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Guide and Walkthrough by Kirby021591

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/29/2006

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
E-mail: kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: January 29, 2006
Originally Created: July 20, 2004
Version: 1.3

-------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------

Section 1*

Character Cast*
Before Starting*
The Basics*

Section 2*

The Friendship Effect*
Alternate Money Sources*
Festivals and Events*
Mineral Town*
The Ledger*
Savings Secrets*
Perfect Day Walkthrough*
The Diary*

Section 3*

Credits and Legal Info*
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||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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NOTICE: I decided today that I’m going to support better reading habits.  Yes,
as of July 22, 2005, I am NOT taking any questions through e-mail.  Why is this?
Well, it seems that for this guide in particular, my readers have bad absorption
habits.  Even if I put something in the FAQ, I get nonstop questions about it.
So, I am not taking any questions for this game.  If you have CORRECTIONS ONLY,
then I will take e-mail.  This guide has really been quite painful for me.  I
rushed writing it originally, and I moved on afterward.  Unfortunately, ghosts
from my past haunted me for almost a full year before I decided to rewrite parts
of the guide that contained erroneous information.  So, you’d better put those
absorption skills to the test, readers, because all questions worth asking are
in the guide as of this update.  I’m making sure of this.  IF, and only if, you
are 100 % and ABSOLUTELY SURE that your question is not answered in the guide,
then you may e-mail me.  But, if your question turns out to be one of the many
joke e-mail I seem to be getting from this guide, I will delete it.  I’m sorry
if I sound harsh, but it’s just not worth it anymore.  For a year I have
answered the same questions, and it ends now with a glorious update!  In it, I
have made a few corrections and fixed the atrocious formatting problems.  Enjoy.


Welcome to the guide, ladies and gents.  In the newest installment of the
Harvest Moon series, you can enjoy thirty years of farming and friendships as
you and family age.  Now, I loved the N64 Harvest Moon, but this one really just
isn’t up to par.  It is not quite as addictive as the N64 version was.  Lack of
festivals and the like make things rather repetitive, and money is all but
worthless because you can’t spend it on anything great, such as home expansions.
Instead, you automatically gain this sort of thing during the various chapters
of your life.  There are no dog/horse races, there are three girls to choose
from only, there is no wedding ceremony… the list goes on and on.  I find this
game inferior to the N64 version, but it is not completely bad.

Although some reviews make this game sound like pure perfection, it really
Yes, it has its moments, but this definitely is not appealing to everyone.  I
would highly recommend renting this game and playing it for about a week to see
if you really like it.  Due to a lack of deviations from the mainstream game, it
can really be a monotony test.  So, if you aren’t a Harvest Moon fan already or
if you didn’t love previous versions, rent it before you decide to buy it.  Even
if you loved Harvest Moon 64 or the other versions of HM, I suggest renting
It’s really stripped of all the things that made the previous version great, and
I’d be nice if I gave it a 7/10.  While the hardcore HM fan will love it, it’s
definitely not for everyone, those with low attention spans included.

If you want to navigate this guide easily, press CTRL and F (that’s Apple and F
if you are using a Mac) to bring up a Find/Search box.  Type in the name of the
section you want, asterisk (*) and all, and click “Find/Search.”  You’ll be
taken first to the Table of Contents, and then to the beginning of that section.
Hope that helps.

================================Character Cast*=================================

Before I talk about characters, I must inform you that this all takes place in
Forget-Me-Not Valley.  Quite a few diverse characters live here.  I will list
them according to where they live.

                               |    Blue Bar    |

Griffin: The owner and proprietor of the non-alcoholic bar intended to raise
your energy levels.  While essentially a waste of money, you'll come here often
if you want to court Muffy.  Griffin plays guitar when he's not running the Blue
Bar and lives where he works.  Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week… man,
this guy must hate his life.

Muffy: One of the three unmarried and available women in the valley, Muffy is a
flirtatious blonde who lives and works at the Blue Bar.  She keeps a diary in
the lamp at the bar.  I find it funny that she is attracted to shiny objects.

                                |    Houses    |

Chris: On the main road there are a group of houses that are inhabited by
various neighbors.  Chris is married to Wally (Chris is a woman) and has a son,
Hugh.  She seems to be the provider of her family.  Really, it’s like she has
two children.

Dr. Hardy: The physician of the Romana family with little else to do.  He
monitors the village constantly to stop any strenuous activity.  If you just
gave his a claw for one hand, he could make a great super villain.

Hugh: The son of Wally and Chris, Hugh wants to grow up to be a world-class
athlete.  He trains day-and-night with his father and is not embarrassed at all
to talk about it constantly.

Galen: An old man who formally lived in the city, but retired to the quiet
valley.  He is married to Nina, and will spend his life bound to hers.  He is
quite fond of fishing, actually, but he never does anymore.

Grant: A good worker who has moved to Forget-Me-Not Valley (he appears in
Chapter 2).  He has a daughter and wife.  Really, it seems foolish to move to
the valley because he has to make a long commute every day to his workplace in
the city.  Land must be cheap here.

Kate: Bored daughter of Samantha and Grant.  Kate enjoys playing with Hugh
(Chapter 2 Character), and she is one of the possible wives of your son.  I’d be
bored, too, if I were her.  All she does is walk around doing nothing and saying
the exact same three phrases every single day of her life.

Nina: The wife of Galen.  Nina retired to the valley with Galen to live out the
remainder of their lives.  An unfortunate fate awaits her in Chapter 2.

Samantha: Grant's wife who wears a kimono.  She and Grant reared Kate, and both
of them are obviously Japanese.

Wally: Wally never stops running unless he's asleep.  He is obsessed (perhaps
more than is healthy) about his stature.  He spends his time coaching his son
Hugh, training, or with his wife, Chris.  I hear he’s also a great underwater

                              |    Inner Inn    |

Nami: One of the three potential brides and by far the most somber.  Nami
hesitates to talk to anyone if it can be avoided and likes oddities.  She is a
drifter who ended up in Forget-Me-Not Valley, although she is looking forward to
leaving.  She lives in the Inner Inn and keeps her diary on the desk in her
if you can get in (she enters late at night.  Follow her to reach it).  She’s
the kind of person who should take anti-depressants.

Rock: Another guest in the Inner Inn, Rock is the perky party-starter who is
unusually optimistic.  Tim and Ruby are his parents, and I doubt Rock will move
out any time soon.  Yes, I am implying that he’s a bum.  He always talks about
parties and whatnot, but try getting a job, Rock!

Ruby: The chef and co-owner at the Inner Inn.  Ruby is the mother of Rock and
wife of Tim.  Ruby often ventures into Mineral Town.  Yep… she’s pretty simple.

Tim: The cashier, taste-tester, and co-owner of the Inner Inn.  Tim lives with
his son Rock and his wife Ruby in the Inn, but also the depressing Nami, who he
must make a fortune from.  Really, since Rock doesn’t work and Nami is their
only customer, where does Nami get her money from?  Robbing banks, no doubt.

                           |    Other Locations    |

Carter: An archeologist who lives adjacent to the waterfall and a dig site in a
tent.  He lives with, but is not married to, Flora, and all day he digs for
ancient artifacts (in reality, all he’s doing is pacing back and forth and
waiting for volunteers to do his work for him so that he can take all the credit
later).  Stop by and help him out for some extra money.

Cody: The artist of the village who often wanders about aimlessly to acquire
inspiration.  Cody lives in his own studio.  Again, I wonder how he makes any
money at all.

Daryl: The term “mad scientist” would apply to Daryl easily, although he really
isn't that crazy.  His lab lies behind the Blue Bar and is kind of hard to miss.
He harbors a secret love for Flora, and he has a phobia of dogs.

Flora: The assistant of Carter who lives with him in a tent.  Carter and Flora
do essentially nothing; help them out and keep what you find (for the most
Also, Daryl stalks her occasionally.

Gustafa: If anyone is eccentric, it is Gustafa, not Daryl.  Gustafa is a poet
who lives in a yurt by the beach.  He plays the guitar a lot.  Maybe he and
Griffin would get along.  One of the only festivals in the game entails watching
him sit around and strum on his guitar.  Talk about exciting…

Kassey: The best pyrotechnician on the face of the Earth.  He is a twin, Patrick
being the younger, but he should not be confused with him.  There is only one
greatest pyrotechnician, after all.  He lives in a house near the beach (the one
on stilts).  He also likes flowers.

Murrey: A poor vagabond who has very unrefined speech skills.  Help him home by
contributing donations to the fellow some time.  Actually, he never leaves the
valley permanently, no matter how much you give him, which leads me to think
that he spends donated money on either alcohol or illegal substances.  He also
tries to steal things from your fridge from time to time, but your dog can stop
him if well-fed, or if you stay outside all day.

Patrick: The identical twin of Kassey and the second-greatest pyrotechnician in
the world.  You can differentiate between the twins by the patch on Patrick's
pants.  Maybe if they weren’t so tan they could be one of the seven dwarves or
appear in The Wizard of Oz.

Van: A traveling merchant who comes to Forget-Me-Not Valley every now and then.
He sells many instrumental items such as the Brush, which means that they are
undoubtedly overpriced (he does have a monopoly on the market).  He sets up his
store by the Inner Inn on marked days (see your calendar).  Also, Van is caught
up in all the latest dieting frenzies.

                             |    Romana Villa    |

Lumina: The granddaughter of Romana and quite the pianist.  When you have your
son, she is one of the girls he can marry.

Romana: An old and rich woman who lives in a superlative home with its own
Romana is strict with Lumina so that she may become a concert pianist (living
her dreams through her daughter, perhaps?).  She fits the role of old lady with
many cats nicely.

Sebastian: An old butler who has loyally served the Romana family for decades.
He lives in the manor with Lumina and his employer.

                             |    Supernatural    |

Flak: One of the Harvest Sprites.  The Harvest Sprites are responsible for an
assortment of insignificant things, such as giving you the Blue Feather and
letting you go to Mineral Town.

Harvest Goddess: A goddess who lets you go to Mineral Town by linking to the GBA
game using a GCN-GBA Link Cable.  She has an error in translation, and so you
have to select “Yes” to both her questions to go to Mineral Town, even though
common sense would say otherwise.

Mukumuku: A creature that hangs out with the Sprites in the wintertime.

Nak: A Harvest Sprite.  Along with his companions/brothers, Nak spends his time
either guarding the road to Mineral Town or sitting in a gigantic tree doing who
knows what.

Nic: A Harvest Sprite.  They hang around and argue with each other pointlessly,
and serve as the happy-go-lucky mascots of the game, I guess.

                             |    Vesta's Farm    |

Celia: She works for Vesta because of her love for animals and is the third of
the available woman in the valley.  She keeps her diary under her bed.  If you
like simple women, because she will not help with farm life regardless of what
your friend told you, then pick her.

Marlin: The brother of Vesta.  He is efficient but comes from the city and knows
little about farming.  So basically, he’s mooching off his sister.  Marlin
always struck me as an Elvis-impersonator.  Just look at that hair.

Vesta: A rugged farmer, Vesta really is annoying.  She is too, shall we say,
obnoxious, and I don’t know how she could have such a different brother.  Vesta
will sell seeds and give you advice.

