Pikmin 2 (GameCube)

Can I get replacement White/Purple Pikmin?

  1. I'm presently doing my first ever P2 playthrough, following marc5third3's walkthrough on this site. I'm at Frontier Cavern, Sublevel 3, and trying to kill the Spotty Bulbear by attacking it with the 11 Purple Pikmin I took with me into the cave, without losing any of them. I'm doing this because I'm operating under the assumption that Purple and White Pikmin cannot be replaced, that once a Candypop flower withers, it's gone for good.

    Is this true? Am I going to have to constantly be super-extremely careful with my Purples & Whites, turning off and resetting the console every time I lose even one or two of them? Or is there a way I can replace them if I lose any?
    LegendForce - 8 years ago - report
  2. Essentially ever candypop bud respawns. There are a select few that do disappear for good, like the pair of violet candypop buds in the rest floor of the Hole of beasts. The one in the 4th floor of the same cave will always be there every time. You'll rarely come across cases where they don't respawn, because it's only the first instance flowers for whites and purples that don't respawn unless you run below a certain amount of their respective color
    NiceCarpenter60 - 1 year ago - report

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  1. They can be replaced for example in the subterranean complex you know the one with man at legs as the final boss in valley of repose, yeah it has 3 that respawn on one of the rest floors
    tnzwelk - 8 years ago - report
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