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by yoda2323

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Guide and Walkthrough by yoda2323

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 07/03/2011


Pitfall: The Lost Expedition is an adventure platforming game. You control Pitfall Harry as he explores the jungle, caves, and the mountains to save explorers and an ancient city. This guide covers everything in the game, including detailed descriptions on how to get every single idol and get through every level in the game.

The game is broken up into different levels. When you choose to save, it will save your progress as it was when you entered the level, so anything you did after entering the level will be lost. Luckily the levels are pretty short so this shouldn't be a problem.

If you choose to quit, you will lose any progress that you haven't saved.

Version History

  • Version 0.8 (4/5/2011): The walkthrough portion of the guide is complete. Still have to finish the Treasure Idols section, but how to get every idol is already in the main walkthrough. Everything else about the guide is pretty much complete.
  • Version 1.0 (4/7/2011): Everything is complete. Fixed a few links in the guide and edited a few minor things within the guide. Added a few descriptions to some sections.
  • Version 1.02 (7/2/2011): Changed the formatting of the guide and fixed a few typos.

How to Use this Guide

I have divided the guide into parts, based on your objectives. You can quickly see what your objective is and what levels you must travel through in a certain part by clicking on the part name in the Table of Contents and then quickly returning to the Table of Contents by clicking the Back button on your browser.

Before the walkthrough begins for each part, I list various things like the objectives for that part, the enemies found in that part, the items and moves used in that part, and the list of levels you travel through in that part. You can click on each level, enemy, item, and move listed to jump to the corresponding section of the guide to learn more, then simply click the Back button in your browser to return. When you enter a level, I have the level name followed by a number in parentheses. This number is the number of times you have entered the level (so, for example, Crash Site (1) means that it is your first time in Crash Site). You can click on the link to jump to that section of the guide.

All of the names for each part of the game come from in-game when Harry opens up his map to see where he has to go next. except for Part 1 since it doesn't have a title in-game since he doesn't even open up his map.

Whenever you encounter a boss, you can click on the boss name to jump to the bosses section to read how to beat that boss. Then you can click the Back button in your browser to return to where you were reading.

The most convenient thing about this guide is that you can use the links to jump to other sections of the guide, then simply use the Back button in your browser to return to where you were reading.


The controls are fairly simple.

  • A button: Jump
  • B button: Punch
  • X button: Heroic Dash
  • Y button: Crouch
  • Z button: Look around
  • R button: Rotate camera left
  • L button: Rotate camera right
  • Control stick: Move
  • C-stick: Grab something or use an item
  • D-pad: Equip an item

You can change the default controls in the Options menu.


Listed here are Harry's basic moves that he starts with. Click on the move in the table below to jump to the corresponding section.

JumpDouble JumpVine Climbing
Sweep KickSpin KickSwim


Press the A button to jump. The longer you hold it down, the higher he jumps. To get out of quicksand, press the A button.

Double Jump

Press the A button again while in the air to double jump. Double jumping doesn't offer much extra height, so use it to gain extra distance or stay in the air longer (like when over a Pit Monster or something).

Vine Climbing

Jump at a vine to automatically grab onto it. Swing back and forth using the control stick, and change your direction using left and right. Press up or down on the C-stick to change Harry's height on the vine. The lower you are on the vine, the farther, higher, and faster you can go.


Press the B button to punch in front of you. This defeats enemies.


Press the Y button to crouch. By itself it doesn't have much use other than dodging some attacks.


Move the control stick while Crouching to roll around. This is used to fit into small holes.

Sweep Kick

Press B while Crouching to perform a sweep kick. This trips enemies like Natives and Porcupines and breaks material in front of small holes.

Spin Kick

Press B while in the air after Jumping to perform a spin kick. This lets you break rickety trees and gratings that you can't Punch.


Enter water to start swimming. To swim, press A repeatedly to stroke and move forward. The faster you press A, the faster you move. Use the control stick to control direction.

When above an underwater passage, press Y to dive. When swimming completely underwater, press A repeatedly to swim and use the control stick to control direction.


Whenever you get an item (before you get the Gasmask), it will automatically be assigned to one of the four directions on the D-pad. Press the corresponding direction on the D-pad to equip that item. You can now use that item. Refer to the Inventory section for more details on each item.

After you get the Gasmask, all four directions are taken up so you have to assign it manually. Hold one of the buttons on the D-pad to bring up the item menu. Then select the item you want to assign to that direction and press A.


Press and hold the R button to rotate the camera left. Press and hold the L button to rotate the camera right. Press L and R together to reset the camera back to its default position. While both L and R are pressed, use up and down on the C-stick to change the camera elevation. Press and hold Z to zoom up behind Harry's back, and use the control stick to look around.


This section of the guide contains information on the moves Harry learns from the Heroic Handbook. This section of the guide is copied directly from in the game. After the entry I will explain my own strategy for the move.

Harry does not start with these moves. You have to find the Heroic Handbook pages first.

Heroic DashSuper Sling
Heroic DiveRising Strike
Breakdance StrikeSmash Strike

Heroic Dash

Found: Upon entering the hot coal area of Flooded Courtyard (1)

Press X to perform the Heroic Dash.

From the Heroic Handbook:

"A Grecian boy developed this technique in 1134 B.C. to speedily send messages from Atens to Sparta.

