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Guide and Walkthrough by BobTheDog

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/11/2004

                ___ ___                                     __
               /   |   \_____ __________  __ ____   _______/  |_
              /    ~    \__  \\_  __ \  \/ // __ \ /  ___/\   __\
              \    Y    // __ \|  | \/\   /\  ___/ \___ \  |  |  
               \___|_  /(____  /__|    \_/  \___  >____  > |__|  
                     \/      \/                 \/     \/        
                     _____                            _____
                    /     \   ____   ____   ____     /  _  \  
                   /  \ /  \ /  _ \ /  _ \ /    \   /  /_\  \ 
                  /    Y    (  <_> |  <_> )   |  \ /    |    \
                  \____|__  /\____/ \____/|___|  / \____|__  /
                          \/                   \/          \/
          __      __                  .___             _____     .__   
         /  \    /  \____   ____    __| _/____________/ ____\_ __|  |  
         \   \/\/   /  _ \ /    \  / __ |/ __ \_  __ \   __\  |  \  |  
          \        (  <_> )   |  \/ /_/ \  ___/|  | \/|  | |  |  /  |__
           \__/\  / \____/|___|  /\____ |\___  >__|   |__| |____/|____/
                \/             \/      \/    \/                        
                           .____    .__  _____       
                           |    |   |__|/ ____\____  
                           |    |   |  \   __\/ __ \ 
                           |    |___|  ||  | \  ___/ 
                           |_______ \__||__|  \___  >
                                   \/             \/ 

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( V | e | r | s | i | o | n | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

1.3 - Wha?  It hasn't been two months yet ;)

      I told ya I'd be getting back on track with the FAQ!  This update's got
      a lot of info from Emails, getting some REALLY good stuff now.

      This revision is going to focus on Emails (as usual) but also the on
      "Other Events" and "Recipes" sections.

      OH, BTW, the 25th of June marked my 18th birthday :)
      /me hands reader a slice of B-Day cake.
      Happy July 4th (Independence Day) to all us Americans ('specially to 
      those still out of the country in Iraq, etc.).
      I'ma say it AGAIN:  Let me clarify one thing.  There is NO HORSE RACE.  
      I don't know who keeps telling people there is, but there's not a Horse 
      race, or Dog race, nor pretty much any of the old HM Festivals.  Bummer.

      Updates/corrections/additions to MANY sections.
          LOL @ me, I forgot to finalize the date for the last revision.  
           Fixed it in this revision.
        Gameplay Basics
          Added Sheep Section
          Added Goats Section
        Heart Events
          Huge thanks to PllnSPULLEN for giving me the correct translation of
           Nami's "A Cry for Help" Scene.  Bummer I missed it :(  Anyhoo, it's
           corrected in this version, and it should make a lot more sense now.
        Expanded Other Events Section
        Glitches and Hoaxes
          Added new Section!
        Secret & Gifts
          Added new Section!
          I have a new host!  www.cheats.de is hosting the FAQ now! :)
          There's TONS of other stuff.. I just forgot to list it all ^_^
          Anyhoo, I know I said I'd be putting in more Recipes and stuff but 
          this Revision took so long I had to get it out as-is.  It's got 
          plenty of other neat stuff in it, and it's laying the groundwork 
          for even more stuff.  Heck, I didn't even get thru all my emails 
          this time around so I'll have a few leftovers for the next Revision.

1.2 - I LIVE!

      Sorry for the lack of updates, life's been coming at me fast.  But I
      guess it's been busy for most people what with end of school stuff and
      all :/  Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for all the emails!
      About the emails:  My computer decided to die on me, so I've
      temporarily lost all my emails prior to May, but I should be able to get 
      them back.  I'll put the info from them into the NEXT revision so no
      need to resend them (yet).

      FIRST OFF:  Let me clarify one thing.  There is NO HORSE RACE.  I don't
      know who keeps telling people there is, but there's not a Horse race, or
      a Dog race, nor pretty much any of the old HM Festivals.  Bummer :(

      Anyway, I'm gonna try and get back on track with this FAQ.  I've got
      some new things for you in this version:

      Updates/corrections/additions to MANY sections.
        Gameplay Basics
          Corrected info on Controller Reset
          Added Buying and Selling Section
          Added Dog Section
          Added Horse Section
          Added TV and Weather Section
          Expanded Social Interaction Section
          Added Hints for Fishing
          Added Hints for Farmers Market
          Corrections and additions to just about every other section in
            Gameplay Basics.

      Added some new sections:
        Crops/seeds (Just basics for now ^_^ ).
        Recipes (not complete yet...  Tables are hard work >_< ).
      Added some Other Events and organized the Other Events section a little.

      Found some errors in the Table of Contents, and added a lot (now the 
        entire Gameplay Basics section is listed!).

      Added notices about the lack of Horse Races to various sections.

      Worked on Chapter 1 (a little).
      Got tons of Emails with additions and corrections and added those in.

      Redid the format of the Versions section.

1.1 - Been really busy lately, so not a whole lot for you this time.  Mostly
      this is info I've received from e-mails (thanks everyone!).

      Got some new info on the Yamame, Sharshark, and Nami's "Betrayal" Scene.
      Also, other sections have updates.
      Added a Van section to the Gameplay Basics section.
      Added a Social Interaction section under the Gameplay Basics section.
      FoMT Linkup section!

1.0 - First Public Release!  YAY!  Lots more coming soon.

  _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \
( C | o | m | i | n | g ) ( S | o | o | n )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
 Complete Crop/Seed Hybrid Seeds/Trees and Rare Seeds/Trees Guide

 Rest of the Recipe Guide
 The rest of Chapter 1

 Chapter 2

 Non-Heart Events List

 The Rest of the Gameplay Basics Section
 More info on FoMT Linkup
 Section about raising your son...  gonna be a BIG addition.

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( I | n | t | r | o | d | u | c | t | i | o | n )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Hello and welcome to my first FAQ.  I'm going to try and make this as in-depth
as possible, detailing changes and special events as the game progresses,
instead of just providing a general overview of the game.  I hope this helps
you along in HM:AWL.

  _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \
( E | - | M | a | i | l ) ( I | n | f | o )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

You can reach me at bobthedog@comcast.net.  When e-mailing me, please include
something referring to HM:AWL in the subject or I may delete it as spam.
Also, constructive criticism only please, I don't like flames.  Please try and
find the answer in my FAQ before asking me about something.  If you send me
something that isn't already in my FAQ, then I'll put it in and credit you.
Please note that I will credit the first person to send it to me, so if I put
up something you sent, but credit someone else, then they just happened to
send it first :)

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( C | o | n | t | e | n | t | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
01.1 Versions
 01.1.1 Coming Soon
02.1 Introduction
03.1 E-Mail Info
04.1 Contents
05.1 Warning
06.1 About AWL
 06.2 Major Differences
 06.3 Controls
 06.4 Gameplay Basics
  06.4.1    Time
  06.4.2    Buying and Selling
  06.4.3    Your Dog
  06.4.4    Your Horse
  06.4.5    TV and Weather
  06.4.6    Social Interaction
  06.4.7    Farming  Seeds
  06.4.8    Ranching   Cows   Chickens   Ducks   Sheep   Goats
  06.4.9    Fishing
  06.4.10   Mining
  06.4.11   Farmer's Market
  06.4.12   Van
  06.4.13   Sleep
  06.4.14   Harvest Goddess
 06.5 Recipes
  06.5.1 Crop Ingredients
  06.5.2 Soup Recipes
  06.5.3 Salad Recipes
  06.5.4 Dessert Recipes
  06.5.5 Hors d' Oeuvre Recipes
  06.5.6 Entree Recipes
 06.6 FoMT Linkup
 06.7 Glitches and Hoaxes
  06.7.1 Glitches and Bugs Vanishing Calf Stuck in the Door Full House Encore Hollow Moon Underworld Gemini Spice
  06.7.2 Rumors and Hoaxes The Shed The H.Goddess
 06.8 Secrets & Gifts
  06.8.1 Animals
  06.8.2 Gifts
  06.8.3 Tool Sets
07.1 The Dating Scene
07.2 The Girls
 07.2.1 Nami
 07.2.2 Celia
 07.2.3 Muffy
07.3 The Events
 07.3.1 Nami
 07.3.2 Celia
 07.3.3 Muffy
07.4 The Wedding
07.5 Endgame One
08.1 Other Characters
 08.2 Other Events
  08.2.1 Animal Events
  08.2.2 People Events
  08.2.3 Event Events
  08.2.4 Daryl Events
  08.2.5 Van Events
09.1 The Story
09.2 New Beginnings
 09.2.1 The Puppies
10.1 Chapter 1
 10.1.1 What's new?
10.2 Year 1
 10.2.1 What's new?
10.3 Day One


E1 Credits
E2 Links
E3 Legal
  _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( W | a | r | n | i | n | g )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
I'm writing this as a _complete_ FAQ, so expect spoilers if you read ahead too 
much farther than your point in the game.  I'll try and denote any major 
spoilers before I list them.

  _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ 
( A | b | o | u | t ) ( A | W | L )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/

So, you're a HM newbie, or a seasoned Farmer, and ya want to know what makes
AWL special.  Here it is:

The game spans 30 years of your life, from just starting out on the farm, to
raising a family and becoming a master farmer/rancher.

You actually only get to play 10 of the 30 years, the rest are shown during
cutscenes.  Don't worry, though.  The years are long enough.

It's an all-new town with all-new people.

You can link with Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (on the GBA) to unlock
special events and items on both games.

Experience living in Forget-Me-Not valley for 30 years, and watch yourself and
others grow older.

                         HM FESTIVALS ARE IN AWL.  There are new ones that you 
                         have to find.  Yes "find", because they are mostly
                         hidden and you have to be in the right place at the
                         right time to trigger them.

  _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( M | a | j | o | r ) ( D | i | f | f | e | r | e | n | c | e | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

There are a few things that set this apart from the recent Harvest Moon games
(HM 64, FoMT).

1.  You _HAVE_ to get married.  Period.  Sorry if you like bachelorhood, but
    you can't get out of it.  If you haven't proposed at the end of the first
    year, then the girl that likes you the most will come find you at the end
    of the last day of winter (10 Winter) and a special event will occur.
    I *believe* you basically get a yes or no choice of whether or not you
    want to marry her.  If you refuse, then you lose the game.  Yep.

2.  No lumber.  That's right.  Everything's in gold.

3.  ALL Crops are one-time-use only.  Except for trees.

4.  You can plant trees.  Trees bear fruit in one season only (i.e. only has
    fruit every Summer), but live forever.

5.  There are lots of events.  Not just "Heart Events" with the girls, you can
    also run into events with the townsfolk.  And you often get several
    options, so choose your response carefully.  I dunno if there are any
    lasting repercussions from ticking someone off or ruining their day, but
    keep in mind you have to live with these people for 30 years ;)

6.  You don't upgrade your house.  Well... sorta...  Basically you upgrade
    your farm, and buy new buildings and stuff, but your house is only
    upgraded between Chapters (but, hey, it's free ^_^ ).

7.  No Harvest Goddess.  There're the harvest sprites, but no Goddess.  Also,
    you can't get the Sprites to work for you.

8.  Festivals are...  well you have to "find" them.  Basically they aren't on
    the calendar, you just have to know where to go to trigger one.  They're
    sorta like Events that happen every year instead of "Festivals".

9.  Ducks, Goats, and different kinds of cows.

10. You can't accidentally throw stuff on the ground.  Yay!  If ya press the A
    button with something in your hands, it just gives ya a description of it
    (unless you can perform an action with it).

11. You find a girl's affection towards you by reading her diary, not by a
    heart icon in her speech.

12. No Power Berries.  BLASPHEMY! you cry.  But don't worry.  There're plenty 
    of restorative items.  Cow's Milk works great, and your normal stamina 
    isn't too bad either.

13. Revised sleeping system.  Now you sleep a fixed number of hours.  I think
    it's 6-8 hours.  This means you can go to sleep in the morning after you 
    water your crops and wake up in the after-noon when everyone else is out
    and about.  But this also means that if you happen to go to sleep real 
    late, you get up late too.
14. The Dig is only one level.  No searching for the elusive Stairs Down 
15. You can set up shop and sell stuff yourself to the townsfolk.

16. No hat for the Farmer Guy.  You finally get to see his hair!

17. No Rivals!  Kinda odd, but oh well...  Note that there is a guy for every 
    girl, but nothing ever comes of it.
18. No Horse or Dog Races, or really any of the old HM festivals.

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( C | o | n | t | r | o | l | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Control Stick: Move Character/Move Cursor

Control Pad: Move Cursor (ONLY menus.  Does not move your character.)

L Button: Center Camera/Change Pages in Status Screen

R Button: Whistle/Change Pages in Status Screen

Z Button: First Person View (only works outside and you can't move)

X Button: Quick Inventory

Y Button: Function Button/Train Dog/Eat

***NOTE: The manual lists the Y button as the "Item Description" button and
         the A Button as the "Eat" button. but this is incorrect.***

A Button: Function Button/Talk/Open/Item Description

B Button: Function Button/Cancel Function

C Stick: Move Camera Left and Right

Start/Select: Access Status Menu/Pause Menu

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( G | a | m | e | p | l | a | y ) ( B | a | s | i | c | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

Once you've mastered the controls, it's time to move on to the gameplay 
mechanics you'll need to learn.

NOTE:  If you have trouble running, you could have a slightly worn joystick.  
       Make sure to have your thumb on the top surface of the joystick and not
       the edge, as edge-pushing reduces contact.  It seems AWL is VERY picky 
       about where it starts you running based on the position of the 
       joystick...  You can also reset the deadzone of the joystick by 
       releasing it and pressing X+Y+Start all at the same time for 3 seconds.

       NOTE: For the owners of a Wavebird Wireless Controller, all you need to
       do is turn it off and back on again to reset it.  (thanks Starman537)

       Note:  You can also simply unplug your controller and plug it back in.

    Time runs at approximately one Game Minute being one Real Second, one Game 
    Hour being one Real Minute, and one Game Day being 24 Real Minutes.  Some
    have theorized that game time may be slightly longer (like maybe 1.1 or 1.
    2 seconds) but I think that it's probably just due to the amount of time-
    Time pauses when you open your menu, your quick menu, when you open a
    door, when you talk to someone, when you trigger an event (tho it may
    occasionally take some predetermined amount of time... not sure), when
    you play a game with Kassey or Patrick, and when you fall over for a
    second from exhaustion.

    Time keeps going while you use tools, milk cows, dig in the mines, and 
    when you find something in the mines.
Buying and Selling:

    Aside from Van, you can also sell things through Takakura.  All you can
    sell through him are Eggs, Dairy, and S-Grade (or was it hybrid) crops.  
    Why bother with him then?  Because it raises your LinkStar Rank (used in 
    Linking with FoMT so if you don link, don't worry too much).  To sell
    stuff through Takakura, go into your Cold Storage building.  It's the
    tall, skinny one right across from the barn.  you should see a Cooler on
    the ground in the middle of the room, open it (with the "A" button) and
    you can put the aforementioned items into it.  Takakura will come around
    5:00 A.M. and pick it up to sell the stuff and come back around 3:00 P.M.
    with the cash.  To the left of the Cooler is the Ledger, With this, you
    can get the cash from your sales (just open it to get the money) and you
    can also buy and sell livestock and tools, and buy farm buildings and
    Note:  Selling prices for items is set at 1/1 their buying price.  (Thanks 
    Clifford Hawkes!)

Your Dog:

    You start the game with a dog, and you can pick between two breeds.  The
    choice doesn't affect anything other than the appearance (pointy ears or
    floppy ears) so don't stress too much ^_^
    The Dog doesn't require all that much attention.  You can't do a whole lot 
    with it, like in other HM games, like you can't take it inside your house 
    or anything like that.  Your interaction, for a long time at least, will 
    be feeding it.  To feed the Dog, simply take out something solid that you 
    could eat (one of the various wild herbs, etc.) and then walk over to his 
    food dish and press "A" when it says "Put".  Then whistle for your dog
    while you are standing next to the dish and he should eat the food.  Feed 
    him regularly and eventually you will be able to train him (it will be a
    "Y" button interaction).  This will cause him to chase Daryl and Murrey 
    off your Farm!  Good Dog!
Your Horse:

    Sometime in Summer of Year 1, Takakura will surprise you with a Horse.
    Your faithful steed can get you around town much faster than you could on 
    foot, and you can whistle for him from anywhere (double-tap the whistle 
    button) provided you are outside.  You should talk to, nuzzle, and brush 
    your horse daily (buy the brush from Van).
TV and Weather:

    Everyone likes TV, right?  Well, there's little to choose from, here in 
    the valley, as we've only got 4 channels, but one channel will save your 
    life, or at least those of your livestock.  The weather channel.  To 
    expound further, I direct your attention to Armand:
1. Never listen to the weatherman who comes on really late.
   sometimes the weatherman really late will look middle-aged and be
   wearing a gardener's/farmer's hat. This is the only weatherman who has
   credibility and is usually right. The other guys is just random. For
   example, when the clouds are covering the sky he often says a weather
   front will bring clouds in later in the twelve hours he's predicting for.