                              |    Your Farm    |

Takakura: A devoted friend of your father and a worker at the farm.  Takakura is
not much of a people person, but he will help you when you're in need and take
your products to market.  He also delivers your ordered products from some
unknown postal office in the distance, and he rambles about the same thing every
time you talk to him.  I wonder why he’s giving us free labor…

Tartan: In Chapter 2, Takakura plants a peculiar two-headed plant.  Get to know
it better and you may reap the rewards (can you say hybrid crops?!).

You: No matter what you name yourself, you come out the farming son of a farmer
who has died.  You never really knew him and perhaps you took the farm to get to
know your dad better.  Regardless, you have a loyal dog, livestock, and in time
a wife and son of your own.  The official name for the character is Jack in all
Harvest Moon games, but you can name him anything.

================================Before Starting*================================

Here are the controls; start prepared.

                               |    Controls    |

A Button: Eat, Function, Item Description, Open, Talk
B Button: Cancel, Function
C Stick: Change View
Control Stick: Move
Control Pad: Scroll in Menu
L Button: Center Camera Behind Yourself, Turn Page in Status Screen
R Button: Whistle for Dog and Horse, Turn Page in Status Screen
Start/Select: Access Status Menu, Pause
X Button: Toggle Quick-Item
Y Button: Eat, Function, Open, Talk
Z Button: First Person View (your perspective)

When you start you must choose several things.  You must name yourself, your
your cow, and of course your farm.  You will name all subsequent livestock (Your
son included).  Takakura will give you the grand tour of the farm and then you
will start farming, after you meet the villagers.

The Farm has a different setup than normal (or at least new building).  Here
they are, listed for your convenience.

You can change around the view to suit you best but the farm is displayed with
the large field in the northwest corner.

                               |    The Farm    |

Field: The Field is the best place to farm.  I use rows because it is the
easiest way to water plants.  Try new techniques to make farming more efficient.

Locked Shed: The name says it all.  Originally this was intended to be a stable
for horses, but it was decided the horse would be in the barn, and this was
never removed.  I believe that there is nothing in the shed because it cannot be
entered in any chapter.

Secondary Field: Below the Locked Shed is the Secondary Field, smaller than the
first and lower in quality.  It can still be used, though.

Chicken Coop: Below the Secondary Field is the Chicken Coop.  You can keep hens
and roosters here as well as chicks, born on the Incubator in the coop.  The
center of the floor is the feeding zone and there is a water trough above.

Small Field: The Small Field is hardly worth your time.  Don't bother unless
you're a determined farmer because this is low-quality farming.

House: Your house changes over the chapters, but as it is the house contains
several important objects.  From the southeast corner there is the Bookshelf,
containing Takakura's farming notes and configures options.  Above is the
calendar with Van days marked on it.  Above is an unimportant Small Cabinet.
Above that is the Cooking Counter.  As of now, you can make only soup and salad.
To the left is the Trash Can where you can dispose of items and to the left of
that is the Television.  Channel 1 (From the bottom going counter clockwise) is
the soap opera station, Channel 2 is Farming News, Channel 3 is the vital
weather station, and Channel 4 is the horoscope station.  None of these are
important except Channel 3.  To the left is your diary with your writings,
status book, and the save option, and to the left of that is your bed.  Below is
the Phonograph where you can change the music and in the center is the table.

Dog House: Next to you are your dog's house and bowl.  Feed him if you'd like,
it isn't necessary.

Food Storage Building: You can refrigerate food here and sell food as well.  You
need to come here to order livestock and some items.

Takakura's House: To the right is the abode of Takakura.  It really isn't for

Pasture: Dominating the horizon is the pasture where livestock can eat grass as
an alternate to fodder.  In the pasture is a sort of trough of water.  Take your
animals up to it and brush them to wash them.

Barn: Below the pasture is the barn where your livestock is kept.

Tool Shed: Adjoined to the barn is the Tool Shed where Takakura keeps your

Fodder Storage Building: It is connected to the barn and it cannot be entered,
but when you cut down grass with the Sickle you gain fodder.

For now, that's all there is to the farm.  You can get upgrades and the like,
but more on that later.


It is agreed that time passes on a rough scale.  Generally, it goes like so.

                            |   The Time Scale    |

1 Game Hour is equivalent to 1 Real Minute
1 Game Day is equivalent to 24 Real Minutes
1 Game Month is equivalent to 6 Real Hours
1 Game Year is equivalent to 1 Real Day

With that scale it would seem that the game would take 30 Days to play on end,
since there are 30 Years, but really it would take 10 days because between
chapters the game skips years.  This is not the case, however.  When you sleep
six hours pass in a few instants.  Talking to villagers, reading something,
going on menu screens, all these things freeze time so that the game is much
longer than it would seem.  On many days you'll sleep twice.  This is all you
really need.  In the morning, water crops and feed livestock and at night do the
same.  Often you'll want a social life and won't sleep twice, or you'll wake up
in the wee hours of the morning and sleep twice is succession.  To sleep, go to
your Diary and save.  You'll then go to sleep if you choose.  A season is ten
days long and each year is four seasons long.  Chapters vary in length.  At the
end of Chapter 1 you must be married, or you'll be married to the girl who likes
you the most.  If you deny her the game will end at Chapter 1.

                      |    The Chapters of Your Life    |

                                   Chapter 1
                                 The Beginning
                                 One Year Long

Takakura will introduce you to the farm and the villagers.  You get to name
yourself, your farm, your cow, and you can choose and name a dog.  You can meet
the girls and you get a horse in summer.  You should focus on establishing
yourself with livestock after you get the horse to get extra money; wait to farm
when you've earned more cash.  Choose the girl of your dreams, or at least the
best one, and win her heart (If not you'll have played a really short game).
Make friends with your neighbors for gifts and live up bachelorhood.  The
Harvest Sprites will give you the Blue Feather (Not in Summer necessarily, but
that's how it worked out for me) and you can propose.  Take a good look at Nina
and become friends with her.  This is the last time you'll see her.

                                   Chapter 2
                                 Happy Birthday
                                 Two Years Long

Pick a name for your new son and a pet name for your wife to call you.  You
should start to encourage your son's career choice.  You now have a kitchen,
possibly ducks, and a new village.  Nina has passed away leaving Galen to clean
her grave.  You can still see her ghost if you clean it.  Everyone is a little
older, including the youngster Hugh.  A Japanese family has moved in from the
big city, that is Grant, Samantha, and Kate.  Dr. Hardy now lives where Galen
and Nina did and Galen has moved by Vesta's Farm near Nina's gravesite.  You
also may buy goats from Van (major rip-off).  Another interesting development is
that of Tartan, a plant that moves in with Takakura.  It can hybridize crops.

                                   Chapter 3
                                Happy Harvesting
                                Three Years Long

Your son has his own room now.  You can't pick him up but you can give him toys.
From this chapter and every future chapter you see what your son's interested in
becoming.  His room also shows his interests as does his diary.  As for the
nothing happens but everybody has aged a little bit.  By now you can receive
most gifts and open more options (Read the sections, particularly The Friendship
Effect, which shows what you can do).

                                   Chapter 4
                                Happy Farm Life
                                 Two Years Long

You and your wife have your own room now.  Your son is now an unruly teenager
and everyone, including you, looks older.  Basically, nothing happens except Van
sells a vase with a recipe in it.  By now, if you're good, you'll be a tycoon.

                                   Chapter 5
                                 To The Journey
                                 One Year Long

Your son has a crush on either Kate or Lumina.  Everybody's older.  That is
essentially all that has changed.  If you've yet to affect your son's selection
of career you still have time.  The final chapter approaches.

                                   Chapter 6
                                  The Twilight
                                 One Year Long

Your son is an adult now with a career of his own.  Everybody's old now, but it
is okay.  You've lived your life and now your son will.  The game is over, but
you can still control a few aspects of your life before you bite the dust.

Of course, some characters die over the chapters, which I wish they had excluded
from the game.  Read up on the sections of my walkthrough to know the
particulars.  This is just a simple outline of the game.
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /


Let's face it; to enjoy your life you need G, or gold.  Farming is a great
source of income, but it also is a strategic undertaking.  No matter what crop
you have it must be watered twice a day with the Watering Can.  Water it once in
the morning and once at night, provided it is not watered by rain.  If there is
rain, then watering is obviously unnecessary for that time period, but if not
look at patches where there are plants and see if it is light or dark.  Dark
patches indicate the plant has been watered.  You don't need to water grass in
the pasture, just crops in the field.

Now then, every crop has a season(s) it grows in.  When you pick a crop it is
added to your inventory and you take it to the Food Storage Building to sell.
Crops have quality (B, A, or S) that determine price.  A quicker way to profit
from crops is to sell them to Van.

Aside from selling and raising crops, there is one other important concept you
must master.  To buy crops, talk to Vesta.  She'll sell you seeds.  With the
create patches of dirt in the fields where you may sprinkle your seeds.
Planting seeds can occur at any time, and from then on you must take care of
them to make them grow.  Once you pick a plant it, will not regenerate (like
Eggplants did in Harvest Moon 64).  Fertilizer raises the quality of your crops
dramatically.  Also, do not plant your seeds near trees or they won't grow.

There are two types of plants you may harvest.  There are vegetables, such as
potatoes, and fruits that grow on trees, such as bananas.  Here are specific
crops you may sell with all their info.

Also, there are two types of vegetable.  The first is root.  The second is vine.
They grow in the manner corresponding to their class.

                              |    Vegetables    |

                                   Cost: 30 G

                                   Cost: 50 G

                                   Cost: 40 G

                                   Cost: 30 G

                                  Sweet Potato
                                   Cost: 40 G

                                   Cost: 30 G

                                   Cost: 20 G

                                   Cost: 60 G

                             |    Tree Fruits    |

                                  Cost: 820 G

                                  Cost: 1500 G

                                  Cost: 900 G

                                  Cost: 820 G

                                  Cost: 1120 G

                                |    Trees    |

When planting trees, use the unfertile fields.  A tree should have no other tree
touching it vertically, horizontally, or horizontally.  Reader “meatloaf121” has
sent in a way to best make use of the space in fields.  Here’s a diagram of how
to use the smallest field for optimum results.

             +----------+                   +--------------------+
             |X--X--X--X|                   |    DIAGRAM KEY     |
             |----------|                   +--------------------+
             |X--X--X--X|                   | X = Tree Placement |
             |----------|                   |                    |
             |X--X--X--X|                   | -- = Unused Space  |
             +----------+                   +--------------------+

Also try to plant your trees with different seasons in mind so that you get a
money boost at the start of each season.  Obviously you can't do this unless you
hybridize your crops (Read below).

Note: When I list a season for a tree, it is the harvesting season.  You can
plant a tree whenever.  You must fertilize a tree 30 times (One unit of
fertilizer costs 120 G) for it to mature.

                                |    Tartan    |

These are your basic crops, but there are a few other types.  For instance,
befriend Daryl and he'll give you a Seed Maker (Or you can order one, but Daryl
gives it to you free).  Place a crop in it and two seeds will come out from the
plant.  I sell these seeds because it gets a better price than selling the fruit
or vegetable, but you can do whatever you like.  However, in Chapter 2 there is
another way to get more crop options, although I don't like this method.

In Chapter Two, visit Takakura at his home (This is no easy task since he's
always out.  Try late at night, around 9:00 PM) and he'll introduce you to
Tartan.  Befriend Tartan and show him your crops.  Eventually you'll be able to
make hybrid plants (The combination of two crops).  You can combine fruits,
vegetables, and flowers, but only two at a time.  This introduces so many
and there are three types.