Using controlled breathing and focused bursts of energy, it allows the practitioner to repeatedly achieve great speeds for short periods of time without fatigue.

Masters of the technique run so quickly, they can even traverse hot coals without feeling ill effect."

Strategy: Press X repeatedly to run really fast (and combine with tilting the control stick to move a bit faster). Not only is this great to cross hot coals, it's also great to just move through the level faster.

Super Sling

Found: Shaman Shop for 10 idols

Hold C-stick down to allow Harry to charge up a Super Sling Shot.

Press C-stick up to fire a Super Sling Shot when fully charged.

From the Heroic Handbook:

"It's rumored that this technique was developed by King David as a means of defeating the might Goliath.

Scholars of ancient warfare practices may disagree on the origin of the move, but none can deny its devastating power, allowing the user to defeat enemies that regular sling shots can only stun!"

Strategy: The Super Sling is fully charged when the controller stops vibrating. An advantage to the Super Sling is that you can fire normal sling shots while charging by quickly pressing C-stick up then continue charging by pressing C-stick down again. This allows you to stun enemies while charging so you can avoid getting hit while charging.

Heroic Dive

Found: Turtle Monument (2)

Begin a Heroic Dash by pressing X.

Press A to initiate the Heroic Dive.

From the Heroic Handbook:

"It is rumored that this maneuver was developed by the legendary Pirate Roberts as a means of boarding enemy ships.

He'd dive across the gap between ships, through small holes in the enemy's hull made by his own cannons. Because the gaps between ships were sometimes very great, the Heroic Dive covers a greater distance than a normal Double Jump."

Strategy: This move is actually not needed to complete the game. Any time you need it, you can just do the Heroic Dash over and over (press X repeatedly). It might be hard to get past the low overhang in Butterfly Glade but it is possible. I didn't even know about the Heroic Dive the first time I played the game.

Rising Strike

Found: Bittenbinder's Camp (1)

Press B to begin a normal strike.

Quickly press A to preform the Rising Strike.

From the Heroic Handbook:

"This move was perfected in 734 A.D. by the Shaolin Monk Chu Hong Shang.

It serves the dual purpose of allowing the practictioner to attack airborn threats, and also to reach high ledges that a normal jump could not."

Strategy: This move is used almost all the time to reach high ledges. You can also use it to attack enemies directly above you.

Breakdance Strike

Found: Shaman Shop for 10 idols

To start the move, press Y and X. Then, rapidly press B to keep it going!

From the Heroic Handbook:

"This move is attributed to teh famous French bandit Jacques Laliberte. He took great pleasure in simultaneously disarming and humiliating opponents with his flourishing dance combat style.

This move, his most powerful, is capable of stopping all but the mightiest beasts in their tracks, smashing through any shielding they might try to employ.

And the user looks great doing it!"

Strategy: Just like the handbook says, it stops all attacks, even TNT, and breaks through any shielding of the enemy, like the spikes on a Porcupine or the mask of a Native or Renegade Native.

Smash Strike

Found: Shaman Shop for 10 idols

Press B while double jumping.

From the Heroic Handbook:

"A long forgotten Nordic Viking named Lars the Forgotten first attempted the Smash Strike in 1467 A.D., while trying to break open a coconut his cousin had brought him from a vacation in the New World.

Over years of looting and pillaging, Lars honed the technique of smashing things on the ground that normally can't be hurt (like scorpions and porcupines), but he never did get that coconut open."

Strategy: Use this move to squash scorpions and other enemies. Remember that you don't have to be right above the target when you start jumping, i.e. you can double jump to platform with scorpions on it and while still in the air press B to Smash Strike them while above them.


See the How to Use this Guide section above.

After you beat it, we now learn what happened 24 hours earlier. Almost the entire game is a flashback.

Part Overview


  • Explore the jungle to get to the Plane Cockpit where the flares are coming from.

Level Overview:


Items used:

  • None

Moves used:

New Journal Entry!

Entry 01

Entry 02

You awaken in the forest, and flares are going off in the distance. Run forward, and you will encounter a Pit Monster. Wait for it to close then run over it.

Then there is another Pit Monster, and this time there is a Swinging Monkey. Run over the pit while it's closed and avoid the monkey. Then do it again for the next pit.

The next Pit Monster is always open. Double jump to grab the vine, and swing on the vine to cross the pit. Don't worry about falling into the pit, as there is ground and you can't get hurt. After crossing that pit, you now must do it again, except this time if you fall you can get hurt.

Get the treasure idol to the right. Idols are used to buy moves and other things from the shaman, which appears in some areas.

Continue moving forward along the path. There is a Howler Monkey in the path. Quickly run up to it and punch it to kill it. If it starts howling kill it quickly, because once it starts howling other monkeys in the trees will throw stuff at you.

Go through the crashed plane, breaking the pots with B. Break the door to your left to emerge back in the forest. You will see some natives surrounding a cage. Approach and the natives will run off. There is an explorer inside the cage. Break the cage with B to free him, and he will offer you an Explorer Idol, which is worth 5 regular ones.

There is a bath/fountain to your right, which restores all your health. There is usually 1 bath in each level.

Continue moving forward and move on to the next level, Jungle Canyon.

