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FAQ/Walkthrough by Break Artist

Updated: 07/28/03

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips
for the Nintendo GameCube
Game Published and Developed by Infogrames

  I. Intro

 II. Controls
	A. Standard Attack
	B. Grabbing and Throwing
	C. Lock-On Target
	D. Flight
	E. Speed Dodge
	F. Heat Vision
	G. Breath Blast
	H. Speeding Bullet
	I. Shock Wave
	J. Super Spin
	K. Super Sight

III. Story

IV. Walkthrough
	A. A Day in the Life
	B. Officer Down
	C. Flood Damage
	D. Infiltration
 	E. Incursion!
	F. Liberation
	G. Steel Factory Showdown
	H. Mountain Strike!
	I. Reactor Meltdown!
	J. Uprising!
	K. Guilty As Charged
	L. Duel in Metropolis
	M. Unfinished Business
	N. Face Off

  V. Cheats
	A. Infinite Super Powers
	B. Infinite Health
	C. Easy Test of Strength
	D. Time Limits Removed
	E. No Super Powers
	F. Reverse Controls
	G. Play as Clark Kent
	H. Play as Parasite
	I. Slow Motion Mode
	J. Tomato Soup Mode
	K. Low Res Mode
	L. Everything Unlocked
	M. All Levels Unlocked
	N. All Biographies Unlocked
	O. All Movies Unlocked
	P. Very Hard Difficulty Unlocked
	Q. Different Pick-Up Icons
	R. Explore Metropolis
	S. Under Water Mode, Old Movie Mode, Reverse Displays
	T. Icon Hunt & Shooting Gallery

 VI. Closing Thoughts

VII. Legal

[I. Intro:]
This is my first attempt at a FAQ.  Why bother writing a FAQ for such a relatively old
game you might ask?  Well, firstly, there wasn’t one.  Secondly, I’m a big Superman fan,
so playing the game and writing the FAQ were a pleasure.  Lastly, I started this project to
simply write a Shield Icon Location FAQ, but in the end I decided to take it one step
further.  I don’t believe there will be any updates to this FAQ, as I’ve included everything
that needs to be included.

This FAQ was written to be used while playing the game in the MEDIUM difficulty
setting on the Nintendo GameCube.  The writing for this FAQ took place from July 27 -
28, 2003.  I hope this guide helps you, and have fun playing Superman: Shadow of
Apokolips!  I know I did!

[II. Controls:]
The controls are very well done for Superman: Shadow of Apokolips.  I’ve never played
the Playstation version of the game, but it seems as though it was made for the
GameCube controller.  Everything is tight and responsive, and no move is difficult or
awkward to perform.

	[A. Standard Attack:]
Performed by pressing the A button.  Superman can perform a four-hit combo followed
by a super-punch should the button be pressed a fifth time.

	[B. Grabbing and Throwing:]
Holding down the A button next to an object or dazed opponent will cause Superman to
lift up the being or object in question.  Double tapping the A button while an object is
grabbed will cause the object to be thrown.  Holding down the A button while an object
is grabbed will cause Superman to put the object down, while holding down the A button
while an opponent is grabbed will cause Superman to deliver a mighty blow.

	[C. Lock-On Target:]
By pressing and holding the L trigger Superman will face up his opponent until defeated
or destroyed.  When grabbing someone or something, pressing and holding the L trigger
will target certain objects or areas of importance, allowing Superman to throw the object
or punch the opponent in hand into a specific target.

	[D. Flight:]
Flying is performed several ways, but the act of heading to skies is done by either
pressing the R trigger, or pressing up on the C-Stick.  The R trigger will cause Superman
to fly forward, whereas pressing up on the C-Stick will cause Supes to fly straight up. 
Once in the air, left and right on the C-Stick will make Superman strafe to the left or
right accordingly, while pressing down will cause him to lower his altitude, eventually
landing if held long enough.  Double-tapping the R trigger will also land Superman.

	[E. Speed Dodge:]
Pressing of the B button plus a direction on the control stick will make Superman
perform a quick, albeit short dodge in the appropriate direction.

	[F. Heat Vision:]
Pressing and holding the Y button will cause Superman to emit hot beams of light from
his eyes for as long as the button is depressed.  Double tapping the Y button will cause
Superman to unleash a Heat Blast.

	[G. Breath Blast:]
Using the X button, Superman will use his powerful lungs to push enemies around, or put
fires out when applicable.  While using his Breath Blast, the control stick will control the
direction in which he blows.

	[H. Speeding Bullet:]
Pressing the R trigger until it clicks will cause Superman to fly at super-speeds.  If an
enemy is targeted, Superman will ram into them, causing a great deal of damage.  Also
useful for getting to places quicker, but lacks the control of normal flight.

	[I. Shock Wave:]
While flying, pressing the A and B buttons together will cause Superman to land on the
ground with all of his might, creating a minor tremor, and hurting or destroying all
enemies within the vicinity.

	[J. Super Spin:] 
While on the ground, pressing the A and B buttons together will cause Superman to twirl
at super speeds, damaging or destroying any opposition in his path.

	[K. Super Sight:]
Press the Z trigger to enable a first-person perspective.  While in first-person mode, using
the C-Stick will allow you to zoom in and out.  Heat vision can also be used in
first-person mode using the Y button.  Also while in first-person mode, the X button is
used as X-Ray Vision, which is useful in some situations.

