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Reviewed: 08/04/10

A masterpiece

To see this game is a shock. It is a masterpiece beyond comprehension. The game has many things to challenge you and keep you busy.

To start, the character selection. Sonic has stages involving high speed action. The main goal is to destroy a capsule at the end of each level. Since Sonic is the main character, his stages are longer and his story is longer than the other characters. His friend Tails also joins the game with a slight difference to Sonic's levels. Tails's goal is to beat Sonic or Eggman to the goal. Tails stages are a small bit shorter and intended for newer players. Knuckles the echinda has a story as well. His stages are different and involve locating pieces of the master emerald. Amy Rose has her own story also. Her stages are shorter than Sonic's but she is being chased by a robot named ZERO. Along with these two more characters make their debut. Big the Cat is a new player and fishes for his friend froggy in his action stages. Then the last person is a robot named E-102 Gamma whose stages are similar to a third person shooter type of play and involve "rescuing" the other E-100 robots. The selection is decent and provides a good variety of different gameplay.

The story is slightly different for each character but the basic plot is that Eggman discovers a creature named Chaos who can suck up the Chaos Emeralds and become stronger with each one that is swallowed. So each character goes on separate ways to try to stop Eggman. During each story the characters face bosses that must be beaten to advance. There mostly easy but some may present problems. Once each story is completed the true ending will be revealed and the game will end but not completely.

The game gives you other tasks along with story mode.

Trial mode: Action Stage

This mode gives you 2 more missions from each action stage for each character to complete. Mission C is completed in Story mode. Mission B is a ring challenge and Mission A varies with each character. Some of the missions are challenging but some are fairly easy.

Trial mode: Sub Game

This mode includes side games from story mode. It also allows you to try to earn a second medal. Boss game is where your selected person can re fight his or her bosses from his or her story to compete for better time.

Mission Mode

Mission mode involves any of the characters searching the Adventure Fields for mission cards. The cards tell you how to complete them and then you have to clear the mission. Each character has missions to complete with Sonic having the most and Amy with the least. In order to clear missions you must complete the task either in the Adventure Fields or Action Stages. Some are easy but others require some thought.

Mini Games

The game feature Sonic games on the game gear. Every 20 emblems unlocks a new one. Their fun to play but they do not save progress.


Some of the bosses were a little to easy
Some missions for the action stages are really hard
Glitches occur


The game is fun and worth the price. It is a game that has made a mark.

Characters- 7
Game play- 8
Story- 7 1/2
Extra Missions- 6
Mission Mode- 7
Mini Games- 9
Sub Game- 7

Overall rating 8 1/2 out of 10, 4 stars

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (US, 06/18/03)

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