Jungle Canyon (1)

Run forward, into the body of water. Swim to the plane in the center, then onto the small island. To the right are some Crocodiles. Jump on top of them to get to the platform with an idol. Then go back to the island in the center. Now swim to the waterfall and go through it. Get the idol (but don't bother going further to the Underground Dam because you need the Raft) then go back to the island. Now jump onto the small square platform and across the Crocodile.

Punch through the totem poles. There is a Howler Monkey sleeping in front of a Pit Monster ahead. If you can, quickly run up to the monkey and punch it into the pit. The pit will chew him up and stay closed, so that way you can just walk across. If you don't do that you can use the vine to cross. Round the bend and quickly kill the 2 Howler Nonkeys before they can scream, then move forward and kill the monkey next to the bath. Jump in the bath to heal.

Jump at the vine to cross the chasm. Wake the Shaman by punching it. You can buy stuff from the shaman using your idols. You should have 8 Idols by now. Buy whatever you want or save up to buy one of the more expensive ones later. In this guide I will say whatever I chose to buy. You don't have to buy what I buy but it might help. I bought the Mystery Item. After that, swing on the vines to the right to get to the next platform. Don't bother going straight into the jungle because there is just a rock wall there that you will need TNT to blow up. You get TNT much later. Turn left and swing on the vines until you get to the next platform. Jump to the next platform and then into the jungle again. Jump in the bath to heal if you need it.

Cross the Pit Monster by swinging on the vine. Then cross the water by jumping on the Crocodiles. If you miss, you'll have to quickly swim back to avoid getting eaten. After that, punch through the totem poles and hold Y to roll through the hole at the bottom of the structure.

Punchan Shrine (1)

Wooden spikes are moving along the walls ahead. Roll under the high ones and jump over the low ones. After rolling quickly stop rolling and prepare to jump, because you won't have much time.

In the next area, the green squares collapse when you stand on them, while the gray ones don't. Try to stay only on the gray squares. After you clear that area, roll under the hole and heal in the bath.

This next area is a bit interesting. Stand on one of the switches for it to slowly go down, and once it's all the way down a platform in the next room will shoot up. Once you step off the switch the switch will slowly move up while the platform in the next room slowly moves down. You have to time when you step on the switches in order to get to the top of the next room. Step on the first switch, then wait a little bit and step on the second switch, then wait a little bit and step on the third switch. It might take a few tries to get the timing down. Remember that once you jump on a switch it takes a while for the switch to be pressed all the way down. (Take note of the web in the room with the raising platforms. Once you get the Torch you can enter this area and play the classic Pitfall game if you've bought the mystery item from the shaman.)

Once you make it to the top, there will be a pit in front of you. Don't fall into it yet, though. Run around the pit or jump over it and roll under the skull ahead to get an idol. Then drop into the pit, ignore the explorer behind the web for now (you need the Torch to free him) and continue onward.

Plane Cockpit (1)

Move forward and Scorpions will emerge. You can punch them around but you can't kill them yet; you need the Smash Strike from the Shaman first. Swing on the first vine and get to the second vine. However, on the second vine, move to the very bottom of the vine using C-stick down and start swinging from there. That will give you enough height to reach the top of the segment of the plane. Once there, roll under the rocks and Sweep Kick by pressing B while crouching with Y to break the window. Roll into the cockpit and watch the cutscene.

Part 2: Welcome to the Jungle

You now have a new objective: get to Bittenbinder's camp by following the tracks of their tank.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 03

Part Overview


  • Follow the Gizmo tracks to get to camp.

Level Overview:


Items used:

  • Canteen (This is really used in all parts after this one but since it's optional I'll only include it here)
  • Sling

Moves used:

Plane Cockpit (1) (cont'd)

Spin Kick the window to get out of the plane. Run over to the bath to heal and fill your new Canteen with water. You can use this water to heal when a bath isn't around. Spin Kick the tree nearby to make it fall and cross the tree to get to the next area.

Native Jungle (1)

Jump at the vine, but instead of moving forward, swing to the right. There are more vines. Swing on the vines to get the idol at the end. Then get back to the first vine and go forward to where the rolling logs are coming from.

There is a section in the path where the logs hit two small rocks and bounce in the air. Use this to your advantage to avoid the logs. You can roll with Y to move slightly faster.

Once you get to the top of the hill, where there are 2 logs stacked on top of one another, jump over the logs and kill the 2 Natives. Round the bend there is a lower area filled with Howler Monkeys. You can either tiptoe through this area by lightly tilting the control stick or quickly run up to the them and try to kill all of the monkeys. However the latter method will probably drain a lot of your health, but it is faster.

Climb back out of the lower area at the end, go past the wooden native figures, and jump over the small Pit Monster. Punch through the totem poles and roll under the hole. Heal in the bath if needed, and if you need to fill your canteen do that too, but you should kill the Native nearby first so he doesn't throw coconuts at you while you are trying to fill up your Canteen.

Swing across the lower area using the vine and go through the flaps. Move forward, past the totem poles (don't destroy them yet), and jump on the platform leading to the next area. A native will appear and close the gates. You must defeat all of the Natives that have appeared in this area to continue. You can use the totem poles against them; if they are hit by a part of the totem pole when you punch it, they will automatically die so you won't have to Sweep Kick them first. After killing all the Natives, the gates will open and you can go to the next area.