1) A Hybrid or the mix of two plants.
2) A Mixed Hybrid or a hybrid mixed with a regular plant
3) A Dual Hybrid or the mixture of two hybrids or mixed hybrids.

Not all Hybrids work all the time.  This is a complicated aspect of the game and
in future updates I will get all remaining hybrids I may've missed.  Also, some
hybrids work both ways.  You should always save before you go to Tartan with the
ingredients because Tartan gets it wrong a lot and that would be a waste of
ingredients.  I stick to regular crops when I farm, but if you feel
adventuresome try this out.  If you know any, please contact me at

Plant these in the large, high-quality field.

                               |    Hybrids    |

                      |    Bashber                      |
                      |    Potato + Watermelon          |
                      |    Spring-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Bashota                      |
                      |    Potato + Sweet Potato        |
                      |    Winter-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Berryber                     |
                      |    Watermelon + Strawberry      |
                      |    Spring-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Berryto 1                    |
                      |    Sweet Potato + Strawberry    |
                      |    Fall-Spring                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Berryto 2                    |
                      |    Strawberry + Melon           |
                      |    Fall-Spring                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Berrytoma                    |
                      |    Strawberry + Tomato          |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Cabber                       |
                      |    Carrot + Watermelon          |
                      |    Spring-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Caberry                      |
                      |    Carrot + Strawberry          |
                      |    Fall-Spring                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Cady                         |
                      |    Carrot + Turnip              |
                      |    Winter-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Camelo                       |
                      |    Melon + Carrot               |
                      |    Summer-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Dhibe                        |
                      |    Strawberry + Turnip          |
                      |    Fall-Spring                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Dhilon                       |
                      |    Turnip + Melon               |
                      |    Summer-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Gretoma                      |
                      |    Tomato + Watermelon          |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Kandy                        |
                      |    Sweet Potato + Turnip        |
                      |    Winter-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Kanro                        |
                      |    Sweet Potato + Carrot        |
                      |    Summer-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Kashry                       |
                      |    Sweet Potato + Watermelon    |
                      |    Spring-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Melotoma                     |
                      |    Melon + Tomato               |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Melober                      |
                      |    Watermelon + Melon           |
                      |    Spring-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Paberryta                    |
                      |    Strawberry + Potato          |
                      |    Fall-Spring                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Potamelo                     |
                      |    Melon + Potato               |
                      |    Summer-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Radita                       |
                      |    Potato + Turnip              |
                      |    Winter-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Raury                        |
                      |    Watermelon + Turnip          |
                      |    Spring-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Sholo                        |
                      |    Melon + Sweet Potato         |
                      |    Summer-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Tataro                       |
                      |    Carrot + Potato              |
                      |    Winter-Summer                |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Tobatama                     |
                      |    Tomato + Potato              |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Tomaca                       |
                      |    Tomato + Carrot              |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Trady                        |
                      |    Tomato + Turnip              |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Yamato                       |
                      |    Sweet Potato + Tomato        |
                      |    Spring-Fall                  |

Now, those are all from root crops.  Here come the more elusive fruit hybrids.
These can be planted in any of the soils.

                      |    Appage                       |
                      |    Banana + Apple               |
                      |    Fall                         |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Gehju                        |
                      |    Grape + Banana               |
                      |    Summer/Fall                  |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Jurum                        |
                      |    Peach + Grape                |
                      |    Fall                         |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Lanmuge                      |
                      |    Peach + Orange               |
                      |    Fall                         |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Magenge                      |
                      |    Orange + Banana              |
                      |    Winter                       |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Magerum                      |
                      |    Banana + Peach               |
                      |    Winter                       |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Oraphu                       |
                      |    Apple + Orange               |
                      |    Spring                       |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Orhange                      |
                      |    Orange + Grape               |
                      |    Summer                       |
                      |                                 |
                      |    Phurum                       |
                      |    Apple + Peach                |
                      |    Fall                         |

Note: When making Gehju, remember that if you put the Grape first it will be a
summer hybrid, but if you put the banana first it is a fall hybrid.

Once more, I do not recommend cross-breeding fruits and vegetables.  I think
it's a flagrant waste of time, especially fruits, but you can be the judge.  I
live off my livestock for the most part although every now and then it helps to
farm up a storm.  These next ones are Dual Mixed Hybrids, as if there weren't

Alphabetizing them has become irritating so I will group them by season.  Also,
these are new hybrids and must be named when you plant them.  Since you name
them I will list them by roman numerals.  Okay, here we go.  By the way, any
soil will do for these plants.

                                |    Spring    |

                  |    I                                    |
                  |    Oraphu + Jurum                       |
                  |    Phurum + Orhange (And vice versa)    |

                                |    Summer    |

                   |    II                                  |
                   |    Jurum + Magenge                     |
                   |    Lanmuge + Gehju (And vice versa)    |
                   |    Magerum + Orhange                   |
                   |                                        |
                   |    III                                 |
                   |    Jurum + Appage                      |
                   |                                        |
                   |    IV                                  |
                   |    Lanmuge + Magenge                   |
                   |    Magerum + Lanmuge                   |
                   |    Magerum + Magenge                   |

                                 |    Fall    |

                  |    V                                    |
                  |    Lanmuge + Appage                     |
                  |    Phurum + Magenge (And vice versa)    |
                  |                                         |
                  |    VI                                   |
                  |    Gehju + Orhange (And vice versa)     |
                  |    Jurum + Gehju                        |
                  |    Orhange + Jurum                      |
                  |                                         |
                  |    VII                                  |
                  |    Gehju + Oraphu (And vice versa)      |

                                |    Winter    |

                   |    VIII                               |
                   |    Phurum + Jurum (And vice versa)    |
                   |                                       |
                   |    IX                                 |
                   |    Appage + Magenge                   |
                   |    Oraphu + Appage                    |

These are crop hybrid mixes...  I sure hope someone finds these useful.  This
time there are so many ways to make these... I use letters for the various crop
hybrid mixes.

                                |    Spring    |

                         |    A                       |
                         |    Melotoma + Dhibe        |
                         |    Melotoma + Caberry      |
                         |    Berryto + Trady         |
                         |    Berryto + Tomaca        |
                         |    Berrytoma + Dhilon      |
                         |    Berrytoma + Camelo      |
                         |                            |
                         |    B                       |
                         |    Berryto + Dhibe         |
                         |                            |
                         |    C                       |
                         |    Melober + Raury         |
                         |    Melober + Cabber        |
                         |    Melober + Berryto       |
                         |    Raury + Cabber          |
                         |    Raury + Berryto         |
                         |    Cabber + Berryto        |
                         |                            |
                         |    D                       |
                         |    Berryber + Melotoma     |
                         |    Berrytoma + Melober     |
                         |    Gretoma + Berryto       |
                         |                            |
                         |    E                       |
                         |    Sholo + Potamelo        |
                         |    Cady + Tataro           |
                         |                            |
                         |    F                       |
                         |    Tataro + Tomaca         |
                         |    Tataro + Cabber         |
                         |    Tataro + Camelo         |
                         |    Tataro + Caberry        |
                         |    Tataro + Kanro          |
                         |    Cady + Tomaca           |
                         |    Cady + Cabber           |
                         |    Cady + Camelo           |
                         |    Cady + Caberry          |
                         |                            |
                         |    G                       |
                         |    Radita + Kandy          |
                         |    Radita + Cady           |

                                |    Summer    |

                         |    H                       |
                         |    Gretoma + Melober       |
                         |    Gretoma + Kashry        |
                         |    Gretoma + Bashber       |
                         |    Gretoma + Potamelo      |
                         |    Gretoma + Tobatama      |
                         |    Melober + Kashry        |
                         |    Melober + Bashber       |
                         |    Melober + Potamelo      |
                         |    Melober + Tobatama      |
                         |    Melotoma + Bashber      |
                         |    Melotoma + Potamelo     |
                         |    Kashry + Bashber        |
                         |                            |
                         |    I                       |
                         |    Gretoma + Melotoma      |
                         |    Gretoma + Trady         |
                         |    Gretoma + Tomaca        |
                         |    Gretoma + Berrytoma     |
                         |    Melotoma + Trady        |
                         |    Melotoma + Tomaca       |
                         |    Melotoma + Berrytoma    |
                         |    Trady + Tomaca          |
                         |    Trady + Berrytoma       |
                         |    Tomaca + Berrytoma      |
                         |                            |
                         |    J                       |
                         |    Kandy + Kanro           |
                         |    Kandy + Bashota         |
                         |                            |
                         |    K                       |
                         |    Dhilon + Dhibe          |
                         |                            |
                         |    L                       |
                         |    Dhilon + Kashry         |
                         |    Dhilon + Yamato         |
                         |    Sholo + Trady           |
                         |    Sholo + Raury           |
                         |    Kandy + Melotoma        |
                         |    Kandy + Melober         |
                         |                            |
                         |    M                       |
                         |    Kandy + Tataro          |
                         |    Cady + Bashota          |
                         |    Radita + Kanro          |
                         |                            |
                         |    N                       |
                         |    Melober + Dhibe         |
                         |    Melober + Caberry       |
                         |    Berryber + Dhilon       |
                         |    Berryber + Camelo       |
                         |    Berryto + Raury         |
                         |    Berryto + Cabber        |

                                 |    Fall    |

                         |    O                       |
                         |    Dhilon + Caberry        |
                         |    Camelo + Dhibe          |
                         |    Berryto + Cady          |
                         |                            |
                         |    P                       |
                         |    Kashry + Sholo          |
                         |    Kashry + Berryto        |
                         |    Kashry + Yamato         |
                         |    Sholo + Berryto         |
                         |    Sholo + Yamato          |
                         |    Yamato + Berryto        |
                         |                            |
                         |    Q                       |
                         |    Bashota + Bashber       |
                         |    Bashota + Potamelo      |
                         |    Bashota + Paberryta     |
                         |    Bashota + Tobatama      |
                         |    Bashota + Tataro        |
                         |    Paberryta + Bashber     |
                         |    Paberryta + Potamelo    |
                         |    Paberryta + Tobatama    |
                         |    Paberryta + Tataro      |
                         |    Tataro + Bashber        |
                         |    Tataro + Potamelo       |
                         |    Tataro + Tobatama       |
                         |    Bashber + Potamelo      |
                         |    Bashber + Tobatama      |
                         |    Potamelo + Tobatama     |
                         |                            |
                         |    R                       |
                         |    Dhilon + Camelo         |
                         |                            |
                         |    S                       |
                         |    Berryto + Dhibe         |
                         |    Berryto + Caberry       |
                         |                            |
                         |    T                       |
                         |    Kanro + Tomaca          |
                         |    Kanro + Cabber          |
                         |    Kanro + Camelo          |
                         |    Kanro + Caberry         |
                         |    Tomaca + Cabber         |
                         |    Tomaca + Camelo         |
                         |    Tomaca + Caberry        |

                                |    Winter    |

                         |    U                       |
                         |    Cabber + Camelo         |
                         |    Cabber + Caberry        |
                         |    Camelo + Caberry        |
                         |                            |
                         |    V                       |
                         |    Kandy + Cady            |
                         |                            |
                         |    W                       |
                         |    Berryto + Dhilon        |
                         |    Berryto + Camelo        |

As far as I know, these are all the hybrids out there.  You may try mixing even
more, such as the roman numeral hybrids, letter hybrids, or mixing hybrids with
regular crops.  It really doesn't matter anyway; hybrids are just a perk.  Only
Floral Hybrids really matter.  If you mix a crop with a type of flower, then you
get a super-crop, if you will.  The three flowers you'll need are the following:

                            |    Floral Hybrids    |

Happy Lamp (Found in summer)
Gemsoil (Found in fall)
Upseed (Found in winter)

When mixed with a hybrid the following effects are induced per each Floral

Happy Lamp + Crop: The hybrid and all future generation will not die if grown in
a season they aren't accustomed to.  In other words, you can grow any hybrid in
any season.