2. The only reliable weather forecast is to look up at the sky every
   now and then. Notice any changes. Example, if the clouds were sparse
   early, and then it gets windy later on, a couple game hours later, then
   you can expect more clouds and darker clouds. This is most often a sign
   that it will rain later that night and/or in the morning or sometime
   early the next day.
   So, to be precise, use the TV for general purposes, but always keep an eye
   on the sky and be ready to rush back to the farm if it starts raining or
   The other channels are pretty much useless, unless the Horoscope channel
   has some underlying meaning that nobody's uncovered yet...  Info anyone?  
   Or perhaps they might be useful if you don't have the manual and have never 
   played an HM game before (but.. why does the NEWS channel have Farming 

Social Interaction:

    Ya gotta make friends if you want to get anywhere in this game.  Talk to 
    people, and give them things.
    To give someone an item, just take it out of your Rucksack, and show it to 
    them (run up to them and press A while holding it).  They'll talk about it,
     and may ask if they can have it.  If they don't ask, then show it to them 
     several times.  If they say something to the effect that they DON'T like 
     it, then, well, they don't like it ^_^ .  Try something else.  You can 
     give some people only one gift per day.
     NOTE:  Some people have times when they can't/won't accept gifts.  
     Cody won't accept gifts if he's standing with his arms folded outside.  
     Wait until he's moving.
     Daryl won't accept things when he's in his lab.

     Romana won't accept things when she's in her rocking chair.
     There are others, but that gives you and idea.
     NOTE:  You only have ONE chance to give someone an item, per day.  SO, if 
     you try and give Romana a flower while she's in her rocking chair, not 
     only will she not be able to take it, but you won't be able to give here 
     anything else for the rest of the day.  Likewise, if you refuse to give 
     her something, you won't be able to give her anything else for that day.

     NOTE:  There ARE exceptions.  Some people will accept several gifts per
            day.  For example, Takakura will accept up to two gifts, and 
            Carter will take an amazing 10!  Note also that they can't be the
            all the same thing.  You'll have to vary your gifts if you want to 
            give more than one. (Thanks Devil8dogz!)

     NOTE:  BE VERY CAREFUL!  The dialogue boxes for giving people things are 
     wacky.  Sometimes the cursor defaults to NO while other times it defaults
     to YES.  I believe this is different for each character (Romana, for 
     example, always defaults to NO).  ALSO, the YES/NO dialogue box comes up
     at the end of a dialogue section WITHOUT you having to press a button.  
     That means don't keep hitting A to advance the text.  ALSO:  Some people 
     have several pages of text when you show them something, while some only 
     have one.  You'll get a feel for it soon.
     Now, just talking to people might bring up a dialogue box for you to 
     answer a question, or comment on something.  BE NICE!  EVEN if it means 
     you have to lie.  I mean it.  You want these people to like you, right?  
     So, when you talk with Van about his diet, Congratulate him, etc.

     If you are unsure of which answer to pick, first use logic, then use your 
     knowledge of the character's personality (which answer would they like 
     most), then which answer you'd like most.  BUT ALLWAYS BE NICE!

     Now, how do you know when someone likes you?  After many month of tests
     and arguments, the community has finally come up with this answer:  When
     they turn their head towards you when you walk by.  Ever notice that?
     Also, sometimes if you just stand in front of them they'll actually start
     talking to you!

     But, why bother with these people?  Why spend so much time cultivating 
     relationships with them?  Simple!  Most people/households will eventually 
     give you something in return for your friendship!  For example, Gustafa 
     will give you a Strange Sickle that uses very little stamina.  You can 
     get a whole set of low-stamina-drain tools from the townsfolk, so it 
     definitely pays to have friends!


    You have three plantable fields.  One next to your house, one next to your 
    Chicken Coop, and one past the Locked Shed.  They are POOR, BETTER, BEST
    quality soil in that order.  and also SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE in that order 
    Use the lower-quality soil for Trees, and the high-quality one for Crops.

    You can buy seeds from anyone on Vesta Farm that is inside a building
    (i.e. Vesta, Marlin, or Celia).  If you talk to her outside, Vesta will 
    usually tell you what is best to plant in the current season.

    You have to first use your Hoe on the ground in your fields.  One Square
    of dirt can hold one Seed.  You should till your fields in a checkerboard
    fashion (like Vesta does).

    Once you've tilled the soil, you can plant a Seed in the tilled spot.
    Now you can use Fertilizer on the planet, to get a better quality Crop 
    from it.  I wouldn't suggest using this until you have the Seed-Maker, as 
    it's just a waste of money until then.
    To get them up to A Rank you have to use FOUR Fertilizers on a single Crop
    and THIRTY on a Tree.  To get it to S rank you need to use EIGHT on a

    Plants will have several stages of growth.  First they are seeds in the 
    ground, then they are sprouts, then small plants, then budding, then 
    flowering, and then ripe.  You can only pick them once they are ripe, and 
    you can only harvest a plant once before it dies.
    Once a plant dies, it will stick around for about a month, then it will be 
    gone.  You can alternatively use your sickle on it to remove it earlier.  
    You can also use this to get rid of a plant you don't want.
    Trees take a LONG time to grow.  But they will produce 32 fruits, so they
    are worth it in the long run.  Also, NEVER plant anything in the eight
    spaces around the tree, as any plant planted there will die (trees are
    apparently VERY unfriendly ^_^).  Trees only produce in their season, just
    like plants, but they can live through all seasons.  Trees do eventually 
    die, but I *think* they live through three years...  or give fruit three 
    times.  Info?

    Here's a list of basic seeds:

          Seed            |     Season      |  Buy for  |  Sell for
          Tomato             Spring-Fall           30G       35G
          Watermelon         Spring-Summer         60G       75G
          Melons             Summer-Fall           50G       70G
          Strawberries       Fall-Spring           30G       35G
          Turnips            Summer-Winter         20G       25G
          Potatoes           Winter-Spring         40G       60G
          Carrots            Fall-Winter           30G       45G
          Sweet Potatoes     Fall ONLY             40G       60G

          Tree            |     Season      |  Buy for  |  Sell for
          Peaches            Summer Harvest     1,120G       40G
          Oranges            Summer Harvest       820G       30G
          Grapes             Fall Harvest         900G       35G
          Bananas            Summer Harvest     1,500G       35G
          Apples             Fall Harvest         820G       25G
    Best Bets:
      Spring: Watermelon
      Summer: Melons
      Fall: Sweet Potatoes
      Winter: Potatoes
      Plant accordingly and you can get bumper crops.  Make sure to grow a 
      little of everything, though, so you have some raw materials for recipes
      and hybridization!
    Seed Maker:
      The Seed Maker is to AWL what the Sweet Potatoes were to FoMT.  With
      this baby, you can turn any fruit or veggie into TWO seeds.  You'll
      never have to buy seeds again!  PLUS!  With trees, you get many fruits
      at a time, so you can get tons of Seeds to sell.  A lot of HM'ers have
      made insane fortunes on Tree Seeds.
      To get it:  

      Cutting Costs:  If you are good friends with Daryl, you can trigger a
      cutscene where he GIVES you the seed maker, instead of having to buy it


    Ranching is by far the BEST way to get money for the first part of the 
    game.  Milk sells for SO much Gold.


    You should only concern yourself with cows for the first year or so.  Cows 
    come in several flavors:
      Your average dairy cow.  You start with a Female Normal Cow.
       Male: 3,000 G
       Female: 4,000 G
       Seeding: 2,500 G
      A Brown Cow, not too special.
       Male: 4,000 G
       Female: 5,000 G
       Seeding: 3,500 G
      Pretty much the same as Brown cows...
       Male: 4,000 G
       Female: 5,000 G
       Seeding: 3,500 G
      The best kind of Cow.  They give the most expensive milk, but give less 
       Male: 6,000 G
       Female: 7,000 G
       Seeding: 5,500 G
      Keep them in the Barn when it's Raining or Snowing, and let them out
      when it isn't.  Talk to them and nuzzle them every day.  Get the Bush
      and use that on them too.  To borrow a phrase from the California Dairy 
      Farmer's Association, "Happy cows make better milk!" and it's true.  
      There're three grades to milk, and the way you treat your cows is 
      directly influential towards this.
      Don't wake them, ever.  Just don't.  Cows need their sleep, and they get 
      angry if you disturb them.  Accidents do happen, so don't worry too
      much, just don't let it become a habit.

      Wash them occasionally.  to do this, move them to the water trough
      outside, and take your brush out.  face the cow while standing next to
      the water trough, and press Y when it says "Wash".

      Make sure to feed them TWICE a day if they are in the barn.  Their feed
      trough holds two pieces of fodder, so make sure to have plenty on hand.

      To get fodder, use your Sickle on the Grass in the pasture.  Fodder is
      stored in the fodder bin at the front left of the barn (from the camera
      Note:  Just like you can milk them twice a day, so too can you nuzzle, 
      brush, and talk to them twice a day.  The more you pay attention to
      them, the quicker their milk increases in grade!

      Milk will be the lifeblood of your farm for probably the first two 
      Chapters.  Like I mentioned before, the Quality of the Milk is directly
      proportional to the Cow's affection towards you.
        B Quality: 75 G
        A Quality: 115 G
        S Quality: 150 G
        B Quality: 115 G
        A Quality: 175 G
        S Quality: 225 G
        B Quality: 115 G
        A Quality: 175 G
        S Quality: 225 G
        B Quality: 270 G
        A Quality: 405 G
        S Quality: 540 G
      As you can see, Star Milk is, by far, the best.  But the Star Cows are 
      the most expensive, and they give less bottles of milk.
      NOTE:  Star Cow Milk is worth more than Butter.  Keep that in mind.
      (Thanks Clifford Hawkes!)

        Twice a day you can milk your cows.  Just approach them from the side 
        and press A when it says "Milk".  the bottles will stack behind and to 
        the right of you.
        During Spring and part of Summer you can get approximately 3-4 bottles
        of Milk from a Normal cow per milking.  After that, the production
        goes down to around two bottles per milking (Takakura says it's the 
        That means that, on a normal day in Spring, you can make around
        450-600 G PER DAY from ONE Cow giving just B Quality Milk.  Once your 
        quality goes up, you get even more.
        Only bummer is that the cows will only give milk for around 35-40 days 
        after giving birth, so your starter cow will run dry sometime in 
        Winter.  To "fix" this, just Seed the cow by going to Takakura's 
        Ledger and buying a MP for "Other Bull" and selecting the name of your 
        Your Cow will be pregnant for about 30 days or so...
        NEVER EVER EVER buy a Bull of your own.  Why not?  Because they can 
        mate on their own, thus causing complexities since a pregnant Cow 
        doesn't give milk until the end of the pregnancy.
        This can also be a problem since there are various bugs related to

      Once you've Seeded a Cow, you have to wait until the pregnancy ends to 
      get any more milk.
      About 5-10 days before the end of the pregnancy, you'll have to build 
      the Isolation Fence for the expectant mother.  The H.Sprites will guide 
      you on this.  From now on the mother has to stay indoors and you have to
      feed her by hand.  MAKE SURE TO FEED HER!

      Once the calf is born, you have to name it and then it goes in the
      Calf Hutch.  The H.Sprites will guide you here too.

      The mother will now produce Mother's Milk, which is a more nutritious
      Milk designed for the calf.  You have to feed this milk to the calf
      manually.  Also, make sure to talk to the calf and interact with it 
      every day.  You want it to like you, right? ^_^
      After a little while, the mother will start producing normal Milk again,
      and you'll have to feed the calf that.  Soon after, the calf will stop 
      taking milk altogether, and you'll have to feed it fodder.  At this 
      point, the calf will be ready to leave the hutch very soon.
      NOTE:  I'd suggest NEVER filling your last Barn Spot.  Why?  There are
      several reports of game-halting bugs related to this.  It appears that
      sometimes the game goes insane and thinks your barn is full when it
      isn't, so make sure to keep a save-game from a few days before the calf 
      will be born so you can do an emergency animal sale if it DOES screw up 
      on you.
      Note:  There's a REALLY bad glitch were your calf disappears from the
      Calf Hutch.  It's not known what causes this, but you won't be able to
      do anything about it.  Just make sure to buy some medicine because your 
      Calf is gonna be REALLY sick when he does come back (since you won't
      have been able to feed him).  He should reappear when it's time for him 
      to leave the Hutch and go into the Barn.

      If you use your own bull to seed a Cow, then there's a bit of math 

      If the Bull and Cow are of the same type, then the Calf will be that
      type.  HOWEVER, if they are of different types, then the calf usually 
      takes the type of the mother.  NOT ALLWAYS, but usually.

    New Cows
      If you buy new cows, they have to be impregnated BEFORE they will give
      milk.  But before you can do that, they have to grow for about a month!
      Annoying, yes, but what can ya do? ^_^
      I believe new Bulls also have to grow for about a Month before they can
      mate, but I'm not sure.


      Not content to be merely a Cow Rancher, we must also have our Chickens!
      Your chicken coop will hold a maximum of 8 fowl.  The Seed runs out at a 
      rate directly proportional to the number of birds eating each day.  So 
      it's a good idea to have around 1/2 occupancy for perhaps the first
      year, unless you really like buying Bird Seed in bulk ^_^
      You should buy a Male AND a Female Chicken to get your flock started.
      You should only ever have ONE Rooster in your Coop.  Others are 
      unnecessary.  You should sell spare Roosters.

      NOTE:  ALLWAYS buy some seed at the SAME TIME you buy a Chicken.  A 
      hungry Chicken isn't a happy Chicken.  If you forget, I think you can 
      carry them outside and they'll eat worms and stuff in the dirt.

      Note:  Getting both a Rooster and a Hen does NOT guarantee every egg 
      will be fertilized.  It's entirely random.
      Note:  Pick up your fowl twice a day, as, just like with the cows, they 
             can be interacted with twice a day and that makes them like you 
      Note:  Chickens will sit on ANY type Egg.
      The Eggs:
        Unfertilized: 40 G
        Fertilized: 50 G
        Golden: 300 G
        Yes, there ARE super-rare Golden Eggs.

        NOTE:  You can barter with Van for the Golden Eggs.  Just say "No" to
               his price, and he'll go up a bit.  Note that you can sometimes
               refuse twice or more to get the price higher, though you
               shouldn't push your luck too much.  Also, as he gets older, Van
               will go up in price less and less.

      Chickens sell for 450 G.

      To get ducks, you must buy the Pond in the first Chapter, and then you
      will get ducks sometime in Summer of the first year of Chapter Two ONLY 
      if you have less than 6 Chickens.  You'll ONLY get this chance ONCE.
      You can say "No" not to keep them, but you'll NEVER get them back.
      Also, if you sell the Ducks, you can't get them back.

      After you have Ducks, you will have a chance of getting Duck eggs 
      instead of Chicken Eggs, though you won't know which kind you got until
      it hatches ^_^

      Ducks sell for 500 G.
      NOTE:  If you are wanting only one kind of fertilized egg, just move the 
      other species outside for a few days until you get another fertilized 
      egg.  That way you'll be sure to get the one you wanted.
      Note:  A tip from Clifford Hawkes: "When hatching eggs and you have both
      Ducks and Chickens the selection between hatching Duck or Chicken is
      random thus you can reset if you wanted the other than what you got."  
      Note:  Another tip form Clifford Hawkes: "When I just had 2 ducks I 
      would never get an egg out of 'em but now that I have chickens I'm
      hatchin' 'em left and right(note I still haven't caught a duck sittin' 
      on an egg).  Thanks!