Altar of Huitaca (1)

You will be revisiting this place many times. This level is the first large open level of the game.

Instead of following the tracks, head to the right. Heal in the bath. Right next to you is a temple structure. Right across from the bath there is a small hole in the structure. Sweep Kick to break the bricks and enter the hole for an idol. Continue counterclockwise around the temple until you get to an elevated platform. Nearby is a vine. Jump at the vine, and from that vine swing to another vine slightly to the right. From there jump into the opening at the top of the structure. Use C-stick left or right to flip the switch. This will open the gate into the next area.

Move forward and jump at the vine ahead. Then steer the vine far to the left and you will see another vine high up. Swing to that vine, and from there you can get on top of the temple structure where there is a Shaman. You should have 11 idols total by now. I bought the Extra Health. If you can't buy it now or you don't want to, buy something else cheap. The Breakdance will be very helpful a bit later.

Now to go fight the Natives that appeared where you opened the gate. Head over to the gate and quickly punch the natives so they hold up their shields. Then Sweep Kick them and finish them off. Work quickly so you don't take a lot of damage. It helps to punch them beforehand so they will hold up their shields and not throw coconuts at you.

After beating the Natives proceed into the next area.

The Great Tree (1)

Run forward. There is a Howler Monkey to the right. Kill it quickly before it has a chance to do anything. There are 2 other monkeys sleeping around the tree but you don't need to kill them. Shortly after killing the first monkey, going counter-clockwise around the tree there will be a series of mushrooms on the tree. Use these to get up the tree. Eventually you will get to a vine. Use that to swing to the next platform jutting out from the surrounding wall.

Quickly kill the Howler Monkey. Water fills up the area so that way if you fall you don't have to start all over. Go across the platforms, quickly killing the monkeys. At the end of the series of platforms, jump at the vine and steer to the right. You will see a mushroom on the tree. Jump to it from the vine, then continue counter-clockwise around the tree using the branches and mushrooms. Water again fills up the area.

Continue going counter-clockwise around the tree until you get to 2 branches parallel with one another. One is jutting out from the tree, and the other from the surrounding rock wall. Run along the branch from the tree, then, while still moving toward the rock wall, jump to the other branch. Then double jump at the vine to the left, then swing up to the platform above. Kill the monkey, and water fills the area.

Heal in the bath if needed. Behind you, jump on the branch that was holding the vine that you just used, proceed into the small half-pipe section and then onto the platform, quickly killing the monkeys. To the right, swing across the 3 vines onto the next platform on the other side. Once you get to the far platform water again fills the level.

Jump to the next platform with the Howler Monkey and kill it. Jump on the branch jutting out from the rock wall and use that to get onto the branch from the tree. Jump up on the mushrooms on the left, and for the last time water fills the level.

Continue climbing up the tree until you get to a branch. To the left is the exit and a vine. Before moving on to the next area, jump up to a mushroom, which is further clockwise around the tree, then from there jump at the vine. Turn around almost completely and you will see a sparkling light up on a branch in the tree with a Howler Monkey up there. The sparkling light is an idol. Swing up there (you'll have to double jump after you let go of the vine) and get the idol. (To find where the idol is, if you were swinging on the vine with your back to the exit, the branch with the idol and monkey would be on a branch above you slightly to your right.) After getting the idol, get to the exit using either the vine or the branch right below the exit.

Statues of the Ayar (1)

Drop down the small cliff and proceed forward. Watch the cutscene. Remember this talking jaguar because you will see him again, and he plays an important role in the story.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 04

Heal in the bath if needed, then drop down into the next area. Jump to the hand, then from there to the vine. From the vine jump on the circular platform. It tilts based on the weight that's on it, so be careful. Turn to the right and jump on the other vine.

This jump is tricky. Get at the very bottom of the vine, face the hand above you (the left hand of the headless statue), and when you are at the top of your swing, jump off, but don't go too far forward after jumping. Soon after (but not immediately after), double jump, and you will grab on to the ledge of the hand. From there, grab on to the vine and swing to the top of the headless statue. Beyond the waterfall is an idol, but you don't have the move necessary to get it just yet.

From the top of the headless statue, jump to the branch sticking out from the wall, and from there to the vine. Then you can just swing to the next vine and to the exit of the level.

Bittenbinder's Camp (1)

At the start of this level, you will see a stunned Porcupine to the left, and a Native throwing coconuts at it. First take care of the Porcupine. Sweep Kick it to make it fall on its back, so then you can punch it without fear of the spikes. Then kill the Native.

Fall into the water and swim to the far right of the level where you can get onto a small piece of land. Spin Kick the tree to make it fall. Cross the bridge you just formed to get on another small piece of land. Spin Kick the tree here and cross. Once you do so you will see a cutscene.

New Move Learned!

Rising Strike

Go to the right and use the Rising Strike to reach the ledge and get to the top of the platform. Use it again to knock the board free and pull the tank up out of the water.

New Item Obtained!


Before crossing back over the water on the same tree you used to get to Bittenbinder, go to the right (if the camera was facing the tank area) onto the log, jump onto the platform, and use the Rising Strike to get up to the ledge and nab the idol. Then cross the tree (the last tree you collapsed with the spin kick) and from there get onto the center island. Equip the Sling when the game tells you to (when you get to the center) and aim the crosshair at the bullseye on the wing of the plane; it's pretty small. Once you do that a cutscene begins and you get a new objective.