[III. Story:]
Metropolis, home of the greatest superhero on earth, Superman, appears as peaceful as
ever.  Trouble is looming however on Apokolips, as the maniacal Darkseid is plotting to
destroy the Kryptonian, through way of Lex Luthor.  With Superman out of the way,
Darkseid’s conquest of earth will be eminent.  It’s up to Superman to destroy all of the
Apokoliptian technology, and rid the earth of Darkseid’s devices...  For the time being...

[IV. Walkthrough:]
This is the way I’ve done the walkthrough.  A walkthrough for the stage will come first,
followed by the Shield Icon Location for said stage.  Shield Icons unlock different ending
credits, which will reveal certain cheat codes.  Please note, Shield Icons can not be
obtained in Level Attack mode, so if you want to get them all, you’ll have to get them in
a new game, from start to finish.

	[A. A Day in the Life:] 
This first stage is pretty cut-and-dry.  It’s basically little more than a tutorial to help you
get used to the controls, so have at it.  Your first “mission” is to simply get accustomed to
flight.  Next, you’ll be confronted with rescuing a bus teetering on the edge of a bridge;
just follow the instructions on screen and you’ll be fine.  After that, blow out the truck on
fire using your Breath Blast.  Just blow on the truck; it takes some time, but eventually
the truck will turn blue and the fire will go out.  Following this, you’ll have to track down
the helicopter in the sky.  The game instructs you to use the Speeding Bullet to bring it
down, but I prefer to just get in front of it and hit away.  Either way is fine though, so
long as you don’t touch the blades.  Once you’re through with that, just grab hold of the
criminal, and “escort” him to the police station.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
This is one of the more difficult ones to find if you don’t know where to look.  Of course,
with this guide, it’s one of the easier ones.  Simply fly to the police station, and locate a
billboard on the side with “Zzzz...” on it.   Destroy it to reveal your first Shield Icon.

	[B. Officer Down:]
Some cops are under fire by subsequent Intergang members.  This is really another
tutorial mission, with an emphasis on combat.  Your first priority is to stop the two
Interbots, er, Intergang Members.  This is where you’ll learn firsthand that the Shock
Wave is your best friend.  Just fly over the two enemies, and Shock Wave between them,
destroying them both, and revealing their true identity.

Following this, two more bots appear for you to destroy.  Take care of them any way you
like.  More bots will follow, and you’ll learn how to pick up and throw things.  Once
taken care of, some doors will open up to reveal more bots, and you’ll be given an
opportunity to use the dreaded pipe as a weapon for the first time.

After you’ve destroyed them, you’ll have to find some hidden bots located somewhere in
the stage.  You can use your X-Ray vision if you want, but the wall you’re looking for is
straight ahead, and to the right.  It’s the second “doorway” you see; the one with the two
barrels next to it.  Just smash it any way you see fit, and destroy the bots inside.

Once that’s taken care of, more bots appear up stairs, but you’ll be positioned directly in
front of them, so finding the bots isn’t a problem.  The easiest way to take care of them is
to blast open the window with a Heat Blast, and follow it up with a few more until either
all of the bots are defeated, or a barrel explodes destroying them all.

After you’re through with them, you’ll have to locate some more hidden bots.  Once
again, feel free to use your X-Ray Vision for the novelty of it if you wish.  If you don’t
feel like bothering with that though, simply turn away from where the window you
smashed was, and fly down.  There will be two doorways blown open, one doorway apart
each.  The second “doorway” to the left is where our friends are hiding out.  Again,
simply destroy the bots, and exit the room before the explosives go off.

Now you get an opportunity to really just cut loose and test out some of the more
powerful attacks.  You’ll have to deal with three more squads of baddies, which
shouldn’t pose much of a threat to you at this point.  Just use everything you’ve learned,
being careful not to blow up any of the closer barrels in the last part of the battle.  Once
you’ve destroyed the third wave, you’re on to the next level.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
This one’s rather simple.  The first room that is “revealed” by way of explosion (and two
Interbots make their exit from to face you) is where the Icon is.  Simply fly in, and locate
the Shield Icon at the top of the room.

	[C. Flood Damage:]
Finally, you’re on to your first real mission.  Your first priority will be to destroy the
Interbots, and rescue the hostages.  Just destroy the bots anyway you see fit, and use your
Breath Blast to blow out the fires trapping the hostages.  To speed up your progress, you
can use billboards to repair damaged bridges, so the hostages can run to the shelter
themselves.  About half of the hostages can run to the shelter themselves once all of the
fires are blown out, the bridges are repaired, and the Interbots are destroyed.  A few more
will be trapped in garages which you’ll have to free them from through destructive
means.  A couple more are on rooftops, and you’ll have to fly up and bus them to the
shelter yourself.

After you’ve rescued everyone, a new problem arises: The generators to the dam are
destroyed, and unless you find some new ones to take their place, all of Metropolis will
become swampland.  The easiest way to beat this part of the stage is to ignore any and all
opposition except for the bots in the rooms containing the generators.  Find the solid
yellows on your radar (not the ones pointing to the turbines, but the other yellows), and
fly to them.  Destroy the corresponding garage door, and enter the room.  Once you
defeat all of the bots in a room, the workman will deactivate a shield surrounding the
new generator, and you’ll be able to pick it up.  Fly over to one of the turbines (I prefer to
go to the farther turbine first, and work my way down the line), and put the generator in
place by pressing and holding the A button.  Rinse and repeat twice more, and you’re on
to the next segment.