      Awww... isn't he a cute little fuzzy little guy?  ^_^
      Anyhoo, Sheep aren't as good as Cattle, in my opinion, but you may think 
      otherwise.  Basically, it's produce is Wool, and it has two grades, 
      dependant upon it's relationship with you.
      NOTE:  MAKE SURE TO BUY A PAIR OF SHEARS.  You need them to get the 
             Sheep Costs:     1,500 G
             Sheep Sells for:      ?G

             Regular Wool: 75G
             Golden Wool: 600G
             So, yah it pays a LOT to be nice to your Sheep.

             Now, once you've raised the Sheep enough to start growing a
             Golden Fleece, you must battle the Hydra and the Skeleton
             Army...  Wha...  OH WAIT nevermind!  Wrong story! ^_^  (bonus
             points for getting that).


      EVIL INCARNATE!  These things are completely useless!  You can only buy
      Female goats, so no breeding.  That means it's only gonna produce Milk 
      for ONE year and then NOTHING.

      Goat Costs:     4,000G
      Goat Sells for: N/A
      You can buy them from Van during any Spring after Chapter 1.

      Goat Milk is just like Cow Milk, except it only has two Levels, and 
      starts at a pretty good price.

      Goat Milk:      120G
      Good Goat Milk: 300G
      NOTE:  YOU CANNOT SELL THESE THINGS.  I'm serious.  You're stuck with it 
      FOREVER if you buy one, and after it stops producing Milk, it stops 
      making you money.  The only way to get rid of the Goat is to kill it.  
      How, you ask?  Simple.  Don't feed it when it's inside the barn.  Leave 
      it outside in the rain, and generally ignore it and don't take care of
      it.  Once it finally gets sick, don't cure it.  It'll die a little
      later.  I hate having to resort to such drastic measures (so I'll 
      probably never buy a Goat myself), but what can you do?


    Fishing is much more difficult in this games as opposed to the older ones.

    To fish, buy the Fishing Pole from Van, and find a good watery place.  The 
    very end of the River is good... along with the base of the Waterfall.
    Take out your fishing pole and cast into the water.  Now, sit and wait.  
    If you don't get a bite within 15-20 seconds or so, try again (you'll 
    learn when to recast).  If you feel a fish nibbling on your hook DON'T
    reel in!  Wait until the hook splashes!  That means the fish has bitten 
    hard on the hook.  Make sure to the A button when this happens...  I'd say
    right as the splash sound is almost through playing...  it's hard to tell
    when...  It takes some practice, as the window for successfully reeling in
    a fish is very small.  Just hold the A button until the fish is reeled in
    to make sure you get it.  If you press the A button and your line comes
    out, then try again.

    Fishing, though hard, is worth it in the end.  If you are lucky, you can
    catch a Big Sharshark, which is worth an amazing 1,200 G!  And Fish
    (especially Snelt) are one of the few things Daryl likes.
    Hint: Ahorn312 suggests: "Wait till all of the blue is gone then hit A it
    works better and its easier."
    Note:  Kerry sends in that if you are fatigued you won't be able to catch 
    anything, so buy some revitalizing drinks form Van, eat something, or get
    some sleep ^_^

    The Catch of the Day:
    NOTE:  Fish info taken from HM Otaku since I can't fish worth beans ^_^

    Fish Name  |  Price  |  Location(s)
    Arna          400G    Swamp (Where the Turtle drinks)
    Big Arna      800G    Swamp (Where the Turtle drinks)
    Colombo       20G     Past the Bridge
    Big Colombo   40G     Past the Bridge or in the Spring
    Huchep        90G     Before the Bridge
    Big Huchep    170G    Before the Bridge
    Nyamame       60G     Before the Bridge
    Big Nyamame   130G    Before the Bridge
    Rainbob       80G     Past the Bridge or in the Spring
    Big Rainbob   800G    Past the Bridge or in the Spring
    Sharshark     600G    Before the Bridge, End of the River
    Big Sharshark 1200G   Before the Bridge, End of the River
    Snelt         30G     Past the Bridge
    Big Snelt     160G    Past the Bridge
    Yamame        500G     The Spring
    Big Yamame    1,000G   The Spring

    NOTES on the Yamames:  You can haggle the price of the Yamame from 500 to
    600 and the Big Yamame from 1,000 to 1,200 if you don't accept Van's
    initial price.
    It can also take quite a while to catch a Yamame, even over a Game Hour!  
    Make sure to eat and be well rested.
    (Thanks Boccy99 and Mason Woodhams!)
    NOTES on the Sharsharks:  Tictoc71586 tells me that the best place to 
    catch Sharsharks is just before the Bridge (on the side that the Waterfall
    is on).


    Time to unleash the archaeologist inside you ^_^

    Go up to the Archaeology Dig any time between 9:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. and go
    inside.  If Carter isn't inside, then wait a little while and come back.
    It seems that some days he just takes off.. so it's kinda random...

    If he IS inside the dig, then talk to him and tell him you want to help
    out.  He'll give you a spade and ask if you want instructions.

    Once you have the Spade, begin digging up the Light Brown Squares in the
    center of the Dig.  You can find many things in the Dig, ranging from
    Bones and Skulls to Old Coins to Rare Crystals to Artifacts, and even some
    Special Artifacts that will interest Carter to no end.
    NOTE:  Don't quit just because you've turned over all the Brown Squares!
    You can keep digging until you find something.  Go back to some squares
    that didn't have anything the first time and keep digging in them.  You
    might find something.
    When you're ready to go, just talk to Carter again or head for the exit.

    NOTE:  Carter closes up shop at 5 P.M. sharp so make sure to come early

    NOTE:  Come well fed!  Carter doesn't want you sneaking any priceless
    artifacts out in your Rucksack, so you have to check it at the door ^_^
    Don't worry, he'll let you keep all but the most important finds.
    Possible Finds:
    NOTE: Info comes form the Nintendo Power list at:

    <ITEM NAME>     <PRICE>
    Black Fossil     300
    Coin             10
    Fossil           40
    Gold Coin        30
    Hip Fossil       60
    Hop Ore          80
    Horse Statue     70
    Human Statue     40
    Jade Ball        150
    Moon Ore         40
    Prosper Ore      300
    Silver Coin      40
    Skull Fossil     50
    Stone Disc       500
    Strange Fossil   80
    Strange Item     300
    Sugar Ore        50
    Temple Ore       150
    These are the ones that Carter takes for research.  You _can't_ keep them
    so you can't sell them.  Hence no price ^_^

    Mysterious Tablet
    Tablet C
    Tablet D
    Tablet E
    Tablet F
    Tablet G
    NOTE:  Not all items are immediately available.  Each chapter, the Dig 
    gets bigger, and more items become available, while at the same time
    increasing the amount of time you need to allot for your excavational
Farmer's Market:

    Any time you want you can set up your own shop (just like Van).  Go to the
    spot of land next to the Blue Bar that's right next to where Van sets up 
    shop.  You should find a spot that lets you press A to set up a shop.
    You'll then have to wait until people pass by to sell them things.
    They'll come up to your shop and wait for you to talk to them.
    Talk to them and they'll say "I want <Item>" and you can either pick to
    sell it, discount it, or not sell it.  Discounting an item helps to raise
    their Friendship Level with you.
    NOTE: You sell EVERYTHING in your inventory.  So that means that someone 
    might want to buy that other Record you have in your Rucksack.  You don't 
    really want to sell that... because I don't know if you can get it back...  
    Some people may even want to buy your farm tools!  I don't know if you can 
    get them back, so be careful!  (Thanks Sara).
    Note: Armand sends in the best times to get customers:
    1. The best time to have your stand set up at is between 7:00 - 8:00.
    Occasionally, you should leave it open till 9;00 A.M. As that is when just
    about everyone is out of their houses unless something random is about to

    2. You can get people's attention by whistling when they are almost
    3. Another time if you miss the morning traffic is when they return home.
    This is usually from a little before 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Of course, at 
    random times they may still be walking by the stand till 6:45 or so. So it
    would be best to stay till no later than 6:30P.M..

    Note: During Year 1, Hugh may come up to your stand to look at your wares.  
    If you try and sell him anything, even at the lower price, he won't be 
    able to buy it because he doesn't have any money ^_^


    Van's going to be your best friend throughout the game.  You can sell him 
    just about ANYTHING.  He comes to town at least twice a month, though he 
    usually comes more often.  Check the calendar in your house for more info.
    NOTES:  You can barter with him for MANY items, but mostly with the high 
    quality ones, and some types of seeds.  To barter, just refuse the price 
    he gives you.  If he will go up, he'll tell you.  You can SOMETIMES refuse 
    the second price and get an even HIGHER price, but not too often.  Also, 
    it gets harder to barter with him as he gets older.


    Sleep may seem innocuous enough an activity at first, but it's also a good 
    metric of how your character is feeling.  You'll see his dream while it 
    loads the next day.  There are three different dreams you can have:

    1.  Bad dream:
      Looks like:  Your guy with a weird expression on his face in front of an
                   evil looking purple vortex.

      The bad dream occurs when your guy is exceedingly tired/hungry/fatigued.
      If you see this, you need to feed him a couple of herbs and go to sleep
      earlier the next day.  Also make sure your aren't making him do too much
      work.  If he's falling over and having stars circle his head quite 
      often, that's a sign of too much activity and not enough food and rest.

    2.  Medium Dream:
      Looks like: Bubbles... lots and lots of bubbles.
      This dream means your guy is ding ok, but could be doing better.  He
      should eat a little more and get a little more rest.  Try working him a
      little less too, or feeding him more.  Just make sure to take good care 
      of him and you should move onto the next dream in no time.

    3.  Good Dream:
      Looks Like:  Your guy (happy this time) surrounded buy fruits and 
                   veggies in front of a shining sun.
      Now your guy is doing fine.  He's in tip top shape and couldn't be 
      better.  Keep up the good work!
      NOTE:  By default you ALLWAYS sleep 6 hours.  No more, no less.  If you 
      have the Alarm Clock, however, you can get up whenever you want.

Harvest Goddess

    Officially, the H.Goddess IS NOT in AWL.  The game suggests otherwise (of
    course that doesn't mean anything, look at the Shed).  Anyhoo, there's a 
    cutscene you can trigger (not sure when) wherein the Harvest Sprites 
    lament the fact that the H.Goddess is sleeping, and the only way to awaken 
    her is to find "wonderful things".  Now, I'm not sure what they are, nor 
    if they even exist, so I'd appreciate any info.

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( R | e | c | i | p | e | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

Many people have been wondering how to become a master chef, able to cook
anything and everything.  To acquire this ability, one must practice a lot.  
This means that to open up new culinary avenues, you have to cook a lot of
what you can.  About 25-30 of each kind before a new kind opens up.  Yep.  25-
30 Soups and 25-30 Salads and you should have a new recipe type or two.

Note:  Info on Recipes and Ingredient Lists mostly garnered from 
       http://www.nintendo.com/np/harvestmoon/cookcrop.html and other 
       subsections of that site.  Also got some info from email submissions.

How cooking works:

  May seem innocuous enough at first, but actually it's somewhat scientific.
  Basically, each recipe requires up to three ingredients.  The ingredients
  must be used in a specific order.  Some ingredients are multiple choice (for
  instance, you might be able to use a Potato, Tataro, or Carrot for a
  specific ingredient), or it might even be any member of a specific class.

Crop Ingredients:

|  Veg1   |   Veg2   |   RootVeg1   |   RootVeg2  |  Fruit1  |  Fruit2  |
| Tomato  |Berrytoma |    Carrot    |   Bashber   |  Apple   |  Appage  |
|         |  Cabber  |    Potato    |   Bashota   |  Banana  |  Gehju   |
|         | Caberry  | Sweet Potato |   Berryber  |   Grape  |  Jurum   |
|         |  Camelo  |    Turnip    |  Berryoto 1 |   Melon  | Lanmuge  |
|         |  Dhibe   |              |  Berryoto 2 |   Orange | Magenge  |
|         |  Dhilon  |              |    Cady     |   Peach  | Magerum  |
|         |  Gretoma |              |    Kandy    |Strawberry|  Orahge  |
|         | Melotoma |              |    Kanro    |Watermelon|  Oraphu  |
|         |  Tomaca  |              |    Kashry   |          |  Phuju   |
|         |  Trady   |              |    Melober  |          |  Phurum  |
|         |          |              |  Paberryta  |          |          |
|         |          |              |  Potamelo   |          |          |
|         |          |              |    Radita   |          |          |
|         |          |              |    Raury    |          |          |
|         |          |              |    Sholo    |          |          |
|         |          |              |    Tataro   |          |          |
|         |          |              |  Tobatama   |          |          |
|         |          |              |   Yamato    |          |          |

Soup Recipes:

|  Soup  |  Ingredient1  |  Ingredient2  |  Ingredient3  |  Value  |
| Earth  |Potato, Tataro |Potato, Tataro |               |   100G  |
| Soup   |Carrot         |Carrot         |               |         |
| Fish   |   RootVeg1    |   RootVeg1    |     Fish      |   250G  |
| Stew   |               |               |               |         |
| Good   |   RootVeg1    |Tataro, Bashota|     Fish      |   250G  |
| Soup   |               |Kanro          |               |         |
| Good4U |   RareCrop8   |  RareCrop17   |  RareCrop14,  |   400G  |
| Soup   |               |               |  23, 24       |         |
| Potato |   Potato      |    Mt.Veg     |   Mushroom    |   100G  |
| Soup   |               |               |               |         |
| Rare   | RareCrop1, 2, | RareCrop1, 2, |     Milk      |   400G  |
| Stew   | 4, 6, 15      | 4, 6, 15      |               |         |
| Stew   |Potato, Tataro |Potato, Tataro |     Milk      |   200G  |
|        |Carrot         |Carrot         |               |         |
| Super  |RareCrop10, 11,|RareCrop18, 19,|               |   400G  |
| Soup   |12, 13         |20, 21         |               |         |
|Tomatoma|    Tomato     |    Carrot     |               |    90G  |
| Soup   |               |               |               |         |
| Yam    | Sweet Potato  |               |               |   110G  |
| Soup   |               |               |               |         |

Salad Recipes:

| Salad  |  Ingredient1  |  Ingredient2  |  Ingredient3  |  Value  |
| Dhibe  |    Dhibe      |     Veg1,     |     Veg1,     |    35G  |
| Salad  |               |     Veg2      |     Veg2      |         |
| Egg    |    Egg        |     Veg1,     |     Veg1,     |    25G  |
| Salad  |               |     Veg2      |     Veg2      |         |
| Fruit  |    Fruit1,    |    Fruit1,    |     Veg1,     |    40G  |
| Salad  |    Fruit2     |    Fruit2     |     Veg2      |         |
| Good   |  RareCrop22   |  RareCrop14   |               |    60G  |
|Pickles |               |               |               |         |
| Light  |    Turnip     |               |               |    25G  |
|Pickles |               |               |               |         |
|Pickles |Trady, Raury,  |Trady, Raury,  |               |    25G  |
|        |Cady, Kandy,   |Cady, Kandy,   |               |         |
|        |RareCrop4      |RareCrop4      |               |         |
|Pickles |    Cabber     |               |               |    25G  |
|Potamelo|   Potamelo    |    Fruit1,    |    Fruit1,    |    35G  |
| Salad  |               |    Fruit2     |    Fruit2     |         |
| Rare   |  RareCrop1-9  |     Veg1,     |     Veg1,     |   350G  |
| Salad  |               |     Veg2      |     Veg2      |         |
| Red    | Trady, Toca,  | Trady, Toca,  | Trady, Toca,  |    35G  |
| Salad  | Tomato, Dhibe | Tomato, Dhibe | Tomato, Dhibe |         |
|        | Caberry       | Caberry       | Caberry       |         |
| Red    |  RareCrop18   |Trady, Tomaca, |Trady, Tomaca, |    35G  |
| Veggie |               |Tomate, Dhibe, |Tomate, Dhibe, |         |
|        |               |Caberry        |Caberry        |         |
| Shiny  |RareCrop18, 19,|    Fruit1,    |    Fruit1,    |   200G  |
| Salad  |20, 21         |    Fruit2     |    Fruit2     |         |
|Marinade|    Fish       |Turnip, Tomato |    Mugwort    |    35G  |
| Mellow |   Melotoma    |    Dhilon     |   RareTree2   |    35G  |
| Salad  |               |               |               |         |
| Melon  |    Melon      |    Fruit1,    |    Fruit1,    |    35G  |
| Salad  |               |    Fruit2     |    Fruit2     |         |
|Tomacarro|   Tomato     |   Carrot      |               |    35G  |
| Salad   /              |               |               |         |
|Tomamelo|    Tomato     |    Melon      |               |    35G  |
| Salad  |               |               |               |         |

Dessert Recipes:


Hors d' Oeuvre Recipes:


Entree Recipes:


  _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( F | o | M | T ) ( L | i | n | k | u | p )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

One of the cool things about AWL is that you can Link it to Friends of Mineral 
Town (GBA) to unlock a bunch of neat extras for each game!