Gemsoil + Crop: Gemsoil Floral Hybrids can be grown in any soil despite the
quality it may have.

Upseed + Crop: This Floral Hybrid gives you an automatic S Rating for your
I like Upseed the best.

Besides selling crops for profit they have many other uses.  Befriend characters
by feeding them their favorites, cook with them, or feed them to your dog.
Personally though, I think there are better ways to make a profit.


This is the cash cow I've been talking about.  There are many animals you can
get in this game.  The only way to get ducks is to order a Pond.  Takakura gives
you a horse a few games in and you start with a dog and cow.  You can sheep and
goats (Rip off) as well as chickens.  Get what you like, although I tell you now
that I cows are the most profitable.

                                 |    Cows    |

Cows stay in the barn.  All your cattle eat fodder, which can be obtained by
cutting down grass with your sickle (or bought for an absurd amount of money).
To feed the cows, take fodder from the fodder bin in the barn and place it in
the assigned trough.  Cows like to eat twice a day, but this is not the only way
to feed them.  Let cows into the pasture and they will eat grass automatically.
This is easier, but if it rains (which it often does) you'll have to move them
in with the bell (another bell allows you to move them out.  If you leave them
out in the rain too long, they'll get sick and will require Animal Medicine (200
G a bottle), but it is best just to keep them indoors.  On the last day of a
chapter, cut all your grass for fodder.  Good Fodder costs 200 G and is

All profit comes from milk.  Milk, like crops, has its own quality system (B, A,
or S).  You can milk cows by hand with the A Button or you can use the Milk
Machine.  It doesn't really matter, but to improve the quality of cow's milk you
should do the following: Let cows out every now and then; they get stuffed, talk
to them every day, brush them every day and cuddle with them every day.

jarod@leutri.com notes that you can cuddle/talk to animals every three hours and
brush every six hours.  That means you can do these things many times a day.
Also, milking can be done every six hours, although most players probably won’t
use schedules for their milking.

There are times when cows cannot give milk.  An immature cow cannot give milk
for three months (Until the time is becomes an adult), and they cannot mate.
Cows who have just given birth can give milk for the next forty days, but this
is not to be sold.  Also, cows will stop giving milk after a year.

There are several types of cattle.  In this game, you can get bulls.  Bulls are
worth less than cows but are needed (not actually, although it is handy) for
mating.  These are the cattle types and prices.

                         |    Normal Bull: 3000 G    |
                         |    Normal Cow: 4000 G     |
                         |    Brown Bull: 4000 G     |
                         |    Brown Cow: 5000 G      |
                         |    Marble Bull: 4000 G    |
                         |    Marble Cow: 5000 G     |
                         |    Star Bull: 6000 G      |
                         |    Star Cow: 7000 G       |

Each cow type gives different quality milk.  A Star Cow's milk is going to be
worth more than a Normal Cow's milk, so it is better in the long run to buy an
expensive cow at the beginning of the year.  Or, much better, buy your cow at
the end of the year so next year it will be mature.

                           |    Milk Sale Prices    |

                      |  Normal  150      115      75   |
                      |  Brown   225      175      115  |
                      |  Marble  225      175      115  |
                      |  Star    540      405      270  |

If you purchase a Food Processing Room you can make butter and cheese, which
sell for the same prices.  Only a serious player should attempt this because it
is so expensive.

                    |    Butter and Cheese Sales Prices    |

                      |  Normal  300      225      225  |
                      |  Brown   300      300      225  |
                      |  Marble  300      225      225  |
                      |  Star    300      300      300  |

Reader yanopski points out that the milk you get from a mother cow can be turned
into butter and cheese (both selling for 115 G), too.  You can also purchase a
Milking Room so cows can milk themselves (This really is kind of overpriced
because milking takes only a game hour or two).  More important is cow

                            |    Cow Pregnancy    |

A mature cow (female) can become pregnant with Miracle Potion.  This can be
taken from a bull on your farm for free or you can order Miracle Potion with the
ledger from another farm.

When giving birth is imminent, the cow is fenced off from the rest of the barn
animals.  The isolation area is in the tool shed.  The calf will look like its
parents, and so you can cross-breed different types of cows for new cows.  Once
the calf is born, the mother cow will give milk special milk.  Feed this to the
calf until your cow gives regular milk (you may want to continue giving regular
milk to the calf a while longer).  After giving birth, the cow will give milk
for the next forty days, and then she will stop.  Feed the calf fodder once it's
weaned off milk.

If a cow gets sick, like I said, give it Animal Medicine.  Cows are high-profit
animals that can make you more money than leisurely farming.  All other animals
aren't important, but for fanatics I'll review them.

                               |    Chickens    |

If you are going to make money off these animals, you have to buy a whole flock.
Hens lay eggs and are the source of your income, but roosters allow for chicks,
which develop into adult chickens.  Chickens are fed Bird Feed (150 G), which
lasts a certain number of days depending on the number of animals you have.  If
a hen is enraged it will not lay an egg; or if it is fine it will lay an egg
daily.  Put a rooster and hen together and soon you'll be the recipient of a
fertilized egg, which you can put in the incubator for a chick (or you can sell
it).  To make a hen happy simply lift it and press Y.  While lifting them you'll
anger other chickens should you happen to show the chicken in your hand to them.
Yep, jealousy rears its ugly head even among chickens.  Bird Feed is not the
only way to feed them, though.  If you leave them outside, they'll survive
although finding eggs (and, quite frankly, the chicken) is tough work in the
tall grass and if you sickle some grass you may hit a chicken.

Leave them in the rain and they'll get mad, as they will get when they are
lifted off eggs they are sitting on.  Chickens should be kept happy because they
produce golden eggs that sell for more.  Fertilized eggs sell for more as well,
but not nearly as much.

Chickens themselves can be bought for 900 G apiece, and I list their egg prices

               |    Egg Sale Prices (For Ducks and Chickens)    |

Normal Egg: 40 G
Fertilized Egg: 50 G
Golden Egg: 300 G

                                |    Ducks    |

Buy a pond (if you don't, you'll never get ducks) and have at most six chickens.
At the start of Chapter 2 your wife will awaken you and inform you that ducks
are swimming in the pond.  Choose to keep them and they will act just like
chickens.  Ducks sell for 500 G, but they are different in two ways.  One, ducks
don't lie on their eggs, and so you shouldn’t look for eggs by the female duck.
Two, you cannot order ducks, and so you should accept the ducks even if you
don't want them and keep a fertilized egg from a duck (I don't think they go
just in case you ever want a new one.

                                |    Sheep    |

The sheep is a waste of money because you can only cut it's wool once a season.
They cost 1500 G, cannot reproduce, and the only way to turn a profit is if all
four seasons they give golden wool, and even then you make only 300 G.  Wash
wool for better quality.  You can use the Shears or Electric Clippers, but it
makes little difference.

                           |    Wool Sale Prices    |

Normal: 75 G
White Wool: 115 G
Golden Wool: 600 G

                                |    Goats    |

Do not buy these.  They are like cows but don't give as good milk and only give
for a year, after which you must feed them to sustain them.  Many people kill
their goats because of their uselessness, and unless you want to be an animal
killer, just don't buy them.  They cannot reproduce, they must be fed twice a
day, and they cost 4000 G.  Here are their milk sale prices in case you did buy
one unwittingly.

                        |    Goat Milk Sale Prices    |

Milk: 115 G
Butter: 150 G
Cheese: 155 G

                                |    Horse    |

The horse is the best animal for several reasons.  First, it is free.  Second,
it saves you time and energy because you can ride it around.  Three, it eats one
unit of fodder a day.  Four, you must simply brush and talk to it.  Tap the R
Button twice in a row to whistle for your horse to come over.  The Dog and Horse
were better in Harvest Moon 64 because they could enter races where gambling was
legal, but easy come, easy go.

You will get the horse after buying its supplies, such as the Brush.  It will
not come immediately afterward, but you must buy it to trigger a scene where
Takakura brings it to you.

                                 |    Dog    |

Your dog doesn't do anything but keep you company, as far as I know.  You choose
between a floppy and pointed ear dog at the start (floppy all the way!) and from
then on you may feed it or whistle to it.  It scares Daryl and Murrey but that
is all it can do.  It may also follow you if it likes you, but that is a waste
of time (Don't get me wrong; I like dogs, it's just that Dog isn't that cool).
You can feed dog, like I said, which serves one purpose.  Feed your dog daily to
prevent Murrey from stealing food from the storage room.

You can get another dog from Carter if you become friends with him, actually.
It is a Chihuahua.  It isn't that good because it is so tiny, but it is a nice
thing to have, I suppose.  Also, you get it really late in the game.  You have
to find all six of the Stone Tablets at the Excavation Site.  This mean you get
it at the last part of the game and it really doesn't do much of anything.  It
behaves a lot like your other dog…

                                 |    Cat    |

Romana is an old cat person so being friends with her scores you a cat.  It's
okay, but, like the dog, cats do little to nothing.

There is also some wildlife, but nothing you can keep.  Moving right along...

=============================The Friendship Effect*=============================

Be a friendly neighbor and the game will be much better.  But be careful; some
friendships will have permanent effects.  Some people give you objects to show
their bonding, others prefer to influence your son's career path.  Regardless,
here are the effects.

Note: I know every character likes multiple things, but I only list some that
they like; listing all would take too long.  Also, you can tell who your friend
is by walking by someone.  If they turn their head to look at you, they like

Carter: There is the Chihuahua in it for you, but your son may want to be an
archeologist just like Carter (Named after a famous archeologist who was vital
in finding King Tut's tomb).  Carter is a sucker for home cooked meals.

Cody: If you become friends with Cody your son will look forward to becoming an
artist.  Cody also gives you a painting in Chapter 2.  Cody likes flowers.

Daryl: Aside from the Seed Maker, your son will aspire to be a scientist if you
befriend this eccentric fellow.  Daryl likes Old Coins and fish.

Dr. Hardy: In Chapter 2 Hardy moves into Galen and Nina's old house and Galen by
Vesta's Farm.  Give Hardy flowers and fish to make friends and he'll give you a

Flora: Flora likes milk, which is the easiest to get, but also some dig
artifacts.  A flowering friendship with her results in acquiring a necklace you
can give to your son.

Galen: After Nina passes away you can get the Fishing Rod from him if he likes
you.  To get it give Galen fish or apples.

Grant: Befriend Grant for the Alarm Clock.  Grant likes eggs and goat milk.

Gustafa: Maybe not the direction your son should take, making acquaintance with
Gustafa will make him a musician.  Gustafa likes flowers.  Besides influencing
your son's choice of job he'll give drums in Chapter 3 and an odd sickle earlier
in the game.

