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  1. I tried influencing Nami's son to this career but it doesn't work.
    I have befriended my character with Carter, Flora, Daryl and Hardy (and talked to Daryl every few days). Gave my son ores and jade balls (1-2 every day) through the hole game and let him only play with the toy car (in chapter 2). I even gave him Flora's necklace in chapter 3. He talked a lot about Daryl (70 % of his career related talk in the last chapter). The only problem could be that I failed the wooden box cutszene. But at the end of the game he became an artist.
    So my question is: Is there any proof (screenhot, video) that the scholar ending does exist? I found videos to the 5 other careers, but nothing about this ending... Did anyone get this ending?

    User Info: ACF

    ACF - 2 years ago

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