To link, you need:

1x Gamecube
1x Gameboy Advance _OR_ GBA SP
1x Gamecube to GBA Link Cable
1x Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life game
1x Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town game

Now, put the games in, and connect the Link cable to the top of the GBA, and 
to Controller Port 2 on the GCN.  Turn both on.


Head out of your farm, and up to Vesta's Farm.  Don't go in, though.  Continue 
down the road, to the mountain path.  When you get to it, the H.Sprites will 
stop you and ask if you want to connect to FoMT.  Say YES.  Once you get to 
the completely white screen, move on to FoMT.

On FoMT:

Grab a piece of produce (sorry, there's no other way to link without a piece 
of produce from your farm on FoMT).  Head to the lake with the waterfall above 
it (the one next to the Spring Mine, just above the Hot Spring).  Toss in the 
Veggie (toss from the bottom, facing up, next to the trees).

The H.Goddess should appear and ask if you want to Link.  Say YES.  IMPORTANT:
There's a MAJOR translation error here.  On the next question or so, the H.
Goddess will ask you if you "want to STOP transmission".  What she really
means is do you "want to START transmission".  Select YES.

If you did everything correctly, the games should exchange data for a few 
seconds, and then automatically quit the Link Session.

What happened?  Van will now show up in FoMT on Wednesdays.  To trigger this,
you have to exit your house some time in the morning or afternoon on a 
Wednesday.  You'll talk to Van (I think his name is Lou in FoMT...) and he'll 
tell you he's gonna be setting up shop on the second floor of the Inn on 
Wednesdays.  YAY!

What's he sell?  First he sells a Record Player for 2,000 G.  From then on
he'll sell you Records to play on it.

Spring Theme              500G    From HM SNES
Firefly Festival theme    600G    From HM64
Fall theme                700G    From HM64
Opening theme             800G    From HM64
Girl theme                900G    From BTN
Girl Event theme          1,000G  From BTN
Summer theme              1,100G  From STH
Fall Theme                1,200G  From STH
Quiet Winter              1,300G  From AWL
Blue Bar night time song  1,400G  From AWL

That's not all, though.

Remember the Bookshelf in Mary's Library that was always empty?  Now it holds
Character Bios of the characters from AWL.

Also, if you manage to get all 42 LinkStars (more on them later), you get the 
Seaside Cottage!

Stuff happens in AWL too:

If you ReLink AWL and FoMT later on, Van will start selling you Records for 

Spring Song         430G
Town Spirit         450G
Flower Bud Fall     600G
64 Memories         600G From HM64
Marin Jazz          640G
Butterfly           640G
Summer Memories     810G
Joy of Fall         810G
Winter HM           900G  From FoMT
The Bride           900G  From FoMT

That's not all for AWL either.  Ruby will also visit FoMT on Sundays (though 
the game says Mondays ^_^ ), and may have some interesting Recipes to share
back in AWL.

NOTES: NEVER EVER EVER Link EITHER game to another one.  I.E. Link your copy 
of FoMT ONLY with your copy of AWL, and vice-versa only link your copy of AWL 
with FoMT.  AND make SURE to use the same save games each time (or the same 
game but where you've progressed farther).  Why?  The game Devs designed the 
LinkSystem so that the bonuses you receive are based on the level of each
game, so basically, every time you Link, it recalculates the bonuses based on 
the level of each game.  That means that if you use your FoMT to link to your 
friend's copy of AWL, then it will reset YOUR FoMT to what it would be based 
on your friend's level in AWL.

So, ONLY link your games to each other.

"But what about my brother/sister/etc.?  They want to link on their save too!"

Then they CAN, AS LONG AS you make SURE that they don't use EITHER of your 
saves.  Both AWL and FoMT support two save files, so theoretically you could 
connect to two different saves.  MAKE SURE never to combine the saves, or you 
could screw everything up.

I hope that isn't too confusing ^_^

(Thanks to HMOtaku for letting me use their info, since I haven't gotten 
around to linking much yet.)

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( G | l | i | t | c | h | e | s ) ( a | n | d ) ( H | o | a | x | e | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

There are a lot of rumors floating around, detailing how to do a variety of 
things.  I'll try and list them here, along with any Glitches or Bugs.

 Glitches and Bugs
  This section is dedicated to... well... Glitches and Bugs ;)  Anything that
  can go wrong or is wrong will be listed here, from catastrophic game-
  stopping bugs like "Full House" to minor graphical glitches like "Hollow
  Moon" it's all here.

  Vanishing Calf
    Severity: Medium (Low if done right)
    Sometimes your Calf will magically disappear from the Calf Hutch.  If this
    happens CONTINUE FEEDING THE EMPTY CALF HUTCH!  the Calf will still get 
    the food.  If you do not feed it, the calf will get sick, and come out of
    the CH VERY ill.

  Stuck in the Door

    Severity: Medium-High to EXTREME!

    Sometimes your cows will get stuck in the entrance to the Milking Room.
    The only known way to solve this is to load a savegame from before the
    stuckness.  If you DON'T have a save from before, then keep reloading the
    save you DO have, as sometimes the Cow will eventually appear either 
    inside our outside the Milking Room.  You might also sell the offending 
    Cow as a last resort.

  Full House

    Severity: EXTREME!
    RARELY, the game will go insane and think your barn is full when it's not.
    When your next animal comes in and you try to place the fodder bin in the
    barn, it won't let you, even in the free space.  THERE IS NO KNOWN 
    SOLUTION FOR THIS.  If it keeps happening after repeated reloads, you
    might have to try quickly selling an animal, or you may just be out of 
    luck and have to start all over again :(  I'd suggest keeping an open slot 
    in your barn AT ALL TIMES to protect against this.


    Severity: Unknown (presumed to be None)
    Very rarely, you may be able to trigger Heart Events repeatedly, this is 
    known to happen most often with Celia.  Some people have gotten her Heart
    Events 2-3 times.  There is no known good or bad result of this occurring
    (unless the relationship bonuses for completing the Events stack).  You 
    can use this opportunity to pick the CORRECT answer if you screwed up last 
    time, or perhaps to experiment with alternatives.

  Hollow Moon

    Severity: None

    Merely an aesthetic bug, simply look up at the full moon (any moon other 
    than a New Moon will do, but it's easier with a Full Moon) and watch 
    closely.  You'll be able to see the stars through the Moon.  Apparently it 
    doesn't block them ^_^


    Severity: Low to EXTREME (depending on when you last saved)

    Given that it's almost impossible to encounter this glitch outside of 
    ATTEMPTING to get it, it's not much of a problem.  That said, if you DO 
    encounter it, you're toast.
    Simply head up to the Dig and go behind it to where the fence is next to
    the mountainside.  Now, try and run in-between the fence and the 
    mountainside.  You'll be able to walk a little ways if you're careful, and 
    you'll fall out of the world.  I dunno what exactly happens, since I've 
    not done it yet myself, but you'll basically have to reset the game to 
    escape.  I hear it's very blue in (out?) there.
  Gemini Spice
    Severity: GOOD!
    After you get the "Ruby Spice" head home and start cooking.  Start cooking 
    anything, but use "Ruby Spice" as the ONLY ingredient.  Finish cooking, 
    and you should have TWO "Ruby Spices" instead of only one.  Rinse, repeat.
    Now you can sell surplus "Ruby Spice" to Van for 100G a pop.

 Rumors and Hoaxes

 These are mere rumors, started in forums and spread throughout the HM world.  
 I'll try and clear some things up in this section.

  The Shed
  Ah, the Shed.  Many mysteries surround the Shed.  As far as anyone knows IT 
  DOES NOT OPEN.  Natsume has even said it doesn't open.  Bummer.  I, for one,
  await some 1337 ha><0rz with AR codes or something getting into it and 
  finding out what's inside, but who knows.

  The H.Goddess
  Last April Fool's (2004) someone on the HMForums posted a masterful joke 
  consisting of instructions on how to get the H.Goddess to appear.  It sounded 
  pretty good up until the end.  Most people realized it was a joke, and he 
  even stated it was then and several posts later, but I'm going to put it 
  here too, just in case ;)  AT THE CURRENT TIME, THE EXISTENCE OF THE

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _     _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( S | e | c | r | e | t | s ) ( & ) ( G | i | f | t | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
        _                    __             _ _                  _
  /\/\ (_)_ __   ___  _ __  / _\_ __   ___ (_) | ___ _ __ ___   / \
 /    \| | '_ \ / _ \| '__| \ \| '_ \ / _ \| | |/ _ \ '__/ __| /  /
/ /\/\ \ | | | | (_) | |    _\ \ |_) | (_) | | |  __/ |  \__ \/\_/ 
\/    \/_|_| |_|\___/|_|    \__/ .__/ \___/|_|_|\___|_|  |___/\/   

What's a game without secret stuff to find, eh?  Well AWL is no slacker in
this department.  Check it out:


 You can acquire Several animals for your farm.

  To get the Dog, simply play the game ^_^  You get it in the beginning.  You
  can pick between a pointy-eared Dog, or the traditional HM floppy eared 
  variety.  The difference is purely aesthetic, so pick the one that looks 
  best to you and Tak will find a good home for the other one.
  You can feed your Dog by taking out a solid food item and putting it in the 
  Food Dish Next to the Dog house next to your house.
  Feed him often enough, and you'll eventually be able to train your Dog, and 
  he'll be able to chase off Daryl and Murrey!
  To get the Horse, simply DON'T order anything from Takakura's Ledger for a 
  few days in Summer of Year 1, Chapter 1.  He should bring it to you, as a 
  gift.  Isn't he nice?
  Your horse can go anywhere in the outside world, and you can call him from
  anywhere outside, even if he's in the Barn.
  NOTE:  According to Blackness, you might get lucky and get your horse in
         Spring, but this is probably rare or a glitch.


  To get the cat, become friends with Romana and she'll drop by your Farm
  sometime every Fall after Chapter 1, until you accept a Cat.

  The Cat functions in the same way as the Dog, except that it doesn't DO
  anything except walk around your Farm all day.


  Mmmm....  Taco Bell....  Hehe ^_^

  Anyways, to get the Chihuahua, you need to get all of the special tablets
  form the Dig for Carter.  This will require you being VERY far in the game,
  so don't expect to be getting this little guy until closer to the end of the

  The Chihuahua functions like the Cat.

  Injured Lizard:

  To obtain the Injured Lizard, you need to become friends with Mukumuku.
  Simply give him LOTS of fish.  You can give him several day.  Keep giving
  him fish, and you'll eventually receive the Lizard from him.

  The Lizard functions like the Cat.


  Sometimes, people will give you a present.  The item may be completely
  useless, or it may not be.  Either way, here's a list:

  Sheet Music:

  Become friends with Lumina, and go to her...  well what do you call it?
  It's sorta like her living room upstairs...  anyhoo, go up there once you
  two are friends and she's in there, and she might give you the Sheet Music.
  It's use is currently unknown, but it MIGHT help your son proceed down a
  Musical career path.

  Flora's Necklace:

  I don't have much info on this one yet, so more would be greatly
  appreciated, but  according to Devil8dogz, if you become good friends with
  Flora, she'll eventually give you a necklace.  It's use in also not
  currently known.
  Ruby Spice:
  Required for some recipes, this is obtainable once you are friends with
  Ruby.  Simply enter the Kitchen at the Inn when she's in there.  You might 
  trigger the scene where she gives you the spice.  I think she asks you if 
  you like cooking or something, so SAY YES!  You now have your very own Ruby 
  Spice!  w00t!
  Alarm Clock:
  Any time in Chapter 2 and beyond, go into Grant's house a little before he 
  leaves for work.  You might trigger this event.  He basically tells you he 
  doesn't need his Alarm Clock any more, and asks if you want it.
  You can use it to get up at specific times.  Be careful, though, and make 
  sure you get enough sleep.  Ya don't want to be too tired the next day.

  _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( D | a | t | i | n | g ) ( S | c | e | n | e )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
        _                    __             _ _                  _ 
  /\/\ (_)_ __   ___  _ __  / _\_ __   ___ (_) | ___ _ __ ___   / \
 /    \| | '_ \ / _ \| '__| \ \| '_ \ / _ \| | |/ _ \ '__/ __| /  /
/ /\/\ \ | | | | (_) | |    _\ \ |_) | (_) | | |  __/ |  \__ \/\_/ 
\/    \/_|_| |_|\___/|_|    \__/ .__/ \___/|_|_|\___|_|  |___/\/   

I don't know how much of this you may consider to be a spoiler or not, but
just in case I thought I'd let you know.


The girls each have things they love/like/dislike/hate.  Find what they like
and use that.

You can find a girl's affection for you by reading her diary (and, no, she
doesn't mind you reading it right in front of her...).

Rating is:

One Green Heart: She knows you exist.

One Red Heart: She knows you exist and knows you are available.

Two Red Hearts: She's getting to know you better.  Nothing special yet, but...

Three Red Hearts: She's gotten to know you very well, and is pretty sure you
                  have something going.

Four Red Hearts: She's head-over-heels in love with you.  You can propose now.

Proposing (good):

Any time during 1 Summer, in the first Year, that you have a girl at Three Red
Hearts, the Harvest Sprites will give you a Blue Feather.  Use this to propose
to the girl of your choice.  She will accept ONLY when she's at Four Red

Proposing (evil):

Once you have the Blue Feather, you can boost the affection of one of the
girls by being evil...  When you show the BF to a girl she'll ask whether you
are proposing to her or not and you have a simple Yes or No answer.  If you
answer "No" then she'll get all ticked at you about being a jerk and stuff.
If you do this to two of the girls, then the third will like you better.

***NOTE: This is untested by me, but it was in the Nintendo Power AWL
         Mini-Guide, so it's sure to work.***

I wouldn't do this though, since you're gonna have to live with the two girls
you just dissed for 30 years...  The game _IS_ about building relationships
after all...  but it was listed as a last-ditch effort to get Nami to like you
if you have trouble...

  _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( T | h | e ) ( G | i | r | l | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
     Nami: From the Manual: "Like Tim and Ruby, Nami is a world traveler who
           stopped in Forget-Me-Not Valley and forgot to leave."

     Nifty Fact:  Nami is one of the few names in the American version of the 
                  game that WASN'T translated.  Its Japanese meaning is
                  "Wave".  I don't think she's connected in any way to the 
                  boat on the Beach, though, since it's been reported that she 
                  doesn't leave in it...

     My thoughts:  Nami reminds me most of Karen from the other HM games...
                   Sort of a mix between Karen and Cliff (You'll understand
                   later :P )  She's... different from the others.  You can
                   tell she has a back-story.  As far as I can tell, she's had
                   some problems with her family, although what I don't know.
                   She's been traveling around the world, but for some reason,
                   she's drawn to Forget Valley.  She's been there a year and
                   hasn't been able to leave...

     Lives: At the Inn, Upstairs in the room on the left.
          Hours: Wakes up around 6-9 A.M. and goes to bed around 9-100 P.M.
                 but her schedule is _VERY_ erratic.  Sometimes she's up waaay
                 early and sometimes she's out all night.

     Works: Nowhere.
          Hours: N/A

     When not at work: Look around town.  She wanders around town all day, 
                       taking in the scenery.  She likes the area around the 
                       Blue Bar, tho.  Look in the square, and up the hill 
                       towards the mansion, and in the mansion grounds.  She 
                       may also wander out towards Gustafa's yurt.  I've only 
                       seen her enter the Inn, the Blue Bar, Gustafa's Yurt, 
                       and Cody's Trailer.

     Diary: On the table near the window in her room, on the left.  You can
            only get to it while she's in her room and she's only in her room
            for about 10-15 minutes in the morning and 10-15 minutes at night,
            so if you want to see it, you have to be waiting for her at the

     Likes:  Not much...  She likes Fossils and Statues from the Archaeology
             Dig BUT NOT Pretty Ores or Old Coins (EXCEPT Silver Coins).  She
             also likes Trick Blue Flowers, which only grow in the Fall.
             She's mildly interested in Fruits and Vegetables from your farm,
             and she DOES like your home-cooking.  She's particularly fond of
             Curry, but most dishes will do.  I've given her a Tomamelo salad
             and she wants me to "Let her know if I make it again".

