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Reviewed: 06/19/03 | Updated: 06/26/03

Despite the MANY bugs in the game, it is still one of my favorite games

If anyone can remember, the first 3D sonic game for the new system, the Dreamcast, came out in Japan in '98 as ''Sonic Adventure. America and Europe didn't see the release of Sonic Adventure until the systems launch in '99. Sonic Adventure instantly became one of my favorite games when it was released in america. 2 years later, Sega announced it will quit the console wars and head 3rd part. In that time, Games from sega have been shared between the consoles (Virtua Fighter 4 for the PS2, Toejam and Earl III for the Xbox, and several others). One of the biggest shocks was when Sega announed it would release both a 2D sonic game (Sonic Advance), and a 3D game (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) for Nintendo consoles. It was a shocker due to the big console wars of the early '90's. After getting SA2:B, fans were a bit sore that they didn't get the better of the two, Sonic Adventure, for the GCN. 2 years after the release, Sonic Adventure finally came to the gamecube. The question is: can it keep up with games today?

Graphics-7/10: Somewhat of a dissapointment. All they realy did was polish the character models, enemies, and vehicles, not the levels. Although there are a few new backrounds to set the mood, the game still feels the same. Whats worse, is some of the constant glitches caused by the speeding up of the game's engine, causing it to show loose polygons, hard to use camera, and on a uncommon occasion, the character falls though. It's very dissapointing that it took them this long to produce it, and yet it looks the same as the DC version. Another thing that hasn't been corrected is the lip syncing, meaning that it is normally off key and badly dubbed.

Sound-9/10: For some odd reason, some of the music in the game along with some of the sounds seem different. That may be because of the sound upgrade from the DC version, but they stil sound a bit different. Nonetheless, it is still a great track with some great themes, either bad or good (Good: Eggman's, E-102's, and the intro theme ''Open your heart'', the bad: the rest of the character themes)

Control-8/10: A bit better than the dremacast version, but a bet sped up. The camera is even worse (sad that it is a remake and they can't even redo the camera system), and random slowdown hurts it somewhat, but it isn't that bad.

Extra's-10/10: Although it may seem a bit stale, the extras are quite fun to unlock. You have 60 extra character missions you must find with each character and accomplish those goals inside the levels themselves. The other extra is the addition of all of the Game Gear games by either accomplishing missions in mission mode, or get 20 emblems.

Difficulty-4/10: Sadly, there is very little difficulty. The game, sadly, can be beaten within 1/2 a day, but the emblem collecting can keep you busy witht the game for months. Not only that, but the additional gamegear games adds to the difficulty

Final: Although in terms of both a remake and a port, they are quite bad, there is still quite a bit of fun with the game. Although short, you will find yourself in temptation to unlock GG games like Sonic in Chaos and Sonic 2. You may want to rent it and see, but otherwise, a great perchase for $40.00.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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