clanshrines near the Hive again and again. He'll
just rebuild them.
* When Naxus appers, ignore his forces. Just destroy the Hive.

[A5M1] - "Hell Boils Over"
Now you have to deal with the Nighthorde clan and Naxus. They're strong when it
comes to attacks but, you're better. In this mission, you have to get to the
other side and destroy their main Clanshrine.

Basic guide:
You start with 2 Croppers, 2 Savages, 2 Conjurers, 1 Pyro Mage and 1 Ice Mage.
You also have 150 souls and 25 gold. To start the attack, create 3 Croppers, 3
Savages, 4 Acolytes and 2 Conjurers. Upgrade speed too. Now, destroy all the
debris but don't go too far from your base or you'll attract some enemies and a
Turret will attack you. Destroy the nearby debris and go to the white portal.
Head east and continue destroying debris until the Naxus fills the pit with
lava. Now the enemy will attack. Head south and destroy the Turret and the
Clanshrine. Replace units while doing so. Capture the Soul Fountain. Now, keep
clearing debris and upgrading. After you destroy all the nearby debris, you
should have 2 of each upgrade for both clans. When you go a little bit more to
the east, the Stonecrushers will attack. Kill them and keep heading east. Keep
destroying debris, collecting gold and eventually reach their small base. There
is a Turret, some goblins and the Clanshrine. Destroy everything and now head
north. Capture the Moongate and kill all the goblins to north of it. Do not go
to the other side yet. Destroy all the debris found on the south side and
upgrade all you can. Buy both support units and upgrade them. Focus on the Wind
Mage though. When you've upgraded all you can, search for the "Acid Cloud" and
the "Firestorm" runestone because you'll need them next area. You should've
also seen an "Earthquake" runestone in the area shaped like a backward "U". Get
it later to use it on the last Nighthorde Clanshrine located to the north-west.
Now, teleport to the northern purple moongate. You'll be attacked by so many
Hellfire goblins that you'll die. When your goblins die, buy a both support
units, Ice Mages and Croppers. Once this horde is done, teleport them to that
side and unleash "Acid Cloud" on the mass of goblins so it takes less time.
Destroy both of their Turrets, kill all the goblins and destroy the Clanshrine.
Capture the Soul Fountain. Then go north and do the same. They got another base
there. This process may take a few tries because the number of goblins they
send. After that go west and help the Slime they're attacking. Kill the goblins
and control the Slime. Direct the slime towards the Rock Critters and kill them
with the Slime only. The slime will eventually grow. Let it grow 2 times and
put on the pressure switch. The lava will go down. Before you go across the
bridge, destroy all the debris you can find. Max your two clans and go across
the bridge. You can take the Slime out of it's place using the cave you first
saw it. Head north and you'll see a Nighthorde Clanshrine but it's destroyed.
Once you get to control them, concentrate on upgrade their swords and shields.
Forget the Witch Doctor upgrades. You don't need him now. Buy 7 Grave Robbers
and go north-west. When you find the enemy Clanshrine, destroy the Turret
guarding it, kill the goblins around it and then destroy the Clanshrine. You

Small tips:
* Keep an eye on your base. When you attack the Nighthorde's first Clanshrine,
the Nighthorde clan will start attacking your base shortly.
* Use your "Firestorm" and "Acid Cloud" runestones in the second area with all
the Hellfire goblins. If not, you won't be able to get past them.
* You can ignore the speed upgrade for some time and focus on damage and health.
* Get the heavy units after you destroy the Stonecrusher Clanshrine.
* Protect the Slime you find later.
* Don't let them capture their Soul Fountains.

[A5M2] - "Night Makes Right"
This mission is very easy if you upgrade and keep a horde at base. In this
mission, you have to destroy enough pieces of the Great Machine to break it.

Basic guide:

Small tips:
* Keep one of the clans in your base. The enemy attacks constantly and your
turrets won't hold much, so keep an eye on your base.
* Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. No priorities, just upgrade whatever the gold
gives for.
* Try to keep the 3 Turrets you make alive for as long as you can.
* Try to keep the first Titan you buy alive for as long as possible. Saving
souls and gold is very important. The enemy may kill your whole army and you'll
need to rebuild it instantly.
* Don't miss any "The Great Machine" part you come across. That is the mission.
* Your hordes should be like this: 8 Hunters, 2 Bombardiers, 1 Spore Fiend, 7
Bile Spitters, 2 Shamans, 3 Reapers, 3 Cannibals and 4 Grave Robbers. With
these, you keep a balance.
* The Warpigpult is the best Titan for this mission.

[A5M3] - "Purgatory"
This is the last mission and if you don't play it right and fast, it will be
the hardest of the whole game. In this mission, you have to deal with all 5 of
the different clans of goblins and deactivate 4 bombs that will detonate in 30

Basic guide: (working on it)

Small tips:
* Don't hesitate to upgrade. Just do it. However, concentrate on: armor, magic
and damage.
* Stay with the cheap units until you have 2 upgrades of everything. Pitlords,
a Drummer, a Wind Mage, Ice Mages and Hunters is the best thing for this
mission. Get them after 2 upgrade.
* The Hellfire clan is the best to keep in your base for defense.
* Quantity matters here. The enemy starts well upgraded so, you have to
outnumber them in order to win.
* Destroy all the debris you find. You need to upgrade as much as possible and
as fast as possible.
* Don't stop for anything! You have 30 minutes and believe me, it isn't much.
* Kill everything and then disable the bombs. It's kind of faster that way.
* Rebuild you Turrets as much as needed. You get plenty of gold. I recommend
the Stonecrusher Turret due to it's "knock back" effect.
* The stone Ogre is best for this mission. Swing that flail and let your hordes
* Leave the Stoncrusher clan for the end. They're the strongest one of all the
enemy clans.

My comments and general tips [Comm]
- Use runestones as much as needed.
- Make use of the Moongates. It's fast!
- Do not forget to upgrade.
- Use support units. They rock!
- Read every "help tip" the commander gives you. They will answer many
- Don't spend too much money on Turrets. Focus on your hordes.
- Don't buy Lumberjacks. They're practically useless.
- Protect your Titans. They're expensive and you want to save as many
souls/gold as possible.
- Capture enemy Soul Fountains when you have the chance. That will put you in
some advantage. If they recapture them, quickly kill the goblins and recapture
them back for you.
- Learn the weaknesses and strengths of each clan.
- Clear all the debris you find. No matter how little gold you get from a rock,
little by little, you make a lot.
- Kill/destroy things in this order: Turrets, goblins, Clanshrines.
- If you get outnumbered, retreat and regroup. Don't be too persistent if you
know you're losing the battle.
- Don't give the enemy a chance to regroup. Keep moving and killing.
- And most importantly: HAVE FUN AND NEVER GIVE UP!!!

E-mailing Policy [Mail]
Any thank notes, critics, questions or tips you want to give me will be
received to the e-mail at the beginning of this guide. I'll welcome all notes,
wether they are good or bad and I will reply to them as soon as I can. I check
my e-mail constantly so you'll get an answer in a day or two. You'll also get
credit if you send me tips or other ideas to make this guide more complete.

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And myself - for writing this guide. (I think I deserve some credit too, agree?)

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