     Dislikes: Pretty much everything else.

     Personality:  She's a clam.  She doesn't talk much, and seems pretty
                   cynical.  Of course, this is just because she doesn't have
                   very good "People Skills", but she often comes off as being
                   angry or disinterested.

     If I marry her: She gets up around 7 A.M. and goes to bed around 10 P.M.
                     unless she's out on the town.  She's not at home much,
                     and she may even go up to Mineral Town, although she's
                     usually around the Farm, at the Bar, or at the Spring.
                     And, yes, she _DOES_ become less cynical and more...
                     normal and happy after you marry her.

     If I DON'T marry her:  Then she leaves town.  Having run out of money to
                            pay for her room at the inn, and not wanting to
                            have to bum off of Tim and Ruby, she finally makes
                            up her mind to leave Forget Valley.  Will she come
                            back?  Only time will tell...

     My son:  He'll have Nami's quiet, collected attitude, along with her 
              fiery red hair.  He wears blue and white, and has blue eyes.

     Celia: From the manual: "Compassionate for people and animals, Celia is
            the perfect counterbalance to Vesta's overbearing personality.
            She loves planets--especially flowers."

     My thoughts: Celia is a down-to-earth, friendly person.  She loves
                  anything you grow on your farm, along with flowers.  Only
                  problem is that whenever you talk to her indoors (which is
                  most of the time) all of her dialogue is ended with a
                  question on whether or not you wanna buy something.  Just
                  gets a little annoying...

     Lives: Vesta Farm
          Hours: ? to ?

     Works: Vesta Farm
          Hours: ? to ?
          NOTE:  As you can see, I'm not too sure about Celia's timing, so 
          help would be appreciated.  Also note that it's somewhat random, as 
          she's indoors a lot some days, and sometimes she's always outside.

     When not at work: Look in the house, upstairs (or should I say, upladder
                       :P ).  She's also outside around Vesta Farm, and up by
                       the pond (where the Sprites live).  She may also wander
                       randomly through town...  But mostly she's in her room.

     Diary: Under her bed.

     Likes: Flowers, produce, Home-Cooking, Clay Artifacts from the Dig, and
            Crystals from the Dig.

     Dislikes: Bones (from the Dig)

     Personality: An all-around nice person.  She's cheery and she knows a lot
                  about farming.  Only problem is she doesn't get out much.
                  She also has an interesting future ahead of her...

     If I marry her:  She gets up around 6 AM and goes to bed around 10 PM.
                      Unlike the others, she doesn't go out of the house very

     If I DON'T marry her:  She acquires a bit of Vesta's temperament.
                            Doesn't like the fact that she never married, and
                            adopts the view that all men are lazy bums.  Never
                            really gets along with Marlin all that well...
                            You get to see this played out in some scenes much
                            later in the game.

     My son:  He'll be friendly, just like his mom.  He'll wear two shades of
     green, have dark brown eyes, and have brown hair.

     Muffy: From the manual: "Muffy toils behind the counter of the Blue Bar
            and works her charm on eligible bachelors.  She would love to
            marry the right man and raise a family."

     Nifty Fact:  Muffy's had some bad luck with friends before.  She's been
                  Hurt several times, and doesn't want to go through it again.
                  She's hoping you'll be different.  Will you?

     My thoughts: "Pretty to look at, but not much upstairs" comes quickly to
                  mind.  But fear not!  There's more to Muffy than meets the
                  eye (moving on...).  She's actually fun to be around.  She
                  can often be found in the front or back rooms of the Bar, or
                  out taking a stroll along the river.  Reportedly, (By
                  Nintendo Power) she doesn't like being bothered while she's
                  working.  You can talk to her, but leave the romance for
                  when she's off-duty.

     Lives: Blue Bar
          Hours: Wakes up around 10 A.M. and goes to bed a bit after the Bar 

     Works: Blue Bar
          Hours: 1 P.M. to Closing

     When not at work:  Look for her around the River, or walking round town.  
                        She's also in the back room of the Bar before the
                        Bar opens.

     Diary:  In the Blue Bar, on the table directly across the room from the

     Likes: Flowers and Old Coins from the dig.  I hear she doesn't like to be
     bothered while working, though.

     Dislikes: Fish.

     Personality: She's outgoing.  She loves her job, and look up to Griffin.  
                  Much as she like Griffin, though, she doesn't want to be a
                  barmaid forever...

     If I marry her: She gets up around 8 A.M and goes to bed around 11 P.M.
                     unless she's out on the town.  She leaves the house a
                     lot, but doesn't often go very far.

     If I DON'T marry her:  Not too sure, but she doesn't like the fact that 
                            she never married.

     My son: He'll be energetic and outgoing, much like his mother.  He'll 
             wear red and blue, have green eyes, and blonde hair.

  _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( H | e | a | r | t ) ( E | v | e | n | t | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

        _                    __             _ _                  _ 
  /\/\ (_)_ __   ___  _ __  / _\_ __   ___ (_) | ___ _ __ ___   / \
 /    \| | '_ \ / _ \| '__| \ \| '_ \ / _ \| | |/ _ \ '__/ __| /  /
/ /\/\ \ | | | | (_) | |    _\ \ |_) | (_) | | |  __/ |  \__ \/\_/ 
\/    \/_|_| |_|\___/|_|    \__/ .__/ \___/|_|_|\___|_|  |___/\/   

Just like in most other HM games, each girl has a series of Events that occur 
depending on her heart level.  UNLIKE most other HM games, they are entirely
optional.  You don't have to see any of them to get married (but they do count
towards her heart level).

As you might expect, there are quite a few of them for each one... about seven
for every girl.

REMEBER!  Heart Events are one-shot so if you screw it up somehow and answer 
the questions wrong, then you can't repeat it except by reloading your game 
and triggering the Event again.

ALSO: I don't think you have to trigger them in order.  I may depend since I
couldn't get Nami's third event before I got her second, but I got some of 
Celia's out of order...

NOTE:  Proposing to a girl disables ALL other scenes for ALL girls.  SO, if
you propose to, say, Celia after seeing her second Heart Scene, and she
accepts, you won't be able to see the rest of her scenes, nor any of Muffy or

NOTE:  Seeing a girl's last non-engagement Heart Event precludes seeing any
       other girl's last non-engagement Heart Event.

       Example:  Seeing Muffy's "Making a Date of It" Scene will make it so 
                 you CAN'T see either Nami or Celia's "A Cry for Help" Scenes.

                 Thanks go out to Jenn and September from the HM Forums over
                 at HM Otaku for helping to prove my theory ^_^
       Note that you can still marry anyone, just not see any more FPE Scenes.

NOTE:  Specific timing and info on events I haven't actually done comes from
       www.hmotaku.net (Not a direct rip.  I'm not that cheap ^_^)

NOTE:  Seeing the Final Pre-Engagement Scene of a girl means that she's the
       one that will come propose to you on Spring 1 of Year 2.  So BE CAREFUL
       NOT TO TRIGGER one for a girl you don't intend to marry!

NOTE:  Seeing the Final Pre-Engagement Scene of a girl and then proposing to 
       another girl will set up the "Betrayal" Scene of the girl who's FPE 
       Scene you had seen.  This is triggered the next time you enter your
       house.  To avoid this, simply propose to the other girl on Winter 10
       and don't go back to your house.  At Midnight you'll see the normal 
       Marriage/Endgame scene, and won't have triggered the "Betrayal" Scene.

7.3.1 Nami
    General info: Nami's different from the other girls in that she likes to
                  be left alone most of the time.  The general rule is don't
                  bother her and don't ask her questions.

     1.  Out for a Walk
       Any time after she's at One (Red) Heart, leave your house around noon
       and you'll see Nami looking out over your pasture.  You'll
       automatically go up and talk to her.  She'll tell you she's fine and
       that you should get back to work.  If you want things to end well,
       select Option Two (Whatever you say...).  She'll decide to take a look
       around your farm after that.

     2.  Chat at the Bar
       This is _THE_HARDEST_ Heart Event to get.  There are several conditions
       that have to be met:

       1. Nami must be at Two Hearts.

       2. The Bar has to be open.

       3. The Bar must be empty except for Griffin, Muffy, and Nami.

       4. Muffy must be in the front room of the bar.


       1. Have around 300-400 G or so.

       So you can see how it's hard to accomplish this.  you basically have to
       follow her around all day waiting for her to enter the bar.  I think
       she'll also only try and commence this event once per day, so if she
       enters the Bar and immediately exits, then you know some of the
       criteria were not met, and you have to try again tomorrow.

       When you finally get the event (YAY!  Pat yourself on the back.) make
       sure to pick Option 1 and then Option 2 then Option 3 and finally
       Option 1.  Why do ya need the cash?  the last option you pick is where
       you pay for Nami's drinks :D

     3.  Where's Nami?
        When you have here up to Three Hearts, Enter your house around 8 A.M.
        You'll immediately hear a knock on the door and go back outside.  It's
        Tim and Ruby!  They haven't seen Nami and are worried she's left
        Forget Valley.  The want to know if you've seen her, and if you'll
        help look for her.  Select Option 2.  You'll then go off to search
        for her, but won't find anything.  You'll return to the Inn and will
        be talking to Tim and Ruby outside when Nami will come up and ask
        what everyone's doing and when's lunch (o_0).  Tim and Ruby will be
        ecstatic that she's back and ask her what happened.  She'll then
        basically say "Oops... When I got hungry I forgot that I was leaving
        town and came back for lunch."  Tim and Ruby will go in to fix lunch,
        and Nami will follow them.  You'll overhear her saying that you
        shouldn't worry about her so much.

     4.  Mail Call
       When you've finally managed to get Nami up to Four Hearts (not hard if 
       ya do it right), you'll be able to trigger her last non-proposal event.  
       Enter the Inn late at night (around 5-6 P.M) when Tim will still be up 
       and Nami's already in the Inn (follow her around like Event 2).  Tim 
       will tell Nami her father called last night and Nami will be sorry to 
       hear that.  She'll ask if she can have her mail, and Tim gives her a 
       letter.  I don't know what it says, but basically she needs a job.  She 
       asks Tim if he needs help around the Inn, and he says he'd love for her 
       to work at the Inn.  She thinks about it for a minute and decides 
       against it anyway.  As she's leaving the Inn, Tim points out that you'
       re here as well.  She then proceeds to ask you if it's be all right to 
       help around your farm.  You can either say yes or no.  What do you
       think :P  If you have any common sense at all you'll agree.  She'll 
       think about it for a minute, and again, she'll change her mind (wha?).  
       Apparently she's not one to live off the kindness of others...

     5.  A Cry For Help
       Here's the first of the Proposal-Events.  Late at night, during the
       Winter, enter the Inn (around 5-6 like last time I should think... and
       make sure Nami's in the Inn too) and Tim will be glad to see you.
       He says that Nami's been looking more despondent than usual (is that
       really possible?) and thinks you could cheer her up.  As he says this,
       Nami walks downstairs and Tim will try and get her attention.  She
       ignores him and walks out anyway.  You automatically agree to go after
       her.  You'll automatically find her at the Beach, crying.  As soon as
       she notices you, she'll try and compose herself... but you already
       know something's wrong.  She'll break down and tell you she's finally
       run out of money and has to leave Forget Valley.  She wants to stay,
       but can't bring herself to bum off of Tim and Ruby.  You'll now have 
       two options, 1) So long, and 2) Work with me.  If you've come all this 
       way, you obviously want to marry Nami, so go ahead and pick Option 2.  
       She'll be ecstatic.  No, really, Nami will be _happy_.  Now, after the 
       end of the year, She'll come to live with you no matter what (this is a 
       mini-proposal of sorts).  (Thanks to PllnSPULLEN for giving me the 
       correct version of this event!)

       HINTS:  I've heard many ways of getting this event if you are having
               trouble (thanks to those on the HM Forums for giving me some
               help ^_^):

               1.  Try any time between 6 PM and 2 AM.

               2.  Don't follow Nami around.

               3.  Nami may not have to be in the Inn for it to trigger (o_0)

               4.  Try after Midnight.

       NOTE:  Just in case you were wondering about the religious implications
       of her living with you without actually being married, you technically
       do.  After the first year, the Blue Feather magically disappears from
       your inventory.  This leads to the assumption that you do indeed get
       married.  I guess you two figured you might as well if you're gonna be
       working together...

       Note:  Don't worry, tho, since the Blue Feather doesn't disappear
       until after Midnight on Winter 10, so you have until then to properly
       propose to Nami.

       NOTE:  DON'T see this event if you want to see all the events of
              another girl.  Like I said earlier, this will lock-out the final
              pre-engagement scene of both other girls.

     6.  Proposal the Normal Way
       Any time after you have Nami at Four Hearts, you can propose to her
       with the Blue Feather that the Sprites gave you.  Simply take it out
       and show it to her.  She'll ask you if you're proposing and you can say
       yes or no.  WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T SAY NO!  That REALLY makes the girls
       mad.  Now, assuming you said yes, one of two things will happen:

       If you haven't seen Event 5, she won't immediately know what the
       Feather is for (she's not from around here...).  You'll explain it to
       her and she'll accept your proposal.

       If you have seen Event 5, she will know what it's for, and accept right

       Either way, assuming you did this at Four Hearts, she'll accept and
       you'll be engaged for the rest of the Year.  At the end of the year,
       you'll have the wedding.

     7.  Proposal the Lazy Way
       Why do all that work of proposing to her yourself when you can get her
       to do all the work for you!  Just get her up to Four Hearts (or at
       least make SURE she has the Highest Heart Level of the three girls) and
       at the end of the Year, she'll come to your house and tell you she's
       out of money and has to leave... but since you are such great friends
       she thought you might not mind if she moved in with you.  You can say
       yes or no (come on, do I have to tell you?) and if you say yes, she'll
       be REALLY happy.  She'll run out and tell Tim and ruby, and everyone
       else too.  Then you'll have the wedding.

       NOTE:  This won't happen if you saw Event 5 (for obvious reasons).

     8.  Betrayal
       UPDATE:  Jenn over at HMForums has confirmed that Nami has no
       "Betrayal" Scene, since in her "A Cry For Help" you basically propose.

       UPDATE:  I'm not so sure...  After receiving the updated info on "A Cry
       for Help" from PllnSPULLEN, I can't see why you wouldn't be able to 
       marry someone else since you keep the Blue Feather...

7.3.2  Celia
    General info:  Celia is somewhat shy.  She doesn't leave the house very
                   often.  When she does, she stays around Vesta Farm mostly.
                   You don't know it yet, but she has a difficult decision
                   ahead of her.  She lives at Vesta Farm with her dad, Marlin
                   and her aunt (Marlin's sister) Vesta.

    1. Flower Power
      Once you have Celia at One Heart, head up to Vesta Farm at a time
      when Celia is outside.  Enter and exit the house and she'll be working 
      in the fields.  You'll go over and talk with her.  She ask you if farm
      work bothers you.  Pick Option 2.  She'll then tell you that she likes 
      working with plants because she thinks it makes her stronger.  She'll 
      ask if you think that sounds silly and you'll automatically say no.

    2.  Meditation
      With Two Hearts in her Diary, leave your house around noon and you'll
      see Celia on the path towards the Spring.  She'll walk off and you'll
      follow her.  She'll tell you she likes relaxing here, and asks you to be 
      quiet for a minute.  Pick Option 1.  She'll then ask you another
      question, agree with this one too (Option 1).

    3.  Shopping Day
      Note that by this time (2-3 hearts), Marlin will start to dislike you a 
      bit...  You'll find out why later.
      Go over to Vesta Farm after Celia has Three Hearts, and when she's in
      the house alone and Marlin and Vesta are in the other building.  Try 
      entering the house.  Celia will come out the door as you knock.  She'll 
      say something, and you'll have the option of asking if she wants to do 
      something (Option 2).  If you decide to do something together, she'll
      agree, and you'll be on your way out when Marlin will come out and see 
      you two.  He'll become slightly irate and remind Celia she has to go 
      shopping today (though that's not why he's mad ^_^).  You can the offer 
      to accompany her (Opt. 2).  If you try that, it'll make Marlin REALLY 
      mad and he'll start making fun you.  This makes Celia angry and she
      starts yelling at Marlin (happy family, eh?).  Hearing all the
      commotion, Vesta will come out and ask what's going on.  Being the evil,
      plotting man he is, Marlin will say you were keeping Celia from going
      shopping.  Celia gets angry again and refutes Marlin.  You can then
      either agree that it's Marlins fault, or apologize for bothering Celia
      (Opt. 2).  Apologize (yes, apologize), and Celia will then ask you to
      accompany her while she walks to town (now Marlin can't say anything or
      he'll show his hand).  While you walk, Celia will apologize for Marlin.