Part 3: The Rescue Mission Begins

Now you have to go find Nicole and the others.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 05

Bittenbinder's Camp (1) (cont'd)

First, Spin Kick the tree to your left. It creates a bridge to the gas clouds to the left which you will use later. When Leech left he accidentally chopped down a tree. Use the stump that's left of it to go back the way you came. Use the Rising Strike to get to the top of it, then walk up to the tip of the branch. Equip the Sling and fire it at the Porcupines to stun them so you can then go to the ground and Sweep Kick them and kill them. Use the Rising Strike to get out of the level and back to the Statues of the Ayar.

Statues of the Ayar (2)

You are simply passing through this area to get back to the Altar of Huitaca. However, before heading straight for the exit, jump to the left and swing on the two vines to go into a small area within the wall. Rising Strike up the ledge and nab the idol. Once you do that you can head for the exit of this area and use the Rising Strike to get up the high ledges.

Now you are in the clearing where you first met the talking jaguar. There are Bush Ninjas in this area. You can use the Sling to disable them from a distance then come in and punch then while they are running away. After killing the Bush Ninjas, use the Rising Strike to get up the ledge and head to the next area.

The Great Tree (2)

When you enter this area, the camera will zoom in on a head on the wall with a cork in its mouth. Use the sling to fire a stone at the cork/bullseye, and the water will drain from the level. You can then safely fall and exit to the Altar of Huitaca.

Note that you can hit the target from afar, but you will have to aim slightly above where you want to it (at about the eyes of the figure to hit it from where you enter the level).

Altar of Huitaca (2)

Once you enter this area you encounter the talking jaguar again in another cutscene.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 06

Follow the Gizmo tracks to the broken section of the plane that some Natives are throwing coconuts at. Kill the natives (either hit them with your Sling from afar then come in close and Sweep Kick them or just run up and punch them, then Sweep Kick them) then hit the exposed engine section that the natives were throwing coconuts at with your Sling to rotate the blade. Once the blade is rotated enough, use the rocks to get onto the blade and to the stairs and the opening to the next level.

Mouth of Inti (1)

Heal in the bath and fill your Canteen if needed. Be prepared for a boss fight.

After beating St. Claire, jump across the quicksand using the box from the debris and get to the other side. Once there, equip the Sling and fire at Nicole's parachute to free her.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 07

New Item Obtained!


Part Overview


  • Backtrack to get to an idol and Shaman with the Rising Strike
  • Explore the jungle with your new Torch

Level Overview:


Items used:

Moves used:

Mouth of Inti (1) (cont'd)

Use the Torch to light the gunpowder and blow up the rock wall ahead. You can control the Torch with the C-stick.

Go forward into the dark cave with the Torch equipped so you can see. Jump from platform to platform, Spin Kicking the stalagtites and get to the other side. Go forward into the next level, which is, conveniently, the Altar of Huitaca.

Altar of Huitaca (3)

Run forward, burn through the web with the Torch, and drop down into the main area. Before moving on, there is a Shaman you can get near the Crash Site. Turn right and follow the tracks out of the level. If you don't want to get the shaman yet, don't forget to come back for it and jump to the Altar of Huitaca (4) section.

Native Jungle (2)

Kill the natives in the area, then use the Rising Strike to get up the ledge and past the flaps. Kill the Native. Get to the edge and use your Sling to fire at 3 Howler Monkeys sleeping in a group below to stun them. Drop down below and kill those, then go to the left and use the Rising Strike to get up the ledge. Go down the hill, cross the quicksand, and head to the next area.

Plane Cockpit (2)

There are Porcupines in this area. You can either let them roll at you so they will end up on their backs, then punch them, or hit them with your Sling to stun them, then Sweep Kick them then punch them.

Climb up the rocks at the back and get back into the plane. Roll out of the window at the back. Use the vines to cross the chasm and enter the next level.

Punchan Shrine (2)

Run forward and use the Torch on the web to free the explorer. Rising Strike up to the ladder and climb it. Head to the right, fall down, and behind you is the web from earlier. Now that you have the Torch, burn through the web and play the classic Pitfall game. Go to the Punchan Shrine section for more info on how to get the idol.

Head back through the Punchan Shrine, past the switches. Use the Rising Strike to get up the ledge and pass through the room again that has the collapsing platforms. Stay on the gray squares because those don't collapse. Then you have to pass the wooden spikes. You don't really have to dodge them this time since you are going in the same direction as the spikes, so just walk forward (but not too far so as not to get hit by the spikes) and continue on into the next level.

Jungle Canyon (2)

Jump across the Crocodile heads, vine swing across the Pit Monster, cross the platforms, and vine swing across the chasm to eventually get to the other side where there is another bath. Kill the Howler Monkey and run up the hill. Quickly kill the Howler Monkeys in the area and continue until you get to the body of water. Cross the body of water either via swimming or jumping on the croc heads and go into the next level.

Crash Site (2)

Go into the plane, turn right, go out of the plane, and kill the Howler Monkey. To your left are 2 logs, and you can see the Gizmo tracks going up a small cliff into a cave. Use the Rising Strike to get up to the ledge, grab the idol, and take the shortcut to the Plane Cockpit.

