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Bonus Disc FAQ/Walkthrough by Ice27

Version: Final | Updated: 11/13/2004

++++++++++++++Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Bonus Disc FAQ/Walkthrough+++++++++++++++
++++++++++++                     by Ice27                        +++++++++++++

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Controls
IV. Bonus Disc Features
 IV.1 The Metroid Chronicle
  IV.1.2 Metroid
  IV.1.3 Metroid: Zero Mission
  IV.1.4 Metroid Prime
  IV.1.5 Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
  IV.1.6 Metroid II-Return of Samus
  IV.1.7 Super Metroid
  IV.1.8 Metroid Fusion
 IV.2 Trailer
 IV.3 Demo
 IV.4 Preview
 IV.5 Art Gallery
V. Demo Walkthrough
 V.1 Missile Expansions
 V.2 Scannable Items
VII. Credits
VIII. Disclaimer
IX. Copyright and Contact Info
X. Last Word(s)

I. Introduction

If you are one of the people who got the Gamecube Metroid Prime Bundle, or if
you are one of those people who want to know what's inside it, then I present
you this short FAQ (and a short walkthrough for the demo itself) of the
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Bonus Disc.

II. Version History

Version 4.0 [Final] (Started on 9:37 PM 11/12/2004, finished on 10:00 AM

-Arrgh! Forgot to explain what those darn percentages mean when you scan an
 enemy creature!
-So comes the end... New section: X. Last Word(s)
-Thanks for reading this guide!

Version 3.0 (Started on 3:30 PM 8/29/2004, finished on 7:43 PM 9/3/2004)

-Music description added to the Super Metroid section along with a few other
 things in the clip.
-Scannable Items added.
-A little addition to the Main Menu controls. Turns out, you can use the L and
 R shoulder buttons as well as the C-Stick. Thanks to BonaFide23 on the MP 2
 boards for telling me this.
-Moved the Y-Axis warning up to the Controls
-Added a little prediction as to when you will battle Dark Samus in the full
 game. Remember, it's ONLY a prediction. We'll know for sure once the game is

Version 2.0 (Started on 7:45 PM 8/23/2004, finished on 10:02 AM 8/24/2004)

-According to GamerYes' walkthrough on the MP 2 boards, a location of a
 Missile Expansion is revealed. Thanks for letting me put it in here!
-Controls section added, because I care for you guys, I really do... ^_^
-Either you wait for my description of Super Metroid, or you can just go to
 the game's section on the site you are currently on, which is GameFAQs.

Version 1.0 (Started on 2:35 PM 8/19/2004, finished on 4:39 PM 8/22/2004)

-First release
-Still need description for Super Metroid
-If you see something missing or wrong, please contact me.


III. Controls

Because I care...

Main Menu:

Control Stick, C-Stick, L and R shoulder, or D-Pad Left/Right: Select through
                                                               menu features
A: Play feature
B: Exits back to Main Menu
X: None
Y: None
L: None
R: None
Start: Play feature
C-Stick: None


Combat Visor:

Control Stick: Move around
D-Pad: Left to switch to Scan Visor
C-Stick: Tilt left to switch to Light Beam, tilt right to switch to Dark Beam,
         and tilt up to switch to Power Beam
A: Fire current Beam Weapon
B: Jump, press again to perform a Double Jump
X: Switch to Morph Ball mode
Y: Fire a Missile
L: Lock-on to a target (if available)
R: Aim or look around with the Control Stick while this button is held down
Start: Pause game. Select Yes to quit the demo and to return to the Main Menu

Scan Visor:

Control Stick: Move around
D-Pad: Up to switch to Combat Visor
C-Stick: None
A: Switch back to Combat Visor
B: Jump, press again to perform a Double Jump
X: Switch to Morph Ball mode
Y: Switch back to Combat Visor and fire a Missile
L: Scan object (if available)
R: Look around for objects to scan with the Control Stick while this button is
   held down
Start: Pause game. Select Yes to quit the demo and to return to the Main Menu

Morph Ball Mode

Control Stick: Move around
D-Pad: None
C-Stick: None
A: Lay one Bomb
B: None (I miss the old Jumpball technique)
X: Switch back to the Combat Visor
Y: None, but lays down a Power Bomb if you have it (which you won't in this
L: None
R: None
Start: Pause game. Select Yes to quit the demo and to return to the Main Menu

Oh yes, and before I forget once again, there is NO Rumble feature for this
demo. Wait for the full game to come out, and let your hands enjoy being
"massaged" as you repeatedly get hit by Pirate Troopers and other creatures.
But for now, use up your Wavebird's batteries or something...

