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Another Great Harvest Moon Game 09/14/04 Adriea Raine
Jimmy Stewart would be proud... 04/08/04 amharper1010
After much delay, Harvest Moon as come to the Gamecube! 03/18/04 BiggLaw
Not bad, but can get very dull after much playing 05/31/11 bigglescat
HM64 Needs To Move Over. Now Is The Time For AWL! 03/21/04 Brandyn The Hitman
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life 05/12/09 catorrina
Far from perfect, but a pretty solid game 04/16/04 DeathDragon724
A Semi-Nice Life 05/13/09 DivineRequiem48
Best Harvest Moon 06/13/04 DyNoMiTE EXplOsiON
Oh, what a wonderful life it is!!! 03/21/04 Fig455
Farming taken to a new level...again 03/19/04 Flaming Homer
Not the greatest Harvest Moon, but defineatly worth it. 04/03/04 FuzzMaster
Plant, Water, Love and then Harvest Moon 04/01/04 galonski64
Harvest Moon is back to kick some ass, famer style 03/19/04 Harvest on the Moon
Just......... Wow.......... Thats all I can to Say! 03/18/04 Jaxx4059
A great game for a great series! 03/19/04 Master Cube 10
"He was not unhappy" 03/18/04 MegaPowerNinja
Harvest Fruits Of Your Labor... 03/18/04 MexiKain
A Wonderful Game with a Twist 06/21/04 mynameisfake
A solid addition to the Harvest Moon series 03/19/04 Orporg
Best Harvest Moon Game EVER, a must have... 01/31/05 SomeoneWeird
A Good Addition to Your Harvest Moon Library 03/18/04 SpeedDaemon
A game about the small pleasures in life. 03/23/04 squalldaman
"A Wonderful Life," Indeed. 03/21/04 StarFoxRocks
A wonderful game that has COWS!!!!! 03/18/04 TomNook20
The Moons of Harvest Have Come Forth! 03/16/04 Triforcer
Great and only Getting Better: An AWL Review 03/21/04 W0lfBl4z3B4n3
Good Job Natsume! 06/15/04 xmetroidx

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