Plane Cockpit (3)

Before dropping below, however, wake up the Shaman to your right and buy the Breakdance.

New Move Learned!

Breakdance Strike

Drop down and cross the fallen tree to the next level.

Native Jungle (3)

If you need another explanation as to how to get past this level, refer to Native Jungle (1). Don't forget that you can use the Sling to stun Howler Monkeys.

Altar of Huitaca (4)

Head to the back of the level. If you just came from the Native Jungle, just head straight, healing in the bath if needed, and use the Torch to burn through the web so you can enter the Battered Bridge.

Battered Bridge (1)

This level consists of 2 sections. The first section, the one you are in now, has a Mega Monkey Mom roaming around. Whatever you do, don't let the Mega Monkey Baby latch onto you, because if it does the mom will try to attack you.

There is an idol in the next section that requires you to brush up against a certain kind of bush and have a bird fly away. Walk to the left a bit and you will see a small bush with about 4 small leaves. Brush up against it and a yellow orange bird will fly off. You must brush up against all of those kinds of bushes in this level to get the idol.

Approach the cliff and change the view so you cann see a little outlet from the cliff. Drop to this area to find a shaman. Buy the Breakdance if you haven't already. You can use the Breakdance Strike to guard against the Mega Monkey Baby and Mega Monkey Mom; however, if you hit one of the monkeys the Mega Monkey Mom will continue to try to attack you until your spin runs out). If you've been following this guide you should have 9 idols by now. Since you are using this guide you don't need the Jungle Notes, Native Notes, Cavern Notes, or Mountain Notes, so don't worry about those until the end. Buy the Canteen Max for 1 idol. On this same ledge with the shaman is another bush with a bird.

There is a large tree to the right of where you first entered. Next to that tree is another bird bush. Go further past the tree for another bird bush. There is another bush farther to the left, close to the cliff. After that, go up the structure in the center and cross the bridge. You'll have to be careful because the bridge is slippery and it rocks back and forth.

After getting to the other side to the next section, you will see several small bird statues. Whenever you brush up against one of those bushes I mentioned, the corresponding statue rises up. Raise all of the statues to have a final statue rise up, revealing an idol. Right next to this platform is another bush.

Below the structure at the start of this section of the level is another bush. There is another bush on an elevated platform to the left of where you got off the bridge. There is another bush on a pillar. Just before the stone ramp downward, jump on the thin railing and go to the pillar right across from the pillar with the bush on it, and jump to the other pillar to activate the bush. There is another bush near the bath, next to some trees. That should be all the bushes, so head to the bird statue area and grab the idol. Then follow the path out of the level, using the Torch to burn through the web.

Mama-Oullo Tower (1)

Enter the water and quickly swim to the right towards a small tilted structure in the water you can use to get onto. Alternatively you could swim straight to a small ramp to get out of the water, then hop across the Crocodile to get onto the main structure. From there you can get to tilted structure/ramp I mentioned.

Once there, there is a Crocodile swimming back and forth, and a vine. You must jump from the Crocodile to the vine. Time your jump so you can jump from the croc to the vine. Swing from the vine to the other vine to the right, and from there swing to the land ahead. Heal in the bath if needed, and go around the quicksand pool.

Heading right and going into the center structure will just lead to a dead end, so instead head left and go up the steps. Once at the top, turn left and follow the path, avoiding the Crocodiles in the quicksand. Once at the end of the path, turn left into the center structure. Follow the path until you get to a head with two pictures next to it. On the left is a picture of night, and on the right is a picture of day. Below the head is a lever. Switch the lever to the left to rotate a column within the stone structure.

Run right to a circular area. You can turn right again and Rising Strike up the ledge to find a Shaman, but you need the Smash Strike to get to him.

Go forward and backtrack to the first entrance to the stone structure, right before the steps you went up earlier. Enter this path, and since you rotated the circular column you can now pass through into the next area of this level.

Don't turn left here and go up the path (although you can do that to kill the Porcupines). Instead, turn right and climb the pillars. Use the vines at the top to swing to an idol. From the idol, drop down and turn right, and head straight into the next level.

Jungle Trail (1)

Roll under the branches and drop down below. Before crossing the Pit Monster, look above and you will see a sparkling object. A Swinging Monkey is holding it. Equip the Sling and fire it at the monkey to make the idol drop down into the Pit Monster. It will chew it up then spit it out, and the idol will land in its container nearby. Crossing the Pit Monster requires a bit of anticipation. Once you think the pit will open, you have to jump. Start crossing the pit right after it closes. Grab the idol once you get across.

Cross the next pit using the vine, and the next one using the same technique as the first one in this level. You might have to jump towards it as it is closing to get a "head start". Roll under the branches and heal in the bath.

This next part is dangerous; it is filled with Howler Monkeys. You can either tiptoe through the next area, or run through it and quickly kill all the monkeys. The Breakdance Strike might prove useful here to avoid the strikes from the trees. There is an idol to the right. There are also Bush Ninjas in this area. Personally I prefer the second way: go through the area quickly and kill them all. Use the Breakdance Strike for invincibility.

After that area, use the Rising Strike to get up the ledge and round the bend. Go forward and fall into the covered pit (don't bother continuing forward because you need the Pickaxes.