This portion of the stage is probably the easiest once you’ve completed the level, and one
of the more annoying parts if you don’t have a clue what to do.  An Interbot shoots out
the cable to the cable car that Lois and the other reporters are in.  You’ll have a short
amount of time to fly over to the car and rescue it.  Just fly to it as fast as possible, and
don’t bother stopping.  Once you’re close enough, the computer will take over, and put
Superman in a position to grab the car.  Once in hand, just bus it over to one of the two
safe areas, and you’re almost done.

On to the last part of the level.  Three pins on the dam are starting to pop, and you’ll have
to push them back into place to keep the whole dam from bursting.  Like the cable car,
don’t worry about stopping in the right place, as the computer will take over and position
Superman once you’re close enough.  Once Superman has his grip, just let your thumb fly
on that A button as fast as you can to push that pin back where it belongs.  Repeat twice
more, and you’ll be rewarded with a cinema.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
The best, and really only time to get this Shield is at the beginning of the stage, as you
don’t have a time limit to worry about.  Fly to the very top of the dam itself, and go right. 
At the far end is a garage, like the garages holding some of the hostages.  Break the door,
and you’ll find the Shield Icon inside.

	[D. Infiltration:]
This level is probably the most annoying level in the game.  It’s Man of Steel Gear Solid,
as I like to call it.  Rather than Superman, you’re in the shoes of the famed reporter Clark
Kent, and unlike Superman, Kent doesn’t fly, and doesn’t like to hit things.  You’re first
mission in the stage is to break a gatling gun guarding the doorway ahead.  Lucky for us,
Clark does know how to use Heat Vision, so light the gun up and move on.

The second area of the stage involves being stealthy, but don’t hesitate.  The scientist in
the room will almost immediate turn his back to work on a computer terminal on the
opposite side of the room from where Clark is standing.  Run to the left, and behind the
large terminal located near the center of the room, but don’t be too hasty.  Around the
corner and up is another gatling gun.  Peak around the corner, and use those Kryptonian
eyes of yours to knock it out of commission.  Move around the corner, and unleash the
rays again to take out a control box, short circuiting the laser beams ahead.  Now, just use
your Speed Dodge move (by pressing the B button plus the control stick) to make your
way through the laser beams.  If you get zapped, don’t worry, as it only causes minor
damage to Clark, rather than ending your venture through Lex Labs altogether.

After you’ve passed through that area, you’ll somehow wind up in a wind tunnel, and it’s
about to be activated.  Don’t worry though, because, well, you’re Superman.  Like the
pins portion of the stage previous, you’ll have to rapidly hit the A button as fast as you
can.  Once you’ve made it past the yellow line, and you hear the music of triumph, you’re
on to the next part of the stage.

More stealth is the name of the game here.  This is just like the previous stealth area,
except with more scientists.  Once your in the room, go to the left horizontal pipe.  When
the first scientist turns around the right corner of the computer terminal, make your way
to the left side of the terminal.  One more scientist to go.  Simply wait until he turns
down to the right of the computer terminal as well, and move to the outside of the right
horizontal pipe ahead.  Blast the control box in front of you to malfunction the laser
beams, and make your way through them just like last time.

This is, in my opinion, the easiest portion of the stage.  Just go to the center of the room,
and use your Breath Blast on the mines.  This should create a pretty solid path to the
doorway, but even if it doesn’t it should only take a couple minor breaths to make your
way to the door.

As opposed to that last section, this is probably the hardest, and most annoying portion of
the stage.  If you can get past the first scientist, you should be in the clear, but it can be
pretty difficult.  Firstly, don’t worry about the scientists to your left; they’re oblivious to
your presence.  Get up to the right side of the computer terminal and wait.  When the
scientist ahead of you turns his back to head to the second computer terminal, wait for a
second, and then run.  If you run too soon, you’ll be spotted.  Run down, and to the left
between the two terminals, and then turn right.  Again, don’t worry about the two
scientists now behind you; they won’t see you.  Once here, move straight ahead to the left
side of the third computer terminal, and wait for the fourth scientist to turn the right
corner, then run straight ahead, and down the stairs in front of you.  Destroy the laser
beam control box, and move up the stairs (looking for the scientist’s whereabouts
beforehand of course) to the laser beam area.  Once you’re in here, the scientist won’t be
able to see you.  Before you start heading down the corridor though, make sure to blast
the gatling gun up ahead, or all will be for not.  Make your way through the beams, and
move on to the last area.

Gas begins to seep into the room, and you only have a short amount of time to stop it and
make your exit.  To contain the gas, you’ll have to find new batteries in the crates in front
of you.  Be careful though, because the wrong crate will contain a dangerous mine, ever
waiting to blow your cover.  The first battery is in the closest box to you, on the left.  For
safety’s sake though, grab the crate and throw it across the room.  Once exposed, grab the
battery and place it in one of the three battery-less generators.  Two more to go.  The next
one is in the crate closest to the right corner of the room; it’s more or less the last crate in
the line.  Finally, the last battery is located in the crate directly behind the crate you just
destroyed.  Once all of the batteries are in place, the level will finally end.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
In the area with the mines, there are four, what I refer to as, generators.  The generator in
the far right end of the room hides the Shield behind it.  Simply make your way to the
middle of the room, and blow the mines in the way of the Shield to the right or left as
necessary.  Once the path is clear, move in and grab the Shield.

	[E. Incursion!:]
One of the more enjoyable stages.  Your first priority is going to be to destroy the
Interbot leader, but even after he’s destroyed you’ll have to finish off his little buddies. 
Once all of the bots are destroyed, the scientists will tell you what your mission is.

