Review by jimfish

Reviewed: 11/10/05

Braker braker, over!

Trucking games are found few and far between in arcades all the around the globe. A lowly 18 Wheeler sits in a darkened corner, just aching to be played. Well, his time is over, as Big Mutha Truckers comes steaming through and smashing his world apart.

The story is this; Ma's trucking company is passing down the family tree to one of her child. Which one gets it? It's up to you! If that son/daughter was to make the most money throughout a period of sixty-days...they inherit the lot! Sounds simple? Well, you've got all sorts of cargo and items to buy, ship and sell, but which is worth it most?...and where?!

Well, you have a choice of a map of towns. But sadly, due to a slight flaw, it's not much of a choice. You simply go to the town with the most money coming your way. Hardly decision making, is it? Hell, navigating the roads is a breeze with a SAT-NAV device pointing the route. Awwww...the route. Yes. How do you get to these cities? By trucking hard of course! The roads have cars, bends, biker gangs, cop cars and whatever else on them, and none of them like you. The cars will go about their business, but if the cops spot you? Chase-time. Bikers? They'll try to hi-jack you. Both involve you trying to shake them off. Other hazards come in the form of running out of petrol or being too damaged to stay on the roads.

The first week of the game is good. Sees you around the whole state, visiting the locales and trading with all the shops. But once day 8 or so rolls in, you feel slightly restricted by this routine you've developed. Arrive in town, talk to bartender to learn insider info on what town's buying what before going over to the trading post and buying that very same item. It's just one long cycle for sixty days.

The visuals are some what nice out on the roads to and from cities, but you don't get time to explore them or admire the view. There's not even a Take-A-Ride mode or anything which could really of adding some flavour to the game. There are some mini-games and such to play, which involve driving to and from some place to do a mission. E.G. One missions sees that your brakes are faulty and you need to drive to safety. Another sees you in a tug-of-war with another trucker. One even includes you escorting a police informant to and from court where people will try to lynch him.

There's some nice original ideas in there, but it was all let down by the poor put together of it all. Big Mutha Truckers 2 promises to expand completely on these shown here. I hope so, so keep trucking.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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