Once in the cave, Spin Kick the stalagtites behind you to free the explorer. Proceed into the cave, using the Torch to light the way. There are Scorpions in this area, so be careful. After the cave, head to the next level.

Flooded Courtyard (1)

Run forward and double jump to the platform at the center of the hot coals. Watch another cutscene with Quickclaw, the talking jaguar.

New Move Learned!

Heroic Dash

New Journal Entry!

Entry 08

Use the Heroic Dash to go to the left and cross the hot coals. Heal in the bath nearby. While standing in the bath, face the Crocodile in the pool of quicksand. Turn right and head forward onto the broken structure in the water. Go forward, and to your right is a rope hanging from a log. Jump at the rope and swing to the platform. On the next platform ahead of you is one of St. Claire's Henchman throwing TNT at you. You can use the Sling to stun him or quickly jump to the platform he's standing on and punch him. Jump to the platform he was on, then go forward and jump to the next platform. Turn left and jump to the next platform. A little ahead of you is a platform that is too far to jump to with another Henchman on it. Stun him with the Sling. Turn left and jump to the platform. Turn right and jump to the next platform. Don't try to get to the platform with the Henchman; it's too far. Instead jump to the platform to the left. Turn right and jump to the next platform. Go forward to the next platform. Turn right to the next platform. You can go forward then right to kill the Henchman. Turn left, stun the Henchman in front of you with the Sling, then jump to his platform and kill him. Turn left and jump to the platform. Then jump to the platform ahead of you. Turn right and jump to the next platform. Jump forward onto the stone boundry to the temple in front of you. Turn right and follow the structure until you get to some planks that form a bridge and enter the area of hot coals.

Relative to the start of the level, now you are way at the back of the level, high up and to the right, next to some hot coals. You just manuevered across the platforms above the water to the right of the level to get here. Heroic Dash across the coals to the bath to heal. Then head over to the ring of fire on the wall and light the bowl underneath with the Torch. The ring of fire above you will travel to the picture of the monkey at the top of the Monkey Temple. The right side picture will light up in flames. Do this to the other side to open the way to the Monkey Temple.

Get back to the main entryway area to the temple, and you will see a truck floating in the water. Swing on the rope to the left and jump to the platform. Stun the Henchman in front of you with the Sling and jump forward across the platforms and kill him. You can stun the other Henchman in this area too; he's to the right on a higher platform. Turn to the right and jump to the platform after killing that first Henchman. Turn right again and jump to the next platform and kill the now stunned Henchman. Turn left and jump to the platform with gunpowder. Use the Torch to light the gunpowder and wait for the TNT to blow up the statue and open the way to the second hot coal area. Jump across the broken parts of the statue, onto the bricks jutting out from the side of the wall, and into the hot coal area.

Relative to the start of the level, now you are way at the back of the level, high up and to the left, next to some hot coals. You just manuevered across the platforms above the water to the left of the level to get here. Heroic Dash across the coals to the bath to heal. Then head over to the ring of fire on the wall and light the bowl underneath with the Torch. The ring of fire above you will travel to the picture of the monkey at the top of the Monkey Temple. The left side of the picture will light up in flames. Once you have done this, the way to the Monkey Temple will open.

Get to the main entryway of the Monkey Temple, where several Henchman are. You can either stun them from above using the Sling then kill them or just Heroic Dash around the place and kill them off one by one. Enter the Monkey Temple.

Monkey Temple (1)

This part of the game is interesting. Walk forward into the yellow circle in front of you. You have now turned into a baby monkey!

After you regain control of Harry, you will be facing some heiroglyphics etched on stone. Turn to the left and run down the passage and collect the artifact. Head back to the open area and you will see another cutscene.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 09

Your new objective is to head to the native territory and come to some kind of truce.

Part Overview


  • Get to the Native Village.

Level Overview:


Items used:

Moves used:

Flooded Courtyard (2)

Head to the right where a door opened up into the next area as a result of you beating the temple.

Twin Outposts (1)

Walk down the ramp. Beware of the Renegade Natives. They aim better than normal Natives. These guys have glowing eyes and a different mask. There is one on top of the large structure near the back, one next to the house on the left, and one next to the house on the right. Go underneath the ramp you just walked down to get an idol (but three Renegade Natives will pop up).

Use the mound of dirt next to the house on the right to Rising Strike up to the vine. From that vine onto the wooden tower. This actually isn't the way you are "supposed" to get to the top of the tower, but it works. In order to get the height necessary, swing from the very bottom of the vine and once you are at the top of the swing jump, then soon after but not immediately double jump to get that extra distance you need to grab onto the ledge. Climb up and kill the Renegade Native and grab the idol.

Drop down into the well underneath the tower. Press Y to dive underwater.

Swim by pressing A repeatedly and use the control stick to change your direction. Swim through the bubbles to refill your health meter. Simply swim forward towards the ladder and climb it to the next area of the level.

First off, you will see 2 Renegade Natives throwing stinkbombs at a hut on the other side of the level. Aim with your Sling up at them and fire at the pot of fire next to them. That should kill both of them. Then Heroic Dash to the right, Rising Strike up to the hut, and break open the door to free the explorer.

Heroic Dash across the coals, heal in the bath, then Rising Strike to get up to the ladder and head into the next level.

