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Reviewed: 06/26/03 | Updated: 07/29/03

One of the greatest Sonic games ever made!

Since the first sonic game came out they have all been great. This game is no exception. It is, in my opinion, the best sonic game to come out since the original. I hope you find this review very informative if you are trying to decide if you want to buy the game.


There is allot of variety of music in this game. Most of the music sounds like it is 80's music, and is very well done. Anyway, besides the music, the sound of this game is great. The explosions and planes sound real; along with the great sound of sonic's spin attack. The characters also sound just like they should. The only problem I have with the sound of this game is the lip sinking. They matched up the sounds with the movement of the characters mouth horribly. But besides that the sound and music is great.


The graphics are probably the worst part of the game, although they are not bad at all. These are about average graphics for most games; so don’t buy this game if you need good graphics to enjoy a game. If you are you used to playing games with spectacular graphics, then the graphics in this game might annoy you for a little while, but soon you wont even notice it. So please, don't decide not to get this game based on graphics.


The plot to this game is fantastic. It is very original and action packed. There allot of twists and turns in the plot, so if a good plot is your thing then I strongly recommend this game. I cant really say much about the plot that I haven’t already said, without releasing some spoilers, but the bottom line is that you wont be disappointed by the wonderful plot.

Fun Factor:10/10

This game is extremely fun no matter who you are playing as. The funnest levels are probably sonic's, because you just race through the level at insanely high speeds. Sonic's levels aren’t the only ones that are fun though, it's great to fly as tails racing through the air to get to the goal before sonic, or to play as E-102 and blast things to oblivion with your laser gun. Knuckles levels are also fun as you search through various locations looking for pieces of the master emerald. The two least fun are big's and Amy’s, but they are also extremely fun, just not as fun as the others.


The control of this game is amazing. It's not to sensitive, nor do you have to press too hard. The placement of the buttons for the actions you can control is also great. They set it up very well for each individual character. The controls are easy to learn and memorize, which makes game play that much better.


This game has allot of unlockable bonuses. If you get all of the emblems you can play as a secret character, (which I won't name) and there are also gamegear games to unlock, which include allot of old famous sonic titles. It's fun to go back and play the levels to try to unlock all of the gamegear titles. All of the great bonuses are amazing and also give the game unlimited replay value.

Compared to other Sonic Games:9/10

This has been the greatest sonic game to come along in a while. It is better than most sonic games because of it's unique storyline. It takes allot of the stuff from old sonic games and puts them into 3-D making this game and instant classic. The only sonic game better than this one is the original ''Sonic The Hedgehog''. So if you are trying to decide witch sonic game to buy, choose this one because this includes ''Sonic The Hedgehog'' as one of the unlockable gamegear titles.

Final Conclusion

This is a great game, and you can't go wrong buying it. I strongly urge you to buy it, because it will provide you with fun for a long time and be a great addition to your collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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