First thing’s first: Don’t let the flashing lights and timer frighten you; you have more than
enough time to finish the level.  The Interbots are apparently trying to capture more
scientists, and it’s up to you to stop them.  Use your radar to find the nearest scientists in
danger, and destroy the closest Interbot first.  I usually destroy the Interbot approaching
the scientists, and move on to the next group, until all of the “approachers” are destroyed. 
After that, your priority becomes the dreaded rocket-pack-wearing Interbots, who enjoy
firing missiles at you.  The easiest way to destroy them is to lock onto them, and hit them
with Heat Vision (NOT Heat Blasts).  This will set there pack on fire, and they will be
instantly destroyed upon “landing.”

After you’ve destroyed all of the Interbots, more trouble arrives, in the form of rocket and
laser beam toting tanks.  Don’t be afraid though, as they’re more vulnerable than they
look.  The best way to defeat them is to land directly behind them.  Once down, stay on
the ground; do not fly, run.  The tanks can’t hit you as long as you’re behind them, so
when they come to a stop to attempt to get a bead on you, start punching.  If the tank
begins to move, stick to its rear until it comes to a stop, and let the pummeling continue. 
This works great for two reasons: For one, it’s just easy.  Secondly though, it allows both
your health and your super powers to regenerate, both of which you’ll need plenty of for
the next area.  Once all six tanks are destroyed, a door opens up, and you can move on.

In this room, you’ll be confronted with many waves of Interbots.  Fly in and head for the
red dots on your radar.  Initially, you’ll only have to face a few, but once defeated, more
will show up.  After you’ve taken out the first wave, a door will open and a gatling-gun
equipped tank will show up, but it’s a rather easy opponent.  Simply use Speeding Bullet
on it a few times and it will explode, or just punch it, as the gun is positioned so high on
it, if you’re on the ground, it will have a hard time hitting you.  Once destroyed, a few
more doors will open up revealing more Interbots and another tank.  Destroy the bots
first, and ignore the tank, as it will more than likely ignore you until you confront it. 
Destroy the tank, and one more door opens up, revealing more Interbots.  Destroy the
bots, and enter the room they exited from.  Destroy the control panel located within, and
the beams guarding the first control switch will drop.  Fly to the switch, and hold A until
Superman pushes the switch in place.  One down, one to go.  Fly to the other end of the
corridor to find more Interbots.  Again, destroy the bots and tanks as necessary, and the
last Interbot room will hold the control panel you need to destroy.  Once destroyed, make
your way to the second switch, and push it in.  Make sure all of the Interbots are
destroyed, and exit the way you came in; leave the Override Key where it is for now.

Fly out and up, following your radar to where the Interbots are located.  Again, your first
priority should be to destroy the rocket-pack bots, via Heat Vision.  Once they’re out of
the way, destroy their grounded friends, and the shield covering the Override Key’s
future position will drop.  Make your way back to the Override Key, grab it, and bus it
back to this location.  Put it in place, and the disaster will be averted.

Finally, it’s over.  Oh wait, no it isn’t.  Some Interbot thugs have managed to destroy
some gas valves, and have jammed the emergency fans.  First things first: Unjam those
fans through use of the Shock Wave.  Just position yourself over the fan, Shock Wave,
and the fan will start working again.  Do the same for the second fan on the opposite side
of the room and you’ll have given yourself MUCH more time than if you had opted to
restore the valves first.  For the third time now, your priority will shift to the rocket-pack
wearing Interbots.  Heat Vision all of them, and then start busing the valves to their
appropriate locations.  You should have plenty of time to destroy all of the bots if you
wish, but the ground bots really don’t pose much of a threat, so if you’re worried about
time, just ignore them.  Once the fans are operational again, and all of the valves are in
place, you’ll be off to save Lois.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
At the VERY beginning of the stage, Superman will be seen in a control room of sorts. 
Once you’ve defeated the Interbots in the area, fly up to this control room.  There is a
passage to the left, and at the end of it is the Shield.  Only after the Interbots have been
defeated will the Shield appear.

	[F. Liberation:]
This stage is rather simple if done right, but can be a bit more difficult if done wrong. 
Your first mission is to “protect” Lois and the scientists from the Interbots, but don’t
sweat it, as the Interbots are much more interested in you.  Destroy the leader first,
followed by the ground types.  Then, make your way to the back of the room where two
rocket-pack bots are hovering.  Heat Vision them and you can move on to a more open

Whatever you do, do not destroy the gatling guns.  They will fire on you at first, but after
a few Interbots are taken care of, they’ll be on your side.  Make your way to the captive
scientists and destroy the enemies in each area systematically.  I like to go for the
Interbot closest to the captives first, as he is equipped with the same rocket-launcher
weapon our rocket-pack wearing friends carry.  Once that bot is taken care of, I usually
go for the trucks, as they will unload more bots as time progresses.  Speeding Bullet
seems to work well, as it will knock them up into the air, giving you a chance to destroy
them before they even hit the ground.  Once the two sets of scientists are free, you move
on to another area.

Again, a couple of trucks and a few Interbots must be destroyed.  Just do as you did last
time, but try to leave one bot or truck in tact.  Why you ask?  Because we’re going to
make a few gatling guns our allies.  Scattered throughout the stage are some “Control
Booths,” as I call them.  They look kind of like air traffic control towers.  In each booth
is an Interbot and a scientist.  Fly above the booth, and do a Shock Wave.  Enter the
booth, and destroy the bot before it has a chance to fire on you.  Do this six times in all
(one for each gatling gun), and make your way back to destroy the enemy you left
standing, allowing you to move on to the next part of the stage.