Also, the Y-Axis (up and down controls) of this game CANNOT be reversed,
meaning you're gonna have to tilt the Control Stick down to look up, and vice
versa, but you do not have to tilt the stick left to look right and vice
versa, since that's the X-Axis. Hopefully (for some of you), when MP 2 comes
out, it will retain the reversible option that the first Metroid Prime had.
But for now, get used to the current settings.


IV. Bonus Disc Features

Once you get at the main menu of the disc, you'll find five things to choose
from, with the demo itself appearing first. In order from left to right they

Chronicle      Trailer       Demo       Preview       Art Gallery

I'll start with the far left option, The Metroid Chronicle.


IV.1 The Metroid Chronicle

You'll find the official storyline of all the Metroid games that were
previously released, plus where Metroid Prime 2 Echoes fits in the storyline.
When you select a game, you'll see a short clip of the game, the box cover,
and the plot of the game.

IV.1.1 Metroid

Nintendo Entertainment System, released 1986.

A research vessel dispatched by the Galatic
Federation discovers and captures a strange
life-form called a "Metroid" on the planet
SR388. However, on its way back to Federation HQ,
the research vessel is attacked by Space Pirates
who steal the Metroid. Once they discover the
Metroids' ability to multiply through beta ray
exposure, the Space Pirates conspire to make
use of Metroids in their plot to take over the
universe. To stop them, Samus lands on the
Planet Zebes and single-handedly destroys their
underground base--and their leader, Mother
Brain--after a series of intense battles.

Notes: The music played here is the classic Brinstar tune, and the clip shows
       various places in Zebes and a fight with the old, back then, small

IV.1.2 Metroid: Zero Mission

Game Boy Advance, released 2004

In an expanded look at Samus' first mission to
Zebes, the bounty hunter heads to planet Zebes to
wipe out the Space Pirate threat. However, this
story doesn't end after Samus destroys Mother
Brain--as she escapes the planet, her ship is
shot down by Space Pirates and she crash-lands
on the surface of Zebes, near where the Space
Pirate mother ship has landed. Having lost her
Power Suit in the crash, Samus must infiltrate
the Space Pirate ship and fight her way off the
planet's surface.

Notes: The music played here is the better-sounding (at least in my opinion)
       version of the original Metroid's title screen, at least the second
       part of the tune. The clip shows parts of the demo when you leave the
       game idle at the title screen, and some new places like the platforms
       that you must climb up after getting the Power Grip. Also, note that
       the Game Boy Advance logo on the left side of the box is cut off.

IV.1.3 Metroid Prime

Nintendo Gamecube, released 2002

A group of Space Pirates who escaped the attack on
planet Zebes begin to rebuild their forces on the
planet Tallon IV, where a strong energy sourced has
been deteceted. Discovering that this energy, called
"Phazon," has a capacity to mutate creatures into 
more violent forms, the Space Pirates start
experimenting with it on the creatures of Tallon IV.
Samus learns of these dangerous biological 
experiments and heads to Tallon IV to destroy the
experimental facilites and uncover the mystery of

Notes: The latest version of the title screen music is played here. Movie clip
       shows various points in the game, like battling that damn Meta Ridley,
       those annoying Flying Pirates, and more stuff that you either like or

IV.1.3 Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

Nintendo GameCube, coming 2004

A Galactic Federation ship has disappeared in
pursuit of a band of Space Pirates. At the
request of Federation, Samus journeys to the
planet Aether, the location of the ship's last
transmission. There, Samus finds herself in an
incredible world where Light and Dark intertwine 
in two unstable dimensions. The Light World is
controlled by the Luminoth, a peacful tribe with
a unique and highly developed civilization.
Their four gigantic energy generators are all
that keep the Light World from collapsing. But
that civilization faces imminent destruction at
the hands of the invading Ing Horde, beings born
of the Dark World. If the Ing seize control of
the generators, the Light World will be extinguished
forever. Samus embarks on her mission to defeat the
Ing and to restore peace to Aether. However, there
is an ominous shadow lurking in the darkness, a
shadow which is quietly stalking Samus.