Lumina: Befriend this little girl and in Chapter 3 she'll give you Sheet Music.
Your son may take up an interest in music, but to get it give Lumina flowers.

Romana: Not only will you receive a cat in Chapter 2, but also a Watering Can
that makes trees grow faster.  She likes flowers and milk.

Ruby: Befriending Ruby gives you access to her secret spice which is used in
quite a few recipes.  Ruby likes milk and flowers.

Tartan: Your son will not become a plant if you talk to this guy, but talk to
Tartan often and show him fruits and vegetable often to make him a friend, which
allows you to create hybrid crops.

Tim: If Tim fancies you he'll let you take a Hoe from him.  Tim likes artifacts
from the dig site and eggs.

Vesta: Catch Vesta alone and she'll reward with a Hoe, if you're her friend.
Vesta likes flowers and milk.

Wally: Your son will want to become an athlete and you'll get the Wool Shears.
Wally and Hugh love milk or eggs.  Similarly, Wally will give you the Gold Medal
in Chapter 3.

Well, I hope you enjoy making friends with everyone, you social butterfly you.


There are two ages you may be at.  Either, to you, marriage is yucky, or you're
willing to embrace it in a fantasy world.  If the former, you'll end the game
after a year.  If the latter, the game continues.  Personally, I'd rather remain
single without an annoying son, but life doesn't always go as planned.  You have
your choice of three girls you may wed.  There is Celia, Muffy, and Nami.  Each
is different and has a different bonus.  The one you marry will be the mother of
your son as well.  There are three potential sons to be had and you may want to
consider them in deciding which girl to propose to.  Here are your sons-to-be.

                                 |    Sons    |

Celia's Son: Just like his mother in looks and is, and I quote, "down-to-earth
just like his mom".

Muffy's Son: Looks like Muffy and acts like Muffy.  That's pretty much how all
the boys are - like their mothers.

Nami's Son: Shy and silent, Nami's son is a Nami look-a-like.

I don't need to waste time describing the qualities of your wives.  Basically,
it is a decision you make on your own.  To eradicate rumors, marrying Celia does
not give you discounts at Vesta's Farm, and if you don't marry Nami she won't
move away permanently.

So, you may be wondering: How do I pop the question?  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Slow
down, buddy.  Not yet.  During the first year's summer, the Harvest Sprites will
give you a Blue Feather.  Show it to the bride-to-be and ask her to marry you.
She will either accept or deny you.  First though, I need to explain how to make
them accept.  As it turns out, all the brides are pretty materialistic.  There’s
no getting-to-know-each-other or that sort of thing.  You just give them stuff
until they love you.

                        |    How to win over Celia    |

Celia likes flowers.  There you have it.  Don't focus on a girl constantly; if
you give them gifts daily, they'll fall for you, but don't bug them.  A way to
check your progress with a girl is to check their diaries.  The lowest score you
can get is a green heart, but the highest is four red hearts.  Only at this
point will the girl accept a proposal.  Celia will also take produce off your
hands.  Celia's diary is under her bed on the second story of her home at
Vesta's Farm.

                        |    How to win over Muffy    |

Muffy is a flirt and a sucker for flowers.  Like a crow, Muffy likes shiny
objects, such as Old Coins, and now you're set.  Muffy keeps her diary in the
lamp at the Blue Bar.  Don't talk to her when she's behind the counter unless it
is work related (she’ll tell you off if you try to give her something while
she’s working).

                         |    How to win over Nami    |

The toughest of the trio, Nami does not like flowers like the others, save the
elusive Trick Blue found by Turtle Swamp.  She also likes stuff you dig up at
Carter's excavation site.  Plus, she likes Curry.  Nami is tricky; talk to her
too much and she'll get annoyed.  Similarly, it is difficult to read her diary,
which she keeps on the desk in her room at the Inner Inn.  Usually past midnight
Nami retires to her room, and this is your chance to read up.

A girl doesn't have to like you to marry you.  Whoever likes you the most at the
end of the first year will marry you during the interim between Chapter 1 and
Chapter 2.  It is not difficult to woo the woman here, but just in case try a
rather mean technique using the Blue Feather.  If you're having trouble with one
girl just make the other two hate you by offering them the Blue Feather, and
when they say "For me?" say “no.”  They'll dislike you (they are offended) and
you can marry whoever you've been having trouble with.  In any case, winning
over one of the valley girls is no ordeal, but be careful in your decision.

Here is a list of flowers, their selling price, season, and where to find them
in case you need something for your potential wife (and how much they sell for,

                             |    Flower Guide    |

---------------------------------Spring Flowers---------------------------------

Goddess Drop: 15 G
By Vesta's Farm near the entrance to Mineral Town and by the Waterfall.

Mugwort: 15 G
The Farm

Toy Flower: 10 G
Nina's Grave, Sprites' Spring.

---------------------------------Summer Flowers---------------------------------

Happy Lamp*: 15 G
Right by Gustafa's Yurt.

Mist Moon: 10 G
Nina's Grave, Sprites' Spring

Royal Fern: 15 G
The Farm

----------------------------------Fall Flowers----------------------------------

Bracken: 15 G
The Farm

Gemsoil*: 20 G
Around Carter's Excavation Site

Hackberry: 20 G
The Farm

Matsutake: 100 G
Near Vesta's Farm

Trick Blue: 10 G
Around Turtle Swamp

Trumpet: 25 G
Sprites' Spring

---------------------------------Winter Flowers---------------------------------

Armorous: 10 G
Around Turtle Swamp

Sorrel: 20 G
In various locations around the Houses and Blue Bar.

Upseed*: 25 G
Along the River

*The star marks (*) next to flowers indicate a flower that can be mixed to make
a Floral Hybrid, a better crop.  See my crop section for more information on
that subject.

While on the subject of plants, in fall mushrooms appear, and in varying seasons
herbs appear.

Now you know just about everything you'll need to know to get hitched.  Still,
with a family you'll need more money (not really), and so we’ll be


This is an easy part of the game.  Over the period of time between the end of
Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2, you’ll get married and have a son.
People make a big deal over it, but it is very easy to influence your child,
making him take up a certain job.  For one, you can affect your child's
interests by what toys you buy him and where you take him.  Van will start
selling toys in Chapter 2.  Here are the available toys.

                              |    Toy Chart    |

                         |    Ball: 500 G            |
                         |    Blocks: 500 G          |
                         |    Car: 500 G             |
                         |    Teddy Bear*: 1200 G    |

*The Teddy Bear is only available in Chapter 3.

Now, certain toys have certain effects.  Buy the car and your child will want to
become a scientist.  The Scratch Pad lets him become an artist.  The ball makes
him an athlete.  The Blocks and Bear, as far as I know, only affect his
personality - spoiled or not.  It is a good idea to limit what you spend on him
and talk to him often, but not excessively, or he'll be spoiled.  Remember, if
you marry a certain person, different things will happen.  Celia's son likes
animals and is an outdoors kind of guy.  Muffy's son is athletic, but not very
good around the house.  Nami's son is intelligent and depressing.

To further influence your son's career path you can do the following things.

                            |    Animal Farmer    |

Milk by hand and hug your animals.  Keep him at the farm (only your farm) and
show him your animals.  Keep multiple animals of different species and pamper
them (such as brushing them).

                                |    Artist    |

Give your son the scratch pad and make friends with Cody.  Take your son to Cody
often and show him around the studio.

                               |    Athlete    |

Give your son the ball and befriend Wally.  Walk rather than riding your horse,
and take your son to Wally's house on occasion.

                                |    Farmer    |

Don't take him anywhere but your farm and Vesta's Farm.  Become friendly with
Marlin and Vesta, and show him various crops.

                               |    Musician    |

Take your son to Romana's Villa and Gustafa's Yurt.  Be friends with Lumina,
Romana, and Gustafa, and give him the Sheet Music you get by befriending Lumina.

                              |    Scientist    |

Be friends with Daryl, Carter, and Flora.  Take your child to the Dig Site and
the laboratory.  Also, give your son the car for a toy.  Use the Milking Machine
and the Electric Shears for odd jobs.

You're son is born with certain interests and strengths.  While you can try your
hardest to influence his interests, his strengths are set in stone.  Here are
the charts.

                           |    Child Strengths    |

                |    Celia's Son                               |
                |                  Interests      Strengths    |
                |    Animals       4              5            |
                |    Art           2              4            |
                |    Athletics     2              2            |
                |    Farming       5              5            |
                |    Music         2              2            |
                |    Science       1              2            |
                |                                              |
                |    Muffy's Son                               |
                |                  Interests      Strengths    |
                |    Animals       5              2            |
                |    Art           1              2            |
                |    Athletics     5              5            |
                |    Farming       1              1            |
                |    Music         4              5            |
                |    Science       1              1            |
                |                                              |
                |    Nami's Son                                |
                |                  Interests      Strengths    |
                |    Animals       1              4            |
                |    Art           5              5            |
                |    Athletics     1              1            |
                |    Farming       4              4            |
                |    Music         1              4            |
                |    Science       1              5            |

There you go.  Talk to your son daily as he grows and treat him according to how
you want him to be.  The future of the Farm depends on it!

============================Alternate Money Sources*============================

There are a lot of expensive things in this game that friends, livestock, and
crops will likely cover, but you should know your options.

                               |    Fishing    |

Buy the Fishing Rod from Van early in the game and you'll be able to fish.
Basically, when you feel the controller rumble (or see the water kind of splash
if you have the rumble disabled or are using a non-rumble controller like a Wave
Bird), press A to reel in your fish.  Fish fetch large amount of money if you
sell them and are used in a few recipes.  Here is my fish location and price

                         |    River (By the Beach)    |

                        |    Big Colombo: 40 G        |
                        |    Big Rainbob: 150 G       |
                        |    Big Sharshark: 1200 G    |
                        |    Big Snelt: 60 G          |
                        |    Colombo: 20 G            |
                        |    Rainbob: 80 G            |
                        |    Sharshark: 600 G         |
                        |    Snelt: 30 G              |

                              |    Mid River    |

                        |    Big Colombo: 40 G        |
                        |    Big Sharshark: 1200 G    |
                        |    Big Snelt: 60 G          |
                        |    Colombo: 20 G            |
                        |    Sharshark: 600 G         |
                        |    Snelt: 30 G              |

                     |    Waterfall and Adjacent River    |

                        |    Big Huchep: 170 G        |
                        |    Big Nyamame: 130 G       |
                        |    Big Yamame: 1000 G       |
                        |    Huchep: 90 G             |
                        |    Nyamame: 60 G            |
                        |    Yameme: 500 G            |

                                |    Spring    |

                        |    Arna: 400 G              |
                        |    Big Arna: 800 G          |
                        |    Big Colombo: 40 G        |
                        |    Big Rainbob: 80 G        |
                        |    Big Snelt: 60 G          |
                        |    Big Yamame: 1000 G       |
                        |    Colombo: 20 G            |
                        |    Rainbob: 80 G            |
                        |    Snelt: 30 G              |
                        |    Yamame: 500 G            |

                             |    Turtle Swamp    |

                        |    Arna: 400 G              |
                        |    Big Arna: 800 G          |
                        |    Big Colombo: 40 G        |
                        |    Big Snelt: 60 G          |
                        |    Big Yamame: 1000 G       |
                        |    Colombo: 20 G            |
                        |    Snelt: 30 G              |
                        |    Yamame: 500 G            |

There you have it - the fish of the game.  Good fisherman can earn a lot of G,
but it is far too tedious and monotonous for me.  Another less profitable method
of keeping alternate money revenues is working for Carter.

