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Reviewed: 06/22/03 | Updated: 06/22/03

4 out of 6 fun characters to play isn't so bad when compared to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's 2 fun characters.

I really don't understand why Sega released the second Sonic Adventure game on Game Cube before this game. The only reason I can guess is because this game is much more fun than Sonic Adventure 2. Don't get me wrong, Sonic Adventure 2 is fun to play, but this game is overall much more fun to play. If you liked Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, there is no reason not to own this game.

Graphics: 5
Take the Dreamcast game and smooth out a few corners and you have this game. They basically took out most of the pop up and made the characters look shiner than they originally looked. The graphics are fine and don't really pose a problem, but you can tell you are playing a port of a Dreamcast game.

Sound: 7
The music and sound are fine and don't really pose much of a problem. The only real problem with the sound is the repetition of character lines. On the snowboarding levels with Tails or Sonic, when someone passes you they say the same line everytime. This isn't much of a problem until the later levels when the courses can last up to 5 minutes. Aside from the characters spouting the same phrases over and over, there aren't any big problems.

Control: 8
The controls are easy and accessible to anyone and don't have any major problems aside from 2 characters. Big the Cat and E-102 are some of the most boring and annoying levels to play through out the entire game. E-102 is slow and his levels are way too easy due to the fact that you can target and shoot everything from afar. The major character that I have problems with control wise is Big the Cat (the worst video game idea ever). You main goal in Big's levels is to find your lost frog with a fishing pole. The only way Big can attack is by slowly hitting enemies with a fishing pole. I died many times in his later levels because I couldn't get past the enemies blocking my path to the water. When you actually make it to the water you have to play one of the worst fishing games in the world. In the time I spent fishing for that god forsaken frog with a fishing pole in the game, I could've caught 50 frogs in real life with my bare hands. The controls are fun and easy aside from the boring E-102 and mind numbingly annoying Big levels.

Story: 10
The story is actually pretty deep for a Sonic game. The game starts off with Dr. Eggman collecting the Chaos Emeralds so he can power his new creature Chaos to take over the world. Throughout the game you play as 6 characters whose paths will cross, but overall will have their own different story. Each character has one main adversary aside from Chaos that they will have to overcome to be able to save the day. As an added bonus, when you finish all six stories, you get to play as Super Sonic who has a heated showdown with the fully grown Chaos. The story is deep and pays off overall.

Life Span: 10
This game is long and fullfilling for anyone willing to take up this quest. Story mode initially lasts only about 15 hours, but when you throw in unlockable modes of play and Game Gear games you're bound to be playing for weeks. I just can't get enough of the inclusion of all of the Sonic Game Gear games. This game will keep you coming back until each and every secret is unlocked.

Sonic and platform fans alike should not be without this game. This is the best 3D Sonic game and with the addition of classic Game Gear games, you can't go wrong!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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