Note: Everything here is new: the music, the places, and even Samus! Of note
      here is the return of the Boost Ball augmentation from the first Metroid
      Prime, and your first battles against Ing Warriors and Dark Samus.

IV.1.4 Metroid II-Return of Samus

Game Boy, released 1991

A number of research vessels dispatched by the
Galactic Federation to investigate SR388, the
home planet of the Metroids, vanish in succession.
Assuming that the crews have been overcome by the
Metroids living in the planet's caverns, the
Galactic Federation commissions Samus to eradicate
the Metroids. After fighting all types of Metroids,
Samus defeats the Queen Metroid deep underground
and completes her mission. However, unable to
bring herself to destroy a baby Metroid that has
just hatched, Samus takes the hatchling back to
the Space Science Academy.

Notes: The music played here is the tune from the first area you go into. Clip
       shows title screen, Samus's starship for the first time in the Metroid
       series' release dates, shooting a Chozo egg open for the Bombs, Spider
       Ball usage, freezing an enemy with Ice Beam, and a fight with a
       Metroid. Also, like Zero Mission, the Game Boy logo on the side is cut
       off, plus note that the rating for this game is K-A, the old rating
       before it became the rating that we now know as E

IV.1.5 Super Metroid

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released 1994

While the base on planet Zebes is being reconstructed
by a group of Space Pirates who survived the assault
by Samus, Ridley attacks the Space Science Academy
and abducts the baby Metroid, the only one left in
the universe. Congregating at their rebuilt base on
Zebes, the Space Pirates once again concoct a plot
to use Metroids as biological weapons. To retrieve
the Metroid and stop the Space Pirates' evil plans,
Samus once again flies to the planet Zebes. There,
Samus destroys Mother Brain--thanks to the sacrifice
of the baby Metroid's life--and escapes just as
planet Zebes is utterly destroyed by the Space Pirates'
self-destruct program.

Notes: I have personally not yet played this game (yes, shame on me), but now,
       I return with details from the game. The music played here is from
       entering Ridley's hideout (thanks to MCPAC for telling me this).
       Movie clip shows the new, and somewhat improved Space Pirate base that
       they rebuilt, usage of the Grapple Beam, Samus' Gravity Suit usage,
       a battle with the larger Kraid that we now know to love or hate, and
       the courageous act of our baby Metroid. *wipes a tear off his eye*
       We're so proud of our little (well, big to some of you) Metroid.

IV.1.6 Metroid Fusion

Game Boy Advance, released 2002

Samus is attacked by an unidentified parasitic
creature called an "X" during a research mission to
study the ecosystem of the planet SR388--the planet
she had cleared of Metroids. Samus escapes death
with an injection of a vaccine made from a Metroid,
the only natural predator of X, and heads to the
Biologic Space Labs, where a mysterious explosion has
recently rocked the research facility. Bolstered by
her new genetic link to Metroids, Samus is now the
only being in the universe who can fight the X, so
she sets out to wipe all trace of them from the labs.
However, she's unaware that she's being hunted by
the SA-X, an incredibly powerful enemy mimicking
Samus herself...Will she be able to accomplish
this mission?

Notes: Music played here is from the intro sequence of the game, and the
       Sector 1 (SRX) area of the game. Movie clip shows title screen, many
       places of the B.S.L areas with Samus in her permanently altered suit,
       and a look at the SA-X. As with Metroid: Zero Mission, the Game Boy
       Advance logo on the left side is cut off. Anyone care to tell me what
       happened and why they did it?


IV.2 Trailer

Shows a short trailer of Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. The trailer uses the file
selection screen music of the first Metroid Prime. The movie clip features
several returning enemies in the game (those Flying Pirates!!), a battle with
your evil counterpart, Dark Samus, and the new multiplayer mode. Watch as the
player on the bottom half unknowingly gets chased by the player on top.


