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Reviewed: 08/29/06

Kirby STARS!

I got this game about two years ago. I saw this game at Toys R Us (a toy store) and since I am a Kirby fan, I decided to buy this game. At home, I couldn't put the control down. I thought it was exciting, and very amusing. When I joined Game FAQs, I discovered we could review, or rate games. After searching through my video game collection, I decided to rate this game. This is my very first review, so I hope I did it right.

This is what I think...

Game Play-10/10
Overall, I thought the game play was fantastic. In Kirby's Air Ride, there are three types of games to play. The first type is Air Ride, which is like a racing game. Four players start at the starting line, and race around the course a certain amount of laps. There are enemies around the course that you can eat with Kirby, and receive powers depending on the enemy. The first one to pass the finish line wins. The second type of game is Top Ride. In this game, you choose from two stars(Free Star or Steer Star). This one is also like racing. Race around a smaller course several laps. Instead of enemies, there are little power-ups, that give you small tools, which can also attack your opponents. The first to pass the finish line wins. In the last type, City Trial, get power-ups and new stars in a city scene. In the city, there are special events and mini-games at the end, which are also fun to play. The game play is good because there is a wide variety of games to play, so you always have something to play.

The music and sound for this game is also good. When your star is attacked too much, it will make the sound of an explosion. If you run into the wall, it will make a thumping sound. There are several other sounds that I find interesting in this game, such as the sword slashing sounds, the hover sound, and even the sleeping sounds! The music is great, too. However, the music in Top Ride doesn't really go with the stage, so the sound isn't up to its full potential.

In this game, the graphics aren't as good as the game play and sound. When you are driving, the graphics seen fine. However, when you go close up to the trees, they don't match the 3-D scene at all! All the trees are 2-D, and are completely flat, like paper, which doesn't match the 3-D scene. Besides that, however, this game has some amazing 3-D scenes. There enemies look so real, and the water splashes when you enter it, too. Overall, the graphics aren't too bad, and deserve a decent score.

I thought this game was extremely difficult. In each of the three types of games, there are 120 objectives you must accomplish in order to unlock everything. These can be easy, and some can be difficult. The game can take several years to unlock everything. It took me nearly a year just to complete City Trial's objectives! There are also vehicles, stars, and stages you must unlock, which adds even more to the difficulty. This game is one of the most difficult games out there.

Re Playability-10/10
When you have completely unlocked everything in this game, would you say that this game will now be a piece of cake to beat again? If you said this to yourself, you are absolutely wrong! This game still has easy and difficult objectives in each level, and you can't memorize all 360 objectives that easily. This game may be a little easier than the first time, but it is still very difficult to unlock everything again.

When I calculated the overall score, I realized that it was a 9.4/10, which rounded down to a 9. This game is really close to a 10/10, but just isn't quite there. This game is has perfect game play, difficulty, and re playability scores. Its sound is also good, and the graphics need a little bit of work. Overall, however, I thought this game is awesome.

Rent or Buy?
I think you should definitely buy this game. It is very close to a 10, and is just a good game overall. If you are a Kirby fan, this game is obviously for you. I think you'd like this game a lot.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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