The next area is where your new found gatling gun allies will come in handy.  More
Interbots, tanks, and scientists appear.  Again, just destroy them, saving the scientists and
enabling you to move on to the next part of the stage.

This portion of the stage seems more difficult than it is.  Tanks and some rocket pack
wearing Interbots are attacking some generators.  For once, ignore the rocket-pack bots
and concentrate on the tanks.  You don’t NEED to destroy the tanks before they
deactivate the shields, but it’s much easier if you do.  The best way to stop the tanks’
onslaught is to either Speeding Bullet them until they flip over, or to pick them up and
throw them away from the shield.  Once one of these two things have been done, Shock
Wave them until destroyed.  If the shields are lowered however, you’ll have to restore
power to them.  There are two batteries in the two warehouses facing the shields.  This
means each shield can drop once and still be repowered if need-be.  Remember though, if
you’re quick enough, you won’t even have to worry about the batteries.  Once all of the
tanks are destroyed, you’ll move on to the last part of the stage.

The Interbots have gone all out to destroy the main control room.  The helicopters here
will be your top priority.  They can be extremely annoying should they hit you with their
rockets, so watch out.  The easiest way to take care of them is to hover over them, and hit
them with Shock Wave.  This will destroy a helicopter in a single hit.  Once all three are
down, destroy the remaining Interbots, and the stage will come to a close.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
In the center of the stage is a giant dome.  Fly to the top of the dome until you see a faint,
but large “X.”  X marks the spot, so Shock Wave it to reveal the hidden Shield.

	[G. Steel Factory Showdown:]
Possibly the easiest level in the game aside from the tutorial stages.  All you have to do is
dispose of some Interbots, a couple of  missile-equipped tanks, and a truck.  I usually go
for the rocket-pack equipped bots first, followed by their grounded friends.  Once they’re
out of the way, you can make quick work of their vehicle counter-parts.  You can destroy
them as you usually do, or have some fun and toss them in the baths of hot liquid metal.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, it does.  Some more Interbots will
teleport in, accompanied by their Barry White-wannabe leader.  Ignore all other Interbots
and hit the head honcho with a Speeding Bullet, knocking him out of commission in one
hit.  He’ll reappear at the other end of the room, near one of the baths of metal.  Do as
before, and knock him out in one hit.  Now, he’ll appear on the edge of the bath of metal
to your right.  Fly to him, and when you have him targeted, hit him with the Speeding
Bullet one more time, knocking him into the pool of metal.  I like my Interbots well-done

		[Shield Icon Location:]
Off to the left of the stage is a quiet area, with two sets of large doors and some large
metal crates.  When entering the room, fly to the crates to the right.  On the first “step” of
crates is a very small opening, which Superman can barely drop through.  Go down this
opening, and under the crates you’ll find the Shield.

	[H. Mountain Strike!:]
The first part of the stage is rather simple.  Just do each task in order.  First, destroy the
oncoming Interbots.  Because most of them are either on a bridge or close to the edge of
one, use your Breath Blast to push them into the lava.  Once the bots are destroyed, move
on to the gatling guns.  I use Speeding Bullet and Shock Wave to take them out, as their
ammunition isn’t very harmful.  After you’ve taken care of the guns, it’s time to plug
those leaks in the walls.  There are three pieces of rock located in this area.  One is on the
furthest bridge, one is on the edge of one of the embankments where the gatling guns
were situated, and one is near one of the computer terminals, near the lava.  Pick any one
of these three pieces up, get near one of the leaks (don’t be afraid of the lava), and hold
the A button.  Superman will do the rest.  Repeat two more times, and you’ll have taken
care of all the leaks.  For the last portion of this part of the stage, you’ll have to cool
down some jets of lava.  There is coolant located in either embankment, with a few
Interbots thrown in for good measure.  Destroy the bots, and deliver two barrels of
coolant to each jet.  This isn’t a timed section, so there’s no need to rush.  Just target the
jet, wait for the flow to stop, and chuck a barrel in there.  Once all of the jets are stopped,
you can finally move on to the next part of the stage.

The area you move into is pretty dangerous, due in large part to its small size.  You can
destroy the Interbots and gatling guns alike by traditional means, as well as throwing
some of the crates (filled with mines) at them, or perhaps throwing some of the explosive
barrels.  You can also use your Breath Blast to push them into the fire in the middle of
the area.  Be careful though, as the some of the Interbots have explosive devices in them,
and will explode as a last ditch effort to try and destroy you.  Once you’ve taken care of
this area, destroy the control panel behind the wooden crates to disable the laser beams
blocking your path.

Moving through the beams, you come to the toughest challenge yet.  You’ll have to
disable a few control panels to short circuit the laser beam array up ahead.  In your way
though stands quite a few Interbots, some missile and laser beam equipped tanks, a
couple Interbot attack helicopters, and some sentry gatling guns.  Take out the helicopters
first, using the Shock Wave.  Move on to the gatling guns, taking them out by way of
Speeding Bullet, and then take out a few of the Interbots using Heat Blast fly-bys.  Once
the area is fairly clear, you can start working on the tanks.  You can either destroy them
the same way you destroyed them in the Incursion level, or you can pick them up and toss
them into the flames (or perhaps at one another).  It’s up to you, but once the Interbot
resistance has been subdued the tanks become easy pickins’.  After you’ve destroyed the
tanks, take care of the last of the Interbots.  Once you’ve taken care of the last bot, a door
will open revealing more Interbots.  Goody.  Destroy them, and then destroy the control
panel located in the same room.  When the bots are gone, another room will open with
more bots, and another control panel.  Repeat the process and another door will open,
this time revealing a tank.  Destroy the tank, and another control panel.  Now, all you
have to do is find a small room on the far right side of the area with another control panel
in it.  Destroy it and you should be at four of five.  Go over to the laser beams themselves
and destroy the last panel to the left of them.  Make your way through the beams to come
to the last part of this area.