IV.3 Demo

Here it is! The official playable demo of the upcoming game. A pretty easy
demo, if you ask me. Check out the walkthrough if you need help for this
approximately 10-minute long game.


IV.4 Preview

The beginning shows a neat little preview of the introduction sequence of the
game, with the music from this disc's main menu plays. The music then switches
to the tune of Metroid Prime's second form in the first game, and shows neat
things, like what looks like the return of both the continuous Space Jump and
the hard to do Wall Jump technique.


IV.5 Art Gallery

The Image Galleries from Metroid Prime are here, plus it also features
possible Image Gallery features in Prime 2. The tune here is the remade
version of Brinstar in the first Metroid Prime. Of note is official art of
various creatures, like the annoying Chozo Ghosts to Plasma Troopers, and also
includes Samus' helmetless face in 3-D. In the Metroid Prime 2 part, watch out
for Dark Samus and new creatures for you to kill (or to be killed by) when the
game comes out in November!


V. Demo Walkthrough

At the title screen, press Start to play, or if you wait long enough, you'll
see some in-game clips, with one featuring a somewhat longer version of the
Dark Samus fight. I'm thinking this fight will occur somewhat early in the
full game, as there are two Energy Tanks, which is what you start off with,
but you probably won't have two in the beginning of the full game, though...

Enjoy the little intro sequence. You CAN skip this, but why would you want to
skip a decent intro?

Anyway, once you gain control of Samus, if you like, press Left on the
D-Pad to switch to the Scan Visor and scan everything you see, from Samus'
gunship to that huge Luminoth Webbing that appears in front of you. Once
you're done playing around, lock-on to the green thing on the webbing using L
and fire a shot from your Power Beam with A. This destroys the webbing so you
can continue on. Do the same thing two more times and jump up the ledge by
pressing B.

Metroid Prime veterans, meet the new version of the blue door! Shoot it to
open it and enter the next area. In here, we encounter a new creature that we
can shoot and kill, called a Kralee. Don't go near it, but lock onto it and
shoot it dead. For an easy kill, charge up your Power Beam by holding A and
fire it. Head on to the next area.

Looky here! An elevator! Plus, a cliff that you can actually fall off to, but
we don't want to do that, because if you do fall off, you lose 5 points of
energy. If you're the suicidal type, please keep jumping off the cliff until
you reach the main menu again. Go ahead, I won't (and can't) stop you. :)

Anyway, switch to the Scan Visor and scan the little red device near the
elevator by holding L to activate the elevator itself. Switch back to the
Combat Visor by pressing Up on the D-Pad or A and step into the orange
hologram to be quickly rushed down a floor.

Once there, you might not see the green object, so while holding R, tilt the
Control Stick around to look for the green object. Once you find it, shoot it
again to destroy the webbing and to continue on.

In the next area, DO NOT move, but aim using R to that little flesh-colored
thing that's sticking out of the rock wall on your left. That's a Splinter
cocoon, and if you destroy one, it kills the Splinter inside, but alerts the
other Splinters and they go rushing to get you. Destroy the cocoon, which will
spawn the two other Splinters from the right side. Stay where you are, and
keep a lock-on to one of the Splinters so you can shoot it, then lock-on to
the other one. These things are easy to kill.

When you're done, head through the blue door once again. Head out into the
open, and you'll see an FMV of some Pirate Troopers (yes, that's what they're
called now) appearing, with two on the ground, and one on the ledge above you.
Now the fun begins. Kill them off one at a time and don't be afraid to use
your Missiles (fire with Y). You will take some damage, but if you see a blue
or red thing that's floating in place, attract them to you by charging your
Power Beam. Once you're done, head a little farther towards the pink gate, and
two more Pirate Troopers will appear, plus that fun tune from the first
Metroid Prime will play again! Wheeee!

After you kill them both, another FMV sequence will show a Pirate Trooper
going towards an orange hologram, and turns it into a huge cannon-like thing,
which is easy to beat. While you target one of the two, prepare to strafe to
either the left or the right whenever it starts to glow green. Charge up your
Power Beam and fire away, but don't be afraid to fire off 2 or 3 Missiles, as
they home in on your target.