    4.  Answers
      Now you get to know why Marlin dislikes you!
      At Three Hearts, go to Vesta Farm when Celia is inside.  Just like Event
      3, she'll come out as you knock.  She'll ask you to go to the spring
      with her.  Agree.  She'll seem preoccupied as you walk there.  Ask her 
      is there's something wrong (Opt. 1) and she'll tell you that she's in an 
      arranged marriage (this is why Marlin dislikes you.  You pose a threat
      to the arranged marriage!).  She's going to have to meet her future 
      husband soon, but she doesn't really want to go through with the 
      marriage...  but she also doesn't want to tell that to Vesta...  You can 
      pick either answer, it doesn't really matter.  Either way, Celia will 
      still be worried.

    5.  Eavesdropping
      This is somewhat hard to get... you have to enter the house on Vesta 
      Farm when you are at Three Hearts with Celia, and when Marlin, Vesta,
      and Celia are all downstairs.  No one will notice you enter, and you'll 
      see Marlin yelling at Celia for seeing the man she's supposed to marry
      without telling him.  Vesta tells him it's none of his business.
      Marlin demands Celia tell him what she's decided.  Vesta, more irate
      now, tells Marlin to shut up and leave Celia alone, it's her decision.  
      THEN they notice you (I'd like to see your characters face after seeing 
      everybody at Vesta Farm so angry...).  You can say you just got there
      (i.e. heard nothing), and you should do that (Opt. 1).  Vesta will then 
      tell you Celia decided to meet her future husband.  She'll then ask
      Celia what she thought of him.  Celia will say he's nice, glance at you, 
      and say she needs more time to think about it.

    6.  A Cry For Help
      Yes, I know, this has the same name as Nami's 5th Event, but they're 
      fundamentally the same.

      AFTER you've seen Event 5, exit your house after 6 A.M.  Vesta and Tak
      will be there, and Vesta will be _frantic_.  She can't find Celia 
      anywhere.  Marlin will come up and say he can't find here either.  Vesta 
      will ask you to help find her, and you'll automatically agree.  Knowing 
      Celia, you go look for her at the Spring, but she's not there.
      Dejected, you go back home and see Celia talking to your dog (o_0).  You 
      run over and Celia tells you she decided to break off the engagement, 
      because she's in love with you!  You can either tell her you love her 
      too, or destroy the very fabric of all her hopes and dreams and tell her 
      no.  I wonder which you should pick...
      Anyhoo, assuming you pick Option 1, Celia will become overjoyed and run 
      back to Vesta Farm to tell everybody the news.
      This, like Nami's 5th Event, means Celia is marrying you at the end of 
      Chapter 1.
      NOTE:  DON'T see this event if you want to see all the events of
             another girl.  Like I said earlier, this will lock-out the final
             pre-engagement scene of both other girls.

      Need help with this Heart Event?  Kayla sends along some hints:
      1.  Get up around 6 AM and leave the house a few minutes afterwards.
      2.  Make sure it isn't raining or snowing.

    7.  Proposal the Normal Way
      Give the Blue Feather to Celia any time after she has Four Hearts and
      she'll ask you if it's really for her.  Say yes and she'll agree to
      marry you.  Say no and she'll get _REALLY_ ticked off.
      If you saw Event 6, then she won't ask if it's for her, but accept it 
      right away.

    8.  Proposal the Lazy Way
      At the end of Year 1, if you haven't proposed, and Celia likes you best, 
      she'll come and ask you if you want to get married.  Say yes and you 
      propose to her with the Blue Feather and get married.  Say no and it's
      Game Over.
    9.  Betrayal
      Supposing you decide to Propose to another girl AFTER seeing Celia's "A 
      Cry for Help" scene, you'll get a special scene soon after... probably 
      the next time you try and enter your house.
      After attempting to enter your house, Celia and Marlin will come up.  
      Marlin's _VERY_ ticked at you.  Celia doesn't want to be here, but she's 
      trying to make sure Marlin doesn't kill you or something.
      Anyway, Marlin lets into you for screwing up his plans for Celia and 
      then not even bothering to marry her.  Expect the Vesta Farm Crew to be
      a little antagonistic towards you for a while...

7.3.3 Muffy
    General Info:  Muffy is outgoing and energetic.  She's in the market for a 
                   husband, and you seem like a good choice.

    1.  HELP!
      At One (Red) Heart, exit your house somewhere around late afternoon.  
      Tak will see you and come up and talk with you.  While you talk, you'll 
      hear your dog barking and Muffy screaming.  Apparently, you dog's got 
      her cornered and she's a bit afraid of dogs (^_^).  You automatically 
      run over and get your dog to leave her alone.  Tak will walk off (he's 
      not a people person) and Muffy will apologize for interrupting you.  
      Tell her it's ok (Opt. 1) and ask her if she's all right (Opt. 1).
      She's fine, and was just coming to take a look around.

    2.  Oops!
      Try and enter the Blue Bar after she has Two Hearts in her Diary, around 
      evening, and Muffy will come out as you try and enter (What's with all 
      these people who come out as you try to come in?).  She'll be flustered 
      because she broke some dishes.  Listen to her (Opt. 1) and she'll fell 

    3.  Belonging

      At Three Hearts, leave your house in the afternoon, and you find Muffy
      out walking around on the road.  She's just back from the wedding of a 
      friend in the city (Perhaps one of the characters in FoMT?) and she's in 
      a quandary.  Her friends at the wedding all thought it was funny that
      she was working as a barmaid in Forget Valley, and she wonders if she
      should move back to the city.  Tell her she belongs in the valley
      (Opt. 2) and she'll be happy.

    4.  A Walk at Night
      Try and go to bed around 6-8 P.M. with Four Hearts in her Diary, and 
      Muffy will come to your house and ask if she can stay a while.  Se 
      thinks someone's stalking her (ahh... the adventures of life in a small 
      town, eh?).  Agree (Opt. 1) and you'll talk for a bit.  Then someone
      else will knock on the door.  It's Griffin!  He was just following her 
      around for some reason.  You'll all laugh about it and Muffy and Griffin 
      will go back to the Bar.

    5.  Making a Date of It
      Finally!  You get to go out on a date with someone!
      At Four Hearts, go into the Bar around noon.  Muffy will ask you to go 
      to the back room with her.  She'll then tell you how bored she is today, 
      since business has been slow.  You can then ask her out on a date (Opt. 
      1)!  She'll agree right away.  When you get back, she'll tell you she 
      had a great time.

      NOTE:  DON'T see this event if you want to see all the events of
             another girl.  Like I said earlier, this will lock-out the final
             pre-engagement scene of both other girls.

    6.  Proposal the Normal Way
      Muffy's the only one without a "Cry For Help" Event.

      You know the drill, give her the Blue Feather after she's at Four Hearts
      and she'll ask you if it's for her.  If you agree, you get married at
      the end of the Year.  If you've seen Event 5, she'll know it's for her

    7.  Proposal the Lazy Way
      At the end of the Year, if Muffy likes you best and you haven't
      proposed, she'll come up to your house while you're sleeping and find
      your Blue Feather.  She'll be there when you wake up, telling you how 
      cute you look when you're startled.  She'll then take you YOUR blue 
      feather and ask you why you have it.  You'll get the chance to propose 
      to her.  PROPOSE OR GAME OVER.
      When ya propose, she'll run back to the Bar and tell Griffin.  You'll
      follow and then have the wedding.

    8.  Betrayal
      Just like Celia, if you see her "Making a Date of It" Scene, and then 
      proceed to propose to someone else, you' get this scene.

      Attempt to enter your house after having proposed to someone else, and
      you hear Muffy come up behind you.  She's completely broken.
      "I don't even know why I'm here..."
      <turns to leave, walks a little ways, and turns back>
      "I was serious about you."
      Now don't you feel awful?
      ALSO:  Note that it is possible that even if you use my trick to avoid 
      the "Betrayal" Scene you may still be able to occasionally encounter 
      Muffy on the Beach, at certain times after Year 1, reminiscing about
      "Don't you just love your son?  You must be very happy..."
      "I didn't feel like talking to anyone that night..."
      (Quoted from a paraphrase by September).
      Yep, this game can make you hate yourself.  Yep.

  _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( T | h | e ) ( W | e | d | d | i | n | g )
 \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

One of two things will cause this:

1.  You propose to a girl, and get married on Spring 1 of Year 2.

2.  You neglect to propose, but the girl that likes you best comes and 
    proposes to YOU.  If all the girls like you the same amount, it's
    probably then the one you've see the most Heart Events for.  If they are
    all the same Heart Level, and you've seen the same number of Events, it's 
    then most likely random, or the one you last saw an event with.
    Alternatively, the girl who's FPE Scene you've seen will
    always propose.  Regardless.
    NOTE: The scenes where the girl proposes to you doesn't mean you have the 
    marriage scene.  I think for Nami's she just moves in...  although
    marriage is implied by the sudden disappearance of the Blue Feather...
The marriage scene basically runs like this:

You wake up, and walk to the girl's house.  She meets you, along with her 
fellow housemates.  After some dialogue, you go off to tell the rest of the 

For bonus points, look closely and watch for Murrey following behind you, 
raiding everyone's house while they are out congratulating you ^_^

When you tell the folks at Romana's Villa, you'll see a short scene that 
showcases the fact that Lumina had a crush on you.  Don't worry, she won't 
hold it against you.

Note:  If you DIDN'T marry Nami, then at some pint during the Wedding, you'll 
see her leaving town.  More on this later.

Then you go back to the farm and Tak asks the girl what she's gonna
call you from now on.

"Can't we just go on as before?" - Nami

Remember, like all names, this is PERMANENT.  So pick something you'll like
being called for another 29 years ^_^

I stuck with my normal name, for simplicity.  Besides, Nami wanted it that


Assuming you have waited for the girl to propose to you, then you HAVE to
accept HER proposal to advance the game!

She's the only one who'll propose.  If you decline her proposal, not only will
you create a particularly sad scene (like I did with Muffy...) but you'll also
loose.  You will NOT be proposed to by the other girls, no matter what their
Heart Level was.

And that brings us to:

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ 
( E | n | d | g | a | m | e ) ( O | n | e )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ 

If you DON'T marry anyone, and refuse the girl's proposal, then you loose.  
Like I said earlier, you _HAVE_ to get married.

Here's the scene:

<Tak, talking to your father again>:
"Well, I guess he had something different in mind..."

<Cut to angle shot of the road outside Tak's House.  You pass by him on your 
way out>:
"What are you still doing here?  Don't you have a life goal or something?
Well, best of luck on that."

And that's it.  Game Over, man.  GAME OVER.  I hope you saved not too long
ago.  Now, reload and marry someone.

  _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( O | t | h | e | r ) ( C | h | a | r | a | c | t | e | r | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

There are a lot of other characters you have to meet in the game.  Here's a 
list of them:

NOTE:  Lists of Likes and Dislikes are compiled from my own experience and 
       those listed on www.hmotau.net

Year 1:

Tim:  He owns the Inner Inn with his wife, Ruby.  He's a world traveler, and,
      like Nami, he got "stuck" in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

      Likes: Milk, butter, stuff from the Dig, flowers, fruit punch, cheese,
      sashimi, fruit juice, goat's milk

      Dislikes: Curry (wha...?)

Ruby: Tim's wife, and the best cook in town.  You can get Curry Spice from her

      Likes: Produce, Flowers, Crystals from the Dig, and items for cooking

      Dislikes: Your Dog

Rock: The son of Tim and Ruby (adopted maybe?).  Stereotypical kid who loves
      partying, having fun, and nothing else.  When he's at the Inn (which is
      rare) you can challenge him to a milk-drinking duel.

      Likes: Mist Moon flowers, fodder, human-shaped artifacts, coins,
      mushroom gratin, butter, Tomamelo salad, cheese, earth soup,
      Toy Flowers, Milk

      Dislikes: Other kinds of Flowers

Galen: A retiree from the city who likes the quiet of the Valley, but is a bit
       bored at times.  Lives with his wife Nina.

       Likes: S Quality Produce, Fish, Fish Dishes, Apples

       Dislikes: Produce under S Quality (picky eater, eh?)

Nina:  Galen's wife.  She loves Forget Valley and wants to live there for the 
       rest of her life.
       Likes: Produce, Flowers, Milk
       Dislikes: ? (maybe nothing?)

Chris: Wally's wife, and mother of Hugh.  She goes to work in Mineral Town 
       every day.
       Likes: Flowers, Produce, Apples, Milk, Apple Juice

       Dislikes: Vegetable Cake
Wally: Chris' husband, and father of Hugh.  He's an exercise maniac.  All he 
       does is run around Forget Valley all day long.
       Likes: Eggs, milk, coins, sashimi, cheese

       Dislikes: ?
Hugh:  Son of Chris and Wally.  He loves exercising with his dad.  When not 
       exercising, you can often find him at the Spring.
       Likes: Milk (Only in Chapter 1), coins, blue Crystals

       Dislikes: ?
Griffin:  Lives in and runs the Blue Bar.  Muffy lives with him, and regards
          him as a close friend.
          Likes: Fish, coins, sashimi, Mist Moon flowers, Trick Blue flowers,
                 crystals, golden eggs
          Dislikes: Butter
Romana:  Lives in the manor on the hill.  Lives with her butler, Sebastian,
         her granddaughter, Lumina, and her two cats.
         NOTE:  You can't give her stuff while she's sitting in her rocking 
         Likes: Flowers, Produce, Milk, records, Stuff from the Dig EXCEPT 

         Dislikes: Cheese, Fish

Sebastian:  Has been working for Romana as her butler most of his life.  He
            grew up with Romana.  Loves painting.

            Likes: Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Stuff from the Dig except Bones,
                   Butter, Produce

            Dislikes: ?

Lumina:  Granddaughter of Romana.  She's learning how to play the piano, and 
         is pretty good at it, though she does feel some... unintended
         pressure from Romana to excel at it.  She also has a crush on you.
         Likes: Flowers, fried sweet potato, strawberry cake, Ores

         Dislikes: ?
         Special: Your son can marry her.
Vesta:  Lives on Vesta Farm (duh) with Marlin and Celia.  Big and boisterous,
        she tells it like it is.  She's also helpful because she'll tell you
        what to grow each season.

        Likes: Milk, flowers, crystals, earth soup, curry, gratin, Produce

        Dislikes: ?
Marlin: Lives on Vesta Farm with Vesta and Celia.  He moved to the Valley for 
        a healthier lifestyle, and is becoming quite the agriculturist.
        Likes: Vegetables of S quality, records, strength and stamina potions
        Dislikes: Pretty much everything else
Kassey: 1/2 of the Pyrotechnician Twins.  Lives with his brother Patrick.  The 
        Bros. are almost identical, except for their clothes.  Kassey wears
        blue overalls with a smiley face on the front.  Interestingly...
        he has a crush on Muffy!  Don't worry, though.  He's no threat to your

        Likes: Flowers, crystals, tomato-carrot salad

        Dislikes: Pickled turnips

Patrick:  The other half of the Pyro. Twins.  Lives with his brother Kassey
          and wears green overalls with a flower on the front.
Daryl:  Every town's got a mad scientist, right?  Well Forget Valley's no 
        exception.  Daryl spends most of his time wandering around your farm.

        Likes: Fish (Especially Snelt), Eggs (especially golden eggs), bones,
               coins, earth soup
        Dislikes: Flowers and a lot of other stuff
Carter:  Archaeologist who lives in the tent at the dig.  He's dedicated his 
         life to uncovering the ruins under the Valley.  He'll always accept 
         an offer of help with the dig, and he'll even let you keep anything 
         unimportant you find!
         Likes: Melons, cheese, sashimi

         Dislikes: ?
Flora:  Lives in the tent with Carter and works on the dig with him.  They
        aren't married...  but I bet they get married later in the game...
        Likes: fish, cheese, butter, milk, curry, mushroom curry
        Dislikes: Fruits and vegetables below S quality
Gustafa: Local town minstrel.  Lives in his yurt.  Likes music, and often 
         wanders around in the forest.  You can also find him at the Bar.
         Has a crush on Nami (yeah, that's gonna work out), but he's no
         opposition to you.
         Likes: Flowers, stuff from the Dig, curry, mushroom curry
         Dislikes: ?
Dr. Hardy: Local doctor and Romana's physician.  Likes to talk to people and 
           give advice on health matters.  Looks more like an assistant for 
           Daryl, but he's really a nice guy.