The first thing you should do is destroy the tank.  I like to get behind it, pick it up, and go
back to the laser beams.  Once here, time it right and throw it through the beams, where it
will more than likely be destroyed.  From here, move on to the rocket-pack bots.  There
are two of them, and they’ve switched to energy weapons, but their ammunition is just as
dangerous as the rockets you’re used to by this point.  Destroy them with Heat Vision as
usual, then move on to the gatling guns, and ground bots.  Once everything’s destroyed,
take care of the control panels to the rooms with scientists in them, destroy their captors,
and you’ll move on to the last part of the stage.

This part is rather easy.  Just wait by the bridges where bots will teleport in.  When they
appear, hit them with a Breath Blast, sending them into the lava below.  After four waves,
they’ll stop coming, and you’ll just have to wait for the timer to expire for the level to

		[Shield Icon Location:]
You’ll first have to get to the third portion of the stage; the area where you have to
destroy the control panels to the laser beams.  Once here, you’ll see a very short bridge at
the opposite side of the room from where you enter.  Facing this bridge, turn to the right
to see a grate that is partly broken.  Punch the grate a few times to break it, and fly down
the path of lava ahead to find the Shield.

	[I. Reactor Meltdown!:]
The reactor is going critical and it’s up to Superman to save the remaining scientists from
certain annihilation.  There’s not much to say in the way of guidance for this level, other
than to say don’t worry about the time.  Even if you lose a couple of coolant containers
you should still have more than enough time to finish the level.  The fastest way is to go
down the corridors in order, starting with “1” and moving down the line to “4.”  1 - 3 are
fairly easy.  When carrying coolant, try to remember a few things: If a flame shoots up as
you get to it, you’re better off just waiting it out than attempting to fly through it.  In the
tunnel areas of corridors 2 - 4, just stay low and the coolant should be fine.  When flying
up or down a shaft with flame jets, pick a far corner away from the flames and fly up that
corner using the R trigger.  Also in corridors 2 - 4, where boulders are falling, try and stay
low and to one side of the tunnel, as the boulders are less likely to fall here.  In corridor
4, there are many boulders blocking the entry way to the coolant.  Fly over them, get as
close to the door as you can, and do a Shock Wave.  This should destroy enough that you
can enter and exit the room with ease.  Last but not least, ignore all Interbots.  They’re
little more than a nuisance in this stage, and as long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t
be hit by them at all.  If you remember all this than the reactor should be saved with
relative ease.

The day is saved and this stage is over...  Or is it?  It appears Kanto isn’t too keen on
letting Superman get away so easily, so you’ll have to enter fisticuffs with him to teach
him a lesson.  Kanto uses a beefed up version of the missile and laser beam tanks your
used to seeing by this point, and is accompanied by four Interbots, all of which have an
explosive device in them.  Take out the Interbots first with Heat Blast fly-bys.  With the
Interbots taken care of, move in on Kanto, and use the same behind-the-tank tactic you
used in the Incursion level.  There are also crates filled with mines off to the sides of
Kanto, which I think the designers put in to be used as weapons through Breath Blast. 
Unfortunately, they really don’t cause enough damage to be effective, and I find it’s
much easier to just continually punch the rear of the tank.  He’ll take a few more hits
than the standard tank, but after a while (and a very bashed in rear end) he’ll be down for
the count.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
At the beginning of the stage Superman will fly over a bridge (the same bridge Kanto will
later appear on).  Once you gain control of Superman fly back to this bridge, and at the
VERY base of the far side of the bridge you’ll find the Shield.

	[J. Uprising!:]
The first part of the stage is extremely easy.  Simply take out the Interbots, and knock out
the escaping prisoners.  One shot to each prisoner and it’s lights out.  If only the bots
were that simple.

Next, you’ll move on to help save a few guards.  Take out the trucks first.  Again, for
trucks, I like to use Speeding Bullet over and over, as it takes the truck out of the fight
almost immediately.  In this stage though, picking up and throwing the trucks into the
ocean is also a good option.  Once the trucks are destroyed, move on to the Interbots.

You’re now on escort duty, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you may think.  Superman
is still the primary target, and usually only a couple of bots will bother to go after the
guards.  The guards aren’t helpless either, as they carry machine guns that do a fair
amount of damage; just try to stay out of their way, or you may get hit by their fire.  The
first area is nothing but average Interbots, so it’s not a problem at all.  The next area has
mostly normal Interbots, with an explosive Interbot thrown in here and there, plus a
couple of snipers and a truck.  Try and take out the truck first, as it will lower the overall
number of Interbots you’ll have to destroy.  Then, take out the remaining ground bots.  If
you’re low on health or super powers, hold off on the snipers, as they won’t target the
guards.  Once you’re recharged, destroy them to move on to the next area.

