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Reviewed: 06/25/03 | Updated: 06/25/03

Not as pretty as SA2:B, but a lot more fun. Too bad there are so many problems.

I had the tough decision between buying Sonic DX, or Megaman Transmission, when they both shipped to my local Gamestop on the same day. Eventually, I bought both, but Sonic was a really good decision, I believe. It's got great gameplay, great level designs, and a semi-interesting story. But then again, there are a LOT of problems that ruined the hype of this game...

The story is your typical ''save the world from destruction'' stuff, but it's interesting because of the many different points of view. Depending on who you play as, the story gets told through that person's eyes. For example, say you play as Tails. You get to see why his plane crashed, which doesn't show in Sonic's story, because he wasn't there at the moment. Eventually, all 6 character's stories meet up, and it's very fun to see.

The graphics didn't get THAT much of an update. Sure, the characters look shiny and all, but they still don't look up-to-date. The animations are good, and make up for it, though, and the character designs are some of the best. The frame-rate, though, really falls. Whenever Sonic turns at high speeds, he slows down. The frame-rate at Mystic Ruins slows down when you enter an area with lots of detail, and the talking animation looks.... Like a really bad Japanese movie. The game really falls because of the frame-rate. Sonic games NEED to be fast, and not bogged down because of the graphics department. It's barely noticable, but when it comes up, it's really annoying.

I love the music in this game. Sure, there aren't as many vocals as in SA2, but the music is just as great. A mix of rock, techno, and some mixed-new-age stuff is present here. Actually, SA2 and SADX have some of the best, if not THE best music in any game. But then again... The sound effects aren't too good... The voice acting is awful, and sometimes the voices seem to lower to the point where you can't even HEAR them, and I'm not lying. The rest of the sounds are okay, but the jumping sound for Sonic and a few others gets annoying.

Thanks to the frame-rate, the controls suffer. When turning Sonic, and some others, the frame-rate will slow down, and make turning very difficult. The camera also makes it hard to control characters, and Sonic seems to slip around a lot, especially in the Lost World action stage.

The game really rises here. You have your typical ''Run really fast'' Sonic levels, ''Race Sonic to the end'' stages, ''Treasure Hunting'', ''Fishing'', and more. All these gameplay types really raises the replay value, and makes it fun to play. Playing as six different characters (And a few hidden) make it exciting to find out how the next character will play. The level designs were great, also. Just check out Emerald Hill, and the Windy Valley stage, which are only the first two levels in the game. But alas, some gameplay modes have been said to be horribly boring, as most people have said about Big's stages. But overall, if you need one platformer for the Gamecube, get this. It's got the best platforming in any game so far, as I've played. But then, the Adventure field, to me, is very slow and boring... Thankfully, you really only do things there to find the next level, or for doing the new ''Mission Mode''. The Chao Garden didn't get many updates. The Chaos drives are gone, and all you get to evolve your Chao with are the Animals you find in stages. Chao Karate didn't get added, but the Chao Races are still here. But there are GBA mini-games you can play with the Chao, so at least they gave us something.

This game has tons of it. Playing all six adventures, Mission mode, Trial Mode, Mini-Games, the Chao Garden, Gamegear games, and unlocking the ''Secret Character'' after getting all the Emblems adds tons of time to the game.

Rent or Buy
Too long for a rental, if you want all the secrets. It's a definite buy, for me.

It's a fun platformer, but all the bugs really lower the score for me. But then again, it's one of the best platformers ever created, and is a must-buy, if you love Sonic, or just action games. The bugs aren't too noticable, and the game is fun.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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