Once you're done destroying the two cannons, the pink gate will disappear,
allowing you to go through. If you have been damaged or you need to refill
your Missiles, there are crates that are lying around, waiting for you to
shoot them. They contain Small and Large Energy Units, and Missile
Ammunitions. There are more crates once you head into the blue door. Once you
are done, head into the blue door.

Hey, a Light Barrier! Your Power Beam won't dissolve it, so tilt the C-Stick
to the right to switch to the Dark Beam, a Beam Weapon that looks a lot like
the Ice Beam from the first Metroid Prime, and shoot the barrier to dissolve
it. Be aware though, that you have an ammunition system for this beam, but
shoot the barrier anyway to continue on.

Once you get through, switch back to the Power Beam by tilting the C-Stick up,
and go into Morph Ball mode by pressing X. Then, go to either your right or
the northwest corner of the room and lay a Bomb by pressing A to destroy the
floor. If you can't seem to find it, switch to the Scan Visor and look for a
blue thing on the floor. Head through the tunnel. You'll come across something
that's blocking your way, but it will automatically open for you.

In the next area, after you go through the first electric current gate thing,
go right and continue on until you reach a Missile Expansion, which now gives
you five more Missiles that you can contain, making your maximum total number
of Missiles 35! The more, the "merrier," right? (Big thanks go to GamerYes for
allowing me to use his findings on his walkthrough on the MP 2 boards. Thanks
a WHOLE lot!)

Anyway, go back and maneuver your way through the maze-like path, taking care
not to get hit by the electricty. Keep going, and you'll see a bunch of Space
Pirates heading inside a portal. We'll get to go into that place soon, but
for now, continue until you can reach a open space so you can un-morph.

There are 3 more Pirate Troopers here. Kill them off, then switch to your Scan
Visor and scan everything that's blue here to collect information. You'll also
see models of Dark Aether and Aether, some reference to a "Dark Hunter," and
more. Now, head over to the right side of the room, near the portal where the
Space Pirates went into and scan the red device to activate the elevator. Step
into the orange hologram to be sent up a floor.

Do a Double Jump over the gap in front of you by pressing B again after you
jump. Prepare to charge your Power Beam as another Pirate Trooper will appear
as you come near a locked door. Kill it off again to disable the lock. If the
Pirate Trooper inside that blue dome does not come out, just continue on
through the blue door.

A gate in front of you will suddenly spring up and something is dropped on
the ground near you. FMV sequence shows a black-clad humanoid creature that
looks like you. A humanoid creature known as Dark Samus. After she dashes off,
head to the right to see a blue door. If the Pirate Trooper inside the blue
dome DID NOT attack you, prepare to fight him. Once done, switch to your Scan
Visor and scan the red object to activate the portal. After the FMV sequence,
go back down and head over to the purple cloud-filled thing and watch what
happens next.

You'll be transported to Dark Aether. After regaining control of Samus, let
the Safe Zone refill your energy, and run over to the Safe Zone in front of
you. Blast away that black pole thing and energize a Safe Zone by shooting it
with your Power Beam, then run to it, as it won't last long. Run to the Safe
Zone on your left and let it refill your energy, then energize another Safe
Zone and run through the blue door.

Quickly energize the Safe Zone and switch to your Light Beam by tilting the
C-Stick to the left. The Light Beam's appearance looks similar to that of
Metroid Prime's Wave Beam. Anyway, dissolve the Dark Webbing with a single
shot, then run towards the Safe Zone and do the same to the Dark Webbing in
front of you. Energize the Safe Zone and run through the blue door and into
the Safe Zone to trigger another FMV, showing the next creatures that you have
to fight next. These creatures are Ing Warriors, and are very weak to your
Light Beam, so kill them with it. If you run out of ammo, your Power Beam and
Missiles will work too.

Once you're done with them, a Light Portal will be active. Step in it to
finish the demo! Yes, it's the end, folks, so go play Metroid Prime (if it
came with the demo disc).


V.1 Missile Expansions

Yes people, believe it or not, Retro became generous enough to put in a
valuable Missile Expansion in a demo of the game, although you may not find it
at first.

