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Reviewed: 06/20/03 | Updated: 06/20/03

SA:DX still a great game to play!

After its first protege when Sonic Debuted on Sega Gensis in 1991 Segas Trademark Character has certainly came along way since then and in a big way, especially now since he's in full 3D instead of his 2D sprite form.
This time he is in need to find his Chaos emeralds before Chaos (a super water-esque being) takes over City hall.
In this director cut, is port of the Sonic Adventure released on Dreamcast released in 9/9/99 there is loads of extras worth the time and is still very fresh in its own sense.

Graphics-: Graphics are very Well beautifully Crafted and the colors blend well with eachother as well as the characters frames and polygon counts have gone up making them look more smoother then the DC version.
It may not be on par with SA:2B but it nearly rivals it and the constant fast pace action is sometimes overwhelming and sonic is going faster then your eyes it really makes you see how fast he is.
Then ofcourse there are a few little bugs here and there which arent at all noticeable except the frame rates drag every now and then which doesnt effect game play but doesn't help either and the awful mouth movement is just hideous making graphics a 9/10 .

Sound-: The sound has been crafted very excellent and was good in its day and Today makes quite a Remarkable tone to this day, you no longer need that stereo blasting cause of some awful game music.
One complaint is in the cut-scenes when your character is talking you can barely hear them cause the music is so loud compared to their voice and is annoying at times when you dont know what theyre saying which makes sound a 10/10 .

Control-: Controls is probably the most difficult part of the game its very hard to handle especially with the camera switching here and there and at the worst times when you need to see that certain ring or emerald but sometimes its very easy to work with but dont count on it everytime other then mostly the camera controls arent that bad when your going light speed-nearly then its just fine to work with which earns controls a 7/10 .

Bonus's-: Wow is there alot of extras worth over 500$ dollars in Value you can earn Certain Game Gear games which alone is worth the games time and then the valued missions mode is another huge plus seeing as it was never in the Dreamcast version aswell as the game gear games which there is 12 in all and ofcourse theyre 'easter egg' style of things hidden around SA:DX that was never in its original and all these things are very rewarding so I give it a 10/10 .

Difficulty-: Sadly this game is quite easy to beat but there is loads more then the Dreamcast version which makes it alot longer but its still very fun and enjoyable to do again and again on a rainy day I give it a 5/10

Final/Replay value: This game Deserves atleast a Rent for your 3-5$ bucks even if you own the original DC version, this game is very rewarding over the original with lots of added extra's for atleast 10+ more hours if not more and this game belongs with rest of the classics as this game is not only a good game but a Classic.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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