                        |    Excavation Site Income    |

Really, I'd work for Carter only if I wanted his dog.  Some characters, like
Nami, are impressed by things you pick up here, but they sell for pretty meager
prices.  To dig go to Carter between (I think) 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Carter will
give you the Scoop (Which you must return) and you can dig around in search of
rare items.  Unlike in past games there is no hole leading to a new level, just
the one.  You can keep digging already dug up areas and still find new items,
namely these.  Of course, items change over the chapters, so let's list them.

                         |    Chapter 1               |
                         |                            |
                         |    Human Statue: 40 G      |
                         |    Moon Ore: 40 G          |
                         |    Old Coin: 10 G          |
                         |    Skull Fossil: 50 G      |
                         |                            |
                         |    Chapter 2               |
                         |                            |
                         |    Fossil: 30 G            |
                         |    Horse Statue: 70 G      |
                         |    Silver Coin: 40 G       |
                         |    Sugar Ore: 50 G         |
                         |                            |
                         |    Chapter 3               |
                         |                            |
                         |    Gold Coin: 30 G         |
                         |    Hip Fossil: 60 G        |
                         |    Hop Ore: 80 G           |
                         |    Jade Ball: 150 G        |
                         |                            |
                         |    Chapter 4               |
                         |                            |
                         |    Strange Item: 300 G     |
                         |    Strange Fossil: 80 G    |
                         |    Temple Ore: 150 G       |
                         |                            |
                         |    Chapter 5               |
                         |                            |
                         |    Back Fossil: 400 G      |
                         |    Prosper Ore: 300 G      |
                         |    Stone Disc: 500 G       |

Throughout the chapters, the excavation site expands.  Flora and Carter rely
completely on you, so start digging.

You can also find the Stone Tablet, but Carter will take it from you.  Find all
of the tablets and your friendship will blossom (there are six tablets, one per

=============================Festivals and Events*==============================

Festivals are very rare; in fact, as far as I know, there are only four.  If you
go to the Blue Bar on the fifth of Fall you'll trigger the Harvest Festival.
At night go to Gustafa's Yurt on the third of summer for a concert.  This is the
Summer Festival.  A similar Starry Night Festival occurs when you go to
Gustafa's Yurt in the middle of Winter.  On the first of Spring there is a New
Year's Festival at Romana's Villa.

Most events involved a specific character.  A good deal of events revolves
around the girls.  During most events, the girl asks you questions and you have
options.  Answer carefully; some of my heart ratings have been lowered due to

                             |    Love Events    |


Celia takes you with her to Sprites' Spring on multiple occasions, including
your pre-wedding talk.  This happens when you try to enter her house and she
exits.  This happens again when you have three hearts and she wants to tell you
about "another man".

When you give Celia the Blue Feather and she accepts she'll take you to the
Sprites' Spring and you'll converse a while.
With one heart enter Vesta's house and leave when Celia is outside.  She'll ask
you about the farm.

Enter Celia's house when Marlin and Vesta are there too with four hearts to
trigger an event where Marlin and Vesta argue over who Celia should marry.
Have four hearts with Celia and exit your house after 6 AM.  Celia is missing.
When she is found, she tells you she loves you.

You talk to Celia when she's coming out of her home and she asks you to shop
with her.  Marlin intervenes and answers no for her but Vesta interjects and
says she can go.  You cross the bridge and the event ends.


Muffy comes to your house and is "attacked" by your dog.  You talk for a bit and
she leaves.

Try to enter the Blue Bar and she'll come out and she'll say "What are you doing
here?" and then you continue.  She asks questions and be careful to answer them

If you don't marry Muffy enter the Blue Bar at about 1 AM and Griffin is talking
about Muffy.  Also at the bar, have two hearts with her and she drops a dish
when you enter.

Have three hearts with her and exit your house at noon.  Muffy talks about a
wedding she went to.  If you have four hearts enter the bar and you'll take her
on a date.

When you give Muffy the Blue Feather, she accepts.


Nami comes to your farm, talks, and leaves.

When you enter the bar you talk to Nami for a bit and she leaves.  Tell her your
story and Muffy will have you pay for Nami's drink because she doesn't.

Nami gets a letter from her father and she tries to get a job at the Inner Inn,
but she fails.

Nami goes missing and Tim and Ruby ask you to search for her but to no avail.
Later at the Inn Nami comes over and is sorry for making you worry.

Nami is missing and Patrick, Gustafa, and Cody are looking for her.  Say no when
Griffin invites you in for a drink and Nami is found.  Tim says she can live at
the Inner Inn forever (If you say yes) and she does not leave (Chapter 2).

When you give Nami the Blue Feather she'll go to her room and mull it over.  You
follow her and she accepts.

This one contributed by Thunder Kavu (thanks!): “In the beginning of the second
year, you go into the Blue Bar at night, and there will be a few towns folk
looking for Nami.  They eventually leave after some dialogue, and you can follow
them or not; I did, and you have a short conversation with her.”

Now, for the main characters.  There are other events about receiving gifts, but
since I covered them in my section entitled “The Friendship Effect,” I won't
bother listing all such occasions.

                             |    Other Events    |

-------------------------------Chris and Samantha-------------------------------

When you exit Dr. Hardy's home in Chapter 2 at night you'll see these two
talking about family life by the well.


Daryl comes to your house on multiple occasions.  He asked me once if I knew
about cow cloning and I answered "No" very stupidly.  Nothing happened (though
I’ve heard a “Yes” answer is equally uneventful).  Anyway, I will simply list
the times with Daryl.

1) Daryl comes and attempts to spy on your family.  You catch him and he runs

2) Daryl tries to kidnap one of your cows.  You catch him and nothing happens.

3) Daryl is trying to catch Mukumuku by laying out food to lure him in.  Murrey
comes and eats the food and Daryl runs off.

4) Trying to catch Mukumuku again Daryl sets up food.  When you ask him what
he's doing he explains himself while Mukumuku sneaks up on him and gets away.

5) Trying to catch Mukumuku Daryl sets up his customary trail of food.  Van,
Murrey, and Mukumuku come and Daryl runs away.

6) Daryl tries yet again to catch the cunning Mukumuku and as he is about to
trap the beast Murrey runs up and scares off Mukumuku and Daryl.

7) Daryl tries to supply the town with solar energy.  The circuit breaker is
destroyed and you leave.

8) The same thing happens, only this time Daryl is trying to harness the power
of lightning.

9) Daryl is spying on Flora and Carter, but when you catch him, he runs off.

-----------------------------------Dr. Hardy------------------------------------

Enter Hardy's house in Chapter 2 (which is where Nina and Galen used to live)
and you'll faint.  When you awake Hardy will be hovering over you telling you to
take it easy.

--------------------------------Harvest Sprites---------------------------------

During the first year Nic, Nak, and Flak are debating over who should get the
Blue Feather.  It is decided that you should take it and Takakura puts it in the
Tool Shed.

There is another scene with the trio where they talk about the Harvest Goddess,
but she is not in this game, aside from in Mineral Town.


Enter Romana's Villa while Lumina is playing piano.

-------------------------------Patrick and Kassey-------------------------------

Enter their house when only one of them is there and talk to the one.  He'll
challenge you to a logic game.  Accept and you'll play with no real prize for
winning.  You can get some items, but I've never gotten anything cool.


At the Inn Rock may challenge you to a milk-drinking contest (for the ages!).
It is just for fun because nothing happens if you emerge victorious.


Besides the every chapter scene where you're son says what he wants to be, your
son has a scene in just about every chapter.  I will list them.
1) In Chapter 2 enter the kitchen at 6 PM and you're son and you'll see your son
washing up.

2) In Chapter 3 enter his room while he's in it and he'll tell you about a box
he found.

3) In Chapter 4 enter your son's room while he's still awake (At night) and
you'll see the teddy bear dancing around (If you bought it for him).  With a
little embarrassment he'll kick you out.

4) In Chapter 5 enter your room at night and you're son will tell you who he's
fallen in love with.  Muffy and Celia's son loves Kate, while Nami's son loves
Lumina.  Note that anyone’s son has the potential to fall in love with either
girls, but they lean toward certain ones depending on who their mother is.


When you find Takakura in his home in Chapter 2 or later he'll introduce you to
Tartan.  Also, Takakura gives you the guide of the valley and your horse.


Go to the Inner Inn one day and Van will be there telling Tim about his diet
(Each time it is the Matikins diet, which is a spoof of the Atkins diet).  When
Van mentions that Tim should try it, Tim becomes skeptical and Van asks you your

                    |    Scenes contributed by Angelcat    |


Once you've married Celia every day if you're awake and in the main room of the
house at 6 AM she wakes up and wakes up your son.  Similarly, she sends your son
to bed every night at 9 PM (I'd assume these scenes hold true for every girl).
She also announces when she is going to bed at 10 PM every night.


Go upstairs when only he is there and he'll be staring out the window.  Soon an
exclamation point (!) goes over his head and he asks you how long you were


At certain times of the day people must go to bed and say something like, "I
have to be going now” by Romana.  This holds true for every single person in the
village.  Also, I forgot to mention that on Van days there's a scene where he
leaves (5 PM).

             |    Scenes contributed by benpete2004@yahoo.com    |


If you’re friends with Grant, wake up at 6:00 AM and leave the house.  He will
run up to you one morning to inform you that he got a promotion.

--------------------------------Murrey and Daryl--------------------------------

Both concerning thievery, if you don’t feed your dog, Daryl may try to steal
things of yours.  Your dog can stop it if you feed it and treat it well.  As for
Murrey, the same type of thing happens with him, except he targets your food.
Catch him and he’ll ask if he can keep it.  Say yes and he’s happy, a no makes
him sad.

                  |    Scenes contributed by meatloaf121    |


Apparently, if you are generous enough, Murrey will eventually leave to Popo
Valley.  He gives you a Temple Ore for your kindness and leaves.  It was 6 PM at
the time.  However, Murrey returned two game days later.

Also, it is possible to prevent a food thievery from being triggered.  If you
stay outside all day (that is, during daylight hours), and do not go indoors,
Murrey cannot steal any food.  But, you cannot go inside – at all.  It’s a very
handy tool if you’re too cheap to feed your dog.

                |    Scenes contributed by jarod@leutri.com    |


This is more of a glitch or Easter Egg than a scene, but it can be fun to
perform.  If Celia is not your wife (as in, working on Vesta’s Farm) and you
hold fodder as talking to her, she won’t offer to sell you any products from the
farm like she normally does.  She instead says that you should keep that fodder
in a safe place after wondering what you’ll do with it.

These are all that I know.  If you have experienced any others, please inform

=================================Mineral Town*==================================

By Vesta's Farm is a path that leads to a foreign land where Van lives.  Enter
and you'll be brought to the Harvest Moon 64 area where you may explore.  It
contains many secrets that I will reveal to you.

First, the Harvest sprites will stop you and make you connect your GBA to the
GCN using a Link Cable.  If you do, you enter.  Also, in the GBA you must have
the game pack Friends of Mineral Town.

