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Reviewed: 09/26/03

An in-depth review, comparing to the Original and SA2:B. This game is a must play, and buy


Sonic Adventure DX is a remake of the original game on Dreamcast, with a few touch-ups, and added extras. This review will compare SA:DX to the original version, and SA2:B on GameCube.

**NOTE** When you read the comparisons, remember that SA:DX is being compare to the games. (eg, SA – Better: this means that SA:DX was better then the original. SA – Worse: this means that SA:DX was worse then the original.)

Story – 8/10

For a platform game, it is a pretty good story. Like most platform games, you are either saving a princess, or saving the world. This game is no exception. Dr. Robotnik (aka Eggman) wants to destroy Station Square (the city), in-order to build his robotic city. He uses a monster, Chaos, to help him. It’s up to you to stop him. This may sound a bit bland, but it’s how deep the story goes that makes it so compelling. Each character will share his/her part of the story, add them all up, and you have one hell of a story.
How does the story compare
SA – Same
SA2 – Just as good

Game Play – 8/10

This game has a wide range of different play modes. These are, running through at high speeds, racing, treasure hunting, escaping, shooting, and fishing. Each character has a different mode, and to explain Game Play a bit more, this section will be broken up to rate each different mode for each character.

Sonic – 9/10
This most fun out of all the modes is just running through each level. Sonic has the most levels (10), and tells the biggest part of the story. The only reason this didn’t score 10, is because of a couple of levels where your not running (this is only for a few seconds though).

Tails – 8/10
Similar to Sonic, Tails must run through the level, but must beet Sonic to the end. In addition, tails can fly, which gives him the edge. If only he had a few more than 5 levels, also these levels are finished pretty quickly.

Knuckles – 8/10
He is on a mission to find pieces of the Master Emerald. This can be pretty fun, but can get quite frustrating after awhile. Thank god you have a hinting system to aid you. He only has 5 levels, but this is good, because it will get very annoying since the levels get bigger and bigger as you progress. His story is pretty important to.

Amy – 7/10
Amy is trying to escape from a Robot. She has the least levels, which is god because she is rather slow compared to the other characters, but is still quite fun.

E-102 – 8/10
A Gunner Robot. He has to reach the end before time runs out. Each time he kills things, he gains more time. This is fun because he is fast and is just like a 3rd Person shooter. HE NEEDS MORE LEVEL THOUGH. He has only 5

Big – 2/10
He can fish, but fishing is boring. His story is pointless. He has only 4 levels, which is good, because this guy isn’t fun.

There are also other stuff, like Chaos and Extras, but they will be talked about later.
How does the Game Play compare
SA – Better … Just feels better
SA2 – Slightly Better

Multiplayer – 5/10

It’s alternating. In any sonic level with tails following, 1P plays as sonic, and 2P can play as tails. In addition, some of the Game Gear Games are multiplayer to. However, really this is a single player adventure.
How does Multiplayer Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – Worse

Controls – 8/10

Simply: A = Jump, B = Pick up and placing items, rolling (X can also be used)
L and R = move camera … try to anyway.
How do the Controls Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – Same

Presentation – 8/10

All the menus are nicely done, nothing special, but nice. The only downside is that the loading times can slow it down. However, this shouldn’t be a hassle.
How Does the Presentation Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – Worse

Graphics – 7/10

Not great, but they get the job done. During some of the Cut Scenes, the graphic are superb, like some of the explosions all most look real. Also the character models are great, they almost look cel-shaded. Some of the objects are pointy, and squarish. Also the detail is very bland, and you get sick of looking at it. Nice water effects, but the absents of shadow and lighting effects brings this down.