           Likes: Bones, fish, flowers

           Dislikes: Curry
Van:  Traveling salesman.  Doesn't live in Forget Valley, but comes into town
      at least twice a season.  Likes to chat with Tim and Ruby when he's not
      hawking his wares.  You can sell your stuff to him, and buy some rare
      items from him... especially if you link with FoMT.  He's on the Matkins 

      Likes: Eggs, stuff from the Dig, curry

      Dislikes: Butter
Cody:  Cody lives in his trailer house, working on his art projects.  He seems 
       a little gruff at first, but he's nice once you get to know him.  You 
       can often find him out wandering, looking for inspiration from nature.
       Likes: Flowers, crystals, bones, Produce

       Dislikes: Curry
Murrey:  Murrey is an enigma.  He's not from around here...  says he comes 
         from Po-Po Valley.  He wants to go home, but doesn't have enough
         cash, so you can often find him begging for money next to the in.  
         Beware, lest he pillage your farm while you are away (doesn't happen 
         often, and you can catch him and get stuff back).
         Likes: All food except food made from fish, fodder, bones, wool

         Dislikes: fish dishes and fish.

Takakura:  Tak was your Father's partner, and founded the Farm with him.  You
           father saved him from some big trouble, so he's deeply indebted to
           your father...

           Likes:  Milk, Eggs, Crops, Home Cooking

           Dislikes: ?

Nik, Nak, and Flak: These are the Harvest Sprites.  They don't offer their
                    services, like in FoMT, but they do keep up with the
                    goings-on of your farm, and play several crucial roles in
                    the game.

                    Likes: ?

                    Dislikes: When you forage in the woods: "If you take all
                              the food in the forest, then there'll be no
                              more us!"

Year 2:

Grant:  Grant likes living in Forget Valley, but his job outside the Valley
        occupies a lot of his time.  To quote Emi T.: "He's the hardworking
        father who doesn't really have a lot of time for his family. He works
        up in the city, leaving early (around 5) and coming home later on in
        the afternoon. (around 4)." He's married to Samantha and is the father
        of Kate.

        Likes: Eggs, Milk, Sashimi, and Goat's Milk

        Dislikes: Coins, Flowers, Wild Plants

Samantha:  From Emi T.: "Samantha is Grant's wife. She's very quiet and
           pristine. She constantly nags at her tomboy daughter, Kate."

           Likes: Milk, Flowers, and most other things

           Dislikes: ? (possibly nothing?)

Kate:  From Emi T. again: "Kate is Samantha and Grant's daughter. She's pretty
       easygoing, and a tomboy. She's much like Rock, looking for something
       fun to do while in the valley. She promises she'll play with your son
       when he gets older."  She spends most of her time away from home, since
       Samantha's so hard on her.

       Likes: Curry (only in Chapters 2 and 3), and Flowers

       Dislikes: Carrot Cake, Vegetable Cake, and Eggs

       Special: Your son can marry her.

  _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( O | t | h | e | r ) ( E | v | e | n | t | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
        _                    __             _ _                  _
  /\/\ (_)_ __   ___  _ __  / _\_ __   ___ (_) | ___ _ __ ___   / \
 /    \| | '_ \ / _ \| '__| \ \| '_ \ / _ \| | |/ _ \ '__/ __| /  /
/ /\/\ \ | | | | (_) | |    _\ \ |_) | (_) | | |  __/ |  \__ \/\_/ 
\/    \/_|_| |_|\___/|_|    \__/ .__/ \___/|_|_|\___|_|  |___/\/

The girls aren't the only ones who have events.  You can trigger special 
scenes with the townsfolk as well, and sometimes you may even be able to get a 
special item!

Note:  I really don't like how this section is laid out...  Looks too
sporadic...  I'll probably reorganize this section when it's complete.

Animal Events:

 My Kingdom for a Horse:
  Sometime in Summer of Year 1, Chapter1, Takakura will buy you a horse!  Make
  sure to leave some free days for him (don't buy or sell anything through the
  ledger) so he can go get the horse for you.

 Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...:

  Any time in Fall of any year starting Year 1 of Chapter 2, Romana may drop
  by and offer you a cat, if you two are good enough friends.  If you accept,
  The cat will function in the same way as the dog, except that you don't
  really need to do ANYTHING for it.  It just lives outside and hangs around
  the farm.

 South of the Border:

  Carter's a man with a mission:  Uncover the secrets of the ancient ruins
  under Forget-Me-Not Valley and he needs your help.  As you dig for artifacts
  (to give to Nami, of course ^_^ ) you may occasionally stumble upon super-
  rare artifacts.  I've outlined these in my "Mining" section above, so refer
  to that.  But my point here is, that once you collect all the special
  artifacts, Carter will give you a Chihuahua!  This acts like your normal
  dog, but I'm not sure you can train it...  so it may be more like the cat in

  Note:  I'm not absolutely sure about the details of the Chihuahua, so more
  info would be appreciated!

People Events:

 Nami's Return:

  You didn't think anyone could escape the Valley, did you?
  <insert evil laugh>

  Note: This only happens if you DON'T marry Nami (for rather obvious reasons)
  as if you marry someone else, she leaves town during the wedding.

  Anyhoo, Year 1, Chapter 2, any evening at the Blue Bar.  Enter right after
  Muffy leaves and you might trigger this event.  Basically, you'll see
  Patrick, Gustafa, and Cody reminiscing about Nami, when Carter drops by for
  a drink.  He overhears them and mentions something about seeing her not long
  ago.  The guys spaz and tackle Carter with questions about where she is.
  The three of them bust out of the Bar to go search for her, leaving a
  bewildered Carter to his drink, and Griffin asks if you're gonna stay or go
  look.  Well WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO?!  After you say you're gonna
  leave, you step out only to find everyone triumphantly returning after
  having found her.  Everybody gets together ant catches up on what's been
  going on, etc.  Tim and Ruby are, of course, crazy happy that she's back,
  and gladly welcome her back to the inn.

  Note:  If you miss this event, Nami comes back anyway during the next year.

 Gather 'round the Well:
  I Chapter 2, enter and exit the Clinic on a sunny day while both Samantha 
  and Chris are outside.  You might trigger this event, wherein the two of 
  them talk together by the Well.  Exciting! :P

 Chris' OTHER job:
  IF you become good friends with Chris, she will eventually start asking if
  you want your fortune read.  Nothing super special, but it's neat 
  nevertheless.  Might be handy if you're having a hard time getting to Nami's 
  Diary and need to know how close you are.
 THIEF!  Or is he?:
  You may run into Murrey on your Farm, stealing food from your Cold Storage 
  (note that this WILL require you to have something in your Cold Storage).
  You'll run over to him and he'll tell you he found some food.  You'll look 
  puzzled, and be able to tell him either (1) YAY! or (2) Give that back! (not
  sure about the order, but you get the idea).
  Things to keep in mind BEFORE picking an option:

  1.  You have to understand Murrey's mind.  He thinks he's just found a nifty 
      source of free food.  He doesn't know it's yours (he's kinda slow I 

  2.  This is a prime example of why I have that weird section at the
      beginning of the Story section in my FAQ (Section 09.1).  Your decision
      here will affect your relationship with Murrey for (possibly) the rest
      of the game.  Do you let him believe he's found a source of free food
      and make his day, at the expense of never being able to safely store
      food in your Cold Storage again?  OR, do you tell him this is your food
      pile, and send him out hungry, preserving the use of your Cold Storage,
      but creating a fairly sad scene?  Murrey's not an important character,
      per-se, but why not be nice to the homeless guy?

  3.  The Cold Storage is actually useless.  Food and other items NEVER spoil,
      so you could keep something from the start of the game ALL THE WAY 'til
      the end of the game (in your Rucksack, mind you) and it'd still be ok!

  4.  I've heard that Murrey might also try and steal your crops once they 
      ripen.  I haven't had this happen to me either, but that might have more 
      serious consequences if you let him keep your newly grown crop...

Event Events:

 New Years Party:
  Go to Romana's Villa in the afternoon or evening of the first day of Spring 
  of any Year to trigger this event.  You'll be invited to the Festival/Party 
  where most of the Valley is coming to hang out and celebrate the New Year.  
  Pay attention to Murrey during all this ^_^

 Harvest Festival:

  Go to the Blue Bar on the 5th of Fall during the afternoon, around 1:30
  P.M., and Griffin will tell you that the Bar is closed today because it's
  been reserved.  Then Vesta and the gang will bust in and see you.  You'll be
  invited to help with the preparations.  You'll of course oblige and start
  fixing the meal.  Once everything is ready everyone is about to eat when
  Marlin tells you that you're gonna have to pay for the meal.  Vesta about
  plasters him into the wall, and Celia keeps the peace.  You don't have to
  pay (you DID help, and all ^_^ ) and everyone has a good time (from that
  point on).

Daryl Events:

 Daryl has a ton of events, mostly centering around his battles with Mukumuku
 and Murrey.  One, though is of particular note:

 Acquisition of Test Subjects:

  I haven't gotten this scene yet, so I'm going to copy the email I got about
  this scene here:


  My daughter's character has not been friendly with Daryl and I suspect that
  she has neglected to remember to feed her dog every day.  As a result, she
  had the following experience with Daryl.

  1.  Daryl shows up at her farm and is just standing there frozen.  He won't
  talk to you and he won't move.  He won't do anything and he doesn't go away.

  2.  She went back into her house for a moment and came back out to water
  plants and was taken to a cutscene with a close up of her face (surprised
  look) and Daryl coming out of the chicken coop with her rooster in his arms.
  He stole her rooster.

  She went to try to talk to Daryl, but nothing different - he just tells her
  to leave his stuff alone.

  (Thanks Melanie and Madison!)

  So, the moral of the story is, make sure you feed your Dog, and make sure to
  befriend Daryl (he likes fish).

  Nemesis, Part I:
    Daryl takes a keen interest to Mukumuku.  Being the scientist he is, he
    can't let this interesting beast slip out of his grasp.  As you progress 
    through the game, you'll see excerpts from his ongoing battle with 
    Mukumuku (and, oddly enough, Murrey).
    To trigger this event, exit your house around 7:00-9:00 P.M. during the 
    Fall of Year 1, Chapter 1 (the timing may be a bit random...  You may get
    the event at an earlier time or date) and you'll see Daryl on the path up
    to the Spring.  You'll follow him, and see him pondering something.  He'll
    be walking back towards you and spot you.  He'll start talking to you and
    eventually explaining all about his plans to capture the "being that lives
    in the forest" etc. etc. etc. and while he's doing this, that very "being"
    (which happens to be Mukumuku) comes up behind him.  You freeze, and it
    takes a moment for Daryl to notice something's wrong.  He turns around and
    sees Mukumuku.  Mukumuku's friendly enough, but Daryl's terrified of him.
    Daryl freaks out, which makes Mukumuku freak out, and the scene ends with
    you leaving after the other two have run off in different directions.
  Nemesis, Part II:
    Daryl will now start trying to lay out traps for Mukumuku.  He'll be
    setting food down in a line from the Spring down to his Lab.
    To trigger these scenes, do as with "Nemesis, Part I".  Expect to find 
    this one later... maybe a month later...
    Anyhoo, this time Daryl is laying out food when he sees you.  He start 
    explaining everything to you, and while he does so, Murrey runs up behind 
    and sees the food on the ground.  He immediately begins eating it all!  
    You stare on in amazement, and Daryl eventually notices something's wrong
    again.  He turns to see Murrey, and FREAKS.  He's crazy mad.  He yells 
    about stuff and then storms off back to his lab, but not before tripping 
    over something.
  Nemesis, Part III:
    Pretty much the same as "Part II", just occurs a month or two later.

  Nemesis, Part IV:

    Again, pretty much the same as "Part II", but occurring a moth or two 
    after "Part III".

  Lightning Rod:
    go up to Daryl's Lab sometime when it's raining AND he's inside AND he's 
    not asleep.  You might trigger this event.
    Basically, Daryl's busy working on a new project.  He notices you entering,
     and asks what you want.  You can either (1) say nothing and walk away, or
     (2) ask him what's going on.  If you pick Option 2, he'll explain all 
     about how he's going to harness the lighting to power the Valley...  by 
     his calculations one bolt should be enough for an entire year!  He 
     congratulates you on your luck on being present at the maiden test of 
     this new Lightning-Harnessing invention.  He flips it on, as you look on 
     with a troubled expression.  The screen flashes and the lights go out.  
     Daryl tells you not to worry, that it's just a blown fuse.  He replaces 
     it, and comes back, mumbling about the invention needing work.  You look 
     worried as you leave.
  Kid Spy:

    Few things are as interesting to Daryl as live things.  Your son is no 
    exception.  He can't pass up the rare opportunity to "Observe" your son.  
    Simply exit your house sometime in the morning in Year 1, Chapter 2, and 
    you might run into Daryl peeking in the side window.
  Love Blooms Anywhere:
    Any time during Chapter 2, go to the Dig, and dig until 5 P.M.  After the 
    usual "kindly-hand-over-the-important-artifacts" routine, Flora might walk
    up.  She and Carter will start talking as you leave, and the Camera will
    cut to Daryl on the other side of the River, watching them.  Apparently, 
    he's in love with Flora!  (Note:  You can see "Flora" written on his
    blackboard in his Lab).  Whilst daydreaming about blasting Carter out of
    his new Cannon, he manages to blow his cover, and everybody sees him 
    spying on them.  Another awkward scene for Daryl ^_^

  Revenge Upon the Cows:
    Daryl doesn't like cows.  Exit your house at night, and you may see Daryl 
    out plotting his revenge upon your Cattle (assuming you have your Cows out
    grazing, that is).  As he's plotting to himself (out loud, mind you), one 
    of the Cows will have had enough, and rush at him, stopping at the fence.  
    Daryl will freak, and run screaming back to his Lab.

Van Events:

  Van doesn't have as many or as varied events as Daryl, but he does have a 

 Matkins, Part I:

  When Van comes to town (around 10:000-10:30 A.M.), check to see if he goes
  into the Inn before setting up shop.  If he does, go in after him.  You'll 
  most likely trigger a Matkins Scene.

  Basically, Romana told Van about the new Matkins Diet, and Van is reporting
  his "success" to Tim.  After regaling Tim with a new story of the crazy
  stuff you're supposed to do whilst on the diet, he'll turn around and see
  you.  He'll ask you what YOU think.  You can now either congratulate him, or
  ruin his day.  I wonder what you should do.

  If you Congratulate him, he says thanks, and leaves the Inn filled with more
  enthusiasm for his diet than ever.

  If, however, you burst his bubble and tell him the truth, that he's NOT
  actually loosing weight by walking around in circles and is a fat as he ever
  was, the music will get all sad, the camera will focus in on his face, and
  he'll almost start crying.  He'll regain his composure a bit, tell you
  you're probably right, and leave sad and dejected.  Way to go.

  I wonder which you should pick?

 Matkins, Part II:
  Pretty much the same as "Part I", except it's a different activity he was 
  trying on the Matkins Diet regimen.

 Matkins, Part III:

  Pretty much the same as "Part I", except it's a different activity he was
  trying on the Matkins Diet regimen.

 Matkins, Part IV:

  Pretty much the same as "Part I", except it's a different activity he was
  trying on the Matkins Diet regimen.

  _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( T | h | e ) ( S | t | o | r | y )
 \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

"This is your Story." - Auron, FFX

Welcome to the meat of this FAQ.  What you get out of this game is exactly
what you put into it.  What you take away from this is dependant on how well
you perceive the actions of the other characters, and your own.

Not that HM:AWL is by any means deep.  Yet it can still be experienced much 
differently depending on the way you approach the game.

To this end, I suggest you come prepared to make life-changing decisions.
Come to play for real.  Make sure you have fun and enjoy the game, but treat 
the characters in the game the way you'd treat your neighbors in real life.

Now, why all the melodramatic stuff here?  Because AWL is unlike any other HM 
game before it.  The decisions you make can have far-reaching consequences.  
Other may perceive your actions in a vastly different way than you intended 
them.  Try to learn the way others think, and act accordingly.

And, by all means, being nice to the point of lying is by far the lesser of 
two evils.

