1. Jason Anderson Additional Art
  2. Chris Holden Additional Art
  3. Dan Valey Additional Art
  4. David Osborne Additional Design
  5. Graeme Anderson Additional Programming
  6. Shane Hilton Additional Programming
  7. Michael Hines Art Lead
  8. Jeff Litchford Art Lead/Producer
  9. Michael Smith Audio Director
  10. Eric Harms Audio Engineer
  11. Chris Sakanai Audio Engineer
  12. Lani Minella Casting and Director for Narrator
  13. John Berhns Character Animator
  14. Jonathan Chao Character Animator
  15. Keith Ho Character Animator
  16. Suzann Labrecque Character Animator
  17. Michael Boyle Character Lead
  18. Kirt Lemons Character Texture Lead/Studio Art Director
  19. Ben Fator Character Textures
  20. Lawrence Johnston Character Textures
  21. Ray Lederer Character Textures
  22. Chad Gleason Cinematics
  23. Weili Huang Cinematics
  24. Daniel Russett Co-Lead designer
  25. Adam Adamowicz Concept Art
  26. Chris Handloser Concept Art
  27. Douglas Shuler Concept Art
  28. Jim Stigall Concept Art
  29. Hal Hanlin Designer
  30. Chris Holtorf Designer
  31. Jason Huck Designer
  32. Bill Mrochek Designer
  33. Michael Bacon Environment Lead
  34. Mike Anaya Environments & Objects
  35. Gabe Espino Environments & Objects
  36. Layne Gifford Environments & Objects
  37. Michael Hines Environments & Objects
  38. Dave Manuel Environments & Objects
  39. Elvis Perry Environments & Objects
  40. Mike Geiger Goblin Voice
  41. Eric Harms Goblin Voice
  42. Chris Holtorf Goblin Voice
  43. Lawrence Johnston Goblin Voice
  44. Dave Manuel Goblin Voice
  45. Dan Russett Goblin Voice
  46. Michael Smith Goblin Voice
  47. Chis Zipoli Goblin Voice
  48. Ron Millar Lead Designer
  49. Ken Klopp Lead Programmer/CTO
  50. Chad Mossholder Music Score/Sound Design
  51. Steve Pabst Music Score/Sound Design
  52. Kai Vilmhelmsen Narrator
  53. Ken Klopp Original Concept
  54. Paul Meegan Original Concept
  55. Chris Millar Producer
  56. Curtis Coalson Programmer
  57. Chris Coster Programmer
  58. Jeff Cotton Programmer
  59. Craig Ewert Programmer
  60. Branimir Karadzic Programmer
  61. Mike Mayers Programmer
  62. Michael Geiger Senior Concept Artist
  63. Georgw deChiara Technical Art
  64. James Gu Technical Art
  65. John Loehlrein Technical Art
  66. Paul Forest Technical Director
  67. Chris Zirpoli Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by akeboshi, bcks, Blueberry Buttface, discoinferno84, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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