In the next area your four guards will split up.  Take out the rocket-packed bots first with
heat vision and then move on to the ground bots.  Try and destroy the bots as far away
from the guards as possible, as many of them are the explosive type.  With that taken care
of, you’ll move into a guarded complex where four convicts are trying to make a break
for it.  Knock each one out and destroy the Interbots as necessary.  Between waves of
Interbots, pick up the convicts, target their cells, and knock them back to where they
belong.  Once all four convicts are back behind bars and the remaining Interbots
destroyed, you’ll move to the next scenario, but the area will remain the same.  Destroy
the truck as fast as possible.  Once that’s done, go for the tank, which can also easily be
destroyed by way of throwing into the ocean.  After you’re through with that, destroy the
remaining Interbots to move on to the next part of the level.

Three Interbot helicopters will appear.  Destroy them first using Shock Wave and then
take care of the ground bots, once again being careful of the explosives within many of
them.  Once they’re taken care of you’ll have a couple of snipers left up near the guard
towers, but if you’re low on health or super powers take some time to regenerate.  Once
you’ve destroyed them you’ll move on to the second to last area of the stage.  

More Interbots, rocket-pack bots, two snipers, two tanks, and a truck are in this area.  Try
to take the truck out before it has a chance to unload its bots.  Once that’s out of the way
go after the rocket-pack bots with Heat Vision.  Grab the tanks and throw them into the
ocean, and then make short work of the remaining ground bots.  Save the snipers for last
in case you need to power up again, and then move on to the last area.  You can even
take the time to position some barrels in the next area (you should be able to spot where
the coming battle will take place by now), and blow them up when the opposition
appears.  Either way, when the opposition does appear, it’s quite a lot.  Two Interbot
helicopters, two tanks, a truck, two rocket-pack bots, and a slew of ground bots are in this
area.  Your first priority is the helicopters, followed by the rocket-pack bots and the
truck.  Destroy the two tanks and the rest of the ground bots and this mission will finally
come to a close.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
This one is pretty simple.  In the second area you come to, where the guards are under
fire, there are two large, closed doors.  Destroy the doors to the right of the guards and
inside, between some explosive barrels you’ll find the Shield.

	[K. Guilty as Charged:]
Time for a real fight.  All of those bots were getting on my nerves anyway.  Livewire is
up to her old tricks, and before she takes the world by storm (pun intended) she’s decided
to eliminate Supes.  The first part of the stage is the easiest, as usual.  Livewire will
slowly throw different blasts of electricity at you while walking beside and across some
short bridges.  Beside each bridge is an electrical box that will cause the bridge to
collapse.  Hide behind the corresponding electrical box that Livewire is currently nearest
to, and use it as a shield.  When she starts to cross the bridge, zap the box with Heat
Vision until it the bridge collapses, hopefully with Livewire on it.  After a few drops in
the water, Livewire will decide to change her game plan.

Livewire takes to the skies and hovers for the most part.  At the same time, jets of water
are now shooting out from four separate areas of the roof.  Livewire will use the same
two attacks she used before, plus a charging move and a beam move.  You can attempt to
push Livewire into the water streams using your Breath Blast, but the easiest way to
defeat her is to use Heat Blasts.  Wait until she stops to throw a charged ball at you and
hit her with the Heat Blast.  If she falls to the bottom of the stage or near a water jet, land
next to her and then use Breath Blast to push her into the pool or jet accordingly.  You
can also just use Heat Blasts to defeat her, but it will take some time.  After you’ve
zapped her strength (again, pun intended), you’ll move on to the last part of the stage.

Livewire again begins to hover, but flies around the room much faster; in fact, she does
everything faster, including attack.  She’ll also teleport next to you if you stay in one
place for too long, so try to keep moving.  At the top of the stage are four red sensors
which control the jets of water.  Your objective is to destroy all of the red sensors to
unleash the jets.  Each sensor has two sides to it, so you’ll have to destroy eight in all. 
The best way to do this I’ve found is to again wait for Livewire to charge up a ball of
electricity and hit her with a Heat Blast.  While she’s regaining her composure fly to the
top and blow up a sensor or two any way you see fit.  Once all of them have been
destroyed you’ll have put an end to Livewire.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
At the bottom of the stage is a long hallway with a small room at the end of it.  Fly to this
room and at the top is the Shield.

	[L. Duel in Metropolis:]
This is one of the shorter, but more enjoyable stages.  Parasite is on the loose in
downtown Metropolis and it’s up to you to stop him.  In the thick of it is a truck with
bullion in it, which you can’t allow to be destroyed.  If the truck catches fire, simply land
or hover next to it and use Breath Blast until the fire is extinguished.  As for Parasite,
he’s rather easy.  His Heat Vision is somewhat annoying, but it does little damage.  The
easiest way to defeat him is to keep using your Speeding Bullet attack, coupled with Heat
Blasts, and the occasional thrown car when applicable.  After you’ve knocked him
around for a bit you’ll move on to battle Metallo.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
Very high in the sky is a bridge with a tunnel.  Fly up to this bridge and at the top of the
tunnel is the Shield.

	[M. Unfinished Business:]
Metallo has decided to get even with Lex Luthor before taking up his beef with
Superman.  As a result, not only must you defeat Metallo, but you have to keep Lex and
Mercy safe during the bout.  The best way to do this is to lure Metallo into the reception
area.  The fish tank surrounding Lex’s office will eventually break if Superman or
Metallo are knocked into it one too many times, which would not bode well for Luthor or
Mercy.  By taking the fight into the reception area you eliminate this from happening
altogether.  Make sure to watch out for Metallo’s charge attack, which will leave you
dazed if he manages to catch you with it.  Use Speeding Bullet on Metallo when you have
enough room, but the easiest way to bring him down is to just hit him with normal blows. 
If you stay close you won’t give him a chance to do his charge attack, and if you hit him
around enough he’ll become dazed, giving you a chance to pick him up and really let him
have it.  Once you’ve handed his head to him, he’ll decide he’d rather fight somewhere
else, and the stage will come to a close.

