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Reviewed: 02/17/03 | Updated: 02/17/03

One of the greatest games ever graces the Gamecube. . .thank you, Nintendo!!!

I got this game for the Nintendo 64 many years ago. Played it every day just about, and eventually beat it. Beat it about ten times, actually. I eventually sold my Nintendo 64, and was sad about it for many months. I realized I had got rid of Ocarina of Time. So a few months ago, when I found out about The Wind Waker, I was one of those people that was like, those graphics shall die! I hated the graphics so I didn't want to buy The Wind Waker. But then I found out that if you preordered The Wind Waker, you'd get Ocarina of Time! I was hell bent on preordering The Wind Waker just to get the Ocarina of Time. So I preordered it and I just got the game today! Put it in my Gamecube and realized how much I loved Ocarina of Time. I was repeating to myself, ''I can't believe I'm playing this again!'' So let's start the review of a masterpiece and a classic!

Ah, one of the reasons why the game was perfect. The sound to this game was brilliant. I think that everything was made to sound great in this game. The water, the footsteps, the swords, everything about the sound is brilliant. Nintendo probably made the best sounds to ever be in a game. You know what I'm going to give the sound, yep, a perfect score! 10/10

The music to this game is most of the time great. Some of the themes are a little too stupid. But the other themes make up for the few bad themes. My favorite theme is the Shadow Temple one (I can't remember the name of it). But the music is great. So I'm going to give the music a perfect score! 10/10

The controls are most of the time great. The only probably I have out of the controls, is that I keep on getting the A button thinking that's how you swing your sword and attack. But I'm wrong and I lose some life. But other than that, the controls are great. I'm going to give the controls a 9 out of 10. 9/10
REASON FOR THIS SCORE: Thinking that the A button is how you swing your sword

Well for the time, the graphics were amazing. And even as the game as aged, the graphics are still great. My only problem with it though, that some of the town's people look alike, in some ways that is. And there's a little bit of a slowdown in the game as well. But those problems right there won't hurt the graphics score all that bad. So I'm going to give the graphics a 9 out of 10. 9/10
REASON FOR THIS SCORE: A little bit of a slowdown, and some of the town's people looks alike in some ways

This is how the story goes: ''Evil man Ganondorf wants to take back the Triforce so he can take over Hyrule. He doesn't care how he gets it, he'll destroy anything in his path. And it's up to Link to stop him and save Hyrule.'' That's my summary of it. But I think the story is great and possibly ONE of the greatest stories in a game ever. So I'm going to give the story a perfect score! 10/10

Well you got tons of things to do with this bonus disc. You have Ocarina of Time and Master Quest to keep you going. And Nintendo was also nice enough to throw in some previews of some games. But with Ocarina of Time, you have some little sidequests to do and of course the game itself. You can try to find all of the heart containers, you can fish, and a few minor other things. But even after you beat the game, you'll probably still want to do back and fight Ganondorf again. I know I sure did. And then you have the other things to do as well. I'm not sure of the changes in ''Master Quest''. I haven't tried it out yet. But I heard the dungeon monsters supposed to be harder. And the dungeons are modeled a little bit different. So that's good. You should know what I'm going to give the score here. Yep, a perfect score! 10/10

Well as I said in the gameplay section, you'll probably want to go back and beat Ganondorf again. And then you have those sidequests. Then you have ''Master Quest'' to play and beat. And you'll probably even want to go back and play the whole game again! So you definitely have tons of things to do before The Wind Waker comes out. So it's all good. Tons of replay value here. So I'm going to give the replay value a perfect score! 10/10

Ah, amazing fun here! Fishing is actually fun, and that's a first for most games. Usually the fishing is boring. But here it's fun! Just everything about the game is fun. So I'm going to give the fun factor a perfect score! 10/10

Sound - 10/10
Music - 10/10
Controls - 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Story - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Replay Value - 10/10
Fun Factor - 10/10
AVERAGE - 9.75

Well the only way you can get this game that I know of, is by preordering The Wind Waker. And boy I'm telling you, it's definitely well worth it! So what if The Wind Waker looks kiddy? The game look and I've heard is amazing! I'm actually looking forward to getting The Wind Waker. And besides, Ocarina of Time didn't get ''1998 Game Of The Year'' for nothing! You didn't get the chance to play this on the Nintendo 64. Then preorder The Wind Waker right now! You only get one shot at this! Go now! Trust me, you will NOT regret preordering The Wind Waker. And TRUST me, you'll be happy you did preorder The Wind Waker cause you're getting this wonderful game! Besides, you'll have a new life until The Wind Waker does come out! Go on right now! You're still reading this!? Go off! PREORDER!!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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