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Reviewed: 09/02/04

Holy Pikmin Plucking Party Batman!

After being delayed for almost an entire year, Pikmin 2 has finally been released among the gaming world. Was the wait worth it? Does Pikmin 2 live up to its predecessor, or does it surpass it? Let's find out..

Story 9/10: The game starts out with Captain Olimar returning home from his long adventure with the Pikmin. While he was gone, his boss had hired a new employee, Louie. Unfortunately, when Louie was making a delivery of golden pik pik carrots, a vicious evil rabid space bunny attacked his ship (o.O *waves the WTF flag*) and ate all of the carrots. Personally, I think someone ELSE ate the carrots. >.> <.< Anyways, when the President of the company found out, he was uber mad. Those golden pik pik carrots cost over 10,000 pokos! OH NOES!!1 He had to take out a loan, and put up Olimar's ship to sell to pay back the debt. When Olimar returns, he hears of the bad news. Olimar brought back a soda cap, which was supposedly a souvenir for his son. One of the ships calculated the piece of junk to be worth 100 pokos, nearly a years salary! The President immediately assumes that there is more 'treasure' like that on the planet Olimar crashed on, and sends Olimar and Louie to return there in order to collect more items to pay off the debt. Overall this plot is a lot better than I thought it would be. I was thinking that he'd crash land on that planet again or somethin'. Well, the plots decent and it's unique. Not every day your boss sends you to find trash to make money off it =P

Gameplay 10/10: The gameplay is nearly the same as the first Pikmin, with a few twists and lots of new stuff. You have your standard three pikmin: the long-nosed red pikmin, being resistant to fire and having higher attack power; the large mouthed blue pikmin, being able to go underwater; and the dumbo like ear yellow pikmin, who can be thrown farther/higher than other pikmin and are resistant to electricity. Yellow pikmin have lost their ability to use bomb rocks to access new areas and break down walls. Like the first game, you start off with Red pikmin and over time you meet up with the yellow and the blue pikmin. It also uses most of the same methods for getting more pikmin, by bringing back pellets and enemy carcasses back to their their respective onions for additional pikmin seeds. You can only have 100 pikmin out at a time, and extras are stored inside the onions which act like pikmin 'banks', where you can withdraw/deposit pikmin. In addition to the original three, there are two new types: the burly purple pikmin, who are slower but have the strength of ten normal pikmin combined; and the red eyed white pikmin who are poisonous, resistant to poison, and can 'sniff' out underground treasure. You get these pikmin by throwing your pikmin into candy buds, found in the sublevels of the underground. The white and purple pikmin do not have their own onions, they go inside your ship at night.

There is no longer a 30 day or any kind of day limit, but the 15 minute (I think 15 minutes >>) day length is still in effect. Instead of ship parts, you have treasure. These can be found anywhere, but most of them are in the underground caves, which span several floors. While underground the time limit is no longer in effect, so take your time and explore everything. A part of your ship breaks off, the research pod, and joins you underground, to collect your treasures and enemies for pokos. At the end of each cave there is a boss. Remember to use your pikmin wisely, as you the pikmin you bring with you underground are all you have until you return to the main area. The bosses can be tricky, so study their patterns of attack and such before you rush with your whole army. It's sad when you lose half your pikmin to a boss because it rolled over... >.> <.< .. Certain treasures (usually dropped by the boss of a level) are used to make your treasure hunting easier. One item allows you to access a new area, another is a treasure detector ( like warm, hot, cold, depending on how close you are), and there's even one that lets you sleep!

Another aspect of the game is to split up Louie and Olimar each with their own pikmin force to multi task and solve problems faster. At the end of each day, you get a report on how many pokos you earned, how many pikmin died, and mail from the President and other people, even your wife! Also, you can check the Piklopedia and the Treasure hoard, where you can examine the new entries of creatures you faced, treasure you found, and what Olimar thinks about them. Another neat thing is that you can feed pik pik carrots to the creatures, and they'll react to them as if they were pikmin.

The gameplay is fun, strategic, and challenging. The absence of the day limit allows you to go at your own pace to better explore then world of Pikmin.

Sound/Music 8/10: The sound and music of the game is okay but it's not that much of a factor to the game. You'll notice the sound definitely, but usually you probably won't notice the background music because you're so into it o.O The music does add a lot of suspense in the underground levels though. Also, the pikmin hum which is semi-neat.

Graphics 7/10: The graphics are on par with the original Pikmin. They could be better, but they're decent nevertheless. The levels themselves are very detailed, and the water looks very realistic.

Replay Value 10/10: With the absence of the day limit tons of replay value is added to the game. You can take your time if you want, and once you finish the game, you can replay and try to get a lower amount of days/pikmin deaths/etc. There are tons of ways to play the game, different strategies for raising pikmin and defeating bosses. Also there is a challenge mode which can be unlocked during the main game, which even have a co-op mode! Don't forget the two player mode, where there are several games to be played using armies of pikmin to beat your opponent to the main task of the mode. Pikmin 2 is full of replay value, a lot more than the first one.

SUMMARY 9/10: Pikmin 2 is an excellent sequel, and it was well worth the wait. It's unique, it's challenging, it's strategic, it's FUN. Period. Also, with a giant lobster on it's box art, what's not more to love? Go out now and get this game, you can thank me later =P

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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