-When you get to the part where you have to go through a little maze-like
 path, after the first electric current, head right and maneuver yourself to
 a Missile Expansion, the only one in this demo.

Big thanks to GamerYes on the message boards for allowing me to use his
findings on this walkthrough!


V.2 Scannable Items

These are all the things you can scan in the demo. Huge thanks go to Beyonder
for submitting the list, and BonaFide23 for telling me what those percentages

I have sorted the items in a possible Log Book format. Items like elevators
will be listed under Miscellaneous. The Pirate Data lists are from the various
computers that you'll find once you're in the place where you're supposed to
take the transport to Dark Aether.

From BonaFide23 on the GameFAQs message boards:

"The percentages represent how much the scan is worth for each section of your
log book. For instance, scanning a Pirate Trooper puts you 1% closer to having
all the Creatures scans."

Pirate Data:

Dark Hunter Analysis, 07.202.07 

Scans of the "Dark Hunter" have revealed she consumes Phazon to sustain her
lifeforce. Judging by her stealing patterns, she requires immense amounts of
it to survive.

Security Alert. All units to battle stations. 

The Dark Hunter has breached the Metroid Production facility. Protect Phazon
supply at all costs. Death to the Dark Hunter! Glory to the Space Pirates!

Planetary Stabibility Report, 07.203.01 

Planetary energy is at critical, creating violent climate changes and tectonic
shifts. Unless these conditions can be reversed, global destruction is

Phazon Collection Report, 07.202.02 

Phazon supply at site 1 is diminishing. Sites 2 and 3 are supply-rated above
90%. Site 4 remains a problem due to high presence of hostile bioforms. 

Casualty Report, 07.203.04 

Mining expedition 422 reports 3 dead, 2 injured, 1 missing in action. Captured
bioform transferred to Science Team for study 07.203.01.

Security Report, 07.202.06 

Commando unit 87 has failed to report. Unit was dispatched to recon the swamp,
a potential site for a new base. Unit 98 sent to investigate.

Security Report, 07.201.04 

The Marine vessel has been under attack by indigenous predators for several
days. Casualties are high: the Marine force is near elimination.

Metroid Energy Report, 07.202.09 

Until we recover more Phazon, we rely on Metroids for power. Command has
authorized mass breeding of Metroids for this purpose. 


Creatures: 1%
Ground: 2%
Prowlers: 11%
Surface: 20%

Morphology: Kralee

Dimensional warping bioform. 

Able to phase out of local timespace. Target creature before it warps to
damage it.

Morphology: Splinter Cocoon 

Protective structure for sleeping Splinters. 

Destroying this structure will eliminate the Splinter inside, but will also
alert other Splinters nearby.

Creatures: 1%
Ground: 2%
Predators: 33%

Morphology: Splinter 

Predatory insectoid hunter. 

Splinters are aggressive and dangerous in numbers. Their light armor is no
match for your weapons, however.

Pirate Trooper
Creatures: 1%
Sentient: 3%

Morphology: Pirate Trooper 

Starfaring brigand. 

Aggressive, well-armed bioform trained for combat and conquest.
Sworn enemy of Samus Aran.

Warrior Ing
Creatures 1%
Sentient 3%
Ing 25%

Morphology: Warrior Ing 

The soldiers of the Ing Horde. 

Shapeshifting wallcrawler. Dangerous combatant in melee and at range.
Susceptible to Light Beam attacks. 


Samus' Gunship
Research: 10%
Vehicles: 50%
Starship: Hunter-class gunship 

Vessel registered to Samus Aran. 

You can return to your ship to recharge energy, reload weapons, and save
progress in the game.

Luminoth Webbing 
Research: 10%
Biology: 33%

Obstacle composed of tensile biomaterial. Conventional weapon fire will be
insufficient to destroy obstacle.

Pirate Skiff
Research: 30%
Vehicles: 50%
Vehicle: “Shrike” class Assault Skiff 

Light attack craft and troop transport. 

Vehicle is unarmed, but heavily armored. Eliminate troops if possible before
they disperse.