Turtle Monument (1)

The natives are harrassing the Mega Monkey Moms. Head to the left and into the native village. You might want to Heroic Dash so as to avoid the Mega Monkey Babys.

Native Village (1)

When you first enter the level, you will see a cutscene.

Part 6: A Princess In Danger

In order to enter the village, you need to find the native princess.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 10

Part Overview


  • Save an explorer and get a new move in the Turtle Monument
  • Collect butterflies for the native princess so she will go back to the native village

Level Overview:


Items used:

Moves used:

Native Village (1) (cont'd)

Turn back to the previous level.

Turtle Monument (2)

First off, you will need the Heroic Dive technique before you proceed. (Actually, you don't actually need the Heroic Dive but it makes things easier.) Head to the large Turtle Monument in front of you and enter the mouth and go inside.

Use the Torch to see. Leech is in here, telling you to get onto a ledge to him. However, there is an idol in this area you can get first. There are natives in some of the pots around the perimeter of the area, so you can kill those first. To the back there is a pot, and on each side are 2 bushes, the same kind of bushes that the Bush Ninjas hide in. Break the pot to reveal another bush, and a Bush Ninja is inside. But don't kill him yet, because you need him to save the explorer.

In the center of the area is a switch. Press down on the switch, and a wall will come down in the back, revealing a pot. But when you step off the switch, the wall comes back up. You need something to weigh it down, and that's where the Bush Ninja comes in. Lure the Bush Ninja over to the switch. He comes to you only when your back is turned, so have the camera facing the Bush Ninja but have Harry's back to him, and he will follow you. Lead him to the switch so he is pressing it down. Once the switch is pressed, break open the pot to free an explorer and get the explorer idol.

There is a broken statue structure to the right. Climb it, and use it to get along the upper perimeter of the area. Go around counterclockwise to find Leech.

New Move Learned!

Heroic Dive

New Journal Entry!

Entry 11

Exit the cave by using the Heroic Dive to get over the gap. The mouth should be closed, so Rising Strike up the ledge and roll through one of the small holes to get out. One of the Mega Monkey Moms will destroy a pillar to the right, and if not, lure one there by having a Mega Monkey Baby latch onto you so the Mega Monkey Mom kicks at the pillar, destroying it. The pillar in question is on top of a small hill. The destroyed pillar will reveal a hole in the wall leading to another level. Roll through the gap.

Butterfly Glade (1)

Follow the path forward, and you will encounter the native princess in a cutscene. The princess wants you to get her 12 butterflies. Lure the butterflies in with your Torch, and they will follow you. You can see how many you have in the bottom right of the screen.

Don't take out the Torch yet. Jump to the first platform. Turn right and jump into the waterfall, aiming for the rock behind. Jump to the next rock and grab the idol in the cave (but you will have to sacrifice the butterflies collected to unequip the Torch to grab the idol which is why you do this now instead of later).

Now equip your Torch and jump to the first platform. You should have 1 butterfly. Jump to the next platform. Then turn left and jump or Heroic Dive to the next platform, next to a large low branch (if you choose to jump, double jump late, because otherwise it will be tough). Turn right and Heroic Dive to the next area. Walk past the Swinging Monkeys. Run around in this area and collect all the butterflies. Now go back to the platform next to the branch.

You should have 7 butterflies by now. Heroic Dive under the branch to get to the next platform. Jump across the platforms until you get to a Crocodile laying in the water. You should have 9 butterflies. Jump on the Crocodile to get to the area to the left. Three butterflies are attracted to the torch there. Punch the torch, and now you should have all 12 butterflies. Backtrack the way you came and go back to the princess.

New Journal Entry!

New Journal Entry! Entry 12

Now that the princess is back at the village, you have to head back to the village and try to get inside.

Part Overview


  • Go back to the Native Village and complete the Initiation Rites to get the Shield

Level Overview:


Items used:

Moves used:

Butterfly Glade (1) (cont'd)

Go back and out of the area back to Turtle Monument.

Turtle Monument (3)

Before going to the native village, there are 2 idols and a Shaman to get. Head to the left and lure the Mega Monkey Mom to you, either by simply punching it or getting a Mega Monkey Baby to latch onto you. Have the Mega Monkey Mom kick into the farthest pillar (it has a few cracks in it). It will collapse. Climb up to the top, go to the right and get the idol. Continue going in that same direction to the other side of the Turtle Monument to find a Shaman and some pots. Break the largest pot for an idol. Then wake up the Shaman. If you have been following this guide you should have a massive 32 idols. Buy the Smash Strike (s).

Now you can head to the native village.

Native Village (2)

The natives open the gate and you can safely enter the village. No need to attack the Natives because they're friendly. But if you do, all the natives will start to attack you. Go forward and go up the ladder to the village chief and view the cutscene.

New Item Obtained!


Equip the Shield and press B to dash forward and break through the spiky columns harmlessly. Cross the pole over the hot coals (go slowly if you can't do it quickly), and then you will come to a row of Porcupines. Equip the Shield and press B to dash into them, killing them. Roll under the gap, then equip the Shield again and press C-stick up to protect yourself against the stuff falling from the ceiling. Go forward and punch the gong to complete the Initiation Rites.

New Journal Entry!

Entry 13

Now your goal is to venture into renegade territory to see what they are up to.