Thus equipped with this advice, you may now set forth on your journey.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life ^_^
  _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( N | e | w ) ( B | e | g | i | n | n | i | n | g | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Now that you know the basic controls, and have a good idea of which girl you
want to pursue, lets get started!

When you start a new game, you'll have an opening cutscene.  Takakura
(henceforth to be known as "Tak") sets up the backstory, and introduces you to
your new life as a farmer.  He asks you what you want to name the farm, and
lets you pick one of two dogs.

The Puppies:

You have your basic floppy-eared variety and your pointy-eared variety.  Pick 
one and name it.  It doesn't matter which one you choose, both are
functionally the same, and Tak will take the other one and find a home for it.
He'll then tell you he'll make a doghouse for you later.

Now that you've picked a puppy, lets continue with our intro.

Tak proceeds to show you around some more, and then takes you out to meet the
townsfolk.  Tak will ask you how you want him to introduce you (what's your
name?).  Give yourself a name.  Remember, all these names and decisions are 
permanent so make sure you like the name.  You're gonna hear it for 30 years.

Once you're thru with all the introductions, Tak will take you home and 
remember that he bought you a cow to get you started (which you have to name).
Tak then suggests you get some sleep, and you do so.

Now the real fun begins!

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ 
( C | h | a | p | t | e | r ) ( 1 )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/

Welcome to the first of six chapters.  This chapter will span one year, and
here are your objectives:

Primary Objectives:

1.  Pick one of the three girls and work on getting married.  You _MUST_ do

2.  Familiarize yourself with the interface and how to be a farmer/rancher.

Secondary Objectives:

1.  Get to know the town and its inhabitants.

2.  Figure out where things grow and what people like.

3.  Buy some Chickens.

4.  Buy the Brush.

5.  Learn the patterns of the townsfolk, when they get up, when they go to 
    sleep, etc.

Optional Objectives:

1.  Buy the Pond.

2.  Buy the Fishing Pole.

3.  Get to know Romana.

  _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \
( W | h | a | t | ' | s ) ( N | e | w | ? )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Everything :P

This Chapter everything is new.  In future chapters, I'll outline the changes 
from last chapter (if any) here.
  _   _   _   _     _
 / \ / \ / \ / \   / \
( Y | e | a | r ) ( 1 )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/

Since this is the first and only Year in Chapter 1, the Objectives and info
are the same as for the whole Chapter.  In future Chapters and Years, I list 
what's specific to each year here.
  _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \
( W | h | a | t | ' | s ) ( n | e | w | ? )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Some Chapters span multiple Years.  I'll list any changes between years here.

  _   _   _     _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ 
( D | a | y ) ( O | n | e )
 \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/

I'm not going to go through and list each thing you should do each day (since 
there are too many variables) but I will give you a rough outline of what you 
should have done by certain checkpoints.

I'll give you an overview of the first day though:

When you first wake up, you should watch the weather channel.  Remember, the 
weather channel only forecasts for 12 hours, so if it's clear in the morning, 
it could rain later that evening.

If it's raining/gonna rain, make sure all your animals are in the barn or 
chicken coop.

If it's going to be a sunny day, let the barn animals out into the pasture.

Talk to and hug your cow, then milk it.  Once you're done with that, gather up 
all the milk (it stacks to behind you to the right).

You should cut some of the grass outside until you have a bit stored up (15-20
is good).  Plan on cutting a little bit every couple of days or so.

Now, grab the seeds from the storage shed, along with all the tools.  Take out 
your Watering Can and fill it at the Well (next to the Chicken Coop).

Go to the farthest plantable field from your house (the largest one).  Take
out your Hoe and dig up two squares.  Make sure there's one square of space
between them.  now, take out the bags of seeds, and plant one in each spot you 
just tilled.  Then water them.  Now, you may have to water them twice a day, 
just check on them once in the morning and once at night.  Notice how the 
ground changed color where you watered?  When it's back to it's normal color,
it's time to water again.

Now, go to the food storage building, and go to the Order Book (left box in 
the middle of the room).  Order a Female Chicken (Hen).

Now, this means your morning chores are done!  You can now go explore the town 
and look for things to pick up.  There're a couple of herbs on your farm.

Go out and meet some people, including the girls.  It's best to decide sooner
rather than later which one you want to marry.

Head up to the Dig around noon or 1 P.M. and help with the Dig.  You should 
only need to do this if you are counting on the artifacts for a source of 
income, or need more for gifts.

Assuming you've picked a girl out, find her and giver her a gift.  Give your
girl a gift PER DAY.  Doing that, you should potentially have her up to Four
Hearts by mid-Summer or sooner.

Grab some flowers and give one to Romana.  Now, you're probably wondering why
you need to bother with the old lady, right?  Well, if you become friends with
her, she'll give you one of her cats in Year Two.  And we all want a cat,
don't we?  Need more incentive?  She'll also give you a special watering can
for trees!  Need more?  Getting on Romana's good side helps get on Lumina's
good side.  Why's that important to you?  It's not.  Not to you, per se...
but to your son... well... more on that later. (Thanks to Armand for pointing
that last one out to me!)

By now, you should have  a pretty good idea of what do in the game, at least 
for the basics.  Spend the rest of the day roaming around the town, looking 
for wild plants and meeting people and figuring out their patterns. Around 
6:00 P.M. head back to the Farm and water your crops again and hug/milk/talk 
to your cow again as well.  Go inside and check the weather channel.  If it 
says anything about rain, make sure to put your cow in the barn.

It should be getting pretty late, so go ahead and go to sleep.  I'd suggest 
saving if you can.  I'd also suggest getting your own memory card (if you have 
brothers or sisters) so you can use both save slots.  That way you can use one 
as a backup a few days back in case something goes wrong (there are glitches 
in the game, and ya might screw up an event or something ^_^ ).

Take note of the "dream" you get while you sleep, and refer to my "Sleep"
Section in "Gameplay Basics"

Now, While you sit and plan your farming empire, let me caution you as to
something.  Money isn't cheap.  You'll spend a long time saving up to buy
thing in the early part of the game, so don't get ahead of yourself.
Secondly, unless you want to become quickly frustrated I'd suggest viewing 
crops as a secondary income source or as merely a "hobby" for your guy so you
have ingredients for cooking (at least until you get the seed maker that is 
^_^ ).


  _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ 
( F | A | Q )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ 

What?  A FAQ within a FAQ?  NO WAY!  ^_^

I've gotten a few questions that couldn't be answered in a specific section, 
so I thought it was about time I made a FAQ section for my FAQ.  I'll also
list common questions here.

Q. Who's the best wife?  (Contributed by Dakota)

A. There isn't a "Best Wife", per-se, as there aren't any real advantages to
   picking one wife over another (except perhaps the difference in their
   children).  It really depends on which personality you like best.  Get to
   know each one and see which one you like best.  Personally I chose Nami,
   but you might like Celia or Muffy better.

Q. Can you have 2 kids or a girl?  I'm a girl, and I would like to know.

A.  No, and no, unfortunately.  You can only have one kid and it is ALLWAYS a
    boy :(  Interestingly, AWL: For Girls is coming out sometime soon
    (November I think) where you get to play as a girl instead of a guy.
Q.  Where's the <Insert Old HM Festival Here>?!  (Cont. by several people)

A.  Not in AWL.  They took out all the old Festivals, and put in "hidden"
    ones.  You'll have to find them by being in the right place at the right 

Q.  When/where are the Horse Races?!  (Cont. by several people)

A.  Not in AWL.  The took them out :(  Don't ask me why they decided to take 
    out the HORSE RACES.  I mean, they've only been in MOST of the other HM 
    games, and you have a Horse in AWL...  but no Horse Races :(

Q.  What do I have to do to be able to make Recipes other than Soups and 
    Salads?  (Cont. by several people)
A.  Simple.  You have to make 25-30 of what you can.  So make 25-30 Soups and 
    then 25-30 Salads.  You should have unlocked a new Recipe type or two by 
Q.  Tartan isn't making some Hybrids, but I have the correct Recipe!
    (Cont. by Celticgdss & RipTides)
A.  Tartan's not 100% accurate, so you need to save before using him.
    Sometimes he fails repeatedly, so it just depends on luck.
Q.  Why won't Galen take gifts anymore (Chapter 2, Year 1)?
    (Celticgdss & RipTides)

A.  He's too sad/angry to accept any gifts right now.  Try back next year.

Q.  I still can't get <Heart Event>.  Any ideas?  (Celticgdss & RipTides)

A.  It's all random.  Try messing with the timings, and try making sure the 
    weather is clear.  Also, you might need to try in different month.  In the 
    end, though, a lot of it is really up to luck.

Q.  Do the wild animals do anything?  (Cont. by Emi T.)

A.  Nope.  They just sorta wander around.  An exception might be the giant 
turtle, but I haven't found a use for him yet either.

Q.  If I stop giving someone gifts, will they eventually stop being my friend?
    (Cont. by ExtremeSoldier)
A.  As far as I know, the only people who can go DOWN in relationship  with 
    you are Celia, Muffy, and Nami (and only in certain specific events).  You
    should be ok ignoring people once you've gotten them up to friendship

Q.  My guy keeps going "Guu~!".  I think he's hungry.  How do I feed him?
    (Cont. by various)
A.  Take a food item out of your RuckSack, and while holding it in your hands,
    press the button that says "Eat" (look at the diagram in the top right 
    corner of the screen).  You'll probably need to eat at least once a day, 
    and possibly more often as the game progresses, and you'll also need to 
    eat more if you do a lot of work.
Q.  I have to get a Memory Card for my GameCube, and I was wondering if you 
    had any suggestions?  (Cont. by Emily K.)

A.  Yep.  Make sure to get one with a REASONABLE amount of storage space.  
    I've heard some advertised that supposedly hold several THOUSAND blocks of 
    data, but those will probably break easily.  I'd get one with at MOST 16
    MB of space (most manufacturers list capacity in MB and in blocks.  It 
    should be only several HUNDRED blocks).

    Here's why:

    The way the GameCube store data on the Memory Card is like this:  Think of
    the Memory Card like a collection of plastic sacks.  The Memory Card has a
    maximum size, AND a limited number of sacks (called pages, I think.  Same
    number for ALL MemCards, it's a design limitation of the GameCube).
    Anyhoo, you can fill each page with data from only ONE game, and you can't
    use more pages than there are (25 or 36 or something).  Some games use a
    LARGE amount of data, but of course only one page.  AWL is like this.  It
    will take up almost an ENTIRE original Gray Nintendo MemCard (which holds
    only 59 blocks).  As the sacks expand to fill with Data, they take up the
    available room.  SO! you will usually have either leftover pages or
    leftover blocks.  The only ADVANTAGE to buying an EXTRA SPACE memory card
    is that the maximum number of blocks is higher, so you can store more DATA
    on the MemCard, but the number of PAGES will ALLWAYS remain the same.  So
    it's only useful if you have a lot of games that use a LOT of storage 
    space.  Some examples:
    Game Name               Blocks Used
    AWL:                         47
    Custom Robo:                 15
    Sonic Adventure 2: Battle:   11
    Zelda 2 game Bonus Disc:     15
    Zelda 4 game Promo Disc:     36
    Zelda: The Wind Waker:       12

    So you can see how your MemCard could fill up rather quickly.

    Personally, I use a HipGear 16 MB MemCard, and two Gray Nintendo MemCards.
    I've never had any trouble with any of them.  Be careful, though, as some 
    people report having data loss trouble with off brand MemCards.
Q.  Does your Dog ever have Puppies?  (Cont. by Chandler)

A.  Not that I know of...  I know it's happened before in previous HM games 
    (HM64 for one), but I don't know of a specifically female dog owned by 
    another person in the Valley.  The Chihuahua doesn't count, since you can 
    eventually get him.  So theoretically, the lack of a non-male Dog in the
    Valley precludes your Dog ever having (or causing) Puppies.
Q.  My LinkStar Rating isn't going up any more.  What's wrong?
    (Cont. by Dangerpuppy_101)

A.  Just keep at it.  Keep selling things through Tak, as that's the only 
    thing that raises it.  I've heard that it gets harder to get the later 
    stars.  Also make sure you keep selling things in FoMT, as the system 
    works both ways to a certain extent (I think).

  _   _   _   _   _   _   _
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
( C | r | e | d | i | t | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Tons of thanks to these people/organizations.  Without them, this FAQ wouldn't
be possible.

          Natsume: For making the Harvest Moon series.

          Nintendo: For licensing HM:AWL.

          GameFaqs: For Hosting this faq.
          CheatCC: For Hosting this faq.
          NeoSeeker: For Hosting this faq.
          Cheats.DE: For Hosting this faq.

          Nintendo Power Magazine: For their handy AWL mini-guide and online 
          The Otaku Gang:  For letting me quote stuff from their site.
          Everybody at http://HMForums.net: For various tidbits of info.  This 
          FAQ wouldn't be possible without HMForums.

          Jenn and September from http://HMForums.net: For helping prove my
          Heart Event Theory.  Thanks ^_^

          September (HMForums: For info on Muffy's "Betrayal scene extending 
          into Chapter 2.

          Boccy99: For detailed info on the Yamame pricing and location.

          Jenn (HMForums): For confirming that there is no "Betrayal" Scene 
          for Nami.
          Starman537: For info on the Wavebird Wireless Controller and various
          spelling errors.
          Alex: For spotting my mistake in the Time section.
          Mason Woodhams:  For more info on the Yamame and info on the Big
                           Yamame and how to catch both.
          Melanie and Madison:  For info about Daryl's "Acquisition..." Scene.
          Tictoc71586:  For info on Sharshark locations.
          Sara:  Corrections and additions in the Chickens, Fishing, and
                 Farmer's Market, as well as in Celia and Takakura's profiles.

          Alex Dunn:  More info on Celia's Heart Events.
          Mr. Otaku:  For telling me Lumina likes Ores.
          Devil8dogz:  For info on multiple gift giving and Flora's Necklace.

          Kayla: For Hints on Celia's 6th Event.

          CsC CsM: For info on Nami's other haunts and correction of the Dig 
                   Site's hours.
          Armand: For good Farmer's Market times and info, Weather info, and
                  info on Romana and Lumina.
          Ahorn312: For fishing tip.
          Sabrina, HMotaku, Edison J. Lomibao II: For info on the
                                                  "Nami's Return" Scene.
          Kerry:  For telling me that lack of sleep = no fishing.
          Max Hamre:  Proved that Daryl likes Snelt better than Colombo, and
                      for reminding me that you can interact with animals
                      twice a day.

          Elizabeth:  For info on the Harvest Festival Event.

          Emma Bruce:  For various Recipes and some info on the H.Goddess.

          Emi T: For TONS of info on various things, such as Daryl's Events,
          Ruby Spice, the fix for the "Vanishing Calf" glitch, reminding me to
          buy feed for the Chickens when I buy Chickens, info on the
          Chihuahua, info on Trees, info about Chapters 2 and 3, Fortune
          telling Chris, Nina, Grant, Samantha, Kate, Recipes, the Injured
          Lizard, and other stuff I probably forgot ^_^ (Oh, and for being the 
          second person besides me I know who's played Earthbound).

          Clifford Hawkes: For info on Sleep, Chickens, Ducks, Star Cow Milk
          being worth more than Butter, Trees and Tree Fruits, and item

          Chase Stewart:  For info on getting some of Celia's Heart Events
          earlier than I had thought possible, and info on Set Tools.

          Celticgdss & RipTides: For info on Daryl continuing to bother you 
          even after you're friends, and other Daryl related stuff.

          PllnSpullen:  For giving me the English version of Nami's "A Cry for
          Help" Heart Event.  THANKS!  Also credits for info on Van's "Matkins 

          Blackness:  For info on being able to get the Horse early.

          Chris Betts:  For info on Murrey's "THIEF!  Or is he?" scene.

          Chandler: For info on the Injured Lizard.
          BestSnEver06: For info on some "Daryl Events", and the "New Years
          Dangerpuppy_101: For Fishing tips.

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( L | i | n | k | s )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

These are some handy links:

          www.hmotaku.net - THE BEST Harvest Moon site out there.  Period.
                            I Got a lot of info here.
          www.nintendo.com/np/harvestmoon/home.html - A pretty good source of 
                                                      info on some things.

          www.GameFaqs.com - The best FAQ site out there.  Plus great message
                             boards for the games.

          www.network-science.de/ascii/ - For their online ASCII generator.

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Ya gotta have a legal section...  Anyhoo:

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