Small Energy Unit 

Replenishes 10 units of energy 

Missile Ammunition 

Resupplies Missile Launcher with 5 rounds of ammo.

Dark Beam Ammunition 

Resupplies Dark Beam with 5 rounds of ammo.

Light Beam Ammunition 

Resupplies Light Beam with 5 rounds of ammo.

Planet: Dark Aether 

Transdimensional duplicate of Planet Aether. 

"Unable to determine origin of Aether's "dark twin." Contains high levels of
Phazon ore. Indigenous bioforms attack on sight." 

Planet: Aether 

Obscure world in the Dasha system. 

Planet unstable due to transdimensional flux. Extreme climate shifts have left
most of Aether uninhabitable.

Xenotech: Luminoth Light Crystal 

Generates protective field of Light Energy. 

Light Crystals provide protection from Dark Aether’s atmosphere. They can be
nullified by Dark Energy and supercharged by Light Energy.

Xenotech: Nullified Light Crystal
Protection field of Light Energy deactivated. Light Crystals, when covered
with Dark Energy, cease to function for a brief time. Light Energy can clear
the Crystal of the Dark Energy.

Xenotech: Energized Light Crystal
Generates enhanced field of Light Energy. Energized Light Crystals provide
better protection from Dark Aether's denizens. Dark creatures are damaged by
the energized field.

Dark Webbing 

Obstacle composed of tensile biomaterial, energized by Dark Energy. The Light
Beam will be able to disrupt and destroy this obstacle. 


Object scan complete. 

Statue houses a power grid, motivator unit, and an energy projection array.
All systems are offline, due to age or structural damage.

Object scan complete. 

Statues motivator unit has burned out. It will remain at its current position.

Elevator control system offline. The elevator will not function until

Object scan complete. 

This is a standard issue Galatic Federation cargo crate. 

These storage units are known for ultra-secure lock systems: destroy them to
discover their contents. 

Structural analysis complete. 

Crude but efficient device designed to harness and process wind power.
Components are of Space Pirate design. 

Object scan complete. This is a standard issue Space Pirate storage crate. 

Space Pirates, strangely, dislike theft. The only way into their crates is
through the use of force. 

Security System active. 

Dark Beam weapon system required for door access. Energize door with this
weapon to open it. 

Door System access denied. 

Unable to bypass security codes. Seek an alternate exit. 

This panel is weakened from damage. 

Use a Morph Ball Bomb on it to destroy it. 

Mechanical analysis complete. 

This elevator will not function until activated. Scan its control console to
bring it online.
Missile Expansion
Increases the number of Missiles you can carry by 5.

Dark Aether Transit 424 complete. 

Radiation levels within tolerances. Dark Cannon operating at full power:
no signs of instability detected. Cooldown cycle under way. 

Security analysis complete. 

Unable to bypass Space Pirate security: portal control access denied.
Find an alternate method of accessing portal control. 

Analysis complete. 

This portal is inactive. Portal activation system located on upper level of
this room. 

Power relays connected. Elevator unit online. 

Step into the hologram to activate the elevator. 

Elevator Systems online. 

Step onto the elevator to begin operation. 

Door system access denied. 

Unable to bypass security codes. Seek an alternative exit. 

Mechanical analysis complete. 

Device used by Space Pirates to generate the Dark Energy needed to create
Portals to Dark Aether. Control of this system is isolated in a secure command
station nearby. 

Security sytem engaged. 

Unable to bypass Space Pirate security codes. Search the area for another way
to advance. 

Portal control system online. 

Walk into portal to transport to Dark Aether. Extreme caution recommended once
transit is complete. 

Bioscan complete. 

Subject appears to have been terminated by his own forces. Evidence of
parasitic infestation present: subject may have turned on his allies against
his will. 

Bioscan complete. 

Subject’s spine was shattered after high-velocity impact. Crippling effects of
injury left subject vulnerable to further attacks and termination. 

Bioscan complete. 

Subject was undergoing parasitic fusion when its heart failed. Massive
biosystem shock led to the termination of subject and parasite. 

Bioscan complete. 

Subject took multiple armor breaches, exposing its body to local atmosphere.
Resulting trauma led to multiple organ failure and death. 