Changes for SA:DX
-Different character models
-Minor enhancements
-Water Effects
But you can’t really notice these, except for the models, which are very well done.
How do the Graphics Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – Slightly Worse

Sound – 7/10

The sound has its good side, and bad side.
The good side. The in-game music is catchy and suits the pace of the game. Also the theme songs for the characters suit their personality and some of them are good to listen to.
The Bad. The voices of the characters. This has to be the most poorly done out of any game I’ve played. They had bad lip sync, there really isn’t any enthusiasm or emotion in the voices (eg OHH NO!!! = oh no), and sometimes you can’t hear what they are saying. Also, since the game is telling 6 different sides to 1 story, it can be annoying listening to the same thing over and over again.
The OK. The in-game sound effects are just ok, they only thing wrong with it is it can be annoying to hear the same thing over and over, (eg the BOING every time you jump) and sound times there are inappropriate sounds. These shouldn’t bother you though.

Changes for SA:DX
-Supports Dolby Surround Pro Logic
How does the Sound Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – About the same … (they both had bad lip sync)

Chao – 7/10

I know this isn’t part of a review, but it is a feature of the game, thus deserves to be talked about. Chaos (ch-ows) are just like a virtual pet, you need to feed them, and love them, and watch them grow. For first timers, these creatures can be a lot of fun (I know when I first played with them, I spent more time with them then playing the game). For those of you who have experience Chaos, then there really isn’t enough to keep you entertained. Like always, each garden contains trees which beer fruit, you can buy more eggs resulting in more Chao, you need to go and defeat enemies to collect animals to give to the Chao so they can transform.

Compared with the original version, there are a few new feature, like, the black market (where you buy fruit and hats), races, and the gardens have altered slightly.
Compared with SA2:B, there are different animals, different races, no karate, no seeds, no toys, no hero or dark gardens, larger gardens, no kindergarten (don’t worry certain animals teach them certain skills).
How do the Chao Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – Worse

Extras – 9/10

Most games have unlockable things, this game does to, and it was these few things that forced me to purchase the game. The new mission mode consist of 60 missions to complete, these can be quite fun, these can be like collect 100 rings, then go to where ever, but you have to find the cards before you can start. Mini games are fun, just try to beat the high score. Most of all, the unlockable Game Gear Games. SA:DX is almost like a Mega Collection, just that the games aren’t that great. What games are unlocked? Who’ll have to wait and see.
How do the Extras Compare
SA – Better
SA2 – Better

The Bad

If you have read everything up to here, and you think this game is great, DO NOT LET THE FOLLOWING STOP YOU FROM BUYING THE GAME. If you have read other reviews, you will hear them talking about this, these bugs aren’t as bad as they sound. Here are the bugs.
Invisible Walls. You might run in to these, they cause you to stop instantly, and can cause a lot of frustration. They appear often, but don’t have the huge of an impact.
Frame Skip. When you’re playing, you might notice the game being a bit jolty. This happens all through out the game. But you get used to it almost straight way. Play the game at 60Hz, this will minimise the joltyness.
Camera. Supposedly the worse ever …. NO. The camera is bad I admit, but I had not one issue while I was playing. The camera can be hard to control, and sometimes won’t even show where you are, just simply walk back a few steps, and the camera will be fine. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD

There, these are the major ones, but weren’t really a problem when I was playing the game. There a bound to be other ones, but only on rare occasions.
How does the Bad compare
SA – less of
SA2 – same issues really

Replay Value – 9/10

With the mission mode, mini games, Game Gear games, and the collection of all of the emblems, (there are about 130). You’ll be playing until the cows come home. If they come home to early, just keep on playing. Multiplayer adds a bit, but not much.
How does Replay Value Compare
SA – Better
SA2 - Better


If you have played SA2:B, but haven’t played SA at all, then this is necessary buy.
If you have never played a sonic game before, Rent it, then decide
If you have played the Original version before, try to borrow this game off someone for a few weeks, it is all you need. Unless you are a big fan, you will buy this game.

OVERALL --- 8/10 (the bugs, and some of the graphics, sound, and game play bought this mark down, But sonic will always be my favorite plat former, A great game.)

How does it Ultimately Compare.
SA – Heaps Better
SA2 – Slightly Better

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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