GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (North America)

Save Game File05/12/03Xyton120K
Both the original OoT and Master Quest have saves in the following places: The first file is just entering Ganon's Castle, the second is just entering the Forest Temple, and the third is just past the introduction, so you don't have to watch it.
Save Game File04/06/03goldmario120K
Master Quest fully completed. All 100 gold skullutas and all heart pieces. Original Ocarina of Time not started yet though.
Save Game File03/08/04CAHowell120K
OoT: Complete. MQ: Up to the Water Temple

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (Japan)

Save Game File10/13/05TrapperKeeperX120K
Completed the whole game! OOT + MQ

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