Light Portal active. 

Walk into the portal to transport back to Aether. 


VI. F.A.Q.

Q: When will Metroid Prime 2 be released?

A: Sometime out in November, of '04.

Q: How hard is the game?

A: If you mean the full game itself, wait for it to come out and see it for
   yourself. If you mean the demo, it's very easy to most Metroid Prime
   veterans and about medium for new players.

Q: Can you send me the disc?

A: Nope.

Q: No, really, can you?

A: Nice try, but no.

Q: What do I get if I scan everything in the demo?

A: Nothing. There isn't even a full Pause menu.

Q: Any cheats?

A: None that I know of. It's pretty easy without them anyway, as I found out
   for myself... :P

Q: Samus is a girl?

A: You can pretty much tell that now, because she might kinda let out a grunt
   when she gets damaged. Or look closely in the visor when you go down the
   elevator thing.

Q: What's the difference between this and Metroid Prime?

A: From what I have seen so far, you're on the planet Aether (which gets
   mentioned as a name of an area in Phendrana Drifts), a world where there is
   two versions of it: Aether and Dark Aether, your visor looks very
   different, and new creatures like the Splinters, new weapons, new Luminoth
   technology, and the list goes on and on...

Q: Who or what is that thing that appears? It sorta looks like Samus.

A: That my friend, is Dark Samus. I won't explain anything else since I don't
   know much about her/it. Some people say that it's Metroid Prime, which is
   in my opinion a good possibility. But we'll all know for sure once the
   game comes out... *cue X-Files theme*


VII. Credits

Nintendo and Retro Studios: For doing an excellent job with Metroid Prime and
                            the upcoming sequel. Nintendo for the GameCube.
Gunpei Yokoi: The genius behind many Nintendo systems, like the Game & Watch
              Series, the Game Boy, and of course, the original Metroid game.
              May he rest in peace...
CJayC: Your site rocks and thanks for putting this FAQ up.
GamerYes: For allowing me to add that Missile Expansion that you found and I
          missed up on my walkthrough. Once again, thanks!
Beyonder: For submitting a list on all the available things that you can
          scan in the demo, and their descriptions. Thank you very much for
          finding the time to do these scans.
MCPAC: For submitting some more info on Super Metroid in The Metroid
       Chronicles section. Thanks for helping out a Metroid gamer with a lack
       of knowledge on that game! ^_^
BonaFide23: Thanks for telling me what those percentages mean when you scan
            things and for telling me that the C-Stick as well as the two
            shoulder buttons can be used to select through the menu options.

And to my cousins in the Philippines: Sana ma-enjoy ninyo ang bago nyong


VIII. Disclaimer

All rights, including the copyrights of game, scenario, music, and program
reserved by Nintendo.


IX. Copyright and Contact Info

This FAQ/Walkthrough is © Copyright 2004 by Luigi Ng (Ice27). No part of this
document can be changed or altered without the author's permission. Feel free
to use this guide for personal reasons ONLY. Any individual who violates this
is subject to punishment to the fullest extent through copyright violations.

This document can only and ONLY be hosted on the following site:


Contact me at Lracer2790@aol.com for corrections and tips to submit (not that
that's gonna happen anymore).


X. Last Word(s)

I've finally decided to make this FAQ into a Final version, with only a few
days (from this time of writing) left to the release of Metroid Prime 2.

[prepare for a somewhat long speech ahead]:

I'd like to thank you, the reader, for actually reading the second FAQ that
I've ever made and that is out on the Internet, for a limited-in-supply demo
disc game. I really appreciate that, and well, hopefully, Metroid Prime 2 will
turn out as a game far more worthy than the 9.1 rating it received.

I may or may not create a walkthrough for the full version of the game once
it's out, depending on if I have the money to buy this when it comes out, or
if someone out there with quicker typing hands than mine completes the first
walkthrough that's out on the Net.

And that's basically it. Thanks again, and I hope Metroid Prime 2 will exceed
or meet the standards of a veteran Metroid player...whatever those "standards"


Mission Cleared...

End of FAQ/Walkthrough...

See You Next Mission!

*imagine a pic of Samus here without her Power Suit*

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