In Friends of Mineral Town take any disposable item with you and throw it in the
pool you find.  The Harvest Goddess appears and she'll ask you some questions.
When she asks you questions, there is a translation error here, and so without
regard to common sense answer yes to both questions.  There you go, you've

Exit your house on Wednesday and talk to Van, who'll be selling records and a
record player.  Buy whatever, I don't have a guide for the records.  Mary's
Bookshelf now has biographies on characters from A Wonderful Life.  Please don't
ask me questions about this game because I don't have the game Friends of
Mineral Town.  Ruby comes on Sundays.  Once you've linked enough times in
Friends of Mineral Town you get the Seaside Cottage.  nikmeister tells me that
it takes 42 links in all (with the same game) to get all the benefits of linking
in Friends of Mineral Town.  He gives these tips about it:

- “When linking, the GBA game can only link with one file on the GC. If you link
with someone else then you lose all of your linking benefits on the GBA.”

- “The easiest way to get all of the links done is to save you GBA file and
reset the GC so that you can link twice in the same in-game day.”

The above information is just common knowledge I've been told and I do not know
any more.  Do not e-mail me about this unless you know something that you'd like
to contribute.


In past games you could get recipes, but you couldn't make them.  That’s all
changed now.  There are five categories a recipe may fall into.  At first, you
can make only soups and salads.  This is limiting, but as you cook more you get
more options.  Cook 25 items that do not taste awful and you can advance.  Here
are a few recipes.

Note: When you character pauses and says “Guu,” he's hungry.  When stars
surround his head and he falls down, he's exhausted.  Home cooked meals can help
both these ailments.

                                |    Salad    |

Egg Salad: Egg + Tomato + Vegetable
Fruit: Fruit + Fruit + Tomato
Light Pickles: Turnip
Marinade: Fish + Tomato + Turnip
Red Salad: Tomatoes
Tomacarro: Carrot + Tomato
Tomamelo: Melon + Tomato

                                 |    Soup    |

Earth Soup: Carrot + Potato
Fish Stew: Carrot + Fish + Potato
Stew: Carrot + Milk + Potato
Tomatoma: Tomato + Carrot
Yam: Sweet Potatoes

                |    Hors D' oeuvre (French for Appetizers)    |

Grape Pie: Butter + Egg + Grape
Melon Pie: Butter + Egg + Melon
Peach Pie: Butter + Egg + Peach
Sashimi: Fish
Sashimi (S): Fish + Fish
Strawberry Pie: Butter + Egg + Strawberry

                                |    Entrée    |

Curry: Carrot + Potato + Ruby's Spice
Gratin: Butter + Milk + Cheese
Meuniere Set: Butter + Fish
Mushroom Curry: Mushroom + Potato + Ruby's Spice
Mushroom Gratin: Butter, Cheese, or Milk + Butter, Cheese, or Milk + Mushroom
Omelet: Butter + Egg

                               |    Dessert    |

Cake: Butter + Egg + Milk
Carrot Cake: Carrot + Egg + Milk
Ice Cream*: Milk, Milk
Love Cocktail: Grapes + Watermelon
Peach Tart: Butter + Egg + Peach
Pound Cake: Butter + Egg + Milk
Rich Juice: Banana, Peach, or Strawberry + Banana, Peach, or Strawberry + Star
Strawberry Cake: Egg + Milk + Strawberry

*In the recipe for Ice Cream, you need two different kinds of milk, like one
from a Star Cow and one from a Brown Cow, and that sort of thing.

==================================The Ledger*===================================

                           |    Home Extensions    |

Where would we be without home extensions?  Cramped in a room that sleeps three
that also contains the kitchen, with no bath room.  That's where we'd be.  Over
the chapters you're home will expand, but there are several important things you
can buy from the Ledger, which is located in the Food Storage Room.

-------------------------Food Processing Room: 30,000 G-------------------------

That's quite a hefty price, but it is worth it if you are a cattle rancher.  You
can transform milk from cows into butter or cheese, which is worth it unless you
have a Star Cow producing Rank A or S milk.  Butter and cheese sells for 300 or
225 G a piece, price varying because of quality.  At worst, there is the 225 G
milk.  Let's assume that you have a normal cow producing B quality milk, the
worst there is.  By purchasing this room you make a profit of 150 G per bottle
of milk.  With one cow if you milk twice a day it would take 100 Days, two and a
half years, to pay off the debt.  If you have two cows, one and a quarter years,
and so on.  In other words, if you have many cows you can make a major profit.
The real trouble is earning the capital to buy the extension.

-----------------------------Milking Room: 60,000 G-----------------------------

More of a comfort than a profit-making machine, the Milking Room milks your cows
without you having to lift a finger.  I'd recommend this only if you are late in
the game because this doesn't really help you a lot other than saving time.

---------------------------------Pond: 2,500 G----------------------------------

If you want ducks, order this in Chapter 1.  It is relatively cheap and does not
bring you profit, but does bring you ducks, which some people might want.

------------------------------Seed Maker: 6,000 G-------------------------------

It is way cheaper just to make good with Daryl, but if you can't stand him than
order this item.  It is a money maker in every aspect of the word.  Consider
this.  Once a year a tree makes twelve fruit for you to harvest.  Let's use
bananas as an example.  It costs 1,500 for the tree seeds and 3,600 for the
fertilizer and 6,000 for this machine.  That's a total of 11,100 G.  You get
twelve fruits, and if you sell the seeds you get you make 750 per fruit.  This
means you make 9,000 G a season.  You don't make a profit this year, but next
year you make 6,900 G, and if you plant multiple trees you get more profit.  The
Seed Maker is a long-term money-maker but it's worth it, especially if you get
the Seed Maker from Daryl for free.  This is not a home extension, but I
included it here to explain how to profit.

                             |    Other Items    |

The Ledger provides many other orderable items other than home extensions.
Besides animals, the Ledger is very convenient for tools.  At the start you have
a heavy everything.  These items consume a lot of energy when you try to use
them, so you can order lighter items.  Here is the complete list of items that
go in the Tool Shed.

Note: New items have specific purposes.  Light items usually consume less
while larger watering cans carry more water.  You should not order better items
until you can afford them cheaply; don't indulge in expensive tools and squander
your gold.

-----------------------------------Hoe Series-----------------------------------

Heavy Hoe
Attain: You start with it.
Function: Enable you to plant crops by tilling soil and cutting down trees.

Attain: Order from Ledger for 800 G.
Function: Enable you to plant crops by tilling soil and cutting down trees.

Light Hoe
Attain: Buy from Ledger for 1,000 G.
Function: Enable you to plant crops by tilling soil and cutting down trees.

Strange Hoe
Attain: Befriend Tim.
Function: Enable you to plant crops by tilling soil and cutting down trees.

Weird Hoe
Attain: Befriend Vesta.
Function: Enable you to plant crops by tilling soil and cutting down trees.

------------------------------Miscellaneous Series------------------------------

Attain: Buy it from Van for 500 G.
Function: Brush your barn animals and increase happiness.

Fishing Rod
Attain: Buy it from Van for 500 G.
Function: Allows you to catch fish.

Fishing Rod G
Attain: Befriend Galen.
Function: Allows you to catch fish.

Goat Milker
Attain: Is included with the Goat bought from Van for 4000 G.
Function: Alternate way to milk goats.

Attain: You start with it.
Function: Alternate way to milk cows.

---------------------------------Shears Series----------------------------------

Electric Clippers
Attain: Buy from Ledger for 1300 G.
Function: Removes wool from sheep.

Wool Clippers
Attain: Befriend Wally.
Function: Removes wool from sheep.

Wool Shears
Attain: Buy from Ledger for 400 G.
Function: Removes wool from sheep.

---------------------------------Sickle Series----------------------------------

Heavy Sickle
Attain: You start with it.
Function: Razes grass, dead crops, and trees.

Light Sickle
Attain: Buy from Ledger for 750 G.
Function: Razes grass, dead crops, and trees.

Attain: Buy from Ledger for 600 G.
Function: Razes grass, dead crops, and trees.

Strange Sickle
Attain: Befriend Gustafa.
Function: Razes grass, dead crops, and trees.

Weird Sickle
Attain: Befriend Dr. Hardy.
Function: Razes grass, dead crops, and trees.

------------------------------Watering Can Series-------------------------------

Watering Can L
Attain: Buy from Ledger for 750 G.
Function: Water crops.  It holds 140 units of water.

Watering Can M
Attain: Buy from Ledger for 600 G.
Function: Water crops.  It holds 70 units of water.

Watering Can S

Attain: You start with it.
Function: Water crops.  It holds 35 units of water.

Watering Can W
Attain: Befriend Romana.
Function: Waters crops.  It holds one unit of water.

I have found that growing trees is more successful with the Weird Items.

You also keep records in your Tool Shed.  You start with two, but the remaining
ten can only be attained with Mineral Town.  Mineral Town is not needed to
attain the records, because Van sells new merchandise over the chapters.  The
ten records are as follows.

---------------------------------Record Series----------------------------------

64 Memories
Attain: Buy from Van for 600 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Attain: You start with it.
Function: Plays standard music.

Attain: Buy from Van for 640 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Flower Bud Fall
Attain: Buy from Van for 600 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Joy of Fall
Attain: Buy from Van for 810 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Marin Jazz
Attain: Buy from Van for 640 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Quiet Winter
Attain: You start with it.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Spring Song
Attain: Buy from Van for 430 G.

Summer Memories
Attain: Buy from Van for 810 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

The Bride
Attain: Buy from Van for 900 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Town Spirit
Attain: Buy from Van for 450 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.

Winter HM
Attain: Buy from Van for 900 G.
Function: Plays alternate music.


Your home isn't limited to extensions.  On the contrary, one of my favorite
Harvest Moon elements is home decorating.  Here I'll list some items and how to
get them.  By the way, see The Friendship Effect for how to get most items.  The
items I list here are items your son will add to the house depending on his
career choice.

      |    Canvas: Artist                                                |
      |    Fireworks: If your son is friend with the pyrotechnicians.    |
      |    Painting: Artist                                              |
      |    Potted Plant: Farmer                                          |
      |    Weights: Athlete                                              |

================================Savings Secrets*================================

Doesn't it seem like you need money to make money?  Well, not anymore.  Here is
my section on how to make quick cash, which will come in handy.

                             |    Fodder Trick    |

You have well over 400, maybe 500, units of Fodder in the pasture.  One unit is
worth 10 G.  Cut it all down before winter and sell it to Van (Keeping enough
reserved for the animals) and you could make a lot of money.

                            |    Forager Trick    |

Pick up every flower, herb, or mushroom you see.  Not only do many people like
them as gifts, but they sell for around 10 G to 20 G.  If you pick up ten a day,
that's 100 or 200 G in one day without doing any real work.

                             |    Spice Trick    |

Use Ruby's Spice in a recipe by itself to make a duplicate.  Sell all the
duplicates, keeping one, for continuous money.

                            |    Bad Cow Trick    |

After a cow gives birth, it stops producing as much milk.  Rather than feed it
after the forty days and make no money, sell the cow.  This may be damaging for
the calf, so this is emergency money I'm talking about.

