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Reviewed: 06/23/03 | Updated: 06/23/03

My All Time Favorite Game

Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut is a port of the original Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast with a lot of added features though the camera could still use some work

Graphics 8/10
The CG videos all look really good so do the backgrounds the characters could use a little work but are not to bad it is still better than in SA2B since you can control it to some extent also the lip sync looks a little like a Godzilla movie especially Sonic and Knuckles
The graphics in the Game Gear games that you unlock are direct ports

Sound and Music 10/10
Some of the sound effects were taken straight from the genesis games which is great music is great with the exception of one rap song for knuckles but the rest will be stuck in my head and hummed for weeks.

Gameplay 10/10
Each character has a separate style of play which I will grade by itself

Sonic 10/10 the only character unlocked at first but the last I finished since he gets hard near the end his levels are relatively simple runs from point a to b point b often being a Chaos emerald or other item. He uses the spindash, homing attack (a sort of airborne spindash), and the light speed dash where he runs along rinds even when they are in the air.

Tails 10/10 First character I unlocked and beat you get him after Sonic's first level he races Sonic to the end of his levels and is slightly slower but can fly and thus take shortcuts the took out Sonics harder levels for Tails. He can fly and use a tail whip

Knuckles 10/10 Still hunting emeralds like he did in SA2B but with a much improved radar and hint system. He only has one level where you will have very much trouble finding the emeralds. He has the ability to ''Glide'' to extend his jump and has a cool three hit punch combo which ends in a dash punch.

Amy 10/10 Runs through her levels chased by a robot named zero she is a little hard to explain she faces the games hardest puzzles which are still easy. She uses and hammer to hit enemies and catapult her into a long jump.

E-102 Gamma 10/10 a robot with a cool gun and the ability to almost hover he also has a cool wheel mode and one for water. You run through his stages while a counter ticks down and face a boss. You get bonuses by destroying enemies. Get a lot at once and you get al longer time bonus ( I have gotten up to 45 seconds).

Big the Cat 8/10 you need top fish for his pet frog can get boring and frustrating but he only has 3 or 4 levels and one boss battle.

Besides the main adventure mode there is a mission mode where you do small tasks, a lot of mini games including 2 levels of an Afterburner like flying game, snow boarding, and a boss challenge. There are also twelve Game Gear games including platformers like sonic the hedgehog two cart races and a few others.

Story 10/10
A cool story which is give to you bit by bit through all the adventures but I will not spoil it suffice to say that Robotnick has made yet another plan to take over the world.

Control 8/10
Except for the camera and one of Big's fishing actions the controls are simple and great.

Overall 10/10
Definitely a buy the best game I ever played

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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