		[Shield Icon Location:]
In the reception area there are four cabinets.  Behind the cabinets is a little nook which
holds the Shield.  Pick up the cabinets in the way, throw them aside, and grab the Shield.

	[N. Face Off:]
You’ve finally made it to the last stage.  This is another cut-and-dry fight with Metallo,
but some cars and crushers are thrown in for good measure.  Metallo has pretty much the
same moves he had in your last fight with him, plus a machine gun.  He’ll also open up
his chest to give you a good dose of Kryptonite, which will leave you weakened for a
short period of time.  Your best friend is the Speeding Bullet attack.  Just ignore the
machine gun as its damage is minimal, and Bullet away.  You can also attempt to knock
him dizzy and punch him into one of the crushers, but unless the pipes beside them are
destroyed it’s really more trouble than it’s worth.  Once you’ve gotten his power about a
third of the way down he’ll toss the machine gun and take to the upper level.

The gun Metallo now uses is Kryptonite based, and seeks Superman out pretty
effectively.  Nevertheless, keep at Metallo with the Speeding Bullet, and the occasional
Heat Blast.  Once you’ve taken his power all the way down, he’ll get a new look, and
you’ll have to defeat him one more time.

Metallo’s synthetic skin is completely melted away.  He’ll now unleash a lot of
Kryptonite Blasts at Superman, and also start throwing cars around, so keep your
distance.  The easiest way to defeat him is to do fly-bys with Heat Blasts.  When your
super powers have been depleted, retreat to one of the ledges up high, and regain your
strength.  Metallo has absolutely no way of getting up here, and as long as you’re a fair
distance in, you shouldn’t be hit at all.  Keep repeating this until his power has been
depleted.  If you’re feeling brave, give him a Speeding Bullet every now and again, but at
your own risk.  The Kryptonite Blasts may not seem very powerful at first, but the more
you’re hit the faster your power will go down.  Once Metallo’s power is all gone, you
must finish him off with a physical hit.  After you’ve done this, the computer will take
control of Superman, knocking Metallo up onto a magnetized conveyer belt.  Fly up to
where Metallo is and quickly zap the controls to his right with Heat Vision and you’ll
have completed Superman: Shadow of Apokolips!

		[Shield Icon Location:]
Fly to the ceiling of the room, and face away from the magnetized conveyer belt.  Fly to
the far, upper-right corner of the room and you’ll find the Shield amidst some blue boxes.

[V. Cheat Codes:]
Cheat Codes can be entered at the Cheat Menu under Options at the title screen.  A lot of
the cheats simply add a little flavor to the gameplay, while others will make the game
easier or more difficult.  Some of these Cheat Codes were obtained by me during the
secret ending credits, while others I simply got from the Codes and Secrets section on
GameFAQs, so to all those who contributed these codes, thanks.  The Cheat Codes are as
	[A. Infinite Super Powers:] JUICED UP 

	[B. Infinite Health:] FIRST AID 

	[C. Easy Test of Strength:] SORE FINGER 

	[D. Time Limits Removed:] STOP THE CLOCK 

	[E. No Super Powers:] JOR EL 

	[F. Reverse Controls:] SUPERMAN 

	[G. Play as Clark Kent:] SECRET IDENTITY 

	[H. Play as Parasite:] FEELING DRAINED 

	[I. Slow Motion Mode:] SLOW MOTION 

	[J. Tomato Soup Mode:] TOMATO SOUP 

	[K. Low Res Mode:] PEA SOUP 

	[L. Everything Unlocked:] I WANT IT ALL 

	[M. All Levels Unlocked:] SIGHTSEEING 

	[N. All Biographies Unlocked:] INTERVIEW 

	[O. All Movies Unlocked:] POPCORN 

	[P. Very Hard Difficulty Unlocked:] NAILS 

	[Q. Different Pick-Up Icons:] JUST FOR STEVE 

	[R. Explore Metropolis:] WANDERER 

	[S. Enter code FEATURE first, then:]
		[Underwater Mode:] WIBBLE 

		[Old Movie Mode:] RETRO 

		[Reverse Displays:] DOWN UNDER 

	[T. Enter codes WANDERER and FEATURE first, then:] 
		[Icon Hunt & Shooting Gallery:] CREEP 

[VI. Closing Thoughts:]
One of the more enjoyable licensed games I’ve played, and definitely the best Superman
game to date.  The length of the game leaves a bit to be desired, but I must say that I still
find the replay value good.  There’s just something inherently fun about controlling The
Man of Steel.

So, I hope you had as much fun playing Superman: Shadow of Apokolips as I did, and I
hope this FAQ helped you through the game.

[VII: Legal:]
All characters appearing in Superman: Shadow of Apokolips are property of DC Comics,
a division of Warner Bros. and parent company AOL Time Warner.  I in no way have any
connection to said characters , other than playing through the game in which they appear. 
All aspects of gameplay are property of Infogrames Atari.  This FAQ was written by me,
and is legally protected under section 106 of the 1976 Copyright Act.  As such, it may not
be copied, altered, or reproduced in any way, shape, or form without my consent.

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