                        |    The Seed & Tree Trick    |

This was contributed to me several times about different fruits.  As it turns
out, there is a more useful way to employ your Seed Maker.  Instead of taking
fruit, making seeds, and selling the seeds, you can make quite a bundle if you
do the following: make seeds of a particular fruit using the Seed Maker, plant
and grow the trees, and then sell the fruits when harvest time comes.  This
takes longer to become profitable, but it will really help you when harvest time
does come.

These are all I know so far.  If you have a good trick of your own that isn’t
obvious or already covered, send me a tip.


This heavyset merchant travels from town to town selling and buying items.  He's
crucial for making money (Unless you want to sell things through Takakura, but
that takes forever).  Van sells lots of start-up items like the Brush and
Fishing Pole, as well as toys and records.

                         |    Selling Items to Van    |

Marked on the calendar are Van days, days where Van comes until 6:00 PM to sell
and buy items.  Buying is important, but to get the cash flowing sell produce
and farm products to him for a reasonable price.  To do this, select Sell.
He'll ask you what you want to sell.  Double click the A Button and press start
on the item you want.  He'll say that is worth Y G and you have X number of
those (Where X and Y are constant numbers).  How many do you want to sell?
Select a number and press A.  He'll tell you what it's worth and if you click
yes, you'll get that G and lose your item.

                          |    Haggling With Van    |

Some items are worth too much money for a set price.  When Van says "Do you want
to sell?" say no and he might come back with a higher price and repeat his
question.  This doesn't work with most items, only expensive ones like Golden
Wool.  Also, even with expensive items it doesn't work all the time.  Van may
not offer a higher price simply because it is random, or if he's already haggled
with you too many times.  Finally, if you sell high-quality items in groups
(Like five Golden Wools) he will be less likely to haggle.

                           |    Buying From Van    |

If you choose to buy a screen will come up with prices and names of items.  You
can't get discounts.  Choose the item you want and if you have enough G it will
be deducted from your gold amount and you will get that item, with a lengthy
description of what it does.  Van is a con artist, though.  Most items you buy
from him he only buys back for half the price.

                          |    Taking Van's Place    |

Van always sets up between the Inner Inn and the Blue Bar by Murrey's crops.
When he's not there, though, go to the tree and press A to set up your own
Pretty much it's the same thing as Van does except you have to talk to people
who pass by; they won't talk to you.  They'll look at your inventory and ask how
expensive a certain item is.  You can tell them it's not for sale, give them the
standard price, or you can give them discounts.  Discounts are only 10 % and you
should always give them because it is an easy way to make friends.  Also,
depending on what people buy you know what they like to receive as gifts.  When
you leave the stand you stop selling items.

                         |    Van Around the World    |

You can find Van is Mineral Town on Wednesdays.  He sells records here if you
want to buy them.  These records are for this game, or some are for Friends of
Mineral Town.  See my section called The Ledger to see what records sell for.

                          |    Van's Merchandise    |

Van has a lot to sell, but mostly only one of what he does.  Here's all the
things Van sells all the time.

                         |    Brush: 500 G           |
                         |    Fishing Pole: 500 G    |
                         |    Turbojolt: 750 G       |
                         |    Bodigizer: 750 G       |
                         |    Bodihyper: 1000 G      |

There we have them.  The last three restore energy, although my character
doesn't like them.  You can only buy the first two once, and I recommend it.
The following are Chapter 2 items.  The Goat is available once and only in

                         |    Goat: 3000 G           |
                         |    Ball: 300 G            |
                         |    Toy Car: 300 G         |
                         |    Blocks: 300 G          |

Then there is the Teddy Bear (Chapter 3) which costs 3000 G.  In Chapter 4 the
Vase costs 2000 G.

Van is truly a remarkable individual with an alias for selling merchandise in
other villages to avoid the police.  Shop til’ you drop.

============================Perfect Day Walkthrough*============================

The ultimate question - how do you spend your day to the fullest?  Now we have
an answer.

Let's start the day off by waking up at any time between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM.
As soon as you get up you should go to your animal barn.  Feed each animal, hug
each animal, do that talking thing to each animal, and let them outside if it
isn't raining.  Once you've done this go fill up your Watering Can and water all
your crops.  By now it is probably noon, depending on if you have many crops and
animals.  You should have collected all eggs, milk, and/or wool by now.  Use
your horse to get around unless you don't want your son to be a rancher.  If it
is a Van day then sell all your items.

Now are brought to the next five or six hour period.  If you have a son talk to
him and play with him.  Not for all five of the hours, though.  Collect some
herbs along the way and eat them as you go to have a happier character.  Next,
go to Carter's dig site and dig things up or fish.  At 5:00 PM you should
collect flowers and the like and when done give your friends gifts until
nighttime.  This is the basic day schedule.  Do this every day, save one day
where you can do whatever, and you'll be very rich and friendly in a short time.


As far as I know there are four basic types of weather.  Besides seasons the
weather changes very often.  First there is sunshine.  It snows in the winter.
Hurricanes can occur.  Rain also happens.  To stop rain or hurricanes
immediately enter Carter's dig site and go out and it will have stopped.

===================================The Diary*===================================

Everyone, no matter what their gender, has a diary.  Your diary shows your
Status Book (It shows you what you're missing around the Farm) and then there's
your actual diary.  To save go to the Diary option, or to sleep go to the sleep
option.  As you sleep you can save.  Easy as that.

Of course, that's your diary.  There are others, five others in fact.  Here is
the scale for the girls.

                            |    Girls’ Diaries    |

Green Heart: If you read a diary and it says "He is (Green Heart)" it means that
she recognizes your existence, but you’re more of acquaintances than friends.

Red Heart: A friendship is budding and she is beginning to like you.  You may
start having episodes with her (Read the Events section) but she reveals

Double Red Heart: She has a crush on you.  More events become available and from
here it is easy.  Continue doing what you've been doing.

Triple Red Heart: Now we're serious.  If you've gotten this far it's hard to
ruin it.  Keep giving gifts daily and soon the final level is unlocked.

Quadruple Red Heart: With an exclamation point, I might add.  The girl is in
love with you and will accept your proposal with the Blue Feather.  The End.

Their diaries are kept in the following locations:

Celia keeps her diary under her bed in the loft.
Muffy keeps her diary in the lamp at the Blue Bar.
Nami keeps her diary on the desk in her room at the Inn.

Of course, there is on diary left.  Your son keeps a diary to record his
interests.  It shows you how successful you were in trying to sway him in your
career path.  It also, eventually, records his feelings for Kate or Lumina.
Read up to get to know your son better.

                              |    Your Diary    |

Now, I mentioned you could sleep.  Every night you have a dream.  Eat well and
be happy for the standard dream, or you can have the irregular dream.  In this
your character is running in a void of nothingness with a background full of
multi-colored swirls.  The happiest dream occurs where you are surrounded by
food with a yellow background.

All this was scattered around the guide, except your diary, so I thought I'd
just merge them all.


Ask away if you'd like to expand this section.  The first three I made up
because they sound like questions that would be asked.

Question: What happened to the such-and-such from former games?
Answer: Quite simply put, they've been excluded.  You cannot have Horse or Dog
Races, the majority of previous festivals, and there are only three girls, not
four.  If they were in the game, I'd have included them in the walkthrough.

Question: What's inside the locked shed?
Answer: There are three Locked Sheds in the game.  One is on the farm, one in
the Villa, and another by Patrick and Kassey's house.  They cannot be opened and
have nothing within.  Natsume had plans for them in the original game designs
but they were dropped and to tease us they didn't eliminate the sheds.  Don't
bother trying because they will always be locked.

Question: Can I marry so-and-so?
Answer: You can only marry Celia, Muffy, or Nami.  You have to and you always
have a son.  A version of this game called Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for
Girls is coming out, but that is irrelevant.  You cannot divorce, you cannot
have multiple children, and you cannot marry (As has been asked before) Chris,
Kate, Lumina, Samantha, Flora, Nina, or Romana.  I don't even know why you'd
want to marry the last two.

The next are actual questions that I've been asked.

Question: How do I get tree seeds?
Answer: This probably caused a lot of confusion.  When talking to Marlin, Vesta,
or Celia initially you'll see some vegetable seeds for sale.  You can scroll to
the right to view more seed prices.  For a while I didn't know how to either,
but it is really quite simple.

Question: a/s/l?
Answer: Because it is such a popular question I've decided to include it in all
my frequently visited walkthroughs.  I will not respond to this because quite
frankly I do not know you.  For people who don't know IM slang “a/s/l” means
“age/sex/location,” a question.  I don't care if you tell me your "information",
I will not respond because I do not make or attempt to make online friends.

Question: My cow won't give milk.  What do I do?
Answer: When a cow reaches maturity, they will give milk for one year.  Then
they stop.  Then you need to impregnate them before they will give more milk.

Question: I have calves but one is invisible and the other one won't eat.  What
do I do?
Answer: You see, when you have a calf it goes in the Tool Shed.  Sometimes there
is a glitch where the calf in the Tool Shed turns invisible.  Keep feeding it
anyway (the milk will disappear all the same).  As for the second calf, I think
the Tool Shed is meant for one at a time.  Personally I've never had two calves
at the same time, but I would assume that it would need to eat like a regular
calf.  Feed the one in the Tool Shed double and try that.  I'm actually unsure
of what to do (your cow may die...).

And those are the questions.  Remember, before you write me a question, make
ABSOLUTELY SURE that it is not answered in the guide.  If it is answered, then
chances are your e-mail will not be responded to.
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

============================Credits and Legal Info*=============================

I bet everyone just used that navigation tip I mentioned in the Introduction to
get here right away.  This is everyone's favorite part of the guide, and so I'll
make it thorough.

                               |    Credits    |

To show consistency, just like my other guide for Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
Adventures, I will now thank myself.  If you read my other guide you'd know I
think modesty is a learned virtue, and apparently I haven't learned quite yet.

Of course, then again, where would I be without Natsume and other companies that
made the game (Natsume is the only one I know and care to know)?  Another

Finally, I'd like to thank www.gamefaqs.com for posting my walkthrough on their
wonderful website.  As far as information goes in helping me write the guide,
the following people have helped:

- Kirby962, for giving me several recipes.

- Angelcat, for telling me about a few cut scenes.

- benpete2004, who supplied with me a few new cut scenes.

- meatloaf121, who informed me on the best way to use the small field for trees.
Also, for submitting an event scene.

- jarod@leutri.com, for sending in a scene about Celia, noting cow interaction
times, and for correcting a mistake in the Children section.

- kaymae101, for explaining that Vesta and Celia are not related.

- yanopski, for telling my about Mom’s Cheese/Butter and its selling price.

- nikmeister, for sending in some useful tips concerning Friends of Mineral

- Thunder Kavu, for alerting to me another missing Nami scene.  Boy, that girl’s
quite the runaway, eh?

That's all of them so far, but as I get new corrections, I'll post more names.
Now then, it's time for everyone's favorite part of the guide.  "What?" you
exclaim!  After all, you were already yelling encore into the computer.  Yes,
the legal section!

                          |    Legal Information    |

First off, I take no credit in the making, distributing, programming, or any
other task assigned to an employee of the Nintendo company of this game.
Furthermore, this document is Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee.

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use.  It may not be, nor may any section be, placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance, written permission from myself,
Brian McPhee.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.  The only web
site which may use this guide is www.gamefaqs.com.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

I now end my second walkthrough ever.  Once more, this guide is exclusive to
gamefaqs.com.  It’s been real, but I’ve got to go.  See ya later.

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